Sacred – Chapter 9

For the remainder of the daylight hours, Syllana’s desire to exact retribution against the Descendantcommanded all activity within the ruined town. Marissa was raped and raped and raped again, turned practically into a sexual fatality as the body that had been so perfectly virginal when the sun had come up had become broken and dirtied with bruises and cum by the time it began to fall again. The previously radiant Maiden had become just as despoiled as her home had been… and Kida was forced to watch all of it. The captive apprentice was had to see everything as her downed and anguished figure was muddled with drained sperm and piss, plenty of both fluids oozing out of her violated holes by the time the final cultist dismounted her splayed legs.

“Well!” Syllana said with a note of satisfaction, rubbing together her palms. “That was cathartic, yes?” She chuckled, looking over at Kida. “Was it as good for you as for me?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” the Kitsune replied, voicing her thralldom. She couldn’t put much enthusiasm into the words, but Syllana seemed not to care in the slightest that she didn’t feel any… she remained confident that she could break the young fox into becoming a true apprentice in time. Before speaking with her sister again, Kida had been about ready to believe her. Now, however, she felt filled with purpose… a purpose she didn’t have the slightest idea how to fufill, true, but purpose none the less.

Taking a large breath, the ancient kitsne gazed towards the setting horizon, looking for all the world like a crimson bloodstain on the sky. The sight seemed to stir something within her. “I suppose it’s time then,” Syllana said at last. “The Fomorian will want her now… But first!” she quickly injected. “We can’t exactly present her to my Master like this, can we?” The witch snorted a laugh. “Clean her up, apprentice. I want a proper tongue-bath. And… maybe you could think about giving her a proper orgasm as you do? After all, it’s not like she has much time left to enjoy that hot young body of her’s. Might as well give her a sample of the best that life has to offer, before she dies like all these other mayflies.” Her command delivered, Syllana turned and headed back into the Abbey, so to deliver her news to the baleful anti-God that she worshipped.

“Go on, Fox-slut!” one of those zealots blared, giving her an aggressive shove. “You heard the goddess! Clean up your girlfriend after us!”

Stumbling forward, Kida soon stood over the violated woman whom she had been sworn to protect… and failed. With a heavy knot in her gut, the kitsune slipped her skin to the side, parting her clothing as she stood mostly nude over Marissa, nine tails billowing out from behind her. Having unveiled herself fully, Kida began to lay herself down on top of the Blonde, uncaring of how her skin was stained in the process as she put her torso against that of the Ward.

“K-Kida,” Marissa whimpered, squirming lightly at the sudden feminine contact. The kitsune went directly to her task, using her dexterous tongue to purify the Ward’s skin. She moved that pink muscle in great scooping strokes, traveling from the girl’s abdomen to the swell of her breasts. Even though the salty tang of the thick semen coating her simmered revoltingly upon her palate, she didn’t let it distract her from the fact that it was Marissa beneath her tongue. She resolved not to let it slow down her efforts… wherever her tongue travelled, the Prophetess was liberated from a little bit more of the befouling fluids. She ended up slithering all over her like a snake, Kida’s person flowing up-and-down that prone woman so to follow the motions of her tongue.

Eventually, the nine-tailed fox elected to caress her face instead, stroking and kissing that pain-wrought visage like a lover. How she wished that things could be different… how she wished that Marissa had not been the Descendant, or that the return of the Archfoe had plagued someone else. Here, at the end, she could no longer hide from herself how much she cared for the girl.

The gobs of seed were removed drop by drop from her face, revealing a wincing and perplexed countenance underneath those plastered smears of alabaster. The human seemed conflicted about what was happening to her, unable to make sense of it. “Kida… What are you doing?” she weakly whispered. “Why are you with these evil—”

She was interrupted as the Brunette’s exploring lips were brought atop of her’s. Joined in amorous caresses, she provided some much-needed moisture for the blonde’s dried lips, softening the aching tissue. Overloaded by the attention, Marissa attempted to shift her head from left-to-right so to avoid the many pecks, yet Kida was quick to follow her. It was enough to make the men cheer at the show. The two women were making out in front of her rapists and the blonde couldn’t avoid it. “No… Why are you doing this?” she kept asking.

It felt like pain inside Kida’s chest, being so close to her. All of her stored-up emotions towards this girl was pouring out, robbing her of any self control… she just wanted to give her some pleasure before she needed to face that monster.

Because… She loved her.

It felt like madness to Kida, an unexplainable feeling beyond her ability to rationality, but it was overwhelming in its intensity. Fate, however would never allow them to be together. They would have this one single opportunity to unite their bodies as one… and she couldn’t help herself. The young fox had to indulge in this fleeting moment, while it lasted.

With a sudden burst of motion, Marissa stiff-armed Kida off her, breaking their snug body-lock enough for both of them to gaze into each other’s eyes. The strength of the shove made Kida’s heart ache… but the blonde girl didn’t seek to disengage further. She just wanted to read the emotion on the brunnette’s face.

