Sacred – Chapter 4

Kida woke screaming.

Hands were on her, causing immediate flashes of panic. “Kida!” Cassandra’s voice. Her hands. Her bed. “Kida, are you alright?” She was touching on hand gently to the bedbound woman’s shoulder.

The fox-girl sat upright in her bunk, her insides still crawling from the sorcery-induced visions. Even though she was awake, back in the clan home, the kitsune’s mind was still back in the abbey. The physical presence of one of her two friends in the room didn’t seem as real to her as the contents of those baleful dreams.

“Kitina…” she whispered.

“Listen…” Cassandra said, the wildchild uncharacteristically tender and anxious. “The village… your sister… she…”

“She hasn’t come back,” Kida responded, her tone flat and her face dejected. It wasn’t a nightmare. Syllana had already informed her off that truth.

“I’m sorry Kida,” the twin said. “Kitina is strong. She is the best of us by a mile… I’m sure she’ll be alright. Brighid protects her.”

The sheer falseness of that statement was like an almighty, unstoppable glacier expanding over the young woman’s backside. Kitina was the best of them, that much was true — But it hadn’t even been nearly enough to stop the Beast that they were up against now. Their isolated commune was now confronted with an existential threat. Narghai had been unleashed on the world once more.

And the skies will burn…

“Sophitia is in the main hall with the Descendant,” Cassandra said. “She—”

“Marissa is awake?” Kida interrupted.

“Yes. Quite a while ago, actually… well before you did. It wasn’t a difficult injury to heal, just a fairly harmless bump on the head. She’s completely fine, nothing to worry about.” Cassandra seemed to mistake her concern. “Anyway, Sophitia has been looking after her and explaining the situation. She’s… taking it remarkably well, especially under the circumstances.” She chuckled softly. “Kitina always told us that when the Archfoe returned, the Descendant would realize her destiny as if born to it.”

Remembering how awestruck the blonde had seemed within the Church, Kida wasn’t sure about that. The realization hit Kida hard, making her muscles flex and tendons grow rigid with apprehension. The twin was speaking about the prophecy. Her Clan was placing their hopes on that adolescent human just as the Guardian had. Even though she had heard the legend all her life, it seemed to Kida’s ears an absurd hope that the girl would be able to save them and reseal a monster such as Narghai.

Somehow, coming face-to-face with the devil foretold in those tales had turned her into even less of a believer. How could a mere mortal produce powers that were the superior of that? How could the Clan put their thrust in far-removed goddesses while Kida’s only sister was trapped in the village of Garginion with that demon? She held little faith in the peasant girl.

Syllana’s last words echoed inside her head. ‘Bring the Descendant to me, and I will allow your sister to be set free.’

“Did the Ward tell you what happened in the village?” Kida asked.

“She did,” Cassandra confirmed. “An accurate account, as far as we can tell. We saw the glow of fires in the distance, so we knew that trouble was afoot even before you arrived. I can scarcely believe it either. The prophecy is happening during our lifetime,” Cassandra responded.

There was a momentary pause before the next question. “Do we know anything about a kitsune named Syllana?

Cassandra shook her head. “No… The Descendant mentioned her as well. Even the oldest among us have never heard of her. Her identity… and her strange powers… are a total mystery to us. From the Descendant’s description, it appears like she possesses some sort of dark and twisted version of foxfire. That should not be possible.” She swallowed audibly. “We assume it was she who unsealed Narghai. For what purpose… we have no idea.” The twin looked noticeably uncomfortable.

Growing silent, Kida felt foreboding goosebumps break out all over her skin. The longer she stewed, it only lead towards immoral thought concerning the Descendant and her sister. If Marissa couldn’t protect them anyways… what was her use? “She’s only trying to manipulate me,” the brunette whispered, breaking off the thoughts.

“What was that?” Cassandra asked.

“N-nothing… just thinking out loud,” she answered, voice low and rueful.

“Come on,” the kitsune twin replied. “Let’s get you to the Descendant.” Kida felt no urge to come face-to-face with the peasant girl again, but an arm-drag from Cassandra hauled her upright and a light push on the shoulder got her moving. They headed for the meal hall.

It seemed to Kida like the entire Clan was gathered inside that big communal chamber. Without Kitina’s intrepid leadership to marshal them, the atmosphere in the clanhome and turned troubled and chaotic. Many quick-speaking groups had formed and no one seemed able to claim the gauntlet of leadership. The gravity of their situation had led to total paralysis. They had prepared for this day all their lives, and yet they weren’t ready. Even though they remained in kinship, unified action to combat the danger seemed a long way away.

Making their way through the crowd, Kida and Cassandra found the Ward sitting upon a common stool, looking a bit awed, but otherwise surprisingly nonplussed by the situation. Sophitia sat beside her in the function of a guardian. The moment she saw her twin, she rose up, and soon two kitsunes were reunited like magnets, standing right next to one another like it was the only natural place in the universe.

Kida took her seat, and Marissa’s face came alive at the discovery of a familiar visage. “You!” she said with a small smile. “I’m glad to see that you are alright. Th-thank you, for saving me,” she said with the stuttering innocence of someone besieged by a destiny far too large for her. Kida just smiled and waved, and unmoved by her noncommittal response, the nervous blonde kept speaking what was on her heart. “You know… I always suspected, somehow, about your existence. About… all of this. I heard stories from grandma and… I always thought I kept seeing fox-tails out of the corner of my eye.” She laughed. “Or so I thought. It seemed too outlandish to be believed. Even my devotion, I… thought that being faithful to God would somehow make all these apparitions and sightings make sense. Now I learn that my bloodline has been watched by you… fox-women, kitsune, for centuries! That my ancestor was some… demon-hunting prophet which sealed that Great Evil… I…”

By the end of her speech, more wind was escaping those lips than did complete sentences. The girl was completely earnest in her troubles and emotions. With those wheat-blonde double-braids streaking down her back as knotted ponytails, the way she innocently stumbled her way through the insanity her life had become in the last twenty four hours, Kida had to admit that she felt for the girl.

“I guess… I guess I found out at a really bad time…” she ascertained.

“Yeah…” Kida whispered in agreement.

“Were… were you one of those who watched over me?” she timidly inquired, gazing Kida directly into the eyes.

The nine-tailed fox pursed lips before answering. For some reason, she found it torturous to divulge herself to the mortal. She had no idea how to relate to the girl on a personal level in a situation like this. “Not often. I’m only 80. We don’t even come-of-age until 70,” Kida said.

“80!” the Descendant exclaimed. The Descendant’s sense of shock was much mitigated, having become partly inured to hearing unbelievable things by now, but it seemed some things still surprised her.

