Lone Fox 2 – Ch 6 – Fun and Games

“There we go,” said a goblin cheerfully as he tied the ribbon around the two girls’ necks.  “Pretty as picture.”

Seo-yun and Snowflake both knelt with their wrists bound behind them and their legs spread.  The red ribbon that had gotten them captured in the first place was now forcing their mouths together into an awkward kiss, their masks scraping against each other.  Seo-yun was also uncomfortably aware of their breasts pressing together, nipples rubbing each other’s sensitive skin with every movement.

The goblin idly fingered both of their pussies as he talked to them, steadily pumping them with a single finger each.  “We be generous, yes?  We only need one of you.  So one can leave, keep ribbon, have a good time playing the game.  Other stays here with us, has even better time.”

The two women had never had a chance.  The trapdoor had dropped them down a good twenty or thirty feet onto a padded surface, the landing jarring but not injurious.  Before they’d even finished bouncing, let alone tried to stand or get away, they’d both been swarmed by goblins and tied hand and foot.

The room they were in now was an odd mix of modern and ancient.  The walls were similar to the building above it: gray stone covered with pictures and symbols.  But the computer in one corner was decidedly out of place, as was the bank of monitors above it.  Most of the monitors showed the outside from hidden cameras placed around the building.   Another was a more abstract map that must have been the entire playing area for the round.  There were glowing marks indicating each ribbon, with text alongside: READY, ESCAPED, or TRAPPED.  Seo-yun caught one of the ribbons switch from READY to TRAPPED, and a moment later Emmeck piped up in her ear.  “This appears to be the end of  the road for our brave heroine Atalanta, folks!” he was saying.  “And, wait for it… yes, her namesake was famous for being a virgin huntress, but less than sixty seconds after being captured, ours definitely doesn’t qualify anymore!  Now, a little mythology lesson: the original Atalanta was eventually bedded thanks to three golden apples.  Those three cocks rooting around in the Atalanta down there may not be golden, but they certainly have heads the size of apples!”

Seo-yun had a million questions for Snowflake, but the way their heads were forced together made it impossible to talk to the woman.  Seo-yun knew what she’d felt back there.  The other woman was a fox too.  Not a gumiho freak like her, but a true kitsune, with foxfire that was allowing her to hide her tails even now.  Was that why the woman hated her, because she was a gumiho?

“We play little game of our own!” said the goblin while he finger fucked them.  “Rule is simple: whoever has most cum in mouth at the end, gets to leave.  Other gets to have lots and lots and lots more cum.”  Rules explanation apparently finished, he pulled his fingers out of both their pussies and stuck them in each other’s mouths, making them taste the other.

That was all the foreplay they got.  The mob of goblins, twenty in all, split up into two groups of ten behind the women.  Seo-yun felt one of them rub his cock up and down against her slit, and then he was pushing it into her.  He was nothing compared to the Wilmingshires, but he was still long and thick and she was mostly dry, and she groaned into Snowflake’s mouth as his gnarled cock scraped against her pussy walls.  She couldn’t see anything past the other woman’s face, but she felt her stiffen and knew that she too was being raped.

The goblin quickly established a rough rhythm in and out of her, and Seo-yun was surprised at how much more painful it was than she’d expected.  Another fault of her condition, she realized with dismay.  Before, her insides had been in a constant state of healing while she was raped, doing their best to undo the damage.  That was no longer the case, leaving this unremarkable goblin’s cock rubbing her raw in ways that even George Wilmingshire hadn’t been able to manage.  Was being raped always this painful for everyone else, she wondered, or did they somehow get used to it?

After far too long a time, the goblin pulled out of her without sinking back in.  Her insides felt shredded like never before as he walked over to their heads and grabbed Snowflake.  The woman made a surprised sound as he turned her head towards him and forced his cock into her mouth.  “You bite, you die slow,” he said simply.  Another goblin, the one who must have been raping Snowflake, grabbed Seo-yun’s head and did much the same, warning and all.  The fox tasted the other woman on him as he began to cum, firing ropey strands of jizz into her mouth.

When both goblins had finished in their mouths, they pushed their heads back together into a kiss and left without a word.  Remembering the directive to have the most cum in her mouth, Seo-yun resisted the urge to spit or swallow the slimy foul liquid.  Another pair of goblins were already working their cocks into the women’s pussies, and Seo-yun squealed softly at the sensation of another stiff cock pounding her already chafed insides.

To her shock, Snowflake pushed her tongue into her mouth.  Seo-yun froze, not knowing if the french kiss was meant to be an act of compassion, or if the woman was getting turned on by their situation.  Then she felt Snowflake’s tongue scraping the sides of her cheeks and realized the truth: the dark haired woman was trying to lick the cum out of her mouth so that she could be the one to go free.  She had no choice but to reciprocate with her own tongue, doing her best to scoop the sticky juice from Snowflake’s mouth and bring it back to hers.

For for the next several minutes the women sloppily kissed, tongues intertwining, as they fought for possession of the disgusting goblin jizz.  They only stopped when their latest rapists pulled out and once again fed their cock to the other, not the woman they’d been fucking.   Seo-yun fought not to lose any of the cum already in her mouth as she did her best to wring all she could out of the goblin.  Another one of them was already behind her, balls slapping against her mound as he plowed her, before she was done sucking the last drops out.

Back to kissing.  It was even grosser now that they had twice as much cum to fight over. Some of it ran out the sides of their mouths before they could stop it, but most mixed with their saliva, creating a goopy mess of cum and spit that divided and reformed and divided again as it was passed back and forth between them.  By the time there were four loads to work with, the mix filled their mouths, and they greedily sucked and slurped on each other.  When the goblins next pulled their heads apart to feed them more jizz, neither of them could stop a wad of it from being lost, running down both their chests.  Seo-yun felt awful about the waste, and even worse about the fact that she had become so invested in filling her mouth with goblin cum.

According to the clock on the wall, nearly an hour had passed by the time all the goblins had gotten their turn with them.  By now there was so much cum that it drooled past their tired lips no matter what they did, and both of their fronts were completely coated with the slowly drying sticky stuff.  Seo-yun felt like she was going to throw up; time had not improved the taste.  On the contrary, the more cum they had swishing back and forth, the more sour and pungent it all tasted.  Over time as it mixed with their saliva, it would grow more watery and lose some of its potency, but that wateriness also made it much more likely to dribble out their mouths.  The only cum they could keep holding onto was the thicker, more concentrated jizz that clung to their tongues and cheeks.

Tears came to Seo-yun’s eyes when she felt a goblin cock against her anal ring.  No, she thought desperately, please, not that!  But the other goblins were already lining up for a turn with their assholes.  She was unsurprised to find that anal rape too was more painful without her healing.  It was far from the first time she’d felt blood trickling out of herself and down her legs as she was brutally sodomized, but before she’d always known that the damage was temporary.  Now she felt sick to her stomach in a way even the goblin cum couldn’t accomplish as she wondered what kind of permanent damage was being done to her bowels.

The new taste when she was fed goblin cock this time nearly overcame her endurance, and she heard Snowflake gagging as well.  In an act of casual cruelty, it was no longer enough to merely suck the cum out of them; the two bound women had to lick the stinking dicks clean while trying futilely not to let more precious cum dribble down their chins.  The bitter earthiness of it lingered long after Seo-yun’s anal rapist left her mouth, and grew stronger with each additional cock.  It was almost too much to have to keep fighting for it, keep trying to scoop and slurp and suck the filth from the other fox’s mouth.  The only thing that kept her from giving up was the relentlessness of Snowflake.  She could feel every gasp and moan and squeal the fox made, and knew that she was just as miserable as Seo-yun, but she never hesitated, never stopped frantically licking her.  She would even suck on Seo-yun’s tongue whenever the other woman was careless enough to let her, trying to scrape off the sticky coating of jizz built up on it.

An hour later and ten anal rapes later, Seo-yun’s entire mouth ached.  The aching jaw was familiar enough after the many long gangbangs Levinson had put her through, but she’d never realized that tongue muscles could get as worn out and sore as any other muscle.  Just keeping her mouth shut had become an act of endurance.  But when the goblins pressed their lips together and stood them up, both foxes began fighting with renewed vigor, knowing that this would be the deciding moment.  Their tongues lashed against each other as Seo-yun was pulled down to lie on her back, Snowflake atop her and… no… Seo-yun whimpered as one of the goblins squirmed beneath her to begin fucking her pussy, his hands on her cum coated tits.  She felt the added weight as another goblin mounted Snowflake to give her the same treatment, felt the back of his hands rubbing her chest as he too groped his fox fucktoy. The others were already lined up to wait for their chance to enjoy them again.

Seo-yun felt hot tears cascade down her cheeks as she realized that their torment was only just beginning.

The sky wasn’t real, but that didn’t stop Vorona from soaring through it.  The raven flapped her wings, reveling in the rare sense of freedom as she made idle loops and turns in the air.  It would have been even better with some proper wind currents to glide on, but her wings were strong enough to carry her on their own.

“Stop playing around,” her father snapped.  “If you don’t get as many points as you can today, I swear to rip those wings right off your back, you lazy ungrateful cunt.”  Vorona would have given anything for a way to smash the damn receiver to dust.  She settled for flying fast enough that the rushing air drowned out his angry tirade.  She’d play the part she was here for, but on her own terms, not his.

As she flew, she soared over the top of one of the countless fake temples dotting the land.  This one was a pyramid with a red ribbon at its peak, no doubt littered with fiendish traps.  But that didn’t matter to the raven, who snagged the ribbon with her fingers as she flew by.  It joined the three other red ribbons she’d picked up in much the same way.  This was all too easy. The architects of the game had done all their planning in two dimensions, not three.  They’d designed so many of these traps for creatures like them that had to waddle around everywhere on legs, not those like her who could take to the skies.  Sure, if she tried to go inside one of these temples, she’d probably find herself plucked and stuffed in moments, but they’d left more than enough ribbons outside for her.

She banked towards another exposed ribbon, this time at the top of a pole surrounded by stone archways.  If she went and got them all, maybe her father would shut up and let her enjoy herself for once.  Stranger things had happened. Probably.

As she flew under one of the archways, she felt something thump onto her back hard enough to knock the wind out of her. She immediately rolled to try and knock it off, but whatever it was grabbed hold of her wings, refusing to be dislodged.  “Calm down, blackbird,” said a high pitched yet guttural voice.  “Calm down.”

Her father groaned in her ear.  “You stupid bitch! Can’t you do anything right?! Get that fucking goblin off of you!”

“Fuck you,” Vorona snapped, not sure which one she was even talking to.  She kept bucking and rolling, determined to get rid of her attacker, but nothing seemed to work.  Then she felt something bite into her left wing, right at the base.

“Calm down, blackbird,” repeated the goblin.  “Or I have to cut wing.  Sad, yes?  Pretty blackbird that never flies again?”

