Hunter’s Fall 9 – Sylux

Three Months Later

Faster than light travel was a complicated thing… and one far beyond the ability of most laypeople to understand. They might understand that travel through the slipstream was instant, regardless of distance, but then be confused as to why not all ships were the same speed, or why some destinations still took longer to get to than others. The more knowledgeable ones knew that the real delay in FTL travel was how long it took a ship’s engines to break them into the slipstream, and how many times they needed to come out of it in order to turn, but even they couldn’t get a grip on the way mass effected it, or the effects of gravitational bodies warping space even through the slipstream.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to. An Aurora unit could do all the hard work of astronavigation, and any federation ship was not only permitted but encouraged to make use of their assistance. Information was mass-less, and could be transmitted effortlessly through the slipstream and that meant that there was a nearly latency-free data transmission network that encompassed the galaxy, dwarfing the largest pre-slipstream internet or computer network. From anywhere in the galaxy, information could anywhere, or everywhere.

That was why, on the 23rd day of the 10th month, stardate 23.34.6547, anyone who was interested could have noted a video broadcasting from the planet Zebes.

It didn’t get many people’s attention right away, of course… but each day its popularity grew as word of mouth began to spread. By the time the video began to be well known, a week had passed… and that meant that there were six more videos by then, one for each day.

Slipstream transmission of information was intended for important things. Communication of intelligence reports, or navigation data, or distress signals, or the sharing of culture and ideas. It didn’t take long for porn to be common bit of data being transmitted, however… the obsession with sex and reproduction was hardly unique to humans, and any race advanced enough to have joined the federation by definition must have grown beyond their one world.

That’s was this video was, when you came right down to it… porn. In an ocean of digital media, encompassing hundreds of species and thousands of worlds, the network was drowning in porn of all kinds… but nothing quite like this. It wasn’t everyday you saw porn of a Hero of the Federation.

After the video grew popular, skeptics abounded. Many tried to prove that the blonde woman was merely a lookalike… some insisted she didn’t even look similar. Facial recognition, however, left little doubt… the sexy piece of ass getting herself gangbanged and sucking on cocks like a cheap whore was Samus Aran herself.

The show went on for about twenty minutes. The woman was clearly bruised from her rough treatment, but she never resisted, never struggled, and if she hesitated at all it was only in making her tired muscles work as she moved between dozen of alien cocks in turn.

Then, towards the end, a voice overlayed the picture.

“Hello Galaxy,” the voice said with a cheerful note. “Sylux here… bounty hunter, pilot, soldier, and investigator. By now, many people have noticed that the legendary Samus Aran has vanished, so I took it upon myself to investigate what had happened to her. What I found shocked me… revealed the lie that she was living.”

As Sylux continued speaking, the gangbang ended, leaving Samus laying almost motionless on the floor… but only nearly. She was clearly too exhausted to move, but still she tilted her head to let her lick at the ground, lapping up some of cum that has fallen from her plastered body to the ground like she was starving for its taste. “Over the next ten days, I will expose the lie that is the legendary hero of the Federation,” Sylux promised. “By the time I’m finished, I promise you’ll never look at her the same way again.”

The screen faded out to show a blue-armored figure… presumably Sylux. Anyone interested could look the man up… he was on file as a Cryptid, an unknown race and the only one of his kind known. He was wanted by the Federation on charges of piracy, sedition, and murder… all other information was classified. “See you again with another video tomorrow, galaxy,” he promised. Then the video ended.

By the end of that first day, the video hadn’t even become widely known yet… and across the galaxy, more seed had been spilled thinking about Samus than had been raped into her during her entire captivity so far.


When the Delano-7 set down on the cliff overlooking the vine-covered Hunter-class gunship, Sylux wasn’t sure quite what to expect. It was everything he could do to resist simply blowing it to tiny pieces, and in the end, he only resisted because he didn’t want to risk alerting the bounty-hunter that he was here and after her. He had, however, barely gotten out of his ship when animals began to congregate around him. He blasted a few, figuring that would send them running… and he was right, but they didn’t retreat far, following him as he stalked through the overland of Zebes, trying to find Samus.

By the time he reached her ship, he was feeling distinctly stalked by the wildlife… but he stepped onto the gunship anyway, sweeping left and right with his cannon. What he found, however, changed his assumptions. The ship was a ruin… almost certainly non-functional, and it looked like the insides has been stripped for parts. Broken pieces of armor, torn jumpsuits, and dozens and dozens of empty rations, making a mess of the ship. Samus was clearly in more trouble than he had initially assumed.


When he made it back outside, he immediately realized he wasn’t alone. He took over against the landing pylon, peeking out around it… to find a squad of Space Pirate soldiers. “GeeWhool g’phrais, leemak teur!” one of the pirates growled loudly… but no one shot at him. Sylux wasn’t part of the Federation… adamantly so… he didn’t have any issue with the militaristic aliens, but neither did he speak their language. When, on occasion, he had taken contracts for them, he had worked through correspondence or intermediaries. “I don’t understand you,” he hissed in the common language.

The pirates growled back and forth a few more times, Sylux growing increasingly frustrated with each passing second. He was about thirty seconds from trying to blast his way free when a woman’s voice spoke up, in common. “Based on your biosigns,” the woman said, “I judge that you are the bounty hunter Sylux. I have no reason on file for us to be in conflict.”

Sylux stiffened at the sound of that voice, his four eyes narrowing. He stepped around the corner, his cannon raised… and paused, unable to quite believe what he was seeing.


The second video came out the next day… it wasn’t popular yet, but already there were a few people waiting eagerly for it. Some had watched the first video dozens of times by then, obsessing over every last detail as they rubbed their cocks… trying to imagine what had lead to each mark on her body, or trying to decipher the meaning of the words on her forehead. By the end of the week, those few obsessive fans had plenty of ompany – practically the entire galaxy had seen it.

There had been some effort by the Federation to stop the spread, but Sylux was more than skilled enough to get around that… the system favored a renegade like him too much for them to succeed. If anything, their attempts to take it down just leant credence to the whole thing.

The video started with Samus laying in a veritable puddle of jizz, only woken up when something long, hard, and flexible slapped violently against her ass. The bladed end of the appendage hit her with the flat, hard and loud enough to send her sliding and sloshing through the disgusting slime. The enormous, dragonic form of the Space Pirate general stepped into view, an erect cock already swaying between his legs… but instead of fleeing or fighting, the cum-soaked blonde just cringed, helplessly trembling as she stared up at him. She didn’t resist in the slightest as Ridley grabbed hold on her hair, pulled her up to her knees, and slapped his enormous, augmented cock against her face.

“This is how it started, near as I can tell,” Sylux’s voice cut into the video. “I don’t think she started out as a whore… at least, not this big of one. Once she was put on her knees, though, she was easy enough to tame.”

Ridley hooked one taloned finger into Samus’ mouth, and she opened it obediently… only to have his cock crammed into it just a second later. She didn’t even gag… and the audience was free to appreciate the way that Ridley’s huge hand cupped her blonde hair and yanked her head back and forth, driving his cock deeper and deeper and deeper. A large portion of viewers could barely believe it as they watched Samus’ neck bulge more and more, her lips stretching obscenely across the swollen rod.

Samus didn’t bite. She didn’t claw at Ridley, or strike at his balls, or even seem to try to pull back. She just knelt there, limply, her hands at her side, swaying softly back and forth as she was violently facefucked by the wanted Space Pirate. The only sounds were the sloshing of cum beneath her knees, the dripping from her soaked hair back down into the pool, and the wet, disgusting, slurping sounds that escaped her obscenely plugged lips.

“As you can see, she certainly didn’t put up much of a fight,” Sylux noted.

