Sacred – Chapter 7

Entering into the side-entrance, they came to a spiral staircase. Ascending its steep steps, they headed for what once was the apartment of some high-ranking clergyman. Pushing open an oaken-door, they arrived to her mistress’ temporary home.

Sophitia and Cassandra lay entwined on the main carpet, locked in a sixty-nine position. Both lapped and fingered at each other’s cunts, working fecklessly so to manipulate the other’s arousal. Neither reacted to their entrance until Syllana clapped her hands and exclaimed. “Chairs!”

Both broke off, crawling away on all fours so to present their backsides as seating. Casually, Syllana trod off so to plant her derriere on one of their supportive spines, indicating with one hand that she offered the other backbone to Kida. “It is good I won’t have to punish them again already,” she said with a chuckle. “Their standing instructions are to pleasure themselves constantly when I’m not around. It will build up their sexual skill with those tongues of theirs quickly. But as you can clearly see, they’re quite ready to obey my command at any time.”

Blood still pumping from what she had seen, Kida hesitated only an instant before she obeyed, the fox-girl reclining down onto one of those impromptu stools. Mounting them, the Brunette was reminded off the fact that she couldn’t even tell whom was whom anymore. All she registered when beholding Sophitia’s and Cassandra’s obsequious faces was “sex-slave.”

Aside from the nondescript and frugal furniture that had been present in the room when she confiscated it, Syllana’s abode was replete with exotic and bewildering items. There were wallhangings taken from ancient and long-lost cultures, their cloth emblazoned with peregrine fantasies. The carpet itself was of the most luxurious oriental designs. The most noteworthy decoration, however, was an upright-standing sarcophagi in the far end of the room that appeared to be sized more for an ogre than a human. Kida didn’t have a clue as to what could be its purpose.

“Well,” the she-wizard said, filling up a silver goblet with red wine that lay on a cupboard. “It seems that we have a fair bit of waiting to do. The Descendant is going to take some time to get here. What to do… what to do…” she added, crossing legs and tapping with her foot in the air.

Kida had supposedly been brought here for company. She wondered if she should ask questions.

“How do you intend to capture her?” she peeped.

That ancient being smirked knowingly. “Oh that part will be easy. Even with her newfound power, the method is clear and obvious,” she answered, sipping her drink.

Inclining her head, Kida realized that she wasn’t going to get a concrete admittance. She tried for something else. “How did you get your magic?”

One of Syllana’s eyebrows arched high upon her forehead, gazing at her as if she had been naughty.

“I… I mean,” Kida stuttered. “It is not normal foxfire. None of us can wield destructive magic like that. How do you do it? I can’t see the Goddesses granting it. If I’m going to be your apprentice… then I will know eventually.”

Hopping off her seating and disposing of her glass, Syllana strode over to a closet. Opening its door, she revealed the room’s former occupant stuffed within. The wizened elder appeared half-dead, beyond the point of awareness. Grasping his abbot-cloak, the raven-haired woman hauled his age-old skull close to hers. Unsealing her maws as if about to take a bite off his cephalic flesh, the woman breathed in…

Blue ethereal mist started oozing out through the aperture of his partly-closed lips. It was pulled towards Syllana’s mouth as if lured there by some ether-bound means. Entering her own oral-cavity, it was consumed by her essence. Kida had enough magical knowhow to understand what was happening. The Sorceress was… consuming… his waning life-essence.

After the brief demonstration, she dropped the empty, dead husk to the floor like a sack of turnips. The woman didn’t seem to bother to stuff him back in the closet. “A mere snack, really,” she commented. “Usually my feeding is a much more awesome and ferocious display. This one was just so dead already that there wasn’t a lot of ethereal energy to drain from his marrow.”

“You fuel your magic with souls?” Kida asked.

She laughed. “Close enough, little one. Yes, something like that.” She chuckled again. “You will find it a very invigorating source of power. The feeling of taking someone’s very life-essence and converting it into arcane power. You’re making something that is supposed to be holy into something profane… and deadly. Whenever I feast I feel my blood pulsing within my veins. It is an able replacement for the loss of true foxfire.”

