Hunter’s Fall 10 – Ruined

“I don’t see why it has to be our problem,” Quazzt complained loudly. “It wasn’t our damn idea to let that blue freak in with her. Why is cleaning up the mess our problem?”

Their boots echoed on the stone of the deserted ruins. “You want to be the one to tell her that?” Orzarl snapped back, the sound a buzzing hiss. He brushed a vine out of his path as he continued, the blue glow of his weapon casting the jungle foliage of Brinstar in a strange light. “Can I watch?”

“I’m just saying that maybe, if the boss is one who had the brilliant idea to put the fleshlight in a position where she can run off, maybe she should be the one to track her down,” Quazzt continued. “It’s not like there aren’t a few thousand eyes and ears of her all around. If she wants to let the slut run then…”

Someone hit him from behind. Quazzt immediately struggled, but Tsallit was too fast, too strong… an instant later, he had him pressed up against the stone by the side of his face, the helmet actually caving in a little with the force of it. “Shut,” Tsallit growled at him, lowering his face right down against his trooper’s. “Up.”

No one moved… the entire squad stood there, staring, silent as the grave as Tsallit continued to hold the soldier pinned in place. “As you said,” he continued, “She has thousands of eyes and ears all around here. And you are talking. Like an idiot.” With a final, brutal shove Tsallit let go of him, letting him stagger down the hallway a few steps before he managed to catch his footing. “I’m not getting fed to a metroid because you can’t hold your fucking tongue. Understand?”

“Y… Yes…” Quazzt forced out at last. The others of his squad looked at him but wouldn’t meet his eyes… they offered no support whatsoever.

“Good. So long as we’re clear. Now… fucking focus,” the Lieutenant growled. “According to Mother Brain, when she lost sight of the Whore, it was just after she slipped into this crumbling shithole… and she hasn’t seen her leave, so she’s probably still here. We find her, we bring her back, and you can have your cock back in her before midnight… or you can keep complaining, and I’ll personally see you fed into a reactor. Your choice.”

Kryzzk cleared his throat. “Don’t worry Lieutenant. We’ll catch the Hunte-”

“The Whore,” he growled. Tsallit looked between the dozen troopers he was leading… the three other survivors from the mission to capture Samus and 9 others assigned to him. “She’s just a weak, pathetic whore with no weapons, no armor, nothing at all. She’s just a walking set of holes ready to be collected, understand?” He punched the wall. “Let’s get fucking moving.” Tsallit’s buzzing voice clearly showed his annoyance as he stomped off hard enough that the powered armor he wore cause some dust to drift down from the crumbling Chozo ruins, the blocks of sandstone crunching beneath his feet. Their lights disappeared into the darkness, vanishing down the hallway. Soon, not even the sounds of their heavy footfalls could be heard anymore.

A few seconds passed. Then a few more. Then a figure dropped from the vine-choked alcove the jungle had broken in the walls of the ruins.

Samus looking down the corridor in the direction that the squad had vanished, barely daring to breathe. She remained absolutely still as she waited to see if anyone had heard anything as she dropped back down, the sound of her armored feet hitting the stone seeming absurdly loud to her ears even if her Chozo armor had hit with barely a whisper. She rested one hand on the wall, right against the small crater where Tsallit had punched it, to keep herself steady… until the click-click-click of her metal-covered trembling hand hitting the stone made her pull away in disgust.

She wasn’t shuddering in anticipation. She wasn’t even shuddering with rage or disgust at seeing the pirates she’d sworn she was going to kill, like she thought she would be.

Samus couldn’t make herself stop shaking because she felt like she wanted to piss herself. Every movement, every single twitch of her body, made the dildos in her holes shift painfully… fucking the blonde anew as she had run and hid. By now, she would have thought that she would have gotten used to their presence, or at least stretched herself out, ruining her holes forever but at least giving her some relief… but the nanites she had been injected with wouldn’t let that happen. She could feel the tingle every few minutes, when the damage reached some preset threshold of acceptability and they jumped to work to fix it, keeping her intact – ensuring that she couldn’t adapt to the presence inside her.

Samus had tried to get the shafts out, but they were part of the suit now, welded into it. They wouldn’t come out… not when her hands or heavy rocks were her only tools. If she wore the suit, the shafts were both inside her. That, of course, led to the instant idea to simply take it off, get rid of it… but Samus found herself loathe to strip out of the only protection she had, the only clothing at all. Simply having it seemed worth the degradation of having to wear it.

After all, she was just a whore.

Just hours after the fact, Samus found it nearly unbelievable that she had been so daring as to try to escape the way she did. When they  caught her… and they would catch her… the suffering she would be in for would be legendary. Sometimes, she caught herself wondering if it would be better to just get on her knees and wait to be found. Maybe then, after they finished raping her, she would get some small sliver of mercy. She couldn’t succeed. She couldn’t escape. She couldn’t avenge herself. She couldn’t even be mad at them… after all, they had just treated her the way a worthless whore deserved.

That entire line of thinking made her angry, and the blonde tried so hard to hold onto that. It was so, so hard. “Get. Over. It,” she hissed to herself. Then her eyes widened, even that quiet whisper making her look down the passageway to see if it had been loud enough to draw the attention of her rapists again.

She needed to get out of here. Her ship… she had no idea where it was, if it was still on the surface at all, or what state it was in. Without her helmet, most of her systems were offline, and those that weren’t she couldn’t readily interface without a HUD. She would never make it to the surface without her armor… she needed a new suit, or to fix this one. She had grown up here. When she had been trapped here before, years ago, she had found another suit of armor left for her. With luck, there would be another she could claim.

If she was still worthy of wearing one, anyway. Memories of sucking Orzarl’s cock for paltry food swam through the front of her mind, leaving her face flushed with humiliation… and her limbs shaking in terror of returning to that state.