Vorona forced herself to straighten out and fly normally.  “If you damage a single feather of my wings, I will murder you,” she swore.  Her wings were the sole bright spot of her life, and the thought of losing them made her sick.

“Why would I want to harm pretty blackbird?” the goblin asked, amused.

The raven growled.  She could kill him – it wouldn’t even be difficult – but she couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t hack one of her wings off first. She might be able to heal quickly enough to prevent permanent damage, but she couldn’t risk it.  “Then what do you want?”

“I want same thing you want,” he said, as though the answer were obvious.  “You want to fly.  I want to fly.  I have no wings to flap, so I come to you for help.”

“Fine, you’re flying,” said Vorona through gritted teeth.  “So when the hell do you leave?”

“Silly blackbird,” said the goblin.  “Right now I am only sitting.”

Something tightened around her neck, and the raven gasped and nearly fell out of the sky.  She flapped awkwardly to stay up, unable to breathe, and flinched as the goblin kicked her on her right side, digging his foot in.  She instinctively turned left, and the garrote’s strangulation didn’t end, but it loosened ever so slightly when she turned, enough that she could force a breath in.  It promptly tightened back up and the goblin kicked her again, this time on her left side, and Vorona felt her face heat up with shame as she obeyed the command and turned right.

“Smart blackbird,” said the goblin happily, allowing her more ragged breaths.  “Now I am flying.”  He continued to kick her a few times, directing her one way or another at random.  “Aren’t we having fun?”

“Get… fucked…” said Vorona, forcing the words past the garrote.

“Thank you,” he said pleasantly. “That does sound more comfortable.”  She felt him shimmy down until he was straddling her butt instead of her back, and then she let out a pained breath as he began to work his cock into her asshole.  “Nice and tight blackbird!” he said.  “Best way to fly!”

Inwardly Vorona cursed the little bastard, but she didn’t have the breath to spare to do it out loud. For a few minutes he guided her over the treetops as his wiggling hips wedged himself deeper and deeper into her bowels.  “Left and right are easy,” said the goblin once he was completely inside her.  “Smart blackbird can learn more.  When I tug, you squeeze.”  The garrote immediately went tight again, without him kicking her at all.  Vorona stubbornly resisted for about twenty seconds, and then gave in and clenched her ass muscles around him.  “Good blackbird fucktoy!” he said.

As they flew, he never pulled his cock out of her.  He left it buried in her guts, and used the garrote to make her pleasure him instead.  He strangled her rhythmically, a few seconds on, a few seconds off, and she reluctantly  responded by hugging his prick in the same rhythm.  “Keep going, blackbird,” he told her eventually, and let her breathe.  Quietly cursing to herself, Vorona kept squeezing him in rhythm.  “Wonderful blackbird!” he said mockingly.  “So easily trained. Already knows how her rider likes to be pleased.”  She hoped that would be enough for him, but the moment she stopped, she felt sharp metal against her wing.  “I did not say stop, silly blackbird,” he told her.  “If I am in you, you are pleasing.  Or you are falling.”

Vorona lost track of how much time she flew like that, wandering aimlessly at his direction while forced to keep fucking him with her ass.  Hesitating to obey him or failing to keep perfect rhythm always resulted in being strangled or having her wings nicked.  The raven seethed while she helped her rapist enjoy his flight, all the while having to listen to her father call her stupid and useless and deserving of every second of this.

“Here it comes, pretty blackbird,” the goblin finally said, and drew the garrote tighter than ever before.  “Squeeze for your rider!”  Helpless to disobey, she clenched tight around him, and felt his cock beginning to shoot off, spitting cum into the depths of her bowels.  Even after he finished, he continued strangling her.  “New lesson, blackbird,” he said.  “When your rider finishes in you, show gratitude.  When I release, say ‘pretty blackbird thanks her rider for his cum’.  Or do not, and poor blackbird will wake after to find no wings.”

She was going to kill him.  She was going to rip his little hands off, and then she was going to see how he liked having that fucking garrote wrapped around his nutsack.  But for now… “Pretty blackbird thanks her rider for his cum,” Vorona spat out.

“’And looks forward to much more’.”

“…And looks forward to much more.”

“Good blackbird!  Smart blackbird!” said the rider.  She screeched as he suddenly made a long gash along one of her wings.  “Lazy blackbird…” She quickly resumed squeezing him again.

He didn’t give her any warning for what he did next.  Vorona just felt a sudden spray of hot liquid in her guts.  “Did you ju-?!”  Her angry outburst was cut off by the garrote.

“Useful blackbird,” the goblin said cheerfully, still pissing in her while strangling her.  “Ride animal and fucktoy and toilet, all in one!  Does blackbird know what to say when I let go?  Or should I start cutting some more?”

He loosened the garrote, and she coughed.  “Pretty blackbird… thanks her rider for his piss…” she said, catching her breath.


“And looks forward to much more.”

He laughed.  “Yes, yes!  Do not worry, pretty toilet, there is much more of both to come..  We have all day long to fly and soar and fill the blackbird up.”  He kicked her sharply in the side, and Vorona held back a cry of pain as she turned in midair to follow his command and continued clenching, feeling his cock already growing stiff inside her once more.

Qarinah stamped her foot and said a bad word.

“Still no luck?” asked Muhtadi sympathetically.  “Sorry love.  I wish this darn map would show which ribbons were already gone, like yesterday’s did.”  He sighed.  “There is another one close by that we can check.”

The succubus nodded and followed her husband’s directions, still inwardly pouting over her bad luck.  Eight ribbons.  Eight!  And every single one gone before she got there, with no monsters or traps or anything.  She hadn’t had sex all day.  If this kept up much longer, she was going to burst.

Her sexual frustration paled next to how bad she felt for her husband right now. He’d let her take this vacation even though it meant having to spend nearly an entire week apart.  In the six years they’d known each other, they’d never been separated for that long.  She knew being apart pained him as much as it did her, but he’d been willing to do it for her sake, to let her have a good time.  And here she was wasting his sacrifice by spending the day taking a walk instead of doing anything or anyone fun.

“Almost there,” Muhtadi said.  “You should be seeing it on your left… if it’s still there, anyway.”  He sounded depressed.  Qarinah knew her husband well enough to know that he would be blaming himself for her bad luck.  Silly man.  She was going to have to teach him a lesson by spoiling him rotten when she got back.

She found what must be the ribbon’s resting place: a stone well with no rope or pulley, a wooden lid resting on the ground nearby. There!  Qarinah let our a girlish squeal as she saw the ribbon.  It was right down there at bottom of the hole.  All she had to do was lower herself down into the dark where anything might be waiting, rendering herself blind to any creatures on the surface that might be watching her even now, and put herself in a position where she could be easily rendered trapped and helpless.  She’d never seen a more obvious trap in her life.  It was perfect!

The succubus hummed as she lowered herself down into the well, finding no shortage of handholds on the cracked wall.  Maybe soon someone would push her up against this same wall as he rammed himself into her wetness. Or would he put the lid back to seal her in, and not let her out until she’d agreed to do all manner of wicked things for him?  Or maybe he’d just tie her up, binding her every limb until she couldn’t move a muscle, and then carry her off somewhere private where he could take his time having his way with her.  Qarinah’s thighs grew damp as she imagine all the wonderful possibilities in store.

Her feet touched the bottom, and she bent down to pick up the ribbon, giddy with anticipation.  She wiggled her ass in the process, hoping to encourage her would be assailants to stick it in there hard.  The dog yesterday had been lovely,  but it would be even better to feel someone yank her hair back and pull her close with an arm around her stomach, leaving her squirming body no avenue to escape as he filled her with his hot, hard manhood.

The ribbon came free easily, and the succubus held her breath as she waited for the trap to close.

And waited.

And waited.

Qarinah let out her breath.  “Hello?” she tried calling out.  “Can anyone help me?  I appear to be completely stuck in this well!  If anyone with untoward thoughts found me like this, why, they’d be able to fulfill all of their fiendish desires with my tight, supple body…”

“Sorry love,” said Muhtadi regretfully after a few more minutes passed and it was clear no one was coming.  “Maybe next time.”

The succubus hissed in frustration and stamped her foot again.  It wasn’t fair!

“Don’t be afraid,” said the goblin, stroking the daimon’s flank.  “No fear, no fear.”

Tempest ignored him, still trying to struggle free from her bonds.  The pink haired girl was suspended in the air by all four limbs, left close enough to the ground that her nipples brushed the floor.  The white wings she had been soaring on only a few minutes past were now restrained behind her and frustratingly useless.  She hadn’t spotted the goblins until it was too late to avoid their weighted nets.  They’d brought her to the ground and then carried her away, opening a hidden door in the ground that led to this underground chamber.  The air in here was stale and musty, unpleasant to breathe in.  She could hear goblins milling all about her, feel their body heat and smell their stench.  Even if she hadn’t been tied up, being in the center of such a crowd would have been enough to make her feel claustrophobic.  Her chest was tight, and it felt like she couldn’t get enough oxygen.

Worst of all, the room was dark.  Completely pitch black.  Her eyes couldn’t adjust, and her surroundings refused to resolve into anything more than inky darkness.  She could hear and feel and smell the goblins, but couldn’t see them, couldn’t brace herself for their inevitable assault.  Time slowly passed as she twisted and fought and waited for them to just hurry up and get it over with.  Her adrenaline faded, and her muscles became sore from tension, and her frenzied struggles gradually weakened.

“No fear,” repeated the goblin after she’d worn herself out and laid limp and panting in her bonds.  “We are here to help.  Our gift to you.”

“Then let me down,” she growled.  “And pass me some ribbons while you’re at it.”

The goblin chuckled.  “No, no, not that kind of help.  This game is fleeting, yes?  A few days, then poof, gone.  We give real help.”  Tempest heard something metallic being scraped along the ground, heading right towards her head and she flinched despite herself.  But it stopped when it was directly beneath her, and she heard water faintly sloshing back and forth.  A bucket?  “Back home, your owners, they make you suck dick, yes?”

“Only if they want to lose them,” Tempest snapped.  “Why don’t I show you what I mean?”  She snapped her teeth in the direction of his voice,  hoping to catch a piece of him with her razor sharp fangs, but she found only air.  Her teeth were harder than steel and made for crunching bones.  Her first owner had thought a ring gag would be enough to keep him safe.  He’d sold her off after she converted him into a eunuch.

“Good, good,” said the goblin.  “Perfect.  We help you to be good dick sucker.”

Tempest began to tell him where he could stick his help, but she’d barely gotten a word out of her mouth when a hand grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down.  There was a flash of cold as liquid spilled into the gap between face and mask, and then her head was underwater.  The pink haired daimon thrashed, trying to lift her head back to the surface, but there were multiple hands now, forcing her to stay down.  Her lungs cried out for relief, but she was utterly helpless as the last seconds of her life ticked down.

Her powerlessness was more infuriating than ever. If she had her own skin back, even a thousand goblins wouldn’t be a challenge… but she didn’t. Thanks to that damn Skinner, it was lost to her, probably forever, and she was trapped in the form of a simple harpy. Even her owners had no idea what manner of creature they possessed.

