Lone Fox 2 – Ch 16 – The Point of No Return

“Isn’t it a lovely party, daughter?” Karakostas asked.

Astaria couldn’t answer him, not with his cock so far down her throat he was practically violating her stomach, but he didn’t seem to be expecting a response. “I do so enjoy seeing the fruits of the Game,” he continued, the fingers of one hand idly playing with her hair as she served him. “Just look at those girls out there. All of them understand what they are now, and the ones who survive will have become excellent property.” She gasped as he grabbed a horn and pushed her head away from him, letting her breathe for the first time in nearly five minutes. Dragon lungs were stronger than humans, but not by much, and she felt lightheaded and nauseated. Another few seconds and she would have passed out on him, an experience that was already depressingly familiar.

Her collar hummed out a warning as she sucked in air, and it took all of her willpower to force herself to stop. Her chest burned for oxygen, but she fought down the urge to take a full, real breath of air, and kept herself to the slow, shallow breaths that the collar allowed. Sometimes she found herself actually looking forward to having her father’s prick stuffed in her mouth; not being able to breathe at all was so much easier than having to maintain the self-discipline to carefully ration her breaths, as she was required to do every other waking moment.

She didn’t have time to feel sorry for herself, though, not when she was surrounded by such misery. She knew Karakostas wanted her to watch the other women and learn from their fates, but she would’ve done that anyway. Astaria stared at each and every one of them whenever her vision wasn’t dominated by her father’s crotch, committing their suffering to memory. All of them were like this because of him. All of them would stay like this because of her. She’d failed them.

The rabbit eared slave who’d been called Delilah was bent over on her tiptoes with her legs spread wide, a position that put much of her weight on her broken toes. Her entire body quivered with strain as the man behind her sunk his cock into the pussy she was offering up for him. “Higher, bitch,” he complained, and gave her bare ass a smack that added a red hand print to several already there. The woman winced as she obeyed, forcing her ass up higher and putting even more weight on her toes in the process. He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, using them to push her body back and forth over his entire length. There was a quiet but constant ringing as she was fucked. Her nipples had been pierced and a single large bell put through both holes to force her breasts together. It rang and rang as her heavy breasts swung beneath her.

The man in front of her slapped her face with his stiff cock. The blow couldn’t have hurt, but she still flinched like a beaten dog. “Can’t even fuck and suck at the same time? Useless whore.” She quickly got back to licking his shaft, slobbering over it hard enough that drool was dribbling down her chin. The entire time, her eyes remained fixed on his, wide and unblinking, as though she was terrified of looking away for even an instant.

Her body was covered in markings. They were scar tissue, not tattoos; a sharp instrument had been used to cut into her flesh, and then the wounds were seared closed to leave permanent burn scars. Most were groups of crude stick figures in various obscene poses, each centered around a rabbit eared figure they were fucking. Below every scene were tally marks, a record of all the ways the woman had been raped, and how often. The only non-artwork was on her stomach, where words were scrawled:


The man she was sucking came first, painting her face with white slime. She continued staring up at him without blinking, even when a line of cum splattered across her right eye. Her mouth was free for only a few moments before a newcomer stepped in, grabbing her long furry ears and yanking her head into his crotch. Delilah gurgled as he began violently throatfucking her. In the middle of this, the man in her pussy came, fucking her even harder while he spurted in her. The moment he slid out of her, her shaking legs gave out and she collapsed, held up only by the grip on her ears.

Someone kicked her in the side. “Get that ass up, you lazy slut.” Delilah slowly picked herself up, her legs trembling like they were going to give out again any second. “Spare me the theatrics. I said ass up!” The rabbit eared woman whimpered as she got back up on her tiptoes, and another hard cock pushed into her sore quim.

“The goblins are crude creatures,” Karakostas said, seeing who Astaria was focused on, “but one cannot fault their effectiveness. Perhaps I’ll have some of them give you lessons during the periods when I am too busy to have you by my side. After all, the only thing crueler than your lovely body going unused is you using it at less than its full potential, yes?”

“Yes, Father,” Astaria said automatically.

Elsewhere, the former Storm Hag was squatting over a man, slowly bouncing up and down to fuck him with her ass. Her moss green face showed no sign of the confidence or swagger that she’d displayed on the first day, only fear and anxiety. Her body was filthy, and covered with bruises and canine bite marks. “See, sir?” she said timidly. “Jenny is very good at using her ass. She would love to spend the rest of her life pleasuring you with it every-” She cut off as the man she was riding slapped her.

“Very good?” he said disdainfully. “Since when are you the judge of how good your fuckholes are?”

Jenny’s face paled. “S-sorry, sir!” she said quickly. “Jenny is, Jenny is a very stupid girl! But she tries hard! She wants to be very good at using her ass. She wants you to be pleased by her service.”

He rolled his eyes. “What happened to the stone cold bitch who kept running her mouth and then couldn’t even make it through round one?” He idly smacked her tits around a few times. “You expect me to believe that just a few days down there was enough to fix that bad attitude?”

“My doggy masters fucked all the arrogance out of this green slut,” she said in a tone that suggested it was a well rehearsed line. “Jenny is now a well behaved cunt ready to worship anyone merciful enough to take her in.” Then, with an added note of desperation, “The Paradisium says that they won’t make Jenny meat if she can find a new owner today. She would be such a good, hardworking fucktoy to whoever rescued her.”

“And this lazy garbage is supposed to be your sales pitch?” he complained. “Put some actual effort into it, you stupid twat.”

“Yes sir, right away sir!” she replied, and sped up, her firm ass cheeks slapping against his hips at a quick rhythm. “Thank you for telling Jenny how to better please you. She hopes she can be a good girl for you.”

“I don’t waste my time with good girls, cunt,” he told her. “If you want me to buy you, you’d better be amazing.”

“Yes sir!” Jenny assured him. “Jenny will be amazing! Jenny wants to be your amazing pet!” She took his hands and brought them to her chest, encouraging him to grope and squeeze her breasts, and began making fake sounds of pleasure his cock continued to stretch out her asshole. “There’s nothing Jenny wants more in the whole world than to have you as her master!”

“Oh yeah?” her potential new owner asked, amused. “You love me, slut?”

“Yes! Yes! Jenny loves you, sir!”

“And what if…” Her entire body went rigid as he grabbed one of her fingers and twisted, bones popping. “What if I like the way your asshole hugs me when I break a finger? You still love me now?”

“I…” She was panting now. “J-Jenny’s body is for her master’s use… if, if he wants to-” She screamed as he broke another. “If… he… wants to use her fingers like this, then sh-she is happy to be useful…” Her hands shook as she grabbed one of her unbroken fingers and twisted it herself. “W-was that good, sir?”

“Fuck yeah it was, you little pain slut,” he said, breathing heavily himself. “Go down all the way and hold still.” She obediently sank down. “Now make me cum with your remaining fingers. Make me cum with your pain.”

It only took two more broken fingers for her clenching asshole to send him over the edge. Jenny did her best to smile at him while he shot his seed into her ass. “S-see, sir?” she said. “That’s how much Jenny loves you.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t be a complete waste of money,” he told her. “Now wash your shit off my cock and balls while I decide how I want to play with you next.”

“Yes sir!” She scrambled off of him and knelt between his legs, softly lapping him.

Jenny wasn’t the only one who seemed traumatized after spending days with the monster dogs. Lamia and Du Jiao Shou both looked frazzled and miserable as they laid side by side on their backs, heads turned to make out with each other for the amusement of onlookers. While their tongues intertwined, each of them were being used by two men. Du Jiao Shou had her legs up in the air, and both of her rapists held them there with a hand on her ankle as they knelt and pounded her. Lamia had bent her tail in half and wedged it beneath her ass, which raised her crotch up for easier access.

At first, Astaria assumed that they were being raped vaginally and anally like so many of the other women around, but she realized the truth as she looked longer, and felt a surge of nausea. Lamia’s red, swollen pussy was being stretched out by two cocks at the same time, as was Du Jiao Shou’s. “I told you their cunts were still usable,” one of the men raping Lamia said to his partner. “Just require a little teamwork. Fuck me though, I’d always heard nagas were tight. You could drive a bus through this one’s snatch.”

“At least you can get nice and deep in them now that there’s no cervix in the way,” pointed out one of Du Jiao Shou’s rapists. He was gripping the broken stump of the qilin’s horn for leverage, using it to slam into her on every thrust. “I always wanted to fuck someone right in the womb. This one’s baby pocket is so soft and slippery!”

“That’s all the dog cum,” said his partner, snickering. “You didn’t see these two when they first came in. Nobody bothered to clean them up, so they had puppy batter oozing from every end. We made them clean each other out best we could, but their tongues could only get so far. Their wombs are still plastered with the stuff.”

“Oh yeah?” said the other man. “Then after we cum, why don’t we see if we can wash their wombs out with a couple piss showers, then check out the difference?” There was a general chorus of agreement from all four rapists. They continued to discuss the texture and elasticity of the two women’s insides, talking about the women as though they weren’t even there. Lamia and Du Jiao Shou didn’t reply to the cruel, dehumanizing comments, but Astaria could see tears trickling down both their cheeks as they continued to kiss one another.

“See, daughter?” Karakostas observed. “You would be just like them, if your dragon heritage had not blessed you with such a tight, resilient cunt. Show your appreciation.”

“Yes, Father.” Astaria got on her knees, put her head down, and used her fingers to stretch her pussy lips wide open. Karakostas’ spiky cock was even more painful now than the first time he’d made her take it, though at least she could brace for it a little better now that she knew what to expect. Thanks to the lining of her pussy and rectum getting regularly scrubbed raw by his rough shaft, exposing bare nerve endings, each brutal assault inflicted more pain than the last.

Her father’s hands pushed her head down further, pressing her cheek against the floor as he pounded her with enough force to shatter the average pelvis. Astaria gritted her teeth to endure the pain, focusing on keeping her fingers in place despite feeling like he was going at her with a battering ram. That he was already inside her, and no longer needed her to hold herself open for him, didn’t matter. It wasn’t up to her to decide when and when not to obey; when he gave an order, it was to be followed until it was replaced by another.

The position left her staring at Tempest, who had a small line of men waiting to use her. The pink haired harpy was hugging her current rapist’s buttocks as she fought to swallow him up, her nose inching steadily towards his dark pubic hair. The woman couldn’t breathe like that, not with a cock that big wedged that far into her throat, but she showed no interest in her own lack of oxygen. Even as her eyelids began to droop and her body shuddered with involuntary spasms, deepthroating him remained her only concern.

Tempest didn’t stop when she reached the base of his cock, his shaft now a visible lump in her throat. She forced her lips open even wider, making her cheeks bulge as she took his balls into her mouth. When she let go of the man’s ass, Astaria expected her to finally pull back to breathe, but she grabbed tightly ahold of her own neck instead and started pumping her clenched fist up and down. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she stroked him through her throat.

Half a minute passed like this before her rapist sighed happily, the only indication of his orgasm. Twenty seconds later he pulled his softening cock out of her mouth, all traces of cum already sucked off of it. Her airway finally free, Tempest heaved a massive breath of air… and then stopped. Though her face was still red and she was trembling, she voluntarily held her breath. The next man in line approached and she quickly gobbled him up. Astaria now understood why pink haired woman seemed so eager and devoted to deepthroating the men: she was allowed a single breath after they came, and none before.

The dragon shuddered. It wasn’t just the cruelty of the harpy’s situation that bothered her. The torture the woman was putting herself through was entirely self-inflicted. Astaria wasn’t certain if the men even noticed what she was doing, let alone were going to enforce it. Whatever conditioning Tempest had gone through over the last few days, it was so deeply ingrained that she was following it even when she no longer had to.

Astaria watched the harpy endure another five throatfucks before she heard the hitch in her father’s breath that signaled he was about to cum. She quickly let go of her pussy lips and grabbed her ass cheeks instead, pulling them as far apart as she could. She made it just barely in time; a fraction of a second later, Karakostas’s final thrust went not into the bleeding pussy he’d been pummeling for the last half an hour, but right into her asshole, all the way to the hilt. Even with the forewarning, the shock to her system made her convulse helplessly.

