Sacred – Chapter 8

At Syllana’s leisure, Kitina’s torment was finally over… hours after it had begun. The downtrodden Guardian was resealed inside the blackness of that ornate sarcophagi tomb, and there she would remain – standing locked inside the embrace of that venomous spider-silk as long as the black furred monster desired. Watching the maws close, Kida experienced a similar darkness within her own chest. She felt like she was watching the end of her clan, the death throes of the kitsune that had lived in these mountains for a thousand years. Would they just be rendered into playthings and rape-sluts for this Demiurge and his Cult? Such an ignoble destiny seemed nerve-wracking, sanity-destroying, beyond the realm of the believable… but the worst part is that they could survive such a fate. Their Inari-blessed vitality would see to it that they lived to appreciate their destruction.

And it looked like Kida was going to be spared the worst of it. Far from comforting the young kitsune, however, it anguished her to no end. What would her sister think of her? She wouldn’t only be a rascal and a troublemaker… the Nine-Tailer would be a cowardly traitor as well. It was almost enough to make her attacking Syllana on the spot… the attack would have no chance, and she knew it, but at least it would probably end with her sharing her clans fate… a fitting punishment for the cruelty she had brought on them.

With her entertainment ended for the moment, Syllana made a gesture at the door. No one was there to see it, but two hulking soldiers entered the chamber a few moments later anyway, beckoned by her magic.She indicated the sarcophagi to those brutes, ordering them to bring it down to the main chancel of the church. Any resulting scream of pain from within was muted by the thick metal of its construction as they hefted the enormous device between themselves, hauling it down the stairway.

“It is the Archfoe’s desire that the Guardian be made to witness when he rapes your Ward.” Syllana said, then abruptly stopped and chucked. “Oh, my, did I really just say that? The Archfoe?” she tittered in delight. “How silly of me to use your over-dramatic nomenclature. I mean my Master, of course… how silly of me.” The black-furred Kitsune amusement was clear in her dulcet tone. The nearness of her long-sought victory seemed to have made her mood cheerfully agog. Once again, Kida was taken by the sheer lack of subservience she had towards the ancient evil she purported to serve.

“I suppose it’s fitting,” Syllana continued to muse, rubbing her chin. “The Guardian of Amalissa was Kitra, your ancestor. It’s only natural that the current Guardian would get to see the extinguishing of her purpose before her very eyes. As will the rest of your Clan, of course, from their cages downstairs.”

Kida remembered the demon-fox’s talk about her purportedly prodigious age. Was she alive when Kitra and Amalissa bested the Fomorian? That seemed too absurd to be believed. Having observed the Demon for herself, she didn’t understand how such a monster could have been sealed-off in the first place.

Syllana smiled as if reading the young vulpine’s thoughts. “But, of course, it won’t be the entire clan, will it? I will still have you… My little cunt-licking souvenir from these Mountains,” she proclaimed. “Don’t worry, apprentice… under my wings, you will get to see and experience wonders that your puny religion hasn’t even allowed you to imagine.” Then she walked out of the room, taking the twins with her and leaving Kida alone.

She was alone. She was unobserved, but… what could she do? Her clan was downstairs, held captive by the Archfoe and his whole cult. She could run… maybe… but how would that help her clan?

A minute later, she returned with only one of the twins. Cassandra… or Sophitia – it remained impossible to tell whom it was – stalking her steps with a new black leather collar snugly encircling her throat. With their to their newfound silent cadence and crescent-shaped slave-scar adorning their temples, the sisters seemed like entirely altered beings to her. Immediately, the kitsune girl could sense the magic in that band, the foxfire infusing it… but not what it did.

Syllana bent her pet over and ordered the dark-haired kitsune twin to stick out her tongue. It was a tribute to the torment she had already put her through that she didn’t hesitate… even after she saw the nail. “Your little Ward is taking her sweet time getting here,” Syllana commented as she nailed her plaything’s tongue to the wood, making her shriek with each hammer blow. “Probably stalking around in the woodlands trying to imagine a advantageous path of approach. The dumb little bitch doesn’t understand that whatever she does, it won’t matter… I’ll crush her like a grape, no matter what she does.” She sighed broadly, standing up and stepping away from Cassandra… or Sophitia. “Anyways, I suppose this means that we need a new diversion. Might as well enjoy the show.”

Sophitia’s… or Cassandra’s… eyelids suddenly fluttered. Confusion was written plainly on her face, her eyes going wide and an odd look flicking across her dull pupils. Seemingly dumbstruck, she began to look around and then down at herself, as if searching for ghostly apparitions which were touching her figure.

“I suppose that you have noticed the collar?” the Outlander questioned… not speaking to the confused twin. Except to give an instruction, Kida didn’t think she had ever acknowledged or spoken to word to either of them in her presence. “Of course you have… You’re a smart and perceptive girl. Well, this one’s sister wears an identical choker, also magical. She’s not far away at all. In fact, she’s down in the Abbey-proper right now. I suppose you remember who also resides there?”