As she slowly drowned in complete darkness, the daimon wasn’t too distracted to notice someone’s cock pushing into her dry slit, and her head thrummed with useless rage at the violation.  It wasn’t enough for these awful creatures to murder her; they had to rape her while they did it. Hands grabbed her thighs as the unseen goblin enjoyed her cunt.  Time seemed to stretch out as her consciousness faltered, making each thrust feel like it lasted a million years.  Tempest’s eyes closed for a final time.

And then hands were lifting her head up, and she was gasping, water running down her face.  “See?” said the goblin.  “Air is good, yes?  No air, no good.”  Tempest was only barely listening, all of her attention fixed on getting as much oxygen as possible, and she flinched as an unseen hand slapped her hard across the face.  “Air is good, yes?” repeated the goblin in the same light tone.

“Yuh… yes…” the daimon agreed, panting.  Her rapist was still behind her, eagerly stuffing himself in and out of her cunt, and she wiggled her ass, trying vainly to evade his thrusts. 

“Gooooood pet,” crooned the goblin.   “Smart pet.  Air is good.  And now we practice.  Sucky suck, get air.  Simple.”

Tempest tensed, expecting one of them to stick their cock in her mouth now.  Drowning or no drowning, she’d chew the greasy little thing off with a smile.  But instead, it was the water again.  The daimon still hadn’t caught her breath yet and her lungs screamed as they were suddenly denied the oxygen they were still so desperate for.   “Sucky suck,” she heard the goblin say above her.  “Sucky suck, get air.”

The pink haired woman realized his meaning then and opened her mouth to start gulping down the water.  It was cold enough to hurt and tasted stagnant, but it was a better option than drowning, and she could feel the water level sink lower with each swallow.  Somewhere in the middle of this, she felt the goblin that was raping her reach climax, his seed spurting into her suspended cunt.  He was replaced by another goblin so quickly that at first she thought it was the same one somehow still hard, but his rough shaft was shaped slightly different.

After about thirty seconds of frenzied drinking, she’d lowered the water enough to draw breath again.  “Good pet,” praised the goblin. “Good pets get good air.”  The daimon’s stomach felt bloated and awful as she swung in midair.  She’d chugged at least a quart of the stagnant water, and though she didn’t regret it for a moment, her insides felt differently.  Her stomach grumbled in protest at being forced to handle so much, so fast.

Metal scraped on the ground.  “That was good warmup,” said the goblin.  “Now sucky suck.”  Tempest found herself back underwater again.

She didn’t hesitate to begin swallowing water again, though her insides began to churn as her already full stomach was forced to make accommodations.  Ten seconds in, she felt a stab of panic.  The water level was sinking lower, just as it had before, but at a much slower pace.  This bucket, or whatever it was, was larger than the previous one.  After thirty seconds the water level was only halfway to where it needed to be, and her digestive system was rebelling.  It took everything she had to force each mouthful of foul tasting water into her throat, and she felt like a balloon being filled with too much air.  Her head pounded and her lungs burned and she realized in the moment that if she had the choice, she’d much rather be sucking cock than sucking down water.  But she had no choice in the matter, and so as her belly screamed at her to stop and her chest screamed at her to go faster, both growing louder with every passing second, she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and…

Tempest didn’t even realize that she’d passed out until her eyes opened blearily and she had a sudden and violent coughing fit. The first and most important thing that she noticed was that she could breathe again, and she gratefully drew in air as soon as her coughing stopped. The second was that her new rapist was cumming.  More goblin jizz painted her insides, and then he was gone and someone new was forcing himself into her asshole.  He was huge, but she was too tired and out of breath to do more than groan softly as her anal ring was stretched and her guts filled.

“It’s okay,” soothed the goblin in front of her.  “All okay.  We try as often as you need.  Sucky suck.”

Panic lanced through Tempest’s heart like an icy spike, and an instant later she was drowning again.  When she realized that the water level had been restored, that all her hard work earlier had been for nothing, her despair became almost a palpable thing.   Her stomach hurt more than before and her esophagus tried to refuse her, but she forced down mouthful after mouthful, overcoming her physical response through sheer force of will.  The alternative, to drown over and over and over, was far more horrifying than the pain and discomfort of force feeding herself.  Her anal rapist happily squirted his cum into her bowels, and the next started working towards the same goal.

She did it.  She did it.  She was shaking with fatigue and sweating with nausea, her belly so swollen that it rubbed the ground beneath her, but she did it, and every gasp of stale, musty air she took afterward tasted better than the sweetest wine.

“Good pet,” said the goblin, letting her lift her head back up.  “Time to empty.’  That was the only warning she received before he kicked her square in her bloated, overstuffed stomach. The daimon retched violently, and when he kicked her again, everything came spewing out of her mouth, water and bile and breakfast together.  He continued kicking her as it all spilled out, not content to stop until she’d completely emptied her stomach.

It took more than a full minute of vomiting to get it all out of her system, and Tempest groaned when it was finally over.  Both the inside and outside of her stomach felt like they’d been pounded with mallets, and her throat was ragged and hoarse.   “I’ll do it ” she rasped weakly.  “I’ll suck you, okay?”  The shame of submitting paled against the horror of being drowned again.

Was it still the second goblin raping her ass?  The third?  She couldn’t remember as she felt the spray of warm cum in her guts, followed by another thick cock sliding all the way into her jizz coated cunt on the first thrust.  Metal scraped against the ground again, and the sound elicited a whimper from the young woman before she could stop herself.  “Silly pet,” said the amused goblin.  “This not about us.  This gift for you.  Sucky suck.”

When her head plunged under the surface this time, she recognized at once that things were different: they were using salt water.  She gagged on the first mouthful and unintentionally swallowed some of it down into her lungs.  Tempest choked, her body convulsing so hard that it wrung out her latest rapist.  Before she passed out seconds later, her asshole was already stretched tight around another prick.  She woke and swallowed and drowned, and woke and swallowed and drowned, in a seemingly endless cycle.

Dazed, head pounding and whirling, in the pitch black darkness the daimon couldn’t even tell if she was above or below the surface anymore, awake or unconscious.  Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked in with everything she could muster, not even caring if it was air or water.  “Sucky suck,” she heard through the fog, and she felt grateful to the goblin for helping her know when she was being tortured and when she was being rewarded.

The salt water burned going down, as though she were drinking liquid fire.  She swallowed anyway.  Her stomach twisted up in knots at each addition.  She swallowed anyway.  Her pussy and ass ached as every rapist used them harder and rougher than the last.  She swallowed anyway.  “Sucky suck,” said the goblin, and she realized that she’d passed out again.  Back down into the refilled container, to swallow and burn and retch and ache.

“Good pet,” she heard at last, and she moaned in fear, shaking her head wildly from side to side in useless denial of what would happen next.  “Time to empty.”  A foot against her stomach.  A torrent of salt water rushing back up her throat.  A goblin kneading her ass cheeks as he became the latest to soak her womb in cum.

“Please,” she begged afterward, a broken woman.  “Please let me suck you!  Please please pleeeaaaaaaase…”

Metal scraped.   A cheerful goblin voice.  “Sucky suck.”

It was a new liquid this time, as salty as before with a stinging bitterness and an awful stench.  Tempest was disoriented and only half conscious, but she’d been a slave for two years now, and she couldn’t fail to recognize the taste: piss.  They were drowning her in goblin piss.

She had never felt more worthless in her life, more degraded.  A growing part of her hoped that the goblins wouldn’t rescue her one time, that they would have mercy and just let her die here.  But they never did.  She woke up gasping for breath again and again and again, each time given only the briefest of moments to recover, often just a single pitiful breath, before the insulting command to suck was issued again.  It was getting hard to even remember what it was like not to be drowning.  To get to breathe as deeply as she liked, as often as she liked?  Take in oxygen without having to chug and puke up filth to pay for it?  Surely something as pathetic as her didn’t deserve such a privilege.

Her other holes had become sloppy and sticky with cum.  Each time she was raped now, the current goblin would generously rake her open hole with his fingers, scraping out past loads of cum to make her slightly less disgusting for the next person to use that orifice.  The way they raped her always radiated with eagerness and excitement.  She could feel their joy at dominating her every time their hips smacked wetly against her thighs, feel how much they loved being inside her with every sharp thrust.  She was giving them all such a good time.

It felt like hours before she heard them again, what had become her most hated words in the world: “good pet.”  She sobbed in misery, half certain by now that she’d died and gone to hell, and wishing desperately to be right.  That would mean she’d earned this nightmare of darkness and pain and humiliation, that it had meaning.  It would mean her suffering had a greater purpose than amusing a pack of goblins while they raped her.

“Time to empty.”  She felt lower than a toilet as they made her violently expel her bellyful of goblin piss.  Tempest wasn’t even angry with the goblins anymore.  Why shouldn’t they treat something as disgusting as her like this?  It was exactly what she deserved.

The liquid they dunked her in next was thicker and more viscous than the others.  It tasted good, genuinely good, nothing at all like what she’d been tasting before it.  She slurped it up almost eagerly, happy to overwrite their foul tastes.  Her comparative bliss lasted for a full ten seconds.

And then the hot sauce began to work.

Tempest screamed.  Even as the liquid filled her lungs, she screamed, helpless to stop herself.  Her body found reserves of energy she’d never known she had, and wasted it squirming and howling as she burned alive from the inside.  “Sucky suck,” she heard.  “Sucky suck.  Sucky suck.  Sucky suck.”  Her stomach bulged with hot sauce as she was forced to try over and over.  She just wanted to keep her head down there and escape, but they kept yanking it back up, denying her the mercy of death.  In her mind, she begged every god she’d ever heard of for salvation, even her bastard of a father.  She would happily sell her soul to any of them for even just a few minutes of relief.  She could feel her mind slipping away from her, beaten down by exhaustion and agony and oxygen deprivation, and she welcomed it.

“Good pet.”  Her tongue and lips were both swollen and pulsing with pain.  Her skin and hair were drenched with sweat.  Both of her lower holes drooled cum, and were so sore that every new cock that penetrated her felt like it was made of razor blades and broken glass.  She’d been crying at one point, but the tears had long since dried, replaced by dead eyed resignation.  “Time to empty.”  She spat hot sauce out from one end, while a cock spat hot slime into the other.

“Almost done, good pet.”  The unexpected words confused her.  Almost… done?  The pink haired daimon had forgotten that there even was such a thing.  Hadn’t she always been here, choking and puking and burning and swallowing?  What more could there be to life?  “Next one very special,” said the goblin.  “Special batch.  Your batch.  Sucky suck.”

