I’ll Drink to That Chapter 4

“Shy…” Poppy whispered, reaching out to shake the half-dragon’s arm. The moment she touched her grey skin, she instinctively recoiled… she was hot! It was like she was running a fever, or like she had magma coursing just beneath the skin. “Shy,” she whispered again, overcoming her hesitation to shake the woman. “Something… somethings wrong…”

Poppy was… exhausted. Her jaw ached from being open for so long, guts sloshing with the seed of a dozen men. She felt sick, sick to her stomach, and that was before she even thought about the throbbing pain between her legs and deep inside her bowels. It seemed to her like both of her holes had been completely destroyed. Her pussy was red hot and swollen, cum dribbling down from her raw-looking folds. Her anus had seen almost as much abuse, gaping and reddened, sore like it was bruised all the way inside. All of that was bad… but there was something worse. There was something wrong with her head. The sense had been growing in her for hours now, which didn’t seem possible… but just a glimpse out the window showed that the sky was black as coal. Somehow, she hadn’t realized how late it had gotten… they should have been closed hours and hours ago. She thought she had mentioned that to one of the summoners, but it was hard to remember… had she been brushed off? Why hadn’t she insisted? She wasn’t… supposed… to… what had she just been thinking about? Why was it so hard to remember, what was wrong with her?

“Fu- u- u- ckkk…” Shyvana moaned, her fingers brushing over her breasts. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, sticking out so violently from her chest like looked like small spikes. “C- Cum… more…” she groaned, the words blowing bubbles in the layer of cum laying on her mouth and nose.

“Shy, wake up,” Poppy said urgently, trying to stay quiet. This was the first time she could remember they had been left alone, and it wasn’t by much… half of the group was making some food, and the rest was tooling around behind the bar, doing who-knew-what. She didn’t… want to… attract their… what had she been talking about? She looked at Shyvana again and remembered. Wrong. Something wrong. “We need to go, Shy… wake up…”

“Look what I’ve brought!” one of the summoners said as he walked over. A second later, Poppy shrieked in surprise as someone poured a pitcher of beer over her, upending it right over her body. “Much better!” he said, smiling. “You were getting a little sloppy.”

“…more…” Shyvana moaned, her eyes half lidded as she looked up at the summoner, seemingly all but unaware of the beer sloshing off of Poppy and onto her.

“Eager little dragon slut,” the summoner said with a chuckle. “Ok, you can have more.” He grabbed onto her hair, and she let out a sound somewhere between a whine and a desperate moan as he dragged her up to her knees by her wild mop of hair before burying his dick down her throat with a wet gurgle. A second later, Poppy yelped as someone grabbed her ankle and started pulling her away.

“Where did you go?” the summoner said as he dragged her across the floor, her tits making ripping waves in the sloppy pool of beer beneath her. “All the cock is over here.”

“Please…” she moaned as she saw feet around her as she was brought back to the middle of a group of summoners.

“You don’t have to beg,” one of them said. “Don’t worry… just because the dragon is so eager doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of cock for you too!”

“Damn she’s still a mess, though,” one of the men said, lifting up one of her stockings and showing just how much of the beer and… other things… had gotten beneath it.

“So?” another said. “You’ve fucked sloppier. Just take it off.” A second later, her mouth was filled. Poppy groaned as she felt another one of the summoner’s throbbing cocks slide into it. She could taste something… plenty of cum, probably her pussy, maybe her ass, or maybe one of Shyvana’s holes… on him, linging in her mouth as his length slid across her tongue. Most of all, though, she tasted the precum dribbling from his tip, spit drooling from her open mouth. Hands were on her, pulling off what was left of her clothing while the summoner grabbed onto her messy hair and gripped it tightly, beginning to fuck her mouth with clumsy, careless thrusts, feeling her gag around his cock.

“NMmmF! Nmmf!” Poppy protested, eyes wide as she struggled for breath every time the rough, strong man bucked his length hard down her throat.

“Damn that throat is so tiny,” the summoner panted as he rammed in and out again, watching the others undress her as he fucked her face as hard as he could. “I’ve fucked virgin assholes that weren’t close to as tight as this throat, and we’ve already shoved a few cocks in here at once!” He kept thrusting, faster and faster, leaking more and more salty precum into Poppy’s mouth as he grew closer and closer, forcing his stiff and slick cock hard in and out of Poppy’s unwilling, drooling mouth.

The yordle’s blue face was nearly purple from holding her breath and crying, the sensation of gagging forcing tears out of her eyes with every shove of the summoner’s cock down her throat now that she was slightly more aware of what was going on. Wrong. This was wrong. Poppy struggled feebly, hating every second, feeling the summoner getting stiffer and stiffer as it swelled inside her until… “Ngh! GUH uh uh uh!” he groaned, exploding in her mouth after just a few minutes of brutal, rapid fucking and filling her slippery wet mouth with cum, blasting some down her throat. She was surprised by how much it burnt the back of her throat – and then by how awful it tasted, like thick, slimy paste that burned her tongue. Poppy gulped the next few spurts down hurriedly, not because she wanted more of it inside her, but just to get the taste out.

The summoner slipped his length back out, and Poppy spat violently downwards several times, trying to clear her mouth of the taste of semen. Despite her best efforts, the taste lingered, like it was permanently embedded on her tastebuds, souring everything that she’d ever eat again. Wrong. This was wrong.

“I thought we’d taught you better than that,” one summoner chided.

“Making a mess all over the floor like that?” said another. He shoved her down, wiping up the spilled cum with her hair, disregarding how messy it already was everywhere.

“When a man gives you something to swallow, you fucking swallow it!” another said with a grin.

Poppy looked up from where she lay on the floor, naked and confused and… raped. That was the word. This was… wrong, but… she felt so incredibly weak. She was completely exhausted, and it was hard to even hold onto a thought. “I had hoped you’d learned your lesson,” the summoner said again, his voice amused as he lined his pulsing dick up with her jizz-stained backside. “If you behave like a common whore… mm! We’ll treat you like one.” As he spoke, he drove his member deep into Poppy’s bowels. She groaned softly, her body jerking and tensing slightly as the anal assault began, the cum of the several other men letting the summoner slide in easily. Very vaguely she could remember the burning, stabbing pain of the first entry into her backside. This wasn’t like that. Instead, Poppy’s hole was a dull ache that seemed to stain her deep, deep inside, feeling bruised and polluted and slimed deep in her guts. Her slippery back passage was easily taken despite its tightness, the muscles weak and unable to resist as the man took full advantage of her inability to squeeze him out. 

