Lone Fox 2 – Ch 2 – The Vulpan

Nine months ago.

The young kitsune looked dead, but when Daniels kicked her in the stomach she made a quiet sound of pain. She hung from the ceiling in chains. One was wrapped around her arms, keeping them above her head and pointed at the ceiling, while more were wrapped around her ankles and knees, keeping her legs spread wide in an M shape. Her head was down, staring at the floor.

They were standing in what had once been a walk-in freezer, inside a small and apparently abandoned military facility in Eastern Europe. All evidence of its former occupants and purpose had been stripped away, leaving gray walls and empty shelves. Levinson had asked Daniels how the vulpan had acquired the place, but the man’s only answer was that their work paid well. The facility wasn’t empty, but it was far from full either. Levinson would have been surprised if there were much more than a hundred people in their entire operation.

The place was also filthy. There was trash everywhere, scattered beer bottles, dust and grime and years old stains. When Levinson had complained about it, Daniels had told him that he was welcome to hunt down a broom and play janitor anytime he liked. It seemed like nobody had here had any sense of discipline or routine, and anarchy seemed to be their only guiding principle. According to Daniels, they lived on prepackaged food bought in bulk, drank at all times of day, fought and fucked whenever the mood took them. Male vulpan outnumbered females nearly nine to one, which meant if the women weren’t careful, they were liable to find themselves cornered and gangraped. As a result, all the women here were either tough enough to take care of themselves, or sexually aggressive enough to welcome the gangbang as much as the men did. Most were both.

“You feel like fucking her?” Daniels asked Levinson. “She doesn’t react much, but she’s as warm and snug inside as any of them.” He kicked the captive fox again. “Introduce yourself to our newest recruit, Nami.”

Chains rattled as the brown haired fox girl slowly lifted her head. Her eyes were dull and unfocused, and drool ran down her chin. “Please fuck me,” she mumbled. “Nami is a good girl, good fox fuck.” Her head lowered again.

“What did you do to her?” asked Levinson. He felt no sympathy about her condition. She was just another pathetic bitch, after all.

Daniels shrugged. “Nothing really. I mean, we fucked her silly for a while, especially when we first got her four years ago, but that’s not what turned all the lights out.” He reached out and began absently groping her chest with one hand, roughly kneading her soft tits. “This is what happens after you put them through their paces enough times. Nami, how many fox marbles have you made for us now?”

“Eighty two,” she answered automatically.

“That’ll do it. Usually takes thirty or so before you start seeing an effect, but after that it’s a permanent downhill slide. Every time she hands over a new marble, it’s like a bit of her soul goes with it.” He smiled. “But you should’ve seen the slut those first couple days. Real firebrand, weren’t you, Nami? Remember how much you kicked and squealed the first time I rammed into that ass?”

The fox girl gave no response.

“So why haven’t you dumped her yet, if she’s so far gone?” Levinson asked.

Daniels gave him a mock offended look. “Abandon sweet little Nami? Perish the thought, man! Kitsune don’t grow on trees, you know. It took time and effort to bring her here. Besides, she’s good for at least another hundred marbles. Eventually she’ll be completely empty and just kind of stop. They still breathe and all, swallow if you put food in their mouths, but there will be nothing going on upstairs. We usually dig a hole out back when that happens. Skin them first, then toss them in and let nature take care of her own.” He shoved two fingers between her legs, playing with her slit. “You looking forward to that, Nami? To having your soul shaved away one marble at a time and your body buried alive?”

The kitsune didn’t move, but a tear ran down her cheek and fell to the floor.

“See that? There’s still a person in there, for now.” He looked over at Levinson. “Well, if you’re not gonna…” Daniels unzipped his pants, and soon he was pumping in and out of the brown haired fox girl’s cunt.

“I’m not here for some half dead pussy,” Levinson complained. “You promised to teach me how to use this fucking thing inside me.”

“Lighten up, man!” Daniels had hold of one of Nami’s chains, and was using it to swing her back and forth in time with his hips. “That’s exactly why I brought you to see her. Feed her the meat we brought so we can get started. “

Allen whimpered through his tape gag as Levinson shoved the man forward. His hands were bound behind him with rope and his ankles were cuffed together. Without stopping his rape of the fox girl, Daniels grabbed the man by the hair and pulled him closer.

