Runeterra Rape Squad 4 – I’ll Drink to That Chapter 3

Shyvana didn’t even seem to notice as two of the summoners slowly spread her legs, leaving her slouching down on her chair. As her legs spread wider, it pulled up on her skirt. Already almost all of her long, pale-grey legs were exposed, but the short skirt easily slid up far enough that there was nothing hidden at all save for what her white panties covered. As her legs spread, Kenlam noted that he could already smell the girl… a somewhat spicier scent of arousal than a normal woman, radiating from a tiny, damp spot in the white fabric as her nipples were pulled into the mouths of a pair of his friends and sucked on. Shyvana couldn’t care less… her eyes were fixated on his cock. As wide as her eyes were, her pupils were wider, dilating until they almost swallowed the color from her gaze, and Kenlam noticed as a tongue, more crimson than human, quickly darted out and licked her lips.

“It smells nice…” Shyvana whispered, her voice a course purr. Her tone was odd… the volume changed randomly, slightly up and slightly down, like she wasn’t in control of it, or wasn’t paying attention. “It’s so… big…” her husky words continued. “Can I- oh!”

Down below, one of the summoners had laid a hand against her crotch, covering her sex with his hand and pushing slightly down, rubbing in tiny circles through her panties. A trio of short, breathy gasps escaped the dragon, which then turned into a high-pitched whine after a few seconds. Kenlam had to resist the urge to laugh… this was too easy! Gesturing for the summoner to continue, he looked at the half-dragon and said “Can you what?”

Shyvana didn’t answer… she merely gasped again as the summoner pushed her panties to the side just enough that a finger could slid into her. Even from here Kenlam could tell that it went in without any effort at all. “How does she feel?” he asked.

“Mmm,” the other man said. “Tight. Hot. Bumpy… it doesn’t feel like a human’s.”

“Neat,” Kenlam said, grinning as Shyvana gasped again, that finger sliding back and forth inside of her, twisting and grinding itself deeper into her as she moaned and gasped. She squirmed in the chair, writhing slightly… but unlike usual from Kenlam’s perspective, she wasn’t trying to get away. Rather, she was grinding herself into his hand, towards the men grabbing her breasts, sighing in time with their tongues and teeth on her nipples. He glanced over towards Poppy, briefly, finding her surrounded by men and in the process of being heavily groped herself. She was sitting on someone’s lap at this point, and he smirked at the size difference. It didn’t look like she was going to be coming over to help snap Shyvana out of her drugged daze.

He reached out, and as soon as a mouth came off one of her nipples, he grabbed the glistening thing and twisted, squeezing it. Shyvana yelped slightly, but then moaned harder. This time he didn’t bother hiding his laugh. This was going to be incredibly easy. She was still wearing all of her clothing, just having had some of it pulled to the side, and she was already moaning like a wanton slut, showing no signs whatsoever of discomfort… and her eyes were still focused entirely on his cock.

“Can I…” she whispered. “Can I touch it?”

“No,” Kenlam said.

Shyvana gasped as the firmness in his tone, then her eyes drooped slightly. “Oh. Suhhrry,” she slurred.

“Your hands are a body part of last resort,” he told her. He grabbed onto her hand, making her gasp again, but she didn’t resist as he brought it up to him, feeling it with both of his fingers. “These are nice. Warm and strong… but they’re the hands of a warrior. Not of a barroom whore.”

“Buh,” she protested, cutting off with a gasp as someone squeezed her breasts even harder. “Buh I am a warrior!”

“I know that,” Kenlam reassured her. “That’s why you shouldn’t play with one of these. If you want to play with a man’s cock, and you want it in your hands, you need to make sure every other part of you that that would be more pleasing to it is already being used, understand?”

She clearly didn’t, not really… she was still being distracted as a second finger was pushed into her slimy twat and she started making little cooing noises, but she nodded. “Yuh… you promizzz…” her voice warbled, volume changing as she moaned, “you wun let me get carried away? Promiiiiiiise…?” she managed to get out, her voice rising as the summoner’s thumb began to trace little circles around her clit. “Ooh, ooh, oooooh… so good…”

Kenlam laughed again. “I promise.” He nodded to the man fingering her… and his digits pulled out of her pussy. He could see how soaked she was just from the juice dripping off of her, could hear it from the slurping sound her cunt made as he pulled free.

“Ugh…” Shyvana said, moaning low in her throat. “Don’t… stop… now… I’m going… I’m going to…”

Reaching out, Kenlam grabbed her dark braid in her hair and pulled up by the base, yanking her head towards him. It wasn’t overly violent, but he wasn’t gentle either, and she yelped slightly in surprise. “You want him to finger you to an orgasm here?” he asked her, looking down into the seated girl’s wide, dilated eyes. “You want to cum for us right here in the middle of the bar?”

She gasped and trembled… but as the men sucked on her tits she wriggled and moaned. “Yesssssssss…” she said, making the word take three whole seconds to get out. “Pleaseeeeeeee…”

“I’d say that’s the behavior of a bar whore, wouldn’t you?” he asked her. “Cumming right here in in the middle of her workplace? Not exactly the sort of thing a warrior would do, is it? You sure you want it?”

“Yesssssss,” she said again, pushing her hips towards the hands just out of her reach. When he pulled back, she closed her legs, rubbing her thighs together as if that would be able to bring her off. “I want it, I want it, I want it…”

“Tell us you’re a bar whore then,” Kenlam said.

“I’m a bar whore!” she said, a little too quickly. “I’m a bar whore, let me cuu-aah!”

Kenlam had taken his cock in his hand and slapped it hard against her nose. “Not good enough,” he said, though he smiled as he did. “Show us. Show me. A good little whore gets to cum… and a good little whore would open her mouth and get to taste her first cock. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

And Shyvana did it. She looked like such a whore like her, tits sticking out of her waitress uniform, her nearly naked legs rubbing together in obvious need, her tongue out of her mouth like a begging dog. “Good girl,” he told her. “You are so beautiful when you stare up at me like that with your tongue out, patiently waiting to taste my cock. You are such a good little bar whore.” He nodded to the man who easily shoved her thighs back open and began to fingerfuck her again. “Now, stay still.” And he started slapping his cock on her tongue. It was hot. Not hot enough to be painful or anything, but he understood what they were talking about now… the half-dragon really did have fire somewhere deep inside her, ready to boil free. He kept slapping his cock against her tongue while she moaned, her eyes rolling back a little as she was fingered. “No, no,” he told her. “Keep those eyes on me. Don’t you dare look away.” Like an obedient pet, Shyvana looked up at him, her gaze drunkenly full of need. “I’m going to put my cock in that warm, wet mouth now. Ready?”