Thick, slimy liquid filled Tempest’s mouth and coated her face.  The goblin cum was still warm, and she didn’t need words to know it was from her.  This was the cum that they’d fucked into her one prick at a time, squirted teaspoon by teaspoon into her fuckholes and then scooped out so they could drown her in it.  Hot, sticky proof that every single one of them had conquered and enjoyed her.  The daimon tasted both her pussy and ass as she sucked down the gooey jizz, returning the goblins’ seed back to her body where it belonged.  Unlike usual, even after she’d downed enough to breathe again they didn’t lift her head back up, and she knew what they wanted from her.  She continued gobbling up their cum, slurping the remnants that had pooled at the bottom of the container, running her tongue over the sides to lap up the smears.  She couldn’t see to tell if she was done, so she just kept licking and slurping, determined to get hunt down every last drop.

“Good pet,” she heard when her head was lifted at last.  Tempest waited for the next words, and to feel his foot on her belly, but instead something hot and hard slid across her face.  “Time to show what you learned. Sucky suck.”  She opened her mouth and swallowed up his cock, sucking on it fiercely while her tongue swirled around the head and danced over the shaft.  She didn’t bite, didn’t even consider biting.  They were doing something other  than drowning her, and in that moment she loved them for it, loved them for offering her such unearned compassion.  She sucked his cock with all the enthusiasm she could muster, tasting both of her holes on his shaft as she lapped it clean, eager to demonstrate how much she appreciated them.

Even when he pinched her nostrils shut and shoved his prick down her throat, deliberately choking her, the daimon felt nothing but gratitude and love towards her kind goblin masters.  It was only natural that they deny her breath.  Breath was a reward for being a good pet.  She bobbed her head to fuck herself on his cock, ignoring the agony of its thickness rubbing against her raw and bleeding throat, and the way her insides churned and protested at the idea of swallowing even a single more drop of their filth.  Agony was just part of life.  Being used as a cum dump was just part of life.  Wanting to be dead was just part of life.

His juices spurted down her throat, adding to the collection sitting warm and heavy in her stomach, and then she was gifted a breath, a single beautiful breath, before one of the others yanked her head in his direction so he could cram his own stiff prick down her gullet.  Tempest felt so loved that she could cry.   She sucked instead, happy to serve.  She swallowed load after load after load, each adoring suckjob rewarded with an entire breath of her own.

And then it was over.  She swallowed another mouthful of cum, and instead of another thick cock sliding past her lips, there was nothing.  She drew a second breath, and a third…Tempest trembled in the darkness, scared and confused.  Why were they doing this to her?  She didn’t deserve this much!

“Time to empty,” one of them said, and the daimon sighed with relief as his foot connected with her stomach, happy to be back in familiar territory.  She did feel a fleeting sadness as all their loving cum evacuated her body.  That was the seed that they’d gifted to her holes, that they’d choked her with, that they’d allowed her to suck out of them one cock at a time.  She couldn’t imagine anything more precious.  But there was already somebody back between her legs, working hard to make more for her.  She was such a lucky pet.

There was the scrape of metal along the ground, and a warm hand on her head.  “Good pet,” said the goblin.  “Very well done.  But practice makes perfect, yes?  Sucky suck.”  And then Tempest was back in the stagnant water, choking like she was meant to.  As she began to happily gulp down their present, she realized that something wasn’t the same.  It was slightly thicker, slightly more acidic, like… the daimon retched with joy as she realized the gift they’d just given her. She was drowning in her own regurgitated water.  And when she was done, they’d do the same with the salt water, and the piss, and the hot sauce, and…  How wonderful, she thought, as she let the knowledge of what the next few days had in store melt away the last of her sanity.  How generous of them.  She would get all their cum back after all.

Vorona’s wings felt like they were going to fall off as her rapist continued taking her for a joyride.  The son of a bitch seemed to have an inexhaustible amount of stamina, and whenever he wasn’t filling her guts with one thing, he was filling it with the other.  Her bowels had begun to cramp from all the liquid he’d squirted into them, and after being wrapped around him for so many hours, her asshole felt like it might never return to normal.

She’d never flown this long before, and certainly never with such a heavy weight attached.  She felt like she was drowning in mid-air, each weary flap bringing her head back up to the surface.  She bobbled and meandered, unable to maintain a proper direction or altitude anymore.   But as ungainly and disoriented as her flight had become, she continued clenching  his cock with clockwork precision.  His knife had seen to that.  Her wings were covered in dried blood from the many nicks and gashes he’d given her, each one marking a moment where she wasn’t a perfect flying fucktoy for him.

“A single goblin,” said her father, disgusted. “All that training, all that preparation, and you’re going to be eliminated on round two by a single pathetic subhuman piece of trash.”

“Getting tired, pretty blackbird?” asked the goblin.

“Fu-gahhh!”  The garrote tightened, cutting off her angry retort.  He was relentless with that fucking thing, choking her with it every chance he got.  Her throat felt ragged and raw where the wire touched it, and her voice, when she was allowed to use it, had been reduced to a hoarse whisper.

“Forgetful blackbird,” said the goblin.  “Knows how to fly and please, but still has such trouble with manners.  Try again?”

“Pretty blackbird is tired,” Vorona croaked once the garrote loosened.  “Pretty blackbird wishes her rider would get the fuck of-guhh!”

“What to do with forgetful blackbird?” the goblin mused, not letting up.  “What to do… ahh, yes, your rider knows what you need.”  He kicked her in the side to change her direction.  “I take you to special place, pretty blackbird.  Lots of goblins there to help teach even stupidest and laziest bird.”

The raven had no choice but to keep flying as he led her towards what she knew was going to be a nightmare.  “Pretty blackbird will be so much happier when she has three riders,” the goblin told her.  “Only one is not enough.  Your rider feels sorry for your neglected holes.  Once you learn to fly with three, to please all of them in the air at once, what a wonderful sight you will be.  Our pretty flying fucktoy, clenching and sucking and thanking us for piss.”

Vorona tried to think through the exhaustion.  One goblin was a terror by himself; she had no interest in entertaining an entire rape train worth of them.  But disobeying would mean losing the right to fly in the sky forever, thanks to this fucking piece of shit and his knife. And even if she wanted to fight back, she wasn’t at all certain she could manage it while in midair. Wasn’t there anything else she could do?

The raven spotted the answer, and for the first time in hours, she smiled and used the full range of motion on her wings.  “Eager blackbird!” chortled the goblin as she sped up.  “That is good!  Many eager goblins too.  Good eager blackbirds will still have wings when this is all over.”  He kicked her side, but she ignored him and his garrote, pushing herself to fly even faster.  He kicked her again harder, with no better result.  She angled down, streaking forward to meet the waiting earth.  “Stupid blackbird,” he said slowly, amusement gone from his voice.  “Your rider is not amused.”  Another kick. “Stupid!  Blackbird!”  The ground was coming up to meet her dizzyingly fast, and she wasn’t sure if she was going to crash or black out first.

Vorona felt something pop in her arm as it made contact with the ground first.  The impact felt like running into a brick wall, only more reckless.  She bounced off, spinning and rolling helplessly through the air before crashing back down, this time on her chest.  At least my wings no longer hurt so much more than the rest of me, she thought as she bounced several more times in quick succession and ended up sprawled on her side.  She felt the bastard’s piss and cum dribbling out her asshole as she laid there, exhausted and sore. She willed herself to get up, but her head was spinning too badly to focus her thoughts. She would only need a few seconds to get her bearings, but that was time she didn’t have right now.

Stupid blackbird!” hissed the goblin angrily.  The raven lacked the strength to even turn her head to look at him, but she didn’t need to; he was stalking closer.  His face appeared in her line of vision, filled with dark rage.  “Stupid, stupid blackbird,” he said, and she cried out weakly as he knelt and began sawing at her left wing with his knife. She tried to focus on defending herself, but her head and body felt disconnected from each other. “Stupid wingless little bitch,” he said, and spat on her as he cut.  “Stupid-”

He only had a fraction of a second of warning, a quickly moving rustling of underbrush, and then the wolf burst into view, her tackle striking him square in the chest and slamming him down to the ground.  The goblin screamed as the beast easily pinned him down and ripped her teeth into him, tearing out bloody chunks of flesh. “My hero…” Vorona rasped as she watched her work.

The werewolf didn’t stop until she’d torn the goblin apart, her muzzle wet with his lifeblood.  She padded over to the fallen raven, and then her form warped.  “Are you alright, hon?” Moonshine asked, worry clear in her voice.

“Yeah, I’ll… I’ll be okay…” Vorona promised, trying to catch her breath.  “Just a little sore throat and… and some cuts here and there… and maybe a broken arm…” She tried to smile to show Moon that she was alright. “I guess I get to be… the damsel this time…”

“What the blazes were you thinking, crashing down like that?” the werewolf snapped, concern replaced with fury.  “You damn near killed yourself, and if I hadn’t been around, he woulda finished the job!”

“I saw you…” Vorona said. “On the ground, from up above. And I knew you would help.”

That brought the wolf up short, and she seemed to sag.  “Yeah, I would, wouldn’t I?” asked Moonshine, an odd note to her voice.  “Here, let me take a look at that arm.”  Vorona felt her cool fingers on her skin, her touch gentle.  “No…” Moonshine said slowly.  “I don’t think it’s broken, just dislocated…”

Her hands moved with a sudden, violent motion, and Vorona screamed as pain exploded in her limb.   “There,” said the wolf with clear satisfaction, “now it’s broken.”

“Wh-what are you doing, Moon?!” Vorona asked, panicked.  She tried to rise, but the other woman put a hand on her side and easily pushed her back down.

“I’m winning, hon,” Moonshine said with a friendly smile.  She began to untie Vorona’s ribbons, one by one, and retie them to herself.

“But, but I thought…” Vorona protested weakly, tears coming to her eyes.  No… not her too…

Moonshine giggled.  “You thought what?  That we were friends?  Lovers?”  She reached down and stroked the raven’s hair.  “See, that’s why I chose you in the first place, Vee.  Because you are so goshdarn gullible. All sweet and naive like a little lost lamb waiting to get gobbled up. To be honest, hon, I was gonna string you along a little while longer, let you collect some more points for me before I took you out, but…” She looked over the dark haired woman’s body and shrugged.  “You’re done.  Even if you manage to crawl back to the elevator, you’ll just get eliminated tomorrow.  So why waste time pretending to care?”

Vorona’s chest was heavy, and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.  It was a million times worse than the garrote had been.  “But… but why?” she managed to say.

Moon laughed, an ugly sound to it. “Here, let me help you out.  You watched last year’s game, right?  You remember Silverclaw, last year’s runner up?”  She gave a little wave.  “Hi!  Back in the saddle!”

“I… I don’t…”

Moonshine sighed, and most of the fake friendliness left her expression, leaving her looking tired and defeated.  “You know what second place is, sugar?  It’s a loser.  I would’ve been better off coming in dead last.  My owner was so furious about getting that close to victory that he spent the next half year making me pay for it.”  Her eyes took on a faraway look.  “And the rest of the year, training me to come back here… that was even worse.  Thought I was gonna die most days, but I was never that lucky.”  She shook her head. “He entered me under a different name this time, even forged names on the registration papers, because he thought I’d have a better chance if people underestimated me, thought I was just another fresh face.  And he made it very clear: I win this time, or I become meat.  Those are my only options.”

