Roadmap for the next Months

So, I hope everyone is staying healthy! I wanted to let everyone know what stories are coming, what to expect and when.

Recently, I completed one of the commissions in my queue, I’ll Drink to That. It will have a follow up in the fall that should completely the storyline of Runeterra Rape Squad for the commissioner. It has been replaced with another story from my queue, involving Lux from League of Legends.

Regarding commissions, two of my commisioners were out of commissions with situations, but Hunter’s Fall and One Act of Defiance should be continuing soon.

Currently active commissions are Menagerie Trapper, One Act of Defiance, and Hunter’s Fall.

Regarding my ongoing stories in the shares universes…

Constellation Arc 3 is still a while out, but Lights in the Void is being updates again, Turn of the Wheel: Descent completed and being posted one week at a time. New chapters will post every Friday. After Turn of the Wheel is over, I will probably resume work on either Memento Mori or The Black Flag… if you have strong opinions on this, let me know 🙂

Outfoxed continues being updated every week – The shared project of me and Darinost is one of my absolute favorites, and you should continue to get a new chapter of SOMETHING in the universe every monday for the next several months as we have lot of stories waiting to go. Lone Fox 2 has about two monts left in in, then you can expect a somewhat rewritten and updated Finding Avalon, followed by Black Fur, Black Heart. I hope you all continue to enjoy.

But that is all the stuff you expect, the stuff that has been happening for a little while now. What is new? Well… long time followers will probably remember a story that was started a while back, called Point of No Return… well, it’s ready to start going up. Every Wednesday, chapters of that should start going up for the next two month as well, starting next week.

2020 has been a shitshow for everyone, so I hope I can give you something to look forward to. See you on Friday with the next update!

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