Within the indignity and sorrow of their deplorable predicament, the two young women got to share a single moment of soulful contact. For that short period, everything else seemed to vanish as they looked on each other. Gazing unblinking into each other eyes, the two communicated without a word being spoken, sealed within a spell of mutual knowledge. Marissa learned all she needed to know about Kida’s heart, and Kida did so in return. The kitsune wasn’t sure if it was their connection through the bloodline and prophecy, or something more natural, but it seemed to her like they traded decades worth of experience with one another in those few seconds… years of affection and caring. Amid this torment and woe of the apocalypse, some kind of magic either arcane or hormonal had bought them a few seconds peace…

But only a few seconds. None of it changed the fact that they were still two youths up against sheer evil. Neither of them would ever get to experience the reality of a happy union between them.

“Maybe…” Marissa said, breathing the words. “…Maybe… in another lifetime…”

Kida’s whole body tensed. It felt almost like a funeral for a life that neither of them could ever live, couldn’t even start. All that was left was to take advantage of the briefness moments that could contain some pantomime of it. “Lean back… let me,” Kida whispered back, beginning to crawl down the Descendant’s body. She didn’t stop until reaching the girl’s groin. Marissa allowed her legs to be parted wide, laying herself flat against that hard and unpleasant ground.

Nesting her mouth atop that battered and abused slit, Kida began offering it the most gentle treatment she could. While holding onto the townswoman’s hips, she made her tongue go to work on it’s clitoral bud. Unlike the hands and tongues and cocks of the men, Kida didn’t manhandle her or use her roughly… she licked and stroked at a slow, soothing speed, careful not to aggravate the inflamed tissue. Marissa breathed hard, gasping before she placed a palm over one of her engorged nipples. The beautiful girl had her eyes squeezed tight, and Kida thought she could understand why. She’d already been raped… was now also being seduced right before what was to be her very own sacrifice. Syllana, however, had taught Kida well… and she was only all-to-happy to use that experience to the benefit of someone who deserved it. The kitsune’s affectionate caresses very thoroughly began to break down her wall, building her towards a climax.

Marissa started to writhe lightly, visage twisting in a similar manner to when the gang had desecrated her. Taking notice of this, all of the watching cultists began a derisive chuckle, reminding Kida that they were even there. Their sole moment of fondness wasn’t allowed to be private or personal… But the brunette didn’t care. She wanted the intimacy either way, and if that was to be the cost of it, then so be it. That loathsome witch was reprehensible, but at least she was right about one thing – Better to experience the pleasures of the body once… before it was all over.

“Ooooh…” Marissa cooed, her back arching slightly as pleasure rippled through her. Her exhaustion from her ordeal prevented her from performing more athletic motions, but her twitches still showed her enjoyment of Kida’s efforts. With her clit having received its due, the Kitsune moved on to the rest of that inflamed sex, lapping across its profusely moistened surface. Her slick juices tasted a lot better than the men’s brackish cum. Knowing that this delicate sex was now properly warmed up, she greatly increased the animation of her tongue, striking and swatting with determined purpose. All of this pussy-enforced alacrity had swiftly melted Marissa sex, prepping her for the sort of catharsis that the onlooking brutes utterly failed to deliver – If Kida had her way, she was about to blind her with pure bliss.

Marissa’s voice whined delightfully as the apex crested, filling Kida’s vulpine ears with high-pitched delight. “Fwuu-huuuuhhhh!!!” the blonde cried, making her arousal ring loud as the Kitsune flickered her tongue over her again and again. It was shameless ecstasy — the most rippling catharsis of her life. Kida had been allowed to grant her something truly joyous and good. However, like all peaks, it was only allowed to exist for a few seconds… and then it was gone.

Reality came rushing back to them. Judgment had come. It seemed time for the triumph of Evil.

“T-Thank you,” the Descendant panted as cult soldiers reached down to grasp her shoulders and arms.

Before they could lift her, Kida lurched forward, planting a cum-coated kiss right on Marissa’s lips. It took everyone off-guard, including the Prophetess herself. Clumsily kissing back against the kitsune’s affections, Kida quickly broke their lovemaking and brought her mouth to the Ward’s ear instead.

“When the Arcfoe finishes inside you… hit him with everything you have,” she whispered, pulling back before the troopers could realize anything had happened.

Marissa gave her a dazed look as she was hauled upright, those pupils quickly focusing into a stare of recognition as she was returned onto both feet. It almost appeared as if she wanted to say something, to vocalize some bit of surprise. Then those lips fixed into a pursed slit. She gave a microscopic nod. She realized what needed to be done.

Kida couldn’t give up, even if it seemed hopeless. She had to attempt something. If her sister Kitina could still possess the will to resist despite being caught in that hellish spiderweb, then so could she. They all owed the world that much. The world, themselves, her Clan, the dead townspeople, all that which wasn’t beasts of anti-Creation like Narghai and Syllana.