“Mmm… You feel exquisite,” the summoner moaned, panting as he shoved his length deep in and out, heedless of Poppy’s gasps and squeals of complaint. “Such a hot little hole… but you’re supposed to be learning a lesson, aren’t you?”

Poppy was too exhausted to do much more than whimper and cry, feeling her swollen anus being invaded over and over. She just wanted to lie down and sleep forever, feeling tainted inside and out by the painful sensation of being anally raped once more. The summoner’s hand found her hips, and he huffed and groaned as his thrusts came closer together, filling the air with sloppy wet noises and grunts of pleasure. Poppy’s asshole was hot as a furnace as it gripped the cock inside her, her tight, formerly-virgin hole swollen around his length. It hugged him like a glove, milking more and more precum as he approached his peak… making it perfectly clear that although her brain still wanted to fight, her body knew its purpose… that her guts existed to be stuffed full of cock.

Poppy could tell the summoner was getting close without knowing how. Probably because she’d had plenty of make take her there already. The table he fucked her on squeaked and rocked as the man behind her began thrusting ever more erratically, humping and grinding almost mindlessly as he used her tight hole, feeling nothing but pleasure. At the same time, all Poppy felt was pain, nausea and shame. As she felt tears drip soundlessly down her cheeks, the summoner suddenly slammed himself home… and spurted deep, deep inside of her.

“FUCK YESSSSSS…” the summoner hissed, as he climaxed. “Ohh, yes…” He emptied his balls in her bowels, filling her so full of it that some of his cum was being squeezed back of that tight asshole, running back over his throbbing cock and down her thighs. He grunted, rocking back and forth as Poppy winced. When at last the summoner was finished, Poppy shuddered as she felt his length slip out of her… her backside throbbing and empty once more. He walked around to the front of her, wiping his cock clean on her face. Then he walked away, and two more summoners stepped up, and Poppy made pathetic sounds as her night continued…


One of the summoners was rubbing his cock against Shyvana’s full, round ass, chuckling as she wriggled it back and forth, trying to get him to stick it in her. He slapped one of her hot asscheeks. “Hey, bar whore! Tell us you want us to fuck you!”

“Plsh…” Shyvana slurred, her eyes dilated so wide that they looked solid black. She was drunk almost to the point of passing out, drugged to an inch of her life, and in a state of shock from all the fucking and cumming she had endured. “F- Fuck me… fuck… fuck me… fuck… m… e…”

“And what if we wanted to hit you instead?” one of the summoners asked, stepping up beside Shyvana and slapping her ass hard with his hand. “What if we’d rather make you scream?

In her drugged state, she didn’t really understand what he was saying… only that it meant that they would be touching her, would be paying attention to her. “Please,” Shyvana whispered, needy, fat tears sliding down from the corners of her big eyes and drawing paths down the cum on her face. “If you want… want to do that… that’s what I want… too…” The half-dragon looked over at the summoner rubbing his dick against her ears for approval, and when she saw him smile felt warm and wanted inside. The drugs in her system twisted her mind, polluted her will, filled her with confusion amplified by her dragonic libido. Shyvana had never had a lover, never had anyone she she sought the approval of that way before, but in her drunken, muddled state that was what the summoners seemed like. She wanted to do everything she could to make them happy. She wanted to be the best bar whore in the world.

“Don’t worry, little dragon cocksheath…” one of the summoners said with a chuckle. “We’ll do both for you.”

One summoner slapped her lush tits, leaving a red handprint on her ashen skin as one of the men behind her stuffed the head of his cock between the swollen, drooping lips of her cunt and rubbed his cock there for a second before raising his dick higher, pushing with one solid thrust that fucked his way inside her until his balls were snuggled tight against her quivering, silky, drooling pussy. The hole, still deliciously tight for them, still painfully tight for her, nevertheless yielded easily for him… stained with cum and beaten into submission, the summoners had done a fantastic job over the last several hours training her body exactly what it was there for, and the way her tight guts pulsed around his shaft gave silent but pleasant testament to that fact. The men in front of her stepped closer, rubbing their hard, leaking cocks all over Shyvana’s beautiful, exotic face and she longed to reach for them and caress them and love all of them… but she knew they had better places on her body to explore, that she shouldn’t be greedy. In short order, one of them plunged his cock straight down her throat, squirming his ass and shoving his cock until Shyvana’s pretty face was mashed into his crotch hair, tickling her nose as it was pushed nearly flat. Then the other man behind her stepped close and pushed the head of his tool against the cock-stuffed lips of Shyvana’s asshole.

“Mmmmgggrrffthhh!” Shyvana cried around her mouthful of prick. She arched her back against the hellish pressure on her ass, jerking her big, sexy ass wildly from side to side. Her asshole had been thoroughly fucked and filled with so much jizz that it was slick as greased ice, enough that as the second dick started to push out more of it flowed down the insides of her thighs. Even that much lubrication couldn’t ease the penetration of the two thick cocks into her squirming, captive, oversexed body. She squealed with pain around a dick in her throat as the second man pressed his cock into her tiny starfish, spreading the angry red hole wide enough to fit him. Shyvana gave a short, muted shriek of mingled agony and delight as the head of the man’s cock popped into her asshole, stretching the mouth of her swollen anus obscenely wide. Shyvana cried out in anguish, then moaned deep in her throat as the second summoner drove his cock to the hilt inside her.

Her long, sultry body, stretched out before the men, long cumstained legs trembling with the pain of the unnatural penetration as her poor, tattered ass fell stuffed as full as a stocking at Snowdown, stuffed so full of dick that it was stretched almost to the point of bursting wide open. Her legs felt as though they were dislocated. It was as though she was sitting on some huge wooden stake, one that was piercing every inch of her body, driving a wedge inside her that was going to split her in two.

