Solari Eclipse 1


Before Diana could even see, she knew that she was looking at a mosaic of grey tiles and plum red that nestled between the gaps. Her conscious mind was catching up with her unconscious one, drawn out from whatever fog of oblivion lay beyond the waking world by some external stimulus. And all of the sudden she was completely, dreadfully, frighteningly awake as the two slammed straight into a wall and collapsed on top of each other. She was assaulted by a veritable cornucopia of sensory input. The sound of flesh slapping and chains rattling inserted itself rudely into her ears and nestled behind her aching brain. The distinctive iron scent of blood and the rotten stench of old semen assaulted her nostrils as she struggled to get a full breath around her gagged mouth.

She searched for the source of the awful jangling noise that was so rudely shivving her fragile grey matter. The vague blobs of color resolved into a certain self-righteous Solari warrior, her hands bound in iron manacles stretching up to the ceiling. It was only when she saw Leona, hips parallel to the ground, her arms spread above her like an eagle taking flight, did she actually remember where she was. Each time Leona was thrust forward and her arms were pulled back to the very limit of their sockets, it set the chains rattling noisily.

Behind the Aspect of the Sun, something that acted more beast than man was taking his fill of earthly pleasures. Diana could practically see the steam rising from his mouth as the man availed himself of Leona’s defenseless rear. A vicious swat to the Solari warrior’s ass accompanied every few strokes from the man, who was panting like a winded horse. The man cocked his head to the side after a few more moments, listening to some command that Diana failed to hear over the sounds of pounding and rattling chains. She herself was stuck in some sort of pillory, leaving her unable to turn her head of move her arms.

Whatever order he’d been given, it caused the man to suddenly withdraw from Leona, whose body hung limply, and cross the few scant feet over to Diana. She found herself looking down the metaphorical barrel of his engorged shaft while he stroked it. For some reason he forced apart her eyelids with his offhand as he continued to bring himself to some unseen height. Diana’s gut sent cold. He wasn’t going to do what she thought he was, was he? She swore that she could see his monstrous tool expanding in his hand with each furious pump, then suddenly half of her world went white.

She screamed in pain and rage as a thick, jelly-like substance began to sting her sensitive membranes. At least, as much as she could into the sweat and saliva-soaked cloth that filled her mouth. The man roared in ecstasy as he unloaded, spattering his white-hot load all over her face and into her eye.


Just when she had gotten her vision back.

Chapter One

Diana crept silently up the eastern slopes of Mount Targon, the rising moon lending her power and relief there in the heartlands of her enemy. Her grip on the crescent blade that never left her side tightened when she finally laid eyes on her objective. The Temple Of The Solstice, and more specifically the immense security flaws that hand been set into that cliff of gilded marble. Strolling through the front gates might have been out of the question, but windows had been built into the temple to allow light to enter at specific angles during the solar solstices and equinoxes. To attack the holy site of the Solari faith meant to face the Ra’Horak, a monumentally intimidating task, but Diana held no fear. She had defeated them before.

Before she could move on, the Elders had to die. She knew at least one had survived that climactic battle at the Solari temple, when she had fully embraced the ethereal, delightful, and terrifying power of the moon. She had wandered through the crags of the mountains in a daze afterwards, her very soul aching from the experience of being torn apart and sewn together in the image of her Aspect for the second time. Three days passed before she could see again, and a full two weeks before her trembling vocal cords could manage a word. Like a beast she had scrabbled about in the shadows of Mount Targon, her mind turning to her vengeance, and her true purpose, as it pieced itself back together.

Slipping through one of the upper windows of the sanctum was easy enough. A normal human might have been intimidated by scaling a sheer wall, but Diana had been reborn as something more. Her newly honed powers muffled all the sounds of her armor that should have been reverberating through the halls as she snuck forward. She was passingly familiar with the halls through which she strode, and she headed towards a light spilling from a doorway at the far end. It was odd that it was so quiet, considering the calamitous events that had unfolded here not so long ago.

