Evelynn’s Ambition Ch 1 – Xayah and Rakan

Of all the lands that Evelynn had ever stalked, she was pretty sure she hated Ionia the most.

It should have been a paradise to her. The taste of the despair here, the taste of the agony of those who were tormented and destroyed by the demoness… it was sweet. The virginal sweetness of those who had not suffered much hardship in their lives. The peasants in their quaint villages spread across the archipelago had known little in terms of hardship, heartbreak was the deepest despair many had felt. This caused their emotions to be sweet like candy… but also unsatisfying. To her horror, she found that when that kind of untouched, innocence-ruining suffering was all there was to eat, she could actually grow sick of it. Like the sweeter, more delicate flesh of a newborn calf, their pain and anguish could not truly sate the meat-hungry Evelynn. She craved a bomb of flavor, a heady taste that could only come from older feet, from scared cattle that knew they were on the way to the slaughter and understood enough to dread it.

With words spoken in hushed tones by villagers in towns the murderous demon passed through, Evelynn knew that her rampage was only possible due to some kind of revolutionary working against those who would impinge upon the lands of the Vastaya. Some red-haired fighter and her showboating lover, always able to outwit the humans that would cross her people. Always able to be one step ahead. Her attractiveness meant that she was spoken of in hated tones before men went back to their cottages and jerked off to woodcuts representing what the Vastayan revolutionary was said to look like. Erotic woodcuts cementing Xayah’s place in the lust of the people, as well as holding the hatred of many and the admiration of some. A representation of fear and lust, two things that she had always found linked. To Evelynn, Xayah and her lover represented something different, however. To be driven to fight for a cause, to be so desperate that one was willing to take up arms against such a stronger force… there, despair lurked.

Despair was like a muscle, and Xayah’s were well developed. Years of agony and despair, of some kind of loss, had driven that woman to her battles. Even if Rakan could offer her respite, the pain would always be there. The pain would always be lingering, and Rakan was but a crutch. A thing that supported Xayah and helped her from losing all faith in the world. The crutch supporting an emotional cripple… and what were crutches for if not tearing away? So, as Evelynn started her long hunt for these two creatures which had drawn her hungry gaze, she started to experiment with new forms. New shapes used to lure the men of villages in, shapes which themselves were long of ear and as though Evelynn was shrouded by a cloak. While she could never get it perfect, Evelynn was capable of making a shape which the people associated with Xayah. While she would never fool a Vastayan, she could fool these humans with ease.

Of course, the men and woman who followed her disguises form invariably ended up dead after Evelynn had squeezed them dry of every last shred of agony. It was due to those attacks of Evelynn being blamed upon Xayah that the woman quickly found herself abandoned. Some of those willing to support her, to give the woman shelter or to provide her with a voice in local and regional governments, fell silent as the rumors began to grow. She was not who she claimed to be, they said. She was not a noble freedom fighter, she was one who butchered peasants who she seemed to think encroached too closely to magical springs. This started the despair growing in Xayah again, as her cause lost righteousness and started to fall apart. This also sent her hunting for Evelynn. Imposter and original were sent on a collision course, and only one would walk away with any kind of dignity remaining, or possibly even with their lives intact. The fight would be short and brutal, and Evelynn was looking forward to every single second of it.

Evelynn was the one that found the duo first. Despite wearing a form with heels as she strutted along, the stilettos left no real impressions on the ground as Evelynn shifted her weight and form with each step. She barely left a trace, moving through the woods like a ghost… easily able to hunt those who were hunting her. Deciding when to strike. Perched in rain-slicked branches above the duo as they attempted to find some at least nominally dry place to rest for a night, Evelynn decided that now was the time.

Her toying with her prey began with a bolt of energy streaking towards Xayah. A dart of purple lancing through one of the revolutionary’s wings. Feathers fluttering to the ground and blood dripping down to join them, the Vastaya’s startled scream shaking the courtyard while Evelynn chanted a curse and directed more energies to the man who had been setting up their tent. “Go on… touch me…”

The words filled Rakan’s mind as a hand went to grasp his head. The sensual words rebounded through Rakan’s mind, even while Xayah realized that she must take the battle to their attacker. “Fill me… Use me… Indulge in me…” The words continued to bounce around the skull of Rakan as he stood stupefied. Xayah, unsure of where Evelynn was, darted off into the trees. If she could not find Evelynn, she should at least be able to find a spot where she could watch Rakan and also break Evelynn’s line of sight.

