Lone Fox 2 – Ch 15 – The Final Day

Ember woke to find herself spooning Seo-yun, her arm draped over the softly snoring fox. They’d had no blankets, but Seo-yun had draped her tails over the two of them, and they’d been warmer and fluffier than any comforter the phoenix could remember. It had been years since she’d slept so well or woken up so pleasantly, and she laid there still and quiet so as not to disturb the woman’s slumber, enjoying the warmth of Seo-yun’s body against her own and the gentle rhythm of her breathing.

It was almost hard to believe that she’d tried to kill the woman less than two days ago. Repeatedly. She couldn’t be more thankful that she’d failed. Ember had almost forgotten what it felt like to be a person, not a slave or a champion. If Seo-yun had met her another year from now, she probably would have been too far gone by then. The only thing that had stopped her from murdering the fox when she’d collapsed was remembering that it was exactly what the Paradisium, and by extension Master Sindak, wanted her to do. Sparing Seo-yun’s life had been as much an act of defiance as of mercy.

But now… Ember hadn’t realized how much she’d craved companionship until she’d found it again. To be around someone who actually cared about her, who touched her with gentleness and love instead of selfish hunger, was like being given a cold drink of water after years of wandering the desert. In a way, it was the cruelest thing the Paradisium could have done to her. If she won the Game again, and managed to do it while keeping Seo-yun alive, she would still end up being sent back to Master Sindak and never seeing the fox again. And that was the best case scenario. There were many other outcomes more likely and more miserable.

Ember pushed those thoughts out of her head. The future would arrive whether she worried about it or not. What mattered right now was making the most of the present, where Seo-yun was in her arms. She was more than a little tempted to wake the woman and see if they had time for another round or two, but the fox was sleeping so peacefully that Ember couldn’t bring herself to wake her. She’d been through a lot in the last few days, transformed from a meek yipping pet to someone courageous enough and kind enough to risk her life trying to save someone as violent and pigheaded as Ember. She deserved all the rest she could get.

“Take care of her, Jack,” she whispered quietly. Two nights ago, she’d allowed herself to cry over his death once she’d found some privacy. Her tears had been equal parts grief and joy: as much as she missed him, it was a relief to know that he hadn’t been killed by Master Sindak as she’d so often feared. Or survived and then abandoned her, as her darker thoughts had often tried to convince her. From what Seo-yun had told her, he’d made some poor decisions since then, but he’d found some measure of peace at the end. He’d been a good man, and if she couldn’t protect Seo-yun herself, there was no one else she’d rather have watching out for the fox. “She’s going to need you.”

Seo-yun would have Jack to protect her in the future, but for today, Ember was going to make certain that nothing happened to her. For five years now, she’d survived everything the Paradisium Game had thrown at her while knowing that all she was really doing was delaying the inevitable. She was already in worse shape than she’d been four years ago, and it was only a matter of time before she faltered, shattering her legacy and making everything she’d done meaningless. But now all of her long struggles finally had a purpose: they’d brought her to the here and now, where she could do some good with her life. Ember swore to herself that Seo-yun was going to survive the Paradisium Game. No matter what it took. No matter what it cost.

It felt like no time at all had passed when the morning wake-up alarm began playing in their ears. Samantha winced at the noise and felt Seo-yun doing the same, the woman groaning a little and rolling over to bury her face in Samantha’s chest. The fox mask made it less comfortable than Samantha would have liked, but she wasn’t about to complain.

“Time for your big day, girls!” Emmeck said through the receivers, as painfully cheerful as ever. “You have a lot of eager fans who can’t wait to see how this finishes! If you could all direct yourselves to the elevator within the next five minutes, we have a special treat for you!” Samantha wanted nothing to do with the old bastard and whatever “treat” he might have in mind, but it wasn’t as though attendance was going to be optional.

“I know the whole point of everything here is to torture us,” Seo-yun mumbled, making no move to get up yet or break off their embrace, “but do they really need to do it so early too? Can’t they at least start at noon?”

“It’s not that early,” Samantha pointed out as she pulled Seo-yun a little closer to her to savor these last few seconds of physical contact. “It’s already almost dawn.”

“Foxes are nocturnal,” Seo-yun reminded her. “I’m used to going to sleep at dawn, not waking up for it.”

“Don’t know how you can stand Jack then,” Samantha told her. “He’s even more of a morning person than me. Used to love waking up early enough to watch the sunrise.”

“That sounds horrible,” Seo-yun said as she slowly pulled away and sat up, blinking the sleep from her eyes. “I knew it was a mistake to associate with humans.” Despite her harsh words, her tone was warm, and she was smiling behind her mask.

“Yep, humans are trash,” Samantha agreed easily, still laying on her side and looking up at her. God, she was so beautiful. She wished, not for the first time, that she could ever have seen the woman without her mask. Just once. “You should really stay as far away from us as possible.”