“We age a lot slower than you humans do,” Kida answered back. “By comparison, I’m just barely older than you are. But… to answer your question… usually the older, more experienced guardians watched you. Sometimes I did, though. It was probably then when you happened to catch those glimpses of a tail. My sister Kitina was always much more diligent in her guard than me. I’m the sloppy one… she always… berated… me… for that…” Her voice grew slower as she thought of her sister again… the suffering she was experiencing. All the times they had fought one with one another…

“Well… then I’m glad to have been acquainted with you for so long,” she replied, managing a feeble smile.

Just talking with this human made a glimmer of Kida’s usual jovial nature reemerge. Smirking wryly, she cracked something that made her titter. “You know… I really thought you had me for a moment there, when you mentioned that bit about my vulpine features. You know, back in that alley? I thought that you had uncovered the whole clan and almost panicked before I realized that you were only accusing me of being the nymph who instigated that whole scandal with the monk.”

“Was that… really you?” she wondered, seeking confirmation.

“Well… yeah,” Kida answered while looking at the earthen floor. Those halcyon and carefree days now felt like a lifetime ago.

“Why did you do it?” she unexpectedly replied.

The question left the nine-tailer stumped. She wiggled around in her stool a little before answering. That was certainly something that Kitina had never bothered to ask. “Because…” she began. ”Well… it was fun. I like the thrill of the attention… and the guile involved. It just felt right to do.”

Marissa looked at her sideways. “You got him kicked out of the monastery, you know,” Marissa remarked. “And it was fun?”

Kida felt too uncomfortable to reply, too many ideas bouncing around her head. Her disposition towards the beautiful Descendant was so muddled, true emotions hid behind some formless haze that she couldn’t peer through. Right now was not the time that the fox-girl needed such anxiety. It put her on edge. Syllana’s ultimatum rang loudly in her head. Saving Kitina could mean sacrificing Marissa.

Argumentative susurrations continued to dominate the hall, the conversation never stopping. There was no heir-apparent to Kitina’s rule over the clan, and no one had managed to enthrone themselves as the one most in charge. Without the Guardian, they were totally unfamiliar on how to proceed in a crisis.

“I pray your sister is safe. She saved us both,” the blonde continued. “I… I promise to do everything I can to get her back.”

A fit against the inaction gripped Kida’s vitals. Her whole body simmered with unease like the contents of a fox-witch’s cauldron. This urge made her stand and address the entire room with sudden strength. “I will take the Descendant to our ancestral cavern!” she yelled aloud, quelling every voice within the chamber. “That is where the equipment of her forbearer, the sacred prophet Amalissa, lies. Our stories tell us that the holy bloodline needs to be reunited by these Goddess-blessed accoutrements for her powers to take hold… So that is where we will go. The rest of you will stay here and prepare for combat. Narghai is here. It is time to perform our holy task.”

A voiceless silence dominated the room after she had delivered her speech. Kida had spoken with conviction and forthrightness yet without much proper, rousing language. She wasn’t sure if she had managed to capture any degree of agreement or loyalty. Slowly, the room gave its consensus with quietude instead of cheers. The sentiment was obvious. Why should they listen to her? She was closer to the black sheep of the flock than its ram. She was not her sister. She was no Kitina.

The silence filled Kida her with a myriad of uncertainties. Despair wormed itself within her. Even if the Descendant could amalgamate some sibylline powers of her bloodline… how could she ever match a Force of Evil like Narghai? It was impossible. Why wasn’t she taking the easy route and just hand over the Ward in exchange for her sister? Why wasn’t she doing the sensible thing?

Marissa appeared neared and confused as she was by the whole thing, if for different reasons. It did little to make Kida more certain of her course.

“We’ll keep the Clan home running while you’re away,” Sophitia reassured her while the fox-girl and the Descendant fitting on their packs loaded with supplies. “You just focus on your task.”

“The two of us, she means,” Cassandra injected. “We’ll whip the malcontents into shape. Don’t worry, when you get back, Kitina is going to be rescued and that ugly monster will be beaten back into the whatever pit he sprung from! You can count on it.” Standing topside of their underground dwelling, the bravado was quite reassuring. The twins had always been Kida’s closest friends within the Clan.

“And here I thought only Cassandra had my back, and that you were just here to snitch and sabotage everything I try to do, Sophitia,” she stated. The dialogue was familiar, sly banter that they had traded on occasion, in more carefree days. Today, Kida lacked the high-spirits to accompany it, but she tried anyway.

The two blue-haired kitsune looked at each other, all four eyes readjusting to the brunette promptly. “Don’t be daft!” Cassandra burst out.

“Yeah!” Sophitia added with an uncharacteristically fervor. “You’re the only one in this whole Clan who gets us! To everyone else we’re just an amorphous pair… you can tell us apart! The whole ‘Cassandra is with you and Sophitia is against you’ schtick only works because you can tell the difference in the first place!”

“We just want to keep you on your toes,” Cassandra agreed.

“And it amuses us as well,” Sophitia admitted.

“I don’t see why everyone else has such a problem,” she said, pointing at first one, then the other. “Sophitia. Cassandra. Honestly, you’re as different as the sun and the moon.”

“Yeah!” Sophitia laughed. “We think so, too!”

They all exchanged congenial smiles. For once, it was the twins who provided the cheer. Kida was still to haggard by recent experiences to broadcast her usual good-nature.

“Are you ready?” Marissa asked, prepared for her hike. Due to them being forced to travel at foot-speed instead of the superhuman celerity of Kida’s vulpine form, they were not expected to be back from their journey until the following day. The sun still stood in the diurnal hours. Smoke from Garginion still billowed over the summer horizon.

“Yes… let’s go,” Kida agreed, gut clutching with remnants of uncertainty. She didn’t understand why he was doing this. She wished that… Kitina could make the decisions.

“Kida?” Marissa asked her.

The fox shook herself back to her senses. “Yes?”

“Why did you really seduce that monk?” she asked.

Kida paused. She had lied before, in front of her clanmates… but how had Marissa known that? “I… just…” she said softly, then shrugged. “He didn’t want to be a monk,” she admitted. “He was afraid to leave, but he hated it. I just… gave him a little push.”

Marissa favored her with a brilliant, dazzling smile that made her heart flutter. “I knew it!” she said, excitement making her whisper louder than she had intended.

Something about that smile made Kida feel warm inside. As Marissa began walking uphill into the woods, Kida strode with her, talking eagerly about nothing.

Just seconds after Kida and Marissa were out of sight, the zone of brushes and shrubbery that lay just outside the clearing rustled with activity. Hostile creatures crawled up to its edge, spying the twins as they ventured back underground.