Escorted by the cult warriors, the two young women quickly reentered the main area of the church itself. At its very end of that chamber sat the Fomorian on his throne of destruction. The Guardian’s sarcophagus had been repositioned so to stand near those potentates, forcing her to face the scene and witness what happened. All of her Clan-sisters had been sealed inside their undersized cages which hugged the chancel’s far wall, save for the twins which knelt in absolute stillness close to the center of the room… and right before them knelt Syllana. The dark fox was bowed in what Kida felt sure was merely a pantomime of absolute obeisance before heightened dais that her Anti-God sat upon. “Master,” that black-haired Kitsune spoke, her visage directed submissively towards the floor. “I have provided you your vengeance, as I promised. The bloodline progeny of the women, mortal and fox alike who sealed you away are here. Now, the descendant of Brighid’s chosen will feel your wrath.” Rising with the graveness of high priestess in ceremony, the sorceress turned around and headed for that collection of people. Placing a hand on Marissa’s shoulder, she took possession of her. As the two walked back towards the altar, Kida and the guards moved over towards the flanks, positioning themselves on the opposite end of Kitina’s sarcophagus. Casting a glance towards her sister, it seemed as if the Guardian was absorbed in some of trance, her eyes closed as she breathed steadily.

“Hmmm,” the Fomorian growled, leaning forwards as if gazing at a bug. Those eyes seemed to blaze as he beheld the object of all his rancor. Seeing him this up-close, all Kida could discern was a wall of inexorable enmity, with no other emotion shining underneath. How could one creature be so singleminded in its loathing? Did he operate purely on instinct? Or had some madness formed within him during his imprisonment. Whatever he was… it was nothing that Kida could readily call sentience any longer.

“I can smell the stench of the Goddess on you…” his voice rumbled. Syllana slowly drifted away as he spoke, placing herself before Kida and the guardsmen, just in front of her twins. “Once again, was she too afraid to come here herself?”

When she had walked into the Abbey, Marissa had tried displaying a front of resoluteness and bravery. Though she faced the behemoth with unbelievable valor, now that she stood before him, Kida could instantly spot the cracks of queasiness and unease in her posture as she wilted beneath this monster’s singular attention. He was like the incarnation of some primal threat. Like an anti-life directed towards her — a thing that should not exist in creation.

“I know nothing of which you speak,” the Ward replied with a nervous tone. Kida was stunned that she had found the courage for words… she felt her own were stuck deep in her lungs and she couldn’t have cut them loose with a sword. “All I’ve ever know is this time, this century, this place in history. The kitsune have told me about the legend of your feud with my supposed ancestor… but I do not know it. It is foreign to all of us. To me… you are a reverberation from a time utterly forgotten. So please… leave me and this world. We do not know you — and you do not know us. This is not the world that you remember.”

Kida’s eyes went wide. There was power in those words… magic and grace and strength. They were not the words of a mortal, no matter how brave and knowing. They were the words of a prophet. Marissa spoke from the perspective of a human… but the power in her voice was no such thing. “I am not the…”

Unfortunately, neither was the thing she spoke with. Narghai wasn’t even something that belonged in this world. The Beast began to chuckle.

“woman who sealed you away…” Marissa finished, her strength seeming to fail her at the end, her voice growing weak in the sound of Narghai’s laughter.

“But you are,” he replied, his voice low enough to shake the stones. “Her blood, her power, runs through you. You are both of this world… and you are not uniquely created beings. You exist as a continuation of her.” He sneered. “It is… disgusting. Derivative. That is the madness of this… creation, as the Gods elected to call it.”

“You blame me for her actions?” Marissa said.

“Blame?” he asked, repeating the word as if it was an absurdity. “There is no blame to be found in all of this. Your mind is diseased. I slaughtered millions before she stopped me, as I shall continue doing until my existence ends or until there is nothing else to destroy, and existence reverts back to what it was before the Gods came.” As Kida looked at him, she saw the truth. Narghai wasn’t an individual, like everyone else in the room. He wasn’t even a god. He was something darker, some timeless force, the antithesis of creation embodied into shape. When he destroyed everything around him, he didn’t even need to take an action. It was just the consequence of his existence, free in the world.

“This… thing that you call reality, is not the truth,” he continued. “Creation is a… phenomenon of matter which replicates itself into perpetuity.” The Fomorian sneered. “It is a system of lies that veils the truth, what this universe truly is… what existed before matter came into being. You are a part of it. This church is a part of it. This very throne that I sit on. Everything is.” He laughed as he swatted away the gradiose seating, the cracking of stone sounding as effortlessly as Kida would have crushed parchment. “You are all beings of this unnatural system, personifications of it, continuations. I am that which existed before. Instead of Creation, I knew the true reality, the true purity, the actual formless and chaotic and timeless void. You are a continuation of her within the same Creation, the same replication of lies as everyone else in this wretched universe.”

Everyone in the room seemed to flinch away from his words, even Syllana… even if it looked like she was the only one who truly understood them. Marissa could show him nothing in reply but perplexion. “I… I do not know of what you speak.”

“That does not matter,” he smiled… and as if a light had shone on him, Kida could suddenly just how… enormous he was, how terrifying the strength and power of his form was. “You will be undone. You will cease to exist. And I will show the lie called Creation my force. Now, show me what that Goddess Brighid has gifted you.”