Ridley yanked her head backward, taking her off his cock, and she gasped in air… only then did viewers probably notice that the entire time Samus had had her throat pounded Ridley had not let her breathe once. She looked up at him, the camera focused on her drooling face and her swollen lips. Then the dragonic general shoved her down, her face resting halfway beneath the messy slop of her repeated fuckings. Lowering himself down on top of her, Ridley guided his monstrous dick against the too-small slit between the bounty hunter’s legs. With a slow, inexorable push, he shoved that mammoth cock into her tight, pristine looking pussy. Samus whimpered quietly, so quietly that a viewer would need to turn up the feed to hear it, but she didn’t resist as her cunt lips stretched almost to the point of tearing around Ridley’s massive cock.

A clear bulge formed in the athletic blonde’s body, but anyone could see the way her body was clenching on the Space Pirate’s cock. They couldn’t know that it was her body trying to heal itself over and over, causing her to tighten up on the cock skewering her over and over… they just saw how well trained the pretty fucktoy was, how welcoming her cunt was to the deep-dicking she was getting. As Ridley’s hips thrust forward harder and harder, she was pushed forward in the mess, sliding slowly across the filthy ground with the force of the brutal fucking.

Anyone of a weak stomach watching might have started feeling sick as the sex became more violent still, a fast and violent rhythm of powerful thrusts that threatened to rip the human apart from the inside. Even the most sick-minded were shocked that she was still alive… the size and texture of that weapon of a cock should have torn apart a human in seconds, but Samus was taking it like a master. Her swelling tits bounced free, swaying back and forth down into the slime below as she was nailed, her fingers clawing at the ground like she was gently trying to dig her way through it. 

“Worthless whore,” Ridley growled, the common-tongue words an inhuman screech from his monstrous maw as he used Samus like a fuckdoll.

The rape continued in the background as Sylux’s voice continued. “So, Samus was tamed, turned into just one more comfort whore giving aid and comfort to the federation’s enemies. That would be sad enough…”

The bounty hunter paused to laugh as Ridley came deep in his victim’s pussy. “But this? This was three years ago…”

The video ended.


The sight of Samus Aran among the Space Pirates almost had Sylux blasting immediately… the only thing that stayed his hand was that she was very obviously… naked. The Federation’s top bounty hunter and decorated military veteran, among a bunch of Space Pirates on the surface of an alien word, naked as the day she was born. Sylux hated humans… but he had been raised among them, knew how to appreciate their beauty, and Samus absolutely had it. He felt a stirring below the waist that he tried to ignore.

It had taken a bit of explanation, but he didn’t really understand much of it yet… all he knew for sure was that that wasn’t Samus standing before him. It took them taking him deep into Tourian before he understood…

Tourian’s depths looked like nothing so much as a massive, mechanical body chasm to Sylux’s eyes, high arching metal scaffolding supporting the huge room that had been bored out of the planet’s crust… the belly or womb of a massive, alien creature. The walls curved up like the insides of a ribcage, or perhaps like the curvature of a woman’s sex. The uneven surfaces were covered by a web of circuitry and piping like the veins of such a creature, bulging like diseased blood vessels. All of this fed into hundreds of oval containment shells, standing around the room in rings and glowing like lidless eyes.

In the very center of the room was a containment room of crackling blue energy. Sylux could instinctively feel the level of electricity emanating from there, the organs implanted beneath his skin feeling the flow of it as it raced over him. The sheer level of power contained here wasn’t what was giving him pause, however… it was the faint, chilling howls coming from inside that field.

The sounds of Metroids.

Sylux’s eyes narrowed as he looked on the horrors that were supposed to be extinct… but the truth became clear a few moments later as he peered inside one of those egg-shaped pods. Samus was inside of it… bound in place, held in mechanical arms and shrieking in horror and pain and insanity while she was raped, over and over again. The moaning of the mind-broken breeding whore could be heard even through the pod, filling the room almost like the hum of the energy barrier, coming from the dozens of pods as the mating and degradation continued.

Sylux thought he might find other women in other pods, but as he looked around, he just saw… Samus. Dozens of copies of her… hanging in place, her large, milk-swollen tits pierced with rings that were hung from the roof of her prison while Metroids inside of a pod raped her in a never-ending gangbang, her belly swollen with the eggs of the apex predators while some kind of alien seed dripped down to the splattered floor. Other Metroids clung onto the woman, feeding on her, draining her of her very life to nourish the young even as her body was kept busy producing more of them

Samus had been cloned… dozens of times. And they were using those clones to breed Metroids.

Cloning was fairly simple technology… but generally not very useful. Just because you could clone a person didn’t mean you could copy the memories, the thoughts, the skills… those were all far beyond the reach of what the Federation or Space Pirates had learned to do. These women might have Samus’ body, but they didn’t have her soul… they were just hollow blowup dolls, empty-headed sluts with wombs to be used… never given time to become their own being, they had no intelligence, no thoughts, no language, and no doubt each and every one of the was thoroughly insane from the repeated, endless gangrape they were subjected to for every second of their lives. As Sylux looked around, he could see that each reacted differently to their fate. Some gurgled out mindless ecstasy when Metroid larvae, hatched from eggs inside them wombs, squirted out of their fucked-out folds – those pretty blue eyes firmly rolled up into their skulls forever as their tongue hung out. Those whores had their backs arched as they spasmed euphorically as they were fucked and bred. Others fought and screamed, especially as their gaping, cum-drooling assholes were turned into stretched out cocksleeve used for the Metroid breeders to viciously rape the eggs into whatever hollow space they had left inside of them. Still others just hung limp, broken to the point of listless insanity and making no noise at all anymore as Metroid breeders forced them to wrap their cum-glazed lips over cocks, the only reaction they were capable of the fluttering of their eyes while their throats were pounded and made to swallow shot after shot of whatever passed for sperm in a Metroid.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Not-Samus said… another clone, Sylux was sure now. Her eyes glowed red. “I gave her the option of joining me, willingly… offered it to her several times as a child. She refused… so it is my pleasure to make her serve my cause in her own way, in the end. Now, she serves as a vessel. From birth, I’ve had them with clones of that slut. By the time I am finished, every single Metroid in the galaxy will be trained on an instinctive level of see the Hatchling as a mate… to hatefuck the brains out of her on sight.”

Sylux turned, curious. “What are you?” he asked.

“I rule here,” she said simply. “I am the guiding intelligence of the Space Pirates. My Makers called me Mother Brain. The Universe, soon, will call me God.”

Those glowing red eyes… Sylux had seen them before, on every animal he encountered. The controlling intelligence of Mother Brain wore this body of his hated adversary like a puppet. “So… Samus is dead, then?”

Mother Brain laughed with the hunter’s voice.


“You think the Federation didn’t know?” Sylux’s voice called. “How could they not? They had to fake all her achievements themselves, lie about them… all the while, that whore was giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the galaxy.”

The video playing now was as horrific as it was arousing. Sylux didn’t show all the clones… he didn’t want people to know about them. Instead, he just focused on one of them, letting the think it was the sole Samus. The entire galaxy was allowed to watch the blonde bounty-hunter get fucked by a group of Larval and Alpha Metroids. She didn’t resist at all… all of the onlookers could clearly see that the bounty hunter knew her place as a rapedoll for the alien menace, her face looked into an experience of forced bliss that could only be achieved by the rape and defilement of her athletic body.

It seemed like the absolute low point of her life, the bounty-hunter reduced to a weak and pitiful state… raped up the ass until her gaping hole was filled with frothing cum leaking out of it, the tatters of her blue zerosuit covered in a gooey veneer of seed that swayed slowly as her body trembled with exhaustion and odd pleasure. Hot tears filled her eyes, but they were mindless tears, full of sensation and not much else… whenever she opened her eyes, they looked hollow and empty to anyone who watched.