“Get over it,” she whispered to herself again. Then, trying to stay as quiet as possible, Samus crept forward through the darkness.

Dodging Space Pirate search parties wasn’t as hard as she feared it would be, even without her scanners and her HUD – even ruined, she knew this place like the back of her hand. How all the passages connected. Where everything lead. She had grown up here. She had spent her youth exploring it, running and climbing and hiding. Every step carried with it memories that seemed… alien. Like they belonged to another girl. She couldn’t imagine anymore that she had ever felt the safe here… or anywhere. Every pirate patrol that she passed, Samus spent huddled into a ball almost as tight as her morphball would have been, trying to stop herself from shaking.

She was terrified they would find her. Terrified they would drag her back. Terrified that she wouldn’t even resist… that she might welcome it. Terrified that Samus was already dead, and there was just a shambling blonde fucktoy in her place. She didn’t want to believe it. She told herself she was being stupid – that she was strong, and brave, and tough, that she had escaped, that she was going to make them pay… but every word felt like a lie. She didn’t want to make the pirates pay. She just wanted to be far, far away and never see any of them again. She didn’t feel brave, or tough, or strong. She just felt exhausted, and weak, and very, very small.

“Get over it…” she whispered to herself as she squeezed down through a crack that she remembered well, into some hidden areas beneath the main ruins where she had grown up with the Chozo… to one of their temples. She hit the ground heavily, her makeshift suit not doing nearly as much to absorb the impact of the fall as a true one would do, but Samus forced herself to her feet anyway, looking up and feeling her spirits rise for the first time in… well, for the first time in what felt like forever.

She was here.

She walked to the wall, covered with intricate carvings that she knew concealed circuitry cunningly woven in the fabric of the rock by the Chozo, hiding and protecting the devices within. Dust covered the carvings, and the broad disk in their center. The blonde woman stepped forward and wiped a hand across that disk, wiping it away and revealing the mirror beneath. Samus barely recognized the woman in the reflection. She looked so much like the strong soldier she had thought of herself as. It was impossible to tell that the woman she was looking at was wearing a suit of barely-functional armor that honestly slowed her down more than it helped, that she had a pair of dildos impaled in the only two parts of her body that made her worthwhile. The woman in the mirror was strong. She was tough. She could handle anything.

Samus wasn’t that woman anymore… no matter how much she wished she could be.

The blond woman had to suppress the urge to try and put her armored fist through the mirror… not only would it not work, but it would defy the point. She needed the temple to see her. She needed it to give her another set of armor. She needed it to fix everything… to make everything right again. Samus closed her eyes and tried to imagine it. She had been here, years ago… her ship shot down, her weaponry destroyed, and being hunted across the planet. She had found this place again… and then it had tested her, and found her worthy. A warm glow of protection had suffused her, calming her aches and pains… and when it had passed, she was armored again. Unstoppable again.

She needed that now. She needed it to look at her and see that she was worthy.

Samus waited.

She waited for a long time, her eyes closed as she stared sightless towards the mirror. She waited for minutes, and then what felt like hours… every passing heartbeat feeling like someone was adding another stone to her chest. And nothing happened.

It could see her for what she was. Just a worthless whore.

Logically, she knew that that was a dumb thought. It probably only had one suit of armor to give… and she had already claimed it. The lack of movement, light, the ancient Chozo machinery coming to life wasn’t a sign that she was no longer worthy of the love they had placed in her but instead a sign that it was just a dead wall she was facing. Logic didn’t matter. She felt worthless.

“You stupid piece of shit!” Samus growled, kicking at the wall. “Don’t you know who I am! I’m… I’m Samus… I’m…” she kept kicking, slamming her fists against it as well, as if she was determined to burrow through it and find the armor it was keeping from her. Every movement made the false cocks inside her move and shift, further proving the lie that she was worthy to herself. “I thought you loved me!” she yelled. “Why did you let me think I was ever anything! Why didn’t you just leave me to die! Why did…”

Samus didn’t realize what she had done until it was too late. Horrified, she pulled back her foot from where she’d kicked, falling to her knees and moving her fingers across the cracked stone. She remembered this. The drawing of a child… a human child… on the wall, holding the hands of its Chozo guardians. Samus had made this.

She had destroyed it.

The fractured stone chipped and fell away, carrying the delicate charcoal with it like dust in the wind, the drawn pattern flaking away. There was nothing the horrified blonde could do to stop it as it fell away, destroyed utterly. Trying would be like trying to put back together a jigsaw puzzle of millions of shattered pieces…

Just like her life.

“Get over it,” she whispered to herself, on hands and knees, as she looked at the fraction of her drawing that was left… just the smiling faces of her and one of her Chozo ‘parents.’ “You’re Samus Aran. Get… over…”

She began to weep. And right then, on the floor of the Chozo temple, in the ruins of the place she had once called home, Samus finally accepted something her mind and soul had been doing its absolutely best to deny – She wasn’t ever going to get over it.

Worthless. That was what she was… completely worthless. To weak to defeat her enemies. Too weak to save the Federation. To weak even to save herself, to prevent her body from being used against her will. She should have killed herself when she had the chance… it what she would have done on the research station if she’d had even a shred of self respect or strength to her. Prove that she wasn’t a coward. Save her body from the indignities it would be put through. It was too late for that now, but… it wasn’t too late to avoid the ones that would come after they caught her, right?

Slowly, she reached down and grabbed one of the shards of stone she had kicked free of the shattered wall. It had quite an edge to it. Her eyes flickered between it and her suit. She could take it off. Her wrists would be exposed. It wouldn’t only hurt for a second. Then it would be peaceful. She would drift away, go to join her parents both real and surrogate, beg for their forgiveness for being such a dismal failure. It wouldn’t have to hurt anymore.

