Solari Eclipse 6

No one could hold their hand perfectly still. This was something that Diana had always known, but never before had she been so aware of the inherent shake that came along with using the arm’s muscles than she was with six inches of cold, sharpened steel in her mouth.

Every word, every chuckle, every breath of the Ha’Horak guard set the knife’s blade rattling against her teeth. Even the sulfurous stench of Garlic’s every exhale as he chided her couldn’t possibly distract from those frightful vibrations. Somewhere beyond the doubled image of bare steel and crossguard that swayed in her cross-eyed vision just beyond the tip of her nose, The Elder was addressing a small crowd of Ra’Horak warriors, but Diana found it hard to pay attention to anything but the deadly length in her mouth. She tried anyway.

“The two women before you,” The Elder exclaimed, sweeping his hand behind him to draw attention to the naked and cowed figures of Diana and Leona, “Have declared that I, the last remaining Elder of our order, am an enemy of man!” A wave of boos and cries of displeasure swept through the gathering. “They have declared that I am a criminal! That I have twisted our faith!”

“No!” shouted a man from the crowd, and his cry was echoed by the others.

The Elder looked out across the gathering of hardened warriors that he had gathered for precisely this reason, gathering the more loyal to him, the most hardline supporters… the ones that could be counted on the silence the others as he seized complete control of the church. He extended his hand to them, continuing his speech. “They have declared, in effect, that all of you, also, are criminals! That you too are profaned!”

More cries of dismay filled the room. “Hey, hey,” Garlic snapped, and when she returned her attention to him she found his squashed face twisted in a grimace. “Focus.” Diana felt the knife twist 30 degrees, setting the edges against her barely parted lips. Her tongue trembled as she tried to dance around the point that invaded her mouth. His countenance returned to the sly grin that he most often held as he continued, “You already know the rules for this one. So, if you want a head start on this load—” Diana refused the urge to jerk away as he grabbed her wrist and placed her palm on his crotch. “—You’ll have to do some foreplay.”

She was just thankful he’d grabbed her left hand… he probably knew that she couldn’t even make a clenched fist with her right, but whether or not he cared was anyone’s guess. Three fingers on her dominant hand were swollen and bent, barely on the mend from when Beard had broken them just a few days before. The Elder had signed off on the cruel guard’s plan to break a few of her fingers to test if her cunt really was squeezing as hard as she could… forcing her to tighten her insides as she jerking wildly in pain. After the first time, both Garlic and Tattoo had wanted to try as well, and the elder had approved. In fact, Diana wasn’t sure who had derived more pleasure from the act… him or her rapists.

“That’s right,” Garlic said as she grunted her confusion with a mouthful of steel. “Let’s show these fellows what you can do with that pretty little mouth of yours. Suck it.” He forced another inch of steel into her mouth to make his point. He actually wanted her to put on a show of blowing it. Diana bristled, but arguing didn’t seem smart with the thing jammed up inside of her, poised to savage her throat or punch its way up into her brain.

Diana began to lavish the thing with lewd licks, carefully tracing her tongue up and down the flat of the blade. Her breath was hot and heavy, and a small amount of condensation appeared to fog up the mirror-polished sheen with each exhale. Her probing tongue trembled with each swipe, toeing the line between licking the blade and slicing her mouth open. She noticed a few of the men gathered before The Elder trying to watch the show without making it obvious he was looking away from the Elder’s oration.

“I love this thing,” Garlic sighed. “Me and my father forged this together when I was just a boy.” His reminiscing was accompanied by a chuckle and a soft smile as he watched the Lunari treat his sidearm to a tongue bath. The steel wasn’t particularly dirty before, and saliva wasn’t comparable to protective oil, but he seemed content to have her shine his blade… for a while.

“You know,” he hummed. “A guy can get pretty impatient.” He began to slide the blade back and forth across her tongue, and Diana had to quickly contort her mouth in a grimace in order to avoid the razor-sharp edges from cutting through her cheeks. “I know you can use more than your tongue.”

A low growl emanated from Diana’s contorted mandibles, but the sawing blade threatened to slice her up with even the slightest change of angle. She gingerly brought her hands up, being bound at the wrists, and wrapped her fingers around his hand holding the dagger. Rather than force the dangerous weapon out of her mouth — that tug of war could have more terrible consequences for her – she only used her hands to stabilize them both as she did her best to gingerly wrap her lips around the blade. This seemed to placate Garlic, who stopped his thrusting. His grin only grew wider with the deepening displeasure that danced across Diana’s tensioned features.

The thing Diana hated most about the weeks she had spent as a sex slave was that she had begun to become a connoisseur of her own abuse… she knew just what they were after. The only good thing about sucking off a weapon like this, for example, was that it was all about the visual… it’s not like a person’s nerves were actually connected to the steel. Blowing an inanimate object meant she didn’t have to wash her tongue around the tip, trace the copious veins, or kiss the sensitive urethra.
In fact, Diana was somewhat in her element. She maintained eye contact with Garlic the whole time, her gaze overtly lascivious behind her fluttering eyelashes. She’d become used to getting guys off as quickly as possible. That was obviously in her best interest, and there were a multitude of ways to do it without being able to engage in the physical pleasure of the act. That wasn’t to say she was having an easy time of it at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Her cheeks trembled with each stroke, whether backwards or forewards, as she tried to move slowly and carefully enough to keep from opening her flesh. It required careful positioning and tempo, and thankfully her tormentor seemed content to let her eke it out, deriving some twisted pleasure from her struggle.

