One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 1

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“Luxanna, are you even listening?”

The blonde girl hadn’t realized she had let her eyes slip shut again. She bolted properly upright on her horse, straightening to a proper stance. “Yes!” she said, a little too quickly. “I was just… thinking.”

“Just snoring, you mean,” her older brother said as he looked her up and down, appraising her. Garen’s eyes seemed like they saw more than she liked, but then they always did. “Another late night with the children?”

Lux, despite herself, started to yawn. “I wasn’t sleeping,” she protested, trying to cover her face with her forearm and somehow make it look natural. It was only when her arm was raised halfway up that she realized that she was bringing her hands into view and quickly brought them back down to the saddle, resisting the urge to glance down and check. “And yes. An Illuminator’s work is never done, you know that.”

“They work you too late,” Garen said, a note of annoyance creeping into his voice. “You’ve been home well past the first bell every day this week.”

The blonde tried not to look worried at how close of attention her brother was paying her… this was a dangerous subject. “And is a member of the Dauntless Vanguard so relaxed in his duties that he can spy on his sister?” Lux put a teasing tone in her voice, one that she didn’t especially feel. “What would your brethren think?”

Lux fluttered her eyelids at him, and Garen chuffed out a breath before turning back. “Just saying, sleeping in your saddle is a bad look for a Crownguard.”

Garen wasn’t looking, so, holding her breath, Lux glanced down at her hands. Perfectly normal hands in perfectly normal white gloves… looking just the way she would expect them to. She breathed out a sigh of relief as she followed after her brother.

“I keep trying to tell you, sister,” Garen continued with the speech he had obviously been in the process of when he found her sleeping. “Being a member of this family doesn’t just mean privilege. It carries responsibility. You… all of us… are a light for the city, someone to look up to.”

A twinge of bitterness swelled in her throat. A light. Right. Lux tried to make sure none of it showed in her voice as she answered, however. “I know, brother…”

“‘Ello strangers,” a woman’s clipped voice, cutting through Garen’s lecture.

Lux looked over at the pair of women that were her saviors and smiled, reminding herself firmly not to wave no matter how much she wanted to. The woman leaning against the building, hand raised in greeting, was a tall one… she was nearly as tall as Lux’s brother as she stood and waited. Fiora Laurent didn’t wear the standard armor of a member of the Dauntless Vanguard, but the emblem on her pauldrons still matched the one Garen wore proudly, marking her membership in the elite Demacian unit every bit as much as her ornate sword did. It wasn’t usual for the head of a noble house to be a member of the guard, but then nothing about the Laurent family was normal.

“Were you waiting for us?” Garen asked, stopping his horse alongside where the woman waited. “How did you know where to wait?”

The brunette woman who had been waiting with her chuckled. “Oh, we had a pretty good idea,” she admitted, gesturing upward. Even before Lux looked, she knew what she was going to see. Far above, almost invisible against the sky and the light, a blue form circled above. Quinn smiled. “Hello Luxanna.”

Lux made a small face at her, then looked down to check her hands again. Still no glow. Perfect. She swung down from her horse, heading over to the woman and abruptly hugging her “It’s really not fair that you don’t have a longer name to be mocked with,” he said, more cheerful than she had been in hours at seeing two people that she could legitimately call friends.

“Now now,” Fiora said, even as Lux ignored any sense of military formality to embrace the taller woman in turn. “You are supposed to be a good Crownguard… what would people say?” The words were harsh, but the twinkle in her eye was anything but… filled with gentle mockery of what she had heard of Garen’s lecture, no doubt, and amusement.

Lux squeezed a bit harder. “Then I might as well give them something to talk about,” she said with a grin, but she did back off to a more respectful distance a second later. It was good indeed to see her friends, and their timing couldn’t have been better… but even so, Lux had to admit that their presence together here was worrying. “Thanks for rescuing me,” she said with a sidelong glance at her brother, trying to hide her concern.

Quinn rarely came into the capital… her friend preferred it outside the city. It meant that Lux only really got to see her when she had something to report to command, or she had orders to carry out… and with her standing alongside a member of the Dauntless Vanguard on duty, waiting for her brother, it was likely the second option.

“That’s what I do,” Quinn said easily, the ranger brushing back her cloak as she stepped away from the wall. In the distance, the bells began to ring, signaling the passing of the hour and making Lux realize it was later than she thought, and she winced inwardly. If she was going to make her rendezvous with her instructor, she would need to slip away from her brother before too much longer. She hated the bells.

“We have an assignment,” Fiora said, her eyes on Lux’s brother. “The magehunters have a report of a coven gathering in the woods.”

Garen groaned. “Again?” he growled, suddenly sounding less like a paragon or an older stern brother and more like an annoyed young man. “What was it this time… a stable boy tripping over a pail of milk and startling himself, or some local children hanging stick dolls from a tree?”

“And Quinn is to be our guide,” Fiora said, definitely not answering Garen’s exasperated question, though she did raise her eyebrow.

“I still don’t see why you have to go,” Lux protested softly… only partly because she would rather her friends not have to leave and to get to speak to them for longer, even if it meant she would probably need to endure more of her brother’s lecture. “Even if there was someone there, if they are just living in the woods alone they obviously aren’t bothering anyone. We could just ign-”

Garen grabbed onto her arm, squeezing it… hard. He was a big man, and far stronger than her, and there was something insistent, almost panicked in his grip. Lux jumped, and Garen looked sharply left and right. “We’ve talked about this!” he snapped, some tension sneaking into his voice. “It’s the law, Luxanna. And you will not question it where someone might hear a Crownguard doubting the law, do you understand me?”

Lux winced, startled… and afraid. She’d lost what little control she had. If he pulled her hands away… “Yes!” she said a little bit too quickly. “I… I understand!” She pulled her arm away as unobtrusively as possible, hoping it didn’t look suspicious as she put her head down in what probably looked like an appropriately contrite posture. “I won’t do it again, brother.”

“It’s just us, Garen,” Fiora said, eyeing Lux with sympathy.

“She shouldn’t be saying it all in any company,” he insisted. “She certainly had been taught better… she shouldn’t even be thinking about it.”

“I’ll just… I’ll just go,” Lux said regretfully. “I… uh…” She looked down again. “I have more work to do. Illuminator stuff.” She nodded to Quinn and Fiora, and hoped she’d be able to see them again soon. Then she rode off, leaving her friends and her brother behind for them to go off and help the magehunters catch more people just like her.

Lux knelt on the ground, still annoyed by how she’d made a fool of herself with her friends even hours later. The narrow slits for windows the dark room had didn’t let in much light, but even that had faded long ago when the sun had gone down… and yet, the room was still brightly lit. The torch she had carried down here lay smoldering in the bracket, forgotten and long since burned to a black nub while the light in her hands did all the work.

Her… affliction… was nothing but a problem, and by the gods she wished she could just get rid of it… but neither she nor her mother had ever found a way. If the magehunters ever learned, not even her family would be enough to protect her… it would be a black mark on the history of the Crownguard family. Of course, the family would endure the shame… it was far less likely that she would.

Magic was strictly forbidden in Demacia… It might have happened more than a thousand years ago, but Demacians were keen students of history and the kind of devastation that the Rune Wars left behind them was not easily left behind. The ground that had become Demacia had been razed to the bedrock by the power of Rune Magic… and her people had sworn: never again.

That was why the magehunters existed. Mages were born every day, all over the world… coming from parents with magical talent, or born from latent potential like she had been, and they weren’t allowed in Demacia. For their own safety and the safety of others, mages were imprisoned down here… in the vaults beneath Demacia, where their dangerous ability couldn’t hurt anyone else. Kept away from civilization and the light of Demacia, anyone with magic ended up locked in the magehunters’ dungeons. Deep beneath the fortress castle, the prison cells of the magehunters were the last place any mage wanted to go.

So, of course, that was exactly where Luxanna Crownguard – secret, barely controlled mage and potential disastrous embarrassment to her family – had bluffed her way into.

For the 23rd time.

“You’re losing focus again, Little Light.”

The voice was rich, deep, smooth… despite his lack of food, lack of exercise, lack of sun, he always seemed so strong in his cell. Lux jumped, coming back to herself as she realized he was right… her globe of light was wavering while her mind had wandered, and her hands were glowing again. That was annoying at the best of times, but given that it was precisely the reaction she was trying to control it was especially infuriating now.

“Sorry!” she said cheerfully, flashing Sylas a smile she didn’t especially feel as she glanced over, hiding her frustration. He was right where she had left him – in his cell, of course, and still reading the book she had brought him, leaning against the bars while he browsed the magical text she had smuggled down. Sylas of Dregbourne was… not what people said about him. He wasn’t the murderer people tried to claim at all, it had all been a misunderstanding. Lux knew that… she knew he had a good heart. That his own true crime was the same as hers… being born with magic.

This was just one example of how mistaken people were about him. He was helping to train her how to use her powers, how to control the always-before uncontrollable stream of power that poured from her, that left her always in danger of being discovered. “Only when you see it as its most terrible can it be conquered,” he had told her. She was starting to understand what he meant. Holding the power back didn’t suppress it… it only made it come out elsewhere, or harder, another time or place. What she needed was to harness it in small, harmless ways. To… spend it, rather than accumulate it.

And yet, the orb was still wavering.

“You’re still afraid of it, Little Light,” Sylas said, using the familiar name he had given her on their first meeting. When Lux looked over, she saw that the man wasn’t even watching… or rather, he was telling what was going on by the changing light filling the room while he read. “You can’t be the master of something you fear.”

“Just stop fearing something I’ve been ashamed of since I was a little girl,” Luxanna said softly, a little bit of years and years of fear and frustration tempering her usual, cheerful voice. “Just don’t worry about something that could ruin my life in a second just by showing up in the wrong spot.”

She expected him to chastise her softly, like he usually did. Sylas didn’t. Instead, he was looking at the book with something that actually approached awe, eyes surprisingly wide. “Amazing…” he said softly.

“Sylas?” Lux asked. She peered in at the book he was reading, and guilt again warred with her usual emotions as he looked at it. Most of the books she had brought him she had stolen from her own library… histories or cultural works, or even a few simple books on magic. Sylas had taught her lessons right out of some of them, translating them to her unique powers with surprising adeptness.

This book, however, was different… it hadn’t come from her family library like the others had. Several days ago, she and Sylas had fought while he was training her, and their argument had revealed her family name to him for the first time – Crownguard. The protectors of the King. To Sylas, she was as much a part of the people who had ruined his life as the mageseekers were. So, to salve her guilt, she had instead exchanged it for another one… she had broken into the mageseeker vaults and found some of the primary texts of magic that he had been asking for. She was… getting rather blase about all the rules that she was breaking to get these lessons, she supposed, but she had to learn to control her power, didn’t she?

“Sylas?” Lux asked again, stepping forward and standing on tiptoes to see what he was reading about. It was a complex diagram… and she recognized the form of Durand’s Colossos, Galio. “What, you hadn’t seen Galio before?” she said, a smile spreading over her face. He really was quite impressive… even if you didn’t know his secret, which she certainly wasn’t going to share with Sylas or anyone else. So far as she knew, she was the only one that statue had woken up for in centuries, and she had no intention of betraying his trust to anyone, not even someone like Sylas. “He’s amazing, isn’t he?”

The captive mage shrugged, the petricite shackles and chains he wore clinking as he did. “He is,” Sylas agreed. “Shame I’ll never see him.” The excitement on his face was gone now… looked back to normal. Despite his words and their dire implications, he didn’t seem upset. He seemed… maybe a little antsy. He jumped when the bells began to ring… Lux could even hear the things from down here, sounding the time. Telling her that she was nearly out of it. She hated them. “I think I’m done with this,” the captive mage told the blonde girl. “You can get it back to the vaults before someone realizes it’s missing.”

Sylas stuck his hand out of the cell to hand Lux back the tome, and as she took it he held onto her hand, meeting her blue eyes. “Thank you for this,” he said, his calloused hand rough on her smooth skin. “I won’t forget it.”

“Happy to help!” Lux said, giving him a smile that could have lit up the room all by itself. “…And thank you, as well,” she said as she beamed, incredibly grateful for everything he was teaching her. “May the light guide you, Sylas!” She turned around and strode from the room, eager to get the book back to the mageseeker vault. She didn’t turn around as she slipped out the door… if she had, she might have noticed the way he was hiding his hands behind his back.

As they began to glow.

“No, no, nononononono!” Lux said, holding the woman’s head up as she coughed blood. “Please, it’s not safe here. You have to get up, miss. Please!”  All Lux could see was blood and fire, all she could smell was smoke and the dust, and the worst part was it was all her fault.

She didn’t know how it had all gone so wrong.

She knew how it had all started. Garen and Tiana had noticed all the books going missing, had realized she wasn’t doing what she thought. Blowing off her engagement to Prince Jarvan IV to go study instead had probably been the last straw for them to realize what she was doing. She supposed she could see it from Aunt Tiana’s perspective… she wasn’t sure which would be more embarrassing, to be found out as a mage or to be found out consorting with the most reviled murderer alive. Any sympathy she had felt, however, had gone out the window the moment she realized her family Matriarch had pulled strings to get Sylas executed.

Lux couldn’t allow that. They had locked her in the house, but she had blasted her way out and raced across the city to reach the public square before they executed him. She had stood over him, spoke on his behalf. She could still remember the look on his face of hope and… and devotion… when she arrived to speak for him.

And the look of sorrow on his face when she had done everything except out herself as a mage to try to save him.

Everything after that had happened in a blur. They had proceeded with the execution, ignoring her plea. She had thrown herself down on top of him rather than let the sword fall. She had laid down on top of him, apologizing to him that this was all her fault, all her weakness… and then he had started to glow.

Then light – her light – had poured off Sylas in a wave of death and destruction that had left little behind.

Lux looked up. He still stood there, his petricite chains glowing slightly with the radiance of absorbed magic as he stood untouched amid the corpses of his oppressors like some kind of prophesied savior, silently gloating over the dead mageseekers… and much of the crowd.

“Sylas…” she whispered as the woman she was holding the head of coughed once more and then went suddenly, horribly still, collapsing down onto her hand with terrible limp finality. “Why?” Tears rushed down her face, the blonde woman unable to hold them back. “How could you do this?”

Sylas looked down at her… and he smiled. “They were going to kill me, Little Light,” he said, utterly unconcerned by the death that surrounded him. “They were never going to accept us. Any mage. There was only one way that they could be dealt with… and you showed it to me.”

“I…” Lux swallowed. “I… what?”

“Your light made all this possible,” he said, smiling at her almost like he was… proud of this, like he wanted to share it with her. “Your secrets showed me how. Your presence saved my life. This is as much your victory as mine.”

Fat, ugly tears erupted from her eyes as she looked at him. “Victory!” she choked out, wanting to scream in frustration. “What kind of… this is no victory in this! These people are innocents, and they’re dead Sylas!”

He chuckled. “No one is innocent, Luxanna,” he said calmly. “But that doesn’t mean no one is beyond forgiveness. Your family held our kind down for generations… but I forgave you. Now, do not cry, Little Light. From this day forth, our kind does not shed tears.” He held out a hand to her. “Together, we can save this kingdom… we can build a utopia. Be my Queen, Luxanna. With you by my side, Demacia will at last truly be the City of Light.”

