Solari Eclipse 2

Diana’s brain seemed to bounce around in her skull, dashed from one end to the other, as she herself was savaged from both ends. Only the grunting of the two figures raping her could be heard inside the deep, dark pit from which not a mote of hope seemed to flow. To Diana, the Ra’Horak seemed more beast than man as they sought to extinguish their overwhelming lusts inside of the body of their prisoner. Diana had been the target of constant assault, and disturbingly casual assault of both the physiological and psychological variety for the past few days… Or at least, the past few cycles between sleeping and waking up. Her cell held no windows, after all. Down there, submerged in the oppressive gloom of her prison and away from the soft light of the moon, her waking hours became nothing more than periods of exhausting numbness and intense pain.

She choked and swallowed desperately as she tried to draw in what little oxygen she could through her nose in between her throat being plugged over and over again. This was the first time they had eschewed a ring gag since that first day… and while she could have tried to bite to get a breath she didn’t. Diana had learned her lesson since the time when they had first deemed it necessary. She felt disgusted… but she simply took it. Diana felt the cock in her mouth begin to quiver with a mounting need for release almost in tandem with the swelling member assaulting her pussy expressing that same need. What brotherhood there was amongst the Ra’Horak, she thought. Perfect military precision.

And then abruptly she could breath again, and her lower lips were no longer being pried apart by wild thrusts. She found herself looking at a swollen cock twitching with need as it dripped with her phlegm and spit.

“Eugh,” The man in front of her grunted as he rolled his neck and stretched his back. “Before I forget, we got you something.” Diana’s heart skipped a beat as she heard those words. She knew better than to expect any scrap of goodwill from her tormentors.

“For being such a good sport about it and all,” The other guard said from behind her. “You know, for having such tight holes, not biting again after the first time we had to teach you that lesson, and just being an all-around pleasantly horrified fuck.” He moved over to a small table and poured himself a cup of water from a clay jug. Diana’s eyes followed the stream all the way down its gravity-induced path, but she dared not say a word. She had been understandably reticent to broach the subject of just how thirsty she was recently.

The other guard rustled around in a satchel on that same table, trying to find something within it. “The revered Elder sent us to the temple you discovered, you know,” he told her, still digging in the bag. “What a load of crap that place was, but stuffed full of obnoxiously heavy shit. A lot of work.” He sneered, and Diana’s heart fell further, knowing what he was saying. That likely the only Lunari temple left in the world, the last remnants of the faith that she knew she belonged to, had been destroyed… and all because in her desire to prove herself right to the Elders of the Solari she had told them right where it was.

“So, while I was busy smashing everything,” he continued before withdrawing an object from the satchel, “I thought, I should at least get something from it. So I pulled this out of that trash heap, just for you.” He helding it up to her eye level so that she could see it.

Diana’s eyes widen at the intricately carved statuette. It took her a moment to recognize it, but the vast depths of subconscious knowledge that had been thrust upon her when she inherited her aspect bubbled to the surface. There was a piece of genuine history, a thread that connected her to earthly past of her true faith, a manifestation of the silvery moon’s beneficence, a-

“I’m afraid it’s a bit dusty, love,” he said, blowing the aforementioned dust straight into her gaping eyes. She coughed and blinked rapidly to clear her eyes of the offensive substance, but the mere sight of the statuette banished that small boorish act from her mind instantly. The carved idol depicted a robed Lunari priestess grasping the very same symbol that had imprinted itself on her forehead, as if she were catching it as it descended from the heavens. It couldn’t have been more than six or seven inches tall, but it was carved in exquisite detail and shone with an ethereal silver sheen even in the dim light of the smokey braziers and lanterns that lit the darkened cell.

“Moonsilver,” she whispered. “How wonderful.”

“Well, it is pretty and all, but it don’t look so special to me,” said the guard holding it. He brought it up to his face and used one of the angles on it to scratch his nose. A flash of annoyance passed across her face and she almost snarled, but she just barely held herself back. She could feel power radiating from the religious icon. If she could just get her hands on it…

“It’s a piece of the moon that fell and was embedded in this very mountain!” Diana explained. She momentarily considered whether she should be explaining these things to those two, but she was overly excited just to be able to lay eyes on a piece of history.

