One Act of Defiance Ch 6 – Vi

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“Yes mom, everything is fine.”

The pink-haired girl darted a glance at the tan-skinned girl watching her from the corner of her eyes. The glint in Nidalee’s gaze told her that the cat was watching, and she swallowed, trying to keep the nervousness down. “I was just worried,” the voice on the phone said, “because you haven’t been calling. You know Piltover has phones, right Vi?”

“I know…” she protested. “Sorry, I’ll try to call more. It’s just… school has been…” she looked over at Nidalee again and caught Warwick’s eyes as he looked back, a predatory gleam in his amber glare. She paled slightly, and hurried to continue. “Look, I’m sorry. I’ll call more, ok? I… I need to go Mom, I have class today.”

“Ok…” the woman on the phone said right before the pink haired girl hung up the phone. “Call me when y-” She clicked the phone off and put it down carefully on the bench, right where she knew Nidalee would want her to. Then she looked over at where Nidalee stood… next to Vi.

Nidalee looked her over once, her lip curled up into a sneer as she eyed the first Vi standing next to her, looking at the ground in submission. “Is it done then?” She turned her gaze back to the second Vi where she was bound, hanging from a punching bag with her arms and legs tied around behind it. She had a ring-gag in her mouth – because the stupid animal still had trouble keeping her mouth shut – and she was looking at her copy with obvious misery in her eyes. That look was hot… but it was too human for her Mistress’ taste. Vi gasped as Nidalee drove a fist into her stomach for about the five hundredth time this morning, the impact making her swing back and forward as her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment. Nidalee grinned as she looked at her pet… the athlete’s stomach and breasts were a solid mass of bruises by now. Weeks of malnutrition and abuse hadn’t destroyed her physique… yet… but even repeated session with Soraka couldn’t keep her body from showing clear signs of the abuse the stupid animal had been put through in her training. She was lucky her arms were still functional after the kind of trouble she had gotten Nidalee in, but she was going to keep beating sense into her pet until she learned.

The other Vi winced, and then seemed to shift and dissolve. Her eyes changed first, fading to gold and becoming slitted like a cat’s eyes as her face grew rosier and her hair darkened, fading from pink to a dark purple. Her skin, smooth and soft, turned into intermittent scales as her features softened, the woman becoming shorter and her face rounded, her featuring changing quickly into an entirely different person. “Did Neeko do good, mistress?” the chameleon asked, her voice fawning… fearful. “Did Neeko make mistress happy?”

Vi wheezed. The punch had driven deep into her gut and forced her lungs to expel all of her air in a rush, leaving her desperately trying to refill them. Right next to her, Caitlin was hanging the same way while Nidalee’s boyfriend beat her too, and the skinnier girl suffered even more horribly beneath his massive fists. Glancing over, she could see that the wolf’s massive cock was stretching out her sore cunt while he drove his hands into her side over and over. Even now, weeks after she’d been broken in, she still wailed each time his knot stretched her poor stuffed pussy, although her breathlessness made her screams weak and pathetic things. “I’ll be happy,” Nidalee said, glaring at Neeko and narrowing her eyes, “when you get back in your cage.”

Neeko jumped, and then raced over to the small, glass box on the shelf. Her body warped and shifted, shrinking rapidly, growing smaller and smaller until she was a tiny green and purple lizard. She jumped into the box even as Nidalee stalked over towards her. “Just because the animal slut isn’t allowed to talk, and I let you do it for her on the phone,” Nidalee growled as she pulled out her barbed cock, “doesn’t make you anything special. Don’t forget that.”

Sighing, she started to piss into the cage, causing the lizard to shrink away from it but get splashed anyway. She kept going until the pool at the bottom was filled… the only water she was going to get today. Shaking the last few drops out, Nidalee closed the lid and locked it, sealing Neeko away before heading back to her punching bag. “So then, animal… where were we? Oh, right.” She drove a trio of punches into her again, stomach – breast – stomach, hearing the crack as a rib broke again. Mentally, Nidalee made a note to make sure Soraka stopped by again, then looked into the pathetic eyes of her pet…

And growled as she saw anger still in there. “What?” Nidalee spat, punching her again. “Forgetting what you are again?” She drove her fist into Vi’s side again, grinding it against where she had felt the rib break and shoving until her pet winced and her eyes filled with tears. “Stupid animal. Know your place. I should-”

“Should what?”

Nidalee paled, then composed herself before she turned to see Ahri standing in the door of the gym with the unicorn Soraka on a leash. The flash of panic when Ahri was around recently was a decidedly unpleasant development. Ahri, so far, had shown no further inclination towards violence to her friend, but realizing just how intensely helpless she was against the gumiho was… disconcerting. “…Nothing!” Nidalee said quickly. “Just training.”

“Good,” Ahri said quietly, her ears flicking in annoyance. “I’d hate to think your pet was misbehaving again.” She clucked her tongue as she walked over to where Vi hung, forcing two fingers into the girl’s tight, pretty cunt and finger-fucking her a few times. Her eyes flicked over to the nearby shelf, her fingers closing over one of the small cookies. “And what are these?”

Nidalee swallowed. “Food for the pets,” she said.

Ahri pushed the biscuit into Soraka’s mouth. “Chew,” she commanded. The look of utter disgust on the unicorn’s face was one of the hottest things Nidalee had ever seen, but Soraka did it anyway. “How is it?”

The blue-skinned unicorn swallowed a few times, gagging over and over as she tried. “It’s… unbelievably foul… Mistress,” she said, sounding like she was trying not to be sick. “I… I-” She covered her mouth with her hands, trying not to throw up.

“Interesting,” Ahri said, sounding appreciative. She grabbed a few of the things and palmed them, putting them into a pocket. “Always good to have some pet food around. Why is she so interested in them then?” Looking over, Nidalee realized that Vi was watching the fox’s hands as they moved with the cookies with a sad, almost longing expression on her face, an intensity in her eyes. “When was the last time you fed her?”

Nidalee paused, considering. “…I don’t remember. Yesterday, I think?” She chuckled. “No… it was when Eve got back. Three days ago.” Nidalee could still remember the look on Vi’s face the first time she had tasted what Nidalee expected her to eat… it had been even more violently sick that Soraka’s reaction had been. Now, she was staring at them with almost lustful need, desperate for something her pride wouldn’t have let her even consider wanting weeks ago.

Ahri chuckled, then she grabbed four of the things and stuffed them into Vi’s open mouth. “I know you can’t chew,” she said cruelly, “So just let those soak up, would you? You’ll need your strength.” She looked over at Soraka. “Heal the slut.”

As the unicorn slowly rose and tried to get her stomach under control, her horn began to glow and one by one the bruises moved from Vi’s skin to Soraka’s. “I need your animal for a bit,” Ahri said, utterly uncaring that Vi was listening. “I have a new lesson in mind for the White-Haired Whore, and she’s going to help me teach it. I’m sure a star athlete like her would be more than capable of beating her senseless in the right.” She tilted her head at Nidalee and her voice took on an odd tone. “I assume she’s going to be cooperative and that won’t be a problem… right?”

