Runeterra Rape Squad 4 – I'll Drink to That 1

Everyone needed to eat.

That wasn’t always a fun truth of the world, but it was one for most creatures in Runeterra… and while once Poppy might not have been one of them, the longer she spent among humans the less like a yordle she felt. Once she had been frozen in time, not needing to sleep, not needing to eat. That wasn’t the case anymore… and the food had certainly begun to affect her. Poppy would always be tiny, but her physique grew more human-like with every passing day. It was a nice change, making her feel more like the people she lived her life in the company of now, but it came with needs… most specifically, food. Everyone needed to eat, and an eternal duty as a squire to no one didn’t exactly pay.

While the League took care of her needs while it was in session, the season was over now, in recess for the winter unless some emergency came up. It would be months before it began again, and she needed to eat.

That was how Poppy had found herself working at the Red Rune Inn.

When Poppy had first stepped in these doors, it wasn’t to work there… she was just traveling through Demacia, taking advantage of the time off of the League to look for her hero when her stomach had started growling. That had been happening more and more often of late, so while it annoyed her, it made the sight of an inn on the roadside all the more intriguing. It was only after she stepped inside that she saw something truly surprising.

Shyvana walked between tables, her dark hair spilling down her back as she wore a surprisingly scandalous outfit that put her breasts high up on her chest. Surprising as it was to see a champion dressed so, it was nowhere near as surprising as what she was doing… carrying drinks and food!

Speaking with the half-dragon, she found a bit more of a kindred spirit than she had been expecting… another outcast inside the almost-entirely-human, magic fearing Demacians, Shyvana didn’t have anywhere to go outside of the League structure either. She needed a home of her own, a place to go and be welcome during the break… and she had found it here. As long as she worked here, the owners was more than happy to give her room and board as well, and she had been coming here the last two seasons, working during the offseason, serving drinks.

Within the week, Poppy found herself doing the same.

It was a surprisingly fun time, honestly. People talked to her, joked with her, laughed with her easily… all things she was used to them avoiding doing. People in Demacia sort of had a stick up their bums sometime, if you asked Poppy… but here, no one seemed to care that neither she nor Shyvana were human. They were just two more women on the road. The only awkward part was the flirting. Shyvana was better at it than Poppy, she had to admit… the yordle girl just felt awkward. No one had ever looked at her like that during the entirety of her time in Demacia, so why all the sudden, when she was carrying food and drinks, did she suddenly become someone to make that kind of joke with? It didn’t bother her… she just didn’t know what to say. Most the clients were covered in road dust, rugged and exhausted, and needing sleep and a bath in some order before they did much else, so it wasn’t really a problem… none of them expected the flirting to amount to anything.

That was, until the summer.

Shyvana was behind the bar, polishing it while Poppy sat on a stool, relaxing. It was dead dead dead, and had been all way… with the League coming back into session in just two weeks, the caravan season was coming to an end, and the last four days had seen about the same number of travelers. It was slow enough that even the owner didn’t bother to show up, leaving the bar and the keys in Shyvana’s capable hands. It didn’t bother Poppy any… so long as she was getting food, she didn’t really need the money, and while she enjoyed the company of travelers the half-dragon was good discussion. She expected that no one would be coming by today either, so when the bell above the door rang, she looked up in surprise… and a bunch of summoners walked in, one after the other.

Poppy watched with wide eyes as fifteen of them came in, hanging cloaks on chairs and calling for drinks. She recognized a few of these… most of them were fairly high-ranked members of the Institute of War. No doubt they were traveling from somewhere in Demacia back to the League, and were stopping here for the evening. She smiled at the thought of getting to meet a bunch of the summoners… there was rarely such an opportunity during the season, since everyone was so busy. The yordle hopped up off her chair and hurried to the bar, eager to bring snacks and drinks to the hungry summoners…

Kenlam couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he watched the yordle girl slip off toward the bar. This was better than he could have hoped!

Their group had needed to do some political negotiations in regard to the crisis going on in Demacia, so a fairly large group of them had been sent. Of course, all the highest ranked members had weaseled out of the duty, going off to spend the break with their fucktoys instead, but Eli and the others were about to regret that decision. Tonight, on the last night before they left Demacia, Kenlam had been expecting to have some fun with a young barmaid or two… but this was an unexpected treat. There were two Champions here, alone and vulnerable… and if he played his cards right, they could both be his for the evening.

Just looking around as the faces of his companions, he could see that he was far from the only one having these thoughts. The steady drip of conversation had lulled into something almost silent, an anticipatory calm. He felt into his pocket, confirming he had one of Rogim’s potions of him… the alchemist was always coming up with the best things in his spare time, and made sure that every member of their little club was given one of these to carry. “For emergencies.”