Samus wasn’t sure how long she stood there, staring at the sharp stone edge without moving. It was the simple thing to do. The honorable thing to do. It was the right thing to do… and yet, something in her objected. Something kept her motionless, staring as if transfixed. It wasn’t the ruined, tattered, cumsoaked thing that used to be her pride, she was sure of that. Nor was it a need for revenge… her reaction of sheer terror on seeing the pirates again proved that to her. It wasn’t the thought that she would be disappointing anyone, because the only people she cared to disappoint she had already more than proved herself unworthy of.

Then she heard voices, and Samus realized that she was no longer alone.

Jumping to her feet, the bounty hunter looked around the room in a panic. There was only one way in and out on the ground floor… the passage the noise was coming from. The way she had dropped into the room… maybe with a real set of armor, she could have sprung off the wall and kicked her way up there. Like this, however… there was no chance.

There was no way out of this room.

Samus started breathing fast, resisting the urge to sink to her knees and offer herself in a plea for mercy… forcing herself to keep looking around. She was Samus goddamn Aran. The pirate homeworld was under Federation control because of her. Metroids had been hunted to near extinction because of her. Phaze had been destroyed because of her. She wasn’t just some simpering little fucktoy… she couldn’t be. There had to be a way out of here, or a place to hide… but there wasn’t. Every place she could think of that might hide her, she would never fit. Not in this bulky suit. She would never…

She was halfway out of her armor before she mentally processed what she was doing, all but ripping parts of the damaged armor off her body and shoving them beneath overgrown plants and into tiny cracks in the wall. Every piece gone was another piece of her skin exposed and vulnerable, another kiss of cool air against her nude body. She yanked the dildos out of her in a single tug, resisting the urge to cry out as she flung the crotch-piece of her armor away from her like a filthy, despoiled thing. Within seconds, Samus stood nude in the center of the room the pirates would be entering soon. Her hair, half burned off her when Mother Brain had carved her name onto her forehead, had largely grown back over the last months of captivity, and her blonde mane spilled down around her, wild and tangled with leaves and twigs stuck in it from the jungle. Dirt and mud streaked her form where it had come in through the gaps in the armor. The sounds were getting closer. Samus darted on bare feet for the largest of the Chozo statues in the room. There was barely room between it and the back wall… but she threw herself into the space anyway, squirming her athletic body like an eel, squeezing more and more of herself in.

It was then, trying desperately to do the impossible, that Samus realized why she couldn’t kill herself and be done with it. Because she was Samus Aran… and she never gave up.

The room lit up noticeably as the pirates entered the temple, their lights bouncing off the mirror and cascading through the ruined chamber. Samus felt like flinching at the sound of every footfall, but she forced herself to keep perfectly still, hoping what tiny fractions of her might be visible would blend in. “What are we doing in this dump, again?” Quazzt complained.

“I thought I heard something from down here,” Kryzzk answered, his light sweeping around the room.

“See, there was your problem,” Orzarl buzzed back. “You thought. Your poor brain’s not used to it.”

“Shut up!” Tsallit roared, cutting off the start of an angry response from Kryzzk. “Stop your bickering and search the damn room!”

Samus’s heart sank as she heard footsteps getting closer. She had hoped that, finding nothing, they would recognize the room as a dead end, call it deserted, and turn and leave. Her makeshift hiding place, and those of her armor pieces, weren’t going to hold up to any kind of close inspection. They were about to find her. The blonde could hear her heart beating in her ears as the pirates came closer, and she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She had tried so hard to be brave… but that didn’t mean she had to watch the disaster as it unfolded.

Tsallit’s radio buzzed. “Lieutenant,” Ridley’s enormous voice poured through. “Take your squad and fall back from the ruins.”

A moment’s hesitation. Then Tsallit’s voice came again. “Confirm that, general. You want us to stop the search?”

“Confirmed,” Ridley repeated. “I’m going to bomb the ruins and collapse them. Mother Brain’s orders… just wipe her off the map.

“We’re pretty far down here,” Tsallit protested.

“Then you had better hurry,” the dragon general snapped before he cut the connection.

“Fall in!” the Lieutenant commanded. Samus could barely believe her luck as she heard the boots hit the ground as they headed away from her. She was… she was safe? One by the one, the pirates walked away, regrouping by where she had heard Tsallit’s voice.

“We really are pretty far down here, Lieutenant,” one of the pirates said. Orzarl. “I doubt it will collapse this far.”

“You want to take that risk, be my guess,” Tsallit growled. “Even if you aren’t buried, it will cut you off from Tourian and most of Brinstar. You want to be buried alive, be my guest. I’m leaving.” The sound of footfalls, and the sudden decrease in visibility as the pirate’s barrel-mounted light beams as swivelled back to the hallway, told Samus the impossible. They were leaving.

Samus wanted to cry. Instead, she remained perfectly silent until the pirates had left, until all sounds vanished from the temple, even when she wanted to weep with relief, even when she wanted to cry with jubilation. She had refused to give up… and it had… worked. Maybe… maybe she didn’t have to be a whore. “Get over it…” she whispered to herself.

Every second was a balancing act. She didn’t want to come out and make a noise when the pirates might be able to hear her and she would be trapped once again, but she was acutely aware that each second formed a countdown as well… Ridley was going to unleash a mountain of ordinance on these ruins soon, and she would be buried as surely as the pirates would have been. At last, after she had heard nothing for a count of three hundred, she began slowly sliding her way out. It was slow, and stubborn… she couldn’t apply nearly as much force to shoving herself out as she could pushing in, and more than once she had a terrifying moment where she was half convinced she was stuck, but gradually, she came free of the statue, stopping to her knees in exhaustion as she raised her head and…

And found Orzarl there, leaning casually against the side of the temple with his helmet off, an alien smile across his disgusting tri-jaw face as he looked at her. “About time,” he said, amusement evident in his voice. “And here I was thinking you were going to rob me of my fun and make me go get you out of there.”