“Nothing personal, man,” he told Allen, who was weeping and babbling something through the gag. “I kinda liked you guys, honestly. But we’re predators and you’re prey. That’s all there is to it.” He pushed the man against the kitsune, pressing his neck against her mouth. “Lunchtime, Nami!”

Allen screamed as she bit into him, tearing out a chunk of flesh. His body twisted madly, trying to get away, but Daniels had a solid grip on his head, and soon the man slumped. Daniels let the corpse drop to the ground and grabbed Nami’s hips so he could thrust faster as he began his last spurt. He groaned happily as he pounded her cunt, shooting his seed deep inside her.

“There!” he said, sounding pleased with himself. “And now she’s got a fresh marble warm in her belly, right beside my cum. Go get it, champ.”

Levinson looked at the girl’s bloody mouth with disgust. “You expect me to kiss that?”

“Aww, is the man who ate half his subordinates a few nights ago feeling a little squeamish about some blood?” Daniels asked with mock concern. “Do you want a bib too, so you don’t get any on those fancy clothes?”

Levinson’s hand clenched into a fist, and for a second he almost gave in to his anger and punched the bastard’s teeth in, but he restrained himself. “You told me I needed to wear the fox skin to transform,” he growled instead. He hadn’t taken off the tattered red robe since first putting it on, but Daniels and the others didn’t seem to need skins, transforming freely no matter what they wore. The man’s casual dress compared to his robe made him feel ridiculous enough without Daniels calling attention to it.

“And you do,” Daniels agreed. “But you won’t get very far going around with a ratty pelt on your back 24/7. Call this lesson one.” He took off his shirt and showed Levinson his back, then tore a line of his own flesh open with his fingernails, revealing brown fur underneath. “We sew it under the skin. Keeps it hidden and available at all times. Don’t need a full skin either, just a bit of it. When we skin Nami here, hers will be good for about five people, ten if we’re careful. You’ll get the same surgery before we’re done today, get you a proper strip of fur instead of those rags, but for now you get to feel like a pretty princess.” He put his shirt back on. “So get smooching.”

Levinson cursed under his breath and stalked forward. He pressed his lips against the fox girl’s, tasting Allen’s sticky life blood as his tongue pushed into her mouth. She met it with her own, and he could feel the marble deep down inside her. The fox cunt back at the camp had made him work for it, but Nami fed him her marble easily, bringing it up her throat and passing it into his mouth. He felt it burning hot on his tongue for a second, and then it was sinking down his own throat and deeper. He broke off the kiss and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

“Need a cootie shot while you’re at it?” Daniels asked. Levinson glared at him, but that only made the man’s smile widen. “Right, can you feel them both inside you now? Lesson two: never activate more than one at the same time.”

“Why?” The blond man asked suspiciously. “What happens?”

“You remember what it’s like when you transform?” Levinson nodded. It was an excruciating process that had nearly killed him as the fox fur had covered him inside and out. “Activating one gets you from human to fox. Hurts like hell, but you’ll get used to it. Activating another doesn’t mean becoming a stronger fox, it means transforming again on top of that. You won’t be a fox anymore, you’ll be something else. I think the official name for it is ‘fucked’. If you’re lucky, you’ll die quick. Either way, we’ll need a mop to clean up what’s left.”

“Then why have multiple marbles in the first place?”

Daniels tapped his chest. “Because lesson three, my friend, is that these things were made for foxes, not humans. When we use them it’s like plugging 90 volt batteries into something that uses 50. Breaks them down and ruins them. The one you already had is from a real gumiho, and that will last a good long while, but most of us are using crap marbles from Nami or one of our other pets that don’t work for more than a few years. And once you start using a marble, you can never stop. Even if you’re in human form, losing it will make things get messy fast. Once a vulpan, always a vulpan, yeah? So you need to get in the habit of always keeping a backup. If one breaks down and you still have a spare inside you, it’s no big deal, but if your last one breaks, we’ll be needing that mop again.”

He patted Nami’s head. She shivered at his touch, but made no other move. “Good girl. One more piece of that soul put to better use. Here, let’s give you a bit of rest.” He picked up a filthy, cum stained rag from the floor, and draped it over her shoulders. Her form immediately shifted, leaving a brown fox hanging in her chains. “Every time she makes a new marble, we give her an hour or two to recover some foxfire. If she eats someone while she’s running on empty…”

“Mop?” Levinson guessed.

“See? I knew you were smarter than you looked,” said Daniels happily.

“Wait….” said the blond man, thinking. “What about when we fed the fox slut her boyfriend?”