“Huh,” the guard uttered. “Doubt it.” He tossed the thing onto the ground in front of her, where it landed with a loud crack as stone met stone. Diana almost yelped out loud, but it seemed that the moonstone was completely undamaged by the unceremonious toss. “Well, we did say we would give it to you.” Suddenly, a rope of alabaster landed across the statuette, spattering it in a fluid almost indistinguishable from the native stone. A second rope joined it right after, landing with a soft patter. Diana looked up in confusion only to find herself staring at one of the guards stroking his naked lower half. Thick globs of semen lanced from his bulging cock down onto the Lunari religious idol. Some of it landed on the floor, but he managed to thoroughly coat the miniature robed priestess in his goo.

This time Diana did scream out loud. It was a cry of fury and anguish, almost wordless. So that was why the two men had seemingly given her a reprieve today and refrained from filling all of her holes with their disgusting, gooey spunk. Just as one of them groaned in pleasure, wringing the last few drops from his dick out onto the idol, the other began to add his load to the mix. Diana could only writhe in her chains, beginning him to stop, as he ejaculated all over the precious moonstone. Only when it was thoroughly covered in a viscous white goop did he tuck his cock back into his trousers.

“Oh no,” he said, completely monotone. “Looks like it got dirty!”

“What a travesty. Surely a devotee such as yourself could never stand for such a thing,” the other man added.

“Even the freshest Solari acolyte knows how to take care of our idols. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything better from some filthy heretic,” The Elder chimed in. At some point he too had entered the room. Diana suddenly found herself suddenly falling to the floor. The shackles around her wrists caught her just in time to let her ease onto her knees as her arms bent backwards above her head. The slack in her chains was loosened bit by bit until her hands were a scant few inches from being able to grab the idol. “Looks like you’ve run out of chain,” he said. “I guess you’ll just have to lick it clean.” Every muscle in her body screamed in protest, begging her to leap at her captors and tear them apart, but her shackles didn’t seem like they would be coming off any time soon. So, against even her own expectations, she just got to work immediately. There really wasn’t any other choice besides some half-hearted resistance that wouldn’t win her anything in the end anyway… and her own pride seemed like a small thing compared to the defilement of the last piece of her order’s history left.

The pearly white load was so thick where it pooled in one of the crevices formed by the concave shape of the priestess’ flowing dress that her tongue was just pushing it around. She pursed her lips and sucked, slurping up the stinking jizz as if she was desperate to get it down her throat. Each lick picked up more and more cream as she thoroughly cleaned every inch of the moonstone. When her tongue was too thoroughly coated to clean any further she had no option but to swallow the disgusting load before continuing, lapping at it. She didn’t stop, even as the men jeered at her, until it was completely clean. Its lustrous sparkle returned as the thin layer of saliva that remained clung to its surface.

When she was done, she allowed her bindings to return her to a standing position as they were shortened once again. The Elder placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to recoil slightly, and he motioned for one of the guards to hand him the now clean statuette.

“I guess the Lunari do have some self-respect after all,” he teased. “Microscopic though it is with a whore as their only priestess. Instead of giving the statue to her, however – even though she would have been hard pressed to accept it with her wrists bound – The Elder turned her around. Her arms were fastened tightly together as the chains twisted around each other.

“Doesn’t the revered Elder have any other duties to attend to?” Diana asked. Her head turned to look over her shoulder at him, but he shoved her forward with a palm on her ass. Her face smashed into the stone wall, grinding her forehead into it as he continued to put pressure on her rear. “It appears you have nothing better to do after all.” Those last words were mumbled into the stone, each syllable introducing a bit of grit into her mouth as her lips scraped the wall.

