Sacred – Chapter 5

The two of them spent hours trekking uphill through wildly-grown terrain before Kida and Marissa finally arrived within eyesight of the ancestral cavern. All that inclined walking was no problem for Kida with her goddess-blessed endurance, but had done much to tire out the Ward’s legs as she puffing mightily in the cold Alpine air. Still, the blonde had offered no complaints through the entire long walk, even as the the valley itself was getting ready to dim into nighttime darkness, the sun disappearing beneath Eastern mountain ridges.

Kida’s stomach had been a bundle of tensions during the entirety of their journey, her sister constantly on her mind, but seeing the mouth of that darkened and foreboding grotto made her skin chill. She felt the fur on her tails growing stiff and rigid as she looked at that yawning opening. Stepping into there, somehow, would make everything real… and confronting the truth of the prophecy somehow seemed disastrous to her sense of well-being. The moment of the cataclysm had come. It didn’t matter how much she had been sure it would not… now, it was here.

For the entire journey, Kida had tried to speak… she found that she had deeply enjoyed conversation with the blonde woman. She was far from the prudish, uninteresting woman that her first impression of her had been… Marissa was funny, and smart, and observant, and wonderful to speak with. As they came further up the mountain, however, increasingly she had grown quiet… lost in thought as she ruminating upon her decision.

Why had she not just handed the Descendant over? Compliance seemed like the best defense against monsters as cruel and powerful as the dark fox and her Fomorian overlord. Against might such as theirs, what other choice was there? She had always lightly ribbed the other kitsune of her clan for their fidelity towards the ancient legends. Now… she was doing the same in their moment of greatest danger. Out of anyone who lived in the valley, how could she be the one to place her thrust in primordial cave paintings? It seemed absurd.

These apprehensive wonderings had made her a distant companion for Marissa. Several times in the last hour, the youth had tossed her a questioning gaze and attempted conversation, yet she did not know what to respond. Whatever she said, whenever she said it, it felt like there was a lump inside her throat which prevented her speech. Here Kida stood, pondering on whether she should hand the innocent peasant-girl over to evil forces so to save her own kin’s fur. It was the sort of mind-gnawing contemplation that she had never wished to have.

At least, the appearance of that darkness-filled cavern seemed to have made Marissa grow silent and tense as well. They were like two frightened cats jumping at shadows as they spent long minutes staring at it. Finally, it was Marissa who spoke first. “You said that you have been here before?”

“Yes,” Kida answered, belatedly realizing that Marissa was beckoning her to take the lead. Gulping, the young kitsune obliged.

The lamp lay hidden right where it was supposed to be, stored underneath loose rocks by the cave-mouth. With a single strike of flint, Kida had the lantern lit and then she ventured into the darkness, Marissa just behind her. Every crevice and stalagmite now seemed more treacherous with Kitina absent, unable to guide her. How could she be more frightened coming here as an adult than she was as a bratty cub?

“Don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll go alright,” the Descendant stammered, noticing her trepidation. The blonde girl stalked her steps closely, as if afraid to be further than a few feet away.

The clumsy gesture of empathy caught Kida off-guard. Instead of mollifying her fears, it made her go hot-faced, cheeks glowering as shame filled her. She was a guardian. A protector. And now, the woman whom her clan had sought to protect for her entire life was now trying to make her own worries seem smaller. The nine-tailer felt like her world was being turned upside down, and she was once again filled with humiliation at how useless she was.

After a lengthy walk through those narrowed tunnels, they entered the circular chamber which constituted the innermost sanctum of this holy grotto. The lantern light once again unveiled to her malachite eyes illustrations from a bygone age. History that resembled her present was still painted all over these walls, but in spite of that, the former sense of magic they had seemed to reverberate with before didn’t seem to affect Kida the way they once had. She was in the pictures now. She and Marissa were reenacting a scene that must have occurred here an eon ago between their foremothers. Once, Amelissa and Kitra themselves had stood here, supposedly decorating these ageless rocks with these fateful stories… unless that part of the myth was merely slag added onto the legend itself so as to make them seem more heroic. Kida, however, was unable to think about any of that. Not even the image of Brighid their patron-deity impressed upon her any religious awe. All she could focus on was Marissa.

The woman strode through the cavern with her, eyes wide in awe as she took in the paintings for the first time. It was her duty to protect her, but… she didn’t feel like she wanted to protect this girl out of duty. There was something… innocent about her, something that should be preserved. She wanted to protect her – shockingly badly. She felt an urgent need to see the girl safe and unhurt. A sense she had never expected, especially since she had been so reluctant to meet her… since she had been so enthusiastic about shirking her duties as a Guardian. Was that what had motivated her decision not to betray Marissa to the enigmatic sorceress fox?