Her world suddenly exploded in a vibrant spray of color as she stepped on an innocuous tile. Those around it lit up in some arcane pattern, and Diana found herself on the receiving end of a surprisingly powerful warding trap imbued with the fury of the sun. Fire wormed its way into each nerve ending on her body, and she failed to let out more than the smallest gasp as the remotely activated trap inflicted an unbearable pain upon her. Maybe the elders had been watching her the whole time, or maybe the moonlight itself had betrayed her by reflecting her silver hair, or maybe it had just been pure, dumb luck. Whatever the reason, as she slipped into unconsciousness Diana knew she had made probably the last mistake of her life.

When Diana awoke, she found herself looking into a face that she had only seen in passing. It was somewhat wizened, but powerful in a regal sort of way. It was what she saw within his eyes, those two orbs of shining gold set into sunken sockets, that revealed his true power. They gazed back at her violet ones with an oppressive self-confidence. She had left a trail of destruction on her last visit—what had felt like so long ago—but he regarded her without fear.

“So, the heretic awakens,” he rumbled, his voice a rolling baritone. He was flanked by half a dozen Ra’Horak guards, clad in their shining armor. The Elder straightened to his full height, hands clasped behind his back, and commanded, “Leave us.” There was no hesitation in the other guards present as they quickly bowed and filed out of the small room that she was in. The last one closed the door behind him.

The Elder regarded Diana imperiously the entire time, and she continued to hold her tongue, waiting for him to make the first real move. She was aware of strong shackles binding her limbs and forcing her to stand. The pain from the sprung trap seemed to have faded somewhat, but still left her body aching and weakened. The Elder leaned forward slightly, locking her gaze straight-on as the footsteps of the marching guards finally faded from earshot.


Diana was taken aback by the wheezing laugh that exploded from the seemingly reserved man. In the blink of an eye his visage had transformed. Gone was that imperious indifference, replaced by a tongue lolling from a wide grin and bugged out eyes.

“You stupid, stupid bitch!” he practically screamed at her, his breath hot and reeking as it washed over her face.

“Wh-“ Diana began, but The Elder cut her off.

“I knew you would come back,” he stated. “I knew it! All of those sleepless nights are finally over.”

He grabbed her chin, his fingers digging painfully into her cheeks. She tried to pull away, but found herself even weaker than when she had first awoken. Her shackles glowed with an arcane power, and she could feel them affecting her in some way.

“You ruined everything, you little slut,” he growled at her. “But now I’ve got you. I don’t know how you know what you know, but you won’t be able to spread your “vile lies” about us beyond this room.”

“F-fuck you,” Diana coughed. Not the most clever or diplomatic response, but it was all she could manage to come up with. The Elder only smiled, and released his grip on her chin to cup her entire face in his hands. Then he gently kissed her on the forehead. It was a mockery of one of the Solari rituals, usually reserved for pilgrims who sought to ascend to the peak of Mount Targon. Diana sputtered in outrage, but The Elder only flashed her the shit-eating grin that had danced across his face during their entire exchange, then strode out of the room. The door slammed behind him and locked with a dull click, Diana’s curses following him the whole way. She screamed herself hoarse, but then that too proved to be too much exertion.

Exactly how long Diana spent in that dark cell, she wasn’t sure. Separated from both the sun and the moon there under the earth was disorienting, but her connection to her aspect told her that it had been about three days when the door finally opened once more. In that time, she hadn’t seen a single soul. Despite her demi-human status, thirst and hunger wracked her weakened body, and the rune-traced shackles that bound her seemed to keep her from regaining any energy during the time she had spent idling away in the cell. At some point she had been stripped of her armor and weapons and left in merely her underclothes, causing the shackles to chafe her wrists and ankles terrible.