“I consider this an essential duty,” the Elder hummed. Using his feet, he kicked her legs apart, spreading her thighs and exposing her loins. Diana felt the urge to cover herself, but that avenue was shut completely as the two guards in the room firmly grasped her wrists. Diana was beyond disappointed to realize that she couldn’t even break the half-hearted grapple to take advantage of the slack in her bindings; she was just too worn down, too low on energy from the meager scraps of food, the lack of sleep, the abuse she had received. If she was going to bide her time to break out somehow, she’d have to find some way to restore her reserve of energy… But she had a hard time imagining that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Diana felt the Elder’s hand roughly grasp her cheek and pull it to the side, exposing her slit even further. Despite all of the sexual abuse that she had been exposed to in the past few days, this act did in fact surprise her. While the Elder had seemed to get some great and terrible pleasure from watching her suffer, especially as he had drowned her in that basin of water, he had never actually taken her body for himself.

“You disgusting dog,” Diana muttered. “Finally giving in to your basest lusts, are we?” Diana could feel the power in the Elder’s hands… he was strong, and filled with the power of the Sun still. If he so wished, those hands could crush her hips or break her leg.

Instead, the Elder only chuckled as he softly stroked a thumb over the taut flesh of her ass that his fingers were carving shallow valleys into. “No,” he said. “No, I don’t think so.” It took Diana a few seconds to register what she was feeling. Something hard and cold pressing up against her slightly stretched labia. The exact moment that Diana figured out that what the Elder had in mind to introduce her to had nothing to do with his own body, she felt the brisk, hard edges of the Lunari statuette being rammed inside of her. Her velvety insides, while constantly used and abused, had never been introduced to something like the asymmetrical mass of rock that was currently entering her. Her insides parted to make room for it, and Diana’s eyes widened as she felt not another cock, but something even less yielded and thicker caress her walls.

She couldn’t help but scream in pain as the coarse surface of the statuette scraped against her sensitive insides. While the craftsmanship was marvelous, and it looked flawless to the naked eye, the ultra-sensitive tissues of her sex informed her, furiously, that it was in fact made of rock and full of small, sharp imperfections. Every angle, even the shallower ones, stretched her out as they slid past her abused folds. If the two guards holding her by her wrists had let go, she would have fallen to the ground in a heap. She was unable even to clutch at her abused groin as the Elder ground the thing in shallow circles, fucking it in and out of her with just enough force to rub her insides raw. He held back from outright tearing her up from the inside, even though he easily could have, and settled for inflicting a vast number of micro abrasions and cuts that radiated pain to her core.

Even as she begged for mercy, the Elder just hummed to himself. “I’ve heard that this is how Lunari priestess whores used to worship,” he said. “You should thank me for helping teach you the tenants of your forgotten faith.” Only when her voice grew ragged from a mix of curses, cries for mercy, and pained yowling did he finally pull the object free from her abused pussy. It was covered in splotches of blood and slick with sweat and other secretions. The elder suddenly looked at in disgust and dropped it onto the floor to wipe his hand on his robe.

Diana fell to the floor as soon as the guards let go, half slumping against the wall as she slid to her knees. An agonizing groan accompanied her descent, as well as a small trickle of blood from her crotch that ran down her inner thigh to pool on the ground and the crook of her knee. She spent a scarce few moments crying on the ground, but the considerable pain she felt was nothing compared to the feeling of defilement and shame from that ordeal. She scrabbled around, reaching out a hand for the fallen statuette as she laid broken and bleeding on the hard ground.

“Mate,” one of the guards said to the other as Diana’s fingers inched forwards. “It’s a pretty far walk to the privy, isn’t it?” The one being spoken too grunted and nodded. “Don’t know if I can hold it, you know?” Diana barely registered the conversation as she pushed herself across the floor and stretched her arm out for what might be the last real symbol of her faith left on Runeterra when suddenly a warm spray covered her outstretched fingers. Her eyes traced upwards from where a solid stream was impacting against the statuette and found one of the guards, the bearded one, emptying his bladder onto her hand… and the statue she was reaching for. His piss splashed and splattered everywhere, covering her hand as it hovered next to the Lunari idol in a perverse replay of their first defilement of it. That same idol was slowly covered and enveloped in a spreading pool of yellowish liquid.

