Garnet and the Fox – Chapter 3

Garnet thought she had finished with her life’s share of terror. Meeting Roul, finding him at her mother’s house, barely surviving both encounters, watching his transformation, it had all taxed her fear response to its limit. She trusted she would never encounter anything as blood-draining, as knee-rattling, as horrible as she had on the day he entered her life, claimed her and her mother as his own, and sealed their fate by revealing his true form: a monster as grey as winter rain, halfway between fox and man, tall enough to nearly scrape the ceiling, with nine writhing tails and enough muscle to lift a bed one-handed. He raped both of them more than a dozen times a day, and in this form, it was even worse… his cock was as thick as her forearm, and the first time she had felt his knot press inside her she had vomited from the pain. She felt sure that no man would ever want her now… she wasn’t sure a normal man’s cock would even touch the sides of her pussy anymore. She thoughts things were as terrifying as they could get… but when she heard the knock on the door, that mistaken assumption fled from her heart, taking one of her few remaining comforts with it.

Garnet and Roul

Roul growled and stopped moving, leaving his cock buried most of the way in her pussy with its knot buried agonizingly just inside of her lips. “Who’s that?”

Her mother removed her mouth from his balls long enough to answer. “Probably one of the people from the village, come to check on us or drop off some work for me to do.”

“The only work you need to be doing is servicing me,” he said with a growl, “and I didn’t tell you to stop.”

Juliana returned to her task, but Garnet held tight to his furry chest, with her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. “If we don’t answer, people will worry. They might come to check on us again.”

Roul growled and gave her one more cervix-battering thrust. “Fine. I suppose it is best if you act like nothing is amiss. We won’t want anybody finding out about our little love nest, do we?”

“No,” she shook her head, listing the myriad reasons she agreed with him.

He pulled what felt like an arm’s length of cock out of her body and placed her on the ground, snarling with every tooth. “Do whatever you have to do to handle them. Don’t try to tell them what’s happening. If I so much as think you’re betraying me, I’ll kill everybody outside and your mother, and I’ll make you watch.”

Garnet nodded and took a few tentative steps, allowing feeling to flow back into her legs. Behind her loud smacks and slurps continued, simmering quietly as a familiar background. She resisted the urge to look back at her mother, on her knees in front of their tormentor, debasing herself for a few more minutes of physical safety. She had seen enough of that for one life, and she had no doubt she would see much, much more.

She staggered over to her dress, crumpled in a corner and covered with pale splotches. Fabric set her skin alight, a comfort she had almost forgotten. She hadn’t been allowed a stitch of clothing since Roul had claimed her, and her former attire has served only as a rag to wipe herself clean when he commanded it. The closest thing she had to covering herself was the sheets on the bed, and she’d curled herself in them as tightly as possible to mimic a bodice for as long as she could until he roused her for various acts of late-night service. Feeling the dress’ weight on her body felt like coming home, even without the undergarments she normally wore under it, and she paused a moment to appreciate it as much to compose herself for the imminent conversation.

The knock rang again, and she considered the room. There were no barriers protecting the sleeping area from the front door. She could use her body to block the visitor from seeing Roul and her mother, but she would be a flimsy barrier incapable of blocking the sounds. The only way she saw to guard their secret, and thus their visitor’s life, was to leave the door closed. She pushed open the window shutters on the side wall and climbed outside, hefting herself over the sill. She could approach from the side of the house and pretend she’d been out back, and hopefully the visitor would not ask to come inside.

She had just set her face in order when she rounded the corner, only to have it fall again. At her mother’s door stood Aldis’ strapping form, a hair’s breadth from peering in the windows. Her voice caught in her throat, releasing only a mild cough, luckily sufficient to nab his attention. He looked to her with a mix of relief and excitement, eyes wide and his normal goofy grin on his face. “There you are. I’m glad to see you in one piece.”

“Why?” she laughed, though it sounded too forced from her liking. “I’ve just been here tending to my mother.”

He sagged an inch. “Is something wrong? I thought she was just dealing with a rash.”

“She is, but some things have just gotten backed up around the house since I left. I thought it best to help her for a few days.”