Karakostas began to cum like that, spraying a jet of hot, thick cum into her guts. He’d told her that he wouldn’t finish in her pussy again until she’d earned the right to be bred. Astaria had no idea which she hated more: him using her bowels as a cum receptacle multiple times a day, treating her rectum with no more dignity or care than he would a condom; or the knowledge of what it would mean the day that changed. The thought of being impregnated by her own father sent a fresh spasm of nausea through her.

But if it was necessary, she’d give him a hundred children. Anything to get through this.

She knew exactly why Karakostas had brought her to this party. It was one of the reasons the party existed in the first place, instead of the usual barbarism that marked the end of a Paradisium Game. He wanted to rub her nose in her failure and further break her spirit. She was to look at all of this and despair of ever putting herself in this position. How easily she could have been one of the guests instead of part of the entertainment. He intended for her to be filled with bitter regret and wish that she had been smart enough to know her place and be the daughter he’d wanted.

Which told her that her father didn’t really know her very well.

Seeing the evil of the Paradisium up close filled her with guilt and frustration, yes, but it also turned her spine to steel. Today had made it clear that as terrible as her own suffering had been these last two days, and might very well continue to be for the rest of her life, it was only a drop in the ocean. She wasn’t the only one hurting, but she was one of the only ones who might be able to do something about it. She would do something about it, no matter how long it took or what she had to endure along the way. As she watched the women around her, she swore each of them a silent promise: their anguish would not be in vain.

Samantha tried not to wince as another thick cock entered her asshole, her abused anal ring barely providing any resistance after so much heavy use. Why was it always the guys with the biggest dicks who wanted to cram it up her back door? Her entire rectal passage felt like it had been scrubbed with sandpaper after being fucked hard for an hour straight by one guy or another. Her knees hurt nearly as much; she’d been kneeling here for almost the entire time, getting pushed back and forth.

“Not so big and tough now, are you Ember?” the man responsible asked, burying himself in her with a sharp thrust. “Hard to keep up that fearless attitude of yours while you’ve got me in your ass, isn’t it?”

She twisted her head to look back at him. “Wait, you stuck it in already? Shit, I thought you were just poking me with your pinky finger. You’ve got to warn a girl in advance if you’re working with such a tiny dick.”

He snarled and started fucking her roughly. Sam let her head drop down to the ground where no one could see the pain in her eyes, but she was only a few seconds into the anal rape when someone else grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to eye level with his cock. “If this mouth has time to talk, it’s got time to suck, bitch,” said the newcomer. Despite the order, he seemed to be in no mood for a blowjob, forcing his way down into her throat instead. As soon as he bottomed out, he grabbed the long black sash knotted around her neck, a piece of her skirt that someone had torn off, and pulled on both ends to draw it tight around her airway. “That’s it, you fucking whore,” he told her as she found herself unable to breathe. “Choke on my cock.”

She tried to pull away to get a breath, but he tugged her back towards him with the makeshift collar, not letting her go. Her blouse was as ruined as the dress, strips of it ripped off and used to tie her hands behind her back. It was only stained and rumpled tatters of fabric that clung to her skin now, held there by drying cum as much as anything else. At least she didn’t have to worry about her clothes interfering with her mobility anymore. Her face turned red as he slowly strangled her. In any other circumstance, she would’ve either chewed his cock to ribbons or kneed him in the balls, but it wasn’t worth dying just to take out some nobody. She swallowed her pride instead and gave him what he wanted, trying to pull away from him some more just so he could enjoy stopping her. Sooner the pervert got his rocks off, the sooner she’d get to breathe.

At least Master Sindak wasn’t around right now. The efreet had raped her nearly a dozen times before deciding to sample what the rest of the party had to offer. “I’ll be back for the finale,” he’d promised her. “Wouldn’t miss that for the world. Now have fun showing everyone what a good little fucktoy you are deep down.”

“I bet you don’t even remember me, do you?” taunted the man choking her. “Three years ago, I spent fifty million training that kelpie, and then you came and fucked it all up.” His hands twisted around the sash, knuckles white as he yanked it on as hard as he could. Dark spots began to appear in her vision. “Made me into a goddamn laughingstock when you took her out. But who’s laughing now, cunt? Who’s laughing now?!” She began to struggle for real, but she was far too late, and her limbs wouldn’t work properly.

Samantha blacked out.

And woke screaming as something seared the side of her neck. Being burned was far from a new experience for her, but this was something different and awful. And to her horror, not affected by Master Sindak’s protection; even though the direct cause of the pain vanished after just a second, she could feel the damage on her skin after it was gone.

The man who’d choked her out held up a stick. It was a metal rod with a jewel on the end, almost like a scepter, but as she looked at it more closely, and saw the smoke drifting from it, she realized the truth. “Oh, did I forget to tell you, whore?” he said, smirking. “Your master gave me a little present when I saw him a few minutes ago, his way of apologizing for his slave’s rotten behavior all these years. Told me we were allowed to use it whenever you were a lazy whore who couldn’t perform. Now get that throat back on my cock, slut.”

When she didn’t react immediately, he jabbed her with the rod again, this time on the top of her right breast. Samantha screamed as the dry ice on the tip burned her skin, leaving behind a small scar. “We fuck your brains out already?” he said crossly. “You ain’t done choking on my prick until you guzzle my cum.”

She quickly leaned forward to take him into her mouth before he could burn her again. If her obedience pleased him, it didn’t show in his expression, but he didn’t use the dry ice on her. He tossed the rod to someone else instead and grabbed both ends of her sash again. “Now where were we, whore?” He pulled the makeshift collar tight.

Seo-yun must have been far from the first slave to get tied up down here, because the Paradisium had accommodations in the form of discreet but sturdy hooks embedded in the walls and ceiling at regular intervals. She was suspended from one of those ceiling hooks by a noose, a position reminiscent of the first time Levinson had raped her. Unlike back then, though, there was no ground or boxes to step on, not with her arms, legs, and tails all hogtied behind her with steel cords. She could only stare at Levinson while she slowly strangled to death, waiting for him to grant her the privilege of breathing.

He let her choke like that for nearly two minutes before he tugged on the final cord, which was wrapped around his left fist. The cord went through another ceiling hook before wrapping around her nipple rings. Sharp pain lanced through Seo-yun as she was lifted up by those piercings, and she half expected them to be torn right off of her chest. But it also took the weight off of her neck, allowing her to draw in a breath. He kept her hanging by her nipples for a few seconds, sucking in air, before relaxing his hand and letting the noose begin choking her again.

Levinson hadn’t removed any of his clothing, though his zip had been undone to let his cock stand tall, a testament to how much he was enjoying her suffering. Her own clothes had been callously ripped off of her along with a few snide comments about dressing up an animal. She wondered how many decades would pass this time before the next opportunity to clothe herself. “I’ll make this simple, fox cunt,” the blond man told Seo-yun. “You answer my questions, and I let you get back to your party. Give me lip or try to lie, and I won’t leave enough left of you to fuck. Where does that strength of yours come from?” He didn’t tug on the cord again, content to let her strangle a bit longer before allowing her to answer.

Seo-yun took advantage of the time to marshal her thoughts. She didn’t know how he’d gotten in here, or why he was dressed like one of the guards, but that didn’t especially matter right now. What was she going to tell him? The truth? On the one hand, she had nothing to lose from it. She was fairly certain that he couldn’t duplicate the feat, or rip Morris’s soul out of her, so he couldn’t do much with the knowledge. On the other hand…

He pulled her up by her nipples again, and she had to gasp for breath a few times before she could speak. “No,” she wheezed eventually. “You get nothing from me.” Her skin was gone forever because of him. Her foxfire was gone forever because of him. Morris was dead because of him. She’d rather see all her remaining tails cut off than give him an inch.

Levinson’s entire body stiffened in anger, and he let her drop. “I should’ve known that rich bitch wouldn’t treat you right. She let you start thinking you were a person again.”

It was hard to laugh while being strangled, but Seo-yun gave it a try anyway. He thought she was refusing him because of Jessica? Seo-yun finally realized something that she should have figured out a long time ago: Levinson was an idiot. A sociopath and a sadist too, and someone she had every reason to be terrified of, but an idiot nonetheless.

Levinson’s reaction to her laughter was to pull out his long hunting knife and stab her in the stomach. The blade was ice cold, and when he twisted it, agony radiated through her entire body. “Stupid fucking animal,” he hissed. “Do you think I care about the Paradisium’s rules?” He yanked the knife out of her, spending out a spray of blood, then drove it right back in, choosing a spot just a few inches away. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re already meat. I’ll skin you alive and start ripping chunks out of you if that’s what will make you remember your place.”

Her heartbeat was pounding in her ears by the time he stepped back, leaving the knife buried in her, and pulled the cord to lift her up again. This time he didn’t give her the chance to speak. She barely managed a single breath before she was dropped again, and her flesh was still jiggling from the impact when he assaulted her. His cock sank into her folds, breaking through her hymen. In the ten months since she’d seen him last, she’d been raped by far larger, but the fact that it was him inside her, that her body was being forced to give pleasure to the man that she hated above all others, brought shame and disgust that ached harder than any oversized prick could manage.

Levinson sawed in and out of her, using his hands on her hips to swing her back and forth. “You want to do this the hard way, fox slut?” he asked as he viciously raped her. “That’s fine with me. My new fucktoys have been doing a good job of draining my balls, but I can always get it up for your tight furry cunt.” As if to prove his point, he reared back, then slammed back into her like a brutal punch to the gut.

His cock hurt like always, but it was the knife that was the real source of torment for Seo-yun. Every push and pull jostled it inside of her, producing spikes of hot pain. Had her legs been unbound, she wouldn’t have hesitated to wrap them around him to get him to finish faster, but she was trussed up like a turkey, and had to let him go at his own pace. Despite being immobilized, she couldn’t just grit her teeth and endure it either. Levinson didn’t bother tugging on the cord while he raped her, and she knew him well enough to knew that was deliberate. The only thing stopping her from suffocating to death was his own brutal rape of her. It didn’t work on every thrust, but on the strongest ones, the ones that felt like she’d been punched in the cervix, the impact would push her up just high enough that she could snatch a tiny bit of air, if she was ready for it. She had to remain hyper vigilant of his every movement to anticipate when she’d get a chance.

The intentional symbolism of her situation wasn’t lost on her. She was surviving thanks to being fucked. That was his message to her: her only purpose in life, the only reason she wasn’t just buried in an unmarked grave somewhere, was that she made such a good fucktoy. Her worth began and ended with her ability to make him cum.

It took twenty minutes of rough fucking before Levinson filled her with his seed. It wasn’t until every last drop was in her that he tugged the rope and finally let her take something approaching a real breath. She was so desperate at that point that she barely noticed the pain of her stretched nipples. As soon as he pulled out, some of it began to leak from her to drip onto the floor. The blond man gave the slowly growing puddle of cum beneath her a disgusted look. “Filthy beast,” he said sourly, as though the mess wasn’t entirely his fault.

“Are you smart enough to learn after the first time?” he mused out loud as he wiped himself off on one of her tails. “No, of course not.” He yanked his belt out from his pants and folded it in half. Seo-yun winced as he started flogging her with it, snapping it across her breasts and smacking the hilt of the buried knife. “Three more times, fox cunt. Make me cum three more times, and I’ll give you another chance to answer my questions. If you’re too stupid to come to your senses by then…” His next swing of the belt came up from below, the stiff leather slapping her spread pussy and making her buck. “I’ll have to start doing some permanent damage. Don’t start thinking you’ve seen the worst I can do just because we had a little two week getaway together. I held back at the camp because I knew the bitch wouldn’t accept a half dead lump as her new pet. But I don’t need to worry about that anymore; keep being a stubborn cunt, and I’ll do a lot more than just chop off a few fucking tails.”

Nadia swallowed the warm cum as it gushed into her mouth. When it was over, she said a respectful “thank you, sir” to the man whose cock she’d just sucked. He smiled, wiped himself dry on her wings, and walked away without a word. She wished she could take what she’d just swallowed and spit it back in his face.

Ilya wouldn’t have recognized the newer, humbler Nadia. It usually took a sound thrashing or two to make her this obedient with anyone other than him or Tanya, and even those two had to lay into her if they wanted her to curb her tongue while she worked. But there was no other way to get this done.

