Black Fur, Black Heart 1 – Love and Trust

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For reasons that will become clear, this story requires a disclaimer beyond the normal. There is a difference between BDSM and abuse. If someone treats you like this, you should get help.

This story immediate proceeds Finding Avalon


The knot in the selkie skin was beginning to slip by small degrees as Yuki twisted and struggled on her own bed. Merielle watched it happen from the corner of her eye while her tongue caressed her bound mistress’s pussy. She’d already given the fox three orgasms, and it was even odds whether she’d manage a fourth before the knot slipped completely and Yuki freed herself. This worship of her slit had become a familiar task by now, and though Merielle went at it with enthusiasm, care, and devotion, just as her mistress had trained her to, it was rote enough to let her mind wander to other places while she knelt between the woman’s legs on the bed.

This was crazy. Really truly crazy. A small – but steadily growing – voice in her head had spent the better part of an hour telling her that she should turn and run while she had the chance. It had graduated into a blaring siren by now, begging her to flee even if it meant leaving behind her skin and any hope of ever regaining her true form. In two minutes, maybe less, Yuki was going to break out of her bonds, and then the nogitsune was going to hurt her. There was no question about that. Her mistress already enjoyed hurting her any time day or night, for no greater reason than to watch the selkie cry. And now? After Merielle had tied her up in her sleep, disobeyed a direct command, challenged her to break free and punish her? Yuki wouldn’t just make her slave weep for this. She’d make her scream.

Half of her wanted to obey that panicked voice. She didn’t think she had any chance of actually getting away if she ran, but it might buy her a few hours if she was quick enough, maybe even a day or two. She also weighed the merits of begging for forgiveness and mercy while she still had the chance. Yuki had never demonstrated much interest in either, but there was a first time for everything. But all that was only half of her. The other half of her… wanted to tug on that knot and speed things along.

There was something really wrong with her. Merielle didn’t know if it was something that Avalon had done to her during the brutal training she’d endured for months, or if it was some inherent flaw that she had only recently discovered. But there was definitely something wrong. Romantic love wasn’t supposed to be anything like this. She hadn’t experienced it herself before, but she’d heard enough stories to know that it was meant to be something sweet and slow and gentle. It didn’t involve ropes or whips or being ordered around. But when she tried to picture having that kind of relationship with Yuki, it felt empty somehow. Hollow. Whereas their actual relationship was scary and painful and degrading… but the thought of what Yuki was going to do to her when she broke free was making the selkie’s thighs damp.

Yes, definitely something wrong with her.

The selkie’s tongue proved the winner of the impromptu race, and the knot on the sealskin was still holding by a hair as the fox moaned in orgasm. If Merielle was going to run or beg, this was her last chance. Instead she found herself blowing soft warm air at Yuki’s clitoris before delicately teasing the throbbing love button. There was no chance she’d bring Yuki to another orgasm before she broke free and put a stop to things, but it felt wrong not to try. The anticipation of watching the knot slip was making her heart pound painfully in her chest, so she closed her eyes and focused on the task in front of her.

She felt the bed shift, and heard a triumphant cry from her mistress, and then Merielle was being hoisted in the air. She opened her eyes to find herself hanging upside down above the bed, held there by two black furred tails around her ankles. A third wrapped around her wrists, pinning them behind her back.  “You insolent little slut,” Yuki growled. She’d rolled off of the bed and was now standing next to it, their heads at roughly the same height with one another. “Someone needs a lesson on who’s in charge here. A lesson she’ll never forget.” If Yuki had been angry, Merielle would have known that she was in for a bad time. But the nogitsune wore a smile on her face, which meant that it was going to be much, much worse. “Do you have anything to say for yourself before I pound you into next week?”

The selkie ran though her list of options quickly. Apologizing, begging, promising to never do anything like this again… but when her mouth opened, none of those safe or sensible things came out of it. “You taste wonderful, mistress,” she said instead, and licked her lips.

The flash in Yuki’s eyes nearly made the selkie cum right then and there. As it was, she couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her thighs together. This was going to be terrible and painful and she wished she were anywhere else and she couldn’t wait.  Maybe all the times she’d been choked had caused brain damage. That made sense.

“Alright, you suicidal selkie slut,” Yuki breathed. “You want to eat out my cunt so badly? Get to it.” She lowered her tails to bring Merielle’s head to crotch height. The redhaired girl eyed the wet slit in front of her. It was close, but not close enough to reach with her tongue. Should she-

Yuki buried her right fist into Merielle’s solar plexus, and all the breath in the selkie’s lungs exploded out. The blow was powerful enough to send her entire body swinging like a pendulum. As her momentum shifted and she swung back towards Yuki, the woman met her with her left fist, sending her reeling again. “Come on, punching bag,” the fox snarled. “Get that tongue back where it belongs!”

Yuki didn’t let up or slow down with her punches, and soon Merielle was rocking violently back and forth, her torso aching and her head dizzy. Her mistress wasn’t going to stop, she realized. Not until her selkie slave did as she was told. So the next time her body swung close to Yuki, Merielle leaned in as quickly as she could. A moment later she was flying backwards again, feeling like she’d just taken a sledgehammer to her stomach, but not before managing to get the fox’s pussy a quick lap in passing.

It was an awkward and uncomfortable position to please her mistress, but pain was an excellent motivator. Before long, Merielle was managing to latch her mouth to Yuki’s slit on every pass. She had to work frantically, trying to make the most of every too-brief cunnilingus session. There was no time for dignity or technique, only passion. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she desperately slobbered over her mistress’s pussy, giving it sloppy deep kisses that left her face plastered in spit and Yuki’s juices. Her own pussy was throbbing like mad, and she could feel it drooling down her front.

Yuki must have noticed too, because without warning one of her tails lashed the selkie directly between the legs, drawing out a scream. “Masochistic bitch,” Yuki spat, and lashed her again. “Don’t you dare cum before your mistress does!” Despite her order, her tail was doing more than just striking her spread slit. It rubbed against it after each blow, sliding the soft, shaggy fur across her sensitive skin. Merielle’s legs began to twitch helplessly with pleasure. It would be so easy to give in to it and let herself cum, but the selkie forced it back. Yuki was right: the mistress should finish before the slave. It wasn’t a fear of punishment that drove her. Merielle wanted to prove that she could do this. That she could be everything Yuki needed.

Her mouth attacked Yuki’s pussy hungrily. Her head was swimming, her jaw was tired, her stomach felt like she’d been run over, and her pussy ached with almost as much pain as it did lust. She wished she could stay like this forever. Her mistress’s pussy was gushing as hard as her own, and Merielle felt a weird sense of accomplishment about that. She’d caused that reaction. She was being a good slave.

Despite all her best intentions, the redhead was increasingly uncertain that she could hold her orgasm back much longer. Just when she thought she’d reached the point of no return, Yuki locked her thighs around her neck, trapping Merielle’s head against her crotch. “I’m sick of your teasing… little slut…” Yuki said, panting. The selkie gratefully began to make love to the fox orally. Now that she wasn’t limited to half-second bursts, she applied everything she knew to her efforts, along with her own urgent need. Yuki’s breath caught, and Merielle felt a surge of pride at the familiar sound of her mistress’s orgasm starting.

Then she shuddered and gasped as Yuki stopped thrashing her slit in favor of stuffing her tail into it instead, a second tail just as eagerly cramming itself into her asshole. The two tails fucked her holes hard and fast, but the sensation paled against Yuki’s mouth on her clit. The fox wasn’t being gentle about it. She sucked and bit on the already swollen nub, attacking it so fiercely that the attention was as painful as it was pleasant, and that made it all the better. The triple assault overwhelmed the selkie almost immediately, and she quivered as she and Yuki came at the same time, neither of them slowing or stopping what they were doing while white bliss washed over them.

Merielle felt completely drained when the waves had passed, but it was a good feeling. Even the soreness in her muscles tasted sweet and perfect as she hung limply in her bonds, awaiting Yuki’s next command. The only parts of her that still moved were her chest, heaving for breath, and her mouth, which was still wholly focused on the wet slit in front of her. Her tongue didn’t pause until Yuki tugged her away from it, raising the redhead back up to eye level. The fox’s expression matched what she was certain her own face must look like: eager, redfaced, out of breath, and hungry for more. “Do you trust me, Red?” Yuki panted softly.