The kitsune had no idea from where her sudden bout of protectiveness had sprung from, only that she felt it acutely. Was it just blind appreciation of her beauty, the seductive way her wheat-colored braids swung after her as she moved? Or was it some emotional closeness born out of their shared experiences of peril? Marissa certainly wasn’t the first beautiful woman or woman she had appreciated, and she had never felt this strongly before. Maybe she just reacting to the braveness and empathy with which she faced these antemundane dangers that had stormed into her life? She wasn’t sure… It felt like incongruous mayhem which blared inside her and clouded her thoughts. Kida had to continuously fight so as to not allow the emotions to rule her. Somehow, being alone together inside this sacerdotal cavern only seemed to magnify this amorous impression. Internally divided, her flesh grew clammy. The flickering firelight finally reached the edges of those holy accouterments that they had come here to claim.

The artifacts were as impeccably preserved as when she had seen them during childhood. The regalia of a Goddess-anointed druid. Amalissa’s equipment consisted of three items. A pale-green staff. A robe the color of glaciers which the fables told could not be stained. And lastly, a wreath of evergreen flowers that never withered.

“So I’m supposed to put them on?” the Ward gulped.

“Yes,” Kida timorously replied. “Then, supposedly. the link between your bloodline and the Goddess is supposed to be reestablished.”

“Ehh… What was the name of this Goddess again?” she nervously asked.

Kida’s gut tightened. That didn’t seem like an auspicious auger to her concerning the validity of the legend. “Brighid,” she replied. “They were gifts from Brighid.”

Marissa stumbled over to the gathered gear, looking back as if wanting to say something, and then she silently began to clothe herself in the shamanistic regalia. First, she was forced to strip, which brought out another pang from Kida’s anxious heart. Then the white robe wrapped around her, cloaking her torso. The pale green staff was made to be held in her hand. And lastly, she crowned herself with the evergreen flower laurels. The Descendant had returned to the purpose of her bloodline.

Kida didn’t need to wait a second for the effect to occur.

The magic came like a gust of warm wind. Suddenly, it felt like they stood perched atop the snow-capped Alps themselves, tempests whirling all around them. Marissa’s braids and robe started fluttering in the air, a magical effervescence overtaking her figure. An ancient link to the divine had been restored, light not unlike that of foxfire glowing at its most pure and undiluted.

Kida saw the glory of Brighid at work. Every fiber of her being wanted to feel hope…

But she couldn’t. Age-old cynicism regarding the divine forced her to stymie her jubilation until a concrete manifestation of sufficient power had materialized. As a kitsune, the very blood of her species was stocked with arcane foxfire, the gift from the Goddesses. It meant that she could sense the gathering power, could judge and evaluate through pure intuition the strength of the building magic around her Ward. By now, Marissa was merely a rapidly expanding flame within the ether, while Narghai, even restrained by the existence of the blonde woman, had appeared like a raging and unstoppable wildfire, a pyre whose blaze blotted out the eye. There still was no way of matching the two, even though the Descendant’s powers appeared ever-growing.

So while Marissa was being imbued with prophesied power, caught in that supernatural swirl, Kida herself stood on the precipice of hoping that some way of besting the Fomorian would emerge. The growth caught her in its surge of emotion, almost sweeping her away into its hectic frenzy of mind-racing ebullition, yet ever did she cling on. Kida so wanted to abandon herself into the paroxysm of hope. But despite it all, she remained guarded in tension…

Then… the surge receded. It had reached its highest zenith. Marissa looked shocked, glowing with power. However, the terror malformed Kida’s visage… was the very extremes of insensate fright. Abrupt, shameful panic overwhelmed her, such a mind-blinding apprehension that it nearly consumed her very soul. The Goddesses Brighid had stocked the Descendant with divine power… but it wasn’t nearly enough! Marissa, though powerful, wasn’t nearly enough of a force within the ether to even tangle with Narghai head-on. Somehow, this seemed like the highest form of mockery to Kida. The legends were true… But their prayed-to Goddess simply wasn’t strong or present enough to even turn the tables! The truth had been found but it wasn’t going to help them at all!

Her mind completely dominated by her dread, Kida turned her tails and ran.

“Kida! What are you doing!?” Marissa shouted after her.

Kida didn’t even hear her, the words not reaching her mind. Kitina… the Descendant wasn’t going to be able to save her. She needed to do… something. Anything. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, heart pumping with unmitigated dread and sending it galloping through her system. Everything was a blinding terror to the young fox-girl. Whence outside the cavern, she shifted shape into her fox-form so as to be able to sprint even quicker.

