Point of No Return 7 – The Demons

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“No! Please! Stop!” Anna Constantos tearfully pleaded as her new Kthid master effortlessly pinned her down to the floor, hitting the scientist with an opened palm solely for his amusement. Despite his bulk, the xeno’s stinging blows came with the speed of a rattlesnake. She attempted to defend herself by sheltering her face with her shoulders, turning it left and right, yet Charnametros had no difficulty easily sneaking them through.

“You’re weak,” he hissed. “I wonder if you will even survive the first child!”

The Space-Dragon was young and sadistic, and if Miranda had told her true then she was supposedly his first slave. With her supine across the floor, he straddled her downed legs, right above the thighs, to utterly immobilize the doctor underneath his weight. Her hands had been tied together behind her back. These strikes were merely meant to draw the emotion out of her. He loved the horrified look on her face and felt arousal at watching her struggle.

“Y-you’re hurting me,” she whimpered, and received a punch that made her eyesight whirl from its impact.

“Shut up,” he snarled. “You are a woman. From now on, you are going to refer to me as your Master. Say anything that displeases me, and I’ll hurt you until you learn better… I promise you, you’ll regret the experience.” Charnametros bared razor-sharp teeth at her… to Anna’s terrified gaze, there seemed to be thousands of them.

They were in a common storage room… the Kthid appeared to possess little sense of privacy. Nearby, only semi-concealed by crates, was another interspecies couple that Sarcand had joined. He was punting into her at a ferocious tempo, smacking his scaly body to create a constant thudding sound. The woman had been screaming uninterruptedly ever since it began, voice frequently spiking whenever he did something especially brutal. Anna could only imagine what that big cock was doing to her insides. A cacophony of shouts came from other unions nearby, the whole officer-corps in mid-violation. Hearing those loud sexual lamentations made her blood grow cold in anxiety and fear. This militant race seemed to consist entirely of heartless misogynists.

“At last. My prize,” Charnametros sibilantly voiced, trailing his big green fist down to her torso over the grey and blue fabric of her jumpsuit. The alien monster clasped her body-hugging uniform, and with a savagely powerful ripping motion he tore apart the garment to expose her petite breasts. Feeling the chilling air of the room and his torrid breath blow onto those sensitive udders made Anna feel uncannily ashamed. As he clasped them and made them his, she winced with humiliation and discomfort. “Nowhere near as big as that artificial slut’s,” he sneered while roughly massaging the diminutive mounds, her rocky nipples protruding stiffly against his palms… growing more violent each time. “But they’ll bloat when furnished with milk. I’ll enjoy that sight greatly.”

His mauling of Anna’s tits grew so barbaric that the Medical Officer couldn’t help but cry out in pain, matching her scream with that of the other violated officers. She wiggled and squirmed, an instinctual desperation that utterly failed set her free. Growing ever-excited, Charnametros unhanded one tit and reached down between her legs while she was still harried by agony. That vile monster grabbed a fistful of her feminine sex, and the human woman felt his colossal fingers push against her mound, mashing against her through the skintight fabric. Anna’s heart beat so quickly that she thought it was going to burst, terror racing through her veins and silencing any scream, making her fall shockingly still as he tore off that protective clothing as well. Now her smooth, hairless womanhood was shamefully exposed. There was a particularly intense panic running through her as that naked pussy-flesh was touched without any layer between them. The very girth of that clawed finger as it began to push into her felt bigger than any man she had ever taken to bed.

“Tight,” he said simply. As the finger dug in further — penetrating betwixt that snugly enclosed slit — the earthling’s legs started to violently kick and flop. It was such a dehumanizing sensation getting callously impaled. To him, she was not even a sentient lifeform… merely some salacious plaything.

“Iiihh!” she squealed as Charnametros held that sharp talon stationary inside her, its sharpened point kissing her insides threateningly as she struggled.

Satisfied, he pulled out and turned his attention to her budding clitoris instead. Pulling apart her puffy lips with one hand, the other that had been molesting her breasts journeyed across her flat stomach so as to approach it. Replete with startled emotions, her bust began to heave as her most sensitive-zone came under devilish scrutiny. That minute woman-knob was utterly at her foe’s mercy.

“So, this is your pleasure-piece?” he queried, trapping the clit between thumb and ring-finger and starting to squeeze like he meant to crush it. “How… small.”

She screamed so loud that her lungs felt on fire, whole back arching during the bellow. He was exploring her to see what made her tick. In a way, it was the kind of examination the doctor could understand… but this was scientific inquiry at its most callous and coldest. The Kthid was mangling her crotch just to underline that it now belonged to him. He maintained the pressure for several more seconds even after figuring out exactly how painful it could be. “You will be my first breeding-slave,” Charnametros stated, releasing his grip. “I commit this rape by the blessing of the Dark Star.”

Anna was panting as hard as if having ran a marathon, breaths haggard and electrified. All she wanted to do was clutch those thighs together as harshly as possible to deny the pain… yet he wouldn’t let her. Charnametros’s reptilian cock was growing large, harder, hotter, rising to a rigid posture. Sensing his manhood pressing against her, Anna went wide-eyed and gazed down at it with a fearful countenance. That huge emerald-colored dick jutted upwards with the thickness of a war-club, its engorged head already overspilling with slimy secretions. Just spotting it sent a reverberation through her valuable vulva. She had seen her friends and comrades be raped and tortured. Now it was going to happen to her. There was nothing she could do to prevent that cock from defiling her… and if it had seemed large from a distance, it was nothing compared to seeing it rest against her body, seeing how far up her stomach its length traveled. That thing would kill her!

Clasping her legs, he made them part wide like double-doors. Charnametros placed his huge green cock up against the raven-haired woman’s slit. She had taken his finger, and it had felt huge, but seeing those fingers wrapped around his shaft made it horrifically clear that his dick wasn’t going to be so easy. Charnametros started to push.

That bell-shaped tip mashed against her quim and instantly caused it to stretch, widening to a dimension that could only surpassed by childbirth itself. “OOOOWWWW!!!” Anna shrieked, fruitlessly jerking and thrashing, made to experience the agony of being a conquered woman as that Kthid’s pole drove in. Instinctively, her sex flexed and clenched so as to prevent the blunt-headed entry. Yet no matter how hard she clutched, that stolid hardness masterfully broke through, forcing apart her coeval walls. He would not be denied passage through her invaded womanhood. The Kthid was marking her as his, greatly enjoying the sensation of her fleshy tunnel squeezing and convulsing around his big green dick.

“NNNNWWWOOO! UUHHNNNN!” the doctor kept screaming, fully aware that the battle was already lost to prevent her violation yet unable to stop fighting regardless as he pushed further, and further, and further. As that bulbous glans parked against her cervix, it felt as if her groin was about to split in two! Knowing that his sperm-spewing slit was now crammed up against her womb was a true moment of horror. Even though her birth-canal hugged his manhood as snugly as latex against skin, the young alien grasped her hips and, holding them still, he began to yank himself in and out, pummeling her body with his dick with the overwhelming force of a jackhammer.

“IIIIAAAAOOOWWW!!! STOP! IT HURTS!! UUUUHHHGG!!! OH GOD!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! NWWOOOOH!!! YOU’RE PUNCHING AGAINST MY CERVIX!!! YOU’RE GOING TO RUPTURE MY UTERUS!!! PLEASE! STOP! YOU CAN’T! IF YOU FUCK ME THIS HARD THEN MY BODY WILL BREAK! UUHHGG GHAAAUDD!!!” she wailed aloud, utterly enraptured in the brutality that was being inflicted on her feminine body. It felt like she was being killed… literally fucked to death and broken. The Kthid kept driving with pitiless remorse. He punted their organs together with such brawny impact that his scaly pelvis smacked loudly against her soft-hued waist. That rutting birthed a sexual chorus of wet, violent, messy sounds all of their own, competing against the other noises of copulation transpiring within the ship as all around them, woman after woman from the crew was claimed… the utter domination of the Midgar-6 viciously enshrined through sexual congress.

“I wonder what part of you will please me the most,” Charnametros hissed though clenched fangs. “When you surrender to me a genetic heir… Or when you give me the password to your colonists!”

That statement lanced her with mental anguish. The prospect of betraying her oath to those cryogenically frozen individuals was the worst thing she could imagine, including carrying his child. Salty tears were now streaming out of her bulging eyes. The doctor had never believed in god and yet now she was condemned to hell and somehow had been assigned a personal Lucifer.

Unremittingly, that raucous smacking continued. Every attempt on Constantos’s part to purse her lips and end her baleful shrieking was an unmitigated failure. Only lung-exhaustion and temporary shocks from that bludgeoning could dampen her vocals. It was like having sex with a machine. The entire fabric of her being begged for him to back-down or abate. While he had been binding her hands behind her back, the scientist had both pleaded and attempted to reason with Charnametros. She’d tried logic, empathy, even lies… yet nothing worked. Even now in this nexus of anguish, her mind couldn’t stop working in trying to figure out why they did what they did. The obvious truth buffeted her like a rainfall of depression. Miranda had told her that this race was mono-gendered and could only procreate via inseminating other sentient beings. This meant that the only sex their entire species had ever participated in was unwilling. Could they even conceptualize a union between male and female that wasn’t non-consensual? Nothing she could say to him could empower Charnametros to stop… because nothing in his culture or evolution even enabled such a possibility to occur to him.

When he first came, it felt like a flood. His seed was so much hotter than humans, enough that it felt like it was scorching her skin. Anna screamed again, both in pain and from the unbidden image that the flood brought to her mind… it was easy for her to imagine it like a viral load invading deep into her body, attacking her very core identity and changing it to be something else. She wept as he pulled out of her, her cunt feeling hollow and empty as he withdrew, save for the flood of cum that was now pouring out of her, staining her thighs and ass even as it sank deeper into her womb in an alien attempt at breeding.

Charnametros knelt down, examining her raped hole, casually stopping her pitiful attempt to close her legs with his clawed hands and overuling her paltry strength as if it were nothing. Anna didn’t feel like a doctor right now, like a scientist, like a high educated space explorer and an officer of a noble fleet… she felt like a whore, raped face down in a dirty alley of some pre-war slum. “A good start,” he said, staring at her cunt… not her face. Her face didn’t matter. Her identity didn’t matter. Only her holes did. “We made a good start, you and I,” he said as he settled down between her legs again. “But let’s make sure.”