“Oh.” She watched him turn her lie over in his head, fitting it into reality. It was a tale she had carefully crafted with just as much diligence as the excuse she never had to give to her mother regarding her encounter with Roul. Nobody in town would doubt her diligence to her mother, nor would they question why she had not warned anybody in town of her impending absence—she hadn’t know about it herself, after all, until she had arrived. It would not stand up to diligent scrutiny, but scrutiny was not among Aldis’ stronger suits. He nodded at her and the smile returned to his face. “I’m glad you could help her.”

“As much as she’ll let me,” Garnet smirked, delving deep into her fiction. “You know how she is. Always fighting me on every little thing I try to handle for her.”

“It does seem like you’ve been in a scuffle.”

He likely intended it as a light-hearted jab, but her chest grew tight. He had noticed her change in disposition. Of course he had. They’d been friends, or more, for fifteen years, and he had a sense for recognizing when she was out of sorts. His attentions hinged on general impressions more than observed facts; he probably noticed the change in her poise, not specifically that she had nothing under her dress to mold her body or the shape of her dress, and he probably saw the blemishes on her clothing without knowing their source. He didn’t say anything so bold, but she knew he knew something was wrong. He just hadn’t put enough of it together to be worried… yet.

She played it off with a shrug; the more casual she seemed, the better. “Working out back. You know how the rabbits love the garden this time of year.”

“Ah, of course.” He looked away. She breathed a sigh of relief. If there was anything she could do to pique his disinterest, it was talk about gardening. She almost panicked when he asked “is there anything I can do to help?”

“Oh, no, no. I have it handled.”

“I see.” They stood in mutual awkwardness, for very different reasons. “Well, I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I’ll tell everybody you’re just helping out here.”

“Right. Yes. Thank you.”

“And I’ll be by tomorrow to check on your mother.”

She stopped moving. “No! I mean, tomorrow? That’s so soon! And it’s such a long, long walk. You don’t need to stop by.”

“Not that long. They’ve almost got the bridge built again.”

“… is that so? This quickly?”

“They work fast,” he chuckled. She did not share in his mirth. “By the time your mother’s settled, you’ll be able to take the short route again.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but a thump from the house interrupted her, and another, and several more in a harsh rhythm. Her toes curled as she imagined what could be happening to produce such a noise, and she saw confusion pass over Aldis as he wondered the same thing. “Right!” she said, loud enough to distract him. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then?”

“What’s that sound?”

“Oh, um… probably just my mother… fixing one of her chairs. They’re always falling apart.”

“Do you need me to take a look at it?”

“I think we can handle it by ourselves. Unless you think two grown women can’t work on a little furniture?”

“No!” He held up his hands and actually, physically, backed away. “No, no, you’re both fully capable. I’ll just, uh, be going.”

“See that you do!” She stomped her foot and turned up her nose, but gave him a little wink. He left with his grin on, convinced her display was just another form of flirting, and she watched him go until his shoulders disappeared over the path. She ignored the pounding for a moment to enjoy the world outside the house, one she hadn’t seen in days, but her awful duty awaited. With feet as heavy as her heart she entered the cabin and closed the door behind her.

She expected to happen upon Roul and her mother in the midst of some carnal activity, but seeing her bent over the bed while he slammed into her from behind still broke her heart. Her mother covered her mouth with her forearm, muffling the worst of her screams, but otherwise took his predations passively, only moving when the strength of his thrusts nearly knocked her off-balance. The entire bed shuddered with their coitus, the source of the thumping that had almost betrayed their situation. Garnet lingered by the door, wincing at every vicious second of the scene before her, until Roul spoke without so much as turned around. “Speak, pet.”

“It was just Aldis.” She took a step, then remembered the house rules. She had forgotten them once, after gathering some vegetables from the garden, and the punishment had nearly robbed her of her only clothing, to say nothing of the ache she still felt in her jaw. Her dress flew over her shoulders and draped on the chair, safe from his grasping claws, and she waited, naked, for his next command.

“Aldis?” Roul cocked an eyebrow. “A man from the village?” His hips never faltered.

She considered lying to him and decided against it. She knew nothing of gumiho save for their astounding physical attributes and, she assumed, peerless wickedness. If he had some way to detect her lies, it was better to speak only truth, however incomplete. “A friend. He wanted to make sure my mother and I were well.”

Now he turned, sneering at Garnet. “Your lover?”

Juliana’s wail filled the room, lending Garnet enough time to recover from the accusation. “He is a close friend.”