Swooshing passed the branches of mighty Alpine pines; the panic-struck kitsune ran back towards her Clan-home at full speed.

Panting excessively as she scurried on all four paws, it was only the onset of exhaustion that compelled Kida’s mind to grow lucid once more. Orientating herself in this faint moonlight was difficult, yet she knew these woods, these mountainsides. Normally an excellent forester, the rush of hysteria had made identifying her location a difficult task. Still, she realized that she must be nearing her Clan-home by now.

Kida hadn’t even begun to think what she should say or what she would do when confronted with her fellow kitsune. The only instinct on her mind was that the clan was the only family she had ever known. It was with they that she should be in this moment of peril. The shock of what had happened in that cavern had struck her so badly that she was thinking on instinct like a reptile. It was only as her mind calmed that deep, abiding shame washed over her. She had left her. She had left the descendant alone.

She had told Kitina so many times that she wasn’t meant for this life. Now she had just proved her right. She really was a shit Guardian. Not like her sister at all.

Suddenly, Kida stopped dead in her tracts. Something had brought her abruptly out of her dark thoughts, all nine of her tails pointing stiffly upwards as if sensing danger. Nocturnal breezes made the branches sway and the bushes so bristle all around her, the woods were silent, and… something was wrong. Unnatural. She discerned its malignancy like the moribund silence of a mausoleum. Shape-shifting into her human form with absolute carefulness, Kida scanned the far between the trees for the source of this disturbance. She almost shrieked when realizing that it was coming straight towards her!

The demon had caused her alarm had spotted her running long before Kida had spotted it. As if the darkness itself made solid, a huge fox made completely out of the shadows all but materialized out of the night, towering over Kida with nine thrashing tails. The fox, unlike anything Kida had ever seen, was not made of fur but darkness itself, and it faded into existence right before Kida, having taken the kitsune with surprise in her very own native forest.

“We meet again, naughty kitten,” the fox stated with a feminine voice dripping amusement. “To think that I would find you out here in the middle of nowhere.” A melodious chuckle followed, which sent Kida’s fatigue-weighted knees a-quiver.

Then the shadows dissolved as if boiling away. No wonder that this creature had managed to sneak through darkness undetected. It was the fallen kitsune with fur and hair the color of burnt charcoal. The mysterious Syllana, the dark sorceress with her impossible, destructive magic who served the Fomorian for some unknowable reason. And she was smiling right at her.

Syllana still stood far away for moonlight to not illuminate her visage. “Surprised to see me?” she continued. “You should be. It was quite a fortuitous happenstance for me as well — that we could have this little talk, just between the two of us.”

Kida thought about running, sprinting all the way back to the Ancestral cavern if she had to. But spent and panting as she was, there was no way she could ever out-pace this occult monstrosity. What more occupied her brain were the disturbing implications of Syllana having elected to ambush her this close to the Clan-home. Had their dwelling been discovered? Impossible! It had stayed hidden for centuries!

“You know… it’s been so long since I conversed genuinely with a member of my own species. Being able to crush you like bugs, I suppose I have grown disinclined to gabble with one of my fellow foxes. But you?” She chuckled softly. “You… I feel something different about, Kida. I like you, like your lack of belief in something you cannot touch, and-” She growled. “Stop tensing up so much!” she snapped, three of her tails hitting the ground hard enough that the thump made Kida jump. “Relax those shoulders… I’m not going to hurt you, girl… we’re just talking, right? Don’t anger me…”

Kida took a deep breath and did her best to obey. “There you go,” she cooned. “Good girl.” To the brunette fox, Syllana sounding like nothing so much as a she-spider playing with her prey.

“W-what do you want?” Kida questioned for want of anything better to ask.

Despite the fact that darkness concealed the lineaments of her highborn face, the kitsune could see enough to know that it now beamed with devilish mirth. “You,” she said simply. “I want you. You know by now that neither of your Goddesses cannot stop Narghai,” she stated, sounding as if reciting uncontested facts. “Why else would you be running away like this without the Descendant in tow? I wager that you never had much fidelity in those decrepit old crones anyhow.” Syllana chuckled. “The very first time I saw you, you were busy distracting those human boys who accosted the Descendant using your coquettish charms. I like that. You only believe in what you can see, what you can touch. I can respect that. Such an enlightened attitude is rarely seen out of this idiot-worshiping race of ours. I suppose that its uniqueness sort of struck me. One could almost say that I’ve developed some sort of attachment towards you.”

This perplexing — though seemingly earnest — monologue confounded Kida. She was unsure how to act. The dark fox’s blackness-veiled visage made her even all the more sinister. It unnerved her greatly how easily Syllana had managed to pinpoint her disillusionment with the Gods.

