One Act of Defiance Ch 5 – Riven

Riven woke up slowly, her head throbbing like someone was trying to split it open with an axe. She opened her eyes and it felt like the light was trying to stab her… she immediately shut them again, groaning softly. What the hell…

What was going on? Her dazed, pained brain tried to piece it together. Was she sick? Was she hurt? No, no, that wasn’t right… memories were foggy, but she was sure that wasn’t right. She had been… she had been…

Yes. She had been at lunch.

After a few days of eating alone, Riven had been overjoyed when she walked into the cafeteria and seen her friends all sitting together. For weeks there had been maybe one person to sit with, if she was lucky… the friend group she had suddenly made vanishing like the mists on the ocean shore. Riven had felt lonely again. A broad grin came across her face the moment she had seen the three of them sitting together, however, and she had rushed over and sat down among them, talking, laughing, and for a brief time things were normal.

Better than normal. Riven knew what had been bothering her friends, of course… just because she had stood up to that damned Gumiho didn’t mean that she had stopped doing everything in her power to make her friend miserable. Riven had been working on that. Speaking with people. Paying attention. As it turned out… she was pretty sure Ahri didn’t actually turn in any class work. She didn’t do anything… it appeared she was buying her grades and not actually meeting any of the conditions to go here. Riven was about a whisper or two from providing enough evidence that the headmistress of the school would have to toss the gumiho out.

“She’s waking up, mistress…”

Who’s voice was that? Lux’s? It sounded like hers… as quiet and depressed as usual recently. Her smile had been enough to brighten up a room after she had been gained friends… but it hadn’t lasted. She looked forward to the day that Ahri was gone and the girl was free to smile again… longed for it.

“About time.” Another voice said. Colder. Harsher. There was something wrong with it… something that made Riven want to shiver, some kind of harmonics beneath the surface. She didn’t recognize it. Who was that? The strange woman’s voice put her nerves on edge. Was Lux in danger? Was…

Riven tried to rise, and found that her limbs felt like they were made of stone. They just felt so… heavy, like it was taking all her effort to work and make them move. She was pretty sure they didn’t usually feel like that… but only pretty sure. Her mind felt equally slow.

“Should have just let me knock her out,” someone else said. That was Vi… at least Lux wasn’t alone. Riven tried to open her eyes… her lids felt as heavy as her limbs did, but she managed. Her eyes, however, wouldn’t focus… she just saw blurry shapes in the darkness.

“She said unharmed,” Poppy answered. So that was who the smaller blur was. That was good to know.

“Well, you didn’t kill her,” the subharmonic voice said. “That’s good… because if you had deprived Ahri of her prize, you wouldn’t have lived much longer I suspect.”

The words made Riven’s heart pump faster… and oddly as it did, her limbs grew weaker, not stronger. Poison, she realized at last… she’d been poisoned! Well, that wasn’t going to do. Riven squeezed her eyes shut and focused… it was hard with her thoughts feeling like liquid lead, but she slowly gathered them and focused them into something harder than a diamond. Then she unleashed her Ki.

What Ki was, precisely, Riven didn’t know how to explain. She thought of it as a mix of mental discipline and spiritual power… the energy of her soul, channeled through her mind and out of her body. Everyone had it, as far as she knew… but learning to use it was far more difficult. It took practice, and discipline, and talent… and Riven had all three. She couldn’t exactly explain what she was doing if asked, but she could feel the power burning through her, blasting out through every pore… and she felt her mind clear as the poison in her veins burned away in a second and her vision cleared.

Ahri stood over her.

Riven flinched, and the gumiho grinning, pressing a foot down onto the pale-haired girl’s exposed throat. “Hello there little girl,” the fox purred, grinding her foot down against the prone Riven. She tried to grab onto her foot, to pry it off or push it to the side, but her hands wouldn’t move… looking over, she saw… she saw Lux kneeling on one of her arms, Vi on the other. “Whagh-” Riven managed to choke out past the gagging.

Ahri laughed. “That look!” the fox said, her voice a high pitched, sharp titter that made Riven’s teeth clench. “I swear, it was worth it for that look alone!”

“I know what you mean,” the strange, subharmonic voice said. Riven’s eyes flitted over to behind Lux. The girl speaking was Evelynn… but the voice wasn’t sure, not like any voice she had ever heard before. “She is delicious, isn’t she?”

“Not sure that’s the word I’d use,” Ahri said, looking over at the blonde and speaking as though Riven weren’t there, weren’t being crushed beneath her boot. “Stupid, ugly, self-absorbed skank, sure. Nasty, wretched, worthless slut, of course. Pathetic, weak, ignorant thrall? Certainly. But delicious?” The fox shook her head. “You have strange tastes, lover.”

Eve shrugged. “What can I say? As long as she cries pretty, I’m happy.” As Riven looked over, she abruptly realized that she was naked… her clothing all gone, her breasts hanging out in the air. She pressed her legs together and fought again to bring a hand to cover her breasts… with no more luck than she had had the first time.

Ahri grinned. “Fair enough. We’ll make sure she does that, at least. Even the lowest kind of whore can learn to do that.”

Riven was turning blue in the face by now, her body thrashing beneath Ahri’s foot while her friends helped hold her down. She could hear other voices in the dark room, but it was hard to make them out over the pounding of her own heart in her ears. She was suffocating, right here in the middle of other students, and she wasn’t strong enough to get them off her…

Abruptly the foot came free, and Riven had time to gasp in a single breath before Ahri kicked in her savagely in the side, making her expel that entire breath in agony almost before it had even reached her lungs. “Stupid cunt,” she snarled, no trace of her earlier amusement in her expression or voice now. “You dare fucking touch me?” She learned down, her golden eyes narrowed to slits. “I will make you hurt so badly that generations after you’re dead people will still be talking about what I did to you, you self-important bitch.” She kicked Riven again. “All your friends. Everyone who you know. Your parents. Your teachers. That person who sold you food from a cart once… all of them are going to suffer for your arrogance in laying a finger on me! All of this,” she said, crushing her throat beneath her boot again, “all of it is your fault!”

“It’s not…” Riven growled through her choked windpipe. “You’re nothing! I’ll-”

It looked like Ahri was going to continue to berate her, but Riven didn’t even have a chance to finish her sentence… suddenly Vi slammed her fist into the side of Riven’s face, splitting her lip open and letting her taste blood. “You stupid bitch,” Vi growled. “You had to-”

Ahri kicked Vi in her face, sending her sprawling. “Don’t interrupt me, you dumb whore!” the gumiho growled. One of her tails lashed out, wrapping around the pink-haired girl’s throat and lifting her completely off the ground, hanging her by the neck and throttling her as easily as if she were lifting a paper cutout of the athletic woman. “Haven’t you taught her anything?” Ahri said with disbelief… not looking at the gasping pink-haired girl, but over at where Nidalee sat on one of the locker room benches, looking chagrined. “I would have thought she’d have learned by now that pets are to be seen and not heard…”

Nidalee smiled, but it was a strained, furious thing. “Sorry, Ahri,” she mumbled before turning her glare on Vi. “I’ll take care of it.”

With one of the woman kneeling on her arms gone, Riven was free to use her right hand to try to lift Ahri’s foot off her neck… she might as well have tried to lift the school. She strained until she felt like she was going to tear a ligament… the gumiho was shockingly strong. “Keep your dog on a leash,” the fox growled before turning back to look down at Riven. “Now… where was I…”

A slow grin spread over her face. “Oh, right. You being a little whore…” The gold in the gumiho’s eyes vanished, a furious glowing red flooding her eyes as she spoke. “Open your legs.”

They weren’t just words… Riven shuddered at the power in the command, energy lacing the very words and racing through her in much the same way that the poison had been. It was a compulsion, and Riven felt her muscles twitch, her legs beginning to part. To hell with that! Riven called on her Ki again and threw it up like a wall over her mind, burning away the haze and compulsion, keeping it up until the pressure subsided.