Idly, the thought occured to her that it was probably for the best that they’d never had her profane Leona’s sword in this way, wherever it was. She’d always had such kinesthetic sense for the thing, a natural instinct for it, that Diana couldn’t help but think that her blade was as much a part of her as her eyes or ears. Maybe she actually would be able to feel her tongue on it.

A slight wince betrayed her mistake as the inside of her cheek picked up a small laceration on a particularly vigorous downstroke. Garlic whistled his appreciation as her blood streaked across the steel under her dragging lips. “Make sure you clean that bit up,” he said. “You always gotta clean your guy off after he finishes.” Diana hadn’t dared to interrupt her display with a more intense reaction, and to her relief he didn’t seem particularly mad about the stain. She did her best to take all the blood that had stained his weapon into her mouth, mixing it with the small trickle that flowed from her cut, and swallowed it down her throat. It was warm, and provided an utterly strange sensation as the taste of iron suffused through her mouth. The dagger had been tasteless up to that point, but it was like she was suddenly tasting the metal as her salty iron-infused blood swirled through her hollowed cheeks and disappeared into her gullet.

When his blade was once again spotless, aside from the liquid sheen that inevitably covered it, she let it slide from between her lips. A small kiss on the very tip finished the show. Altogether, it hadn’t been a terrible partner — no fingers twisting through her bedraggled locks to tear at her scalp, no screaming or threats, and no choking as its girth threatened to block off her airway. A little bit of blood was honestly the best she could hope for after her attack on the group last week.

The Elder had never seemed to show any fear before, and he still refused to betray himself in such a way, but Diana could feel that they were getting closer to some cutoff point. The fear of death hadn’t had much of a grasp on her while she was imprisoned, aside from the visceral reactions of her animalistic brain as it begged for oxygen in some of her darker moments, but she couldn’t help but feel like the Elder could end things at any moment. Her resistances, all of which had ended up entirely pointless, threatened her position each time they failed. There had to be a point at which he would grow tired of her torture. Even as Garlic lowered her to her knees, the belt of his trousers already undone, she turned her attention back to the Elder’s speech as he thrust himself into her mouth.

“I have gathered here today the strongest, the most devout, the closest to the sun’s radiance,” he exclaimed. “Today we celebrate the fall of a great evil, and a righting of the natural order!”

Diana saw the pontification for what it was: a shift in the order, a new hegemony. The religious order of the Solari had always been dominated by the martial; each Rakkor on the slopes was expected to train in the arts of warfare lest their sun be extinguished by the countless heretics that plagued the world, and the best would be claimed for the temple as its own. But it hadn’t been the Ra’Horak with the secrets… been the priesthood that had held close the darkest secrets before, the existence of the Lunari and their relics, for example. When this last Elder took the elite warrior class into his highest confidence, he was eliciting a profound shift in his so-called natural order. As the highest remaining religious authority, his power would be absolute.

She noticed that her original guards — Tattoo, Beard, Garlic, and Thumbs — weren’t a direct part of the briefing. They stood aside, idly playing with the women, or like Garlic, torturing them. Those four seemed to be in the highest confidence of the Elder, perhaps making up an inner circle of the most depraved, and the strongest, if the combat prowess they had exhibited during her escape attempt was any indication. Diana didn’t doubt that she could take all four of them on at once if she had been at the height of her power with her arms and armor, but without the great equalizer of her weapon and skill with it, the men and their hulking physiques made her feel like a young acolyte again, especially given the appalling condition of her health.

If only she had been able to summon up the power that she had exhibited before… then she wouldn’t have to suck on this disgusting cock. She’d had time to reflect on it in the days since… thinking about the inexorable truth that she felt in the very marrow of her bones. She was so much more. In her empowered state the other day she realized that she had only been tapping the surface, drawing some bare fraction of a well of magic that existed beyond her understanding. But… frustratingly, that knowledge itself didn’t help her at all. She had no idea how to obtain it once more. All her efforts had failed. Diana been put into plenty of terrifying and upsetting situations, but she couldn’t figure out what she had done that time in particular to draw out her deepest abilities, as she had also done during her showdown with the Solari Elders and Leona. It was right there, she could almost feel it tingling against her skin, and yet it was so far out of reach…

Diana’s thoughts were interrupted by more raucous cheers from the assembly; it seemed that his speech was over. Diana had missed the exact explanation that he had given them of why they were currently in the canteen, set with a veritable feast complete with a roaring hearth and two naked women standing mutely in the middle of the room, but it had all been explained to her beforehand. She wasted no time leaving Garlic satisfied, balls utterly drained down her throat, to stumble over to his comrades. It was in her best interest to hurry up… she would start with a single tally already in her favor in her competition against Leona. Their awful task for the night was as simple as it was disgusting… which of them could make the most men cum during the celebration. Diana was intent on maintaining her lead at any cost… The punishments that had been alluded to seemed particularly nasty.

By the time she’d finished with Garlic and done her best to clean all of his leftover goo from her mouth, the rest of the men, maybe a few dozen in total, had settled down around the lengthy hall to feast and make merry. Diana had picked up from snippets of conversation that they were fresh off some kind of battle against a group of raiders that had invaded Mount Targon. It had been a decisive victory, apparently. She noticed that most of the men were hyper-tuned to her presence, but she had no doubt that they had understood the implicit instruction in the Elder’s description of this twisted amusement that they shouldn’t make it easy for her. In fact, she doubt that many of the men who had true faith would look upon her with anything but revulsion. She just had to break down that barrier and make them think with their dicks rather than their heads… she couldn’t let them make excuses not to touch her.