Lux stared at Sylas in growing horror. “I… Sylas, I can’t! I won’t! I-“

“DEMACIA!” The battle cry turned their heads as her Garen, leading a unit of the Dauntless Vanguard, charged into the clearing heading directly for Sylas.

The mage smirked. “Always with the interruptions,” he said, smirking. Then he stretched out one hand towards the oncoming soldiers. Lux screamed a warning, but the words were lost in the humming blast of energy as her light swarmed from his hands, pouring over the oncoming soldiers like the tide.

“Stop it!” Lux begged as the light blinded her, growing brighter and brighter until she had to squeeze her eyes shut. Even then, she could see silhouettes of people against her eyelids, brief shapes where the light was not… and she could see them come apart. “Sylas, stop it! Stop!”

At last, he did… not because he had chosen to, she feared, but simply because he had run out of stolen magic to use against them. When the light finally faded and Lux opened her eyes, most of the unit of soldiers was gone… slagged armor and scorched bones all that was left of them. Only her brother stood there still, smoke rising from his armor but intact. His cape and tabard had burned away completely, and his hair was definitely shorter than it had been, but he still held his sword before him, softly glowing in the reflections of the fading light.

Lux stated mutely in shock. Dead. They were… they were all… She felt guilty that her first thought was that she hoped her friends hadn’t been among them. They could have been… she hadn’t had time to see. She hadn’t had time to see and now they were… they were…

“You… should have stayed… in your cage,” Garen growled, advancing back forward with fury in his eyes. He moved slowly at first, but quicker with every step until he broke back into a run, charging at Sylas as quickly as he could.

Sylas, without a weapon of his own, employed the petricite chains attached to his shackles, moving them like whips as he lashed the ground around Garen, trying to keep the soldier at a distance from him as he circled and gave up ground. He couldn’t fight the soldier head-on and he knew it, but her brother was having difficulty getting in close.

“What… have you done with my sister!” Garen growled at him, contemptuously batting a chain away with his sword before he quickly gained some ground, slashing in an awkward, clanging parry of the next sweeping strike of the chains.

“Done to her?” Sylas mocked, teasing. “I’ve done nothing to her but set her free. And she came to me, oh brother of hers.”

With a roar, Garen charged. Even the faintest glow from the chains was gone now, and Garen didn’t fear to be hit by them… catching one hit on his arm with a grunt, he pulled Sylas toward him and drove his sword down at his head with the other arm. Desperately, the escaped mage put up both hands before his face and caught the sword on his shackles, blocking it. The force still drove him to the ground, however, leaving him prone and helpless before Garen. “And now,” he growled out as he glared down at the man, “for the innocent lives you have taken twice over, you will meet Justice at last, mage.”

Sylas, howesver, wasn’t looking at Garen… he was looking at his petricite shackles. His glowing petricite shackles. “Oh my,” he said, chuckling softly. “You don’t know, do you?” He laughed harder as Garen raised his sword… and then fire rushed out from him in a wave. Garen was struck full in the chest, blasted back twenty feet by the power of it.

Slowly, Sylas forced himself back unto his feet. As he did, a glowing sword of sheer magical energy appeared in his hands and he strode forward with purpose. “You Crownguards are just full of surprises,” he said softly. “And to think, you never guessed the truth.” Sylas raised the sword. “And now, you never will.”

“Stop!” Lux screamed, scrabbling over broken stones and broken bodies to throw herself protectively onto her fallen brother. “No! Sylas, please… stop!”

She looked up at him, meeting her eyes, seeing the fury in them. For long seconds, she thought he was going to strike her down on the way to kill Garen. Then he huffed out a breath. “Fine,” he snapped. “Consider this a kindness.”

He spun, and the sword vanished into a wave of chaotic energy that he directed back against the walls of the mageseeker dungeon, blasting open the walls of its prisons. “Don’t waste yours on people who loathe you.” Without looking back, he began to stride towards the broken prison… towards the imprisoned mages he had just freed. “Come home, Little Light. You belong with me.”

Lux wasn’t big, and her brother was heavy, but she got one of his arms over her shoulder and heaved anyway, slowly working him up so that she could drag him out of the courtyard and away from the furious mob that was soon to fill it. “No,” she whispered, determined. “I don’t.”

The city was burning and it was her fault. People were dead and it was her fault. Her brother lay unconscious in a hospital bed, unmoving, unwaking, dying, and it was her fault. Lux had to fix it.

It had been so easy to get into the palace… no one had even been guarding the walls. Lux had thought that was a good sign. Now, she wasn’t sure.

She had been the one to figure it out… to warn the others that Sylas wasn’t going to run. That the Demacian palace, made of petricite, stored untold amounts of magic the same way his shackles did but far, far more. That he didn’t intend to free… he intended to overthrow Demacia. He intended to kill the king.

The mageseekers and the Dauntless Vanguard intended to stop him… but they weren’t the ones who had let him free. Her magic had done that. This was her fault. And she had to be the one to fix it.

She couldn’t use magic around Sylas… it was too risky. Instead, she had strapped a crossbow to her back and looked around for a vial of petricite elixir. She couldn’t find one, however… Sylas had destroyed the mageseeker compound far too thoroughly. In the end, she had simply wrapped Petricite bracelets around her wrists and hoped it would be enough, and then snuck into the palace.

It was easy. It was simple. She just had to not think about how she was going to fight off an army of mages and Sylas with a crossbow. She could do this.

She was too late.

Lux stared in shock at the bodies of the King and Prince as Sylas stood over them, presenting them to the assembled crowd. He was cheering, giving some kind of speech about how this was the start of a new order, how things were going to be different. Lux barely heard him. She just kept staring at the evidence of her failure, the bodies of people that she had been supposed to protect.

Crownguard, indeed. Garen had never come out and said it, but Lux would do it for him. She was unworthy of the name.

“Enough!” she screamed, raising the crossbow and pointing it at the half-dressed Sylas from behind, still wearing just the remnants of his prison clothing and his shackles. No shirt, no shoes, no armor to protect him. The mages around him were slow to realize the danger among them, reacting only when it was too late… Sylas was in her power, now. More than one took a step towards her before they realized that it was too late for that and backed down.

Slowly, Sylas turned to look at her. “What are you doing, Little Light?”

“This ends here, Sylas,” she said, tears running down her face. “It’s over.”

A few mages again began to move towards her and Sylas held up both hands. “Wait. She’s a friend.” The angry mages seemed reluctant to back off, but Sylas took a step closer to Lux. “Isn’t that right, Luxanna?”

Lux had a hard time keeping her voice from breaking. “I used to think we were,” she said, trying not to sob… trying not to think about the Lightshield bloodline laying dead on the stones of the palace. “Now I know better.”

“I created a world where you would be free to shine, my dear Light,” he said. “And yet… you don’t shine at all now. What have you done to yourself?”

“You told me you weren’t a murderer,” Lux forced out, keeping the crossbow on him.

“You and I dreamed of a better world, Luxanna,” Sylas said, his voice reasonable. “We discussed it for hours, and hours. Now here we are, together… building it. Join us,” he said, reaching for her… reaching from the crossbow. “Free yourself. Let your light-“

Lux shot him.

Sylas was stunned, but not stunned enough that he didn’t half-turn his body. With how he had been reaching from the crossbow, the move put his shoulder in the way, and her bolt stuck deep into his left arm. Lux backed up rapidly, even as Sylas reached for the bolt, already struggling to reload. “Why…” he said, seeming genuinely shocked.

Lux could hardly believe it. “You used me,” she said, tears dripping off of her chin as she forced the next bolt into place. “You betrayed me, Sylas… you used my magic to murder people.” She met his eyes as she locked the bolt in and turned the crank. “I’ll never forgive you, and I’ll never let you do it again.”

She saw it as Sylas’ eyes went from confused, to hurt, to furious. “You filthy little ingrate!” he snapped, whipping one hand towards her and sending one of the glowing chains sailing for her like a lash. It snapped the crossbow in two like kindling as it exploded with the detonation of magical power, and would have done the same to her if Lux didn’t throw herself away from it, sprawling on the floor. “After all I’ve done for you?” he roared, reaching down for the prone girl. “I’ve set you free! I’ve made it so you no longer need to fe-”

Lux drew her dagger from her belt and stabbed it down through his bare foot. Sylas screamed and kicked at her arm, but it was a weak thing… she easily backed away.

“You little…” Sylas growled. “Why are you idiots standing around! Grab her!

Lux was rushed by a dozen mages, not one of which was less than nearly twice her size. She fought but the outcome was determined the moment the first one got hands on the prone girl… they dragged her up, her armor scraping against the stone as she was pushed helplessly against the wall. “So you’ve chosen your side, then,” Sylas hissed furiously. “Too bad it was the wrong one. Your family is dead. Your king is dead. Soon, your country will be dead. And as for you, you leave me little choice but-“

“SYLAS!” Garen howled, breaking through the line of guards. “We finish this!”

Lux’s heart thrilled to see her brother back on his feet. “Not your sword!” she yelled as she was held by the mages. “Use something el-“ One of the mages punched her in the stomach, stealing her breath, but Garen had heard her… he smashed one of the mages to the floor, taking up his poleax and heading for Sylas with it.

Sylas caught the first swing on his shackles, snarling. “Back for more, Crownguard?” he spat. “This time, no one will save you!”

The two men fought, as Garen tried to keep Sylas from touching another mage or the petricite, and Sylas tried to keep the warrior’s blade from his body. All around, other members of the Dauntless Vanguard were fighting mages, but Lux couldn’t pay attention to that… She watched her brother fight for his life with Sylas, growing tenser and more stressed with each passing second. Slowly, Garen drove the injured mage back, wearing him down, driving him back towards the guards… and Lux.

The rebel mage sagged to his knees, exhausted, and Garen stood over him. “This ends now!” he growled.

Sylas turned his head back to look at Lux… and smiled. Then he reached out behind and touched the brilliant glowing bracelets on her wrists… the petricite that had been absorbing all the power she had given off during her stress. “Thank you, Little Light,” he said with a grin. Then power exploded from him.

Garen, bound in place by loops of light turned to shackles, collapsed to the ground first. One by one, other members of the Dauntless Vanguard followed until soon everyone was dropping their weapons, surrendering to the rebel mages and their leader.

And he had used her magic to do it… again.

For the first time in her life, Luxanna Crownguard sat alone in the darkness, weak, hungry, exhausted, and terrified.

Always before, she had wished she didn’t have her magic. Always before, she had wished it would simply go away and stop troubling her, stop with the constant risk of discovery, of humiliating her family and condemning herself to prison. That had been awful… but right now, she would have given anything to have the light and not be alone in the darkness.

The fact that the room was comfortable didn’t make it better, either… if anything, it made it worse. Every surface was carpeted and luxurious, the chairs and bed were soft, the pillows filled with feathers. It was the King’s chambers that Sylas had taken for his own and kept her in, while she knew everyone else who had been captured during his rebellion languished in the dungeons. She was free, and yet, utterly a prisoner in this luxury. The door was locked and While the collar fastened around her neck was attached to nothing, it was still made of petricite, keeping her magic restrained and keeping her from breaking out of the room. She felt like a bird in a cage.

Throughout the day, the only light or human interaction she got were the servants that came in to bring her food and water. They didn’t speak to her, no matter how she asked them to… she didn’t even know any of their names. She was pretty sure she had seen some before, so they were probably servants carried over from King Lightshield’s reign, but even those she recognized looked sullen and beaten down. They would drop off what they had for her and leave with barely a look. Lux couldn’t help but feel that she was being judged… being kept in a posh, luxurious room like this when she was sure the rest of the mage’s prisoners had no such accommodations.

Despite the lack of the sun or a water clock, Lux never lacked the ability to tell the time… she knew that it was almost time for him to return when she started being able to see. After hours of wearing them, enough of her magic had accumulated in the collar she wore to make it begin to glow, filling the room with the dim light of infused petricite. How she wished that she could unleash that energy, blast down the walls and escape this place… but that wasn’t her gift, the way it was Sylas’. All she could do was gather energy uselessly, unable to channel or control it, until…

Light from torches suddenly filled the chamber as Sylas opened the door, hanging the lantern he carried on the hook by the door as he did. “Hello again, Little Light,” he said as he moved between other lanterns that were out of her reach, lighting them one by one and illuminating the room.

Lux didn’t waste time. “Where is my family!” she insisted. “What have you done with them?”

As ever, Sylas didn’t answer. He just continued lighting the room until he finished, then he moved to sit on the bed, gesturing for her to join him. Of course, she didn’t, but he waited anyway before sighing. “How long are you going to deny we belong together? This is our world, Luxanna… we should be the ones to guide it.”

“How long is it going to take before you realize that’s never going to happen!” Lux wanted to spit at him… she wasn’t sure if she didn’t out of fear of retribution or because she’d never done it before and didn’t think she could without looking foolish. “You killed people, and you used me to do it! I’ll never forgive you!”

This was the fifth day since the rebellion. Five times, he had come here to ask her. Five times, she had refused. Sylas sighed again. “You should be Queen, Luxanna,” he said firmly, standing and taking the few steps that divided them. “The kingdom could use a remnant of the old family by my side.” Sylas raised one hand to her cheek, holding her face softly with one hand. “With you standing beside me, we could fix this world. You could see your family again. You could-”

She slapped him.

The room was silent save for the sharp sound of the impact as he took a few steps back in shocked surprise. “I could be your pet, you mean?” Lux said. She had always tried to smile at the world, regardless of how much she felt like it, but today the expression on her face looked feeble and weak. She settled for a frown instead. “You don’t want me, Sylas,” she said, certain of her words as she spoke them. “You don’t want Luxanna Crownguard, or Lux the terrified secret mage. You just want a submissive, pliable doll to parade around as a plaything to give your murderous revolt some veil of legitimacy. I won’t do it.”

Sylas turned his face back towards her, his face growing dark and angry. He took the steps between them in a furious rush, and Lux forced herself not to flinch away even though she trembled. She was cold, tired, hungry, afraid, and completely overwhelmed… but she would not give in to this man. Sylas loomed over her, appearing to tower over the blonde girl in his obvious anger as he glared at her. “So is that how you see it?” he said, voice icily calm as he reached out and grabbed her collar. Pulling back on it, he drove her against the wall by the grip on the petricite band, choking her with the collar she wore as he held her immobile… not enough to stop her from breathing entirely but more than enough to make it uncomfortable. Pinned in place by his strength and size, Lux couldn’t even move as he reached for her magic. She didn’t so much see it as she felt the glow drain away, Sylas absorbing the energy she had been producing and storing all day for his own use like she was an oil reserve for a lantern. The casual use of her gift, as much as she didn’t want it, still made her feel sick… especially when he had already shown what he could use it to do. “If that’s how you want it,” he said, voice dangerous and low as he let go of her collar, “then so be it.”