“Please sir,” she begged the next man she found, crawling to him on all fours and nuzzling his crotch. Her beautiful dress hung off her in pieces already. Men had ripped it open to gain access to her cunt and ass and tits, and more than one man had shot his cum onto it. “Please, may I taste you?” As soon as he nodded her assent, she swallowed him up with her well trained throat muscles. His pubic hair was right in front of her, and she studied the flesh above it, right where his crotch met his belly. No luck. In a better world, she’d have followed that up by chewing his cock off, but she needed to behave, so she continued to meekly deepthroat him, more eager to make him cum than he was.

Belle’s owner had a birthmark in that spot. Tanya had described it to her last night, after warning her in advance about the masks. It was the only hope she had of identifying the man without having to ask questions, and questions would raise suspicion. And just like that, Nadia became a cum guzzling slut. Sucking their cocks gave her the chance to inspect them without anyone noticing.

She’d already swallowed almost thirty loads of cum, and she was growing increasingly nauseated and annoyed. The man had to be here somewhere. Unless Tanya was lying to her. There was still the possibility that the entire thing was another of her jokes, and at the end of the night she would laugh herself silly over how much semen she’d tricked her sister into drinking. That thought had never ventured too far from her mind all day long. But she refused to listen to it. If her sister was playing her, then none of this really mattered in the first place. It was all just another opportunity to make Nadia suffer, and there would be plenty more of those to come over the rest of her squalid existence. But if what Tanya had told her last night was genuine… then this would be the most important day of her life, and she wasn’t going to screw it up.

“So you’re Petrov’s mysterious daughter,” said a smooth voice behind her. “You look like just another winged slut on the outside. How are your insides, I wonder?” That was all the warning she had before the speaker grabbed hold of her hips and rammed his cock into her pussy, using enough force to make her gag on the cock in her throat and almost sending her sprawling. His hands and his cock were both strangely cold, but she didn’t have much attention to spare for details like that. The fact that he was pounding her with all the gentleness of a freight train was way more pressing. She’d been fucked hard before, but this was on a completely different level. He slammed into her like he was taking a sledgehammer to her pelvis, and he was massive enough that each thrust felt more like getting stabbed than raped.

“Well, you’re tight at least,” he said, not easing up. “But how do you taste?” Nadia winced as his teeth found her throat and bit down sharply, sending a burst of pain through her. Her limbs began to tremble, and she suddenly felt exhausted. By the time he pulled his head back just a few seconds later, it was all she could do to avoid collapsing. “Pfah!” he said, and she felt warm wetness on her back. He’d spat on her with her own blood. “Just a common human after all.”

“You certain your tastebuds are working properly, Mordred?” asked the man in her throat. “Most ‘common humans’ I know don’t sport wings.”

“These?” He grabbed hold of her wings with each hand. “Nothing more than a cheap trick. The man has even worse taste than I thought. I should tear these ridiculous things right off.” Nadia whimpered at the idea, and he laughed. “Do you have a problem with that, fucktoy? Prove your twat deserves these wings, or I’ll rip them off and shove them up here.”

Nadia didn’t know if he was just trying to scare her, and she didn’t care. She couldn’t take the chance. She frantically fucked herself on his cock, ignoring her exhaustion and the tearing pain every time his thickness ripped her open. Mordred laughed at her efforts. “Look at this little whore, so desperate to keep her decorations.”

“Stupid little whore, you mean,” complained the other man. “Can’t even suck and fuck at the same time.” Nadia quickly resumed bobbing her head, taking him in and out of her throat.

Both men used her for a while, neither one in any hurry to finish. Mordred alternated between her ass and her pussy every few minutes, fucking both of them hard and rough. Before long she ached so badly that it was hard to tell which one he was using at any given point in time. The other man couldn’t match his power, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t ramrod her mouth like it was a loose twat. She choked and gagged on him, spittle running down her chin, and every sound of distress only seemed to encourage him to use her harder. Trapped between the two sadists, Nadia could do nothing but try and be a good fuck for both.

Eventually the cock in her mouth pulsed and squirted another load into her belly to join all the others. He followed it up by urinating down her throat. She was in the middle of gurgling on his piss when Mordred shot his own seed into her sore pussy. “Ugly, stupid, and lazy,” he commented as she slid off of him to lay in a heap on the floor, too tired to do anything but lay there and take shallow breaths. “I can see why he was willing to send his own daughter to the Paradisium.” When he spat on her this time, it was saliva that dripped down her cheek. “If I were Petrov, you’d already be meat.” The other man laughed and spat on her too.

Her pussy and ass were both still throbbing with enough pain to make her want to cry, and her stomach was threatening to reject every slimy drop of semen it had been fed these last few hours. Nadia laid there half senseless, willing herself to move, when a foot stamped down on her back to pin her against the floor. “Give your father a message next time you see him,” Mordred snarled. “Tell him that if he tries to interfere with my kin again, I will tear apart his entire empire with my bare hands. He would do well to remember that he and all the rest of your kind are nothing but cattle, and stapling pieces of superior creatures onto yourselves won’t change that.”

Nadia went into a panicked frenzy when she felt him grab hold of her wings. “No, no, please!” she cried out, twisting and turning in a useless attempt to get away. “Please, not my wings! I’ll do anything, I swear, just leave them alone, please!”

He laughed as though she’d just made a joke, and there was genuine amusement in his tone when he spoke next, his words not even calculated to hurt her. “And what could an insignificant cunt like you have to offer that I couldn’t just take?”

“I-aaaagh!” She screamed helplessly, unable to even form words, as Mordred ripped her right wing off slowly, like a child pulling the wing off a butterfly.

It hurt almost as much as receiving them had, but it wasn’t the pain that made her wail and sob as he did the deed. She would never fly again. The only thing about her life that wasn’t complete misery, and it was gone forever.

“Much better,” declared the man shortly after he was done. “Now that tasted like a proper meal, not common human garbage.” He tossed what had been her wing onto the floor, and she stared at it in horror as he walked away without another word. It looked like it had been torn off years ago, the flesh gray and decayed. Even if it could be reattached by transforming, and that was a slim chance at best, it was dead, beyond what any vulpan healing could fix.

The dark haired girl touched it with trembling fingers, stroking the crumbling gray feathers that had once been hers. I’m sorry, she whispered silently, not knowing who she was apologizing to. The wings? Herself? The poor alkonost she’d never met, who’d been mutilated for Nadia’s sake? She’d tried to make the most of the nameless woman’s sacrifice, but she’d failed, just like she’d failed at everything. A morbid thought came to her: if she cut herself open and looked inside, would she find that the rest of her was in the same state, dead and rotting? It felt that way to her right now. It had felt that way for years. Like she wasn’t even truly alive anymore, just some shambling, grotesque mockery of life being ordered around and put to use.

She remained on the floor for a few minutes, curled up into a ball weeping, until she was able to find the strength to push aside her darker impulses and get back up. She had a mission to do, she reminded herself. For Belle. It didn’t matter anymore if Tanya was telling the truth or not. This was all she had left now.

Nadia rose unsteadily onto all fours, Mordred’s cum spilling down the back of her legs, and tottered away to continue her search.

“Look, I’m fucking trying, okay?” Samantha snarled, and immediately recoiled as a dry ice rod was jabbed against her left tit.

“Nobody cares about try, slut,” said the wielder. “You do it, or you burn.” A sly smile appeared on his face and he brandished the rod. He wasn’t the man who’d first burned her, nor was that the same rod. Master Sindak had apparently been giving the damn things out like candy, and it seemed like every other person in the ball had one by now. “Not that I’m in any hurry. I love sticking you with this thing.”

Sam bit back another angry response and focused on the task at hand. She squatted low, ignoring the protests of her leg muscles. They were already screaming when her thigh brushed against the cock waiting for her. She adjusted her stance and lowered herself further, letting it sink into her, not stopping until her ass touched the hips of the man lying beneath her. She badly wanted to put her weight on him and let her legs rest, but that was why they’d burned her ass cheek three tries ago. So instead she raised herself slightly, not allowing herself to relieve any of the strain on her legs.

That was the easy part done. Samantha slowly bent her body backwards, careful not to let the cock slip out like she had last time. When her upper body was nearly parallel to the ground, she opened her mouth to accept the second waiting cock. She couldn’t lean back far enough to get him into her throat, not without falling over like she’d done too many times now, so she settled for letting his head rub against her tongue.

Now that she was in position, the third man straddled her and pushed his cock into the valley of her tits. With her head bent back, she couldn’t even look at him, but she could feel his fat prick on her skin all too well. “Get to it, whore,” he said.

Her hands were no longer tied behind her back, but that was little comfort. They’d found an even more humiliating way of binding her. Someone had produced some wrist cuffs, and they’d locked them to her nipple rings after tearing what was left of her blouse away, leaving her arms half-raised like a dog begging for treats. She twisted her hands around so she could grab the sides of her breasts and squish them against the cock between them. Then she took a deep breath and started to move, rising carefully up from her squat. Not to a standing position – God, she wished she could just fucking stand up for a little while – only high enough to travel up the length of the cock shaft. When she felt the head against her pussy lips, that was her cue to start going back down.

It wasn’t a particularly satisfying way to fuck her. She could’ve named twenty positions off the top of her head that would be more enjoyable for the both of them. But as they’d made very clear, this wasn’t about enjoyment, it was about revenge. The guy she was pleasuring with her pussy had bet half his fortune that she wouldn’t become a champion three years in a row. And now she had to suffer because he’d been an idiot.

Her tongue swirled around the cock in her mouth as she started to suck on it in earnest. Unable to reach the sensitive underside of the shaft, she turned her efforts to the head, lapping it feverishly. Its owner had sent one of his favorite slaves to the Paradisium Game last year. Thanks to Sam, she hadn’t been able to get any ribbons on the first day, and spent the entire game getting reamed out by zombies. She’d survived, but what was left had been, to use her owner’s wording, like trying to fuck a subway tunnel.

The third man had been a participant in this year’s game. He was the owner of White Hart, whose antler she’d torn off as an improvised weapon. If Samantha had any doubt about what he thought of her, the way he took advantage of her being unable to see him by randomly pinching and twisting her nipples made it clear enough. She used her bound hands to massage him with her tits, wincing every time the hard shaft scraped against one of her burn scars.

Sam wished they would just fuck her and get it over with, but all three of them wanted her to do all the work. They barely moved a muscle between them, leaving it entirely on her to bounce and lick and grope. Everything about the situation was utterly humiliating, and all the onlookers agreed. “Who’s a good little cock sucker?” one of them cooed mockingly, scratching her under the chin.

“Now I know why she’s been such a bitch all these years,” declared another. “She’s just been begging for someone to shove her down and stuff her with some hard cock. The firebird probably frigs herself to sleep every night thinking about all the rough fucking she’s got coming to her.”

Samantha tried to ignore their barbs and focus on what she was doing. In some way, it was actually a relief that she was no longer trying to win the game for herself. Every last person here seemed to hate her, and if she’d had to try and earn their votes, she would’ve been… Sudden understanding turned her veins to ice.

Every last person here hated her.

The revelation made her lose her balance and tumble to the ground. She curled up into a ball to protect herself as several men stabbed her arms and legs with their dry ice rods. “On your feet, bird brain,” one of them demanded.

“Maybe she’s just too fucking stupid,” one of them suggested. “Why don’t we find out how many of these rods we can stuff up her cunt, and go find a girl who can actually do what she’s told?”

“You’re… you’re here because of me, aren’t you?” Samantha said, panting and still curled up. “This whole party… it’s for me…” The Paradisium hadn’t invited people at random. Of course they hadn’t. The place was run by sadists, and they’d deliberately filled it with people who had grudges against her.

This wasn’t a party at all. It was her execution.

One of the onlookers laughed. “You’re only just figuring that out, cum for brains? Fuck, now I feel even worse that my Ronia lost to an idiot like you. I knew that girl deserved to become meat for a screwup like that.”

“Do you know how fucking boring it is to have the same slave win the game year after year?” said another. “Even you had to know the Paradisium would get sick of you eventually. If it were up to me, I would’ve just taken you out back and put a bullet in your head, but Karakostas is a drama queen.” He grinned. “Not that I can complain. I forfeited twenty million dollars worth of bets for my place, and it’s worth every penny to have a front row seat to this.”