A woman’s lips curled up in a smile of triumph. “There you are…”

Not long after they had closed the hatch, a simple double-knock beat on the hidden entrance. Both Sophitia and Cassandra stopped, giving each other stares of exasperation. “Did they forget something?” one of them said.

“Assuredly,” the other responded, rolling her eyes.

Walking back, Cassandra crested the ladder, unlocking and opening the earthbound hatch. “What did you…” She froze. A black-furred kitsune stood looming above her, grinning. Cassandra’s expression was twisted with shock as she watched fire gather over the woman’s outstretched palm. She didn’t need to have seen the mysterious, black-furred kitsune before to know that Syllana had discovered their home.

“Enemies!” Cassandra screamed, leaping down the ledge ahead of the fire racing towards her. The fire followed after, curving as it passed down the entrance and sank deep into the hollow. Upon hitting dirt, the flames scattered in every direction.

“Cass!” Sophitia cried, jumping in front of her prone sister and calling up her own foxfire, pouring energy and will against the destructive flames, shielding her dazed twin from the infernal blaze as it swept by them. kitsune sprinted into corridors and up shelves and tables to avoid the incinerating flames as they crashed through the warren.

Many didn’t make it.

Still ransacked by the ambush, every opening within the clan-home was busted open and armored warriors started storming in. An all-out battle within those subterranean tunnels commenced. Taken by surprise, the kitsune were in the worst possible situation to defend themselves.

Descending into the hole well after her fanatics had jumped in, Syllana arrived in the midst of the confused and close-quarters battle. The dark-haired kitsune that had opened the door, along with another that looked just like here, were accounting well for themselves… even though eight of her cultists gathered around them and they weren’t armed with anything more than broken pieces of furniture, they fought them off anyway. Syllanna brought it to an abrupt end by turning her magic on them. Paralyzing electric foxfire sprang from her fingertips. The twin sisters screamed as they dropped, immediately swarmed by the brutes crowding them. With her unmatched magical abilities, Syllana began striding through the battle, picking out individual kitsune from the fight. She used her powers to stun, rather than kill, wherever possible… it would be a shame to let such precious pets as these go to waste.

Even those who charged her directly didn’t stand a chance. None of them was even remotely the equal of Kitina, and none of them possessed the ambush-opportunity that the Guardian had had to even out the odds. With a smile on her face, Syllana cleared out the entire Clan without anyone having laid a finger on the witch.

The clan-home was reduced into smoking rubble. Dazed and overrun, the survivors were placed in irons and transported up into the clearing. Some sobbed, others looked cataleptic, a few were so wounded they could focus on nothing else while their bodies slowly repaired themselves. Their entire society had been felled in one quick stroke. The only mercy the had was that Narghai’s minions had fought with the intention of capturing them alive.

Most, however, were soon to discover that was a meager mercy indeed.

The murderous witch Syllana stood mere meters away from the kneeling chain of prisoners, those detainees bound so that their arms and legs were interconnected and unable to rise. She stood haughtily above them, aloof to their suffering with her chin high and her arms folded. Her slippered left foot tapped the soft ground in impatience until the last cultist exited that subterranean home and shook his head at her. “The Descendant is not here, Mistress,” he reported. “Nor the escaped fox.”

Syllana’s eyes turned skyward, her lips tightened into one thin slit of annoyance. “I must have just missed them, then,” she mused to herself, tone filled with poorly-concealed vexation. She took off into a stride, scanning the crestfallen faces of the kneebound captives. Happening upon the twins, her irked face took on a evilly mirthful cadence. “And here I thought I might have been mistaken. Twins… and identical ones!” she chirped, planting hands on her knees as she leaned down to gaze upon them as if admiring freshly-born pups. “I have a confession for you… I love twins. Even human ones. You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been searching for a kitsune pair.” Her overexcited mannerism made it plain that the dark fox was looking to offload some steam from her recent disappointment.

The twin sisters, however, were not looking very intimidated. Scowling, they snarled at her. “Who are you!?” Sophitia demanded to know. “What are you? No kitsune would ever use sacred fire the way you do… and I’ve never seen a monster with fur like yours!”

“And how did you find us!?” Cassandra added. “There is no way that you would be able to discover this hideout on your own!”

“Ohohoh. There is no need for either of you to concern yourself with any such questions anymore,” Syllana tittered, smiling mockingly. “That is between Kida and me.”

“She would never betray us!” both broke out in unison.

“What did I just say?” the witch growled, reacting as if her pups had just done something unruly. “From now on, the two of you will be focusing solely on obeying my wishes.” She grabbed onto one ear of each of them, twisting it and making them both yelp in identical sounds of pained distress. Straightening up, Syllana addressed the assembled cultist. “We will be waiting here a while. Feel free to have some fun. Violate these furry playthings as you wish… save for these two. They are my personal property.”

At her announcement, the situation devolved almost immediately. Within a second, the almost militaristic order of the sitation lapsed into coldblooded thirst for abuse. The warrior-fanatics descended on the captive kitsune like a great flocks of vultures, clutching and wrestling with their prey as if needing to fulfill some instinctual need. Safeguarded from the chaos, the twins could do nothing but watch in horror at what was happening to their clan-mates.

“Why are you doing this!?” Sophitia demanded to know, sounding more outraged then fearful.

“kitsune make unparalleled sex-slaves,” she said frankly as she stepping forward to stand looming over them. “Comely… long-lived… we can recover from almost any injury. Our hymens even regrow to give their owners the pleasure of violating an untouched hole each time!” Syllana chuckled. “And they will need it. My Master is a Fomorian, and that ancient ghost demands plenty of female sacrifices for his libido. What better cattle could I fetch to appease that but my fellow nine-tails?”

Upon the completion of her words, the raven-haired sorceress clasped both of Cassandra’s prolonged vulpine ears with one fist, tugging them upwards while keeping her eyes directed at Sophitia. The appendages stretched so cruelly that the twin’s eyes bulged with bloodshot anguish, trying to rise upwards so to alleviate the pressure. Syllana knew all to well that their ears were among the most sensitive part of their entire body. As she jerked and pulled on those ears, Syllana’s lips retracted so to reveal a toothy grin, eyes glaring with merciless excitement.

“Stop it! You’re hurting her!” Sophitia begged.

“Giiiaaahhh!!!” Cassandra wailed. Sophitia’s plea only led the silent sorceress to hauling on them harder. She operated those fluffy protuberances like a lever, pulling them this way and that, the blue-haired twin’s head following them slavishly in every direction while she screamed.

Realizing that this was more about her than it was her sister, Sophitia’s angered visage slowly calmed and went as quiet and untouched as possible. The wicked kitsune-thing that this woman was was goading her for reactions. She wanted to gorge on the sibling’s emotions like a vampire would suck for blood. “S-Stop!” she said softly, trying to keep the expression of dismay off her face. “Please stop it! Torture me instead! I’m asking you to torture me just… don’t hurt her!” As much as Sophitia tried, she could stop the tears from coming as she wept for her twin sister.