Lux didn’t like the way he was looking at her… he hadn’t seen him look like this since she had stabbed him in the foot. It was like he wasn’t even actually angry… like he was looking at her less like a person and more like an obstacle, a wall to be broken through. He stared for several long seconds… then abruptly he walked away. One by one the lanterns went back out, but instead of heading for the bed like he usually did, Sylas gave her a final look as she was caught in the glow of torches outside the door. Then he slipped out into the hallway, leaving her in darkness again.

He had never left for the night after returning, so Lux wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. At last, not knowing what else to do, she lay down on the bed and tried to rest. She felt like she had hardly closed her eyes though when the door banged open again and Sylas strode into the room.

This time, he didn’t go for the lanterns or anything else. In the light from the hallway, he simply walked up to where she lay and grabbed onto her collar again. Blinking sleep from her eyes, Lux heard a clink as he hooked something to the ring in it, then he was pulling at her with the chain, yanking her off the bed. “Move,” he said sternly, walking out the room and practically dragging the rudely awakened blonde behind him.

The passageways of the palace were empty, though much cleaner than they had been when she had last seen them… the detritus of battle long since cleared away. Lux couldn’t pull her eyes away from conspicuous stains on the petricite, however… certain they marked the spot where men’s lives had spilled out, protecting this kingdom from the monster who now held her leash. Sylas kept pulling her forward, not speaking as he took them… somewhere.

After a minute, they emerged into one of the atriums, staring down at it from one of the balconies. Sylas stood at the railing, looking down. Mostly out of curiosity, Lux did the same… walking up to stand beside him. The room was lit by flickering torches, but it was empty… just an open expanse where a battle had taken place, hallways converging into an opening before an exit from the palace.

Then Lux started to hear something from one of the passageways. Laughter and jeers, mostly… and the sounds of exertion. “Just on time,” Sylas said, yanking on her chain again. Lux stumbled closer to him still and Sylas wrapped one arm around her stomach, pinning her arm in place while his second hand moved up to cover her mouth, effectively gagging her. “Shush now,” he said darkly. “I don’t want you to miss the show.”

Lux struggled, but Sylas was too strong… her squealing protests barely made it to her own ears, and her lone free arm seemed like it would have as much luck moving the wrist it grabbed onto it as it would lifting the whole palace. A second later, as she saw who emerged from the hallway, Lux forgot to even try.

It was Fiora.

The beautiful duelist, a member of the Dauntless Vanguard and the head of House Laurent, was crawling forward desperately on hands and knees. Her hand and legs were bruised and bleeding from how quickly the athletic woman scrambled on the hard floor, but she didn’t let it slow her down… she desperately clawed for every inch of forward progress she got.

She was also completely and humiliatingly naked.

Lux’s eyes went wide as she saw her beautiful friend’s naked body crawl across the floor towards the exit and escape from the palace. She had seen Fiora hundreds of times, in all kinds of situations, and she never would have expected to see an expression on her face like this – openly terrified, with it looking like only a rictus of desperation keeping her from sobbing openly. Her breasts weren’t large, only about the size of Lux’s own, but they still managed to swing in with her firm ass with how desperately she drove herself forward… and a moment later she understood why – she was being chased.

Six mages, equally naked, emerged from the hallway after. Unlike Fiora, the men moved with unhurried casualness, easily keeping pace with the crawling girl with casual walking as she desperately struggled forward on the hard floor. Lux stared with utter horror at the naked men, at the things swinging between their legs, and at the cruel expression on their faces as they laughed and followed the clearly desperate Fiora.

“Before I went to get you,” Sylas said into her ear, “I made that little bitch a promise. That if she made it out into the city, they would let her go.” Lux felt his head shake back and forth behind her, his chin practically resting on top of her head. “Of course, after my friends got sick of her fighting them and cut the tendons in her ankles two days ago, she can’t exactly run very quickly anymore, now can she?”

Lux gasped against his hand, horrified as she realized that not only was Fiora crawling but it was all she could do. The woman had been one of the greatest warriors in the kingdom, a duelist beyond comparison… and the cruel men who had captured her and made it so she would never walk again.

As Lux watched, Fiora made it within about twenty feet of the door before one of the men casually sped up and put his foot on her ass, shoving violently enough to send her sprawling. Fiora immediately started scrambling back up again but before she could two mages had grabbed onto her ankles and were dragging her backward and away from her escape. “No!” she screamed, her fingers raking at the stones of the atrium to try to keep herself from being pulled away but only succeeding at scraping her fingernails on the courtyard. “Please! Please no!”

Lux hadn’t thought her eyes could get any wider. She was wrong. As the men fell on top of the beautiful dark-haired woman, she clearly saw as one of the men grabbed onto the rod between his legs and aimed at her, lining himself up. Her scream into Sylas’s hand was just as furious as Fiora’s as the laughing, cheering mage drove himself into her. The duelist’s back arched as he slammed his hips against her ass, grinding against her. From this angle, at the side, Lux had a horrifically clear view of the huge penis forcing his way into her, spreading her wide around him as he grabbed onto her hips and began to thrust back and forth.

Lux’s attempts to get free from Sylas’ arms only got more desperate as she struggled to get free, her nails digging into his skin but leaving nothing but minor scratches as she let out muffled scream after scream, her eyes fixed hopelessly on her friend as she was raped screaming on the ground just below her and Lux was helpless to do anything about it.

“She makes the best sounds when they don’t give her any warm-up,” Sylas said, casually as if he was talking about the weather. “She really squirms when you just ram it in, you know?” The screaming girl certainly was squirming, thrashing around like she was trying to drag herself away from the man fucking her with the random jerks of her pained body, but the others were clustered around her now. One of them casually stood on one of her arms, twisting it painfully beneath his weight. The other arm pushed against the man raping her until he grabbed it and began using her own limb as a handle to pound her harder.

Through it all, Fiora never stopped screaming, never stopped begging as she thrashed her head wildly back and forth, her hair flipping over her face. Another of the mages grabbed hold of a fistful of that dark hair, twisting her pink streak between his fingers as he yanked on her head by her luscious mane. A second later, his rod was pushing past her lips as he held her head still in his grip. Her cries were suddenly choked off, almost as gagged as Lux’s own were, and abruptly she could hear nothing from below but muffled sounds of pain and the cheers and grunts and curses of her rapists as the man drove into her until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Lux could actually see her throat bulging, could see the evidence of how thoroughly she was impaled and her inability to breathe.

“This is your fault,” Sylas whispered in her ear.

The words were shocking enough that for a few seconds Lux stopped struggling altogether, just staying still in the usurper’s arms. Then she all but snarled beneath her covered lips and tried to bite at him, outraged. How… how dare he! How dare he hurt the people she cares about and use her as an excuse? How dare he use her magic to do it? How could he possibly be so cruel?

“This is all happening,” Sylas continued, taking no more note of her fresh struggles than he had the original ones, “because you decided to be stubborn. Because you just refuse to know your place.”

Lux finally stopped struggling. She was no less angry, no less horrified, but she could clearly see that her straining against him was getting her nowhere. She instead settled for turning her head as far as she could and glaring at him… and as she did she realized that she could feel him behind her, against her butt. Not his legs or his hips but that… thing… pressing against her, eager, hard as steel. A shiver of sheer disgust ran through the blonde girl… she felt unclean and disgusting for just having been nearby him, let alone being touched like that.

Now that she was silent, Sylas slowly removed his hand from her mouth. She didn’t want to be gagged again, so she kept her voice down but anger filled her voice anyway.  “You’re telling me,” Lux said, voice harsh and more than a little ragged from her repeated screaming, “that you decided to have my friends raped because of me? Because you-” Lux almost bit her own tongue out of a desire not to continue saying what she wanted to… if he really had lashed out like this because she had refused him, the last thing she wanted to do was finish that sentence.

Sylas chuckled. “Oh, no,” he said, unconcerned. “They’re traitors to the citizens of Demacia, Luxanna… the oppressors of all of us. Anyone who wants a piece of one of those whores can do what they please, as far as I’m concerned.” Lux started to protest, but he slapped his hand back over her mouth. “No, she’s suffering because she’s one of the Dauntless Vanguard and because she deserves it. But because you decided to be difficult, now it’s so much worse for her.”

Sylas nodded his head down towards where Fiora was being raped. The man fucking her was a different man now, Lux noted… she wasn’t sure if he had – she shuddered – finished or maybe they had just switched, and she didn’t want to think about it. “She’s been a fucktoy for those she helped keep imprisoned for days now, Little Light. The reason she’s still struggling to get to the door isn’t even because of the freedom I promised her… it’s because what I said I was going to do to her if she didn’t manage.” He took his hand off her mouth again.

Lux knew what he wanted. That he wanted her to ask. That he wanted her to be weak and play his game. She couldn’t help it… she did it anyway. “What?” she asked quietly, a growing sense of horror building inside her.

Sylas chuckled softly. “Do you know what a duelist needs, and a fucktoy doesn’t?” He pressed his lips against Lux’s ear. “Hands.”

Lux’s eyes widened further with terror as she looked down, noticing the way that her friend was still trying to get to the door even in the middle of being raped by two men, battered between the two of them. “You… you wouldn’t do that…” she said, not really believing the words as she said them.

“I haven’t quite decided,” Sylas said, a note of whimsy in his baritone. “Maybe I’ll just cut her tendons in her arms too so she can’t do much but flop like a fish anymore. Maybe I’ll just take all ten of the slut’s fingers. Or maybe I’ll just take it all. It doesn’t really matter to me…” Sylas chuckled as he looked down at Fiora. “And I doubt she’d like any of them.”

Tears were spilling down Lux’s cheeks, blurring her vision of her friend. “Please, Sylas, stop this,” she whispered. “If I was ever your friend, please… just stop this. Let her go.”

“I’m not doing this,” Sylas reminded her. “You are.”

Lux swallowed. “What do you want?”

Sylas abruptly released her, just holding onto her chain again as he walked for the stairs down to the courtyard. Tearing her eyes away from her friend’s suffering was the hardest thing Lux had ever had to do… it was the worst thing she’d ever seen but somehow looking away for a second seemed like a dark betrayal. However, the pulling chain soon left her with no chance as she stumbled after him, hurrying down the steps so she didn’t fall and tumble after the mage-king.

At the bottom of the stairs before stepping out into the atrium, a male servant stood waiting for them. The frowning, angry-looking man held something familiar laid out on a dark cloth… her armor. “You wanted to be a traitor pet like the rest of them?” Sylas said. “Then look like one. Put it on.”

Lux just stared at him for several seconds before he raised an eyebrow. She looked down at her clothing, common clothing, and back at the armor. “You really think,” Lux said, “that I’m going to…”

“Strip out of those rags and wear what I tell you to?” Sylas asked coldly. “If you want your friend over there to keep her hands, yes. But if you still want to be a bitch about it…” He nodded to the servant and he started walking away with the armor.

“No!” Lux said, lunging for it and coming up short as the chain got taut, held in Sylas’ fist. “I’ll do it!”

“Good of you to be reasonable,” Sylas said with a smile. The servant dropped the padding like it was garbage, spilling her clothing and armor onto the ground with a metallic ring before he walked away, leaving the two of them alone. “Now get changed,” he ordered, giving her a bit of slack on her leash.

Swallowing, Lux knelt down and grabbed her armor, making sure it was all there. Her breastplate, her greaves, her armbands, the belt… all of it was there, but most troubling was the dark arming gown that she wore it over. It too was in the pile on the floor, but… Sylas was right. In order to get into it, she would have to take off what she was wearing now – it wouldn’t fit over it.

For a second, she debated ignoring it, or trying to put the arming dress on over her clothing, but it just took a glance at Sylas to assure herself that he wasn’t going to accept that. Slowly, with great reluctance, she hooked her fingers into the sleeve of her shirt and began to tug. Slowly, drawing out every moment as she fought to find an alternative, Lux pulled her arms out of the sleeves until they were inside the shirt and she was gripping the bottom half of it. This would be so much easier without Sylas staring at her, but while Lux was innocent she wasn’t foolish… he had no intention of negotiating with her, not when he held all the cards and she had none. Reluctantly, she pulled up on the bottom of the shirt. Inch by humiliating inch her she exposed her flat belly until she got the bottom of her breasts. Then, taking a deep breath, she pulled up all at once and pulled it over her head, leaving her top covered only by a bra and, a half-second later, one of her arms over her breasts.

There had been no sense stalling once the shirt was over her breasts but Lux wished she had anyway… it would have given her a reason to stall what had to happen next. The skirt she wore would be effortless to take off… there was nothing to stall, nothing to delay. Nevertheless, she pretended to struggle with the clasp for as long as she thought she could before unsnapping it, holding onto the skirt for three long breaths before she let it drop. The skirt fell down her bare legs with little but a whisper of fabric, pooling on the floor and leaving her standing in just her bra and panties and her hands covering her, trying her best to preserve her modesty.

Lux blushed crimson, hating herself for it even as she did but blushing even harder when Sylas grinned at the expression on her face. She wished she could stay covered like this… but she needed her hands to get her clothes back on. Reluctantly, wishing she had thought to pick up her arming gown before she had stripped, she reached for it. It was awkward because she didn’t want to bend down, but Lux finally managed to sort of squat and grab onto the dark fabric.

She was just starting to line it up with her leg when Sylas cleared his throat. “All of it,” he said. His tone was cold, almost emotionless, but he looked at her without meeting her eyes. It seemed like he was staring right through her underwear, and it made her want to blush even harder. She wanted to argue with him – that she never put on her armor naked beneath the dark fabric – but even a single glance at the way the man looked at her confirmed he didn’t care.

Her eyes blurred with tears and her hands shook, but even from this corridor she could still hear what they were doing to Fiora. She could do this. She… had to… do this. Still, her hands moved with almost glacial slowness to the clasp of her bra. Once there, they were shaking too badly for her to undo it for long seconds, and even after she did she folded her arms over her breasts, keeping the suddenly feeble-seeming scrap of fabric up until Sylas cleared his throat again.

Glaring at him through tear-stained eyes, Lux let her bra flutter to the ground.

Trying to ignore the way his eyes fixed right on her young tits, Lux reached down for her panties. She wanted to hurry now… spend as little time naked as she could before slipping into the new armor, let him humiliate her as little as possible. She yanked her panties down and started stepping out of them when Sylas chuckled. “What’s the hurry?” he asked her. “You were so patient before… keep that pace why don’t you?”

Lux’s glare was weak with her blue eyes filled with tears, but she obeyed… stepping out of the panties more slowly. Again. she reached for the arming dress when he spoke up. “Give a little spin,” he instructed her. “Nice and slow. And put your arms down,” Sylas snapped as Lux brought them back up to cover her breasts and groin again. “At your sides.”

With the taste of salt on her lips, Lux kept her hands straight at her side and slowly turned in a slow circle… revealing all of her body to his eyes in turn, an expanse of smooth, soft, pale skin that rose and sank with each shuddering breath and shook with each tremor until her breasts shook. At least when her back was to him he couldn’t see them.