Vorona tried to stand up again, and again Moonshine effortlessly pushed her down. “You… you can have all my ribbons…” she said.  “Moon, I-I don’t care about the game…”

“Way ahead of you there, hon.”  The brown haired woman held up her arm and turned it back and forth, showing off all of Vorona’s prizes.  “And of course you don’t care now.  Neither did I, at the time.  Thought the whole thing was stupid.”  She pointed a finger up at the fake sky.  “But all them folks up there, including your owner and mine, they care a whole heck of a lot.  You think I’m the first girl to piss her master off by losing?  Way I hear it, near half the girls who go through this thing come out as meat on the other end.  They flame out too quickly and get killed for being an embarrassment, or they last longer and get killed for not sealing the deal.  Heck, if any of our owners really gave a damn whether we lived or died, we wouldn’t be down here in the first place, now would we?”

Moonshine looked away from the injured woman, and her voice turned cold.  “That’s why I’m going to do you this one favor, Vee.  Call it thanks for all the points.  I’m not gonna leave you here to get raped by more goblins, or to get tortured by your owner.  I’m going to help end this for you, right now.”  Her form warped, and a great gray wolf began to pace in a circle around the fallen raven.

“The hell are you doing, slut!” shouted Vorona’s father.  “Kill the furry bitch!”

“I… I don’t want to…” the raven said, tears flowing freely now.  She picked up the goblin’s fallen knife, her own blood still drying on its blade, but she didn’t raise it to defend herself.  It wouldn’t do her any good anyways.  A little frog-sticker like that would barely scratch the werewolf .  “Please Moon, don’t do this.  I don’t want to fight you.  You can just, you can just leave me, okay? I’ll stay here and let myself be eliminated. No matter what happens to me, I won’t be mad at you, honest…”

“It’s too late for that, hon,” said the wolf.  “It’s kill or be killed.  Has been since this game began.  And I’m not gonna be meat, Vee.  I can’t let that happen.”  She crouched low, growling, and then pounced.

Delphyne felt like a fool as she hung in midair, caught inside a mesh net that dangled from a tree branch.  She’d been so focused on avoiding the sneaking patrols of goblins and navigating the elaborate traps built around each ribbon that she’d managed to overlook such a simple trap as this.

The jangling bells attached to the mesh must have been a signal, because she’d barely stopped swinging before a trio of goblins emerged from some underbrush with leering grins.  “What tasty prey we catch?” one of them asked.

“One that would burn your mouth,” Delphyne told him.  “I have no quarrel with you or your kind.  Let us all leave this place in peace.”

They snickered.  “We don’t want to fight either, little dragon.  Just want to play!  Have good time, lots of fun games.”  The speaker reached a hand in and stroked one of her legs, the contact making her skin crawl.   “You will enjoy the games. I promise.  They all do, by the end.  And you will get very, very good at them.”

Delphyne sighed.  Well, it had been worth a try.  She flexed against the net, trying to rip it apart, but the material was surprisingly resilient and didn’t give at all. After a few tries she gave up.  Whoever had designed it had done so with supernatural creatures in mind.  The watching goblins laughed again at her failure, and one of them poked her with a stick, making her swing back and forth.  “Special net, keep prey nice and safe,” he told her.  “Keep her from hurting herself before well trained.  See?”

He spoke a word in an unfamiliar language, and the net began to shrink.  It hadn’t been comfortable to begin with, and in seconds the cords were digging painfully into her skin and still growing tighter with each passing moment. Delphyne brought her hands up quickly to stop the net from choking her, and ended up with her wrists trapped against the sides of her neck.  Her legs were in no better condition, bound together by more cords looping around from her ankles to her thighs.  Even her wings ended up pinned to her back, unable to do more than twitch.  By the time the net stopped shrinking, it had transformed into a full body rope dress.

The wicked thing didn’t just render her helpless.  One of the cords traveled between her legs, parting her lower lips as it went from front to back.  Every movement caused the rough material to rub against her slit, the reaction painful, itchy, and though she hated to admit it, slightly pleasant.  Others squeezed the bases of her bound breasts, making her modest chest swell and leaving the flesh feeling extra sensitive.  Worst of all were the ones digging into the soles of her feet, causing a ticklish sensation that only grew stronger as she involuntarily moved to try and avoid it.

She was so distracted that she didn’t notice them untying the net from the tree until she thudded to the ground.  All three goblins crowded around and began to touch her.  They slid their hands up and down and between her legs, rubbed and smacked and grabbed handfuls of the soft curve of her ass, groped and sucked and bit at her swollen cleavage.  The green haired woman squirmed in place between them, unable to keep them from exploring and playing with her body.

“Please… stop…” she managed.  “Don’t… want to… have to hurt you…”

“Aww, sweet stupid pet,” one of them said, patting her head.  “Already so considerate of her new friends.”  He grabbed a fistful of her hair and lifted her head up with it.  Delphyne gagged as he stuck a finger from his free hand into her mouth.  It tasted awful as he prodded her tongue and cheeks.  “No worry, no worry.  Only way the pet hurts us is if she bites, and pets only ever do that once.”

His cock slapped wetly against her mask, the tip already leaking precum.  “Time for the first game.  You will get lots of practice at this one.  Show how sweet you can suck, pet.”

Delphyne tried to call upon her dragonfire, but she was feeling too overwhelmed to control it properly.  There were too many sensations vying for her attention, especially when the goblin with the stick brought it down hard on her ass and made her yelp.  “We all want to play fun games with you, pet,” he said, striking her again.  “So be quick.  It is my turn next.”

Delphyne looked at the slimy green member bobbing in front of her, the wet head rubbing her lips to smear its precum on them.  It wasn’t exactly how she’d ever imagined the very first blowjob of her life would go, but she didn’t think she had much choice.  The bound woman parted her lips and took him in.

She hadn’t thought about what it might taste like, but it was far worse than anything she would’ve come up with.  He was greasy, rough textured, and smelled of sweat and urine.  She licked him slowly, trying to adjust to the new experience.  She’d never held any attraction for men, and it didn’t look like this was going to change that, but the only way out was to get it over with.

“Ooh, good pet,” crooned the goblin, both his hands tangled in her green hair now as he lightly rocked his hips. “Fiery pets are fun, but so are meek pets.  Knows her place, knows her job, earns lots of cum treats.  Need training, but plenty of time for that.  Plenty of new friends happy to help.”

He tasted less awful with every lick, but that only made her feel even more nauseated, picturing his grime sitting in her stomach.  Delphyne lapped at him, letting his body language tell her what he liked.  She found a spot on the underside, just below the plump spongy head, that made his hands clench in her hair, and she focused on it.  The sooner she made him finish, the sooner it was over.

The inside of her mouth felt like it was coated in precum by now, slick to the touch and bitter to the taste.  More of it was trickling down her throat, a precursor of what was to come.  She could hear the soft, wet sounds caused by his shaft sliding back and forth across her tired lips, feel spit and yet more precum dribbling down her chin.  It was disgusting and humiliating to debase herself like this, and for a moment she almost called upon her dragonfire right then and there, regardless of the consequences, but she fought that feeling down. She was better than that.

He gave her no warning before it happened, his prick suddenly spurting a thick wad of semen that spattered against the back of her mouth, followed in quick succession by more.  Delphyne let her mouth hang open to allow some of it to drool out, but she found herself reluctantly swallowing far more, wary of the trouble she might provoke by actively spitting.

At last he was done, and pulled out to rub his now soft prick against her hair, using it as a washcloth for the saliva and cum that clung to his shaft.  She tried to ignore the indignation sparked by the casual defilement of her body, and focused on her breathing, taking deep steady breaths, feeling the dragonfire within her.  She let every breath mix with the flames, slowly, carefully, deliberately fanning them.  A loss of concentration would mean loss of control.  Loss of control would mean the dragonfire escaping with potentially disastrous results.

She nearly let it slip when the goblin abruptly let go of her hair, causing her head to drop face first into the dirt.  The ground had grown soggy from their spilled bodily fluids, and it squished against her mask, caking her exposed mouth and eyes.  All three goblins laughed at her.  Delphyne just barely maintained control, still feeding the flames with each breath she drew.  She let them spread out, flowing through her veins to fill her entire body and suffuse her in their heat.

“Time for a good pet to earn another cum treat,” said the goblin with the stick.  Her face still buried in the mud, she couldn’t see him, but she heard him tossing the stick away as his footsteps approached.

The dragon shook her head weakly, all her focus and mental energy directed at making the dragonfire obey.  “Stay… back…” She was too close now to stop it.

“Aww, don’t be afraid, pet,” he said, unconcerned as he grabbed her hair like the first one had.  “I will not hurt you.  Just want to help a thirsty p-aaah!” He screamed and let go.  Delphyne raised her head to see him cradling his burnt hand, blisters already forming at the palm.

The dragonfire raged within her, a visible glow beneath her skin now, and then it burst free, encasing her in dancing flame that made the goblins cry out in alarm.  Every inch of her body blazed as she was transformed into a living torch.  The dragonfire greedily consumed her, burning away flesh and bone until there was nothing left but the flame itself.  The cords that had held her melted away, reduced to slag and ash.

And then the fire began to coalesce, white hot flames solidifying into green scales that gleamed in the light.  The dragonfire took on a more concrete shape, one that towered before the trembling goblins.  A winged shape that bristled with fangs and claws, and possessed a tail that swished along the ground.

Delphyne threw back her head and roared, back in her true form once more.

The dragon’s face no longer bore the mask, but she knew removing it wasn’t nearly that simple. It was enchanted to work even on creatures like her that could transform. The magic that would paralyze or kill her didn’t need the physical mask present to activate, and it would cover her features once more when she returned to her more diminutive appearance. But for now, it was just good to feel the air on her face again.

The goblins were trying to flee, and she let two of them run screaming.  The one closest to her, though, who had burned his hand touching her, him she pinned to the ground as easily as a bug.  A single paw lightly resting on his chest was enough to hold him still. She was pleased to see that her transformation hadn’t further injured the creature despite his proximity.  That was the danger inherent in drawing on dragonfire recklessly and with others around.  If she’d tried to transform while distracted earlier, she probably would have burned all three of them to death in the process.  Delphyne was a lot of things, many of them unpleasant, but she wasn’t a murderer, and she wasn’t going to let a few goblins change that.

“I can help you treat that burn in a minute,” she told her captive, who was staring up at her in horror.  “But first…” She leaned her head in close, until she was eye to eye with the cowering little man.  “Let us talk about where I could find some more ribbons.”

As the werewolf bore down on her, Vorona instinctively brought the knife up.  The beast’s form shifted in midair, and Moonshine, human once again, fell on top of her, the impact loud and painful.

