Sacred – Epilogue

The experience of void was… incomprehensible.

Kida drifted through… nothingness, feeling her thoughts run slowly. To the kitsune, it seemed like the space was timeless, existing outside the ordinary flow of history, or something close to it… it was an state of existence that her species was incapable to really understanding, something she was never meant to experience. In here, she would exist in perpetual isolation from such concepts of the word she had grown up in… unable to age, or die, or to make any real change at all to herself. It was utterly… alien, an inescapable nothingness.

This existence was the sacrifice that she had made to seal the Fomorian away… being sealed away with the monster, so the world would be safe.

As if thinking for him made it real, Narghai abruptly appeared before her, suddenly materializing out of the mist. The shockingly quick appearance of his baleful body terrified her… In this altered-reality, she could not experience anything absolute… like death… but that wasn’t much of a comfort. Pain and terrors could wreck her without end here.

Turning, Kida began to sprint through dimensionless space… trying desperately to run and going nowhere at all. Seconds later, the Archfoe was soon upon her. He clutched her tails like an eagle catching a snake. “Congratulations, little fox,” he growled at her. He didn’t seem angry… or at least, no more angry than he had outside. “Your heroics, coupled with those of your sun-haired friend, have managed to seal me away once more. You are to be commended… But at what cost?” Though there were no ground to stand upon, that demon lifted her via those tails, rendering her helpless. “Now you are trapped in here — with me!”

“We stopped you!” the kitsune shouted back, wishing to assert the value of what she had done. “You cannot slay any more!”

Demonic cackling resounded in that hollow, mocking all that she had won. “Do you still not understand? I am timeless. Thousands of your years matters naught to me. Tomorrow or ten thousand years hence, I will be free… and my wrath upon your reality will be manifest. Yet now, I shall at least not be spending this imprisonment in my lonesome. I have the two of you to entertain me with!” he declared.

Kida’s blood froze. “…what?” she whispered.

“Your insolence will be repaid a thousand fold,” Narghai promised. “Already I have begun making my vengeance on your lover.” As if banishing a cloak of shadows, Kida was allowed a vision of the Ward. In the church, he had promised to fuck until she was but a corpse. Now, in here, that seemed accomplished. She was splayed out lifeless and unconscious on the darkness that was their surroundings, covered in thick ropes of creamy sperm and with both of her nether holes gaping. He had already violated impossibly thoroughly… But in here, Marissa couldn’t escape into death. She wouldn’t age… she wouldn’t rest… she wouldn’t even have the comfort of going mad. The Fomorian would be able to rape them as much as he liked without restraints.

“You should have heard her,” he snarled as he glared down at the woman. “She locked herself in here as well. To save you, she said. That no matter what, you would be together.” Narghai’s laugh as cruel and dark and filled with amusement. “Your love has doomed her as well. Now… prepare to beg your Goddess for death!”

Overwhelmed with terror, Kida struggled against the archenemy and was overmastered in seconds as he attacked like a rapacious animal. Knowing that she could do nothing to escape nor nothing to prevent this was soul-rending. She was trapped with the embodiment of nightmares… and now he was going to rape her!

Turning her around in the air as if she was a weightless doll, Narghai forced her down to his crotch. That gigantic and monstrous cock bumped against her face as it hung at eye-level, and witnessing its dark-skinned enormity at such close proximity felt like a wildfire inside her heart. She displayed none of the formidable self-control that her sister had shown when getting raped by this behemoth from pre-history.

Excited to get going, that colossal serpent between his legs began to twitch. It jerked into full on rigidity within seconds, growing harder with each spasm. Kida felt herself be placed under its shadow as it jutted upright, like a mace ready to batter her down. Just seeing its size made her lips quiver and refuse to remain in place. Thoughtless like a prey fleeing for its life, her head was grasped by one overpowering hand.

He intended to rape her orally first.

That bulbous tip lanced between the fluttering aperture in-between her lips. Shoving forward, his dick utterly quashed the strength of her jaws. It was as if she was force-fed something colossal via overwhelming strength. Awed, before she knew it that demon-cock was already shoved up against her throat, her mouth forced impossibly wide until she heard her bones creaking. “Nggghhhi!” Kida squealed, having something impossible big pushing against her throat. Even at this narrowed plunge, her natural tightness was nothing to him. There was no obstacle made by divinity or nature that Narghai could not brute-force his way through — Her snug body parts were just something for him to violate and destroy.