Samus looked on in horrified shock, disbelieving. “Wha- How di- why-”

“Oh come on, we don’t have time to let your slut brain get there on its own,” the pirate said with a smirk, “so I’ll hurry it along. I saw some of your armor… I’m amazed the others couldn’t smell your cunt dripping all over the pieces you threw away. And getting yourself naked and ready for me… that was a nice touch. Always glad to see a whore be eager.”

The blond swallowed, her mouth abruptly dry. “I’m- I’m not a-”

“And so I figured you were hiding in here… so when everyone else left, I stayed behind,” Orzarl continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Because, here’s the thing, Hunter-whore – these other idiots? They’re in trouble. Mother Brain’s plan went wrong, and she’s going to take it out on someone… but it’s not going to be me. I’m going to be the one who brought you back, get me?”

Samus felt her back pressed up tight against the cold stone of the carved wall and realized that she was trying to back as far away from the pirate as possible. She had no weapon. She didn’t even have the fake suit they had put her in… she was more helpless than she had been with Sylux earlier, not less. “But… the collapse,” she protested, still in disbelief that her fortunates could have changed so dramatically, so quickly… and just when she thought she was doing everything right again. Just when she thought she was being herself again. “You’ll be trapped down here or killed!”

Orzarl shrugged. “We’re pretty far down. Don’t think they’ll be much of a collapse down this far, so I’ll just take you back the long way, down through the jungles. You won’t be any trouble, will you?” He smirked again. “Well, you might be right now, but not for long.”

He started walking towards her. “Stay away from me!” she growled, instinctively going into a fighting stance… even months of trauma hadn’t deadened years of training and practice. He was armed with plasma weapons and a power scythe, encased in armor that she couldn’t hope to get through with bare hands and that multiplied his strength tenfold. She didn’t have a prayer. It didn’t matter. Samus wasn’t going to let him take her again. “I mean it, stay away!”

That smirk on his face didn’t move. “Hatchling,” he said.

Samus had barely processed the words, understood their meaning, and began to think about them when a sudden… heat… took her. An overwhelming and sweltering force that hit her mind like a sledghammer. It left her stumbling back, dizzy and burning up, feeling like she was roasting in the jungle heat even this far underground, even with her heavy metal armor discarded. “What is… this… what is going o-” The temple around her began to spin violently, throwing her off of her balance as she leaned against the statue she had hid behind, groaning and panting as she tried to fight her way back to her feet. “You… fucker…” she groaned, confused, but not so confused that she didn’t understand that somehow that rapist piece of space debris had done this to her. “How… how did you-”

“You didn’t think the nanites were only good for healing, did you?” He laughed louder as he began to strip out of his armor, the same armor that would have made him invincible to her just seconds ago, and now seemed completely unneeded. Even seeing him began to strip sent another rush of heat through her, twisting her face in a confused, worried expression. “The boys in the weapons lab in Meridia worked this up special for you,” he told her. “Those little friends inside you are making some fun chemicals on command,” he said as his power scythe fell to the ground heavily and he began peeling his armor away with both hands. “Simple mammal whore. Your hormones just rule you, don’t they? Just a few tweaks here and there, and you’re nothing but an animal in heat.”

“I’m… not… you… monster…” she groaned, trying in vain to stand up straight, to raise her hands and defend herself… but her arms felt too heavy. The limbs swung back to her sides, leaving her groaning in frustration and… and… no no no nonononono no… lust… for the creature before her. “You… can’t…” she spat in frustration, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. They couldn’t take this away from her too. Always before, she had hated every second of what was done to her. Even if they degraded her and hurt her and battered her until the point that she felt she deserved to be treated like trash she had never ceased to be disgusted by it, but now… this would destroy her. There would be no Samus Aran left after he finished. “You… can’t…” she hissed, fighting against the weakening effects being pumped into her brain, trying to ignore the way her pussy felt absurdly hot and how she could already feel it leaking down her thighs.

“I can. I did,” he said, smiling as the final piece of his armor fell to the ground. Samus wished her eyes didn’t fasten directly onto the swelling cock between his legs as he began to step towards her, but wishing didn’t make it any less her reality. “They’ll keep producing those chemicals for half a day. You might still think you hate this now, but I’m pretty sure that by the time the effects wear off you’ll have forgotten all about that… and everything else you have in that ugly, human head of yours about being anything more than a whore.” Orzarl chuckled. “Not that Mother Brain is ever likely to let it wear off now, of course… you’ve already proved to be more trouble than you’re worth. I suspect you’ll spend the rest of your life until she decides to end it as a pleasure-addled, brainless fucktoy.” The space pirate’s laugher continued, growing more vicious as he grabbed at the weakened blonde’s shoulders and shoved her over the knee of the Chozo statue. “Not that most of your clients will notice, whore. It’s barely a change, after all.”

Samus wanted to curse, wanted to scream, wanted to thrash as she felt his hands on her… but she did no such thing. The pirate’s strong hands felt powerful and… and… welcome on her skin. Between her legs, something hot and irresistible began to swell, an intensity she couldn’t deny. She bucked and whined, her mind searing with tormenting, twisting, damning delight. She couldn’t fight it, couldn’t resist the physical urges bubbling within her whether she wanted to face them or not… they weren’t being forced on her externally, they were coming from inside her own mind. “I… I’ll… kill… you…” she choked out. It was the strongest resistance the blonde bounty hunter could muster… and it was completely ruined by the way her legs began to part of their own will.