“Come with me. I wish to show you something,” the outlander stated, turning around and walking away, her booted feet crunching against the grass.

Kida felt that she should run, instead – take the tiny chance that maybe she could lose that shadow-fox in the forest – but it felt like there was a leash wrapped around her very soul. Heavy-hearted, Kida followed.

Emerging into the clearing, the fox-girl’s eyes bolted open in abject dread as she took in her home, her spirit tumbling into a freefall. Stupefied, she gazed towards the great oak which had once grown atop her clan hideout, sheltering it beneath its boughs, and she stood stunned as if paralyzed.

“Do you like it?” the sorceress said, her voice like honeyed, wretched poison. “I’ve always just adored twins. It’s like owning two of the same person.”

Sophitia and Cassandra both hung from the tree, suspended one underneath the other. Both of those blue-haired siblings dangled like some yule ornamentation from one of its branches, suspended by nothing but their tails. The topmost sister’s set of tails were looped around its sturdy bark while the lower one’s fluffy appendages were entangled to her sisters arms and legs in one conjoined knot. Shared body-weight made them bear down heavily towards the ground, and yet despite this painful predicament, their bodies were utterly limp, as if void of all life. Even from a distance, Kida could see that they weren’t just bound in place… they had been sewn there. Stakes had been drive through the tail and into the tree, leaving the kitsune hanging as though crucified by the tails, her twins weight hanging from her and adding additional pain to the bondage.

“Don’t be shy, come closer,” Syllana commented, placing a hand on Kida’s lower back and pushing forward. “Take a good look at them.”

Ambling as if in a trance, Kida drew so close to the oak that the two sisters nearly hung trapped above her. Immediately she could smell the pain and blood and fear that made it clear that their bodies had been abused and manhandled ruthlessly for an extensive period of time.

“I had to send all the other kitsune back to the village,” the raven-haired woman commented. “One does not wish for Narghai to grow impatient. That batch will keep the Fomorian appeased for a time… until I deliver him the Descendant herself. So no more playthings for my men, I’m afraid… but I could not bear to part with this cute little couple. I’ve even decided that I have a place for them… my own little thrall handmaidens! Having kitsune twins at my beck and call, able to train them like pets.” She chuckled. “It’s like a dream come true.”

With a simple hand gesture from the dark fox, two soldiers standing posted underneath the oak with whips brandished them and started lashing at the twin’s hides. Both girls erupted into insentient shrieks and wails of agony, showing no animation except that which expressed anguish. It was plaintively apparent that if they were humans then their bodies would have committed an act of mercy and given up on their ghosts by now. But since they were Daughters of Inari, they were able to recuperate from almost any threshold of bodily pain.

Syllana laughed. “Look at them squirm! By the heavens I love it when they are so young and energetic!”

Her expression remaining frozen in a wide-eyed mien of horror, Kida realized something that made her heart ache. Though she gazed up and down, from sister to sister… she could not discern the slightest difference between the two. It was as if their identifying personality had been exorcised from their flesh. Spotting whom was who had always come so effortless to her before, now she was beholding blank faces. Sophitia and Cassandra were nothing but an identical blur.

Traumatized, her gaze instead fell upon the ground, beholding the naked signs of violence and conflict amid its grass and shrubbery. Smoke from a dying fire was seeping out of the hatch which had once led to her home. The obvious conclusions to draw made her very spirit seem to shrivel up and die. Now it wasn’t just Kitina whom had been taken from her. Kida’s entire clan was gone. Her entire lineage and kin, vanquished into the horrors of rape and slavery while she was away failing in her mission. Her failure had assured their downfall. This was horrible… it was a maleficence so wrong that it was spiritually destroying her soul.

They were doomed.

Basking in triumph, Syllana stepped before her, placing palms atop the much younger kitsune’s shoulders. There, her thumbs started stroking against the groves of her collarbone, as if digging in the defeat.

“How did you…” Kida began to say, her shocked brain reduced to the state of a simpleton. “Find our home? It was supposed to be undetectable. It had stayed hidden for so many centuries.”

“A little bit of luck,” Syllana admitted. “But mostly, a whole load of you.” She chuckled.

Eyes wide, Kida stared straight into her cold and merciless orbs. “But I… covered my tracks with foxfire when I escaped from the village…” she began.

Syllana shushed her with one fingertip to the lips. “No, not then my naughty little kitten. You laid your breadcrumbs long before that. It’s easy for one of our kind to cover her footprints with even a pathetic talent with foxfire, so I never even looked. Instead, while I was busy torturing the populace of the village, I happened upon a young monk who swore to me that he had seen a fox-girl bathe in a woodland pool up in the hinterlands. He traded me the location where, in return for me promising him an end to his long-lasting and very painful journey into death.” Syllana ended her narration with a chuckle. “Though I must admit that I still haven’t gotten around to honoring my end of that bargain.”