Cassandra’s countenance was already so contorted that it appeared like the pain had overtaken her fully. Syllana was pouring wicked sorcery down into those ears now, scorching them with cruel fire that made them burn and twist and writhe. The appearance of that sanity-destroying mask of anguish on her made Sophitia hyperventilate. She didn’t know what to do. As twins, they were so close as to share a common soul. Any disparity between them brought enough anxiety to start the onset of panic. This extreme pain inflicted by their mortal enemy was like some sort of incomprehensible wrongness. It was intolerable. Sophitia had to see it end. The need for relief consumed her entirely. “Please, I’ll do anything!” she pleaded, cheeks streaked with wetness.

“Oh I can already tell that I’m going to have so much fun with the two of you,” Syllana chuckled. “I wonder which of you will break the quickest… or if it will be at the exact same time…” she mused out loud. “I can’t wait to find out.”

The Mysteriarch’s games were galling to Sophitia. She felt like a cornered mouse who was being played with by a cat, but Syllana felt more like a serpentine captor… cruel, venomous, hopelessly strong. The sight of her other half in anguish was simply unbearable.

“You want to make your sister stop hurting?” she questioned, gesturing for two of her cultists to step up to her. “Then take this whip,” the woman declared, gesturing with her chin towards a tree behind her, “and beat that one until she’s little but blood and bruises.”

Gazing over her own shoulder, the blue-furred fox-girl saw another one of her coevals stung up on one of its branches, hanging limply via her tails just above the ground and being tortured by some soldiers. The cultists unlatched Sophitia’s bonds, freeing her limbs before presenting the nine-tailed girl with a nine-tailed-flogger. The sibling was pale at the ultimatum presented before her. With her mind racing faster than any fox had ever run, she wasn’t sure if she should obey or if she would fight the dread sorceress for her twin’s freedom.

“I think someone ears are about to rip,” Syllana humorously cooed as if beguiling a child, raising those fist-clenched appendages higher than ever. The extra extension made Cassandra scream so loudly that it appeared that her lungs were about to burst. Horrified, the other sister grasped the whip and ran over to the tree-branch, arm ready to strike.

Syllana laughed. “Yes! Show your clan-mates who matters most to you… and how it certainly isn’t them!” the dark fox exclaimed, her annoyance at having missed the Descendant greatly calmed by seeing Sophitia turn into a torturer of other kitsune at her will. That tail-suspended fox-girl shouted and shrieked as innumerable swats started lashing against her body. Panic-faced, Sophitia landed blow-after-blow, absolutely buffeting that poor unfortunate soul with her instrument. Naked, her skin quickly turned reddened, ruthlessly harried by those impacting thongs of leather. The twin swung her attacks with all of her strength, unwilling to give Syllana any reason to find fault in her convinction and continue to hurt her other half, putting her back into each and every frenzied fling.

Having no idea how much punishment the outlander would be satisfied with, the blue-haired fox-girl started circling around her dangling clan-mate, striking her with heavy strokes of the whip from every angle. “Whaaa! Please Sophitia, nooo! Don’t! Fwuaaahh!! Guuaaahhh!!!” the tortured vulpine cried out. The poor thing had no idea that she didn’t even matter… that she was playing merely the role of a pawn in the Witch’s sadistic game with her new pets.

“So, you value the safety of your twin more than that of your clan, I see!” Syllana announced, making sure that she was continuously twisting and jerking on Cassandra’s fox-ears so that her outcries could be heard unabated, driving Sophitia on and on. “Beat that fox-slut until she pisses herself. Then I’ll let go. Hear that?” she gave a sadistic, delighted laugh. “Now hurry up, or you might well learn how your sister looks without her precious ears…”

Presented with a concrete goal, Sophitia went berserk. Even with tears streaming down her face from torturing someone she had known since childhood, she still swung her whip-wielding arm with such speed and power that it ached from overuse. Cassandra’s torment wouldn’t stop until this girl’s bladder broke. With this aim in mind, she even started callously swatting at the kitsune’s exposed pussy-lips, seeking to bludgeon her most sensitive spots until she lost control of herself completely. Soon, her victim was dotted with blistering red welts, absolutely crimson around the pubic-mound, the intensity of her tormented screams matching even those of Cassandra.

“Good! Good! Almost there!” Syllana loudly mused, watching the action with a twisted grin.

After one final blow to her twat, Sophitia finally succeed in battering that pisshole into submission. A retched, golden stream started shooting out of the kitsune like an exploding geyser. Some of it splattered onto Sophitia’s sweat-coated body, but in her wild-eyed condition, the blue-eared vulpine barely noticed the befouling of her skin. She just gazed with those dilated pupils at the demon-worshiper, numb from what she had just done, silently begging her to uphold her end of the deal.

“Very well, I suppose that was an adequate performance,” the black-haired monster said, shrugging her shoulders… and then unclasping Cassandra’s ears. The tortured kitsune collapsed to the ground instantly, slumping as if a puppet with her strings cut as Syllana had enfeebled her too badly to stay up. Sophitia instinctively wanted to sprint to her side, but she had only managed to take half a step before Syllana’s voice rang out over the clamorous noise of the rape-orgy surrounding them.

“A-a-aaah!” she blared, wiggling one finger. “The two of you are my property now, remember? I decide what the two of you will do. And yet again I think I have different objectives in mind for the both of you. Tell me, your sister… she seems like the coy sort. Has she had much experience with men? I fear that my troopers greatly outnumber your dear clanmates, so some of them will have to wait an inordinately amount of time before getting a pussy to fuck. I think, as their leader, it’s my responsibility to see to their need… I need to loan them an extra whore. And she does look like the more experienced slut of the two of you…”

Sophitia once again felt protective terror for her twin. Cassandra was so paralyzed with pain on the ground that she doubted that her twin even heard the discussion. Going through that… it would be outright unbearable for her. She had to offer herself up instead.

“No, Mistress! I am much more of a slut than she is,” Sophitia lied with a sob. “Use me instead!”

“Really?” Syllana responded, smugly amused. “You don’t seem like the type.”

“I’m a real whore, Mistress,” Sophitia promised. “I’ve fucked men by the cartload! Cassandra’s still a virgin… she won’t be able to satisfy them. Please… let your men violate me instead!” she pleaded.

“Well if you’re such an expert then it’s time for your sister to catch up, don’t you think?” Syllana countered, tone almost tittering. “After all, you’re twins. It’s unseemly that the two of you should have such a vast gulf in experiences.” Her smile grew broader with every word. “I’m happy to help. You’re welcome.”