The loss of… “So… you cannot return to your true form any longer? You cannot become a fox?” Kida asked, startled by the very notion.

“Correct,” Syllana answered, drifting off into grave silence…

Kida’s eyes shifted so to instead focus upon her blackened tails. They were supposed to be her next subject of inquiry. No kitsune ever had black as the color of their fur. It was completely unheard of before she arrived. Looking closer, those tails almost looked… burned, as if charred into charcoal.

Her skin. She said she had burned… her own skin. Kida wanted to vomit.

Reading the tenor of Kida’s thoughts upon her inquisitive brow, the dark fox’s mood promptly darkened. Frowning, she closed the closet-door and then walked over to another cupboard which supported a furled-up bullwhip.

Kida’s mind raced. Had Syllana’s fox form truly been burned to cinders? Without it, she would be unable to replenish her foxfire, cut off entirely from most of Inari’s gifts. How? Why? Had she do it herself? Somehow, Kida could never imagine such a fearsome woman ever falling into such victimhood that it had been done by somebody else. Why would she inflict that upon herself?

“Our chat is over,” she said coldly. “I can think of better means of keeping me entertained. Rise” Syllana clapped her hands together as soon as the Brunette had done so. Kida nearly fell as both twins quickly scurried so so sit down before her feet on their hind-quarters like obedient dogs. Her characteristic malevolence had come back in full-force.

Holding onto the bull-whip, Kida briefly feared that she would be the recipient of its painful kiss. Instead, the Outlander nodded towards the upright-standing sarcophagi, stating: “Be so kind as to pull the lever, apprentice…”

The strange, mechanical protrusion jutted from its side with an upward slant. Walking over, Kida placed her hand upon that prong as if expecting some sort of trap. Gingerly, she pulled down the heavy device, quickly skipping backwards as cogs started spinning within its bulk. The maw-like gate of the sarcophagi slowly opened. Parting, Kida was allowed to see its innermost confines. The sight hit her so horridly that she gaped and almost fell over.

“Kitina!” she blared.

“K… Ki…” her sister, the strongest woman she had ever met, whimpered. She was unable to reply much further… but it wasn’t due to any gag or oral constriction. Her sister’s entrapment was much more fiendish than such a base form of bondage. For the Guardian herself, who had dared strike her with a blade, the Sorceress had brought out a more rarefied form of torture.

Kitina’s naked and outstretched body appeared to be the center of an almost arachnid web of cords. Numerous silvery strands ran like a fishing lines from the roof and its sides of that hollow sarcophagi. The tiny, narrow strands of silken cord lay hooked and tangled around her figure, intersecting and bending around her frame as they ran between their waypoints. She wasn’t cocooned exactly, but those many minuscule ropes dug into her flesh wherever they touched, causing painful-looking indentations of severely reddened skin. Two lines were wrapped around her wrists and forced them upwards high above her head. Likewise, other lines kept her ankles stretched far-apart, the woman forced into a bow-legged position due to tight wraps around her knees, calves and thighs. Tiny, metal hooks had been forced into the skin of her sides in a row up and down her, anchoring the edges in place and tightening and pulling with any movement.

“Masterful, don’t you think?” Syllana asked. “Blistering pain at the slightest hint of movement. I wove them from the silk of a jorogumo centuries ago… nothing short of a full goddess at the height of her strength is going to rip her way free… it can be cut, but against brute strength it is all but unbreakable. Not even the Fomorian could rip this asunder.” She snickered with admiration. “I’ve attached them so precisely that a mere breath is enough to unleash a cavalcade of agony. And that would be enough…”

A wide smiled spread over her face. “But even the silk of a jorogumo is venomous. Some spiders seek to poison their victims into paralysis… not these monsters. Their webs are laced with special oily toxin’s that react to friction, and cause such unbelievable agony their prey stops struggling.” Syllana gave a wistful sigh. “No woman I’ve ever sent into this toy of mine has emerged unbroken.”