It took everything Nidalee had not to start sweating. “Of course, Ahri.” She grabbed onto Vi’s hair, lifting up her head and slapping her hard enough that one of the disgusting, half-dissolved biscuits fell out of the open gag. “You’re going to fight… and you’re going to win, understand me?” She cranked her head to the side, letting her watch where Warwick was still going to town on Caitlyn. “My boyfriend really likes your best friend’s holes, so it would be cruel to get rid of her, but you know what a fuckdoll doesn’t need?” Nidalee slapped her again. “Limbs… and enough brains not to spend all day drooling. You lose… and she’ll lose both. Get it?”

Vi’s eyes looked thoroughly miserable, but as she stared at Caitlyn something in them hardened. She nodded, pulling her scalp away from Nidalee’s grip with each movement. “Good pet,” Nidalee said, roughly shoving her head away. “She’ll do it.”

Ahri was smiling as she reached down and picked up the half-eaten biscuit, pushing it into Soraka’s mouth. “Good… glad to hear it.”

“Now remember girls,” Ahri said, chuckling as she lounged against the side of the ring. “I want to see a nice, dirty fight. No rules. By all means, kill the bitch if you can. It’s the most entertainment I could hope to get out of you.” Vi stood in the corner of the boxing ring, unbound for the first time in weeks, and flexed her fingers inside the fighting gloves she wore… and tried not to look at the suspicious sloppy slain in the middle of the ring and remember how it had been made. Instead, she focused on the woman in the other corner. Riven stood there, naked and covered with bruises but still looking quietly dignified with her eyes closed, clearly retreating inward as she prepared.

They had to fight each other… Vi was almost looking forward to it, would have been without the stakes being so high. This was all her fault… she could give Riven a punch in the face and not feel bad about it but… but the loser of this was going to be punished for hours… hours of rape, and torture. She knew Riven would want to avoid that as badly as she did… but she didn’t know that Vi’s stakes were so much higher.


Vi swallowed, difficult to do with the open mouth gag still in, still making her drool down her chin. She couldn’t tell Riven how badly she needed to win, even if the woman would care anymore… she just had to win. She stood there, naked and panting, trying to mentally prepare herself as she and Riven met each other’s eyes.

Their hair was soaked in their own sweat. Riven seemed… solid. Determined. Angry, maybe… she didn’t know that this fight was so much more important to Vi. So she should win… she had to win. Riven deserved this… it was that bitch’s fault that they had ended up like this, it was her fault that they had ended up trapped in this hell. A little bit of revenge would be just, right? She could do this. She had to do this.

“Fight,” Ahri said. The word was cold, unexcited, maybe a bit amused… but it was enough. Neither of the girls had a choice but to fight. Vi took a deep breath and lunged at Riven, hoping to get this over with immediately… but Riven was just as quick. They grabbed each other arms and twisted trying to get an advantage. Vi strained, pushing, trying to overpower the other warrior… she was slightly taller than Riven and always assumed she would be stronger as well, but it was Riven was that was slowly forcing her back. Her muscles were tight and trembling, but her breathing was still calm… controlled. That was the Ki that Ahri was talking about before, during her capture. It was giving her strength. Vi would have to disrupt it… break her focus.

The pink-haired girl suddenly gave her space, letting the Noxian exchange student push forward and use the sudden opportunity to sweep Riven’s legs out from under her. She fell, and Vi fell on top of her as quickly as she could. Vi drove a knee into her back hard, driving her down, grabbing at her arms while Riven struggled to avoid being pulled into a lock… but Vi got her grappled anyway. Wrapping her legs around Riven’s waist, Vi started applying pressure. On the sideline, Vi could see the mocking face of a dozen people who had raped her by now, watching the show, obviously enjoying it… and she wanted to punch them all in the face. Instead, she pulled harder…

And Riven kicked her in the face.

The kick startled her and broke her hold, and Riven quickly took advantage of the tiny break to reverse their positions and flip Vi onto her back and sat on her hips. Reaching down she grabbed Vi’s breasts rather than going for a hold or pin. Plenty of people cheered at that… but it was a terrible idea… it didn’t restrain her at all. Vi snarled, and without giving a second for Riven to recognize and correct her mistake Vi drove an elbow into her stomach. It send her swaying to the side, and freed her legs enough that she could kick Riven directly in the stomach. She heard the oompf of breath rushing out, and she fell on the mat heavily. Vi didn’t give her time to stand… she jumped onto her and started punching down, not hesitating to go right for her face. Vi straddled Riven’s stomach and locked her arms with her thighs and she just kept hitting her. Riven got one arm free… it didn’t stop her. She blocked her face, so Vi drove his fists into her chest and sides and solar plexus instead, then returning to her face when she moved. Each hit made her hands burn, and she could feel that her skin had split beneath the glove, but she kept punching… each hit harder than the last.

Vi didn’t even pay attention to what Riven was doing… she just kept wailing on her. Tears of pain rolled down Riven’s cheeks, and she kept going. The white-haired girl struggled, she blocked, she wriggled beneath her… but Vi screamed wordlessly and kept punching her as hard as she could, beating her mercilessly, desperately, until Riven sharply raised her knee and drove it into Vi’s back. The pink haired athlete collapsed down onto Riven’s breasts with the strong shot that came without a warning. Riven took advantage of the chance she’d been given to throw Vi to the ground and stand on her feet.

Even though Vi’s back hurt, she rose to her feet the minute she saw Riven coming at her. Riven was swinging, but it was slow… no Ki in it now. Vi attacked faster, driving a fist into Riven’s stomach as the athletic woman jumped at her. As she sagged, Vi bucked her hips and lifted Riven’s over her shoulder, tossing her on the ground. Riven, however, wouldn’t let go of her… her arm grabbed onto Vi and hauled her down with her, driving an elbow into Vi’s breasts and making her scream, and Vi drove her forehead into Riven’s nose. The white haired girl drew back, stunned and shaking her head as Vi pinned her arms down and locked her legs around Riven until the girl was at her mercy.

They were both panting by now… Riven squirmed and wriggled but she couldn’t get herself free. Vi only had one free hand in this position, but she drove it into the other girl over and over, squeezing tighter with her legs and holding her locked in place. In the next moment, she struggled to get herself free. Riven tried to kick the woman, and one of her legs worked free enough to hit one of Vi’s knees and make her lose her balance. Rather than struggle to hold on and probably topple, Vi released her grip immediately, rolling to the side with the force of it. Riven sprang up just an instant before she did, jumping away just as Vi launched herself back toward the other woman, fist leading.