“Pleeeeeashhh…” she moaned, voice distorted by his cock on her tongue.

“We’ll start off slow, I think… only the first inch or two.” And he pushed forward, sliding into her mouth. “Keep that tongue out for me, that’s a good bar whore. Your goal is to get that tongue all the way to my balls… I know you can’t do it yet, but I want to feel you trying.” He looked down into Shyvana’s eyes for several seconds before he saw the recognition in them, saw her recognize the command, and begin to obey. “Perfect,” Kenlam groaned as her tongue stretched further across the length of his shaft. He held onto her braid, pulling on it as she started moaning, her legs twitching as the summoner leaned it and pushed his own tongue against her wet slit. “That’s nice,” he told her. “I love when a bar whore moans with my cock in her mouth… and you are a bar whore, aren’t you? Do it again baby, moan all over my hard dick.”

She did so, and he took advantage of that moment to go deeper, turning the moan into a slight choke as the head of his shaft bumped against the back of her throat. To his delight, however, she immediately pushed herself back further down. She gagged again, but she held it this time. He stroked her cheek in appreciation. “That’s a great girl,” he told her. “It’s a shame you denied yourself so long, Shyvana… you have all the making of an excellent fucktoy. You look so beautiful with a dick in your mouth… Those big, beautiful eyes looking up at me as I slowly fuck your face… mmmmm.” He groaned as he thrust slowly back and forth, noting at his did that her tongue was still questing further forward. “I’ll make you a deal, whore,” he said. “You get that tongue on my cock, and keep it there, and we’ll make you cum. How does that sound?”

Immediately, Shyvana started trying to force her tongue further. When she realized she couldn’t, she started trying to push her head forward… but her throat wasn’t going to part of his cock without some help. He laughed as she tried several times. “Keep trying,” he told her. “In the meantime, move your tongue back and forth over me. In and out, around in circles… that sort of thing.” She obeyed, and he groaned in time with her gagging noises. “Oh yes, just like that. Swirl that tongue around my cock you little dragon whore.”

All around him, summoners were stripping, stroking their hard cocks as they played with her body… rubbing themselves against her, squeezing and pinching her skin. One of her heels already laid abandoned on the floor, but the other hung off her foot, dangling as she shook and one of the summoners seemed to take that as a challenge, using the friction between it and the sole of her foot as another hole to fuck. Shyvana wasn’t oblivious, either… even as she tried to do the best job she could sucking him, even as she shook in pleasure as she was tongued, her eyes occasionally left his to dart around, taking in all the other rods surrounding her. She reached for one, and Kenlam let her get almost all the way there before he slapped her hand down.

Shyvana whimpered, and he laughed. “What did I tell you?” he said. “That’s for fully utilized bar whores. You think this is maximum use? You think there is no other way your body can be put to use?” He shook his head. “You need to earn the right to touch us with your body, Shyvana… but don’t worry. We’ll reward you in kind.” Her only response was to moan and try to swallow him deeper, earning another laugh from Kenlam. “Here… let me help you.” He gripped onto her braid with one hand and her ear with the other, and he yanked her forward, hard enough that the resistance at the opening of her throat gave out. She gagged of course, and tried to pull back, but he wouldn’t let her. “Right there,” Kenlam told her firmly. “It’s ok if you gag… but a good whore doesn’t stop sucking just because she does. And you want to be a good little whore, don’t you?”

Shyvana looked straight up at him, and god damn if the half-dragon wasn’t insanely sexy like that… his cock buried in her throat, her eyes looking pathetically up at him as her neck squeezed the head of his dick. She couldn’t move much, held the way she was, but even as she gagged… she nodded.

Kenlam smiled. “Good girl.” And he started to fuck her face.

She was deliciously tight, and the way she gagged on him with each thrust made it even better. Any man who had never facefucked a girl he didn’t care about, utterly uncaring about whether or not she could breath, was seriously missing out… the way she gagged on him, trying to keep her throat as open as possible but still giving him a clenching, gagging, choking ride as she stared up at him… it was incredible. His cock felt simply amazing each time it slid into the back of her throat… and the heat of her! Just her breath felt like sinking into a hot spring… a hot, soothing embrace that was trying to milk the cum right out of him. And despite it all, despite the gagging and choking and retching, she wasn’t trying to escape him or push against him… her hands were on his thighs, trying to pull herself further in and earn her orgasm like a good little whore.

Then Kenlam left it… her tongue resting life a hot hug on his dangling balls. He smiled down at Shyvana and patted the half-dragon on the top of her head. “There you go…” he said to her, smiling down at her. “Make the whore scream,” he told the man eating her out. Then he grabbed onto the back of Shyvana’s head with both hands and yanked forward, burying his cock all the way down her throat and holding her there.

So far in the half-dragon’s throat that his balls were just resting on her chin, Kanlam shuddered with pleasure as she started screaming as she came, the summoner edging her letting her slide over the edge in a spasm that shook her entire body. Most importantly, though, it shook her through, sending shudder’s of pleasure down Kenlam’s spine as he buried himself inside her.

“Good girl,” he said as he looked down at her, meeting her wide eyes already slightly tearing up from the start of throatfucking her. “You look so fucking sexy with my cock shoved down your throat. Do you like that?” Her only answer was to moan… possibly as a pleased affirmation, possibly because the summoner licking her was already moving her towards a second orgasm. He didn’t really care which. “That’s the right answer,” he told her. “A moan around a cock is all anyone really wants to hear from you anyway. Now look at me. I want you to keep your mouth open and stare up into my eyes while I fuck that tight throat of yours and myself cum.” He started slamming his hips against her face, feeling her nose smash almost flat with each thrust into her face. To his delight, her choking, gasping throat was a deliciously tight tunnel for his cock… but even more so, even as she gagged she didn’t stop working her tongue on the underside of his dick.