A black hole opened up inside Kida. She felt sickly as if ready to vomit. All this had happened… because of her?

“You were not so careful when escaping from the young monk’s amorous advances. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it took the full arsenal of my magical repertoire. But by discovering one strand of fox-hair there, I finally managed to pinpoint you while you dreamed. Sadly, you and the Descendant had already hiked away up to the mountains when I arrived… but it was a simple matter to take your home away and wait for your return.” Syllana did not hold back her obvious joy in being lucky while her enemies were so completely luckless.

Kida’s already weakened knees collapsed and sent her prostrate onto the grass. The despair on her face made the few soldiers around her chuckle at her utter defeat. She was too exhausted, too weak, and too sorrowful even to weep.

“Oh, don’t be so sad, tiny fox,” Syllana continued. “I was truthful with what I said before. You have somehow wormed yourself into a fond crevice of my heart.” She chuckled. “That trick with the Priest showed a lot of flair and entertainment. So while your clan remains doomed to an existence of slavery and defilement under Narghai, I’m willing to give you an opportunity to survive.”

The air seemed pregnant with unholy energies as Syllana took her dramatic pause. “Become my creature,” she offered. “My student. My apprentice. Worship me like the goddess I am, and I will reward you… teach you. Or refuse, and you can join your kin in their fate.” She smiled at Kida. “I would garner quite a bit of satisfaction in molding someone like you into becoming my shadow,” Syllana proclaimed.

There was silence.

“Make your choice now or forever hold your peace,” she said with just the tiniest hint of a growl in her voice.

Tears slipped free from Kida’s eyes… and the kitsune girl nodded.

Kida did not even know why she accepted. Her nerves seemed too frazzled to even think. Was it pure spiritual depletion which made her forsake all morals in a bid to stay safe and not be tortured? Or did she join their side in the hope for some opportunity to rescue her clan? Either way, the troopers cackled and their black-haired mistress smirked. To Kida, the true reason for her feelings seemed not to be important at this point, not anymore.

With another gesture of Syllana’s gloved hand, the two twins were cut down the branch they were tied to cut from the tree and making them tumbling down on top of one another like stacked sacks of grain. After a barked order from the sorceress, the two of them inexplicably found the strength to stand up on all fours and crawl over to her. Positioned side-to-side, Syllana used their naked backsides as a chair for her luscious posterior. Neither of them so much as glanced at Kida.

Seated before her new apprentice, the dark fox issued commands like a Queen. “You may wish to submit to my apprenticeship, but I am not inclined to take your word for you, you understand. I believe that a test of loyalty is in order.” A smirk crossed her face. “It seems unfair to me that your Sisters in vigil should have to do so much to please the lusts of my soldiers while you suffer nothing of the same.” She leaned forward. “Tell me, girl… Have you ever been sodomized? It seems an appropriate virginity for you to surrender to me, right here and now. Don’t you think?”

Wordless, too devastated to speak, Kida could only nod.

Syllana continued. “But that is just fairness… no true test. While you entertain my swordsmen with your ass, you will also be licking out my pussy as I sit atop your erstwhile friends. It seems a fair trade after I almost made you cum inside the abbey.” The look of surprise on Kida’s face made her laugh. “Oh you naughty little kitten, when I said that I liked you, I didn’t only mean it in the platonic sense of the word. I want to test if that tongue is as flirtatious and coquettish as yourself. You and I could be doing this a lot if your mouth proves fruitful,” she voiced, driving her knives in like a unrepentant sadist.

Muscling herself forward onto hands and knees, Kida prepared for the heinous and libidinous act. A moment later, Syllana proved that her clothing was an illusion conjured by her magic, as when she simply spread her legs wide the garments covering her crotch vanished into thin air. Meanwhile, the brainwashed warriors stepped over and tore off Kida’s raiment, taking her own skin and ability to transform away from her… intent on taking her after the fashion of dogs. Despite her rambunctious ways, the fox-girl had never even considered having intercourse like this before. She had no doubt that there was going to be a lot of pain.

She deserved it.

“That’s it little slut… nestle your face in-between my legs. Get to work. I’ve found that my lust has aged like wine – I’ve never appreciated a good cunnilingus as much as I do now,” Syllana said, grasping a bundle of the brunette’s hair for control while sitting astride the twins. The fact that it was Sophitia and Cassandra upon whose backs her ass lay planted on only added to the kitsune’s misery… but the twins didn’t seem to react to this unseemly position at all. Their entire focus was squarely focused on providing her a stool.