The punch drove Riven into the ropes, and she bounced right back into the followup even as Riven countered and her fist smashed against the pink-haired fighter’s jaw. Taking advantage of the sudden opening, Riven threw Vi to the ground, and before she had any time to stand back up the other woman had jumped on top of her, kicking at her, driving her foot into her side. Vi screamed in pain as she tried to shield herself, and got kicked across the face for her trouble. She grabbed one of the kicking legs and pulled… that shouldn’t have worked. It was a panic move, but Riven, maybe exhausted, maybe overwhelmed, lost her balance and topped, falling onto her side. Vi powered her way up, grabbed onto the fallen Riven by her hair in one twisted fist, and punched her across the face before she started driving her knee and foot into everything she could find… slamming into her over and over again.

Riven was helpless, breathless, limp in Vi’s grasp, but Vi just kept screaming, kept hitting her… lost in the tiny shred of power she had left. Tears of pain rolled down both of their faces, and Vi knew that she had already won, but she kept kicking Riven anyway until the woman collapsed, completely limp. As Riven stopped struggling, Vi tossed her down and jumped on top of her, and had time for one brutal shot to the face before Ahri’s tails wrapped around her and threw her bodily across the ring to slam into the ropes. “Good,” the gumiho said with a pleased smile. “Perfect. I guess even a dumb animal can do something right from time to time.”

Slowly, Vi pushed herself up as looked over as Ahri grabbed the barely conscious girl by her hair, lifting her up like she weighed nothing. The girl dangled limp from Ahri’s fist, panting and weak and bleeding from… well, tiny trickles were bleeding from all over the place, and her skin looked like one big bruise. She was exhausted and battered and there was no doubt that she was beaten and thoroughly defeated. Looking over, Vi saw some new people stepping out of the darkness at the corners of the room and walking toward the boxing ring… students that she recognized, some of which she recognized well. Her eyes went wide as the sight of some fellow athletes watching this… but even if she wasn’t gagged she had learned better than to call out by now. They had been invited, and they had watched.

They wouldn’t be helping either of them.

Working together, Nidalee and Ahri bound Riven up before tossing her to two of the men to carry and turning their attention to Vi. She found herself hogtied in quick order, her wrists bound together and then tied down to her knees before she was put into the arms of Warwick to carry. Both girls were taken out of the room and into the locker room, then dropped down just inches from one another while Ahri and her sycophants moved around, preparing something. Vi couldn’t move or squirm or speak… so she just had to wait, wait while the ropes cut into her skin and her bruised limbs began to cramp from the tight bondage. Despite that, there was no use crying or asking for help… she had no option but to submit to whatever her owners wanted for their pet. They spent a few minutes laying there together, Riven making soft, pathetic sounds that made Vi feel like a piece of shit, before the group came back to get them… a group of men and women that were going to doubtless be the ones to punish Riven for losing. A bunch of strong, muscular, and angry-looking students, and the way they looked at Riven honestly gave Vi chills.

They were there to rape the shit out of Riven… the price to pay for having lost her fight to Vi. The price that she had had to inflict on the woman.

The group walked towards her, and Vi knew all four of them… fellow students. Most of them were already erect looking at the two women at their mercy. Wukong was a hairy motherfucker… thick fur covered most of his body, but his eyes were almost glowing with hate. Shyvana seemed to actually be glowing… the veins in her neck and legs where they emerged from beneath some armored plating. The half dragon’s eyes were glazed and she looked high, but a thick, armored cock hung between her legs like a weapon. Next to her stood someone that Vi was especially concerned to see… Jax. She knew the man hated her… had hated her since she had arrived at the academy, and Vi never quite knew why. He had been the former top fighter of the school, she knew, but Vi had never boxed him. Lastly, behind him, there was a hulking mammoth of a man nearly seven feet tall, with red hair and bulging muscles. Animal ears of some kind came out of his hair, but Vi didn’t know his name… she had seen him around a time or two, but never spoken with the man.

The men carried Riven towards one of the benches where they proceeded to shift her bonds so her ankles were tied behind her neck. The posture exposed both of her holes and breasts and left her all but completely helpless, hips and arms tied down to the bench beneath her, tits swelled black and blue out between her legs. As Vi looked over, Wukong stood in front of her already, more than prepared to start fucking her holes. “Hey, bitch,” the buff monkey said with a sneer, his voice dripping with contempt. “You remember me?” He slapped his hand down on her pussy, then drew back and did it again, her crotch growing as red and angry as the rest of her with each blow as he hit her just as hard as Vi has been punching her earlier. Riven grunted, struggling against her bonds while his fist smacked against her poor pussy until it was crimson. “You still think you’re better than me, cunt?”

Then he ran his hand to his bulging cock, and with no further warning, he shoved a huge, red, bulbous cock that had to be at least 9-inches long into her asshole. Riven gasped… he hadn’t bothered to lube it first beyond what his slick, disgusting body produced, and she wasn’t remotely prepared… His dick was much too big for her asshole, but he didn’t care. Tears rolled down her eyes, but he slammed into her as hard as he could. In his mind, hurting her worse was worth a little pain. With the rod inside her, swirling and throbbing and pumping in her ass so hard it burned, each thrust made her body shift a little more uncomfortably, made her arch on her back a little further, rocking back, until her well-groomed crimson pussy was in full view and her hands were held together behind back in an agonizing posture that his weight forced her into.

Wukong snarled, bearing fangs and spitting as he fucked the life out of her. Riven screamed in pain, and each sound that she made seemed to fuel the ape… he sped up the thrusting as if Riven’s screams were his preferred meal. Vi watched it all even as Nidalee pulled her up to her knees just a few feet away. “Your job,” her owner told her, whispering in her ear, “is to keep this going, as long as you can. When they’re soft, you make them hard again. When they’re sloppy, you clean them up… understand?” She paused, looking at Vi stare in horror as the horrific rape Riven was experiencing, then slapped her until her eyes focused on the cat. “Do you understand, animal?” she said, slitted eyes narrowed.

Vi nodded slowly, trying to swallow. Clean them… fluff them up, so they would be ready when it was their turn to rape the other woman. This was all her fault, Vi reminded herself. It was Riven’s fault that she had ended up here. It was her fault. She sat there, on her knees, ready to clean Wukong’s disgusting cock whenever the man finished, but he seemed to have endless stamina fucking her. He shoved his dick back and forth relentlessly, occasionally punching down to hit her pussy again. Riven could not stop groaning… his fingers and cock were so brutal as they both abused her, fucking her pussy with his fingers in between punching her as he raped her ass wide. All around her, the others were stroking themselves, waiting their turn until Wukong slowly started to groan, and Vi realized the monkey asshole was at his edge. He leaned forward and grabbed onto her tits like they were handles as he began fucking like a machine, slamming in and out and in and out with inhuman speed, over and over and over and OVER. When he finally slowed down, it wasn’t a mercy at all, just a way to make himself last longer inside her as he leaned down and put one of her nipples into his mouth, making Riven scream in pain as he bit down. “You think Ahri would really care if I bit one of these off?” he hissed as his cock continued grinding away at her rosebud, demolishing the muscles that kept her tight one thrust at a time as the helpless girl suffered.