“What a good little dragon whore,” he growled. “You’re going to earn yourself a snack soon, Shyvana…” Kenlam gave her a few hard, short thrusts, shoving the tip of his throbbing dick as far down her bulging neck as possible as he came. “Fuck yesss…” he moaned. It felt like a hot vice… her body was so much warmer than a human’s. She made a solid gagging sound with the first shot of cum, but after that all he heard from her were moans and the sounds of swallowing. After a few seconds, he drew back and let the rest of his seed spill into her mouth, feeling her tongue continue to lap at it while her eyes looked straight into her, wide and with her pupils so far dilated that they looked black.

Kenlam chuckled as she kept swallowing, pulling himself free of her cumstained lips as he looked down at the panting girl. “Did you enjoy that, little bar whore? Did you swallow all my hot cum?” he mocked, smiling to himself.

And Shyvana, half-dragon warrior and champion of Demacia, stared right into his face… and moaned. “More…” she gasped.

More. Shyvana wanted more.

The half-dragon forgot the warnings… they didn’t matter anymore. She couldn’t feel her clothing… couldn’t feel the chair, or the boards beneath her, or the weight of her hair. She couldn’t feel concerned, or anxious, or tired, or confused. All she could feel were the dozen hands on her, the touch of hot, musky dick tracing a path of leaking slime across her skin, pressing into places she had never let another touch before… and she just wanted more!

Her cunt throbbed between her legs like a fire. Some part of her knew that it was probably a bad sign, but she couldn’t remember that part of herself, couldn’t remember any reason she might want to think about anything but how good it felt, how much something deep inside her wanted to be filled, allllll the way up. That cock, that cock just for her, was still hovering in front of her face, and there was still some cum on it. Eagerly, she stuck her tongue out and swiped it. It tasted salty and thick and a bit sour, and wonderful… she had earned it. She was a good little whore. They had said so.


There were still so many of them. She was surrounded by cocks, a half dozen of them standing at attention, and they were begging her to touch them, to lick them, to worship them… but she couldn’t. Kenlam had told her she couldn’t. Not unless she…

“Fill me…” she whispered. The half-dragon virgin, who no longer felt anything like any kind of virgin, reached down with both hands and spread her own pussy. “Please fill me…” The sensation of cool air felt maddening on her hot, open sex… she wanted to feel nothing but a summoner’s heat, wanted it to spread her, wanted…

One of the summoner’s laughed. “This one’s gone,” he said, chuckling as he stepped between her legs. Shyvana chuckled too, even though she had no idea what he was talking about. Over to the side, Poppy had one of the summoners in her mouth now. Shyvana was filled with sudden, irrational jealousy. She wanted a dick in her mouth, too…

She felt it as he moved up against her, felt his length pushing her further open than her fingers could, and she gasped as the thick, amazing rod of flesh went deeper and deeper and deeper inside of her.

Shyvana gasped again, and the chair creaked as the summoner’s weight pushed against her, her back driven against the hard wood as one of the summoner’s held tightly onto her hair. She stretched and stretched and stretched, and she felt something give, but when she screamed it wasn’t in pain or horror or protest. Her cry as her virginity was ripped through like it was nothing was of sheer, mind-addled ecstasy, overwhelming pleasure as she bathed in the sensation. She vaguely remembered hearing that most girl’s first time was slowly, and gentle… but this wasn’t. The summoner took her in a single harsh thrust, driving his dick deep into her sex with a violent, urgent speed that she wasn’t ready for… and she came immediately, screaming again. It felt huge inside her, even more huge than the man in her throat had, and it made her feel like she was going to split right down the middle… and her drunken brain wondered what that would feel like and how hard she would cum when it happened.

He finished hilting himself inside of her, his balls slapping against the exposed skin of her ass, and immediately started to fuck her. Shyvana knew she wasn’t allowed to reach for any of the cocks around her, but she still wanted them… so she opened her mouth and wide as she could and stuck out her tongue, silently begging to be filled. To her delight, someone grabbed onto her long hair, twisting it in his grip and wrenching her head to the side right before he shoved his cock in her mouth. By now she knew what to do… even if the summoner fucking her was so amazingly distracting. She ran her tongue along his length eagerly as he pushed her down, guiding her head until he found the right angle, and then made her abruptly choke as she was forced to take his cock down her throat. Struggling for breath made the shaft inside her feel even larger, and even more amazing… The half-dragon gave herself into the sensation completely, squirming lightly but only to squeeze her body more on one of the cocks. She had no idea of the drugs burning their way through her system, providing the last push to overwhelm her inhibitions and unleash the barely restrained, lustful lunatic just below the surface, and right at this second if they had told her she wouldn’t have cared… nothing mattered but the two cocks mercilessly plundering her body, yanked back and forth on two lengths.

She gagged, but gagging make her wetter. She choked, but choking made her wetter. She felt a thick cock bashing against her cervix but that only made her suck more frantically, urging the summoner fucking her face onto a more frantic face. The savage pace with which she was fucked was a bit much for the chair… it was creaking horrible and Shyvana could hear the cracking of wood. “I think you broke it,” someone said.

“Don’t give a fuck, it’s not my problem,” the man fucking her said… but he did lift her up. A simple swipe of his arms sent a dozen drinks and some leftover food scattering across the ground. Normally the sound of breaking plates and glass would make her wince. Right now, as she was shoved down onto the table and the cock returned to her mouth, she couldn’t have cared less. She shook and her hands held onto the table for dear life, her dusky skin growing white where she gripped it as she felt the pleasure tear through her. “Fuck she is god damn tight!” he called out, grinning to himself as he groaned and slammed himself to balls in her hot, clenching cunt over and over again. Shyvana could feel it as her tight hole closed up in the wake of him, clamping down, ready to be split open again, and felt the little surge of absolute paradise as it forced her body to yield again and again. The table creaked almost as much as the chair did as she was banged between the two of them, slammed back and forth by harsh thrusts and savage lust as they pounded her raw.