She had to be a whore.

Picking a man at random, who sat at the edge of a table, she prepared herself internally to make her move. She shuffled up to the man, still on her knees. To her surprise, he actually rose to his feet to get a better look at her instead of twisting around from where he sat. It seemed she’d gotten lucky and picked a receptive one. Her face pressed against his thigh, and she made a show of rubbing her cheek against his crotch. Thankfully, he didn’t seem in any particular hurry to throw her off. Before Diana could make herself think through the implications in that thought, she looked up at him with the best, most needy eyes could manage. “Wow,” Diana exhaled. “You’re really excited. I can smell it…”

Diana winced as the man reached down and tugged on her nipple rings, giving them a slight twist. “Come on,” he goaded her. “You’ve got to do better than that.”

Oh. Her heart fell. He was just a bastard then. Why had she ever hoped for more, even for a second? Swallowing her pride, of which very little remained in the current moment, she bent over and kissed his boots. “Please,” she begged, still groveling at his feet. She even made a show of licking his shoe leather as she continued to paw at the floor in front of him. “I can’t stand it anymore. I need your cum, right now!”

“Hmm,” he hummed thoughtfully, rubbing his chin in mock-thought. “Sounded almost like you were making demands at the end there.” Diana bowed her head even further, almost arching her back in submission. “But you did say please.” He tossed down the half-eaten roasted pheasant he had been holding, to cheers from his mates, and started to undo his belt.

Despite the show of willful stubborness to refuse her, the man’s breath was quick and ragged, obviously marred by some overwhelming lust. More important than that was the stiff tent that had appeared in his trousers. Diana froze, much like a deer in the lamplight of a stagecoach, carefully appraising whether she had properly enticed the man or whether he needed any additional coaching. That same stillness proved to be enough of an invitation to him. He grabbed Diana and pulled her to the ground, laying her on her back as he pounced on her in the same moment. He pressed the swollen head of his cock against her freshly cleaned a groomed cunt, prepared under the Elder’s strict orders for this very event. He forced it in without any kind of foreplay, and to her surprise it slipped in without too much trouble. For a moment, she was ensnared by the worry that her pussy was getting loose and ruined under the constant assaults. Then she scent of the wine he had poured on his dick reached her nose.

Without the haze of lust that would normally encompass healthy lovemaking, she gave an almost clinical appraisal of the state of affairs. She was hyper aware of the shape of his cock, and she was almost surprised, despite her understanding of anatomy, that there was no visible outline of his member on her body with how clearly she felt its girth pressing against her from the inside. He just kept shoving and pushing, determined to bottom out in the disgraced Lunari, resistance or not. Diana’s slit, finally catching up with the situation, clenched around the invading cock. The way her body squeezed, however, only drew him in further, and inevitably he fit his entire length inside. The lubrication changed nothing… it was still just as agonizing as ever, and the small splashes that fell to the ground to make an anemic little puddle beneath their rutting bodies were almost entirely of his own making.

Having finally tamed the length of her passage, the soldier was keen to take advantage. He pulled out to the tip, a task he needed to struggle with but from the look on his face it was just as pleasurable from the way her squeezing cunt gripped him on the way out. When he thrust it back in, Diana didn’t bother to tame her agonized moan as she was filled up. She could already tell that anyone who would so willingly indulge themselves in the body of a helpless heretic prisoner liked to play rough, and doubtlessly all of the men were still riding the adrenaline high of their earlier battle. With no villages for the Ra’Horak to raid in return, Diana would have to take the place of their spoils of war.

Each pelvis rocking, body quaking thrust drew out another cry from the silver-haired woman, and the man kept delivering them at a rhythmic pace that soon fell in line with the natural beat of her heart. Whatever modicum of restraint the man had was immediately thrown out the window as the triumphant warrior fulfilled the darkest desires of his faith: giving a quality dicking to a submissive and pliant hole, a repentant little heretic here to be filled to the brim. He went absolutely wild to the cheers of his mates, uncaring about the woman attached to the hole while he rutted so hard that Diana was actually beginning to get slowly pushed across the floor from the sheer force of the impacts. She was vaguely aware that Leona had begun some fucking of her own, slowly and steadily riding a large man while straddling his with her splayed legs.

Diana, despite her disgust, couldn’t just lay here and take it like a dead fish, either. That wouldn’t win… and she needed to avoid this punishment, she just had to. Instead, she wrapped her long, strong legs around him. guiding him into her with each thrust, and she nuzzled the crook of his neck like an excited puppy as he fucked her. She even managed to slip in a sugar-sweet moan between her anguish, when she could muster a breath from beneath his feverish rutting. When she sensed the man’s orgasm approaching, however, her imagination drifted towards images of her own swollen belly, joining some continuously pregnant harem with Leona as they became nothing more than breeding mares. There was a reason for that train of thought, though. Diana had felt a telltale twinge on her right side, a sharp pain lasting a minute or two each time. She knew her body well enough to have a dreadful idea what that was. The pain, originating further up than even the longest cock could reach could only mean that she was fertile… as a female warrior, she knew her own cycle intimately. It felt like a minor miracle that she hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, but she wasn’t keen to add any more swimmers to the waiting pool that was doubtlessly eagerly anticipating her egg.