Vi didn’t have too much time to focus on that any longer, however, because Jax had stepped up to her… grabbing a fistful of her hair and taking control of her head. Vi had to suck him and please him… humiliating as it was, being the fluffer for this gangrape was much better than being its star herself. She tried to think of it as a reward for her victory.

It felt like ashes in her mouth.

Soon, it felt like something else in her mouth as Jax slapped his cock against her open, restrained lips. “Do your job slut!” Jax slapped Vi. Not once, either, or softly… he slapped her over and over again, forehand and backhand both, not once, not twice, slapping her until her cheeks were crimson more than they were bruised. She could not watch what was happening to Riven directly anymore… she had to do her “job.” His cock stood at attention for her, hard, thick, and pulsating. Her eyes grew wide as she looked upon it. Eight inches in length and maybe two and a half inches in thickness made her stomach knot right up. She nervously swallowed, and he raised a brow at her, watching her with a slight hint of amusement in his expression and voice as he looked down. “Stop playing games and take it, you stupid brat. Worship it… like it’s your god. Show it a good time and prove you’re good for something.” Before she could protest or say another word, he reached behind her head, lacing his huge fingers in her pink hair and pulled her forward sharply, dragging her lips down his length one jerk at a time as the pulsating head of his cock slipped into her mouth.

Drool pooled in her mouth and it took all she had not to let it spill out of her mouth as she was impaled and let it drip down all over her in humiliating fashion… instead, she did her best to swirl the spit and her tongue around his dick, coating every inch of his rod so slowly with the liquid. She looked up at him, watching him as he intensely stared at the drool pouring over his cock. He had his lip between his teeth, a hand moving to grasp the base of his cock as he pulled her mouth lower, slapping his sticky tool against her cheek to leave a trail of saliva.

“Open wide, slut,” he said mockingly, one hand momentarily pulling at one of the leather bands holding her gag in place. Then he pulled her mouth down, smearing and pressing the head further, forcing her tongue to yield to his advance as he went deeper, deeper, deeper. Within seconds, the thick head of his cock was pressing against the back of her throat, four thick inches coated with her drool. The salty, sweaty taste of his skin coated her tongue and she groaned, a shiver of disgust charging through her as she closed her eyes.

“Very good!” With his fingers tangled in her hair, he yanked her head back and forth slowly, just like he liked it. “You can do something worthwhile. Stuck up slut.” What was he talking about, Vi wondered helplessly as he moved her, her cheeks sucked in and hollowing as she tried to suck, her tongue stroking the underside of his cock side to side. She could feel the thick vein of his shaft as her tongue slid over it, the way it pulsed with pleasure from the slow movements of her mouth, guided by his expert hand. As he pulled her up to the head, she let out a loud slurping sound, lavishing the head with tender licks, swirls of the tongue, and pressured slow sucks.

Riven was straining against her bonds, thrashing and screaming as she was fucked by both the fingers in her pussy and the thick cock in her ass, neither lubed at all. She made a tortured sound with each thrust of dick or hand, sometimes grunting, sometimes shrieking in pain. When Wukong pulled his fingers free, he gave her several hard slaps across her ass, leaving it further reddened and sore before he thrust his fingers into her mouth, scraping her cunt off them into her mouth before he began fucking her pussy with them again.

Vi watched all this while she sucked the dick of the huge fighter. “Focus on what you’re ordered to do, slut,” he commanded, and Vi suddenly jerked as he slapped her across the face hard. “This is why you’re nothing as a fighter.” He ran his fingers down to her nipples, rolling one of them between the fingers of one hand. Teasing them, turning them on. As the nipples slowly hardened, Jax tugged them and pulled them out. Vi struggled in pain. Her scream was silenced by the cock deep in her mouth… only an odd, gurgling, wet growl escaped her throat while tears fell down her eyes due to the immense pain. She shook her body hoping that Jax would release her tits, but he wouldn’t let them go until he had decided she had enough. “You really think you’re the school’s top fighter?” Jax growled, squeezing harder. “Just because you beat the fucking cat?” Finally, he released her nipples and slapped her tits one after the other. Vi would have fallen to the ground beneath the man’s blows if he hadn’t grabbed her hair, pulling it into a fist and yanking her towards him. Vi looked at the man, knowing she had a pathetic look in her eyes as she looked up at him submissively as if to apologize, but unable to help it as she softly wept. “Nidalee wasn’t the champ,” Jax growled. “I had to take a fall for her. Had to swallow my pride and lose when Ahri called… and then you… you beat that slut senseless. Made me look like a pathetic little bitch, but you can’t hold a goddamn candle to me, slut!” Instead of showing mercy, he held her hair in a fist and pulled her head into his dick, burying it inside her throat. Inch by inch, his thick length vanished down into her gullet. Vi violently gagged, but Jax didn’t care… he brutally face fucked the girl, clogging her throat enough that she couldn’t even scream… she just had to take everything as she shook in her kneeling hogtie. Vi choked with every movement, but she had been well trained by now… she sucked and licked on everything he gave her like an obedient slut… like an obedient animal. Jax “rewarded” her effort with harder thrusts and pinching her nipples the second she did anything wrong. 

Next to her, Wukong kept fucking Riven as brutally as he could. Deeper and deeper he went as the noises she made became more filled with pain and more horrible for Vi to listen to. He sucked and squeezed and bit and tortured her large breasts, pulling back with his teeth to drag them away from her chest. His swinging balls slapped against her ass like a hammer with each thrust, his length buried deep inside her as he began to fuck her like a senseless, lifeless sex doll… just a delight for his amusement. Wukong showed her no mercy whatsoever… with each second, he only picked up speed and brutality, never decreased it, and before long Riven was screaming with each hammering thrust into her asshole. Riven was so exhausted, so helpless, so… pathetic. She was bound in place, too tightly to even move, and her body was being used for the amusement of people she hated… not even the people responsible for putting her here but their lackeys as she was whored out for Ahri’s amusement. She screamed for release as the huge, cruel monkey destroyed her anus, hoping someone, some god or student or teacher or someone would show her mercy… but Wukong had no mercy towards her. Vi didn’t know what the man had against her, but his obvious sole intention was to beat her senseless… he hated her, so he was going to hurt her, but found her attractive so he was going to do it with his cock. Riven could not help from making horrible sounds as each thrust forced the air from her lungs, turning every motion into a pained grunt as he fucked the air out of her no matter how strong she tried to be.

The man continued to fuck her asshole furiously, and everyone present could tell that he was getting close to cumming. When his orgasm came, he groaned, cumming inside her as Riven jerked with each spurt of his hot load shot into her ass… the monkey grunting even as Vi’s heart broke at the tiny sob that Riven made. Wukong kept squeezing and abusing her tits until his dick was completely spent… only after it was and he had drained every bit of his balls into her clenching ass did he pull out his leaking cock and slap it against her abused pussy a few times. Her asshole already looked so enlarged by the brutal dicking of the monster. “Fucking slut,” he hissed as he beat it down on her pussy like a club.