Air was a precious thing, and one she was quickly running out of, but Shyvana didn’t even think about pulling off… she needed this dick more than she needed to breathe, she had been waiting for it what felt like her whole life. She gave herself completely to the motion of her head being yanked back and forth, the thick shaft spreading her throat for the second time as her already dazed brain was made dizzier and more lightheaded, the harsh tugs of her hair pulling her back and forth while she was pounded from behind. “I always wanted to fuck a dragon,” the summoner before her said pensively as he looked down into the girl’s golden eyes as she stared unseeing up at him, just like she had been taught. Obey orders. Do as you’re told. There is a proper way to do things. That is what Demacia taught… although if her mentors knew how thoroughly their lessons had been twisted against the half-dragon by the drugs and booze and dragonic lust they would have no doubt been horrified. Her lips felt like they were being rubbed raw, but she knew it was important she keep them wrapped tight around him as he dragged her up and down along his cock, so she did so. She knew it was important she keep her throat open to accept dick as she was taken as quickly as possible, so she did so. She knew that they liked it as she gagged and drooled along his cock as he choked her, so she did so… all that mattered was that they be happy enough with how she handled this cock that they let her do it again, and again, and again. Like a good bar whore.

When he slowed down, even for a second, Shyvana did her best to actively suck on the summoner’s cock, her mouth tightening up around it as she forced her lungs to breathe further in. It didn’t matter that she was having trouble finding air to suck down her gullet, and taking advantage of the tiny gaps where she wasn’t having her throat plugged to actually suck wasn’t helping… she did it anyway. The crushing weight of her sheer need to be fucked crushed her mind, pushing every other thought and concern out. On the other side of the room, Poppy was choking and she didn’t care. Summoners were behind her bar, finding whatever they wanted to eat and drink, and she didn’t care. This was wrong on so many levels and she just didn’t fucking care. She just wanted to be railed… she wanted everyone watching to join in, she wanted everyone in the room to take their turn fucking her and pound her senseless. When one of them slapped her ass, she should have objected… instead, she just thrust herself harder against the man fucking her. Alcohol and the drug and her own dragonic nature worked together to obliterate any trace of higher thought, her cunt feeling impossibly slick and hot.

Even with her mind hollow but for the pleasure, she still felt it like an explosion deep inside her as the summoner drove himself all the way in, slamming home and burying himself as far as he could before he unleashed another hot jet of jizz into her swollen, clenching pussy. Shyvana screamed around the cock, not in surprise or outrage but sheer pleasure as she came at the sensation of jets of hot seed filling her up, warm and thick and gooey as they splashed deep inside her. She yelled and twisted and shuddered as her body clenched down, literally trying to wring every bit of cum out of her as she climaxed. As she did, the half-dragon didn’t even notice how much faster the summoner in her mouth was going, how his cock was starting to twitch in her throat. She only felt the tugging on her hair and kept tonguing at him right up until he shoved her so far down on him that Shyvana’s lips were kissing his danging nuts, and then he yanked himself free, jerking his his cock in his fist as he grabbed one of the mugs of beer and directed his dick at it. Shyvana couldn’t help but feel disappointed… she had earned that, hadn’t she? Wasn’t she a good whore? She could imagine the sensation of him cumming right down her throat like Kenlam had… The cock impaling her neck jerking and swelling before erupting, suddenly spewing cum down her throat with barely any warning. The imagination of thick, gooey semen sliding down her throat was as vivid of a waking dream as she had ever had… she could almost feel it tricking down the lining of her throat.

The cock in her pussy pulled out of her, every tiny movement of the thick thing sending her shivers racing up and down her spine and making her body shudder with delight. Cum dripped from her swollen, soaked cunt as she moaned. She felt… empty again. Empty except for the cum, which even as hot as she was felt molten inside her, a glowing burn that left her craving… more, more, more.

“A toast!” Kenlam said, raising a glass. “To our new friend, and the best bar whore in all of Runterra!” He lifted a tumbler full of something amber and expensive looking, and all around her summoners cheered… even some of those who were in the process of starting to fuck Poppy. They all lifted drink… and to her delight, the summoner who had just finished skewering her throat pushed the mug at her. She smile as she realized she was going to get that spunk after all.

“More…” she moaned by way of approval to the toast, then tipped the mug back and swallowed. Bitter hops and more bitter cum washed over her tongue, so thoroughly and quickly overwhelming her mind that she didn’t even notice the taste of the drug in even the weaker booze. She tipped it all down in one giant swallow and then smiled up at the cocks around her, hoping she would get more of them. Hoping they would use all of her, like Kenlam promised they would… hoping she would get to find out just what they meant by “all.”

She didn’t have to wait long. Shyvana quickly was rolled over and pushed further up the table until her head was looking up at dicks. She was tilted half onto her side, so both of her legs were together but her slit was exposed anyway. To her delight, someone else was immediately shoving his cock into her vacant cunt, impaling her once again and making her groan right before it was cut off by a “glurk!” as another cock pounded its way into her throat. With her head upside down, her throat was in perfect alignment for a good fucking, and the summoner took instant advantage to effortlessly hilt himself inside her once again. Someone grabbed one of her feet and she noticed that her second heel had fallen off, leaving her feet bare save for the stockings. When he pressed them together and started sliding his cock between them, it surprised her… but only for a moment. Kenlam had said that her bit of her body could, and needed, to be put to use making men feed good… and she wanted to make men feel good. She wanted to have as much dick pressed up against her as possible. He started fucking his way between the soles of her feet like it was another pussy, even as her actual cunt was slam-fucked hard enough to make the table shake and the mug she had just emptied topple down to the floor. Her exposed chest was rubbed at, both by hands and hard dicks, and some small, lucid corner of her mind wondered if there was a way they could fuck it as well… she hoped that there was.

The man facefucking her was pushing her head against the edge of the table with each thrust as she was brutally spitroasted, but the discomfort was almost nothing compared to the airheaded, dazing pleasure of being put to use and her out of control lust as she lay on her back and was fucked from both sides. With each thrust into her soaked, cumstained cunt, Shyvana shuddered with pleasure. Each gag of her throat send her sex clenching and sent more of her juices drooling out of it. The summoner’s balls slapped against her face.