The selkie’s instinct was to blindly say yes. If any of her past “lovers” had asked a question like that, rejection would have earned her a beating at the very least, and not the kind that she’d begun strangely enjoying. But she hesitated, wanting to give the woman an honest answer. Did she trust her? Common sense said that she shouldn’t. Yuki had manipulated her, taken advantage of her, raped her. Her actions were no different from the men and and women who’d used her at the brothel. No, hers were worse; the average customer at the brothel used her far more gently than Yuki ever did.

But there was more to it than that. They may have been less rough with her back then, but while they were inside her, it was like she wasn’t even there. Their eyes would stare right past her, sparing not a single thought about their entertainment for the night. That had been the entire goal of her training, to turn her into a perfect sex doll indistinguishable from the other selkies there. Yuki was different. Even at her cruelest, the woman always looked at her like she was seeing Merielle, not just a warm body that could be kicked and ordered around.

And as brutal as the woman could often be, Merielle felt oddly safe around her. Sure, Yuki might shove her face first into the ground and try to fuck her brains out, but she’d also helped Merielle when she didn’t have to. She’d rescued the selkie from Mordred, given her back her sealskin, even gotten her collar removed. Merielle still had no idea how Yuki had managed that last feat, but she knew that it couldn’t have been anything easy. She knew it had cost the fox something.

There was more to unravel about her feelings, but she was tired and horny and the way Yuki was looking at her made her insides clench. So she said “yes mistress,” knowing that the words were true even if she didn’t completely understand why yet.

Yuki kissed her slowly, as though she wanted to savor the selkie’s taste, and Merielle melted into it, meeting the woman’s tongue with her own. Then the fox reared back and slapped her, hard, before picking her up and hurling her bodily onto the bed. Before she’d finished bouncing, her mistress was crouched above her on hands and knees, pinning the selkie in place beneath her.  “That’s why you’re an idiot, Red,” Yuki told her, eyes glittering as she looked down at her helpless prize. “A gullible fool. I’m not some storybook prince who’s gonna whisk you away to a happily ever after. I’m a fire that’s going to burn you alive from the inside out, until there’s nothing left.” Her tone was harsh and her expression harsher, but she couldn’t stop her tails from swishing back and forth happily, or the corners of her mouth from twitching up.

She kissed Merielle again, more fiercely this time, and didn’t let up.  The selkie writhed in her embrace, returning the kiss just as hungrily as hands and tails played over her body. Some of what Yuki was doing was to hurt her, and some of it was to make her feel good, and in that moment Merielle had no idea which was which. She just wanted all of it and more of it. She didn’t just want to be with Yuki, she wanted to be Yuki’s, and bucked her hips against the woman to tell her so. From the way the fox shivered and her breath grew ragged, her mistress understood her loud and clear, and for a long time after that, there were no more words between them.

Later, much later, Yuki snored softly as she laid next to the selkie. The bed had been… compromised during their session, so the darkhaired woman had dug up a futon and laid it on the floor instead. The fox was the only one on it; Merielle had been ordered to sleep on the floor beside her, without blanket or pillow. The floor was hard and the night cold, but Merielle didn’t feel a bit of it, not with Yuki’s warm tails wrapped around her to make the softest bed she’d ever known.

The selkie’s body ached pleasantly and demanded rest, but she resisted for a time so that she could watch her mistress as she slept and marvel at how different she looked like this, without the weight of her experiences weighing her down. The woman Merielle admired looked innocent, even vulnerable, and bore no trace of the acerbic, often outright cruel expressions she favored while awake. She wore a look of contentment instead as she cradled the redhead within her tails.

Maybe Merielle really was crazy. Maybe in time she’d look back on her choice to stay with Yuki and label it as the worst decision of her life. But for now, she felt no regrets about the past or anxiety about the future. She snuggled closer to her mistress, breathing in her scent as she let sleep claim her. She knew that she was right where she belonged.

Chapter 1 – Love and Trust

One Year Later

Yuki had started feeling it when she woke up that morning, and it didn’t fade… a hollowness in the pit of her stomach, the start of a headache. It wouldn’t have been a big deal… but she had lived with that tiny pain for five hundred years. The hollowness of her fire being gone.  It meant that she needed another victim… and Yuki’s plan to get one was simple enough: Merielle equals bait.

“Come on, all you have to do is look pretty,” she said to a cautiously perplexed Merielle as she walked her down the street. “Just, do what you always do.”

Merielle sighed. She was a bit hesitant… but not surprised. This had started so innocently, too. She needed some money. She wanted to buy… something… and she didn’t really have any way of making any money. In order to get it, she needed to go through Yuki… and her mistress had laughed when she asked, then said that she would help her earn some money alright.

Yuki… She did this a lot, making a plan for something without asking Merielle for any kind of input, or even telling her about it. Yuki didn’t need her opinion… or more accurately, she didn’t want it. She never wanted it. Merielle knew that that shouldn’t bother her – she had committed to staying with Yuki, with being her slave, with being her anything as long as the beautiful fox would let her stay nearby – but it did anyway. She knew that allowing it to bother her meant she was being a bad slave, so she tried to push her doubts down, but some of it must have showed on her face anyway because Yuki stopped and stared at her. “What?” the dark-haired woman asked as she tried to examine Merielle’s thoughts through her facial expressions. Her own expression became sourer. “You don’t trust me?”

Merielle always wanted to trust her… but sometimes, the selkie didn’t know which Yuki she was talking to. There was a side of her that was petty and cruel, and when she was out the selkie found herself questioning how wise her relationship with Yuki really was. But the rest of the time was different. When Yuki was acting like herself, there was no one in the world Merielle would rather have at her side.

There was no question that she loved her mistress, and always would. She had complete faith in the woman as well, and steadfast loyalty, from the tips of her ears to the points of her black tails. But trust…?

Trust was increasingly something else these last few months.

The nogitsune rolled her eyes. “Oh, stop thinking about it. You think too much, you know that?” Yuki said impatiently. “I thought I trained you better than that.”

Merielle blushed, the crimson flush spreading across her face like a tide. She really had, too… in depth. Merielle wasn’t saying no… She just wasn’t saying anything. Yuki didn’t have to take that as a challenge, did she? “Yes, of course,” Merielle said meekly.

“Alright then. Follow me, Red,” her mistress commanded.

As they walked down the dark and wet street they veered off into a narrow alley, and Merielle hesitated for a moment before continuing to follow Yuki into the seedy, trashy passage. “What now?” Yuki asked impatiently. Merielle just looked at her for a second, then sighed and continued on, eyes sweeping around the pitch black alley. The redheaded selkie wasn’t able to make out what lay before her. She could only hear the quiet noises coming from the rodents that were rummaging through the trash bins.

“Geez, slut… you were brave enough to sneak the key out of a vampire’s suite for me, but you’re shaking like a leaf just from standing in an alley?” The dark-furred fox scoffed. “You’re supposed to be the brave one, right? Don’t fucking tell me you’re going to chicken out on me. Everything will be fine. I promise,” Yuki assured her with a smirk on her face as she raised her right hand in an attempt to swear an oath.

“Promise?” a nervous Merielle asked, seizing on the word.

“Well, yes. I hope. I mean… probably,” Yuki replied quickly.

Yuki wouldn’t really break a promise. She was probably just trying to be funny. Probably. Merielle wasn’t as certain of that as she knew she should be. She turned around to face Yuki and let her know about her apparent apprehension. It wasn’t fear of the unknown that she was feeling right now, or of the monsters that she now knew sometimes hid in the dark… those things didn’t particularly bother her. Her only real dread was Yuki’s impulsive behavior at times. The nogitsune’s pension for taking risks had been the main problem in the selkie’s life for most of a year now. 

“Oh, for fucks sake. Go!” Yuki demanded as she lightly pushed Merielle further into the darkness.

Merielle obediently walked a few feet, then paused to look back at Yuki. The athletic nogitsune wore a confident expression, lightly biting her upper lip in obvious anticipation. Despite her worry, that look on her face made Merielle tremble, and not entirely with fear… the naked lust in her eyes always made the selkie’s knees weak. Being with Yuki had its issues… but not being desired, not getting plenty of sex, certainly wasn’t one of them. The only issue there was that Yuki’s lust was well beyond normal… for her, pain and destruction were just as much a part of sex as hands and tongues were.

Some days, Merielle didn’t know why that didn’t scare her more.

