Runeterra Rape Squad 4 – I’ll Drink to That 2

Poppy was… confused.

Time passed very differently for yordles, and as a consequence Poppy really wasn’t sure how many years she had lived for beyond “many of them.” At least five hundred, as the humans reckoned it… but she hadn’t been young when Demacia had been founded, either. She’d experienced many, many, many things in her long life, including alcohol on occasion… but she couldn’t remember it ever feeling quite like this. It was like she had to wear a blindfold, but on all her senses… her sense of smell and touch and taste was muted, and it felt like even her thoughts were crawling through a sea of mud. She couldn’t think…

But she could still see the summoners touching her.

Their hands… their mouths… they were all over her, on what felt like every inch her skin. There was something… wrong… about that, but for the life of her Poppy couldn’t figure out what. It didn’t help that every time she was kissed her brain seemed to scramble, either… distracting her, keeping her from thinking. She just felt so… much. It was like she was overwhelmed completely. There was something wrong here, there was…

A summoner shoved his mouth against hers, and her skin tingled beneath his lips. She gasped, and he took full advantage of the gap as a way to shove his tongue into into her mouth, and as his tongue danced with hers her mind seemed to go blank. It didn’t seem right, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why not. Hands ran down her arms, over her legs… brushing her breasts. She yelped the first time a finger brushed against her nipple, and resolved to say something as soon as the kiss was broken, but… well, at least it felt nice. Her skin felt so sensitive… even through her clothing, it felt like the summoners were drawing lines of fire down her body and over her skin. She was on one of their laps now, hands wrapped around her as she felt something growing hard enough her, just one more distracting sensation in a sea of distracting sensations. She felt like a toy doll in their hands, moved around, positioned how they wanted as what felt like a hundred hands played with her body.

She gasped for air as the kiss finally broke, having not realized just how out of breath she had gotten. She heaved in, eyes rolling languidly hand she stared down at the two hands moving beneath her apron, roaming over the mounds of her breasts. Wasn’t she going to say something? She couldn’t remember what…

“You are just adorable,” one of the summoners said as he rubbed his hands over her side. He wasn’t that tall of a man, only about 5’8 or 5’9, but that still made him nearly two feet taller than the yordle champion. Still, something about it felt wrong. She wasn’t adorable… she was a soldier, a warrior, a…

Poppy gasped. “The hammer!” she said sharply, looking around. “Where’s the hammer?” How could she have lost it? A few panicked moments of looking around followed, made harder by her blurry vision, by the number of men in the room eating and drinking and playing with her body, before she located it, leaning against the wall… right where she had left it when she had begun her shift at the bar today. She sagged in relief. “Oh…” she said softly.

One of the men laughed. “Hammer?” he said, “I’ll show you a hammer.” And he reached down, pulled down his pants and…

Poppy tilted her head. Her vision was swimming, and everything was out of focus, but… “What is that?” she asked, looking at the rod of flesh held in his hand. “It’s… kinda ugly…”

The four other summoners around her laughed, and the man who had pulled his pants down was blushing. “Shut up!” he growled at the others. “Seriously, how old is this little piece of ass?”

“Older than your great great grandparents,” one of the laughing summoners said.

“Thas nah true…” Poppy said, shaking her head as her voice was surprisingly dreamy, her words slurring. What was the matter with her, anyway? “Mmm only… uh…” she thought. “When wuss Demasha made again?”

The summoners hesitated for a beat, then everyone laughed again. “Ok,” the one in front of her said, still laughing. “Guess that’s old enough.” He turned back to her. “This is called a cock… and you better get used to them. There are a lot of them here for you, and-”

Poppy gasped. “The hammer!” she said sharply, looking around. “Where’s the hammer?” How could have have lost it? A few panicked moments of looking around followed while the men laughed hysterically, although she wasn’t sure why as her terror build that she had lost her trusted charge. She almost feinted with relief when she found it against the wall… although she didn’t remember, for the fifth time since she had started drinking and been drugged.

“What’s with the hammer, anyway?” one of the summoners asked, still chuckling.

“It’s…” the words felt heavy in her mouth. She had never told anyone them before. Or had she? She couldn’t remember. “It’s a promise I made to…” she couldn’t remember his name. How could she not remember her first friend’s name!? Once again, Poppy was stuck by the idea that something was seriously wrong, and once again the spike of panic faded into confusion within a few heartbeats before disappearing entirely. “Um… what were we talking about?”

“The hammer?” the summoner with his ‘cock’ out prompted again, rubbing it on her face. That felt… strange, but no stranger than their hands she supposed.

“Orlon!” she said, with all the drunken assuredness of someone who thought she had just had a profound thought. “Orlon! He… he made me promise that I’d… that I’d…”

The summoner had one of her ponytails in his hand, idly rubbing his dick against it. “Promised what?” he insisted.

“That I’d give it to a hero!” she blurted before she could stop herself.

The summoners looked at each other, pausing in silence before they broke out into laughter. “Is that it?” One of them said, laughing out loud.

