Arid Affections

Cleopatra woke up with the morning sun shimmering off the Nile, bathing the temple that was her bedroom in the reflected glory of Ra himself. Hundreds of morning birds sang and chirped, hopping around on her window sill as they ate the food she so generously gifted them with… beautiful things were always worthy of special attention in her Queendom. She stretched, lifted both of her arms over her head as she yawned, feeling the warmth of the morning on her bronze skin.

It only took her a few moments to remember what day today was, and when she did, the Queen’s smile split her face, a brilliance to rival that of Amun-re himself. Today was the festival! The bed was comfortable, and Cleopatra was reluctant to leave it and face the morning… for a moment longing for nothing more than to cling to her blanket and enjoy the warm morning… but the duties of a Queen called. She pulled back the cover and…

Cleopatra cocked her head. Oh.

The girl laying half on her hips was splayed out beneath the covers and passed out, and the limp, lifeless way she lay there betrayed the extreme exhaustion she must have felt when she collapsed. Now that she saw her, proprioception was kicking in… Cleopatra could feel the tingle of the woman’s tight cunt around her length, feel the awakening bit of pleasure as that warm squeezing was bringing her back to full hardness inside her. With the cover lifted, however, the smell was abrupt and strong… plenty of dried cum plastered her skin along with sweat and dirt and spit, the remnants of a night well spent. Try as she might, Cleopatra could not remember the girl’s name she had taken to bed… nor could she remember not sending her away before sleeping. She must have been nearly as exhausted as the slave girl clearly was to have left the alchemical shaft attached to her.

Cleopatra shrugged. No matter.

The nameless girl was laying there, sleeping like the dead, but she woke abruptly as Cleopatra began to fuck her. Her shaft grew thicker still as it began to move, thickening to something nearly the size of the girl’s wrist and making her cry out as her cute little quim stretched taut around it. Cleopatra didn’t hesitate, didn’t go easy, didn’t get her any time to get used to it… it was a slave’s job to take whatever the Queen wanted to give her, after all, and if she wanted any pleasure from it of her own she would need to learn to take it the way Cleopatra wanted to give it.

The nameless girl shrieked in surprise and pain as she came back into wakefulness getting pounded as hard as the most beautiful girl in any land could give it to her, her cries spiking to a high pitch each time the Queen’s thick cock butted up against her cervix, slamming her hard enough that the bed shook and slid a bit across the floor… Cleopatra noticed that already the bed was out of alignment, more proof of how much fun she had been having last night. She really needed to get better sleep.

She grabbed onto the petite girl’s hair, yanking it back until her back arched and she could stare into her cocksheath’s face while she fucked her, watching tears trace fresh tracks down the dried seed staining her plaything’s cheeks. She loved seeing her face scrunch up in discomfort… it let her know that she was fucking her hard.

“Have you cum for me yet?” Cleopatra asked.

“N-n-no…” the nameless girl squeaked meekly, and the submission her voice made Cleopatra’s cock grow harder still. She still couldn’t remember everything, but she had clearly taught this one well already.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn to love it,” the Queen grinned, yanking her back harder so that she could lick the woman’s neck, lavishing it with searing kissed as she slammed again and again into her helpless cunt.

“Why… why are you… doing this…” the weeping girl begged. As if in answer, her cock twitched twice… and then began blasting cum deep into the vulnerable girl, spraying her insides as she continued to gasp and cry out. Shot after shot, Cleopatra pounded cum into her defenseless womb… her potent seed flooding into her submissive tunnel, completely dominating her body. As she came, Cleopatra wrapped one her slender hands around the girl’s neck, squeezing softly and making her plaything’s darker skin bulge out from between her bronze fingers as she rode out her orgasm, making her gasp for breath as she felt her womb be pelted by the cum of her Queen.

A rush of power washed over her… it was always like that with one of the alchemical cocks. A man would be growing tired now, drained of energy… but instead, she felt almost like she could fuck this pretty thing all day, the energy feeding back into her instead. There was always a price to pay eventually… hence her exhausted slumber last night, she supposed… but at the moment her cock was growing no softer as she pumped her wicked seed deep into the slave’s fertile, unprotected womb and stared into the broken expression on her gasping face.

When Cleopatra pulled out, plenty of cum, old and new, came with her. The nameless girl lay on the bed, no longer struggling, barely moving except to gasp for air now that the Queen was allowing her to breathe again. A large part of her wanted to fuck the girl again… and again and again and again… but no. She had things to do.

“I’m not ready to be a Mother,” the nameless girl whimpered pathetically.

Cleopatra snickered as she basked in the warmth of the sun. “You’re welcome to take any contraceptive you like… it won’t help.” She chuckled slightly, watching her shake with her sobs.

“This room is filthy,” Cleopatra said as she rose and began to dress herself, wrapping a robe around her luscious body. “And it smells. Making cleaning it your first priority… then you will go speak to Ahura. She will whip you once for every speck of filth that escapes your notice, and once she is satisfied you have cleaned them all she will get you a room and tell you of the rest of your duties as one of my maids.”

“But…” she protested softly. “I’m not a maid, your Radiance… I’m a scribe from the town below. My father will be looking for-”

That was right… The pretty thing had caught her eye yesterday when her father had come with merchants to sell silks. Cleopatra remembered now. What was her name… Anneke? Ankhta? Ankene? Something like that… she shook her head. It didn’t really matter. “You were a scribe,” Cleopatra said simply. “Now you are a maid in my household. You will endeavour to be a good one… because you will not enjoy the process of being replaced.” Cleopatra looked down at the bulge in her robes and sighed. That was right… she was out of the Universal Solvent. That was why she had gone to sleep like this… it was coming back now. Cleopatra tightened her robe around herself until her breasts looked like they were about to pop out, then she turned and strode from the room… and as she did, she heard the sobbing girl rise from the bed and begin to clean.

“Good morning, mother!”

Sabah sat at the table, eating berries out of a bowl one at a time. Cleopatra’s eldest daughter was only nineteen and she already had nearly six inches on her mother… the girl was born to be conquerer, slaying apostate men and laying their women. Her dark hair shone in the light of the sun, shimmering almost like oil and displaying almost a violet hue as it spilled down her back. Sabah wore almost nothing, of course… she almost never did, unless she needed to go to battle. Some bare strips of the finest silk were all that kept her nipples – and not much else – from the eye… nothing but the very best silk was worthy to touch her skin.

“Good morning Sat-Mela,” Cleopatra said with a small smile, slowly settling down into her own cushioned chair before the table. She grabbed a few berried for herself and crushed them against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, savoring the tart taste that made her feel like her skin was crawling. “I need some of the Solvent,” the Queen said. “I didn’t realize that I was out.”

Sabah gave a distinctly unfeminine grunt. “I have some in my room still. I can get it for you after I eat.”

“Thank you,” Cleopatra agreed, smiling at her daughter, “but I will also need to have more made for myself. I can’t be going to see you each and every time I want to enjoy a plaything after all. Have you seen your sister? I’ll let her know to get working on it.”

“That might need to wait a little bit too,” Sabah said, gasping slightly. “She’s a little… busy…”

Cleopatra tilted her head… then paused, smiled, and looked under the table…

Sabah was everything that Ranah was not. Where Sabah towered over others, Ranah was usually a head shorter than most. Where Sabah was strong and powerful, Sabah was slight. The only similarity they shared was in their beauty and the shade of their hair… everything else was nearly as different as it was possible for two women to be.

And she was bound with her hands tied behind her back, making barely audible screaming noises into her sister’s cunt as she suffocated on it.