Samantha cried out as a rod poked through a gap in her defense and jabbed her upper thigh. The pain left her open, and someone else shoved dry ice right against her slit. The red head howled as her pussy lips were scorched. “I didn’t hear anyone tell you to take a nap, birdie,” someone said. “Up and at em!”

Sam’s sore, exhausted body wanted to lay there forever, but the rods were a good motivator. It only took a few burns to her chest, her face, and one right on her clit to force her to her feet. “I’m doing it, alright?” she said tiredly. “I’m-” Someone cut her off with a hard slap across the face.

“I’m tired of all this fucking backtalk,” he said. She remembered him as another participant from this year’s game, the one who’d owned Moonshine. “Someone hold her still.”

Hands grabbed her as he readied his rod, and Samantha closed her eyes, bracing for the pain. “Now pull her jaw down.” She opened her eyes in a panic just in time to see him thrust the rod into her mouth. She howled and thrashed as the dry ice burned her cheeks and tongue. There were people all around her now, holding her limbs and her head, pushing her chin to keep her from opening her mouth.

“I’ll make this clear enough that even a dumb slut like you can understand,” the man said as he angled the rod. Sam gagged as the end penetrated her throat. “Sindak gave us a promise along with these rods. After you lose, he’s gonna hand you over to us to play with as long as we want. All of this…” He winked at someone behind her, and the red head’s screams went up an octave as someone rammed a rod up her asshole. “This is just foreplay, slut!” he shouted over her cries, and began throatfucking her.

The rush of despair hurt almost as much as the physical assault. She’d known things would have to end this way, but to stare it in the face was something different. Being revealed as meat, getting tortured to death, they were no longer just vague fates awaiting her. It was all going to happen today, and she was looking at the people who were going to do it. They were already this rough with her when they thought she was a normal slave. When they found that she was meat too…

It felt like she was raped by the two rods for hours, but it was only a few minutes before they withdrew, leaving her twitching and crying on the floor. “From now on, anytime I hear a single word of disrespect from that fuckhole mouth of yours,” Moonshine’s owner said, “I’m gonna take it to mean ‘please let me deepthroat that rod of yours again’, got it?” When she didn’t respond, he kicked her in the side. “Got it?” She nodded. “Then get up, crybaby. You’ve got cocks to serve.”

Still weeping, Samantha did as she was told.

“You are certain you don’t need to be out there?” Ilya asked his daughter.

“Oh Father,” Tanya said lightly, “you worry too much.” She was straddling him while he laid on his back in bed, her hips bobbing up and down as she rode his cock. “For the third time, yes, I’ll be fine. I don’t need to waste a second of my time with those other men, especially when I could be spending it with you instead.”

The two of them had been on their own in this private room since the round had begun. Ilya had nothing to complain about; his daughter was as excellent and enthusiastic as always. For the last five hours now she’d made love to him every which way, using her beautiful body to please him. “Besides,” she purred, “we should let poor Robby have some fun on his own, after being cooped up all week.”

Robert Stiles had received the honor of playing the role of Tanya’s handler during the Game. Someone had to do it, and as much as Ilya had wanted the role, she could more than handle herself; it was Nadia who needed close surveillance to stop her from fucking everything up. The man was a coward and not very bright, but he knew how to keep his mouth shut, which was why he’d spent the last two decades working his way up through Paragon’s accounting department. From the way his daughter described it, his orders had been to stay in his private room “directing” her, which meant staying still and keeping quiet while she did as she pleased. Right now, he was attending the ball like all the other handlers, getting to sample whatever girls caught his eye.

Ilya was almost ready to finish again when Tanya paused, a wicked smile on her face, and slid off of him. His cock twitched in frustration, but she didn’t keep him waiting for long, kneeling to take him into her mouth so she could begin lovingly sucking on him. Her bright, cheerful eyes remained on his as her tongue gently played with him. “Mmm, umm shorry Faherr,” she said around him. “But I jush had tuh tashe you again. ‘ll die if yuh don’t feed me more of yuh warm, cuhreemy cum shoon.”

Her statement made him stiffen, and Ilya began to spurt in her mouth. Tanya eagerly swallowed every drop and sucked the rest out of him, then wrapped her long, delicate fingers around him and got to work encouraging him to grow hard again. “So Nadia thinks we’re going to try to escape today,” she told him casually as she pumped her fist.

Ilya laid back and relaxed, letting his daughter work her magic. In all his life and all the many women he’d fucked, no one could make him cum harder than Tanya. It was just one of her many gifts. “And where did she get an idea like that?”

Tanya shrugged. “Because I told her so.” Her fingers were wet with cum, precum, and her own juices by now. She brought them up to her mouth and sucked them clean, one by one, before stroking his shaft again. It was already starting to regain its heft, and she licked her lips at the sight. “You should have seen the stupid thing last night, Father. Seven years of being my toy, and it only took a few words to get her eating out of my hand.” She giggled. “She actually believes I care about her!”

His prick was now hard and throbbing in her grip, and she released it and flopped onto her back, pulling her legs up and tucking them under her neck. “You’re being so cruel right now, Father,” she said with a mock pout. “How long will you make me wait to have that fat, delicious cock inside of me?”

Not long. Ilya rose and crouched over her, his cock sinking into her depths like they were made for each other. His daughter moaned at the penetration, and wrapped her arms around him. “I assume you have… a reason for this little game?” he asked as her wet hole welcomed him.

“Don’t I always?” she replied. “It took twenty five years, Father, but I finally found a use for Nadia beyond being a fucktoy! I know, I’m as shocked as you are.” She thrust her hips up to match his movements, her wonderful ass bobbing up and down as she went. That hole next, he decided. She always purred so happily whenever he came in her ass.

“Do I want to know the details?” Ilya asked. His arms were on either side of her head now, gripping her soft black hair, and he stared into her eyes through the mask. He wished he could rip the thing off and behold her true beauty. He missed being with her, and being inside her. Sometimes he regretted letting her talk him into sending her here in the first place.

“What, and ruin the surprise?” she said mischievously. “Let’s just say that if you’ve ever wanted to fuck Ember, you should do it while there’s still time. Which reminds me… I do have a little bit of business to take care of.” She looked up at him with wide, wet puppy dog eyes. “Would you do me a favor, Father? A really, really big favor? Could you give your little girl a good, strong pounding? Can you fuck my tight pussy so hard that my insides are still throbbing from it when I see you again? Could you, Daddy? For me?”

He could.

“Almost there, fox cunt,” Levinson said. “Be a good fucktoy a bit longer and I’ll let you talk.”

Seo-yun felt like she’d been pulped and juiced. He’d been torturing her for hours now, and the occasional rape was the closest she’d come to a break. More of his cum dripped from her pussy and ass as she was suspended and strangled, but there was more blood than semen soaking the carpet. He’d broken bones, burned her, stabbed her repeatedly, and kept her on the verge of asphyxiation the entire time.

She was so out of it from blood loss and oxygen deprivation that it took her a moment to realize that he was letting her down, untying the steel cord of her noose from the ceiling hook. Once upon a time she might have hoped that meant she’d be allowed to breathe, but she wasn’t surprised when that wish was denied. He put her face up onto the bed and retied the cord around the headboard, then cinched the noose closed to cut off her air completely while he adjusted the rest of her bondage. The cord around her nipple rings was wrapped around another ceiling hook, and hot pain flashed through her as she was lifted into the air by them before tying them off.

She now hung a few inches above the bed, suspended entirely by her nipple rings. It was an excruciating position, and it only grew worse when he knelt between her legs and pulled her towards him. “One way or another, this is the last time I fuck you, animal,” he told her as he uncinched the noose just enough to allow a trickle of air, which she greedily went after. “Might as well go all out.” And then he began to change.

Seo-yun had seen her parents transform between human and fox before, and this was similar, but much cruder and more destructive. If their transformation was like an elegant dance, flowing seamlessly from one form to another, Levinson’s was like a car crash, everything about him suddenly and violently changing. Fur sprouted all over his body, and she heard muscles tear and bones snap as they were realigned. She stared in shock and loathing at the massive red fox he had become. He’d done this with her yeowu guseul. She didn’t know how she knew that, but she was certain of it.

There was something about his scent too. She couldn’t put a name to it, and she hadn’t smelled anything like it for centuries, but at the same time it felt as familiar as her own face. And despite coming from a man she hated, she felt strangely positive associations from it. It brought back memories of her childhood, and the sense of being warm and loved. How… the knowledge hit her, and the noose restricting her esophagus was the only thing that stopped her from emptying her stomach in disgust.

It was her father she was smelling. He had her father’s skin.

She recognized her father’s shape in him now. It wasn’t exactly the same, but he had the same broad shoulders, the same long tails. Levinson was wearing the corpse of her father, and he was about to rape her with it. Her skin crawled with revulsion as she felt his furry cock against her. He was huge, as big as anything she’d ever been forced to take, and knowing that it was at least partially based off of her father’s own body brought back the urge to vomit.

His fat head ripped her slit wide open, and he wasted no time pushing his way deeper inside. Blood and cum weren’t nearly enough lubrication, and her pussy walls tore as his shaft scraped against them. When he butted up against her cervix, he drew back ever so slightly, and something almost like a grin appeared on his vulpine face before he slammed forward, easily smashing through and stuffing himself into her womb. She twitched in agony over the obscene violation, but he wasn’t finished.

“Spent a lot of time on boring guard duty the last couple days,” he told her, his voice rough and guttural. “Gave me plenty of time to watch some of the Game’s highlights, including what the mutts did to that one snake bitch. Looked like fun.” He grabbed hold of her shoulders and forcefully pulled her onto him as he thrust his hips forward again, and Seo-yun almost passed out from the pain when his cock rammed into the back wall of her womb like he intended to tear through it. Her sensitive pocket of flesh was forcibly stretched around him, molding her womb into the shape of his cock.

Seo-yun was half certain she was going to split in two at any moment, and she felt a twinge of relief when she felt his balls slap against her, indicating that he’d made it all the way in, but he gave her no time to relax. He immediately wrenched his entire cock out of her, and she got a quick glimpse of its sides dyed red with her blood before he plunged back into her, bottoming out again. Her body involuntarily spasmed and she lost control of her bladder as he violently raped her womb. Every thrust was like being impaled by a battering ram, and her twisting, churning insides told her that the damage wasn’t limited to her sex; having something so massive penetrate her with that much force was akin to taking a hammer to her internal organs. Levinson was literally fucking her to death.

Her entire existence became agony. Her nipples stretching this way and that as she was pulled, nearly tearing them from her chest. Being choked again, denied even that thin trickle of air as those same movements repeatedly tugged on the noose, reducing her to those frustrating tiny gasps. Her bones crushed carelessly beneath his paws as he gripped her tight. And above all that, a fresh explosion of pain from her lower half with every thrust. It was so intense that she almost didn’t notice when his knot pushed into her, tearing her open even wider.

Levinson’s jaws closed around her shoulder, and Seo-yun nearly went mad with fear and pain as he bit into her, ripping off a chunk of her flesh. “I told you before, animal,” he growled and took another bite out of her, this time from her side. “You’re already meat.” The statement seemed to set him off, and Seo-yun felt the spurt of his cum in her defiled womb. The werefox threw back his head in pleasure as his sperm jetted into her, still furiously fucking her. His stream seemed to go on forever, cum gushing out of her every time he pulled back.

And then… then he was still raping her. Seo-yun went cold with dread when she realized that he’d finished ejaculating, but was just as hard as before. He raped her a second time. A third. A fourth. Hours passed as Levinson continued to violate her, his enthusiasm for the act never flagging. It became all too obvious that there was no biological limit to how long he could keep this up. He would only stop when he was ready to stop.

There were more than a dozen healing bite wounds on her body, and nearly that many loads of sperm oozing from her destroyed pussy, by the time Levinson paused, still buried inside her. “Last chance, fox cunt,” he told her, his thick shaft pulsing with lust within her. “Tell me everything, and this is over. Keep being an idiot, and there will be nothing left of you but a bloody, cum soaked twat by the time I leave this room.”