“Mmm hmm.” The fox bent down and kissed her. It was a short kiss, but more than enough to make Samantha’s heart beat faster. “Good advice, but I’m afraid it’s too late for me.”

“Two minutes, ladies,” Emmeck announced. “It would really be a shame if you were late for such an important occasion!”

Samantha itched to pin Seo-yun down and make her moan the way she’d done for much of last night, but she couldn’t ignore the quickly approaching time limit. She settled for running a hand through the woman’s hair and pulling her head down to initiate another kiss. She tried to commit everything about the moment to memory: the sweet smell of Seo-yun, the softness of her lips, the silkiness of her hair. She breathed it all in, wishing that they had more time together. But one way or another, this was it. The fox seemed to feel the same way, because when Samantha tried to break off the kiss she resisted, her mouth chasing after the woman’s.

“Thirty seconds,” said Vin, a note of warning in his voice now.

Their lips reluctantly parted, and both women climbed out of bed to face their final day together.

Seo-yun tried not to look at Crikey as the elevator whirred towards their destination. She and Vorona had already been there waiting when they’d arrived just a couple seconds before Emmeck’s deadline. The raven looked even more withdrawn than usual, and had refused to meet their eyes when they’d shown up. Crikey seemed plenty cheerful enough for the both of them, though. “Sounded like the two of you were wearing out your mattress last night, yeah?” she said. “Cor, it’s always a pleasure to see love bloom on the battlefield.”

“You know the best part of this being the last day?” Samantha asked. “Soon I’m not going to have to listen to your fake smarmy bullshit anymore.”

“I can stop right now if you like,” Crikey said smoothly, with no trace of her usual hodge podge accent. “There’s no one left to fool, after all.” She flashed Sam a smile. “Just a burned out phoenix and her four tailed fox slut.”

“I’m not letting you win today,” Seo-yun said, her tone quiet but fierce. She would’ve held the same sentiment even if Sam’s life didn’t depend on the outcome. It wasn’t that she was invested in the game itself. It was the opposite: everything she’d learned about this this so-called entertainment made her hate it more, and to see Crikey act like all of this really was just some fun outing, even after seeing some of the terrible things that had happened to those eliminated, made her blood boil.

Crikey giggled in response, unfazed by the hatred radiating from the fox. “Oh, you’re gonna be way too busy trying not to get eaten alive up there to worry about me, Ginger. I appreciate the thought though, it’ll make my victory even more satisfying. Not that you’ll be around to appreciate it.”

The elevator dinged, and its massive doors slid open to reveal their final arena, where… Seo-yun blinked. She couldn’t describe it as an ordinary room, because it certainly wasn’t that, but it was still a far cry from anything she’d expected to see. It reminded her a little of one of the Wilmingshire’s bathrooms, but on a larger scale. There were pools of water being fed by elegant fountains, and white massage tables whose perfume she could smell from here, and a row of chairs that looked straight out of a barber shop. The fox had no frame of reference for a place like this, but Morris supplied one: a spa.

There were multiple Paradisium servants waiting for them, along with Vin Emmeck himself, the mustachioed man dressed in the same frilly outfit Seo-yun had seen him in before. “It’s so good to see you girls face to face again,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “And in a much more manageable group than last time, eh?” He winked.

Seo-yun recalled the group of women from when she’d first arrived. There had been so many of them back then. Storm Hag. Gossamer. Moonshine. Delphyne. Qarinah. Snowflake. Betty. Dozens more that she’d known only by mask or alias. Now it was just the four of them, while all the others still suffered below them, or worse.

Emmeck spread his arms out. “I promised you girls a special treat, and I’m a man of my word! There are four hours before the final round begins, and we’re going to use that time to make you shine!” He clapped his hands and servants approached to usher them. “Relax and enjoy it, girls! You’ve earned it!”

What followed would have been pleasant, if Seo-yun wasn’t keenly aware that it was all for the sake of those eager to watch them suffer. She’d thought that living with Jessica Wilmingshire, who loved bathing and washing her pet, had taught her all about human cleaning habits, but she was sorely mistaken. First they were all made to lay down on massage tables so that servants could work some sort of sugary substance all over their bodies, gently scrubbing away their dead skin. Seo-yun expected it to be painful at first, and to some small degree it was, but overall it felt oddly refreshing. Once they were covered from neck to toe they were led to showers to wash off, and then back to the tables to have sweet smelling lotions applied.

After that they were given long massages that left Seo-yun feeling sore and relaxed, and then allowed to soak in one of the hot water pools. When they were taken out, it was time for the barber chairs, where they given manicures and pedicures before hairdressers started in on their hair, brushing and styling it. Her tails weren’t overlooked either; each was shampooed and washed one at a time. By the time they were done, Seo-yun could barely recognize herself in the mirror. Her skin was now soft and smooth to the touch, and her long red hair flowed down her back in waves, each strand glossy and perfect.