“Oh no,” the pissing guard said. “Dirty again… What a shame!” He snickered. “Well, at least you already know how to clean it, right?” With a last shake to clear the remaining dribbles from his cock, he tucked it back into his trousers. Then the bearded man kicked the statuette lightly, sending it rolling as it cartwheeled fresh piss all over her until it came to rest against her nose. “Gross,” he said, shaking his foot.

“What did you expect?” the tattooed guard asked, shaking his head. Hovering over her, he pressed his foot between her shoulder blades. “Go on,” he urged. “Lick it clean. Surely that’s not too much to ask of a devoted Lunari slut such as yourself?”

Diana recoiled as much as she could as the warmth and scent of the man’s piss washed over her nostrils.

“Maybe she doesn’t want it after all?” Tattoo said. “After we went through all the effort to bring it here. I guess we could always take it with us if she’s not going to take care of it…” he let his voice trail off for a moment before continuing. “Of course, if we did we should probably just melt it, or smash it up and use the dust as part of the next beautiful effigy for our temple. All the moon is good for is aping the beauty of the glorious sun, after all.”

“Please,” Diana begged. Just that one simple word.

“Then get to it,” he said. Diana had no choice here. Whether she actually felt fear at having one of the last vestiges of the Lunari faith stolen away from her or simply from the imagined consequences of not doing as they said, she simply wasn’t in any shape to resist. Lying in pain and despair from her inanimate object rape, all she could do was feebly lick at the Lunari idol. Each time her tongue passed over the moonsilver, she was greeted with a pungent saltiness that made her sick to her stomach.

“And thank us,” he added. “For providing you with such a generous feast.” Each drag of tongue brought with it a mixture of piss, blood, and what remained of the guard’s semen from before, along with a smattering of other fluids from her own body. Stars bloomed in her eyes as someone stomped down on her head, pinning it to the floor and making her reach with her tongue for the idol.

Diana knew that she couldn’t let this chance go to waste. For all the humiliation — all of the pain that she had won through already — she had to get something from it, or she would truly fall in to despair. Standing her ground now, when she had been unable to do so up until then, would do her no good. Maybe some other day, but not this day. Whatever vestiges of pride Diana had left, she temporarily banished from her body, swept away in a wave of pain. The rage she kept, and stored away for some other day. “Thank you,” she choked.

Diana feverishly licked the idol clean, like a kitten lapping at milk. “Thank you,” she repeated between licks. “Your semen was delicious. I was lucky to get even that.” She was really selling it, her desire to make it through this with the idol growing ever stronger as the guards seemed to laugh with enjoyment at the sight. Every lick was followed by an exaggerated gulp and sigh of pleasure. She showered them with praise and thanks, much to their delight. Whether she was overdoing it or not, she had no idea, but her brain was on auto-pilot in her effort to please them.

And in the middle of that disgraceful display, the utter voiding of shame and dignity and self worth, was when Diana suddenly became aware of another presence standing above her.

Her eyes slowly turned upwards from where the side of her face was pressed into the ground, looking up… and up. Both figures stared at each other with wide eyes, one prostrated on the ground, the other bound in chains and flanked by two burly men. While all of the fluids she had been ingesting had been turning her stomach, only now, as the sight of that woman, did Diana truly feel sick. Blood pounded in her ears, and her rage that she had so carefully filed away burst forth and reignited with new passion.

She became aware of the weight that had lifted from her back and some slack in the chain that linked to her collar as her shackles fell free. The foot was no longer on her face. Fine. Diana pushed herself off of the ground with some reserve of strength that she was able to call forth and lunged at the newcomer, crashing into her and driving her to the ground. As they tumbled into each other, Diana swinging and clawing and biting with her bound hands, one word escaped her mouth with a fury that resounded throughout the small room.