The Fomorian lunged, charging half his cock down her throat. Instantly, she gagged and groaned, feeling that entire orifice to be woefully outstretched. With her windpipe burning from the pain of tearing, he humped incessantly, using a series of hard jabs that brought it rapidly all the way down, buried so deep in her she could feel it’s pulse against her heart. Though she choked badly, she was only too grimly aware that asphyxiation was no threat… just an agony. She couldn’t die anyway. She didn’t need to breathe… so why did its lack hurt so much?

When at last the kitsune’s head rested against his pelvis, Kida already felt ruined on the first thrust… he had accomplished the abhorred feat of forcing her to swallow his entire prong. Through the brutal insertion, her malachite eyes bulged and poured forth salty tears down her face. This was not even something that Kida could identify as sex… it was simply destruction with a cock as the weapon, but that sadistic behemoth wanted it badly. Before she knew it, her snugly hugging lips were touching against the base of his toughened manhood, interconnecting victim and violator fully. The discomfort going on inside her beleaguered body was limitless and defied imagination, much less description.

“This is what I did to your sister,” he stated. “This is what I made her suffer through.”

Having impaled her, he could now think of nothing but fucking that squeezing and contracting orifice. He began moving her head back-and-forward, making her battered body clench on his cock as it stroked in and out. She couldn’t suck… hell, even if she had the air, her lungs didn’t have the capacity to suck this monstrous thing… but he didn’t seem to care, relishing the tight destruction of her body instead. For the imprisoned fox, it felt as if her skull was about to explode any second now from internal pressure. It seemed unreal that something within her wouldn’t just purely pop and end this massacre… but despite this incomprehensible fit and desecration of her mouth and neck and chest, the Fomorian continued to indulge in his unthinkable pleasure, doing everything possible to please the lustful rage of his cock.

Were this in reality, then Kida would have blacked out several times over. Her breathing tube was completely blocked, it’s delicate membrane chaffed mercilessly by that aggressively-rutting dong. The torment grew so all-consuming that she lost track of any progress that could be made… all she experienced were his hips rutting against her forehead, muscle slaps so powerfully that it rattled the brain inside her skull. Like their existence inside this prison, it seemed endless. But to Narghai, this seemed a multitudinous and boundless joy, a single-minded want for rape fulfilled.

When he finally came, it was as a violent deluge. Thick spunk shot down her deeply-penetrated throat, compelling Kida to gulp all of that chunky liquid down. Stuffed with cock-meat as she was, she couldn’t produce any flexing motions to swallow, but it didn’t matter… he was cumming directly into her stomach anyway, his inhuman seed sluicing down her tube with just the force of his ejection. This horrid cum would be her only meal for their entire stay within this timeless hellhole, she realized… there was nothing else to eat here. Consuming such slimy glop seemed worse to her than living without anything at all.

“Uuggh! Uuuaah!” she retched as the prodigious hard-on finally slipped from her mouth, regurgitating bundles of dumpy white seed.

The hate-fueled fusillade into her body seemed to have satisfied him not one bit… his cock still precisely as hard as it had been before. “Learn to love that desecrating feeling,” his stentorian voice stated. “The number of times that you will experience it is legion. The first, or the last, it will be indiscernible to you.”

Swiftly, Kida was switched around and pushed onto all fours. The Archfoe squatted while grasping onto her multitude of billowy tails. It didn’t take long for that now well-lathered cockhead to bump against the kitsune’s pussy. Feeling its size down at that intimate hole gave her such a chill that her lower-body felt like a glacier, and she closed her eyes. No man had ever…

“The kitsune… perpetual virgins,” Narghai laughed. “This hymen will be ruptured an untold amount of times.” And then he bashed against that prim pink hole.

The scream she let out was one of pure terror as her pussy was hit with a member that simply wasn’t supposed to fit her. A primal instinct in her that cared not at all for logic screamed to be heard… warning that if that thing went inside her, then she would be split apart. No matter her supernatural durability, no woman her size could survive this! It would be her demise!