Then, suddenly, Jax yanked Vi off his dick and headed over to Riven even as Wukong walked towards Vi to take his place, his disgusting, dirty cock swinging half-hard before him. She didn’t even get the chance to catch her breath before he started to face fuck her. By the time Jax was buried in Riven’s ass… stuffing his hard, spit-slicked dick into her sore asshole and fucking her as brutally as he could, Vi was already gagging and retching at the revolting taste of Wukong’s dick and trying not to think about where it had just been. She couldn’t stop sucking him, so she all she could do was try to ignore the foul, humiliating taste of his cum and Riven’s violation. Nidalee knelt down behind her, grabbing onto both of her breasts as she whispered into Vi’s ears. “If he find a single speck still on his cock when it comes out, I swear to you that Caitlyn will be where Riven is tomorrow… I swear it, you dumb beast.”

Vi licked and sucked harder.

Meanwhile, while she humiliated herself, Jax’s dick was making loud, wet squelching sounds as his dick ripped its way through the squeezing muscles inside Riven’s guts. He took total advantage of the helpless girl, and all the time, Vi kept cleaning the monkey’s red, rubbery dick. She swirled her tongue around it, digging her tongue into every crevice and bump on his length, trying to get it all even as her stomach roiled and rebelled… sucking and swallowing all the cum and dirt off of his dick. She sucked him until she could taste nothing at all foul anymore… and her relief at knowing that she had succeeded was matched only with the horror of knowing that she really had sucked him clean of all that nastiness.

Then, while her tongue was playing over his head, Wukong suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her head into his shaft, fucking her face with her dick. Vi choked. She felt as if she could not breathe. But he continued choking her as Jax raped Riven’s ass, matching Wukong’s pace as he fucked Vi just like the animal her mistress insisted she was. She didn’t know how long he fucked her in a breathless, choking frenzy before the monkey released her hair and walked away… only for someone else to step up.

Shyvana stood before her.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the half-dragon rested her cock against Vi’s lips and the pink-haired girl flinched away. It was hot! It felt like there was fire burning just beneath the surface… sucking on it would feel like giving a blowjob to a curling iron. She looked up, begging… but she couldn’t protest as Shyvana, wordlessly, pressed her dick back against her mouth and lips, pushing into the held-open mouth. Vi felt the woman’s unnatural prick burning her, but with the half-dragon’s hands gripping the back of her head she could do nothing but force herself to lick and suck and hope she would get it over with before she was badly burned. Knowing this, Vi threw herself into her efforts, sucking and licking enthusiastically, pleasing Shyvana and preparing her dick to be the next to rape Riven’s holes. Jax was still inside the other woman’s ass, fucking her senselessly, and Vi thought she could hear slaps as he fucked her, but her attention was focused on the burning as Shyvana grabbed her hair into a fist and pulled the bulging, hot shaft of her prick into Vi’s loosened throat and rammed it into her. It felt even worse than she imagined it would to have a hot poker shoved down her neck. Vi struggled frantically, but Shyvana fucked her mouth with no control, no care for the damage she could be doing… her eyes rolled back in her skull with wanton, wordless lust. “Now that’s a fuckhole,” she said, delighted with herself, clearly worked up to the point she didn’t even see the suffering Vi. “That’s a perfect little fuckhole… thank you Ahri… this is delightful…” She was too lost in her own world to show any kind of mercy towards the girl. One of Shyvana’s hands returned to slap and fondle her own swollen tits while she forced Vi to deepthroat her, and all the while Riven screamed and suffered while Jax tortured her tight asshole. Shyvana made Vi suck her dick in a rhythm… She shoved her head back and forth, and each time the tip of her unnatural, scorching penis hit Vi’s throat, Shyvana shuddered in absolute ecstasy. “I wish I could waste an orgasm on you, precious,” Shyvana said, her voice like pebbles rattling around in her throat, low and growling and filled with need. “But the Kind Mistress Ahri was clear… Riven only.”

Jax stroked his dick into Riven so hard that the bench was creaking while Vi’s lips and tongue burned, and Nidalee occasionally slapped her tits or pinched her nipples since Shyvana was too absorbed in her own pleasure to make Vi perfectly miserably by herself. Vi was in immense pain from the heat even without Nidalee’s hands on her, but something about the completely unnecessary, additional torture was even worse… she was already suffering more than a human should ever have to, and she couldn’t even scream. Why was she doing this?

Because you aren’t a person. You’re just an animal.

The thought came unbidden, and Vi wept as her spit sizzled on Shyvana’s length, the cock frequently pulling back enthusiastically enough to drop hot droplets onto Vi’s large breasts.

When, finally, Shyvana stopped face fucking her, Vi thought an eternity has passed, and it was only when the burning rod was taken from between her lips that she realized that Jax must have cum. Shyvana was heading over to fuck Riven.

Vi watched, tears in her eyes and her tongue still boiling hot, as Shyvana climbed onto the bench before Riven, stroking her own dick twice before she sank it into her Riven’s pussy in a single thrust, and the white-haired girl’s abrupt, high-pitched shriek told Vi that she hadn’t anticipated the horrible heat of it anymore than Vi had. She was brutal as she thrust her dick into Riven’s pussy with reckless abandon, her scorching fem-cock burning Riven’s flesh even as her abused, punched, battered hole was forced to split for her.

“Hot! H-Hot! Gods, stop it!” Riven was screaming, but even that was nothing compared to a few strokes later when Shyvana pulled out her dick without warning. Riven wept as the cock came from her cunt, but she clearly had no idea what was coming next like Vi could clearly see… she was completely absorbed by the pain coming from her burned-feeling pussy.

“Sluts like you annoy the kind mistress,” Shyvana growled. “Sluts like you need to be taught a lesson.” The half-dragon stroked two fingers into her pussy hole and another one finger into her asshole, shoving all of it into Riven in the same rhythm. “Stop your whining,” Shyvana said as she spanked her and pulled her fingers out. Spitting on her pussy hole she forced her hot bulge hard against it. Riven screamed in pain as she thrust her way inside, hurting her so dearly. Again came the mechanical fucking while she laid there like a sack and let her get on with it… the white haired girl had no choices left.

She didn’t deserve this.

The thought wasn’t a pleasant one to Vi. If she thought this was all her fault, she could stay strong. She could blame the other woman and knowing that her suffering was just. She could stay strong but…

She didn’t deserve this.

Riven suffered as the hot cock thrusting in and out of her made each bit of her flesh burn in pain. Eventually, she pulled out and Riven thought that would be it… but she was wrong. Her dick was covered with Riven’s pussy juice, bubbling as it slowly boiled off… getting rid of the only lube she had. Shyvana stroked her dick again until it was dry, and only then did she shove it back into Riven and pump her like a machine. Riven could not stop screaming. Every bit of her body ached due to the senseless fucking. Shyvana clearly was enjoyed her pussy, her long, serpentine tongue hanging from her mouth… the half-dragon fucked Riven’s cunt out of control, almost like some kind of sexual lust demon satisfying its unnatural desires. Riven was so exhausted from the fucking that she practically lay limp, but Shyvana fucked her mercilessly anyway… the woman did not cut the exchange student even the slightest slack, not even for a second.