The Beast took a step forward. In reflex, Marissa performed an outpouring of her holy power. Sun-bright blazes shot against his body, impacting against his sculptured muscles, ricocheting off his chest and leaving a black-scorched area behind. That deadly energy instead rebounded towards Kida’s position. The brunette Kitsune leaped out of the way. Syllana casually raised one hand, conjuring a ward of blue fire before her that effortlessly deflected the energy away. Some of the awed zealots were not so lucky as to be behind her, or as quick as Kida, and took a blast full-on. Large chunks of their persons were turned abruptly into ash, that soot falling off into heaps on the ground and leaving disconnected body-parts in their wake which tumbled over. Those fanatics gaped at the destruction of their peers, yet showed only amazement and no anger. They were quickly back to reverently staring at their deity. Kida barely noticed… her eyes were all for the dead soldiers… and their weapons, still intact on their corpses.

Seeing the minor damage to his person, Narghai grinned. “Pathetic!” he declared. “You are even weaker than the first iteration that the Goddess sent after me. And you have no army of Kitsune to shield you with their lives!”

Advancing, a multi-colored burst of firefight broke out between them. The Descendant harassed that monster with sun-resplendent rays and he countered with flames of darkness and purple. Marissa stood her ground, yet it was like a mere woman resisting an onrushing bull. The Fomorian simply walked her down. Soon, they were within grappling range, and when it became a contest of muscles, it was no contest at all.

“NO!” she yelled as he grasped her wrists, that slender body-part almost slimmer than a single one of his fingers. The Archenemy wrestled her down onto the ground. Despite his speech of god-like aloofness, the monster was much excited for what was to come… Kida could clearly see that his monstrously large cock was jutting rigid from his body like a weapon.

As it touched her sensitive womanhood, her scream of resolution transformed into a shriek of pain. “Yes,” he said with a growl. “You will be violated, and you will die… right in front of the people who had always tried to protect you!” the devil-horned demon snarled right into her face. “And then, I will resume my slaughter of the rest of humanity. Your very species will suffer woe the likes of which you were not designed to be able to imagine.”

Surrounded by fanatical onlookers and fox-holding cages, that Beast began to take her in the most straightforward way, as if he simply could not wait for another position. With her legs forced apart between his hips, he mustered that immense fatness towards her pussy. Just watching it made Kida shudder. Only the a Kitsune’s divinely-gifted regeneration had enabled them to survive a rape by him. If he were to fuck Marissa for any extended time, the only outcome could be her death. Undeterred… no, excited… at this prospect, he began pressuring in while effortlessly pinning her arms.

“This is where it starts, apprentice,” Syllana whispered with much amusement. “The destruction of your entire Clan’s quest… Ended with the desecration of one. Little. Girl.”

The fox-girls within their cages whimpered and sobbed, averting their eyes in the face of inevitable defilement. Kida felt a personal implosion of her own, but not due to the breaching of some arcane mission, instead suffering at seeing the person she loved so crudely violated. This bond was worth more to her than untold generations of vigil. Marissa was now the world to her… and she had to remain motionless as it was vandalized.

Casting eyes towards her sister, she found Kitina yet unmoving. The Protector seemed to be… gathering her strength. Waiting for some critical moment.

“Iiiiiaaaaahhhh!!!” the Ward erupted as that enormous cock was forced into her. Her pussy was torn-open, made into a chasm, parted in a dimension that shouldn’t be humanly possible. Upon the goblinoid face of that antediluvian Fomorian, there was base-born satisfaction at violating something as beautiful and spirited as her. It distinctly reminded Kida of the coarse lusts she had seen on the boys who previously had their way with her. The ugly urge to destroy and desecrate seemed to be strangely shared between all creatures no matter how powerful and ancient.

With that vaginal gateway spread, he began feeding her his prodigious organ. Marissa squealed and writhed underneath him, making frantic outbursts of activity as much as the confines he gave her would allow. It was plaintive that she was enduring agony absolute. That big beastial body encumbered her immensely.

“I hope that your Goddess can sense this… Because this is how I’m going to fuck her too! I’ll pump you until your womb ruptures!” Narghai sneered. Positioned on-top of her, his bulk began to bob. Mere short thrusts of his musculature punted into her frail humanity with nearly killing force. Nothing in existence was supposed to handle such a creature, now one of its more delicate members bore that full brunt. He wasn’t merely striking his dick in to achieve some need for ejaculation. He sought an undoing of her very life with his dick. Marissa shook as her sex was broken beneath the assault. “I will plow you deliberately,” he promised her. “Just to make sure that you survive to feel at least my first load. After all, I wouldn’t want to end this before you suffer through the first apex.” Narghai laughed in dark delight. “This cursed existence made intercourse pleasurable as a reward for the vile cockroaches that inhabit it… it is my delight to use it oppose their intention. Instead of reproduction and bliss, you will only be inflicted with death and anguish!”