Merielle didn’t understand how, but… Yuki didn’t just have an appetite for food, or pleasures of the body. She craved not just the flesh but also the life force that empowered it… Merielle had first witnessed it when Yuki was dragging her out of that inferno, and at the time it had been one of the most terrifying things she had ever seen. Since then, it had lost its shock… she had seen Yuki drain more than a dozen men.

What she’d done to them was murder, but… she’d had to do it, right? There was no sense being angry at the woman for eating what she had to to stay alive. Everybody did it. The best that the selkie could do was to make sure the people who Yuki ate deserved it, because the nogitsune was always hungry for more. No matter how often she had devoured the essences of prey throughout the centuries, whatever void was inside the dark fox was was never satisfied. No matter how much Yuki consumed, it was never enough.

The redhead knew better than to ask Yuki about any of it. How it worked, whether she’d always been this way… The woman didn’t talk about her past. Ever.

Merielle wasn’t hoping that Yuki would one day stop feeding on people. That would be a fool’s hope. This was just how the world was… Mordred had preyed on her. The humans preyed on what they could catch, and Yuki preyed on them in return. The years and years she had lived beneath the sea alone seemed hopelessly distant and idyllic now… but even then she had needed to eat whatever fish she could catch… this was the way of the world, everything was prey for something. And Merielle, who loved this woman… she was Yuki’s willing prey.

So, all she could do was manage Yuki’s cravings while at the same time absorbing her lust. And right now, that meant that she really didn’t have any option but to enter that alley and see what her mistress had in mind for her next.

The selkie bowed her head down, covered her pretty face with her jacket’s hood as much as she could, and began walking deeper into the alley. “Don’t be stupid!” Yuki demanded, “They won’t be able to see your face with that thing on!”

Merielle knew that if she’d didn’t obey and uncover her face a bit, she would have to deal with Yuki’s ire on top of whatever prey happened to show up in the alley for her. She relented and calmly pulled her hood back a little. The red-haired woman was stunningly beautiful… she knew that without ego. Most selkies were. Even if she couldn’t see it in herself, an… unfortunate… number of men had made it abundantly clear how much they appreciated her looks, ever since she was first pulled out of the sea in Ireland just under two years ago. In their own brutal way, they had removed all doubt that she was sexually attractive to people… but even if they hadn’t, she had seen the way Yuki looked at her. The nogitsune rarely called her beautiful, rarely complimented her at all, really… she simply acted like her slave was a prized possession, like a cut gem or a large pearl, and eventually Merielle had to admit that however beautiful the average selkie was, it seemed she was a cut above the usual. Her elegant red hair spilled down to frame her cute, fresh young face, and her bright green eyes glittered even in the deepest, darkest depths of the alleyway as she made her way in. She appeared to be maybe around eighteen years of age… but though Merielle had no idea exactly how old she was, she knew she was far older than that. Like all selkies, she would be able to maintain her stunningly young and good looks for her entire life, centuries or more. In her human form, Merielle had a heavenly body, full figured and large breasts and tall for a woman even if she was shorter than her nine-tailed mistress. Merielle didn’t fully comprehend the weaknesses of many human males or what it was about her that they would chase after… All she knew was that she was able to give them a rise and that somehow that pleased Yuki a lot.

And that was enough. Being useful to her mistress was enough. It had to be… that was a slave’s role. She could be a good slave for her mistress.

Merielle continued to walk down the dark alley as any remaining light slowly gave way to the darkness of the early, early morning. The more she walked, the more pleased Yuki seemed to become. That was good… she could do this. Sometimes, there wasn’t much more to pleasing Yuki than following her orders. Sometimes Merielle felt mad, but even if she didn’t understand it she wasn’t dumb enough to deny the truth… she was madly in love with the senseless fox. Ever since they had first met in Ireland, when Yuki had bought her for Mordred from the slave trader who had captured and raped her, Merielle wasn’t able to keep her eyes off the other woman. The more time she had spent with Yuki throughout the years since, the more her heart beat for the sexy fox… no matter how unbelievably bad of an idea it felt sometimes. Merielle wasn’t unaware of just how abusive Yuki was… her conscious mind told her that Yuki was no good. It was just that her heart sang the opposite. It reminded her of the pleasant times they spent together. All the times that Yuki made Merielle serve her in bed, all the nights she had spent on the floor, wrapped in her mistress’ scent… It was more than she had ever gotten from endless days and nights in the ocean, especially after she was suddenly alone. Merielle could… appreciate… being the nogitsune’s punching bag, so long as her mistress kept paying attention to her. Yuki was bad news but Merielle couldn’t walk away, even if everything else told her otherwise. 

With each beat of Merielle’s heart, she took another step forward into the darkness and hoped that this would make Yuki happy in the end. She couldn’t help but grow more apprehensive with every step, though. The darkness was dull and enveloping, a small damp, cold breeze washed over her, and her footsteps seemed incredibly loud to the selkie as she heard her mistress’ voice from behind.

“Keep going! I think they’re coming, Red!” Yuki said. Then, abruptly, the nine-tailed woman disappeared… the illusion around her becoming complete as Yuki vanished into the darkness. Merielle fought to keep her cool as she walked along the dark and now lonely alley, trying to remember that no matter how alone she felt, she wasn’t… the nogitsune was still here, still watching her. She maintained a cool composure as she remembered that, focused on it… focused on what she could do to make her mistress happy. Be bait. This was easy. She could do this. Yuki had found a few bad men, and she was going to seduce them with her vulnerability, draw them into the alley… and then Yuki was going to take them down long before they had a chance to touch her. Simple. Easy. Why was she trembling?

A bright light appeared in the alley from behind her, sharply illuminating it and exposing the brick walls, side-doors, and escape ladders that adorned the narrow passage. The light emanated from a pair of headlights of a dirty white van that was fast approaching towards Merielle. The lights seemed to keep getting brighter the closer the van got, forcing her to cover her eyes with her hands in order to keep looking in the direction of the approaching vehicle, just like a deer in the headlights. The van suddenly stopped and its engine turned off. As the vehicle rested only a few feet away from Merielle, the somewhat stunned selkie braced herself and awaited what would happen next.

A few moments later the doors were opened and a pair of men exited the van, leering as they slowly stalked their way towards Merielle. Living in Japan for the last year, she still hadn’t gotten used to recognizing the features of Asian men yet… but she was pretty sure she hadn’t ever seen either of them before. One was tall and skinny with a droopy face and a tiny nose, and the other was short with a small beer belly. As they continued to approach Merielle, however, while she might not recognize their features, she recognized the glow of alcohol on their faces, the danger in their eyes… the looks she had spent months seeing on the faces of men in the Mists of Avalon.

Merielle shuddered.

The skinny one was already sporting a large erection under his pants. His crotch was straining against the pulsating bulge that was begging to come out. The shorter man also had a very apparent bulge if not quite as big. “See, what did I tell ya!” one of them said with a surprised look on his face. “I told you she was beautiful.” Merielle strained to understand… she’d been taught plenty of languages during her brutal “training” at the brothel, but while Japanese was one of them she wasn’t very good at it. Even practicing with Yuki every day still left her grasp of the language weaker than she would like, and the slang that these two thugs were using wasn’t entirely clear to her. Their meaning was clear enough, however.

“Yeah,” the second one said. “The woman was right. Thought she was messing with us.”

“Nope. Looks like this is legit,” the first said with a chuckle.

“Yeah… damn… She’s so pretty,” his friend agreed, walking towards Merielle on a wider angle, helping corner her. “Where are you going, miss?”

Merielle didn’t know how to respond, but thankfully she didn’t need to. Instead, she slowly backed up, waiting for Yuki to reappear. Merielle didn’t need to even interact with the men… Yuki would without a doubt come back at any moment to take these men out and rescue her as well. But as the two of them began to slowly make their way towards the gorgeous selkie, their ugly faces were finally fully exposed to a horrified Merielle. As the men got closer and closer still, Merielle felt her nerves begin to fray more and more. When the men were finally a few feet away from her, a small panic began to take hold of the cool-headed selkie. Where was Yuki?

Merielle’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings on each side. The fox wasn’t anywhere in sight, but that didn’t mean much… she could vanish anywhere if she chose to. Merielle began to slowly step back along the wall as the men continued to follow her. As she kept walking backward slowly, Merielle didn’t give up hope that Yuki would suddenly give up her invisibility, jump out of nowhere and rescue her. Yuki had a habit of showing up at the very last minute, but Merielle was getting the dreaded impression that it was probably way past the safe point.