Even though the sensible part of her left in her head knew that she wouldn’t be allowed, she reached for the cocks around her anyway. Her hands were grabbed, of course, pinned down to the table, leaving her whining while the men laughed. “You want more, do you?” a voice said. Kenlam’s voice. She tried to squeal in what she hoped was agreement, and he laughed again. Then she felt the table creak and shift beneath her as he climbed on top of it. Her breasts hadn’t stopped being molested since the first moment they had started touching her, but how he grabbed one in each hand, squeezing them, crushing them together as he slapped his cock between them. To her delight, it turned out there was a way that her tits could be used to make someone happy. “Your tits are almost as hot as your throat was,” he told her as he squeezed her nipples between two fingers each, using that as part of his grip to smash them against his cock and form a night, tight tunnel for him to fuck. “And just as soft, too… I haven’t felt tits this soft since Sona’s.” In her current state, she barely even processed that… all she felt was delight as her body served four cocks at one, two fucking natural holes and two making their own from her available bits. All around, the men were cheering, laughing, making snide remarks as they drank and ate and watched the show, using their hands to molest whatever parts of her were available as her feet and tits and cunt and throat were used to jack off their friends.

Shyvana wondered if this might be what it felt to go insane. The men were using her carelessly, brutally, violently, their thrusts breaking the table beneath her as they made her squirm and choke… and she just wanted more. They were talking about her ass… rubbing their hands over it. Talking about who would be the first to get to fuck it. The words didn’t make sense to her, but she knew they were talking about giving her more cock, so she wanted it… no matter how. It was all she could think about as she was worked back and forth across four cocks, her mind sinking into lunacy and depraved need as she was taken, abused, dominated, and utterly filled, her body tossed around casually by the summoners to please themselves, only caring about what they wanted and making her cum over and over again anyway. Each new orgasm was a little slice of death, obliterating through her memory… when Shyvana was cumming, she couldn’t remember who she was or where she was, not even her own name. She could only feel, and care, about the thick cocks doing their best to ruin her with their relentless pounding and wish them the best of luck on their way.

The summoners began to groan loudly, something she could hear even over her own moaned orgasms. Her dazed mind didn’t process what that meant in time, and so she was completely unprepared as they began to cum. Hot seed gushed into her womb, her throat was flooded with it, and her tits were plastered. It even started sinking into her stocking where it landed from her feet, on the bits that didn’t splash down onto what remained of her clothing. Yet another powerful orgasm ripped through Shyvana as she felt herself be covered inside and out with that disgraceful spunk, filling her utterly. Good whore. That was the only thing she could think as she came, every other thought obliterated by her lust. She was a good whore. A gooooooooooood whore.

The summoner in her mouth didn’t pull out right away, leaving his cock buried inside her, letting her gagging and her tongue clean him while he rubbed his spit-soaked balls over her pretty face. Even as the man in her pussy pulled out, and she felt his cum spilling down her thighs to pool on the table (what a mess, she would have to clean that up…), he kept choking her, didn’t let her breathe. That confused Shyvana, but it didn’t change her job… she was a good whore. She just kept licking and sucking, which made him laugh and grind himself against her face a little bit more as she slowly smothered on the wisps of breath she could take through the thick rod plugging her face.

“I want to make sure you get it all,” he said, tapping her on her chin. “Seal your lips up really, really tight, and suck. I want to come out clean.” Shyvana was so dazed she didn’t obey at first, and he slapped her a few times… not too hard, but definitely got her attention. “Hey, whore! Suck. Hard.” The half-dragon obeyed, and the summoner slowly pulled himself out against the suction, essentially scraping himself clean on her lips as he did. That was fine with her… it meant that she got to taste more of his cum. He chuckled, slapping the tip of his softening cock against her nose before he stepped away.

“You made a mess,” Kenlam said as he looked down at the half-dragon, who was trying to lick at the thick strands of drool and cum still running down her cheeks. “You need to clean up. That’s your job, right?” He pointed at her clothing. “You already stained that, might as well use it as a rag.” That made sense to Shyvana, so moving gingerly… her cunt ached a hollow emptiness with each movement… she took off what was left of her skirt and top, slowly peeling down her stockings, and noting how they stuck to her long legs and feet from the load of cum soaking them, before she turned and began to scrub the table…

The man who had won the half-heard argument drove his cock into her ass without warning. Shyvana hadn’t seen how he’d poured some beer onto it, how he’d made the shaft wet at least… he didn’t didn’t her any opportunity to prepare or think about it as he slammed his huge dick forward into her. Shyvana screamed as her ass was split… the sensation of a cock up her unprepared hole hurt, and her body was tight and unready… but her mind was another matter. Even as pain made her shudder, Shyvana came again. “What a little slut!” the man said as he rammed her against the table, grabbing onto her ass with one hand as the other rested between her shoulder blades, pushing her cum-splattered tits flat against the table. “She’s cumming! Holy shit, she squeezes my dick so hard when she does that…” Confusion and chaos ruled the half-dragon’s mind, but one tiny thrust at at time the cock forced its way a little further into her.

“Think she’s still going to be any good as a champion after we’re done with her?” A summoner asked as he climbed up onto the table while Shyvana was being brutally sodomized.

“Who cares? She’s just a whore,” Kenlam said.

“Do they even let knocked up bitches be champions?” another asked

“We’re about to find out,” the man on the table answered. “Hey, dragon-slut. Get over here and suck on these balls.” He slapped his cock across her face, grabbing hold of her braid and dragging her face against him. Shyvana could barely hear him, but she saw a cock in front of her… she knew what to do. He wasn’t letting her really reach the shaft, so he licked and sucked and tongued the balls, focused entirely on the sensation of her first assfuck. When he finally slid the cock deep into her mouth and began fucking her throat it was a relief… that was familiar now. She didn’t know how to handle being assfucked, feeling lost and confused and utterly overwhelmed, but also hot and cumming as her sanity evaporated and her composure shattered, screaming around the dick and cumming and cumming. “Don’t forget to clean!” the summoner riding her face reminded her, and Shyvana struggled to obey, continuing to wipe their cum off the table with her own ruined, seed-stained clothing.