Sabah had wrapped both of her strong legs around her head, holding it in place with her calves behind her and her thighs squeezing the sides of her head. Ranah was clearly trying to escape, but she was just as clearly completely overmatched by her sister, keeping her helpless as she forced her to service her wet pussy while she ate. Even while Cleopatra watched, her eldest daughter loosened her grip just enough to let her get a single gasp of air before tightening back up.

Ranah clearly didn’t want to be here… which told Cleopatra everything she needed to know. She wasn’t going to be getting her new solvent for a bit yet it seemed… so she might as well put her toy to use. While Ranah desperately struggled between the larger woman’s thighs, her tongue sliding instantly between the other woman’s wet, slippery folds, Cleopatra walked to the other side of the table, letting her robe fall to the floor again.

Eating cunt was something Ranah was quite talented at… but suffocation provided some of the best motivation. She lavished attention on every inch of Sabah’s pretty pink princesshood, licking and caressing her slit, her button, her lips caressing her sisters inner folds. Every moment was as much of a hell for Ranah as it seemed to be heaven for Sabah, the amazonian princess’ pussy glistening with her lust and pleasure.

It seemed like Ranah was still hoping her mother might save her, as she was still making as much noise as possible, trying to get her attention. That stop when she became aware of a shifting of weight behind her, the table moving as Cleopatra pushed it to the side to get in on the action. The Queen softly stroked her throbbing cock, leaning closer and closer… and then Ranah stiffened as she felt her mother’s palm on her ass. Slowly, Cleopatra’s hand drifted down further, to Ranah own pretty little pussy. Ranah stopped licking entirely, alarmed. She squeaked as she felt her mother’s hand cupping her mound – and when he slid a single finger into her unexpectedly, Ranah’s head shot up, breaking free of Sabah’s loose grip for a moment, her face flushed and covered with tears and her sister’s juices. “Mother! Mother please, help me!” she gasped, Sabah’s cunt still dripping off her chin.

Sabah tightened her thighs. “I didn’t tell you to stop!” Sabah she said breathlessly, a hint of malicious glee in her voice. “Get your face back down there!”

Ranah screamed and struggled, but Sabah just moaned, grinding herself against the other woman’s wriggling face. Ranah tried to turn away, but Sabah just forced her hips harder upwards, humping and grinding against her sister as if she was just a toy. While Sabah was humping her, Cleopatra pushed herself against the surprisingly damp slit of her younger daughter, making her squeal as the top of her cock pressed against her tight entrance. Her entire body tensed, the younger daughter whimpering and gasping as she felt him pushing gently into her, tears welling up in her eyes.

Ranah’s scream as her cunt was split open by Cleopatra’s huge dick was muffled in Sabah’s dripping folds, the other woman extremely excited by the sight of Ranah being penetrated against her will. Ranah let out a heartfelt sob, groaning in horror as her mother’s cock pushed deep inside of her slick passage.

“Oh by Ra I love when they scream, Mother!” Sabah moaned. “OOoo she’s squirming so well!”

Ranah’s only response was a wail of anguish, eyes screwed up, tears running down her face at all angles as she was pushed about by Sabah’s frantically humping hips… lost in the sensation of Cleopatra’ cock sliding in and out of her tight, spasming quim. She could smell her sister’s arousal, hearing her chuckle cruelly as she participated in Ranah’s rape.

“I only had you because you’d be good for a quick fuck,” Cleopatra grunted as she thrust her alchemical cock in and out of Ranah’s sore, swollen canal. “It’s the only reason we keep you around, you pathetic little thing.”

Ranah wept while her mother’s cock continued to stab into her again and again. She cried, blaming herself, face sticky and dripping with Sabah’s juices, hating that she’d allowed herself to believe that was ever loved or treasured, hating the tiny tingles of pleasure that the harsh fucking were giving her. This whole act felt sick and wrong. Being raped by her family made her feel dirty inside, corrupted, violated, like their filth was seeping into her through her lips, through the throbbing cock invading her.

Moaning, coughing and spluttering as Sabah shoved her crotch against Ranah’s face, the petite girl whimpered as it suddenly occurred to her that something of her mother’s soon would be seeping inside of her… the same thick, magical baby batter that had given her life. As disgusting as being raped by her mother and sister was, the idea of being impregnated by them was even more horrifying. Ranah sobbed, just imagining carrying around his spawn inside of her, always reminding her of what they had done to her.

“Wadjet, no, gods… please don’t cum inside me!” she pleaded… or tried to plead. Really, it came out more like a long moan as her air was cut off by Sabah’s eager humping.

“MMmmm, Mom, she’s not licking me,” Sabah grumbled, dropping her hips away from Ranah’s face. “Roll her over!”

“As you wish, dearest,” Cleopatra said, sounding genuinely sweet for just a moment – and then Ranah squeaked in pain as her painted nails dug into her hips, sliding her cock out for just a moment as she spun her around.

Before Ranah could get used to the feeling of emptiness, she slid herself back in, letting Ranah look up at her from on her back, seeing for the first time how cruel and heartless her mother’s gaze was, how much she was enjoying this. “Please, please, mother, stop this!” Ranah pleaded, now that she could look into his eyes. “Don’t do this… You l-lo-loved me once, didn’t you…”

Cleopatra laughing cruelly as her throbbing thickness pumped in and out of Ranah’s sore, stretched passage. “You? How could I ever love a worthless daughter like you? You’re just a container for my seed… The only -mmm!- good thing you’ve done in your life is letting me fuck you now!” She groaned. “You’re a disappointment as a daughter in every way… hopefully, the new daughter you’re going to give me will be so much better…”

Ranah felt her heart shatter into a million pieces. It felt like it was no longer even beating in her chest – the only rhythm pumping blood through her body was the rapid in and out of her rape as she was fucked again and again. Then she squeaked as Sabah straddled her, making a seal over her lips and nose, her wetness pressed against Ranah’s face once more. She could smell how horny the other woman was, more tears tumbling down her face as she felt the betrayal even more deeply than before.

“I’ll get off if you make me cum,” Sabah said with a sneer, as she looked into her sister’s wide, panicked eyes, her pussy covering her mouth completely. “Or I’ll just ride you until I do…”

As Ranah felt herself struggling to breathe, she hurriedly stuck out her tongue, licking and lapping frantically at any part of Sabah’s slickened pussy she could reach. Her technique was haphazard and desperate, but it got Sabah moving, moaning and rolling her hips, occasionally letting her younger sister get a gasp of air.

“Oh, fuck, yes…” Sabah grunted, watching at Cleopatra’s thrust grew more erratic and eager, obviously getting closer to cumming and the threat of impregnating Ranah.

“Nnn! NN!” Ranah protested, thrashing, flailing. “NNN!”

“Mmmm! Yeessss!” Sabah gasped, as her climax hit. Her sister’s protests vibrated her stiffened clit and senting shockwaves of pleasure through her body. “C-cum inside her nice, tight cunt Mother…” Ranah felt the gush of girl cum and the spasming of Sabah’s excited pussy against her face, the other woman gasping and moaning in bliss as she humped and ground her way through her orgasm.

Until that moment, Sabah hadn’t known such a beautiful thing could be tainted so badly, but the orgasm of the woman on top of her made her want to die… But not as much as the feeling of her mother’s cock, hard as steel, pounding her violently – and then swelling up deep, deep in her stretched canal.

“Ohhh!” Cleopatra moaned… and then abruptly pulled out and without a single moment’s pause, slammed into Sabah’s ass.