Kida gasped in dawning horror. “Narghai…”

Syllana grinned like the possessed, like she had demons riding her soul. “This is going to be fun,” she stated, before stepping up right beside Kida and turning to face her plaything.

Cassandra’s… or Sophitia’s… fits had grown ever more extreme. She practically grappled with her own naked body, as if trying to scrape unseen insects off her skin without moving away from the nail holding her tongue in place. The youth tossed a wide-eyed stare at her mistress, who refused to do anything to illuminate her predicament. Apparently frightened of being punished further, the girl quickly averted her gaze from Syllana rather than begging, continuing to grapple with her own skin. Then, a second later, she buckled on the ground as if kicked in the gut, gasping and clutching her stomach while supine on the floor. The invisible assailant had not ceased to attack her.

“The magic links their souls,” Syllana balefully whispered. “Whatever she feels, the other one feels as well, and vice-versa. An surprising easy trinket to construct, with them being twins and all… they won’t even need the collar after a few weeks. It will be a permanent change.” She chuckled. “We’re getting to watch a Fomorian fuck a Kitsune without even having to tolerate the beast’s presence to begin with.”

“AAAGH GAHDDESS!!!” the tongue-nailed Kitsune screamed, both hands holding onto her own crotch. The girl’s eyes rolled up in her skull in anguish, revealing as much of their whites as possible. It looked to Kida like the expression of a woman who had just been stabbed in the gut by a sword… but it was quite obvious to the watching kitsune that the source of her rippling agony was originating from her vulva. Rolling back-and-forth a little, making her tongue bleed as it was pulled at, she suddenly tensed as if all the muscles of her body had been made to flex. Despite showing no outwardly damage, she was reacting as if her groin had been set on fire.

“Ahahaha!” Syllana cackled. “Isn’t that splendid?” She shook her head in appreciation. “Having lived so for so long, I lie… I’ve come to the opinion that the more rarefied the sex, the more entertaining it is. One can only sack a city and have its denizens gang-raped so many times before it turns routine.” She paused, then grinned. “Though… I suppose that our sovereign Master does not share that opinion. More’s the pity for your clan, I suppose.”

Watching the twin suffer through such unearthly means knotted Kida’s stomach. She felt like she was being initiated into some cult. Kida thought that she knew what Syllana was doing, what her casual conversation and never-ending parade of torments was supposed to do… the witch was trying to deaden her sensitivity and empathy… to make her view this spectacle as just another source of entertainment. The frightening part was that Kida could see it working. Grieving for the fates of her friends and family was so emotionally exhausting that she feared that someday she would simply run out of sympathy to give… over time, she might become as demonic of a person as her new mistress. She just couldn’t let this happen. Even if the Goddesses had abandoned them, she could do so as well.

Kida had never been able to join in her clan’s austere quest, its fervent religion, its isolated worldview… But she always thought that she possessed a big heart and loved them all. Taking that love away from her felt like Syllana was trying to rip-out her heart. Imaging herself as the black-furred Kitsune’s oath-bound servant seemed a fate worse than death. Would the experiences rendered her into a state of living death, leaving her walking around hollow and empty, void of all compassion? Or would she become as debauched and callous as the Sorceress herself? Why were the Great Evils of the world so seemingly all-powerful while their seemingly benevolent deities so inactive and effete?

“Hyyiiiaaaaahhh!” Sophitia… or Cassandra… thrashed violently on the floor, the nail ripping through her tongue and splitting it as she spasmed in agony, the suffering kitsune bellowed and seemingly completely unaware of her mutilated tongue, lost in the process of unleashing throat-sundering screams from the psychic rape she was receiving.

“Oohh, he must really be pounding out her pussy now!” the sadist exclaimed. “Notice the rippling, wave-like undulations her whole body makes, apprentice? That’s the dick-battering of a pre-Historical Power! He’s lurching into her with so much force that it roars through her flesh like a shock-wave. Isn’t it interesting how even these antemundane savages lovingly indulge in destroying a feminine body?” She stood with one finger on her lips, as if pondering philosophy while she watched the most horrific thing Kida had ever seen. “Sex and the want for its orgasmic destruction must predate the very existence of matter as we know it for that to be a factor to this one’s existence. Isn’t that fascinating?”

The blue-haired twin looked like she was having a seizure. Every fit made her body spasm so badly that the back of her skull would rise up off the ground and then dunk back down into the oaken flooring. It created a chorus of solid thudding sounds, the surges of her flesh coming at a rhythmic tempo. The other part of the duo must be getting absolutely reamed right now, riding his colossal rod while other members of their commune lay about his thrones having already been rape-fucked into a helpless, unmoving stupor. What she saw was merely the ghost of his violation… all of the destruction without the Beast himself present to manifest its demolition.