She wanted to ignore it, keen on winning the competition… but as the complete stranger’s grunts began to announce his coming climax with his cock buried deep inside her and dangerously close to her fertile womb, her willpower wavered. Surely another hole would do. It’d be tough, but it was the only way.

“Please,” Diana begged. “I… I want to taste your cum…” When he didn’t react immediately, her begging took on a more desperate note. “Please, don’t cum inside me. Make me swallow it.” She released the grip of her calves around the man’s waist, praying that he would mutely follow her directions, wrapped up as he was in the throes of pleasure.

“Fine,” he grumbled, pulling out of her as he continued to jerk his tool. Diana let out a relieved sigh, righting herself slightly, ready to take his cumshot wherever else he desired. But her relief turned to confusion as he rose to his feet. With a sinking heart, she watched him take the few steps necessary to stand next to Leona as she bounced on another man’s cock. He seized her by the hair, jerking her head to the side and sinking his cock between her lips when she opened them in protest. Diana felt her heart sink as she watched her hard-won point disappear down Leona’s throat.

It seemed that the men were aware that there was a competition going on. Things were going to be a lot harder for Diana, she realized. She’d have to leverage every ounce of seduction and service skills if she wanted to come out on top. If that meant begging for men to paint her face white, empty their balls down her throat, or even breed her, that was just how it was going to be. She… she had to win. She had to. Diana dejectedly crawled back into the crowd of soldiers, already thinking up some new, raunchy lines.

Diana was only on her third man, this one bestowing the scant mercy of using her ass, when Leona encountered a particularly interesting character. Diana couldn’t help but notice the exchange, when she noticed Thumbs give one of his fellows a light shove. “This fucking guy,” he chuckled, pointing out Leona’s partner to Tattoo. “You remember him?”

“Yeah,” Tattoo replied, giving him a once over. “Good with a spear, isn’t he?”

“Heh. Spear. Get this,” Thumbs said, eyes glinting with mischief. “This guy has been in love with good Commander Leona since she was just an initiate. Guess the Rakkor slut was the first pair of tits he saw after joining up or something.”

Tattoo barked a laugh, calling out a “good for you,” to Heinrik as he went about raping the beautiful warrior.

“It’s true, Lia,” Heinrik said slowly, with measured care. “I love you.”

“Wha-!?” is all “Lia” could say, her voice thick with confusion and panic. She struggled in his arms, but he only held her closer. He bent his knees, digging his boots into the cold floor to increase his leverage, his swinging hips slowly building up speed as he raped the woman he proclaimed to love.

“I really love you, Lia,” he continued. “All this time that I’ve been watching over you.”

“Heinrik,” she said, more tears continuing to stream down her face, “What are you saying?” She was obviously confused as she continued to struggle against him, but this only spurred Heinrik to push their lips together. He kissed her deeply and passionately, and she could only whine behind her pursed lips. So much of Leona’s great strength had evaporated in captivity, whittled away by exhaustion and pain and hunger. Her struggles were pathetic.

“There,” he says, continuing to swing his hips into her. “It’s a little out of order, but now you know I speak true. All this time, how studious you were in your lessons, how stern yet gentle you could be with the young initiates, and your beautiful singing, it’s all made me fall in love with you from the moment we met.”
Diana supposed that it was inevitable that Leona would find people she knew. While she had slain quite a few of Ra’Horak during the burst of power that had slain the elders, meaning that most the crowd mustered now was full of fresh faces, there would of course be some of the old-guard that had survived the massacre still kicking… and she had been their captain. Leona apparently knew Beard’s name, and some of the Solari warriors seemed familiar with Leona as their commander. Diana herself recognized none of the men, especially since she hadn’t exactly been in the position to run in those social circles as Leona had even before their clash. She barely even remembered Heinrik, but Leona always had been the more extroverted. It was inevitable that she had picked up some admirers.

“Heinrik,” she sobbed, “No! Get a hold of yourself! You can’t do this. Please!”

“I’ve watched you grow,” he continued unperturbed. “Grow into a beautiful and graceful commander. You are kind, you are gentle, you are brilliant, and you are dazzlingly perfect. I swear to treasure you always, and to watch over you as I always have.” The whole time he spoke such romantic works, the lunatic continued to help himself to her pussy, deep strokes that gently bumped her head forward into the bottom of his chin. Leona just continued to sob, sending small, ineffectual punches into his chest with her arms bound and pressed tightly between them.

“I want you to have this,” he said as his thrusts became long and steady, the tip of his head almost slipping free before he buried his full length into her up to the balls. “All twenty years of my love. This is for you.”

Hearing the finality in his words, and perhaps attuned to what his approaching orgasm feels like after having so many loads dumped in her, she bit his shoulder. Her teeth found only a mouthful of cloth, but she ground this in between her teeth and let out sorrowful and drawn out, “Nooooo!” between her clenched jaw.

“Here it comes, Lia,” Heinrik said, stroking her hair softly. He gave one last push, hilting himself inside of her. Leona let out a strange mix between a growl and a whine while trying to inch backwards, but she had nowhere to go. Heinrik had her held tight, her own head trapped under his chin to press her down into his crotch. He let out a small grunt of pleasure, and a longer soft exhale from his nostrils. It was a gentle orgasm compared to some of the others that Leona had had inflicted on her by now, but it was no less potent for that. A steady stream of cum flowed from his throbbing dick to greet her cervix, and she hissed with every pulse of hot spunk inside of her.

“Good girl,” Heinrik said as he continued to cum inside of his life-long crush, “Good girl. Take it all.”