Ahri stood there, waiting for her legs to open… and when they didn’t she looked surprised. Then annoyed. Then, glaring down at the pale-haired girl, angry. “You,” she growled. “Are annoying.” The gumiho kicked her across the face, and Riven cried out as she bit her tongue, tasting blood. “Open. Your. Legs.” Her eyes flashed again. Again the compulsion came… and again Riven refused. Her Ki welled up, blocking the command. This time, she reacted far faster, her Ki instinctively responding to the threat… and she noted that the energy of the command actually seemed to brush back against Ahri. Her own legs parted slightly, giving Riven a look at the exposed slit beneath her skirt.

Ahri didn’t seem to notice… she was too angry.

“Want me to give it a try?” Evelynn said, twisting some of Lux’s hair in one of her hands. Even with the blonde holding her down, Riven felt an instinctive flash of anger and protectiveness… she noticed that Lux shrank from her touch, but seemed too afraid to move further that that. On the other side of the room, Riven could see Vi held against one of the walls by the hulking form of Warwick while Nidalee pummeled the pink-haired girl with her fists.

Ahri took a deep breath. “No. No, I’ll batter her defenses down myself… soon.” She turned and looked across Riven where she saw a woman on her hands and knees… Poppy. “You going to open your legs like a good girl, slut?” Ahri said, pausing only a second before shaking her head. “Of course not. If you knew how to be a good girl, you wouldn’t be on your back about to become the biggest whore in the history of this school, now would you? Shortstack… break her legs for me.”

Poppy rose up, holding a sledge hammer. Riven opened her mouth to protest, but Ahri ground her foot down harder on her throat, making her let out a wretched choke and nothing else. Poppy looked reluctant and apologetic… but also determined. Riven had no idea what had happened to her friends to do this, but it looked like all three of them were too afraid to disobey. Riven watched that hammer rise, winced, and reluctantly opened her legs.

Looking relieved, Poppy began to lower the hammer.

“Did I say stop?” Ahri spat.

Poppy froze. Her mouth opened as if she was going to protest… but then she tightened her lips and hardened her eyes. Then she brought the sledgehammer down on Riven’s thigh.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!” Riven wailed through her constricted throat. Liquid fire poured through her nerves as her femur broke in half, pain that almost made her loose consciousness. Her Ki flooded up instictively, keeping her conscious… and she damned it for that. Passing out was exactly the proper response to having your leg broken in half. Then, a second later, she screamed even more pathetically as the hammer came down again on her other leg, shattering its bone as well.

“Sorry…” Poppy whispered beneath her cries.

“Save your sorrow for your friends,” Ahri mocked, pushing Poppy to the side and taking her foot off Riven to walk around between her legs, slowly stripping off her clothing. “I want you to know something, whore,” she said as he dropped her uniform top onto the ground. “I could have fucked any of your friends I wanted to. Could have been raping them for weeks now… but I didn’t. I could fuck you all week if I wanted to before getting tired, and I still wanted to save myself completely for you, you dumb bitch.”

She dropped the uniform skirt next… and Riven gasped at the huge dick between the gumiho’s legs. That… that hadn’t been there a second ago, had it? “What?” she choked out.

Ahri smirked. “Oh, you poor thing,” she said as she fell to her kneels between Riven’s splayed, broken legs. “You have your tiny energy, the parlor tricks, and you think you’re strong. You have no idea what real power is at all…” Her grin grew wider. “Let me give you the tiniest taste…”

Before Riven’s eyes that unnatural cock shuddered and writhed and… changed, becoming something larger, more brutal. It went from large to grotesquely large, more like Ahri’s forearm than a prick. “Shapeshifter’s can do all kinds of cool things,” Ahri promised her as she lined the dick up with the pink slit between Riven’s spread legs. “Here’s one of them…”

Riven still didn’t understand, but no matter what gender this psychopathic bitch was, what mattered that Ahri was planning to violate her. Riven tried closing her legs but her entire world went white with pain as she did. Ahri noticed the attempt, however, and laughed. “Oh, so that’s how you want to play it?” she purred, giggling. “Ok.”

And the gumiho grabbed her legs and bent them over her.

Riven screamed as her fractured legs were forced up, up, up until her ankles rested nearly at her ears. Wrapped a tail around each one, she yanked them first one way and then the other, just to see Riven scream before she settled back in. “Listening to you scream is fun,” she said, “My favorite kind of music… but it’s only the side attraction you skank.” She positioned herself between Riven’s legs, aligning her huge prick before Riven’s virginal opening. “Dry as a bone,” she noted. “Guess you aren’t into pain then. Good… because this is going to hurt a lot…” Then the gumiho pushed in hard.

Riven screamed in pain as Ahri forced herself inside of her. A normal person couldn’t have managed it. Even if Riven had been soaking wet, a prick that large wouldn’t have fit inside her. It didn’t fuck her… it pummeled her, broke her, battered its way inside her more like a club than a cock. Ahri made it work anyway, and to Riven it felt like she had been split in half… even the pain in her broken legs vanished for a moment as her hymen broke on that first thrust. Blood began to leak from around Ahri’s rod of flesh, dripping down her ass to drip to the floor.

Riven looked down in shocked disbelief, sure that she would see a bulge going up to her mid chest… and sure enough her mound had a noticeable swell, but to her horror she realized barely a quarter of Ahri’s dick had been stuffed into her. Her eyes boggled in horror at the sight of that, and Ahri laughed in delight. “You’re so tight…” she moaning. “It doesn’t all want to fit…”

Unwilling, angry tears slipped down Riven’s face as her body tried hopelessly to adjust to the large intruder inside of it, spasming and squeezing in a vain attempt to push the gumiho out of her. Part of Riven knew she was just bringing the fox more pleasure, but she couldn’t do anything about it, couldn’t stop herself. She began to sob softly.

Ahri laughed manically. “Time to fit the rest.” She thrust in with full force, making Riven scream in pain as she tried to stop Ahri from plundering her depths… she might as well have tried to stop one of the piltover’s trains, because it felt like that was what was fucking her. She tried wiggling away but her friends held onto her body tightly… and even if they weren’t Ahri’s tails and hands were on her, as irresistable as bands of steel. “Shut up,” the fox muttered, sending a tail to wrap around the warrior’s throat and squeeze, silencing her screams. “I like the screaming but do you have to be so loud? Heard one scream, heard them all… you should try to be creative and beg, that I’d let you do.”

Ahri wasted no time in fucking her victim’s cunt. Riven’s ravaged sex was never going to be able to adjust to the brutal cock raping her so she didn’t bother to give her an opportunity to even try… the gumiho fucked her roughly, forcefully taking every bit of virgin space inside her, causing blood from her ravaged insides to to drop down onto the floor, only for her ass to be ground into it and stained in her own mess. Riven’s fingers scratched at the floor where her friends held them down, her body scraping against the wood beneath her as she choked on the girl’s tail in an attempt to truly scream.

She tried to meet Lux’s eyes… to beg the girl she had saved to help her, to try to stop the gumiho from raping her. The sorceress wouldn’t look at her… she was pale, looking away as Evelynn played with her breasts from behind. On the other side, Vi had returned to holding her down, and the look on her face promised no mercy at all… she was furious, and furious at Riven specifically. Those eyes said that she would rather be choking Vi herself than letting the tail do it… not merely helping to hold her down.

Ahri raised one hand to caress Riven’s pale breast. As she did, Riven noticed that her nails extended, turning her hand into a killing claws tipped with blades as she pinched the girl’s nipples between her fingers. Holding onto her tits now, Ahri laughed cruelly and started raping the girl harder. The blood pouring from her abused cunt was the only wetness to be found, and it did nothing to make the extreme penetration any less painful… it felt to Riven like that shape-shifted cock was stabbing her like a sword. Riven throat was becoming sore not just from the choking but from all the screams she was forcing through it. Her cunt felt like more of an open wound that a natural opening, and she wept as she was raped, Ahri’s curvy hips slamming her faster and faster into the Noxian girl.