Being assfucked was something completely different. It felt hotter, tighter, more intense, more painful. It utterly overwhelmed her… but she just… kept… cumming… It was insane, and Shyvana didn’t know what else to do with the sensations but to completely surrender to them, letting the burning, filling sensation of having her ass filled consume her mind and throw herself into it. The summoners continued aggressively fucking her, harder and harder, making her body heat up more and more. She could feel a mix of her own juices and summoner cum dripping out of her drooling cunt and sliding down to the floor, and she felt a bit of sadness having lost it before the next orgasm wiped away all though against, her cunt spasming around nothing as her empty hole clenched just as hard as her ass did, her entire body helpless against the madness and violence of the summoners.

Shyvana didn’t even feel it as men came on her back, on the side of her face, seed spilling onto the table. She only noted additional messes she had to clean up, unsure of how she had missed them the first time. She felt like a candle being burned at both ends, the flame consuming as it worked towards the middle until their was nothing left, her body shuddering and shaking on sheer reflex. She tried to hold onto her mind and her sanity in any way she could, but the drug and her own flaming lust worked together to rob of all agency, all dignity… it was a hopelessly losing battle, and she collapsed further and further and further with each thrust into her skewered rear, even as she gulped down another load of cum, making sure to clean his cock as he pulled out again, just like she had already been trained.

Then it was over. He was cumming inside her. She cooed, pleasantly, thrilled at the sensation of having her ass flooded with cum. He had barely pulled out, however, before she slid off the table… without being held there, her limp legs couldn’t hold her up any longer. She fell heavily to the floor while the summoners talked with one another, laughing, chatting… Slowly, she rose to her knees, looking around as the summoners, finding the one who’s cock still had cum on it.

The conversation stopped, the room going silent as Shyvana rose up, and wordlessly began to lick the seed off the summoner who had just finished fucking her, cleaning his cock, thinking of nothing but savoring the need for cum and wanting to be the best whore she could. When she sank back down to the ground, located the jizz that had slipped out of her pussy while she was assfucked, and began to lick that up too.

Kenlam shook his head. “There’s really nothing left in there, is there?” he asked. Shyvana had no idea what he meant.

She was picked up fairly quickly, held up off the ground in the hands of two summoners as her cum-stained tongue hung out of her exhausted, dirty lips. Then she was slammed down onto a pair of cocks, fucking in both pussy and ass while standing, and the half-dragon howled in surprised delight as she was filled even further. It hurt it hurt it hurt it felt good it hurt she was cumming it hurt she was CUMMING! If there was any sanity left in her skull, it evaporated there as she wrapped her arms around the summoner before her, hold onto him as she was slammed down on two big cock from the muscular men. As her ass and cunt were stuffed at once, Shyvana felt herself disappear from the real world again, falling back into nothing but the sheer sensation of what was being done to her.

“F-” she moaned. “F… F-… Fu… Fu… u-u-u-ck meeeeee.” The plea was almost a whine, almost a scream, almost a whisper all at once. All pride, all dignity, and all caution was abandoned. “Fuuuck meeeeee!” she begged as she was held tightly between the two summoners as they thrust up into her, pounding her tight holes raw. They showed her no mercy or gentleness at all, and Shyvana could barely imagine wanting some… couldn’t imagine anything but exactly what she was getting as both of her holes were filled at once, spreading her wide, letting her feel them push against each other inside of her. Just the senseless sensation of being pounded and slammed between their two chests, her body helplessly heaved between them.

And still, for the tiny shred of consciousness she had left, it was not enough… not when she could see the others standing around, stroking their cocks as they watched her get fucked. She wanted them all. She wanted to feel them all… wanted their seed to plaster her face and her tits and her womb and her asshole and and and…

She came again.

The fullness of her body was a beautiful agony, both of her holes clenching on the men so tightly that they almost couldn’t move for a few seconds, needing to really work to fuck her and resulting in her ass and pussy being taken in sloppy, asynchronous strokes that stuffed and emptied her in intervals she couldn’t predict, couldn’t prepare for, and didn’t want to. She felt more full than ever before. She bit on her lips before she gasped and her tongue hung out, wishing that she had a cock to suck on and do as she had been taught. Clutching at the men tightly as they held her up, she whined and moaned and squeezed her way through through biggest, sluttiest orgasm yet.

And it felt amazing. As the half-dragon’s body was lifted and dropped over and over, rocking her back and forth against the fat cock spreading her quim and asshole wide, she felt like she was drunk in entirely different ways… the intoxication of the spirits (or of the drug) having nothing on the mind-wiping affect of her dragonic heritage fully unleashed. While the summoners and the champion didn’t know it, the drug had long since been burned away now… it had started her engine going, but now her warning about losing control became a reality – the half-dragon couldn’t think about anything but the next cock. No morals, no dignity, no caution, and no caring… there was nothing but the next load of cum. It was almost sweet and intoxicating how free that made her feel after years of being judged for being what she was, after years of holding back the nature within her clawing to be let free. Years of self-denial. It came loose all and once and slew Shyvana’s mind in a single blow, leaving an eager whore behind.

“Cum…” she begged low and long. “Cum in me. Cuuuuuuuuuuuum…” That was the good part of having her mouth free of a cock for once… she could beg. Over to the side, Poppy seemed like she was in some distress as she was fucked, and Shyvana couldn’t understand it – she was getting cock. What did she have to complain about? If she wanted to squirm away so bad, she would take them. “Cum in meeeeeee…” she whined, gripping to the summoner before her and clutching at him like a lifeline. “Fill my c-c-c-cunt! Fil-l-l-l-l myyyyy asssssss! Fill my beeeeelly and my womb, cover my hair and my… my… my skin… all of it… cum… fuck… cum in me…”

The two laughing summoner’s needed scant encouragement. They slammed into her faster and faster, working towards an orgasm so hard that they made her body buck and twist and squeeze as her hungry, spasming pussy and hungry, clenching ass were fed shot after shot of all the jizz she could ask for.