Poppy felt vague… offended… as they laughed… but they didn’t seem mean about it. They were partying with her. Shyvana seemed to be having a good time. It must be a joke. She laughed too.

“I think you could have found one or two heroes in the last… what? Five hundred years?” A summoner said with a smirk. “Should have been able to get rid of the thing by now.”

“Not one,” she mumbled. “None of them were good enough to be the hero of Demacia.”

Others laughed again, looking disbelieving, but the summoner running his cock across her face nodded in agreement. “Maybe you’ve been looking wrong,” he said. “Maybe what you need to do to find him is look a different way.”

A pop of hope flared up through the fog of drunkiness. “I’zz try anything!” Poppy slurred excitedly.

He laughed at her again. “Yeah, I bet you would. You know what I heard?” he asked as he felt up her breast. “I hear you can taste in on someone if they’re the hero.”

Poppy looked at him like he was stupid. “Huh?”

“I mean it!” he said, laughing. “You can taste it if someone’s the hero.”

It was hard to think with hands on her face, her neck, her breasts, her ass, her legs… she felt like she was being touched everything, one long caress. “Ruh… re… uhh… really?” she asked drunkenly.

“Absolutely!” he said, slapping his cock against her lips. “Give it a taste and see.”

This is… wrong. The voice wouldn’t go away. A tiny trick of an idea that something was off here, but the thoughts kept slipping away before she could grab hold of them. yordles could be flighty, she knew that, but she wasn’t used to it being this bad… she must really be out of it. “I don’t know…”

“It’s no big deal,” the man holding her tits from behind said.

“Yeah, look over there!” a third summoner said, turning her head to look at where Shyvana was kneeling on the floor, her mouth already stuffed with a dick while two others played with her tits and feet. “She’s already helping you look.”

That did make sense. Shyvana was her friend after all… if she was doing it, it couldn’t be too wrong… right? Hesitently, she opened her mouth… and the dick pressed past her lips and into her wet cavity. The taste hit her a second later… salty, meaty, and earthy, like sweat and musk. It didn’t taste… bad… precisely, but it tasted like a long workout, like how she smelled after training. She gave it another few licks, seeing if the taste would be getter, or more heroic… but it didn’t. Regretfully, she pulled her head back, letting the head of the summoner’s cock slip free. “Iiii dun think you ze hero,” she said slurred.

“Are you sure?” he asked her. “It would be an absolute tragedy if you made a mistake and missed the hero you’re looking for. You might never get a chance like this again.”

Poppy hesitated. She thought that she would know right away if he was the hero from the taste but… she’d been wrong so many times before, hadn’t she? He did taste… a little bit heroic, right? Maybe a second taste, to be sure? She leaned back in, but the dick pulled to the side… the summoner before her stepped off a bit, making her move her head to follow. She tried again to lick it and again he moved, making her seek after the elusive cock. He laughed like this was a funny game, which Poppy figured it must be, since he was laughing. She laughed too… and as she did, he thrust forward into her mouth, banging against the back of her throat and making her gag. Her drunken stomach twisted a little bit… but she wrapped her tongue around the dick in her mouth and licked.

“Suck on it,” he told her. “Wrap your lips around it and suck… you’ll get more flavor. Best to be sure.” Poppy agreed, so she did as she was told and pushed her lips hard against the meat in her mouth, squeezing down even as she sucked it. She didn’t think it was giving her much more of a taste, but she did it anyway, licking as he stroking in and out of her, letting her get a taste of the entire length. She couldn’t quite decide if he was heroic or not… honestly, the longer she licked for, the less he tasted like anything, all the sweat and salty-fluid seeping from its tip leaving it as it was lapped up by her tongue.

“That’s a really good job, you pretty little thing,” he growled pleasantly as he slid in and out of her sealed lips. “Keep it right tight and keep licking… I’m… I’m about to give you something to taste here…”

Poppy was confused when the stiff shaft in her mouth started growing thicker, swelling… and then her mouth was suddenly full of thick, odd-tasting slime that was pouring out of the shaft. It struck against the back of her throat again, once more making her gag, and spilled all over her tongue. It quickly overwhelmed her tiny mouth, leaking out past her sealed lips while she tried to hold it in, and the yordle girl swallowed by instinct, sucking it down just in time for it to be replaced by another shot, and another, and another…

“Oh, holy shit her lips are soft,” the summoner said. “Yordles are the best cocksuckers I’ve ever seen. Promise you that.” At last, he began to pull out, and Poppy found herself still unsure about his taste, if it seemed heroic or not. Shyvana was trying so hard to help… she didn’t want to miss something that would help, so she wrapped her lips tightly around him and scraped the last bits of his issue off the shaft as he pulled back, carefully tasting and considering it before she started to cry.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” she sobbed, not even sure why she was so emotional about it. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been disappointed in her search many times, but it all seemed so overwhelming at the moment.