Then she cried out as the shapeshifted cock struck against her cervix, unable to go any deeper. “That’s a shame,” Ahri said, frowning. “Still almost six inches left. I hoped you’d be deeper. Oh well.” She leaned down to Riven’s face, and licked the tears right off the white-haired girl’s cheek. “But now I get to show you something else…” She leaned in really close, whispering. “I don’t want to make the others feel bad,” she said, still obviously loudly enough that they could hear, “but they kind of suck at this. It takes them a while to shift to even one cock. If you were curious what it feels like to be raped by a jaguar, or a horse, or dog, it would take them half an hour to show you all of those.”

She sneered. “But a whore like you deserved to be fucked by the whole menagerie. So you’re lucky I decided to break you in myself.” At her words, Riven felt the rod of flesh deep within her bulge and… change somehow. Swapping shape, causing new, sharp pains in her ravaged hole. Riven had thought she had already been stretched as many ways as she could… now as the cock impaling her took on a novel shape, she realized just how wrong she had been. When Ahri start pulling back, the sudden barbs on her dick ripped and tore at Riven’s insides, making her shriek again… but as bad as that was, it wasn’t half as bad as what came next. On the next thrust, her cock had changed again… a huge knot beginning to swell at the base. Callously, the insanely strong gumiho began to force it in, battering the elasticity of her cunt into submission as it forced her to spread wider still, her body feeling like it was being destroyed by the hound dick. On the next thrust, the tip had flared, giving the shovel-like head of a horse’s dick. Then another kind of knot. Then a cock that felt like sandpaper. Then something with scales and ridges. And on and on and on.

Riven screamed… it was all she could do. Each thrust was something unique, each one hurt her in new and unexpected ways. There was nothing to get used to, nothing to adapt to, no preparation she could make. Each pain was unique. With each animal-like lurch, Ahri didn’t so much thrust into her as she clubbed that shifting dick into her body, feeling like someone was slamming a fist up into her sex. Her body squeezed on the gumiho from all sides in a futile effort to shrink the hole back down to sanity, but Ahri just laughed and continued raping her, sneering down into Riven’s anguish-strained face.

“Worthless bitch,” Ahri huffed. “I give you the whole experience, and you still can’t even fit the whole thing. Do I have to do everything for you?” she mocked with exasperation. Suddenly, Riven felt a strange pressure against her cervix. Something protruding from the cock’s odd tip was stroking against her minute opening. Two worm-like protrusions instantly sought entry against her womb. Out from the monster’s cockhead had emerged two flange-headed tendrils… They snaked through the tiny opening in her cervix, causing her to squirm with pain. It hurt, but… at least she was no longer fucking her for a moment and it didn’t hurt that bad… still, the sensation felt unbelievably odd. It made her body shake from the unnatural intrusion.

Then those tentacles inside her changed… narrowing, slimming down even further, and pressing through the tiny gap in her birth passage and into her womb. And then, from the inside, they began to swell. Riven screamed in abrupt, shocking agony as her cervix was pried open by the shapeshifter, not unlike if someone had taken a crowbar to her clamped opening, forcing her open like two hands opening a split door. Then the rest of Ahri’s mammoth cock followed, battering its way inside, and Riven wailed as she felt the huge cock pressed against the back of her womb now. “There we go,” Ahri sighed with pleasure. “See? Told you we’d make it all fit.” She slapped Riven twice on the cheek… soft, almost gentle degrading slaps. Then, her cock stuffing Riven’s sacred chamber full, she began to fuck the white-haired student even more brutally had she had before.

Evelynn was looking down at her with a hungry look in her eyes, smiling widely as she played with Lux’s body. Lux couldn’t look away any longer… she was looking on with horror. Poppy seemed like she was going to be sick. Even Vi looked queasy… but they all watched as Riven’s body was thoroughly disgraced, the cock shifting on each new thrust to fuck her differently. The one thing thing that didn’t change was the tendrils sneaking off from her cock – with her womb thoroughly occupied, those tentacles ventured deeper, finding two other small openings to slip inside and fuck her Fallopian tubes as thoroughly as her womb was being raped. The twin-tentacles split off and each claimed one for itself, ferociously fucking a part of her body never meant to be touched by anything else… fucking them just like two additional cunts inside her body.

As they ruthlessly wiggled their way deeper into her body, Riven felt her consciousness faltering… but she wept as she felt her Ki rise up again, “protecting” her from the pain by forcing her to stay conscious and experience all of it. One thrust at a time, those invasive tendrils were delving as deep as possible, fully conquering her insides until they were free to assault her ovaries with their strokes, making Riven feel like she was being ripped apart from within. Every part of her femininity was being defiled, used and abused utterly. She could felt her body tearing and stretching as those snake-like things wiggled around inside of her, bulges jutting upward all across her belly as the rough fucking actually shifted her internal organs around, leaving Riven to wonder if this was even survivable, or if the pain alone would kill her.

And still Ahri fucked her. Every bit of her pussy was desecrated by the furious gumiho as she sank those claws into Riven’s breasts, making them bleed beneath her. “Awww, you bleed so pretty,” the demonic fox cooed mockingly as she grabbed onto Riven hips beasts with both clawed hands, sinking themin and using then like handles to rape her harder and faster. Riven could feel Ahri’s member swelling with anticipation… the only question in her mind was if she would survive to feel the disgrace of being creamed. The exchange student felt like she was losing blood at an alarming rate, enough that it seemed to be seeping out of her now in slow motion, her Ki needing to struggle harder and harder to keep her conscious. Her already pale skin was paler still as she bled to death.

Ahri forcefully grabbed the girls face and met eyes, the red flash appearing again. “Stay with me now,” she commanded. “Look at me, whore. I need you to feel this…” she snarled before groaning and tilting her head back in pleasure. The pleasure built inside her as sloppy sounds of her thrusts mixed with the blood leaking from Riven’s cunt could be heard, a strange, disgusting, sloshing sound.

Ahri’s dick throbbed against Riven’s tight walls, signally she was close to release. She threw her head back and moaned loudly before clenching her teeth together and thrusting her murder weapon of a cock into Riven one last time. Ahri went as deep as she could as she came inside, impaling her womb and sending the cum splashing against the back membrane of her organ. Jizz flooded straight into Riven’s already overstuffed womb, sordidly disgracing her core… her natural protection stripped away to allow Ahri to disgrace it directly. Further cum poured through the tentacle, deep into her ovaries. She became sordidly spermed right into the uterus, it’s natural protection removed so that Ahri could defile her femininity directly.

Riven laid paralyzed in pain, Ahri still on top of her while Evelynn laughed and seemed overjoyed. “I haven’t seen you really go hard in a long time, babe,” Eve said, leaning forward to brush some of Ahri’s red hair out of her face. “It’s always a delight.

Ahri smiled. Then she yanked out at all at once, retracting the tendrils impaling her tubes as savagely as possible, chaffing her raw, sensitive skin like scrapes from a knife. It was as if insides had been set aflame. This agony-spike all but knocked Riven out, and Riven collapsed limp against the ground as she wept pathetically, even as Ahri’s horrible cock was finally riped free of her ruined cunt.

“Fun fact for you,” Ahri mocked as she pulled her claws out of Riven’s slashed breasts. “You don’t make more eggs. All the ones you will ever have, you have in there practically from birth. So I probably just knocked you up ten thousand times… every child you could ever hope to have, all at once.” She smiled down at the bleeding girl. “Congratulations, whore. Don’t think anyone’s ever gotten herself bred that much before. You’re breaking new ground as a slut.”

Riven could barely react… she just lay there weeping softly, overwhelmed by pain. “The fuck is the matter with you,” Ahri said, growling. She kicked Riven in the side. “Don’t you know how to say ‘thank you?’”

“I think you broke her a little too much, Eve tittered.