Samantha was considerably less tolerant of the cleaning. Not only had she been forced to extinguish her hair, which she’d lit up the moment she was out of bed, but they’d washed all of the flammable oils out of it. It looked like there would be no fiery phoenix in the last round, though Seo-yun wouldn’t put it past Samantha to figure out a way around it. The woman was a firebug through and through.

Once their hair had been made up and their nails polished, the biggest surprise of all was wheeled in: racks of formal clothing. Other than her fox skin, the last time Seo-yun had worn clothes was during one of her attempts to live outside the forest, and that had been a century ago. She’d honestly never expected to wear them again. Even Samantha seemed excited at the prospect of clothing, though she was trying to hide it. “Go ahead and sort yourselves out, girls,” Emmeck encouraged. “We’ve brought in the finest fashion from all around the world for you today!”

It took some time for everyone to decide on an outfit. Samantha spent a good while grumbling about the lack of jeans and t-shirts, but she’d eventually chosen a red blouse and a black pencil skirt. One of the servants had looked horrified when she promptly ripped the sleeves off the blouse and tore a vertical line down the side of her dress. “Mobility,” she told him as she swung her arms back and forth and kicked her legs to demonstrate. “If you wanna switches places with me, you’re welcome to wear a nice fancy monkey suit while you fight for your life. No?”

As for Seo-yun, she’d been pleasantly surprised to find a hanbok among the clothing racks. The proportions were a bit different from the ones she was used to wearing, but it was still a welcome bit of familiarity. The white jeogori shirt fit snugly around her chest once it was tied in place, matched with a pale green chima skirt that went down past her knees. She looked down at herself, marveling at the strange sight of her concealed body, and from the corner of her eye she glimpsed Samantha watching her with interest.

“You’ve seen me naked since the moment we first met,” she said, confused. “Why do you seem even more attracted to me now that parts are hidden?”

“Naked is sexy, sure,” said Samantha with a smile. “But a good set of clothes…” She swept her gaze up and down, taking in Seo-yun’s entire appearance, and the fox blushed. “Mmm hmm.”

Seo-yun didn’t understand her at all. Seeing Samantha clothed didn’t inspire any similar feelings in her. It was just fabric in the way. The skirt wasn’t even skin tight as it shifted and swayed and called attention to itself with every bob of her hips, and the blouse covered most of her chest, showing only a gentle swell that teased what lay beneath, and… oh. Seo-yun swallowed. “I guess it’s not strictly worse to wear clothes,” she admitted. Sam grinned and winked at her, and the red haired fox was quite certain the bobbing of the woman’s hips grew stronger and more pronounced.

Vorona chose a low cut blue dress that was quickly tailored to fit with her wings. It was tight enough to cling to her body, highlighting all of her curves. Of the four of them, she was the only one who still looked completely miserable, her posture slumped and head down. She didn’t even seem happy with her choice of clothing. Seo-yun understood when Crikey, wearing an identical dress, patted the woman on the shoulder. “See, Vee?” she said pleasantly. “I told you we’d look good like this.”

“Yes mistress,” said the raven quietly without looking up.

“You’re twins,” Seo-yun said, stunned. Between the masks and the wings, she’d never recognized the similarities between the two women before, but seeing them side by side in matching outfits made it impossible not to notice. Crikey’s body was considerably less gaunt than her sister’s, and her skin not so deathly pale, but Seo-yun was certain that she was right.

“You only just figured that out?” the koala asked with a grin. “Aww, poor Gingersnaps, always behind the curve. Is it because your skull’s all clogged up and sticky with cum by now, or are all foxes just naturally this stupid?”

“How can you order your own sister around and make her call you mistress?” Seo-yun demanded. Of all the obscenities she’d seen in the Paradisium so far, this might have been the worst, someone with so little respect for something so precious. “You’re family! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?!”

Crikey rolled her eyes. “Spare me the lecture. Let me guess: blah blah blah only child, blah blah blah tragic orphan, right? That’s the only way I can picture someone ending up so pathetically lonely that they’d latch onto a woman as worthless as Emms.” She glanced over at Sam. “Oh, don’t get me wrong, you look like you’d be a nice fuck, but we all know you’re just another cringing little cumdump playing at being something more. Besides, what’s so special about being sisters? My father pisses out of the same cock we both came out of, and you don’t see me buying the toilet Christmas presents.”

“Now now, girls,” Emmeck admonished playfully. “Let’s save the cat fighting for when the cameras are on, okay? And speaking of…” He grinned at them. “Who’s ready to go out there and win this thing?”

“It’s been a long road,” Emmeck told the audience. “And we’ve seen a lot of great contestants fall along the way. But here we are at last: the final day, the final girls!” Everyone cheered, and Seo-yun’s face grew red. She looked away, trying not to listen. This kind of attention was somehow even worse than what was she was used to.