As Poppy and Shyvana walked back over, carrying trays loaded with sausages and vegetables and other assorted snacks, Kenlam tossed them a credit chit for the League. Everyone knew that returning one of these to the League with an itemized bill would result in it being paid… it was practically a blank check. As the summoners began to dig into the food and their drinks, keeping the two women busy refilling them and bringing them back, he took the time to admire both of the beautiful women. Shyvana’s dragonic features barely showed at all… some scales on her skin and its darker tint were the only real signs outside of battle, when her blood was up. The dark haired girl was absolutely gorgeous, stacked in the black and white dress that pushed her tits up and made them even more sizeable. The heels she walked in with effortless grace made her legs look a mile long, and he wanted to kiss his way down them.

And Poppy… man that girl had filled herself out. Kenlam never had cared much for yordles, but Poppy had turned into something incredibly sexy. Her breasts barely fit into her dress anymore, and her ass was to die for. He couldn’t wait to find out what both places felt like on his cock… but not yet. For now, he just fingered the vial in his clothing and drank his drinks, ordering more and more and more until, at last, both Shyvana and Poppy were at his table.

“So… not a lot of other customers here…” he observed.

“Happens,” Shyvana agreed. “Not a lot of caravans coming through this late in the season. Most people are at the festivals to celebrate the reopening of the League… we weren’t expecting anyone really.” She gave a smile. “Not that we’re unhappy to see you here.”

Kenlam smiled back, even if what he was really thinking was how that mouth would look stretched around his dick. “Well, we’re glad to be here,” he said, taking a sip of his drink. “We can have our own festival celebrating the end of the season right here with you two.”

“I like that idea,” Poppy agreed, setting down a tray of food. “We don’t get to celebrate much out here.”

“Well then let’s celebrate!” Kenlam said. “A shame to leave two such pretty girls to do all the work in a celebration!” Poppy blushed at his words, but Shyvana just smiled… he made note of the difference. “Sit down, sit down, have a drink of your own. On our credit, I insist.”

“We really shouldn’t,” Poppy said.

Shyvana hesitated, but nodded in agreement. “We’re working.”

“Nonsense!” Kenlam insisted. “We just decided you aren’t working… you’re celebrating. Now, come on, take a load off… no one else is coming for the night and we’ve already been seen to. In fact,” he said, getting to his feet, “Let me get you a drink. It only seems fair.”

Poppy was hesitant. “I guess…”

Shyvana didn’t take any further convincing either… she sank down into the chair nearby, close between two other men. “Rum for me!” she insisted. “Mix it with some cherry, bar slave!” the half-dragon said with a chuckle.

Kenlam twisted his lip in amusement at the expression, promising that he was going to show her what a bar slave looked like, but turned his attention to Poppy instead of reacting further. “And you?”

“Just some beer, please,” Poppy conceded. “In a tumbler, though… not much.”

“As the lady wishes,” Kenlam said, slipping behind the bar and pulling out the proper drinks… and as he did so using his body to shield himself from view as he pulled out the potion and swirled it around the inside of the cups he was using. This was potent stuff… it didn’t take much. Kenlam had used it a few times in Piltover, and it practically knocked the girls there senseless after just a few drops mixed into their drink, turned utterly suggestible. He doubted these two inhumans would be much different… but just to be on the safe side he used twice as much as usual. Then he poured their drinks into it and brought it back to them. “Take a load off,” he said with a smile, picking up his own drink and tapping it against their glasses. “A toast! To the beginning of the new season. May the best champions prevail.”

“May Demacia prevail,” Shyvana agreed, picking up the glass and knocking most of it back in a single gulp. Poppy picked up her own, made noises of agreement, and drank.

After that, it was just a waiting game.

The men talked and flirted and tried not to be too overt with the way they were stripping the girls with their eyes as they ate and drank until the girls glasses were empty. Then Shyvana stretched. “Well, back to work for me,” she said.

“Nonsense!” Kenlam insisted. “It’s a celebration! Besides, what work is there to be done?” He pointed to the bar where everyone was happily getting their own drinks and food.

“We can’t just let everyone get their own stuff!” Poppy protested.

“Why not?” Kenlam said with a smile.

“Well, because…” Poppy muttered, thinking. “Ummm, because… how we will know what you ordered?”

He shrugged. “It’s all on League credit. Just figure out whats missing when you restock and cash the chit for that. No need to work so hard, right?”

“I guess…” Shyvana said, eying her empty glass. Kenlam took that as his queue to rise up and grab another drink for both of them, mixing another dose in for good measure.

“A lovely drink,” he said, setting them down in front of them. “For two very lovely ladies.”

Shyvana and Poppy both blushed at that, but they drank, sinking further into the haze that the alcohol and the elixir combined to produce over their minds. Kenlam gave it a few minutes, until the glasses were empty, before he began to push the conversation further. He lay one hand on Poppy’s forearm, stroking it softly as he looked at Shyvana. “So, you were telling me about how there was someone you liked?”