Shyvana wanted to speak, to scream, to beg… but she wasn’t sure what she would have said if her throat wasn’t clogged with cock. She didn’t know if she’d beg them to take it out or for more. While one fucked her face as hard as he could, the other two men dragged their slippery pricks all over her face. The man on the right slapped her face with his cock, beating Shyvana’s pretty face as though he was wielding a mace instead of a hardened length of dick. The man on the left was smearing his cock all over her face, probing her nose, her ear, even bumping the slick head of his prick into Shyvana’s wide eyes occasionally. And all while the man in the center was fucking Shyvana’s throat hard enough that it seemed he thought he was pounding her soaking cunt.

Shyvana choked with every throat-stuffing thrust, but the man only laughed and wiggled his ass so he could drive his cock in deeper. He pulled his cock out and the man on the right slid his in, driving even deeper past her gullet. The center man took over slapping Shyvana’s face, smearing the sloppy mix of her spit and precum over her nose and cheeks and forehead. “You’ve always been a hottie,” he said, laughing at his own pun as he looked down on the dragon, “but you’ve never looked this good. You’re just a jizzmarked piece of canvas, and I’m painting a picture.” He slapped his dick again against her sexy, trembling face. “Your dark skin looks so amazing covered in cum little dragon… it’s your best decoration. I’m going to make you the sexiest-looking piece of meat in all of Runeterra.”

The summoner currently fucking her face agreed with a chuckle. “She is a sexy little bar whore, isn’t she?” he said. “You’re starting to learn your place yet? Tell us, you well stuffed set of holes… have you figured out your damn place in this world yet?” Almost reluctantly he pulled his spit-soaked cock out of Shyvana’s hungry lips, leaving her mouth free to answer. All three men were wiping their cocks over her face now, overwhelming Shyvana with the two feet of stiff prick that she could smell and taste and feel on her face, using her visage to pleasure themselves. They slopped fuck-lube all over her, and before long her beautiful face was soaked with their pre-cum.

“Answer me, little dragon!” one said, reaching down to grab her nipple and squeezing, twisting, pulling it away from her body. The dark nipple turned almost pale so hard did he squeeze it, faded back to an even angrier red after he let go and blood rushed back in. “What should a bar slut like you be doing every second of the day, every day of the year? What’s a big-titted, thick-assed half-dragon outcast good for?”

“B- b- beeeeeing fuuuuuuucked!” Shyvana moaned pitifully, her voice shaking from the pounding double-fuck she was getting, garbled from the triple prick-beating the men in front of her were giving her pretty face. Spit and cum clung to her lips in gooey strands. “Fu- fuck meeee. Let… let me… make… you feel… gooooood-” She groaned out, panting. “I… I-” She came again, her empty cunt spasming on nothing as her double stuffed ass pushed her over the edge, her needy, drug-blazed body jerked and twitching as she came.

“That’s right,” one of the summoners said. “We’re just teaching you a secret. This is all anyone wants from a plaything like you. You’ll never fit in, and who needs another fighter when the Institute controls war? A sexy, unique fucktoy like you should be making herself available to get fucked by anyone who wants a ride. A slut with big tits and tight holes should be using her body to serve her betters… on your back, on your knees, on all fours… however they want it. Isn’t that right!” He shoved his dick into her throat again, grabbing onto the back of her neck as he dragged her all the way forward and make her gag on it. “Isn’t it! Answer me!”

“Yech,” she spoke around his dick, uncaring how it was barely understandable. Some level of shame welled up in the half-dragon, seeing just how low and degraded she had become. It was easily crushed back down by her raging lust. “Yeeesgggggrk!” she shouted out as she writhed in sexual agony and ecstasy, two men wrecking her asshole with their brutal fucking.

“That’s right. And by the time we’re done with you, that little useless brain of yours won’t remember any of this,” he laughed, “so we need to make sure your holes remember. Remember that you’re just a slut… a cunt and an ass and a throat and a womb and a big, bouncy set of tits. We need to make sure your holes remember they don’t belong to you… they belong to any man who pays you a little bit of attention, anyone who decided he want to do you the favor of sticking his cock in a little bar whore half-dragon toy like you!” He started cumming down her throat at the same time the first of the two men in her ass did the same, and Shyvana found it easy to imagine their loads were meeting in the middle, filling her from the middle out. She couldn’t tell when one man in her ass cumming ended and the second began… it just seemed like one long, hot, pulsing load that lasted for hours until her face was clogged inside and out with cum and so was her double-fucked asshole.

The summoners let the exhausted, well-fucked half-dragon fall to the ground in a limp heap, slowly twitching. One the summoners held his fat cock in his hand, aiming it at the small of Shyvana’s back. “I mean, that’s not all she is,” he laughed as he loosed a stream of piss all over Shyvana’s bowed, silky back. “She makes a decent toilet, too.” The voluptuous beauty barely moaned as she wallowed in her own disgrace and humiliation as the piss soaked over her captive body, washing away some of the cum in the most disgraceful way she could imagine.

Another summoner laughed. “Making a bit of a mess over there?”

He shrugged. “Hey, dragon-slut. Clean up the mess.”

Slowly, Shyvana’s legs twitched… then began to move as the cum-drunk drugged champion slowly moved, shifting to dip her hair into the puddle that had formed on the floor… practically mopping it up with her hair like he had asked. She dragged it slowly back and forth until she didn’t see much mess anymore, then looked up at him, eyes wide and needy… looking for approval. For his part, the summoner just smiled at her… a smile that filed her with pride… and shame, somewhere deep beneath it that was easily to ignore. “You like being useful, don’t you?” he asked.

Shyvana bowed her head, just slightly. Even that act made her head spin a little bit. “Yes…” she said quietly. She did. She didn’t have a cock in her. That was wrong. She should have a cock in her. Maybe if she was good, one of them would fuck her? Then she would be useful again.

One of the others stepped up, grabbing onto her and lifting her up onto the bar. He stood there, looking at her, stroking his cock softly as he examined her body. “Then tell me your thirsty,” he said with a smirk. “Tell me your desperate to drink my piss.”

Shyvana’s eyes widened further, but she barely hesitated. It meant being useful. It meant them approving of her. Being useful and being approved of meant getting fucked. Getting fucked meant she was useful and they approved of her. “I… want to drink your piss.” The words were hard, but not because of that tiny nugget of shame she had left… it was just hard to speak a real sentence, even when they told her the words to use. It required too much thinking. “Anything…”

He laughed. “Tell me you love me,” he said, stepping up and slapping her face with his cock.