Confronted with the mature vulpine’s vulva, Kida found that it had aged as gracefully as she… the woman’s healing regeneration had kept her as perfect and pristine as a virgin. Neatly set, those puffy folds and protruding clit-nub seemed hungry for her attention, glistening lightly in arousal. Not wishing to anger the she-Demon with laxness, she opened her mouth and sent her tongue to work.

“Oooh! A strong initial charge,” Syllana cooed upon sensing that oral muscle dig into her erogenous labia. “Just what one would expect from a cub of such vitality! My pussy has overindulged in pleasures through the centuries, though… I’ve had Queens and Princesses lapping between my legs, selkies and nymphs and all sorts of demigods. You’re going to be forced to try with a lot more spirit and creativity than that if you’re hoping to get me off!” She chuckled. “Perhaps some motivation is in order. I have six men posted here. You will bring me to climax before all of them have finished off inside your miserable ass or you can consider our agreement void!”

Behind her, Kida could hear those brutes dropping their pants. Face-buried as she was inside her mistress’ crotch, she was blind to all their movements. One seemingly squatted down behind her posterior, chuckling gruffly while seizing a hold of her lush hips. With the last of her tattered garments torn off, she shuddered to know that he was staring at her supple rear and the goosebumps raising in the cold night air.

“Relax your sphincter, girl,” Syllana remarked idly. “Some women learn to like this after they’ve been subjected to it a few times. I have little doubt you’ll be one of those whores.”

Entangling her tails around his fist so as to yank those appendages away, the man placed his raging hard-on into position. With an experimental push, that gnarled glans pressed against her puckered orifice, its full-blooded heat emanating onto her soft, yielding skin. She couldn’t believe how big that knobby tip seemed while threatening to ram her imperiled rear.

“Keep your tongue working whatever happens,” Syllana warned her. It wasn’t a threat. There was something in her voice that told her specifically that it was an expectation. “I want to feel pleasure while watching this.”

Pressure mounting on her butt, Kida couldn’t help but clench her backdoor shut despite the woman’s advice. It didn’t mean anything to the barrel-chested thug mounting her, however. With one savage stroke, that hardened pole speared past her ringpiece and invaded her bowls. It was a terrible sensation, feeling something so stiff and rigid jut straight into her posterior. Taken aback, the young brunette screamed.

“What a songbird you are!” Syllana remarked with a smile. “Don’t chirp too enchantingly or I might start reconsidering your position! And remember what that mouth is for!”

Brought to obedience, Kida forced herself to toil upon that lecherous cunt even while getting skewered from behind. Assaulting her secreting bliss-bud, the fox-girl would make her agile tongue flutter rapidly so to have it continuously coated in Syllana’s juices. Keeping her tongue-dance routine ongoing was incredulously strenuous while having that massive prick trying to drive itself all the way in. There was no gentleness or finesse in his technique – just a frantic and muscle-powered urge to see his cock skewering her to the balls.

“Guu… uhh… gjgghh…” Kida squealed, giving a guttural voice to her torment, each instance a moment where her tongue ceased to work. The fatness of this male member was simply devastating to the firmness of her tight rectum. Wherever he made headway, the membrane of her anal-walls was compelled to stretch outwards in every direction and hug his contours while housing him. The bluntness of his object in contrast to her orifice made it seem like a sword was cleaving right through her, a burning pain spreading through her guts. Kida couldn’t believe how brutal this was. At last, she felt the pang of his hips as they thudded into her, conjoining them in a consummate penetration. Lanced fully, she could feel the hot penis pulsate hotly inside her.

“How does that asshole feel, soldier?” Syllana asked.

“Ahh… this shithole is really good, mistress!” he wheezed between girthed teeth. “It’s flexing all around my cock! This little fox-slut sure seems desperate to squeeze it out! Good! There is nothing more rewarding than pounding a struggling anus into submission!”

“Good,” Syllana said with approval. “And apprentice… keep your eyes on mine.”

The zealot having finished stating his assessment of her ass, he started swinging hips to commence the rape in earnest. He pounded her amazingly hard without hesitation, leveraging thickly-thewed muscles to break her anal resilience. Experienced in forced sodomy, he would bring his prong all the way out until merely its unyielding cockhead lay smothered by that tightly-clenching sphincter. Then, he would thunderously slam into her so that they went hip-to-hip upon impact. These lurches broke Kida’s rickety posture with each thrust, making her wobble on her four limbs. Her asshole wasn’t merely being fucked… it was being wretchedly mined open, hollowed-out from those punishing plunges.