After completing her turn, Lux could actually see the bulge in the usurper’s pants. She tried to ignore it as she began to step into the dark fabric. “You weren’t in such a hurry to get it all off,” Sylas noted with amusement. “You can take your time here, too. Do it nice and slow.” Lux had to force herself to move as slowly as he wanted… all of her instincts told her to just yank the fabric up around her as quickly as she could, especially when she noticed how she was forced to part her legs to get them into the legs. It was called an arming gown, but it really was more of a skintight black selection of fabric mostly meant to keep the metal of her arming from chafing against exposed skin… she needed to stop into the leggings one at a time and try to ignore her captor’s questing eyes.

At last, however, she was in it. It took everything she had not to just pull it up around her breasts in a single tug… she went slowly as he wanted, taking more than a minute to slide her arms into the sleeves before she pulled the chest up and over the sweet of her bust. Normally, she would have someone else tie up the back, but since Lux would rather jump off one of Demacia’s walls than ask Sylas to do it, she struggled with the process of tying off the chords herself. The process took another three agonizing minutes to complete, but in the end she was ready to start putting her armor on.

Sylas peered out of the doorway behind him and whistled. “Damn, you don’t have much time left. They’re at least half done.”

Lux froze, horrible realization beginning to dawn. “What… what do you…”

“Didn’t I mention it?” Sylas said with a grin. “She loses her hands when they’re all finished with her. Three down, three to go. And you haven’t even started on your real task yet. I figured even a blood traitor to your own people like you could manage to make me finish once before they did six, but maybe I overestimated you.” He gave her a smile. “But by all means, keep stalling and take your time… maybe they’ll finish with the Vanguard cunt over there before you have to do anything. I’m sure your friend will understand that she had to lose her hands because you just weren’t in a hurry.”

Lux couldn’t think about the horrible implications of what he was saying, couldn’t think about how she’d been tricked and baited. The way he had made her slow down in how she stripped and dressed, stealing most of her time, made her feel hollow and dead on the inside, but she couldn’t afford to think about it. She was at least fully covered now, but she needed all of it on. The Crownguard heiress was pretty sure she had never put on her armor so quickly before as she did now. Her hands practically flew through the familiar motions as she buckled the breastplate over the dark fabric, tightening it more than was honestly comfortable but she didn’t have time to loosen it. She just reached for the shoulder guards and began to attach them as well. They snapped into place, and her hands shook so badly she needed to redo the buckle twice to make the right one stay, but the left went better. Then her belt and hip armor, and her bracers. Her metal boots were gone, probably too much of a weapon for Sylas’ taste, but in their place were white leather boots that matched the cloth dangling from her armor, and she put them on in a frenzy, hard enough that she almost bruised herself.

Then she was done and her nervous, frenzied energy had nowhere to go, nothing to do. She trembled, looking for the next step. Every grunt, every cry, even gasp from the other room sounded like a countdown to Lux now, like the grains in an hourglass slipping away. He wanted her to… to…

Sylas, tightening his grip on her leash, strode forward. “On your knees,” he said softly.

Lux swallowed… and obeyed. She sank down to the stone floor. Sylas backed up, pulling her after him, making her walk after him on her knees with tiny steps until she knelt in the doorframe. From here she could see Fiora, naked, bruised, stained with sweat and other fluids… could see her being raped still. One man fucking her from behind, another slapping his dick against her aristocratic face, preparing to use her just as thoroughly. One more waiting for his turn. Three left to go, as he said.

The knees of her clothing weren’t padded, they were supposed to be flexible, and the stone felt like it was pressing directly against her bone as she stared at Sylas from waist height… stared at the conspicuous bulge in his pants. Swallowing again, she looked up at him, staring up his chest to meet his eyes. It felt humiliating… but it was better than the alternative.

“Take my pants off,” he ordered her.

Lux would have rather walked out into the city center and summoned her magic before every mageseeker in the kingdom… but Fiora was counting on her. It was her fault that Sylas had escaped. It was her fault that the woman was even here. She couldn’t let her be hurt because she couldn’t… couldn’t…

She reached for his waist, but he growled at her, raising a hand and making Lux freeze again. “Use your mouth,” he commanded.

Lux looked at the belt on his pants and the buckle, and thought about how impossible it would be to do it without her hands. What he was asking was… “Please,” she begged, trying not to just outright sob. “Please, I can’t, let me-”

“Do you think I should start with the right hand?” Sylas said, raising his right hand and flexing it. “Or the left?” He summoned a small blade of light… her light… in his hand. “Do you think this would hurt as it cut through, Little Light?”

Crying, Lux shoved her head forward and tried to grab onto the belt buckle with her teeth. It tasted of stiff leather and oil and metal, and she wanted to spit the taste from her mouth… instead, when her teeth slid off the side of it, she bit harder until her teeth ached and tried to pull. She writhed back and forth, trying to grip onto it with her mouth, rubbing her face against him as she sought purchase, trying to ignore the hardness she could feel on her cheek, trying not to think about what it was.

Lux wasn’t sure how she did it, but eventually she got some kind of grip… long minutes slipped away as she slowly tugged it through the loop, afraid to lose her grip and have to start over, but eventually the belt came loose. No time to be relieved. Lux immediately went from the top of his pants, grabbing one side of the buckle with her teeth, tasting Sylas’ sweat on the fabric and wanting to gag but instead yanking backward until she felt the snap of the clasp, felt his pants begin to fall. She grabbed onto them with her teeth and yanked down and-

His dick, hard as stone, popped out of his pants and all but struck her in the face. For a moment she couldn’t move… like its touch was the paralyzing sting of one of the insects of the Ixtal jungles. She felt it on her face and for a moment, the horror of that touch was all she could think of. She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t look at it. Could only look at Fiora as she was raped between two brutal mages, could only watch as her friend suffered. Lux stared with eyes desperate to see anything, anything at all but what was right in front of her as one of the violent mages shoved his cock all the way down her throat, holding onto her short hair in two handfuls and using them to yank her head back and forth. Slamming in and out, his belly smacking into her dainty nose over and over again.

She heard the gags as the man in her mouth came.

Two left.

Lux knew what he wanted, but she had never… never…

If she lived to be a thousand, she would never forget how it felt to turn her face slowly back towards Sylas, to relax her jaw and let her lips part. She would remember how every bump, ridge, swell, and hair felt on her lips as she gently put him in her mouth, the first man to ever be inside her.

Lux was innocent, but not that innocent. She understood the idea… understood from the whispers between friends and handmaidens and the more free tongue of her friend Quinn that this was a thing lovers did. The act itself didn’t shock her… but the moment her mouth touched Sylas the shocking part became that anyone did it at all. It was disgusting. Just the head of him was inside her and already she wanted to gag, wanted to vomit. Only the retching, horrified sounds of Fiora in the other room kept her from flinching back. Maybe it wasn’t normally this bad… maybe the murderer before her just was especially foul, or maybe it was how she had come to hate the killer for what he had done, what he had made her do. Either way, the first cock in her mouth was an experience worse than she could have imagined when she woke up this morning. She looked up at Sylas, but she couldn’t even see his face… her eyes were too filled with tears and all she could see was a blurry mess. Slowly, she forced herself a little further. Her tongue brushed against him, and he tasted so bad that she gagged, her whole body shuddering. He tasted like more than sweat, and dirt… there was an almost metallic taste on his length as well.

“How does she taste?” Sylas asked casually as he leaned back against the wall. “Fiora, I mean.”

Lux wanted to vomit as she realized what he was saying… that he had… had raped Fiora like those men were doing, right now, that she was tasting her on the hated thing in her mouth. She was dedicating herself to making the man who had already abused her friend feel good with her own humiliation. She wanted to die… instead, she licked a second time. Fresh tears dripped down her cheeks, dripping onto his length around her lips. Lux had no idea what she was doing, having never done anything like this before, but she had the basic idea that it involved licking and touching and not actually avoiding the thing in her mouth, no matter how much she wanted to. Her tongue was slow and clumsy, but each stroke still made Sylas harder inside her, the sensation of him stiffening making her shudder with disgust.. Her hot, humiliated breath was like the strokes of a second tongue on him, her lips and tongue caressing him with every moment of her face. The taste of him did not improve as she took him deeper… if anything he became more musky, and the scent and taste of her friend grew stronger.

Weeping, Lux sucked the cock of the murderer of her king, the rapists of her friend, and her captor, submissively embracing his length with her soft tongue and the sides of her mouth no matter how little she wanted to as she did her absolute best to bring off her captor with her mouth and save Fiora.

“Pathetic,” Sylas mocked, leaning back. “Is that really the best you can do? At this rate, you’ll never do it in time to save her.” Lux glared up at him, tears dripping down her face, and he sneered at her. “And quit crying, you little baby. I told you already… our kind doesn’t shed tears.”

Lux wanted to scream. Instead, she tried to tongue the spot on the underside that had made him tremble when she hit before. She wouldn’t have thought it would be so hard to find again, but once again she was faced with the idea that she had no idea what she was really doing, and Sylas was more than content to lean back, mock her, and watch her fail… Nausea and self-hatred hit her almost like a slap, and she wanted to be sick, but she forced herself to swallow it down… she needed to do better.

She saw the way the men were using her friend. She hated it and she desperately wanted to stop but… but it was also guidance. She didn’t know what she was doing… but if she managed to get him deeper…

It was harder than it looked… unfairly so. Lux had to fight for every scraping, choking inch in gags and retches and time spent with her eyes squeezed shut desperately against the urge to be sick, but when she opened them again and took a look at just how much was left of him outside of her mouth she wanted to start sobbing again. She just pushed herself further down and eventually felt him bump against the back of her throat and…

Lux retched, flinching back as she choked, losing most of her progress and coughing around him while Sylas made disapproving noises. “The lowest whores on the street manage to do this every day,” he said with a mocking tone in his voice. “You mean to tell me they’re so much more worthy than you are? That’s really sad, Little Light.”

She didn’t have time to glare at him again. Ignoring the coughing, she forced herself down again… and retched again, coughing. And again. And again. And again.

And again…

Lux let his cock slip out of her mouth as she rested her hands on her knees, coughing violently and trying not to be sick all over his boots. This was… impossible. She looked up at his dick, slick with her spit and with thick ropes of her saliva still connecting it to her lips and chin, and just the thought of trying to swallow it again almost made her retch again. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe there was another way to-

The blonde girl heard the last sound she wanted to hear… the sound of the man fucking Fiora’s face growling as he came. The man pounding her from behind had already finished. That meant… “Just one more,” Sylas confirmed, unconcerned.

Lux knew what she had to do but she wanted to do anything else. She mumbled the words softly.

“Sorry?” Sylas said, smiling. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Can you…” she choked back the sob that wanted to escape. “Can you… push it in.”

He laughed. “I’m sure you can do better than that. Is that how you were taught to ask?”

Lux looked up. “Please, push it all the way in…” she said, hating herself with every word.

Sylas seemed to consider. “That is how a Queen should ask,” he said, his tone hedging. “But you didn’t want to be my Queen, did you? You said ‘plaything,’ I believe… and that isn’t how a plaything would ask, is it? Maybe try again… say…” he paused, smiling. “‘Please shove your cock down my throat.’”

The words tasted like ashes in her mouth. “Please… please shove your c-” she hesitated, swallowing hard. “Cock down my throat.”

His smile widened. “Your highness,” he added.

Lux bowed her head. “Your… highness…” she forced out.

“Are you asking me to fuck your pretty face, Luxanna?” Sylas said, sounding surprised. “You want me to drive my dick all the way down into your stomach? To make your throat a cocksheath and jack off with it?”

Lux was hard-pressed to think of a single thing she wanted less… but she could hear Fiora starting to gag again. “Please…” she whispered. “Make my throat a cock… cocksheath and jack off with it… your highness.”

Sylas grabbed onto her hair, lifting her head up and brushing his dick against her soft lips, making her whole body shudder in horrified anticipation. “Beg me again,” he said, his dick twitching on her lips.

“Please f-fuck my face, your highness.”


“Pl… please fuck my face, your highness.”

“Again,” he growled.

“Please fuck my fa-gurk!”

Sylas shoved his hips forward, driving in a second as far as she had ever managed. Lux retched again, but this time she didn’t back up… she couldn’t. He was holding her hair in both hands like a leash, keeping her head immobile before him. His cock banged against her throat and bounced off the narrow entrance. She gagged again, got it under control, then gagged again.

“You didn’t finish asking,” he told her still, impaled on his length. “I’m guessing Fiora has only a few minutes left with hands. What do you have to say to me, Little Light?”

Lux looked up at him and a fresh wave of tears slipped down her eyes. “Pmmnphm fnch mm fncm, mnnr hnghnmphph,” she choked out around his length.

He smiled at her. “Good girl.” Then he started to do what she’d asked. With his hands in her hair, Sylas yanked her head forward, straining his prick against the entrance to her throat. Lux felt that it was absolutely impossible that it would fit but he continued pushing anyway… and to her abject horror, she began to feel something give. Then, abruptly, her flesh spread out and allowed him in, making her gurgle and retch as he wedged himself into her throat and continued to push deeper. Inch by inch, he pressed deeper and deeper into her, Lux’s lips creeping towards the base of his cock but there seemed to still be so much more to go. Once Lux started gagging, she didn’t stop… her body kept jerking and spasming as she choked, and only his hands grabbing onto her blonde mane kept her upright.

And then Sylas stopped. She kept choking, but it went no deeper. “Keep begging,” he told her. “I didn’t say you could stop. Unless you’ve changed your mind of course… I know this is hard for you. Fiora will understand.”

Speaking like this, while her lungs felt hollow and burning, felt nearly impossible. Even trying was wretched misery. Lux did it anyway… it took her several seconds that felt like hours, but she got the words out. “Plssssh… fff…. fnch mmm… mfffmf, mnrr… h-hnghnmpfff!”

“Perfect,” Sylas praised her as she begged to be further degraded, and proceeded to degrade her further, forcing more of his length into her.

Sylas was saying something else, but Lux couldn’t hear it. Mostly she could just hear her own gagging and the beating of her heart… but even over that she could hear the sounds Fiora was making as she was throatfucked just as savagely. She needed to make him finish first. She had to.  “Pmmnphm fnch mm fncm, mn- gurk!”

Lux almost threw up as her lips pressed against the base of his cock, her nose buried in the musky smelling, wiry hair of his crotch as she fought to control her gagging long enough to mumble out the words the usurer wanted to hear. “Plchhh… fcch- mmfffffff… mrrr hngnef…”

Like her words were a signal, he began to fuck her throat then. He yanked all the way out, ripping his length back until his head rested on her tongue in a single movement, and then pulling on her hair hard enough Lux thought he was going to rip it out, Sylas buried himself in her again, the muscles of her throat spasming and squeezing him in a tight, pleasant embrace, his spit-soaked balls resting sloppily against her chin. Her gag reflex felt like it was trying to kill her and she jerked and bucked as her nose almost flattered against his body. “Pmmnphm fnch… mm fncm, mnnr-”

With each thrust, Lux’s face was pressed against his crotch, making a wet slapping sound to accompany the gurgle of her plugged throat, the combination of spit, tears and precum soaking the coupling of her body and his. Her throat didn’t fit him still, and her lips had to stretch wide around his shaft to make a nice, soft ring for him to rub himself against. She could feel every beat of Sylas’ heart through his damned cock, the pulse of blood in his organ pressed against her taut throat as he hammered his way into her and she tried her desperate best to be the best hole she could be for him so he would come and spare her friend. “Pmmnffm fck maaaa fncm, mnnr hn-!”