She was suddenly aware of The Elder standing in front of her once again. She had barely heard the door or the footsteps. Only the harsh light of a lantern assaulting her drooping lids caused her to break from her reverie. Peaking up at him through a cracked lid, she saw the man regard her with a gleeful grin. Now only two unarmored guards flanked him, but they wore cowls that cast their features in deep shadow. One of them had sleeves of tattoos covering his arms, the only noticeable identifier on either of them. At his command, they did something to her chains that freed her and caused her to tumble to the floor. She barely caught herself from cracking her skull on the cold, hard stone. Like a weak kitten, she could do little more than raise her head and mewl in pain.

“Weak, weak, weak…” The Elder mumbled, his path tracing circles around Diana’s limp form before he crouched down in front of her. “Weak!” he screamed in her face. Droplets of spittle flew from his snarling maw and spattered over Diana’s glassy-eyed visage. In her addled state, she vaguely felt that the man’s saliva felt somewhat pleasant on her parched lips. He continued, “The Solari faithful can subsist on nothing but the divine light of the sun, but I know you are blessed with no such providence.”

“But the heavenly sun knows mercy,” the Elder suddenly cooed. His hand stroked Diana’s silver locks softly. She found herself suddenly blindfolded, and with a click a cold metal collar secured itself around her neck. Someone holding a length of chain that seemed to connect to the front of her collar gave it a fearsome jerk, and she was forced to rise to her feet. She wavered on the way up and almost stumbled, but managed to find her balance. Every limb felt like lead. Her head pounded terribly. Her throat felt like sandpaper. But the one holding her chain jerked her along without mercy after securing her hands behind her back with a length of strong rope. They led her out of her cell and down a hall. She didn’t know of any such place in the Temple Of The Solstice. That they had a dungeon at all surprised her.

“You’re all blind,” she muttered, or at least tried to. It came out as more of a hoarse croak, but that didn’t stop her. “The night will come and purge you sun-addled fools.” Her insults elicited no response besides a small giggle from The Elder. He appeared to be the one in the lead. The two guards flanked her. She could tell by the change in the echoes of the guard’s boots that they had entered a larger chamber. A boot planted itself on the small of her back and shoved her down onto her knees once more. Gloved hands freed of her blindfold, and what she saw surprised her.

Lit by flickering torchlight and scant moonlight leaking through a large iron barred window impossibly high up in the room was a trough. It looked like something a farm animal would drink from: a short wooden basin standing on four legs and cobbled together by planks of seasoned wood. The moonlight bounced off its surface, revealing that the trough was filled with a crystal-clear liquid.

“Well,” the elder chortled. “As I have promised, I shall grant this blasphemous heretic a measure of mercy. Bathe in your precious moonlight, and drink deep from the waters of life.”

Diana soaked in the situation she had found herself in before turning to address The Elder. “You expect me to,” she paused to cough and struggled to clear her parched throat. “To degrade myself like this?” The Elder only smiled. Despite her strong front, the crystal-clear waters called to her. Her mouth seemed to become even more desiccated than the impossibly dry state it was already in. She became keenly aware of splits opening up on her absurdly parched lips, feeding her salty blood that only made her thirst even worse. All these things weighed on her mind as, despite her verbal objections, despite her pride, despite her loathing for those who were watching her, she turned to the trough and lowered her head to the water.

As soon as that refreshing coolness touched her lips, it released a seal on her muddled brain. She drank deeply, and greedily, slurping up full mouthfuls of water. She gagged and choked, sending saliva and streams of water splashing back down into the pool, such was her urgency to quench her thirst. She heard all three of the men in the room burst into laughter at the sight of their greatest enemy slobbering like a dog.

“Looks like she has no problem degrading herself,” the tattooed guard standing behind her said. A soft clink and the faint rustling of cloth accompanied his words, but Diana barely heard it. She suddenly became aware of someone crouched by her side.

“Oh, dear little heretic,” The Elder whispered into her ear. “Your ‘degradation’ is only just beginning.”