The final arena was not a cave, or a jungle, or an ocean, or a lair. More than anything else, it resembled the reception hall above them, only cozier and fancier. There was soft lighting, and musicians playing quiet, romantic melodies that drifted through the air. There was a main open area made up to look like a ballroom, and multiple adjoining rooms. All of the guests, mostly men but with a few women here and there, were decked out in tuxedos and fancy dresses. And masks. Each of them wore fancy opera masks, as did the servants flitting around with food and drinks, and the guards standing at alert.

The only ones without masks were the slaves servicing the men and women. They were all naked, in start contrast to the guests’ fine clothing, and they looked absolutely miserable, even moreso than Seo-yun had come to expect here. They had glassy, distant stares as they followed orders with an almost frantic energy, bucking and stroking and sucking as though their lives depended on it. For all the fox knew, they did.

“Welcome to the masquerade!” Emmeck announced. “Over one hundred of our most loyal patrons have been selected to participate in a very special round of the Paradisium Game. There will be no violence today, girls!” He wagged his finger at them playfully. “Attacking any one of these fine men and women will result in immediate and permanent disqualification. Your task today is a much more important one: we want to see who can be the best crowd pleaser. Let’s take a look at the scores!”

He waved a hand at the large screen behind him, and it lit up to show a graphic of all four of their scores. Vorona was at 193, followed by Crikey at 162, Ember at 138, and Ginger at 84. “Our graceful queen lost the lead yesterday as Vorona and Crikey both shot up the ranks, but we’ve seen her make bigger comebacks before! And if we’ve learned anything this last week, it’s to never count Ginger out! For the next twelve hours, these lovely ladies are going to do their best to charm their fellow partygoers, because when the ball ends at midnight tonight, each of them gets to vote on who deserves to be champion! And don’t worry about impartiality, folks: everyone here has forfeited any and all bets. They’re not doing this for money, they’re here for these wonderful girls of ours!”

Something like a sly grin appeared on his face. “And speaking of those great contestants who couldn’t quite make it, it would’ve been such a shame to make them hang around downstairs when there’s a party going on, don’t you think? That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of bringing them here, so they can join us in celebrating the end of this year’s Paradisium Game!”

Seo-yun’s heart leapt into her throat and she looked at the naked, dead-eyed girls out on the floor again. She hadn’t seen most of them in several days, and they no longer had their masks to identify them, but it was easy to recognize them now that she knew what to look for. It seemed like almost everyone who’d been eliminated was here. She quickly scanned the crowd for Betty, but saw no sign of her or Snowflake. That didn’t necessarily mean that they were dead, she told herself. She wished she could believe it.

“Those girls are going to help make today a special occasion,” Emmeck said, “but let’s not forget the real stars of the show! We’ve seen how hard these beautiful damsels will fight for the crown, but they’re going to have to be lovers, not fighters today. Each precious, hard earned votes will be worth 10 entire points to our little lambs. That means while Ginger may be trailing by 109 points, getting just 11 more votes than Vorona will be enough for her to claim victory! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is still anyone’s game!” The crowd cheered again. He looked at the four women. “Are you ready, girls? Our final day begins in five… four… three… two… one… go!”

The masked guests surged forward eagerly. None of them seemed to care much about the other women anymore, abandoning them in mid-fornication. The slaves left behind sagged to the ground like marionettes with their strings cut. Seo-yun flinched as the crowd came near, mindful of the prohibition on fighting back. Someone grabbed her arm, and she allowed herself to be herded towards the center of the room. Samantha was being forced in the same direction, and from her body language it looked like it was all she could do not to slug somebody. But then Seo-yun saw the woman flinch and let out a small whimper, all of the hostility drained in an instant and replaced with terror.

“Hello Ember,” rumbled a deep voice. Its owner was masked like everyone else, but his fiery, jet black body of stone made the disguise a joke. Seo-yun had never seen such a creature in all her life, but Morris immediately and emphatically clued her in. “How I’ve missed your company these last few days,” said the efreet. Despite the intense heat radiating from him, he wore a tuxedo was as sharp as everyone else’s, the material unaffected by his flames.

Along with the knowledge of who and what he was, a torrent of rage washed over her that nearly made Seo-yun throw herself at him, and it didn’t all come from Morris. This was the monster who’d hurt Sam, and both of them itched to make him pay. But she forced herself to calm down. Charging face first wouldn’t help any of them right now. She hoped that he hadn’t noticed her glare, though her tails were still bushy with anger.

The people pulling Samantha along released her, and the redhead immediately sank to her knees, shaking. “M-master Sindak,” she stuttered.

Sindak looked at one of his companions and smiled, revealing a mouth full of rock and flames. “See? Just like I was telling you. No matter how loud a bitch might bark, she’ll roll over like a puppy for her master.” He turned to Seo-yun. “And this is your new friend, hmmm? Can’t remember the last time you had one of those.”