Utterly dismayed, Sophitia’s spirit plummeted as she looked over at the other half of her soul. Cassandra had yet to manage to sit upright of her own strength. These big-thewed, callous soldiers would categorically annihilate her.

“Besides,” the Outsider continued as Sophitia began to weep. “I liked the way you laid into that clan-sister of yours. I have a much more important purpose for you in mind!”

Fifteen minutes later, Syllana’s will was reality. The “important purpose” that she had in mind for Sophitia was for the kitsune to act as her personal chair while the woman was taking her meal. Syllana had not eaten during the day and after fighting on an empty stomach, she was voracious. Down on all fours, a weeping Sophitia presented her backside to her new Mistress, who planted her luscious rear on her slim spine without much fanfare. Crossing her legs, she was handed a leather pouch packed with sweet berries. “Not exactly traditional kitsune food,” she told her living stool. “But I’ve developed quite a taste for them.”

While Syllana was placing all of her weight down upon the yet-untouched kitsune, she looked out across that sea of savagery and rape. Her personal army was a collection of the most vicious thugs and criminals among all the towns she had passed through, their inhumanity amplified by the fanatical veneration of Narghai and the madness that came with such devotion to a prehistoric god of destruction. None of the captured fox-girls was shown a single shred of mercy… Not even the battered young kitsune that was her stool’s twin.

The interspecies sex made for quite a show while she was having her lunch. “Hmm… they’re really laying into your sister,” she narrated while chewing on some exotic berry. “You may have been right about her inexperience, but the girl can take cock like a prodigy! You wouldn’t believe how much dick she’s taking already…”

Not being forced to look was Sophitia’s sole comfort. Shamefaced, her crying visage was directed at the ground as her twin was raped. “I would very much like to take her place, Mistress,” the youth peeped.

“Hush!” Syllana rebuffed. “You’ll ruin the show!”

Cassandra had become one of the centers of much male aggression. Even with one kitsune being more or less the same as the next to the men, she still stood out because Syllana had claimed her… they might not get another chance to fuck this one. Without any zest within her to withstand their barrage, her body was more like a straw-stuffed training-doll which men battered to pieces during practice. Down on all fours like her sister, she had men rutting into her body from both the front and the rear, hard cock pummeling into her pussy and throat-hole hole. They abused her roughly, treating her tails like reins for leverage, twirling those fluffy appendages around their fists even while slamming in. Whenever one man had reached his apex and came inside the suffering fox, there was always another sex-crazed brute to take his place. Cassandra had been a virgin… her twin knew that as surely as she knew her own name, but in just a few minutes she had gone from innocent and untouched to an utterly defiled gangbang victim. She was hardly alone in that destiny — as similar rape-groups lay scattered all over the clearing where reprobates exercised their crude, violent lusts on the gorgeous captives — yet the participation of only one of the twins was a galling truth. Only Sophitia was spared this doom of being ravaged post-battle… and in truth, she would rather be raped alongside her twin that forced to sit here, helpless, what her sister, best friend, and soulmate suffered. The inability of alleviating her sister’s torments and her own relative well-being was absolutely tearing her soul asunder.

“Give me that tight quim, fox-bitch!” a fresh rider snarled, commencing his hostile rape of the dark haired kitsune twin as full-speed. Muffled, haggard squeals could be heard escaping Cassandra’s permanently cock-clogged lips from time-to-time, but the unbroken noise of frantically thudding bodies was always perceptible to Sophitia’s ears. They were violating her amid the scruffy grass of the land they had called home for most of a century, in broad daylight, pounding with homicidal thoughts spurring on their lusts.

Syllana deliberately chewed with an open mouth, just so the bitch she was using as her chair could hear her ravenous feasting while she watched the entire the entire Clan be broken into their new lives as slaves. “It’s so sad that you can’t appreciate the size disparity for yourself,” she told Sophitia. “All of your clan-mates are reacting very poorly to having such large men put them to use. It never ceases to amuse me how the gift of the goddess’ protection can be used against you all… any normal piece of fuck-meat would get used to it, but for them… for your twin… every time is just as bad as the very first time.” She licked the juice from a berry off her finger. “I bet that they’re jealous of you. And why shouldn’t they? Being a seat for my ass is the most exalted position you creatures now can strive for.”

“I don’t deserve the privilege,” Sophitia sobbed, taking the far-fetched chance.

“Nonsense,” she responded. “From now on, I will be deciding what all of you deserve and don’t deserve. You won’t have to worry your pretty little head about such questions ever again. Now shut up. Only naughty ass-stools talk. You aren’t a naughty ass-stool, are you slave?” she questioned.

Lost in despair, Sophitia had no idea what to do. Her frustrations mounted to such extremes that she wasn’t able to think straight. All she knew was that she feared this sadistic sorceress immensely and likewise feared what was happening to her sister and clan-mates, and she could think of nothing she could do to make them suffer less… or to spare herself her own brand of misery.

Syllana popped the final berry into her mouth. “A lovely snack,” she said with satisfaction, licking each of her fingers clean. “But what am I thinking? Of course, you haven’t haven’t eaten a thing all day… unlike your selfish twin, who’s been gagging down all she can swallow since this morning.” The dark kitsune stood, taking the load off of Sophitia’s back for the first time in several hours, and kicking her onto her back as she gathered her slit dress to the side, revealing plentiful leg beneath it and a darkness between them.

“Please, don-” That was as far as the kitsune girl got before Syllana sat down on her face with her bare cunt against her lips, cutting her off and silencing her plea. Sophitia found abruptly that she could barely breathe, and it got worse a second later when Syllana tightened her thighs around her head. The twin squirmed, trying to get her nose free, but she couldn’t escape her cruel mistress’ grip.

“I’m a merciful owner, you’ll find,” Syllana promised with a chuckle. “I always feed my pets. Now get to work.” Her hands began squeezing at her captive’s pretty tits, appreciating their beauty as she flicked one of the nipples. Sophitia yelped into her pussy, and Syllana laughed out loud. “So delicate… so sensitive.” She traced her nails against the sides of her breasts before grabbing both nipples and twisting them in opposite directions, sighing as Sophitia screamed into her twat. “Owning you is going to be so much fun.” She squirmed in obvious delight. “Now, put your tongue to use. Lick your food right out of your mistress.”