The sadist did not exaggerate. It was plainly clear to Kida how painstakingly still her elder sibling was attempting to be even while they had been unexpectedly confronted with one another. Her eyes were bulging from the strain, her beautiful face matted with sweat. Every muscle in her body had to remain tensed just so to maintain her posture, or risk unbelievable bursts of anguish. Needless to say, the strain of maintaining her position taxed her immensely, and it was downright impossible to remain motionless forever.

How long had she been suspended like this? It must have been a nightmare of pain and sexual torture. Engulfed within the sarcophagi’s darkness there was no way of keeping track of time, she wouldn’t even have been able to sleep! And the only thing she could do was remain unmoving or pay the price. Eventually, stillness itself was made into an utterly excruciating anguish which burned-away at her limbs.

Most ingenious and cruel above all others was the binding that had surrounded her breasts. Those pillowy, heavy mounds of fresh were sliced at numerous junctures by the spider-silk. Wherever the strings dug into her tits, the surrounding breast-meat would billow outward from the pressure so to create steep-walled valleys all across her udders. This crudely distorted their normal globular shapes into incongruous and mangled deformations. Moreover, to Kida’s horror horror, she realized that one of the strands of the web wasn’t over her breasts, it was through them – a hole had been pierced through a nipple, and a knotted length of cord run through it. These cords were then made taut so to lift her tits upwards and hold them there. There was more redness than beige on those the skin of her perfect breasts now. No woman should have to experience agony like that.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you two sisters? You can give more heartfelt greetings than that!” Syllana mocked, enlivened with cruel-hearted joy.

Kitina didn’t offer much of a reaction beside the bundle of tense muscles she had already been reduced to. She simply couldn’t. Any sort of communicative acknowledgment of Kida’s apprentice would absolutely wreck her physically. It was bizarre and heartwrenching to see her so-capable sister in a situation like this. Kitina had always been a force of nature, a martial prodigy. Now she was reduced to standing stiller than any statue. She was even forced to hold her breath as much as possible – Whenever her lungs worked, her ribcage would bob as a consequence, and a hellacious tug pulled across her sensitive flesh.

Kida wondered what was going on inside her head. Only the eyes displayed any true life, vibrating in a display of the pressure she was under. She must have realized that Kida had failed and been captured. The fox-girl wanted to say something, anything, to make her anxiety lessen. But she was too shocked for words.

“It seems they are at a loss of words,” Syllana said pleasantly to the Guardian. “So as not to be rude, I would like to introduce to you some of my new pets.” The dark-haired woman smiled as he looked over at Kida. “First, there is my new apprentice, your sister.”

Kitina’s eyes fixed upon her, trembling only slightly as they pierced her like arrows. The shame of having had her sister’s trust betrayed hurt like nothing she had ever experienced. She just hoped that the woman would be able to understand that she only did this in hopes of finding some sliver of hope in rescuing them.

“And these are my playthings,” Syllana continued, indicating the twins sitting down before her. “They are the ones you’re going to need to be worrying about. You recognize them, yes? Former underlings of yours, I believe. Well… they are my slaves now! Just like the rest of your clan of whores!”

The Guardian’s eyes shifted, looking down at Sophitia and Cassandra. Her expression flickered. Kida could understand why. The lifeless placidity on their comely faces was horrifying to her, as well.

“If you intervene,” the infernal fox whispered, speaking directly into Kida’s pointed ear, “Then I will burn you all. I mean it… Just try me. I’ll reduce you all to dust.”

Kida collapsed onto her knees, drizzling tears down her cheeks. She now realized that this was just another test of her allegiance. Kitina would suffer immensely just because her mistress wanted to find out if she could obey under the most extraordinary circumstances or not.

Pointing with one outstretched finger, Syllana indicated Kitina’s uncovered womanhood and gave the orders. “Dogs. Feast!”

Immediately, both twins rose onto all hours, stalking towards her emphasized crotch almost like they were in their fox forms and on the hunt. Kida could already see that her sister’s breathing growing more intensified. She feared what their ministrations would be able to do to her compromised posture.

“Please Mistress,” Kida whined.

“Quiet you!” she retorted. “Not another word.”