Samantha shot Seo-yun a quick glance before leaning forward to press her forehead to the ground. “Please don’t hurt her, Master Sindak,” she said plaintively.

The efreet laughed.good naturedly. “I’m not here to hurt anyone! I just want to get to know her better, give you two a little quality time in the process.” He unbuckled his belt, craggy fingers moving with surprising dexterity, and revealed his cock. “Now why don’t you both come over here so she and I can be properly introduced?”

Seo-yun knew better than to refuse. She began to walk forward, and when someone pushed her down onto her knees, she got the message and crawled the rest of the way. Sindak’s cock was a fearsome thing that only grew more intimidating the closer she approached. It looked less like a penis and more like a thick, penis-shaped block of stone that jutted from his crotch. The surface of it was rough and uneven, and Seo-yun could already tell it would be a nightmare to have something so stiff and coarse inside her, even at room temperature. Knowing that he’d been torturing and raping Samantha with that awful thing for years made her ache inside.

Samantha crawled to him as well and began licking the rock like phallus. Seo-yun could hear the sizzling whenever she made contact, and Samantha’s moans and shudders showed that the experience was agonizing for her, but she neither slowed down or stopped, licking him at a steady pace from the base of his cock all the way up to the head. She shifted a little to give Seo-yun access, moving her attention to the side of her owner’s cock.

Seo-yun brought her head closer, the heat of him making her sweaty and a bit dizzy within moments. She stared at the cock in front of her face, and the cracks in its obsidian-like outsides. Fire glowed within those cracks, a deep, burning heat that made her eyes sting and her face feel dry. She timidly brought her tongue closer, knowing that this was going to be awful.

It was every bit as bad as she’d feared. Touching him with her tongue was like licking a hot stove, and brought to mind the hellish bath Levinson had put her through. She winced as her flesh burned, and reflexively tried to pull away, but she was far from the first woman Sindak had ever raped. His hand was already on the back of her head, cooking the skin there and making her hair feel like it was about to catch fire, and he pushed her against himself, not letting her break off the contact with him.

Sindak chuckled as she squealed in pain, her lips and tongue pressed against his scorching cock. “What’s wrong, foxy?” he taunted, mashing her face against his shaft. “I’ve watched you take some puny goblin dicks and play with some spiders, but I haven’t seen how you handle a real cock yet. Too much for you?”

“Don’t mess her up too badly,” one of the other men complained. “How am I supposed to enjoy a good blowjob from her later if your burn her lips off?”

“She’ll still be a perfectly good mouth slut when I’m done with her,” Sindak retorted, though he released her head from his grip. “Just one with some burn scars to remind her what happens when you play with…” He scowled down at her, most of his cheer gone. “So you’re a tough little cunt, huh?”

Seo-yun’s mouth hurt, but it bore none of the severe burns he’d been expecting. Her bond with Morris, the same bond that had stopped Samantha’s blade from killing her two days ago, had protected her, and Sindak looked none too happy about that. He covered his slip by pulling her head towards him again. “Normally I need to give a playmate a little assistance if I don’t want her to become charcoal,” he rumbled. “But I guess a young, healthy fox like yourself doesn’t need it. Help yourself!”

Part of Seo-yun wondered if her newfound strength would be enough to crunch his cock with her teeth, but she resisted the idea. Even if it worked, and that was a long shot, it would still be suicide. She threw herself into the task instead, slurping on Sindak’s shaft despite the searing pain it engendered. Her powers were protecting her, but they wouldn’t last forever; she needed to get this over with before they ran out and he got the results he’d been hoping for.

She and Samantha faced each other on opposite sides of the efreet’s cock and worked in sync to please him, their tongues touching as the fox mimicked her partner’s motion of base to tip. Last night that kind of contact had been thrilling, but now it was just an unwanted reminder that Sam was suffering just like she was. Worse, even, since Sindak’s protection did nothing about the pain. Knowing that finishing the efreet would mean a cessation of Sam’s torture spurred Seo-yun on even harder.

After a few minutes, Sindak pulled his cock away and pressed their faces together. The two women obediently kissed for him, earning them catcalls from many of the spectators. “Alright, little sluts, we’ve all been introduced,” he said. “Now let’s have some fun.” He let go of them and sat down on a fancy padded chair, letting his legs spread out lazily, and patted his crotch. “Come on up, foxy. Let’s find out how that cunt feels.”

Seo-yun tugged her skirt down and climbed onto his lap so that she was facing away from him, trying not to show how much it hurt. Everywhere her body touched him burned, but none of it was a tenth as bad as when the head of his cock met her dry slit. She gasped in pain, rejecting every natural urge to get away from the source and instead forcing herself to sink down on it. Even without the heat, it would have been one of the most painful rapes she could recall; his cock was thick, hard, and so rough that even her power couldn’t stop the shaft from scraping her inner walls bloody as it penetrated her. With the heat, it was like being fucked with a massive hot poker.