Her nerves utterly shot, Merielle abruptly turned around and ran further into the alley and away from the van. The men began to give chase after her… she couldn’t go the way she had come with how the van and the men conspired to corner her. Instead, she ran as quickly as she could down the side street, still hoping that Yuki would save her and stop these assholes in their tracks.

Then she suddenly crashed unexpectedly into a chain linked fence that ran across the alley. It was a dead end! She turned around to face the ugly men once again, watching as they stalked closer, slowing down their chase now that they saw the redhead had nowhere to go. “Whatcha doing, foreigner slut?” one of them asked. “Don’t be scared! We don’t want to hurt ya, do we?”

“Nah,” said the other. “Though you probably won’t be walking so good for a while.”

Merielle silently prayed to every god and goddess she knew… and to Yuki herself… that her mistress was about to pop out right behind them and end this… but no matter how much she actually begged or prayed the men were still only a few inches away. They were still turned on. They still wanted Merielle. The two men suddenly grabbed her forcefully and yanked her arms out, intending to drag the panicked girl all the way back to the van. The selkie fought, trying to escape… but she couldn’t as she was being dragged along by her long red hair and her upraised arms. She resisted and twisted in their grip, but she didn’t scream… Yuki wouldn’t want her attracting others. She would be coming for them now, right? Surely she would be… She kept looking for Yuki who still hadn’t reappeared… Things were not going as planned!

When they made it back to the van with the horrified Merielle in tow, one of the men opened the side doors and they both shoved her in. Once inside they bound her legs and hands and gagged her with duct tape. The short man began to undress her while she continued trying to fight back.

“Aw, come on!” one of the men complained after being kicked in his side, grabbing her leg and pinning it down. “Don’t be such a party pooper. We’re gonna have a little party. Right?” The other one gave a creepy nod of agreement.

Merielle kept trying with all her might to get away, but it was hopeless. She grew even more terrified at the sight of the skinny man getting undressed and taking off his shirt and pants. His large erection popped through the fly of his ugly, stained boxers. His hard cock was thick and veiny and adorned with thick, unkempt pubic hair… the hard shaft cast a shadow on Merielle’s pretty face as he hovered over her, approaching the bound selkie. She tried to slide away as much as she could but he quickly got her and pinned her down on the van’s cold metal floor.

“Come here you!” the skinny man demanded as he slapped Merielle across the face with his dirty hand. He placed her head next to his large erect member and made her take a nice long gaze, wanting her to get familiar with the instrument of her pending torture. He grabbed her by her hair and pushed her beautiful face into his smelly crotch, slapping his cock against her fresh features. He began to hit her nose lightly with his fuck-stick before sliding his tight foreskin back to reveal the shiny mushroom head. The short man took the opportunity to forcefully undress Merielle, carelessly ripping apart some of her clothes and underwear and pulling them off her body until she was completely naked.

While the sexy redhead struggled helplessly, the skinny man used his erection to slowly trace Merielle’s neck and chest. As he got down to her tits he made his hard prick slap them lightly, enjoying the sight as each slap made her melons quake and jiggle.  Merielle again resisted only to have the short man forcefully restrain her and hold her down to allow his buddy to finally feast upon her innocence.

“Go for it, man!” the short man insisted as he remained behind Merielle, continuing to hold her down.

His friend set his attention to her cute pussy, decorated neatly by a lightly trimmed bush. The skinny man went to work on the selkie’s mound, shoving his mouth into her pink lips while the short man began to stroke himself as he removed his pants. Merielle tried her best to repel these ugly men who were taking advantage of her body, trying to slither away several times, but she was forcefully returned to endure more every time. At this point, she would have screamed if she could… but with the tape over her mouth, she couldn’t make more than panicked squeals until the men got what they wanted from her. The shocks of unwanted pleasure coming from Merielle’s pussy as the skinny man kept making his tongue dance inside her tight hole began to cloud her mind and she lost herself in the moment. Her gagged mouth meant that she couldn’t speak nor make any other noise except to hum her conflicting cries of mortified fervor.

Merielle was petrified that her mistress Yuki was failing to reappear and end this nightmare… but horribly enough, she realized that she really wasn’t that surprised. Had she not been good enough? Had Yuki abandoned her? No, no way… she couldn’t believe that. Still she tried to make excuses for the nogitsune, trying to figure out what had happened. Had these men been part of a larger group? Had they captured and overwhelmed her mistress as well? A nauseating sense of dread took hold of Merielle after realizing that thought. She might really be helpless… and so might her lover.

Her thoughts, as it turned out, couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Merielle struggled on the floor of the van, still hoping for Yuki to show up and rescue her. Little did she know, Yuki was already there… watching everything. In fact, the nogitsune was enjoying the spectacle through one of the windows, still invisible behind a veil of witchfire to prevent herself from being noticed… just leaning against the van’s windshield and watching like it was a show put on for her personal amusement. Yuki’s face lit up with a bit of satisfaction as she witnessed the men attempting to have their way with her slave. A nice long smirk grew on Yuki’s cool face as Merielle continued to struggle, to pray for help.

The nogitsune sighed with pleasure, her tails twitching behind her as she licked her lips. Yuki was getting a real kick out of seeing her submissive lover being forced down on the floor as the two ugly goons began to have their way with her. She could intervene at any time and put a stop the whole charade, but… why would she? Merielle existed to please her, after all… and she was certainly enjoying the spectacle. Watching Merielle helplessly being violated was making her cunt clench and drool, her entire body shuddering with the pleasure of it.

She was going to rescue her, of course. She’d never let the men actually keep her… but the whole scene was just too exciting to stop now.

Yuki was more than pleased as she saw the redhead’s face began to show some real horror to go with her pain. The invisible fox was fixated on Merielle’s submission to the ugly goons. The pain and suffering of her slave turned her on, and her pet selkie was never prettier than when she had tears in her eyes. It wasn’t like Merielle hadn’t asked to be here, after all… if and she didn’t like it, the selkie bitch could just vanish into the ocean and go back to where she belonged.

Even with all the delirium that made her somewhat weak and beside herself, Merielle was able to muster the strength to burst out from the floor and managed to get herself to the doors of the van. Yuki was taken aback and a bit surprised by how her submissive lover was able to leap from the floor all bound and gagged. However, the nogitsune’s smile widened even further as she witnessed how the two goons were able to manhandle Merielle and subdue her back onto the floor.

“The fuck you think you’re going?” The short man snarled, starting to viciously assault Merielle by way of punishment, punching her several times with his fist… driving it into her stomach over and over again. “Why do you make us hurt you like this, huh?” he spat, continuing to beat her as his words mocked the woman. They were making sure that the selkie wasn’t going to escape until they got to fuck her at least once… and they had all night. Merielle was forced to resign and give up fighting as the men continued their aggression. “God damn you fucking slut! Fucking stay right there!” exclaimed the short man as he held her down like before. He welcomed his buddy who was still hard to go ahead and fuck Merielle good.

The skinny man lathered up his hardness with some spit as he knelt down in between Merielle’s legs. Yuki was very eager to finally see her lover get raped by the dumb gangster hooligans. She was thrilled to see how hard the skinny man was as he laid his cock into Merielle’s sweet small pussy.

The red-haired selkie’s head leaned back in misery as her pussy got stretched by the skinny man’s large dick. He began to pump her pussy with brute force, as quickly as he could. After a few seconds, the dumb thug had to stop and remove his boxers as it was getting in the way, revealing a large tattoo of a green and red dragon that traveled from his abdomen down to his hips and across his groin. Yuki sighed and shook her head at the goon’s incompetence… she had spoon-fed them the sexiest bitch either of these two Yakuza had ever seen into their hands, and they were still halfway to fucking it up.

Yuki didn’t look away from the scene, even as the selkie was beaten and raped and it was her responsibility for making it happen… no, the nogitsune thrilled in witnessing how Merielle was being treated. It’s not that her lover deserved this treatment or that she was being punished, either… Far from it. Merielle was totally loyal to Yuki, and she’d been good. Her affection and obedience to her mistress was never really in doubt. This wasn’t any kind of punishment, or a test of love or anything of the sort. It’s just how love was. Love wasn’t just about sacrifice… what Merielle was doing for Yuki as she allowed herself to be raped by the ugly goons was great and all, but it wasn’t enough. Love was pain. If anyone were to love Yuki, they must hurt.

