Solari Eclipse 5

At it’s core, the contest was a simple one. Make the other girl scream. They were on the third round by now.

The two women were bound and couldn’t touch one another, so their captors were doing all the hurting. The contest thus far had been a back and forth between the two women to conjure ideas that would make the other scream louder, one after the other. They had been upping the ante, or at least Diana had, since the very beginning. To be perfectly frank, Leona’s ideas had been fairly lackluster so far, or as Thumbs had put it, “Quite shit.”

Beard was in front of her now, perhaps dealing out Diana’s chosen punishment with a fervor directed at her own poor showing in the contest. He stood behind her, flogging her ass and her back, the ends of the whip wrapping around to sting her quaking breasts. The martial trance that Leona seemed to have put herself in had availed her well thus far, but even that was being stretched to its limit. Her muscular body gave her no padding to absorb the impact of the lash, and when the whip slashed across her ass and caused a few stray tails to sting her pussy, she finally broke.

A gasp of pain and a jerk heralded the fallen mental barrier, as the next lashing brought forth a cry. The next flogging, a yelp. But the whip’s stinging blows faded away as Beard groaned and rolled his shoulder.

“My arm’s getting tired,” he said, dropping the whip onto the table. “These bitches are tough, eh?”

“Pretty poor showing,” Thumbs said. “But that won’t be enough to win. Bitch barely made a peep.” He looked over. “So, what’ll it be next?”

He was standing by Leona, who was trembling as she recovered from the whipping. “I don’t know!” Leona groaned.

Diana bristled at that. Leona hadn’t had any trouble tearing her heart apart, metaphorically of course, on the peak that day. But it was true, Leona didn’t seem to know even before she was reduced to a drooling, stuttering mess. When Diana had chosen a caning, Leona had chosen a belt. When Diana had chosen to pull off a few fingernails, Leona had chosen a spanking. The whole thing had been a joke of a contest so far, and that angered Diana more than it should have. Leona still hadn’t really screamed. She was taking the punishments, just showing off her resilience, that she wouldn’t break under even the harshest of punishments.

But she would be wrong. Diana would make sure of that.

“Take that candle,” Diana interjected out of turn, pointing to the corner table with a shaky finger. “And let’s see how her new piercing feels about a little hot wax.”

“Oooh,” Beard crowed as he straightened up. “That’s a very good choice.”

“Not her turn,” Thumbs said.

“Fuck it,” Beard growled. “If she won’t play along, I don’t mind skipping her turn.”

Leona didn’t protest at the breach of the rules. She only shuddered as he held the candle just above her left nipple. That hadn’t been part of the instructions, but the men had seemed content to treat their suggestions as more of a guideline than a rule. He tilted the candle forward. After just a few seconds, red dots began to appear on the surface of her breast, including her areola and nipples. Diana, for just an instant, felt a tinge of regret that she herself had chosen the nipple piercings. But it had been one or the other, and what was coming next would definitely hurt the Solari more.

Still, Leona groaned loudly and accelerated her breathing. The only respite she got was the scant seconds it took for him to pull the candle back to begin dripping wax on her other breast. Seemingly content with that appetizer of agony, he moved on to the main course. Again, Leona groaned as hot, molten wax splashed down on her pelvis. But that was only because Beard had missed. It was difficult to judge where the drips would land from height, but he soon corrected that mistake.

The wail of unbridled agony that was ripped from Leona’s lips when he finally corrected his aim startled even Diana. From what she could see, Leona’s knuckles turned white, her wrists no doubt being rubbed raw as she fought monstrously against her shackles. The wax seemed to sizzle, although whether Diana would have been able to hear that from a distance was questionable, as it melted onto the flesh alongside her wounded clit. He slowly dripped it in small spirals, splattering it all over her inflamed sex and golden horseshoe piercing, methodically covering every inch with liquid pain. For Leona, no doubt every second felt like an eternity. Her face grew red with the strain, and Diana could almost imagine the blood vessels bursting behind her eyes as they strained with shock. She screamed and screamed, until Beard had finally ran out of freshly melted wax and the drips slowed.