Ahri knelt down, smiling at the state of her hole. The exchange student’s once-tiny pussy had been viciously hollowed out, stretched and torn until it now resembled a widely-yawning, pink-rimmed chasm more than the tight slit it had begun the day as. It wasn’t shrinking either… the trauama of its brutal destruction leaving it unable to deflate from its current oval shape. She lowered himself further, peering inside and laughing. “I can see into her womb,” she said with a smile. Some of her friends gathered around to take a look, laughing and joking with one another as Riven bled to death. Still, she could hear what they were saying. The tiny opening into the core of her body had been savagely reamed open, broken and drilled through by the inhuman fucking she had received. Cum was plastered on the walls of her cunt and uterus, sticking tackily to the sides and virtually crusting the hole spunk… so much of it that despite the damage it was still more white that pink. “I think I could fist her without touching the sides,” Ahri said with a laugh.

Riven could only sob.

“Weakling,” Ahri hissed. “Get the unicorn slut over here.”

While Riven lay limp on the ground, she lost track of what was going on… she only noticed it when everything stopped hurting quite so aggressively. Soraka was laying on the ground beside her, screaming and writhing on the ground in pain… and Riven could feel her legs again! Her breeds had stopped bleeding, the cuts vanishing, and she could no longer feel cool air impossibly deep in her body. It wasn’t much of a mercy… taking away the most extreme of her injuries only meant that she could feel the thousands of other ones she can accumulated… but she was at least no longer dying.

Then Ahri sat down on her breasts and she caught sight of the gumiho’s cock and she wished that she was.

The cock was huge, covered in cruel ridges and barbs and edges, and it was stained crimson with her blood, crusted with globs of stinking cum as it waved in Riven’s face. Just knowing that thing had been all the way inside her ensured that she could scrub her insides for a year and still not feel clean… but looking at it gave he a viciously coherent vision of exactly what it had done to her insides. “You’ve made a mess, little whore,” she growled, pointing at her dick. “Look at what you’ve done. Did I give you permission to bleed all over me like that? Really, it’s like you were raised in a barn, farmgirl?” Taking the thing in her hand, she rubbed it against Riven’s face. “So clean up your mess.”

Riven’s eyes widened. She couldn’t possible think… but of course she did. She twisted her face away… and then Ahri grabbed onto her hair, twisting it back. Her eyes were blazing red. “That wasn’t a request. Open your fucking mouth!”

Again, Riven felt the power sink into her, race through her. Again, she felt her Ki rise up against it… push against it… and fail. Too exhausted, Ahri’s power sank into her, commanded her… and before Riven knew was she was doing she opened her mouth, tears slipping down her cheeks.

Ahri’s hand wrapped in her white hair and without further hesitation, she yanked her head forward and onto that hot shaft, the rough, filthy edges sliding against her lips. She knew it would taste foul… she had been pathetically short of the mark. She felt the blood and cum and sweat and dirty and other things scrape itself off against her lips as it forced her mouth obscenely wide, rubbing against her tongue and making her taste every inch of it as it forced its way deeper, making her gag in disgust. Nausea swelled up, and she felt her stomach rebel but she savagely tried to hold it down… she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t choke on it if she threw up. Desperately Riven tried to pull back, but Ahri wouldn’t be budged… unable to close her mouth or bite, the magic of Ahri’s words still echoing in her head, she could do nothing but cry and glare helplessly as her mouth became the second hole for Ahri to violate.

Ahri used her grip on her hair to thrust deeper into Riven’s mouth, her cock bouncing off of the exchange student’s throat. As dismal as she felt, as horrified as she was, Riven never considered that Ahri had more in mind than simply humiliating her. That cock would kill her if she tried to push it down her throat. Desperately, Riven began rubbing her tongue at it, desperate to show the gumiho that this wasn’t necessary.

Ahri knew that. She just didn’t care.

The pain of something that was probably important ripping filled her, but her scream was silenced immediately as Ahri began stuffing more of her unnatural shaft down Riven’s throat. She yanked on the girl’s hair in time with sharp, brutal thrusts of her hips, hamming herself a little deeper each time and completely choking off her air. She could feel her neck bulging as the dick forced it wider than it had ever been meant to stretch, barely able to get a whisper of breath past the blocking shaft. Riven gurgled is a disgusting way as the gumiho drove herself forward and forward and forward, determined to sink every single inch of her into Riven’s protesting gullet. Without a few brutal seconds, she had succeeded… Riven’s nose squashed almost flat against her face as Ahri pressed her head against her body, sighing in pleasure as her throat writhed helplessly on her cock. She spat down at her, the spittle landing on her forehead and sliding down into her right eye, and ground her herself against Riven, stirring her cock inside of her.

“Mmmm,” Evelyn moaned. “So delicious. You mind if I join in, Lover?”

“Knock yourself out,” Ahri said with a pleased groan. “Pack her cunt.”

Riven heard it as Eve moved, but she was so busy suffocating on the shapeshifter’s cock that she couldn’t see her as she approached. She probably should have expected it, however, as another hard cock pressed against her slit… Evelynn had one of her own, it seemed. To her horror, however, it was no easier of a fit this time than it had been for Ahri – Soraka’s healing had restored much of her tightness along with closing her wounds.

Evelynn sighed in pleasure as she forced herself deeper into Riven’s cumsoaked slot. “So romantic to share a whore with you,” the blonde purred. “Been a while since I stuffed a slut that was packed full of your seed, Lover. And this bitch is almost as tight as a virgin again.” She chuckled, the amusement sounding almost like a dozen sadistic women laughing at once. “Time to take you for a ride.”

And while Riven continued to gag on dick, Evelynn began to fuck her hard and fast and brutally. Her legs might not be broken anymore, but something long and strong was coiled around them… Ahri’s tails perhaps?… and it kept them from closing, leaving Eve free to plunder her as hard as she wished.

Ahri started fucking her, driving in and out of her throat to the sickening chorus of gluk gluk gluk noises coming from the exchange student, spreading cum and spit all over her chin and cheeks and sending it down to pool is a disgusting slurry in the hollow of her throat. Riven couldn’t stop herself from crying as she was raped from both ends… hot, disgraceful tears leaking down her face in shame and pain and humiliation. She hated this… she hated her weakness, that she couldn’t stop her. She hated that she had been betrayed for some reason by those she had chosen to trust. She hated that this damn bully had the best of her.

Then she felt the cock inside her throat begin to shift. She whimpered despite herself… but she could do nothing to stop it as Ahri cock grew longer, and longer, and longer… When she had been fucking her face earlier, it had felt like she was trying to drive it all the way into her stomach, but now she thought it might actually be there. She thought she could feel the pulsing of it brushing against her lungs as her entire esophagus was turned into a fuckhole for the depraved gumiho. Riven’s face slapped wetly against Ahri’s hips, and she felt her nose break on about the 100th pump. She was glad she didn’t have to see what she looked like as her blood joined the disgusting cocktail coating her features as the fox bounced her head back and forth on her dick like she was dribbling a ball, suffocating her utterly with the length of that absurd cock inside of her. She could feel it scraping some of the mess her cunt had left on it off in her throat, could feel her body squeezing it and knew that she was giving her a good fuck despite herself, and she hated every single second of it.

She didn’t fit at all, and the brutal use she was being put to was determined to fix that in the most savage way possible. Every few dozen thrusts there was another sharp flash of pain as Ahri’s rape stretched and tore another set of muscles, destroyed another piece of her body in the service of providing a moment of pleasure to her. It didn’t help the experience for Riven at all, either… it was still so tight that she could feel every contour and pulse and vein and barb and ridge in that unnatural animal dick as it sawed back and forth deep inside her, could feel the beat of Ahri’s head pounding next to her own as it brushed past it on the way into parts of her body that were never meant to feel the touch of brutality like this.