She was on all fours as the next Alpha Metroid appeared behind her. It circled around her, a slow and methodical pace accentuated by the excitable twitching of his chitinous body while it sniffed the air. His alien eyes gleamed with intelligence, calculating in his effort to toy with her, relishing the helplessness and neediness of the vulnerable woman before him. With her holes vacant for once, she actually swayed her ass back and forth, as if asking to be impaled once again. His cock throbbed as he crawled on top of her, his snake-like tongue slithering over her neck as that alien maw came down close to Samus.  It grabbed her arms, seizing them and pushing them behind her back, holding them as leverage as the thick, flanged tip of his monstrous cock lined up between the globes of her juicy asscheeks, pressing against the crinkled, abused starfish of her asshole.

Then he slammed forward.

All it took was one powerful thrust from the enormous Metroid’s armor-plated hips to slam the first 10 inches of his alien cock inside of Samus’s cum-glazed shitpipe. Seed gushed out of her from around that greasy shaft as it molded her ass into its shape, making her asscheeks ripple as he bucked his hips to stuff more of his length inside her asshole with a series of nasty squelching noises. The clone Samus spasmed, sharply throwing her head back as a silent cry was ripped from her lips. The camera focused the penetration itself, letting the whole galaxy see how her asshole clamped and squeezed around the forearm-thick cockmeat forcing its way into her. The more generous observer might have credited the mind-broken blonde with trying to squeeze it and force it out of her… But one way or the other, all she was succeeding in doing was providing a tight, vice-like sheath for that dick, a gripping tunnel and made it more pleasurable for the Metroid mutant to burrow deeper into her asshole.

The camera caught it all. Every inch of her was being drilled inside, every vein in the Metroid’s flesh making her sphincter bump and squeeze to fit it inside. The overwheling sensation was clearly destroying what mind the blonde had, her tongue hanging out of her mouth like an animal, her eyes almost entirely white how far her eyes were rolled back.

“The Hunter Samus Aran,” Sylux’s voice said over the scene, “has achieved many things for the Federation that have made her a heroine… but her greatest claim to fame is having hunted the Metroids to extinction. That is how the story goes, does it not? That the Federation hired her to plumb the depths of SR388 and wipe out the Metroid species that was too dangerous to be allowed to live. Quite an accomplishment… if it were true.”

Splatters of frothing cum squirted out of Samus’ ass in gooey strands that bridged the ever-narrowing gap between the Alpha Metroid’s hips and Samus’s full ass, drooling down the back of her thighs as the Metroid pulled back to the tip of his prick right before he stuffed it all the way back in in one brutal, meaty smash. Thick, armored balls, each the size of a fist, slammed against the smooth bulge of her pussy like the blow of a hammer, making the blonde fucktoy cry out. Then he started fucking her properly. With every feral slap of his hips meeting her beautiful ass, he was hollowing out her rear, making the ring cling to his pistoning cock like an elastic ring, sculpting her squeezing walls into a warm, comforting cocksleeve that would have pleased any man. Samus was crying out now with every thrust, but they weren’t the screams of pain and resistance… they were the breathless, mindless screams of the lost and the mad.

He was quite literally raping the sanity out of her to all appearances. The viewers on the video had no way of knowing this was a clone, that she had never had a mind to begin with. They could only see the overwhelming torrent of pain and euphoria as she was violently fucked, making her head flop back and forth with each brutal rape-thrust, making her stomach bulge and her legs shake as she was fucked. She let loose a long, keening moan as the Metroid reached down to roughly grab at her big tits. Those watching didn’t know how long it had taken the Space Pirates to train the Metroids to do that… they could only see how Samus moaned while the Alpha Metroid using a grip on just her tits to pull her body up and fuck her harder than before.

The Metroid’s thrusts grew faster and more erratic for the camera, the beast growing closer to an orgasm… and a quirk of Metroid biology became clear as his cock swelled further, making her eyes bulge right before that thick fuckrod slammed as deep as it could. The Alpha Metroid let out a primal, bellowing screech as his balls gurgled and clenched and jerked as they blasted the insides of Samus’s stretched asshole, using her body like a cheap, disposable condom. It took more than three minutes for the monster to finish cumming, hissing with strange, alien pleasure as shot after shock after shot of thick, bestial cum flooded into her. Then the cock slowly shrank, and the Metroid pulled out with a sicking, viscous waterfall of slip and a wet splat as it oozed down her thighs and onto her calves.

Then the beast just wandered off, leaving a half dozen larval Metroids to swarm over her, latching onto her shoulders, her breasts, her ass… squeezing, biting, sucking… feeding. She didn’t even try to brush them off. She just lay there, her tongue softly licking the ground and gathering up some of the cum. Understandable, since they never fed the clones anything.

“She didn’t exterminate them at all,” Sylux said as the cameras focused on Samus’ sluttish-looking licking. “Oh, she killed most of them, to be certain… but not all of them. And she didn’t do it by herself.”

The camera panned around to show fields full of floating larval Metroids… being tended to by Space Pirates. Any other view of a clone had been careful edited out of the shot. “She had help… from those she was delivering them to.”

The next few shots were pure propaganda … the Space Pirate fleet and its strength, the sheer number of them. “Maybe Samus truly was a hero once… but those days are long gone. Maybe she was corrupted on Phaze… or maybe she simply received a better offer. Or maybe she was always as fake as a two-credit whore. Either way, she’s compromised now.”

The camera shook slightly at the heavy footfalls as something big approached… Every slam shaking the metal beneath the room until something massive came into view. The enormous form of an Omega Metroid towered over Samus, its long claws flexing as it gazed down at her. For her part, Samus just bent down and lifted her ass to the monster.

The huge Metroid, however, seemed to have no interest in her already well-greased asshole. Instead, it grabbed her by the blonde hair, pulling her up so that its massive cock slapped across her face. Her eyes briefly refocused, going wide as the sight of that enormous weapon of a dick… but even then she didn’t protest, not even when slime dripped from its jaws onto her hair, plastering it to the sides of her face even as its prodigious length rubbed up and down her cum-smeared visage, further befouling her lovely features with Metroid pre-seed. Her mouth hung open and her tongue flopped out of her mouth like a dog, her eyes slowly fading out again. And then, seemingly of her own volition, the blonde bounty-hunter slid her tongue up along the underside of the Metroid’s monolithic murder weapon of a member until her lips wrapped around it with an obscene stretch and a loud slurp.

If the audience knew how many takes it had taken for Sylux to get that shot… that they were no longer seeing the initial clone that had started the video but an altogether different blonde fuckpig…

With Samus’ jaw nearly broken from how far it needed to stretch and her lips an airtight seal around the shaft, the massive alien finally struck. It’s body lunged forward with a furious snort that blew steam into the air, and the impossibly thick dick slammed into her throat in a single thrust. Samus had time for one single choking gurgle before she was gagged to thoroughly to make a noise, her eyes staring blindly up at the monster that was dominating her. The only protest she offered was to slowly shake her head back and forth, trying to find a posture that let her breathe at all… but the Omega Metroid wouldn’t let her pull off. Her eyes all but crossed as she stared down that cock vanishing into a hole never meant to take anything nearly that large, the thick, pink thing more like an arm down her neck that a prick. And then the veiny thing began to fuck her face like a drill.

“GLURK!” “Guck, guck, guck!” “Gllllurcchhh.” Each thrust was accompanied by a sickening, sucking squelch of raw misery as her throat was fucked even more brutally as her asshole had been, her cheeks hollow to show that despite the killing suffocation on a Metroid shaft, she was still trying to suck. The Metroid didn’t care, long instinct driving it to drill in deeper and deeper, ramming further into her until her neck was visibly bulging outward with each thrust. Spit and precum sprayed from her lips with each thrust, the moment the vacuum seal was broken for even a second. It held her head in one clawed hand, lifting her up off the ground until she dangling from skull he was fucking, the alpha-predator viciously bouncing her head off his hips like he had been trained to do since birth many months ago.