Anna screamed as she felt his hard cock against her sore hole again… but it was nothing compared to the dismal surprise that followed. She would have expected her ruined hole to provide him little friction as he pushed in… her broken and savaged body to do little to cause him pleasure but at least little to cause her additional pain either. Nothing could be further from the truth. She felt… she felt almost as tight as she had been to begin with, his massive flesh-shaft breaking her open violently again. As the pain swallowed her mind, some rational part of her that wasn’t stupified realized that this was how the victims of the Kthid survived coitus long enough to bear young… that something in the genetic soup they were forcing into her was changing her makeup, repairing her body almost like a rejuvenation treatment on a genetic level.

It wasn’t going to kill her… but it was never, ever, going to get any easier.

The brutal rape seemed to go on for hours… he came, and came again, and came again. Excruciating pain continuously jolted Anna back into consciousness each time she started to drift towards a miserable oblivion, not even allowing her mind to disconnect from her body. Her vision went blurry due to the watery tears clogging her eyes. Through that translucent haze, Anna suddenly saw the vague outline of a statuesque feminine figure appear, and heard a mellifluous chuckle. Miranda was looming above her.

“Enjoying your nuptials?” she asked flatly, the bejewelled Heitera standing with hands-on-hips.

Anna gazed up at the unsympathetic heroine, her frozen countenance a frozen mask of agony as Charnametros kept thrusting, working his muscles and grunting as if spellbound by the rut. The intense pain inside her pussy made her parted legs tremble. “Embrace it,” Black recommended. “That’s the only way. You’re getting to mate with the apex of evolution. Learn to enjoy it.” To Anna’s ears, it sounded more like venomous sadism than guidance.

Suddenly, in a burst of motion, the young alien pulled out, clasped her torso, and then wrestled Anna around onto her belly. With her lower-body utterly numb from the frenzy, she couldn’t even sprawl during their brief moment of disengagement. Pinning her flat, her small breasts pushed against the cold metal of the floor, she felt that raging dick pulsate as it laid against her buttocks.

“What is he doing?” she yelped.

“Preparing to sodomize you, I’d wager,” Miranda coldly said. “Many Kthid prefer not to shoot their seed into a hole where it cannot take. Unfortunately for you, it appears Charnametros here is not one of those. He owns all of your holes, and if he wants to pain you by finishing inside your ass, it’s only his right.” She clicked her tongue. “Remember… relax. Let it happen. He is Kthid, and you are merely a human.”

Anna felt her blood race. With her breasts flattened against the metal and her nipples growing hard as diamonds, she could sense how her rapist aligned that colossal malachite prong against the crevice of her ass. She had been gifted to him by Sarcand… she was his… and now he was going to anally violate her for fun? Anna was no prude, having enjoyed just under two dozen lovers in the five decades of her young life, but she had never so much as considered anal sex… and now she was going to get her ass fucked by an extraterrestrial monster. That titanic cock poked almighty and unyielding against her crack, and she could even feel its dripping seed ooze out and lubricate against her posterior.

“Submit the password,” Charnametros threatened.

“It is inevitable,” Miranda agreed. “Give them to him. He will treat you less wrathfully afterward… he won’t have a specific reason to hurt you, at least. It will be better. There is no other avenue for you to pursue, I promise you that.”

Constantos’s tear-stained visage twisted and contorted, becoming nothing but lines of sadness as she gazed out at the frozen glass of the rows upon rows upon rows of stasis tanks. She couldn’t. She could not betray those slumbering people that were trusting her to keep them safe! Even for her own life, the horrid option was simply disallowed by her morals. This impression was to her overwhelming, a certitude, a conviction held steadfast even after such a cavalcade of anguish. Knowing that this was the path she had to take, the Medical Officer accepted her inevitable fate of being taken from behind, closing her eyes and lowering her head.

“Little bitch!” Charnametros snarled upon realizing that his pet had disobeyed him. The crocodilian creature lunged.

“GIIIIAAAAAHHHH!!! GUUUAAAHH!!! UUAAHHHAA!!! UUAAHHHA!!!” the scientist screamed as her sphincter was swiftly conquered, torn open as unstoppably as the prow of a ship parted the solar winds. He lurched ferociously, even more impatient about slotting his alien dick into her than before, even though this was a tighter slot by far. That long, hard pole swiftly muscled through her rectum, the scales scraping against her stretched ring as Anna was made to experience the sensation of having his heavyset ballsack thump against her ass. He again yelled for her to surrender that precious sequence… and instinctively it came to her mind… yet even as he began power-fucking her asshole as he had her cunt she could not divulge that code. She suffered those initial rectal strokes, even though it seemed like they were going to pulverize her hip-bones and rupture the constraints of her bowls.

“This whore has more mettle than she let on!” Charnametros snarled, clasping Anna’s dark hair to yank her face upright as he kept ramming her. “Even as she cries and wails like a slut broken, she refuses to give in entirely. A harlot continuously on the threshold. Right there, but clinging to the edges of her independence. How novel!” he erupted, sounding more thrilled than disquieted at discovering this hidden source of strength within his fresh acquisition.

“I shall inform the Huntmaster of this auspicious revelation,” Miranda obsequiously informed, her words formal, bowing her head as if sainted merely by the utterance of her owner’s title.

“Father gave me this one because she was thought the weakest,” the Kthid rapist jeered. “As I am the youngest of his warriors. However, my share of the booty now seems among the most desirous of all! Truly am I blessed by the Dark Star!”

“It is as the genome-sages say,” Miranda stated. “The women with the strongest willpower produce the purest pedigrees.”

To the brutalized doctor, all this talk was the discussion of demons. She suffered unfathomable depths of misery as that Kthid cock plunged through her asshole over and over again, every impact a merciless smash. Her body absorbed an incredible amount of punishment from her evil master. Anna’s ordeal seemed beyond what a human was supposed to be able to handle. Every thudding blow was a far-resounding slam, an impact of flesh on flesh that could be heard throughout the room. Worse yet, her suffering seemed to be the greatest aphrodisiac to her rapist… the more she screamed, or begged, or thrashed around, the more excited the Kthid was to see her undone. Even Miranda seemed to be here more over some morbid curiosity than she was to ease the doctor’s agony.

At last, after what had seemed like eons of strenuous fucking, the extraterrestrial was finally ready to orgasm. The telltale sign, felt many times before, was how that superheated prong began its repeated throbbing, swelling inside her like a hibernating beast come suddenly awake as the monster prepared to shoot his latest load. There was a violent surge from Charnametros as he scabbarded his hard-on into her like a blade enters its sheathe, and then the Kthid brute jettisoned gallons of spunk into Anna’s thoroughly hollowed-out rectum. Strained together in this maximum penetration, the officer was made to feel the way masses of gunky semen flooded her colon. Her innards were sordidly flooded with cum until she could audibly hear the blasts splashing against her insides, splurt splurt splurt as that Kthid dick discharged the content of its churning balls. Her glistening eyes trembled, overwhelmed from the searing heat, the sordid misery. This was so painful and depersonalizing…

It didn’t matter. Anna could not surrender the codes. She couldn’t.

With a gruff gasp of satisfaction, the heavily muscled alien pulled out. His dark-green dick left behind a chasm where Anna’s anus had once lay. That sperm-besmeared hole was horridly brutalized, the rims seemingly chafed into a lucid pink, swiftly deflating yet appearing to not possess enough power to fully close at first. Gummy, viscid seed came pouring out of her, pooling on the floor in between her legs. Miranda peeked into that rectal abyss, sporting an expression of intrigue at seeing the anal damage inflicted.

“Why are you here, Heitera?” Charnametros queried, voice tinged with annoyance… and the potential for violence. His fists clenched audibly at his sides.

Miranda promptly turned properly deferential. She went down onto her knees and inclined her head. “Young Lord… I merely wished to alert you to a source of great entertainment… and one that my Master would like your new breeding slave to witness.”

“Which is?” he asked.

She raised her head slightly. “You know of the Sethis who guards another part of the password, my Lord? The Security Officer called Ki’an’i, who killed a warrior and several casteless during the taken of this ship? She whom our Master gave to the human known as Thomas Sha—”

“Yes, what of her?” he snarled.

“She is about to be broken. I believe the sight to be one to amuse you,” she said, honey-voiced.

Despite her disempowerment, Constantos felt her blood freeze. That was… that was impossible. Ki’an’i, the Templar, on the verge of giving up? That statement could not be true. The Sethis was perhaps the most composed person she knew. Still, sympathy for her fellow Officer jolted her back into lucidity.

“Hmm…” the young warrior grumbled, rasping at his snouted chin. “I concur. That seems like a sight to alight my spirit.” Intending on moving, Charnametros reached down and affixed to Anna the yoke of his ownership. A snug collar was made to encircle her slim throat, its front adorned with a slim metal chain. Handling her as lower than a mutt, the Kthid tugged at that leash, forcing her to move.

She did not want to. Her flesh rebelled at journeying while hurting this much… Yet she had no option. Were she to remain prone, he would drag her, and strangle her in the process, something that required little effort on his end to inflict. As quickly as she could, Anna began to crawl after him on her knees, arms still bound behind her back.

Scurrying painfully forward on her knees, a despondent Anna was taken through the Midgar-6’s cryo-sleep chambers, venturing down into the central hub and then around. It would have been a challenge to keep up with the alien’s relaxed pace like this in the best of circumstances, but with her ravaged holes blazing with enfeebling pain, it was more difficult still. Her heart felt like it weighed more than a neutron star as she watched the suffering of women she had known for years preparing for this mission, months on board the Midgar-6. Everywhere she looked, those she cared about were being raped. Not just the officer corps, either… Sarcand had removed his dubious protection from the entire captured crew the moment Atalanta had yielded, and there was nowhere to put her eyes where she couldn’t see a woman on her back, or bent over a piece of equipment, or shoved up against a wall and viciously fucked. The entire ship seemed to echo with the sounds of it, the screams of hundreds… some distant, some nearby, all of them suffering, all of them helpless. However, even more profound worries than that one gnawed at Anna’s mind as she saw that not every soldier of the Kthid was engaged in rape.