All according to Evelynn’s plan. The mistress of pain would gladly take on the pain of being pierced by one of Xayah’s feathers if it meant her plan succeeded.

With arms held close, Evelynn tumbled from the tree in a tight spiral. Landing on the ground with elegant grace, she closed the distance between her and Rakan in an instant, her running steps turning into a brutal kick. The leading foot of Evelynn turned out ninety degrees while her sprinting step was made even faster by her body twisting behind the new kick. Stiletto heels coming into proper existence as they lashed forward between the legs of Rakan. The attack striking him in the balls, a scream of agony coming from the man as he crumpled to his knees. Wet leaves stained his pants with their touch as the cold ground became his new friend, the only thing supporting the wounded Vastayan.

Despite the pain, Rakan could only see Xayah as he looked at Evelynn… her disguised appearance combining with the charming magic to confuse and disorient him. For a few moments, the memories of the one he loved the most were overlaid onto the sneering woman above him. Charmed, he reached out for Evelynn. He crawled towards her. The flash of agony at his crotch forgotten for these few moments as he clambered towards Evelynn. Sweet words escaping his lips. “Miella, light of my life, ruler of my heart, please, come embrace me. I need your embrace to live.” A gasp of pleasure came from Evelynn’s lips not due to these words spoken by Rakan, not directly, but due to Xayah hearing them. The rage, the anger, the slight moment of quavering despair and wondering if they were true. The doubt born from basing one’s life around a relationship which could be torn away so easily. Evelynn let out a cackle of glee as she felt those emotions streaming from Xayah. Evelynn had been correct… even a sip of Xayah’s despair was beautiful.

Evelynn’s hips jerked as she bathed in the pleasure of this agony, her thick, sensual lower lip was held tightly by teeth as the woman moaned. However, she also could feel the anger stemming from Xayah. Time to make that even more amusing, time to make the woman scream even further. With a twisted smile upon Evelynn’s lips, she dropped away just a second later. Falling to the ground and tumbling away. Despite touching the ground and the wet, sticky leaves, none of them clung to her form. Seemingly unwilling to touch Evelynn… or more accurately, she was unwilling to be touched by them. The nebulous being tumbled away until another spike of despair had her near orgasming on the ground. Back arching in pleasure, fingers scraping against the ground, allowing the mud to touch her now as the rain-dampened ground was clawed up by those digits. Oh, it felt so good. Her plan must have worked.

With hair flicking over her shoulder, Evelynn cast her head back in a sensual flick to gaze at Rakan. He was not crawling for her any more, both because the charm was broken and also because of the glowing purple feathers buried in his back. A feather near each collar bone. They weren’t mortal wounds, Rakan had lived through far worse, but they had struck the perfect points to cause pain. A pressure point at the side of the neck, along one of the tendons, a place of agony shared with humans. This had been pierced as Rakan’s screams of agony showed. The man howled out in pain, while his eyes went bleary with tears of pain. Each cry of agony tingled Evelynn’s delight slightly, but it was how Xayah reacted to each grunt of pain that had the spirit’s cunt dripping with pleasure. As Xayah ran towards her lover, Evelynn had her first orgasm of that night. Panting, moaning, tongue hanging out in bliss, Evelynn slowly stood and strutted over to the two lovers now.

Xayah’s hands were wrapped around Rakan’s body. She was fumbling through a backpack for a health potion. With it gripped in the hand closest to Evelynn, all it took was for Evelynn’s spikes to erupt from the ground towards the woman to send her dodging. A trio of spikes born of agony and despair burst from the ground and made their way towards the red-haired beauty. The first one shattered the bottle of the potion, shards of glass embedding themselves in the hand of Xayah even as the healing potion poured over her hand, sealing the wounds with the glass still inside. The Vastayan had little time to consider her situation or how to pull the shards free, however, as the second line of spikes now tore through one of her legs. It was not a crippling blow, but the timing was perfect. Xayah was dancing around and supporting her weight on only that leg for that moment, so the spike which impaled its way through the woman’s foot, leaving a bleeding hole behind and making her tumble to the ground.