Orzarl laughed. “To be honest,” he said as he held her over the knee of the stone Chozo, “Some of my fellow soldiers are into… exotic… women. To them, the body of an alien female is an exotic conquest. If you hadn’t drawn our attention so specifically with your actions, most wouldn’t even care if you were humans or something else. They only care that you aren’t one of us… that you have soft skin, hair, different proportions.” He sneered, running his hand his hands over Samus’ lithe form. “What you hid beneath that armor… tall, but strong, great hips, soft breasts…” he touched parts of her body as he spoke, making her shiver. “But not me.” He slapped her ass hard, making her body shake and Samus gasp. “You’re perfectly hideous… but you were strong, once. Your brain… now that I could fuck all day.” He lowered one taloned hand down to the shaven slit between her strong, toned legs, and the blonde noted to her shame that it drooled with quivering need, rapidly pushed to a level of arousal in only a matter of moments that left her ripe and receptive to being touched. “And the first step in doing that… is to remind you what you are. Whore.”

She felt it against her ass, the last thing the writhing woman wanted but also the thing her body craved the most. The pirate’s massive, throbbing, chitinous cock, thick as her wrist and large as a weapon. And now it was pushing against her mound as he grabbed at her legs, spreading them wider apart, ignoring the half formed protests spilling from her lips that really weren’t much more than whimpers anyway. Her heated core trembled in need as his swollen head pressed up against her sex, threatening her with penetration, with verging on the relief she sought, even if what few conscious thoughts she had left recoiled at the thought and were disgusted by the need.

“How does it feel, whore?” Orzarl mocked her as he flipped her onto her back, making her look up at him from between her spread legs. To her horror, the sight of the hated alien did nothing to mute the feeling of desperate arousal. “To know that after everything you accomplished, everything you’ve done, you’re about to end your life as a willing fucktoy for your hated enemies?” His cruel voice kept speaking as his hands reached for her breasts, squeezing them. “I swear these have gotten bigger,” he teased as he squeezed hard enough to make her breast meat bulge between his hard fingers. “Do you think we just stretched them out? Or could a pirate actually have managed to put a baby in that disgusting human belly of yours?”

His hand dragged further, up to her cheek, and despite herself Samus opened her mouth when it caressed her lips. That was when he gave her a sharp, vicious slap right across the face, making her yelp in pain. As she cried out from the strike, he slammed his hips brutally forward and thrust his swollen cock deep into her body. An even louder scream tore from Samus’ throat as the far-too-large cock tore its way into her nanite-tightened hole, burying down deep inside her, utterly bottomed out at the very last portion of flesh. To Samus’ eternal shame, it wasn’t entirely a scream of pain, either. His balls deep penetration filled her utterly, left her stuffed with cock to the point that it bulged in her stomach, his tip kissing the entrance to her womb. Stretched out and violated deep, she should have been howling in agony and refusal, disgusted by the fact that the monstrous creature was inside of her, but instead, only a moan of relief came, twisted and wrong but undeniable. In her mind, Samus recoiled in disgust at everything happening, but her body simply wasn’t listening to her – instead, it indulged in the satisfaction that came from being filled. She wanted to struggle. She wanted to scream at him.

Instead, she moaned.

The sensation of being filled, of being stretched out by the thick alien cock, left her burning body gleeful in the hope of finding satisfaction. She knew it wouldn’t. The nanites inside her were still working, were still producing more of the chemicals that were setting her brain chemistry alright. There was no satisfaction possible… but her body didn’t understand that. It didn’t care about hatred or logic, or humiliation or pride or purpose. It just wanted to get fucked. The alien cock felt like it was splitting her in two, and her body just kept squeezing it, making her tighter around him, and she moaned again.

“You humans are weak,” Orzarl said as his hips pulled back, his cock beginning to withdraw from her, only to slam deep back in again, adoring the way her body heaved and her large breasts bounced in the process. “Humans are pathetic. And you think you’re better than the rest of them… but you’re not. You’re just as weak, just as needy. That makes you the most pathetic one of them all.” Another thrust, harder this time, was joined by his hands gripping her hips so tight that her skin went white. “You can’t even fight against your most basic urges, but you pretend to be above them. This is why humans are such weak creatures… Why even the greatest warrior your soft-skinned race has to offer can be made a slave by nothing more than a cock. You’re just a needy bitch… and this is what you need.” The pirate’s mockery only made it worse for a weakened Samus as her dizzy, broken brain struggled to form thoughts against the drugs racing through her. Hearing his degrading diatribe as he fucked her wasn’t helping, nor was the way his thrusts drew quicker and quicker in his steady procession. He fucked her faster with each pass of his alien hips, and each time, she was less and less capable of fighting against it, just a little bit more susceptible to what was happening to her.

“You’re wrong,” she managed to choke out, a whimper of defiance that seemed sad even to Samus coming from the proud and mighty warrior, stripped down and fucked in an ancient temple of the people who had raised her. The cock bulging inside her as she was claimed with increasing speed by the pirate… and she fought against the hormones raging inside her like a noose around her neck. “I’ll… this isn’t… me…” she groaned. “I’ll… fight this. I’ll… kill you.”

“Sure you will, slut,” Orzarl said with a laugh. “You’ve only been promising that since the first time I got you out of your armor. That’s why I’m already dead, right?” He continued to mock Samus even as he violated her, enjoying his taunts, his chance to dig in deep. Breaking her was a delight, but making sure she writhed in agony as he did so made for an even sweeter victory. “Maybe if you swear yourself right now as my own personal whore, I won’t take you back to the others. You can live out here, draining my balls whenever I want. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“I hope you burn… in whatever passes for hell… for you bugs…” she spat, shaking her head stubbornly, even as moans continued to bubble up from her lips. His thrusts were savage now, slamming so hard and fast into her that his triple balls slapped against her ass as her body was shoved further up the statue. He didn’t stop, his brutish and powerful frame granting him the strength and endurance needed to fuck even the strong, capable bounty-hunter with an intensity that left her in agony. But, for all of the roughness, all of the cruel strength that her body was not designed to be taken with, the twisted and drugged part of her handling pleasure derived a pain-loving bliss from it all, against her better wishes. So much pleasure, in fact, that she found herself aflame, screaming as an orgasm tore through her veins like fire, quivering and wet and messy as her dripping pussy left a mess leaking down her legs and all over their laps. It was agony, being pushed over the edge when she wanted to be anywhere but there, but there was nothing she could do about it but moan and hate herself for it.