She needed to breathe she needed to breathe she needed to breath… her lungs felt hollow and the size of peas, and each thrust of Evelynn’s cock into her seemed to force a little bit more of her remaining air out of her. Her tongue lay limp in her mouth, but it didn’t matter… the cock was so big that it rubbed against it anyway, forcing her to lick it again and again and again while shes suffocated… her lips were limp but it didn’t matter… they were stretched so tightly around the shaft that she felt ever bump and hair and bit of dead skin that flaked off into her mouth. She looked up at the gumiho with bloodshot eyes, wordlessly begging for mercy.

And she got it… in the worst possible way.

Ahri groaned and despite herself, Riven screamed as the cock seemed to swell even further. Cum poured through the hopelessly enlarged thing, expanding it in the moment before she felt heat blossom into her stomach, cum pouring into her by what felt like the gallon. “Are you feeding the slut?” Evelynn purred, her hands like knives sinking into Riven’s thighs while she fucked her.

“The only thing she’ll eat for the rest of her life,” Ahri moaned in agreement, the cock jerking inside her as it sprayed the molten-feeling seed inside her.

“I guess I should join you then,” Evelynn growled… and then Riven felt his seed, warm and sticky, spurting into her already desecrated cunt, mingling with Ahri’s. Hell, it felt to her like there was so much of it coming from both ends that they were meeting in the middle, fighting for room inside the pale girl as she went on the floor of the abandoned room. The only, singular relief was that with the current state of things she didn’t have to taste any more of the bitter, slimy cum.

She doubted that would last.

Ahri’s cock seemed to shrink, pulling itself itself as she slowly pulled out, wiping herself dry using Riven’s hair as the same time that Evelynn began to clean herself using her thighs. It brought some of the foul cum with it, but gratefully not much. “Worthless as a cocksucker,” Ahri decreed as Riven coughed, trying to breathe and sending cum and spit and blood down her chin. “But that’s alright. She’ll have years to practice.”

Riven found that even now she was unable to close her mouth… Ahri’s command still sitting in her head, keeping her jaw open with everything she had. It didn’t matter that it was getting sore… it didn’t matter that it was making it hard to swallow the spit accumulating her her mouth and risking drowning her. She couldn’t close her mouth.

“Is it our turn, then?”

Riven looked over in shock. Now that she wasn’t staring into Ahri for once, she could see around the room perfectly… it was filled with a dozen other people besides her friends and her two rapists. Nidalee was there of course, as was Katarina and Qiyana to be the rest of Ahri’s damn clique… but both Nidalee and Katarina’s boyfriends were there too, and Viegar, and Vladimir and Singed and several others… and most of the men had their cocks out, stroking them as they watched the show. Her eyes widened with horror as she realized what they were saying. “…No…” she whispered.

Ahri looked down. “It’s adorable you still think that’s a word that means anything to you,” she said, amusement dancing in her voice. “Sure, why not. Stuff this slut full… but first, let me get her into position…” Ahri grabbed onto her, pulling her up onto one of the benches. It finally unpinned her hands from Lux’s and Vi’s grips, but she wrapped a tail around each limp quickly, holding them in place as firmly as chains of steel. “Evelynn, lover, would you be a dear and punish those two stupid sluts for letting go?” Ahri chuckled.

As Vi and Lux began to scream and beg, Ahri lay down beneath Riven, spreading her legs and holding her against her where she could feel the fox breathing just beneath. “Now you can fuck her,” Ahri purred.

Then Riven felt the tip of Ahri’s cock touch her anal ring.

“S-stohp!” Riven begged, her voice distorted by being unable to close her mouth, already sure it would make no difference. Ahri laughed, her hands grabbing onto her bruised, cut, abused breasts and squeezing them, kneading them like fistfuls of fresh dough or perhaps claw she was using to create a masterpiece. Her nails scratched her violently as her cock rested against that untouched hole… not hard, but insistent.

“You were born to be my cock sheath,” Ahri whispered into Riven’s ear as Nidalee approached her from the front, a dick growing between her legs. “All of your holes… and I’m going to fuck this one until every single one of them finishes with you.”

Ahri didn’t push… she didn’t thrust or shove and squirm to get into that tight ass. Instead, her cock transformed again, just like it had to get into her cervix… becoming something small and wriggling. It pushed into her asshole, slimmer than a finger but much, much longer. It didn’t hurt, exactly… it was more than it felt distinctly, noticeably uncomfortable. Nidalee knelt between her legs, and Riven let out a cry as she was penetrated again, gasping as she felt the barbs starting to tear at her… it was almost enough to let her ignore the odd feeling as the squirming, long, slim tendril of flesh forced its way deeper and deeper and deeper inside of her. Warwick stepped up to her head, grabbing onto her head and tilting it so that he could stuff his knotting cock past her still-open lips. The sensation of gagging and fighting for air was almost enough to let her ignore the way it seemed to keep going further and further into her rear that had never been penetrated as as much as a finger.

“Are you looking forward to this?” Ahri whispered into her ear while she choked on cock. “Do you know what’s coming?” She mauled Riven’s tits, enjoying herself as her tails held the strong girl helpless. “You seemed to think you could take me, slut. What do you think now?” She chuckled as Nidalee’s cock proceeded to scrape and stab and split Riven’s hole open. “Everything else has been fun but… you are going to remember this for the rest of your life. I’m going to rape you until you beg to spend the rest of your life as my fucktoy if only I would cum and just… stop… fucking… your… ass…” She bit the girl’s ear. That tendril kept pressing forward slowly, at odds with the frantic rape her other two holes were suffering… sinking further one smidge at a time. The gumiho crushed her tits in his hands until she wanted to scream from that sensation alone… then the tendril in her stilled.

“Ready?” Ahri whispered.

Then Riven’s world exploded in pain.

Ahri didn’t take the time to force her cock into her… she didn’t rape her even quickly or brutally, sinking deeper and deeper with each conquering thrust. Instead, she fucked every inch of Riven’s ass all at once. That cock came to life instead her, growing quickly and irresistibly to full size deep in the bowels, letting her feel every single sensation of the most brutal anal rape possible at the exact same second.

Riven thought she was going to mad. She screamed and screamed and screamed, and no one seemed to care. No, that wasn’t quite right. Warwick was groaning with pleasure as the sensations her vibrating throat brought to his dick, and Nidalee seemed to greatly enjoy the new tightness of her cunt as her rear was stuffed. They enjoyed her anguish.

Then Ahri began to actually fuck her, and she realized that it could get worse. As she pulled back, that unnatural cock ripped through her guts like a knife, stabbing her from the inside out rather than the outside in. She did it fairly quickly, too, not holding back… and the moment her spread ring was closed around Ahri’s head she slammed herself back in, causing a new scream as her hips slapped against Riven’s ass hard enough to bruise. Then, a second later, she did it again. And a second later she did it again. And a second later, she did it again.

The sadistic triple rape of her holes overwhelmed Riven’s senses, the endless waves of pain radiating from her violated depths and her crushed breasts spikes of suffering to flavor the cloud of red-hot anguish that became her entire existence. Time seemed to lose any meaning… she could have been raped for minutes or hours. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had breathed. Eventually, though, the two rapists fucking her throat and pussy came, giving her fresh load of cum to wallow in. She expected Ahri to follow suit… but the gumiho never even paused in her brutal assrape. She just kept fucking her as two more rapists… Katarina and Renekton… approached. Katarina didn’t have a dick of her own, but she had a strap-on as brutal as any of the ones that had fucked her so far and covered with rubber spikes, and Renekton’s member would have seemed like a joke to her before she had been fucked by the kinds of things Ahri was capable of producing. And as they started raping her in turn, Ahri’s cock changed into a different kind, growing dragonic scales over its surface to give her a new experience… but she never slowed down in her relentless destruction of Riven backdoor.

She suffered through a brutal throatfuck from Renekton while Katarina punched her tits and dragged the monstrous dildo in and out of her. Then Renekton came, and Katarina reluctantly stepped away… and Ahri was still raping her. When the next two stepped up, and Ahri’s cock transformed into something with a canine knot, Riven finally understood that the gumiho wasn’t kidding or exaggerating… she really intended to rape her the whole time.