“NNNNOOOOO!” she shrieked, squirming and wiggling, unable to focus on anything but the stupidly big cock attempting to enter via her womanhood. Her lips were extended widely, growing oblong then rounded and finally distorting so broadly that they could no longer be described as maintaining a circular shape! His power was simply unstoppable and able to perform whatever feat of ruination that he designed. As the painful hyper-extension of her sex finally reached such a width as to be able to house him, Kida was bleeding on to that dick and so wrecked with trauma and anguish that death would have been a welcome friend. “AAAGHHH! INARI! BRIGHID! LET ME DIEEE! AAAAAOOOOOHH!” the brown-haired kitsune blared at the top of her lungs. The hellacious impalement was so horrifying that it brought out all the primal emotions of agony and terror out of her system and into her voice. She was no longer even able to focus on how she had got here. Kida’s past itself felt erased. All she knew was the torment of being hate-fucked into oblivion by Narghai!

“EEEYYYYAAAAHHHH! AAAA-AAAA-AAAAUUUUUHHH! OOOHH GOOODDDEEESSSS NOOOOO!” she screamed like a dying woman, shrieking at the top of her lungs as if she was convinced that her death-cries could penetrate the membrane between dimensions.

Brutally penetrated, that monster tore straight through her cervix and into her womb. As it’s cockhead pushed against the endpoint of her sacred uterus as if wishing to disdent even further, Kida shrieked so loud that the blood vessels on her foreheads bulged so thoroughly that they appeared ready to pop. Death was the one thing this dimension wouldn’t grant her, though. Without anything to alleviate her agony, that antemundane beast began to pound her. “I think I will enjoy this banishment!” Narghai declared. “With the two you to fuck!” Utilizing unearthly muscle-power, he pounded into the writhing girl, utterly unmerciful in how he pummeled this tightly gripping hole. These ruthless thrusts shook the fox-girl’s entire body. This was rape so wicked the Gods would not have allowed it to transpire within their domain… it felt like it would have shaken the very foundations of the Earth. In here, however, he could do it as long as he possible wanted to.

The nine-tailer screamed at the top of her lungs, her vocal-cords unable to burst or give out. Every thrust into her was a bone-crushing smash, and were they on solid ground she would have long since been fucked into the dirt, creating a crater underneath their rut. He was simply insatiable, an incarnation of all those loathsome instincts to see bodies undone and sexually defiled.

But at least, he wasn’t on Earth…

That was not a triumph which Kida could console herself with. She had already turned maniacal, forgotten all about her real world. All she knew was that she was locked in here with him, with her beloved Marissa doomed to be the beast’s second fuck-slave. Thrashing around, her entire world was those individual hip-plunges that sent his cock deep into her womanhood. They all constituted an individual lifetime, one explosion of pain which was erased and forgotten when the subsequent one arrived. His fury mastered her entirely. She was his fuck-doll, his entertainment in this void. Kida the Guardian of the Alpine Clan was condemned to an existence being raped like this for possessing the heroic gall to have stopped him.

And it would go on forever…




Syllana stood by the circle of black-scorched ash that had been burnt into the floor where the Fomorian once stood, eyes narrowed in in her annoyance. All her work over the last three centuries, gone in a stroke of misfortune. That bitch-deity’s servants had managed to capture the Beast once again. She had been bested by a cub and a human!

Great, billowing plumes of smoke still rose from her person. The sorceress had barely managed to raise a shield around her before the fireball ripped across the church and the town, blasting away all its path. The town of Garginion was now a crater, nearly twenty feet deep and nearly a mile around and coated in ash, a desolation amid the alps. It had killed all the cultists, certainly. The cage-held kitsune, on the other hand, had been spared… the purifying flame of Brighid had washed over them and left them untouched. Their cages had not been so fortunate, and every one of them had still been shoved away with the force of a hurricane, their skins scattered across the forest where they would doubtless be a pain to recover.

She could have recaptured them all… but what was the point of that? She had no master free to entertain with them, no cultist army to keep occupied. They were every bit as worthless to her now as they had been with Narghai’s cum leaking from their ravaged holes.

All but two of them.

By pure happenstance, when she had been sprinting towards the Descendant, she had been taken to just where the two twins knelt in submission. Her protective barrier had encompassed them as well. Tossing her gaze in their direction, she smirked upon seeing the pair of blue-furred foxes remain kneeling in terror of her presence. Their thralldom would be a pleasant luxury for her.