After that, Shyvana lost herself for a bit. She remembered falling to the floor… she vaguely remembered crawling around, licking the cum that had dripped out of her. She thought she remembered cleaning up their cocks… but they weren’t the two she was sucking now. They had changed at some point… and she could taste who could only be Poppy on them. Lucky slut. While someone fucked her eager cunt from behind, the half-dragon did her best to leave not a speck or cum, pussy, or juice on either of the shafts before her while her hands held onto their thighs.

Each of the men held some of her hair now. She wasn’t sure when the braid had come free… maybe while it had been yanked back and forth while she was bent over the table and getting assfucked for the first time? Maybe it was after that… her memories were like a river, constantly moving, nothing solid, and it felt like things could have happened in any order and it made just as much sense to her. Sucking on both of their cocks at once was a challenge, but not too much of one… she just had to stop pretending to have any dignity or be anything but a cocksleeve and it worked just fine. She bounced her head between them rapidly, taking one all the way to the hilt and fucking her face on it for several strokes before popping off, rewarding herself with a single gasp of air, and then sinking down to the ball on the other one. She swapped back and forth, slurping her way down their shafts, tonguing the head at the start and the balls at the end as drool made a mess of her face and slopped down her chin to land on her still cum-splattered tits.

When they decided to both take her mouth at once, Shyvana already understood that there was no reason to object that that was impossible… anything a cock wanted to do to her was possible, and desirable. Fully use the barroom whore. That was her purpose. So she opened her mouth as wide as possible, so wide that it hurt, and let both of them push all the way into her. One of the summoners was fucking her feet again, having dragged both into his lap and using them to jack off, but the only thought in her head as she took 4 cocks at once was if she could twist her body in such a way that a 5th could get into her pussy, or a 6th between her tits as well. They just fucked her face together, taking turns throating her while her crowded tongue did the best it could to caress them, and when one of them started cumming down her neck she cooed in delight. The other man pulled out and jizzed against the side of her face, and Shyvana felt herself grow nearly deaf on one side as it sank into her ear.

The summoners found that so funny that the next man she sucked off did the same thing… although he was at least kind enough to let her taste some of it first. By the time a third man had finished dumping a load on her face and in her hair, the right side of the half-dragon’s visage had been colored nearly white.

Shyvana was yanked, pushed, shoved, lifted, and thrown every which way as her holes were torn open again and again, stuffed full of cock. by the sudden flood of dicks all pushing against her. Her head spun, but she kept cumming, and that was more important than anything making sense… her lusty appreciation of their cum and brutal attentions consuming her everything thought as she was sloppy blowbanged into a drooling, cum-covered wreck that no one would have mistaken for a warrior any longer. So covered with cum and sweat and the grime on the floor and tables was Shyvana that even her unnatural skin color began to disappear, making her less of a half-dragon and more of a dockside whore when a ship full of sailors paid her a gold coin each. She gagged enthusiastically on cock after cock, bounced on others, was slammed by yet more. Her skin was pinched, prodded, squeezed, slapped, and wrapped around dick, and she couldn’t have been happier.

Shyvana felt drunk… but not on booze. She was drunk on cum… the whole room spinning around her except for the ever-hard cocks of whatever summoner came next to her most recently. She was used like a fuck toy and she relished it, taking in the sheer thrill of her needy body as it was used too thoroughly for the half-dragon to wrap her head around it. She was still forbidden from touching them, she hadn’t earned that right, but no one had told her she couldn’t touch herself… and pleasure and being useful were her only commandments now. She eagerly fingerfucked herself whenever her cunt was empty, filling her slit with her fingers until they kept emerging sloppy and soaked with thick strands of her juices connecting them to her sex, making herself cum as her body was used like the whore she had become.

And they came for her. On her face. In her cunt, and her ass. On her breasts. In her mouth. In her hair. On her back. On her feet. She could barely keep up anymore, moving around between fucks to lick it up… her body was such a mess that everywhere she crawled she left more filthy with seed that it began. Shyvana took it all, moaning and shivering in complete sexual surrender.

Then, for just a second, no one was touching her. She lay limply on he table, too exhausted to crawl, too overwhelmed to find where the cum that she could feel dripping out of her holes was going. Spent…

But her cunt still throbbed.

She still wanted to cum.

Wetness poured over her. Soaking her. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Kenlam with a few mugs of beer, pouring one of them over her. “You’ve really made a mess whore, haven’t you?” he teased as he cleaned her up with the alcohol, uncaring as it sloshed to the floor and probably made an ever bigger mess for someone other than him to clean up.

“s-ssssssooorrrry…” Shyvana moaned out in a whisper, her brain not quite functioning. She had been fucked nearly insane.

He laughed as he began pouring another mug over her. She looked almost like a drowned rat as her hair was soaked to her head, the cum and drool cleared away, her dark skin reemerging from beneath it. “You still haven’t managed to satisfy all of us at once,” he said. “Not a very good whore, are you?”

“Soooorrrrrryyyyyy,” she moaned out again.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he splashed the final one right into her face. “We’ll help you out.”

Shyvana moaned as she felt something sliding into her cunt… then moaned louder as she realized just how insanely big it was. What was that thing? Was one of the summoner’s cocks really that big? She didn’t remember it… but then, she barely remembered her name. Deeper and deeper it slid, fucking its way into her, and she moaned a third time. Then summoner hands were all over her, eagerly grabbing at her, pulling her betweem them, moving hurriedly to claim her body as she was turned onto the table on her back. Someone forced his way into her jizz-greased asshole. Another two into her mouth. A fourth climbed on top of her, putting his cock between her tits and beginning to fuck them. A fifth grabbed a handful of her hair and started jacking off with it.

As Shyvana’s body heaved and bent beneath the assault, the table creaking and breaking, every last thrust into her was bliss… her throat stuffed as two men warred to be the one to deepthroat her, her ass was fucked, her aching twat was stuffed, and her sensitive breasts felt like they were on fire as someone grabbed onto her cherry nipples and used them to scrub her tits against his shaft. It was perfect. There was nothing she wanted more than to keep this going forever. Any part of the half-dragon that was more than a fucktoy had gone away… at least for the night. She had given herself completely up to the pleasure as she gagged and fucked and serviced the 6 men at once in a writhing, squirming, clenching mass of sex and insanity. Shyvana was gangfucked into a stupor of pure cum-drunk madness and shewouldn’t have it any other way. She screamed around the cock currently pounding deep into her gullet as her orgasm tore through her, going her best to lick the second shaft to mute herself and the sounds of her utter surrender.