Xayah’s cries of agony now caused Rakan to react with delightful anguish. The bruised man was so desperate to save the one he loved that he rushed forward. A blur even to the eyes of Evelynn, Rakan seemingly summoning an orb of yellow-orange light around Xayah. The third spike-line of Evelynn shattered against the barrier, breaking upon it but also cracking through the vulnerable egg of the shield. As the yellow and orange barrier crumbled, a green one took its place. Rakan still stood over his love, protecting her. The love between the two made Evelynn giggle, not from any pleasure drawn from it but since it meant that this double meal would be even more delicious when consumed together. Each loved the other dearly, and so they would scream all the better as they watched the other one suffer. Oh, how lucky it was to find them both together at this time.

With a flick of her back, Evelynn’s lashers reached out and impaled Rakan. His dance was fast, but not fast enough. He had spent too much time and energy protecting Xayah, and so now his blood splattered onto her from above, splashing the ground. The sanguine fluid fertilized the plants in far greater volume than Xayah had so far, dripping down his lithe form. That cruel smile on Evelynn’s lips growing to one of orgasmic bliss once more as Xayah screamed. The look of anguish in her eyes, the way her hand raised towards Rakan, even the way those trembling digits attempted to clutch Rakan tightly as though she was trying to protect a precious possession. It had the same effect on Evelynn as an erotic dance would have on others. The blue-skinned demon trembled in delight as a hand slid over her drooling twat. That hole which was untouched by others, and that would remain that way.

With another thrash of her lashers, Evelynn tossed the battered Rakan to the side, his back audibly cracking as he tumbled against a tree. Splinters from the impact driven deep into his skin, adding dozens of bleeding pockmarks to that Vastayan’s flesh. He was on the ground, battered, perhaps even broken in body but not in mind. He was conscious, he was clinging to life in an attempt to save his love. How cute. How adorable. Such a display deserved a reward… so now it was time for Evelynn to put on a show for him. It was the only way he could repay him for creating such a delightful reaction in Xayah after all.

Xayah had different plans. With a spin driven from the waist and shown in the shoulders, a fan of feathers were cast around Xayah. A storm of sharpened feather-blades whistling towards Evelynn. While a few did manage to graze the blue skin of the demon, Evelynn seemed unperturbed by this attack. Instead, Evelynn dashed forward herself. Sprinting towards Xayah, just to them leap through the air. Even with her violet blood being spilled on the ground, the look of orgasmic bliss on Evelynn’s sultry face filled Xayah with confusion. The feathers found their mark, they sliced through the flesh of Evelynn and yet the demon did not falter. The anxiety, the agony, the despair which filled the air with such orgasmic bliss for Evelynn also kept her body healing. Feeding upon that energy, the wounds of Evelynn were able to stitch back together at a rapid pace. So Evelynn was able to cross the ground to Xayah, hurling herself through the air for the last of that distance. With an impact of bodies, the Vastayan was sent tumbling back to the ground, the long cape of feathers pinned beneath the woman as she fell.

Evelynn’s lips spread in a cruel smile which stretched from cheek to cheek as she spoke. “Come on now, is he really worth that much? That man seems pretty pathetic to me. Pretty useless. A man fit for ravens, as all he can do is summon pretty shiny colors.” Evelynn let out a heavy moan as she degraded Rakan. Xayah’s reaction, the hatred in her eyes, the anger at it all and the self-hatred from being unable to properly fight back against the creature which had her pinned down, the creature which insulted her lover. It was all so beautiful that it had Evelynn’s juices dripping down, leaking onto Xayah’s body. These juices were added to a second later as Evelynn sucked on her cheeks. Summoning up a wad of saliva, just to plaster Xayah’s face with it. Spitting upon the animal before her, just to feel that spike of pleasure come from Rakan. Rakan the jokester, Rakan the showman. He used jokes to cover a deeper sadness, Evelynn could feel this. She did not know what it was, she did not know what tormented this man. Perhaps he had taken even more to Xayah’s cause than she realized. Of course, Evelynn did not care about such matters. All she cared about was how deep his despair seemed to be able to run. So, after getting a giggle and a twitch of burning lust licking at her cunt from spitting on Xayah’s face again, Evelynn then started to shift her shape.