He laughed. “A close friend you hope will fuck you. Pity I already broke in that pussy of yours. I wonder if he’ll even want a broken toy like you.” Shame covered her from the belly up, a beet-red mask betraying the worried she dared not say. She had thought, long and often, about how Aldis might respond if he learned of her trials, and hearing it said aloud nearly brought tears again to her dry eyes. Roul’s waving hand almost escaped her notice, but once she saw it she obeyed, rushing over to his side.

He took her breast in one hand, fondling it absentmindedly while he raped her mother. Despite her rage, her disgust, her exhaustion, her body still responded to it, sending tingles through her spine. In her heart she knew it was merely a defense, her mind fighting tooth and nail for any small comfort or pleasure in his touch, but the humiliation lingered nonetheless. Her eyes drifted by themselves to his hips, where his cock disappeared into her mother again and again. The knot smacked into her lips, nearly forcing them open, blocked into by her biological limits. Garnet shuddered; she suspected Roul could easily overcome those limits with sheer force if he chose, and she had no interest in seeing how far she could stretch.

She looked back up at his face and caught him peering her. His expression did not match what she expected; he thought he would be smug, as ever, as her fascination with his anatomy, but he seemed lost in thought. She stared up at him, wondering about his inner monologue, until it came to her: he was waiting. But waiting for what? She had told him about the visitor. She had sent him off. Surely Roul had heard Aldis leave… which meant he’d heard the entire conversation, and he wanted to see if she would offer it. “There’s more.”

“Do tell.”

“The bridge between ehre and town. It’s almost repaired. More people will be visiting in the coming days, not just to check on me, but to ask for my mother’s skills as a seamstress.”

“I see,” he nodded and looked away, letting cool relief fill her gut. He grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled her head back until she could see him, ignoring her cries of pain. “I guess I knew it was too good to last forever. How about we finish up this round?”

Juliana nodded. “Y-yes. Please use me however you want.” But Roul didn’t wait for an answer; he rarely did. He dropped her hair and grabbed her wrists, yanking them back until her torso left the bed. Whether she screamed more from her shoulders twisting or from his cock hammering the entrance to her womb, Garnet couldn’t tell. She only knew her mother’s volume, wordless shouts released between raspy pants. Her toes curled, some futile attempt to focus her energy on anything but the pain. She rolled her hips, a trained instinct to please him so he could finish more quickly and leave them alone for a few blessed minutes. Garnet recognized all these signs from her own body, and witnessing her mother performing the same actions stuck a knife in her heart.

“Get in front of her and watch.” She jumped to attention at Roul’s command, racing around the bed and crawling on top of it to watch her mother’s rape up close. From this angle Roul framed her entire body, a monolithic backdrop to Juliana’s suffering, but she has been commanded to watch her mother, and watch she did. Juliana’s eyes rolled back, a sign of her consciousness slipping away, trying to save her the brunt of the scene in which she starred. Her breasts, pushed forward by her arched back, bounced so fast they almost lost their shape, molded into near-cones by Roul’s inhuman speed. Her disheveled hair, which Garnet had never seen out of place before Roul’s arrival, laid about her head and shoulders in sweat-covered strands. If Garnet imagined just a few fewer wrinkles and a slightly trimmer stomach, she could be looking in a mirror, and she both saw and heard herself in the exhausted cry her mother loosed when Roul finally grunted and finished with several long, deep strokes.

He lingered for a moment while Juliana calmed down, shaking and heaving. Garnet waited for him to move, and as soon as he pulled out she rushed to his side, one of his many standing orders. “What shall I do?”

Roul looked at Juliana, and Garnet did the same, watching a white dollop the consistency of sticky pudding ooze from her red lips. More than once Roul had ordered one of them to clean the other with their tongue, enjoying his afterglow while mother ate daughter and vice versa. Today he decided otherwise, pushing Juliana’s hips to the side. “Make room for me on the bed.”

“Yes.” Garnet tugged her mother to the side, clearing space for Roul. He settled down in the middle of the bed with his back against the headboard and waved both women over. They crawled to either side of him, draping their arms over his tomach and entwining their legs with his, the pose he preferred for sleeping. Garnet looked up at him, trying her best to anticipate his requests; the more initiative she showed, the less he needed to force her to perform. “Shall we clean you with our mouths?”