Even after he had pulled the candle back her whole body trembled, spasms arcing through her arms and legs to die unrealized in the confines of her restraints. Beard calmly blew out the candle and set it down again. Thumbs only gave her a few moments to catch her breath before he pressed her again.

“Your turn,” he said, letting out a long whistle as he looked at the searing mess he had made of her pussy. “You have to get her back for this one. So, what’ll it be?”

A hoarse whisper arose from Leona’s trembling lips that Diana couldn’t quite make out, and Beard leaned in to listen. After a moment, his brow screwed up in confusion and he jerked back. “Are you fucking serious?” Thumbs asked.

“Not a common method,” The Elder said. He seemed to have heard. “But I’m not unfamiliar.” He withdrew a few goose feathers from the sleeves of his robe as if by magic. “It can be quite painful, especially when restrained.”

“No, that’s ass,” Thumbs groaned. “Come on, give us something good or nobody wins. And that would be fucking tragic, don’t you think? We’ll be so disappointed, I guess you’ll both lose.”

“I don’t know…” Leona moaned, spittle dripping from her bottom lip. She swayed in a daze even as Thumbs held her by her hair with his ear close. “Hurt h-her…”

“That ‘aint specific enough, darling,” Thumbs growled, giving her head a shake. “You’re a tactical mastermind, aren’t you?” He slapped her across the face hard. “Fucking think of something!”

“I don’t know,” Leona repeated, still disoriented. “P-p-punch… her… use your hands… or something.” She sputtered, barely above a whisper that Diana once again failed to pick out. “Just hurt her.” Thumbs considered that for a moment, before dropping her head with a shrug. The man swaggered over to Diana, a cocksure grin playing over his lips as he leered at her. That was an expression she hadn’t seen from him yet, like he was really about to enjoy himself. And, knowing Thumbs, that couldn’t have been at all a good thing.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Diana sputtered. She was also in bad shape, but wasn’t nearly as out of it as Leona evidently was.

Thumbs only grinned and slid his hand down and out of her sight. Slowly and sensually he trailed his fingertips up to her lush lower lips. Diana couldn’t help but tremble against that tracing hand, her body of course reacting to the unwanted touch, but her mind racing with the possibilities of his next move. He suddenly rubbed at her clit, the raw stimulus of her unprepared rosebud much too overwhelming to the point of being painful.

He upped the ante, sliding his fingers into her dry slit. There was so much resistance that he had to make ground with thrusts originating from his bicep. Every movement rubbed her raw, and she was terribly aware of his fingernails as he slipped two, three, four, then five fingers into her slowly widening vagina in a duck’s bill shape. Her walls tried their absolute best to repel the intruder, squeezing down on his fingers with a fierce trembling.

But if she had thought that being fingered dry was bad enough, she hadn’t seen anything yet. He just… kept… pushing. Making a fist, Thumbs violently thrust his whole hand inside of her. The pain was immense, and immediate, and elicited a scream of pain that dwarfed any that had escaped from Leona thus far. There was practically no lubrication to ease his passage, and he just kept pushing, only his raw strength allowing him to clear the way for his wrist to touch her entrance. It was absolutely torturous, and Diana’s vision was sent spinning as darts of pain radiated out from her pelvis to manifest as flashes of light behind her glassy eyes.

She couldn’t even muster a proper articulation to tell him to stop, only raw and hoarse screams serving as her objection to being fucked by an entire fist. She felt like she was being torn in two, and traces of blood streamed from her pummeled pussy as he continued to thrust himself deeper. All of her limbs pushed and pulled against their restraints until every muscle fiber, joint, and ligament seemed hellbent on tearing itself apart… but she was utterly defenseless as Thumbs continued to pump his fist in and out of her, laughing all the while even as the depth he packed into her savaged pussy reached his forearm. It was like giving childbirth, Diana decided, except multiple times every few seconds and without the natural anesthetics that came along with it. And in that moment, Diana wished that she was anywhere else, even actually giving birth, if it meant some small relief from the savagery being unleashed on her doubtless-ruined cunt.