One of the guards hovering above her suddenly seized her by the roots of her hair and pushed her head down. The shock of the cool water enveloping her head and drowning out all noise as it flooded her ear canals was the first thing she felt. The next was an intense fear at the realization that the man holding her by her hair was holding her underwater. She struggled in vain against him as small air bubbles leaked from the corner of her mouth from the exertion. Luckily, she had managed to close her mouth as she went under, but the water that had rushed up her nose stung terribly. She didn’t even have the strength in her neck to resist his hand, and she got no leverage from her hands, which were tied behind her back. Her meek resistance only urged the man to push her under further.

Before the psychological distress of being held under became a physiological one, she felt a rough pair of hands grasp at her underwear and savagely tear it to shreds. Struggling for air and against a growing sense of panic, Diana barely had time to realize what was going on… a glob of spit smearing across her slit from his callused fingers was the only foreplay she got before the lips of her defenseless pussy were introduced to the head of the tattooed guard’s cock behind her. Diana had only just begun to process that she was about to be violated before the man rammed his hips forward.

The first thrust felt like being stabbed. The third broke her virginity like worthless trash sent tumbling down to the foot of the mountain. The seventh made him bang against her cervix and scream, sending bubble pouring from her submerged lips. His cock scraped along her totally unprepared walls at a steady pace, such was the man’s strength despite her body’s unwillingness. He tore through the slight extra resistance he felt in just seconds to bottom himself out, and such was the pain and shock of it all that the last of Diana’s air escaped from her mouth in a burst of screaming. The man behind her gave a powerful swat to her ass, leaving a handprint that would brighten into reddened existence over the next few seconds, before he began in earnest to rape her. He plowed his hips with no regard for Diana’s comfort or peace of mind, introducing every inch of his shaft to every inch of her depths.

Diana was rocked forward with each thrust. The pain of his savage rutting caused her to yelp. The only problem with that was that she was currently underwater. The reflexive intake of air that accompanied the cry of pain found only a mouthful of cold water, which her body reflexively pulled into her lungs. The lining of her poor, beleaguered lungs burned in earnest as they not only pined for air, but were introduced to fluid that definitely was not supposed to be there. A burning emerged in her chest that surpassed any wound she had ever felt. Diana thrashed pitifully, but to no avail, her body certain that it was currently dying.

Suddenly, she emerged from the water as the one holding her hair dragged her up. A heaving cough sent everything that had entered her lungs flying forward. The guard holding her barely dodged it, and cursed at her. She sucked in much needed oxygen in between chest-wracking coughs.

“Holy shit,” the man behind her laughed. “She tightens up so much when she starts to drown.” Diana’s mind hooked onto the very last word of that sentence. “Let’s go again,” he said, nodding to the one holding her hair. Suddenly she went under again, and he resumed his vicious pounding.

Every couple of minutes, just when her pressing desire for air began to paint the edges of her vision with shadows and send her head spinning with painful vertigo, she was allowed up to breath. Each breath was a treasure, taken in gleefully by her heaving chest… and yet each breath was tainted by the poisoned knowledge that it could be the last she got before she went under again. This meant she had to keep them short and quick, lest she be caught with her mouth wide open as she was pushed into the water. Throughout the whole procedure the man continued to fuck her abused pussy raw, deriving pleasure only for himself as he helped himself to tight, bleeding slit and her clenching inner walls.

On the third such cycle, something happened. Water streaming from her soaked hair down her face clouded her vision, but she was able to see The Elder through the haze. He calmly rolled up the right sleeve of his robe with careful folds. He grinned at her and gestured for the guard holding her head to step away. Standing over her, he combed his fingers through her hair, then suddenly seized a fistful of it. With a booming laugh, and a mighty push, he submerged her once again. The sight of the revered Solari Elder taking such immense pleasure in her torture had shocked her to the core—enough that she had scarcely thought to prepare herself with an extra lungful of air before he shoved her under again.