They passed through chamber after chamber where hibernation-pods lined the walls, the arctic blueness of their cryo-frozen insides that was discernible through port-holes lending the surroundings a icy aura. Squads of them roamed between the freezing tanks, walking through the chill air surrounding them and trying to get a good glimpse at the sleeping women stored within, speaking to their fellows. Occasionally, one would make a mark on one of the tanks in some alien script, and with dawning horror Anna realized what they were doing… the Kthid were checking out the available merchandise! They argued with each other, negotiated, laughed, and made deals as they picked between them who would be the first to get to rape who from among the colonists.

It infuriated her.

The Kthid didn’t look at them like helpless life to be protected, or as prisoners of war. They weren’t even looking at them like captives, or breeding slaves like most of the crew had been assigned to become. They were looking at them the way a Terran would look at an available buffet, deciding which pretty morsel they would devour first. Right then, Anna swore that they would never, ever get the chance. That she would die first.

Her gaze fixed at Miranda as she walked alongside her owner. The fallen heroine confused Anna… she didn’t understand her. She felt certain that Miranda hadn’t really come to get her because she wanted her “owner” to see Ki’an’i’s supposed predicament, no matter what she said. Miranda did not care in the least if Charnametros was there to behold or participate in the event. The heroine wanted her to see it. She wanted Anna to witness the moment that her comrade was spiritually destroyed… and Anna had no idea why.

As the door automatically parted to allow for their entry, Anna’s eyes immediately widened as she caught sight of a truly soul-crushing show. Sarcand had assumed that Anna would be able to be crushed as easily as an empty can. The Huntmaster had apparently not assumed the same about Ki’an’i.

As the Kthid and the Sethis shared a similar coloration of their hues, it was hard for Anna to discern between Ki’an’i and her rapists at a glance, trapped in-between those rutting bodies. Yet, her positioning was soon revealed as the epicenter of a ferocious gang-bang. The Space-Dragons took her as viciously as they had Atalanta, as if she was just some body to destroy.

The human Thomas Shale was nowhere to be seen, but Ki’an’i considered that a scant mercy indeed… if the human traitor was here, it would at least give her something to focus her anger on. He was never too far from her thoughts, and his pyrographic tattoo still decorated her thigh, but instead she had been thrown to the mercy of a dozen Kthid warriors.

The Kthid had her riding reverse-cowgirl, straddling the alien beneath her. She obviously wasn’t willingly riding him, but it didn’t matter… not with the second one of the aliens raping her from the other direction, pumping into her cunt while the first jutted deep into her ass. The overwhelming size of those aggressors made the penetration into a hellish nightmare. Worse yet, a third of the aggressive xenos was standing upright beside her, forcing his manhood inbetween her lips, turning the violation complete as she was made airtight by the cruel beasts. The monster was clasping onto the flowers growing out of her scalp as he fucked her, using them to tug and yank her around while she unwillingly fellated his cock. Ki’an’i made gagging sounds the likes of which she had had no idea that she or any Sethis was able to produce, interspersed with her haggard cries of anguish from the brutal series of penetrations ramming into her.

While Ki’an’i was far too distracted to process it, Anna had arrived just as that bellicose tryst was reaching its apex. Soon, thick jets of seed so hot they burned her sensitive insides were filling her mouth. Half of it went down her throat to pool like fire in her stomach whether she wanted to swallow or not… the rest turned to pearly-white ropes of viscid white that drooled out of her lips to nastily slide down the woman’s leaf-green chin. Her eyes were wide and horrified as she choked her way through the latest load of seed, yet that brutal tag-teaming of her rear and twat was still a few strokes behind completion. Upping the ante, they pumped their hips like jackhammers, adopting a devastating rhythm that sent horrific, unnatural ripples running through her figure from this attack, tidal waves undulating through Ki’an’i’s torso, causing her lively breasts to wobble. She felt like she was going to go insane before their geyser-like eruption occurred. Controlled by thick Kthid muscle, those quickly-beating prongs hammered into her until beginning to spurt mid-stroke. Violently ejaculations began as their thick, viscous load spurted out of them, the aliens continuing their thrusting frenzy so that they shot sperm both deep inside her womb and bowels but also on the outskirts of her fuck-tunnels, letting it come spurting out of the corners of her raped holes like thin jets.

The intensity of the violent fucking would have been enough to batter nearly any woman into submission… it was certainly enough to make Ki’an’i’s athletic figure go limp in their grip… but Ki’an’i did her best to let it float over her, sinking as deep into her trance as possible… but it was hard. The more time she spent around these aliens, the more Ki’an’i came to believe that they could only find enjoyment in sadism… and they were determined to enjoy themselves.

As if she was used-up garbage, the Kthid unhanded the Sethis woman and allowed her to fall prone against the floor. Ki’an’i coughed up thick wads of swallowed semen, allowing that chunky vileness to decorate her gasping face instead. Her nether-regions likewise emitted runny spunk as if bleeding it, even though somehow her holes had grown no less tight over the last few hours of abuse. One of those bestial aliens placed the sole of his foot upon her stomach, directly on top of the sickening bulge that had appeared there as she had been used. He began to push down, and Ki’an’i couldn’t help but let out horrible, pathetic sounds, making the aliens cackle at her haggard lamentations. “Now… you will give us the password,” he rumbled.

Ki’an’i face was twisted in a mask of pain… but still, she didn’t even respond to his demand. Not even when the Kthid applied his entire body-weight onto the stomp to make her wail would she relent. The elated expression upon that reptilian maw soon soured, replaced with angered ire.

‘Pain is in the mind. Fear is in the mind. I am the master of my senses. They are not the master of me.’ The Templar order had long ago developed disciplined methods of thought so as to maintain their self-control even in the most dire of situation. Even as she suffered, the Templar was undergoing rites of meditation, sinking into them as if she were in the middle of a battle… which she supposed she was, a different kind of battle for her life than she had ever anticipated, but a battle nonetheless. She was in a trance whose steadfastness was continuously harried by pain.

The Kthid reached down, punching her directly in her face, and the trance cracked as she felt one of her teeth break. “Tough little bitch! Don’t think we haven’t broken maggots like you before!” he growled.

Unrelenting like jackals smelling a fresh kill, the horde descended upon her once more. One knelt between her legs and another before her face, holding stiff cocks in their clawed hands. A moment later, both began a truculent siege of her respective apertures. As she was getting double-reamed, other Kthid also clasped her hands to bring them to their salient hard-ons, forcing her to give them hand-jobs with the soft palms of her hand. Sethis skin was softer than human skin, she knew, and it seemed like the aliens were enjoying it. Ki’an’i had always felt strong, tough, competent… she was amazed by how tiny she felt, surrounded and assailed on all sides by the hyper-masculine bodies of the Kthid. Ki’an’i’s athletic body was nevertheless a doll against those spaced-aged dragons, their cocks thicker than her limbs in girth.

As they pumped into her from either end, Ki’an’i’s countenance vacillated between all manners of emotions. Serenity fought anguish, a saint-like tranquility often interrupted by reverberations and ripples that furrowed her brow. Ki’an’i kept her eye-lids decisively closed as she fought to remain untouched by their depredations. The disparity between her attempts to appear sedated and the Kthid’s furious, athletic lurches was stark. It was as if out of some artistic vision, a representation of opposite elementals at clash. Violence hammered against peace, barbarity was juxtaposed against the brilliance of high-minded civilization, and the male was set upon the female. Ki’an’i was completely overwhelmed, needing to seek refuge in her mind against the torments of the body. Her defilement almost seemed otherworldly… so heinous that it couldn’t possibly occur within real-space. Unfortunately, she was all too aware that it was. What she saw as some almost metaphysical display of evil, the Kthid saw as good sport.

“You’re wilting, plant-girl!” the one plugging her mouth barked. “I can feel it in how your throat clutches my rod. You’re all convulsive, flexing your gullet-muscles as if trying to clear my flesh-sword! You’re not as tough on the inside as you let on.”

Deep inside, Ki’an’i feared that the brute’s assessment was correct. She tried, unsuccessfully, to banish that thought. Sethis didn’t sweat. Instead, the Security Officer’s entire flesh seemed to subtly shrivel, as if the intense fatigue and damage caused by the massive gangrape were causing her very hue to darken like a leaf expiring in autumn. This bodily destruction offered her no mercy or reprieve from the thuggish aliens, however… they merely heckled and made jokes concerning this fact, stating that their plant needed to be watered.

“You sense that withering, shroom?” one said, making her skin crawl at the word. Once again, she wanted to curse Thomas for sharing it. “That’s your body surrendering. That’s your inferior DNA telling you that you’re getting conquered.”

“We’ve seen it with all manners of species,” the oldest, most battle-scarred of the lot spoke. “They all show it in different ways. Your human friends go red-faced and perspire like warm-blooded cattle. You, you are more like a clearcut field, burning away when in the presence of a superior lifeform.”

Adherence to the Templar’s creed warred within her. Ki’an’i wanted to scream… Not just from the insults or bestial screwing, but from a lack of oxygen as her gullet remained mercilessly clogged. During this gang-bang, her visage had turned from spasmodic twitches, to irate frowns, to now full-blown scowls of discomfort. Repeating her mantras to herself while getting brutally fucked was only working for so long. Were it not for her total devotion to the Templar order, then she would have broken a long time ago…

The barrier to a Sethis womb was nowhere near as inviolate as one of the human’s, and it was xenos cock punching through it and entering her cavern that finally made Ki’an’i spiral into the insanity of temporarily forsaking her vows. Face utterly contorted, she screamed into the lip-piercing prong stuffing her throat. The offending alien in question took great pride in having surmounted her defenses. “You love my dick more than you love your Order!” he voraciously mocked, maintaining his heaving thrusts which so viciously punished those plush insides, fucking his way into the very epicenter of her womanhood. Each thrust caused a new scream as the powerful abused the weak beneath them, Ki’an’i spared no indignity at all as her body was agonizingly buffeted between her rapists.