For a few seconds, both women were completely still.  Moonshine’s eyes were closed, while Vorona’s were wide with horror and disbelief.  “Moon…” she whispered.  “Wha… why…?”

Moonshine looked down at herself, at the knife buried in her chest, and then she gave Vorona a gentle smile.  “Thank you, hon.  I knew I could count on you.”  She rolled off of the woman to lay on her back, the knife hilt pointing up at the sky.  Her lifeblood dripped slowly down her sides, more trickling from the wound with every breath.  “Boy, that really smarts!  Who woulda guessed that getting stabbed would… would hurt?”  She giggled.

Vorona forced her body into motion, crawling to the woman’s side.  “What did you do?” she asked.  “I… why did you change?”  Her father was screaming and ranting in her ear, telling her to just hurry up and take the ribbons and go, but she ignored him.

“I’m a real good actress, huh?” Moonshine said.  “Shoulda been on stage or something.”  She coughed and then winced.  “I wasn’t lying about being Silverclaw, or about my owner.  He really did promise  to make me meat if I lost again, and…” Her voice cracked, and the smile wavered.  “I can’t do it,” she whispered, small and scared now.  “I thought maybe I could, but I’m just not fast enough or smart enough or… I can’t win.  And I don’t want to be meat.”

Her eyes clouded with tears.  “I’ve seen what it’s like.  The things they do to those poor girls, the things they make them do to themselves…” She trembled.  “I only had one way out, and I’m sorry Vee, I’m so sorry, I, I didn’t have the courage to do it myself.  Then I saw you here and it was just like ya said. I… I knew you would help.”

“You’re going to be okay, Moon,” Vorona said.   Her eyes scanned the woman’s injury, trying to figure out what to do.  She couldn’t remove the knife without killing her, but if she left it in, Moonshine would just die more slowly.  “It-it looks bad, but you can recover!  You’ll be fine, I promise!  All you have to do is transform, alright?  You’ll heal once you’re a wolf again.”

Moonshine shook her head slowly, and the movement made her cough again.  This time some blood came up, leaving little red droplets across her flesh.  “Not a chance, hon.  I’ve been a slave for so many years, and now I finally get to escape…”  She lifted an arm slowly.  “Sorry about your ribbons… thought it would make me more convincing.  You… you can take them all when I’m gone… I ain’t gonna need them anymore…”  She gave a little giggle.  “I know I just tried to… to kill you and all, but would… would you mind doing me a favor?”

“I’ll do anything you want, Moonshine, anything,” Vorona urged, “if you just change back!

Moonshine ignored her.  “Can you… can you stay until I’m gone?  I know there’s not… not much time left in the round, but… I promise to be quick.  I just… I just don’t want to be alone when it happens…”

“Then stay with me,” Vorona begged.  “I don’t want to be alone either!  We-we can be together, okay?”

“S-sorry, hon…” Moonshine whispered.  “I can’t… can’t stay with you… It’s okay to hate me… but could…could I be selfish and… and ask you to call me Belle?  Used to… used to be my name… I think…”

“I… I’ll tell you mine if you transform!” said the raven in desperation.  “I’ll tell you everything about me and about my father and… but only if you transform, Belle!”

“That’s… almost tempting…” Belle admitted.  “But… it’s too late now… even if I wanted… too weak to change anymore…”  Her breathing was coming more slowly now, each intake seeming to take more effort than the last.

“No… no, please, Belle, please… i-it’s Nadia!  My name is Nadia!  Please… please you have to hold on…”

Belle smiled.  “It’s… it’s nice to meet you, N… Nadia…”  She let out a long breath.  “I wasn’t… wasn’t lying about… last night… either… you’re the first… first person I… I was ever with that… that didn’t hurt…”

Her mask crumbled.

Nadia hugged the fallen woman.  Her features were scarred and worn, but her expression was peaceful, and she was still smiling.

“Uh oh!” said Emmeck in her ear, his voice replacing her father’s angry ranting.  “Look out folks, looks like Moonshine has taken an early exit!  It’s a shame to see her go, but it’s good news for her pal Vorona: look at all those points!”

Nadia shuddered violently, and for a moment she almost lost control of herself completely.  But then she recovered and began gently untying Belle’s ribbons.  When she was done, she closed the woman’s eyes, kissed her softly, and then forced herself back to her feet, ignoring all of her body’s protests.

She was going to win this.  For Belle.

There was a puddle of cum beneath Seo-yun’s head by the time the second round of the gangrape was over, her hair utterly soaked in it. They’d done it all over again in this position: ten rapes of her cunt with ten sticky cocks to clean, then ten rapes of her ass with ten dirty cocks to clean. Her nipples were red and puffy from being pinched and prodded and twisted for two hours straight by every last goblin to penetrate her.  Both women were weeping by now.  Seo-yun didn’t know why the other fox wept, but she knew the reason for her own tears: because when it was over, when she’d finally fucked her fortieth cock and mouthed her fortieth load of cum for the day, she already knew that they were just going to flip them over.  It was Seo-yun’s turn to be on top and have a bouncing, eager goblin riding her ass as he raped her, Snowflake’s turn to be squashed beneath while her hair was basted in goblin jizz.

Ten more rapes of her cunt.  Ten more sticky cocks to clean.  Ten more rapes of her ass.  Ten more dirty cocks to clean.  Seo-yun had been in day-long gangrapes, but she’d never felt more fucked out in her life.  Her lower holes were so raw that they ached and burned as badly as any past rape even when they weren’t in use, and so loose that the goblins had begun finding ways to keep her tight.  They would spank her ass, pinch her clit, punch her in the kidneys, rake their nails down her back, anything to make her clench their hard cocks and get them ready to feed Snowflake more cum.  As a real fox, Snowflake’s holes must have remained tight for them like Seo-yun’s couldn’t, but they didn’t spare her from any of the abuse either, delighting in making both women bite back screams of pain so that they could keep swirling their rapists’ cum around in their mouths.

Amid all this pain and humiliation of hours five and six, a curious thing happened.  Snowflake was still fighting her every step of the way, making her defend every drop of cum she could get.  At first Seo-yun had been angry, cursing the other fox for making them both keep up this struggle.  She’d motivate herself to keep going by imagining how satisfying it would be to leave the woman to rot down here.  But as time passed, her anger transformed into sympathy.  Snowflake wasn’t doing it out of hatred. She could feel the way the woman shook in fear against her, taste the quiet tears that leaked from her eyes. She was doing it because she was scared and in pain and didn’t want to be here, just like Seo-yun.  She’d finally remembered that Snowflake was a victim in this, too.

She felt she better understood now what the other women had discussed last night, about how their captors would make them try and hate each other.  The Paradisium wanted them to forget that they were on the same side, get them to turn on each other instead of the people truly responsible for all their suffering.  Seo-yun silently swore to herself that she would not.  She had no intention of giving up and letting herself be trapped down here, but she refused to hate Snowflake for wanting the same thing.

Next they were laid on their sides.  Seo-yun was too tired to even feel horrified at the discovery that it still wasn’t over with.  Ten more rapes of her cunt.  Ten more sticky cocks to clean.  Ten more rapes of her ass.  Ten more dirty cocks to clean.  The goblins spooned them from the outside, caressing their fucktoys’ bodies in mock affection as their groins went smack-smack-smack against their hips, making the girls lift one leg up in the air so that they could be fucked at a better angle.  They had to keep that leg held up in the exact position the goblins liked; whenever they let it slip even an inch, the others would stomp on their breasts and kick their stomachs and beat the soles of their feet long after the sobbing women had corrected their mistake.  When it was time to feed them, the goblins sat on their necks and stuffed their cocks right down their throats, making both women gasp and choke as they desperately sucked the other’s scum off their rapist before they passed out. 

In the end, it was Snowflake that broke first.  It wasn’t a large or dramatic thing.  After they’d been fed their eightieth load of cum, they stood the women back up, both of them shaking and exhausted and soaked in goblin jizz.  And then they’d brought out the ropes.  When Snowflake saw them, saw that their ordeal wasn’t yet over, she’d whispered a single word before she could stop herself: “no”.  A single word, but it made the cum in her mouth bubble up and spill down her chin in a torrent.  In that single half-second moment of weakness, she’d lost nearly half the cum she’d worked so hard to gather and protect.

Seo-yun caught sight of the woman’s eyes, flat and dull, as the ropes were tied around their ankles to hang them upside down.  They both knew that was it.  While goblins began climbing on top of them so they could shove themselves into their gaping cunts, Snowflake continued their sloppy battle for cum, but the result was clear.  Ten more rapes of her cunt.  Ten more sticky cocks to clean.  Ten more rapes of her ass.  Ten more dirty cocks to clean.  For this position they’d used floggers, beating the foxes’ backs bloody to improve their pussies and assholes.  They’d connected their nipples together with clamps too, so that as their goblin rapists happily fucked them violently enough to make them swing back and forth in the air, the women would involuntarily yank and torture each other’s breasts.  Both women moaned and cried their way to fifty pussy rapes, fifty anal rapes, and one hundred mouthfuls of cum.

“Fun times, yes?” asked one of the goblins when they were done.  Seo-yun had no idea if it was the same one who’d talked to them in the beginning.  “Time to see who is lucky, and who has to leave.”  The two foxes were untied from their hanging position and forced to kneel once again while goblins brought out two large goblets.  Even after Seo-yun spat out every drop that she could into her goblet, the wretched taste in her mouth hadn’t diminished by a hair.  Her tongue and cheeks were so thoroughly coated that she was convinced nothing short of a pressure wash could clean them off by now.  She could see that Snowflake was in the same state, her previously pink tongue now a dark gray.

The goblins all cheered when Seo-yun was declared the winner.  They untied the ribbon and retied it around just her own neck, then passed her Snowflake’s goblet to join her own.  “Present for the one who loves goblin cum so much,” one of them said.  “Fill your belly with happiness before you go.”  With her hands still bound, Seo-yun had to lower her head and carefully slurp the cum out of both goblets, not daring to risk them spilling over.  While she worked through her disgusting liquid meal, the goblins got to work soaking all the cum on the floor with sponges.  They would wring the sponges out into of the goblets, sometimes refilling them so high that they nearly overflowed.  “You earned every drop,” they would say.  “Our gift to the true cum lover.”  They even wrung out her hair, her and Snowflake’s both, into the slimy goblets.

And then, finally, more than eleven hours since they’d fallen into the goblins’ trap, it was over.  Seo-yun finished licking both goblets clean, her full stomach churning unhappily, and they let her stand up and untied her wrists, pressing her discarded backpack into her hands.  It was intact, but they’d spent the day using it as a urinal, and it was still soaking wet with goblin piss and stank nearly as bad as she did.  Snowflake was still kneeling on the ground a short distance away, her head downcast.  She’d barely moved a muscle since they’d announced the winner.   A few goblins were standing by over her, clearly watching to make sure she didn’t try anything.  “Twenty minutes left” said one of the goblins.  “Plenty of time for game.”  He pushed something on the wall, and a door that she hadn’t seen before slid open to reveal a tunnel.  “Leads to stairs,” he said. “Comes out aboveground.”