And yet…

This is what it felt like to be the kind of bitch they said she was. Someone to weak to fight back, too pathetic and whimpering to do more than suffer beneath them, and feel like she deserved it. And she had never felt like… like this before. They needed to go into her brain and twist her to get her to be like this, they had needed to…

Her thoughts were interrupted as Orzarl laughed at her, pulling out of her wrecked pussy and bringing a broad, massive hand across her face. “You can keep fighting if you want, but it’s hopeless. You’re ours, now… and you’ll spend whatever you have left of your life begging me for my cock, begging us to breed you. I doubt we can, but your body will never get tired of trying. You’ll beg us for mercy, but also beg us to hurt you, to treat you like the piece of meat you are.” His face twisted into a sneer. “It will all happen. I promise you.” Dragging her down off the statue to her knees, he positioned the weary and drugged blonde in front of his lap, shoving his cock into her face. “Now clean me off of you before I fuck you again. Lick your juices off of my cock.”

She fought mentally with everything she had. Samus wanted to reach for something she could use, wanted to rake her nails against his cock, bite off his balls, do anything she could to get herself a moment of opportunity… but it was impossible. She could barely hold onto one of those thoughts, much less put them into action. She did none of those things, and she hated herself for that weakness. Her tongue dragged along his cock before she could think clearly about the situation, taking broad licks along the massive, chitin-armored cock that had just been inside of her, which had left her pussy slightly gaping and her body aching from the stretching she’d just endured. She licked all over it, each breath she took making her inhale alien musk that felt like it was yet another drug in her needy brain. The heady, intense scent of her own damned juices on him only further wore down her mind, left some part of her wanting to beg him to fuck her again, that she couldn’t take being without it. Her fingernails dug into her hips if only to keep them from madly shoving into her gaping pussy and fingerfucking herself.

Samus was completely out of control. The pirate held all the cards, and had pushed her body into a height of desperation and ragged need that she had no hope of fighting against. All she could do was accept it and go along with his orders, licking from his base all the way up his impressive length to his head, catching the pungent pre-cum that formed there before dragging her tongue back down. The taste should have been disgusting, the taste of alien seed tinged with her own juices. It always had been before. Now, however, it proved to only leave her wetter, forming a puddle of her nectar onto the floor between her legs as she kept her nails tight in her sides, not trusting them to be let loose. It was degrading, especially when all the while her rapist was laughing at her, absolutely loving the sight of the Hunter spit-shining his cock with enthusiasm beyond what she had ever showed before. Only once she had left a healthy coating of saliva along his shaft did he pull her back up to her feet, and in her haze, she found herself leaning back against the statue again, whining and spreading her legs, a purely instinctual reflex hoping that he would fuck her. He said he would. “I…” Samus bit down on her tongue, preferring silence to what would likely come out if she continued to speak. Only her eyes provided any real rebellion to the pirate’s will anymore… Her body was lost to her now, along with most of her mind.

And yet…

Her memories kept flashing back to her many torments. Knowing there was no escape from the predators Mother Brain sent after her, and choosing to run anyway. Knowing that the only reward for her endurance on the bike would be more suffering, yet finding the strength to continue anyway. Knowing that every move, every struggle, would only make the needles dig deeper into her, and struggling anyway. She had thought each of those was going to kill her, that each of them was too much. That there was no way she could possibly endure. That there was no way she could find the strength.

“You want to be fucked again,” Orzarl said, delighted by Samus’ obvious neediness as he reached a hand along her cheek, caressing it before he grabbed hold of her hair. A few sharp tugs tossed her onto the floor on hands and knees, and then a second later his weight crashed on top of her, slamming his cock back into the sopping cunt of his fucktoy. “Don’t worry, you’ll stop feeling ashamed of it soon. Soon, you’ll stop feeling anything at all, but the need.” This time, his thrusts started savage, shunting deep into her with a ferocity she had come to expect from the alien pirates. Orzarl was as brutal a creature as any of them, one who knew only violence, and there was nothing peaceful about what he did to Samus as he conquered her. “Maybe after I cum inside of you, you’ll remember where your place is. This will all be so much easier once you stop fighting.”

She found the strength anyway. She always had. The moans came louder past Samus’ lips as her body yearned for this treatment, but… that wasn’t her. It was a thought they put there. It. Wasn’t. Her. This position proved more intense as his hands grabbed at her taut ass and tugged at her hair, indulging deeper in a growing adoration of pain that went hand in hand with the way that being torn open by the monstrous cock set her body aflame. It wasn’t stopping and it certainly wasn’t growing any easier as she was subjected to the fucking her mind thought it craved, raped like an animal from behind while her body trembled and her resolve shook… but even as each hard thrust hit her mind like a battering ram, threatening to break down at her defenses and pierce into something within her, she tried to hold on, to harden herself. A growing sense of desire, a want to submit and to make things easier was just as insidious as the brutal hormonal attack the devices inside her were waging, but… she knew it wasn’t the real her, that she was drugged into this state. It didn’t make what he was doing any easier to take, but slowly Samus retreated her mind into a tiny, hardened diamond of will where she held onto herself, repeating over and over that this wasn’t her. That she had to get over it. That she had to be Samus again. That this couldn’t happen to her.

But she was losing.

Each time his palm bore down hard upon her ass, the cavernous walls of the chozo temple made the sound echo excitedly through the room.

Her wall of denials was crumbling, the diamond cracking more and more with every awful wonderful second. This wasn’t happening, but it was. This wasn’t her, but it was. She had to get over it, but she couldn’t. She had to be Samus again, but she didn’t.