Diana screamed in fury as she scrabbled in a tangled mess with her named target. She threw her cuffed fists with reckless abandon and raked her nails at every bit of exposed flesh she could see, which was most of it. All grace and martial prowess was lost amidst the scramble in a body that was running on pure adrenaline. Diana’s vision suddenly went white as something impacted on the space right above her nose, right between her brows, and she was driven back to find herself staring at the woman who had once been perhaps her closest friend from her years as an acolyte. Leona stared back down at her, golden locks disheveled and a stream of dried blood tracing its way from her nostril to her lip. It wasn’t from her… either… that injury looked too old to have been so recently inflicted, and Diana hadn’t gotten a single real hit in on the friend… who had tried to execute her.

“You-“ Diana snarled before she was roughly dragged back by the collar around her neck, choking as her air was stripped away. Leona was likewise hauled to her feet and pulled apart from Diana by her own chain and collar. Her eyes flicked down to the Lunari statuette at their feet, and then back to Diana. Her gaze was entirely unreadable, and it wasn’t because of the dim light. As Diana studied that imperious face, she found it marred with a bruised eye, and a swollen lip and jaw from some kind of blow to her face. Even if Leona did have something to say, it probably wouldn’t have been intelligible.

It probably said something about the instinctive reaction of furious, betrayed anger that Diana felt at the sight of Leona that it took her thing long to realize that the woman was unarmored. In fact, she was nearly naked – she wore nothing but a shift that hung off her in rags, riped in several places. Where there were rips, Diana could that she had bruises beneath the shift… Someone had battered her around badly. Well, good. This was all her fault. They should toss her down the mountain and let her tumble back down to the Rakkor where she came from.

Clapping broke their reverie, and both girls turned to find the Elder holding has hands out placatively.

“Now, now,” he chided. “You two must be kind to each other.” He looked them both in the eyes, a beatific smile plastered across his face. “You two will be playing together, after all.” A strange choice of words, Diana thought. She knew that he wasn’t referring to the games they would play together on holidays during their days as acolytes. Her eyes were drawn to the two new guards that had entered the room as the Elder gave them some signal to begin hustling about.

For as long as she had been conscious down in this prison, wherever it was, she had only seen the faces of two other guards and the Elder himself. Including them, she knew that at least seven people — now evidently eight with Leona there — were aware of her return to the Solari temple. Whether these two new figures were part of the original troupe that had first caught her, she had no idea. What she did know was that she was counting every sin that they committed against her, and while she was ready to put down any Solari that stood in her way, these few belonged on a special list. To that end she would have to assign her own identities to the men, who seemingly refused to talk about any personal details while in her presence. Tattoo was the easy one. He had a full sleeve covering his right arm of miscellaneous solar imagery and votives in an elegant script… the man who had ripped her virginity away. Her other personal tormentor she had become used to calling Beard in her head. While the short and neatly cropped beard he had would have been entirely unremarkable in the outside world, it seemed to work out because everyone else in the room was neatly shaven. She refused to differentiate between the two men by their only other discernable feature — one that she was much more familiar with than she would have liked by then, the shape, girth, length, smell, and taste of the disgusting cocks hanging between their legs. These two newcomers would get their own tallies as well, because they seemed to be entirely on board with the Elder’s twisted games.

The scraping of wood brought Diana back to the present as the two unnamed Solari wardens dragged in a large angular shape under a section of canvas. With a crack and flutter, the oilskin tarp covering the object fell to the ground in a whirl of dust just barely made visible by the straining torchlight. It was a carpenter’s sawhorse, squat and wide and carved from a seasoned dark wood that blended into the oppressive grey stone that surrounded them somewhat. It was an odd object to keep underground; were they going to force them to do manual labor? Ridiculous. But the closer Diana studied the thing, the more some swelling notion in the back of her mind told her that she was very, very wrong.