The last vestiges of the Xayah disguise she wore fell away before the shapeshifting demon began to make other, more useful changes. She was still a creature of curves and otherworldly beauty, but the insides of her cunt seemed to slowly invert. Dropping free, the blue, fleshy, wet mass of inverted cunt then twisted and changed shape. Growing more twisted with each passing second.

“An animal cock for an animal whore,” Evelynn said in her sultry voice, before using the magics she had cast on Rakan on the woman beneath her. The glowing purple of the curse wreathed around the body of Xayah, Evelynn just waiting a few moments while it matured. Her cock was forming into a thing of twisted barbs, half facing forward and half facing back. A cactus that would stab with the bristles no matter which way it was stroked.

This thing, with the pointed head of a canine cock, slapped against Xayah’s face. Now the curse had matured enough, the slap caused the same charm which had inflicted Rakan to influence Xayah. Xayah managed to rip one arm free from her position, just to raise it and to start stroking along Evelynn’s cock. Pumping it rapidly while her thick lips wrapped around the tip. Suckling on it, moaning in pleasure, Xayah’s eyes fluttered back in her skull as her entire body seemed to tense. The curse would not last long, but it would allow Xayah to do something with Evelynn that she never had with Rakan. It would allow the woman to orgasm just from sucking on a cock.

Xayah giggled in pleasure as she forced the pseudo-cock deeper between her soft lips. The barbs had torn much of the skin off the slut’s palm already, blood trickling from her hand. It was not the pleasure of having her pseudo-cock pleased which drove Evelynn on, thought that was pleasant enough… it was the gut-wrenching horror which came from Rakan. He was watching the love of his life suck on the dick of the one which had tormented him. The woman that had bullied him was now having her cock worshipped by his lover. Even if he understood it was a spell, that did not deny the pain which coursed through the mind of Rakan as he started to sob. Anguish which turned to humiliation with the arching of Xayah’s back. The pleasure which squirted from the slut showing him how easily she had orgasmed, something he had to work so hard to achieve. Something which took half an hour of foreplay and then half an hour more of normal work had been achieved in just a few moments by Evelynn. How pathetic was he?

These thoughts of anguish had Evelynn cumming is Xayah’s mouth almost immediately. The bubbling blue ‘cum’ which came from the pseudo-cock burned against the tongue of the woman… Melting it down, chewing through it like a flesh-eating virus. Consuming away at the meat, the woman beneath Evelynn screamed as her curse was broken. She went from being a dutiful worshipper of Evelynn’s dick to one who screamed and sobbed as she was face-raped. Hands bleeding, fingers mangled, the pain all came to Xayah now as she found that she couldn’t even bring herself to ball her hands into fists. One hand was still mutilated by those shards of glass shrapnel while the other had been split open upon Evelynn’s throat-bulging dick.

Xayah tried to bite at the cock invading her, only to find to her horror just how pointless the attempt was. The shaft shifted as it was pressured, deforming beneath the grip of her teeth instead of being sliced. Those teeth became coated with Evelynn’s destructive cumseed as they worried against the yielding flesh of Evelynn… the acidic jizz melting away at enamel and causing Xayah’s teeth to weaken. Pain flooded through the jaws of the woman as she tried to still bite at Evelynn. Clenching her teeth, only to find them breaking into brittle shards from these attempts as the barbs bashed against the weakened things. There was nothing Xaayah could do to stop the face fucking that was occurring. She could only lay there and take it as her tongue was melted and as the barbs minced any meat remaining. As her throat started to bulge around the cock, being torn by the barbs as well. The barbs of that pointed dick bulging out Xayah’s throat so far that each one could be seen through the outline of skin over it as it came to a rest. With but a few thrusts, Xayah had to start to swallow. She had to give pleasure to Evelynn with a convulsing throat in order to pull all the blood which poured free down, lest she drown in her own slick sanguine fluids.