So violent were the impulses sent straight to her brain that told her to stop doing whatever she was doing at all costs, but served only to pump her limbs full of blood and adrenaline, that she soon became deaf to her own raucous screams. The men cheered, seemingly content to have found a clear winner of the contest… and then her body decided that it couldn’t take anymore. As Diana’s consciousness faded, she was only just made aware of another voice joining her own screams. It sounded like Leona, which didn’t make any sense. Perhaps they’d decided to torture her some more too just for the hell of it, was the last thought that Diana was able to muster before she slipped into merciful darkness.

Diana heard the door of her cell creak open from where she lay in the corner, curled in a fetal position in a vain attempt to alleviate the deep and terrible burning that afflicted her core. Blood leaked freely from one end, and tears from the other. She had wanted so dearly for Leona to fight back during the entire contest, to show her anything other than reserved indifference. But when the Solari had finally struck it had wounded her on more levels than she realized it would. She still had only the vaguest idea of what command Leona had given, but it had resulted in a savagery that Diana hadn’t realized her body could survive.

When she looked up at the approaching figure through a cracked lid, she saw the outline of a man. Not surprising… and neither was the tattoo running up his arms that became visible as he held up a lantern. “Diana,” Tattoo whispered, crouching beside her. He lightly shook her shoulder to rouse her, but there was little chance of her finding any sleep through the agonies that afflicted her.

“Wh-what’re,” Diana groaned as she unfurled herself, the movement reintroducing her addled brain to the aching pain rooted deep in her pelvis anew.

“Get up,” he said, glancing back over his shoulder. “We’re getting out of here.”

“No, please,” Diana whimpered. “No more. Just…” She wasn’t going to cry for him. She wasn’t. She wasn’t! “…Please let me rest.”

He frowned and bit his lip, then rubbed her shoulder gently. He whispered, “No, I don’t mean… Look, I’m going to take you away from here. It’s time.” He looped his hand under her upper arm, slowly dragging her to her feet. He crouched down to undo the shackles at her ankles while she started blankly at the top of his head.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“What I mean is,” he said as he rose and then uncuffed her hands. “The Elder is going to ruin you if you stay here.” Diana rubbed her wrists gingerly, the feeling of them almost uncanny for how long and often they had been bound in leather or iron. “He’s going to kill you.”

Had he really just realized that? Diana had known she was dead since the moment she had woken up in this dungeon… it was escape or die. There would be no release, and no future for her. Diana started as he took hold of her hand and dragged her to the door. He pushed it open. It was unlocked.

“That would a horrible waste,” he continued. “I don’t give a shit about what The Elder wants, or his revenge, or whatever.”

Diana felt a tear come to her eyes unbidden. It was working. All of her degradation and humiliation had paid off.

“Please,” she whimpered, actually able to wipe away her tears easily for once. “Take me away with you. I want to be yours. Only yours.”

He grunted his agreement, “Yeah, I know the way out. Stay close to me.” He poked his head out of the doorway, and content with its emptiness, led her out into the dimly lit hallway.

He shepherded her, large hand clasped firmly around her emaciated one, through a maze of corridors and small rooms. She quickly lost track of how many turns they had taken and which way they were oriented. They even moved up and down a few sloping hallways that changed their vertical positioning. Their footsteps seemed ridiculously loud in the confined tunnels, but even that was dwarfed by Diana’s rushing heart. She could scarcely believe her luck. She was really going to get out, and that bitch Leona was going to be left to suffer, at least until Diana returned and killed them all properly.

…Maybe not Leona. Her sore cunt argued otherwise, though.

“Come on,” Tattoo said, picking up the pace. “It’s just around the next corner.” He explained this as they took a left, bringing them into a hallway that terminated in said next corner. The only issue was a figure standing between them and the end of the hall. It started a bit, as if surprised to see them, and Tattoo froze in his tracks as well, causing Diana to bump into his back.

“Mate,” the figure said, approaching them. “What are you doing? They’re supposed to be resting for tomorrow’s game.”

“The Elder,” Tattoo said quickly. “He, ah, wanted to see this one tonight.”