Her petite daughter barely had time to start screaming before she was impaled to the base of that slick, mammoth cock, and before the first scream was out Cleopatra came. Ranah winced and gulped back tears as she felt every strand she unloaded into her. She felt her mother’s hot, sticky cum splattering against the suddenly ravaged walls of her asshole, and while she knew she couldn’t possibly feel it for real, she imaged she could feel the wriggling sensations of millions of sperm swimming around, looking for eggs to knock up… and she screamed and screamed and screamed and-

Cleopatra touched the back of her head.

Her scream transitioned to a moan halfway through, and Ranah shook as she came, hard… her asshole squeezing so tightly onto Cleopatra that it was almost painful for them both as she just kept cumming and moaned and screaming a low, hungry scream…

At last, Cleopatra’s climax ended, her last spurt trickling lazily out of the end of her alchemical cock as she finished using Ranah’s tight body for her own pleasure. Moaning, Sabah rose lazily off of Ranah, her thighs quivering. The large smaller woman grinned, a blissful expression on her face as she panted. Cleopatra yanked her softening length out, eliciting another soft moan from Ranah.

Slowly, her youngest daughter pushed herself up and gently turned herself to face her mother, quivering all over, feeling cold sweat coating her body despite how warm the morning was and the exertion of their fucking. She crawled slowly, feeling the evidence of her violation running down her thighs from her ass and dripping onto the floor as she headed to her mother, trails of tears still on her cheeks. She knew all too well that no matter how much cum spilled out of her, there was so much more still deep in her asshole. Ranah stared at the cum-stained cock that has just finished raping her in both of her sore holes…

…And slowly, languidly, she dragged her tongue from the very base of that bronze cock to its tip, making Cleopatra shudder with pleasure. “Good morning, mother…” Ranah said breathlessly, a smile on her face before she looked back at her sister. “Someone was in a mood this morning. You usually don’t take my memories this early… I wasn’t even awake yet.” She gave her mother’s cock another long lick before rising, pulling her stuck hair back from her face before she kissed her sister brutally, feeding her back the taste of her cunt while their tongues danced. “I think,” she moaned, “someone owes me some repayment…”

Sabah chuckled, a smile across her face. Then she knelt and pressed her head between her sister’s legs.

Cleopatra sat back down in her chair and laughed softly to herself. Yes, it would be some time yet before she could get more of the solvent… it was good that she had nothing but time.

The palace of the Empress of the Sun, Pharaoh of all Egypt, existed purely to serve her, and the people living inside it were no exception.

As magnificent as it felt to have a cock ramming into some tight hole, it was still a relief as Cleopatra walked down the airy hallway to have it gone… the alchemical thing resting in pouch hanging from her hip, the way a soldier would scabbard a weapon. Wandering her palace with a piece of anatomy that longed to go hard the moment she saw something that pleased her could make things annoying… because very much everything she saw pleased her.

As Cleopatra strode down the hallway, her shoes clicking on the stone almost drowned by the sounds of pleasure and anguish, a smile was constantly on her face as she walked, taking in the sights. The little maid girl from earlier… she had already forgotten her name again… had gotten the attention of someone else. She had been cleaning up after two other slaves being put to use when a few of her guards had noticed her and that she was new. That was always likely to get attention.

Her guards weren’t, generally, human. Alchemical creations to honor the gods, they were Ranah’s pet project, continuing the work of the priestesses of old that had created this marvelous, divine cock that she carried, the same one that given life to her and her sister. Women with the ears and furred legs of jackals, or the feathers of hawks in their hair and down their arms, or with the hoods of cobras and the bodies of a snake patrolled her palace, fanatically loyal to their goddess-queen Cleopatra… and eager to use the cocks between their legs the way she wished for them to. The young maid had already been dragged from that room, her face smeared with the leavings of at least four other guards, and she was being pounded in the hallway against one of the pillars, in full sight of the city below if anyone choose to look up.

Her cunt was untouched—the moment the guards had noticed Cleopatra’s seed within, they would know better than to touch it—but her ass was stretched obscenely around one of a Lamia’s twin cocks while the other rubbed between her cheeks, the cruel member only able to fit thanks to the repeating contributions of the other guards holding her down into her rear. As Cleopatra walked by, the maid didn’t even beg for help… already, she knew better.
Everywhere she passed, it was the same – more of the maids and servants and others, lesser peasants being used for the enjoyment of the royalty and their guards. Sometimes, one was being brutally raped in the same room that another was left alone, trying to walk on eggshells and complete the task that both of them had been doing together, knowing that nothing but the short whim of the inhuman guards kept her safe from suffering the same fate.

It was of no concern to Cleopatra how her guard chose to entertain themselves with the flesh she made available to them… it was their purpose under the gods, after all. She did not join in with them— she was far too above them for that—but she did occasionally stop to watch some of the more depraved…and interesting… scenes that she passed.

Then Cleopatra stopped, taking a step backward and peering. A slow smile spread across her face as she walked up behind one of her guards who was holding a spear. The Lamia woman “stood” on a snake body some twenty feet long between two of the pillars that made up the outer fall, facing away from the depravity of the palace and seem to hope to avoid being noticed. She clearly was hoping to be subtle… but the mannerism in her body stood out to Cleopatra like a beacon and the Pharaoh stepped up right behind her, one hand wrapping around the snake-woman’s body to caress her breasts. “Why, what do we have here?” she purred.

The Lamia was gorgeous. Her scales were in an almost diamond pattern of bright yellow-gold on a base of a golden hue so dark it was almost black, the soft, unscaled parts of her skin the warm, chestnut brown of a Nubian girl in the flower of her youth. Her breasts, Cleopatra noted with delight, were simply perfect… soft and silky, firm yet yielding beneath her fingers. They were perfectly enjoyable to squeeze, and even more enjoyable to watch them come back into shape just a little bit slower than a human’s would, her body not quite as elastic.

And a smile crossed her face as the Lamia started to shudder when Cleopatra’s other hand slid into the gap where a human woman’s thighs would be and found a tight, pretty little slit there.

This Lamia was one of the breeders… Ranah’s current project to make it so they didn’t need to create their guards from scratch. She was still above a normal human in her capabilities, and still closer to the gods than a normal man or woman in her body remade into the image of Set, but Cleopatra didn’t care… to a goddess like the Pharaoh, a mouse and the snake that ate it were equally far beneath her.

“She really has done an excellent job with you, hasn’t she?” Cleopatra purred as she began sliding one finger into the Lamia’s tight little cunt. Her sex was actually unbelievably snug… it was like her entire body was dedicated to squeezing and making it as tight of a fit as possible. “Can you imagine what it would feel like,” the Pharaoh whispered into her ear, “when one of your sisters shoved both cocks into you, cunt and ass?” She laughed softly, working hard to push the finger in a little deeper while she squirmed. “Don’t think it will fit? Oh, it will be hard… it will take an awful lot of work… but I have confidence they will make it work. One push at a time, one thrust at a time… they will fuck you in both of your holes at once, over and over and over again…” She moaned, breathing hot against the trembling Lamia’s neck while she whimpered. “I hope I get to see it…”

Cleopatra fingered the whimpering snake-girl for a few more seconds before she pulled out, squeezing both of her breasts at once for a minute before backing off. “Try not to get bred before I can watch,” she said to the guard before she strode off, her heels clicking as the Lamia seemed to almost sag with relief. “That would be a huge disappointment.”