“What’s the matter, shortstack?” The summoner she was still on the lap of said.

“I… I don’t think hez the hero…” she said softly. “So-sorry…”

Far from seeming too disappointed, though, the summoners laughed. “That’s ok,” the man she had just tasted said. “There are more of us… and each of us would be more than happy to let you have a taste and see for yourself.”

Poppy looked around and saw three more naked… cocks… around her. Before she could stop herself, her tongue was out of her mouth, reaching towards one of them… another gesture that made them men chuckle at the drunken girl. This was wrong this was wrong this was wrong this was… what… uh… what had she been thinking about again?

“So, who looks the most heroic?” One of them asked. “Who should you and check out first?”

Poppy opened her mouth, pushed her head towards the summoner on her right, and got to work.

The summoners looked at one another, sharing knowing smiles as Poppy sucked her way through the next cock in line, molesting other parts of her body while they waited. Her apron already hung most of the way off her body with how aggressively the man who’s lap was her seat had been playing with her tits, so it was the first thing to go, revealing to their questing eyes exactly how much her breast strained at her clothing. “Were her tits always this big?” One of them asked.

“Who gives a fuck,” the summoner with his cock in her mouth answered. “They are there now, aren’t they? Enjoy them.”

“Fair enough,” the other said as he lifted one of Poppy’s hands to his dick, guiding her soft hand back and forth on it until she moved her hand without further instruction, smiling at how suggestible the drug made her. A few seconds later, Kenlam, already having gotten his rocks off once, stopped by the table with another drugged drink for Poppy before returning the gangbang that Shyvana had become the center of, the half-dragon seeming to be an active and enthusiastic participant in her own defilement at this point. They only had Poppy sucking and stroking a dick or two so far, but she would get there… the summoners weren’t impatient, and they knew they had all day to play with these two.

A third summoner began stroking his cock through her hair, rubbing it against her soft ears and shuddering with pleasure. “You gotta try this,” he said with a laugh. “The hair on these things is softer than silk. It’s like masturbating with a cloud.”

“I’d rather wait for her tongue,” said a fourth as he tried to get her hand working on his shaft, not interested in cumming but just wanted her to tease him and keep him hard while he waited for his turn. “You can jack off if you want.”

“Suit yourself, this feels amazing,” he promised.

The summoner being sucked grabbed onto the sides of her head, using the grip to thrust himself in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Poppy squealed in some distress but after a second or two fell silent again, this situation becoming the new normal for her. One of the waiting summoners began running his hands down her legs, peeling back the stocking as he went. “She’s so damn tiny,” he said as he tried to slip his cock between the stocking and her calf, just rubbing it there and playing with her.

Poppy made a delicious choking sound as the next load of cum splashed against the back of her mouth, her tiny throat pulsing as she tried to swallow it all, and the summoner moaned in pleasure as she continued wrapping her tiny, soft tongue around his shaft and sucking even as he jizzed her mouth. “That’s it, little thing,” he told her, sighing in delight. “Just like that.”

He pulled out, and it looked like Poppy was about to declare him to not be the hero either, but the summoner who had been getting a handjob and waiting for his turn stepped up first. “About time!” he exclaimed, cutting her off, and as she opened her mouth to speak he shoved his dick to the back of her mouth. Unlike the others, however, he didn’t stop. “Take it, you cute little thing, take it…” the summoner said as he jerked his hips forward and down, taking a ponytail in each hand and pulling her head towards his groin. The summoner’s eyes practically rolled back in his head with pleasure as his cock humped into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth, bumping up against the back of her throat repeatedly and making Poppy choke and gasp and shake. Her hands came up to push against his hips and she squirmed and writhed on the summoner’s laps as she struggled, but the summoners paid her no mind, just continuing to hold her in place and pleasure themselves with her body for the new few seconds until her struggles slowed and then stopped, her mind losing focus on what it was she was trying to accomplish.

“Just like that,” the man she was sitting on said as he begun to unlace the corset she wore beneath the apron, one string at at time. Just… like… that…” As the lace was released, her tits, already straining the fabric, simply popped free, making the summoners laugh yet again as they continued molesting her. “What great tits she has,” he said as he grabbed onto both of her pale, purple nipples and used them to pull her breasts away from her chest. “I swear, each of these is the size of her head.” He pinched her nipples again, just to hear the muffled, confused sound from her mouth and see the attempt from her to pull her head free and look down.

The summoner fucking her face was having none of that. “Focus on what you’re doing,” he said, growling through gritted teeth as he jabbed his cock deeper into her mouth. “Don’t you want to find your hero? Take my cock, take it all the way down your tight little throat.” They had taken it easy with her to begin, but only so long… he wanted to impale her, to see the yordle squirming on him as his cock penetrated her throat. Even while one of the summoners continued to wrap her soft, long ear around his dick he yanked on her ponytails, holding one in each hand and tangling his fingers with her hair as he pulled her harder and harder until he wondered if he was going to tear her bundled hair off. He wasn’t willing to stop, though… he felt it as his cockhead pushed against the soft, warm flesh at the back of her mouth, struggling to fit into someplace tighter than it was meant to go. The summoners could feel her head begin to shake, her head making small jerkings as she tried to pull away… a high pitched whine beginning and then abruptly ending in a gurgle as the man’s cockhead slid into her throat.