Kida was left to watch in helpless horror as her two best friends suffered worse than she could imagine. Only their astonishing Kitsune regenerative powers were holding their flesh together… otherwise, she thought the Fomorian might have literally torn her in half with his cock. What kind of gruesome mayhem would occur when he finally got his claws on the fully-human body of Marissa? That poor Blonde would be torn to pieces for trying to save them! Silently, she one again begged Marissa not to come for them, to run in the opposite direction as quickly as she could… Kida thought it might kill her to watch what he did to her.

Syllana sighed in pleasure. “I can’t help myself… I simply must be granted a taste of this perversion,” the ancient Kitsune said, the illusionary clothing she wore disappearing like mists. Now naked, her mistress nimbly stepped over to the downed youth convulsing body like a dancer possessed. With both legs positioned on either ends of her shaking head, she squatted down so to sit right on her face as if it were a chair. So locked in face by the kitsune’s strong thighs, at least the girls terrifying cephalic spasms were restrained by that her body weight. Now it was merely the torso and limbs which shuddered ferociously as if beset by seizures, vibrating as if to drum the flooring with their vigorous quivers. Master and Lieutenant were now both exploiting the twins sensually-conjoined bodies. The Sorcerers pussy was neatly aligned with the tortured girl’s face. It was clear that despite the absurd and abnormal situation, she demanded subservience.

“Yes…” she moaned. “Already so well trained, yes… lick it. I don’t often get a tongue-lashing from a split tongue… it’s very unique. Best do a good job… or I’ll send you down to your Archfoe next. I’m sure that he’ll enjoy abusing a pair of twins as much as I do,” the raven-haired woman cooed.

Wrecked as she was, obedience was still brought out of the unidentifiable twin. The fox-girls bloody tongue was slithering and stroked against the pink and well-sodden cunt-flesh of her rapist which great strokes. Kida’s vibrant green eyes were able to discern how those scooping digs dragged off glossy bundles of her juices, coating the tongue in their liquids and drooling down into her mouth to be feed upon. Gagging on the her mistress’ abundant nectar, the the slave-twin almost belched and then instinctively rolled jerked away.

Syllana, however, rode the spasm and kept her loins perfectly positioned atop her mouth, balanced like a seasoned equestrian. After the failed buck attempt, the sorceress reached back and pinched at the girl’s sensitive nipples for her insolence. “Stupid slut. Anything that comes out of my twat is your ambrosia. You will learn to love the taste like it’s the the reason for your existence,” she purred, while keeping getting her plush womanhood tongue-combed.

While the face-sitting continued, Syllana shifted her gaze so to gaze over her shoulder, looking back at her petrified apprentice with an overjoyed and perverse smile upon her lips. “This is certainly a pleasant way to get eaten out by two women at once,” she said with delight. “Remind me to ask this one’s sister if she could taste everything too, or just feel it… I’ve never had occasion to use this enchantment before.” The sheer vision of sadistic mirth on the cruel woman’s face chilled the blood flow within her veins. Syllana allowed every sensation of rippling ecstasy to play out physically across her sharp visage, as if attempting to advertise the incredible pleasure that her slave’s tongue brought her to Kida’s watching eyes. She was attempting to make the sexual torture of her best friend appear tantalizing, like a rare and exquisite pleasure that refined ladies just had to partake in. The blue-haired Kitsune was not a person to her… just a tool to be exploited.

“Why don’t you come over here and join us?” she innocently asked. “Cunnilingus is always at its best while your seated upon the supplicant.”

The offer chilled Kida’s guts. Fear of what would happened if she refused hampered her response. Her first inclination was to give in, but she just couldn’t abuse Cassandra or Sophitia so. Trembling like a startled rabbit, she shook her head in reply.

Syllana chuckled melodiously and beamed a Circean smirk, turning back her head. “You will want to, sooner or later. I’ve know a lot of purportedly snow-white souls. They all melt when the heat of arousal becomes to overbearing. Just give yourself some time, little kitten. That girl who likes to seduce friars in the forest will become a true wildcat soon enough… with the proper guiding hand,” she said while returning her full-focus onto the pussy-licking.

The kitsune witch spoke with the assiduity of an oracle… it made her body break out in goosebumps all over. Was it true? Was Kida’s mischievous side really a mountain of untapped evil that could me mined for sadistic impulses like Syllana claimed? She didn’t want to believe it. The more she saw of the Fomorian and his mysterious Lieutenant, the more powerless she felt in their presence, yet the more desperate she also felt about avoiding a lifetime of slavery underneath their boots.