“I like that idea.” He rest his head back while Garnet kissed his dick, wincing at the combination of his seed and her mother’s honey. She had grown familiar with the taste of each substance, both separately and together, but the powerful smell still gave her pause. Still she lapped at him, bathing him, removing one bodily fluid for another. Her mother joined her partway through, focusing on the other side of his shaft. Their tongues met on occasion, but neither drew back. They had spent more time than Garnet would have liked exploring each other’s bodies, and kissing was the least of the indignities he had forced them to share. While they worked he leaned band and sighed, resting his hands on the backs of their necks and letting them revive his ebbing erection. “You two make excellent toys.”

“Thank you,” they muttered with their mouths full, continuing their efforts while he spoke.

“I can’t believe how easy it was to break you. Just a few days ago, you were an innocent virgin and you were one of the strongest souls I’d ever met. Now look at you. Sucking cock like mindless whores.” He chuckled, a vibration Garnet felt through her lips. “I guess that’s what you are, though. Mindless. Just two cute little pets for me to order around and fuck stupid. It’s like you always wanted somebody to come into your lives and tell you what your purpose was. It’s too bad it’s all coming to an end.”

Panic and hope warred for dominance within Garnet. Did he mean he was leaving? Or did he mean he’d grown tired of them, and he would kill them before lying in wait for his next victim? Had his plan always been to kill them, or had they failed him somehow? What could she have done better? She fell into the mental trap without even noticing it, and she was still pulling herself out when her mother asked the question she dare not: “What do you mean?”

“That bridge. They repaired it faster than I thought. I thought we’d have at least a few more weeks together, but alas, the carpenters and masons of your village are too diligent. I can’t stay with you if people are always popping by. As much fun as you would have showing off your lechery to every man and woman who visited, I doubt they would look kindly upon me, and I’d rather avoid all the unnecessary bloodshed. I intend to take my leave before they descend upon us.”

Garnet looked at her mother, who shared the same wide-eyed expression. “You are—that is, my other and I will be sorry to see you go.”

“Not as sorry as you think.” The hands on the backs of their necks squeezed, holding them in place. “I’m not going to just abandon my two favorite toys. But I also can’t take you both with me. I can handle the responsibility of taking one pet on the road, but I don’t want the hassle of two. So when I leave, I will only take one of you. No more,” he growled, “and no fewer.”

Another question rose from her throat but died on her tongue lest it be answered. Juliana again took up the mantle. “How will you decide who accompanies you?”

“How indeed?” His cock twitched, already growing back to its impossible size, and Garnet’s dread flared higher. “The fairest way would be a contest. I will have you both please me. Whichever pet performs better may follow me, and I will abandon the other.”

At first Garnet could hardly process the situation. She had her opportunity to escape, and all the had to do was fail to please him? She could do that in her sleep, and had, given how often he roused her from slumber by placing his dick in a place unprepared for it. If she could gain her freedom merely by being a poor sexual partner, she would do it with a spring in her step. Perhaps she could even forfeit and save him the trouble.

But she knew the cost of her victory. If she failed, her mother would become Roul’s, permanently. He would drag her wherever he went, degrade her every hour of the day, rape her morning, noon, and night, and bend her into and physical or mental shape his capricious heart desired. There would be no escape; he was too strong, too fast, too alert for Garnet to even take two steps out of place before he was on her, lifting her and pinning her to the wall witha single hand. One time he had even bound her with his tails, just to prove he could control them with but a passing thought. To lose would be to subject her mother to that hell for the rest of her life, however short it may be before Roul no longer found her entertaining and disposed of her. She couldn’t do that, not to the woman who had single-handedly raised her. She couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t at least try, with all her heart, to save her mother. So no matter how much bile rose in her throat, how much her gut churned, how much her nethers cried out in fear and agony, she knew she would do everything she could to please her master.

She looked at her mother and saw a similar expression, a look of silent resolve. Juliana nodded, and Garnet kissed Roul’s cock for perhaps the last time. “How might we please you?”

“Lie on your side. Backs together. Knees near your chest.” Garnet repositioned herself according to his instructions, facing away from her mother and scooting backward until she felt skin on skin. She pulled her legs up, bending herself double, like she was curling up under a blanket in the dead of winter. She craned her neck to see her mother in the same position facing the other way and Roul kneeling near their hips, stroking his cock. “There is one thing I’ve been meaning to do, but I was saving it as a punishment for when one of you disobeyed me. I’m happy to say you gave your bodies and minds to me so willingly I didn’t have to use it, but now I regret not taking the opportunity when I did. So, for one of you, this will be your last command.” He grinned and rubbed a finger against their rear ends. “I’m going to go back and forth fucking you in the ass. While I’m fucking you, you’re allowed to talk. Otherwise you must stay silent. The pet who makes me cum gets to remain mine, forever.”