Ahura was busy facefucking a servant when Cleopatra stepped into her rooms, and the catwoman stood up quickly before bowing her head sharply. “Your Radiance,” she said quickly, averting her eyes in respect. She didn’t stop fucking her plaything, though… in fact, the bent-over posture that the bow put her into shoved her entire length into the tanned girl’s throat, making her gag and choke as her neck was turned into a scabbard for the kitten’s cock.

Cleopatra waited a moment to acknowledge her… not because it especially pleased her to keep her most valuable servant waiting, but because listening to the maidservant choke was getting her wet. “You are well,” she said as last, when she saw the face of the maid start to change color. Ahura straightened, and the poor girl she was throating gasped in a desperate breath as the cock came free of her esophagus with an audible popping noise.

Ahura was a servant, true, and she was far beneath a goddess… but not quite so far as the others. Ahura was a cat. The long, furry tail wrapped around one of her calves idly, and her long pointed ears twitched, making the many golden earrings she wore in both of them softly tink together. The dark lines of makeup around her eyes only served to emphasize the golden corona and slitted pupils of the woman’s gaze, the more angular shape to her shape. The cats had always been the favored servants of the gods, Bastet’s creatures, and the cat girls that alchemy had produced were no exception, taking on the roles of priestesses and scribes and administrators rather than servants or guards… and Ahura was the best. She ran the palace during the… frequent… times that Cleopatra had something better on her mind.

Her cock pulled out of the gasping servant’s mouth while the girl coughed, trying to be quiet enough to avoid the notice of the Pharaoh. Thick, sticky lines of spit and precum cling between her lips and the head of Ahura’s shaft where it had been impaled in her just moments ago.

“Would you like entertainment, my Queen?” Ahura asked. “I can fetch you something, or you can have mine.”

Cleopatra smirked. “I am not adverse to sharing, my friend.”

With a smile of her own, Ahura turned the dark haired maid servant around, pushing her head towards where Cleopatra was settling into a golden chair. Only once her head was buried between the Queen’s thighs did Ahura reach down, lift her by the hips, and make her squeal as her pussy was abruptly filled. “You are very busy, your radiance… and I know you did not come down here just to share a bit of entertainment with your humble servant. How can I serve you today, my Queen?” she asked.

“I have been thinking,” Cleopatra said as she folded her thighs around the maid’s face, holding her in place while her tongue danced obediently within her folds. One hand wrapped fully around the back of her head, holding her firmly in place. “I found something that would please me to be at the orgy tonight.”

“Oh?” Ahura’s voice was a little distracted, the hints of a purr in it. “And what is that?” Her thrusts into the maid’s cunt were growing a bit more erratic… she must have been facefucking the poor girl longer than Cleopatra assumed.

That must mean that she was already short of breath. Perfect. Cleopatra lowered one hand to the girl’s face where she licked away obediently and pinched her pretty little nose shut. “You can breath after you’ve made me cum,” she declared. Then she turned her attention back to Ahura. “The new Lamia breeder.”

“I believe her name is Belia,” the cat girl said, tracing the lines of the maid’s side with her clawed fingernails, teasing her with the sharpness while she jerked and squirmed and licked beneath the paid of them. “She just arrived this moon.”

“I would like to break her in before she gets to breed,” Cleopatra said. “And of those that will be at my party, I would like it to be known… those that please me the most will be selected to get her, in the order they have pleased me. I would like them to be competing to put on a show…”

“That… ugh… sounds… wonderfaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Ahura squealed as she came deep into the maid’s fertile cunt. Cleopatra would have known it even without the sounds by the way the maid’s tongue was trembling. A few seconds later, she pulled out, casually slapping the maid’s pert ass as she did. “What an excellent idea my queen. I will arrange it immediately.”

Cleopatra, to her dismay, realized that the desperate thrashing of the girl’s tongue had stopped. She opened her legs and pulled her up by the hair, slapping her twice… but the girl was well passed out. “How disappointing,” the Queen said flatly.

“I will punish her for her failure, your Radiance,” Ahura said cheerfully as she shoved the unconscious girl out of the way, crawling to Cleopatra herself. “In the meantime, allow me…” A second later, her own tongue got to work, and Cleopatra sighed in pleasure.

Cleopatra had heard that in some kingdoms, the monarch didn’t do any of her own shopping… never stepped into a market. That they had servants do all their shopping for them, bring them everything they needed. That seemed like madness to her. Trust a mere servant to find the proper things to please her? It was unthinkable… no one knew what she liked more than her. Of course she could see the appeal of not having to deal with the messes of people and the smell, but really… trust someone else to pick out the proper party favors for one of her celebrations?

Unthinkable. Maybe other rulers just never went shopping for anything other than food or clothing or artwork. Nothing interesting.

“How about her?” Cleopatra said, turning her head to follow as a pretty thing went by. They were being pulled through the market on a chariot, three white horses as bright as the dawn pulling them onward, leaving them to browse as they chose while everyone else had to get out of the way.

Next to her, her eldest daughter snorted softly. “Too old.”

Cleopatra raised one black eyebrow. “She’s probably twenty years younger than me, Sabah.”

“But you don’t look it,” her daughter protested. “If we’re going to pick a toy, it needs to be a fun one. Why settle for second best?”

Cleopatra shrugged. That girl’s lucky day, then. “How about that one?” she pointed at a girl that noticed her looking, and she froze like a prey animal… still as the nile in the moonlight.

Once again, however, Sabah shook her head. “Pretty, but too frightened already. She’d probably die of a heart attack before the night was over. Weak, soft, and frightened. What about… oooo.”

Cleopatra could see exactly where her daughter was looking… she had seen her too. In a sea of black and brown hair, this woman’s mane was a bright gold that caught the sun, tinting it also copper. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and her face was slender, angular, and came together in lifts that looked so soft that the Pharaoh’s cuntlips tingled as the thought of them touching her. She pointed at the girl. “That one?”

The blonde froze for a second, eyes wide with horror as she stood before the chariot with the Queen of the Nile staring directly at her. Then, terrified, she turned and ran.

Sabah smiled. “Yes… that one.” Then she vaulted over the side of the chariot and began to run.

Cleopatra rolled her eyes and regally slipped off the back, striding purposefully after her daughter down the street they had vanished towards. Sabah wasn’t going to need any help, after all.

By the time she reached the street, she could already hear the pained grunting. By the time she reached the end of the street and corner, she could hear the sloppy, wet sound and repeated impacts of flesh on flesh. Turning the bend, she smirked as the sight of that golden-haired beauty being pinned beneath the far larger and stronger Sabah, her daughter holding her down by a hand on her neck to keep her quiet while she fucked her. The gold-plated alchemical cock looked the same bronze as her skin now that it was attached, almost a blur as it thrust in and out of the helpless girl.

“How is she?” Cleopatra asked as she stepped around the two of them.

“She was a virgin,” Sabah said with a chuckle before bending down to lick a tear off her toy’s face. “Ah, don’t cry, plaything. This is the greatest honor of your life. I’ve made it mean something.”

Cleopatra looked down at the dirty road in disgust. “I’m not kneeling on that,” she declared. Then she leaned down, grabbed onto the teal fabric of the woman’s shirt, and ripped it down the middle, letting a sizeable set of tits pop free. “Not bad,” she sad, her daughter releasing the girl’s throat and letting her mother sit down on top of those breasts, squishing them flat as she sat down on them, using the peasant girl as a chair for her royal self. She brought her covering to the side, letting her own alchemical cock pop free and enjoying the wide-eyed look of surprise and horror in the girl’s eyes, like she didn’t understand. It wasn’t important that she understood, however… all that mattered was that in her surprise and pain she had opened her mouth.