“Just a few days without me and you start getting lazy, Ember,” Sindak said. “I didn’t train you to just sit there like a lump. Crawl over here and tell my balls you much you missed them.” Sam meekly obeyed, moving her head to begin tonguing his nutsack while Seo-yun forced herself up and down on him. Even if the horrible rape could have aroused her, his cock was hot enough to evaporate any wetness her insides produced, even her blood, ensuring she remained perpetually dry and tight as he violated her. “Mmm, there’s that good teamwork we all got to watch yesterday,” Sindak told them, slipping his hands under her shirt so he could palm her breasts. His blazing fingers pressed painfully into her flesh, threatening to fry her the moment her power failed her. “Make me cum, sluts.”

Seo-yun was so focused on fighting through the pain that she was caught unaware when someone grabbed her head and tugged it sharply down. “You’re here for us too,” growled the man, pushing his cock against her lips. “Get to work.” She opened her mouth and began to suck on him.

From the corner of her eye she saw someone else kneel behind Samantha so that he could rape her pussy. The woman winced as he penetrated her, but didn’t let it interfere with her careful, rhythmic lapping of Sindak’s balls, even when her new rapist started working his fist into her asshole. “Don’t know how many times I’ll get to fuck you today, fire bitch,” he told her. “Can’t miss my chance to stretch out both your fuckholes.”

“Don’t stretch her out too far,” someone else complained. “I haven’t shot any loads in the last month, ever since I got invited to this. Been saving every drop of cum for that whore’s butt. You can ruin it after she gets what she deserves.”

Sindak made a pleased noise that sounded like two boulders scraping together, and suddenly his cum was spurting inside Seo-yun. It was hot enough to scald and thick enough that it clung to her flesh, making her twist and scream as he emptied himself in her. “You’re lucky my pet has so much experience making love to my balls, foxy,” he told her as the last burning drops came out. “Or I might’ve spent the next hour in this furry snatch.” He pulled out of her and wiped his cock on her ass, smearing trails of hot cum that tormented her. “We’ll see if you’re still lucky next time.”

The man whose cock she was sucking pulled her all the way down to the ground, and shifted so that he was straddling her neck, her mouth still obediently bobbing back and forth on him. Another man knelt between her legs and started to push into her pussy, then swore and pulled out. “She’s still got fucking lava or whatever in there,” he complained. “Make that cheating bitch clean it up.”

Someone grabbed Sam’s hair and dragged her over to Seo-yun’s crotch, her own lower holes still getting fucked and fisted. The phoenix pressed her lips against Seo-yun’s slit and began to suck noisily, draining the hot cum. Not content to wait, the man who’d tried to use Seo-yun’s pussy started fucking her asshole instead, making no attempt to be gentle about it.

It felt like every man attending the ball wanted to rape the two of them. Whenever anyone finished, he was quickly replaced by another eager rapist. The women were rare, but they seemed even more sadistic than their male counterparts. “It’s a shame no one ever taught you to be a truly good pussy licker,” one of them declared while sitting on her face. Between the woman’s wet slit over her mouth and her fingers pinching her nose, Seo-yun hadn’t been able to breathe. She’d been trying her best to make the woman finish, but she kept passing out and needing to start over when she woke up. “But it’s never too late to learn. Keep trying, Ginger. We’ll make a proper pet out of you one way or another.” It took the fox more than twenty tries to make the woman cum, and the closest she got to approval was the gush of the woman’s juices in her mouth while she made Seo-yun pass out a final time.

Sometimes it amused the guests to make the two women play with each other. They would kiss, as Sindak had made them do, or clean each other’s holes out, or just eat pussy while the onlookers laughed at them and made crude comments. Seo-yun knew the goal was to humiliate them, but their efforts actually had the opposite effect. Every little moment she could snatch with Sam was a blessing, and she could tell the other felt the same. The woman’s tongue was always hot and eager, and Seo-yun’s was no different.

“It’s such a pleasure to see you in person again, Ginger,” Emmeck said as his cock glided into her mouth. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were going to be one of my favorite contestants this year, one way or another.” The fox sucked on him while riding the man below her with her pussy, a third man happily drilling his prick in and out of her sore asshole. The last four men to use her mouth in this position had all roughly fucked her throat before shooting their cum into her stomach, but the portly announcer was happy to let the woman slowly service him herself.

“You have been an absolute delight these last few days,” he told her while her tongue gently played with his cockhead the way he wanted. “My new regular cock holster – her name used to be Zhi Ruo, but I’ve just been calling her Spunk Gobbler lately – would thank you if she was here. The way I’ve gotten all worked up watching you made it so much easier for her to wring load after load out of me. Except for round 3, of course, where you were a little tease all day. You forced me to beat her quite severely that night for underperforming.”