While she was lost in her mental horror, the dark haired fox started gyrating her hips, belly-dancing in tandem to the motions of the youths tongue. This amorous shimmy was accompanied by a torrent of cooing and moaning from the evil witch herself as the thaumaturge began priming herself for another pleasure-giving explosion… an influx of bliss to reward the sadistic woman for her ruthlessness. Her whole crouched body started writhing like a serpent, cupping her own breasts and tilted her skull back, ears twitching as she unleashed those joy-filled moans. The contrast with the twin beneath her could not have been starker… her ecstacy put against the utter misery of her slave-girl beneath her. Still jolting with the effects of the immaterial rape-fuck it was a miracle that the young kitsune even managed to keep her lapping going. Most likely, it was only mind-blinding terror of what would happen if she disobeyed that kept her pink muscle moving. At least it had healed back together by now.

That tongue and Syllana’s soaked cunt continued their wrestling match, poking and flapping at it so vigorously until Syllana’s climax arrived like a gale of desert-winds. Jerking her own body hectic, Syllana cried out her orgasm as it rippled through her chest. The cruel woman convulsed and groaned as she reveled through the fruits of sadism, settling down on her her reward. Only after she had finished, and Syllana’s breathing began to calm, did she rise up to her feet again, leaving behind a thick coating of cunt-cream all over the abused girl’s contorted countenance. Freed from the weight of her captor’s body, the twin’s spasms went full-body again, her head resuming its dunking against the ground whenever Narghai drove his dick into her sister.

“Now then,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes. “I think it is your turn. So be a good little bitch, and…”

There came a heavy knock on the oaken-door. It’s noise was almost blotted out by the thrumming sound of that spasming body, but they both heart it. Syllana looked over with notable annoyance before she waved her hand, making her clothing reappear on her body as tidy and neat as if she hadn’t just been in the throws of an orgasm moments ago. “Enter,” she commanded.

A burly-built and cold-eyed trooper opened the door. He barely glanced at the thrashing twin. Gruff-faced as a bulldog, he stated, “We’ve captured the Descendant.”

“Excellent!” the Sorceress replied, her annoyance vanishing in a second. She didn’t even seem the slightest bit surprised. “Have her brought before the entrance of the Temple. I suppose we could enjoy scourging the beauty a bit before our exalted Master gets his claws on her and destroys the girl entirely.”

Kida felt horrifically paralyzed, standing stiff and immobile as a statue. She had been expecting the moment yet hearing it announced beset her with overwhelming heartache and woe. Had that foolish girl really done it? Had she just marched into Garginion and gotten herself captured? Despite somehow seeming inevitable, it likewise felt so unreal that the fox-girl experienced anguish as if her insides had been hollowed out.

“Come, little kitten,” Syllana beckoned. “Let us witness your heroic ward with our own eyes. She promptly marched out the door, leaving Cassandra or Sophitia’s convulse-ridden body on the ground behind her to suffer through Narghai’s attentions by proxy.

It took a long time for Kida to be able to begin moving. Walking with legs that seemed weighted down by lead, she exited the room and made her way down that spiral staircase towards the main chancel of the Church itself.

It was time to confront destiny.

After tip-toeing through the main-chamber where Narghai sat enthroned in the far distance where the Abbey’s sanctum had once laid in an attempt to avoid attention, Kida made her way into the antechamber. From here, she could gaze through the gateway and hear the noises coming from outside. The half-dead and sperm-smeared Kitsune still lay motionless against its bricked-walls, their glossy eyes unable to register the passing of their erstwhile sister.

Something else caught Kida’s attention, though. Something which made her stop dead in her tracks and gape stupefied. The laborers whom Syllana had called to haul the sarcophagi down to the chancel had for some reason left it in the antechamber… and they had left it open!

Pain-wrecked, Kitina was still subsumed within the center of that twirling and encasing spider-web. Head hanging limp, she raised it sluggishly the moment Kida drew near, as if able to perceive the approach of her kin. Kida couldn’t meet that gaze… too filled with shame to see what her sister thought of her. She expected the Guardian to yell at her… to curse her. She expected a biting word from her elder’s tongue. Instead, the beautiful fox did something that the distraught fox-girl thought unthinkable. Haggardly, her lips drew into a faint, weak smile.

It was a minute emotion. But it was the smile of someone attempting to alleviate emotions of dread and suffering through love… and it broke Kida’s heart.

“How are you holding up, sis?” Kitina asked feebly. “Are you alright?”

Kida felt horrorstruck. She was the one who had made a deal with the enemy to avoid rape and torture, who had sold herself when she figured that the battle was lost. True, she hoped to find a way to save her clan, but… thus far, she had not found nor even attempted any action to save them. She was basically a traitor — while Kitina was a martyr. The Guardian hadn’t given up. Not even when she had been confronted with Narghai. And she had even defeated that sorcerous witch in a duel. She had been useful. She was the savior her clan deserved.

Why was her sister offering her sympathy? Why was she not being scolded for her uselessness, just like Kitina had done all the other times that she had misbehaved or ignored her duties? The emotional disparity brought unstoppable tears to the brunette’s eyes.

“Heh. Sorry. I was never very good at speaking comforting words,” Kitina added, chuckling the faintest of laughs. “I guess I never developed that motherly instinct needed after our own mother died so young.”