Ten fingers wrapped around that golden hair, Cleopatra yanked her head forward, burying her shaft into the woman’s mouth and making her gag as it bashed against the back of her small mouth. The angle was terrible for forcing herself down the girl’s throat, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to try… she felt it as something yielded in her throat and the head of her dick popped down her gullet. She could go no further down her neck than that, but it didn’t matter… it was more than enough to enjoy the feeling of making the peasant gag as the Queen dragged her head back and forth.

“Not… a bad… cunt,” Sabah said, obviously enjoying the feeling of the pussy wrapped around her Wadjet-blessed cock.

“Her mouth is warm and tight as well, Cleopatra agreed. She could feel the girl’s arms struggling beneath her knees, could feel her trying to turn and her, and knew that with the weight on her chest and the cock down her throat she was barely able to breathe, and didn’t care. She just kept ramming her cock in and out of her mouth over and over until she felt her shaft swelling.

“I’d tell you to swallow,” Cleopatra teased, “but you’re probably too stupid to listen, and I doubt you’d manage anyway.” She stood up, paying no heed to the woman’s gasping breaths as she stroked her length, aiming herself at the breasts she had just been sitting on, the face she had just been fucking until her dick jerked and swelled and began spitting seed all over her.

“She looks good like that,” Sabah groaned as she watched her mother paint the girl with cum, moaning in pleasure herself. With the worn-out girl clearly too exhausted and overwhelmed to struggle further, Sabah grabbed onto her legs and bent them over nearly backward to her ears while Cleopatra finished covered the girl’s face in jizz, hammering her tight little pussy harder and harder until she groaned and clearly flooded it herself.

By the time Sabah had finished and pulled herself out, the sloppy cunt made disgusting, squelching sounds and cum dribbled down after it. Her warrior of a daughter took just a few seconds to find a mostly-clear bit of golden hair and use it to wipe herself clean before standing. She sighed in contentment before looking down at the sobbing girl, considering.

“So, what do you think?” Cleopatra asked.

Sabah sighed. “I don’t know Mother, I think we can do better.”

Once again, Cleopatra quirked an eyebrow. “How many we need again? At least five?”

“At least five,” Sabah agreed.

“And you really don’t think she’s good enough?” Cleopatra asked. She trusted Sabah’s judgment in such matters… she always had such excellent taste.

“We want nothing less than perfect for such an occasion,” Sabah insisted. She kicked the fallen woman… not hard, but enough to roll her over onto her belly and send some of the cum on her dripping to the street. “She’s not it.”

Cleopatra sighed. “As you say,” she said with a tolerant smile. Her daughter had such high standards in her playthings, but it was hard to fault the princess. “One thing comes to mind, though…”

It was Sabah’s turn to raise a brow, the gesture startling similar to the one her mother made, their faces twisting up the same way. “Oh?”

“Why didn’t she scream?”


Both women turned to see a teenaged girl with the same golden blonde mane at the mouth of the alley, her hands covering her mouth in a gesture of horror… eyes wide as he looked at what had become of her mother. They looked at each other… and smiled. “When Set closes a door,” Cleopatra said with a grin, “Horus opens a window.”

Sabah’s smile was equally broad. “Like I said,” she said as she started to step forward towards the paralyzed girl. “Perfect.”

It really wasn’t fair, Ranah pouted. Big sis got all the fun. She got to go shopping for party favors in the market, while Ranah had to do all the real work. Completely unfair… working all day, while Mom and Sabah got to pick any girls they wanted. Fate was cruel.

It was a good thing that Ranah loved her work and wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

The two girls before her were as different as it was capable for them to be, while being the same in all the important ways to her. One of them had olive-toned skin and hair almost as black as Ranah’s own, with chestnut eyes and golden earrings. Her dark skin made the white toga she wore stand out brilliantly, clinging to her body in such lovely ways that she might have looked less exposed naked. Next to her, the red haired girl’s skin looked downright pallid… except for the whorls and knots patterned onto her arms from wrist to shoulder with henna, darker even than the other girl’s flesh. Her green eyes were piercing, even filled with tears, and she was topless, wearing nothing but a loin cloth.

But they were both young. They were both beautiful. And most importantly, they both had their hands tied behind their back, making them helpless to Ranah’s whims. She smiled.

She put her hand up, pointed at one of them, and began to sing a little song. “Mut, Nut, Khnum, Ptah,” she sang, swapping her finger between them with each god or goddess she invoked. “Nephthys, Nekhbet, Sobek, Sekhment…” She smiled at their squirming. The two foreign priestesses might not even know who these gods were, but they could feel the power in the names, she had no doubt. “Sokar, Selket, Reshpu, Wadjet, Anubis, Anukis, Seshmu, Meshkent, Hemsut, Tefnut, Heket, Mafdet, Hemsut, Tefnut, Sokar, Selket, Seshmu, Reshpu, Heket, Mafdet, Nephthys, Nekhbet, Ra!” Her finger pointed directly at the trembling, olive-skinned girl, a look of utter despair on her face. “Guess you get to be the lucky one,” Ranah said with enthusiasm. Then she pushed her down onto her back.

The girl was a temple virgin, so or Ranah had been assured… stolen from the temple to Diana in the dead of the night. She meant to find out for ever. With a gesture of her hand, two of the jackal-eared women stepped forward, grabbing onto her ankles and binding them to the rings behind her head on the altar, leaving her spread open and vulnerable. Ranah brushed the white fabric of her toga aside, revealing a clean-shaven and oiled crotch that smelled of sage and other sacred herbs. She smiled, breathing deeply, and gave it the tiniest lick while she squirmed. “Lovely,” she said quietly. Then she stood and looked over at the other girl.

The pale, red haired girl had a blush so deep that it almost hid her freckles as she looked at the Roman girl, bound and spread open. She was a druid from the Emerald Isle, or so the sailors that sold her had promised… an initiate of Dian Cecht, and compared to the other girls in this part of the world her exoticism stood out like a beacon. “You have a choice,” Ranah said simply. “You can get your tongue in that snatch and get her nice and ready for me and you can get a point… or you can refuse, and I’ll give it to her as an apology for fucking her dry.”

The druid and the temple priestess both looked at her with some confusion, and Ranah smiled at them both. “Didn’t I tell you? It’s… something of a competition. Today is my nameday, you see… and there is going to be a bit of a celebration. I’m looking for a girl to be a party favor for me later tonight.” Her smile broadened. “That’s what the one with the most points gets. Now, I know that probably doesn’t sound like a lot of fun… but that’s just because your looking at it the wrong way. Instead, you could be the loser who gets to stay here all night.” She gestured around her, and let them take in the thirty or forty hybrid guards that surrounded the edges of the room. “So…”

The druid gulped… and sank down on top of the altar and buried her face between the Roman’s legs, putting her tongue to work between her shaved folds. The priestess squirmed, soft moaning sounds escaping her lips, and Ranah smiled as she sat down next to the two coupled women and ran her hands over the druid’s body, enjoying her own whimpers as she pawed at her dangling breasts and admired how the smooth texture and multi-hued skin tone of her arms didn’t match.