“Beg for it,” Sylas said, groaning. “Beg me to cum down your stomach. Beg for your dinner, Crownguard.”

Lux could feel that he was getting excited by how his dick throbbed, the way he breathed harder and fucked her faster, and disgust warred with desperation as she heard the man raping Fiora grunting in pleasure now too. “Pls cmmmm,” she begged, desperate, disregarding how his thrusting cock massacred her words and made her choke. “Pmmnphm cnm nn mm mnnphh! Plsh!” Lux felt like the single most worthless piece of meat in all of Demacia as she desperately sucked on the cock of the murderer who had enslaved her kingdom and begged for his cum, and all she could hope was that he would give it to her before something even worse happened.

Lux’s head hurt and her lungs burned and she was having a hard time remembering even her name over the struggle for air, but she still felt it when his cock swelled and pulsed, and then a second later hot, slimy fluid was pouring down her neck. Some of it went right down into her stomach but he never stopped fucking her face even as he came, continuing to paint the inside of her mouth and her throat with his cockslime. The salty cum stained her tongue, overwhelming her senses and once again Lux wanted to throw up.

It felt like days before he finished cumming, spurting the last few drops onto her tongue as Lux began to viciously cough. She spat up most of the cum in her mouth as her lungs viciously took their vengeance with interest, sucking down air regardless of the spit and cum and phlegm and other disgusting things that came with it and then coughing it back up. Cum stained her lips, cum stained her chin, cum dripped down onto her armored breasts and soaked her dark clothing. Mixed with the spit there just seemed so much of it… she looked up at Sylas with bloodshot, exhausted, pleading eyes as she coughed and spat and made a mess, silently begging her to save her friend.

Sylas’ smile was vicious. “Thank me,” he commanded.

Lux wanted to die. Instead, she tried to smile at him. It was a weak, pathetic thing with bruised lips and a cum-stained face, but she smiled. “T… Thank you for… fucking… my face… your highness.”

“Good enough,” he said. Then he grabbed her chain and yanked. Lux didn’t have time to rise to her feet from her knees… it was crawl after him or be dragged across the floor, so she crawled as he led the fully armored Crownguard woman into the hall where Fiora was busy having her face painted with the final of the 6 loads.

She’d made it in time. That should have felt like a victory. Instead, she just felt like a disgrace.

“Clean her up,” Sylas ordered. Lux wasn’t sure what he was asking, but a second later it became clear he wasn’t talking to her… Fiora began to crawl towards Lux, her eyes downcast, her expression blank. She reached the blonde woman, but she couldn’t even meet her eyes as she reached out and started to lick at the cum staining her outfit, her long, flexible tongue working through the crevasses of Lux’s armor to clean it while her captors laughed and cheered. “Don’t swallow it,” Sylas ordered as she continued licking, cleaning it all up with one lap of her tongue at a time. Lux watched with horror as the strongest, proudest woman she had ever known submissively disgraced herself at the command of the man who had crippled her, looking for all the world like a cat lapping at a bowl as she cleaned the filth that Lux has spat up without any more compliant than a look of sheer disgust.

Some of the cum had sunk deep into cracks in the armor, and Fiora needed to flatten herself against it and really suck with tongue and lips to get it out, but she seemed unwilling to leave any behind. What had they done to her friend to inspire this level of cruel obedience? “Fiora…” Lux said softly as her friend finished cleaning the armor, licking the last remnants of cum off of it before she moved up, cleaning the hollow of Lux’s throat. Her tongue felt smooth but weak… exhausted, worn out… but she kept licking, moving up to the blonde’s chin and cheeks, licking up tears and spit and cum and sweat and gods knew what else from her face.

Her cheeks visibly swelled outward before she finished, and occasionally, she would lose some of what she accumulated in the process of cleaning. The result was always the same… a small, terrified whimper, and immediately lowering her face to wherever she had dropped it to suck it back up. Occasionally, that meant needing to reclean a part of Lux’s body that she had already cleaned, but she never protested, never stopped, until at last she had finished licking and sucking and slurping Lux’s outfit and face clean.

“Give it to her,” the mage-king ordered.

Fiora looked up at Lux, and their blue eyes met for a moment, Lux’s bloodshot, exhausted eyes meeting the dead tired gaze of the duelist. Then Fiora kissed her and her tongue pushed all the accumulated spit and cum back into Lux’s mouth, where it had come from. “And this time,” Sylas said cruelly, “don’t spit it up. Whatever I give you, you swallow… always.”

Lux looked up at him in disgust… and then swallowed.

Lux was pretty sure she was never going to get the taste of Sylas’ seed out of her mouth.

The moment Sylas had taken her back to the room and locked her back in, she had immediately gone to try and clean herself off. The King’s bathing room had seemed perfect, but the tub was empty, with no water anywhere to be found. At a loss, she had grabbed the first thing she could think of – the bedsheets – and began to wipe off her face, her tongue, the insides of her cheeks. Every single surface she could reach, she wiped down… but it didn’t help. His cum was all she could taste, all she could smell, and every time she felt the damp cloth of her wet arming dress or felt the metal of her armor she felt sick to her stomach, thinking about what she had swallowed.

When she woke up this morning, she wouldn’t have thought that if she ever got back in her preferred clothing that she would ever get back out of it. Instead, she couldn’t peel it off herself fast enough.

Her armor was tossed carelessly on the floor… she was glad of the darkness because she couldn’t bring herself to look at it. The dark arming dress went next, Lux hurling it against the wall as hard as she could. It hit with an anemic, wet slap that made her shudder with disgust. Being naked was better than wearing it again… but as she began to go through the dressers in the dark, all the things she could find felt… barely like clothing at all. Gauzy, silky, and skimpy, that was all she could feel.

Someone, she noted, had gone through the room while she was gone and gotten rid of any clothing that was worthy of the name. Her choice, it seemed, was cum-soaked clothing, whatever sexy thing her rapist wanted her to wear, or nothing at all.

Lux didn’t know which option was worst.

Now the exhausted girl lay on the floor of the room, staring at the crack of light beneath the door with dread as she waited for Sylas to return. The silks on her skin felt shamefully soft and comfortable, and she didn’t deserve of it. Every time she closed her eyes, every time her mind wandered, between the beats of her heart, she could hear her own voice, over and over again. ‘Please fuck my face, Your highness.’ She had begged him to disgrace her, begged him to treat her like a piece of meat, and when he had she had helped him to do it.

She felt like a whore.

It didn’t matter that she had only done it to help her friend… it still made her feel like human garbage, someone with no morals who was willing to submit themselves completely to a kingslayer like Sylas. It didn’t matter that she had no choice. All that mattered was that she had done it… and she was going to have to do it again. Sylas had made that very clear to her before he had dumped her back in her makeshift cell – “Her continued safety depends on you,” he had told her. “I don’t give a shit if she lives or dies, and even less about how many limbs a fucktoy has, so if you want her to stay intact you are going to behave.”

The thought of being obedient to that monster, of doing what he wanted, made her sick… but she’d already done it, hadn’t she? If she disobeyed now… Wasn’t it all for nothing?

‘Please fuck my face…’

Lux didn’t realize she had drifted off until she was startled awake by footsteps just outside the door… feet blocking the light. A moment later, Sylas entered the room, casually moving around to light the lanterns again like usual as if nothing had happened. Lux just stared at him without moving, anger warring with shame and disgust warring with fear of the cruel man.

“Stand up,” Sylas commanded as he moved around, bringing light into the room. Lux didn’t want to… she just blinked at him, frowning as she stayed there until he looked at her and sighed. “Really,” he said with a growl. “Do I need to punish you again?”

When Lux still didn’t move, he sighed a long-suffering sigh. “Why do you make me do this?” he asked. The blond expected him to head towards her. Instead, before she could react, he walked back out the door. A second later, she heard a woman scream.

Lux gasped… that didn’t sound like Fiora. It sounded like… Quinn. “Stop it!” she screamed, rising to her feet. She was wearing the disgusting silk lingerie, but she had pulled one of the sheets off the bed and wrapped it around herself, covering herself up more than the clothing allowed. “Stop!” He didn’t… Quinn screamed again, outside. “STOP IT!” Another scream. Lux pounded on the door, banging her first against the solid oak thing. “Leave her alone! Punish me!”

The woman outside screamed one more time, and then was silent. Lux kept pounding at the door until Sylas opened it again, stepping back away from him as he entered as casually as if he hadn’t just had someone hurt just to get to her. “I was punishing you,” he said coldly. “I don’t care what happens to them, if they live or die… but I thought you did. Do you truly care so little for your friends, Little Light? Are you going to start disobeying again? You want them to get hurt?”

The Crownguard woman swallowed a furious retort. “You can hurt them anytime you want,” Lux said, trying not to let her voice shake as she stood up as defiantly and firmly as she could. “For any reason you want. And there’s nothing I can do to stop you. I’m not the one hurting them… you are.”

Sylas laughed. “Is that what you think of me?”

“It’s what I know of you,” Lux whispered. “I won’t be yours.”

“And if I tell you, right here and right now, what I expect of you… and swear that as long as you obey and do a good job those you care about won’t be touched?”

Lux hesitated, and Sylas smiled. She hated that smile. She had been all ready to tell him that she was done playing along… she was mentally prepared to force him to accept that she wouldn’t do what he wanted, that she understood it was an impossible game… and he made it possible again to force her to play. He knew he had her.

The blonde girl squeezed one fist beneath the sheet until her nails dug into her skin. Then, like a deflated wineskin, she sagged, feeling empty and defeated. “What do you want?” Lux asked.

Sylas sat on the bed and gestured for her to join him. When she tried to sit down next to him, however, he shook his head and pointed at his lap. “Drop the sheet,” he commanded. When she hesitated, Sylas snorted. “Rule One. I have full access to your body. You don’t decide who touches you, where you sleep, when and what you eat, what you do… I do. Every time you refuse a command, every second you delay in giving me access to what is mine, will be a whip stroke on someone you love…. Starting now.”

Lux dropped the sheet and walked over to him. As she did, to her horror she realized something she hadn’t realized in the dark – the silk was almost see-through. She was even closer to naked than she thought, and the blush spread across her face against her will. She also couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants and shudder at the sight of it as she slowly settled down onto one of his legs in a way that she didn’t have to touch that vile length. Of course, almost immediately his hands were on her sides and hips, running over her body as he held her there, but at least she didn’t have to look at him like this.

“Simple enough, right? I think so… easy to remember, too. Tell me you understand.”

“I understand,” Lux said softly.

Behind her, Sylas shook his head. “Rule two. You will address your king properly… Your Highness, or your Majesty, or My King.” Sylas snickered. “I’d settle for Master, too,” he said with a little laugh. “Each time you fail will be a meal your friends don’t get. Now, let’s try this again.” He grabbed her chin, almost gently, and turned her face to look at him. “Do you understand these rules?”

Lux squeezed her eyes shut and grimaced. “Yes… your majesty.”

“Good!” Sylas said cheerfully, tracing one hand up her side until it hooked under the band holding up the silk over her breasts. Lux tensed, but he didn’t pull… didn’t even move other than to rub his thumb over it. “I noticed you put on some of my gifts…”

“It was all there was to wear,” Lux challenged, still indignant about it.

Sylas paused. “Oh you dumb thing,” he said with an exasperated sigh. “It looks like your brother will be going hungry tomorrow morning. I knew you had to be stupid when you chose the wrong side, but I didn’t realize you were this dumb… your family is going to be a lot thinner at this rate.”

The anger left her in a second for icy cold dread. “Your majesty,” Lux whispered.

“Better. Yes,” Sylas agreed, and Lux suppressed a groan as he shifted her further onto his lap. She could feel his dick now, hard and pressing against her rear. “That’s all there was… and it’s all there ever will be until you earn something more,” he told her. “I am your King, and you are going to be an appropriate whore for me-”

“I’m not your w-whore!” Lux protested.

Sylas abruptly reached forward and closed his hands over her breasts. He squeezed them, taking her covered nipple between his first two fingers softly as he grabbed onto her, and Lux yelped. She brought her hands up to his but he resisted all attempts to move him “Rule three,” Sylas said as if she hadn’t said a thing. “No. Not. Won’t. Refusals like those are no longer words in your vocabulary. Use one of them again, and I’ll toss the duelist cunt or one of the others to the soldiers for a whole day. And now your aunt isn’t eating tomorrow, either.” He suddenly squeezed her nipples harder, twisting and making the blonde woman gasp. “Am I getting through to you yet?”

“Yes!” Lux cried out. “-Your highness! Yes, your highness!”

Sylas let go of her, and her nipples seemed to throb and swell as the blood it seemed like he had crushed out of them started rushing painfully back in. Lux let out a small whimper that grew only louder as she realized her captor’s cock was throbbing against her ass. He was enjoying this. “So then,” he continued as he just kept playing with her breasts as if nothing had happened. “You will be an appropriate…” he moved one of his hands down to rest on her inner thigh, making Lux shudder softly. “…whore for your King. I’m sure your family taught you how to make yourself presentable… you told me that they were grooming you to marry the Lightshield princeling. Fourth Rule. Whenever I leave you, that is what you are to do… your hair, your clothing, your makeup, your baths, your grooming. You will always be presentable and beautiful when I come to you… and if you are not, I will replace you with one of your friends or family for that day, and I will not be happy or gentle, do you understand me?”

Lux swallowed. “Yes… my king.”

Sylas didn’t stop playing with her breast, slipping his hand beneath the translucent silk, but while he did he slipped his hand a bit further between her legs and Lux trembled and gasped as his fingers slid over the lips of her vagina with just a thin layer of silk between him and her. “What do you think I’m going to do to you, Little Light?” he said softly, running his fingers up and down her slit.

Lux trembled until Sylas pushed harder. “The first rule again,” Sylas said, amused. “Questions are not optional, Luxanna. That’s two lashes you’ve earned someone tomorrow. You will answer me.”

She swallowed heavily. “You’re going to… to rape me now,” she whispered. Lux knew it was coming… had known since he had stripped her. What had followed, if anything, just confirmed what kind of man he was, what he was willing to do to her. “…your highness…”

Her back pressed against his chest while he played with her, she could feel him laugh. “You think I’m going to stuff that pretty, virgin cunt of yours?” he whispered into her ear, one of his hands coming up to hold her chin again, tilting her head so that he could see her eyes as tears formed in them while he played with her pussy through the fabric. “You think I want to knock you up?” Lux swallowed and nodded, and he chuckled again. “Then say that.”

The blonde took a deep breath, though she was shaking so hard it was difficult to speak. “You’re going… to… to… stuff my… pretty… virgin c…” Lux froze for a second as she squeezed her eyes shut, a tear slipping down her cheek. “Cunt, and knock… me up… your highness,” she finished, her voice shaking.

“No, I’m not.”