Meanwhile, Vi had her own problems… she had to clean Jax’s dick off. It was covered in Riven’s ass and his cum, and an additional treat… more of the monkey jizz she had already sucked down. It didn’t matter. Riven was suffering worse… She took his dick without protesting. Vi didn’t have to be told… she explored his length with her tongue until she was confident it was clean, then without being ordered she began face fucking herself on Jax’s length. After she had started, his hands once more found its way into her hair, pulling tighter than he had before, and she didn’t mind, nor try to move her head away… this was her fault. She had subjected Riven to this fate. It had saved Cait… but she had elected to save her by dooming Riven. If she had to make the same choice again, she would…

But it had been her choice. She wouldn’t flinch away from that.

Jax guided her, pulling her face into his dick and making her take his full length. Vi didn’t even resist as she was brutally face fucked, her face bobbing back and forth, slurping when she could, getting the bare minimum of air that she needed to stay conscious more by sheer luck than by design of her rapist. Her lungs burned every time she was held down on his cock for too long and dark spots appeared in her vision, but she continued her ‘eager’ pace… maybe she could make herself black out. She pushed herself back down and his hand came down on her head, holding her tight to his groin. “That’s right, take it,” Jax growled with pleasure. “Take it like you mean it, slut! Now this is the passion of a fighter… maybe if you were less pathetic, if you felt this strongly about anything other than whoring, you could’ve amounted to something.” His body shuddered with pleasure as her tongue lashed at the bottom of his cock and her throat clenched around the head, all the most sensitive parts of him being pleased by Vi’s sexy body.

It would have been easier if she was only face fucked by Jax… but she was caught completely by surprise when Nidalee’s thick, barbed cock started forcing its way up her ass. She yelped as much as she could around the cock stealing her breath as Nidalee growled into her ear. “I said that Riven was going to be the one to get fucked,” she said softly. “But I fuck my animal when I want to… and seeing you suffer like a sexy slab of meat is just too much.” Her shapeshifted dick throbbed inside Vi’s tight, dry, unprepared ass hole as the barbs on her dick seemed to scrape at her, even as Nidalee began bucking her hips against her kneeling victim.

Seeming unaware or just uncaring of how Vi was suffering horribly with her asshole being stretched, Jax bucked his hips fast against her face, using her mouth as just another hole for his pleasure as he groaned and shuddered heavily. His fingers gripped her hair tighter than before, like he was hoping to tear it from her scalp, and the only times he took a hand out of her hair was to pull it back to slap her across her cheek. She couldn’t really suck or lick at his dick anymore… she could just get helplessly facefucked while Nidalee’s enormous cat dick stuffed her defenseless asshole fuller than it was ever intended to go, fucking the pinked-haired girl senseless. Soraka’s last healing must have further tightened her up because she could feel her rose bud ripping due to the brutal fucking as cruel barb after cruel barb slid past it. Nidalee fucked her like a stupid, worthless sex toy, and Vi honestly felt like one… Each stroke from her Mistress was harder than the previous one as she fucked the sanity and life out of the athletic girl.

Vi screwed her eyes shut as she suffered, Jax face fucking her so hard that she couldn’t breathe at all anymore… forcing down the fear and misery and the need to gag and the desperate, desperate, desperate need for air as he dominated her cock-sleeve of a throat faster and faster. Jax’s voice was a deep growl, snarls escaping his lips as they peeled back, baring his gritted teeth in a rictus grin. He held her head and pulled his dick into the back of her throat. She choked. He slammed it inside her. She choked again. Her eyes almost popped out as he rammed it into the back of her throat, her lips coming to rest against his balls, her nose crunched almost flat against his abdomen. Vi swirled her tongue around him, not out of a desire to pleasure but simple, random spasms as she struggled against every inch of his dick. Nidalee kept thrusting hers into Vi’s ass hole and spanking her cruelly, and it seemed like there would be no ending to Vi’s latest rape. She just kept spanking the girl, pumping her dick into her harder and deeper. The flesh inside her guts felt like it must have been churned into meat by now by the senseless fucking and still Jax did not stop fucking her throat for an instant… He was entirely focused on his own pleasure and the torment of his pink fuck-toy.

Vi had no choice but to submit to all the torture. Pain in her asshole grew second after second, growing and growing and growing until it dominated her soul. Even though her whole body cried for mercy, neither Jax nor Nidalee were ever going to stop until they were satisfied with torturing the girl every possible way.

And why should they? She was just a pet. Just an animal.

Jax pulled her head into his bulging cock, sending the head exploring the backmost of her throat. His balls locked against her lips, and her soft flesh caressed it. Willing or not, thinking or not, Vi took it all like a good little whore… like a good little slave. He kept squeezing her nipples until she swallowed everything and cleaned his dick. “Good!” he said at last… and only then did he let go of her nipples and Vi panted and gasped as for the first time in what felt like years she didn’t have a cock in her mouth, watching dully while Jax left her to head to Riven, her body rocking as Nidalee used her to milk herself to climax.

At long last, she felt her Mistress’ seed spilling inside her. “That’s a good pet,” Nidalee whispered, patting Vi on her sweat-soaked head as she pulled out, letting her seed and what Vi felt horrifically sure must be her entire insides drip out of her ravaged hole onto her feet and ankles. Vi did not get to look back and see what kind of mess Nidalee had made of her, however… she didn’t even get time to breathe properly before the last man walked up to her.

Meanwhile, Shyvana had pulled her dick out from Riven’s pussy. The hole seemed so scalded that it was almost as crimson as the scales on the half-dragon, but that didn’t stop her from slapping the cunt. Shyvana drove her hand down on her five times, THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD. Riven’s whole body shook with pain each time and each and every one of them was harder than the last. Tears rolled freely down her eyes… but it was nothing compared to what happened next as, without warning, Shyvana pushed her hot-iron of a cock into Riven’s asshole.

Riven screamed like she was being murdered, but it didn’t stop the half-dragon – Shyvana ass fucked her so brutally that it was like she was trying to stab her cock all the way through her. As her dick fucked her asshole, her fingers thrust into Riven’s pussy just as violently as her cock had. The sensitive, burned flesh was being tortured almost as badly by her fingers, only barely cooler than the monstrous cock was. Riven didn’t stop screaming, begging with incomplete words and senseless fragments for it to stop… her voice exhausted and weak. Shyvana, however, showed no signs of even listening. She fucked Riven’s ass like a woman possessed, and the flesh burned beneath her dick. The lust-crazed beast thrust her dick back and forth, making the white-haired student take her full length with each thrust, making her swinging balls slap against her ass cheeks… and from the sound they made, they were just as hot as the rest of her.