The half-dragon gave a confused frown. “I was?”

“You were,” Kenlam lied, smiling reassuringly, sure that the drug would give him the edge to make the lies believable. “I think you were about to tell us all about your first time with him.”

She blushed. “I… I don’t think so,” she muttered. “Half-dragons, well… uh…” She swallowed again. “Not really.”

“So there isn’t anyone then?” he pressed.

“I… it’s complicated,” she evaded. Shyvana clearly didn’t want to answer, but her inhibitions were so low from the mix of the drink and the elixer she couldn’t think of a reason not to, especially not with him clearly looking so interested. “I… don’t think I’ve had enough to drink to have that discussion.”

Kanlam laughed. “Sounds like an invitation if I’ve ever heard one,” he said with a smile, rising again and filling two more glasses… a far larger one for Poppy this time. By the time he got back, Shyvana was sitting on one of the other summoner’s laps, and the two men on either side of Poppy were running their hands through her pigtails. Men were still sitting at the other tables, but every single eye was on the one of the girls, staring with predatory gazes eager to see what came next. The yordle girl didn’t object as he set the drink down in front of her, immediately lifting it and starting to drink. Shyvana, for her part, didn’t seem to even notice she was on someone’s lap now… she was squirming her ass on him, unaware of how she was grinding her stockings against him.

She lifted her third drink and gulped it down at a rate that made her eyes widen. “Very kind,” the half-dragon said with a confident grin, looking down with confusion. “Who’s touching my butt? That’s naughty… we kick people out for something like that…”

The summoner smiled at her. “What’s the harm, right? He’s just showing he likes you…”

“ ‘Spose so,” Shyvana slurred in agreement and Poppy tried to squirm away from the men touching her… but she didn’t protest, didn’t resist, didn’t seem frightened… she seemed more embarrassed and overwhelmed by the whole thing. Of course, that just led to more men touching her, running their hands over her exposed skin and the parts of her outfit where it was tightest on her body. Kenlam reached out to grab one of the half-dragon’s breasts, weighing it with his hand just to see her reaction. “You’re… you’re not ‘posed to do that,” Shyvana protested halfhearted… but she also squirmed further on the the lap of the man she was sitting on.

“You told me I should…” Kenlam lied easily.

“…I did?” The half-dragon looked confused. “I guess I did, didn’t I… Felt nice…” She looked down at her large tits as a half dozen hands were on them now, gently feeling them over her blouse and apron as they strained her clothing. Her dark hair was being wrapped around another summoner’s hand, the braided, bound locks twisted and stroked for his pleasure while hands explored most of her barely-covered body… her thighs, her cheeks, her neck…

Across the table Poppy’s squirming was becoming more pronounced as she looked with envy at the dragon. She was smiling as the men played with her, clearly no longer feeling any inhibitions at all… and if she was having a good time, Poppy felt sure that she must be, too, right? She wished she were as confident as her friend… she was feeling nervous and uncomfortable. No one had ever touched her like this before.

Someone else set down another glass in front of Shyvana, but she barely seemed to notice, trying to track all the hands on her with her eyes. “Hey…” she protested softly, but there was no strength to it. “Hey, are you… sure this is a good idea?” She didn’t sound at all convinced that she didn’t, and it made Kenlam laugh. He didn’t even answer… he just picked up her drink and handed it to her.

Shyvana held the mug in sloppy hands, lifting it to her face… and promptly dropped it, spilling almost the entire thing down onto her shirt and apron, covering her tits in rum and soaking her clothing. “Oh no…” she mumbled.

“No worry, no worry,” Kenlam said, pulling at the drawstring of her apron. “I’ll help.”

Shyvana looked up at him, her eyes struggling to focus on his face. “What… what you doin’?”

“Your clothes are wet,” he said, as if it were the simplest, most logical thing in the world. “You have to take them off. I’m helping.”

“Oh,” she paused, thinking as the apron came loose. “That’s nice of you.” She was silent for a moment, obviously struggling to think. “If my clothing comes off, won’t I be naked?” she asked… a note of uncertainty in her voice, like she wasn’t sure that was correct.

Kenlam laughed. “You sure will,” he said, and he couldn’t keep a bit of lustful growl out of his voice. Around him, a dozen other summoners laughed, taking in the way the soaked blouse stuck to her tits and looking with hungry gazes. Men continued drinking and chomping down on food, but they all knew that the real meal was coming soon. “Is that a problem?”

Shyvana’s mouth opened and closed a few times as she tried to think. “It’s… unprofessional?” she said as Kenlam’s hands slipped under her shirt and began pulling at the cords tying it together from the back. The way she asked it, it was more of a question than a statement.