“Well,” Tattoo said. “We should let those two lovebirds have at it.” He came to stand in front of Diana, blocking her vision of the pair of former comrades, Heinrik’s soft utterances of “I love you, I love you,” and Leona’s tired moans the only proof of their existence to be derived from behind Tattoo’s towering, muscled form.
Peeking around Tattoo’s hip, even as he flopped his half-chubbed cock onto her face, Diana saw the Elder crouched beside Leona and Heinrik, watching intently with his hands folded thoughtfully under his chin.

“They’re probably going to be at it for a while,” Tattoo said, addressing his superior.

“I’m a romantic at heart, you know,” the Elder said. “I just want to watch their love unfold.”

Diana tended to Tattoo’s dick, but she couldn’t help but listen intently even with her vision blocked as Heinrik and Leona rutted over and over. He was quite fond of declaring his love for her aloud, and Diana supposed that he meant it in his mind, but it definitely didn’t stop him from dyeing Leona’s insides white over and over. If she was going to get pregnant, it was probably for the best that it be from the rapist that actually liked her.

The Elder had apparently decided that the dangers of letting Leona’s secret admirer partake were outweighed by the twisted entertainment his indoctrinated psyche would provide… but apparently, this was to be one of those rare instances where he’d made a mistake.

“We can’t be together,” Leona said coldly simply while Heinrik unloaded inside of her. His fourth climax, if the nearly full hand of fingers The Elder held up to Tattoo as he tucked his own sated prick away was to be believed. Leona seemed indifferent to being filled. She was either well and truly knocked up out of the virtue of sheer volume, or Heinrik was impotent. Either way, there was nothing to be done in her mind, apparently.

Heinrik finally slipped free, sitting back and letting everything he’d unloaded into his one true love slowly seep out of her abused pussy, down her thighs, and onto the cold ground. Another man strode up, placing his hand on Heinrik’s shoulder while he finished a flagon of mead.

“Brother,” he said, grinning. “Let me have a go.” Diana almost wanted to scream her objection. Why did everyone seem so eager to fuck Leona? Just because she was gods damn gorgeous? It wasn’t fair. She’d probably barely had to flutter her long eyelashes and ask sweetly, while Diana herself had to beg and scrape for cumshots in a manner lesser even to prostitutes. She wasn’t even getting paid.

“No!” Heinrik shouted, pushing aside the other man’s hand. “She’s mine!” Heinrik rose to his feet, getting in the face of the newcomer. The merriment continued, but everyone close by was watching the exchange intently. The Elder himself presented himself questioningly, fixing Heinrik with a warning gaze. “I can bring her back to the fold!” Heinrik sputtered, glancing between The Elder and the man who wanted to fuck his newfound lover. “I can teach her. Let me train her.”

The other guard tried to push past Heinrik, growling about the rules and brotherhood. He wasn’t at all prepared to defend himself when Heinrik struck him with a right hook, sending him staggering back. The room grew quiet as Heinrik suddenly collapsed, his neck hanging at an odd angle. His limp body hit the floor with a thump, giving only one final spasm before it came to rest in the shape of a twisted pretzel. All eyes were on the Elder, who stood behind the position where Heinrik had collapsed, his hand still raised and outstretched from where they had so cleanly snapped the man’s neck in one smooth motion.

“Let that be a lesson,” The Elder said, surveying the crowd, many poised on the verge of eating or drinking. “These women have fallen from grace. They speak of how we have perverted the sun’s will. There will be no redemption for them.”

“Whose idea was it to bring him in again?” Thumbs asked his buddies.

“Yours,” Beard replied, shoving a finger into his chest. “You idiot.”

Thumbs chuckled nervously, and it took on an almost frantic edge as the Elder stepped before him. Diana could see him practically sweating buckets as The Elder stood in thought. After a moment, he clasped both of Thumbs’ shoulders. “All is well,” that insane bastard said, smiling kindly. He turned and addressed the rest of the Ra’Horak, “The weak must be culled. As warriors, you know this.” He spared only a glance for Beard and Thumbs as they started to drag away Heinrik’s body. “Your former brother was not to blame for his own madness, for the hearts of men are weak and need nurturing. It falls to us, the strongest, to protect those like him against the dark.”

He grabbed a fistful of Diana’s hair from where she still knelt stunned on the ground. “These false prophets, raving and mad as they are, should count themselves lucky to receive your seed rather than your blade. So eat, drink, fuck – if you would deign to bestow such an honor upon these wretched souls – and be merry. With the excision of this sickness, we will enter a new age of triumph, and the Solari temple will be stronger than ever before!”

The men gave an immediate cheer at that, the Elder’s surety seeming to banish any lingering doubts. It probably helped that they were all battle-hardened warriors, used to death and the concept of the soldier’s lot.

“Shit,” said the man whom Heinrik had struck, rallying himself. “The Commander must be a great fuck if someone was willing to die for it.” He looked at Diana as he said this, giving her a wink. He straddled Leona’s chest as it heaved with each breath, and sunk his cock into her mouth. The Elder caught Diana’s eye, pointing four fingers at her and then six fingers at Leona. She was losing.