She couldn’t possibly do that…

Could she?

Could Riven survive it? She was beginning to doubt she could survive another second.

But she did. Another dozen men and women, with and without cocks of their own, used her and Ahri kept raping her ass. Riven licked Evelynn’s pussy, the first time her tongue had explored one, and Ahri kept raping her ass. Qiyana approached her with a cock that almost looked like it was made of fire made solid, a prick that sorched and seared her insides with each thrust and made the cum already leaking out of her sizzle and boil in her cunt, and Ahri kept raping her ass. She had needed to be healed right after that one, a process that left Soraka nearly catatonic, and Ahri kept raping her ass, the flesh her the ravaged tunnel trying to heal and close and causing additional pain as it failed. Veigar remove the blue mage robes and proved that she was actually female beneath them – not that it seemed to matter with the brutal cock she had conjured to hang between her legs – and hollowed her out while her mouth was stuffed full of Renekton’s crocadilian prick, and Ahri kept raping her ass. Warwick fucked her violently enough that he got knotted in her pussy and couldn’t get free for a half an hour while one rapist after another used her mouth, and Ahri kept raping her ass. She was still stretching and slamming and hurting her poor asshole, never slowing down, always twisting, always transforming, always finding a new way to hurt her..

After what felt like four hours of this, Riven couldn’t even process who was raping her anymore… the only sign she had that someone had cum in her holes and was replaced by a new person was Ahri’s cock changing shape again.

Over and over and over again.

Over and over and over…

“Please…” she muttered. “I… I want to be your fucktoy.”

Ahri bit her ear again. “For the rest of your life?”

Riven swallowed… it was hard without being able to close her mouth, but she managed. “For the rest of my life. Just… please… please cum.”

Ahri’s thrust slowed… and stopped for a second. “Nah. Not good enough,” she said at last. “You can do better.” Then another cock was crammed into her mouth, and the assrape continued, and Riven wept bitter tears.

After that, every time someone finished fucking her face, she tried some variation. She promised all sorts of vile things if only Ahri would stop. She promised she would suck her cock in front of the whole school if only she would stop raping her asshole. She promised that she would find new whores for Ahri to play with every day if only she would stop raping her asshole. She promised that she would make her cunt an even tighter hole if only she would stop raping her asshole. She promised that she would learn to be the best cocksucker in the entire world if only she would stop raping her asshole. She sobbed and screamed and begged and whimpered and promised all the most profane things she could think of if only she would stop raping her asshole. None of it was good enough for the gumiho.

She had fallen silent for two hours by the time she spoke again. Most of the others seemed tired of fucking her by then… it had just been Ahri for more than a half an hour. Her hole were packed with cum and they had needed to be re-tightened by Soraka several times, leading to the healing curling up in a fetal position on the ground and whimpering as she felt every agony Riven did from the process of healing her… but it hadn’t stopped Riven from offering to rape the unicorn girl herself if only she would stop raping her asshole. Now, however, she could say nothing. She just whimpered until the words came to her. “Please cum. I want to be your fucktoy,” she whimpered. “It’s the only thing I want. I’m not worth anything else. Please…”

Ahri laughed… and then she felt something sickening. She felt like she was throwing up, like she was about to be sick… and then Ahri’s cock plunged up her throat from behind and out of her open mouth, making Riven cross her eyes staring at it as it emerged from her mouth. She could taste the cum coating it… the layers and layers of cum from the hundred loads she had been forced to swallow, wiped off on the raping gumiho’s dick in her stomach. Ahri continued to pump, using Riven’s entire asshole and intestines and stomach and throat and mouth as one tight hole for her pleasure until the cock coming out of her whipped around almost like a snake to point at her face. “You asked for it whore,” Ahri whispered into her ear. And more than seven hours after she began raping the woman’s asshole, the gumiho’s cockhead flared and spat her cum all over Riven’s face.

And Riven had never been more grateful for anything in her life.

Jet after jet after jet of sticky, sliming cum plastered to her face. It covered her completely… sticking to her cheeks her chin, her lips. It glues her hair to her forehead, sealed her eyes together in a stinging embrace, piling on more and more of the shapeshifter’s cum until Riven felt like she was completely masked in it. Ahri didn’t pull back afterwards, either… she left Riven’s throat hopelessly stuffed, her face coated with cum and unable to breathe. Riven’s Ki fought the whole way, trying to keep her awake even as her vision began to fade. Riven was actually too exhausted to struggle… too worn down to even feel much panic as her body shot down, but her Ki kept fighting anyway… she wished that she had never learned how to harness it, had never grown strong with it. All it did was make her hurt more… a normal girl would be dead by now, and wouldn’t hurting anymore.

Riven didn’t remember passing out. The pain never stopped… it just sort of became a cloud of thick fog that blanketed her mind, too thick to see through… like falling forever through black clouds of freezing cold. The process of Ahri’s cock pulling itself out of the single-fuckhole she had turned her body into was not something she regretted missing, however, nor was the healing as her body was restored once again. The next thing she was actually aware of was a tongue on her face.

Riven shuddered. Why couldn’t they just stop? Why couldn’t they be done? Why couldn’t she just die? The tails on her hands were gone, however… she could move. Most of her just wanted to lay there limply… already understanding that resistance would just get her hurt worse. Instead, however, she tried up and tried to push that mouth away. Hands were on her immediately, pinning her down… almost irresistibly strong. It was hopeless. Riven went limp again and just let the tongue lick over her face, the wetness digging all over her.

Eventually, the crust of cum on her eyes was gone, and she could open them. She wasn’t sure who she had been expecting to see holding her down… who’s strength was keeping her in place while her tongue explored her face, but she certainly hadn’t been expecting it to be Lux. The slim blonde held Riven down like it was nothing, further evidence of how weak she had grown while Lux continued to wordlessly clean her face.

Off to the side, Ahri was talking with Evelynn. Nidalee was getting eaten out by Vi. Katarina was asleep on Renekton’s chest. No one was even watching. This humiliation wasn’t even for the benefit of an audience… they had it done anyway.

Lux was significantly worse for wear. For the firs time, Riven noted her broken arm and fingers as more than signs of clumsiness… the dark circles beneath her eyes a sign of more than mere stress. Her body was covered in cuts and scraps and rough, abused skin… weeks of accumulated injuries. How had Riven not noticed? How had she not seen what was happening right underneath her nose?

She deserved this.

Even while Riven was the focus of their attention, they hadn’t ignored Lux either. Her lips, Riven noted, were bruised almost blue and chaffed horribly… some of her hair had been broken and torn, and her nose and cheeks were as covered in bruises as her hair was caked in dirt and cum. They had been using her as an appetizer, she realized… a plaything to stick their dicks in and get themselves hard so they could rape Riven. And she had been too caught up in begging to be Ahri’s fucktoy forever to even notice that she was suffering too.

She deserved this.

One lap at a time, Lux cleaned up the mask of cum that covered Riven’s face. She didn’t stop there, either… sucking at the hollow of her throat where seed had pooled, licking it out of her ears and sucking it from the locks of Riven’s white hair. Riven closed her eyes and tried to imagine they were elsewhere… that it was just the two of them, alone in her room. No laughing rapists, no bruises or cumsoaked skin… just the two of them, together, their skin touching. Lux’s mouth brushed hers, and Riven opened her mouth into the kiss, eagerly pushing her tongue past Lux’s lips…

And Lux spat all of the accumulated cum into Riven’s mouth.

Riven gagged as the sudden flood of seed that had been coating her body poured into her mouth, utterly smashing her pleasant fantasies to splinters with the unavoidable truth of her situation and its misery. She gagged, tried to spit it out, but Lux was insistent, pushing her tongue back, forcing more and more of it into Riven’s mouth until her options were to swallow or drown. Crimson-faced and weeping fresh tears, Riven swallowed.

Lux broke the kiss, wiping her mouth off with her hand. “Done, mistress,” she announced.