He was a liar. His offer might have been sincere, but Seo-yun understood the hunger burning behind his eyes. Now that he’d started feeding on her, he wasn’t going to stop. But that wasn’t what made him a liar. “You… you told me that no one would… ever care about me…” she said, panting. “That the only way I mattered… was making people cum…” And for a long time, she’d believed him. Even when she’d reclaimed her name and started thinking for herself again, she’d held onto that belief that she was little more than a fucktoy.

But Morris cared about her. Sam cared about her. And it was more than that. She cared about herself, for the first time in centuries. And she cared about everyone else down here who were being fed the same lies. “None of us… are worthless,” she told him. “And all of us… matter.” He was going to kill her. She accepted that. But he wasn’t going to kill a beaten down slave, or a cowardly gumiho trying to hide from her past. “I’m strong because… I’m living proof… that foxes and humans… can work together…” She would die as Seo-yun, and she would meet her fate head on. “And you… can go fuck yourself… Matt…”

Levinon’s face went dark with rage. “You fucking cunt!” His jaws clamped around her throat, and she braced herself for the end.

“Sorry, am I interrupting something?” asked Crikey.

The werefox froze. Neither of them had heard the door, but there was the woman with the koala mask standing in the open doorway, watching them calmly. “Please…” Seo-yun gasped, seeing the sudden spark of hope. “Help… he’s trying to kill me…”

Levinson relaxed his jaws. “What do you want?” he asked. There was annoyance in his voice, but no sign of the anger that had been consuming him.

“There’s a few partygoers headed this way,” Crikey told him. “Looking to have some private play time with that one busty little brownie. Girl’s gonna be a champion titfucker by the time they’re done with her. But they’re gonna raise a little bit of a fuss if they see what’s going on here, and then no more fox privileges for you.”

Levinson sighed, and to Seo-yun’s great surprise, transformed back into a human and began untying her from the bed. “You have a better spot in mind then?”

“Down the hall,” the koala said promptly. “Take a right at the end, third door on your left. No one’s going to go anywhere near that part of the floor all night, and if you hurry, no one will notice you dragging the chewed up slut there.”

“Please…” Seo-yun tried again as the blond man slung her over his shoulder, still hogtied. “I’m not trying to win the game! I won’t get in your way! Just don’t let him do this to me!”

Crikey clucked her tongue in mock sympathy. “You’re right, I can’t just stand by and let such a travesty happen.” She gave Seo-yun a smack on the ass. “You’re gonna kill this poor little fox without properly stretching her asshole out first?” She whispered her next words into the fox’s ear. “It would be such a shame if you died without ever getting to enjoy your daddy’s prick in your butt, wouldn’t it? I know how much I love taking mine back there.”

A chill ran down Seo-yun’s spine. “How do you-” The woman cut her off by cinching closed the noose that still hung around her neck. The fox’s mouth worked, but she couldn’t draw breath or make a sound.

“There, now she’ll keep quiet while you move her,” Crikey said. “Go now, and you can be balls deep in her before you have to let her breathe again.”

Levinson grunted. “You want to help?”

Crikey made a purring sound. “Mmmm, that would be fun… but I left Dad waiting.” She kissed him on the cheek. “You’ll just have to pound her extra hard for me, okay?”

Seo-yun stared at the woman as she was carried out of the room, still trying desperately to talk. Crikey smiled back and gave her a little wave.

Nadia had never imagined that she might one day feel sorry for Ember. She’d had to watch videos of the phoenix’s prior performances, and the woman had come across as more a force of nature than a person. But the Ember she was looking at now seemed to have little in common with that implacable wall.

“Hurry it up, hot twat,” said one of the masked men, kicking Ember squarely in one bobbing ass cheek. “There are still plenty of apologies to go.” The naked woman flinched at the kick and scrambled forward, following the man who was holding her makeshift leash.

“Here’s your next one,” said the leash holder, stopping in front of someone. “And put some fucking effort into it this time, or we’ll take a break to see who can cram dry ice in your womb first.”

“Yes sir sorry sir,” Ember babbled and then knelt to kiss the shoes of her new target. Her tongue scraped across the smooth leather, vigorously working to clean it. “Ember is sorry for being a stuck up cunt who forgot that she’s just another fucktoy,” she told the man between licks. She kept her eyes trained on his, and wore a wide sloppy grin visible below her mask as her tongue flopped around. When he lifted his foot, revealing a grimy sole, she didn’t hesitate to start bathing it in her spit. “Please forgive her for being such a stupid piece of trash. Please allow her to make up for her crimes with her body. Hurt her, fuck her, do whatever you want that will make you feel better. This cum dump is at your disposal.”

Her skin was littered with burn scars from those sticks many of the men held. There were hundred of them by now, permanent marks of every time she hadn’t smiled enough or performed enthusiastically enough or debased herself enough.

The man was silent for a minute, grinning as he watched Ember work. “That’s a mighty special tongue you’ve got there, phoenix,” he said eventually. “So full of sass and vinegar every time I’ve watched you. Always wondered how a tongue like that would feel up my ass.”

He wasn’t the first man to suggest something like that. Nadia had witnessed one of them make the same request about an hour ago. Ember had grimaced slightly, and gotten her backside beaten bloody as a result. This time she didn’t repeat her mistake. “Ember would love to taste your asshole,” she said, without flinching or losing her grin. “After all, she’s not much more than fuckable toilet paper!”

As Ember got to work, Nadia looked away and focused on the dick she was sucking before its owner noticed she was distracted. She’d sucked dozens of cocks already, and her stomach felt bloated. It wasn’t just the cum filling her up; half the bastards here thought it was hilarious to follow their load with a piss chaser. Mindful that if she angered anyone, they might drag her away for discipline and make her lose her chance for revenge, she had to meekly accept every indignity.

Her back hurt. She was trying to ignore it, trying not to think about it, but it still hurt. She was lopsided now, and could still feel blood trickling down her side. The usual reaction from the partygoers to her mutilation was laughter, and jokes about what she must have done to earn such a punishment. Now that hours had passed and everyone had gotten the amusement out of their system, no one spared her bloody back a second glance anymore.

Moonshine’s owner had to be nearby. More than two thirds of the party goers had gathered around Ember, all of them bearing some personal grudge against the redhead. Nadia just had to stay here and work through the crowd, and she was bound to find the right person eventually.

Unfortunately, that meant bearing witness to everything they were putting the phoenix through. Nadia had never felt close to the woman – respect and fear had been her two strongest emotions – but she’d never wished her any kind of harm. If anything, she’d been someone to look up to, a slave who told off the people she was supposed to grovel for, and got away with it.

And now Nadia was going to have to kill her.

It would have been easier if Ember was still acting like her usual fearless self. Nadia had told herself last night that it was kill or be killed anyway, and she’d watched enough footage to know that the phoenix was no stranger to murder. If their situations were reversed, Ember wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of her.

But now, watching the helpless and abused woman, her conscience couldn’t help but protest. Did Tanya really need her to kill someone like this? Her sister had seemed so certain that it was necessary. “Once Ember realizes no one there is going to vote for her,” she’d told Nadia last night, “the only path to victory she’ll have left will be as the last one standing. You know as well as I do how ruthless that woman is. She will kill you, me, and even Ginger to hold onto her crown.” That did sound like the phoenix she’d seen in all the videos, but still…

Her attention was stolen by the sound of Ember screaming. Her face was still buried between the man’s cheeks, but that wasn’t the reason for her outburst. “Quiet down, mongrel,” complained the woman crouched behind her, slapping the back of her head. “And hold still, or I’ll do this with one of the rods instead.” She had a lighter out, and was holding it just under her crotch, letting the flames play against the redhead’s clitoris. It didn’t appear to be doing any lasting damage, but it was clearly as excruciating for her as it would be for anyone.

Ember whimpered, but forced herself to remain still and quiet while her clitoris was tortured. “That’s it, mongrel,” said the woman. “A hot little clit for a hot little cunt. Why don’t you play with your ass to show us how much you love all this attention?”

The redhead obediently nodded, still slurping on the one man’s ass crack, and started finger fucking her asshole, pumping it with two fingers, then three. “She doesn’t look too pleased about getting to massage her poop chute,” someone pointed out. “Shouldn’t that butt be wagging from side to side like a happy bitch?” Ember obeyed, shaking her ass for their amusement while being careful to keep her clit over the lighter.

“That actually felt really good when you screamed into my ass,” said the man she was servicing. “Bet it would feel nice if you hummed a little song into it while you worked. Anyone got any suggestions?” Numerous songs were shouted out, but when someone suggested “Free Bird” it drew laughter from the whole crowd. The redhead began to hum brokenly and off key.

“Little dark haired slut,” moaned the man in Nadia’s mouth. His hands clutched at her hair and he banged his hips against her face on the home stretch. “So hungry for it… gobble my seed, whore…!” Hot cum spurted against the back of her throat, and the raven quickly swallowed every drop.

When she’d finished licking him clean and thanked him for “a yummy gooey treat”, as he’d called it, Nadia surveyed the crowd, trying to decide her next target. There were still so many people left to check.

“Perfect timing!” exclaimed an approaching. “I was just wondering where the bathroom was.” He pointed his cock at her and began to piss on her face, missing her mouth by inches. Nadia turned her head to catch his stream, and then reluctantly closed the distance, bringing her head closer until his prick was in her throat, pissing directly into her stomach. She scanned his crotch for the birthmark; another miss.

“God, look at this pee slut over here!” said the man happily. His words were slightly slurred, and judging by the volume of his urine, he’d been drinking heavily. “Can’t get enough of it, huh?” His trickle slowed, but his dick was already stiffening. “Bladder’s empty for now, but I’ve got another hot drink for you in my balls,” he told her. Nadia resisted the urge to gag and made a pleased sound instead as her tongue began playing with him.

One of the men had the tip of his shoe pressed against Ember’s asshole, which was gaping after she’d managed to stuff her entire fist in it. “Here you go, free bird,” he told her. “A new toy to play with. Buttfuck my shoe.” He wasn’t a small man, and his foot was much thicker than her fist had been, but he wasn’t asking. Ember noisily ate ass and hummed while humping the shoe, taking it deeper into her with every movement.

“Now that you’ve pried those slutty fingers away from your butt, I’ve got another use for them,” said the man whose asshole she was cleaning. “Play with my cock and balls!” Ember reached around him, one hand fondling his nutsack while the other deftly stroked the length of his stiff shaft.

For several minutes the redhead remained the plaything of those three, throwing herself into all of her tasks. Sodomizing herself with someone’s foot, licking ass, cradling balls, shaking her butt, humming loudly, giving a handjob, and all while keeping her clitoris parked over a hot flame. It was like an obscene dance, and the onlookers made certain the woman knew how ridiculous she looked, showering her with scathing remarks and mocking praise.

Eventually the man in front of her stiffened, and semen spurted from his cock to paint lines on the floor. Ember continued working his shaft and balls with her hands until his member was soft and limp. He offered no gratitude for her degrading service, turning around and spitting directly into her open mouth instead. “Go clean up your mess, shit breath.”

The phoenix nodded profusely. “Yes sir!” The other two allowed her to crawl forward and plant her face into the carpet, licking beads of semen off the dirty fuzz. When that was done, she had to lick the shoe that had been in her ass clean as well, while pressing the hot lighter against her clitoris.

“How was she?” asked the man who’d been holding her fabric leash the whole time.

“Fucking terrible,” said the man she’d just jerked off. “Lazy tongue, sloppy performance, bad attitude. Give her the full hundred.” The others who’d been tormenting her nodded their agreement.

Ember’s face twisted into a snarl. “You motherfuckers, I did every-grrk!” Her protest ended when the leash holder stuck his dry ice stick down her throat, making her entire body spasm. The man whose foot had been up her ass stuck his stick into that open hole, and the woman with the lighter buried hers in the phoenix’s pussy.

“One!” the crowd chanted as all three began to fuck the shrieking redhead. “Two! Three!” Many of the people she’d already serviced had been more merciful. A few of them hadn’t even demanded punishment when she was done. But this wasn’t the first time she’d received the maximum penalty. Ember thrashed and screamed until the crowd happily finished counting up to a hundred.