“I love you…” Shyvana whimpered. “I love you…”

“Finger yourself,” he commanded, continuing to slap his cock against her face. “Tell me… that you’re going to make yourself cum just thinking about drinking my piss right out of my cock.”

Obediently, Shyvana started pushing her fingers into her pussy. She didn’t really know much of what to do… she had rarely touched herself before, but she followed the men’s lead and just pushed her fingers in and out as quickly as she could, as many as she could. She would have fisted herself if she could have. “I am…” Shyvana whispered. “I will…” The summoner kept cock-slapping her, Shyvana’s face making wet slapping noises with the cum and spit and tears soaking it. “I’ll… cum… if you… let me drink your… piss…” Shyvana cried like a lost child without really understanding why as she begged.

“Keep telling me you love me, and don’t stop,” he ordered her.

“I love you I love you I lovaaagh guh ah lugh gru I-” she choked out as her delicate lips stretched around his cock, not stopping her monologue… he hadn’t told her to, after all. Then he started to piss, and she started to gurgle and choke and cough as she tried to keep talking. Shyvana coughed up piss all over her face, but she managed swallowed her first gulp. “Lgh yu,” she gasped, gurgling, choking. Behind her, someone else’s cock was shoving its way into her asshole while she retched and swallowed and tried to keep talking, slotted a huge, hard cock against the already well fucked bud of her ass and started pushing. “Lugh gyu! Ah leb vu!” The summoner’s piss tasted bitter and salty and vile, and as the first swallow of it washed down her through the dragon gagged uncontrollably. Revulsion at what she was doing and the horrid taste of the disgusting liquid overwhelmed her… but she wanted to be good. She kept swallowing. “Lovgh yugh!”

The summoners around her laughed as their bar whore disgraced herself, drinking their fellows piss right from the tap while someone else fucked his huge cock in and out of her ravaged shithole. “Such a pretty little piss drinker, one of them said as Shyvana kept swallowing, her cheeks bulging with it. The sneer of the summoner sneering down at her was all she could see, and she kept swallowing. The men cheered her disgrace, and she kept swallowing. The man behind her fucked her hard and fast, driving his cock into her so savagely that men had to hold Shyvana to keep her from being knocked over the side of the bar, and she kept swallowing. Even her well used asshole churned with the violence she was being fucked, and when Shyvana had the moment to think it about she thought she could feel it stretching wider and wider. The jolting of the brutal fuck caused Shyvana to let some of the piss droll out and spill down her face and over her chin, but the summoners didn’t seem to care. The urine tasted so foul that something deep in Shyvana wanted to vomit with every gulp she took… and even as the monstrous cock still hurt her tight rear with penetrations so brutal that she felt as though her back was being broken, she kept speaking. Kept saying that she loved him.

He finished pissing before the man in her ass came, but she only had time to speak with a clear voice for a few seconds before someone else took his place in her mouth. Then another, and another. The man fucking her ass came and was replaced with another, giving her cunt the treatment she needed. “Here, lets give the whore something really good to drink,” one of the summoners said, nodding to one of the others. Together, they pulled out their cocks and pushed both into her mouth at once, sharing spaces inside her hot, drooling mouth. Then they started pissing themselves, making Shyvana gag and cough as her mouth became impossibly clogged with their urine. She gagged on the salty, base flavor, but she gulped down the piss as though she couldn’t get enough.

She was still drinking piss, still telling the men that she loved them, over and over again, the man fucking her occasionally changing, until she at last fell unconscious and fell off of the bar, landing in a pool of cum and piss and dirt that had accumulated beneath her. However, she had hardly landed before one of the summoners aimed his cock at her beautiful face and started pissing. The broken, drugged half-dragon came back to consciousness drowning, her mouth filled with hot, stinking piss, her face soaked. When she woke, tasting the bitter piss, she gagged weakly. “Love… you…” she gasped as her world began to fade again, only coming back to consciousness as some of the summoners spat on her some more before several of them stopped fucking Poppy long enough to pull out their cocks and piss all over her sleek, sexy body. Shyvana whimpered with shame and disgust… and senseless, broken lust and need… as the men soaked her ashen body with their stinking yellow piss. Consciousness was quickly fleeing, her system having taking about as much as it could. The last thought Shyvana had as she passed out into a slumber she wouldn’t be roused from was to hope they continued fucking her while she slept.

After all, it was all she was good for.

Poppy whimpered miserably as she laid on the table, broken, sore, and totally fucked. After Shyvana had passed out on the floor, the summoners had stopped paying attention to her, other than to occasionally use her twitching, unconscious body as a latrine… all of them payed attention to her now, focused exclusively on using her body whenever they weren’t drinking or eating and otherwise making a mess of the bar. Poppy wanted to object. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry out, to force them out, to defend herself… but she was just too worn out to even fight back as the latest of the many summoners walked behind her, shoving her forwards off the table she was laying on into the waiting arms of another summoner.

She would have screamed, but instead she barely ended up gasping as she was pushed, exhausted as she was. The summoner caught her before she could fall to the ground, laughing as he manhandled her smaller body. Poppy trembled, heart pounding, hating that she actually felt a flash of gratitude for being caught and not being allowed to simply fall. That lasted only until she felt him spreading her well-fucked ass cheeks with his hands. The summoner easily pulled them apart, and with a whimper, Poppy felt his hard member, dribbling with precum as it was rolled up and down against her crinkled exit hole.

“N… not… again…” she whispered, swallowing hard, heart in her throat. “It… it feels like… it ri-rips me apart… please…”

The summoner moaned softly at her protests, and Poppy swore she could feel him getting harder against her. Poppy winced as she heard him spit onto his dick, and then she felt the summoner’s thick, throbbing cock probing at her anus. With her eyes pinpricks of horrified anticipation, Poppy gasped in pain as she felt him drive his member forwards into her… every single time hurt like the first time for the too-small blue girl. Too tight still to be taken quickly, the summon had to push himself in slow but he was irresistibly firm as he slid in inch by inch, making her feel every bit of the penetration.