She could have fucked the woman to death then and there. She could have scraped through the woman’s throat with the barbs of her cock. Evelynn, however, was not done with Xayah… not yet. Killing her already wouldn’t be fun in the slightest. Was it more enjoyable to indulge in one’s food, to find every moment of enjoyment you could… or to just shovel it into your mouth like a pig? Evelynn was no pig, and so regretfully, she pulled the blood-stained pseudo-dick free of Xayah’s body. Evelynn then stood above Xayah, deciding to humiliate her some more. Taking the stiletto heel she ‘wore’, Evelynn drove it into the ground and collected mud on it for what was to come.

That stiletto heel, dripping with grime and muck, with half a worm dangling from the tip, was placed against Xayah’s lips. “Eat up, sweetie. You need your protein.” Evelynn said with a cruel smile as the wriggling worm shook free from Evelynn’s heel. Dropping between Xayah’s lips, only to be followed by the stiletto heel. Mud smeared against the half-melted stump of Xayah’s tongue, mud smeared with blood and collected in Xayah’s mouth. It wasn’t long before her heel was at least somewhat clean, clean enough for Evelynn to be pleased enough to shudder her way through another orgasm. The pseudocock splashing its acidic jizz against Xayah’s hips and dribbling down to the cloak of feathers beneath. Melting through flesh and feather both.

Too wrapped up in the agony caused by her own orgasm, Evelynn didn’t notice the power being gathered by Rakan. Instead, the demoness continued on with her pursuit of orgasmic pleasure and mind-numbing bliss. The woman giggled as fingers went to her lips and the heel, instead of sinking into the ground once more, drove down into Xayah’s eye. Disgusting, pale gel spilled from the pit as Evelynn split it with her spike, giggling at the Vastayan’s tongueless screams as she laughed with delirious pleasure, both hands clutching her face in horrified pain as the demon twisted and tugged that sensory organ free. The platform beneath the ball of Evelynn’s feet slapping Xayah’s face a few times as the heel worked that eyeball free. Plucking it free once the optic nerve had been severed, Xayah’s open, screaming mouth proved the perfect target, stuffing the eyeball neatly between her tormented lips.

It was at this moment, as Xayah was forced to eat her own eye, that Rakan’s desperate last stand was born. The desperate rebel rushed over to them both and was making ready to leap up into the air. Bursting from the ground with power, Evelynn was caught off guard and followed along into the air. Knocked up, she still had a blissful smile upon her demented lips as Rakan lunged for her. His own enchanted quills gleaming as they flew towards Evelynn, attempting to pierce the woman. However, no matter how his quills hurt Evelynn as the buried their way into her flesh, the succubus simply smiled and twisted her body into a kick to his side. The anguish here was too thick. What would normally have been a concerning wound was now merely pin-pricks, her body healing almost instantly. The bleeding stopped within just a few heartbeats… The emotional turmoil and chaotic combination of negative emotions had Evelynn empowered, they made her unstoppable. All Rakan had managed was make it seem that he still wanted to play, and who was Evelynn to say no to such a request?

She could have killed him then and there, with his chest so open Evelynn could have simply driven a dart of power into his breast and ripped the beating heart from the man. However, she had other plans. Instead, she would return the curse to him. Turning these lovers against each other with that curse which charmed them was simply too much fun and caused too much agony in the other to give up on. So, as the purple magic wreathed around Rakan once more, Xayah’s heart trembled. The Vastayan knew what was to come, she knew she would see her partner in anguish. So what had been a beautiful, glowing sensation of pleasure at having been ‘saved’ by Rakan now crumbled into a dark pit of despair as Xayah gazed at her lover and the woman tormenting him.