It was one hell of a show for viewers. Samus’ moist, silky throat was turned into nothing but a cocksheath, even as her face began to grow blue from lack of air… and still she didn’t object or resist, even as the very hole she used to breath was reduced to a dick-stuffed fuckhole until it looked like the Omega Metroid’s cock was lodged in her stomach. Precum poured from her nostrils and out past her lips as the extreme penetration went even further, stuffing her impossibly full as her face was raped more brutally than any human’s had ever been used before.

The audience couldn’t be allowed to know it… but Sylux’s favorite part of this was that this clone was only one of a dozen experiencing nearly this exact same torment at this very second. True, this was the only one taking one of the few Omega Metroids… but after a certain size, bigger really didn’t match much to a merely human-sized female. Either way, it was a penetration she was only able to survive because of the healing ninites they had pumped into their blood.

The Omega Metroid skullfucked her even more viciously as it grew towards orgasm, to the point that Samus’ eyes disappeared again. It seemed like she might have actually fallen unconscious from lack of air, her ankles and arms twitching and flopping helplessly, but if she did the Metroid didn’t care in the slightest… her body existed for no purpose other than for it to blow a load as far as it was concerned. A series of horrible squelching noises made its priorities clear as it fucked her harder and harder, drool and precum and fouler things covering her face and breasts and the hollow of her neck until it finally came.

Much of that seed came back up… her stomach nowhere near large enough to contain it all. Her face, already messy, was covered as it bubbled from her stretched lips, the tiny bubbles from her nose the only sign she was still alive at all as the thing dropped her on the ground, its cock blasting the final loads of its seed directly onto her fucked-stupid face until it disappeared beneath layers of rape-jizz until the only human feature that could be seen was her open mouth, practically turned into a sewer for a standing pool of Metroid cum.


Every time Sylux had seen Samus before, her features had always been calm, stoic, unconcerned. She seemed unaffected by the world around her… almost invincible. She didn’t seem that way now.

“Have you been a good girl?” Orzarl said as he stepped into the ecological containment unit that replicated the jungles in the caves outside. Samus was waiting inside, kneeling in place with her tongue out.

Samus nodded, opening her mouth further, and beside where Sylux stood, Mother Brain laughed. “She has to return here every day,” the AI controlling the Samus clone announced. “It’s how she’s fed. We have her struggling to run and be free and escape the thousands of predators I have in there with her, each of them wanting to be the next to make her submit. She runs desperate to avoid my pets raping her… but every evening, she needs to come here and sit still and hope that someone shows up and does just that to her.”

The AI chuckled. “And some days… no one does. Can you imagine that? She spends hours sitting there, shivering and cold and helpless, waiting to be raped… and sometimes, no one even shows up to do her the honor. The mixed relief, combined with the dread that no one showing up means no one feeds her… It’s a wonder she isn’t more insane than she is by now.”

Sylux smiled. He liked the idea of her suffering like that a lot. “What is he doing now?” he asked as the Space Pirate hooked a finger in her mouth and peered inside.

“The only thing she ever gets fed is cum,” Not-Samus said with obvious amusement. “It looks like Brinstar in there, but it isn’t… it’s as artificial as the metal and plastic that makes up the hallways. There are a few real plants that have slipped insides, their spores spreading… but unless she manages to kill one of my predators with her bare hands… and she hasn’t gotten desperate enough to try that one yet… there’s not even close to enough to eat in that entire jungle to satisfy her. Normally, they just fuck her and let her scrape her next meal out of her holes… but Orzarl is a creative one.”

Apparently finding something he liked, the Space Pirate pulled his cock out and it was a testament to her obvious hunger that Samus didn’t do more than cringe for a second before he slammed home down her gullet, immediately face-fucking her brutally. Watching the dozens of clones get gangraped into oblivion has been fun, but… this was magical. This was the single greatest moment of his life so far… watching the beloved icon of the Federation be ground into the dirt.

“He ‘fed’ her yesterday by raping her for a few hours, so normally should have eaten it all… but I understand he made her a promise. She’s starving… but if she holds onto it in her mouth all day and doesn’t eat the cum, saves it until he comes for her today… she’ll get more. Otherwise… nothing.” Mother Brain chuckled sadistically. “The last daughter of the Chozo, carrying her rapists cum with her in her mouth all day in the earnest hope that come the evening she would get more of the same. It’s beautiful.

It was. Sylux’s cock was harder than a bar of iron was he watched Orzarl savagely fuck the kneeling blonde. “You’ve let me in,” he asked almost reluctantly. “What is it you want from me?”

The crimson eyes of the Samus clone turned on him, and her face twisted in an evil smile. “I understand you are able to infiltrate Federation networks. I have a task for you…”

“I don’t work for free,” Sylux warned.

“Oh, I think you’ll find the reward more than fair,” Mother Brain laughed. “How would you like to be the one who gets to kill her?”

Sylux only hesitated a moment. “What do you want?”


“As if it wasn’t enough for her to provide the greatest scourge this galaxy has ever known to its most militarist empire,” Sylux said, starting his next video without preamble. This time, the video was the least popular of the many that had been uploaded by Sylux… but one way or the other, everyone heard about it. “She didn’t stop there.”

The camera shots here were all looking like security system feeds… carefully edited to appear as hacked and smuggled out of the top-security Space Pirate lab that was on the screen. Samus was in these frames as well, but not like the last ones… she wasn’t even naked, walking between lab sections wearing her Zero suit and giving instructions to Pirate Engineers as they worked… worked on reproducing her suit’s systems.

“Long has the galaxy accepted her de-facto monopoly on some of the greatest technology in the galaxy, that created by the Chozo Empire before it vanished from space. How many times has she refused to allow it to be sufficiently examined… how many times could she had let it be reproduced? None by the Federation… but apparently, her new masters are different.

It was all lies, of course. The cameras had been carefully edited to avoid showing the crimson glow in Samus’ eyes. Even the premise was false… The Federation had examined Samus’ technology many times. They had even fixed it on occasion, and can and had reproduced. They just… couldn’t make it work. Samus’ Chozo augmentations to her genetics were key to making the technology function at all… something that Sylux has more than his share of reasons to resent. The top of the Federations engineering corps would be well aware of that… but not everyone would be, and the Federation leaders were as vulnerable to political pressure as anyone.

The video played as, under “Samus’” careful instruction, the Pirate scientists reproduced beam weapon after beam weapons, demonstrating their effectiveness on camera. Most of the technology wasn’t really new… it was the same modified beam weapons they had been using since their labs on Talon-4 had tried to dissect the Hunter’s weapon after the wake of her first assault on Zebes… but getting a first hand look at the weapons had lead to a few new things, too…

“With the help of the hunter, they have developed an ultimate weapon… a fusion of Space Pirate and Chozo technology they call the Hyper Beam,” Sylux said, injecting necessary gravitas into his voice to sound concerned. “I managed to locate a test of the weapon system, but I warn you… it’s startling.”

The camera shifted until Samus stood alone on the screen, wearing some kind of modified version of her Chozo suit… really, left-over scraps from various Chozo labs in Tourian that Mother Brain has repurposed. The faux-Samus raised her weapon… and the camera flickered as an incredible amount of power surged. “It seems to draw it all nearby power to fuel itself,” Sylux explain softly. “A single firing can drain entire electrical systems.” On screen, the camera slowly came back in focus… just as an enormous eruption of light flooded into the frame. It blinded the camera as its lens tried desperately to adapt, a brilliant flare tracing a painful line of white…

When the image came back, the wall in front of where Samus stood was simply gone.