Eventually, the gang-rape ended as all gang-rapes do. Their remarks about “watering” her became horrifically true as she was showered in their gummy goo, alien sperm falling on her body like rain from the two prongs that were using her hands to masturbate, finishing all over her skin and face while the cock that had been blocking her access to air celebrated its triumph by feeding her yet another load of testicular gunk. The Kthid who had been assailing her very womb took his shot at one last defilement. As he hilted himself completely, locking their reproductive organs as snugly as possible, he acrimoniously snarled “Get pregnant, bitch!” before unleashing his load. His comrades cackled as those jets of gelatinous Kthid cum were discharged directly into her womb, whose sacred chalice was already scummy and polluted with their putrid seed.

Their enthusiasm to have her this violated had seemingly not abated one bit. Laughing and cheering with their harsh caiman vocals, they left behind the sperm-smeared Sethis, splayed out like a corpse on the ground. Once again, one of them placed his foot upon her stomach and snarled. “The password. Surrender it to us.”

Though she was regurgitating spunk, having the repulsive seed drool down the flatlands of her cheeks, Ki’an’i forced herself to look up at her captors and rapists. Eyes half lidded, she spat out a thick wad of jizz to clear her her tongue. “No,” she said. The word was supposed to come out defiant. Instead, it was barely a croak… but she had said it. It hadn’t been loud, vehement or even especially imposing… but it showed that the Sethis was going to keep on struggling no matter what.

The draconian alien narrowed his diminutive, slitted eyes. “The stronger the willpower. The greater the reward,” he uttered, speaking as if quoting prophetic scriptures.

Through it all, the onlooking dark-haired doctor felt something akin to survivor’s guilt. She had struggled mightily with merely surviving one desecrating Kthid cock. Here, Ki’an’i was holding out again a dozen of them at the same time. The poor security officer’s fate seemed so much more horrible than hers.

“How tragic,” Miranda muttered. “She sacrificed herself in hopes of saving her friends. And now, she’s destroying herself with that foolish Templar-code, thinking that she can prevent the inevitable. What a dim-witted shroom.”

That last remark from the heroine sounded especially spiteful. Was that a window into her psyche? In her encounters and tussles with the Kthid, had she come to see anything that wasn’t serving the interest of surviving as mere absurdity?

Then, the Medical Officer was struck by some strange and foreboding realization. Miranda had invited Charnametros… and her… here to see Ki’an’i destroyed. However, this was a grind, a slow-moving downgrading of her mental fortitude. To Anna, it seemed like if the Security Officer was to collapse, it could happen in an hour or in a week, no sign as to when. Where had the heroine gotten her conviction that it would be occurring so soon?

Behind them, the doors that she had come through parted, the wail of a cargo-loader siren becoming instantly audible. Turning her head, Anna saw one of those transportation-devices being driven into the chamber. The Midgar-6 was well-stocked with them, intended for loading the colonial equipment to the landers and assisting in the setup for the new colony. Loaded into its two front-most prongs were two crates, stacked parallel to one-another as opposed to on-top of one-another. They were both huge, easily big enough to contain two or three of Anna with room to spare. It wasn’t their size that concerned her, however… it was their design. Contrasted against the vehicle transporting them, there could be no mistake… no human had made these crates. They were of Kthid design.

“Clear the way, bitch!” Thomas Shale yelled at her from behind the wheel. Looking around, Anna realized with a start that Miranda and Charnametros had already done so. Her alien owner tugged at her leash so violently that she almost retched and was pulled over, falling onto her side.

That horrible traitor drove his vehicle into the room, unloading both those alien crates onto the floor before disembarking himself. Shale was grinning ear-to-ear, his bald-headed face taking on an almost cartoonish air of self-satisfied menace.

Anna felt almost sick seeing him. The existence of a human traitor at a time like this seemed contrary to nature, like some innately repulsive phenomenon, a thing that shouldn’t exist. At least Miranda Black had an excuse, that she had suffered harder and for longer than any of them. The fact that this… this pond-scum was so enthusiastic in his betrayal amplified this impression greatly. He held utterly no human solidarity, and contrary to the Heitera he had needed no personality-altering, life-shattering trauma to do so. Anna had virtually never felt the urge to violence in her entire life. Yet she wanted to wrap her hands around the thug’s neck and squeeze until his sleazy mug was crimson.

The Kthid seemed suspicious. Thomas kept grinning. Ki’an’i focused on nothing but regaining her strength. Miranda wore a cunning smirk that was almost imperceptible to those around her.

Anna wondered why the aliens hadn’t killed the bastard yet. While women were as valuable as gold to them because of their reproductive qualities, these piratical lizards seemed to hold no regard at all for other male lifeforms. She had to admit that there was a diabolical sense of evolutionary logic to that. Seeing as they were a mono-gendered species, any other male would be a competitor whom could prevent them from passing on their genes. As she gazed into those caiman faces… Anna got the impression that they were wondering the same as they looked at him.

“I know of a way to fast track your troubles,” he said, indicating the supine and sperm-battered Sethis with a nod of his rounded skull. “There is something that scares the shit out of these women even more than you dragon-heads… And while I could scarcely believe it, it just so happens that you had a few of those on-board your ship as pets! I managed to borrow one of them. I promise you… this is going to be one hell of a show, watching her squirm.”

The Kthid looked as if they were being talked to by an insect. Anna found herself wishing they would take the standard reflex action when annoyed by a venomous little bug and smash it flat. It seemed, however, that even being spoken to at all by such a man was such a novel experience that they seemed to lack a standard course of action. The group turned their heads towards the oldest and most battle-scarred one present, who — after seconds of grave consideration — nodded his crocodilian head in agreement, though his eyes narrowed impatiently. There was a flash inside the ensign’s pig-like eyes, as if he had just achieved a major triumph.

Stacked by the seat of the forklift was some device that looked half like a firearm, and half like an unwieldy industrial tool. It sported a snout in the front, which coupled with the presence of a big capsule where one would expect to find an ammunition-clip made it take on the appearance not unlike that of a flamethrower. In the hands of the Kthid, Constantos guessed that it would be handled like a slightly over-sized handgun, yet Shale had to shoulder that instrument like a rifle.

Ki’an’i finally craned her neck up, taking in the details of what was transpiring. Even after the indignity of what the Kthid had put her through, she — just like Anna — seemed to hold a special kind of hatred for the traitor. He had etched his very name onto her thigh with a soldering-pen. One could somehow expect aliens from far-flung quadrants of the galaxy to be inhuman. But he didn’t have even that much excuse. “Shale…” she wheezed, ribcage bobbing. ”The only joy I have is knowing that they’re going to kill you the moment they’re done with me.”

“Keep thinking that, swampie!” he spat back. The man walked up those deposited boxes while the Kthid backed off, making themselves an audience for what would transpire. A kneebound Anna was the one positioned closest to the crates. Only now did she notice that they had a button mounted on their front. Balling his hand into a fist, the rifle-wielding man punched one of those and then quickly backed off.

The box began to fold in on itself, its top and walls mechanically receding towards its bottom so as to expose its innards. Beneath was an old-fashioned cage, well-known on earth. There was some sort of creature within. Anna heard its growl before she could see it… it was like the hiss of a boiling kettle. Before the crate had finished unfurling, before she could see the shape of the thing inside it, just from perceiving that sound the doctor jumped and began frantically crawling backwards in fright, stopping almost instantly as her shoulders hit a hibernation-pod. Unable to flee any longer, her skin started crawling as if beset by a legion of scurrying ants. That was… that was…

A Void Tracer!

Before now, humanity had never encountered intelligent hostile alien life… but that didn’t mean that had found nothing dangerous lurking among the stars. The creatures were the locusts of space… the first encounter with them had been about a century and a half ago, during a meteor shower over Earth as the creatures plummeted down onto the surface from space, and the disastrous outcome had scoured itself into the minds of their civilization. The Federation’s standard orders whenever a batch of them was discovered was to exterminate on sight. Somehow, the creatures could survive in interstellar conditions, traveling through the vacuum of space while submerged in some kind of hibernation. The monsters seemed to automatically enter such a stasis whenever there was no prey around, and could thus preserve themselves for eons in the absence of anything to eat or use to breed. It meant that they could infest the most unlikely of places, just waiting in hiding for conditions to be right for them to reawaken. Terran expeditions had run into them among asteroid-fields, on derelicts adrift in the void, and among sulfur-breathing lakes on planets that otherwise displayed no habitation what so ever. And these damnable scaly-fleshed devils were using Void Tracers as pets!?

The box came completely undone, and instantly a set of knife-like fangs were chewing in her direction, its face smashing into the bars as it attempted to devour her flesh. Anna was struck by a prey-like paralysis, unable to focus on anything but those gnashing maws and its profuse spillage of slimy saliva. The terror, she knew, was not entirely her own… It was in the air itself. The creatures unleashed some kind of hormone into the air that all mammalian life seemed to react to the same with, instill a mind of sheer, mindless horror that lead them to want to flee thoughtlessly. They were quadruped creatures, diminutive limbs thin and hooked like that of a lizard. Standing on all fours, they were about as tall as lions, able to reach a human’s torso. Seemingly undersized wings also jutted from their backsides, willowy and leathery like those of bats, the flimsy things were used to ride the solar wind, not the air. Their skin-tone altered between a deep purple to a charcoal-black, with this example possessing a more gray-scale pigmentation. It was the heads, however, which were the most intimidating and unearthly of all its physical characteristics. Beside the presence of an enormous mouth which was replete with oversized teeth and a fin which rose from the top of its cranium to the bottom of its jaw, its configurations were decisively hammer-headed, akin to those most alien-looking sharks. This cephalofoil structure meant that their eyes were positioned far apart from both each other and its center. So, whenever one gazed it down headlong, there were no eyes to challenge, merely a rubber-like head and teeth that were razor-sharp. This was an utmost unnerving sensation… like encountering some sort of monstrosity designed only to consume.