Xayah expected she see Rakan’s head rolling on the grass. She expected the long, sharp lashers which had abused him so much before to find their way to his throat now. Instead, the things dug into her own body. Xayah’s scream of pain nearly broke the curse inflicting Rakan as the words of eroticism flooded his mind once more. Evelynn ripped pieces of meat from Xayah body, bringing Chunks of meat were torn from the body of Xayah, bleeding morsels of meat which were guided to Evelynn’s greedy lips. Mushed up by the pretty teeth of the girl as she smiled a blood-leaking grin of gore. Now, it was simply time to cause the curse to take effect. A flick to Rakan’s forehead was all the magic required. A single touch, and Rakan was hers once more.

So Xayah watched not as her lover died, but as he kissed Evelynn. Blood drooling from his chin and dripping to the ground. Not his own blood, but the blood of the raw meat of his lover being snowballed between them. As the kiss deepened, as tongues rubbed together, Rakan moaned and ended up cumming in his pants much like Xayah had, jizz dripping down one of his legs as he made out with Evelynn under the influence of her dominating magic. Swallowing the meat fed to him and moaning as though it was the most gourmand-pleasing meal in existence.

Thick strings of blood and viscera connected Evelynn’s and Rakan’s lips as their kiss broke. With the last few heartbeats of the charming curse upon them, Evelynn simply asked “Did you enjoy that meal, my love? I made it just for you.”

“I did,” he said enthusastically, ignoring the pain. “IT was delicious! Even better than my mother’s meals. I could eat that every day and never grow tired of it!”

Then the curse faded, and just Rakan started to realise what had just happened and what he had just said, Evelynn fed him once more. Spitting Xayah’s blood into his open mouth… the taste of his lover tainting his tastebuds as his senses returned. The words he had said would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Now he was sobbing once more. Both lovers were crying. Gaping wounds of humiliation had split their minds open. They both had anguish pouring from a thousand different mental wounds. The blood of their minds bathing Evelynn in orgasmic bliss as long, clawed fingers rubbed against herself. Cupping one of her breasts and rubbing her slit, Evelynn moaned and orgasmed once more. The giddy smile of an afterglow which would simply turn to hunger once more came over Evelynn as she then started to wonder… how to finish this? Should she slay them both? Or would it be better to kill one and to leave the other one alive, to create in them a just cause which would cause the survivor to hunt her? A fermenting hatred which could form such delicious, rich anguish, despair and pain at the end? Yes, that was it… Evelynn would turn the love of one of these creatures into despair.

Xayah had that gaping sorrow inside her, but would simply revert to that with the death of her lover. Although her world was based around the man, she’d had purpose before. Rakan, however… He was a drifter, a man without a purpose. A showman who had nothing in life until he had decided to follow Xayah. He would be the one to survive. Xayah would still have something if she survived, Evelynn could sense that. So Rakan would be the one who would be left to ferment, Rakan would be the meal left for another time, the meat that could deal with some extra aging. Evelynn was going to put on a show for the man. With his battered body so broken and with the taste of his lover’s meat still staining his tongue and the stench of her blood smothering all other scents taken in by his nostrils, he would be forced to watch as Xayah was torn apart.

Evelynn was going to make it slow this time. There would be no pleasure for Xayah this time as the pseudo-cock throbbed and pulsed. “My dear,” she mocked, staring down at her, “You are such a bitch in heat. I had heard from humans that Vastaya are but animals…but you have really proved it. Please, allow me to show your lover how much of a cheating bitch you are.” The words sent tremors of fear through them both and a corresponding echo of delight rippling through Evelynn forcibly parted her victim’s legs. Her cock still drooled the disgusting, magic-filled jizz with every few pumps of her heart… A kind of pre-cum which left the wounds at Xayah’s hips deepening as the dick pushed against that wound-slit… Seeing if it was worthwhile to fuck it.

Seemingly deciding that fucking such a manufactured hole was beneath her, at least in this instance, Evelynn then moved her cock away from the re-melting wound which streamed and bubbled from the splurts of cum delivered to it. Instead, Evelynn lined up her cock with Xayah’s slit. “Mmmm, I hope you’re not pregnant…” she whispered. “Otherwise, I don’t think either of you are going to make it.” Evelynn’s eyes gleamed with a ferocious delight as she felt that thought be implanted in Rakan’s mind. Evelynn didn’t give the man time to consider how he had fucked Xayah recently, she would not give the man time to consider if it could be true. Instead, she immediately began to rape Xayah right in front of him and making him focus on that instead. Evelynn plunged her cock deep, splitting the woman’s hole open and tearing its meat with a brutal thrust inside.