Lux froze, barely daring to breathe, and opened her eyes, turning her head to look at him. As she did, he took his hand off of her, moving it from her chin to one of her wrists. Slowly, he dragged her hand down to join his between her legs. “You’re…” she said, disbelieving, “You won’t-”

“The only way I fuck you here,” he said, pressing her fingers against her own slit through the silk, “is if you beg me to…” His lips brushed her ear with every syllable as he spoke, smiling as he whispered to her.

She gaped at him. “You can’t possibly think I’d ever do that,” she protested.

“We’ll see,” he said with a small chuckle. “But until then, you are going to…” Holding her wrist still, he brought her up above the waist of the silk and slid her hand beneath the band, his own hand covering hers. Moving her like a puppet, he brought her fingers down to prod at the entrance to her sex and then inside her. She gasped as his finger and hers entered her at once, pushing apart the pristine folds of her pussy and slipping inside the tight, dry slit. “…Keep yourself wet and ready for me, all the time,” he continued, slowly pushing her finger back and forth. Even the two fingers felt enormous inside of her, every bit of her stunningly sensitive to their joint touch.

His second hand moved back to her breasts, rolling one of her nipples between his fingers while he continued to make her finger herself. “You will get very good at this,” Sylas promised her as he played with her body. ”Fifth rule. From now on, every time I touch you, you had better be wet and ready for me. If you aren’t, every second that passes is another lash for your loved ones.

Lux gasped. Despite herself, she was getting wet, at least a little bit. It didn’t feel good to have fingers inside her, but it did certainly feel intense. “W- why?” she choked out.

Sylas chuckled. “Is my little whore finding it hard to think with little cunt wet? Because she’s forgetting obvious things again.”

Her eyes widened with panic. “M… My king! Why, my king?”

His laughter felt sinister in her ears. “It’s ok, pet. I forgive you… this time. Because I said so,” Sylas told her, “and because whores should have that distant look in their eyes from being mindlessly turned on all the time.” His hand squeezed her breast, playing with her body as they spoke. “I offered you to be my queen, but you said I wanted a doll… a pet… a whore. So that’s what you are now, Little Light… a plaything for me. Unless you want to beg me to breed you instead and be my Queen after all…”

For a split second, Lux was tempted. She didn’t want to be his queen, and the thought of his making something grow inside her made her sick… but would it be better to submit and be his queen rather than the whore he wanted?

“No, your highness,” she whispered, distracted by the feeling of his wrist brushing against her clit. It wasn’t really a choice at all… she would have to be his whore either way. The only difference would be whether or not she wore his crown and stood by his side while she did it.

“Have it your way, stubborn girl,” Sylas sighed as he grabbed a hold of a tuft of blonde pubic hair and pulled, making her squirm and cry out softly. “Then I want all of this gone by morning… and I swear I’ll make the duelist’s ass red for every single hair I find.” He pushed her off him and Lux stumbled and fell, sprawling onto the floor. “One rule left,” Sylas said he began to walk around, dousing the lanterns before he climbed into the bed. “We want to start every day on the right note… make sure the first thing you do every morning shows what kind of mistake you made. I wake up with my cock in your mouth, or the people you love suffer. And be enthusiastic about it… do a bad job, and they’ll pay for that, as well.” He pulled the covers over himself and turned over. “I suggest you learn to sleep lightly.”

A few moments later, Lux was alone in the darkness once again, glad that no one could see her cry.

 Some things never changed.

It was almost funny. The city had fallen completely, the king was dead, the established order had been completely upended, and the damn bells were still ringing, calling out the time. She had always hated them, and they marked the inexorable march towards morning, and what she would have to do.

For a while, she had considered trying to kill him. Trying to find something in the room to stab him with, or choke him, or… something. She had given up that idea quickly, however. From her past searching through the room, she had never found anything like that, and it was too dark to search for it without waking Sylas. She wasn’t strong enough to hurt him without a weapon, either… so all she could do was lay there, unable to sleep, and listen to the ringing two bells toll their way up towards what felt like an inevitable execution.

Each bell had almost marked an increase in her pain, and the decrease in her hair that went with it. She already knew that there was nothing sharp in the room, nothing that could serve as a shear or a razor… so there was only one way she was going to get them out and save Fiora from being punished because of her. It had been easy at first… reach a hand down, pinch some hair between it, and grit her teeth. Yank. Wince at the sting. Toss the hair away, reach down, and do it again. The problem was that, with each hair she tugged out, it didn’t get easier and easier… it got harder and harder as she grew more sensitive, each one hurting more than the last had. Each time she grabbed hold on another few hairs it was harder to make herself tug… and a half-hearted one would hurt nearly as bad without accomplishing anything. The same would happen if she tried to pull too many at once… those had both been painful lessons. It left her feeling closer to a piece of furniture than a person. She was hurting herself, and her captor wasn’t even there to actively force her to do it… just a threat was more than enough to get her to torment herself like this.

It took four full bells before she had run out of groups of hairs, and it had been so tempting to simply stop there… but she couldn’t. Instead, crying alone in the darkness, she ran her fingers  over her barely-explored pussy, feeling for any hairs left and plucking them out one by one. Only then, exhausted, sore, and feeling horribly defeated did Luxanna manage to get any sleep at all, even as uneasy as it was.

At last, six bells… the city tolled the dawn. Lux didn’t know how long Sylas liked to sleep, or when he would wake left to his own devices. She only knew that if he woke without her doing what he wanted, he was going to make her sorry. Slowly, moving with increasing dread and the newly bare patch between her legs aching with every movement, she reached down between her legs and began to rub at her overly sensitive clit and lips.

She whimpered. It didn’t feel good… after pulling out the hairs, the entire region of her body tingled like it was on fire and every touch made her sore… but she had to do it. There was no chance, no chance at all, that he wouldn’t check. Wincing with every movement she slid her fingers over her folds and nub as gently as she could. Despite herself she started to get at least a little wet immediately, but… doubt filled Lux’s mind. Would he accept that? He seemed to want much more… and what was the point of going through something so awful if she was going to get her friends punished for it anyway because she lost her nerve at the last second? It took far longer than she wanted, and every second felt like a countdown to a horrible fate – every single moment that passed, she warred between starting her next task too late and not being wet enough to satisfy him.

At last, she thought her pussy was damp enough to satisfy him. Reluctantly, she moved her aching, exhausted body up and climbed up onto the bed. His skin, perfectly normal, felt like it was vile and covered with cold slime beneath her fingers and Lux wanted to recoil her hands away… but instead she gripped the blanket and slowly pulled it down off him. Then, before she could think too much about what she was doing, she lowered her head down and stared at the half-erect thing right in front of her eyes and winced. She brought her hands to it, touching it as reluctantly as she could until it occurred to her with horror that if she woke him up before he was in her mouth…

Hating every second, she slowly lowered her mouth to him and swallowed his length. With him not fully hard yet it was oddly more disgusting in some ways, more difficult to make herself do… but as he began to harden on her tongue almost immediately, she gained plenty of reasons to doubt that impression. Silently, struggling not to gag, she began to lick at Sylas and swallow his length, bobbing her head up and down.

She had no more idea of what she was doing this morning than she had yesterday, and oddly, doing this was even more degrading than being facefucked… she had to do it all herself, and he wasn’t even awake to appreciate it. Without him there and actually making her do it – just out of threat of punishment – she was doing it and he wasn’t even aware of her actions yet. It made her feel… more like a thing than a person.

But she didn’t stop.

Slowly, he woke up, stirring beneath her. Lux didn’t stop, even as she felt him shift to lay more fully on his back, giving her the ability to get deeper on him. She was making herself gag with each deep lick and stroke now but she fought it down… she could feel his eyes on her. She could even see them if she looked up, the petricite on her collar beginning to glow, but she didn’t. “Good morning, little light,” he said, his voice a pleased growl as he looked down at her. “Are you ready for another day learning to serve your king?”

He hadn’t told her to stop sucking, and Lux wasn’t going to have gone through this only to fail at the end, so she didn’t stop. Her cheeks flushed with shame as she realized what he wanted. “Yemsh, mm hnng,” she said, continuing to bob her head.

Sylas laughed. “How quickly you learn,” he said, obviously pleased. “Now if only you could learn how to suck a dick properly. Use your lips harder, squeeze me with them, and do some actual sucking… don’t be lazy.”

Lux hadn’t thought she could hate herself anymore. Quickly, she learned that she was wrong. “yeh youu nhaghehghy,” she choked out, the very act filling her with shame. She tried to follow his instructions, wrapping her lips around him as tightly as she could and trying to suck in, then slowly bobbing her head up and down. Her body made a tight, wet, warm ring around his dick, and Lux did her innocent, helpless best to masturbate him with it. It was hard to focus on that and move her tongue and try her best to control her gag reflex, but she didn’t really have a choice… she had to do this.

She had no idea what to do with her hands, either… she just awkwardly rested on hands and knees, splayed to either side of the accursed king’s hips as she moved her head and tried not to retch with marginal success. Occasionally, she looked up at Sylas and found him just relaxing there, barely moving and certainly not breathing hard with any excitement… although his cock was hard, he wasn’t throbbing with any kind of need. She wasn’t actually getting anywhere.

Sylas chuckled the third time he looked up at her. “Would you like some help, Little Light?” he said with a smirk, grinning down at her with that arrogant smile. “I’ll teach you. You’re doing three things wrong.”

He slightly shifted on the bed and then his hands were on hers. One of them he let drop onto his thigh. The other he brought to the base of his shaft, so that her fingers slid down across his dangling balls. “Rub those,” he commanded. “Gently. Do it in time with… No!” His voice cut off in a growl as Lux began, eyes widening as she looked up at him sharply, suddenly afraid. “Your rhythm is all wrong,” he told her. Keep a count in your head. Back, and forth. Back. And forth. Back. And forth.” He twisted his hands in her hair, surprisingly gently, and guided her head up and down in time with his words. “Keep up that sucking. Now, at the same time, the same rhythm, you lick. Up, down, up, down, get it?”

He sighed in pleasure a few moments later. “Yes… yes, you understand. What a good little cocksucking pet you are, Luxanna.” Lux blushed, shame darkening her face. Why did he have to mock her like that? She was already doing what he wanted… what he was making her do! “Now, hands,” he handed. “Slow circles. Half for each count. Left… right… left… right… just like that. And gently! You hurt my nuts and Fiora will wish you had just let me take her fucking hands and been done with her, I promise you that.”

“I’nh ghuyinh, youu hihhnehh!” Lux said, struggling to obey.

She did it all, just the way he said, and after a few seconds Sylas removed his hands from her head, leaned back on the bed and relaxed as Lux did her best to further degrade herself for him. “So,” he said a few moments later. “That’s one. Here’s the second. You don’t get to try to have any dignity while you’re choking on my cock… understand that. That spit in your mouth? Let it all out… all over my dick.”

The blonde obeyed. “Yeh nhy chinh,” she forced out as she let the precum-soaked slime filling her mouth drool past her lips. Lux would have thought that getting the foul stuff out of her mouth would be nothing but pleasant, but to her dismay it was anything but. It stuck to her lips as it slathered his cock, no less foul in her nose and mouth but more sloppy and disgusting as she bobbed her head up and down. Each stroke now made a wet sound that turned her stomach, a slight splash to go with her gurgling gag, and she felt Sylas’ dick twitch in her mouth with each one.

“Deeper too,” he told her. “No dignity.”

Lux tried to force herself further down, but just like last night by the stairs, she wasn’t able to do it… when the head of his dick banged against the entrance to her throat she nearly threw up, falling into a spasm of gagging and coughing. This time, however, with the spit already accumulated all over his dick, coughing was an even more miserable experience that covered her lips and cheeks in the mess of the sloppy blowjob that she was giving her captor.

“Which brings us to the third thing you are doing wrong,” Sylas said with a chuckle. Lux felt his hand on her face, and then a second later his fingers were pinching her nose shut. “You’re still acting like my dick is less important to you than air.” His other hand grabbed onto the back of her head and firmly yanked down, shoving the wide-eyed girl further onto his cock until her lips were wrapped all the way around the base. “But I’m happy to help until you learn better.”

Lux writhed, her whimpers more like airless whimpers as she caught just bare gasps of air through the cock clogging her throat. Her gag reflex and the sloppy sucking meant that most of her attempts to breathe brought her spit with it, making her cough and retch more and more as Sylas held her in place. “Stick out your tongue,” he commanded. “Give my balls a good lick and you can have some air again.”

Moaning with disgust and despair, Lux stuck her tongue past her lips, rubbing it along the underside of his cock as she did. She hesitated for a second, but Sylas simply twisted the hand holding strands of her golden hair and between that and the hand holding her nose shut she had little choice. Lux kissed the hairy, crinkled flesh of his dangling balls in time with the slow movements of her hand, letting her tongue play out over the deep creases that tasted like sweat and musk. Quickly, with growing desperation as her lungs burned, she began running her nimble tongue over his sack, tasting his pubic hair, the sweaty orbs pressed against her. “Gooood,” Sylas moaned as he bucked his hips, forcing his cock even further between her lips and into her throat. Her eyes, rimmed with tears, looked up at him and found the man smiling in pleasure as he felt her tongue rub all over the shaft in her mouth and his balls as she wiggled, her warm mouth enveloping his cock and making the wet, slurping noises that he apparently wanted so much. She just kept doing it, trying not to think about what she was doing but feeling like a whore all the same until he finally pulled her head up.

He didn’t let go of her nose, but it was far enough that she could finally breathe through her mouth. “Finally,” he said, although his smile was in contrast to his words. “You’re learning.” Lux sucked in a single half breath around his cock, but then her eyes went wide as he crammed her head back down again. “No, no, I thought you were learning… but I guess not,” Sylas said, amused mockery filling his tone. “Didn’t we talk about how my cock was more important than filling your lungs? What do you think you’re doing, breathing before you thank your king for so graciously teaching an incompetent Crownguard pet to suck his cock properly?”

Willing to do anything to breathe, Lux didn’t hesitate the moment he backed off again a little bit. Her lungs burned and she wanted nothing so much as to breathe back in, but instead she forced the words out… “Yeh! Yeh! Ghhanck yeh nhy khngh!”

To her relief, he didn’t immediately push her back down afterward. “Better,” Sylas said, like an Emperor offering a stay of execution, and left her half on his dick where she could, with effort, manage to take breaths. It was hard, breathing around his cock, but Lux was so desperate for air that she was determined to do her best. He didn’t, however, let Lux stay like that long enough to fully catch her breath again. All too soon, he unceremoniously pushed his hard cock all the way back into her mouth. With his grip on her head. Lux could move but she couldn’t back off any further than he let her… she had to service him with her sweet mouth and soft lips and warm tongue and hope that she did good enough of a job that he would let her breathe solidly again. Obviously aroused from her humiliation, it wasn’t long before he was pushing his cock deeper into her mouth each time she sank down on him, cherishing the way she gargled around the organ filling her mouth. Lux was, slowly, getting better at it… the retching becoming a little bit less violent as her unwilling throat gagged around his meat, but not enough to stop her misery. Then he let her breathe again. Then back down.