These were tones that Kida had never heard her sister spoken… Yet they were not the emotions of devastation that she had been expecting. More of a pensive sadness at how things had turned out.

“To think that it was our generation who had to suffer the Fomorian’s return,” the Guardian whispered. “How sad. Despite our preparations, we were nowhere near ready, were we?”

“Why aren’t you berating me?” she voiced in tones so silent they could have been mere breaths of air, verbalizing her despair. “I… sister… I abandoned the Descendant. Because of me, we…” Her voice cracked. “I am… I’m a failure! Everything you said about me was true. I…”

“Kida,” Kitina interrupted with a wheeze. “I never doubted that you had our wellbeing in mind during any of your choices. I know your heart, sister.” She smiled as best she could. It was a small thing… but she tried. “I don’t know what you’ve done or said. But whatever you decided to do, just know that I have faith in you.”

The intimacy hit her like a knife to the stomach. It came completely unexpected… The feeling turned her guts into such mush that she almost fell over. How could Kitina place such thrust in her after all of her failures? Wallowing in her sense of defeat, her mind fought desperately for some protestation to make. “But…” she began, ready to unload all the troubles of her heart. “Sister, I saw the sanctification. I took Marissa to the Ancestral Cavern, just as the legends said that we should do when the Archfoe returned. She took up the artifact and… and it worked, Kitina. The joining worked.” She let out a tiny sob. “I saw Brighid’s holy power materialize within that cavern and fill her up… but it’s not enough. It’s just not enough.”

“What do you mean?” the Guardian whispered.

“She… she isn’t powerful enough,” Kida answered. “I beheld Narghai and I beheld the restored Prophetess and Narghai is more powerful by a legion. She cannot defeat him. I am so sorry to say this bu—”

“Oh Kida… Oh Kida my ever-unobservant little sister,” Kitina chuckled, almost looking as if she had just happened upon something profoundly funny, before the laughter made the restraints of jorogumo-silk dig into her flesh so severely that she grimaced with pain.

“What do you mean?” the stunned fox-girl questioned.

“Did you really think that the original prophetess Amarissa was powerful enough to take on the Archenemy of all creation, all on her own?” she asked.

The question was simple, the idea obvious, but the revelation contained within was profound. In a moment of vast epiphany, Kida’s experienced a keenly-felt flashback. She was once again a cub standing within the Ancestral Cavern, listening to her sister’s holy instructions, beholding a painted cavern-wall which detailed the age-old and momentous struggle. Yet her spirit-vision was focused on one image in particular. The many dead Kitsune who lay at the Fomorian’s feet at the moment he was sealed underneath that baleful eastern Mountain. Her forebearers had paid with their lives during that primordial struggle. They had fought and bled against him, as well.

They were just as much the reason why the Archfoe had been sealed within his prison as the prophetess was.

Her sister nodded like an wizened lore-master. “The simplest of realizations can change everything, can’t they? Amalissa would have been helpless without Kitra. The same is true now.”

Emotions swirled within Kida. For a moment, it seemed like her guilt over abandoning the Ward wrestled with her newfound sense of insight. A realization quelled her unruly spirit when she came to peace with the fact that there was nothing she could do about the past. Even with the looming doom that hung over all of them, she somehow now felt more invigorated with bravery and agency than she ever had been since stumbling upon the Fomorians return.

“If the Archfoe is allowed to leave this valley, then he will drench the world in blood,” she stated resolutely, without any sense of meek inevitability. It was no longer an unchangable fact… It was a cataclysm that could, and must, be stopped.

“Yes…” Kitina affirmed. “But you won’t have to stop him alone.”

The kitsune gave her sister a look of surprise and confusion, and Kitina smiled as best she could. “You didn’t think I intended to remain sealed inside this spider-net forever, did you? Skip along now… Or that black-furred bitch will grow suspicious of your absence,” she added.

Quelling the urge to ask her how that was supposed to be done, Kida obeyed. With an entirely new sense of purpose inflaming her Vulpine form, the Alpine fox went out into the forum so to join Syllana and the captured Prophetess.

“I suppose you’re curious how I captured her?” Syllana asked as Kida belatedly stepped up to the witch’s side, grinning widely yet not even looking at her unwilling apprentice. “Easiest thing I’ve ever done. The girl is from this village. Just dangle the lives of a few of its children before her when she enters its walls and the sluts backbone broke like a twig. That was all that was needed. A few fanatics holding blades against kiddie throats and then she surrendered to spare their lives.”

In one of the streets leading to the marketplace, a whole slew of panoply-wearing soldiers was approaching. In their midst the muscled along a svelte young woman dressed in celestial white that contrasted starkly against their steel-gray, the girl struggling and fighting them all the way yet to physically frail to escape them. Her wheat-yellow braided hair made her identity crystal-clear even from a distance. It was Marissa.