In Piltover, Vi had watched trains… had marveled at the pistons, the sheer unstoppable force driving them onward. Shyvana reminded her of those engines now as she fucked Riven, an unstoppable machine as she raped the other girl with no control and no mercy as if she would die tomorrow and wanted to get in every last use she could. She slapped Riven’s ass in excitement, holding Riven’s hips and pushed her dick into her as deep as she could. Then she pulled out her dick and shoved it back into the fighter’s pussy, sawing back and forth to the sound of fresh screams. After four or five strokes she shifted the hole again… sinking again deeper into Riven’s asshole. Riven cried in pain. Over and over she did this, a random number of thrusts in each, before her cock finally rested inside Riven’s cunt as its final destination. Shyvana stroked into her a few more times, harder and deeper than ever before, and then finally with a monstrous growl from her dark lips she came, dropping seed like lava deep inside Riven’s cunt to splash against her womb. As Shyvana pulled out her bulge, it was covered with Riven’s juices as well as her own cum. Shyvana’s girl cum dripped down from Riven’s enlarged pussy while the immobilized girl trembled and shook with the pain.

As Shyvana’s hot prick fucked both of Riven’s holes mercilessly, the huge Vastayan man’s even larger cock fucked Vi. His dick was… almost literally unbelievable. It seemed more like an arm to Vi… it filled every single bit of her mouth, scraping against her teeth even with her mouth held so thoroughly open. Taking the dick should have been absolute misery… it should have busted her throat apart. Instead… he was almost… gentle. Vi was desperate to keep him that way. Taking that dick could actually kill her. She sucked and licked his dick, desperate to please him, to make him aware he didn’t need to shove that monster down her throat, and the pink haired girl whimpered as he held her hair and guided her onto him… but even then, he was gentle. He didn’t pull at her hair. He didn’t ram his way forward. He just guided her. When the very head of him popped into her throat, Vi took it willingly, sucking down the drops of his pre-cum as his head swelled and throbbed beneath her tongue.

“You’re a fucking wuss, Sett,” Jax spat, but the big man didn’t seem to pay any attention… as soon as his cock was as hard as it was going to get, he pulled it from Vi’s mouth and walked towards Riven… which unfortunately meant that she also saw Shyvana returning to Vi to clean her dick while the Vastayan took his turn.

Sett grabbed Riven’s ass cheeks with his hands and gently spread her open. With how she had been scorched and burned, there was no way this was ever not going to hurt… but he did his best anyway. A light moan flew out from his throat, seemingly unwillingly as his huge dick pushed as tenderly as it could into her pussy… but Riven screamed in anguish anyway. He was just too big, her pussy too sore. No matter how gentle, it hurt to take that monster dick. Slowly, as mercifully as he could, Sett grunted as he started thrusting his cock into her cunt. Even though his strokes were gentle, not like the senseless and merciless thrusts of the others, Riven still cried in pain as his huge dick made her flesh stretch to its limits. He kept fucking her gently, but Riven couldn’t stop screaming. As the speed grew his balls banged her ass, but Sett was not even half as brutal as Wukong and Shyvana as they’d fucked Riven earlier. “Please…” the white-haired girl said. “Please, no more… stop… just stop… please… it’s too much… it’s just too big…”

Vi could have sworn she saw Sett wipe away a tear… but he didn’t do what he was ordered to. Tears rolled openly down Riven’s cheeks as he sped up more… He held her ass up with both hands, and pushed himself into her. He was still gentle on the raped girl. He didn’t want to slap her or cause any more pain, his dick already plainly torturing her. He fucked her pussy hole at a gentle slow pace.

Meanwhile, Vi had started cleaning Shyvana. Her dick was covered with sticky goo. Vi being a good slave, she sucked and licked everything out from Shyvana’s hot dick. Her lips burnt and it tortured her, but she didn’t protest. The pain seemed almost just, now. This was what she deserved. It was just her role in the universe. If she didn’t suck the dick clean properly, she would suffer. Caitlyn would suffer. Caitlyn not suffering was all that mattered. She had failed to protect Lux. Failed to protect Riven. Failed to protect herself. She could still do something, anything, to protect Caitlyn… she wouldn’t fail. While her lips felt like they burned, she ran her tongue all around Shyvana’s dick… sucking and swallowing the juices and cum. Shyvana held her hair into a fist making her take the full length. Vi cleaned her balls with her tongue without complaint, licking until she couldn’t even feel anything with the numb, scorched muscle anymore. Before she was even half done, she saw Wukong was ready for his turn to be sucked, so Vi sped the cleaning as much as she could… She sucked every bit of Shyvana’s hot cock, drinking all the dirt and cum and spit and anything else. Her lips burnt, her throat ached, but she took it.

Sett was still fucking Riven’s pussy gently. Juices were running down her pussy lips continuously… it was clear his gentleness was doing something at least… but she was still making sounds of anguish at each and every stroke. Her whole body had become numb due to the bondage. She squirmed and struggled to get free. But she had no single chance. Sett fucked her sore bruised pussy hole with his huge monstrous dick.

Then Ahri was behind him, one hand on the huge man’s neck.

It was almost comical. The gumiho was maybe half his size… but Sett froze as Ahri touched him, shivering. “I am amused by those sounds of pain, I admit,” the fox said coldly. “But you aren’t even trying. I think you aren’t taking me seriously. Would you like to see how you got conceived, Sett? Would you like to see the sort of things I can do her?” She growled. “Rape. Her. Ass. Hole. Hard!

Sett swallowed. “Yes… mistress…” Sett said softly. “I’m… I’m sorry…”

Then Riven began to scream as his huge cock forced its way up her ass. “Aaagh! Get it out, get it OUT!”

“Faster,” Ahri said as Riven shrieked. “Faster. I said faster! Right! Like that! That’s how you rape the class whore… is that really so hard?” All the while, Riven screamed as his enormous cock destroyed her anus, helpless to do anything about it as she was obscenely stretched.

Vi had finished sucking on Wukong and he was impatiently waiting for his turn while she was getting Jax hard again, his dick all the more disgusting for his obvious hatred of her. Vi didn’t think about that… didn’t think about how it glistened with her spit and his precum… she just kept stroking it into her throat, sucking and licking every bit of the man’s cock. The other athlete grabbed her hair and pulled her into his dick, impaling her as he forced his balls into her mouth along with his cock. The complete stuffing of her mouth blocked her breath, her nose buried in his pubic hair. With the gag in, he didn’t even have to fear her teeth as he slapped her, pulling her throat entirely onto his length while her tongue played over his nuts. Vi couldn’t even struggle or react for the slaps even though they were so painful. As the dick went deeper and deeper into her she felt everything around her going dark… at last… Her whole body was so exhausted…

Suddenly, Vi opened her eyes to a loud scream, it took a few seconds for her to realize what was going on. She had passed out… and it was Riven, shouting while Shyvana was fucking her. To her horror, she realized it wasn’t even Jax inside her anymore… it was Wukong, cleaning his cock again on Vi’s tongue and lips. How long… how long had she been out?