Early on, they had been nicknamed raptors by the soldiers whom were unfortunate enough to fight the first wave of them. The name was earned due to their unthinkable animalistic ferociousness, which had oftentimes been enough to overcome even the advanced technology of the soldiers who opposed them. It occurred to Anna that, much like the Kthid, Void Tracers existed in stark defiance of evolutionary laws which humanity thought governed all lifeforms. Their biology simply appeared unreal, like it belonged to another, more rapacious dimension, as did their unrelenting, kill-or-be-killed sense of aggression. Unlike the Kthid though, the Void Tracers were utterly devoid of any higher cognitive functions. While clever and dangerous, they were beasts through-and-through.

“I know,” Miranda spoke upon noticing the doctor’s overwhelming horror. “To us, the creatures were the most vile, dangerous thing that our species had ever encountered. Demons without a peer. To the Kthid, they are playthings.”

This specimen had an iron collar affixed around its throat, whose sturdy chain led to a bar at the top of its cage. Still on her backside, Ki’an’i appeared almost as terrified of the hammerhead as Anna was. “Shale… what the hell are you doing!?” she yelled, thinking the ensign’s scheming to be pure insanity.

“Oh don’t worry dear,” he replied. “I’m not going to feed you to this thing… your new owners still need that code, after all. There is, however, one fate that is even worse than ending up inside a Void Tracer’s stomach. You’re a Templar, after all… I assume if anyone knows about their reproductive cycle, it would be you, right? They are like those freaky insects who lay their larva within other animals. They fuck them, you see? But instead of depositing their jizz, they lay their eggs inside their victims. The incubator then gets eaten by her own children as they hatch.” He sneered at her. “So, in a way, I guess that you’re ending up inside a Void Tracer’s stomach after all… it just won’t be this one’s!” Shale laughed. “Neat, isn’t it? They’re almost like the Kthid over here!”

Seated at the sides, those Space-Dragons chuckled. They were going to allow this to go through. Their vast sadism didn’t even allow them to feel sympathy for lifeforms in the clutches of a Void Tracer… Anna could scarcely believe it

“Yo-you can’t be serious,” Ki’an’i stuttered.

Shale laughed. “Of course I am!” he said. “You green-skinned bitches are too haughty. You don’t know even know that men are your masters. Have you already forgotten that the tattoo on your thigh says ‘Property of Thomas Shale!?’ I am going to make you surrender those precious codes, shroom-cunt. I’ve even brought a little sample with me to teach you what’s going to happen to you if you act tough and refuse to comply. Watch,” he narrated, punching the opening-button on that second box.

Its walls began to recede just like the first. However, from this container there emitted only the most diminutive of growls, the small cries barely audible over the roaring of that fully-grown specimen. As it came completely uncovered, Anna experienced such a shock that she was forced to shelter her gaping mouth with one palm, looking away even though the traumatic sight had already been burned onto her mind.

In that second box lay a corpse.

The woman looked like she had been ruptured from the inside out, as if an explosion had been detonated within her womb. One second glance, Anna realized that the body was one of Atalanta’s copies, but the knowledge that no one was truly dead offered only minimal comfort when she looked at the state of that body. The torso was utterly mutilated, reduced into shredded false flesh. What remained of her extremities were hazardously splayed all over the cage. Anna could see Atalanta’s visage, frozen in the anguish of a painful demise… where it wasn’t partially eaten. Chunks had been devoured to create tiny holes in her cheeks and forehead. In the middle of all this gore — where the groin had once been — lay half-a-dozen hammerheaded young. Those mantis-sized pups nibbled at whatever parts of her body they could reach, crying out frequently since her artificially-created flesh contained none of the nutrients they needed to live on. Atalanta’s false body had been stuffed with eggs, virtually impregnated by the Void Tracer, and when they had hatched she had been eaten from the inside out, the unholy consumption starting with her false womb.

Shale directed his rifle-like instruments towards those feasting little critters. Holding down its trigger, that snout discharged masses of lime-colored foam towards them. This billowing spume appeared very much like the frothy stuff contained within fire-extinguishers. As this small ocean of foam sprayed over over them, the newborn monsters made ear-piercing death-squeals, utterly covered by some kind of biological poison that ended their short existence as violently as it had begun. The effect was quite instantaneous. Within seconds, there was no squealing anymore. The fully-grown Raptor trapped right beside them seemed to possess no emotions what so ever over the undoing of its spawn.

“A Kthid weapon,” Thomas said, holding it up. “Designed purposefully to take out the VTs. Much more effective than anything we humans have, I’m glad to say.”

Ki’an’i’s eyes were so wide that it looked like they might fall out of her face. Neither she nor Anna could believe his cruelty. This was just too much.

“What do you think such tiny creatures would think of a plant-based diet?” he then jeered. “I bet they ain’t vegetarians… But I don’t think they would be opposed to devouring an entire shroom if they were to find themselves born within one!”

“N-No!” the Sethis yelped. “No you cannot be serious!” That close to the monster, its hormones would be striking her even harder… her trance seemed to have completely shattered, and it wasn’t coming back. “Not even the Kthid would do this!”

“Oh I bet you they would,” he countered. “In fact, they’re walking over to help me accomplish this right now!”

Two of those ultra-muscular xenos grasped the Templar’s downed form, lifting and carrying her towards the cage. Previously a paragon of trance-like stoicism, Ki’an’i now struggled and screamed, kicking her legs and fighting with her arms to get off them. No meditation or combative-mindset that she had been taught in the order was equal to a nightmare like this. Anna herself had receded into an almost comatose state of fright, too stunned to even give voice to aid her friend.

“Not only are you going to give us the password!” Thomas shouted. “But you are going to be learn a valuable lesson about your place in the universe as well!”

Pushing another button on that cage, its front-most side came undone. It slammed down onto the ground, causing the predator inside to lurch forward in an attempt to tackle her. That roof-affixed chain barely managed to stymie the faceless creatures move. Were she a man, then the Sethis would have been eaten wholesale. However, as a member of the birthing sex, her sacred uterus could be used for further purposes before that was allowed to occur. The mindless Void Tracer seemed as excited for this possibility as it was for getting to satiate its hunger. From her vantage-point, Anna could see as its egg-laying prong growing and hardening beneath it into a rigid stick, the shaft a repulsive purple and its head flanged like those of horses. The hardon was so massive that it stroked against the floor, lubricating slime seeping from its slitted tip upon having identified a suitable vessel for its eggs.

“NOOO!!!” Ki’an’i exclaimed, much louder than she ever had done while being ravaged by the Kthid. The presence of Shale’s biotoxin weapon meant that this could be ended at any point he so desired. Yet with a wide grin plastered across his mug, the traitor showed little inclination to use it. Upheld by those green-skinned behemoths, they tossed her into the cage, making the Sethis collide with her predatory nemesis. The Templar sprawled instantly, scrambling, feeling an overwhelming need to get away from its lethal vicinity… but even immediate reaction was far too late. The hammerhead was upon her at once. She had only managed to get onto her stomach before its claw-like feet sank into her extremities, drawing chlorophyllic blood as they pinned her onto the cage-floor. No matter how ferociously she struggled, the Officer could not get away from underneath his smothering body-weight. This brief struggle placed them in prime position for her to be fucked as a canine would, and Ki’an’i did her best to struggle and stop it from happening. The confinement was easily overstuffed with both of them inside, the monster mounted atop the Sethis woman like a giant cat about to grab her neck in its maw and deliver a killing blow.

“Please!” the Sethis wailed. “I yield! I’ll surrender the codes! Just kill it! Kill it now!”

A part of Anna’s heart sunk upon hearing the declaration… but she couldn’t blame the woman. The nightmarish fright induced by these terrifying creatures were simply overpowering, and as a Templar trained specifically to fight this menace, Ki’an’i was only all-too-aware of the painful demise she was in for. The safety of the million helpless victims on board vanished when confronted with such an immediate doom. It was the kind of hellish horror that blotted out all of your principles and morals.

“Not good enough, bitch!” Thomas blared before the Kthid decided to overule him. “You should have given us them when you had the chance! Now you have to suffer extra in order to be taught a lesson! That VT is going to knock you up with its little killer-eggs no matter what happens now. It’s a fitting fate for a back-talking pain-in-the-ass cunt like you!”

“NNNNWWOOOO!!!!” she screamed like a fury as she felt the monster’s breeding-stick push against her presented slit. Ki’an’i was sure she had never felt such a primitive, animalistic fear… the horror of the experience had vanquished all of her monastic mettle, leaving her at the mercy of the alien hormones pumping into her. “Please! I don’t want to be egged! Stop! Stop! Stop, the code is A07B3-GIIIAAAHHH!!!” she blared, her attempt to divulge her code interrupted as said beast lurched forwards and split her twat-lips with its ovipositor. That snug opening was brutally widened, pried-open to allow that egg-depositing tube to fit. Just from that initial invasion, he had claimed Ki’an’i down to her very core, pointing his slit directly against her cervix. The presence of that organ hugging against the opening of her womb was even more frightful to the Sethis woman than having a loaded rifle shoved down that cunt and pointed directly towards it.

“EEEAAAHHHH!!!” the Security Officer shrieked as that quadrupedal space-monster started humping, stroking his prong back-and-forth like a normal lifeform would. That snarling hammerhead was going to make her his bitch and incubator, both at once. Just like with its avaricious feeding-instincts, there was nothing about the caged creature’s mating habits which were gentle. Its hindquarters stabbed and jabbed, punting against her rear as if trying to mash those insides instead of having intercourse. Ki’an’i knew anguish like she had never felt before, compounded by her absolutely mind-shattering horror at experiencing her greatest nightmare made flesh. The green-skinned woman writhed and squirmed like a harpooned fish as that fang-filled mouth leered down at her, drooling onto her back. Having established a tempo, copious amounts of sticky spittle slimed down onto the Sethis’ flower-scalp and coated her vines and petals with oily filth. Knowing that it had found a prey fit to feed its children, the Void Tracer unleashed a shrill snarl of triumph.

“Hahaha! I think we’ve finally found a natural mate for you shrooms!” the ensign blasphemously joked.