After a few minutes, the druid’s face was covered by the Roman’s juices but she was still licking. Ranah grabbed onto her hair, gathering it into a crimson ponytail and yanking her up off of the other woman to verify her hole was now wonderfully wet and sloppy. “Wonderful. One point to you. Now, time to see if that pussy is as tight as it looks.” Ranah gestured to the guards again, and they lifted the Druid into place, sitting her down on top of the priestess’ head and bound her thighs to the same rings that held the other girl’s ankles. “Now, you have a chance to earn a point of your own,” she said to the priestess, slipping a finger into her soaked pussy. “Make her cum while I break you in. Of course, if she holds out… she’ll get the point. See?”

The druid let out a distressed moan as a tongue began to slide into her as well, but Ranah didn’t pay much attention to that… she was too busy pulling her favorite toy out of its pouch, slathering it with the universal solvent, and attaching it to her body. As always, the sudden rush of sensation made her knees weak… These things truly were the gods’ finest gift to her family. Then slapped her new cock against the nexus between the tanned legs, shivering at the feeling…

And then the priestess screamed as Ranah slammed her length all the way into her without the slightest bit of hesitation. She was so wet that even thought she was wonderfully tight her body was utterly incapable of resisting… even her virginity only held her back for a heartbeat before she impaled it, making Ranah tilt her head back and gasp in the absolutely stunning level of pleasure. The cherry cunt of a holy virgin of the Olympians was even better than she had been hoping it would be, and she felt like her dick wasn’t ever going to stop tingling. Since she had all the time she wanted, she didn’t hold back… she slammed in and out of her as fast as as hard as I could, enjoying the whimpering noises she made and the way she writhed, even enough bound as she was she had to know she wasn’t going anywhere. The desperate screams and mewling noises she made between wet, slurping noises were everything she could have asked for, even muffled as they were by the druid’s little quim.

Ranah grabbed onto the sides of her toga and pulled it open, exposing her dark, smooth breasts. They swelled delightfully, and as she grabbed onto them she found that they were even softer than they looked. The princess could feel the hungry eyes of half a hundred guards staring at those exposed tits, hoping for a turn of their own, even as Ranah continued to ride the no-longer virgin as long and as hard as she could. Her delicate hands found the girl’s nipples, and despite how slight she was, her hands were strong… she grabbed onto them, twisting and pulling like she was trying to pull the priestess’ breasts right off her chest, something that lead to even more delightful wailing into the Irish girl’s cunt as Ranah did her best to pull the nipples right off, using them as handles to slam her hips against those of her prey.

Then she slammed all the way in and came, practically cooing in delight. They were both crying by the time she pulled out and let the last tiny drips of cum land on her mound instead of painting her walls. “Now, I was a little bit distracted… but I didn’t see you cum. Did you?” The druidess shook her head violently, even as at the same time as the priestess tried squealing something that sounded affirmative. Ranah grinned. “Well then, I’m going to have to see for myself.”

As she pushed the druid back far enough that her own tongue could lap across the priestess’ face and the druid’s sex, she sighed in contentment. The game was for nothing for her amusement… both of the girls would be at the party, and then they both would be having their own celebration with the guards later tonight, in the honor of the gods.

But they didn’t need to know that.

Cleopatra sighed with pleasure as she reclined on her throne with Ahura’s mouth swallowing her cock whole. The celebration was going even better than she had hoped.

Certainly, the guest of honor was enjoying it. Ranah was celebrating heavily, drinking wine and laughing as she rode the red haired foreigner around the party like a steed, stopping by any collection of holes that caught her eye. That was the only time she took her weight off of the druid, but it was no relief to the irish girl… because whenever she wasn’t being ridden by Ranah, the others in the party were free to take her for another kind of ride.

Everyone loved the Dinae, the youngest thing here and the first girl that she and Sabah had found in the markets. She was the most popular of the playthings, and they absolutely adored the crying, sexy thing. Practically since the moment the party had begun her cunt and ass had been stuffed full of enthusiastic dicks, and it certainly wasn’t slowing down… in fact, the longer the party went, the worse it got for her. Various ministers of the government, priestesses, and favored artists and architects made up about half of the guests invited to enjoy the favors that they had assembled, and the rest were hybrid guards.

Within a few hours, the important people had all had a turn with her, the guards began to get their turns. If she had squealed when the first of those interested in her took their turns, she had really begun to make noise when she started getting her pussy and rear stretched out by thick knots or felt the barbs of a cat or got fucked in both at once by a Lamia’s hemicock. Cleopatra and Sabah had done their level best earlier to break her in, but nothing in the world could have stopped that from being a tight fit. She stayed like that, trapped in a knot of writing snake tails, furry limbs, and pointed ears for hours and hours, making sounds of torment and pleas for mercy that no one was listening to… except her mother.

They hadn’t taken her from the market, but they had found her screaming outside of the palace, demanding for her daughter to be returned. Cleopatra could respect that in a fashion… so instead of releasing Dinae, she grabbed the pretty mother and decided that she deserved a place in the party as well. Soon they were being fucked side by side, and every time someone finished inside their squirming bodies there was another of her guards eagerly waiting to fill that vacancy. Nobody lasted very long, but that was ok… there were plenty of other toys to enjoy.

Not all the girls here needed to be held down, though. When Cleopatra and Sabah returned to the palace, they had found several dozen lined up… naked, their clothing folded neatly on the ground as they knelt on it, their hands behind their heads. Some were submitting themselves for inspection… hoping that the Pharaoh would pick them, hoping to elevate themselves to a position of some dignity and relative comfort in the palace.

Some were submitted by their families for the same reason, with varying degrees of willingness… but all of them knelt there, unbound while Sabah and Cleopatra walked between them, selecting together a dozen that seemed appropriate. The ones that they didn’t pick cried as they stepped away into the palace… maybe next time, they would make themselves more perfect.

Those that had been selected seemed determined to outdo the unwilling girls, acting like the biggest whores they could to attract as much attention to themselves as possible and make themselves stand out. On one side of the room, Cleopatra watched a beautiful Nubian girl sucking five cocks at once, moving her head rapidly between them… letting one sink into her throat for several thrusts while she stroked the others and then switching, trying to make them all cum. The thick layer of cream of her breasts and forehead paid tribute to the times she had already been successful.

On the other side of the room, one of them was choking herself with her hands hard enough that her face was turning blue, just so that her ass would be as tight as possible for the magistrix taking a turn with her.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was the former temple virgin. She was… trying… to be willing, but those gathered around her didn’t really give her much of a chance. She was surrounded by Egyptian priestesses, and they were taking out everything they could on the heretic, giving her impossible tasks to earn mercy and then taking her while she wept at her failure.

Cleopatra sighed with pleasure… then reached down to flick one of Ahura’s ears. It was time.

The priestess removed her lips from around her queen’s cock, gasping but smiling. “I’ll have her brought in for you, your Radiance,” she promised, rising and completely uncaring that her tits were on display. She walked out of the room, leaving Cleopatra to watch the party around her for a little bit longer… and then she returned with Belia on a leash. The snake-hybrid girl slithered behind her, her hands behind her back and black tears already dripping down her cheeks.

Cleopatra admired the Lamia breeder… the way she wore a halter top just a little too small to better show off the curves of her breasts, the way her scaled ass looked so curvaceous and slappable. It was an ass that absolutely demanded sodomy… needed that tight back tunnel filled with fuck meat. Her lips, paler than a humans, looked soft and plump like they were demanding a dick to slurp on. Just imagining what she would look like as Cleopatra raped that face already had her rock hard.

She stood, and felt dozens of eyes on her as she strode over to Belia. She averted her eyes, looking at the floor and letting her tears drip down… the Lamia didn’t even look up as Cleopatra grabbed onto her top and ripped it down the middle, letting her pert tits spilling out into the open. At their Pharaoh’s demand, several guards approached – all Lamia themselves, likely eager to earn favor and perhaps be the first to breed the new one – and pushed the Lamia down to the ground while she squirmed, trying to escape their grasp.