Riven didn’t see, but she could hear the click of Evelynn’s heels as she approached across the floor. The blonde monster clicked her tongue. “Not bad,” she admitted slowly. “Almost adequate. Only a few traces of cum left… Maybe only one finger.”

Riven’s eyes widened, but Lux just stared down at the floor. “Yes mistress.” She raised her left hand up towards Evelynn.

Eve laughed. “Me?” she said. “You think I want to touch a disgusting whore like you? Your girlfriend can do it for me.” Riven could hear the cruel amusement in her voice. “You are permitted to speak and convince her.”

Lux looked down desperately at Riven. “Please… please Riven. I need you to break one of my fingers! Quickly!”

Riven gasped. “I… I can’t!” she protested. Lux was her friend! The idea of hurting her was unthinkable.

“You have to!” Lux hissed. “Don’t get squeamish on me now… it’s your fault I’m here!”

Riven, eyes wide could only stare at her.

“What did you think was going to happen!” Lux whispered, starting to cry. “What did you think they were going to do? You made everything so much worse… I wish I’d never met you!” The blonde girl thrust her hand at her again. “Break it!”

“I can’t hurt you!” Riven wanted to curl up into a ball and die.

“You selfish bitch!” Lux wept. “You selfish, selfish whore!”

“Poor little blonde,” Evelynn purred. “At least it isn’t all bad news. We can do this raw… or I’ll let you have the one and only orgasm of your life. Which would you prefer?”

Lux looked like she wanted to collapse. “Th-the orgasm, mistress… please…”

Evelynn grinned. “I thought so,” she said. “Sit on the slut’s face.”

Bodies shifted, and Riven caught just a moment’s glimpse of Lux’s hairless slit before she lowered herself onto Riven. The folds of the blonde girl pressed against her nose and her lip, smooth and… and wet. Not with her own juices, either. At least someone had taken the time to rape Lux as well during the hours and hours they had been here. Lux rubbed back and forth a little bit, like she was wiping the seed off her pussy folds onto Riven’s recently cleaned face. Just her eyes and the top of her head stuck out from beneath her, able look up and see the blonde staring down at her. “Is she licking yet?” Evelynn asked.

“No, mistress,” Lux whispered.

Then Lux gasped, and Riven moaned as she felt her folds part and something hard… and sharp… slid into her ravaged cunt. She couldn’t see what it was, but she noticed Lux looking over her shoulder with wide eyes, staring right at it. “Listen, you dumb whore,” Evelynn said, crouching down so that her eyes were almost right up against Riven’s. “It’s late… and I’m feeling generous. Normally, I would just motivate you… but instead, I’m going to give you a choice. You can either give my little cunt-licker a taste of her own medicine and make her cum… or I can fuck your pussy with his blade until there’s nothing left of it but tatters. Then we can heal it up and do it again, and again, and again, until you are properly motivated.” The blade inside her twisted and Riven screamed into the pussy of the girl she had tried so hard to protect. “What is it going to be?”

Riven started licking. Lux whimpered. Evelynn laughed. “Good girl,” she said, patting Riven’s head.

The exchange student licked, driving her tongue deep into the blonde’s folds. The taste of cum assaulted her immediately, but while it was disgusting it was almost hauntingly familiar by now… she licked at it just the same. If nothing else she would clear it from inside the girl’s sex. Her tongue found a sensitive spot, the Lux gave a small moan. “Now, she hasn’t been practicing this daily the way you have,” Evelynn teased, “So it might take her some practice. Should I teach her the same way I did you?”

Lux looked down at Riven, and something flickered through her eyes… something unfamiliar. Then the blonde averted her gaze. “Yes, mistress.”

Evelynn grabbed one of Riven’s hands, laying it on flat on the bench. “It her tongue all the way up your slit, slave?” When Lux nodded, Evelynn smiled. “Tell me when she slows down.”

Riven didn’t think she did… she could hear the soft, slick noises that Lux’s pussy was making and the taste was getting… intriguing, hot and wet and sticky. Still, after a few minutes, Lux spoke. “She’s slowing, Mistress.” The blonde still wasn’t looking at her, her face flushed with shame. Riven immediately began to lash her tongue faster…

And Evelynn took one of Riven’s fingers and squeezed it in her fist until something popped.

Riven screamed, the sound making her tongue vibrate deep inside of Lux… and to her humiliation, she noticed that Lux shuddered at that sensation. Her hand… her hand! It felt like Evelynn had crushed the finger, turning the bones to power in an instant of brutality. Her nerves screamed that her hand was on fire, and she tried her best to yank it away… and almost broke her wrist too, so firmly was it held in place. “That felt good, didn’t it slave?” the sadistic blonde girl told her slave. Then she looked back down at Riven. “Your goal is to make your licking feel better than that did. Otherwise, there’s no reason I shouldn’t just keep your screaming.

She immediately dove back into her task with a vengeance, eager to do anything she could to avoid having another finger destroyed by the evil cunt. Her tongue lashed back and forth like the flapping of a bird’s wings, making Lux more and more wet, drawing more frequent moans from her… but she couldn’t keep that pace up. Her tongue hurt, and she was so tired. Still she fought, keeping up the pace until… “she’s slowing, Mistress.”

“She’s a dumb slut…” Evelynn said, smashing another finger. “Just like you were,” she spoke over Riven’s screaming.

Riven still hurt. She was still exhausted. Her tongue still wouldn’t work properly. She made it anyway… pushing harder and harder until she thought she was going to rip the muscle off with how hard she worked it. It was agonizing… but at last, Lux let out a long, loud groan, her body growing rigid and shaking like a leaf as her orgasm crested her. Her thighs locked painfully tight around Riven’s face, squeezing her and making sure that the white-haired girl had no chocie but continue licking and sucking as Lux’s pussy soaked her like it was trying to drown her…

And because she was looking up, Riven saw what happened next.

Evelynn… changed. The blonde girl was still there, but something else was there too… inside her. A dark shape that was only human in the strictest terms, with two long, lashing tails out behind it. A darkness so deep that the light couldn’t touch it, wearing Evelynn’s human skin like a flesh suit. That… thing… came to the surface as she raised Lux’s hand up… and her mouth snapped forward, sharp teeth snapping off the pinky finger of Lux’s right hand of more quickly than the sharpest blade.

The pitch of Lux’s cries abruptly shifted from ecstasy to agony as Evelynn released her bleeding hand, the dark demon within vanishing so quickly that Riven almost thought she had imagined it. She didn’t imagine the crunching sound that followed as Eve crushed the bones of that finger with her teeth, swallowing it down with a sickening smile on her face.

“Moral of the story,” she said, shoving Lux off of Riven and sending the blending girl spawning, clutching her maimed hand. “The only thing you’ve ever accomplished in your life is making this worse. Just do what you’re told, you stupid whore.”

Riven looked in horror at what they had done to Lux because she hadn’t broken her fingers like she was told. She barely even noticed the agony in her own shattered hand. “Please, just leave her alone!” Riven pleaded. “Leave all of them alone! Ahri, I’m the one you want… I’m the one who hit you! I’m yours, just… just let them go!”

“You stupid slut,” Vi snarled from nearby, stomping over. She needed to move close to Evelynn to do it, and the blonde girl could have stopped her… but instead a strange little smile crossed her face and she moved off to the side and out of the way. “It’s too late for that! Asking her to let us go? You doomed us all the moment you raised your hand, you idiot! All of this is your fault!”

Riven’s was exhausted. She was in pain. She was in mourning… and she snapped. “Says the people who poisoned me!” Riven snapped. “I could have had her! I almost had enough to get her kicked out of the school! We could have been safe!”

Rage flashed through Vi’s face and she lashed out, punching Riven across her cunt-soaked chin. “You still think you can beat her?” Vi growled. She hit her again. “You’re a better moron than I thought! You-”

That was as far as she got before Ahri was on her. Two of the gumiho’s red tails lashed out like whips, wrapping around the athletic pink haired girl. A second later they flung her across the room like fastball… directly into Nidalee.