The valiant Templar was sporting a grimace of absolute humiliation and dismay as that xeno-dick drove into her quim. She had no pride left, no reason not to scream. Not only had she already crackled and betrayed the secrecy of that password, but she was getting fucked and was about to be murdered by the most horrible predator they had ever known, and all for the viewing pleasure of a crowd of enemies. Shale and the Kthid all seemed to see her suffering as basic entertainment, grinning as they watched the most unnatural and painful of intercourse. Her courage and self-sacrifice had amounted to nothing. It was hard to maintain any sense of self-worth when the creature punting into her was causing the Sethis to scream with every thrust. Her heroics had birthed only ignominy.

Mid-pummel, the hammerhead’s forked tongue slid out from its maws. That pink muscle possessed the length of a serpent and amazing agility. Even though it was thumping into her from behind, it managed to reach around so as to lap against her contorted visage, lashing across her face in a possessive way. The space-locust was ready to begin laying its eggs!

Ki’an’i couldn’t see it, but she could feel it. The ovipositor began swelling as it jutted into the Sethis’ fuck-hole, the testicle-lacking base expanding and growing outward to form something like a knot. This bulge then slowly shifting upward, transported along its neck. Ki’an’i was horrifically aware of what this was… a bundle of eggs! Half a dozen of those had managed to exterminate the copy of Atalanta. Now, they were heading for a genuine biological target. As the ball-like protrusion began heading deeper into the her pussy, she wailed, screaming. “EEEYYAAAHHHHAA! NNNOOOO!!! I CAN FEEL THEM-GUUUAAAAHHHH!!! PLEASE GET THEM OUT OF ME! PLEASE!!!” the Templar screamed, consumed with pure pain as that gigantic knot traveled deep into her, questing for her womb. Her pussy-folds were forced apart even wider to encompass them, looking as if they were on a point of tearing. Ki’an’i made one last attempt to scramble away, but its clutched claws meant that the disgusting cock was locked inside her. Helpless, her final chance to escape failing, the Sethis wept as she turned from cool and logically-minded warrior-woman to an incubated Void Tracer whore. The loathsome Space-Dragons and the human traitor laughed at her misfortune.

After a colossal struggle, the eggs continued to make headway, sinking so far in that they no longer could be seem from the outside… but Ki’an’i had to feel every last horrible inch. Her screams took on an even more desperate and despairing pitch, each bump forward feeling like a ticking down of the clock of how much longer she had left to live. Even that was apparently too merciful for the creatures, however. Annoyed by the slow progress, the Void Tracker thumped her backside a few more time, as if pumps would enable the eggs to be delivered faster, driving its cock deeper still. When that bundle of eggs at last reached the entrance of her womb, the ovipositor splitting open at the end to begin forcing them into her befouled womb, Ki’an’i’s whole body reacted with hectic spasms to the merciless sexual attack. “AAAOOOOWWWW!!! EEEAAAHHHH!!! EEEIIIIAAAHHH!!!” she screamed and screamed, so hard that it felt like her vocal cords might tear. It was like giving birth in reverse, the green-skinned woman frantically shaking her head back and forth during the brutal, alien impregnation. One by one, the eggs emerged from the flanged-headed prick, and then muscle contractions worked to force the things through the tightest reaches of her birth-canal. That vertical slit and the lowermost portions of her uterus were snugly interlocked for this to occur, that fibromuscular tissue unwillingly made to expand as the eggs came popping in. Having eggs ejaculated into that sacred hole made the previous clout of Kthid sperm seem almost pleasant in comparison. Unlike that gelatinous jizz she had been soaking in, these containers were hard and cold, and strangely individually perceivable as they were stored within her life-bearing chamber. Over and over, they popped in and then rolled around from the force of their ejection, inevitably ending up stacked on top of one another like in a birds nest. This callous impregnation was immensely depersonalizing along with being an entirely unique form of feminine torment.

By the time it had finished, Ki’an’i felt more than half dead, and just about ready to pass out from sheer agony. Her screams had been converted into strangled, desperate croaks, but it certainly wasn’t from lack of will to continue… her throat was simply too raw to make loud enough of a noise to continue screaming. After that fit of pollinating violence, the Void Tracer seemed to be about finished with her, its penis-like egg-tube vibrating lightly as if shaking to dislodge the last of its spawn. Perhaps a dozen eggs had been unloaded into her, readied to feast on their mother upon the moment of hatching. Not even an expert on these things like her was enough of a specialist in stellar biology to know the precise amount of time that was needed before that occurred, but she knew the process was rapid. It was definitively within the hour, though. Unless something drastic happened, Ki’an’i did not have long to live.

As the Void Tracer descended into a post-coital languor, and Ki’an’i felt all but paralyzed by the pain and horror of her worst nightmare coming to life, Thomas Shale aimed his poison-spewing rifle towards the cage. With a mere tap of that trigger, he shot out a sliver of foam which caused the space-locust an antagonistic reaction. Feeling the sting of that killing venom, it speedily retreated backwards, hugging the very corner of its bars so that the roof-chain tautened. This way, their reproductive-organs came unclogged. However, as the payload was already delivered into her womb, that was a scant victory indeed.

With the Sethis thus released from the monster’s grip, both Kthid nearby grabbed her and quickly pulled the lissom female out of that hellpit. They tossed her like a piece of trash onto the cold floor of the spaceship, the exhausted, overwhelmed Ki’an’i laying face-down in shame and defeat. With her death transformed to merely a matter of time and having already proved her willingness to betray every colonist on the ship, the security officer was now a spiritual wreck.

Shouldering his alien rifle, Thomas walked up to her, kicking the downed woman as if she was a corpse. “Get up, shroom” he ordered.

“Y-you monster,” she convulsed with sobs. “I-I even offered to give you the codes. But still you doomed me to this fate.” At least the Kthid had some kind of genetic excuse for their vileness. Shale didn’t. He was just a misogynistic brute.

“I did,” he blithely agreed with a cruel smile. “Unless, of course, I stick this thing into your cunt and fire!” He clapped the canister-mag on the rifle twice. “That’ll kill those little spawnings good!”

Ki’an’i’s rheumy eyes opened, gazing up at her tormentor with a level of fear and desperation never before seen scintillating within those orbs. “P-Please do it,” she begged.

He kicked her in her side, making her curl up further on herself. “Do it, what?” he queried.

“M-Master,” she peeped, heart feeling like it ceased to beat the moment she said the word out loud.

“That’s right!” he sneered at her. “About time you understood. Sorry it took me so long to realize how stupid you were. I attempted to teach you what you were by literally carving it into your flesh, but I never considered you shrooms were too stupid to read!” Thomas laughed. “Get on your knees, girl, and I’ll take care of those tiny parasite inside your womb,” he evilly promised.

Enfeebled, Ki’an’i nevertheless rose onto all fours and presented her posterior towards him. The way her exhausted body sagged even mimiced an eager arching of her spine, further showing off her well-rounded ass. Once, Ki’an’i had been an emissary of feminine strength on-board the Midgar-6. Now, she lived and died at the hands of that uncouth woman-hater.

The Ensign double-gripped his rifle, pointing its snout towards that lush derriere. “Watch this!” he called to the grinning Kthid. Thrusting his weapon as if spearing a boar, he sent its protrusive snout toward Ki’an’i… However, instead of taking aim for her still yawning pussy, he plunged the tip directly into the Sethis girl’s dark green asshole. The Templar’s mouth went O-shaped and she blared with surprising agony as that unyielding muzzle shoved directly into her rear. It had manged to clear the sphincter in one-go, enabling the tube-shaped rifle-tip to protrude deep into her asshole, the crude weapon impaling her feeling absurdly large and painful.

With the petal-haired woman still down like a dog and taken aback at what was happening, the human pushed his trigger-finger and fired the device. VT-killing foam started pouring straight into her rectal passage, blubbering through those bowels from the prodigious force with which it was discharged. Poison, hot as liquid fire, was now flooding from that canister and into her ass.

“STOP IT! STOP IT!!! GIIIAAAHH, IT BURNS!” she yelled with immediate pain, yet proving herself too beaten to try and scurry away.

Anna could only watch in disbelieving horror as Charnametros and the other Kthid reacted as if witnessing the funniest show in the world. “Ah, shut your trap!” Shale mocked. “This stuff is only lethal for the Hammerheads! To you, the worst that could happen is a few burns. That’s isn’t a problem for you, is it?” he sneered. “So shut up and take it flower-head! If you want me to take care of your new babies, you want to keep on my good side… I’m gonna be deciding when we take care of your unique slut problem, not you!”

Her eyes wide, unblinking, the doctor saw Ki’an’i’s stomach begin to bulge as Shale maintained that discharge, stuffing the ship’s officer full of his improvised enema. Her belly rapidly inflated, expanding outwards as if going through pregnancy at an unbelievable rate. The Sethis vocalized her burning agony as that previously flattened stomach expanded into a beach-ball. Her entire guts were precariously loaded! Beside the doctor, Charnametros was in such a fit of merriment that he slapped her across the head in his reflexive joy, making her vision swim for several seconds. The entire room could hear the sound of the foam being spurted in, its billowing noise muffled massively by the virtually air-tight seal of that clasping sphincter. Only when that lime-colored spume started oozing out of the corners of her occupied anus did the sadist see reason to relent. Wearing a savage grin, he removed the weapon impaling her, stepping to the side just before the inevitable eruption came.

“Eeeighhh…” Ki’an’i moaned as her puckered asshole was forced open from the other side by the pressure seeking to escape. That alien-killing froth came pouring out of her rectal depths, splashing down all around her as the seething heat of that frothy substance added to the agony she experienced. The massive withdraw came with an obscene, rumbling cacophony of disgusting sounds. Anna’s skin crawled at the sight of such a violent ejection from the poor girl’s body… Only after several momentous blasts that sent bundles of the toxin jettisoning out of her rear did the individual volleys start to lessen in thickness. Bucket-loads were transformed into sprays, and finally concluded as a concluding salvo of tiny spurts. That semi-runny fluid ended up oozing from her now chasm-like anus, drooling down into her yawning pussy which was no doubt too pitiful a donation to ever be able to kill the eggs deep within.

“Ah that was amazing!” Thomas reviewed. “You’re much more interesting when performing tricks with your ass than you are barking orders as you usually do! What do you say to that?”