“Hmhmhm…” the Sorceress thoughtfully chuckled. “To think that a young human who proves unwilling to sacrifice the lives of even a handful of children ever dreamed of being able to best Narghai. She knows nothing about the nature of the Cosmos. That’s why the world needs a person like me. Only I can make the hard choices.”

Kida wasn’t even listening to her allusions regarding the secrets of creation. All she could think about was the Descendant.

“Of course,” the evil-hearted woman added. “I had the men ordered to slay those toddlers as soon as she was outside eye-sight anyway. What good are they to me?” She chuckled.

Brought before them kicking and screaming, the Prophetess was forced to kneel before the Sorceress’ booted feet. Thrown onto the cobblestone, she grimaced like a cornered animal. The youth possessed far more mettle when confronted with overwhelming evil than Kida had managed to muster, or she was simply to unknowing to realize what she was getting herself into.

“Ah! And there she is!” Syllana said loudly, her tone teasing. “The girl of prophecy! The one who is supposed to reseal Narghai! So, descendant of Amalissa… how goes your quest?” She spoke with mocking grandioseness.

And Marissa spat at her face.

The wad of spittle didn’t travel far enough to besmirch her gloating visage, but it still stuck Syllana’s torso. The witch stood still, seemingly unmoved by the insult, but Kida’s heart swelled anyway. “You should be more judicious is picking your enemies — and who you bow before,” the dark fox said self-assuredly. “Like your little fox friend over here. But of course, being who you are, you won’t be having the same luxury of choice that she had. I’m afraid that Narghai wants you too badly.”

Having so single-mindedly directed her loathing at Syllana, the blonde had seemed completely oblivious to Kida’s cowed presence. Shifting her gaze, her expression turned shocked and appalled at seeing her savior standing subserviently behind that callous witch. “Kida!” she exclaimed. When Kida didn’t reply, she continued. “Kida! I know that you could never have joined these fiends willingly! Hang on! We can still manag—”

One of the troops silenced the girl with an armored backhand. Kida’s heart ached. The amount of trust placed in her caused the Nine-Tailer to frown, her heart beating so heavily that her tiny ribcage felt like it was bobbing. Syllana shifted her gaze so to face her would-be apprentice. “This one has proved to be a wise little cub,” she stated, planting a peck on the fox-girl’s cheek, burning with faux-affection. “I granted her the offer of fealty because she has entertained me. She’s quite the unusual little vulpine, you see. Our race tends to be so insufferably religious and devotional.” She spat back at Marissa then, right into her eyes. “You, on the other hand, wever, have been quite the opposite. I did not enjoy chasing you throughout the hinterlands, nor tolerating my Patron’s impatience for you… But I have ways of turning annoying foes into sources of entertainment.”

A group of men stepped forth, grinning while in the process of removing their steel. Those pieces of armor clanked as they hit the cobblestone.

An urge to intervene tautened Kida’s muscles. The Descendant was still their only shot of stopping Narghai from decimating the world and… and… Kida had to admit she still retained an almost irrational compulsion to see the Blonde protected at all cost. Yet this situation was void of any opportunity. There were too many soldiers around them, Even if Syllana were not standing just beside her as well. She had to bide her time and wait… she was only going to get one chance. All she could offer the downed Blonde was an emotion-rich gaze with hopefully conveyed some sense that she was still working for their liberation and survival.

“When we first encountered one another, you were in the process of suffering an good, old-fashioned village molestation, right before Kida here saved you. I assume that you recognize these men?” she asked, indicating the numerous troopers who were in various stages of undress. It was only once she said it that Kida recognized their faces. They were the boys who had been harassing Marissa that day in the market… it seemed so long ago. However, if it seemed long ago to her, to the boys, it seemed like an eon for how much they had changed. Their once youthful lineaments now seemed rougher and gruffer. They had been undergoing days worth of indoctrination and trauma… Like a sizable chunk of Garginion population, they had been broken into the zealotry of the Fomorian’s cult. “They will now be picking up where you left off. I hope that you’ll enjoy your first sexual experience, because I don’t think my apprentice will be saving you this time.”

The men of the village approached her. Devoid of urbane manners, their lusts had lost all pretenses and social trappings. Now, they were just sex-hungry animals… when they gazed at the blonde’s svelte body, they were seeing her as nothing but prey.

“No! Please! You know me!” she begged. “These are the people who destroyed our village! You shouldn’t—” That was as much as she managed to say before being silenced with another punch, this one a close-fisted overhand that knocked her to the cobblestones.

Remaining motionless and quietly observant was more difficult than it had ever been for the chestnut-haired fox-girl. Her lips curled back from her teeth as she found herself staring at the throat of the man who had hit her. Calm, she reminded herself. Calm.

Gathering around her like wolves, the coeval boys pinned her unto the ground so that Marissa became unable to even squirm. Her outcries of “No!” and “Stop!” proved useless. They had all seen their own female relatives be subjected to gang-rape already during the occupation of the Garginion. Now, they were ready to replicate those lessons on her. They began ripping the white garment off her person as if their hands were claws.