“Oh, by every god and rune,” the summoner swore. “I’ve never, ever been anywhere this tight.” Poppy’s body heaved as she gagged, horrible, retching sounds emerging muffled from her plugged throat as the summoner’s cock continued its downward slide until everyone could see the bulge travelling down her neck one shove at a time until her tiny nose was buried in his pubic hair. The bulge really made it clear how absurdly much larger the summoner was than the tiny yordle girl, gagging as he held her there for long seconds, fully sheathed down her throat.

The sight was enough to set off the summoner playing with her ear. Grunting, he pulled back just in time to point himself directly at that inner ear and cum, spraying his seed so that it pooled in the hollow of that soft and delicate ear.

“If you wanted someone else to give it a try, you probably shouldn’t have made so much of a mess,” one of the summoners said as he continued stroking his cock against her leg.

“Uuugh… blow me…” the overjoyed man said as he finished shaking off the final shots of him orgasm, taking a moment to wipe himself clean before backing off, letting the summoner buried down her throat take full control of Poppy’s head as he used her as a masturbation aid, enjoying the humming struggles of that incredible tight throat wrapped around his dick.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the summoner slid his cock almost all the way out of her throat before slamming it back in, fucking at her face with all the strength he could muster. Poppy yelped as his chest smacked against her dainty nose, a tiny sound before it was overwhelmed by the horrible retching, gagging sounds that came from her clogged neck. “This is a paradise,” he promised the other. “Never felt anything like this. We need to find more yordles! Her throat is like… a clenching fist massaging my cock!” Every single movement sent sharp flashes of pleasure through him as Poppy continued so instinctively squirm, clearly overwhelmed enough that she no longer had any idea what was going on, every motion and clench sending sharp flashes of pleasure through the summoner raping her throat while her tits and legs and hands and hair were all played with and she gagged and choked. Spit drooled from between her lips and his cock to coat his balls and slop down her chin, dripping onto her big tits as he fucked her face, ramming his cock in short, sharp strokes down her throat. On nearly every thrust her nose was pushed flat, fucking her more and more frantically as the churning, tight depths of her throat drew him closer and closer to cumming and Poppy’s eyes rolled back up in her head.

“Hey, go easy, I’m not sure how lost she is yet,” one of the summoners said.

“Lost… ugh… enough,” the one fucking her face answered. “The dragon slut doesn’t even notice.” His words were true enough… the last thing that Shyvana was paying attention to at the moment were Poppy’s struggles to breathe, so focused on trying to cram every bit of cock she could into her sexy body. “And if she loses it… oh well, I guess we… ugh… have to tie the slut up.” His mind was fogged with pleasure, having difficulty finding words as he used her throat like a cheap pussy that was tighter than any virgin’s quim, the yordle quivering and fighting and choking as he stole his pleasure from her fantastic body.

At last, the summoned yelled out, yanking hard on her ponytails to bury her lips and nose against his body and impale himself as deeply as he could. He ground his pelvis into her face, and the first pulse of his cock spurted his jizz deep down her throat and directly into her stomach. He didn’t leave it there, though… he yanked his cock from the tight, spasming throat that tried its hardest to grab onto him, spitting another wad of cum against the back of her mouth. Poppy coughed and gagged, her whole body shaking as he aimed his cock at the bridge her her nose, painting her cheeks, forehead, and lips as she sagged, retching, spitting, coughing as she gasped in air. Uncaring, the summoner dumped the rest of his jism into her hair, letting it mix with the dirty while of her mane.

“What an amazing throat…” he groaned, sighing with pleasure. “I dunno if my cock is ever going to stop tingling.”

The summoners waited then as she caught her breath, breathing with short, helpless gasps as she tried to regain her composure… waiting to see what she would do. Her struggles had stopped completely…

Then she reached up to her cumsoaked ear, wiped some of the cum onto her fingers, and licked it.

Poppy made a face. “Not you, either,” she said, crestfallen.

The summoners hesitated a second, then everyone laughed and laughed and laughed. They passed her the next drink and she drank it without issue. Now wure that she wasn’t going to be giving any resistance, the summoners were clear to go as far as their depraved minds could desire. Their strong, muscular bodies towered over Poppy’s tiny one, dwarfing her… but no one felt larger than the summoner whom she had been sitting on the lap of. Poppy could feel his hard cock resting in between my ass cheeks as she pressed down on his lap, his huge body seemed to dwarf her as he leaned his head onto her shoulder. “You know, Poppy,” the summoner said quietly into her ear, “there is more than one way we could show ourselves to be a hero. Feats of athleticism, stamina, the will to overcome an obstacle…” he chuckled. “I think I can find a few ways to demonstrate those to you.” His big burly body was pressed right up against her from behind as he squeezed both her tits together. In his grip, she could barely move as he lifted up her skirt and tucked two fingers beneath the band of her panties.