“Giiiaaaaahhhh!” Marissa bellowed, her mien a mask of unbelievable pain. Kida feared that she wouldn’t be able to hold on, that some insanity would malform her mind before the critical juncture even arrive. Tears slid down her cheek… but she had to remain ready… and hope that through some blessing, Marissa would be able to retain her wherewithal. Syllana was utterly absorbed in the sight, smiling in delight. Kida took one small step to her left. A few thrusts later, she took a second.

The Descendant’s power hadn’t appeared weaker to Narghai because the Goddesses powers had faltered over time.

It had seemed weaker because the Ward had been holding back.

Making sure that she was standing behind the entire row of zealots, Kida crouched down. Off the ash-covered floor, she soundlessly retrieved two shortswords. Everyone else was to engage in the monumental event going on before them to notice. Everyone save Kitina.

“Aaaarrrhhhaaa!” the Blonde kept screaming, incandescent sparkles streaming from her outstretched palms like conjured fire. This unnatural sex was taking an impossibly large tool into her body, her slit utterly impaled. One could see her pubic mound bulging as that enormity jutted into her. The Nine-Tailer wondered if he had stricken right through the cervix and so dug directly into her womb. If he did, then it would be like giving birth in reverse, eerily fitting given his nature as an anti-life. And he was pumping faster… he was approaching his climax.

Encased in her sarcophagus, the Guardian began pushing against her spiderweb. Wearing a countenance of absolute concentration, Kitina made those taut strings bend outward beneath her muscles. All of that silk promptly dug into her figure, inflicting a level of agony on that valiant warrior comparable to what Marissa was undergoing. Despite that, and in spite of her previously bellows of extreme anguish, she did not cease moving or utter a single sound. It was as if she was some mystriarch who had uncovered the secrets of ignoring pain. Eventually, she leaned forward so much that the web began to strain, minute droplets of blood emerging all across her skin as if threatening to shred her into a mess of sliced meat.

It was enough to finally get Syllana’s attention. The dark fox chuckled as if witnessing the most unbelievable thing she had ever seen. “Oh please…” she tittered, utterly incredulous.

Narghai’s ramming had grown all the more brutish. He was grunting along with every pump. The Master of Destruction and Evil wasn’t concerned with Kitina’s incomprehensible feat at all. He was unswerving thrusting to fill her pussy with sperm.

“What are you intending to do?” Syllana questioned aloud, considering the Protector’s feat something that could only be met with mockery. “Make yourself into chunks of beef? Did I not already explain to you that jorogumo webbing cannot be torn?”

Syllana wasn’t seeing things right. Only Kida understood what her sister was doing… providing a distraction.

Kida might not have trained with the intensity of her sister, but she was still one of the protectors of the Descendant… and that meant that she had been taught to use a blade since she was old enough to hold one. Drawing both shortswords from their scabbard with a practiced twist and spin that send the casings flying, she slew every man in front of her with swift flurries of her two hands. That duel-sworded spin slew everyone in her path, ending their lives of a dozen cultists before any of them could even realize what was happened. Alone among the hypnotized watchers, only Syllana was alert enough to notice the noise of steel penetrating and cleaving flesh. Swirling in a delayed reaction due to her humored attention towards the Protector, she barely managed to dodge a thrown shortsword as it hurled towards her face.

“Damnit!” she cursed, head jerking savagely to the side. The blade slid by, rasping against her cheek. With a thin slit of blood created across that smooth surface, she glared hatefully like an enraged predator towards her treacherous apprentice. “You fool!” she hisses as the cut on her face closed right before Kida’s eyes. “I offered you life. I offered you power. I offered you salvation! You think double-crossing me at a moment like this was ever going to succeed? You are much dumber than I ever thought you’d be!” she hissed as she drew her own blade from her hip. “You’ve achieved nothing but giving up your life!”

And the chestnut-haired kitsune grinned. “You thought I was aiming for your head?” Kida snarkily replied back.

“What!?” Syllana erupted, gazing over her shoulder.

Syllana had even told her. Jorogumo silk couldn’t be torn… it had to be cut. That tossed weapon had penetrated into the interior wall of the torture sarcophagus, severing some of that strained spider-web as it dug in. Those sliced strands enabled were enough to enable movement out of one of the Protector’s arms. Grasping the sword’s handle, she cut a downward cleave so to sever off more strings.

“No!” the black-furred Kitsune yelled, not with worry or alarm, but with consternation and anger. They were still not a threat to her. Merely an annoyance ruining her moment. A distraction to the ritual.

In the same moment, Narghai had managed to pump himself to orgasm. That incomprehensible, eldrich creature hilted himself in Marissa, surrendering his senses to the blindness of an orgasm. Having brutalized her sex, he now resolved to fill it up with seed. That buried dick spurted out semen that possessed the heat of magma, creating vicious sizzling sounds as it landed into that holy uterus. The noise that the Descendant created was akin to someone getting eroded away from the inside. Not only were her vaginal lips so inhumanly outstretched that they neared the points of bursting, but she was also forced to hold this position as he dumped his organ-destroying sperm inside her.