Then a second cock head prodded her gaping back entrance.

Shyvana didn’t understand what was going on at first, the two men fighting to shove into her tight asshole at once… but slowly they made progress, forcing her cum-slick hole wider and wider. Shyvana was momentarily shocked back to something that approached sanity. It wouldn’t fit. It couldn’t fit. There was no…

Something gave, and the second fuck sank deep into her real, and her eyes rolled back in her hear as something in her mind broke as surely as her asshole had. Her eyes wide but unseeing, she took a seventh cock inside her. With that fat something stuffing her cunt, her rear was tighter than ever, and it hurt so bad to be fucked like this, and yet… yet… yet…

She came.

As the two cocks forced her ass open, beginning to fuck her at once, she shuddered her way through the largest, most insane orgasm yet. Her body shook violently, even as another summoner… an eighth… grabbed onto one of her feet and began using it to give himself a sloppy footjob. She was almost completely gone… no longer a warrior, no longer a half-dragon, no longer Shyvana, but there was still just enough of her left to hear Kenlam’s words as he spoke to her from where he fucked her face. “That’s a good girl,” he said. “And now I think you’re fully used.”

It took her a moment to realize what he meant… then she lifted her hands. A summoner took one of them each and wrapped it around his cock, and she came again just from the realization that that made 10… a full ten of the summoners fucking her. She moaned happily as she took them all, although no one could hear a thing with her mouth double stuffed with dick and they wouldn’t have cared how she felt either way. Shyvana was just a piece of fuckmeat to them, a nice set of sight, hot holes to wrap around their dicks.

Being stuffed full of cock more than she’d ever felt before, Shyvana could hardly keep her thoughts straight, but her movements didn’t eed much thoughts. Her fingers grasped the cocks blindly and stroked, unable to see the faces of any of the ten men using her like a whore, her holes squeezing instinctively, her tongue lashing as much as it could. The pair of cocks pushing past her lips were a bit more difficult but not much… even if she didn’t have the intelligence or sanity to do a good job of ducking them off, all they really wanted to do was to abuse her with their dicks, fuck her tight neck one at a time or make her cheeks bulge out, degrading her and using her. It took little effort to keep it all going when everyone was so intense on fucking her; not just fucking her or even using her but pounding her into a jizz rag that you would drop on the floor and forget. They used her body as their plaything, and Shyvana came over and over. Shyvana was a champion of the League, a warrior of Demacia, but this thing on the table wasn’t Shyvana… she was just some whore, a plaything for a bunch of horny dicks who used her so thoroughly that she had been driven bad by it, turned into eager, horny fuckmeat by their abuses and degradations and hot, tasty cum.

The two men forced their way into her throat at once. Her asshole and her throat double stuffed. She had no idea how she was able to handle it. She didn’t care. Fuck her. Her cunt was stuffed, and she didn’t know by what. She didn’t care. Fuck her. Her nipples felt like they were being stretched until they were two inches long. She didn’t care. Fuck her. Her hair was forming horrible knots from how roughly it was stroked, and her feet jerked with each shudder of sensation, and her hands felt sloppy with precum. She didn’t care. Fuck her. She loved it. Even if none of them were able to be as brutal as they could be normally was fine… they made up for it in just how full they made her, how they forced her to stretch for them, how her body felt like it was being shown a level of purpose she had never imagined. In that second, Shyvana was a whore in truth, her body agreeing with the treatment and craving it.

She felt it building and actually struggled against it… an orgasm so vast that she felt sure she would lose herself. One that might actually melt her brain right out of her skull… but she couldn’t resist. She couldn’t imagine that anyone in the entire world had ever been fucked this thoroughly… which she figured made her the luckiest woman in all of Runeterra. She didn’t want it, she didn’t want to lose this, she wanted to feel it forever… but as the first wad of cum splashed inside her ass she couldn’t hold it back anymore. Screaming around the dicks in her throat she lost it, her mind rolling like a fever dream as she jerked like she was being shocked… squirming and clenching and bouncing and thrashing and cumming and yelling and cumming and moaning and cumming and cumming and cumming…

The last thing she felt was the cum beginning to pour down into her stomach, and onto her body from her hands. Then, everything went black and the cum-soaked piece of fuckmeat passed out, impaled by all the cock she could ever want.

Kenlam pulled his cock out of Shyvana’s lips, wiping his dick clean on her hair as he let the unconscious girl sink down to the table. “Wake up little slut!” he said, slapping her on the side of her face a few times, waiting as she slowly began to stir. Her eyes, when the opened, were wide and unfocused, nearly mad, and he laughed. He had drugged more than one girl before, but never one who had taken to it like Shyvana had. She sank deep.

“Good job, slut,” he praised as he looked down at her fucked out holes. He wasn’t sure that her ass was going to be the same for days… it might have to be taken in groups for the rest of the night. Not like that was an issue. He really doubted she’d be able to walk normally for a week after tonight. Her face had been painted with fresh new spunk. Her body slumped down in a pile on the table, a crumbled heap leaking cum from her ravaged body. Her belly was actually stuffed full of with their salty jism, and more of it was leaking down her body, and she was like a work of art. Kenlam felt proud of what he had created.

Almost. There was still one step left at least.

He reached down to her cunt and pushed most of his hand into her. She moaned in idly pleasure, but he wasn’t fucking her now… instead, he grabbed the sausage casing that he had stuffed into her to serve as a thick dildo while they fucked her ass and slapped it down in front of her face. “Have a snack,” he told her, smiling. “We’re not done with you… and you’re going to need your strength.” Slowly, incredibly slowly, she moved a hand to grip the sausage… and almost like a cock she was planning to deepthroat she brought it to her mouth, licking the cum and her cunt off it before she started to eat.


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