The contraption measured about six feet long and stood just a smidge higher than waist-height for her. But the surface of the beam that four legs were supporting wasn’t flat, and there was only one of them. It wasn’t for sawing planks, or for constructing a portable worktable. The crosspiece was constructed with a triangular cross section, with one uppermost edge jutting straight up at a 90-degree angle. Nothing about the device itself was particularly terrifying, but the innocuous nature of the thing was vastly overshadowed by the uncertainty of its function. Diana’s mind wandered back to her very first ordeal down in the shadows here and shuddered.

“In all your years of training,” The Elder said. “Did we ever teach you to fight from horseback?” He looked them over appraisingly, rubbing his thumb idly against his chin a gesture of deep thought. “No? Well then, we will have to remedy that egregious error this very hour!” Diana turned her head at a flurry of movement in the corner of her eye just in time to see Leona get kicked in the back of her knees. The beautiful warrior fell to the ground, and with a single monstrous tug from one of the new guards the ragged shift that covered her was ripped completely off of her body. Diana’s eyes widened… she had seen evidence of injuries before, but she had underestimated it. Leona’s naked form was covered in a bruises, welts, and lacerations from some earlier struggle.

“What did you do to her?” Diana asked, wide-eyed. Her voice was soft despite herself… for one moment, she forgot how furious she was at the woman who had betrayed her, denounced her as a heretic and tried to kill her – seeing her injuries, for just a single moment the years of friendship were at the forefront of her mind instead.

The Elder grabbed her cheeks, smushing them together as he blocked her mouth with his palm. “I’m sure she’ll open up to you in time,” The Elder crooned. “She seems a bit shy, now. You were both very good friends, weren’t you? I remember.” As the Elder stared her down, Diana felt her arms being bound once again, a strong bit of rope wrapping around her to caress her hips and the undersides of her breasts. One of the new guards continued the weave to constrain her legs, tying her calves to her thighs. His fingers lingered on her skin, still somehow soft and lustrous in all of the filth, and his overly long thumbs kneaded into her supple flesh with each knot. The man – she decided to dub him Thumbs – picked her up like a sack of potatoes from behind, and her guts twisted as she realized his intended destination.

“You two will becoming very intimate, very soon, I think,” The Elder chuckled as Thumbs dropped her bound form onto the device. Even as the hideously cruel edge of the strange equipment dug into her abused folds, the bindings at her back were intertwined with a bit of chain dangling from the ceiling to stop her from throwing herself off of the beam. Twisting around in a panic, she found herself looking at Leona’s tanned back as she also squirmed in pain, mounted on the opposite side of the beam in an identical binding.

Normally, that barbarous device would have relied on the girls’ own weight to inflict its myriad of psychological and physiological tortures, a process that would take hours, or a day. Considering the two’s superhuman constitution: maybe even longer. But whoever had devised today’s humiliation, an iniquitous intro to the irrevocable interconnection between the two’s intimate interpersonal inclinations — The Elder, Diana had little doubt – wasn’t willing to wait that long. The two new guards hefted a number of discs with holes cut out of the middle. It couldn’t be called a ring; rather, it was a simple slab of iron that could just barely clear the diameter of a rope through its center.

As said intended rope passed through each disc, the truth of the perceived laxity in the guard’s leg bindings for the two girls was made terrifyingly clear. What slack had been left in the bindings that brought their calves and thighs together in the dynamic pose of a skilled rider straddling a racing horse had an actual purpose.

“It’s time to see just who is in the right, I think,” The Elder announced as the bulky weight dragging Diana down caused the most sensitive flesh on her body to push against the encroaching wooden horse. “The Lunari whore, or our righteous Solari captain. A competition, to see whom the sun favors. The first to bring their man to climactic heights shall receive the most generous prize I have to offer: mercy!” With a gesture from the Elder, Thumbs stepped in front of Diana, and the other guard in front of Leona. “And try not get split in half along the way, hmm?” The Elder giggled a bit.

“Any time either of us feels any fucking teeth, we’ll be adding weight,” Thumbs said. “To both of you.” With that he presented his cock, the thing springing free from his waistband already stiff.

Diana opened her mouth wide for him, straining her tired jaw until it finally gave in to her commands to welcome the warm head of the man’s cock into her mouth. Her tongue rolled out more out of necessity than to give him a warm welcoming stroke as it slid inside.