He laughed. “She’s one of the slaves downstairs playing with the dogs right now. Seemed cruel to deprive them of their toys all day long without providing something to keep them entertained. The poor thing got it in her head somehow that she was at least going to get to see her wife down there today. You should’ve seen her face when she realized that all the usual playmates were going to be up here instead! Not to worry, though, I promised I’d end the night with plenty of her wife’s cunt juice on my dick for her to taste later.” He laughed again.

When he came a few minutes later, he spurted onto Seo-yun’s mask, painting her vulpine features with cum and getting plenty of it in her eyes in the process. Someone grabbed Sam’s hair and wrenched her head over, and she obediently began licking it off. “Now there’s a good girl,” Emmeck declared as he enjoyed the sight. He patted both their heads. “I have many more contestants to say goodbye to, but don’t worry, little ladies, I’ll be back soon.” He reached down and fingered Sam’s pussy, making her wince as she continued cleaning Seo-yun’s mask. “Mmm hmm,” he said, “yes, that’s definitely the first hole of yours I’m going to fuck today, my lovely champion. Do your best to keep it tight until then, for your old pal Vinny.”

It took nearly three hours for the number of guests interested in them to dwindle. For Seo-yun, that is. Samantha was still being used hard by as many people as could fit Both of her hands were frequently wrapped around cocks, and more than once Seo-yun was forced to watch her take two people in the same hole. Sam was clearly the more popular of the two, every man and woman there excited for the chance to rape the one and only Ember. That was why when someone grabbed Seo-yun by the hair and began physically dragging her away from the crowd, nobody tried to stop him, their attention solely on the phoenix. Seo-yun didn’t bother struggling. If he wanted to rape her, or bring to a whole group that wanted to rape her, fine. Maybe it would make things a little easier on Sam.

Their destination turned out to be a smaller, more private room made up as a bedroom. She’d spotted a few others on the way, and felt confident that this place was more than just another arena created for the game. It was a regular part of the Paradisium that had been repurposed for this event. Which meant there could potentially be more ways out than just the elevator. Samantha seemed to resist even the hope of escape, but Seo-yun hadn’t given up yet. The surface couldn’t be too far away, and if they could just get up there…

Her wrists were bound behind her with something metallic, then she was picked up and tossed onto the bed, where she flopped down, waiting for him to come rape her. Though she tried to seem meek and unassuming, her heart was pounding. They were the only two in the room. If she could get her hands free and slip out of here, she might actually have a few moments of freedom. It wasn’t much of a chance, but it was the greatest one she’d gotten so far or would likely ever get.

“Long time no see, fox cunt,” said the man, and her blood ran cold, all thought of escape vanishing. He wore a mask like the others, but she didn’t need to see his face to know him. She would never forget that voice for as long as she lived.

“I have questions,” Levinson told her.

9 thoughts on “Lone Fox 2 – Ch 15 – The Final Day

  1. This round is actually REALLY nice, considering how everyone kept saying that it gets worse every round.

    “You’ve fought rape hounds with horsecock, disgusting goblins with drugs, tentacle monsters with abandonment issues, and lonely spiders just looking for a good home for their kids;
    Now prepare for your worst nightmare:

    A spa day, new clothes, and an orgy!”

    This is downright pleasant compared to the last rounds.

    Either Paradisium has something horrifying planned;
    Or they’re really losing their touch on torment.
    It’s humiliating, but so much better than the last few rounds.

    If it were consensual, it might even be a good day for these girls.

    No wonder Ilya has something bloody planned;
    This is downright boring, by their standards.

    Good chapter though;
    I definitely enjoyed it.

    Minor question;
    The artist who draws those pictures, are they one of the authors?


    1. Depending on the picture, it was either by Wahid (the man who taught me to draw), by me, or a join project of the two. The most recent pictures have all been joint projects.

      You’re right! This round DOES seem easy… suspiciously so. There is PROBABLY a reason for it, given that we heard from Karakostas’ own mouth what the point of the games was.

      Consider – if you created the Paradisium games to break the will of slaves to resist… how happy are you that one slave was become a legend in her own lifetime by winning 4 years in a row?

      And what might you do about it?

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Feel free time join in on discord if you want, we have a fun group!


      1. Right. This round demonstrates the utter futility of any skills in a slave except those of pleasing their master/mistress. Speed, strength, determination, all useless…

        And another point just clicked. While the contestants are strictly forbidden from attacking any master/mistress present in this round (“Attacking any one of these fine men and women will result in immediate and permanent disqualification”), there are no rules to stop them from attacking _each other_.

        I imagine that Karakostas expects that as the day goes on and the contestants get more desperate (no doubt influenced by warnings about what’ll happen to “the one who doesn’t win”), at least one contestant will try to take out their competitors.