The animalistic cock hilted inside Xayah in a single, destructive thrust, and then she did it again, and again, and again, over and over again. The thrusts were rapid and cruel, shredding the screaming girl as they went. Only the first few of them required to eliminate all resistance in Xayah’s cunt… the muscles which had held her pussy so tight were torn and ripped. Only the size of the shaft and the her swelling body caused her to clench now. Blood pumped from Xayah’s raped slit with each thrust, as though Evelynn was fucking a pussy which had been slammed so many times by dogs or horses that it would be filthy fifteenths, blood instead of cum staining the ground beneath Xayah as she screamed in agony.

Xayah’s cervix didn’t even survive a dozen thrusts from Evelynn as the demon drove her cock deep. The tiny spurts of cum came every few thrusts, the orgasmic bliss driving out a near-constant stream of jizz born from the agony of Xayah and Rakan both. The destructive, acidic slime caused that barrier deep inside the woman to melt away, giving Evelynn access to the woman’s womb. Now was the time to deliver Rakan’s worst fear. Thrusting inside of Xayah, Evelynn stopped short of burying her cock entirely inside. There was nothing there. Nothing truly stopped Evelynn’s cock from slamming to the hilt inside Xayah, but the twisted demon of pain and anguish would pretend otherwise.

She looked over at Rakan and smiled a dazzling smile. “You know, for a newly formed head… it’s surprisingly resilient. They would have been a tougher fighter than any of you failures…” Evelynn purred as she did a few more thrusts which fell short. Then, without warning, on her next thrust she shoved herself all the way in, hilting herself and driving deep inside of Xayah. The blood which had been pooling inside the depths of Xayah’s womb was forced out with that deep thrust. As the punching thrust contorted Xayah’s womb around Evelynn’s cock, blood was sent spraying out the woman’s mangled slit surrounding Evelynn’s cock. Although it was just blood, it was obvious what Rakan thought it would be. Destroyed parts of Xayah were seen not as the viscera and meat torn from his lover’s own sex, but that which should have formed into one born of them both. The despair that flooded from Rakan told the exultant demon that her ruse had been success… his fingers clawed at the ground until they were bloody, his strength went into screams at the thought of losing the chance to be a father both due to both the child and the love of his life dying right before his eyes.

She could practically hear his thoughts. Rakan was powerless. Rakan could do nothing. Rakan was pathetic and worth nothing. Those thoughts writhed around the man’s mind as he was forced to watch his wife die. It was time to finish this.

Evelynn’s clawed hands clenched tight around Xayah’s throat. The woman convulsed on the ground, trying to fight free… trying to live. In desperation, Rakan tried to help, summoning his shield around the neck of his lover, an orange and then green choker of shielding power fighting against the grip of Evelynn. However, he was too weak… too exhausted. The shield couldn’t last… all this managed to do was drag out the suffering of his lover. He had given Xayah another minute of life, but that minute of life was simply one of agony and screaming, one of suffering and of having the barrier between ass and cunt thoroughly shredded by the thrusts of the brutal bitch. In the end, Rakan had only caused his lover more suffering, unable to do anything to save her.

It was time for the whore to die. With clawed fingers pulling back from the woman’s neck as her lips turned blue, the glowing tips of Evelynn’s nails slipped down, ripping through the woman’s neck. Slicing a ragged hole her windpipe. “Breathe, if you can. Show me how long you can live.” Evelynn chuckled as she heard desperate wheezing come from Xayah. The woman had perhaps a few minutes more to live, a few minutes bought by that desperate wheezing which would mean nothing, but she was trying anyway. Dumb bitch.

With strands of meat clinging to the barbs of her cock, Evelynn stood up from between Xayah’s bloody, splayed legs. Smiling towards Rakan, she strutted over to the wide-eyes, horrified man who was so desperately trying to crawl into the arms of his lover. Unlike her, he would survive… barely… so Evelynn wanted to torment him a bit more. Give him something to hold onto his memories of the murderer of his lover with.