“From the specs that I’ve seen,” Sylux warned, “it’s capable of punching through a battleship. I hope they are exaggerations…” The bounty hunter sighed. “Who knows what else she is helping the enemies of the Federation to develop?”


Samus screamed as every nerve her body seized at once, the wave-cannon shot crashing into her unprotected body like a dozen tazers. “So how is that one, Hunter Whore?” Kryzzk growled, lowering the beam rifle he carried. “Stronger or weaker than the last one?”

Even if Samus had wanted to, she couldn’t have answered… her body had no voluntary movement at all. She was spasming out of control, her limbs a tangled heap on the ground as she thrashed, the electricity continuously coursing through her body. Real, natural electricity would have grounded by now, left her body completely… but the shocking effect of the Wave cannon was designed to be a disabling weapon, and the electricity didn’t behave quite right. How the Chozo had managed that, Samus didn’t know… she wasn’t a scientist.

Unfortunately, the pirate researchers were… and while they didn’t understand it either, getting their hands on her actual weapons had let them replicate several of the more useful effects of her weaponry.

Her muscles finally were under her control just enough to talk. “Please… no more…” When she had initially been captured, she couldn’t have imagined that a day would come when she would actually beg… but she did now. Every day, multiple times a day. The worst part was that she knew they weren’t going to show her any real mercy… and she begged anyway. She would have considered it an actual victory, one that she would have been genuinely grateful for, if they only hurt her a little bit less… but she didn’t even do that.

“Thirty seven seconds before she could talk again,” one of the researchers said. “That’s the highest so far.” He made a mark on the tablet he carried.

“How many more?” Kyrzzk asked impatiently.

“Fifty-Four,” the pirate said simply, as if he wasn’t sentencing Samus to hours of a nightmare. If she wasn’t already crying, she would have started then. He handed Kryzzk the next rifle in line. “Make sure to aim that one at a limb.”

Samus let out her breath in a whuff as Kryzzk kicked her, putting her on her back and sending her arms splaying to either side. “Fuck you for wasting my time like this,” he growled, pointing the next rifle at her right arm. Samus wanted to scream at him that no one was making him do anything, that it wasn’t her fault that he was torturing her to test weapons, that she didn’t want him to do this any more than she had wanted the morph-ball tests yesterday where they experimented with how the energy conversion worked and what was the biggest thing they could have inside of her when she shifted into the ball, or when they had worked on finding the heat thresholds that made her damaged Varia suit start leaking. But what difference would it make?

The weapon fired, and freezing cold washed over her arm like a million deadly needles. It robbed her of breath, leaving her too pained to scream as her arm froze solid to the ground as the Ice cannon lay down a fresh sheet over her skin. A normal human would have come hypothermic in moments… but then, a normal human wouldn’t have survived half the tests she’d been through just today. Even an augmented human like herself would have given up the ghost before now… but with her Chozo biology making her more durable, and her nanites healing the damage done afterward, it seemed that they might actually be able to torture her like this forever.

Kryzzk washed the beam over her until both arms were contained beneath a sheet of glacial ice, and she couldn’t move. “How’s that?” he asked.

“Not as good as the last variant,” the scientist said with disappointment. “Took 2 seconds longer to freeze her solid. The changes seem to be in the wrong direction.”

“How many more again?” he asked.

The scientist sighed. “I suppose we can take a break,” he grumbled.

The tri-part jaw of the alien monster turned up in a now familiar, disgusting grin. “You hear that, Hunter Whore?” he said, kicking her legs apart and making Samus cry out breathlessly as he froze her legs to the ground. “I get a chance to warm you up.” He settled down on top of her, and soon he was fucking her hard enough that the ice cracked with each thrust… and Samus was only too aware that all three of the scientists were stripping down themselves, waiting for their own turn…


“Samus is no hero of the Federation,” Sylux said as the camera watched the sexy blonde get gangbanged in a pirate barracks. “When she isn’t busy being a recreational toy for the Space Pirates, she’s supplying them with weapons to conquer the galaxy. She defines aid and comfort.” Samus’ cum-covered face met the camera before she looked down, focusing on the alien cock between her lips and sucking on it like a wanton whore. “Samus Aran is a traitor… and someone needs to stop her before she dooms the galaxy.”

The scene faded… and Sylux stood before the camera again, his blue power armor shimmering with currents of electrical charge. “Thankfully, I’m up to the task. Tomorrow, I will fight my way into Tourian and assassinate Samus Aran… bringing her to justice for her crimes against the people of this galaxy. Wish me luck, Galaxy.”

The video winked out… to be replaced by a timer. A countdown… to a live broadcast.


The chittering of animals brought Samus immediately back to wakefulness. She had been trying to get some sleep in one of the fake tree’s in the zoo-like prison yard that they kept her in, but she never managed to get much… not with so many of Mother Brain’s vessels in here hunting her. It was like a constant game of hide and seek… and one that she knew she couldn’t win for long. The sound of another animal approaching brought her to alertness immediately, even if her body felt sluggish and weak. There was never enough to eat, never enough to drink, and if she thought too long about what her source of nourishment was she would be sick and lose was little she had. She was actually, by her standards, well fed at the moment… yesterday, pirates had visited her by the hundreds, a seemingly never-ending gangbang that had left her with more than she could swallow. It barely mattered… even a full stomach didn’t provide her as much as she needed to regain her strength, but no matter how weak she grew, she had to try her best to keep safe. Even if escape seemed an increasingly impossible goal… she had to keep safe.

Eyes peeled, she crouched down as low as she could go, waiting and trying to see what was coming for her now… then let out a relieved breath as the green lizard-bird appeared through the foliage. The Dachora looked right at her, its intelligent eyes a golden color before it turned away, its attention focused on foraging for some of the meager food scattered through this jungle. Samus didn’t know how the animals in here were fed, either… gods knew she barely ever found any food. Most of them had to be close to starving themselves… the magnificent bird seemed thinner than it should be, and Samus empathized with it… she felt lean, like all the meager fat she had ever had had been long since consumed and stripped away, leaving her as nothing but exhausted muscle, skin, and bone.

The Dachora wasn’t a threat. The animals were highly intelligent… one of the smartest animals on Zebes, an evolutionary offshoot of the Chozo themselves. Not sentient, exactly… but very clever and social. In younger, more friendly days Samus had raced with some through the Brinstar jungles, admiring their effortless speed. More to the point, though, they were intelligent enough to resist Mother Brain’s commands… occasionally Samus had got flashes of crimson in the animals eyes, but never for long, and never the deep, glowing scarlet that indicated her control. The single Dachora in here, and the handful of Etekoons, were the only animals that never attacked her.

Samus did, however, freeze as she saw the Dachora abruptly go still, raising to its full height and peering through the foliage. Then it darted off through the vines. Once again, Samus felt bad for the thing… this fake jungle was so much more dense than the real environments of Brinstar that there was no room to really run, no space for the magnificent bird that was born to run to stretch its long legs.

The bounty hunter looked around a little longer… but she didn’t see any danger. Her stomach growled violently, and her spirt sank. It was about time again, wasn’t it? Time to humiliate herself further in the hopes of being fed. Not for the first time, Samus seriously considered not going and seeing if they would let her starve to death… it couldn’t be a worse fate when you came right down to in. In the end, though… even the broken shell of what Samus had been was too stubborn to die like that. She trudged through the vines towards the section of the cell where the Pirates usually came from.

To her surprise, a half dozen of them were already there. “About time,” one growled… Quazzt. “I thought she was going to keep us waiting, and when we bring gifts.”