“Huh,” the man said, throwing back his hood to reveal none other than Beard. He looked over them both, then narrowed his eyes as he saw that Tattoo was holding her hand. She tried to shrink behind him, but Beard asked, “Why ‘aint she cuffed?” Tattoo sputtered out a quick answer, but was interrupted as Beard continued, “And isn’t the Elder overseeing the new selection process? He ain’t supposed to be back until tomorrow afternoon, now that you mention it.” Beard took a step back, his eyes narrowed with suspicion as he dropped his hand to his waist. “The fuck you trying to pull?”

The standoff lasted a few seconds, but to Diana it felt like minutes. When she looked around at Tattoo’s face, she saw his face shifting through a number of conflicting expressions, as if he were wrestling with the right response. Their fate was sealed when Beard seemed to have had enough of the silence and freed the barest inch of steel from his sword scabbard.

“Run!” Tattoo shouted suddenly, slinging her forward to the side opposite of Beard’s sword hand. His own blade came flashing from its sheath. “Keep running! Don’t stop!” Diana stumbled as she dodged away from Tattoo’s sudden thrust towards Beard, who deftly finished drawing his own blade and knocked aside the strike in the same motion. They exchanged three or four strikes back and forth, each rolled aside by a wrist or striking steel, before Diana had even realized that they’d begun fighting. Diana righted herself and took off down the hallway, Tattoo’s careful parry seemingly the only thing stopping Beard from taking her head off as she slipped past him. The yelling and clashing of steel faded as she rounded the corner at breakneck speed, her bare feet slapping on the cobbles.

It was true. There was an exit. Diana could see, and feel, the moonlight pouring through the open doorway. It was moonlight for sure, but the sudden brightness was almost dazzling to her pupils so used to dim lanterns and the barest tapers. She sprinted headlong through the open doorway, which seemed to lead to some kind of small outdoor courtyard, and…

As she cleared the doorway. however, she tumbled over something that sent her sprawling as it broke. She heard the door slam shut behind her. She felt that her back had come to rest against stone, and she looked up at the now closed door after a few moments spent collecting herself, which had a small window set in its center.

“Diana!” Tattoo shouted, his face appearing at the door. She gasped and rose to her feet, stumbling over to try to open the thick wooden door for him. She found it locked. Suddenly a pair of hands clasped around his neck from the back, fingertips carving small valleys into his flesh as the unseen figure began to throttle him. A strangled cry broke from his lips, and he began to choke.

“Aye,” he coughed, “You got me, mate. You got me!” Diana watched bewildered as the throttling slowed and then stopped, and Beard’s face appeared over Tattoo’s shoulder. The fingers slipped from Tattoo’s neck, and he rolled his shoulders with a grunt before grinning at her. It was only then that Diana’s bare feet feet it… the tripwire at the bottom of the doorframe.

“Oh my god,” Beard giggled. “I can’t believe that fucking worked. Did you see the look on her face?”

“I know,” Tattoo said, grinning. “I know. She’s dumb as a moonrock, ain’t she?” The first man looked her over, seeming to derive actual sustenance from her bewildered stare. “I think it was that conversation with Leona that really made her trust me.” So they had heard.

“I thought they hated each other,” Garlic said, also appearing at the small window. “Why would she give a damn about what she had to say?”

“That’s true,” Tattoo said. The three guards were all crowding around in the hallway beyond the door now, looking at her like a caged animal. “But you heard Elder Matthias… they were friends, once. Empty-headed sluts like this can’t discard that too lightly… where else are th ey going to find anyone who cares about them?”

Diana spun around, and her heart sunk further than she had ever believed that it could. She found herself staring at a perfectly round chamber, about six feet in diameter, of smoothly polished stone brick. Looking up, she saw that the walls stretched almost impossibly high, and while moonlight did shine down into the room from overhead, it was filtering through an array of thick metal bars. She was at the bottom of some kind of well-like structure. She could SEE the moon, could TASTE the free air… and it was utterly unreachable. “Did you really think,” Tattoo chuckled, The one of the fearsome warriors of the Ra’Horak would betray the others, and give up the boundless pleasures we can get here, for the sake of a single moon-struck harlot?”