Thumbs groaned in pleasure and stuttered, “I should have volunteered for this duty sooner.” He combed his fingers through her now-dirty white hair affectionately. “I know I’m a bit much to handle, but I’m sure you’re up for it.”

Diana didn’t know if she had an answer that would please him. Her gaping pussy was dripping, but the small glistening stream that ran down the acute edge of the wooden horse certainly wasn’t from arousal. The agony seemed to grow with every passing second. The weight dangling from her legs forced the inside walls of her honeybox to come into direct contact with the wood, and the glistening pearl of her clitoris was being roughly smashed against the raised edge. Diana kept thinking that any second the pain would fade, it would get easier, but each breath just made it worse, each heartbeat seeming to make her swollen nub throb against the edge. She was supposed to give a good blowjob to her newest rapist under these conditions?

Still, she soldiered on, even as the act of leaning forward to gulp down more of his cock pressed her sensitive insides even more roughly into the barbarous wooden horse. What choice did she have?

“Mmmgh! Nnnghhlk!” Diana gurgled even as she slid her head forward. Her cheeks bulged at the size of his swollen head, but that very face ensured that he had a nicely warm, wet surface until she was able to take him deeper. Diana knew that if she wanted to make her guy bust first, she had to go all out. Diana didn’t stop her descent down his lengthy shaft until it had spread its dominion over every inch of her mouth and throat, making her cough and gag even as he leaked a small bit of pre-cum down her straining throat.

Just as she had bottomed out and began to bathe the underside of his cock with her tongue, she heard a curse a loud slap from behind her. “Fucking teeth!” the guard being serviced by Leona hissed. The strong stench of garlic drifted over Leona’s shoulder to caress Diana’s nostrils even as he scolded her, “Watch those fucking teeth, we said!” The tight seal of Diana’s lips was broken with a pop as Thumbs gave a small chuckle and joined Garlic in moving over to the pile of spare weights.

“Are you simple, you stupid bitch?” Diana almost screamed over her shoulder. “Just let him use your fucking throat if you can’t even give a proper blowjob.” Diana had had a lot of practice recently. Perhaps more surprising than her advanced schooling in receiving a right and proper facefucking was the recent boorishness that had pervaded even her speech. While the Lunari had never been one for tact, the sheer amount of vulgarity spilling from the trained warrior’s lips would have been unthinkable just a few scant weeks ago.

Leona only mumbled through her swollen lips, but that was soon drawn out into a moan of pain as more weight was added to the already torturous amount dangling from her legs, dropping her another half inch. A second later Diana couldn’t help but let out a similar mewl as she felt her insides, already savaged by the Elder and the statuette earlier, pressed even more forcefully onto the sharp edge of the wooden horse. If she didn’t get this over with very soon, some blood would be mixing with the wetness dripping from between her legs.

As Thumbs once again presented his cock to her, and Leona began her ministrations once again, a wicked idea wormed its way into Diana’s brain.

“Please, sir,” Diana said sweetly. “I need your cock. I really need your hot cum down my throat.” Diana’s tongue rolled out of her mouth, laying down the red carpet for his engorged penis. Her eyes locked into his, and she fluttered her eyes at him, mouth agape. “Anghhhh…”

“As long as you do all the work like you’re supposed to,” Thumbs said as he shrugged his shoulders. “I wouldn’t mind letting a good girl swallow it all.” He pushed his hips forward to lodge himself in her throat, and with that, her plan of action was set in motion. Even as she moaned into his thick cock, she was using the fact that he had had to step forward to plunge himself inside of her mouth to wreak a terrible revenge on Leona. Because she no longer had to lean forward to suck him off, Diana was able to push her hips up and backwards, leaning her own back onto Leona’s. This provided her with some small blessed relief from the harsh corner of the wooden horse and made Leona choke with pain even as she continued her own sloppy blowjob. She didn’t even fight back.