“Dead fox walking,” Daniels confirmed. “Bet you don’t feel as bad about getting screwed on that contract now, do you?”

“You must be the new one,” interrupted a female voice. The woman who entered the room had Asian features alongside a shock of bright red hair. Her body was all lean muscle, and she wore an army jacket over a shirt and jeans. She didn’t spare a glance for the softly crying fox as she looked Levinson over. “Cute. My bathrobe is blue.”

“Morning, boss,” Daniels announced, firing off a lazy but genuine salute. “Just showing Levinson here the ropes.”

“Mmm hmm.” She kept studying Levinson. “I’ll take over from here. You can go.”

“Aww, but I wanted to watch,” Daniels protested.

The woman rolled her eyes. “Fine, but keep your mouth shut while he and I get better acquainted.”

“Yes boss, starting now, boss!”

“Come with me,” she told Levinson. “It’s time to give you a test drive.” She turned around and stalked away without looking to see if he was following. Levinson looked at Daniels, but the man just grinned and mimed zipping his lips shut.

“What do you think of the place so far?” the redhead asked as he followed behind her down a hallway.

“It’s a bunch of lazy, incompetent slobs,” he answered. That got a chuckle from her.

“You’re not the first one to think that way. But the ones that survive learn to see the beauty of our existence. To be a vulpan is to live in complete freedom, beholden to no one. We do what we want, when we want, who we want. Asking permission is for the weak.”

“Then why even stick together?” he asked. “What’s the point of a group if everyone is just going to do whatever they want?”

She glanced back at Levinson. “Because we’re a pack,” she said, as though the answer should be obvious. “We belong together. We work, hunt, fight, fuck, and play together, like any good family. And that’s why just swallowing a fox marble or two doesn’t make you a vulpan. If I don’t think you deserve to have your orbs, I’ll rip them right out and eat them.” She flashed him a smile. “Same goes for your fox marbles.”

Their sloppiness and disorganization made much more sense now that he knew they had a woman for a leader. “I didn’t come here looking for a family or any other feel-good bullshit,” he said flatly. “I made an agreement with your man Daniels. I come work for you vulpan, and you teach me how to use the fox marbles.”

Rumors of the werefoxes and their abilities had been around for ages, but it was only two years ago that he’d finally encountered solid proof of their existence. The sort of power they represented, the ability to turn an ordinary man into a superhuman weapon, was exactly what he’d been looking for. That was why he’d formed his mercenary outfit in the first place, and why he’d felt no remorse over disposing of them once he no longer needed them; the money was decent, and he was always happy for the opportunity to rape an arrogant subhuman or two, but power was what really mattered. It had taken some doing, but eventually that braying jackass and his lackey Jacobs had approached him with the offer of recruitment.

For weeks he’d endured them looking over his shoulder day in and day out, “evaluating his potential”. The offer from the Wilmingshire bitch had been a stroke of good luck, moreso when he learned about a gumiho just sitting around in South Korea letting her power go to waste. The stupid furry cunt had been more stubborn than he’d expected, but she’d broken in the end, like he’d known she would. Once he had a marble of his own, they’d had little choice but to accept him.

“You made that agreement with him, not with me,” said the redhead. “I don’t care if he promised to suck you off every night before bed too, no one joins us without my permission.”

Another hoop to jump through. “This is a waste of my fucking time,” he snapped. Joining them was looking more and more like a mistake. Being looked down on by trash like Daniels was bad enough, but he wasn’t about to let some red haired bitch who couldn’t even keep her people in line mock him and order him around.

The woman chuckled softly. “Then I won’t waste any more of it.” She stopped and faced him. “We’ll do this right here, right now. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

Her smile infuriated him. She’d look far better choking on his cock. “What are the rules?” he asked.

“Rules?” she said, amused. “Now who’s wasting time? I thought I made it clear: anything goes here. ” She gave his crotch a deliberate look. “And yes, that does mean anything. If you’re man enough to do it.”

Seething with anger, and more than a little lust, Levinson activated his fox marble. The fox skin robe expanded around him, covering him with red fur, invading his body to change him from the inside out. Daniels had been right; it already far hurt less than the first time, and happened faster too. In a few moments, he was now a massive nine tailed red red fox that nearly came up to the man’s shoulders.