Kitina was severing strings after strings. Before the thaumaturge was able to step forward an arrest her helpless, she was outside of its embrace. The Outlander drew her own sword. Of course she had elected to deal with the elder sister before the treacherous younger one. Kitina was the only one who was even remotely a threat. “You idiot,” she spat at the Guardian. “You are too weak. All you’ve managed to sire is a quicker death!”

“Get her Kitina!” someone said. Kida turned, eyes wide. All of the caged kitsune turned their gazes so to behold their heroine performing her final stand. They all had hope again… perhaps a fools hope. The Sorceress utterance held not an iota of falsehood… That spiderweb had enervated the Guardian so thoroughly that their leader was unable to properly function, bleeding from a hundred tiny cuts all over her skin. To her horror, she noticed that they were healing slowly… very, very slowly, the venom of the Jorogumo web crippling her regeneration. All that Kida had left to fight with was the desperation of death.

This was the last stand of their Clan.

“Cassandra!” She shouted to her friend, although she wasn’t sure which she spoke to. “Sophitia! Now! Help me!”

The two blue-haired twins just moaned, looking at her with eyes empty of anything but terror. They trembled in time with one another, shaking like a leaf in perfect sync… and neither rose to her feet.

Kida didn’t have time to try to persuade them.

Meanwhile, the Fomorian had kept dumping his seed into the woman they were supposed to protect. The Blonde was vibrating underneath him as if having lost control of her body. Despite having finished his climax and leaving behind the moment of blissful oblivion to his surroundings, the skirmish seemed to not worry him at all. “Your loyal Kitsune are attempting to set you free,” he worded, voice baleful and almighty. “How pitiful. They so easily trade their lives for yours.”

At that moment, Kida leapt into the air and dove towards his skull with a downward plunge of her shortsword. With Syllana distracted, she had free aim at the monster that was the cause of all of this. Intent on burying her weapon into his brain as if sheathing her sword deep into a mountain, she thrust down with all her weight, all of her strength, tails swinging to give her a tiny additional shred of power. Connecting, the impact made the bones in her arm ring. Her blade-tip drove through his skin, penetrating the bare outline of his protective skull… and then snapped against its hardness as if being a twig used as a lance. Her sole means of attack broke into a dozen shard right before her wide eyes.

“Cunt!” the Fomorian blared, turning his horned head in her direction and staring directly at her with the top-part of that shortsword still attached to his skull.

Seeing that mass of demon-like ugliness snarl her way nearly stopped the lithe Kitsune’s heart. Unhanding one of Marissa’s wrist, he used it to clutch at the Nine-Tailer’s torso like a giant. Kida felt a crushing agony dig into her person as he crushed her with the pure power of his grip. Kida screamed as she felt ribs break beneath that grip… but the small respite was all the freedom that the Descendant needed — Her pain-paralysis was not complete. Raising one palm towards his jutting chin, she directed her emotive spellcraft towards one point-blank discharge.

“Giiiaaahh!!!” the Fomorian roared as those holy fires struck against his jaw, scorching the area ruthlessly. He was such a ferocious monster that hearing him elicit screams of pain seemed unreal. His hurt came not only from the unexpectedness of the supernatural ray, but also from the surprise of its strength since the girl had held back on her power previously. Rising quickly upright, he hurled Kida away, sending her body flying away like a swatted fly. She flew across the chamber, fast enough that she heard air rushing in her ears as she soared. Her person tumbled and rolled as it crashed into the floor, becoming entangled in her very tails during the scramble. An instinctual thought raced through her mind that she needed to get upright and ready as soon as she had impacted back down to earth. But… her body would not obey. Frenzy-minded, she rose onto her knees, then her posture grew wobbly. The malachite-eyed Kitsune collapsed back down into the dust and debris as the pain belatedly hit her through the shock.

She was too weak. “Wha–wha?” she whimpered, unable to believe that her own muscles were failing her so. This was such an important moment. Why couldn’t she fight back?

The Demon’s strike had battered her bones and muscles. Her Kitsune regeneration needed time to work. Despite this severe damage, it made her feel helpless and worthless. Marissa and her sister needed help right now! They were overwhelmed! Why couldn’t she help them?

Gazing towards the end of that church, she saw there were two unwinnable battles going on. Naked, Kitina had actually managed to get the Sorceress on the backfoot. Even though it was obvious that she would emerge the victor, Syllana was grimacing with frustration at what setbacks the skilled kitsune was forcing on her… but Kida could see clearly that the Guardian was only managing to achieve that by keeping her reacting, and the only way to press her hard enough to do that in her state was by recklessly ignoring her own defences…

A spirit-destroying realization overcame Kida.

Her sister was going to die.

Kitina wasn’t even trying to defend herself. Syllana’s counter attacks dug deep gashes into her flesh. She was bleeding from horrendous cuts, all-red areas of her figure streaking out blood. If the cruel sorceress stopped right now, it was possible… possible… that the Goddess’ blessing would enable her to heal from this fast enough to keep it from killing her… but Kitina fought on and with horrified eyes Kida witnessed additional cuts be applied in every exchange. A virtually maddening ire shone in Syllana’s eyes that she couldn’t dispose herself of this relentless person. Kida had to see this stopped. She couldn’t allow her sister’s life to be ended right in front of her!