“I’ve… never…” she tried to say, but it was slow… hesitant… like she couldn’t find the words. She knew that this was wrong, she knew it, but… Shyvana was doing it. Her friend was doing it. It couldn’t be wrong, right?”

“Maybe that’s the problem!” he encouraged her as he slid her panties further down her thighs. “You’ve spent hundreds of years looking for your hero like a virgin. If you just keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, you’ll never make any progress! It’s time to make a change!”

Poppy tilted her head. “Guess… tha… makes seeeense…” she said as the band came down another few inches. She realized abruptly that the summoner had his pants down… she couldn’t remember that happening. How long as she been setting on his hot, naked lap? She felt the head of his cock running up and down her slit, the damp blue flesh soft and yielding against the hard shaft of his dick like iron.

The summoner lifted her up by her tits, using the friction of his chest against her back, using how much stronger he was than her, how much larger… and then with a forceful thrust downward, he was inside of her. Poppy gasped in shock as her tiny little slit was spread wider open than it had ever gone before… and it just kept going deeper, and further, and further! She opened her mouth to shriek in mindless pain as he spread her small body open, but found herself abruptly crying out onto a cock instead, another summoner shoving his way into her mouth.

Poppy was completely overwhelmed by the sensation, and the summoner wasn’t much better off… her sex was incredibly tight, and would have been even if he wasn’t her first. As his cock went deeper, it did so by millimeters at a time, slowly, ever so slowly boring deeper and deeper. Still, to Poppy, it seemed to be happening so fast… the strong hands of a half-dozen summoners were on her, holding her in place or molesting her, or both as her pussy was forced open by a huge cock. There was no way she could struggle, no way she could squirm. Even if she could hold onto the thought that she didn’t want this for more than a handful of heartbeats, they would be able to get precisely what they wanted from her tight, blue-toned body.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, mingling with the drops of cum painting her visage from the last facefucking as they continued drooling down her chin, she felt the cock come to rest against some kind of barrier inside her… some part of her less yielding than the rest. In her ignorance, she thought that meant that was as deep as he could go, and was relieved when he started pulling back… she almost wanted to just tell him that he was the hero so that he would stop, so he wouldn’t do anything more. It was too big for her, but at least he realized it, at least he was pulling out.

“A toast!” the summoner beneath her called out to the others. “To the hero!”

“To the hero!” the others echoed.

Poppy pulled her mouth off the dick in it for a second. “For the her-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaigh!” An ear-piercing wail ripped from her throat as the summoner squeezed her tits hard and yanked her down as hard as he could, shattering her virginity with one powerful thrust. As he moaned with pleasure, Poppy’s eyes went wide with unbelievable horror as she felt the cock sink deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and DEEPER into her until she felt it was going to be coming out of her stomach and meeting the dick that was even now shoving back into her, seeking its own home deep inside her throat.

Nothing had ever hurt this badly. Even she had been wounded in battle, even when wolves had bitten her legs, even when a stone giant had bounced her off of a wall, it hadn’t been this bad. With one single thrust deeply into her, her body, far too small to contain the size of shaft forcing its way inside her, had been totally stripped of innocence in a painful rush. She could feel him deep inside her, could feel almost nothing but him, like he was hollowing her out… drilling deep into her defenseless sex. His huge cock stretched her unwilling, unprepared opening far beyond the point that it should be able to go.

Even if her mouth wasn’t stuffed full of cock, she wouldn’t have been able to protest anymore. All that was coming out of her mouth were whimpers and sobs as the summoner stuffed her tiny body full, filling her more than she even thought possible. She squirmed and writhed on his lap, tossing her body from side to side, but her head remained still, held in another summoners grip as he forced his way down her throat, wrapping her cumstained lips around his thick cock. Neither seemed to notice or care about her distress… focused entirely on the pleasure her obscenely tight body brought them.

“She as tight as she looks?” One of the summoners asked as the blue yordle was made to bounce up and down on the claiming cock of the summoners.

“At least,” the summoner beneath her groaned. “It’s unreal…” It looked like he wanted to say more, but much like the drugged Poppy he seemed to have difficulty finding the words… the process of brutally deflowering the insanely tight yordle was overwhemingly pleasurable to the point of near madness, and he couldn’t focus on much else but the intensely amazing feeling on his dick. He barely noticed anyone talking to him as he was rapidly approaching his climax already, Poppy’s too-small body fueling his arousal and driving him onward, making her whole body feel like it was on fire as he dominated her soul with his cock, plunging the thick shaft into her again and again and again… using her broken virginity as a tool to bring him pleasure regardless of what it did to her. He closed his eyes as he felt his balls tighten, Poppy’s tight cunt clenching around him and milking his cock regardless of whether it wanted to or not as she was buffeted between the two of them.