Garnet actually gasped. She thought nothing he said could surprise her any more, and whenever she thought that, she was wrong. She’d barely even heard of using bottoms for sex, a practice relegated to jokes and the most depraved of lovers. But in the darkest recesses of her mind she had always felt the possibility lurking like a spider watching for flies. She had hoped he would not claim her rear, but she had expected it nonetheless. As had her mother, it seemed, because Juliana raised her leg to give him better access. “Will you please use oil when you fuck my ass? I want to make it as easy for you as I can.”

Roul laughed and patted her on the thigh. “Of course. And for your enthusiasm, I will let you go first.” While he left them alone, Garnet cursed in her thoughts. Roul might finish inside her mother before she even got a turn herself. She just had to hope it didn’t happen. She needed every chance to make him cum, to save her mother from continuing as his slave. By the time he returned, his dick shiny with cooking oil, she too her had her thighs spread. He smirked at her, the most approval she would get, and pointed himself at her mother so he could slowly push inside.

“Ooooh, yes,” Juliana groaned with the same cadence Garnet used when she pretended to be aroused. “It’s so—ugh—so big… ” Her shoulders twitched against Garnet’s, and she shuffled on the bed. She breathed slow and easy, or tried to, constantly interrupted by quiet utterances and pants. No matter how Garnet twisted her head, she couldn’t see her mother’s face or the point at which har body joined with Roul’s. She could only see the results: his hips moving inexorably closer to Juliana’s thighs, her fingers digging into her skin, his satisfied grin, her torso trying to move farther up the bed before thinking better of it. The actual event remained completely hidden, and she dared not get out of position. She could only lie still, waiting in silence, while he claimed her mother’s ass, sawing back and forth for what felt like several minutes before he pulled out. “No, please, don’t stop.”

Roul stroked her calf. “Shhh. In time, pet. I need to sample your daughter first.” His head prodded Garnet’s rear, easily finding its destination between her spread legs and bathing it in a refreshed coat of oil. “This will go better if you relax,” he advised, and he placed a hand on her side as he pushed forward.

She believed him—she did not relax, and she couldn’t imagine it going worse. At first it was just a little pressure in a strange, sensitive place, a far more palatable form of touch than many to which he had subjected her. She felt herself part slightly for him with little more than a wince, and she wondered if her trial would be much simpler than she had expected. But then he stretched her more, and more, and more. Her muscle resisted and lost the battle, pushed out of shape by his iron dick. Searing pain, like claws against her skin, assaulted her from below, forcing her to tense even further. What started as a grunt shifted into a shout, then a high-pitched shriek as she protested the only way she could. Everything else fell away, leaving her in a world defined entirely by the agony and the monster who inflicted it upon her.

She clung to the hope that the worst would end, that once the thickest part of his cock finally made it past her ring the rest would be easier. She was incorrect; after he started moving in and out, every second of it tore her apart. Her goal fell away against his onslaught, and she completely forgot to moan or beg or seduce him or whatever else he wanted. It was all she could do to breathe between screaming and crying, thrashing on the bed without moving an inch away from his grasp. He did finally pull out, and she didn’t even notice until the pain began to face. She let her head flop, staining the sheets with tears, as he clucked his tongue. “That was fun, but not really what I wanted. Let’s see if your mother can do a better job.”

“Yes, please. Take me.” Juliana raised her leg again, and Roul slid inside. Garnet barely noticed her moans, still coming down from her ordeal. She gingerly flexed her rear as though she might find something out of place, but all that remained was a nagging soreness. Like when he had taken her virginity, it seemed he hadn’t damaged her for life, at least not physically. Her jaw set and she nodded to herself. She wasn’t going to die from something like this. She’d missed her first opportunity, but she could try it again. She could still save her mother if she could only push aside the pain and act like the lecherous animal Roul demanded. Now she listened to her mother, picking out choice bits of monologue, weighing each subservient request and piece of flattery, and steeling herself to utter such language herself. Roul finished Juliana’s turn and aimed himself at Garnet’s ass, and this time she was prepared, if not ready.