“Kida!” the Guardian shouted. How many times had she heard her sister shout her name like… thousands? Tens of thousands? Cries of annoyance, of exasperation, of dismay. There was none of that now… no disappointment, no aggravation, just a simple cry for action. “Assist the Descendant! She is our only hope!”

Kitina spoke of hope… even though she was already dead. Her sense of hopefulness extended past her own life.

Sidestepping a forceful lunge, Syllana managed to dodge her sister’s body past her. With her backside exposed, all that the Sorceress needed was a simple plunge. Stabbing with her sword, she made its steel slide right through Kitina’s torso. Kida reacted as if she experienced it herself. It made such a sickly, tearing sound. She thought it a finishing stroke.

Turning around so vigorously that Syllana’s grip of her own blade was lost, an almost blood-covered Kitina faced her adversary. Dropping her useless weapon, she suddenly lurched towards her as if performing a tackle. Syllana’s eyes went wide as she too was impaled by that forwards-protruding blade-tip, incensed upon being pulled into a grapple. Fighting on, she kept the incensed sorceress occupied, pinned to the ground.

Kida’s sister was an amazing person. She just wished that she could have ever been allowed to tell her that in person.

Returning her eyes towards the main duel ongoing, she found Marissa in a similar situation. The two spell-users were blasting away against each other with forces of pure energy. It caused explosions of multi-colored light, billowing smoke-clouds that spoke of the intensity of their discharges. Yet, somehow, this battle seemed even more one-sided than the one between Kitina and Syllana. Narghai was battle and destruction made incarnate. The amount of power he threw against her could not be held off for long.

Kida remembered the old legends. The Prophetess needed time to muster a sealing-rite. It really didn’t take longer than a score of seconds. But Narghai would never offer such a lull in the fighting. What could she possibly do to provide such a distraction? Pushing past the pain of her knitting bones, Kida forced herself to her feet.

An enormous fire-orb appeared between Narghai’s hands in the second before it blasted down right in front of Marissa. She avoided it, barely, being flung back very similarly to how Kida herself had been swatted across the room from its sheer monstrous impact. The two of them were disengaged.

The furious attack kicked up a major dust-storm. For a moment, the room was enshrouded with smoke-screens of minute particles of ash, soot and grime. Walking through that transitory yet blinding haze, he allowed the sounds of her hurtful whimpering and groaning to guide him. Narghai appeared before his downed adversary towering and triumphant. Marissa lacked her kitsune allies’ abilities of regeneration. She could not withstand such a tumble.

“Now, you die!” he spoke, opening his hand as if about to direct another pyre of flame.

Kida wasn’t much of an illusionist by kitsune standards… but in the middle of the chaos of a battle and a duststorm, even an incompetent child could have done it. The illusion of Marissa vanished right as Narghai unleashed energy upon it. Realizing his mistake, he uttered an annoyed roar just as Kida ran right at him.

Faking a lunge towards his head, Kida dove in-between his legs, emerging on the other side. He didn’t even turn for her. Spotting the real Marissa struggling to get to her knees in the distance, he headed her way. Kida was such a non-factor that he didn’t even feel an urge to kill her.

But, like everyone else, he had underestimated her… Kida had been more prepared than that.

Running, jumping, and clutching, she affixed herself onto his musclebound backside. He gave another offhanded slap as if trying to smash a fly, which the Kitsune barely avoided. With such chiseled musculature, it was easy to climb towards his neck… and gripping a fistful of severed Jorogumo silk in both hands, he corded it around his back and yanked backward, driving both feet into the small of his back as he did.

The force of the yank, the choke, the leverage, the venom… combined, it was, just barely, enough. “UUHGG!” Narghai croaked upon being garroted. He attempted to grab for the spidersilk wrapped around him, but his huge hands were unable to find anything solid to grasp onto. He stumbled around flummoxed, distracted, flailing in an attempt to reach Kida with one huge hand and crush her like a grape.

Across the room, Marissa gaped spotting her heroics.

“SEAL HIM!!!” Kida cried at the top of her lungs.

“But you’re on top of hi—” Marissa countered.

“SEAL HIM!!!” she repeated, keeping that strangulation tug strong. “NOW!”

Riding his bulk like a clutching insect, Kida kept pulling at Narghai as the Prophetess prepared her spell that could end this. Flapping wildly with both hands, he aimed blindly, his hugeness his sole advantage to landing a hit. Kida dodged and weaved on the nape of his neck, almost getting pulverized with every frantic slap.

The sealing-powers was starting to muster, emerging as a nexus of azure lighting in-between her hands.

What was she doing, Kida thought with a distant kind of horror… a horror that felt like it was happening to someone else. If she rode him like this… she’d be caught in the sealing spell too. She’d be trapped with the monster.