“I hope that you recall, young one. That cock inside you now? Just a little while ago, it was drill into your fellow fox’s cunts and assholes as well,” the raven-haired sorceress pointed out. “You really should be thanking me for letting you partake in their experiences.” She sneered. “Of course, you’re far luckier. They were oftentimes pounded by multiple poles at the same time, having so many victorious men to please. There really is nothing like a post-battle rape with the spoils of victory… this entire clearing was carpeted with their sexy little gang-bangs. You should have heard the sounds that they made.”

Calling attention to the fact that this dick pummeling her had recently defiled her clan-sisters was the last thing Kida needed to hear. Already the nine-tailer felt herself on the verge of wilting. The cultist had managed to establish such a brutal tempo inside her, dicking her posterior as if possessing an intense hatred for her entire magical race. Frequently, those violent slam-bangs would strike the air out from Kida’s lungs, utterly disorienting her and making her unable to perform her lesbian duties properly. Kida had no idea how she was supposed to survive this frantic buggering, let alone pussy-lick Syllana to an orgasm while it happened. It was such a demeaning fate.

“Tsk tsk tsk,” the sorceress tittered, “At this rate, you’ll never make me cum. Maybe I should just throw you into the rape-pits with the rest of them.”

The assault of her rectum had reached a frantic pitch. The trooper who had ridden her like a courier on a horse was gasping and panting, his ruthless hammering growing sloppier. Every time his dick drove into her anus it was still a tight fit, that meat-pole receiving compressing stimulation from all directions. He had been allowed to martially vanquish her entire clan and now be rewarded by being the first to cum inside her ass. Accepting those venturesome jabs into her bum in a near state of collapse, she first grew conscious of the incoming flood of jizz by the way his cock began throbbing with delight.

“Auugh! Auugh! Auuuuhhh!!” he bellowed, streaking that dick-stick in balls-deep before unleashing his seed. The warm splurge was shooting into the furthest reaches of Kida’s colon. Feeling that vile testicular vileness be deposited in forceful and ample spurts made her want to vomit, but it also kickstarted something within her brain. It had happened. She had been raped and anally defiled. There was no coming back from that.

“So many of you cock-teases can’t help but freeze up when you get it in the ass,” Syllana commentated. “A shame. Oh well. I guess I should start looking for another disciple.”

With sudden lucidity, Kida realized that this was her one chance of saving both herself and her kin. She had failed at everything. She couldn’t fail at this as well. That big-bodied soldier unceremoniously pulled his now slackening dick out of her rear, whitish sperm now stickily tracing the circular rims of that gaping orifice. Within the second, he had been replaced by another man. Not bothered with the besmirched and sloppy state of her ass-pipe, he rammed a fresh manhood into her and started accosting her with just as much brutality as his predecessor.

Mentally blotting out the pain as best she could, Kida dove onto Syllana’s presented slit, munching on its erogenous top like a feral animal. Her tongue and that clitoris engaged in a tumbling wrestling-match, jostling and brawling as she stroked its stiffened bud. Her panic and fright merely became fuel to power her on. The Witch’s posture atop the twins grew more uncertain, unsteadily wiggling her hips along with the ministrations yet the fox-girl wouldn’t allow their snug lock to be broken. She was going to suckle madly upon the nub until the sadist’s hips exploded.

“Put your back into it, solider!” the dark fox warned. “I think you’re being overmatched by a little slut.”

Not to be outdone, said ruffian began smashing her well-shaped rear like a battering-ram, fucking not just for pleasure but to hurt. The abuse caused her already furrowed brows to scowl viciously, her forehead becoming nothing but a series of ridges and lines. Small crackles and lighting-bolts rupturing inside her tortured rectum made her concentration go blind and almost made her swirling tongue to cease moving. Hanging on became the most difficult task Kida had ever accomplished.

“Ahhh… yeah! Fight for that orgasm you little vixen! Make it your sole and only focus! Let me know how much you want that apprenticeship!” Syllana moaned, throwing her head back and unleashing sweet and feminine noises. She revelled in candid delight, not ashamed to show how much she was enjoying herself in the slightest. “I believe we have ourself a race,” she gasped out, digging fingertips into Kida’s scalp. “Come on men! Can’t you fuck the willpower and determination out of one stubborn fox whore? Do you really wish to see yourself bested by a single girl?”

With that brute wailing at her bubbly rear like a lust-crazed primate, the nine-tailer found herself almost running into a wall concerning the cunnilingus. Syllana’s twat was sordidly soddened and heated, yet would go no further in arousal. It was as if the Syllana was holding back, pitting her willpower against Kida’s, wanting to see whom could win out. No matter how harshly or speedily she stroked upon that bud, the black-furred kitsune wouldn’t give in. This frenzied tempo eventually harried her reserved. The fox-girl began to grow cold with fear.