It still hurt, but for her mother’s sake she could handle pain. Now she perceived all the other sensations she had missed: the tension in her stretched muscle, the feeling of fullness in her gut, the heat from their bodies rubbing together. None were pleasant, but none seemed particularly unpleasant either, and she much preferred focusing on them over her fear of being torn apart. She groaned through gritted teeth, working her hardest to emit some sound of approval. “Nnnnn, yes,” she whispered, working herself up to the language she knew he expected. “Yes, you’re so big. You fill me so much.” Dirtier talk died in her throat; though she wanted to use the language her mother seemed to utter so easily, her mouth refused to form the shapes it required. Restricted to polite language by the last vestiges of her chastity, she could only look up at him and fake a smile. “I love feeling you inside me. I want to be your pet forever.”

Roul’s eyebrow twitched as he pulled out, and he waited a noticeable moment before he thrust into Juliana. “I want it more,” she retaliated, and though Garnet couldn’t see her mother’s face she imagined the same pained smile. “I’ll do anything you ask. I’ll be your obedient bitch. Just unload all your seed into my ass.”

He pulled out again, and he needed a moment to compose himself before he forced his way back into Garnet. She knew he was close; she’d seen it—felt it—too many times to miss the signs. He just needed a push, and she could provide it. “I’ll be even better, I promise. Forget about her. Take me with you. I’ll be a good little sex doll, just like you said.” He sped up and her mouth opened wide, sucking in air too quickly for her to speak further. Dizziness simmered against her forehead, an all-too-familiar precursor to his orgasm.

He switched again. “You don’t want her. You want me. I’ll never argue with you. I’ll never fight you. I just want you to fuck me, every day, in every position, anywhere you feel the need.” Something squished out of view. “See how wet I am? That’s because of you. I can’t even control my hands. I just need… I just need… ohhhh!”

And again. “I can learn! I’ll learn to do things the way you like. See?” Garnet grabbed her own neck, squeezing until the dizziness spiked. “You like this, right?” she wheezed, barely able to speak through her own grip. Her fingers sagged and she let her hand drop, pretending it was intentional. “Wherever you want, I’ll do it! I’ll love it! Please, take me!”

And again. Juliana barely used words any more, preferring to get her gasps and shouts speak for themselves. Her hand moved so rapidly, so forcefully, Garnet could feel it in her shoulder. She seized with a close imitation of an orgasm, twitching like a woman possessed. Through her wails and pants and twitches she only managed to make a single request: “Make me take your knot!” Then Roul grunted, and Juliana howled, and they both stopped moving for an endless second. When they stopped, staring at once another, Garnet slumped and knew she had lost.

She lay still for minutes, until Roul finally pulled out of Juliana’s ass with a loud sigh. “You’re going to make a perfect pet.”

Juliana swallowed aloud. “Th-thank you. We’ll leave now? Just the two of us?”

“Yes, your little girl is safe. It’s too bad. We could have had a lot of fun together.” He rubbed Garnet’s thigh and shrugged. “It is how it is. No use regretting what did not occur. In a few months’ time, I’ll likely forget I ever even saw her.”

Despite it all, his claim to her irrelevance still hurt like a dagger. Garnet imagined it the final indignity he could place upon her, a parting shot so she would always remember her place, and she tried to take it in stride. She lay on the bed while he climbed off, and she stared as he transformed back into the fox-eared, many-tailed man she had first met on the forest path. While he began grabbing what few belongings he needed to enjoy his new fucktoy on the road, she gingerly tensed her lower half, determining what she could move without pain. Nothing seemed broken, just sore enough that she wouldn’t forget it any time soon. She pulled herself up and sat on the edge of the bed, gathering energy for a last request. “Please… she doesn’t have to go with you. Can’t you just leave her here?”

Roul grin rose and his eyes drew back, an expression of pure glee. “Don’t you understand, pet? This dumb, broken whore wants to come.”

“But she doesn’t. Mother, tell him.” Silence followed. Garnet turned her head slowly to her mother just as she finished smoothing out her dress. “Tell him.”