Seething inside, Diana found herself crawling over to a man on a bench as he enjoyed a roasted and quartered chicken. Trying to ignore just how delicious the food smelled, and how she hadn’t had a bit of real food since her capture, she summarily enticed him to take her from behind with a carefully prepared speech about how she needed her master’s cum because she’d gone into heat like a dog. As she was getting railed from behind, she noticed to her great disdain that the man Heinrik had decked had flipped Leona over and gone for a doggystyle mount as well. She found herself face to face with Leona, a measly glare the only greeting she could muster. Even that was broken as the man fucking Diana from behind pushed himself in a bit too deep and swatted her ass with enough force to immediately leaved a reddened handprint.

Diana started as she felt something warm and soft touch her lips. Her vision had suddenly darkened, her vision blocked by the tan of flesh… but it was the outside of another’s eyelids, and not the inside of her own that she was looking at. They fluttered up, and revealed deep golden irises. Initially born of a soft whimper, something that resembled a growl rose from the back of her throat as she came to terms with what she was experiencing. She was kissing Leona.

Or, rather, Leona was kissing her.

A cheer went up from a few of the nearby men watching, but Diana didn’t pay any attention to them… too focused on the soft lips and warm eyes of the beautiful girl in front of her. This wasn’t the first time that they’d kissed. The first had been the result of two much younger girls experimenting with the concept after a careful dance of giggling and half-serious joking around. The second kiss, however, was the result of a dare… something related to the novel they had stolen and read together, but her memory of that specific event was hazier. Both were years distant now, and neither had been anything like this. The growl stopped, and Diana relaxed into it… or tried to. The poundings they were both taking from behind made the positioning more than a little awkward, and more than once or twice their teeth bumped together painfully as one of the men went in with a particularly hard thrust. But for a handful of moments they never parted, Diana keenly aware of how Leona’s eyes had fluttered closed once more, the exhaled breaths that she took into her own body, and the small traces of saliva that inevitably flowed from one woman to the other.
Diana was enchanted by the kiss, even as her mind tumbled in a whirlwind of confusion and disgust. It was soft, and warm, and altogether disparate from the cacophony of bestial lusts being sated by slapping flesh and base humiliations that had surrounded them both. Kissing Leona was much different from kissing Beard, who for some reason got a kick out of the faked intimacy that came along with that oft-performed maneuver, but when she finally came to her senses, she dared to do something that she never would have done to her guards.

She bit Leona’s lip. Hard. The anger she felt finally overcame her surprise, crashing down into a swirling eddy of aggression and… and something else, something that asserted it self as she pushed Leona into another full kiss even as the Solari woman tried to retreat. Diana hadn’t drawn blood, although it had undoubtably hurt, but to her surprise Leona accepted her return kiss without further resistance. Maybe even more surprising than that was the fact was that Diana had gone in for another at all.

Their tongues swirled together this time, but Diana made sure to put Leona’s in its place all the while, pushing it back to invade and claim her mouth. Diana’s tongue traced across the top Leona’s, then roamed across her teeth to feel each opulent pearl before finally sliding across the roof of her mouth to explore every ridge. Leona accepted the invasion with good grace, letting forth a soft whimper that Diana heard even over the slapping of flesh. In fact, for a few blissful moments she barely felt like she was being raped… for a second, they could have been the only two in that room. It didn’t last, but for a single moment she could have believed it. Diana continued to feed Leona her own heated breaths, wrestling her tongue into submission and cruelly nipping at her lips. It was a savage kiss, there was no doubt, but nobody who was paying even the slightest bit of attention would be able to deny that it was passionate in a primal sort of way.

They were suddenly interrupted by a length of dick forcing its way between their lips, prying them apart finally. Errant strings of saliva still attached the two women as they came apart panting, which eventually settled over the top of the newcomer’s shaft. Diana quickly swiveled her head and almost growled at the newcomer before she came to her senses. There was… there was still a competition. She needed the most men to cum in her. Anything else was just wasting her time. If someone was going to offer without her having to degrade herself once more by begging, she wouldn’t complain.

“Here,” the new man said, waving his hips to smack his shaft against both of their lips. “You can fight over this load.”

Diana wasn’t going to give Leona a chance to steal it. She went for the cock immediately, kissing the side of his shaft, and Leona followed her lead. They sandwiched his cock between the soft pillows of their lips, licking it up and down while they continued to pepper his pulsing shaft with soft kisses. It wouldn’t have been correct to say that the two women were working in sync, but they were working together. In fact, they ended up swapping nearly as much spit as they had while kissing before as they worked his shaft. Their lips would brush lightly as they passed each other, or the tip of their tongues might touch for just a moment when they were both licking. At one point, when they both found themselves teasing his head at the same time, Diana found her lips pressed against Leona’s again, their reignited tongue wrestling giving the man they were servicing the oral lashing of a lifetime.

“I’m going to blow,” he groaned. “Someone take it.” Leona continued to rub her cheek against his rapidly swelling shaft. She seemed not to have heard him, or at least to be pretending not to have heard him. Diana briefly considered milking the man onto Leona’s face just to spite her for a moment, but being handed a point in her favor on a silver platter just couldn’t be overlooked.

Diana trailed her tongue up the entire length of his shaft before reaching the tip before she took it into her mouth and pushed against her cheek until a third of his length was buried in her. Then she sucked as hard as she could, her cheeks hollowing out until she looked gaunt. She turned her head slightly to look at Leona, who contrary to her earlier indifference to his orgasm, was watching keenly. She didn’t waver even as the man behind her announced his climax and began to fill her up. The fact that a near stranger was cumming inside of her pussy raw was less interesting to her than her Lunari nemesis.