Beard grinned, his smile predatory. “How naughty,” he chuckled as he pushed his way to the front of the small crowd, pressing his face right up against the door’s small window. “Trying to escape her rightful punishment. Trying to seduce the vaunted warriors of the Sun. I guess we shouldn’t have expected any less from a sinful Lunari whore.” Diana turned to face him slowly, her legs finally collapsing beneath her as she surveyed The infuriating smirk behind that beard, and Diana’a heart sank as she truly internalized that she was never going to be leaving this dungeon alive.

Diana wanted to scream when she saw what was waiting for them in the room, but she was probably too hoarse to let out anything more than a gasp at this point. Whether her first torture was truly the worst torture she had endured, they had exercised it upon her when her mind was still unprepared for the horrors that were to come. The very same trough that she had once almost been drowned in greeted her with that same shimmering surface of crystal-clear water.

“It really was such a shame,” the Elder cackled. “Such a shame that we couldn’t have you both try this out at the same time. But we didn’t know at the time that we would have our visitor here.” He wrapped his arm around Leona’s waist and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, causing her to flinch away. The Elder helped her distance herself by shoving her on the side of the head, sending her sprawling to the ground and unable to catch herself. “This is something that we can fix, though!”

Diana felt an incredible sense of deja-vu as she surveyed the basin. She felt that same irresistible thirst that had afflicted her upon her first visit to this room, only more so… she had had even less to drink while her cunt slowly recovered from the ravages of that first than usual. The only thing to eat or drink she’d had in three days was the scarce collected dew that had fallen through the top grates and dripped down from the bar of her isolation pit after she’d been stuck there following her ill-fated escape attempt. Thankfully it had rained at least a little on the second day, because her jailors seemed content to have her lick the moisture from the ground even after the showers had stopped… they gave her nothing else for the duration. In that time, the men seemed to have sated their lust on Leona, because she had no visitors aside from Tattoo himself, who came only to laugh at her. She suffered in her own way, though. Wet and shivering in the cold, seething with the betrayal, and hating herself for her arrogance in thinking that she could so easily turn one of those monsters against their glorious leader. Not to mention the other terrors that came from solitary confinement. The mind-numbing passage of uneventful hours. The gnawing hunger and thirst that assailed her the whole time. The rage. The anguish. The fear of her next punishment. The hopelessness of it all. She’d worn her fingertips raw trying to climb up out of the pit, but she never made it even a tenth of the way up. If she had managed it, she would have had no way to make it through the metal bars at the top anyway.

“I think you know how this one works, my dear,” The Elder said, turning Diana’s chin up with a hooked finger. “Except this time you will each hold the other’s head under the water while my brave warriors avail themselves of your bodies.” He stepped back and addressed both women. “I suppose you need a motivation, yes? A prize to be fought over? Well, whoever lets the other breathe less will be the victor… and she only has to go down once. The loser… no so much.” He smirked. “Of course, we won’t allow you to kill each other, but be merciless anyway!”

Turning back to Diana alone, he whispered to her, “You may enjoy this. We’ll see if your rage can outdo the pressing need of your lungs.” He addressed everyone as he continued, “Since our revered aspect was the winner of the last contest — and what a beautiful play it was — she will be going first.”

Diana felt a boot slam into the square of her back, sending her headfirst into the rim of the basin. Her head cracked on the edge of the trough, sending her sprawling to the ground. So, Leona going first meant that Diana would have the pleasure of being drowned first. A rough pair of hands hefted her up onto all fours, and she found herself looking up at Leona.

“We will be counting every second,” The Elder chuckled.

Diana felt her upper lip curl into a snarl. Leona’s golden eyes were full of pity… and that took some fucking nerve. She was the one who had inflicted the terrible torture on her that had absolutely ruined her pussy. She was the one who had given her false hope of escape. She was the one who failed to help her make things right and set this whole string of events in motion in the first place!