Though Diana was giving it her all, she realized that she was far too weak and in pain to give an energetic blowjob. She was completely banking on a straightforward deepthroat to set him off as she gracelessly continued to mash her face into his groin.

“Goood girl,” he told her, seemingly enjoying the snug cocksleeve that Diana was supplying him. “You really love getting this cock in your throat, don’t you?”

“Mmmmgbl,” she choked, fighting against her trembling thighs as they strained to keep her hips braced up on Leona’s. With her chin pressed up against his musky nutsack, she could only just move her tongue against the implacable bulk of its veiny underside.

A wet, throaty sound blossomed amongst the faint grunts and slurps emanating throughout the room. That sound came from directly behind Diana, and she could scarcely believe it when Leona grunted as she received copious reward of her efforts. Another twinge of disbelief lanced through Diana’s mind as she just barely made out the husky sounds of faint gulping. Leona’s guy, Garlic, had to have been much more sensitive. There was absolutely no other way Diana could have lost with all of the practice she’d had to go through. And she was so malnourished and tired that it just wasn’t a fair contest! Her indignation grew until, a moment later, Diana realized with horror that she was lamenting her inferiority in sucking off a rapist.

But at least it was over, and she breathed freely as she came up from dick-diving. Before she could turn her head however to watch Leona as she sputtered, coughed, and heaved in some much-needed air, Thumbs grabbed her firmly at her temples. “Well, you didn’t win, but did you really expect to not have to cross the finish line too?” he asked. “I need to get off, because the other two are going at it next.”

“Wha-“ Diana gasped before she suddenly found herself speared on his throbbing head once more, forcing her mouth to stretch wide once again to accommodate his lust filled knob.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll take it from here, love.”

He repeated the motion, battering Diana again and again like she was merely a new sex toy to be broken in. Tied and bound, there was no way for her to avoid the inevitable straining of her jaw as he filled her mouth and throat to capacity. While she had been taking him into her throat before, her own pain and gag reflexes had stopped her short of the degree to which he was taking the sloppy throatfuck. Completely dismissive of her well-being in all of this, he continued to hump her face. His earlier pretense of manners disappeared entirely as he suddenly pressed those long thumbs of his against her eyelids with just enough pressure to cause a constant stinging pain. He seemed to take great pleasure in the way she hunched in pain from this even as she was visibly running out of breath, because Diana could have sworn she felt his cock swell even more.

“I’ve been saving up for this ever since I heard the revered Elder’s plan,” he said. With that statement he withdrew suddenly until only the tip remained in her mouth. Even on the verge of passing out, Diana understood what was about to happen. She summoned her wits just enough — through the searing white that was beginning to bloom behind her eyes and on the verge of passing out — to breathe in as deeply as she could through her nose. She prepared for the worst.

And did the worst come… and cum. Thumbs thrust his way back into her gullet in one smooth motion and bottomed out as much as he could. He let out a groan that perfectly captured the spirit of a man in utter bliss, the perfect opposite to her sheer misery as hot jizz began to jet explosively from the end of his cock, gushing its way down her throat to swirl around in her gut. So violent were his ejaculations that Diana could practically feel each stream splashing down her gullet and packing her throat with his goo so fervently that it threatened to clog it completely. His cock was so fat and thick that there was almost no room for any excess to come back up her throat, so all she could do was continue to clear the contents of his pulsating balls with hearty swallow like she was nothing more than a human-sized condom for the cruel soldier.

To the suffering Lunari girl, his seed seemed so thick and copious that it felt like sucking down an entire ocean of it, and all the while his balls continued to dance on her chin as he grunted. Diana was truly on the verge of passing out from oxygen deprivation and the sheer desire to escape from this miserable plane of existence before he pulled out. A heavy rope of mixed saliva and cum connected the tip of his cock to her lips. As he wiped his cock clean on her face, she cycled between gasping air in and coughing it right back out.

“It appears we have a winner,” The Elder said, slowly clapping as he surveyed the two girls slumped in pain and drooling semen. “And a loser.”

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