“Th… thank you,” Seo-yun said.  Her mouth hurt so much that it was agony to force the words out.  “Thank you… s-so much…”  She got back down on her knees and knelt, bowing her head low to the ground, her tails splayed out behind her.  “Th-thank you, thank you, thank you…”  She swept her tails from side to side as she wiggled her butt like a good pet, thanking them over and over.

The goblins grinned at her subservience, and one of them even pet her head.  “Good fucktoy,” he said warmly.  “Good goblin cum drinker.”

Seo-yun stood up slowly.  This was going to hurt.  This was going to hurt a lot.  “I’m leaving now, Snowflake,” she told the other fox.  “I hope you’re ready for what happens next.”  Snowflake groaned at her words and slumped to the floor, face down on her cum slick stomach.  Some of the goblins snickered, many of them already hard once again.  And then Seo-yun took off, sprinting down the tunnel.

She heard goblins gasp as Snowflake’s body slid across the floor behind her.  Seo-yun’s tails weren’t nearly as strong as they used to be, and hauling the woman was a challenge even for all four of them.  She could only push forward,  forcing her tired muscles to behave while her tails gripped Snowflake’s invisible ones as hard as they could.  While she’d been thanking the goblins, they hadn’t noticed her seeking the woman’s tails out with her own, using her sweeps back and forth as a way to quest for them.  Snowflake had to have felt her grab hold of them, and Seo-yun had prayed that the woman would understand what she was planning.  She couldn’t drag the woman out on just her own power, not quickly enough to keep the goblins from catching up to them, but with goblin cum for grease…

Seo-yun ran, hearing the sounds of goblins right behind them.  She’d hoped that the tunnel would be short, but it seemed to stretch on and on.  Every time her worn out body begged her to stop, she reminded it why it was so worn out in the first place.  If they caught her, she’d spend a lot more than eleven hours down there.  But even as she willed herself to keep going, a tiny part of her was amazed that it was actually working.  She’d been tired before they’d even captured her, exhausted before the first hour was over.  It was hard to believe she could even stand right now.  But here she was, running at a dead sprint.  Even in her true fox form, without the power of her yeowu guseul she would have had trouble with a feat of endurance like this.

She didn’t have time to think about it.  She could only run and run and run.  By the time she finally reached the stairs, Snowflake had managed to get to her feet and was running alongside her.  They dashed up the steps, taking them two at a time, while goblins cursed and shouted.  At the top of the stairs was a hatch in the ceiling, and Seo-yun fumbled with it, needing several tries in her panic to properly operate the latch and swing it open.  Both foxes climbed up, above ground at last, and quickly slammed the hatch shut behind them.

Almost immediately the hatch thumped, the goblins trying to force it open.  The two women knelt on the doors, pushing them down, but the goblins kept pushing, forcing the hatch open more on each attempt as the foxes weakened.  A goblin hand managed to slip through the gap and grab Seo-yun’s ankle before she could swat it away.  “There is a fallen branch 1.3 meters away on your left,” Celeste said calmly in her ear.  “It should be of sufficient thickness to bar the opening.”

Seo-yun lashed out with her tail, pulling the stick over.  With Snowflake’s help she forced the stick through the handles of the hatch doors, and when they let go, the doors merely rattled as the goblins pushed from the other side.  After a few seconds, even the rattling stopped, and the fox’s ears caught more muttered curses as the goblins began trudging back down the stairs.  “I think… we’re safe,” Seo-yun said, panting, and then reconsidered.  “As safe… as we can get… in here.”  She let herself collapse to the jungle floor, chest heaving.

And then she groaned as Snowflake picked her up by the neck and slammed her up against a nearby tree.  “What the hell is wrong with you, freak?!” the blue eyed fox snarled.

“I… I don’t…” Seo-yun couldn’t breathe.  She tried to struggle free of the woman’s grip, but she was far too strong.  Not gumiho level, but way more than she’d expect possible from someone with her build.  Seo-yun might as well have been a child armwrestling a weight lifter.

Snowflake pulled back, then slammed her against the tree even harder, her grip on Seo-yun’s throat still like iron as it choked her.  “Did you think you could blackmail me, huh?  Push me into being your servant or slave from now on?  Or did you expect to get down on my knees and thank you with my head between your legs?”

“Just… wanted… to… help…” whispered Seo-yun, her vision going black.  She felt the familiar darkness of unconsciousness closing in on her.

And then Snowflake let go, and Seo-yun collapsed to her knees, gasping for breath.  “I didn’t need your help, freak!” she snapped.

“Didn’t… say you…did…”

Snowflake glared at her, and for a second Seo-yun thought she was going to start choking her again.  “Keep the damn ribbon,” she said instead.  “I don’t care about this worthless fucking game anyway.  This makes us even, understand? I don’t owe you anything!”

“Wait…” Seo-yun gasped.  She still had so many questions to ask.  But the fox was already stalking away, and from the way her invisible tails were kicking up dust behind her, she was in no mood to talk.

Seo-yun felt more tired than she had all day.  Whatever sort of strength she’d felt or imagined she’d felt down in the tunnel, it was nowhere to be found.  She wanted nothing more than to lay down, catch her breath, and take a nap.  But she couldn’t stay still. The goblins were probably going to take another route aboveground and come back here.  So she forced herself back to her feet instead.

“After your capture, I ceased communication because I did not think you would be successful in making it out,” said Celeste.  Her voice was as calm as it always was, but there was the barest hint of hesitation in the way she spoke.  “That was a misjudgment on my part.  I will not make it again.”

Seo-yun made an okay sign with her fingers, then tapped her ribbon.

“Many of the challengers being eliminated today still possess only a single point, so your six will be sufficient to proceed to the next round,” Celeste said, understanding her mimed query.  “I would recommend proceeding back to the elevator at this juncture.  It is 192 meters north north-west of your current position.  I will guide you.”

Seo-yun nodded and began the journey, moving as fast as her tired body could go.  She could feel injuries all over her body, and none of them were healing.  She might make it back, but she had no idea what she was going to do about tomorrow.  As she trudged forward, she glanced at her palm, the one she had cut last night, and felt her heart skip a beat.  Not enough time had passed for the cut to heal over, but there was no sign of it, and when she felt at her neck, the point where Ember’s fang had pierced her was once again unmarked skin.

She didn’t understand anything anymore.

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    1. Thanks! That was a fun scene to write, as were all the goblin scenes. Gotta make sure to prove Ember right when she said every round is worse than the last, after all 😉


  1. That moment of selflessness in rescuing Snowflake makes me like Seo-Yun even more.

    I actually have a question about one of your previous stories, I was wondering if we’d see a rewrite of Point of no Return this year.

    Again thanks to the both of you. The world building is superb.


    1. Seo-Yun is fundamentally a good person… the being that she was as a Gumiho is never who she wanted to be. Newly motivated to find herself, she’s free to be the type of person her parents raised her to be.

      Saving Snowflake couldn’t possibly have a cascading effect that trickles down or anything…

      Regarding Point of No Return… not only will you get a rewrite of the first chapter, you will get the entire story. It is written up to chapter 10, only need 2 more chapters written to finish it. I suspect it will start going up THIS month 🙂


  2. Well, it’s Friday, so…here we are.

    I’ll try and save a few thoughts for the DR review, so this will be somewhat short (on my list of thoughts, I was only able to come up with about five things to say, and I’m trying to save two of them for that review).

    So the Tempest thing was upsetting. I realize this is John’s favorite thing, and it’s happened in literally every posted story of his I’ve read. For those into breathplay, I’m sure this was the hottest thing ever, and I don’t mean any offense to you guys or to the people who enjoy this kink; I really hope I don’t come across like I’m attacking you. I’m just way outside of the target audience here, so for me, this was just a scene about a woman being drowned, forced to drink piss and even her own vomit, and having her sanity smashed into tiny shards through agonizing torture (you even use the phrasing)…

    How wonderful, she thought, as she let the knowledge of what the next few days had in store melt away the last of her sanity.

    …and because of how much you guys enjoy this kink, it felt like it went on forever. Again, nothing against you guys or the target audience; all the ones I’ve spoken with are nice people. It’s just…you know me. Mindbreak makes me sad and all, so this wasn’t fun.

    Of course, I referenced that one in the last DR review. There was one scene, however, that you both probably noticed I didn’t even hint at; that was outright conspicuous by its absence. So…Moonshine/Belle’s death.

    John’s already heard this, but for Darinost, here’s the true story of me reading that scene. I was lying on my bed reading this on my phone, being too lazy to bring the laptop over to the bed. When the scene started, I got both upset and angry at myself for giving up on my suspicion that something bad would happen (recall that I worried over how fast the relationship developed), especially since “one of them betrays the other” was one of my initial suspicions.

    When I reached the end of the scene, though, I put my phone down on the bed and released one of the longest sighs I’ve ever made. The next exhale was similar. I went to pick up my phone to finish the chapter…and I didn’t really want to. It’s not that I figured something just as bad would happen; I just didn’t really feel enthusiastic about reading the rest of it. I did start reading again a little later, and I did finish.

    I know this is a setting with an afterlife, and that when people suffer, they are taken care of, and that does mean something. It’s just…never not going to be sad.

    Finally, let’s talk about Snowflake. After her being mean to Seo-yun last time, I did smile a little at the thought of her getting dragged up that tunnel on her belly, but I’m glad she got on her feet and ran before she got too chafed up. Her grabbing Seo-yun by the neck afterward was mean, but it is also understandable, and says something about her character. Given the way the game works, and what’s at stake if she loses (much less what Mordred might do to her), it makes sense that she doesn’t understand why Seo-yun just did what she did, and may be suspicious of her motives. Hopefully that act of kindness from Seo-yun does rub off on her though.


    1. “Hopefully that act of kindness rubs off on her.”

      It does!


      “SS Ravenwolf”

      Yeah. This was never going to be a fun chapter. And there really are some major ups and down coming, too, so I fee for you.

      Offer always on the table.


    2. Belle’s end is certainly sad, but there are silver linings to it. Like she said, if she survived the game, pretty much all she had to look forward to was a slow death. The absolute best case scenario would be her continuing to live her awful life of slavery. So as far as she’s concerned, this was a good day.

      And as far as WE’RE concerned, I will reiterate that this is not the last time we see Belle. I’m not going to go into any details, but there is 100% an Outfoxed story in the works focused on the afterlife,and Belle plays a significant role in it. I don’t want to talk up her current state too much or I’ll sound like I’m encouraging suicide, but she’s definitely, concretely doing okay right now.

      Snowflake is Snowflake. Seo-yun’s selflessness is ultimately going to pay dividends, but for now Snowflake is gonna be the passive agressive munchkin she is and have a temper tantrum about it.


      1. “Offer always on the table.”