Meanwhile, her anal rider slammed himself into an explosive climax, hilted inside her, and painted her shithole into a tacky white. Those internal rectum-walls were now all but plastered with viscid seed. So much cum was already housed inside her. Now that their orgasms were the hourglass which counted the seconds to her moment of judgment, she felt frantic about having lost the cock.

“Two down, four to go!” Syllana remarked, smirking at the fight she had on her hand. With the last salvo of ball-chowder unloaded, this second man pulled out.

As air flooded into her gaping, much-chided asshole while it slowly began to heal, that marred membrane stung like it never had before. Pushing aside the nerve-racking sensation, a coldly-sweating Kida refocused her attack on Syllana’s cunt. She started shifting the aim and technique of her scrappy pink-muscle, going for the vaginal-folds and digging for her vaginal-depths. The light-shaded brunette swallowed an abundance of her enemies cum-juices flowing so thick that it almost choked her. Merely taking a second to swallow it down was to her a wasted opportunity for another swat. Licking her this way, Kida hoped to somehow wear down the sadist’s mental fortitude.

It was like a tug-of-war between the ass-reaming and the pussy-eating. Laboring despite the fact that she was beyond the point of exhaustion, Kida tried every trick that sprung into her thoughts for providing stimulation. Her quest was supremely frustration, as it seemed that she continuously had Syllana on the edge yet the woman just wouldn’t give in. Tongue-slapping her from this position of disadvantage, every minute loosening of the evil woman’s depraved sexuality was a great success.

The men ravaging her posterior came and went, raping her one after the other. Soon, she was down to one left standing. Kida puffed hot breath of frustration from her nostrils as he squatted down and started sodomizing her as if trying to win a prize of his own.

“One more to go! I feel like it’s going to be a close one!” the foreigner teased.

Expending all of her remaining stamina, Kida licked as hard as possible, stroking her tongue despite its root aching so badly that it felt like the appendage was about to drop out. This finally seemed to scale whatever barrier Syllana had put up. That statuesque woman started undulating upon her twin-seating, hips and torso rolling serpentine like the waves. In one last effort to stall this apex, she grimaced with extreme physical exertion and fought back against the already unloaded orgasm.

Kida felt like her mouth was about to be set on fire. Her body alternated between being covered in chilling perspiration and body-heated sex-fluids. Her utterly numbed shithole still being pounded into, that muscular man suddenly unleashed a cry which indicated closeness to ejaculation. Her sight going dizzy with fatigue like the blurriness of a moisturized sheet of glass, the fox-girl maintained her barrage. Any stroke now should send her over the precipice. She had her mistress strumming like an instrument beneath the bow of her tongue. Why wouldn’t she give in?

“UUuuuuaaaahhhhhhh!” Syllana cried, howling like a lioness. In the very following second — or perhaps the one preceding it — a similar bestial roar came from the man-mountain clogging her asshole. Either way, Kida was splurged from either ends, feeling jets of sex juices fly into both her mouth and her ass. She would have collapsed from deleterious exhaustion, yet the ebon-haired kitsune held her head upright by the tug on her mane. That way, she received the orgasmic spray head-on, showered in that despicable woman’s jubilation. The uncountable droplets and lumps of cum-juice intermingled with her beaded sweat-drops, becoming indistinguishable as they decorated her delicate visage.

It wasn’t enough that she should have to suffer the humiliation of making the woman who had destroyed her clan cum. She needed to be covered in it as well, needed to feel herself subsumed in her oppressive warmth. At the same time, male seed was jettisoned through her bowls with such abundance and alacrity that they sluiced through every bend and corner of her guts. She felt utterly owned – like her life no longer belonged to her. All that the kitsune girl was allowed to experience was dictated by her new mistress.

Quivering as the aftershock of the climax rippled through her, Syllana dropped her prey, thighs shaking and mouth O-shaped as she reveled in its ecstasy. Kida went face-down into the dirt, her gaping rectum popping out gelatinous spunk in an obscene exodus. Late squirts from the sorceress splattered onto her sweat-covered backside, almost sounding like rainfall splashing against an earthbound puddle.

Still having no idea if she made the deadline or not, Kida’s mind faltered and swirled in a vertiginous fatigue. Half of her mouth rested stuck against the ground, straws of grass being allowed to jut into her panting mouth. But what had she bought herself in case she succeeded? Merely the affection of that evil woman.

Before her thoughts dilapidated completely into blankness, the image of Marissa flashed inside her mind.

‘I’m sorry…’

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  1. Another fox of yours having her ass stretched. We shall see how does Kida fare in the future, after all she’s quite a pro with her mouth now. And that tree nailing part! You know what I like!


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