The skinny man continued to massively savage Merielle’s insides, loudly moaning and groaning inside the rocking van. From the looks on both their faces, his large cock was beginning to pulsate as the sweet sensation of her lover’s tight hole squeezed on him. His sweaty thin-framed body gave way to shocks of pure ecstasy as he wadded a huge load of jizz inside her wet pussy.

Merielle squirmed with disgust and horror as she felt his warm seed permeate the walls of her cave. No doubt she was confused why Yuki wasn’t coming to stop the men from raping her. She wanted to know why Yuki would allow those grisly human men to continue to debase her. She should have paid more attention… Yuki was doing this because Merielle loved her.

And because it turned her on, of course.

Yuki could clearly see how much pain Merielle was in, but still the sadistic fox didn’t move a muscle as the short man grabbed Merielle by the neck and threw her against the side of the van. She was pinned against it by the short goon’s sheer force while he vigorously licked her nicely rounded tits. He alternated between sucking her pink nipples with his dirty mouth while his hands put painful pressure on her perky melons. Merielle tried to pull away… but he was just too strong for her.

“Fucking whore! Calm down! You’re gonna love it more than you hate it,” he said with wholly undeserved confidence. Yuki still stood there, watching with great gratification. She had undone the zipper on her pants and stuck one hand down them, fingering herself while she sat on the van’s hood, watching it all play out… incredibly turned on by the rape-show taking place for her exclusive amusement. She gasped in arousal and pleasure as the short man took another swing at Merielle, slapping her across the face several more times.

There was no point hiding herself anymore. Yuki let the magic slip away, the illusion evaporating as she allowed herself to reappear. No one was paying attention to her, anyway. Her sight and mind was still focused on Merielle’s suffering, and her fervor was still on high as she was elated watching the poor selkie being punished by the men inside the van.

The goon’s doughy ass jumped up and down as his hard dick painfully penetrated Merielle. His pelvis slapped against hers with each and every thrust as he continued to hold her down by her neck… but even so, as her face tilted to the side, the selkie could finally see Yuki’s delight through the window. The way her eyes went from relief, to confusion, to horror as she noticed how her mistress wasn’t moving an inch and was apparently enjoying her rape, almost made Yuki cum right there.

Merielle’s eyes begged for Yuki to stick with the plan and to finally intervene. Through her eyes, she was trying to tell her mistress that enough is enough, that it was time to make it stop. Her wistful look radiated her painful submission, almost like a penitent at prayer. Yuki was her mistress, that look said. She always was and always would be. So please help her.

As Yuki’s eyes were glued to Merielle’s, her glee slowly melted away as she focused on the selkie’s soul through her eyes. She could feel it… actually tug on it, ever so slightly. Could feel her pain… her vulnerability… her helplessness. For centuries as a slave in Mordred’s tender care, she had not been permitted to cum… the vampire asshole had forbade her from enjoying the utter sweet sensations of her own orgasms. As his sex toy, she wasn’t meant to bring pleasure to herself, only to him, so she had been without that pleasure for more than five centuries… exempting those that she had cheated from that freak of nature in the Paradisium, at least. Now, it was almost like she was making up for lost time. Yuki’s body began to tense up as she felt a huge orgasm swell outward from her inner self.

Yuki let out a few strong shocks, biting her lip to keep from crying out and spoiling the show too early as she continued to finger herself mercilessly. Now that she was able to enjoy the pleasures of her own orgasms, they were a reminder of her own independence and freedom… powerful and fulfilling.  Her intense orgasms made her body shake and her ears quiver as all of her nine fox tails unfurled and swung to the waves of blissful pleasure. Her body was built like an athlete’s, her healing metabolism ensuring that her muscles hadn’t atrophied in centuries of missed training and practice, and every one of them tensed up and released. Her black ears fluttered to each shockwave that her body relished.

Yuki sighed in exhausted pleasure as her climax subsided. She was still feeling tense and turned on, though. She looked inside the van to see how the short man was still hammering away at Merielle’s little pink pussy. Seeing her pet being torn up like that continued Yuki’s exhilaration…

But it was Merielle’s look of submissive despair that finally motivated Yuki to make her move. She sighed. “Fine, you big baby,” the nogitsune muttered, sliding off the hood of the van and straightening her pants, covering herself back up again. Her black fox tails extended to their maximum, stretching almost like someone cracking their fingers as she prepared herself to step in. Yuki was a bit taller than Merielle and more athletic, stronger, but she still didn’t look like most people’s idea of threatening. For all the world, she looked like a million other random athletic Japanese girls, taller than most, stronger than most, but ordinary. She was able at times to ease any further threat with her huge piercing blue eyes, distractingly blue… resembling that of a pair of large ocean blue diamonds more than human eyes. She didn’t look dangerous to most.

Most people were very wrong.

As the short man pulled his dick from Merielle, his buddy joined in as they both jerked off to spit out some more jizz for the sexy red-haired foreigner. They began to furiously beat their hard meat. The goons kept pumping their hard-ons as they inched closer to the edge. Their cocks got harder and harder as they felt cum begin to boil up from their balls, churning with eagerness. As they each began to fully drain their milky seed onto a defiled Merielle, Yuki grabbed onto the edge of the side door of the van and slid it open. The men were too busy groaning and moaning to their orgasms to notice the confident nogitsune that soon invaded the van. A moment later, each of them was grabbed by three of Yuki’s strong tails, slapping them both against the van wall before they knew what hit them.

They were taken by surprise as they faced Yuki. “What the fuck!” one of the men screamed. “What are-” Her tails squeezed, and his words cut off as the pressure became totally unbearable. Before the men even had a chance to figure out what the hell was going on, how their lives had moved from the euphoric highs of fucking the most beautiful woman either of them had ever seen to the terror of being attacked by a youma, Yuki felt for their souls with her fire and pulled. The two of them let out breathless… and brief… screams as she felt their life force blend with her foxfire, felt it be quarantined away from her and stored to be taken by… by whatever took it.

Yuki tried not to think about that too much.

She dropped the men on the floor like used, damp rags, and they didn’t move.

As Yuki drew her attention from the used men on the floor of the van to Merielle, she noticed how horrified the selkie really was. After all, she’d just been raped by two male strangers. After finally approaching the selkie, Yuki took the pleasure of quickly removing the tape from Merielle’s mouth, which left some stinging pain on her lips.  Her pet turned to look at Yuki to register her displeasure, beginning to open her mouth to protest.

Yuki didn’t let her. She kissed the selkie, pressing her lips hard against hers and invading her with her tongue, smiling as she felt the submissive girl hesitate for only a second before she began kissing her back. “See, Red? Told ya it would work,” Yuki said confidently. Still, she noticed how Merielle was mortified by what just occurred. She rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on. Stop being such a bitch. Nothing happened to you. You’re still alive, babe. They didn’t have any iron… you’ll be right as rain in a few minutes.” It was true enough… the bruises on her skin were already fading. Selkies, like most fae, were almost impossible to hurt in the long term without iron to assist… within a couple more minutes, she’d be almost as tight as a virgin again, and Yuki wouldn’t be able to see any signs of what had happened to her… save for the trickle of cum out of her hole. “You can be such a whiny little baby some times.”

Yuki plucked the van’s keys from one of the men’s pants, climbing over the seat to get into the driver’s chair, leaving Merielle to try to regain what composure she could, and did her best to ignore the sounds of her slave-girl crying in the back…

She didn’t want to get distracted and need to cum again, after all.

As the van rumbled to life and left, a shadow detached itself from the wall, staring down the alley while the beat up vehicle chugged out of the narrow passage and turned out into the road, leaving a pair of bodies laying by the dumpster in its wake. Nine tails lashed in agitation in the shadow’s wake as it looked down at them and took on an almost pensive, hesitating quality. More dead men. Bad men, but dead nonetheless.

The woman stepped forward, out of the darkness as the fox stood over the dead, staring down… and back in the direction the van had gone.


She reached down and slid her hand over the men’s eyes, one at a time… closing them. She suspected whatever afterlife was waiting for them wouldn’t be a kind one, but she hadn’t chosen their path in life. She also hadn’t chosen to end it.