Before she could muster some scathing response to Leona’s gaze, the Elder called out “Begin!” Diana found her head underwater suddenly, water rushing up her nose to sting at her sensitive membranes right behind her eyes from the angle of her submersion. In the same moment that she bucked her head up against Leona’s palm and found it unyielding, she felt a cock press against her unprepared lower lips. Even the lightest touch sent shivers of pain through her, but her devastated opening had no chance of stopping the inevitable. His throbbing dick pushed inside of her, relighting the deep burning pain of frayed nerves and stretched membranes that had been borne from her brutal fisting. She was amazed she could even feel the cock after what had been down to her, but it appeared that her durability as an Aspect betrayed her… her agony was extraordinary, but it felt like her pussy hugged that dick just as thoroughly as it had on her very first time.

It was enough to draw out a fit of gasps and cries from Diana… there was just a slight problem with that. She was underwater. In a frightful repeat of what had happened during the very first time she had experienced this brand of torture, her body unwillingly pulled in a lungful of cold water unbidden. And, as expected, her lungs didn’t appreciate that at all. Diana thrashed against Leona’s iron grip, but found herself unable to do a thing as her burning lungs gave a gentle knock on her skull and asked her brain to stop being stupid and give them some air. Her squirming also only served to increase the intense pain that she felt in her nethers as she grinded herself into his swinging hips. It was a vicious cycle of self-reinforcing pain, broken only when Leona finally dragged her up, heaving, by her hair. Diana was unable to see Leona properly through her limp, dangling screen of soaked silver locks. She coughed up as much fluid as she could, then took a few deep breaths. Luckily, and very unfortunately, she was somewhat experienced in the art of controlled drowning.

Then she went under again at the Elder’s urging.

There was something strange about the way that Leona was controlling Diana’s breath. Amongst everyone else in the room, only Diana herself could have possibly known this, since while the elder was paying close attention to how long she spend above the surface, Diana had been meticulously counting every second she spent underwater in an attempt to focus her mind. She noticed it after the third time under: Leona always held her under for a fifty count. It must have been what she determined to be the duration for maximum suffering without risking killing her. How meticulous of her, but Leona had always been the warrior. The regimented timeline served as Diana’s only anchor in the savage fucking-cum-drowning she was the recipient of.

It was by no means pleasant, especially as she felt every fraction of every inch of her rapist’s dick as it scraped along her savaged insides… Diana felt as if she might break in two, her inner walls still not fully healed even after her brief hiatus from more sexual tortures. But luckily for the argent-haired beauty — she must have been one for all the enthusiasm the soldier had so far shown with tasting her body once again — Leona seemed to have underestimated her. She was tough enough to take that time beneath the surface. She could, just barely, eke out a long and slow exhale to last the entire time. She must have improved her lung volume from the last time when that bastard of a Solari Elder had been the one doing the drowning. She only had to worry about controlling the unconscious fits of pain that assaulted her pelvis as Beard helped himself to her insides the whole time and tried to hold onto her air and not lose it again.

It was in this manner, all the way up until she felt Beard’s fingers dig painfully into the flesh of her ass and a loathsome warmth bloom against her bruised cervix, that she was able to make it through the ordeal without the intense pain and panic that had suffused her first round with the water basin. That isn’t to say that she cleared that final hurdle with grace. His spunk felt positively boiling against her savaged insides, beyond what particular revulsion she always felt at having fertile swimmers so close to her dangerously unprotected womb. When she’d given her screams to the tumultuous water, sparing her the slight indignity of voicing that pain publicly, Diana came up with a grin plastered on her face, wavering only as Beard’s thick, hot semen continued to irritate the torn and stretched membranes of her inner walls. She favored Leona with that smug smile, the streaming water doing a perfectly fine job of camouflaging her tears. Leona had been playing smart and meticulously, but the Solari had underestimated the Lunari, as always. Now that Diana had a count of how long she’d been under, she was happy to surpass it.

Beard shuffled back from her rear with a contented groan, leaving her to drip alabaster spunk from her savaged hole. She felt wet and pained all over, which wasn’t far from the truth. There were many different fluids where she really didn’t want them to be, but she rose to her knees with renewed vigor as the Elder called for a switch. It was her turn… and she would be merciless. Diana didn’t even wait for Thumbs to line up behind his intended target before she grabbed Leona by the tufts of hair above her ears, grinding them into savage tangled curls with iron fists, and pushed her head under the water. She made sure to angle Leona’s nostrils downward, so that her push inflicted the same pain that she had first felt. If the way that a mass of bubbles soon broke the surface of the turbulent waters, it seemed to have worked. She knew the feeling intimately now, that rush as all of her air was roughly pushed aside by something unbreathable, and how it took all of her willpower not to gasp from the cold, wet shock of it. It seemed like her erstwhile friend was far less acquainted with the concept.