When it was over, she laid huddled on the ground, head down and sobbing, and didn’t respond when her leash was tugged. “Nobody said you could take a break, birdie,” grumbled the leash holder, and tightened the fabric around her throat. Her sobs became guttural noises as she choked. “And here I thought your dumb cunt brain was actually learning a thing or two. Thought you might deserve to get to breathe while you went around making amends. Was I wrong?” Ember shook her head weakly. “You’re gonna get back to being a smiley, dutiful fucktoy when I let you breathe again?” Shallow but urgent nods.

He let her suffer for another minute before loosening the leash. Ember gasped and panted, but when she lifted her face, there was another wide and eager grin there. “Thank you… sir…” she said. “I’m sorry to be… such a stupid fucktoy…”

“Don’t just be sorry,” he told her. “Be better. God, you whine even more than that mangy bitch used to.”

Nadia froze.

The remaining blowjob was the longest one of her life. She wanted to race over there and check, find out if he was the right man. But if he wasn’t, and she attracted attention, it would be all over. So instead of bolting towards him, she remained kneeling, carefully licking and sucking on the filthy prick rubbing the inside of her cheek. Her heart pounded in her chest as her tongue ran over the stranger’s head with the care of a surgeon. She struggled to keep her expression fawning as she delicately teased his underside with her lower lip. Finish him and she could go check. Finish him and it would be time for revenge.

“Thirsty slut, aren’t you?” he joked an eternity later, as she hurriedly gulped down his semen. “You might have just earned my vote, cocksucker.” Nadia ignored the casual insults as she thanked him and crawled away, trying not to make eye contact with anyone; being noticed was a short step from being used.

Ember was flat on her back servicing someone new when she approached. He was straddling her chest, dick buried between her twin mounds. But he wanted more than just a simple tit fuck. The redhead held a chain in her teeth, both ends connected to her nipple rings. She had to bob her head up and down, tugging and torturing her own breasts, in order to rub them against her rapist’s shaft.

It wasn’t going to be easy to get him off that way, but she had plenty of motivation. Her legs were up in the air, and she was using both hands to pull her pussy and ass open, exposing them for abuse. Three men with whips were lashing her, all of them aiming for the two vulnerable targets she was offering up. Every time the tip of a whip kissed either hole, she would buck and howl, drawing cheers from the crowd. And the more time that passed, the better all three were getting with their aim.

The only person Nadia had eyes for stood to the side, idly holding the phoenix’s leash as he enjoyed the show. “What’s this?” he asked, amused, as she crawled right up to him. “Looking to join in?”

“Why wouldn’t she?” someone nearby asked. “She probably hates the bitch as much as we do. Let her have some fun too!”

The man smirked at her. “Sure. Open up.” She tried to get closer and swallow him up, but he pushed her head away. “Not like that, dummy. Only the bitch gets any of my cum today. Just kneel there and open wide.”

She complied, and he began to piss in her mouth. “Don’t swallow,” he warned. “That piss isn’t for you.” By the time his stream ended, her cheeks were puffed out to contain all the urine without spilling any. “Now show the bitch over there some love.”

Nadia reluctantly crawled to Ember’s side and kissed the woman, letting the golden filth in her mouth pass into hers. The phoenix never stopped bobbing her head to tug on her tits, and Nadia had to match the motion to keep their lips sealed together. Watchers hooted, and the kiss ended up going on for a while before she was allowed to break it off.

“Fun enough for you?” the leash holder asked. “There are plenty more full bladders around. Think of yourself as the urinal and the bitch as the sewer. Get moving!”

Nadia tried one more time to suck on him instead, and this time received a kick to the face that loosened her teeth. “I’m not gonna warn you again, slut,” he told her. “My balls are for Ember alone.”

Nadia thought quickly. “Please sir, let me feed her your cum! I want to suck it out of you and spit it down that bitch’s throat!”

She held her breath as the man considered her request. At last, he shrugged. “Why not?” he said. “But I’m not sticking it in a urinal. Turn around and spread your legs for me instead.”

Nadia started to protest, but the words died in her throat. She numbly swiveled around and presented herself to him on all fours. The dark haired woman groaned softly as his cock sank into her slit and he immediately began pounding her.

“You’re not a half bad piece of fuckmeat,” he told her as he used her roughly. His hands were on her swinging breasts, molding and kneading, and he kept sticking his tongue in her ear. “Keep it up and you might just win this whole thing.”

“Th-thank you-aah!” He was pinching and twisting her nipples now, and biting her ear hard enough to draw blood.

“That’s it, pain slut,” he breathed happily as he hurt her. “Clench me with this wet pussy.” She didn’t have a choice and he knew it, his constant assault on her body making her squeeze down on him involuntarily. But that didn’t stop him from humiliating her about it, and there were tears on her cheeks by the time he groaned and began shooting off inside her. “Now go feed Ember that treat we just cooked up together.”

Nadia nodded and crawled over to the other woman, a hand cupped over her crotch to keep his cockslime from leaking out. Ember was still hard at work and barely acknowledged her presence as the dark haired woman squatted over her head and pushed. There was a loud and obscenely wet noise that made Nadia blush, and the cum squirted out of her pussy and onto the phoenix’s face.

Nadia crouched down and began the slow process of licking the semen off Ember’s face and feeding it to her, one french kiss at a time. Maybe he wasn’t even the right person, she told herself as she cleaned the woman up. She should go check everyone else, and save him for last.

That gave her an idea. “Sir?” she asked nervously, lifting her head up. “May I suck the last few drops out of you? I, I wouldn’t want the bitch to miss part of her treat.”

The man laughed. “You really are addicted to the taste of cock, aren’t you, slut? Fine, fine, I’ll grant your wish. Come over here and grab the rest of Ember’s meal.”

Nadia tried not to let her excitement show as she crawled back to him to take him into her mouth. Was it really him? Had Tanya told her the truth? Or had she just wasted precious time and humiliated herself for nothing? He…

He had the birthmark. Right where Tanya had claimed, exactly as she had described it. It was him.

This one’s for you, Belle, she whispered in her head.

And then she bit down as hard as she could.

Belle’s owner screamed as she ripped his soft cock right off of him with her teeth. The people around didn’t understand his reaction at first, but when she spat the bloody lump of flesh out, more screams rose up all around her. A few seconds later, all the holes on her mask abruptly sealed shut, leaving her blind and unable to breathe. At the same time there was a sharp pain in her neck and her body was no longer under her control. She crumpled to the floor.

Nadia could still hear screaming, but it sounded like it was coming from somewhere far away now, and growing more distant with each passing moment. Everything was pulling away from her, or maybe it was her pulling away from everything, her consciousness disappearing down a long and dark tunnel that it would never come back from.

She prayed that for once, for just this once, Tanya was being honest with her. That the secret hope she’d never been able to cast aside was real. That the Tanya of her childhood, the sweet kind girl who had been her best and only friend, was the real one, and the vicious sadist the impostor. Deep down, she still couldn’t believe it was true. But she’d already known that she was going to die today, and dying for a false hope was better than nothing.

Nadia activated all three of her fox marbles.

Samantha laid on the ground, too drained to get up, as people screamed. She didn’t know the cause, and she couldn’t bring herself to care. She’d been running herself ragged for hours now, performing for an endless line of sadists. It was a living nightmare that promised to only get worse when the round ended and her mask came off.

Her body ached all over. There were ice burns everywhere, inside and out, alongside dozens of more conventional bruises, cuts, and welts. It hurt just to breathe. It hurt just to blink. The position she was in was far from comfortable: the carpet was hard and scratchy, there was drying cum and worse on her skin making her itch, and her senses were being assaulted by horrific tastes and smells. But compared to what she’d just been doing… she could have happily laid like this forever.

Sam recognized one of the voices shouting. “Clear some space, clear some space!” shouted Vin Emmeck. His voice was uncharacteristically tense and angry, holding none of his trademark showmanship. “We have a stretcher incoming, and medical facilities only a few minutes away! If you will all just remain calm…”

Someone was hurt. He couldn’t be shouting about a slave; they hardly blinked when one was killed. Only one of the “real” people would garner this kind of reaction. But that didn’t mean that whatever happened had affected only the owners. There could be slaves dying nearby, ignored while the guests were being treated. What if something had happened to Seo-yun…?

It was that thought that roused her, that made her push aside the pain and fight to get to her feet. She was too far gone to be saved, but she wasn’t going to just sit around while Seo-yun might be in danger. The first thing she saw when she stood was a masked woman lying on the ground, and her heart leapt into her throat before she realized that it was Vorona, not the fox. Relief filled her, followed by guilt. Whatever the woman had done, it had earned her a death sentence.

The raven’s body twitched.

What happened next resembled an explosion, but not one of heat or fire. Vorona’s form rapidly swelled and twisted, dark fur bubbling up to cover her. For an instant, she had the form of the nine tailed dark fox Samantha had seen yesterday, but the transformation didn’t stop there. Her flesh continued to warp and grow, limbs bursting out of her chest and back. Her mask shattered under the strain, revealing a young, terrified woman’s face that was being molded and reshaped just like the rest of her. Sam doubled over and vomited.

When she looked up again, the transformation was complete. The fifteen foot tall creature resembled neither human nor fox anymore, its body unnatural and grotesque. Some of its teeth were too long for its mouth, and had pierced through its own jaws. Its seven limbs bent at awkward angles, and sprouted claws at irregular intervals along their lengths. Its skin had failed to keep up with the expansion, leaving patches of exposed muscle and bone. Nine tails tipped with human hands swirled around it, eighteen feet long and glistening with blood and ichor.

A single massive wing protruded from its back, and it was the only thing about the creature that wasn’t deformed or rotting. It was simply a larger version of the wings it had possessed as a human, each giant feather as smooth and perfect as ever. The total disparity between the sleek, beautiful wing and the nightmare that was the rest of its form only made the monster seem even more grotesque.

The beast opened its jagged mouth and wailed, a sound of pain so loud and forceful that it sent feathers and bits of fur scattering like fallen leaves and nearly knocked Samantha off her feet. She couldn’t blame the thing; its very existence had to be pure agony. As she struggled back up to her feet, its three pairs of bulging, misshapen eyes suddenly focused on her. They were like nothing she’d ever seen before, but she recognized the look in them.

Samantha ran, and the beast chased after her.

Its movements were clumsy, limbs tripping over one another, unable to keep its balance, but it was also fast and strong. As it bounded forward in its stumbling, flailing gait, it gouged chunks from the floor as though the surface was made of wet clay instead of solid stone. The people it charged through met similar fates, reduced to scattered piles of gore. Not everyone, though. Not a single slave was harmed as it cut a rambling, zigzagging path across the ballroom floor, sometimes falling and rolling more than it was running. Samantha could see that this was no miracle of random chance; despite its clumsiness and aggression, the monster was going out of its way not to hurt them. That was the only reason it didn’t catch up to her and rip her apart within seconds.

That told her a few things. Samantha knew that she had no chance of beating the creature in a fair fight, or even an unfair one. If it had the same kind of regeneration she’d seen from Seo-yun, she wasn’t certain anything short of a nuclear blast would kill it. Evading it was out of the question too. It was growing less clumsy with each passing second as it adjusted to its new form, and soon it would be able to hunt her as easily as a cat with a mouse.

But Vorona was still inside there somewhere, and despite the monstrous appearance, there was a good person beneath that shell. Sam could exploit that.

There was chaos throughout the entire ballroom as people everywhere ran and screamed. A large group of owners had gathered near the elevator to pound on the doors and demand rescue. Most of the guards were cowering in the corners, only equipped to bully naked women who couldn’t fight back. A few were brave or stupid enough to fight back, not that it made a difference. The monster didn’t even seem to notice the stun guns and cattle prods she was struck with, and after the third guard to get near her had his head ripped off by an errant tail, the rest kept their distance.

The slaves were more scattered than anyone else. Some were too injured or exhausted to move, others were bound to furniture or hanging from the ceiling. This worked to Sam’s favor, creating a minefield that Vorona would have to tread through carefully. She sprinted towards the highest concentration of women, the monster hot on her heels. Vorona snapped at her, and lashed out with her tails, but the attacks were half-hearted, held back to prevent any collateral damage.

Unfortunately, the other women weren’t thinking quite so analytically about the giant monster in their midst. All the ones that could move did, fleeing in all directions to get away. As their numbers thinned, the makeshift safe zone grew more dangerous, and Vorona began to get smarter about the hunt, using her tails to block Sam’s routes and force her away from the more stationary women.