Samus’ heart sank. Gifts from her captors were NEVER a good thing. This time, however, her heart leaped for about a half a second when the pirates dropped a bag with a metallic ring and she saw pieces of orange armor peeking out. “Get dressed,” he hissed, and the blonde scrambled forward quickly. She wasn’t foolish enough to think they were giving her any real weapon or armor, of course, and she was sure that this was the prelude to something horrible… but just having some real clothing for once other than the ruined, breastless, crotchless zero suits that were the only thing they ever let her wear was almost a dizzying luxury to the degraded hunter.

Chozo power armor wasn’t really meant to be put on piece by piece, but that was what this pile of discarded scraps was… Chozo power armor. It wasn’t her armor, certainly… it looked like welded and repaired scraps of one of the suits that was used by Chozo laborers rather than a warsuit, but a layperson wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Putting it on individually was difficult… but it wasn’t until she got to the tops of the legs that she realized the kind of game they were playing. The middle piece had been heavily modified. From the outside it looked completely normal… but the inside was something else entirely. A pair of dildos were attached to the inside where she could have no choice to insert them into her if she was going to wear the part. Her options were to be exposed, or to be fucked… if they Pirates were going to give her a choice at all.

Swallowing, Samus put the armor piece on, grimacing slightly, taking the time to spit on them and rub them before she tried forcing the huge things into her. At least the pirates let her do it as her own pace… it was agonizing enough that was, the strange metal studs at regular intervals especially painful in her her ass as they made it stretch, but they could have made it so much worse. She was aware that one of the pirates was filming her, however, though she couldn’t imagine why… every single Space Pirate alive had to have seen her naked by now if they hadn’t had their dicks inside her a dozen times. The next bits of armor were normal, but Samus wasn’t surprised when she got to the chestplate to find that it had been modified as well. Strange, metalic nodes covered the inside, pressing against her breasts as she put it on. It was also far tighter than it usually was, and her tits were squeezed into it uncomfortably… but simply not having every pirate leering at them for a change made it an improvement. The helmet was the worst of all… Before she even picked it up, she knew that she would find a third cock, but she hadn’t expected how large it would be. At first, Samus thought it was impossible… she wouldn’t be able to breathe with that on… but quickly she noticed that there was a hole in it… she would be able to suck air almost as if through a straw, right down through the cock in her throat. A large part of her didn’t want to put it on… but one glance as the pirates made her realize it wasn’t an option. With a sigh, she gagged and silenced herself on a cock nearly the size of Ridley’s. The metal studs on this one were no less painful in her throat than they were in her other holes.

The last pieces were the arms, which were depressingly normal. Depressingly… because the cannon seemed almost real. Before she even put it on, however, she could tell that it was little more than a flashlight. The sensation of feeling so much almost like her old self hurt… it made her feel like she was a person again, and that was a place that could only lead to pain. It made her almost thankful for the trio of huge cocks impaling her for reminding her that she was still a fucktoy. It would be painful and difficult to move or run with these in her… so she was sure that was exactly what she was going to have to do.

Quazzt nodded in approval. “She’s ready,”

And then the door opened and Sylux walked in.

Samus’ eyes went wide as the bounty-hunter stepped in, surrounded by Space Pirates without a care in the world. Samus knew that the bounty-hunter hated her, but this… this seemed over the top. Still, he walked in with his blue armor glowing with electricity, his featureless visor glaring down at her. “This will do,” he said. “She’s mine.”

One by one the Space Pirates filtered out of the gate, leaving the two of them alone. Samus stayed on her knees, armored but still immobile, as Sylux circled her. He didn’t speak another word as he examined her from all directions before he came back into her view. “Slut,” he growled, the single word seeming to hit like a hammer. “You were always a little Federation whore, Bounty Hunter… but now you take it literally.” A chuckle came out of his helmet. “The good news is… today is the end. It’s over.”

“Today is the day you die.”

He raised his cannon, and the blue glow of the electricity swallowing his form became almost blinding. Then he shot her.

Samus had thought being shot by a wave cannon while naked had hurt… she had had no idea how much worse it could be. In a single horrifying moment, she realized what the little metal studs against her breasts, on the cocks in her holes, were… the electricity fed from her suit directly into them. If her throat wasn’t stuffed full she would have shrieked until her voice went hoarse. The blonde thrashed on the ground, spasming with a million volts running through her form. “Is that all you have?” he mocked, his voice shockingly angry and indignant. “I tell you you’re going to die, and all you can do…” He took three steps forward and kicked her, his own powered armor hitting her hard enough that it dented her stomach-plate inward and hurt like hell. “Is fucking lay there?” Samus tried to vomit, but what little she had was stuffed back down by the cock clogging her throat. “Were you ever anything worthwhile? Fight, you pathetic. Fucking. Whore!”

Samus didn’t know why she bothered… but she slowly forced herself to her feet as he raised his cannon again. This time, as he fired, she jumped to the side, and while it made the cocks inside her twist with shocking intensity she just barely got out of the way of blast. “Dance for me, you fucking slut,” he growled, the electricity blazing around his suit as it generated far more power than his cannon could channel. Shot after shot charred through the air, burning trails of ozone as they set the jungle aflame as Samus ran and dodged and fled, feeling so slow and helpless. She even turned back several times to try to shoot back at him, but the “plasma” shots that came out of her cannon ricocheted off his suit like photons. They didn’t even scorch the greenery they hit after bouncing off. Still, hopefully the lightshow would make his accuracy worse… she kept up the shooting as she ran.

All around her, animals fled. None glowed with red eyes now… they were all just animals, fleeing from the raging firestorm and storm of electrical fury. A trio of side hopped tried desperately to get through a line of trees that Samus knew was actually a disguised wall without luck. A skree tried to fly away and got fried. Four Etekoons swarmed around a patch of the wall, seemingly panicked out of the ability to realize there was no way out there. Samus ran just like all of them, dodging and weaving…

And as she did, a funny thing happened. Her holes were decidedly painful from the size of the shafts in her, and would have been even if she weren’t agitating them every second. Her lungs burned from the lack of air, unable to breathe deeply enough. Her stomach felt hollow and pained and growled constantly. And, as adrenaline pumped and she ran, she felt increasingly alive. Samus tried to repress that feeling… she wasn’t supposed to feel alive. She wasn’t supposed to feel human. She wasn’t supposed to feel hope. Only pain lay that way… but she felt it anyway. Each blast she dodged, each rock she jumped over, each tree she slid behind… it was like a memory. It was like being herself again.

And she couldn’t have held it back if she tried with all the strength in the galaxy.

When the blast finally caught her, throwing her to the ground again, she screamed… but she felt less pained than pissed off. She forced herself up to keep running as more and more of the jungle burned, as walls ate blast after blast from the powerful wave gun that he was using, as the etekoons and other animals scattered away from blasts that nearly hit them. And still, she ran and ran until she was hit again.

Samus tumbled, hitting the ground hard, screeching as her body convulsed in the throes of electric agony. Sylux was on top of her a moment later, kicking her, aiming down and blasting her again and making her scream. “Fucking Federation whore!” he screamed as he shot her a third time. “Do you have any idea what you did to me!” Samus tried to rise but Sylux kicked her in the face, and her visor broke. A shard of transparent steel cut her face like a razor, seeding blood down into her eye… but she still saw it as Sylux’s armor began to fold off his body.

He was an alien, but not one she had ever seen before. His skin was blue, and he was unnaturally slim, oddly shaped from a humanoid. His eyes glowed, but none of the natural features of his body were what caught Samus’ attention the most… it was the artificial ones. One whole arm was mechanical… whatever had originally been there ripped off at the shoulder. His forehead and the center of his chest had large, glow metal implants that looked like some kind of capacitor, and his chest was squeezed by metal bands that seemed to compress him in, like he would expand outward and explode if he weren’t kept under pressure. Electricity arced between every metal surface on his body, between capacitors, between his implants and his arm, and down from the arm itself. “Look!” he snarled. “Look at what they did to me! And all they wanted was another you!”