“Damn,” Tattoo whistled from where he stood, arms-crossed, in the corner. “Someone’s mad.” Diana narrowed her eyes and pointedly refused to look over at him. Yes, someone was angry, alright. Angry that her life was over. That she was going to die in his hellhole. That her friend hadn’t trusted her when it could have made a difference. And while she wished very, very dearly that she could dash over to the man himself and split his skull open for making such a fool of her before, she decided that taking it out on the infinitely more at hand and just as culpable Leona could be just as sweet. Diana kept her under for as long as she could, urging Thumbs to fuck her, and fuck her hard until the Solari was thrashing and sending water careening over the edge of the basin. Even still, she didn’t let up. It didn’t seem to bother Thumbs.

“Man,” he grunted, looking back over his shoulder at Tattoo. “You were so right. They get so damn tight when they’re drowning.” He moved as if he was possessed, grabbing her hips and pushing into her, impaling her so deeply as to reach his balls. The drowning woman squealed in some unseen horror, if the additional bubbles rising to the surface were any indication. Only when her resistance began to weaken did Diana let her up. The last thing that Diana wanted was for her to lose consciousness. She wanted the Solari bitch to feel every single lick of burning desire that caressed her tortured lungs as they pined for air. Even as Leona gasped desperately for breath, coughing and hacking and letting out small whimpers, Thumbs continued to rut at a frenzied pace. The Solari woman seemed to have taken her first foray into the deep extremely poorly. Each labored gasp was punctuated by a small whimper of distress. That was her mistake — not taking every possible moment cycling new oxygen into her lungs — and Diana wasn’t about to correct her before confining her to watery hell once more.

The point at which Thumbs pulled her into his hips became a blur of exhilaration and sweat as he hammered down on her cunt over and over again, even as Diana forced her under again. She was exceeding the time that she herself had been under, she knew for a fact, and not by a slim margin… she wasn’t going to count on the Elder keeping careful track, she was going to leave no doubt at all. She did it each and every time, bringing Leona to the very brink of drowning, giving her just enough time to take one ragged breath before dunking her again. “You bitch!” Diana screamed. She was only venting her frustrations to tumultuous waters and the back of Leona’s head, but she couldn’t help herself. “You were in on it!” She delivered a sharp punch to the back of Leona’s head, which Thumbs seemed to appreciate from the way he let out a pleasured gasp. “You filthy, goddamn liar! You told me to trust him!”

That wasn’t explicitly true. Perhaps she was just looking for someone to blame for having fallen so naively for the men’s carefully lain trap. Diana was convinced of it. It wasn’t hard to believe… Leona had already betrayed her trust twice… one by failing to believe her, and once by condemning her to die. She was part of this. They they had been listening in. They had coached her on what to say. Thumbs had been in that other room. That was how he had “finished” with her so quickly. That is why she had spoken her sweet lies. There was simply no way that anyone was innocent in this situation. The Elder meant to torture her not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Diana herself knew that she was taking every possible chance to wreak vengeance on her nemesis, and from the moment that they had clashed in the temple and Diana had left her for dead, she had expected Leona to do the same.

“Yes,” Thumbs laughed. “Yes! Punish her! Fuck her up!” He continued to laugh wildly, all while thrusting his hips. “Even though she didn’t know shit!” Diana looked up from the golden locks splayed out on the surface of the water to his face. It was vulgarly split by a gaping grin that exuded dark laughter.

“Oh c’mon, man!” Tattoo whined. “I had her convinced that the commander was in on it. That was hilarious!”

“Shit,” Thumbs cursed. “Sorry.” Beard laughed at the idiotic exchange as well.