Arriving, the two blue-haired youths started rubbing their faces against her outstretched calves and thighs like hounds familiarizing themselves with a new member of the pack. It made Kida want to vomit to see. Her friends seemed completely lost now, willing to subsume any part of their personality to avoid displeasing their new owner. A few seconds later, they redirected their full-attentions at that bright red labia, seeming as if they were attracted to its erogenous tissue like a moth to flames.

“G… G… G…” Kitina stuttered as they brought their mouths to her crotch, dinning on that feminine delta in between her loins. Both faces were nestled snugly against one another, inside that pelvis so to be able to eat her out simultaneously – their cheeks practically pushed together between her spread legs.

“Did you ever think yourself lucky enough to have two twins lapping at your cunt at once? You should be thanking me!” Syllana said with a smile. “See, I’m not so unkind. Do not deny it! I can see that your pussy is enjoying this. Don’t get excited yet! They’ve barely begun!”

“D… D… D-don’t,” the Protector squealed, almost jittering as the dual tongues stroked against her clitoris. Those pink muscles were swatting up-and-down against her knobby pleasure-bud. Each incessant lick brought jolts of arousal that made her entire body want to shake.

“It’s always amused me how seamlessly pleasure and pain mix,” Syllana observed offhand. “Observe, young apprentice. Look carefully at her face. Can you tell if it’s malforming with bliss or agony? Having us orgasm oftentimes makes us grimace just like a soldier would while getting stabbed in the midst of battle.” The black-haired kitsune grinned. “Of course, by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be even more confused about which is which…”

All of the lesbian lovemaking was testing Kitina’s discipline. Sophitia and Cassandra were galvanizing her to move, to react to the overwhelming pussy-born ecstasy. With her quim already having turned sodden from how frantically those two sisters licked it, the onrush of a climax was a perilous possibility. The kitsune’s body wanted so desperately to give in to the amorous munching, yet her mind recognized what catastrophic consequences that would bring. The Guardian’s mouth would occasionally open ever-so-slightly, wheezing hotly as if ready to bellow with whatever sensation assailed her. Her sexuality was like a wild-running carriage that was careening towards the edge of a cliff.

“Oh your sister is such a fighter!” Syllana observed pleasantly. “I think that I never will tire of her. Having the elder as my pain-slave and the younger as my apprentice will be so much fun!”

Suddenly, Kitina groaning in pain from taking a breath too big. It was all downhill from there. She was forced to pant out puffs that alternated between being dominated by lust and anguish. As her bosom rose, those constraining strings dug deeper into her breath-flesh, activating unmitigated pain and taxing her control even further. Kida felt it almost impossible not to run over and try to cut off those lute-tight strings. Watching it happen uninterrupted was an excruciating mental torture.

“Here comes the collapse!” Syllana announced with delight, as if foretelling a particularly auspicious event.

“Uuuuuuhh!” Kitina groaned to that fire combusting her loins, her badly-postured legs suddenly unstable. Those miniature shakes still did an immense amount to squeeze the stranglehold those strands had around her limbs tighter. The result was that her outburst of pleasure soon was transmuted into stinging agony. The pain was completely overwhelming, even for the Guardian’s iron-clad self-control. At last, she made her first cry of anguish – there were so many rippling hotspots of hurt all over her figure that she couldn’t help but giving voice to her suffering, which escalated into only more pain.

“Aaaauuuhhhggg! Uuuuuhhhggg! Fwwwuuuhhh!” she shrieked aloud, wrenching and jerking with minuscule explosions, a yank towards one direction immediately birthing a counter-pain from whatever strand she had approached. All the while, Cassandra and Sophitia remained glued onto her pussy, regaling that V-shaped gap between her legs so as to continuously hurry her towards the climax their mistress demanded. They were making great headway despite the situation. In spite of the torture, she had also been brought to the threshold of orgasm. This intensity of stirs provoked her to squirm and wiggle even more.

“Slow down, dogs! I don’t want her cumming just yet!” Syllana snapped. The twins instantly obeyed, slowing their work, seeking to maintain her arousal instead of building it further. “And shift position!” she added. “I want one of your tongues up her tight rear as well! This bitch deserves it from both sides.”