A second later, Diana couldn’t think about it anymore as a hand reached down and roughly grabbed a fistful of her silver hair. “Here it comes, slut,” the owner of the cock in her mouth announced. “Swallow it all.” The last few words came out through gritted teeth, and then something entirely different came as well. Despite the fact that it was Diana’s mouth that was to be a home for the man’s ejaculate, it was Leona that reacted the strongest. Her eyes widened as she watched, no doubt with a perfect angle, the man’s nutsack tighten, his hips tremble, and his cumvein swell. It was almost amusing, Diana thought, to see the other woman’s pupils dilate and her nostrils flare while she breathlessly watched the man cum in Diana’s mouth. Semen surged from his engorged shaft into her hollowed cheeks, rolling in waves across her tongue before spattering against the back of her throat. Soon she had to make the choice between breathing and swallowing, and after weeks of slavery it was no longer a hard choice… her rapidly bulging cheeks and desire to win left only one real option.

With a loud and purposeful gulp, she opened up her esophagus to a cascade of disgusting alabaster spunk, successfully clearing a few liquid ounces from her mouth. Before she had any time to celebrate that achievement, her mouth was once against introduced to the slippery sludge of his ejaculate as his engorged nuts continued to pump more into the mouth of the determined cum drinker. Her swallows ramped up from hurried to frantic, but not once did she break eye contact with Leona.

When she finally took all that the man had to give and let his exhausted cock slip free, she embraced Leona in a kiss once more, mixing all of the man’s leftover semen that she hadn’t swallowed down with all of the saliva she’d built up and pushing it into Leona’s mouth… if she had to suffer it, so did the Solari bitch. As their lips separated with that parting gift left behind, Diana exhaled heavily… Then it was back to work, their momentary intimacy quickly forgotten.

She eventually lost track of how many dicks she had sucked and fucked, but the number of loads had to have exceeded a dozen. One guy she had sucked off twice in a row without stopping, and as she had been coaxing another load of his balls the show had attracted another man to take her from behind. When she’d stretched her cheeks apart, and with a come-hither gesture informed a passing gentleman that her asshole was still free, she’d found herself sandwiched between the three of them. She felt a slight sense of guilt in some insane back corner of mind at having disgraced herself so much, but what could she do?

Diana looked to the Elder, catching that hated man’s eye. He only smiled at her around a glass of wine and flashed up some fingers on his hands, performing a count. Tied. They were tied. That was unacceptable.

“This bitch has already came twice!” Someone sating himself with Leona’s body exclaimed. Diana looked over with a flash of jealousy. It seemed that Garlic had been right about Leona’s piercing… The small horseshoe that lay just beneath her clit had already wrung a few orgasms from the unwilling woman, even as she was raped repeatedly. Diana wasn’t sure whether the envy or the disgust she felt was stronger at the fact that Leona was apparently growing to accept her role as a whoreified cum-dump. She was just lying there, letting men have a go at her and getting off on it. It didn’t make any sense. Was Leona really that confident in herself?
Sure, she may have had the more enticing body, with her full bust and wide hips. Sure, her skin was still soft and supple and warm and enticing and delectable and borderline ambrosial like a summer peach. And sure, her hair was the color of the most beautiful sunset, but…

Diana quickly killed that line of thought. She wasn’t about to start envying her enemy. She’d spent too much of her life doing that very thing.

Leona had been like that practically the whole time she’d been here. Passive, uncaring, just toeing the line of each competition. It confused, and irked the hell out of, Diana to no end. To make matter worse, the hearthfire was almost out, reduced to a bed of embers and the odd piece of charcoal collapsing to ignite a few anemic flames. That was the stated end condition of their competition, and Diana hadn’t degraded herself just to lose in the home stretch. An insidious idea took root in her as she watched Leona take what was probably the last man of the night on her elbows and knees. Miraculously, it was Beard himself that was having the last course. She knew of his cruel streak, and in fact she was counting on it for her plan.

“Oh sir,” Diana cooed, sidling up to Beard as he swung his hips. “I have a proposal that may increase your pleasure. I think you’d like to hear it.”

Thankfully, Beard seemed amused by her mock politeness. “Afraid you’re going to lose?” he asked. “Is she going to lose?” The second question was directed to the Elder, who indicated that they were currently tied. “So sad, hon,” Beard said. “But I’m going to bust in this bitch right here. I don’t think my cock could stand this frigid air for even one moment.”

“Let me give you a handjob, then,” Diana requested sweetly.

“Hah, fuck off.” Beard replied. “How would you even do that? Already said I’m not pulling out. Especially not for a measly jerkoff.”

“Free my hands and I’ll show you,” she replied. Her eyes immediately went to the Elder. Beard’s did too after a moment of consideration. After a second, he simply smiled and shrugged.

“Well,” Beard mumbled after a moment, showing surprising willpower for the impulsive sadist by ceasing the rocking of his hips for a moment. “I am a bit curious, I’ll admit.” Reaching over, he undid a few straps on the bindings that wrapped Diana’s wrists together. As the buckles were loosened, she slipped the whole contraption off. The Elder watched her warily, and she noticed that Tattoo had shown up watch over her as well.

Leona had been silent that whole time, save for a few light moans, but even she asked “What are you doing?” when Diana reached for her ass. She lightly touched Leona’s anus, still dribbling reproductive excess from the men who’d used the hole that night. Tragically for Diana, she already had a fairly good sense of how fisting was actually performed. She’d been on the receiving end of it, and perfectly conscious for most of it… she understood the technique, as much as she wished she didn’t, so she bent her finger into a duck’s bill as she began shoving them into Leona’s ass. Thankfully, for both of them, it wasn’t the first thing she had taken tonight, providing both valuable stretching and lube already. What she wasn’t prepared for, though, was for Diana to keep pushing, feeding more and more of her hand up the Solari Aspect’s guts until it felt like the straining muscles of her sphincter might snap.