“Uuugh,” Poppy groaned. “Out… take it… out…”

The summoner grunted, slowly sliding his cock out, but Poppy felt tragically sure that he wasn’t obeying her moaned begging… instead, he was just enjoying the tight friction that grasped him. Unfortunately, she was right… after he had pulled back to the head so just her sphincter wrapped around the tip of his cock, the summoner curved his spine and thrust, plunging his cock hard into her ass and completely filling her rear end with his hot, hard meat. She screamed, swearing she felt her stretching anew around the too-thick intrusion, barely even feeling the tears rushing out of her eyes as she pleaded and sobbed incoherently for the violation to end.

Every single time was like this… Poppy wanted to curse her nature as a yordle, the timeless immortality of her frame. It was like the damage they did to her, stretching her, simply didn’t stick… the next man to fuck her would find her just as tight and welcoming as the first man. This man took her as aggressively as any of them, sliding in and out of her tight, hot hole, the friction burning agonizingly on every thrust in and Poppy felt certain she was tearing… but she wasn’t. And the next one would feel just the same way. And so would the next. Tears rolling down her cheeks, Poppy was limp in his arms on the floor as the summoner’s cock swelled inside her as he raped her, felt his balls slapping against her as his thrusts pounded her backside. Sobbing, wailing, pleading, she was forced to endure it as the big man fucked her ass, grunting and huffing on top of her as his orgasm got closer and closer.

The rest of her wasn’t being ignored either. Her small feet were especially popular, and the fact that they had been long since coated with cum didn’t dissuade anyway… they just wiped the sloppy girl off and proceeded to fuck the soft soles of her feet as eagerly as the summoner pounding her asshole. A hand seemed like it was constantly on each of her breasts, and she couldn’t remember the last time her nipples weren’t being pulled or twisted and squeezed for five consecutive seconds but it must have been a million years ago. She wasn’t even sure how long she had been fucked for by the time the length inside her swelled up fit to burst and throbbed, once, twice, three times before it began spurting hot fluid into her. She moaned defeatedly as it pumped up somewhere deep, deep inside her, her bowels slowly filled with warm, burning, salty fluid… just one more load into the well-fucked yordle.

She felt his cock being drawn slowly back and forth as he emptied his whole load inside her, a seemingly endless amount of cum that made Poppy whimper and shudder with each fresh spurt into her. Her rectum felt horribly stretched around the invader, and she cried out once more as he suddenly yanked his cock back out, hard. Poppy felt her anus gape slightly, some hot liquid spilling out – before it closed back up, swollen and sore from its recent use. Then he was gone and someone else was on top of her, turning her over, sliding his cock between her tits while someone else fucked her pussy. Poppy could do little but lay there like a ragdoll tossed constantly between rapists to rapist, too weak to resist, too desirable to ignore.

Then one of the summoner’s stood before her… holding her hammer. “So, this is yours, huh? A little big for you, isn’t it?” It was… it was the one that seemed like he was in charge, wasn’t it? What had they called him? Kenlam? “Doesn’t seem so special to me.”

Poppy’s eyes went wide, panic burning away much of the drugged confusion and giving her a tiny burst of clarity. “No! Put it down! You’ll die!” She started sobbing, suddenly emotional… the drugs wrecking even the heavily resistant yordle. “You’re not the hero! They always die when they try to use it!”

The summoner laughed. “I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine,” Kenlam said with a snicker. “You know… it occurs to me. Did you ever wonder if you might be the hero you’re looking for?”

Poppy just kept sobbing. “That’s ridiculous…” she wept. “Please, put it down before something terrible happens…”

“Well, I want to experiment,” Kenlam said with a chuckle as the next summoner settled between her spread legs, his throbbing erection slapping against her sensitive blue cleft. Poppy whimpered, gritting her teeth as she felt his fat cockhead smearing slippery precum against her outer folds, joining the wetness that was evidence of the last shots of cum that had been forced up into her body. Kenlam was stroking his cock idly as he set the hammer down next to her even as the other summoner began to push the end of his member hard between her folds, spreading them around it. Poppy was still just as tight as the first time and between the pain and her terror at the hammer she felt herself hyperventilating desperately, dizzy with her drugged, panicked reaction as his hips slide slowly forwards, stretching her cunt around his invading member.

Poppy saw Kenlam start moaning too, and her eyes widened. “Oh God please, please, no, don’t,” Poppy begged, knowing the words had no power but she was desperate, hoping that maybe the summoner would take pity on her and stop it. Instead, his cock jerked and spat him load of cum all over the head of her hammer, painting the relic of the Hero of Demacia with his seed. Poppy wanted to cry and scream and fight. Instead, she just stared in a drugged haze as her pussy was ripped open by a thick cock forcing its way inside of her. Poppy shook with pain as the summoner slammed his hips forwards hard, his length easily slipping into her clenching quim.

“Maybe the issue,” the Kenlam said as the other summoner began pulling his cock back and slamming his hips home, rocking back and forth hard as he fucked her, “is that you were just using it wrong. Maybe, instead, you should be trying to use it with your tongue.” He pushed it closer to her. “Or I suppose you can just leave my cum on it.”

Weeping, Poppy pushed her face closer and started lapping over the surface of her best friend’s hammer, shame coursing through her as she did. He had trusted her with it… he had given it to her, made her promise she would find the hero it was supposed to be given to… and she had let this happen to it? The only distraction from her shame and humiliation was pain as she kept getting fucked, Poppy continuing to squeal like a stuck pig as she felt the summoner’s cock dragging her insides back and forth and it entered her over and over.

Poppy did her best to drag her tongue over every surface on the hammer, cleaning the summoner’s filth off of it, but she almost had to break down weeping when a second man came over and started jacking off with her loose, sloppy hair until he came all over it as well. She wanted to give up. Instead, she started licking faster.

The summoner fucking her rolled over unexpectedly, laying Poppy on top of him. She moaned as it made the thick cock inside her shift, filling her completely with his hardness. Poppy had to strain to get her face back to the hammer and keep licking, humiliation and effort making her whole body shake as the summoner’s erection pounded into her pussy over and over. She didn’t even notice at first when someone walked up behind her, but even after she did she was too busy licking and in too much pain from between her legs to protest. Then the yordle felt the summoner on her back, sandwiching her between the two of them.