The female warrior had already picked up on the cues of being a slave. “Thank you, Master!” she vehemently cried in reply. Yet unable to contain her immanent fright, she swiftly added. “P-Please. These eggs. I can feel them stirring!”

“I’ll deal with them when I feel like it. If I feel like it. Before that, you’re going to have to entertain my benefactors, your new overlords! Get back on your feet, swampie! A woman is useless if she’s playing dead!” he replied.

If Anna had any doubts left, what happened next confirmed for her that the ensign was as absolute a turncoat to the human race as it was possible to be. With the eggs of the hyperpredator still nesting within her, warmed and incubated by her tight hole, the Sethis was forced to crawl up to each-and-every one of the Kthid in the room and declare her utter and undying submission to them. That once valiant Templar was made to beg, plead, and kiss their feet as she declared herself an idiot and a fool for ever having resisted them. Any act of heroism of her part was cursed and refuted. She declared herself worthless for the Kthid she had killed and for the escapes that her self-sacrifice had enabled. Furthermore, at the insistence of Thomas, she implored the Kthid to take their vengeance upon her. She needed to be punished. She was a stupid petal-head who should have just surrendered the codes in the first place. All of this and more her cruel “owner” forced her to say to the conquering aliens… and the Kthid were happy to oblige.

A few wanted blowjobs, no longer fucking her face but encouraging the desperate Sethis to fuck her own throat just as violently as they had been doing for her previously. Some spat and cursed at her, making the broken officer thank them for each insult, agree with them and go further still. Other just wanted to beat her, slapping her pretty face until it was discolored by purplish bruises. No matter the offense, Ki’an’i had to sit before them in her submissive posture, legs doubled under her. Invariably they lorded over her in their preferred manner, drawing whatever sadistic pleasure they wanted out of her, either physical or emotional. Many of those scaly-hued lizard reminded her of her inevitable doom, pointing out how rapidly a Void Tracers progeny might hatch. Anna could easily see how greatly this unnerved her. The terror of her mortality had never before been so pronounced within the woman.

“Please, Master!” she begged Charnametros. “Can’t you put a stop to this? You need the cod-”

He slapped her viciously. “And we’ll get them,” he assured her as Anna toppled to the ground. “Silence, whore.”

Perhaps the most unseemly disgrace of all was one Kthid whom turned his back to the woman and leaned forward, demanding that she lick him. Weeping, Ki’an’i did it to the sound of the cackling mockery of the crowd, burying her soft visage in-between those bulging cheeks and tongue-stroking it just as Atalanta had done. Even this disgusting task was performed in an enthusiastic frenzy, knowing that speed was off the essence. Showing no concern for her need to speed at all, the Kthid would moan and groan while having his ass licked clean of sweat and dirt and other, fouler things, demanding to have it in a pristine condition before Ki’an’i was allowed to proceed further down the line.

Arriving finally at Charnametros, the young warrior saw fit to exploit both of his slaves at once. Gazing into the Security Officer’s eyes up-close, Anna searched for some sort of sentient connection between them, a womanly exchange of sympathy… but Ki’an’i seemed too buried within her own head to even notice Anna was there. She was single-minded in her desperate need to get this over with as quickly as possible, understandable. Charnametros had the two give him a double-blowjob, Ki’an’i handling that prodigious shaft while Anna licked and slurped at the balls as the doctor tasted her master for the first time. Even the stink of Anna’s asshole on his cock didn’t slow the Sethis girl down in the least.

They had both been high-ranking Officers on-board this vessel… and now they were degraded whores providing oral sex in public.

Alone among those in the room, only Miranda didn’t participate in some way or another in the perverted saturnalia. The red-haired beauty’s arctically cold eyes shot daggers throughout the room as she watched with almost reptilian coldness.

After a lot of choking, slobbering and compression of their velvety lips, the brute orgasmed and unloaded his testicle-stew directly into Ki’an’i’s mouth. Scarcely had the last sperm-wad been fired before the desperate security officer shifted on her knees, looking desperately over at Thomas Shale like a disciplined pup… begging horribly for a shred of mercy. The ensign, however, was determined to drag this out a bit further. Yelling aloud to everyone, he announced that Ki’an’i would now be serving a tenure as ship’s urinal.

Distraught, but lacking the ability to make so much as a single sound of protest, the fallen Security Officer seemed only too aware that she could do nothing to resist without risking slowing down the process. Instead, she rested on her knees and opened her mouth wide, loudly imploring the Kthid to gather around and piss in her mouth. The womb-stocked eggs must be near spawning, for her cadence grew even more desperate before. Anna wept as Ki’an’i yelled out unthinkable phrases like “Please, I want to taste salty Kthid piss!” or “Make me into a Kthid toilet!” just to encourage them to be about it even a little bit faster.

Groups of the aliens gathered around her, five at a time thronging around the beautiful woman while pointing their scaled cocks towards that unsealed mouth. Many grunted as they unloaded their bladders, allowing golden streams to sluice through their urethra and be directed towards her mouth. Those yellow jets were much more forceful and pronounced than human ones, seemingly twice the thickness! The outflow was instantly overwhelming and Ki’an’i was compelled to flex her throat continuously to swallow it down, chugging down alien urine like the lowest of sluts. Anna could not believe that she was forced to watch her friend endure such a humiliating peril.

Her own mate Charnametros was among those who used her as a latrine, laughing and shouting obscene things as he aimed that piss-squirting prong towards her visage. And he was the one whose children she had been doomed to carry! “Here’s some nutrients for your new babies,” he heartily cackled as he unleashed down her throat, making her gurgle as she tried to choke it down. Like any cheap urinal, a lot of waste overflowed her mouth. Either the Kthid would miss their target and momentarily hose her with golden liquor, or Ki’an’i would simply be so overwhelmed that mouthfuls of that vile piss spilled past her lips. Either way, she was covered in a layer of golden translucent piss, watered as if it had been raining on her skin. It somehow distorted the vibrant greenness of her hue, making it take on a lighter, more sickly-looking dye when see through that film of bladder-fluids. Her poor stomach-sack was made excruciatingly overfull. As the massive donation of salty fluids neared its end, the Security Officer suddenly went wide-eyed, hands resting on her stomach as her eyes took on a frantic, horrified light. She looked to Anna like someone who had just felt a demon grab onto her soul and begin to pull, and the doctor wept even as Ki’an’i began to scream. It was happening… The eggs were hatching inside her!

“PLEASE!!!” she yelled, dashing out of that piss-zone while still on her knees, so surprisingly explosive that none of the Kthid could stop her from reaching Thomas Shale. “THEY’RE HATCHING! OH MY GOD I CAN FEEL THEIR CLAWS! DO SOMETHING! HELP ME, PLEASE!” Ki’an’i barely seemed sentient anymore. She was in such a fundamental exigency that she could think of nothing else but survival.

“What? When the Kthid haven’t even finished pissing yet?” Thomas laughed. “I think not!” He put a foot on her an casually shoved her backward, sending her toppling to the floor. “Get back there and finish swallowing their piss you worthless skank! I’m not taking care of your troubles until you’ve shown yourself to be a good slave!”

Anna saw the exact moment that Ki’an’i realized that he wasn’t going to relent… the exact moment some tiny remaining shred of light in her eyes went out. In some madcap lunacy, seemingly convulsing with internal agonies, she sprawled back towards those waiting demon and unhinged her jaw as far as possible, swallowing everything they offered her. Those remaining to be serviced took mere minutes, but that small span appeared to be enough for something critical to have happened. She clutched at her belly as if the pain had absorbed her entire being, expression becoming distorted nothing but it remained. She was being eaten from the inside… Anna was treated to a horrific mental image of tiny claws scraping at her body, seeking to find purchase for their hundred of small but needle-sharp teeth, eager to feast on their earnstwhile mother.

“MEEEERCYYYYYYYYYY!!!” she screeched, attempting to drag herself back towards Shale without any of her limbs wanting to work right. That ensign remained as aloof as ever, smirking at his pained property. She could not reach him, instead becoming overtaken by hurtful spasms and convulsions, her limbs and body bending like a contortionist in all manners of unnatural ways upon that cold floor. The flower-haired woman lay there, helpless in her pain as the monsters hurt her from the inside out. Anna screamed out on her behalf, but she couldn’t had said what she pleaded even seconds later, so consumed with horror while while Miranda remained as stoically calm as ever.

“Alright, time to do this,” Thomas said, walking forward and mustering his rifle.

Once again, he seized a double-handed grip and speared that device right towards her, this time hitting bullseye in-between her legs. Shoving hard with both arms, he forced that metal snout directly against Ki’an’i’s cervix and then held down his trigger-finger. That foam-shaped poison spouted into her sacred chalice, entering through that minute opening connecting the two and ending the lives of the newborns nested within in a second. Along with that billowing sound as the toxin was ejected came an ebbing of Ki’an’i’s violent body-motions. There took some time for them to fully end, but as they did, she was left supine upon the ground, staring dead-eyed up towards the ceiling. That rifle-snout was still protruding into her pussy, hugged by her vaginal walls. Her once-so serene and meditative countenance was now permanently marred with the experience of a near-death trauma.

Thomas laughed. “Women look so much sexier after they have had their soul fucked out of them, wouldn’t you say?”

“What is… ‘Soul?’” Charnametros growled.

Transfixed in horror by what she had seen, Anna did not notice as Miranda snuck up behind her. “And now,” she whispered, the soft breeze of her voice akin to the touch of some poisonous gas. “Master Sarcand only lacks two passwords.”

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Supplemental Material

Galactic Encyclopedia of Races – The Void Tracers

History Entry – Creation of the Templar

6 thoughts on “Point of No Return 7 – The Demons

  1. I’m sorry for not leaving this review on Wednesday, but I didn’t really want to go back to this chapter. I kind of got into this on the Discord, but having thought about it more for a while, this may honestly be the most upset that any of your stories has made me in quite a while.

    I’m not sure if this is worse than Chapters 10 and 11 of Lone Fox Book 2, but the fact that I can’t really tell says something.

    Well, let me cover some other stuff first.