“What the hell?” Tattoo gasped, taking a step forward either to stop Diana or to get a closer look. As for Leona, her groan of pain had predictably escalated to a screech, especially when Diana finally reached the raised bumps of her third knuckles. That was the most difficult part of the whole operation, and Diana was predictably merciless as she used the masterfully honed muscles of a warrior, atrophied by abuse and malnutrition as they were, to pass that checkpoint. Leona screamed when Diana finally fit her whole fist inside of the woman’s ass and the sound was horrendous. Free of the pain that she had experienced during her own fisting, she picked up every vibration of the ear-splitting howl. So did everyone else in the room, for that matter.

“Holy shit,” Beard gasped. “Are you kidding me?” What he was in disbelief of wasn’t exactly the fact that Diana had shoved herself up Leona’s ass up the wrist, but rather that she dove even deeper to the point where Leona’s vaginal canal and rectum were in closest proximity just to put extra pressure on Beard’s dick buried in the former… and the Ra’Horak soldier groaned as Diana spread out her hand inside her and tried to press against the dick in her other hole, squeezing it, stroking up and down its length.

It actually worked. Diana had been hoping, but she hadn’t been sure this idea was even possible. As it turned out, almost anything was possible when you callously didn’t give two shits about the insides of the woman involved and used her body like a glove. She swore that she could feel every ridge of Beard’s dick as it slid through her weak grip, and he showed his appreciation by continuing his thrusting. Diana in turn continued her improvised handjob, doing her best to jerk off Beard from within Leona’s body. “This is insane,” Beard hissed.

Diana agreed, but that didn’t stop her. Every cry of pain and plea for respite from Leona’s went unheeded by them both. In that moment, Diana decided to put the real goal of her plan into motion, and in that same instant, test the limits of Leona’s supposed indifference to their competition. “So,” Diana said, fluttering her eyelashes at Beard. “This should count as my point, surely?”

A booming laugh emanated from deep within his chest, and his lips contorted cruelly underneath his facial hair. “You are something else, you know?” he muttered. It appeared that Diana might have a shot after all.

“I’m not strictly opposed,” the Elder admitted, having carefully watched over the whole debacle. The final obstacle was Leona herself. She had been scrambling to crawl away, her body obviously would allow no other reaction to the terrible tortures heaped upon her, but Beard’s iron grip had kept her close and accessible for Diana’s probing arm. If Leona was to muster up any sort of resistance, it would have been in that moment. When Leona’s head turned slightly, Diana cocked her ear to listen in. But when she finally did speak, it was so soft that only Diana was close enough to hear.

“S- s- sorry,” Leona whispered, turning her head to look back at Diana. It could easily have been taken as an utterance of desperation, a meaningless apology that torturers so quickly latched onto to prove guilt. Under most other circumstances, Diana probably would have let it brush past. But there, staring into her teary eyes, Diana’s arm buried deep inside of the woman and doubtlessly causing her unbelievable pain, and on the cusp of robbing her of her victory and condemning her to the loser’s unenviable fate, Diana finally saw.

Diana barely noticed Beard’s orgasm. Her hand fell still, not stroking him any longer, but the tightness was such that he apparently didn’t notice as he unloaded inside of the warm, wet, and welcoming home he’d found for his load. In fact, he withdrew before Diana did, stunned as she was. She mutely removed her hand, finding much less resistance present upon the extraction than the insertion. Leona’s gaping anus winked and trembled with pain, refusing to shrink back to its normal size after such a monstrous insertion

“Who do you think worked harder?” Beard asked, looking straight into Leona’s tear-soaked eyes as he grabbed a fistful of her hair. “You really going to let her cheat you like that?”

As with virtually every time before, Leona said no words in her own defense. Just as Diana no longer had any doubts she wouldn’t.

“I suppose our dear Leona is saying that the heretic can have the point,” tThe Elder declared. Diana’s reverie was interrupted by a round of cries and shouts. It appeared that their brutal show had drawn quite the crowd. The Elder walked up next to her, reaching for her arm before showing visible distaste and going for the other one that hadn’t been buried in Leona’s ass. Lifting Diana to her feet by the same arm, and then raising it in a sign of victory like the instructor would after a the many practice bouts she’d performed in at the temple.

“We have a victor!” The Elder announced. Another wave of cries arose, the room split by boos, shouts of dismay, and simple laughter. Diana could only watch as the crying, crumpled mess that was Leona was dragged off by a few warriors at their leader’s order. “To the hounds, goes the loser,” The Elder explained. “And the victor shall have the honor of continuing to entertain my brave warriors!” He tossed Diana forward by the wrist he had been grabbing sending her sprawling to the floor in front of the assembled men.

“So then! Who’s ready for another round?” The Elder called out, tapping a large keg at the same time. “We’ve got fresh ale, and the night is still young. Relight the fires!”

Diana stared quietly at the ceiling, mulling over exactly what she’d finally seen in those golden eyes that she detested so much. The crowd of men closed in, no longer bound by the implicit rules of the competition. They were intent on sating their lust, but Diana felt her blood suddenly rising once more as her eyes narrowed…

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