This wasn’t working. It had only been a couple minutes, and Sam was quickly running out of options. It didn’t help that she was already exhausted, while Vorona seemed to have an endless amount of stamina and only grew more adept with each attempt to kill her. Soon Sam had only one choice left: the ugly one.

She picked a pair of women who’d been bound together hand and foot, and had been trying without success to coordinate an escape. Sam dashed towards the two of them and embraced them in a hug, turning to put them between her and Vorona. If she was wrong about this, she’d not only die, she’d be taking two innocent women with her. If she was right, she’d just be a heartless bitch. She held still as the massive creature closed the distance between them, charging forward with every intent to kill.

Vorona came up short at the last second, so close that Samantha could feel her breath on her skin. It smelled awful, like rot and disease. The monster was as tense as a coiled spring, her tails whipping about behind her. Sam resisted the urge to run, and stared her down instead. “You’ll have to kill them to get to me, Vorona,” she said. “How much do you want me dead?” The mutated woman roared in frustration, but made no move to attack.

There was a second, louder roar, and a green dragon even larger than she was crashed into her.

The monster was knocked off her feet, and skidded across the floor until she hit the wall, putting a giant dent in it and sending paintings and other decorations flying. She was back up in an instant, just in time to meet Karakostas as he charged into her again. There was no longer anything human about his appearance. His body had become reptillian, almost a little serpentine in shape, covered in gleaming metallic plates the color of seaweed. Two majestic wings hung off his back, and a long spiked tail danced in the air behind him. Broad chested and massive on four clawed limbs, he seemed to embody raw physical power.

There was a crash like thunder and the ground beneath them shook as the two collided. They seemed to be a match in strength, and the dragon’s tail lashed back and forth in anger as he grappled with the monster, neither able to gain the upper hand so easily. Karakostas had centuries of experience in his form, though, while Vorona’s had existed for less than five minutes. The dragon knocked the monster’s limbs away as deftly as any martial artist, and Vorona screamed as his claws raked at her body, staining her fur with black, foul smelling blood.

For the first time, her aggression faltered, and Karakostas seized the opportunity to advance and put her on the defensive. His claws continued piercing through her awkward defenses to tear lines across her flesh, and when she tried to block him with one of her tails, he contemptuously ripped it off of her and threw it away. “I do not know what manner of abomination you are,” he told her, voice booming, after another exchange left two of her limbs hanging uselessly at her sides. “But this is my domain!” His tail smashed into her side and knocked her off of her feet. “I have destroyed every challenger to my throne, and I will not be bested by a mere slave!” He tackled her before she could rise, his jaws sinking into her neck. Vorona’s entire body jerked as he crunched through it, spraying more black blood everywhere.

Then it was the dragon’s turn to scream as a mass of tails wrapped around him and the sounds of crackling bones and scales filled the air. Karakostas’s body was lifted up into the air as Vorona rose to her feet, her injuries already gone. She threw the dragon hard enough that he bounced when he struck the floor, and when he collided with the wall he crashed right through it and into the room beyond. His body slid to a stop and lay unmoving, covered with blood and debris.

Suddenly the temperature in the ballroom grew at least ten degrees hotter as Vorona’s body erupted into flames. The monster shrieked in agony and collapsed, rolling around on the ground trying to extinguish the fire. They didn’t go out, though, and Samantha knew all too well why that was. “I already had a million questions about you for your father,” Master Sindak said calmly. The efreet was standing some distance away with one hand raised. His palm glowed with bright heat, even for him. “You think he’ll still be willing to answer them after I kill you? Probably, right?” More fire poured out of his hand to bathe the monster.

Master Sindak didn’t need to play tricks with Greek fire like Sam did. His flames would continue burning until he wished otherwise, and not a second sooner. That plus his protection had resulted in Samantha spending hours as a writhing pillar of fire on many occasions. Without that protection, most things became ashes in mere seconds when exposed to his heat. Vorona’s resilience and regeneration were keeping her alive for now, but it was clearly a losing battle. The twin stenches of burning fur and rotten meat cooking were heavy and nauseating, and the monster’s movements were already growing sluggish.

“I only told you to distract the ugly bitch,” spat Mordred, standing to the efreet. “How am I supposed to do anything to her while she’s on fire?”

Master Sindak waved his hand dismissively. “You’re already protected. Go nuts.”

“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” Mordred asked flatly.

Master Sindak returned his glare with a wink. “Hey, it was worth a try. You would’ve made a lovely torch.” He turned back to Vorona and sent another blast of flame at her. “She’s almost done anyway. If you’re thirsty, go rob a blood bank or something.” The creature had stopped moving, and the fires were quickly outpacing her regeneration. Already most of her fur had been burned away and wasn’t coming back. The efreet glanced at Samantha and grinned. “You know, I think I just saved your life, Ember. How’s that for irony?”

At the sound of Sam’s name, Vorona stirred. She pressed some of her limbs against the floor, and with great effort, managed to right herself. She let out a soft but determined growl as she looked at the redhead again, and her fur started to regrow. Master Sindak responded by sending the hottest wave of flame yet, so hot that even from across the room Sam felt her skin baking from it. “Hush, mutt,” he said, amused. The monster vanished from sight completely, encapsulated in a sphere of blue flame. “Hey, how do you all like your hot dogs?” he called out to the room. “Well done? I hope so, because this little doggy-“

The flames vanished so quickly that they left behind a vacuum, buffeting everyone with a brief but powerful blast of wind. When it had passed, Vorona was burnt but still upright. Her body was glowing softly, and Samantha’s breath caught when she realized what she was seeing. The fire hadn’t gone out. It was inside the woman, radiating from every part of her body. Even her dark bloody tails began to pulse with a blue light, and her fur gleamed slightly as it regrew.

“That…” Master Sindak paused, at a rare loss for words. Samantha hadn’t seen him looking this off guard since she’d won the first Paradisium Game. “That’s not…” He sent more flame at Vorona, and this time Samantha was able to witness the transformation. The monster’s body soaked up the fire like water on parched dirt, and she looked stronger for it. And larger. By the time the efreet stopped, she was twenty feet tall instead of fifteen. He stared at Vorona with open fear in his eyes. “I… I don’t…”

Vorona ignored him, stalking towards Samantha again. Her tails whipped out, and they were already far more controlled than before. They easily brushed Samantha’s two hostages away, and grabbed the woman herself. The tail curled painfully tight around Sam’s waist as she was lifted high up into the air. She looked down, into the eyes of the creature trying to kill her. Even as deformed as they were, Sam could still see the pain in those three sets of eyes, accompanied by fear and disgust. It told the redhead that this transformation had not been expected or wanted. The woman inside was more horrified by what she’d become than anyone here.

There was also unease in those eyes. Sam had seen that kind of expression in other women, the first time they tried to kill someone else in cold blood. That first time was always the hardest. She braced herself to get snapped in half, but Vorona hesitated, and then roared in pain and dropped her. Sam hit the ground hard, gasping in pain at the impact, but she didn’t let that stop her from immediately crawling to put distance between them.

“Like I said,” Mordred said testily. “All I needed was a damn distraction.” He was standing next to Vorona, gripping her leg with one hand. She lashed at him with her tails, but there was no strength to them, and they bounced lightly off his chest. Some kind of energy was leaving the woman and traveling up his arm. He made a face when it reached him. “Even worse than before. I’ve had dirty ditch water that tasted better than this thing.”

The light within Vorona pulsed, and Mordred cursed and snatched his hand away, the palm blackened and burnt. Vorona’s tails came at him again, and then this time they sent him flying a good thirty feet. He picked himself up, looking none the worse for wear. “I’m surrounded by idiots,” he muttered, and glared at Master Sindak again. “I asked for a distraction, and you go and give it foxfire!”

“Not exactly,” said Crikey, appearing from a doorway. She sounded completely undisturbed by everything going on. “Artificial foxfire at best. Vulpan are unnatural to begin with, you know? Have a hole in them where foxfire is supposed to be. I guess when you go werefox three times over that hole becomes more of a pit, and nature does abhor its vacuums. What Nadia has now has the same shape as foxfire, but sadly it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi.”

“What the fuck do you know about it, whore?” Mordred snapped.

The koala woman ignored him, waving a hand at Vorona. “Nadia, I thought I gave you a very simple task. You only have to kill one little woman. She’s not even a real phoenix! So why isn’t Ember dead yet?”

The monster moaned. “Hurrrrrrts,” she rumbled, her voice so guttural it was almost incomprehensible. “Allll… hurrrrrts…”

“Of course does it, silly,” said Crikey. “You’re dying! Didn’t I mention that part?” She looked her sister up and down. “And you chose such a disgusting way to go out, too! Transforming with all those marbles didn’t have to turn you into that giant, ugly, rotting thing. It just makes you whatever you wanna be – whatever you think you should be – but at a price. Becoming something is easy. Staying that way is harder. Soon you’re just going to melt away into a filthy puddle of sewage.”

Vorona shook her head slowly. “Wuhhhhh… Whyyyyyyyy…?” The words were coming slightly easier now as she grew used to speaking with her new body.

“Because this was the most painful way I could imagine,” Crikey said sweetly. “I considered lots of other ways to do it, but this was just the absolute best! I got to trick you one last time, make you act like an idiot, humiliate yourself in front of everyone, and then kill yourself through your own stupidity! I could have just had you killed and tossed in a dumpster any time I wanted, but it’s so much more fun to put on a show. You can already feel your body breaking down, right? It’s going to be a long, slow death for you, just like you deserve!”

“Nooooooooooooo…” groaned the creature. “Noooooooooo… you’re lying… please… please be lying…” She suddenly surged forward, but not towards Samantha. She picked Crikey up with her tails and shook her. “Please, just this once… be who you used to be… be my sister! I want… want my sister back!”

Crikey laughed, unconcerned about the monster that could tear her apart with a muscle twitch right now. “God, you’re such an adorable idiot sometimes, Nadia. It’s almost enough to make me like you.” She opened her right hand, revealing something small and white that Samantha couldn’t make out. “You want the sister you had in this picture, right? In this precious artifact I kept hidden for years as proof of my love?” She tore it into pieces and threw her hands up, letting them scatter. “It was all lies, dummy! The picture is worthless, just like you!” She giggled. “Well, not entirely worthless. I knew I’d find a good use for it someday when I stole it seven years ago, and boy was it worth the wait!”

Vorona trembled, and black tears began to drip from all six of her eyes. “You…” she rumbled softly. “Youuuuuuu….”

“The really pathetic thing is how easy you were to fool,” Crikey said cheerily. “So pitiful and desperate for affection that all it took was a few sappy lies to convince you that you had a loving sister after all. Do you want the real truth, Nadia? The one you’ve been trying to hide from all these years? I despise you. I’ve always despised you. From the very beginning, I’ve never seen you as anything but trash. Stupid, lazy, whiny, sentimental trash. It disgusted me when people associated the two of us together just because we came from the same womb. Thank God Father recognized my potential, and taught me that I didn’t have to keep pretending to love you.”

“That’s… how you really feel…?” Vorona rasped, her voice hollow and numb. “How you’ve always felt?”

“Always and forever,” Crikey confirmed. “Tell you what: go kill Ember, like I ordered you to, and I’ll consider changing my mind about letting you die and teaching you how to transform back. You don’t deserve to be my fucktoy, or Father’s, but if you really apply yourself you might make a decent toilet, yeah? I suppose I could settle for just chopping off your limbs and letting you spend the rest of your life installed in Paragon’s filthiest bathroom.”

Vorona slowly lowered Crikey down without saying anything, then looked at Samantha. Tears still leaked from her eyes, but they were sharp and determined now, with none of the hesitation that Sam had seen before. They were the eyes of someone with nothing left to lose.

“Oh, before you do that, though,” Crikey called out. “Our host just woke up, and I think he wants a little quality time with you. He should be showing up in three… two…”

Karakostas charged through the hole he’d made in the wall. Vorona’s tails came up to intercept him, but he smashed his way through them and tackled her. His movements before had been refined and precise, a master disciplining an unruly slave. Now they were savage. He went at her in a frenzy, fangs, claws and tail meeting her own. They rolled around on the floor, locked in combat, gouging pieces of each other out.