        You mean the one where I can stop reading this and go to something else and you guys won’t be upset? I appreciate that, but I’ll keep going for now. 🙂

        I do have to know, though, does it get annoying when every chapter I end up saying some version of “I feel really bad for…” and you have to keep going “No, really, she’s going to be ok”?

        If it does, and if you want, I can try and stay quiet about those feelings from now on if it’ll strain you guys less. It’ll probably come up now and then (almost for sure when you press the button), but I can probably keep it to a minimum.

        If not, though, you can probably expect to hear that like once a chapter until things start to turn around (and I know sooner or later they will 😉 )

        I will reiterate that this is not the last time we see Belle.

        Full disclosure. When you said that on the DR, I almost responded with “No, I’m pretty sure that character is not reappearing,” and then went “Oh, he’s talking about Tempest.” I really need to start going with my first impressions.

        “The absolute best case scenario would be her continuing to live her awful life of slavery. So as far as she’s concerned, this was a good day.”

        Believe me, I caught that (it’s in her dialogue and all). I was trying not to say that until I covered the scene for the DR post.

        Please don’t feel like you’re encouraging suicide. I don’t want you guys to feel bad, and I don’t think you’ve said anything like that.


        1. Yeah, that’s the offer I’m talking about. I love that your reading, and I love that it’s good enough to provoke an emotional response… I just want you to know that you have a safe word so to speak – say the word and no recriminations, you can be done.

          On that same note… HELL NO we don’t want you to stop saying how bad you feel for a character! We wouldn’t be awful things if we didn’t want people to feel bad, we’re working with smut here but we ain’t exactly writing with one hand. The goal is to feel a feeling.

          “First impressions.”

          Well, in fairness, you are right about both impressions. We’ll be seeing them both again.


        2. Not much to say that isn’t just me agreeing with John. It’s great that you’re affected by what’s going on, I just get worried – cause I do that a lot – that the low moments for these characters’ arcs will prove too much. Lone Fox 2 has the job of introducing a lot of the universe’s recurring characters, and given what kind of stories we’re telling, that means a lot of characters being miserable for now.


    3. Definitely agree with IBD re: Tempest. Much like Ying Yue, it’s always sad to see powerful women get broken down. Of course, I’m also into that, so it’s a very confusing kind of sad XD.

      Still have fingers crossed that at least a few of the ancillary villains will get terminated with extreme prejudice soon. The payoff is always satisfying.

      As Crikey would put it, Moon’s death was a bit of a “kick in the sweetmeats”, and fuuuuuck Emmeck for that snark afterwards. Demented little Flickerman-ass punk.


      1. I could agree more regarding Emmeck specifically. I know me and Darinost both never hated him more than at that precise second.

        As for brutal comeuppance… well, there might be one or two 😉

        I understand my kink regarding Tempest is… sad. But I’ll promise you what I promised him – she’s gunna be more than the ordinary amount of fine for a side character.


  3. If I may ask, could you perhaps tell me more about Belle’s past? The fact that she said that the only person who hasn’t hurt her in bed was Nadia suggests that she had a pretty crappy life since she was young and I would like to just know more about her, especially considering that we won’t hear from her for probably literally all of this story. What was her past like? How did she end up as a slave? Was she one of the slaves who were sold by their own families in order to prevent the Paradisium from just exterminating them? Who is her master? We know they treated her like trash, but what kind of training regime did they put her through? Is her owner the type to try to acquire and train slaves specifically to take part in the Paradisium, or are they just regular slave owners who, for some no doubt inane reason, get pissed off if their prize pet doesn’t get all the way to the end of the death course? She’s really one of the ones whose life story would really fascinate me and I would love to know more about her.

    On the topic of Belle however, will there be more covering the girls who have been designated as ‘meat’ by the Paradisium? I went back and reread chapter 3, and that got me nice and angry at dragon douche again. Are there owners who do take pity on the girls who are labelled meat and buy them out just to stop them from dying? I’m sure they can’t be too expensive, considering that they’re considered nearly worthless in-story. I mean, surely Jessica can’t be the only owner nauseated at their treatment. Also, does the meat designation ever get reversed? I mean, if Astaria got made meat, would her father just have thrown her to the ravenous masses and started trying to make a new child?

    Speaking of which, as there is an afterlife, is there a hell for snarky deathmatch gameshow hosts where they’re subject to torture with an annoying commentary from a even snarkier demon? In the afterlife story, can there be a chapter covering that particular layer of hell? I, for one, would be more than happy to have a chapter dedicated to tormenting Emmeck right next to one about tormenting Leverson.


    1. If I may ask, could you perhaps tell me more about Belle’s past?

      Most of this I will leave to Darinost as this was one of his characters, but we will be seeing more of her down the road… but yeah not in this story. There is a difference between Dead and Gone in a story where the afterlife has this much influence, but not THAT big of one.

      On the topic of Belle however, will there be more covering the girls who have been designated as ‘meat’ by the Paradisium? I went back and reread chapter 3, and that got me nice and angry at dragon douche again. Are there owners who do take pity on the girls who are labelled meat and buy them out just to stop them from dying? I’m sure they can’t be too expensive, considering that they’re considered nearly worthless in-story. I mean, surely Jessica can’t be the only owner nauseated at their treatment.

      Meat owned by the Paradisium is not for sale… its “purpose” as far as Karakostas is concerned is to publicly suffer as much as possible. Exceptions can be made for special clients, however.,, but they are exceptions. On the whole, trying to buy someone labeled as MEAT just gets laughed at the idea of. And… there are surprisingly few people who have a problem with the system. As Karkakostas stated when he was talking to his daughter, he’s been grooming and building this system for a long time deliberately. The people like Jessica who end up here who have problems are generally as far as it goes – they consider it morbid and gross but they guess it takes all types.

      Now of course, anyone can mark their slave as meat without necessarily giving her the Paradisium. Samantha, for example. She’s been tattooed for years now, and she isn’t there yet… because no one knows.


      Also, does the meat designation ever get reversed? I mean, if Astaria got made meat, would her father just have thrown her to the ravenous masses and started trying to make a new child?

      No, not really. I suppose some owner might mark some slave and then remove it to make a point without turning her over, but generally once meat is given to the Paradisium they don’t last long. It technically could be done in the paradisium, but I doubt Karakostas ever has, and it would be his call.

      Speaking of Karakostas… he basically has NO bluff. He absolutely will do as he threatens to Astaria if she “makes” him.

      Speaking of which, as there is an afterlife, is there a hell for snarky deathmatch gameshow hosts where they’re subject to torture with an annoying commentary from a even snarkier demon? In the afterlife story, can there be a chapter covering that particular layer of hell? I, for one, would be more than happy to have a chapter dedicated to tormenting Emmeck

      Sounds likely!

      right next to one about tormenting Leverson.

      Oh no. No no no no no no. Levinson isn’t going to hell when he dies, no.

      He’s made a far dumber mistake than that.



      1. Oh, so Levinson has committed a mistake so dire that he would be bound for a fate worse than hell? Now that is certainly something to look forwards to.

        On the meat point though, did Muhandi not purchase a girl that was marked as meat or did I completely misunderstand that part of the story? I recalled that Seo-Yun’s owners said that they bought him ‘meat’, did I completely misunderstand that passage?


        1. He did buy someone marked as meat… but as you will see, they weren’t owned by the Paradisium. Karakostas basically has no interest in asking his disposable object-lessons.

          And Levinson… well, I can’t say much but it’s not NECESSARILY worse than hell but… for him, it will be.

          HUMANS get to go to hell… but he’s not entirely human anymore. Not since he took on that marble and used it to become a Vulpan. Now… he’s something else.


          1. Ah, fair enough. I am interested in Muhandi’s new acquisition and his state of mind in general and, like I think I already said, I hope that he eventually comes to be kind to her. She’s not the green hag is she? My reading was that she’ll still be stuck inside of the arena until the end of day 5 with the dogs, but her owner did say that they wanted to make her meat. I suppose it does kind of make sense that Karakostas would not allow any way out for the ‘meat’, or they’ll probably be desperately begging everyone who walks past to purchase them into relative safety and that would completely ruin the atmosphere of the otherwise completely unobjectionable rape and torture of thinking, feeling, and sentient beings.

            As for Loserson, as long as we see him lose his teeth on the way down to whichever pit fate has planned out for him, I for one would not particularly care where he ends up.

            Though the fact that there is a Hell does make Camiel’s desperation in converting even the worst of humanity away from the path to evil make more sense.


    2. Full disclaimer: none of this is completely set in stone. I’m expecting multiple years to pass before we even start writing the novel where we see the afterlife and Belle makes an appearance, so it’s entirely possible that when we get there, some or all of her background will change to better fit the story.

      Werewolves are a nomadic and rather ostracized race in Outfoxed, somewhat like a fantasy version of the Romani. Most of the myths we know about them being unable to control themselves around the full moon or turning other people into werewolves by biting them are just urban legends and folk tales based off that prejudice. “They’re dangerous, violent creatures who can’t be trusted. They’ll turn on you and either kill you or make you one of them.” They tend to travel in closely knit packs, both for protection and comfort. Their ability to hide their nonhuman nature makes it easier than most to integrate and interact with human society a bit, but they prioritize sticking together with their own kind.

      Belle’s pack was captured by human slavers when she was only a teenager. Most of the males in the pack were killed, and what was left was sold to separate places. She ended up on her own as the property of someone who is still her current owner. Now, since you can’t remove a werewolf’s ability to transform like you can with kitsune (taking away their skin), they need to be broken into submission. In other words, if someone is willing to go out of their way to purchase a werewolf as a slave, it’s probably because breaking them down from proud wolf to beaten dog is half the fun.

      So her life from that point on was extremely unpleasant, as you can imagine. I’m not going to go over specifics because honestly if we ever get more details, it will probably be as an explicit flashback like Nadia and her 18th birthday, so I’ll save those for when we get there. And after she lost the game last year as second place, it only grew worse. Her owner is definitely one of the people more invested in the game than most, and his brilliant idea was that he simply hadn’t been cruel enough. Of course this backfired, because it led to Belle deciding that death was a better option than him.


  4. If the index isn’t lying about you handing out happy endings like halloween candy, (that’d be quite the devious knife twist if it is) then Nadja damn well better get the best ever. We’re talking ‘princess of the moon with sprinkles on her ice cream’ tier.

    I mean, usually I prefer a victory for team bad guys as a break from the nonsensical obsession writers collectively share about ending 99.7% of stories with sunshine and rainbows, especially in anything erotic because… duh, I’m here so what are my tastes?

    Nadja, though, even if I wanted every other girl on team good guys to wind up in chains and whimpering sexily at her master’s feet, I’d still want her safely hidden in a cottage somewhere with an equally cute girl or charming prince to love. Maybe both. Still on a leash and spanked crimson every other night, sure, but loving it and cuddling up by the fireplace afterwords.

    *Shoots writer a stern, expectant look.


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