Samus moaned a little louder as her flesh stung a little harder.

The harder she fought, the more her defenses faltered. She knew why. Because she deserved this. Every rape. Every humiliation. Every torture. She’d deserved it all.

Her fingers dug into the dirt and grime covering the floor, trying to resist not only the pain, but the pleasure as well.

One by one, the cornerstones of her denial, of the last bastion of her strength, shattered. She couldn’t lie to herself and say this hadn’t happened to her. It had happened. It was happening, right now.

Each bottoming out thrust came with enough force that his massive balls swung forward and smacked against her clitoris, the sensitive nub lighting up with each brutal impact.

This was her. This was Samus Aran. The woman screaming and squirming and wishing that this disgusting pirate would fuck her harder and faster was the same woman who’d once been the fearless Hunter.

Each slam of the cock pushed her closer and closer to another orgasm even quicker than the first had been. The pirate grunted as he shoved forward one last time, bottoming out in her pussy as his cock erupted. Each throb was a powerful and noticeable one thanks to the sheer size of his endowment and his anticipation for this in hunting her down.

She was never going to get over it. No matter how long she lived, she could never undo the horrors they’d put her through.

Thick, viscous spurts of hot cum were pumped directly into her womb, flooding her already stuffed hole in a way that made it both bulge a little more and immediately begin leaking as extra alien cum was fed directly to her. The spreading warmth and vulgar thickness of it pushed her to her peak, and against her will once more, Samus began screaming in reluctant delight as her climax approached and her last defenses fell.

She didn’t have to get over it. She didn’t need to. Instead, all she needed to do was get past the final resistance in her mind… the wall that she had built up to protect herself. She’d already accepted what had happened. She’d accepted who she was. She’d accepted that she couldn’t change the past. She never was going to get over this. No matter how she tried. It wasn’t going to go away as if it had never happened… She would always remember this nightmare.

That was alright.

Trauma and nightmares and unimaginable trials were nothing new. Ever since the day Ridley had burned her colony to the ground, she had experienced nightmares beyond counting, year after year. She had survived that nightmare. She had survived all the ones that followed.  She would survive this too. As her body quivered harder than ever and she nearly lost herself to the overwhelming tides of pleasure, she at last accepted the final truth about the nightmare she’d been living.

That she didn’t deserve any of it.

Every bit of will she had focused on one single thought. One pressing need. She could have everything she ever wanted, she lied to herself. She could find satisfaction… she just had to do one small thing first. Lost in his pleasure, Orzarl didn’t see it coming, didn’t see the way his vicious thrusts had continued pushing her across the ground towards his discarded armor. He didn’t even see it as her fingers fastened around the handle of his power scythe… but when she pulled herself off him, spinning and swinging, that he saw. His multi-faceted eye went wide with shock and surprise and… fear.

Then the blade passed over him.

Without his armor on, it was just a blade. No electrical current passed over its edge, honing it to a monomolecular edge. No muscle enhancements drove the blade either… just genuine desperation and strength and determination of the Hunter on her last legs. And for an overconfident, unarmored pirate, it was more than enough.

Afterward, Samus lay on her side, three fingers from one hand stuffed inside her pussy and another two from the other up her ass as she played with herself with violent enthusiasm, fucking herself senseless as her mind drifted in the drugged-out haze of need and pleasure. She had lost track of how many times she had made herself cum… each time only seemed to make it worse, make her need more. She barely even reacted when the temple shook, when the bombs went off and buried the ruins of the people who had raised her beneath thousands of tons of stone, when it covered her sweaty body in a perfect coat of stone dust. She just kept cumming and fucking herself and fucking herself and cumming and fucking herself and cumming and cumming until at last, driven beyond the point of even her determination and strength, Samus came hard enough that she passed out.

She woke hours later… feeling cold. Her body no longer flushed with need, her mind no longer overwhelmed and reprogrammed. The command had run its course. Disgusted, Samus wiped the stone dust off her eyes and lips where she had been too obsessed with fucking herself to even notice them before, forcing herself to stand unsteadily to her feet. She should have been sore… she wasn’t. The nanites had taken care of that too, restoring her to a pristine state while she slept. Hardly a worthwhile trade off, though. She would have to get rid of them, as quickly as possible.

Then she saw what was left of Orzarl.

She had cut the pirate nearly in half… but not completely. He hadn’t died right away… he had crawled away from her while she played with her body, trying to reach his weapons. He had almost made it, too… the nearest one, her Paralyzer that he had stolen from her, was just a foot or so from his outstretched fingers when he had finally bled to death. He had fought to the end to try and kill her… but as hard as they had tried, the Pirates had never managed to extinguish the Hunter.

She couldn’t deny that this was her anymore. The woman who had wanted nothing more than for Orzarl to fuck her harder? Who begged him to do it? Who had been willing to do the most disgraceful things, to humiliate and whore herself to survive? That was Samus Aran. That was her. But…

But that also meant that the woman she’d seen in the reflection, the one who had looked strong and fearless? The one that both of her families had loved, protected, deemed worthy of their devotion and trust and care?  She was still that woman, too… and nothing these bastards could do would ever change that. It was still there, inside her… the strength that had seen her through a thousand nightmares.

This was just one more.

Reaching down, Samus took the Paralyzer pistol in her fingers, feeling cold. Then she took a deep breath, let it out, and leaned against the Chozo statue, thinking. The ruins had been sealed. There was no way out that would lead her towards her ship… and she was now sure that there was no other suit of armor waiting to be claimed left in the ruins. Even if there had been another one elsewhere, it would have been destroyed when the place was collapsed. The only way out was to go down… deeper.

Samus looked to the pieces of her armor, and shuddered. No. She would not put that… thing… back on. She was Samus. She was not going to disgrace herself and cripple her own movements simply to say that she wore something… that was the act of a coward. Her next gaze was towards Orzarl’s discarded suit, but that thought was dismissed almost as quickly… pirate anatomy was too different from human anatomy, it wouldn’t fit her without modifications she had no way to make down here. The weapon was the best she was going to get from his supplies.