“Such a voluptuous body,” Syllana commented. “You really would believe that she’s divine. So white-skinned and such fertile curves. I can understand why the boys would want to have their fun with her.”

The panic in the Descendant’s eyes grew wildly as they tore off the clothing protecting her sizable breast-mounds and groin. The unveiling of that virginal honeypot sent the soldiers into a scramble, all the males jostling and grappling to be the one to besmirch it first. Squirming and fighting, Marissa almost managed to sprawl to freedom before some other soldiers grasped her legs and yanked them apart, priming her for a vicious deflowering. Taking advantage of a tumble, one firm-bodied youth finally managed to settle himself in-between those outstretched thighs. His dick was ragingly erect and jutted threateningly close to that feminine sex. Wearing an oafish grin, he aligned their organs together and got ready to plunder away her maidenhood.

“N-No! You’re tearing me apart!” she wailed as his steely-rod attempted a dry entry.

Her mistress chuckled. “If I had a silver piece of every time I’d heard that,” Syllana humorously mused. “I wonder how many women have had their first-time ruined like this?”

“Nhyaaaaahh!” Marissa shrieked as their hips interlocked, burying that manhood deep inside her. Kida winced at the profane desecration yet quickly re-mastered her nerves so to appear neutral, not wanting to let Syllana see how much it bothered her. The invading brute was left grunting in pleasure as his swollen dick was left wrapped within utterly pristine pussy-flesh, regaled by its pleasurable squeeze. This was not merely sex, however, but vicious rape… despite Marissa’s screams, he began hammering into her slit, shoving his way deeper with each thrust like that immaculate quim was something to be battered and destroyed. Using his dick like a closed fist, he punished Marissa for opposing the witch and their Demon-God Narghai.

“Rip her cunt apart! someone beastly yelled.

The soldier did is best to obey. The thrusts reached all the way to the back of her bleeding twat, clobbering against her sensitive cervix. Banging himself against her, that horrified sensation was repeated over and over and over again. To Kida, it looked more like the sort of frantic poundings breeding-crazed dogs would do than anything practiced by sentient beings. Marissa reacted as if getting knifed every time that foreign rod rummaged within her cunt. Insane with lust, the violator looked as if he considered himself a conquering hero, performing the bidding of his undoer and newfound Mistress. Lurching with all the energy of youth, he made great progress towards that lecherous finish-line, fucking like a rabbit as he built up to unleashing a fusillade of cum into her body.

“How do you want it bitch!?” he hollered. “Balls deep?”

“Nooooo!” she blared in response, the thrusts continuing unabated. No power granted by the Goddesses could stop this moment from occurring. Pursuing his profane drive to reproduce and destroy, the brainwashed youth pummeled himself forward, sinking his meat-pole all the way in like a blade being hilted within its scabbard in spite of her spirited protestations.

“Uuugh! Uuugh! Uuuuuhhhh!” he croaked while keeping that shaft impaled, painting his insides with goo. Kida might have been able to prevent this from happening under more civilized circumstances. But now she stood helpless and forced to endure the pain of witnessing the person she has sworn to protect be befouled by a rapist’s seed.

The climax proceeded like some kind of evil catharsis, him grunting and the Blonde weeping. Rivulets of virile seed were fired off deep within her, pollinating those fertile depths for the very first time in her life. When the moment of bliss had finally ended, he unceremoniously pulled out his prick, treating her more callously than a tavern-wench during a drunken orgy. The phallic withdrawl brought a new fit of squirming from the supine Prophetess, but all of her attempts as escape were effortlessly stymied by the dozen or so men surrounding her and holding her down. There was even more desperation in her jerks now than before, however, and though she attempted to remain brave and gallant, the anguish and chagrin of being openly violated ate away at her like a flesh-sundering poison. Without fanfare, another male quickly assumed his riding-position, ready to further besmirch that freshly-opened passage.

Sealing her lips, Marissa tried her best not to scream as this new male began barreling at full speed into her just like his predecessor. Having been a virgin just minutes ago, however, she was horribly unfit to withstand such intimate abuse. Her private parts became the conduit for their expression of erotic rancor for her beautiful body. In their hatred, many also spat big wads of saliva down at her grimacing visage while they awaited their turn.

“Sure is a lot of cock going into that hole,” Syllana commented. “You aren’t getting jealous, my friar-seducing little kitten?” she mockingly questioned Kida.

“No, Mistress,” she mewled in reply.

Marissa’s attempts to remain unaffected by this second rape soon fell by the wayside. As the cultist slam-fucking himself in-between her legs, she was made to wail and scream just as loudly as the first time. This finish was even more frantic than that initial piece of unwilling intercourse, the over-excited youth banging into her hips so ferociously that it almost appeared that he risked bucking himself over her prostrate figure. The inevitable came in a flurry of chaotic motions, and a few seconds later a second load joined the one already befouling her womb, dumping those masculine fertilizers into her sex further defile her.