“You should thank me, you know,” the purred to the Vastayan showboat. “She would have cheated on you…if she hadn’t a thousand times already. I’ve just shown you what your lover really was… nothing but a worthless whore. Now you can be free of her.”

“I would…never want…to be free of her. No matter…what she did.” Rakan’s words were spat out as he struggled to move through the mud caking his body. The wetness weighing down his clothing and making his movements even more sluggish.

“Oh, then here. Have something to remember her by!” Evelynn snapping her fingers together. She grabbed hold of Rakan’s head and slapped the side of it with her ruinous cock, smearing his lover’s blood on his cheek… paining him red with the remains of her sex. Evelynn smiled with glee, chunks of faux-abortion dribbling from the devastated man’s sideburns. After a few moments of smearing that remembrance against his face, Evelynn then dragged Rakan towards his lover and dumped him at her side before giving him a kick.

“Say your final words to each other then. She can still hear you, so make them good.” With that, Evelynn began to fade into the shadows, vanishing into the woods as she left the clearing behind. There was no reason to tell him why she was letting him live. It didn’t matter if he knew. Instead, she would simply retreat and make sure that no hidden healing potions or the like would be able to save the life of his lover.

Indeed, it seemed that there would be no such miracle… Rakan had no miracles to offer. Instead, Rakan simply sobbed as he clutched his lover. Nails white with pressure as he clung his lover close, her warm blood poured over his body. Rakan’s face, Rakan’s hands, they were coated with the blood of his lover as he started to cry. Xayah, tears in her eyes, raised a hand to his cheek. Xayah’s tears were not shed for herself, but for Rakan. Seeing this almost caused Rakan to break entirely. Instead, he sucked down a breath and he started to sing.

The song was an old one… a favorite story of Vastayan heroes from Xayah’s childhood. The folk-hymn had always taken her back to that time of glory and better days… dreams of which had lead her down the path that had lead her here. That haunting melody filled with the choking sobs of a man who clung to the love of his life filled the air. Each word would carry through this forest and haunt it for ages to come, and each word caused another round of bliss to come from Evelynn. She had chosen correctly. The despair at being parted which poured from them both had Evelynn orgasming as she watched. Fingers working feverishly over her own body. The story of heroes and of the good times long passed caused Evelynn to orgasm more times than she had in weeks, if not months.

With a smile of bliss on Evelynn’s face and a twisted grimace of agony from Rakan, the song ended. The echoes of the song slowly died, and Xayah’s beautiful eye and the empty socket from where the other had been torn were covered with eyelids. Sealed away from the world. Rakan stood as Evelynn did. One moving to dig a grave, while the other slunk off into the forest. Hips swaying from side to side, heels clicking against stones as the woman went off to hunt some new prey. There was always hunger, there was always the need for a new conquest…but that tale of erotic beauty? It would almost manage to keep Evelynn sated for a while.

As she walked away, Evelynn’s mind went to the Vastaya and their delicate peace with the Ionians. Xayah had been an agitator in that regard, but with her gone now, things would probably get even more boring in Ionia soon. It was probably time to be elsewhere. It was…

An idea occurred to her. What if… What if Evelynn ensured that that didn’t happen? What if she saw to it that instead of Xayah’s death ending the struggle against human oppression, she became a martyr of it? That fragile peace could be shattered… and…

Ionia could be a lot more interesting if that happened, would it not? What other delicate, fragile bits of peace bound this land? What thin chains held the emotions of Runeterra itself in check, and how could they be severed? Evelynn’s mind went to work as she strutted towards her next victims. A haunting giggle of lust following the woman as her plans started to take shape… and slowly, an ambitious plan began to grow from the pretty animal’s corpse.

This as going to be FUN.

4 thoughts on “Evelynn’s Ambition Ch 1 – Xayah and Rakan

  1. Curious if this will ever be continued. I know its long inactive yet I just recently saw this one and saw it had quite a bit more planned.

    Would love to see more. As weird as that might sound.


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