But she hadn’t stopped it either, and her tails flicked once more in obvious agitation as she yet again wondered if that was the right choice. Her gaze was pulled back to the direction Yuki and Merielle and their stolen van had departed as she pressed herself back into the shadows. A second later, nothing in the alley moved.

“Sure looked to me like you enjoyed it more than you care to admit,” Yuki told Merielle bluntly.

The selkie blushed. “That is not true,” she muttered… weakly. Merielle hadn’t enjoyed being raped by the pair of uncouth goons at all, but it seemed that Yuki was determined to misinterpret everything she tried to say. No matter how hard she tried to tell the nogitsune that she was hurt by what had just happened in that horrible alley, nothing she could say or do convinced the dark haired woman otherwise. She seemed oblivious… willfully oblivious… that Merielle was upset.

“Whatever… you looked hot back there with those two men,” continued Yuki as she drove in the dawning morning.

Merielle felt horrified at what she was hearing… She couldn’t believe her mistress’ nerve. She knew painfully well that Yuki enjoyed getting her fucked, that it aroused her to see her get stuffed, but to bait her into being savaged by a pair of human rapists? Sure, her body was unharmed, but healing hadn’t erased her memories of what they had done to her. The physical scars couldn’t stick to a fae body, but it was the ones on her heart that hurt the most… and sometimes, it seemed like that was the sadistic fox’s favorite type.

She had looked away as her heart ached, but looking back, she could see that Yuki was even smiling a little… no doubt still aroused by what had happened and uncaring of how her cold words were squeezing Merielle’s heart. She wasn’t even paying much attention to her driving as they sped through the gates of Kayoichou Park, driving the same white van that Merielle had been raped in.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about,” Yuki chuckled. “It’s not like you haven’t been fucked before… you don’t have to whine about it.”

Merielle sighed… then swallowed. Enough was enough, and she just… she just couldn’t take anymore right now. “Stop the car, Yuki,” Merielle demanded. “Stop!”

“What for?” asked Yuki without shedding her stupid smile.

“Just… Stop! Stop the car!” Merielle insisted.

The nogitsune rolled her eyes, but pulled over, stopping the van nearby a patch of beautiful rose bushes. Before the vehicle had even come to a complete stop, Merielle threw open the passenger side door and got out. She walked away quickly through the park without looking back.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Yuki asked plainly as she stood by the front of the van.

Right after they’d fled from Mordred’s brothel, Yuki had kept her as a veritable sex slave for three months… and despite herself, Merielle counted those months as some of the best of her entire life. It had ended with almost certainly the greatest thing to ever happen to her, the night that Yuki had freed her from her iron collar that had been imprisoning her since the day she had been pulled from the sea and given her back her skin. During that time that they lived together, Merielle had grown even more in love with the crazy fox, and she had thought that night was going to mark the start of a new, marvelous chapter in her life. Instead, it had marked the beginning of the year-long nightmare she was trapped inside. She didn’t understand how Yuki could be so cruel… but occasionally, there came a point that not even Merielle couldn’t stand to be around her anymore.

That was a failure of hers, she knew. Yuki’s expectations were clear… and Merielle had chosen to stay, so it was her fault that she couldn’t make the nogitsune happy. Merielle, for the life of her, always tried very hard to please her mistress… but increasingly the selkie began to doubt that she was capable of it. Surely it was possible for Yuki to be pleased, but… Merielle couldn’t do it. Everything she tried just seemed to make her angrier, or more distant.

Merielle had tried to look at Yuki as a glass half-full that she was pouring water into, each act of submission warming her heart and strengthening their relationship little by little. But every day she became more and more fearful that no matter how much she tried, Yuki was a bottomless glass that could never be filled. Or maybe she could, just not by Merielle. Maybe all this time Merielle hadn’t actually managed to add a single drop. Maybe her willing submission wasn’t enough to touch her mistress in the slightest.

She really was pathetic. Hundreds of selkie slaves had managed to please hundreds of men, but she couldn’t even please one woman she loved.

These and other dark thoughts stormed around the selkie as she walked away from the white van as quickly as she could, unable to even look at the despised thing any longer. She didn’t know where she was heading… All she knew was that she needed to get away. The park had an extensive array of roses and was one of the most exquisite rose gardens in all of Japan, and the smell of them covered her as she stepped deeper into the park in the early morning hours.

She didn’t look back… she already knew what she would see. Yuki would still be standing by the van, waiting while Merielle stormed off with a smirk on her face. It made the selkie feel like a child throwing a pointless, weak tantrum. After all, they both knew she wasn’t leaving for good. She was just being whiny and entitled, as Yuki would say. Being dramatic and causing trouble. Merielle felt pathetic, but… but what else could she do? The only alternative was to stay and keep listening to Yuki, keep being told that she was okay with this… and since she had willingly chosen to be Yuki’s slave, she was beginning to think that maybe the nogitsune had a point.

Instead, the selkie continued to give Yuki her back until she was entirely out of sight. Only then did she stop, tilt her head up, and allow herself to cry. She stood there quietly surrounded by an array of amazing and colorful roses, her senses completely overwhelmed by the calming beauty of the rose garden. The colors reminded her of summer in Ireland. She didn’t remember when she’d been born on the Emerald isles, but she distantly remembered what it had been like. If she tried very hard, she could vaguely remember days when she had been innocent.

Those days were long gone, but most of the time Merielle didn’t think she missed them. She wasn’t longing for a nostalgic past… she was wondering about her future, and whether Yuki, her mistress, would let her stay in it. She didn’t want to disappoint the woman but… it was so hard. All she could do at some moments was remain loyal to the woman she loved. Thrice now, she owed her loyalty to Yuki, did she not? Once when the nogitsune had pulled her from the fire. Twice when she had recovered her sealskin, now safe back in their apartment. Thrice when she unbound the collar and let her free. Thrice she’d been saved… and all she had to repay the woman with was her heart… and she couldn’t even get that right.

A scent caught her attention. Merielle opened her eyes and noticed a food cart setting up to her far left down the path… early in the morning for such activities, given that the sky was still more purple and grey than blue, but maybe that was common here… and even from over here she could smell the agedashi. Merielle’s mood brightened… Yuki’s favorite! Maybe a delightful snack for her mistress would make things better… and hopefully, serve as an offering for her mistress that would show how much Merielle cared and how sorry she wasn’t for not being able to live up to her expectations. She stepped up to the smiling woman behind the cart, a young, blonde Japanese woman, and looked at what she was making, and her heart beat faster… the tofu was wrapped in rice that had been shaped into pretty little triangles that reminded her so much of fox ears. Just the sight reminded her of Yuki.

Merielle’s Japanese was… poor… but people here were nice and seemed to really appreciate her trying! She managed to explain what she wanted and buy one of the ears with a few awkward sentences, some hand gestures, and an exchange of currency, then thanked the pretty woman behind the cart and quickly ran back to the van to meet an awaiting Yuki. Her smirk disappeared when she saw Merielle returning, but the redhead didn’t let that bother her… she hurried right up to her, holding the bag behind her back.

“So, you done throwing your tantrum now?” Yuki spat as she approached. Merielle’s steps slowed, but she swallowed and kept going. Yuki was just angry… it happened sometimes. She’d cheer up soon enough. She hoped. “Are we ready to go now?” Yuki asked. “Or did you want to act like a child some more? And…” she sniffed. “Hmm. What do you got there, Red?” the nogitsune asked, sudden curiosity in her voice.

Merielle held out the small paper bag she’d brought back with her. She imagined her mistress opening it, the look of surprise and pleasure that would appear on her face when she saw the gift Merielle had found for her. Yuki’s bad mood would vanish, and she’d go back to being herself again.

But the nogitsune made no attempt to reach for the bag. “What is it?” she asked again, and then her ounce of patience ran out. “Ugh, goddammit, stop being a tease and just show it to me…”

Merielle looked down and did what her mistress asked, hiding her disappointment. She’d wanted Yuki to open it herself, but of course Yuki would expect Merielle to do it for her. She was the slave after all. It was stupid of her to even care about something as tiny as that. She opened the paper bag and took out the carefully wrapped snack. The selkie unwrapped it slowly, trying to make sure that the delicate food wasn’t going to fall apart.

It smelled delicious… but as soon as it came free of the bag, Yuki wanted to flinch. Instead, she narrowed her eyes in frustration. “Why did you get me that?” she snarled.