Slowly, Riven pushed herself to her feet while Ahri stalked over to the fallen Vi. “I thought I told you already,” she growled, “That you get to hurt someone when we say you do.” She grabbed onto Vi’s neck with one hand, lifting her up off the ground with one hand with shocking strength. While Vi hung there, gasping, Ahri’s tails began to slowly wind around Vi’s arms and legs, helping to hold her up… and Nidalee’s as well, lifting up her friend. “No self control…”

Then, one by one, the tails holding Vi began to jerk.

Vi screamed as her arm was broken right in the middle, bending at an unnatural angle. Her other arm broke a second later. Then her right leg, and then her left. And then her right arm again in a different place, and then her left, and so on and so on. Ahri punctuated each break with a word. “Slaves. Don’t. Hurt. People. Slaves. Get. Hurt. Get. That. Through. Your. Slut. Skull. You. Brainless. Mutt!”

She dropped Vi back to the ground, a shattered mess of broken bones and screams and agony. Riven could do nothing but stare in naked horror. She had been frustrated… she had been angry… but she had understood Vi’s anger and pain as well. She certainly hadn’t wanted… this. She had no idea if even Soraka’s healing magic could restore so much.

With Vi collapsed screaming to the floor to writhe around bonelessly, Ahri turned her attention back over to Nidalee. Her eyes were narrow, golden slit. “Well?” she growled.

“Sorry, Ahri,” Nidalee whimpered. “I thought she’d learned. I teach her better, if I have to cut her hands off.”

The gumiho sneered at the shapeshifter woman. “When a dog bites someone for the first time,” Ahri said softly, “You blame the dog. No one knew the dog was going to bite, of course. Its understandable… of course. You punish the dog. You teach it. You take precautions.” The bitch-queen of the academy’s voice sounded nearly frozen. “The second time the dog bites, it isn’t really the dog’s fault… is it?”

And with a sickening, echoing crack, Ahri broke nearly every bone in Nidalee’s arms and legs all at once.

The room was completely silent, staring in shock as Nidalee started screaming. No one said a word, however. They are just… stared. The only sound in the room besides the agony of Nidalee and Vi was the soft chuckle from Evelynn, muted by her holding her hand over her mouth.

“When the dog bites a second time,” the Ahri said, as if she hadn’t just maimed one of her friends, “You punish the owner.” She turned back to the room, glaring down the assembled group. “Problem?”

“No Ahri!” Qiyana was quick to say… a little too quick. A dozen other voices echoed the same words half a second later.

“Didn’t think so.” The gumiho strode over to the collapsed unicorn and kicked her in her side, making her screech as she was woken abruptly by the agony. “Get off your ass and fix them,” she snarled. “The slave first. This is a school, is it not? I’m teaching, here…” Then her attention returned to Riven. “What the fuck are you looking at?”

Riven hadn’t realized it… but she had been glaring, her teeth gritted. She was… she was furious. She wanted to leap to their defense but… but…

But that was what had gotten her here in the first place, hadn’t it?

She softened her gaze and looked down. “Nothing… mistress.”

Ahri walked over and licked Riven on her forehead. “Don’t think I didn’t see that,” she said cheerfully, showing no sign of the brutal torture she had just inflicted. “Strong one aren’t you? That’s ok… I’ll enjoy breaking you. But I can’t very well have you going around without obeying a few simple commands, can I?” Ahri cleared her throat. Then her eyes flashed red. “Jump up into the air.”

Once again the power sank into her… and her Ki, somehow restored, rose up against to meet it. Not as quickly as it had before… but the command brushed aside. Ahri sighed. “That’s what I thought. Shortstack!” she spat.

Poppy crawled over on all fours. It looked to Riven like she had been used at least as hard as Lux had during the gangrape. “Yes, mistress Ahri?”

“Go get your hammer,” the gumiho commanded, leaning against one of the lockers. “Wear her down for me to the point she will accept a few simple commands and you’ll be done here.”

“Yes Mistress.” There was actually a bit of eagerness in her tone… not to hurt Riven, she hoped, but to be gone from here.

“You don’t have to do this!” Riven pleaded, looking at Ahri as Poppy gathered up the sledge hammer and raised it. “I’ll obey! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll do everything you say!”

The hammer fell, and Riven started screaming. “I know you will,” Ahri laughed.

It took nearly an hour to break Riven’s spirit to the point her Ki didn’t rise up to stop the magic any longer, and Riven damned it for each and every second. In the end, it was only partially the pain that managed to do it… the most demoralizing thing was when after Ahri got off the phone and the Academy headmistress Fiora walked into the room and obediently crawled between the gumiho’s legs. Ahri was the real power here, she realized at last… too late. There way no higher authority to appeal to, no one who could rescue them or expel the gumiho. Here, she ruled.

Ahri took another half an hour, giving her command after command before she noticed Nidalee had returned. The brunette shapeshifter looked humiliated, and pissed off, and especially vicious as she looked at Riven. Still, she looked to Ahri first. “It won’t happen again, Ahri,” she promised.

“I know it won’t,” Ahri agreed.

Nidalee whirled, glaring at Riven with a cruel gleam in her eyes. Then she transformed, her body fully becoming that of a cat with a log for a cock between its legs. Riven longed to flee… to struggle. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do either of those things, and never would be able to again. She could do little but hold her pussy open as Nidalee tackled her and stuffed her full.

As bad as the cat’s cock was in her normal form, it was a thousand times worse like this. The barbs were larger, and sharper, and it felt like being fucked by a cactus. Riven screamed in agony as she was ripped apart by the thick cock… screaming was the one of the few things that Ahri hadn’t restricted at all. She was always free to scream. The only time she wasn’t was…

“Mind if I join you?”

The cat stiffened above Riven, but Nidalee’s voice emerged from it a second later. “O-of course not, Ahri!” she said. “Do you want me to…”

Ahri laughed. “No, no, keep going, by all means.” She waved her regrown cock in front of Riven’s mouth, and the white-haired girl obediently opened her mouth. A second later, her screams were gagged off completely as the gumiho impaled her throat with the monster cock. “We can share. After all… what else are friends for?”

3 thoughts on “One Act of Defiance Ch 5 – Riven

  1. Some fantastically wicked stuff here as the last of the quartet falls. The anal rape is my favorite, with Lux forced to lick her clean as a runner-up. My only regret is that we don’t get to see a few of what I’m sure were some very entertaining commands Ahri gave Riven at the end to see if she was truly unable to disobey 😉 But this chapter was already massive and I’m sure we’ll hear about the long term commands when we see Riven again, so I’ll live 🙂


  2. As a fellow who just happened to find this browsing for pretty much anything to do with yordle erotica, meh. I started with Poppy, obviously, and while you’ve got a decent flair for some moments, there’s also times where it just goes so far overboard I stop being even aroused and it turns into comedy. I know it’s porn, but I’m 10000% sure that being the “toughest girl” in a room full of rapists would end poorly for Ahri and her group, no matter what threats she may claim to have. It’s really all I could think about reading through these two chapters. I’m sure it’ll just continue being Ahri dominating and blah blah, generic torture porn, but I just couldn’t help imagining how, realistically, fast things would turn on her for encouraging people to do these things. Don’t care how much magic and talent or power she has, in terms of the League universe, Ahri is a bitch, and it wouldn’t take the assembled group of boys to realize how easy it would be to overpower her little clique and make the place their own. Why take orders about who you can and can’t assault when you could be the one giving those orders?


    1. Thank you for reading!

      I don’t especially disagree with you – this is not going to end well for Ahri and her friends – but I think it is important to note here that this is not League of Legends… this is the academy universe, and the power rankings are significantly different. Here, Ahri and Evelynn both are… significantly… older and more powerful than the people around them, as the story will explore in more detail as it goes on.

      I hope you found something to enjoy, but if not, thanks for your feedback anyway. A story can’t be all things to all people.


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