Realizing at last danger that he was in, the Archfoe grew even wilder. He struck and bashed. The fact that any of those blows could kill her didn’t seem all that bad in comparison to being occluded inside his magical prison for a eternity.

Kida realized what was happening. She was sacrificing herself for those she loved. Not only her life, No… something much worse. She would be locked up inside there with him. The being that horrified her the very most. Forever, trapped in an eternal prison with a furious incarnation of destruction. A fate significantly worse than death, she felt sure. Kida felt herself laugh, half mad. How fate could be so ironic and cruel. How could it have been her to make such a sacrifice? The black sheep of the Clan whose sense of faith was always under question? Practically an apostate… it was going to be her to make the ultimate sacrifice for her faith.

She looked at the kitsune in cages, watching with wide, horrified eyes. She looked at her best friends, kneeling on the ground, bound by fear and despair far more tightly than any bonds of metal or rope. She looked at her sister, fighting desperately… and she looked at the glowing form of Marissa, gathering energy, terror filling her gaze… perhaps the only one that knew what was about to happen.

Syllana had been wrong. She had plenty of faith… in them.

Through the smoke and the haze, through the pain and exhaustion and desperation, Kida saw Syllana and her sister. The black-furred fox had managed to disengage from her finally, leaving Kitina’s body limp on the ground. She looked over at the fight, her gaze flicking between Narghai and Marissa, her eyes wide and furious. “NO!” Syllana yelled, shocked alarm sounding in her voice. Her arm erupted into flame as she called up her dark fire, preparing to unleash it…

And Kitina bit her leg.

“YOU LITTLE FUCKING CUNT,” Syllana roared, pointing her glowing arm downward. “DIE ALREADY!”

Kida and Kitina met eyes.

Beholding her little sister doing everything possible to put a stop to that murderous being, that heroic Kitsune seemed to find peace in her eyes.

Then Syllana screamed in outrage and blue fire washed over her sister like a boiling tide. When it passed, not even bones were left.

Marissa’s begotten ritual had reached a potent juncture. Those flares of starlight glowed so intensely that the brightness blurred out the shape of her hands. The magic infesting the ether was perceptible through the entire church, replete as if replacing the oxygen within.

Narghai managed an over-the-shoulder punch which connected with Kida hard enough to make her head ring, all of her senses going groggy. She heard bone snap, but oddly, she didn’t feel it… her whole body felt numb with exertion, like she had nothing left to give but was giving it anyway. Despite this vicious blow, she maintained her chokehold. The spiderweb was digging agonizingly into the flesh of her palms, cutting into them and sending blood pouring forth. She could feel it grinding against the hardness of her bones. Could feel the venom coursing through her. There seemed a genuine risk that this silk would slice right through her handhold, ending her coup of his reign of darkness in the process. Power lashed out between Narghai and Marissa like blades, slicing through the air and and walls and cage bars as effortless as if they were butter. One of those came within an instant of taking Kida in her neck and cutting her head from her body. She ducked, and it sliced her right ear off halfway up cleaner than any knife, a stinging, monstrous pain that made her want to shriek and curl up into a ball.

Instead, she kept holding the garrote and tightened it.

The magic inside Marissa’s hands had grown so strong that it became a blare. It was a droning, vibrating, mounting noise — like a power signifying the end-times. Panicked, that black-furred Sorceress ran towards it, hoping to somehow see it stopped.

Gazing directly into that blinding light which now constituted the Descendant, Kida found that its flickers would momentarily unveil her resplendent visage. Even as she was casting this great piece of divine magic, worry shone within her features. She didn’t want to seal away Kida too. It killed her spirit to do so. Even though Narghai could mean the end of everything, sacrificing but one life to see it prevented seemed like an unbearable torture to perform.

“NOOO!!!” Syllana screamed.

“Perhaps in another lifetime,” Kida mouthed, hoping the blonde could read her lips.

“NOOOOO!!!” that rapidly-sprinting witch shrieked.

“What value has centuries of wait for someone who is timeless!? You’re only stalled your doom!” the Fomorian howled in fury.

And then the energized spell reached its apex. The power of the gods was made manifest. For just a second, Kida thought she saw an outline surrounding Marissa… that of a statuesque woman, pale of skin and red of hair, glowing like the sun and surrounding the prophet like a cloak. Silence grasped the room like a hand around the throat, as if the herald of something magnificent. Gusts of wind erupted from her positioning, driving outward in every direction, brushing away all the dust and ash in the room like the breath of a hurricane.

Then power blasted outward.

It was as if all the powers of nature exploded at once. It was as if the sun had descended upon the earth. In its overmastering fury, a binding was enforced upon that antemundane being. As a being not of this Creation, he was identified for banishment, whisked away into a formless yet delimited plane of existence. The prison would be different this time, Kida knew instinctively. Deeper… stronger. Buried far beneath the earth, where hopefully no one would ever find him to free him again.

Narghai’s being disintegrated into nothingness as it traveled to its exile within the ether — and Kida went with him.

Then the magic worked its fury upon creation, rupturing and demolishing all that stood in Brighid’s path…

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