“Don’t worry, it’s just us friends here,” Kenlam promised. “We won’t tell.”

Then he pulled the shirt away and stared.

Shyvana’s breasts were magnificent… large, of course, but they had seen that just fine through the clothing. What they hadn’t reckoned with was the alteration that came from her mixed heritage… they weren’t perfectly smooth but instead had tiny scales on the undersides, collecting some of the wetness in the spaces between them and making them shine in the light of the tavern. The scales were a bit darker than her greyish skin, and they stood out like flags on her skin. He brushed his hands over them and found them a lovely mix of textures… soft and smooth and yielding to the touch where her flesh was, slightly rougher and cooler on the pebble-like scales.

Poppy looked over and her eyes widened a little bit. “Shy… you lost your shirt…” she muttered. She seemed concerned, but she clearly wasn’t sure why. Someone pushed another mug into her hands, and she drank without looking away.

“I’m all wet,” Shyvana said in answer, looking down at her own breasts.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help dry you off,” Kenlam said, lowering his face to her breasts and starting to lick… lapping up the rum that covered them with her tongue. She shuddered beneath the touch, and her body was hotter than a human’s normally would be… not so hot that it was going to hurt him, of course, but hot enough more than a human girl to be noticeable. As his tongue flicked over her nipples, he realized that they were hard as stones and he chuckled, popping one of them into his mouth before backing off. “Who else will help our friend dry off?”

The moment he pulled his head away, three other summoners were all too happy to lend their mouths and tongues to the effort, making Shyvana sigh in dazed pleasure at the sensation. Behind her, Poppy’s shirt suddenly fell away as well. “Oops,” one of the summoners said, holding onto the obviously-cut string. “It broke.” The lie was utterly unconvincing, but the drugged girl seemed to buy it entirely anyway… she hurried to fold her hands over her large chest, but not before everyone in the room got an eyeful of the yordle’s tits.

“Don’t be shy,” one of the other summoners said with a laugh.

“We’re all friends here,” another agreed.

“Look at her,” said a third, pointing at Shyvana. “If there was something the matter, would she be having so much fun?”

Shyvana was, obviously, enjoying herself… Poppy wished she was as confident at the half-dragon, but she had always taken her lead with everything else here in the bar. Maybe… maybe this was the way they were supposed to celebrate? She was so busy, traveling around and trying to find the Hero of Demacia, that while she had gone to many celebrations she hadn’t ever really celebrated at one of them herself. Maybe this was how it was done. Surely, it had to be. Slowly, she lowered her hands.

“That’s a good little thing,” one of them said, resting a hand on her breasts and beginning to lift them. “Wow, these are big. What the hell had she been eating, I thought Yordles had tiny tits!”

One of the other summoners shrugged as he stuck a hand beneath her skirt, making Poppy yelp and jump as she felt a sudden spike of sensation as his fingers brushed over her panties, tracing over her mound. “Who knows?” he said. “Who cares?”

“So, I think you were going to tell me a thing or two about about your relationships,” Kenlam continued speaking to Shyvana, playing with her hair while she stared down at her tits as they were sucked.

“I… uh… what?” Shyvana stuttered.

“Your boyfriend,” he said. “You were going to tell me about him.”

She gave a drunken laugh. “I don’t have one,” she slurred. “Bad idea. Dangerous. Carried away.”

Kenlam tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“Well…” she muttered, still staring at her tits like she couldn’t quite process all the sensations of all the hands and mouths and teeth on them. “You promise not to tell?”

The summoner suck his hand down between her leg, and he noticed her eyes dilate fully… a bit of a dragonic slit pupil coming into them. “I promise,” he reassured her.

“I… uh…” she paused as he stroked over her pussy through the panties. “Uh… what were we talking about again.”

He laughed helplessly. “Sex!” he said, chuckling. “You and sex!”

“I can’t have sex!” Shyvana protested. Her eyes had returned to normal. “Dragons are lusty… out of control. It’s how I was born! I can lose control, get carried away… get really, really into it.” She was slurring her words and drank again without being prompted. “Could lose track of doing anything else…”

He smiled. “Would that be so bad?” He emphasized his words to the woman by pressing down on her pussy again, and making those eyes become more dragonic once again. “No one is going to judge you, and you’re among summoners… we’ll keep you safe, right?”

“…right…” Shyvana mumbled in agreement, gasping when two people bit on her nipples. “Right. Right. Right.”

“So what you’re telling me,” he said, undoing his pants and taking out his hard, stiff cock, “Is that you’ve never seen one of these before?”

Shyvana stared at it. Poppy didn’t… she was too busy being kissed by one of the summoners while her breasts were being sucked. “Oh wow, what’s that?” She looked up at him. “Is it for me?”

A broad smile spread across Kenlam’s face. “It sure is,” he said. “It sure is. For both of you…”

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