Bisexuality wasn’t uncommon in the least in their tribe, but Sophitia herself had never found a woman she wanted to be with any more than she had a man. She had no idea what she was doing, but as Syllana’s sharp nails gouged into her tits, leaving tiny trails of her blood across her breasts, she knew she needed to do her best. Tentatively, she pushed her tongue inside her and began to wriggle around. “Points for enthusiasm,” Syllana sighed right before she squeezed her tits so hard she all but crushed them with her incredible strength. Sophitia screamed and screamed as she kept squeezing, her throat growing ragged as her shrieks vibrated the woman’s cunt. “But your screams feel better than that. If you want me to stop hurting your tits, you need for your tongue to feel better than making you cry in agony does, get it?”

Sophitia did. What she lacked in skill, the tortured kitsune attempted to compensate for with sheer enthusiasm and near mindless desperation. Syllana gave her tits another squeeze every few seconds, just to keep comparing her efforts against her screams. “You have a long way to go, slut,” she promised direly. “You’re going to have your tongue all but permanently buried inside my snatch until the end of time, so you’re going to need to be better than this.” By now, most of the cuts in her breasts had healed up, so Syllana began shoving one of her nails into the side of her nipple, like she was trying to pierce it with her finger. That really got Sophitia shrieking. “Stop trying to be cute and Lick. My. Cunt. Whore!”

If her efforts had been desperate before, now they were horribly frantic. Her tongue lashed like the wheel of a watermill, back and forth, desperately trying to taste every inch of her insides at once. The sounds that she made against the dark kitsune’s cunt sounded more like someone playing in a pond than sex as she sucked and licked and swallowed her nectar, the rest of it pouring down her chin to pool in the hollow of her throat. The only interruption in the licking was the occasional shudder-inducing scream of anguish.

Syllana didn’t know how long it took her to make her cum, but she had watched a half dozen men rape her twin in that time before she shuddered her way to an orgasm on her pet’s face, growling her pleasure. “Oh, yes…” she whispered. “I should have tried harder to find a pair of twins ages ago.” She got up, letting Sophitia gasp in her breath for a second before the witch kicked her. “Don’t you know your role, stool? Back on all fours.”

Remaining on hands and knees until nightfall with her only breaks being an occasional bout of breast torture while her tongue got another workout, Sophitia felt her limbs slowly grow numb even through the endurance that her kitsune healing offered her. At last, the noise of the vile gangrape were dying down. The despoiling men had enjoyed their post-battle celebration and spilled their seed wherever they wanted it. Finally being given the opportunity to look at the group of violated women she had known her whole life, the young kitsune felt a black horror clutch at her heart. It looked like her fellow fox-girls had been run over and trampled by a stampede. Everyone lay face-down in the grass, cruel bruises decorating their beige skin alongside thick wads of white jizz that had been spent on their bodies. Their well-ravaged orifices likewise all oozed out sperm, having been overloaded with the vile fluids during the debauchery. Now that their holes were being allowed to heal and shrink back down, it was squeezing much of cum out of her, letting it seep out of the abused bodies. Every one of them had been desecrated to the core, left as barely breathing husk of sex-befouled meat. Not only Cassandra, but all of them!

Only Sophitia remained inviolate. Guilt at being the only one to have not been put through that abuse wracked her body with shame, even before she looked at Cassandra. The sight of her twin’s battered and sperm-polluted body made her feel something soul-crushing. It was as if — for the first time — there was now a rift between them. She had undergone a life-altering vandalization that Sophitia hadn’t been there to suffer through alongside her. The profoundly evil and thoroughly-defiling wound that had ruptured within the twin’s shared soul left her feeling absolutely destroyed.

A full moon was rising above the pine tops as her new Mistress ordered her underlings to build campfires for illumination. They were settling in for the night. As Sophitia knelt in the grass as ordered, some soldiers arrived dragging the nearly comatose Cassandra to the feet of their Mistress. That wicked woman was still in the mood for evil schemes.

“Tell me, little girl,” Syllana began, indicating her former stool. “Have you and your sister ever been… intimate with one another?”

Sophitia only answered by presenting a miserable expression. Hearing a question like that asked really brought home how dreadful their fates had become. Considering it felt like being crawled on by an army of spiders. Cassandra unburied her tortured visage from the dirt, somehow looking equally crestfallen at the news.

“Oh, of course, I forgot. You are both good religious girls. I’m sure Inari would frown upon such nocturnal activities! But neither Inari nor Brighid are your goddesses any longer…” she grinned. “As of now… I am! You will now live, breath, and act solely to appease me. If I say that you will love each other as partners — then it shall be so!” the evil woman declared.

To fulfill the cruel-hearted sorceress’ ambitions, the blue-furred twins were put in an ingenious form of bondage. It began with Syllana ordering a sixty-nine position. Sophitia was made to crawl on top of her exhausted twin, the touch of their bare skin connecting under such a precarious situation being a horrible perversion of their usual closeness. Laying awkwardly face-to-pussy, pussy-to-face, their raven-haired tormentor unveiled the second part of her scheme as she had the cultists begin to bind them using the other’s tails. Tails were looped around necks, arms, legs, binding every inch of them together until their positioning was as snug and lascivious as the witch wanted.

Both shook with anxiety as if shivering from the cold while the thugs fulfilled the command, unable to comfort each other. Their tails were claimed and wrapped in such a manner as to achieve the desired composition. One appendage was made to loop over the opposite person’s head and then twist back down to its base by the rump, so that the end could be knotted-together with the root. This forced them both to dig their faces into each other’s vulva’s, locking mouths and cunts into an unseemly unison. Further fluffy extremities were affixed to the kitsune’s limbs, looping around the svelte thighs and arms so that one couldn’t move without tugging on the other’s tails. It was utterly unseemly, their lewd posture a spiderweb of entanglements and bounds.

“Ha! Now you are truly in a liaison!” Syllana erupted. “You should thank me for bringing the two of you together even closer than you were in the womb!”

Overwhelmed by the debauchery of their fate, both kitsune gave out half-muted groans, sound stiffled by having to shout into each other’s pussies. Sophitia was especially appalled by this ungainly position as her twin’s abused cunt still was besmirched with a lot of slimy, disgusting jizz.

“Don’t like it? Well, I am no fool,” Syllan continued. “I think that I’m smart enough to realize that you weren’t going to provide much fun of your own volition… So I’ve prepared a little game.

“Hmph!?” Cassandra exclaimed.

“Nanhu!?” Sophitia bellowed, inclining her visage as much as possible so to be able to glance at the dark kitsune traitor out of the corner of her eye.

Two items were presented before Syllana by her servants. One was a ghastly-looking bullwhip. The other was a small hourglass, that lower chamber well-stocked with fine-grain sand. “Here is the little recreation I have in mind to pass the time. The two of you will lick each other until both of you cum. If you have failed to do so before this glass runs out, then I will begin applying extra motivation with the whip. Until I’m satisfied you’ve both cum, I won’t stop flogging.” She smiled, a grin that might have been dazzling were it not for the sheer sadism behind it. “Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I think it’s a good game to make the two of you grow extra close,” Syllana said.