Poppy squirmed uselessly as she felt his hardness against her well-used backpassage. “Ohh…” she begged, her face pushed against the hammer. “Please… you don’t have to- NGH!”

She cried out as she felt the second summoner slam home with incredibly eagerness and violence, burying himself deep inside Poppy’s tight hole. Not all the way… she had already grown tight enough again to make that difficult. Poppy heard him moan with pleasure, pumping his hips hard as he fucked frantically to wedge himself deeper inside her. The motions rocked Poppy back and forth on the summoner beneath her, fucking her on his hard length still buried deep in her pussy, and banged her head over and over again the hammer as she kept trying to ineffectually lick it clean.

Distracted by the pain and the humiliation and men touching her everyone, Poppy didn’t realize that she had lost track of Kenlam until she felt people moving around behind her, people jostling for position as she kept being fucked. Then, for just a second it stopped… and she could feel another cock pushing against the hard ring of muscle around her asshole.

“Wha-!” she tried to protest, but the man beneath her grabbed onto both of her bulging tits and squeezed hard enough that Poppy started gasping. “You… can’t!” Poppy said weakly. “That’s not… what are you do-” Her words became scream as the determined summoners, working together, pushed the second cock past her tight entrance. It took several attempts to make Poppy’s asshole accept both cocks at once but eventually both heads had popped inside her ass and shortly both were going deeper, stuffing into her already stuffed hole. As they moved deeper, her ass was stretched even more to accommodate the thicker middle sections of their cocks.

Poppy felt completely overwhelmed, taken beyond screams, beyond begging, beyond even moving. She felt breathless, like the words and the very air was being fucked out of her… she couldn’t do anything but tremble and shake and flop aimlessly like a fish dumped on the shore. Just feeling the two cocks inside her ass was such a huge dump of too many sensations to even process for Poppy, and that was even before any of the summoner’s started to move. Two other summoners jacked off onto the hammer, and just just lay there, not even seeing it as she was stuffed and her mouth gaped wordlessly. Then, slowly, one of the summoners began to pull out a bit and then slide back inside her. Then the other. Then the first again. Slowly, but gradually growing faster, both men were fucking her asshole at once.

Poppy didn’t even recognize herself… she was making noises that she was pretty sure she – or any yordle – had never made before in history. Two big cocks filling her little asshole, no matter how gently used, would have stretched her beyond the point of all reason, even without her cunt being used as well… and it was, and they were not gentle, and she was quickly getting completely out of control. She gave herself up totally to the extreme and overwhelming set of sensations of this unique triple-fucking. As the summoner’s cocks were driven into her over-stretched hole, Poppy limbs lost even their tiny will to flop and twitch and practically went ragdoll limp. Poppy no longer had any control over what was happening to her at all, or even her body’s reaction to it – it was like her brain was completely turned off.

Poppy felt horrifically stretched, having never imagined this kind of agony. Every thrust was hell, and she sobbed as she convulsed around them both, massaging their cocks unintentionally with the spasms of her painfully stretched holes. Men grabbed onto Poppy’s arms and hair to hold her up while she was fucked, her holes stuffed so impossibly full that she rather expected her stomach to be bulging. Each thrust seemed to fling her slightly in the air as if her entire limp body was trying to escape the terrible intrusion and just fly away, but there was absolutely nowhere for the drugged yordle to go as her holes were stretched to their limit and beyond, practically torn apart by cocks. It felt like she was having a baby or two, through both ass and cunt at once.

The summoners thrust again, fucking her now with all the strength in her body. “There we go!” Poppy heard Kenlam say. “How do you like that, you big-titted yordle plaything? Did you ever imagine it would end like this for you when you decided to grow those knockers of yours?” Poppy couldn’t answer even if she wanted to. She could feel every inch of the cocks inside her, feel every bump and ridge and vein and hair like it was a fingerprint against her holes, so tight were their stretched over the dicks. Poppy shivered uncontrollably, going into shock, spit drooling out from her parted lips.

“You want this to end?” Kenlam taunted her. “We can do this forever. We aren’t finishing until you clean that hammer, completely.”

Something in that registered with the yordle. Offered an escape, any escape – no matter how degrading – her mind latched onto it. Anything was better than continuing to be fucked like this. She forced herself forward. Before, Poppy had lapped at the hammer out of duty and shame. Now she did so with wanton, slutty desperation… horrifically needy to get every bit of cum in her mouth and off the hammer at all costs while the summoners laughed at her. They took turns holding and squeezing and slapping and pinching and pulling Poppy’s full, silky tits. Poppy’s big soft tit kept swinging across her chest with each hard slap, hard enough that her drunken mind assumed they would be pulled entirely off her body. The men laughed at Poppy’s pitiful licking and moaning and crying and defiled body, enjoying the process of watching her get fucked.

“Damn she’s TIGHT!” one of the summoners said eagerly. “I’m not gonna last much longer!”

“Hammer’s clean enough,” one of the summoners agreed. “Go ahead… fill the blue slut up.”

Focused entirely on their own pleasure, the summoners fucked her. The man beneath her rocked his hips upwards again and again as he drove his thick, throbbing length home into Poppy’s virgin-tight pussy. He snarled as he felt his own orgasm approaching, hardness tensing more and more, as the other two pounded poor Poppy’s backside.

Then, almost as one, they all came. Deep in her ass or pressed against her womb, everyone’s cocks jerked and shook and spasmed, even more fluid spilling deep inside of her. The summoners growled and rocked and sighed as they pressed firmly against the delirious yordle, enjoying the way her tight body clenched on them as they rode out their orgasm. Poppy threw back her head in a sobbing howl of distress – and quickly found it crammed full of a summoner’s cock. Shocked, she looked up at him with mindless desperation, but her sad, hopeless eyes meeting his apparently just pushed him over the edge, and a moment later, he throbbed in her mouth, milking his cock down her throat with his hand. Poppy gulped and spluttered, moaning as she felt the first of the two cocks withdraw from her backside. As newest summoner pulled away too, leaving her mouth empty but full of his musky taste, Poppy swallowed… feeling his seed mingle with what was just on her hammer, feeling sick to her stomach. Finally, she felt the last two summoners finish with her, the last one rolling her her over as he gave her a few last pumps into her cunt before pulling out. He slid his cock out of her now sloppy pussy, leaving her to whimper and cry softly, totally ruined, feeling sore inside from the rapes she’d endured at the hands of the summoners. He stood with the others, towering over the desecrated, defeated yordle. Poppy sobbed, completely defiled, feeling all holes stained with recent cum and aching with the abuse. It felt like… her dreams and life and purpose dying. The cum inside her was so hot and it was everywhere, and she could do nothing about it but softly weep.