He pointed his arm downward, and even without a cannon the electrical discharge was stunning. His entire body seemed to be almost like a Chozo wave cannon…

No. Not almost. Exactly. Now that Samus looked at it, she could see some of the familiar circuitry… some of the same feeds she had seen on her own suit. Not all of it, though. The rest looked… it looked like federation tech.

“They couldn’t get what they wanted from you,” he spat, shocking her again. “Your weapons couldn’t be shared… but it didn’t stop them from trying. I was the last one… the only one. They took me in… they were supposed to protect me!” Sylux kicked her in the stomach, and while he wasn’t armored anymore the kick was still vicious even through her own armor, the hooves on his feet knocking her sprawling. “Instead, they used me like a lab rat!”

His mechanical hand reached down, grabbed onto her helmeted head, and began to squeeze. Samus gasped as her armor creaked, and the pressure on her head began to grow… becoming uncomfortable, then outright painful. “I wish I could do this to all of them!” Sylux screamed. “Kill them all for what they did to me. But first, you… because it’s all your fault!” He ripped upward, and her helmet came free. The process of pulling it ripped the dildo from her throat in a single long pull, rubbing the electricity conducting node against every rib in her neck all at once. Sylux tossed it across the room, grabbed onto her head by the hair… and for the first time, she noticed the cock between his legs. The mechanical augmentations and the electricity had commanded all her attention before… she hadn’t even realized that a potential rapist was aroused and waiting for her.

Her mouth was open, gasping from the dildo’s violent departure, when his hands clenched on the side of her face. One of his mechanical fingers and one his organic ones, thicker and longer than human, forced their way into her maw, holding it up between her teeth as the pointed head of his alien cock pushed into her warm, wet mouth.

“Fuck you,” Sylux growled. “I wish I could kill you a dozen times… instead, all I can do is kill your memory. That’s why people are watching this, right now, bitch… this is going out live to the whole galaxy. Across all the worlds, billions of men are stroking their cocks as they watch you get raped like the worthless bitch you are! Now move your tongue and suck me, you dumb cunt!”

Even if his hands weren’t actually preventing her from doing so, Samus wouldn’t have obeyed the order. She tried to pull back, her mouth biting in a gesture that she hadn’t duplicated since her first day as a slave. Still, even the effort to resist still brushed her dexterous tongue against him, gagging with disgusting as the horrible taste of his undershaft.

Then the electricity began to course through her, and he plugged himself into her throat and just rode it out.

For Samus, it was a nightmare. Her body jerking this way and that, held up only by his hands on her face as she was shocked and shocked and shocked again, her armor doing nothing to protect her but actually channeling the electricity right to her most vulnerable parts. He rode her face like a chair as her sobs aroused him, the screams of agony muffled by his dick in her mouth as he face-fucked the spasming bounty-hunter.

“You can’t even suck right,” he spat. “Years and years being a fucktoy of every pirate that walked by you and still can’t suck a cock. Worthless Federation whore.” Samus kept trying to scream around the invading cock as it felt like her breasts and cunt and asshole had a living flame inside from as she was shocked over and over, but Sylux didn’t pause in the slightest and only muffled sounds escaped her mouth as the bounty hunter pushed himself in and out, pounding her mouth like it was a fleshlight, like it was the cunt of the cheapest whore in the galaxy. Sometimes he pushed in so deep that he stopped her from breathing at all, adding sparks of fire in her lungs to those in her loins, making her dizzy and gasping around his dick as her brain got fuzzy and…

And Samus came.

Her face stuffed full of dick, electricity coursing over her cunt and clit almost like a living hand, the sheer sensation overwhelmed her and her body spasmed in sympathetic gyrations. And the camera caught all of it. “Take it, whore!” Sylux growled. “Cum… like the bitch… you are… take… every… ugh… drop!” His dick began shooting waves of jism that tasted more sweet than salty into her mouth and directly to her belly. Samus was too busy still cumming and being shocked to swallow, her muscles not working in unison, so even with it being pumped down her throat she still choked, some of it being spat up to refill her mouth.

The electricity only topped when Sylux withdrew his cock, letting Samus fall to the ground gasping for air, a small drizzle of nearly violet cum running down her chin. “You’re useless,” he said, shaking his head. Samus could only look up at him as he raised his hand, electricity gathering. “Run,” he commanded. “Die on your feet, if you can.”

Samus felt like her legs were made of rubber… and the shafts felt even bigger now inside her swollen, sensitive holes… but she did it. She ran away as fast as she could, in a straight line  as Sylux aimed…

The electrical blast that came just barely missed as Samus dodged around a tree… and found who she was looking for. “Come on,” she pleaded, holding out a hand. “Please, come on… trust me… you know me…”

Samus was feeling more like herself that she had in months. With every step, every aimed shot from her useless cannon, every dodge, she felt like the Hunter that had dogged the Space Pirates near to oblivion. The Hunter that had exterminated the greatest predator in the galaxy. When she had run from Sylux, it had been with a plan.

The Dachora hesitantly  stepped out from the cove where it was hiding, all but surrounded by the burning jungle. Samus stroked its feathers as she heard Sylux howling in frustration, could feel his footfalls as he charged towards the trees she had rounded. “Come on, big girl,” she whispered… then before she could second guess herself she jumped on top of it, awkwardly riding the big running bird. It jerked in alarm, but she stroked the side of its neck. “Shhh, shh… I’ll get you out of here.” Samus hoped she wasn’t lying. She didn’t see how they could make it… but they had to try.

And Dachora began to run.

Sylux had blasted down or burned most of the jungle… leaving huge flat, open areas for the huge bird to spread his legs and really run. As the green ostridge-like bird rounded the corner, Samus caught a glimpse of a shocked look at Sylux’s alien face right before she drove a foot into his stomach as they passed, and the cameras caught that, too… the blue-armored bounty hunter sent sprawling by Samus as she tried to escape. The blonde did her best to steer her makeshift mount with her legs as they ran… right towards the wall she had been trying to make Sylux  blast.

Etekoons were smart… Samus hoped they wouldn’t have run to that wall if they didn’t think there was a way out. She had made sure the bounty-hunter’s blasts had hit it four times before she had been taken down… she just had to hope it was enough. Dachora ran faster and faster and faster, right at the wall, screeching in horror. Samus echoed the sound, lowering her unarmored head and trying to haunch up her shoulders, and Dachora jumped, going faster than she would have believed…

And they hit the weakened wall not like a steel barrier but more like a barricade of twigs, smashing it aside as they drove right through it and landed in a painful, awkward sprawl, falling from Dachora who hit the ground just as hard. Even without the benefit of armor he got back on his feet faster than Samus did, sprinting off into the jungle, shrieking a joyful note as he did.

And the alarms started screaming.

Samus forced herself to her feet, looking around as she caught her breath. In the jungle around her, she could already see dozens of glowing red eyes converging on her as Mother Brain took over every single thing nearby and sent them after her. She was practically unarmed, practically unarmored, and surrounded by thousands of Space Pirates within a few clicks. Her throat ached, she had wrist-thick cocks in both her cunt and ass, and she had an exposed head. She was exhausted, starving, breathless…

And she was free!

Battered, worn out, overmatched but determined, the blonde bounty hunter pushed herself to her feet, picked the direction with the least visible red, and doing her best to ignore her aching stomach, Samus ran.


All across the galaxy, people had been watching. Some out of a sense of misplayed justice. Some out of a sense of dark arousal. Some out of a sense of morbid curiosity. Many, however, watched out of a sense of horror…

And no matter why they were matching, every single one of them watching the broadcast live across the galaxy watched the legendary Bounty Hunter escape from her execution.