        The perfect demonstration of worthlessness and futility. These contestants aren’t heroically fighting monsters to stay alive – they’re petty slaves murdering each other with their bare hands so they can grovel to please their masters/mistresses better.


      2. I’m just trying to imagine old Kark brainstorming this round.

        “Fuck, this little uppity hothead is going to win AGAIN!
        How do we stop this before it gets out of hand?”

        Ilya: *drawing up experiments for Kark’s corpse*
        “Eh, I don’t care, fuck ‘em.”

        “…You’re a genius!”

        “This is the man who signs my paychecks.” *facepalm*

        I understand where he’s going by forcing Ember to lose;
        The only way to beat Ember, is literally to bring her to the entryway from the Paradisium intro chapter, and say “Have at her, boys.”
        Literally what’s going to happen if she loses anyway.
        It’s both sad, and hilarious.

        Seo-Yun’s about to have a bad time, when she can’t answer any questions though.
        Kinda hoping for Kark’s Security to just burst in halfway through.

        I appreciate the Discord offer;
        But I’m too much of a recluse.
        Only comment here and talk to Tsukimi nowadays.

        Looking forward to the next chapter though.
        Hopefully Seo-Yun meets up with Celeste again;
        That’ll be a fun reunion.*

        Fun not guaranteed for any involved parties.


        1. No problem, we both appreciate your comments here just as much 🙂

          Yeah, it’s not the world’s most imaginative round, and it has the potential to be a fairly uneventful conclusion to the game…

          (Un?)fortunately, Tanya seems to have no interest in letting THAT happen…


  2. Oh, hm. Just had a passing thought. All the slaves from previous rounds who are in the room have been unmasked. Which means that they could now presumably use their supernatural powers without anyone being able to throw an “off switch” and paralyse them.

    Though of course they’re no doubt utterly broken, wouldn’t dare try anything, are aware that they’ll be condemned as meat if they don’t do their utmost to please, etcetera.

    Still, if something does happen and any sort of potential escape route opened up, that’s a lot of supernaturally powered slaves with nothing left to lose, versus a crowd of masters and mistresses who are mostly human men and women . . .


  3. Well, I’m very happy that you guys have such a large following for this story now. You both deserve it. The downside of that is that there is literally nothing that I can say that someone else hasn’t already said in these comments, especially trying to hold back some stuff for the DR post; I feel pretty superfluous here. John can at least take solace (or take Sylas 😉 ) in the knowledge that there is something else I’ll be reviewing soon, but I’m afraid I don’t have anything like that for Darinost. Sorry for how redundant this is all going to be.

    Well, Tanya drops the accent, and is now just openly herself, and when Seo-yun completely justifiably calls her out for her treatment of Nadia…

    “How can you order your own sister around and make her call you mistress?” Seo-yun demanded. Of all the obscenities she’d seen in the Paradisium so far, this might have been the worst, someone with so little respect for something so precious. “You’re family! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?!”

    Crikey rolled her eyes. “Spare me the lecture. Let me guess: blah blah blah only child, blah blah blah tragic orphan, right?

    My list of thoughts here reads “Fuck Tanya IV: the Fuckening”. Didn’t realize this was going to become a series, but it’s still appropriate.

    The question arises of how much Nadia actually believes her sister after last night. On the one hand, I had assumed she bought it, and she is complying so far, but she still seems utterly miserable here. I kind of wonder if there’s a part of her that knows this is way too good to be true (“Azula always lies. Azula always lies.”), but it is also possible that Nadia believes her sister, is going along with this, but knows Samantha’s not a bad person and hates the idea of killing her, even if she genuinely thinks it’s necessary.

    As you found out on the Discord Monday, Emmeck is working hard to make his way up The List, so of course he brought Ying Yue and Tempest into the room. I’ll save some of my venting for the DR, but suffice it to say, whatever you guys are trying to do…it’s working.

    My final thought for here is that, given what Samantha said about final days at the Paradisium games in past years, this seems nice.

    Suspiciously nice.

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. As bad as Sindak’s appearance is, it doesn’t quite feel sufficient to be the other shoe. Levinson showed up too, but I don’t feel like that one was planned, so I don’t think he qualifies as the other shoe either. My guard is definitely up for what’s going to happen next time.


    1. Don’t worry, I enjoy your reviews no matter how much they might overlap with other comments. I can promise that I will never have a reaction of “ugh, we already talked about that” 😀

      We’ll get into Nadia’s head a bit next chapter, but she definitely has mixed feelings about this alliance, and is not at all comfortable with plotting murder.

      This IS a very easygoing final round compared to most years. I’m going to be lazy and copy/paste the comment I made on my blog. Consider: this is a contest that can’t be won by determination, savvy, or physical prowess, only by popularity. How many people in this party – the guest list of which was personally selected by Karakostas – do you think are fans of Ember?


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