And so it went, tiny treats of air in between gagging and sucking as Sylas used her like a doll, like a sex toy. Each time he pushed his dick deeper, often making her gag or choke as the disgusting taste of precum filled Lux’s mouth even through her drooling. Even on all fours it seemed like it was all over her now… her tits were wet, the translucent fabric soaked through, her cheeks were dripping, and lines of spit ran from her lips to his balls even when she pulled back. She couldn’t count how many times her face was pressed into Sylas’s crotch or how many times she was forced to lick his balls.

Sylas never let go of her hair, never let go of her nose, as he pulled her head towards him, impaling her throat on his foul cock and making her feel his pubic hair scrub all over her face. The more she gagged, the more he loved it, and as she grew slowly better at it he grew more vicious, plunging deeper, just to make sure she was just as uncomfortable as he wanted as she was trapped in the cycle of abuse and humiliation and desperation of air that he loved feeling service his cock. The girl’s lips were already swollen, her throat sore from the endless facefucking she had to take. Tears ran down her pretty face as it reddened with exertion, trying to catch her breath and serve him… and the worst part was that she was apparently starting to go do a good job. Sylas was starting to breathe harder, a wide grin on his face.

She was, humiliatingly, also grateful when he was no longer satisfied with her tongue and lips doing all the work and simply started raping her face, pushing his dick deep down into her throat before pulling out and brutally shoving back in, back and forth. Then, a few seconds later, he came. Sylas’ creamy seed started to flow in rapid jerks, filling Lux’s mouth with a rich, salty taste that overwhelmed her senses. “Swallow it all,” Sylas moaned, and remembering what had happened last time she hadn’t, Lux took a hesitant gulp, forcing herself to choke it down one swallow at a time as he continued to fill her mouth up.

It was easier if she didn’t think about what she was doing. The thought of routinely taking Sylas’ cum in her mouth filled her with humiliation and shame… by the Shadow Isles, just the thought of offering herself up to her captor to be taken like a free whore made her sick. It was simpler if she just let herself sink into blind submission and not consider what she was doing, just allowing herself to be used. She gulped down the rest of the jizz in her mouth, suppressed a grimace, and – at the expectant glance from Sylas – licked the last drops off of the head of his shrinking dick. It was like he was holding it out as a treat for her, like some cum-addicted slut… like swallowing his seed was a present.

Nevertheless, burning with shame, Lux stretched her tongue out and lapped up the last drop of Sylas’ cum as he pet her head. “Good girl,” he said. “Proud of you.”

Shocked, degraded, and miserable, Lux didn’t offer any real resistance as Sylas rose from the bed and spread her legs, and ran his hands over the bare patch between her legs. “Very smooth,” he agreed happily. One by one he found a few remaining hairs, pulling them out before pushing his finger into Lux’s mouth, making the degraded girl swallow down the hair he had found still on her. When he was finished, he attached the leash to her collar again and stood. “You can crawl after me,” he said, taking in the spit-soaked girl with a grin. “You can clean up when we’re done.”

“You don’t have to do this, your highness!” Lux protested. “I can walk. You don’t have to…”

“I offered you to be my Queen,” Sylas said coldly. “But you decided you’d rather be a pet… so be a damned pet, Crownguard. You didn’t do bad… Only twelve hairs.” He shrugged. “So Fiora will only have to be whipped 12 times. Let’s go give her those now, Little Light… get it taken care of before we toss her to the soldiers for the rest of the day.”

“What!” Lux cried, her eyes wide. But she had… she had done everything! “You promised tha-”

“When I asked if you’d rather be my Queen,” Sylas said, his eyes glittering with malevolent amusement, “what did you say?”

Lux swallowed hard. She’d… she’d forgotten. She’d said ‘no.’ Softly, she started crying.

“Don’t worry!” he said with a grin. “I’m sure she’ll understand.”

A week ago, Lux hadn’t been sure she would ever get the taste of cum out of her mouth. Now, she was certain that she wouldn’t.

The blonde Crownguard knelt on the floor of the throne room with her hands bound behind her back, scraping her tongue along the contours of the Lightshield crown as it lay on the floor in front of her. Sylas didn’t need to bind her hands – she knew that there was no escape, and no means of fighting back that wasn’t going to hurt her friends – but Sylas seemed to enjoy the sight of her helpless and even a week into her slavery Lux was already coming to understand that what Sylas enjoyed was among the most important things in the world for her. The way her ass shook as she bent over helplessly, running her tongue over the crown meant that she could feel his eyes burning into her from behind, but without having to look at him she could pretend that he wasn’t looking.

At least no one else was watching her… she was barely wearing anything and she looked like a whore. Her hair was tied back and braided so that it looked pretty enough for him to be worth fucking and like every day she had put on her makeup in the morning. The mascara on her eyes almost had never yet survived until the end of the day but she obediently reapplied it as many times a day as he gave her the opportunity to anyway, wiping away the black tear lines that slowly dripped down her cheeks as the abuse wore on. The clothing he gave her to wear covered almost nothing even if the fabric wasn’t nearly as clear as a window. The silk billowed around here in every place it didn’t cling tightly and covered practically nothing, leaving her completely exposed. She did mean completely, as well… now, a week later, she didn’t have a single hair on her body below the neck and he made her keep it that way.

Lux still remembered the day, four days ago, when he had told her to make sure her legs were bare and actually gave her a razor to do it with. To her disgust, she had been sickeningly grateful for the tiny mercy… saving her only partially from a torment he had inflicted on her inspired gratitude. That his idea of mercy giving her a way to make the process of keeping herself pretty enough to rape less painful. The really humiliating part, however, was that remembering that didn’t actually make her feel less grateful.

This time, as she licked at the crown, she wasn’t entirely sure if there was actually Sylas’ seed on it, or if she was just remembering the taste and imagining it. It had already been a week, and the sheer number of times his cock had been her mouth already ensured that everything tasted like cum. Still, when he had tossed the crown that her family had been responsible for protecting onto the floor of the throne room and told her to lick it clean, she had obeyed immediately.

She had to. This morning, when he told her to deepthroat him, it had taken her sixteen seconds to get it into her throat by herself. That was already sixteen lashes that one of her friends would have to take… she couldn’t afford to hesitate on anything that was merely humiliating. And, while she was thinking about that…

With her hands tied behind her back, it was a strain to stretch, but she could just slip her fingers beneath the band of her silken panties. It was easier to keep herself wet to his standards if she never let herself get away from it… keeping a low buzz of physical arousal all the time. Slowly, she stretched her fingers out from her bound hand, pushing the tips of two fingers into herself and stroking in a slight circle. If Lux let her wetness vanish completely and needed to get it back, it was hard not to think about how much she hated herself for doing it… this way, it was easy and quick.

The crown, the last remnant of the Lightshield line that she was supposed to protect, the crown that should be being worn by her fiance, might no longer have cum on it but it was glistening with her spit by the time Sylas spoke up. “Enough,” he said. “Over here.”

Lux looked over at the spit-soaked diadem with sorrow before she slowly forced herself up. “Yes, my king,” she said. Even a week later, the words still tasted like ash in her mouth. Getting her shoulders and breasts back up off the ground after bending down like this meant further swaying her ass back and forth, but with how often he liked seeing her restrained she had had plenty of practice the last few days. Once she was back on her feet, she walked over to the waiting king as he sprawled confidently on his stolen throne, smirking at her.

He pointed down at his lap, and after a week of this he didn’t need to say a thing… she knew what was expected of her. That didn’t mean that she didn’t need to say anything, however. “Thank you for the privilege of letting this whore suck your cock, your highness,” she said dully, trying not to think about the words as she said them. Then she slid limply to the floor between his legs, falling onto her knees until his swollen cock was at her eye level, easily visible even through his pants by the bulge. Her hands were still bound behind her back but she didn’t delude herself into thinking that mattered… Instead, she leaned forward, found the clasp of his pants, and closed her teeth around it, beginning to tug.

Getting his pants off had gotten easier but no less degrading… A week into her slavery, Lux knew that forcing her to obediently assist in her own violation was one of her new owner’s favorite pastimes. She tried not to think about, performing her task as automatically as possible, but it still stung the tattered remnants of her pride each and every time as she slowly, awkwardly, forced his pants off of him as he sat on the throne of her murdered king.

At last, she lowered it enough that the hard thing popped free of his pants, slapping her in the forehead. She blushed with shame, but she didn’t let it stop her from opening her mouth and lowered herself down onto him without a word of complaint. After all, he wasn’t hurting her. Fiora and Quinn suffered for every mistake she made… there wasn’t a point in feeling sorry for herself, she should feel sorry for them and do everything she could to prevent them from being punished too much.

She was never good enough to prevent them from being punished at all.

His cock tasted worse than usual… he had been fucking one of her friends again. She flushed with shame again at the thought of satisfying the man abusing her friends – It was easily the most disgusting thing she had ever had to do – but she didn’t slow down as she wrapped her lips around him and used her tongue to lap the remnants of his last rape off his dirty, cumstained cock, just as sloppy as he liked.

Her gag reflex had gotten weaker, and this time when she pushed the head of his cock against the opening to her tight throat it only resisted a little before yielding, stuffing her full of that dick as she stretched painfully, filling her own neck with his length. As Lux slurped on Sylas’ hated cock, she stretched her fingers down and continued to finger herself as much as she could, willing herself not to dry out… he hadn’t checked yet, and he doubtless would.

It felt dehumanizing in the extreme to know what Fiora and Quinn tasted like, to swallow his dick and scrub the remnants of their rapes off with her throat, but she did it anyway. She forced her head down deeper, ignoring the burning in her lungs and how badly she wanted to breathe. She could still breathe through her nose, if she was careful, if she didn’t gag too much. She felt the first tears of humiliation of the day beginning to run down her face and hoped that it wasn’t accompanied by her mascara.

Then, he was finally all the way in and she could stretch her tongue out, just the way he liked. She couldn’t help but gag now but she stayed there anyway as she licked his balls and felt his hair tickle her nose. Lux stayed there, obediently, like a docile, broken pet until the burning was simply too much to bear. Only then did she slowly let herself slide back, keeping her lips wrapped tightly around him, dragging them from the base all the way gradually back to his head as her tongue slid across his entire length… aiming specifically for the sensitive spot she knew he liked, the one right beneath the head of his prick that she had plenty of abominable practice at finding by this point. Once her tongue had found it, she knew he was in position, and she could allow her searing lungs to satisfy themselves while she continued to all but wrap her tongue around his head, looking up at him to gauge his impatience, hoping that her efforts were enough to stall and give her the time to breathe. Then, before he got annoyed, she forced her head back down with a noisy wretch and a sloppy wet splash, a gurgle escaping her throat as another tear escaped her eyes. Then back up again, letting the usurper-king rest the head of his cock on her tongue like a true king in his domain while she slurped on him and breathed, then back down again to gag and lick on his nuts, then back up again. Down. Up. Down. Up.

She expected any second to begin feeling him swelling inside her. She felt like if she closed her mind, she could remember every single bump and swell and vein and ridge and hair on his cock, could perfectly imagine the way it would swell right before his seed shot down her throat, spurting into her stomach or onto her tongue. Instead, however, he pulled out of her and slapped his dick against her forehead, covering her eyelid with his cockslime. “That’s enough for now,” Sylas said. “Get up here, Little Light. Onto my lap.”

Lux didn’t know why he was letting her get away without sucking down his load for once, but she wasn’t going to argue. “Yes, my king.” Her knees were sore from the effort but she forced herself up, turning around and settling down onto him. Her silken panties covered basically nothing and she could feel his wet, slimy cock against her asscheeks as she settled down onto it, his legs and knees holding her up as he wrapped her in his arms. One of them casually cupped her breasts, squeezing softly on top of the clinging silk. The other reached between her legs and pushed a finger into her slit, and Lux was glad that she had made sure to keep herself wet. She just wished it didn’t feel good… the last thing she wanted was the pleasure of his finger inside her, but after a full week of keeping herself almost constantly wet what she wanted didn’t matter… her body ground against him a little bit before she could stop herself, and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment before she stopped.

“You want me,” he said as he played with her body. “I can tell you do. Just give in, Luxanna… it will be so much easier.” His thumb rubbed circles around her clit while her fingertip danced inside her, never going deep enough to brush her maidenhead but caressing her sensitive sex all the same in cheek.

Lux gasped softly, squeezing her eyes shut. This was one of the worst parts. Pain and discomfort, while miserable, didn’t risk her body betraying her… but the humiliation of having parts of her long to yield herself to him wasn’t so easily ignored. She knew better than to answer the way she wanted to… her friends had already been punished for her refusal once. Instead, she just silently shook in his hands as he continued to caress her, her trembling skin putty beneath his hands.

“Wouldn’t you rather be mine?” Sylas said softly. His hand pulled her panties to the side, exposing the cleft of her pussy to open air and letting his cock slide against the supposedly-safe slit from beneath, the wetness from her mouth and her cunt mixing. As far as she had seen, Sylas hadn’t broken any of his promises… he had only hurt or mistreated his captives when she made him, and he hadn’t taken her virginity yet, but still Lux wondered if this would be the time that changed. “Be my queen and all of this stops,” he said, his lips against her neck as he kissed it gently. “Beg me to put an heir into you and you can go back to being a person rather than a plaything.”

No, Don’t, Won’t… all these were forbidden to her. Lux, however, had figured out a safe way to refuse. “I am a plaything.” she said, the humiliating words still carrying refusal with them. She would not submit to him… not how he wanted. She wouldn’t help him legitimize his rule.

A small chuckle, the chest behind her shaking. “Stubborn girl,” he said with amusement. “Are you under the impression this is as bad as life gets for a whore?” He pulled his fingers out of her sex and brought them to her mouth, Lux’s lips sucking them into her mouth automatically. It wasn’t the first time she had needed to suck her own sweetness off his fingers. “Let me show you otherwise.” Sylas shifted slightly on the throne before bringing both hands to her tits, squeezing them softly as he rolled the nipples between his calloused fingers. His lips pressed against her ear, brushing her with every movement as he whispered “Get my cock in your ass, Luxanna.”

Lux froze.

For a second, she was sure she had heard him wrong… that he couldn’t have said what she thought he had. It only took her a moment to realize how foolish that thought was. Of course she had heard him correctly… that was exactly the sort of nightmare Sylas would inflict on her. “I c-“ Lux slammed her mouth shut so quickly she almost bit her tongue, desperate to keep herself from saying something she was going to regret. She whimpered despite herself. “Please…” she begged instead. “Can this whore… please suck on your cock instead?” Even for the degraded Crownguard girl, this was a new low… being forced to suck on his dick was one thing, and doing it without being told was another. Begging to be permitted to, however? That was a low she hadn’t reached yet. “Please, my king… I can push it all the way down my throat, and you can…”

“Get,” Sylas repeated firmly. “My cock. In your ass. Little Light.” He squeezed her nipples a bit harder, twisting them. “You’ve already hesitated seven seconds, so now I don’t think you’re actually trying… Do you want to prove me wrong?”