The woman was gone as well, replaced by a golden fox only a little smaller than he was. She sat back on her haunches, clearly inviting him to take the first move. He sprang at her, eager to put the woman in her place. That fox cunt had been as worthless a bitch as any he’d ever met, but he was certain that her marble made him the strongest and fastest one here, and there wasn’t enough room in the narrow hallway for the golden to fox to dodge.

Something wrapped around his leg in midair, and suddenly Levinson saw stars. He was flat on his back, head ringing, the golden fox now behind him. Her tail unwound itself from his limb and rejoined her others while she yawned.

Humiliation burned in him, and Levinson scrambled to his feet to charge her again, keeping an eye on her tails this time. But instead of trying the same tactic, she hopped over him with the grace of a matador leading a bull. Levinson felt her jaws close around of his own tails, and then the world flipped upside down as she swung him over her head to slam into the ground again.

The red fox righted himself again just in time to see his opponent decide to take the initiative. She fell upon him, all teeth and claws and snapping tails, and it was like trying to fight a swarm of hornets. Every time he tried to strike her she melted away like smoke, while effortlessly landing attack after attack.

Her assault lasted less than a minute, and left him torn up and bloody on the ground. Several of his tails had been chewed or ripped off, and his healing ability was the only reason he wasn’t bleeding to death from his injuries. The golden fox casually licked some of his blood off her paw before transforming back into the red haired woman.

“I think Akemi might be fond of you,” Daniels told the prostrate fox. “I’ve never seen her go that easy on someone before.”

“You’re not the only one with a busy schedule,” said the red haired woman. “You’re pathetic, but you might clean up nice with a bit of training, so I’ll let you stay… for now. If you’re still not interested in joining the pack, you know where the door is. Otherwise, I’ll be in the sparring room down the hall.” She and Daniels walked away, leaving Levinson behind to heal.

As soon as his injuries were gone, Levinson reverted back to his human form and stood up, still a little shaky. He swore to himself that one day he’d make that cunt pay for underestimating him. He’d teach her, slowly and painfully, what happened to women who didn’t know their place.

But for now, he followed after her.

2 thoughts on “Lone Fox 2 – Ch 2 – The Vulpan

  1. It’s that time of the week again!

    Well, we’re checking in with Levinson here and…holy shit. I mean, I’m impressed that you managed to make me feel as bad for Nami in a few paragraphs as you did for Seo-yun in a few chapters, and it does establish that these villains aren’t just assholes, but legitimately nightmarish. I’ve always found the concept of people farms really disturbing when it’s used in sci-fi or horror, so that may have been creepier for me than for other people.

    It probably goes without saying that I feel terrible for Nami.

    There’s a lot of important world building going on here too, about how a Vulpan can have two fox marbles at once, but using two at once will evidently cause them to melt. Also, we learn that no, they do not absorb the fur, and have to wear it, or…

    He took off his shirt and showed Levinson his back, then tore a line of his own flesh open with his fingernails, revealing brown fur underneath. “We sew it under the skin. Keeps it hidden and available at all times.

    😈 HehehehehehahahaHAHAHAHAHA-ahem. Sorry. I just…uh…had a thought.


    Their sloppiness and disorganization made much more sense now that he knew they had a woman for a leader.

    Stay classy, Levinson.

    Finally, we meet Akemi, the golden Vulpan who’s the leader of this pack, in this chapter. She’s clearly the more dangerous villain for now, with full use of her fox form’s abilities, coupling experience with her raw strength. Levinson’s right in that there seems to be a sort of anarchist vibe to these guys, but that’s likely just because they don’t really have a goal, save to gain personal power and hold onto it. At least, that’s how it looks for now.

    And finally, this comes up during the discussion of fox marbles:

    “Wait….” said the blond man, thinking. “What about when we fed the fox slut her boyfriend?”

    “Dead fox walking,” Daniels confirmed. “Bet you don’t feel as bad about getting screwed on that contract now, do you?”

    Well, fuck. Given that she’s not dead yet, I’d say maybe there was something about Seo-yun they didn’t know, but given how things go for her in general, it’s more likely that she now has some sort of slow-acting terminal illness she’ll have to deal with. We’ll find out.


    1. I agree. Poor Nami.

      There is a LOT going on with Akemi, but I will say no more for now.

      “Given that she’s not dead yet, I’d say maybe there was something about Seo-yun they didn’t know.”

      You could write books about the things most of these chucklefucks don’t know about kitsune… but unfortunately, they know much, much more than Seo-Yun does. Common wisdom says she’s fucked. Let’s see if she can find a way to disappoint them…


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