Yuki loved fried tofu… but this was no mere fried tofu. It was Inari-Zushi… created to be an offering for servants of Inari, and it was just about the last thing that she would ever want as a gift. “For fuck’s sake! I can’t believe you would bring me this. Are you really that stupid? After all I went through? Dammit, Merielle! Why can’t you think straight for once, you fucking idiot!” Yuki slapped Merielle’s hand, knocking the snack out of it. The mix of rice and tofu flew through the air and landed on the ground. The last thing Yuki wanted to be reminded of was that bitch of a goddess Inari and what had happened to her… she didn’t really want to go back there at all. She’d already been betrayed once… best to leave that all behind, burned with the rest of her past. Inari didn’t deserve to take up any more space in Yuki’s mind or life anymore… Just thinking about her made the fading feeling of the souls she had taken in squirm nauseatingly inside her. She turned her attention back to the selkie, who had her head bowed and was focused on the ground at her feet… why was she always so pathetic! “Now stop goofing around. You’re making a fool out of yourself,” Yuki told her slave.

“I just… thought you might like it, mistress,” Merielle murmured.

“Not that! Not from her! You got it!?”


“Hm. Sorry…” Yuki scoffed. “If only you knew what that damn goddess did to me.”

She didn’t, of course. Yuki had never told her. Yuki would never tell anyone. Still, the look on Merielle’s face seemed almost mocking… like she was begging Yuki to tell her, urging her to feel that pain again. “No,” Yuki snapped. “I’m not going to talk about that shit. It’s just… It’s just…” she sputtered. “For the love of every kami that ever was, Merielle, what’s the matter with you? It’s like you don’t give a shit anymore. You don’t give two shits about me.

“After all I’ve done for you,” the nogitsune proclaimed, “you try to walk away from me and then buy me Inari-Zushi? What the fuck, Merielle? Don’t I deserve better?” Yuki growled in complete frustration, throwing up her arms.

Yuki was ready to call it a day there already… To head home and go to sleep and wake up the next day. Things would be better then. That was when Merielle just had to open her mouth again. “I… didn’t know… I… just wanted to show you I loved you,” the selkie said quietly.

The dark fox froze in place. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” Yuki growled. The thought of her former goddess refused to leave her mind, haunting her as her temper began to rise. “So you taunt me with an offering to that bitch that betrayed me because she was so fucking selfish she couldn’t see past her own nose? She blamed me for all of it… me!” She shook her head, tails twisting behind her. Yuki was aware that her illusion was flickering in the predawn, but she didn’t care who saw right now. “It wasn’t me! I protected my damn humans, I got rid of all the damned monsters, I avenged my sister, and all for what! When it was done, she was not there for meSo fuck her!” Yuki hissed out a breath. “And love? Red, what the hell do you know about love?”

Yuki stomped away towards a small rose bush that had black roses. There weren’t many of them, but they had been cultivated here for centuries. Yuki ignored the signs ordering people not to touch them and grabbed one of the black roses, yanking it and its stem off from the vine before returning to Merielle with the rose held at the small of her back. “So, love, you say?” Yuki questioned. “That’s what you think you want from me?”

“I’m just…” Merielle whispered softly, looking like she wanted to cry with frustration. “I just want… my mistress. Maybe… maybe things would be… better… if you could be… kinder…”

Yuki wasn’t sure if she was on the verge of bursting into laughter or slapping her, but she smirked, holding both impulses back. “Merielle, you don’t even know what kindness, or love, looks like. Neither does Inari, for that matter,” Yuki said confidently. Her tails began to stretch out as her smirk grew wider and wider. She refused to let Merielle go from her sight as she presented her with the black rose. “Here you go,” Yuki proclaimed. “Take it.”

“Oh,” a somewhat shocked Merielle responded, “it’s black. I haven’t seen a flower like this before… it’s like your tails!” Indeed it was. Yuki’s furry tails and pointed ears were the darkest of black… much like the rose itself, there wasn’t any trace or hint of blue or grey. The blackness of her fur was beyond charcoal, beyond the midnight sky, and it had been for centuries and centuries.

They hadn’t always been.

A long time ago, they had been as white as her namesake. She’d been a warrior then… she and her sisters had done their duty, seeing to the protection of the humans who inhabited these lands along with the rest of the kitsune of Hanei. Protect them they had… despite the costs. But that war was over, one of Yuki’s sisters was dead, and her other was dead to her. Yuki had done what was necessary… and so what if it meant using her powers to destroy their enemies? She had no regrets.

It had cost her her skin, though… cast into a forge fire kindled with those very abilities. As it burned, Yuki’s snow-white fur had scorched black… an eternal mark of her exile. And it was the absolute last thing she wanted to think about right now.

Merielle reached for the rose as Yuki placed it in her hand… but as soon as the redhead wrapped her fingers around the stem, Yuki quickly tightened her grip and pulled it out of Merielle’s fist as hard as she could. The thorns of the rose cut into the selkie’s hand, striking bleeding lines across her palm. Merielle cried out and stared down at her pained hand, taken aback as she opened her fist to see the damage Yuki has created. Almost immediately they began to close, but still they stung… she covered them with her other hand, trying to soothe the pain away. Yuki smiled a little at the sight of Merielle’s bloody hand… she even grabbed hold of it and forced it open to see for herself what her actions had done. “A rose without its thorns simply wouldn’t be a rose, Red,” Yuki pronounced as her large smirk began to take shape once again across her face. “That’s love. Something pretty that cuts and bites and stings when you least expect it.”

Yuki slowly started to walk off and follow a narrow and winding walkway through a patch of lovely roses. She didn’t know why, but Merielle followed her.

They walked down the path, appreciating and taking in all the majestic beauty of the surrounding rose bushes. The petals were all blossoming and giving off a pleasant and therapeutic aroma. The roses were able to bring some sense of relief to Yuki as she walked through the serene garden. The past was like that… tug at the lid just a little, and the whole thing wanted to go flying off the box she had shoved it in long ago, and the nogitsune was trying very hard to keep it all locked away.

The black rose that had caused Merielle’s hand injury was still in her hand and dripping blood. Yuki stopped in her tracks and held the rose up against the sky. Roses like this one were so rarely seen. The nogitsune tried to connect with it, tried to reason with it. She asked it why it had to hurt Merielle.

This rose could have been red or white or any other color… but it was black. Of all the colors that could exist, that beautiful rose had to be black, such an uncommon and ugly color for it. The shade looked unnatural on the rose, as though nature itself was rejecting the color. Black was always nature’s least favorite. Black meant death… and Yuki had been mourning for the last seven hundred years.

One by one, Yuki slowly picked off each of the black petals. Someone watching her might have thought she was playing the old “she loves me, she loves me not” game that had already been old when Yuki had been born. She wasn’t, though… Yuki hadn’t believed in love for a very long time. She didn’t say or think of any words to say as each petal fell to the ground below. The petals didn’t matter, after all, and once they were all gone, the rose was no more. It had been useless for her to ask the stupid rose anything at all… it was just a stupid fucking rose that was helpless to keep her from plucking off its petals, and in the end, that was the most meaningful answer Yuki could get to her questions, and the one she understood best.

As all the rose petals lay scattered on the ground, Yuki turned back to see Merielle. The redhead had indeed followed her all the way down the path. Yuki didn’t really understand why that pretty little selkie refused to leave her. It didn’t make much sense. All she could conclude was that Merielle was such a deviant, masochist slut that she couldn’t help herself. It must have started in the Mists of Avalon… Merielle’s submissive mindset must have been unleashed by the training Yuki had put her through at Mas…Yuki growled as she stopped herself… Mordred’s behest. The little faeling’s judgment had been tainted. No way could she actually think she loved Yuki… no one one really loved anyone, much less her. What she was experiencing was nothing more than submission to her own desires… and the kindest thing she could do for the slut was teach her that as quickly as possible.

“What are you still doing here?” Yuki asked point-blank as she began to stalk around Merielle, orbiting the beautiful woman like a predator approaching prey.

“I… don’t know,” Merielle responded after a brief pause, “I just followed you down here.”

Yuki walked around behind her. “You love being my little bitch, right?”

The selkie didn’t turn, but Yuki saw it… the little tremble in her arms at the thought. She noticed it the way any predator would the movement of her prey. “I love being with you, yes…”

“You love what I do to you?” Yuki asked as she put both of her hands on the woman’s shoulders.