Cleopatra straddled her chest, taking one of those firm tits in each hand and bunching them together, admiring the contrast between the slightly rougher scales on the outside of the tits and the sweet, soft, almost delicate skin on the insides. Then, smiling, she began to slide her alchemical cock between the Lamia’s tits.

Like this they were even softer than they had been to her fingers… so smooth, so caressing, and yet firmer than a human woman’s would be… as her wet cockhead allowed her whole length to slide through with ease, the tit-flesh she moved out of the way didn’t return as quickly as it would for a normal woman, leaving her with the feeling that she was drilling a new hole to fuck… a unique sensation as she fucked her way between Belia’s beasts. Cleopatra thrust harder, her cock disappearing and reappearing from between her bunched up flesh as her hips slapped into those melons, the black eye makeup on the Lamia bleeding down her face with her tears of humiliation.

Fucking anyone was an incredible experience, but there was something unique and magical about raping one of her guards… feeling the hybrid, something closer to the gods, be helplessly on her back while Cleopatra violated her body, knowing that she could do nothing about it. It was her destiny… it would be criminal to have tits like this and keep them hidden away, and her stomach should always be swollen with children, but Cleopatra was going to break in every inch of her before the night was through.

“You might want to close your eyes, dear,” the Pharaoh taunted. And then she groaned as her dick jerked and spat a stream of ladycum all over the Lamia’s face, making her close her eyes against the hated torrent of cum flooding forth from her cock. Jerk after jerk, stream after stream, she painted Belia’s face with thick, eager rape seed, sending it splattering across her features. There was something beautiful about how someone had taken so much time to prepare her makeup, and now Cleopatra had redecorated with her cum… and realistically, she preferred it this way.

Cleopatra moved up from her chest, a sliver of her cum still hanging off her cock and trailing over the Lamia’s tits as she moved to the helpless hybrid’s face. She tried to close her mouth, to stop the Pharaoh from taking what she wanted… but there was no stopping this battering ram from conquering her gates. The Queen pried open her lips with her fingers, holding the Lamia’s mouth open while she shoved her holy relic of a cock into her mouth, shuddering as she felt the tip hit the back of her throat. Belia’s gagging was music to her ears as she savored the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Satisfied, Cleopatra leaned forward, rested her hands on either side of the Lamia’s head, and began to rape that pretty, white-streaked face.

The more she gagged, the more Cleopatra hammered her… the clenching of her throat felt fantastic on her cock. Her hips repeatedly slammed against the snake-girls nose, her moans of protest growing sharper each time she nearly flattened it while she stuffed every inch of her meat into the Lamia’s mouth, burling her cockhead into the tight throat of her newest breeder again and again.

“This is literally what you were born for,” Cleopatra moaned in pleasure. “You were designed to be perfect for this, precisely… and you don’t disappoint…” The Pharaoh was fucking her so hard that it seemed like she might fuck her right into the sandstone floor, spit and precum forming a sloppy froth at the corners of her mouth as she was violently put to use. As much as Cleopatra would have enjoyed cumming in that mouth, however, she had something better in mind.

When she whipped herself out, it was sudden… leaving Belia to cough and gasp as the spit-covered cock shined just above her face, sticky strands of their combined juices connecting it to her nips and nose while she desperately sucked air into her body and retched on the ground. Cleopatra gestured for the guards and they began to move the Lamia, turning her off… they knew she was going to rape that perfect ass until it bled if she wanted to. She was so distracted by the quest for air that Cleopatra didn’t even think her plaything noticed as she was repositioned, as the queen lined herself up…

Belia gave a horrible, beautiful, musical soundd as Cleopatra powered into her ass, her cock lubricated by the spit and tears that the Lamia had been so kind to provide… more than enough for the steel hardness of her cock to drive itself balls deep. By all the gods, this precious thing’s ass clung so tightly to her that it was like raping a vice, but as tight as she was her skin was soft and smooth and delicate on the inside and caressed her like fine silk, making her moan with the pleasure. Belia screamed so loud that they must have heard her in the city below. All around, party-goers and playthings alike stopped to watch what was happening… but not one person lifted a hand to protect her.

“Mercsssy!” she squealed, her long tongue sliding past her lips on the sibilant hiss. “Please, goddesssssss, mercy!”

“Squeeze my cock,” Cleopatra told her, bereft of any of the mercy she begged for. “You want mercy? This is your station. The only mercy you deserve is making me cum so it’s over. Squeeze your Queen’s cock with your ass!” She withdrew and rammed back in, again and again and again, violating the Lamia’s rear with impunity as she wailed… but she squeezed.

Making herself even tighter for the Queen incited Cleopatra to even more frenzied thrusting into her. She reached down and grabbed the Lamia by her slender throat with one hand and yanked her head with the other, pulling her face up off the stone so that she could stare down into her black-stained eyes while she fucked her. Her cries certainly weren’t doing anything to slow her down… she wanted the new breeder broken in and ready to go, and she was going to get what she wanted.

Already she could feel her orgasm building, her own pleased grunts joining with the pained noises from the raped Lamia until, with one last savage thrust, Cleopatra buried herself as deep as she could and shot thick wads of cream right up her asshole, just as her body went into convulsions. Cleopatra smirked at that… she had fucked the new breeder into an orgasm by raping her ass.

“I told you this is what you were made for,” she whispered into the sobbing Lamia’s ear before she withdrew and stood over her, looking down at her messy, still hard cock. “Your turn.”

That was all the invitation the dozens of Lamia guards needed to fall onto her. A brief wrestling match led to one of them being the first to line up with her, slamming both of her twin cocks into ass and cunt at once and making her scream again as her last virginity was taken… but not for long. A second later her mouth was stuffed as well, the second cock of that Lamia scraping some of Cleopatra’s cum off her cheek with each thrust as it slid against her face.

That was a nice appetizer… but it was time for the main event.

Cleopatra looked around until she located her daughters, both of them looking over with aroused expressions from having watched Belia’s breaking-in. It was time to do what they were here to celebrate. Cleopatra traced two fingers through the mingled juices coating her cock, and then used them to trace arcane symbols on the ground, casting a spell while staring directly her two daughters. They watched with wide, anticipatory eyes… but even as Cleopatra looked on, those eyes faded to uncertainty, then to confusion, and then to outright fear as their memories were taken away. “Seize them,” she ordered.

Two hawks and a Lamia immediately grabbed onto Ranah, forcing her to her knees, but Sabah was a different story entirely… even deprived of much of her memory, she was still a warrior without peer, built like a champion. It took nearly a dozen of the jackals to finally force her to submit, and three of them had broken limbs and five bloody noses before they did.

Cleopatra sent the injured off to see Ahura and be restored while the remaining guards bound her and she revelled in the nearly-identical look of shock on both of their pretty faces as they looked at their mother standing over them naked and with an enormous cock stiff as stone in their faces. While her daughters were subdued, soft, gentle hands of some of the cat-girls moved in to remove their own relic-cocks, the cats the only other ones close enough to the gods to be permitted to touch the artifacts like this. Then she stepped up, her cock in her hand as she looked between the two of them.

They both seemed fixed at it, tracing their eyes up and down the barrel of her weapon as she pointed it at them. Ra no longer shone on their activities but the light seemed to gleam on the shiney head of her cock anyway as a bit of liquid excitement dribbled from the tip. It seemed that her prick was almost hypnotic to both girls as Cleopatra wrapped one hand in the hair of each, bringing them together.