She was going to drown. Her brain and her body communed, and that is what they came up with. She was going to drown. Both her chest and her cunt ached from constant vicious abuse. She was going to drown. Each slap of the man’s hips against her cheeks as he drove himself into her sent a wave of vibration up her back. She was going to drown!

The tattooed man picked up speed as darkness closed in on Diana’s vision. They were keeping her under especially long this time, and somehow Diana knew that the Elder meant to kill her… that he wasn’t going to let her up. There in the deep, aching, unshakeable pain, she found herself thinking about her life thus far, and her purpose. The two would never be reconciled. She had failed in her mission, and the false light of the Solari faith and all that they had done would hang over the world forever. Her mouth drifted open to suck in air, her conscious mind no longer able to beat out the needs of her body.

Just then, at the very brink, when even her soul had cried out for a single breath with such ferocity that her body was willing to kill itself, she was above water again. If every respite before had been sweet, this one was positively saccharine. Tears streamed from her face and mingled with the dripping water as she took full advantage of her newfound non-submerged state. Each breath was painful, but taken with a mental prayer of gratitude to the moon. As she slowly recovered, the man who had been ravaging her withdrew from her ruined pussy. She barely noticed as he stepped to her side, his pants still around his ankles.

“She still looks thirsty,” the tattooed man said as he grabbed her temples, his thumbs rubbing roughly at the brand on her forehead as he turned her head to face him. Her mouth was wide open as she gasped for air, and he easily fit his cock into her mouth. He began to hump at her face as the head of his cock probed at the back of her throat. His length throbbed wildly as it completely clogged her airway, and she knew subconsciously from its excessive pulsating that something was about to happen.

“Drink up, bitch,” he growled. “I’ve been saving it up since you got here.”

“Deep breath, dear,” The Elder chortled mockingly.

Her lungs burned painfully for air, but definitely not for semen. In the greatest display of willpower that Diana had mustered on this terrifying day, she forced herself to cease her gasping for breath and open her esophagus instead of her trachea for the coming load. It was the only way to literally not drown in what was coming.

The batch of aged nut-butter straight from the depths of his sack was unbelievably thick, like jam. It rapidly clogged her throat, running down into her stomach so slowly that she felt her gullet packed with cockmeat begin to back up with sperm sludge. Realizing that the sooner she could get this over with, the sooner she could get her first precious lungful of air, she began swallowing. Her throat flexed in time with loud gulps that reverberated through her pounding ears as she tried to clear away all of his cum. Unbeknownst to her, Diana had been sucking so hard, and so desperately, that she had probably forced the man to feed her a bigger load than he otherwise would have. He himself had to place a hand on her forehead and push her away as the tight seal of her lips around his cock shaft broke with an audible pop. A single cum-strand attached the head of his prick to her lips until it weakened and snapped. Her heaving breaths followed at the sudden removal of the blockage from her airway.

“You’re lucky she didn’t bite, you idiot,” The Elder admonished. Diana had been in so much pain, and so distressed, that the thought hadn’t even passed through her mind. She hung her head in shame at having been deflowered by a man whose named she didn’t even know, and then to have drunk from his cock like some kind of whore. She had never given much thought to her potential role as a woman and wife, especially after she began her training under the Solari. But this introduction to that aspect of herself had been altogether too shocking and cruel even for the battle-hardened woman.

Suddenly a new figure entered the room, this one similarly wrapped in robes and a cowl for hiding his face.

“What?” The Elder yelled as he turned to the new arrival. “Didn’t I ask not to be disturbed?” He swept his hand across the room, gesturing to the prostrated form of Diana, lying in a slowly mingling pool of blood, water, and cum. The intruder looked upon the scene with a measure of impassivity and seemed to decide that his message held enough weight to warrant proceeding.

“Your eminence,” he said hastily with a quick bow as well. “We’ve got a visitor.”

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