Then, with a groan and a particularly strong shove into her body, Poppy groaned as she felt his cock spray another huge load deeply into her helpless womb. Her groans and wails around the cock in her throat became more shrill as she felt hot semen splash against her tormented insides, but he wasn’t done fucking her yet… he kept slamming her up and down on him until his cock had at last finished twitching. Before that had happened, she was swallowing another load as well, and only then did he pulled out and leave the overstimulated, overwhelmed yordle sitting silently on his lap, tears dripping down her face even as she wasn’t sure why anymore.

After a few moments of the cock having been pulled out of her, its sting was significantly less… yordle bodies were far more timeless than human ones after all, and while she didn’t heal especially quickly or anything her body did resist change, trying to return to its natural state when possible. The pain became a more distant thing even just seconds afterward, like it had happened a long time ago… and Poppy wondered if that was normal or if her long quest to find the Hero of Demacia had finally driven her as mad as Lulu.

It didn’t last. “I’ve got to try that!” someone said. Only a few moments later, sandwiched between the man she was still sitting on and a new summoner, she was skewered again. As his cock slid into her, breaking her open once again while her hands were brought up to play with more cocks, she felt the same overwhelming sensation of being split open deep in her cunt, and the summoner beneath her was whispering in her ear. “Have to see if we’re the hero,” he said. “You’ll never know if you don’t see what we’re capable of.” Poppy held onto that. It didn’t matter that it didn’t make sense. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t see how this proved anything. In her current state she was barely capable of thinking at all… she just needed to hold onto the idea that she was going to be ok, that this mattered, that her pain had a purpose. After all, in her own way, she had been suffering for her quest for five hundred year… In a way, it kind of… made… sense? What had she been thinking about again? She couldn’t remember…

“Anyone else want to fuck a yordle throat?” The summoner in her pussy said, running his finger over her chaffed, bruised, cum-and-spit-soaked lips.

“I will,” one of the summoners walked over from Shyvana’s gangbang, his cock glistening with the half-dragon’s pussy juices. That cock seemed huge and fat and threatening to Poppy as she stared at it. “She knows better than to bite, right?” he said as he wiped the head of his cock against her lips in a slick circle.

“Of course!” The man she was sitting on said. “Poppy here is a good girl, aren’t you Poppy? She just wants to find the hero she’s looking for.”

“Did…” Poppy hesitated, not wanting to do this, even if she couldn’t quite think of why. “Did… Shyvana think you were the hero?”

The man looked confused, but the summoner in her ear answered for him. “She wasn’t sure,” he muttered directly into her drugged brain. “She wanted you to decide.”

“Oh-aiii,” Poppy said dazedly, yelping as a particularly vicious thrust into her pussy made her jump. “That makes seeense…” And she opened her mouth and that sick cock passed between her lips. She almost gagged with his first thrust. The yordle wasn’t expecting him to be so big and go in so deep, and the head of his dick was so thick that she needed to strain to get her mouth around it. Just the head seemed to fill her entire mouth. It tasted incredibly different, and at first Poppy thought that might mean that he was the hero! Then she realized what it was that she was tasting… it was Shyvana’s cunt that she was licking off this dick. She needed to get beneath it so that she could taste him. Dutifully, trying to focus despite the overwhelming pain radiating from her stuffed cunt and hoping her attention didn’t drift away, Poppy got to work licking and sucking.

Unfortunately, as she cleaned it, he just kept pushing deeper, giving her more and more of the shaft to gag on. Poppy struggled to lick, hoping he wasn’t going to try to push that monster cock further, but that was wishful thinking. The summoner bucked his hips toward her over and over, and with each thrust, more of that monstrous cock went down her throat. It didn’t matter that it didn’t want to fit… it didn’t matter that she gagged on each inch… it didn’t matter that her neck felt like it was stretching to double its size. She just tried to relax her throat and keep working her tongue. The two summoners were pumping into her from both ends and whenever the man fucking his pussy thrust into her, she gave a new gag or gasp, her body lurching as he yanked her head further forward onto his cock and forced it further down her throat. Poppy breasts and ass jiggled as her body lurched backward and forward, battered between the summoners playing with her. All she could see was the summoner’s chest and public hair… his massive cock had managed to force its way all the way down her throat. When he pulled back, Poppy could see that it was completely covered in her spit before it disappeared all the way back down her neck.

Poppy was completely overwhelmed by what was going on… but between her moments of lucidity, she heard summoners talking about who was going to fuck her next, and what hole they were going to sink their cocks into…

And it was wrong. This was wrong this was wrong… why couldn’t she think…

This seemed like it had gotten so far out of hand, Poppy couldn’t remember how she had arrived here. It had started with a drink, hadn’t it? Had it been her idea to try to see if these men were the heroes? She felt sure it had to have been. She wanted to… taste them? Heroes tasted different, or something? She had heard that somewhere. Either way, now she was trapped in a filthy, sticky mess with multiple men taking what they wanted from her body. More than one of them was standing around her and stroking their cocks, waiting, and those that could were rubbing their cocks against her skin wherever they could find a spot. They grabbed and groped at her breasts and ass, rubbing cocks against against her face, her ears, her hair, her legs, her feet, her tits… crowding her around her until the very air felt hot and thick with the scent of their musk.