“Mother, wait,” Sabah gasped.

“Please don’t do this,” Ranah pleaded

Both of her daughter’s eyes were wide as saucers, pupils spread with their fear as they were threatened by a cock in their faces. “So you don’t want to suck on this?” she asked.

“No!” Sabah protested. “We don-”

Cleopatra shut her eldest daughter up by stuffing her meat right into her mouth, keeping hold of her hair and pulling her head all the way onto her cock. She’d be able to taste the Lamia, of course, along with all the cum she had stirred around from it already tonight. Sabah’s eyes looked like they were about ready to bug out of her skull. She began to gag as her tongue moved uncontrollably on the base of her cock, making Cleopatra groan with pleasure. Sabah looked shocked, of course, but even the look in her eyes was nothing compared to that in Ranah’s… she had an unobstructed view as her sister was viciously violated, and had to look on from just inches away. She had to witness each violent thrust, hear the constant gagging sounds… and know that her sweet little mouth would be next.

Cleopatra, however, wasn’t content to have her watch. Instead, she pulled her closer. “Open up and lick,” she commanded. “You two always do everything together… I wouldn’t want to stop you now.” Cleopatra chuckled as Ranah submissively stuck her tongue out, practically shaking she was trembling so hard. “Good, Ranah… just like that. Lick me while I fuck your sister’s sweet mouth. Open wide for Mother…” She drew out of Sabah’s mouth with a loud plop, a long strand of her saliva connecting her lips to Cleopatra’s dick as her daughter gasped for breath. Ranah closed her mouth, trying to hold off the incoming invasion.

Cleopatra chuckled. “I’m afraid that’s not going to help you, dearest.” And she powered in through through lips, the divinely gifted cock of the Sun God completely unstoppable as she forced her way into the unwilling mouth and commenced a face pounded every bit as violent as she had just given the tiny girl’s big sister.

Elder, younger, big or small, they looked damn near identical to Cleopatra with her cock in their mouth… their stretched lips, the bulge in their cheeks, their wide eyes. She pushed her cock to the side so I could see the contours of the thick shaft push out on Ranah’s cheek before she resumed thrusting. Cleopatra savaged her younger daughter until the drool was almost raining from both sides of her mouth and her jaw must have been numb. Her eyes had rolled most of the way back into her head from lack of air by the time she withdrew, allowing her to suck some much needed oxygen into her lung.

Cleopatra held their heads by their hair and smiled down at them. “Now,” she said, tone pleased. “You are both going to give Mother a line of heirs.” She passed Ranah over to the guards so that she wouldn’t try to escape while she was raping her sister. Cleopatra wasn’t going to try to hold Sabah down herself, either… two hounds took each arm, pinning her onto her back and leaving her helpless as her mother knelt down between her legs. “You can’t do this!” Sabah pleaded. “I’m not ready to have a daughter!”

Cleopatra just laughed. “I beg to differ,” she said, rubbing her cock against the glistening pink slit between her bronze legs. Seeing and hearing her daughter beg just made this all the hotter as she rested her full body weight on her… and then shoved. Sabah screamed in a mix of surprise, pain, and fury as Cleopatra drove in though her folds, opening her up and crashing through the resistance that her cunt tried to offer. “It hurts!” she begged. “Stop! Stop!”

“Oh, no,” Cleopatra moaned as she hilted herself complete inside Sabah. “Your mother isn’t going to stop… not until I’ve dug a ditch with your body all the way to the nile and filled your womb you tight, soft, warm fucktoy!” She began thrusting savagely, reveling in her tightness, delighting in the horror and pain on her face. Looking over at Ranah was almost better… the look on her face was sheer terror as she looked at what her mother was doing to her sister… she was sobbing openly now. Sabah’s pussy was so tight it was demanding a load of cum, far earlier than she had dreamed of providing it… her daughter’s pussy made the Lamia’s asshole seem loose as it clamped down around her cock.

“I’ve always wanted to see you like this, daughter,” Cleopatra admitted. “Your sister… she’s easy. But you… you’re a fighter. Even since you were a little girl, you’ve been a fighter. Now here you are, on your back with your legs open, getting fucked and impregnated by Mommy.” She groaned, even while Sabah screamed in frustration, pulling harder at the guards holding her down. “Get ready for me to leave you filled, daughter mine, because here… it… comes… aaaaah!”

The orgasm shook Cleopatra every bit as badly as it did Sabah. The queen trembled from the sheer sensation as her cock jerked and jerked again, pressed right up against her daughter’s cervix as she filled incestuous rape seed deep inside her womb, the world swimming for a few seconds as she all but collapsed onto of Sabah as the sheer pleasure of it struck every nerve in her body from her cock up to the top of her skull.

Finally, with Sabah whimpering in defeat, she turned to Ranah. Her younger, smaller daughter was trying to squirm away, but the guard effortlessly pinned her down and spread her legs… there was no escape.

She might have just cum, but she had been anticipating this for days, and the idea of knocking up her daughters ensured that her stayed perfectly hard, another load of cum forming just for Ranah… her entire body trembling with eagerness. As she pulled out of Sabah and headed to her younger daughter, the little minx actually tried to kick as her. Cleopatra just grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs apart, forcing herself in between that beautiful dark skin, and then got a glimpse at the same cunt she had been fucking just this morning. This time, however, she wasn’t going to stop at the end.

Cleopatra lay down on top of Ranah, looking right into her eyes… a hungry gleam in then as she stared.

“Mo… Mother please, please don’t, ple-aaah!”

Cleopatra plunged into her. Ranah was far wetter that her sister was, a sign of how much she had been enjoying her celebration before this moment as she crashed through the resistance of her tight slit, raping her just as hard as she had Sabah… forcing herself to the hilt and fucking her for, as far as Ranah knew, the very first time.

“You’re just as tight as your sister,” Cleopatra growled with pleasure as Ranah whimpered beneath her. “I hope you are enjoying your special day, Ranah, because I’ve got a very special gift just for you…” She slammed harder and harder, turning her daughter’s whimpers to cries as Ranah came like a little slut on her mom’s cock. “I hope your daughter is… just… as pretty… as you… are… Aaaaah!”

The Pharaoh erupted, pumping another thick and surely impregnating load into another daughter’s womb as she trembled through the aftershaking of her own orgasm. “Two daughters fucked, two daughters bred… two new heirs to the Line of the Sun.” She stroked both Sabah and Ranah’s hair while they sobbed, looking back and forth between her knocked up daughters… and then she released the spell.

Slowly, their sobbing stopped, and their moans and cries took on a bit more hungry of a tone. When Ranah spoke, her voice was dreamy, distant. “Thank… you… mother…” she whispered.

“Thanks… mother…” Sabah agreed.

Cleopatra sighed in pleasure. “Love you both my darlings.” She looked around the room. “Their wombs are seeded… So to celebrate my youngest’s nameday, please feel free to use them until Ra reacheshis zenith. They’ll thank you for it.” Cleopatra, however, wouldn’t be there to see it… she was tired. Not so tired, however, that she was going to go to bed alone.

The druid priestess wasn’t going to be serving as a mount for Ranah any more tonight, so she could serve the Pharaoh instead. Sitting on the redhead’s pack, Cleopatra rode her from the room, leaving the orgy to continue to celebrate a bit longer in private with the foreign beauty before finally passing out.

It was good to be the Pharaoh.

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