Seven seconds. Seven lashes. Lux whimpered again. Her body shook with dread as she reached down for his cock with bound hands, trying to grab onto his cock and feeling it slip away from her fingertips. Desperately she ground her ass against his lap, but she couldn’t see what she was doing, couldn’t even find exactly where the head of his prick was. “Please, my… my king…” Lux pleaded. She had started crying in earnest at some point in the last few seconds, but she wasn’t sure when. “Can you… can you please… help me… get you…” She swallowed. “In my butt?”

She could hear the smirk in the usurper’s voice as he reached beneath her with one hand and she felt his iron rod move to press against her. “Sure, why not,” he said. “Otherwise, my hand might get sore by the time I’m done with your friends. The clock stops when I’m all the way in, Luxanna.”

If Lux paused to think about it, she might not do it. Time was counting down… and she couldn’t let others suffer. She felt his head prodding against her… and she tried to gingerly force herself down.

It didn’t work.

His cock, even wet as it was with her spit and her juices, still wasn’t going to fit into that tiny opening without a fight. She couldn’t even do anything of the things that would make this easier, like spreading her cheeks or holding onto his cock… she just wriggled and squirmed, trying to force herself down onto his dick with everything she had and making almost no progress as seconds passed… but only almost. Slowly the pressure on her ass built, and built, and built. Lux couldn’t see the way she was gradually spreading around him, couldn’t feel it… couldn’t feel anything but painful pressure and raw animal desperation.

And then, with a small cry, her ring gave and the head of his cock pushed into her ass.

Sylas’ hand was over her lips the second before Lux screamed into it, tears flooding down and carrying her dark makeup with them as every instinct in her body wanted her to jump up and run away, to escape that pain… but that would just undo every bit of hard work she had done. Sylas held one hand over her gaping mouth while he pawed her tits with the other, and weeping Lux forced herself to continue downward. Every muscle in her body trembled and shook and she winced with every movement, but she forced herself down. Her sphincter stretched as far as it ever had and then far further, her body admitting defeat beneath the might of the cock invading her.

Lux felt every bump as it pushed past her stretched ring, taut around him as any glove she had ever worn as she forced herself down as far as her aching body would let her. It was still torturously slow, agonizingly so, but her cringing mind and horrified instincts wouldn’t let her go any faster. Bit by bit, his cock sank into her guts and she wrapped more and more of her ass around his length, and all of it by conscious choice.

She had him halfway in when the shivering muscles in her legs finally failed. She collapsed down onto him, gravity driving his rigid cock the rest of the way into her in a rush as she fell heavily on his lap. Lux screamed in the abrupt agony and new tears flooded their way down her cheeks as she spasmed and shook, her cramped legs kicking out in anguish. She felt like a butterfly pinned to a collectors board, hopelessly impaled against and left to die. At last, however, it registered to the pained girl that she had done it. She had done it.

“One hundred forty six,” Sylas said, shaking his head. “Not your best effort I’m afraid… you’ll have to try harder in the future or they won’t have skin left before too long.”

Lux whimpered, silently cursing herself. She knew that this wasn’t her fault, that Sylas was hurting them to get to her, that she wasn’t to blame… but on some level it didn’t matter. She still felt like a failure, like a worthless whore who couldn’t even do something like this right to save her friends.

“Tell you what,” Sylas said, amused. “Start pulling yourself off and don’t make me tell you to stop hesitating again and I’ll cut their lashes in half.

The blonde’s whole young body felt like it was on fire but she didn’t hesitate… she immediately forced her feet into place beneath her and began to fully force herself up. She felt disgusted but she was grateful to him for his mercy… for giving the people she loved tiny mercy from a punishment he had assigned them. Still, her muscles weak and trembling, she forced herself to begin to rise.

It was so much harder than going down. Every bit of the cock skewering her twisting guts fought against coming out… or perhaps that was her swelling hole gripping him like a fist. She fought against gravity, forcing her body to rise back up, making her trembling legs work and obey her instructions as her makeup drew dark lines down her cheeks and her asshole burned. The process of pulling herself off him seemed even longer than the one of impaling herself had been and it felt like she was destroying herself but she couldn’t hesitate, wouldn’t hesitate… she had to do this.

At last, only the head of his was inside her and she half-stood half squatted over his lap, his cock only barely inside of him. She longed to pull off, to finish… but he hadn’t told her to. Weeping, she prepared to sink back down… and she could have sobbed with relief when Sylas stopped her. “Don’t do it again,” he told her, still playing with her soft breasts. One of his hands stopped, heading up to brush her cheeks and wipe her tears away, and Lux saw them come away black with his makeup as he wiped away her sobbing. “Would you rather be my Queen now?” he asked as if it were the most reasonable thing in the world to ask the woman you were assraping.

Lux didn’t trust herself to speak… not to scream that yes she would, if only he would take his dick out of her ass she would do anything… so she took a moment to compose herself. She was sorely tempted, far more than she wanted to admit. It hurt so badly… but by standing at his side, she would legitimize this usurper, solidify his rule, excuse every part of his violent uprising. She wouldn’t do that. “I’m… your whore… your majesty,” she forced out.

Sighing, Sylas brought his hand down to where her ass met his cock and wiped her tears all over his shaft. “Then take this… the best lube a whore can ask for,” he told her. “Now get bouncing. I like my assfucks like I like my blowjobs… I trust you can figure it out.”

Fresh tears replacing those wiped away, Lux obeyed. “Yes, your highness,” she whimpered… and sank down back into his lap until her ass cheeks were against his legs again and his cock was filling her again. The lube helped make it faster but not even slightly less painful… she was too raw and sensitive for that. Lux could feel every minor feature on his cock, and every time he twitched inside her it felt like some animal was biting the inside of her body… but she knew what to do. Immediately, she began lifting herself back up again.

The third time she fucked herself on him hurt just as much as the second, and so did the fourth, and the fifth, and the fiftieth. While she raped her own swollen, clenching asshole on his length, Sylas treated her body like the plaything for him it was now… moving his hands around to suit his whims. He squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, made her suck his fingers and played with her hair, caressed her trembling legs and felt the muscles and softness of her ass. Worst of all, however, he pushed fingers into her dripping sex.

Lux jerked whenever his fingers brushed against her clit or when he fingered her swollen pussy… her clenching hole far hotter and wetter than she liked from a week of teasing. She would have thought the incredible pain in her ass would kill her arousal completely, but that wasn’t true at all… if anything, the agony made the pleasure harder to ignore, her brain seeking any refuge from the anguish, even the shame of enjoyment in her rapist’s touch.

As she bounced up and down and up and down and up and down yet again, Sylas brought her to the edge of… something. Lux could feel the heat building inside her, and half of her fought against the rising tide even as the rest of her reached for it. Always, however, his fingers would abandon her to play with other parts of her before getting too far, and Lux felt ashamed that she actually was having frustrated thoughts about that. She didn’t want his hands on her! She didn’t want him to touch her, ever… but she didn’t have a choice.

Before too long, Lux’s world vanished into only two sensations… the pain in her ass and the effort to make it worse, and the pleasure in her pussy and the effort to make it greater despite herself. Faster and faster she fucked herself on Sylas’ cock, stretching her inflamed asshole further as he fingered her, feeling him keep playing with her. Down, up, down, up, do-

At the peak of her rise, while her ring was wrapped around just his head, Sylas suddenly pushed two fingers into her at once as his thumb ground against her clitoris, and the part of Lux that was trying to hold back lost the fight. The blonde felt her entire body shudder as heat consumed her, every muscle in her body clenching and relaxing in time as she shook in the first orgasm the young Crownguard girl had ever experienced. For just a moment, everything else vanished. Her legs gave out and she fell all the way onto his cock in a rush, impaling herself in a second. Agony rushed through her in time with the ecstasy, warring with one another and completely overwhelming her brain until she almost couldn’t tell them apart anymore. For just a second, everything was just one confusing ball of sensation, just one more thing that she felt, neither good nor bad.

Then she came back to herself, suddenly in pain on the cock still impaling her, still having to keep raping herself on Sylas’ length with her burning, even sorer ass,  and her eyes flooded with new shame.

She thought her humiliation was complete, but to her horror Sylas didn’t move on to playing with something else… he kept fingering her, and she could feel another orgasm begin to build. “Please…” she whimpered in protest. “Please…”

“Shh,” Sylas commanded. “Right now, I just want to relax and have my whore fuck herself on me while I play with her body.” If anything, he fucked her with his fingers harder, rubbing against her over-sensitive clit as she shook on him… and came again.

And again.

And again.

What had briefly been a blessing, a moment where the pain stopped, was quickly becoming a curse… every time she came her body stopped obeying her and she grew more sensitive. By now his cock felt more like a fence post inside her rather than a penis and each thrust felt like it was tearing her open. She bounced desperately, but not as quickly as she had… her limbs too weak as Sylas forced her needy, teased, well-edged body towards another orgasm. “Please cum… in me,” she begged softly. “Please… my king… please… cum in… my king… your whore… your highness… fill your… whore… cum… please…cum… please…” The hand that wasn’t on her pussy wrapped around her neck, squeezing softly and giving her words a briefless quality as she grew more lightheaded. “Cum…” Lux pleaded. “Please cum…

Every time she begged, she felt his cock seem to swell in her, felt it twitch, so she kept going. “Fill… me… your highness,” Lux said, no longer feeling shame or anything else in her desperation. She had to finish this before she lost her mind or passed out… she had to make him cum so that he would spare her friends, had to… “Cum… in me… fuck… my ass… cum… in… me… your… highness…” She abandoned all dignity, throwing herself into the effort of fucking him as hard as she could, fighting a losing battle against cumming again and losing her progress. “I need… your cum… in me… my king… please… My master… please…”

And Sylas’ fat cock twitched and erupted into her ass.

Lux moaned, blubbering half-understood thanks and pleas as quickly as her exhausted, limp lips could form the words as her rapist’s salty seed soaked deep into her swollen guts, finally still on him as she felt his cum splash against her walls. The blonde was too exhausted to even shudder in disgust. “Thank you… your highness… for… for…” she swallowed. “For cumming… in your whore.”  She trembled… he was still playing with her body, still trying to make her cum. With each stroke of his fingers inside her, it seemed like his cock was growing further as she got more and more sensitive. If this continued, Lux felt like she was going to lose her mind.

Then she had a terrible idea. She knew how to make him stop.

Hanging her head and staring at the ground in shame, Lux took a deep breath. The words made her feel like a piece of rotting trash left out in the sun, but… what else could she do? “Please…” she swallowed her shame. “…master… can I… clean your cock?”

Sylas went still, his fingers stopping. Then he laughed. A moment later, his hand pulled away from her pussy and he gave her ass a little slap. “Get to it then,” he ordered her.

For something that she had never wanted anything more than, rising back off of his cock all the way was one of the hardest things Lux had ever done. With the weakness in her legs and her utter exhaustion and the way she trembled, getting the lash inch of him out of her was incredibly difficult and three separate times she thought she was going to fall and tumble down to the foot of the throne… but she didn’t. As the swollen head of his shaft finally pulled out of her ass, Lux felt cum and her tears and probably her blood leaking out after it, dripping down her thighs and onto the shaft she was about to suck clean and she tried not to think about. For the first time in what felt like years since they had started, Lux didn’t have a dick in her.

Then, a moment later, she knelt before him and carefully, lovingly licked along his cock with her tongue, cleaning the cum he had pumped into her off his length and fixing the mess they had made from him while he lounged back on his stolen throne with perfect satisfaction, and reached down to finger her own cunt again as she prayed he wouldn’t get hard again.

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19 thoughts on “One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 1

  1. Despite this being a bit darker than I’m normally into, it was written well enough that I enjoyed it anyway. Is there more planned for this?


      1. Well then. I’m a big fan of Quinn so despite the subject being not quite my cup of tea, I’m always just happy to see her involved in things. So I look forward to more.


        1. Thanks for reading! Quinn will have actually a fairly decently large role in this story, but I’m not sure you are going to like the part of it you see next chapter


          1. Based on what happened to Fiora, I’m sure I won’t. But provided it’s not something bad happening to Valor I’ll probably enjoy it and just feel dirty about it later. Otherwise I’ll probably just mentally omit that part and just pretend he flew away at some point.


  2. Well, first review tonight is the Lux story!

    Sorry it took me so long to get this one read, but this is long, at least by the standards of the average Lone Fox or Point of no Return chapter. Every time I’d scroll down until all the text on screen was completely new, and then wonder if the progress bar had moved at all, I was like “holy shit, how much did this one cost?”

    Still, it seems the commissioner is very happy with it, so it’s money well spent! 🙂

    As for me, it’s interesting diving into this without knowing all the characters or lore. I think I know about where canon diverges from this. While I have heard mention of Sylas using Lux’s magic for something, I didn’t hear any reference to the temporary reign of King Sylas, so presumably that’s where this pulls away from the lore as it stands.

    And…you know…obviously Riot didn’t want to write any rape scenes, so those are probably non-canon. 😉

    I think I understand how most of the stuff in the story works. Petricite seems to absorb magic, making it useful for restraining mages, but from what I gather here it also kind of stores it like a battery, so Sylas can use that. I also gather that Garen’s sword is magical, rather than the man himself having latent magical talent like Lux, since Lux told him to use something other than his sword during one of the fights. What I’m a little unclear on is how Sylas’s abilities work. He’s absorbing and releasing magic, of course, but does he just pull in the raw energy, and is then free to shape it, or does he have to release the same kind of energy he took in? In other words, is he “reflecting” an incoming magical attack, or does he just catch the attack, use it to charge up, and then work his own magic?

    Lore aside, it may or may not surprise you to know that the character I felt for immediately wasn’t so much Lux but Fiora. The effect of mutilating or crippling a character on me is well known by this point, so her being made to crawl on her hands and knees and getting raped was bad, but hearing that Sylas’s men had cut the tendons in her legs was worse. The threat Sylas makes of hurting her more every time Lux doesn’t do something as quickly as he wants (not to mention cutting off her hands) hit me about as hard as it hit Lux.

    That’s not to say I don’t feel bad for Lux. Sylas is making her participate in her own rape, and it’s pretty horrible. I admire her resolve never to give him what he wants, the legitimacy of having her as “queen”, and I figure that even if she did that he wouldn’t abruptly start torturing her friends less.

    Kayle, don’t suppose you feel like dropping out of the sky right about now? Sylas seems like he’s a man in need of some JUSTICE!!!

    Ahem. Sorry.

    Well, looks like Lux is going to have to sort this one out. Not sure how she’s going to do that, but that’s par for the course in these stories, and it feels like we’re really still only in Act 1 of this piece. I believe in her, though! 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye out for updates to this.


  3. This was really good and I can’t wait for more! I really hope Lux is treated more harshly in the future. The description for Fiora being all battered and beaten was exquisite. Every time a method of torture was described, I was hoping Lux could go through it instead of her friends and family. Please abuse Lux harshly from here on! Looking forward to the chapters ahead!


    1. Also I was really hoping for more scenes of her in her original armor, especially when it was described as cum-soaked after the throat fucking. Would be very humiliating if she were forced to continue wearing her usual attire after it was basically ruined for her.


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