One of the dark-haired sisters quickly ducked underneath the long-legged victims so to emerge on the opposite side. Kida, even her current state, noticed that the other twin did not so much as twitch. Even in their current state, the selection of which of them was going to do it had apparently having happened instantly and unanimously through all but subconscious means. The sarcophagi was just barely big enough to allow them the position. Exactly as ordered, the Kitsune promptly dug her face into the Guardian’s swollen ass, starting to lap and eat out her rosebud instead. For Kitina — whose sole focus was to try and steady her position so to avoid retribution from the sarcophagi — this double-attack seemed somehow to make her task even more impossible.

It was only then that Syllana at last unfurled the whip that she had been holding onto for so long. Heart leaping, Kida almost made the mistake of reaching out so to hinder her arm as she raised it up high in preparation for a lashing. Adding the kiss of that monstrous instrument into the equation just seemed too cruel… but weeping to herself, she held back. With a snap of her limb, Syllana sent that toughened thong thundering into the body of Kitina. Kitina all but had an unhindered seizure as as it struck, every body-part quivering so to subject her fully to the slash of those silvery strings. This made her gasp and bellow with all the power of her lungs, eliciting a cry so savage and mindless that Kida didn’t think her sister would have been able to produce it. That headstrong warrioress was undergoing pain that the Christian’s swore was reserved for the most damnable souls of Hell.

The Witch swung her arm so to deliver another strike. “Now you can make her cum, dogs!” she shouted aloud, caught in the elated frenzy of the torture.

Attacking with their tongue, both twins did their utmost to bring her over the edge. Every single lashing produced a sickly sound, snapping hide bludgeoning against tender flesh. The Guardian wanted to buck and lurch with her entire body. Now, her condition was such that she could hinder none of her movements. She undulated like rapidly-flowing water writhing the embrace of that spider-web, fluttering so that the strings almost ground down through flesh to the bone. Those strands forcing her nipples to point towards the roof seemed almost at the point of snapping. It was a cacophony of noises and torments. Observing it as a mere onlooker caused Kida such distress that she almost had a mental breakdown.

In the zenith of her torture, Kitina’s body finally erupted. Her much-stimulated cunt experienced a violent eruption of pussy-juices which splattered onto either Cassandra or Sophitia’s countenance. This seemed to be an entirely mechanical action of the body. It if brought her any bliss amid the carnage befalling her tortured body, then it was impossible to tell. Flapping and spasming as if wanting to move against every direction at once, the Protector seemed fully submerged in her ocean of agony. Her climaxing loins quivered speedily as it vacated every morsel of girl-cum out of her vulva as the whip kept pushing more pain into her systems.

Kida was sweating. She began to feel light-headed. Seeing her sister in such agony was so horrible that it felt like an unreality. She regretted not having been more obedient towards her. She regretted having been such a single-minded torment. If she had only obeyed, if she had only been more cunning or skillful, then maybe this could have been averted. Her life had been spent frolicking and advancing mischief while Kitina had been preparing herself to prevent exactly this catastrophe. Now their entire Clan was doomed to evils so supreme that not even the Goddesses could save them.

Why hadn’t Kida exchanged the Descendant as Syllana had offered within the dream-vision? She could have prevented this from transpiring. The opportunity was there. This was her fault. How could Kida even continue living with herself after all of this? She wanted to suffer and die for what she had done.

After a while, Kitina’s upright writhing finally ebbed into nothingness, leaving only her the panting of her heaving chest behind. The rictus on her sculptured visage was so overwrought that it looked like the sarcophagi had melted her brain. She was a body filled with nothing but pain. Kida wondered if anything of her personhood even remained.

Syllana wheezed, stretching her arms. “Now that’s what I call fun.”

Gazing over at the crestfallen Kitsune who wallowed in grief beside her, she smiled. “Reward me for disciplining your sister, young apprentice! I want to feel your sweet tongue caressing my clitoris again just like the twins have done to your elder.” Her smiled broadened. “And you had best make it a real good tonguing… I feel like after that, I’ve earned a reward!”

Posting herself on all fours, Kida crawled towards her Mistress, still hopelessly in tears.

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