“Fuck, she’s fantastic,” Kenlam said as he watched their cum dribble out of her fucked holes.

“Kinda a bit of dead fish now, though,” one said regretfully.

“Oh, that’s ok…” Kenlam said with a smirk. “I know just how to liven her up. Put her on the counter.”

The men easily lifted Poppy up, the yordle all but incapable of resisting any longer. It was surprising when she found them actually tying her up with the ruins of her and Shyvana’s clothing since she couldn’t conceive of being able to resist… she couldn’t even remember second to second that she was supposed to be trying to. Still, they bound her so she couldn’t do much more than squirm as Kenlam dragged her hips over the side of the bar, making both of her lower holes available.

“Go ahead and fuck her,” Kenlam said.

Complaints about her being worn out and unresponsive aside, it certainly didn’t take long for another man to find his way into her pussy. He slammed to the hilt in a single thrust, the wetness of her recent rapes overcoming her inherent tightness and letting her be defeated once more in an instant. Poppy didn’t even groan… she just shook back and forth, her tits rocking as she was fucked yet again.

“She is a bit boring,” Kenlam admitted, “But we can fix that. Now, there’s a secret to make a worn out slut all energetic again…” Smirking, the summoner grabbed onto her hair. Then, with a smirk, he tied her stocking around her neck and began to sinch it like a leash as he repositioned her on the bar… until she was right beneath one of the kegs. “Bottom’s up!” he said… and then flipped the tap open.

Poppy’s eyes went wide as dark beer covered her head, her nose, her mouth, and she was suddenly unable to breathe. Fear clawed at her throat, and despite her exhaustion Poppy began to thrash… just the way the summoners had known she would when they had decided to tie her up. Every second or two, she could catch a breath for a fraction of a second, never a big one, never enough of one as the beer sloshed over her. Poppy’s mind screamed with only partly rational panic… the churning wet gurgle of the beer deafened her to the summoners talking, to their laughing, to everything but the sensation of being fucked and gasping for breath – it made everything seem unreal.

Mindlessly, Poppy struggled, blinded by the dark brew that she had happily served the summoners earlier, drinking down multiple gasps of it as she tried and failed to get her breath. Her heart thundered like a one of Piltover’s steam pistons as her brain declared in panic that she was about to drown… like the summoner was just raping her to death.

Poppy didn’t know that she was getting enough oxygen to survive, and even to stay conscious… she couldn’t think about it, couldn’t think about anything but the second second, the next whisper of air as she was beer-boarded and raped senseless. Insanity seemed to beckon, warm and inviting, but neither it not unconsciousness would come as she was trapped in a never-ending cycle of being fucked and being just a drop away from suffocating.

Then… Air! Blessed air! The bear was gone. Poppy took great ragged breaths, fast and frantic as she looked up at the summoners… and found a different one between her legs that she remembered. Had he already cum? She hadn’t even noticed. How many might have fucked her? Then, as Kenlam moved around her, she realized that the reason she was able to breathe now, the reason she was able to see now, was only because the keg was empty… and he was replacing it with a new one.

Poppy wanted to beg. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. But all of those required air that the yordle simply couldn’t spare.

Then the beer started coming down again. Over the waterfall of liquid, she couldn’t even hear her own heartbeat and gasps for breath, let alone anything else as she was fucked, each thrust shifting her just slightly. That was what let her breath, some distant part of her mind told her… each time one of them thrust inside her, it moved her mouth and nose just a bit out from under the spigot and let her catch a gasp of air. Each time a cock forced its way against her cervix or into bowels literally granting her life.

Poppy writhed on the table, a clenching, squeezing, choking hole for whatever one of the summoners was currently raping her. Hands on her breasts were a distraction, cocks on her feet and her bound arms and her tits were a distraction. Everything was a distraction, and none of it mattered as the beer covered her head, slowly drowning her as she rode out one summoner after the next with her clenching pussy.

Some distant part of the drifting, incomprehensible terrible she was in every second left her wondering how long it had been since her last breath. Hours? Days? Her vision was dark and filled with flickers whenever it wasn’t completely covered by the dark brew, her world narrowed down to a single point, the solitary burning sensation in her lungs. Pain, pleasure… what difference did they make compared to the desperate need for air. The keg ran out again. She breathed as much as she could. Then she was submerged in the next one… and over and over and over again.

Poppy wasn’t sure how many times this cycle repeated… three? Five? Ten? Five hundred? No answer would have surprised her. Eventually, as the last dregs of one keg emptied to leave it drop drip dripping down on her forehead rather than over her mouth and nose in a breath-stealing torrent, she realized that she wasn’t being fucked by a summoner anymore… or at least not one of their cocks. Kenlam sat at the bar, idly fucking her with the handle of her hammer, using it like a dildo to fuck her asshole. She didn’t even have enough presence of mind left to feel shame about it… she just was expecting her breath to be stolen again any second… but it wasn’t.

Eventually, the summoner stood and walked around back towards her head… Poppy starting to hyperventilate in terror, sure he was going to change kegs again and resume drowning her. Instead, he opened her mouth and slapped his cock against her lips before he pushed in. “If you don’t want me to change the kegs again, give my cock a good suck, blueberry,” he told her as he softly stroked her beer-drenched hair. “The best suck any man has ever gotten.”

Poppy did.

She had no skill… but she had no shame either, and desperate enthusiasm was a match for any courtesan’s technique it seemed. There was nothing dignified, refined, or talented about the way she used her mouth or throat to pleasure Kenlam… she sloppily fucked her own head back and forth as hard as she could, choking, gagging, slobbering, all the time knowing well that no matter how little she could breath it was so much better than the alternative. The purple-faced, exhausted, beaten down, crying yordle with tears running down her beer-soaked cheeks as she sobbed gave him the best enthusiastic throatfuck he could ask for, panting hard on his cock and balls the whole while. And when he painted her throat with cum while she had her hammed stuck deep up her ass… Poppy actually wanted to thank him for the reward as he walked away, and left the exhausted, overwhelmed yordle to finally pass out.