Their new Mistress offered them no time to relax. Flipping the double-headed canister upside-down, she began the flow of sand. As one, their muscles tensed so much with trepidation that their binding tails strained at the flex. The twins had no way of coming to an understanding, no ability to communicate and reassure themselves that this was only a moment for survival. Instead, they began to frenziedly chew and nibble at each other’s easily accessible clit and lips, sucking on those exposed pleasure-buds. Their descent into shameful incest commenced at frenzied speed, both frantically racing the sand in the glass to avoid the sting of their cruel Mistress’ whip. It was not a true hourglass, certainly… and time was running out. They would need to lick like slovenly whores if they aimed to apply enough stimulation for an orgasm in time.

“So slow,” the sadist snickered. “Get acquainted with your opposite’s pussy. Under my training, you will be made as familiar with it as you are your own. I mean, it’s practically the same already, right? Half the sand has just gone through, by the way.”

The announcement send panic spiking through them both. They truly did not have a lot of time to work. Loosening the anxiety within their loins and surrendering to the sizzling heat of erogenous pleasure was incredibly difficult considering the lamentable circumstances – neither girl could just let go of the fact that their clan-home had just been ruined and that it was their very own sister whom they were engaged in eating out. Neither could escape the anxiety of failure, or of failing on behalf of their twin. Both of them picked the same strategy to try and get through this obstacle – they sought to brute-force out the climax, to provide such an overwhelming amount of stimuli that the eruptions happened on their own. Bodies rigid and utterly dedicated to the salacious task, their rapidly-punching tongues raced against the flow of sand.

“Times almost up!” she called.

The callous, jeering thugs of Syllana’s cult stood around them and watched, pelting the incestuous twins with demanding insults as they ate out each other’s twats. Redoubling their hectic efforts, the couple felt the onrush of orgasm stifle their resolve. Singlehandedly tonguing each other’s pleasure-zones was made even harder as the distraction of impending shameful orgasms at the tongue of their twin sister began to weigh at them. With Cassandra starved of energy, her ministrations on her sister were slightly behind. They were not going to make it.

“Times up!” Syllana called out. Before she had finished the T sound, she had already thrown her whip-arm forward like an overhand punch. That leather lash impacted down across Sophitia’s naked backside, making a calamitous sound as her flesh ripped and tore beneath the whip’s kiss. The kitsune screamed even while she threw herself further into sucking on her supine sister’s little knob. Cassandra, at last, was brought to a wheezing orgasm by Sophitia’s desperate efforts, panting madly into her sister’s quim as the physical explosion happened. Sophitia wasn’t quite there yet. Pain-rippling lashes were allowed to buffet her body several more times, incongruously mixing the two conflicting sensations into one. When her own apex finally came, it was as an agonizing blaze.

Both the twins collapsed into an exhausted slackness, a pair of strengthless figures laying intertwined with their twin’s cunt juices besmearing their chins. The horrible heat of their sex made both of them sweat, even as their skin seemed to glow with mortification as they were degraded lower than any animal.

“Well done!” Syllana laughed. “You’ve now taken your first steps towards becoming slave-sisters.” The dark fox fingered the handle of her whip in exhilaration. “Alright. Time for round two! I’ll turn the hourglass now.”

“Whiaa!?” both exclaimed, both aghast and flabbergasted at what she had said. They had barely managed to perform the feat the first time. Now she demanded another go right after the first one. Cassandra especially was so fatigued that she had scant reserves left to spend… but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that the sand was once again flowing. Its movement brought their bodies alive like spring to the world. Lapping at each other’s labia, they fought to achieve the impossible – Those overheated, freshly-flooded deltas were now much more inured to physical ministrations. They weren’t even halfway there when Syllana gave her warning for time.

“That upper-chamber is dangerously close to being empty!” she half sang to them, besides herself with sadistic joy. Their challenge was designed as an impossibility. The sorceress got to ready her whip again. To compensate for her sister’s tiredness, Sophitia ground against her and snaked her quim against the downed girl’s face as much as she was able. Within moments, every last grain of sand had been deposited within the lower-chamber again. Syllana raised her whip-arm high and grinned in exhilaration.

This time, she possessed a much more lengthy opportunity to deliver her blows. With the splendid accuracy of long practice, she started decorating her copulating thralls’ hides with additional striped welts. Those fleshy pangs ran out like the torments of hell itself. Each snapping impact sent the agony digging all the way down to the bone. Even though Cassandra was on the bottom, their Mistresses accuracy with her weapon was such that she felt the snap of the thong just as often. Sophitia received great arching flagellations while she received sharp, pointed snaps of the lash. Overjoyed at getting to work out her sadism on a pair of lovable twins, Syllana forgot about all her annoyance at having missed out on the Descendant.

When they finally approached another zenith, the sisters had been left as battered, beaten husks. The torture they were subjected too was both unbearable and intolerable, as they were forced to make each other cum despite the agony of their mistress’ attention. Sophitia and Cassandra couldn’t afford to even think of each other as sisters anymore. They were just conjoined bodies and their individual quest for survival were dedicated on manipulating the other’s sexuality towards a debauched climax. Incest had ruined their mutual disposition, its tawdriness a lasting stain on the relationship with one another they had been building since their birth. If there previously was a gulf between them after the treatment that they had been put through so far, then Syllana had taken that rift and through inhuman methods ripped and wore to make it a bleeding wound.

The cruel sorceress watched the pitiful squirming of their grass-stained bodies as they came, looking less like kitsune than they did like half-living snakes who were mating.

Promptly, she just turned the hourglass over a for a third time. The squeal of despair coming from the twins almost made Syllana cum right there. It was like a soul’s death-rattle. They had no choice but to start licking those oversexed slits again. “Fetch me one a torch,” she ordered one of her underlings. “I think these little foxes need some extra motivation.”

As ordered, one man came over carrying a vigorously burning club, its flames reaching high. Grasping the torch, she substituted it for her whip. When the hourglass was exhausted and the twins were nowhere near finishing, she stepped forth towards their interconnected figures.

With a fidgety jerk, they both noticed the stick-bound pyre. It appeared like the evil woman was going to punt its flaming tip right at their midriffs! The appearance of that threat roused them into frightened mobility despite their constrictions… Sophitia hauled her body sideways with such force that they rolled over, Cassandra ending up on top. She did the same, flinging them another rotation. This soon devolved into an ignoble and bumpy escape for the both of them, desperately trying to escape the pain they both knew what was coming as a slow-striding Syllana chasing after the pair. Their extreme terror had been turned into a hilarious show for her entertainment. “Roll, roll!” Syllana called out, halfway to hysterical laughter. “Better cum… or we’ll see how many of your tails I can burn away.”