How many times had they fucked her now?

Vi drifted in and out of consciousness… she had no idea idea how many times the monsters had raped Riven and used her throat as their toilet and masturbation sheath, but from the pool of cum beginning to gather beneath the white-haired girl she figured it had be six or seven rounds by now. The poor girl looked so fucked up… cum was dripping from every hole. Even her lips at this point… she was covered in their cum, plastered with it. Vi could sympathize… she was so exhausted from the brutal fucking that she couldn’t even feel her own body anymore, and she was only needing to… mostly… take it in one hole except whenever Nidalee or Warwick felt the need to stuff her pussy or ass. The rape had continued for hours. The brutal group of Ahri’s handpicked cocks had to have abused the two helpless girls in every possible way by now.  Riven looked like one huge bruise, and Vi figured she was only responsible for half of that.

Wukong was deep inside her when it happened. “You think you’re so special,” the monkey was mocking. “You think you’re so special. You should have just let it lie!”

Riven spat a mouth full of cum into his face.

Surprised, Wukong actually fell backward, falling off the bench and staining his fur in the puddle below while Riven spat the taste from her mouth. “You’re a piece… of shit… and a coward…” she hissed out. “A scavenger picking at the bones of your betters… such as they are.” She didn’t… quite… look over at Ahri as she said it. “You think you’re better than me? You’re a bull and an ass, and you have lice that are worth more than you are you ugly son of a bitch! You are a disgusting piece of shit, Wukong!”

Wukong rose up, shaking the scum ineffectively out of his fur. “What the fuck did you say slut!!!” Wukong snarled, losing it completely. He drove his fist into the bound woman’s stomach. “If I’m a piece of shit, what does that make a condom like you, huh? What the fuck does that make you?!” His cock sank back into her asshole as he began raping her with furious abandon while he kept beating her. “Look at you! You can actually be tight again like this!” He drove his fist into her again. “You stupid. Worthless. Cow! Take it! Take it all you fucking slut!” Wukong spat, continuously punching her in her tits or stomach while he fucked her asshole senselessly.

Riven couldn’t help but scream, but she turned them into exclamations. “Fuuuck! You! Fuck you! Fuck you!!!”

Her swearing and screaming only seemed to drive the ape on. “Take it slut! You deserve it! You are nothing but a worthless! Fucking! Doll! Take this! And This! And THIS!” he said, punching her across the face. One strong hand grabbed her throat, squeezing it, actually stroking up and down her neck like he was jacking off his dick. Riven choked, and Wukong continued to squeeze as he raped her sore asshole. Thankfully, he came fairly quickly. “Don’t think I’m anywhere near done with you!” he spat… but Ahri stepped forward.

“Enough,” the gumiho said coldly. “I’ve seen what I needed to know.” She looked over at Nidalee. “Get the whore cleaned up.”

Jax pulled out of her mouth as Nidalee grabbed onto her pink hair and dragged her over to the bound Riven. “Lick. You know the rules. Not a fucking drop. The monkey, too.”

By now, cleaning Wukong’s disgusting prick was almost routine. Less so was having to suck the scum out of his fur… but she did that, too, as best as she was able before the monkey shoved her away and stormed out in disgust. Hoping that Nidalee wouldn’t hold his childish rage against her efforts, she lowered her head down between Riven’s spread legs. Vi was exhausted, her entire body was sore, and she could barely even feel her tongue anymore… but Riven was in even worse shape. Vi sucked and licked at everything… One lap of her sore tongue at a time, the strong, athletic, broken pet swallowed all the cum left behind on and in Riven and cleaned up her fallen friend. She tried to be gentle, but Riven still moaned sometimes when Vi’s lips hit something especially sore or bruised… she tried to go easy.

Vi started from her abused pussy. The lips of the ravaged hole were nearly crimson red beneath the stain of men’s cum, completely soaked in the seed and reeking of it. The skin was irritated and bruised, her thighs had red palm marks from where they had been grabbed, and her pussy looked like Vi could fist it. The pale exchange student had been fucked utterly senseless… and it was Vi’s fault. She licked at Riven’s pussy lips… cleaning all the cum and juices out of the ravaged hole, sucking and licking everything she could find. She had no choice but to swallow it all, but Vi tried not to think about it as she stroked her tongue into her pussy, pulling out the cum sticking to the walls of the white-haired girl’s cunt. Riven moaned as Vi’s tongue hit her flesh inside her vagina, sucking and licking up all the sticky goo.

As she fully cleaned and swallowed everything left behind in the woman’s pussy, Vi moved into her ass hole. It had been stretched even further than her cunt, if possible… Vi ran her tongue around the rosebud in circles while Riven moaned in pain. Her skin was badly irritated due to the senseless raping, but there was no helping it. Vi reluctantly inserted her tongue into her anus and cleaned the walls inside, taking all the disgusting issue of the men into her as she drank every drop of the sticky juices. They tasted and smelled so bad, all mixed together like this and churned, but Vi didn’t protest… she just kept licking and sucking until this hole was as clean as the last one had been. She left not a drop behind, and by the time she was finished Riven’s holes were clean and shone with Vi’s spit.

It was the least she could do. After all… Vi was pretty sure that Riven hadn’t tried to win.

Nidalee was grinning. “Ahri said I needed to feed you better. I decided to take it to heart. I hope you enjoyed your feast…”

It was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it.

If Riven kept repeating it to herself, she might even believe it.

She didn’t understand it… but yesterday, while she had been tied up in the dark of the chest Ahri kept her in whenever she wasn’t actively hurting her, she had suddenly heard the words in her head… as clearly as if they had been whispered in her ear… could feel Ahri’s pulse of arousal at each of Nidalee’s words. “My boyfriend really likes your best friend’s holes, so it would be cruel to get rid of her, but you know what a fuckdoll doesn’t need? Limbs… and enough brains not to spend all day drooling. You lose… and she’ll lose both. Get it?”

She had thought herself just dreaming… but then just an hour later, Ahri had freed her from the dark and announced the coming fight… the same one she had heard her owner talking about, the same one that Nidalee had been threatening Vi about.

It was her Ki… she was sure. Something had happened that day she had spent with Ahri her Ki, her very life, had somehow been tied in with Ahri’s. And when Ahri was pleased, when she was aroused… Riven could feel it.

Taking a fall was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do… she could have stayed on her feet. Vi had almost nothing left… the poor girl wasn’t even allowed to eat. Instead, when she had been shoved, she had let herself fall. Let herself take a beating. Let herself suffer the consequences.

And now she was half dead. As Ahri tugged her towards Soraka’s room by her hair, dragging the exhausted, weakened student down the halls of the school she dominated without a second care, Riven just kept repeating it to herself.

It was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it…

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