Poppy woke with the worst headache of all time… it felt like every yordle in all of Bandle City had spent the night drumming on her head. She reached up to massage herself… and found that one of her hands didn’t move. Odd. She massaged her temples and found her hair stuck to her face in sloppy disarray… and as she was coming awake, she was realizing that she was nothing even approaching comfortable, either.

Then she remembered.

Poppy tried to leap up… that was a mistake. Not only was she bound in place, but her throbbing head punished her severely for even thinking about moving like that. The world swam and Poppy needed to close her eyes tightly and just breath for long minutes to avoid being violently ill. The bonds on one of her hands had been cut at some point, but the rest were still there. Opening her eyes at all was an agonizing process, but slowly she managed even though it felt like the light was trying to stab her eyes.

Her hammer was still inside her.

As quickly as she could without making her head move more than absolutely necessary, Poppy undid her bindings and, with a small sob, she pulled the hilt of her hammer out of her tight asshole, noticing with disgusting that pooled up cum leaked out of her as she did. Slowly, she let herself down off the counter, realizing that she was standing in a puddle on the floor stained with piss and jizz and beer, and she held her head trying to remember.

People had come in here, and they had… they had raped them. They had raped them both. People. Yes, people. A group of people. A group…

Her head was swimming. She couldn’t remember.

It would come back to her later, she was sure. She hoped.

Wait, it had been both of them…

Filled with panic, Poppy scrambled around the counter and almost paid the price as her head throbbed again, making her wobble on her feet and almost pass out, but she forced herself to keep going until she found Shyvana. The bar was a wreck… the floor covered with the littered remains of bottles and food and her feet stuck to it with each step, not even wanting to think about what she was stepping on. Chairs and tables were flipped over, more than one of them broken. Shyvana was halfway buried beneath a toppled chair. The buxom half-dragon was asleep on the floor still, naked as the day she was born and absolutely reeking like a latrine as Poppy grabbed her arm, shaking it. “Shy!” she said… too loud. It made her head throb. “Shyvana!” she whispered, as loud as she could without wanting to die. “Wake up! Something… something’s happened, something…”

Slowly, Poppy’s hands drifted down as her eyes did the same… noticing how swollen Shyvana’s belly was with the urine and beer and other things they had made her swallow made her realize something horrific. yordles were more in tune with the natural world by default than humans were, and… and…

She grabbed her own belly in horror… and then sank down to her knees sobbing at the life that she felt growing there.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Drink to That Chapter 4

  1. I already told you John but this one’s perfect. You have completely vandalised these lovely ladies in most entertaining way possible. DAP on Poppy is absolutely glorious and so is making Shyvana their piss container. I do not regret comming it in the slightest.


  2. Poor Poppy. Very hot, but poor Poppy T.T The beer-boarding hit me hard because not only is she an innocent victim here, it’s much closer to pure torture than almost everything else they’ve done. Even similar stuff like drowning Lissandra or using the collar on Sejuani was for the long term purpose of breaking their spirit, not to simply make them suffer. Usually their focus is on their own sexual satisfaction with the side effect of causing pain+humiliation, like the double anal. But in this case, it’s reversed: they’re deliberately and directly causing pain+humiliation with the side effect of making her a better fuck. It’s a subtle distinction, I know, but one that elevates it in my mind to something far crueler than their normal actions.

    I’m already picturing the fanfic where Poppy uses magic on the fetus to track down its father, and from there goes on a revenge spree of castrating each and every one of these jerks with her hammer. Unlike most of their past victims, they haven’t broken her spirit and don’t have any blackmail material. The only thing stopping her from finding out if her hammer can fit up their rectums just as “easily” as it did hers is not remembering who they are. But let’s be honest: given how many high profile targets they’ve gone after and their supreme self-confidence that there will be never be any consequences to their actions, I can’t imagine it’s all that difficult for someone capable and determined to find them.

    It can take place after all the other Runeterra Rape Squad stories. As far as I’m concerned, whichever story ends up being the last in the series, five minutes after it’s over Poppy arrives to fuck some people UP 😉


  3. Well, it was a lot of fun suggesting it as Poppy is one of my top favorites among champions and while I would be very opposed to harming her lovely body permanently, as if cutting ears (hello Seo-Yun 😛 ), beer-boarding proved a lovely idea to get my pretty midget forced upon.
    I did not plan any consequences for Rape Squad, even if it is over-the-top, I didn’t want to go overboard with champions roster as not to make it “they fuck everyone in the League and nobody knows it”, but the ones they have, well, they’re in for a long time.
    Poppy and Shyvana did not get it that bad actually. Sure both of them end up being mothers but these lovely ladies are most likely one-time-use, unlike Sejuani who’s probably taken right now while choking on that helpful accessory.
    Currently have one more arc to this story planned with John, most likely last one, but I do not reserve myself right to have anyone else reading it form his own thoughts, so if you deserve Kenlam and his company deserve their dicks and faces bashed with some hammer for their vile actions, smash away!
    I do have this kind twisted justice myself where I want villains to get some of their own medicine in the long run. However as for me Rape Squad folks are mostly minor offenders, they think too much with their cockheads than actual heads but besides that, they aren’t as evil as say, Levinson, Rouf or yours little cheater Jordan.


  4. So for now I’m sorry Darinost but no official punishment is planned for them. I can’t exactly promise however that a certain lovely redhead will not get abused the next time you hear about these culprits.
    But please, while I might be considerate towards my not so little pack of horndogs, don’t be so considerate towards Yuki 😛


    1. Oh, that’s alright, I don’t need anything official. As long as there isn’t a canon “and then they all lived happily ever after and never paid for their crimes”, I’m cool with just slotting my personal head canon in as the epilogue for myself 🙂

      All I’ll say about Yuki is a promise: there will come a time where she would EAGERLY agree to go through everything Shyvana and Poppy do here combined, every night for a decade, if it meant avoiding her actual fate. 😉


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