    During Anna’s rape, it’s brought up that the Kthid’s reproductive fluid (I could call it semen, but that’s not precisely correct I suppose) tightens her back up, immediately repairing any damage, real or cosmetic, inflicted by the rape (smooth muscle is actually fairly elastic and will return to its original form if given time, but this is obviously happening much faster). This keeps the host organism alive and allows them to survive the pregnancy and birthing process, however in an earlier lore entry you mentioned that repeated birthings shorten the lifespan of the host. Given that, I can’t help but wonder if this is tied to the Hayflick limit. The Kthid fetus is, after all, formed from host tissues being repurposed, requiring loads of cell division, but the healing will also likely require a lot of that, so the Kthid reproductive process would be shaving away the host’s telomeres.

    Miranda is still doing what she was doing last time, and the same thing I said last time holds. We’re not in her head anymore, but I know where she is. I do somewhat wonder what she thinks of Shale. She’s accepted that the Kthid are superior lifeforms, but Shale’s just some guy, and from your descriptions not a particularly impressive physical specimen. I can’t help but wonder if seeing Shale given this level of power and doing what he does frustrates or angers Miranda to some extent, given that his only qualifications for his status are his cruelty. Even if the Kthid didn’t do it, Miranda could probably kill him with ease.

    Different subject, but you describe Ki’an’i’s skin “withering” as she’s being raped, and mention that Sethis don’t sweat. As far as I can tell, the Sethis are endothermic like humans, so if they don’t sweat, then how do they release heat, and if her skin is wilting then where is the water going? Do Sethis transpire like plants, releasing water, but in the form of fairly hot vapor from pores/stomata?

    The Void Tracers are another aspect of the xenobiology of this setting that’s interesting, because I can’t help but wonder whether they evolved naturally or were engineered at some point. I’m assuming that the lore entry describing “life evolving in the interstellar void” isn’t quite literal, since there isn’t enough matter in interstellar space itself for anything complex to form, not to mention that fuel for metabolic processes is very low, so anything as complex as a multicellular animal of this size couldn’t literally evolve in hard vacuum.

    And of course that’s saying nothing of the fact that their anatomy is suited to moving about under gravity, and that they can apparently live just about anywhere, in any environment (the bioraptor meets the xenomorph), which would imply that, to take advantage of the different chemistries of different planets, such as their atmospheric composition, the Void Tracers would, like the xenomorphs, have to be able to modify their own biochemistry, which is an insane thing to evolve on its own, not to mention that after they land on a planet, in order to spread they would have to get off the planet to reach their next feeding ground, and they don’t have a visible way to do that.

    In addition, their fear aura, the pheromones they release, are tailored to mammalian brain chemistry. The pheromones and the tactics they employ to lure prey both suggest that they either evolved or were designed specifically to hunt social mammals that will move to aid members of their own species in distress.

    All of that is…suspiciously specific.

    I am also curious about their wings. They’re extremely small for things that are apparently used for propulsion via the solar wind, so presumably they don’t do that physically. Do they project powerful magnetic fields that catch charged particles? That could have serious repercussions for electronics in a Void Tracer’s immediate vicinity.

    Finally, it is not insignificant, I think, to note that all Void Tracers thus far encountered have been female. They lay, as you put it, pre-fertilized eggs, which implies that the eggs were, at some point, fertilized. I feel like the implied-but-unseen males, the way the Void Tracers get to planets but don’t have any visible way of getting off of them, and their rather specific hunting methods and life cycle are all significant and suggestive of something greater.

    The introduction of the Void Tracers is…an area where I’m likely to get rather pedantic. Partly this is because this is an area where the rape fetish kind of sticks out to me, I think. The Void Tracer doesn’t inseminate its hosts; it lays eggs, so it doesn’t have a penis, but an ovipositor, yet the organ is still described as a cock at least once. Furthermore, the humping motions seem to be there for the rape fetish, rather than having any in-universe function, as organisms with ovipositors don’t generally need to do that (the parasitoid spiders in LF2, for instance, do not “fuck” the people they’re using as hosts). I realize this is a personal reaction…but for me, and I do realize it’s just for me, I feel like if the Void Tracers’ first impression was meant to be terrifying, it might have been better to introduce them in a non-fetishized way. Bear in mind that for those who have this fetish, I’m almost certain this isn’t a problem. Arousal is subjective, and so is fear, so again I know this is just my reaction and preferences, rather than some statement on the writing.

    Of course, I did say it was “partly” because of the rape fetish thing. The other part is that I have to be very technical and kind of detached because of how upsetting this scene is. I am not exaggerating when I say that the scene where Ki’an’i is broken, and it hurts me to even write that word in away that feels so casual, might be the most upsetting thing of yours I’ve read that doesn’t involve an angel. I don’t know if it’s the most upsetting, since I didn’t end up shaking the way I did with LF2 Chapter 11, but my stomach dropped out, my chest kept getting tighter and my eyes were stinging. There was this awful sort of tension in my body for the entire scene, building every second, like something terrible was going to happen to me if it went on one second longer, and the last time I was thinking “Stop, ok? STOP, JUST STOP!” was the second to last chapter of Hope.

    I don’t really want to talk about it, but I guess I’ll just say that for all the stuff that happens to Atalanta, I have this, admittedly maybe not entirely rational, thought that the story is really piling a lot on Ki’an’i in a particularly malicious way. Ki’an’i is supposed to be this monastic warrior, and the Void Tracer “completely vanquishes her monastic mettle”, but thus far it seems like the story really loves doing that, because I can’t think of any time her “monastic mettle” hasn’t been vanquished. Shale broke it completely by burning her, and here the Void Tracer immediately breaks it. I would call that an exception due to the pheromone-based fear aura, but your lore entry on Templars specifically mentions that their trance is what allows them to fight Void Tracers, since the trance prevents the fear from overtaking them, so this is the one thing Ki’an’i is actually trained to handle, and her trance shatters immediately, before the cage is even opened. The only thing I can think of that the trance kind of holds up against is the Kthid gang rape, and even then it’s mentioned to crack when one of the Kthid punches her.

    It just feels like the story really enjoys showing how useless all of Ki’an’i’s training is, even for things the training is supposed to be useful for. It’s like the story is somehow personally mocking her. Like I said, I know that given Atalanta’s treatment, I’m not being rational, but the feeling remains. This was a miserable thing to read, and typing that honestly feels like an understatement.

    I’m sorry for this. Hopefully next chapter won’t be like this, but I promise I’ll keep reading.


  2. I understand and sympathize.

    Unfortunately, the fetishistic nature of the story does show here – like with Kaya, the story needs her capabilities not to be sufficient to the challenge. Here, that means that while she was able to kill multiple of the invaders in the fight, and while she might have lasted longer without breaking that most of the officers and crew did, Ki’an’i had to fall, and fall hard. In her defense, she has been concentrated on for more than a full day beforehand, staring with Shale and going to a massive mass-rape and culminating in the terror of she’s been taught to fear since she was a child… and even in that context, as we will unfortunately see, she did better than many will.

    There is another element here, a weakness that she has, that might not have been strongly shown enough… while she’s better than average at controlling her fear, she has a chink in her armor – anger. She is furious at Shale (for understandable reasons), but having her mind and heartrate already in an escalated state means that she has a much harder time holding herself calm and keeping to her trance. It’s why Shale has an easier time with her than the Kthid did… she detests him.

    We got a glimpse at what Templar training could do in the fights at the beginning, and we will get more with her later, but for the time being I can understand why it’s frustrating to see her get Worf’ed.

    On a more technical level, you make a lot of correct inferences… which pleases me greatly because it means I am giving yall enough information to draw the right conclusions as to How Stuff Works.

    Re: Void Tracers and the fetish… you may be right. It was definitely written to try to be hot to those into the fetish and less out of the need for them to be as horrifying as they are. I would be interested in further feedback on this, I might need to make adjustments to future scenes.


    1. Slipping my two cents into this one.

      There’s a few good reasons to keep the rape as-is, with these things.

      The thrusting could be a constant reminder of what’s happening to the victim;
      If I remember correctly, these Void things emit fear in some way.

      A quick little *schlorp*, *plop, plop, plop*, and then the beast leaving doesn’t produce as much fear/trauma as a full rape would.
      Where each thrust reminds the victim of their violation, and what’s happening.

      If these things rely on fear;
      Then evolving to rape actually makes a bit of sense, especially since they don’t bind their prey like the spiders do.
      Unless I missed something important.

      Out of Universe:

      Honestly, it’s just hotter to have a monster nail a girl in a sex story.
      The domination, the control, the impregnation, etc…
      You can achieve that with a quick little pump and dump ovipositor;
      But it’s much more aesthetically pleasing for the reader to see an actual event.

      I mean, not many people understand true horror unless they see it.
      And being pumped full of eggs might be terrifying in concept, but nowhere near as dramatic/horrifying as a rape to get to that point.

      Showing is better than telling, in stories like this.

      Either way;
      I’d definitely prefer that the scenes stay as-is.
      Not everything in fiction needs to line up perfectly with our world, in my opinion.


      1. Thank you so much for your feedback, like usual Tsukimi.

        The Void Tracers do rely on fear but they actually are capable of their own kind of spider-like restraint, we just haven’t seen it yet because we’ve only seen one in captivity. Either way, I think your logic is good, and thanks for your opinion.


        1. I’m really sorry about all this. I didn’t mean to start an argument, and I really do think I got the way I did because of how upset I was over what was happening to Ki’an’i, that if I weren’t as upset I wouldn’t have tried to pull back and scrutinize this thing like I did. I do understand that I’m outside the target audience and this works for everyone else.

          Tsukimi, I hope I didn’t frustrate you. I really didn’t mean to. This was just a very rough chapter for me, and what’s up there was just my personal reaction (I’ve admitted to John that I cringe a little reading the review). Again, I really hope I didn’t bother anyone.


          1. No argument here;
            I just come off as preachy when I type.

            Might have a permanent soap box on my shoes or something.

            I understand completely your logic and feelings;
            I just wanted to chip in my thoughts before the author changed the fun stuff too much.

            I’m here to see girls get broken down, and reforged into something stronger, is all.

            You’re entitled to your opinion, and you certainly didn’t offend me at all.


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