“I love everything about you…” Merielle whispered.

“Can you still handle it? Can you still handle me?”

“I have. I will.”

Yuki cupped her breasts from behind and felt the redheaded fae girl shiver against her. “What do you get from all this?” the nogitsune whispered in her ear.

“I… I get…” Merielle mumbled, as if distracted. “I get you.”

“Am I your lover or your mistress?”


A chuckle. “You can only choose one, Red. Are you my lover or my slave? Choose wisely…”

“Your slave, mistress…” the foolish selkie whispered. “At least as your slave, I’ll be able to love you.”

Yuki gave out a sharp laugh. “We’ll see about that,” she said, amusement in her voice. She started to undress, pulling her shirt over her head and letting her black-charred tails spill completely free after being released. One movement at a time, she revealed her athletic body to the morning light. Then she shoved Merielle down onto the wet grass as she kicked off her shoes and shucked off her pants, looming large over Merielle and casting a shadow over the selkie’s smaller body. “Those guys back there didn’t know how to do it right, anyway,” she said coldly.

Yuki’s tails lashed out, picking Merielle up from the ground as they tightly wrapped around her body. Most kitsune didn’t have tails this strong, but years of training as a warrior and using them precisely like this had made hers strong as hell… They were able to get a good grip, and as she wrapped them around the vulnerable selkie they squeezed her like they were actually trying to crush Merielle’s life out. The tails lifted her feet off the ground completely, making Merielle face Yuki head-on. Her lust was nowhere near satisfied after her small release watching the show… and she was eager to take full advantage of the sexy slavegirl she possessed.

With Merielle being held up by her furry black tails, Yuki took the opportunity to rip the redhead’s clothes apart and reveal her nakedness. After the last piece of Merielle’s lingerie was finally taken off, Yuki dropped the poor selkie on the ground, making her hit the grass below hard. Then she began walking, dragging Merielle across the ground by her red hair… the girl’s naked body grew muddied as it slid across the garden behind her, but the nogitsune didn’t care. Yuki made sure that Merielle was dragged through every rose bush they passed, the thorns stabbing her over and over. Soon the selkie’s pale skin was scratched dozens of times from all the beautiful red and yellow and purple rose bushes that her motionless, gorgeous body was being towed through. Some of those small injuries were deep enough to cause some bleeding… Yuki didn’t care about that, either.

To Merielle, it must have seemed like Yuki dragged her along the ground forever, hitting roots and stones on the way, but it wasn’t more than a minute before Yuki finally reached a tall tree. She sat Merielle against the trunk while one of her black tails began to whip her mercilessly, halfway distracted as she looked around for what she wanted… there had to be one around here somewhere…

There. Yuki ripped a vine off one of the nearby trees long enough to serve, and used it to tie the selkie to the tree as if it were a rope. Then she took a moment to admire what she had done… Merielle’s naked, bruised, muddied and bloodied body was snugly tied against the tree, exposed to any passing eyes that might walk by in the growing light of dawn… she was a mess left helplessly to Yuki’s mercy, and she was as sexy as the nogitsune had ever seen her.

Now Yuki’s black tails began to work on Merielle’s body as they forcefully caressed every inch of her skin. A few of them started on Merielle’s perky tits by squeezing them and making them jiggle as the other tails began to play with her tight little pussy. “This is what you want then, ‘lover?’” Yuki asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, mistress,” Merielle responded weakly with a gasp of air as one of Yuki’s tails started to wildly penetrate her tight hole. “I’m yours…”

Yuki gave Merielle a few more good lashes with one of her tails, making her body rock side to side quickly. “I know you are,” she answered with a chuckle. “We’ll see about the rest.” Yuki bent over and pressed her mouth on Merielle’s, forcing her wet tongue practically down the woman’s throat while she held a tight grip on Merielle’s neck with one of her hands. She was squeezing tightly enough that the tips of her nails were embedding themselves into her. Then, without releasing her, the nogitsune’s mouth slowly traveled down Merielle’s chest to suck and bite on each of her tits with savage passion, one at a time.

Her attention never stayed too far from Merielle’s face, however… centuries of experience as a slave trainer and a sadist meant she could gauge her pet’s reactions well. She could tell that Merielle was beginning to tense up… from the feel of her pussy around her tail and the look on her face, the abused little selkie was starting to build towards cumming. Yuki didn’t let up… she kept playing with her, let her dark tail keep stabbing deep into her hole. The thrusts were forceful and unrelenting, making her body rub against the bark with each one, and on a particularly hard one, Yuki closed her teeth on the redhead’s right nipple and bit hard. She knew from the way her scream vibrated against her hand on her neck that Merielle couldn’t hold it in anymore… so right before the selkie was pushed over that edge, Yuki quickly let her go and yanked her tail from the girl’s soaked cunt.

“Nuh uh uh,” Yuki mocked. “You can’t come until I say so, remember?” The dumb selkie could take it. Yuki had suffered like that for five hundred years… Ever since Mordred had enslaved her, she hadn’t been able to cum even once for an eternity, the vampire never letting her reach a climax no matter what, and the one and only time she had thought herself safe to disobey he had proved her horribly wrong. But now that Yuki was freed from that depraved vampire, however, she was free to cum all she liked… and now it was Merielle’s turn. The aroused nogitsune was the one in control here… and by denying Merielle from cumming, she was, in essence, denying the selkie the ability to own herself. She couldn’t own herself… she couldn’t be owned by anybody else but Yuki, until she decided to finally run away.

As Merielle retreated from her orgasm, Yuki tore the vine and shoved the selkie down, landing her neatly shaved pussy on the faeling’s mouth. Grabbing onto the selkie’s hair with her one hand, she ground Merielle against her, forcing her to lick her clean. After a few seconds, when Yuki felt that she wasn’t up to par, the nogitsune started slapping her across the face with her open palm. “Do it right, for fucks sake!” she demanded.

Merielle redoubled her efforts after that, doing her best to orally please her brutal fox mistress. She moved her tongue all over Yuki’s sweet cunt, parting her pink lips with her wet tongue and sending nice waves of pleasure tingling up Yuki’s spine. The nogitsune’s head rolled back as she enjoyed the blissful sensations coming from the selkie’s soft tongue.

“That’s right,” she growled. “Keep going, slut!” Yuki kept her eyes closed while making her hips gyrate on top of Merielle’s face. “Just like that, yessss.”

After a few moments, Yuki released her pussy from Merielle’s face and started to rub her mound with her fingers while at the same fucking the daylights out of Merielle with one of her foxtails. It got really intense then, both women starting to reach their climax, and each let out a symphony of pleasurable moans and sighs. “You want to cum, slut? You can cum with me,” Yuki ordered. “Right when I do, or not at all…”

A second later, Yuki moaned and came, reaching back to pinch Merielle’s nipples savagely… and the selkie came with her. Wave after wave of sweet trembling sensations took hold of each of them. Yuki’s toned body flexed and twitched, grinding her slave further into the ground with each sensation. Merielle was in a total state of spaced-out bliss beneath her as her body quaked and shivered from the fluttering shocks of frenzied pleasure. Yuki let her go as both of them collapsed to the ground and started to finally sense some relief.

The dark haired woman looked at Merielle, who was still coming down from her dazed peak. Her hand reached into one of the criminals pockets and pulled out a wad of bills. “Who needs love when you can have this?” Yuki said into the sweet abyss as she tossed the money down onto Merielle. “Here you go!”

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2 thoughts on “Black Fur, Black Heart 1 – Love and Trust

  1. I was afraid of this when I read the ending of the prior story – happy as it was, it’s not necessarily enough to build a functioning relationship on.

    And my totally amateur psychological reading of Yuki is that she will subconsciously goad any partner into leaving her, in order to satisfy her own expectations that all possible partners will leave her and she will never be loved, thus justifying ongoing behaviour, etc . . . a vicious circle.

    Great read, though, and one can hope that things might change for the better.


    1. Your totally amateur psychological reading is on point.

      Consider – If she was ever forced to face the fact that she was WRONG, that she can trust someone, that not everyone will betray her…

      She has to suddenly take responsibility for everyone she hurt in the purpose of protecting herself. All of the sudden, her crimes aren’t justified even to herself anymore. Merielle HAS to leave.

      This story is a rough one for me to write but I’m glad you are enjoying it. Hopefully by the end Yuki is ready to face her past and come out as a functioning adult.



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