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  1. 😀 FUCK YES!

    *ahem* Sorry. Let’s take that from the top, shall we?

    So the chapter starts off pretty horrifying and depressing, since we only see what’s being broadcast to the galaxy and not how people are reacting, only that billions of people are watching and that they do know for sure that this really is Samus in the videos. I was genuinely trying to figure out how on Earth she could ever have a life after this, but you took care of that at the end of the chapter.

    We then get to see the Metroid breeding program via Mother Brain giving Sylux a tour, and for as dark and unsettling as that was…that was dangerously close to being hot. My one potential criticism is that there’s a term used that may or may not be wrong.

    But first…

    “I rule here,” she said simply. “I am the guiding intelligence of the Space Pirates. My Makers called me Mother Brain. The Universe, soon, will call me God.”

    Super cool Mother Brain line.

    Anyway, what I was talking about was:

    She was on all fours as the next Alpha Metroid appeared behind her.

    The Alpha Metroid is described as having “armor-plated hips”, so is this a new creature you’ve created, the leader of a group of Metroids (like an alpha wolf)? I know you created at least one new type of Metroid, the “breeder”, so I figured that might be what you were going for. The other possibility, of course, is that you meant an Alpha Metroid as in the stage of the Metroid life cycle. Those don’t have hips, though.

    Again, I don’t know if that’s what you were going for, or if “alpha” meant something else in this context.

    One can only imagine how Samus is going to feel when she sees that room.

    Speaking of Samus, we shift back to her and it was a weird sort of bittersweet feeling to see the Dachora and Etecoons in the cell with her. It’s more of that sense from last chapter, of happier times long gone, but at the same time it’s a little piece of comfort for her to have something in the cell that won’t hurt her. When they come in later, I liked that you found a way to have them help Samus that made sense. I mean, in Super, they teach Samus moves, but that doesn’t really work outside the context of a video game, so having the Etecoons indicate where a weak spot in the wall is and the Dachora as a sort of battle mount were great ways to use them here.

    Then when the pirates put Samus in her false armor and Sylux arrives for her televised execution, we finally learn…that he was a turian the whole time! 😛 Oh, and we also finally learn the backstory you (and your commissioner?) came up with for him. I really love this, because whether or not Prime 4 undoes it, this gels so well with what we know from the games. I mean, the Shock Coil that serves as his primary weapon acts suspiciously like the Wavebuster, and his armor has a “Lockjaw” mode suspiciously like the morph ball, and we know that the Federation has attempted to make things kind of like the Power Suit (what the marines in Echoes were wearing, for instance), so the idea that they were trying to make another Samus with the equipment Sylux has is this close to being canon. I love that you extrapolated from that and had them trying to make another Samus not just in terms of the suit, but in terms of an augmented user for the suit (and Fusion showed that there are elements in the Federation who would absolutely do something like that). It gives Sylux a pretty defensible reason for hating the Federation and a not defensible, but still understandable, reason for hating Samus.

    And then…just that whole sequence is great, because I as a reader was with Samus the whole way, almost not wanting to hope because that’s usually just a setup for something depressing to happen, but the longer it went on, the more I couldn’t help but feel the way she does, and when it’s revealed that she wasn’t just dodging randomly, but actually had a plan to use the Shock Coil to weaken that section of wall, I was grinning at that point.

    I was a little puzzled for a moment when you described her head as still being exposed, since it had been three months and her hair would have started growing back, but then I remembered how long I usually go between haircuts, and looking it up, her hair would grow about 1.5 inches in three months, so her head wouldn’t be completely exposed, but it would probably feel like it.

    The final really nice thing was revisiting the people watching the broadcast, and noting the word choices used for the breakdown, that some are watching to witness the death of a woman they think is evil, that some are planning to masturbate to her death, but that many are watching out of horror. That while billions were pleasuring themselves to her rape and abuse, probably ten times that many sympathized for her instead.

    Battered, worn out, overmatched but determined, the blonde bounty hunter pushed herself to her feet, picked the direction with the least visible red, and doing her best to ignore her aching stomach, Samus ran.

    Which, of course, brings this all nicely back to where we began this review. FUCK YES


    1. I have mentioned that your reviews are usually a highlight of my week, yes? Because they are 🙂

      The alpha Metroid anatomy is pretty much pure artistic license to give them a way to breed for smut purposes.


    2. I’m gonna echo the author and say I was also looking forward to your review, it’s incredible to me you happened to line up your review schedule to the release of this chapter. An act of providence.

      I’m glad you’re excited about the much needed win for Samus here, things haven’t been going great for her for awhile now. A well earned victory.

      As for the animals, I thought it was important for them to play a big role, saving the animals in Super is canon after all. That and they teach you how to shinespark/wall climb. That couldn’t not be included. I will say, riding the Dachora was more of a funny idea at first, but I liked it more the more I pictured it.

      I’m also glad you liked Sylux himself and his backstory. I’m really happy with what we came up with, like you said it fits really well into canon. My idea for him is that he basically a foil for Samus – same situation happens to them growing up, but wildly different paths after. Samus got the Chozo to adopt her, Sylux gets the Federation. They treat their orphans differently.


      1. The alpha Metroid anatomy is pretty much pure artistic license to give them a way to breed for smut purposes.

        Oh, I didn’t mean to criticize. I get why Metroids are reproducing sexually in this story, and why there may be new types of them just for that. I was just kind of curious if that was what you were doing. 🙂

        I’m gonna echo the author and say I was also looking forward to your review, it’s incredible to me you happened to line up your review schedule to the release of this chapter. An act of providence.

        It was a weird coincidence, wasn’t it? Maybe if I go through the Lights in the Void stories in the right order and space reviews out once a week like this, I’ll finish reviewing Hope right around when the sequel goes up. That would be kind of amazing. Anyway, for now…

        I’m glad you’re excited about the much needed win for Samus here, things haven’t been going great for her for awhile now. A well earned victory.

        No kidding! She’s been living in a nightmare for the last seven or eight chapters, so I’ve been waiting for a moment like this, and you would not believe how much that meant to me emotionally. Or maybe you would, given the reviews I’ve left 😉

        The Shinespark and Wall Jump were what I was talking about with regard to how the interactions were changed. Imitating an animal to learn new technological abilities is one of those things you just kind of accept in a game, but in a story a little closer to real life, it seems rather odd, to put it mildly.

        Oh, something I didn’t mention in my previous comment was that I liked how you slipped in the Hyper Beam as a combination of Space Pirate and Chozo technology. In Super you just kind of…get it, when the infant Metroid transfers the energy from Mother Brain, again one of those things you don’t really think twice about when playing the game, but for fanfiction it’s cool that you set the technology up here. It’s both something Samus could acquire and, hypothetically, could be the basis for the “Laser Brain Attack”, but we’ll find out when we get there.


        My idea for him is that he basically a foil for Samus – same situation happens to them growing up, but wildly different paths after. Samus got the Chozo to adopt her, Sylux gets the Federation. They treat their orphans differently.

        😮 I did not pick up on that! He says he “was the last one,” but I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, thinking maybe that Sylux was the last of his kind, fleeing whatever took out his people and the Federation was offering refugee protection or something. Thank you for explaining that!


        1. I can’t take credit for Sylux’s presence in the story or how he is used as a foil, that was a brilliant idea by TP… whom I have felt very mentally in-sync with since I resumed work on this project. The idea hopefully is to make Sylux’s hatred understandable and maybe a bit sympathetic while still letting you root for him to 100% fail.

          I don’t want to give away ending elements but I was definitely setting up more aspects for the ending in this chapter than in any other one, by far. The Hyper-Beam and how it works, how it absorbs energy and feeds it back, etc is very much to set up some fun stuff down the road.


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