The whole ballroom shook like an earthquake as the two titans battled to the death, and cracks began to appear in the floor and walls. “Calm down, you fool!” Mordred shouted. “You’re going to bring this whole place down!” The dragon ignored him, solely focused on his opponent. The floor shuddered violently as he slammed Vorona’s head against it. Cracks everywhere widened as her tails struck the ground with enough force to dent the stone.

Karakostas roared in triumph, Vorona bleeding beneath him. “I will not be made a fool of!” he bellowed, making everything shake. He picked her up and slammed her back down against the floor hard enough to rattle Sam’s teeth. Once. Twice. Mordred was still screaming at him, but the words were lost in the din. “I will not bow to any creature! I am god here!”

He tried to slam her down again, but she rolled this time, ending up on top. “Noooo!” she growled. “I am… not your slave! I am no one’s slave anymore!” The flesh around her right shoulder bubbled and warped, and a second wing burst from it, as perfect and incongruous as the first. Blood and ichor showered the room as she flapped them, slowly at first but picking up speed. As the dragon fought her, tearing off limbs and tails, she lifted them both into the air, taking them higher and higher.

When Karakostas realized what she was doing, he began fighting even harder in an effort to break free, but she stubbornly held on, growing new appendages faster than his fangs and claws could rip them from her body. “I am not a cunt!” she roared above the chaos and screams. “Or a whore, or a bitch, or a slut! I am not worthless, pathetic, or insignificant!”

The twisting, rolling tangle of bodies rose until it reached the very top of the ballroom ceiling. There, her wings unfurled to their full length, and for just a moment, there was a grace to her. A glimpse of the beautiful winged girl she’d once been. “I am Nadia, and I am better than every goddamn one of you bastards! And today I die free!”

Then she dove straight down, smashing them both into the floor and through it.

A thousand cracks split off from the pit she’d created, running up every wall, and the entire ballroom floor dissolved like falling sand. Samantha tried to find something to hold onto, but everything was crumbling. She heard screams all around her as she plummeted, and her own voice was among them. They all fell, masters and slaves alike, into complete darkness, a drop that seemed to last forever.

And then the fall stopped, and the redhead realized, to her incredible surprise, that she wasn’t dead. There was something soft and flexible beneath her, that had absorbed the impact of the fall. People were moaning and crying all around her, all of them alive too. It was almost like a miracle.

And then Sam realized what the soft, sticky material that had broken her fall was.


They had fallen into the arena below.

And beneath the frantic cries of the fallen, she could hear a new sound. An angry, thrumming chittering, as tens of thousands of spiders began to wake.

15 thoughts on “Lone Fox 2 – Ch 16 – The Point of No Return

  1. That is . . . awesome. _Thank_ you.

    In purely plot terms, a bit of guessing: Petrov said that it was Tanya’s idea to enter. I’m going to theorize that it’s actually Tanya who’s hired the vulpan mercenaries, and that the final stages of her plot are:

    a) get the powerful people together for the end stage event
    b) trigger Nadia into going nova with three foxfire marbles inside her
    c) hopefully this will take out Karakostas and possibly others with powers
    d) use vulpan mercenaries to seize control in ensuing confusion (or possibly just wipe the place off the face of the earth)

    Inviting Camiel into the event was something to keep her father distracted while all this was going on . . .

    I do look forward to finding out what happens next.


      1. Sindak might have a useful power for the situation, but as for everyone else . . . Heh.

        I’m also going to hypothesize that the reason Muhtadi was buying a “meat” slave in a previous chapter was that he wanted someone to sneak into Petrov’s private quarters to look for Camiel. And while the guards will have been alerted to stop *him*, nobody looks twice at a slave who’s been sent on an errand, and a “meat” slave might be willing to do something near-suicidal in the hope of being spared . . .

        Great stuff. Thank you.


        1. You are very welcome!

          I don’t THINK I made the offer to you specifically before – I don’t know if you like discord, but we have a fairly active discord server full of people speculating about the story all the time on release days. Your posts always get brought up 🙂

          If you like, feel free to join.

          If I did offer to you before and I forgot, sorry 🙂


          1. I’m very flattered, and thank you, but I’m afraid I’m not on Discord at the moment. But if I do join, I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

            (You didn’t offer before, don’t worry.)


  2. LOVE the twist at the end! I’ve been following this story since the first few chapters went up on hentai-foundry and I came to your site. I can’t wait for the next installment! Justice for Seo-Yun!!

    A question though – how does one get an invite to this mythical discord? I’ve seen it mentioned here in the comments several times, but after spending this morning poring over the site & your h-f profile I have not found a single link. I would love to join!


  3. Not to steal the spotlight from Emmeck;
    But it looks like Seo-Yun just outlived her competition.
    We’ve got a new Champion!

    But seriously;
    I kept wondering why there were 10k spiders for what would only be 10 competitors max.
    Looks like the Gods of this world decided to smite some hedonistic heathens.

    Going through this chapter honestly made me want to shoot all the broken slaves;
    Just to put them out of their suffering and misery.
    The ray of light at the end, where Vorona used Seismic Toss helped, but I definitely pity the slaves.
    Most of them are screwed, barring an act of God or freak accident, aren’t they?

    Pity that those damn goblins didn’t get netted though.
    They’d get a new lesson in “Sucky Suck.”

    We’ll probably find out next chapter;
    But did every member of Paradisium fall, or was it just the “Fuck Ember” club and the Players/Owners?

    If the latter;
    Then Samantha might have a shot at the crown if she makes it out.
    After all;
    Most of her detractors are tied up at the moment.

    Any particular reason this chapter was released an hour or two early?
    I normally wait up until midnight, but this time it was closer to 10/11.
    Not that I’m complaining.

    One final question;
    The hell is Mordred?
    I could have sworn he was a common vampire, but now he’s sucking raw energy out of people?
    Especially an abomination that seems to have limitless energy.

    Kinda explains how he beat Yuki all those years ago, but I’d like a bit of explanation of his skillset.
    He’s just a touch OP to be only a slave owner/Giggilo/Club Owner.
    It seems that this guy could probably take out anyone we’ve ever seen in this universe, from Karky to the Kathid.

    Can anyone we’ve seen, excluding gods/rape demons actually touch this guy?
    Kinda hoping to see more of him whenever Yuki’s next story is published.


    1. But did every member of Paradisium fall, or was it just the “Fuck Ember” club and the Players/Owners?

      It was just that level that collapsed, so the “Fuck Ember squad and some of our “elite” owners.

      Any particular reason this chapter was released an hour or two early?
      I normally wait up until midnight, but this time it was closer to 10/11.
      Not that I’m complaining.

      We have changed the release time to accommodate my co-authors earlier bedtime 🙂 We release at 8 PM Eastern on Sunday Night now, rather than at midnight.

      One final question;
      The hell is Mordred?
      I could have sworn he was a common vampire, but now he’s sucking raw energy out of people?
      Especially an abomination that seems to have limitless energy.

      Kinda explains how he beat Yuki all those years ago, but I’d like a bit of explanation of his skillset.
      He’s just a touch OP to be only a slave owner/Giggilo/Club Owner.
      It seems that this guy could probably take out anyone we’ve ever seen in this universe, from Karky to the Kathid.

      Can anyone we’ve seen, excluding gods/rape demons actually touch this guy?
      Kinda hoping to see more of him whenever Yuki’s next story is published.

      Mordred isn’t a common vampire… he is The vampire. The first.

      The metaphysics of how he is able to pull the energy out of Nadia is a bit complicated to explain, and would require me telling too many secrets about how magic really works in this setting under the hood, but the really short and sweet version is that he wasn’t pulling at her ENERGY per se, he was pulling at her SOUL… specifically, the bits of soul that were wrapped around her marbles. Mordred no longer has a soul of his own, and he’s kind of a big void that sucks it in at any opportunity. And yes, this is the large part of how he beat Yuki back 5 centuries ago.

      He is REALLY strong… but he’s also more than a little small-minded and lazy. He wasn’t some great leader or warrior… he was a piece of shit thug legionnaire who got cursed and picked up a bunch of power along the way. He’s DANGEROUS as hell, but most of his influence comes from things his subordinates, or in the case of Yuki, Slaves, have built for him.

      But he’s strong. Really strong. There is one character in this story that could clean his clock, but you’ll have to wait to find out who. Karakostas and Mordred are moooooooore or less equals, to the point that they fear to fight each other because neither knows who would win. The only other person who is his superior in strength in Outfoxed so far (excluding gods) is Syllana.

      We will see some more of him in Yuki’s book 2 and learn more about him.


  4. This chapter has solidified in my mind a new category of reaction. It started with Point of no Return, admittedly, and I used it in the Discord live reaction to this, but I now think any time something sad happens, but the woman suffering does something that makes me smile in admiration even though I’m sad, I’m calling the moment an Atagirl.

    There are like three of those in this chapter, from two characters. This’ll come up again in the DR post, so I’m just going to highlight one here.

    What was she going to tell him? The truth? On the one hand, she had nothing to lose from it. She was fairly certain that he couldn’t duplicate the feat, or rip Morris’s soul out of her, so he couldn’t do much with the knowledge. On the other hand…

    He pulled her up by her nipples again, and she had to gasp for breath a few times before she could speak. “No,” she wheezed eventually. “You get nothing from me.” Her skin was gone forever because of him. Her foxfire was gone forever because of him. Morris was dead because of him. She’d rather see all her remaining tails cut off than give him an inch.

    Atagirl, Seo-yun. 🙂

    I’m still somewhat conflicted on the monster battle. I mean, on the one hand, one of my favorite characters is going to die now, and it’s going to hurt. On the other hand, I love the horror imagery of the Thing-fox and…look, let me just sum it up by typing in precisely what’s in my outline:

    The exact quote: “Hell yes Nadia”

    Most of the asshole masters get to do something here, but I have to say Mordred owns this chapter. I hated him pulling off Nadia’s wing, but he has so many great lines, and his attitude toward the whole situation (more frustration with everything than any sense of genuine worry) is pretty cool. And we get to see Nadia bitchslap him across the room, which makes up at least a little for what he did to her.

    Ok maybe not really, but it’s a start.

    The one thing I’m kind of pissed about is that I suspect Tanya will barely be perturbed by this turn of events. Even surrounded by thousands of hungry spiders, bitch is going to be protected by an impenetrable barrier of smug. Oh well.

    Finally, I was careful not to mention this before, but there is something else here: a silver lining to the death of one of my favorite characters.

    Nadia Petrov has suffered a lot, and did some amazing stuff here, but her condition is fatal.

    But we know there’s an afterlife, and we know that ultimately good things happen to good people.

    And, after all she’s done, Nadia might have someone waiting for her on the other side. 🙂


    1. I’ll reply to more of this in the DR post, but two things for now:

      1) I’m really glad you enjoyed the imagery of Nadia’s transformation. I’ve never written a scene like that, and I put in a lot of effort trying to make her seem suitably horrifying, deadly, and pitiable.

      2) I can neither confirm nor deny what Nadia might find if and when she dies, but I CAN point out that now you know why Moonshine’s real name is Belle 😉


  5. I will leave it to the other name nerd to explain what he did with the names, because you will enjoy that, and I’ll just respond to some other stuff.

    Most of the asshole masters get to do something here, but I have to say Mordred owns this chapter. I hated him pulling off Nadia’s wing, but he has so many great lines, and his attitude toward the whole situation (more frustration with everything than any sense of genuine worry) is pretty cool. And we get to see Nadia bitchslap him across the room, which makes up at least a little for what he did to her.


    This is appropriate as Mordred is completely unthreatened by the situation. Unlike Karakostas he has nothing actually as stake here, and unlike most of the others he is in no realistic danger from the spiders or the voronabomination… worst case scenario, he can just turn to mist and leave. He’s a huge bastard, but he’s a nearly invincible one.

    The one thing I’m kind of pissed about is that I suspect Tanya will barely be perturbed by this turn of events. Even surrounded by thousands of hungry spiders, bitch is going to be protected by an impenetrable barrier of smug. Oh well.

    Speaking of being completely unconcerned with no sense of genuine worry… Tanya. Held before the fox monster’s mouth, and still has the balls to tell her how much she sucks to her face and browbeat her into doing what Tanya wants, with no fear of Nadia turning on her. What a bitch…


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