Almost as the same time, the two summoners inside her finished. Instead of spending themselves inside of her, they both pulled out and shot their loads all over her skin, covering her face and tits with seed. Her ponytails were all but gone now, most of her hair having pulled free of them bands during the vicious tugging they had experience as she was facefucked… only tiny stands of it remained in braids and the rest tumbled freely around her head. Hands were around her, moving her around, lifting her up… Poppy felt limp like a ragdoll, not sure what was going on… but soon she found herself being sat down on a man lap the other way. Someone else, she thought… but she couldn’t remember actually seeing the summoner who had been below and behind her for so long. She was immediately filled back up, her cunt stuffed… but then she felt the pressure of a massive cock against her asshole.

She was immediately filled back up, but this time, they had something else in store for her.

Poppy shook violently as the man nestled up behind her. She heard him spit and then gasped when she felt him reach down and pry her ass-cheeks apart with his hands. She started to panic as he began rubbing two fingers up and down her crack and onto her asshole, smearing the opening with his saliva.

“Thas… thas not right…” she called out, strangely frantic. They wouldn’t really do that, would they? They wouldn’t do that… not unless it would help find the hero. Would it? Had she told them it would? She couldn’t remember… but she knew, on an instinctive level, that she didn’t want it. She writhed wildly on the cock that was fucking her as soon as she felt the enormous cock of the summoner pressing against her tiny anus.

“Don’t fight it,” one of the summoners recommended. “Look at how much your friend loves this!” Indeed Shyvana had been stuffed airtight for many minutes now, but Poppy couldn’t even spare time the time to look… she kept writhing as the summoner began to try to forced the tip of his dick into her amazingly tight asshole. Poppy was sobbing now and she didn’t know why, but her eyes were wide as saucers as she felt the summoner’s gigantic cock slowly working its way into her ass. In a million years, a million yordle lifetimes, Poppy never would have seen herself being used like this, being sodomized by a cock that felt as thick as one of her arms. She gasped in disbelief, then in agony as the enormous cock stretched her anus excruciatingly wide and began penetrating deep into the tiny hole.

“Oh, that is so tight,” the summoner growled in utter delight, shoving his weight against the tiny yordle and pinning her in place against the other man impaling her. He wasn’t fucking her anymore, just riding out her suffering as a cock slowly stretched her asshole, forcing himself further and further into her.

“It hurs!!!” Poppy slurred. “Pls, it… it hurs…” She thrashed around wildly as she was gradually and agonizingly skewered. It hurt so bad…

Most of the other summoners watched, continuing to molest her and enjoying the sight as she was subjected to her first anal fuck, her first double penetration, the first time her body was put in its place as far as they were concerned. None of them were worried about her suffering… they drank and ate and rubbed their cocks as they made lewd comments about the fucked yordle, aroused by watching her being put to use.

The summoner had already packed more than half of his mammoth cock into that tiny hole, and Poppy thought that her eyes were going to bug out of her head. She was stuffed so full that she was getting a headache, the veins in her forehead throbbing as her body was completely overwhelmed and pained by the extreme insertion. Only half of it was in, and the feeling was unbearable… her body wasn’t made to fit anything so large, and she had no idea how it was managing. Each additional inch that was shoved in now was more painful than the previous, the massive dick working its way toward her bowels while she trembled and her limbs shook like she was having a spasm as her body jerked in every direction at once, trying to get away from the sword slicing its way into her bowels.

“God that’s incredible,” the summoner remarked as he gazed down and saw that nearly his entire cock had somehow fit inside the little blue champion. “Your ass was just made for this… it’s got to be the best part of you.” Poppy squealed, thrashing around feverishly as the summoner pulled almost his whole dick out… “Now lets put it to use.”

He viciously slammed forward with all of his power, and Poppy’s mouth opened in a scream that wouldn’t come. She had no voice, no idea what was going on. If she had been asked at this moment, she wouldn’t have remembered her name. She couldn’t have made a sound if her life depended on it, save for a wordless, breathless gurgle deep in her stomach as her eyes bulged further. She shook like the last leaf on a dying tree as she frantically tried to escape the fucking she was getting… but there was no chance of that.

“Would you look at that,” the summoner said with a smile. He had drove forward as hard as he could, using his legs and hips and arms and all the strength in his body, but the yordle’s asshole was so tight that he’d only managed to get about half of his cock back inside of her. “Isn’t that wonderful?” he said in awe, holding her down on the other man as he prepared to fuck the rest of the way into her again.