“Let’s make this more interesting!” Syllana announced. “We’re going to have a change in position. From now on, gang-rape her properly. I want multiple penetrations… Do her ass and pussy at the same time.”

The Descendant reacted as if hearing something which she didn’t even think possible. Her figure grasped, she was lifted and manipulated to their choosing. One of those youthful converts laid himself prone upon the hard marketplace flooring, dick jutting upwards like a flagpost. Marissa was planted upon that beige fuck-stick like a criminal being executed, squirming as she was impaled. The rigid penis pushed into her now spunk-saturated quim, claiming it as a house to dominate as straddling his hips, the Ward was essentially made to ride him. Next, another fanatic squatted behind her posterior, that full-blooded hard-on protruding towards her butt.

“NO!” she yelped upon feeling its bulbous, mushroom-shaped tip push against her enclosed anus. “You can’t not in there! That’s… that’s sodomy!” A life-long church-girl, the thought of being anally taken seemed utterly reprehensible to Marissa. Being taken in the ass was only done by the dirtiest of reprobates. These village-teens had all of those norms and customs brutalized out of their flesh, however. Completely detached from her suffering, that squatting man pumped his hips so to penetrate her rectum.

Pincered form both ends, the Blonde’s mettle completely broke as she was forced to endure something that she had never ever imagined herself partaking in. With two young bucks thudding into her, her pain seemed exponentially greater. Men tugged and tore at her tightly-braided hair so to force her to remain upright and keep her back arched. This created perfect accessibility for them to pound those holes in tandem. Far beyond her idea of sex, tears flowed like minute waterfalls down her glowering cheeks, creating a wet trail which painted sadness onto her anguished features.

“Not what you were intending to come here and do!? Was it, slut!?” the one on the bottom hollered, aggressively grabbing her breasts and manhandling those firm globes as he did so.

“I tell you one thing though!” the one buggering her yelled out. “She’s got a real tight ass! It’s cramping down and hugging all over my shaft as if trying to squeeze it to death. I bet it’s even snugger than her twat! No wonder a girl with such a tight butthole would grow up and become such a pain in our ass!”

That orifice only intended for excretion kept being pummeled from its opposite direction. Marissa’s brows knitted upon her forehead in evidence of how agonizing it was. Hammered into her vagina and bowels at the same time, more whimpers and groans escaped her quivering lips. The longer the rape went on, the more severely they managed to damage her. The shame and hurtfulness just kept piling up, adding onto one-another in an ever downpressing weight and making her scream and sob all the more. It was rape at its most inhumane… or so Kida thought until Syllana spoke again.

“I thought I said to gangfuck her,” the dark fox teased. “Start pummeling her mouth too. Leave no orifice unused. If she bites, then I will kill every child left in this village.”

“Noo…” Marissa squealed, bravado so diminished with discomfort that she could no longer scream out her woes. Another slap to the face shut her up and coerced her into submission. That same man was quick to bring his raging cock to her enclosed mouth, prying those lips open with the bell-shaped tip of his shift. Kida was unable to tell her that those younglings had already been slain.

True to his Mistress commands, the oral rapists started bludgeoning his erection into that wet orifice viciously. The blonde could plaintively not deal with such an aggressive member. For her squirming, she received another slap, and then he grasped her skull in a double-handed death-clutch. With her skull immobilized, he was free to hump her head as ruthlessly as possible.

Marissa’s gorgeous face was blocked from Kida’s view by his dirty rear. Gagging noises resounded in clamorous tenors and a lot of spittle was ignobly spilled onto the ground as he used her viciously. Despite his freshness to the desecration, this newcomer proved to be the most aroused. He began grunting with eagerly, as he already began orgasmic overtones. This mind-blinding apex did not hinder his hips from quickly oscillating so to deliver his strokes, though. Even as he came, he kept digging out that palate, shooting out copious bundles of semen so to allow her to taste that seed which already tainted her uterus.

“Feed on it! Feed on it, bitch!” he blared, violently completing his oral abuse. Once done, he simply handed over her head to the man standing the closest to him. Gunky sperm leaking from her mouth and crying, that double-fucked Descendant was made to be face-fucked again without ceremony. Meanwhile, the prongs violating her pussy and ass heeded the tradition of going balls-deep while climaxing inside her. She received four balls worth of cock slime jettisoned into her innards. Much of it was buried inside her, stray strands sluggishly oozing out as they withdrew their cocks. One violation at at time, their Ward was transformed into a cum-dump for the cult of Narghai. These brainwashed boys were full of energy and could pound into her again-and-again without respite. Syllana smirked happily as she watched the damage she managed to inflict on a chosen of Brighid, laughing in mad enjoyment as they used her again, and again, and again…

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