Juliana kept her head down but failed to hide a tear. “Garnet, dear. It’s… you don’t… he—”

“You should have seen her,” Roul laughed and wrapped his arm around Juliana’s shoulders. “I’ve never seen a slut who wanted it up the ass so bad. She came so hard I think she passed out. You heard her. She practically begged me to take her. All that time you were fighting me, trying to act like it wasn’t happening? She was throwing herself into it. She’s the best fuckdoll I’ve every seen.”

Juliana turned away, but made no move to shrug off his arm.

Roul patted her on the shoulder. “It’s easier this way, isn’t it? To not have to think about anything. To not have to make decisions. To just do what you’re told. All you have to do is listen to me and everything is going to be fine. You just need to be the perfect, obedient pet, and I’ll make sure you’re very, very… breathing.” He smirked.

The tears started again in her eyes. “Garnet, I’m so sorry. I…”

“That’s enough. Let’s go.” Roul patted Juliana on the rear and ushered her outside. She forced a final smile and turned out the door, and Roul walked to Garnet and held her cheek. She dared not look away. “Don’t worry. I’ll take excellent care of her… for a while anyway. She won’t want for anything for the rest of her life, least of all a hard cock to keep her much, much happier than she was here, when you left her, by herself.”

Her chest locked tight. “But sh-she—”

“Shhhh.” He ran a finger over her cheek. “It’s fine. She forgives you for abandoning her, for leaving her alone in this cabin while you went off on your own life. And she’s much kinder than you are. She made sure you wouldn’t be alone either. Are you really so stupid as to realize why she wanted to win so badly?” His tails reached out, pinning her arms down as he wrapped a hand around her neck. “Now, its time for you to take a nap.”

Garnet’s eyes went wide as he started choking her, kicking and thrashing out… but he was abominably strong, so, so much stronger than she was. It was easy to knock someone out like this… it could take just seconds to cut off blood to her brain. Roul didn’t do that… he was cutting off her air instead, letting her struggle for a long, painful time as her vision went dark… the last thing she saw being his smiling face.

Garnet woke up with a pounding headache, her brain aching with every beat of her heart. Everything hurt… her ass throbbing still, her pussy scraped raw, her throat burning with every breath. She sobbed in misery… then, slowly remembered what had happened just before she woke up.

Garnet jumped out of bed, beginning to cry in earnest. She already knew her mother would be gone, gone with Roul, but she had to see for herself, had to…

Her bare feet touched something wet.

Garnet looked down at the floor… at the sticky, crimson stain covering the wooden boards and her feet. Her mind went blank… refusing to process what she was seeing. It… it couldn’t be. A second ago, she was horrified because Roul would have taken her mother and gone, like he said. Now, abruptly, she was forced to pray that was what happened. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t even breath… staring down at her feet in horror and trying not to think.

“Your mother won our little competition.”

Slowly, Garnet turned to look at the the other side of the room… at the huge, grey fox laying there with his tails swishing back and forth. His muzzle was stained crimson… and he was smiling. “It was the least I could do for the brave little whore. I made it quick.”

Garnet couldn’t help it. She began to cry again… her stomach falling to her feet. She knew, dimly. Hearing him say it, hearing those words she had so feared, shattered the last scraps of hope she’d held. Her body didn’t—couldn’t—move, numb from the neck down.

Roul smiled. “You, on the other hand…” he rose to his feet. “Well… it’s not like I’m not still hungry. I’m always hungry… but meat doesn’t keep fresh when you’re dead. So I’m afraid you’re coming with me.” Garnet wanted to fight. She wanted to run. She wanted to scream… but she couldn’t do anything but stare as two of his tail wrapped around her naked form as he started carrying her out of the cabin. “You and I are going to have so much more fun, pet… I can keep raping that tight body of yours for at least a few more days before I feel the need to eat something important.” He looked back at her, baring his teeth, his huge, sharp teeth, in a growl. “Before too long, you’ll wish you put more effort into being the best little ass slut you could be… but in the end, you just weren’t good enough.”

He strode out of the cabin, leaving it empty in the woods like a tomb to her mother as he started running through the forest, carrying his next snack with him as he went. “It won’t matter much, but I guess it’s never too late for you to practice, right?”

2 thoughts on “Garnet and the Fox – Chapter 3

    1. Frankly I’m surprised he managed to control his appetite that long 😉

      Way he sees it, there are a few billion more just like her. Of course, Garnet would disagree, but who asks a fucktoy their opinion?


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