Poppy thrashed but she couldn’t move. Practically the entire group around her was holding onto her, mostly to molest her or rub their cocks on her, but it still had the effect of restraining her, spreading her legs and pinning her against the summoners in her cunt… she couldn’t move an inch. The summoner thrust savagely forward, burying the rest of himself into Poppy’s ass, making her jump as her body was viciously stuffed full of cock again.

“She tightens up even more when do that,” the man beneath her said with a pleased groan.

“Then hold on, because I’m going to take this pretty thing for a ride,” the other summoner promised. The man beneath her was happy to be able to focus solely on the pleasure in his dick, not moving an inch and letting the other man ram her body back and forth as he began to fuck her ass, emptying and stuffing in an an excruciating rhythm that overwhelmed both Poppy’s mind and body, furiously pounding into the miserable, drugged, drunk, and confused tiny champion until he needed to slow down, struggling to suppress his climax.

It felt like the twin cocks inside her were shredding her. They couldn’t possibly be fitting. It seemed impossible… but her body stretched to take them, insnaely tight as she was. The burning sensation in her rear was unlike any pain she had ever experienced, and she had thought her last experience had been painful… timeless or not, resilient of not, she felt drunkenly sure that hew as going to completely ruin her, leave her permanently torn on, and some distant part of her wondered madly if it would be worth it to finally find the hero while the rest of her boggled in stunned disbelief as the summoner ferociously hammered away at her asshole.

“Oh, god… shit… I’m going to fill her up!” the big summoner cried out, slamming his entire cock deep into Poppy just before he started shooting his semen inside of her, sending cum splashing deeper into her than it felt like anything had ever gone. The summoner quivered in complete ecstasy as he held himself tightly against Poppy and proceeded to pump her full of his cum. By the time he was finished, he stared down at the yordle and couldn’t help but laugh as the sight her tight ass stretched over his thick dick, hot sperm cramming her rear full. “That was… incredible. The rest of you have to try that!”

Poppy groaned miserably as he slowly extracted his still-erect cock out of her raw anus. It seemed to take the man forever to pull it all out, and when he finally did there was a ghastly popping sound. Even with the huge shaft removed, Poppy could feel how hideously wide open her asshole was. The muscles around her anal ring had been badly stretched, and for the moment the hole refused to contract.

She wasn’t sure exactly what they had been trying to prove… but Poppy felt sure that that one wasn’t the hero. That was for sure. She thought. Why was it so hard to remember…

“Damn look at that,” one of the summoners remarked, staring down at the blue champions tiny raped hole stretched wide open. “Now that’s what I call putting her to proper use.”

“My turn,” the summoner beneath her said as he grabbed her ass cheeks and began to slam her up and down, riding her hard just as she was mentally telling herself it was over as he used her body to jack of his cock, her pussy gripping him like a fist as he forced her up and down on his length. She yelped out from the pain but all that came out was a muffled groan that barely had time to escape before another cock slid down her throat. The yordle was battered around, and a moment later she felt another cock shoving into her ass. She whimpered… but it didn’t matter. She hung there, suspended in their hands while three men plowed into her from both ends. They weren’t going to stop until they found the hero. That was why they were doing this, right? It would be worth it once she found him, right? She felt sure of that…

She remembered another drink, and more fucking. She remembered licking her hands clean of cum, and more fucking. She remembered being repositioned, and more fucking. She didn’t even have the strength to move on her own anymore. Poppy was limp, exhausted, thoughtless… her body relaxed as a ragdoll from exhaustion and overwhelming sensation as she was pushed back and forth and three men at at time drove themselves into her.

Every once in a while, she caught a glimpse of Shyvana, going through much the same. Trying to help her find the hero… enthusiastically. Everyone once in a while, a summoner who had been with her came over to see Poppy. She couldn’t keep track of who was who. She couldn’t think at all. Mostly, she just closed her eyes. There were times when she opened her eyes to see what was going on around her, but mostly it was all a blur. Partly because of the cum dripping down into her eyes, although she didn’t know it.

As Poppy stayed there, moved between men, her body used and abused, moved and posed in various positions by the summoners, a thought finally began to occur to her… how bizarre it was that she didn’t have any say in any of this. Who stuck their cock in her, or how many cocks were in her at one time, or what position she was in, or whether she was comfortable or not, or how many times each man fucked her. She couldn’t be sure what she was looking for anymore, how this was helping, and that was strange too. She tried to question it, but every time she tried to say anything, her mouth was immediately filled up with a big, fat cock. All she could do was exist as a hole for these men to fill up and wait for it to all be over. For what felt like hours and hours, she was surrounded by the yelling, laughing summoners who never seemed to be satisfied. They just kept going. Fucking her like a doll. It didn’t matter how sore she was or how many tears rolled down her cheeks… They just kept using her.

Unknown to the summoners, it had been too long since her last drink. yordles weren’t humans… and while her smaller body meant alcohol affected her more, her otherworldly physiology meant that she burned through the toxin quickly. It had never really gotten as solid of a grip on her mind as it was supposed to have. Slowly, Poppy was waking up.

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