She glanced over at Orzarl again. What was it he had said? The weapons labs in Meridia?

Samus knew that they were trying to replicate her systems… so they had to have her suit. That was also where the nanites had been developed, he’d said… and she needed the things and their crippling triggerword disabled. So… it was time to head to the vast underground sea of Meridia.

The Hunter looked down at Orzarl one final time as she grabbed one of the cords of his armor and tied it off in her hand. “Thank you,” she said as she pulled her hair back out of her face, using the cord to tie it back in a ponytail, “for reminding me who I am. You miserable piece of trash.” Then Samus checked the charge on her Paralyzer, turned, and strode off looking for cracks in the foundations of the ruins that would let her slip down, down, down through the crust towards Meridia.

11 thoughts on “Hunter’s Fall 10 – Ruined

      1. still enjoyed it, hoping maybe she gets captured one more time before she escapes, but regardless the story has been great thus far


  1. John, I don’t know how to tell you this, but there been a terrible mistake. Somehow, this story has reached 10 chapters without a SINGLE “screw attack” pun! I blame myself as much as anyone. You might need to scrap everything and start over from scratch.


    1. Ah, but Darinost! This is intentional!

      After all, you don’t get screw attack for the first time in Metroid history until near the end of Super Metroid 🙂


  2. While Samus is incredibly likeable, just like my predecessor I do hope she is getting somre more dicking before she gets her revenge!


  3. All right, work is over and before I go to bed I have to get to Point of No Return so…*looks* 😮

    I’ll do Point of No Return tomorrow morning.

    Best Girl needs me! 😛

    Ok, so! I like that you answer some of the questions pretty much as soon as the audience would think of them, namely why Mother Brain can’t find Samus via the controlled wildlife, explained neatly by Samus hiding in the ruins where there isn’t any wildlife.

    This is also a really emotional chapter, though.

    One moment in the Metroid series that always really affected me was that bit in Zero Mission where, at her weakest, down to just the Zero Suit and the stun pistol, Samus faces the Ruins Test and is granted the Power Suit as everyone knows it. This isn’t the “training” suit she’s kept since her teenage years, but a suit of full battle armor, customized specifically for her, hidden safely away, waiting for the day she would be ready to wear it. I’ve always wondered what that must have been like for Samus; what that must have felt like.

    Because of that, the moment where she’s looking at that exact spot, at the Ruins Test, desperately wanting it to tell her she’s worthy, is absolutely heartbreaking. She consciously knows why nothing’s happening – there just isn’t another suit in there – but she just wants so badly for someone to tell her she’s still worthy. And then when she accidentally breaks that little drawing she made as a child…

    She began to weep. And right then, on the floor of the Chozo temple, in the ruins of the place she had once called home, Samus finally accepted something her mind and soul had been doing its absolutely best to deny – She wasn’t ever going to get over it.

    God I wanted to hug her so much right there.

    Of course, there is also have some really funny dialogue from the pirates. Tsallit reminding Quazzt that criticizing Mother Brain when she can hear them is a terrible idea is funny, though I also loved when Kryzzk said the thought he’d heard something and…

    “See, there was your problem,” Orzarl buzzed back. “You thought. Your poor brain’s not used to it.”

    😆 That’s just great. Also reminds us that for all that he’s a very creative sadist, Kryzzk isn’t that well respected by the other pirates.

    Orzarl’s use of the nanites for hormonal manipulation is one of those things that’s both upsetting and hot. Like, I’m turned on, but at the same time I don’t like that it’s happening to her and I want her to come through this alright. Samus literally orgasming so hard she knocked herself unconscious after the danger passed was pretty hot, though.

    So…um…I feel like it’s bad form to say how much I liked something I contributed to in some way, and while I don’t remember precisely, I feel like some of the stuff I wrote while trying to explain myself might have actually ended up in here. If it’s ok, though, I’m a big fan of the part where Samus recognizes that the woman she saw in the reflection is still her. That idea made me smile and gave me a little lump in my throat (in a very good way).

    Well now we’ll see how Samus proceeds. The Power Suit was mentioned to be repairing itself earlier in the story, so it’s presumably somewhere, though as pointed out she has to get the hormonal control function of the nanites disabled, which is in Maridia. That’s underwater, so that’ll be tense given Samus’s lack of any sort of breathing equipment. We’ll see how that goes next time! 🙂


    1. Yeah the bit about the broken girl and the strong reflection being the same person was strongly based on what you suggested. I rephrased most of the stuff around it but I left that one sentence pretty much along because it gave me warm fuzzies.

      I agree regarding the Ruins test… it was probably my favorite moment in the zero mission remake, and how strongly it made me feel then was how I knew I had to put this scene HERE, because the image of her weeping before the statues and paintings in that room when nothing happened stuck with me for literal years before I got this chapter written.

      And I know you like it, but the other moment that stuck with me forever was the anime-awesomeness of her tying her hair back again, mentally and physically trying to become the Samus we know again.


  4. And I know you like it, but the other moment that stuck with me forever was the anime-awesomeness of her tying her hair back again, mentally and physically trying to become the Samus we know again.

    You bet I like it! 😀 Part of it is exactly what you said, that it’s this visual representation of her putting herself back together. Another part of it was this weird personal reaction to the branding scene in Chapter 8, where for some reason the slave brand and most of her hair being burned off were some of the most upsetting stuff that had been done to her for me. I think it may be that Samus has that ponytail for so many of the games (since Super Metroid in fact), that having the hair burned off like that felt like a piece of her being taken away (probably why it happens at the same time as the slave brand), and this was just a great, purely visual moment of catharsis.

    Ok, I’m done rambling now. 😉


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