Diana felt the tempo of her pounding heart double as her ears drank in that exchange. She wasn’t able to punish any of the men for humiliating her, but she had felt like she had been getting back at one of the schemers by repeatedly bringing Leona to the height of suffering. The fires that had ran Diana’s arm like bellows as she had forced Leona’s head under the water again and again, granting the exhausted, battered Lunari girl the strength to hold down the bucking warrior, were suddenly snuffed out. Her rushing blood quieted, and her turbulent heart became still.

Leona’s head came free of the water, and she started gasping in breath. Diana didn’t even notice. They were laughing at her again. She had been performing for their amusement again. Leona was seized by wracking coughs, causing her heaving diaphragm to send her ass crashing back into Thumbs’ hips. While her muscles no longer tightened up at the imminent fear of death, the coughing and wheezing that bucked her hips and sent vibrations down her spine seemed to do the trick for the man. Diana slowly let go of Leona’s wet, matted hair as Thumbs quaked with imminent release. The entire room went still except for Thumbs, who writhed with a pleasure that overwhelmed the taste of ozone that washed over everyone else. Singular strands of Diana’s damp and matted hair seemed to dry in an instant, slowly rising as if roused by some invisible static that now pervaded the room, although she herself was unaware of it in her singular focus on her enemy.

They thought their rune-shackles had broken her magic. Diana had thought so, too. They had all been wrong. They had all underestimated her.

Just as The Elder opened his mouth, a roar of primal rage poured from the silver-haired girl, filling the room as Diana dove headfirst over the basin, shoulder-tackling Thumbs. Layered underneath that roar was a loud crack, as if a branch had broken at its heartwood on a large tree deep in a silent moonlit forest. Careening haphazardly from reopened lash wounds on her back were motes of ivory power, as if the moon itself had transplanted itself into the Lunari aspect and endeavored to shed its celestial brilliance through the holes in her ragged body from the inside. The Elder dodged to the side with a curse as a writhing tendril of pale silver luster, born of Diana’s leaking moonlight, out out of her in a wave and collided with the wall behind him, missing by inches.

All three of them — Diana, Leona, and Thumbs — sprawled out onto the floor, his dick still throbbing and throwing semen into the air almost comidically as he was interrupted whilst in the very act of unloading inside of the Solari woman. What wasn’t half as funny was the boot that immediately came crashing into Diana’s side. The light inside of her immediately vanished, and only as its brilliance faded from the outside rings of her irises did she realize that it was ever there. She rolled and clamped the withdrawing appendage between her forearms even with her wrists bound. She went at the leg in front of her with the only weapon she had left: her teeth. Before she could even get close, a fist crashed into her temple, loosening her grip and knocking her to the ground once more. A rain of blows followed as Diana did her best to fend them off with her hands bound together, four guards beating down on the bound and exhausted woman.

She rolled, bucked, kicked, and bit at everything that moved even as she tried and failed to grasp even the slightest remnant of the energy that had so naturally suffused her body before. Only the cold sharpness of a sword’s tip at her throat finally saw her calm down. She looked up at Tattoo, daring him to put more pressure behind the steel’s edge that even then bit into her neck to draw a thin line of blood. Leona lay in a similar predicament just a few feet away.

“Enough!” The Elder boomed.

Diana would have expected The Elder to be enraged at her resistance, but she only saw him clapping slowly through her blurred vision. He smiled and wiped away an imaginary tear as he looked on. And… and he was lying.

The Lunari girl could see it. See it in the way his limbs shook ever so slightly. The way his eyes were a little too wide. Behind the feigned mirth, Diana caught the slightest flicker of unease, so transitory that she couldn’t help but think that she might have imagined it… but every instinct she had screamed that it was real. “What a magnificent drama,” he stated. “The epitome of theater.” Diana only stared at him mutely. “You will suffer for it. Greatly. But it was a good show.” Her eyes found a newly etched scorch mark on the wall that had blackened burned it black as night in an instant. The same silver bolt that he had just narrowly dodged had done that. He traced her gaze to it, and back to her, and their eyes met again.

She saw in then. A grim and terrible pallor had engulfed his countenance. Enraged was the fitting word after all.

Diana wondered how much longer she had to live.

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