Filled with mind-racing panic, the kitsune’s experienced a fright akin to death at this prospect. Their tails like like a piece of their soul… a bit of their true form brought into this world no matter the body they were and a conduit for their foxfire. Losing one of them would be like losing an arm. They both wept with frenzied fear even while executing the arduous, pathetic attempt as escape, fearing the thought of being immolated more than they had ever feared anything before. The siblings also screamed pleas at their mistress for her to stop, yet their desperate outcries rang out like unintelligent gibberish.

Whenever they grew so exhausted or oxygen-starved that they were forced to slow down, Syllana poked their bare flesh with the flaming rod. This constant danger compelled them to exert every extra trace of energy within themselves. They went above-and-beyond, fighting past muscle aches that they never thought they’d manage to ascend.

Experienced as she was, Syllana knew exactly when their true end would arrive. With one final, strenuous, puffing rotation — she stopped her hunt as they thudded down into the dirt, resting her foot on the back of whichever one was back on top… not like should could tell them apart now that they had swapped so many times and all the cum had been kicked out of the Cassandra’s raped cunt. “Wasn’t that fun?” the ancient Spellcaster said, her mirth as ruthless as ever. “Now. Let’s return to the business at hand. The two of you own me a twin-gasm. Churn it out beneath my feet, or burn. Now.”

In that argent moonlight, the siblings compelled themselves to undergo one last humiliating climax. They were barely licking, having their faces affixed to the other persons clitoris doing a lot of the grunt-work. Both felt their spirits utterly depleted, having been hounded into some state of identity-numbing ignominy. But it wasn’t just the strength-sapping exhaustion that harried them… it was the abudant evidence to that to the callous dark fox who had claimed them they were little but objects. She had taken enjoyment out of their insanity-inducing fear as well as the breakdown of their sisterly bond. They were wrecked well past the point of trauma. Both Sophitia and Cassandra licked cunt as if their lives depended on it.

After all that had happened, Syllana and her minions cackled with mocking delight as a final orgasm was compelled out of the twin kitsune’s flesh. Then the two fox-girls sagged down and, for a few precious moments, moved no longer.

“Whore!” Smack!

“Slut!” Smack!

“Hag!” Smack!

Around midnight, the mysterious Witch had designed her next game. The twins were to kneel while facing each other, exchanging vicious slaps and insults for her amusement. Haggard and teary-eyed, they went through the motions like the walking dead. If an insult didn’t seem venomous enough or a blow lacked in power, then Syllana would intervene and deliver far worse to both of them, but after the first few times she had needed to do that, it hadn’t been necessary. By now, the two dark-haired twins were so worn-down by agony and misery that they could deliver the pain to each other flawlessly.

It was a game lacking in fancy, at least in comparison to Syllana’s previous activities. But it passed the time. And that was all she currently needed out of them.

“Pig-tails!” Smack!

“Cow-ears!” Smack!

“H-Hog!” Smack!

The constant compulsion to be alert and thinking had taken its toil on the crimson-cheeked kitsune sisters. Faces blaring with stinging agony, they could barely stay kneebound. They were like mind-numbed zombies.

Syllana gasped, stretching like a feline. Having squeezed the fatigue out of her system, she threaded over to her little toys. Both stopped their exchange of smacks and insults, fearful that it was they who had irked her displeasure. Instead, the black-furred fox issued commands.

“Face me,” she ordered.

Both did so, keeping their gazes downcast, not wishing to importune their new Goddess.

“The two of you are quite amusing. I am pleased that you are as much fun as I was hoping, and it’s only our first day together. Owning a pair of twins is like owning one person and then being able to split them person into two so that you can have it torment itself,” she mused with a small smile. “Some days, I feel like such a lucky fox.”

“Yes, Goddess,” they both intoned, voices immensely tensed.

Raising her hand, the kitsune sorceress stretched out one finger. An effervescent blue flame appeared on the tip of its digit, burning hotly with eldritch power… the same power that had burned out their clan-home in minutes and killed many of those they had known since childhood. “Do you know what this is?” Syllana asked. “It doesn’t really have a name… I created it. I call it witchfire.” She smirked. “This is foxfire’s true form… the true power Inari wished to deny her children, and it can destroy anything…”

The heartless speech gave both of them goosebumps… Yet neither moved even an inch. Neither flinched away from the blazing flame. The magician had them so cowed as to stay still even when confronted with sorcery as potent and sacrilegious as this.

“There is one problem with owning a pair of identical twins. You can’t tell them apart. I suppose I’ll have to rectify that,” she stated. Then she slashing her flame-enshrouded finger forward with the speed of lightning.

“Giiaaaahhhh!” One of the twins shrieked, clutching her burned temple for a second before she needed to yank back her hand, even the residual heat of the wound proving far too hot to touch. A crescent-shaped scar had been burned on to her forehead. The pain was so overwhelming that she collapsed onto the ground and wiggled around in the grass. No doubt she expected it to quickly begin to hurt less… Syllana smirked at that. “Behold the truth with your own eyes. That will not heal. My power can even permanently burn a kitsune’s skin. Inari’s gift of regeneration will not be able to heal one of us from a slash of this! Witness, and see for yourself how pathetic the blessing of Inari is compared to my own.”

The other twin gulped, her throat tightening with fear. Other than that, however, the fox-girl didn’t even react to seeing her beloved twin so maimed. The sorceress had made them fear more for their own lives than that of their sister’s. To her soul-crushing shame, she was glad that it hadn’t been her… her sister was still writhing on the ground in pain.

“There, that should be enough for me to distinguish between the two of you,” Syllana said, proud of her work. This self-satisfaction quickly went away and was replaced with a ponderous look. “On the other hand…” she chuckled, “what’s the point of owning a pair of twins if they aren’t identical?” she said to herself, quickly slashing in an identical marking onto the visage of the still kneeling twin.

Exploding with pain, the kitsune went down into the grass alongside her sister, their cries of immense physical hurt ringing out amongst the stars. Both were now branded with the black crescent mark of their new Goddess… a marking that would decorate their features forever. They had been rendered permanently befouled with magic that not even their patron-Goddess could cure. It was a fitting initiation into their new lives as the dark fox’s playthings.

Syllana turned her gaze towards the alpine mountains. This whole batch of kitsune would please the Fomorian greatly. Yet she… and he… was still waiting for the main course. The fox-girl named Kida would return the Descendant here. She could feel it. All she had to do was wait.

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  1. It does actively promote co-operation and love between siblings. Family friendly content in it’s finest. I rate it fox out of ten.


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