The smirk couldn’t hold as she returned her gaze towards that burned-out holocaust of her plans, however. A rare sensation of frustration and disappointment gripped her gut. Though she had not seen creation itself spring into existence like the Fomorian, Syllana had still lived for an unfathomable number of years. Such a multitude of experience had left her inured to many strong emotions linked to failure, as if she had forgotten that they could be pronounced. This, though… left the black-furred fox deeply aggravated.

So many years… gone to waste. She could feel the prison, pulsing in the air, growling through the earth beneath her feet… far, far stronger than the last one. Both the prophet and her traitorous apprentice had fed themselves into it along with Narghai, strengthening it from inside and out. It had taken her years to build up the strength to free him the first time, but no one had known to stop her then. The second time, this time, it had taken her nearly three centuries to gather enough power to shatter that prison. To do so a third time would takes orders of magnitude more power now, with the two interlopers still within, still providing it strength.

Syllana inhaled heavily.

Well… her work had not been entirely undone. She conjured her blue fire, let it coat her arm as she stared into it. Her link between Narghai and her fire was still as strong as ever. He was still providing her with power to keep her flame burning, since without a skin she could not replenish it any other way… and that meant that she could feed more power back to him. And, in their stupidity, the last descendant of Kitra and the last descendant of Amalissa had bound themselves into the prison. Next time, there would be no one left to stop her.

It had taken three hundred years to gather enough power to free her patron before, and this time would require much more… but last time, she had done it alone. How much quicker might dozens, or hundreds, of foxes gather souls for the Fomorian?

She would do what she always did… exactly what she had to. No one else would do what was necessary for this world to survive. This world deserved better gods that it had… and she would give it them.

Syllana finally allowed herself to grin again. “Well,” she said, amusement back in her voice as she looked down on the traumatized twins. “It appears I have an opening for a new apprentice… or two.” The dark fox chuckled to herself as she looked around, a smirk solidly back on her prideful face once more. “Now, where have your skins got off to…”

Kida felt like a plate dropped from a great height, shattered into a thousand pieces as she lay on the nothingness that made up her prison. She had been a virgin when she was thrown into here… now she couldn’t actually count how many times the Incarnation of Destruction had raped her. Ten? A hundred? A thousand? She couldn’t even tell how long it had been… the only thing at all to mark the passage of time was cumshots into her body, and each thrust of his cock into her felt like it contained a million years of agony. Kida could feel seed dripping out of her ravaged holes, and tried to count to the rhythm of filth oozing out of her. One drip. Two. Three.

It was easier than paying attention to the woman she loved being raped just feet away.

There was one rule of her existence now, one truth that she lived by here – Narghai’s cock was always in one of them. The gaps between were so short and tiny that they seemed irrelevant to mention. When Kida was too overwhelmed and broken down to fuck, the Fomorian would focused on Marissa instead. When Marissa gave in and lost herself, it would be Kida’s turn again.

Drip. Drip. Drip. One drip, one second. Sixty seconds in a minute. Sixty minutes in an hour. This should be easy… but each drip seemed to contain either a dozen or a thousand thrusts of his cock into Marissa’s battered asshole… defying the passage of time. Kida could have been here for day, a week, or a thousand years… each seemed equally likely to her. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, unwilling to watch any longer… too exhausted to move a muscle to even make a vain attempt to save her. Marissa couldn’t even scream anymore… her voice had given out towards the beginning of this newest rape. That meant that he would probably be done with her soon and it would be Kida’s turn. Good… maybe she would last longer this time. The only mercy she could give to the other woman who had been unlucky enough to be trapped in here with her was to suffer as long as she could… prolonging the time between Marissa’s rapes.

Something touched her hand.

Kida’s eyes popped open, and she stared up to find Marissa looking at her face. Her hand in hers. They looked at each other… and Marissa squeezed her hand as tightly as she could.


Marissa hadn’t been blind to what she had done, locking herself in here with her. She knew what would happen… and she had done it anyway. Unwilling to leave Kida alone. Unwilling to abandon her to her fate and save herself. Whatever happened… they would face it together.

Until the end.

Kida squeezed back. This was not how their story ended.


Syllana, Cassandra, and Sophitia’s story continues in Chosen One.
Marissa and Kida will return?

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