Black Fur, Black Heart 3 – Nogitsune

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Dejima Japan

Yuki’s head pounded like she’d been on an all night bender, and her eyes didn’t want to open, resisting her attempts as though they were swollen shut. Fuck, did she feel awful. If she was going to suffer the grandmother of all hangovers, she at least deserved to remember how it had happened, but her memories were jumbled and discordant. Kitsune were very, very hard to get drunk, so Yuki had learned to be extremely dedicated in efforts over the years. For fuck sakes, she wasn’t even on a bed. She didn’t need eyes to feel the stone against her bare skin. Had she passed out in the back room of a tavern again? That hadn’t happened in years, not after she’d gotten skilled at convincing humans to let her stay with them for the night. Sometimes, when they were good, she even let them sleep on the bed instead of the floor after she was done with them.

The nogitsune heard boots against the stone, accompanied by such a strong scent of death and decay that it made her roll onto her side and retch. What the hell WAS that?! Her confusion was interrupted by a cold hand closing around her neck and hauling her up.

Adrenaline forced her eyes open to see a red eyed, dark haired… thing shaped like a man in front of her. His hand gripped her throat so tightly she felt like he was about to crush her trachea. That grip was holding her up in the air, her feet dangling just above the stone floor of the underground chamber. “I still haven’t decided whether I’d rather fuck you or eat you,” the vampire told her.

The sight of him made memories begin to rush back. She’d been hungry, and she’d gone looking for someone to feed on. She’d seen him, and attacked him and then… it hadn’t gone well. The same freakish strength that let him hold her so easily right now had made a mockery of all her power and training. She’d felt like a fox picking a fight with a bear. And once he’d subdued her…

Consumed with sudden rage as the memory returned to her, Yuki called upon her witchfire, intent on turning this bastard to ash. He’d raped her! And he’d… there was nothing. The power that she’d sacrificed everything for was gone. He’d ripped it right out of her last night, a violation even worse than what he’d done between her legs.

Yuki lashed out at him furiously, striking at him with arms, legs, and tails. Her lack of witchfire wasn’t going to stop her from murdering this fucking piece of shit. He made no move to block her flurry of attacks. He didn’t even flinch. Her blows glanced off of him like they were nothing, and his only response was to shake her as though disciplining a wayward mutt.

She didn’t let up, not until the lack of oxygen made her limbs weaken and slow. When they would no longer work, she settled for glaring at him. Her voice was gone, but that didn’t stop her from mouthing the words: fuck you, asshole.

Something approaching a smile crossed his face. “You’d be more intimidating without my cum dripping down your thighs, bitch,” he told her. “I’ll give you a choice. Keep your legs closed if you want to die as you are right now: filthy, helpless, and with a womb still full of my jizz. Spread them if you’d prefer to spend the rest of your life, as long or as short as it might be, as my new nine tailed cocksheath.”

Yuki wished that she had the breath to laugh at him. Her life had already ended a long time ago. She’d sooner crawl back to Inari on her hands and knees than become this monster’s pet cumdump just to extend this pathetic existence of hers.

The vampire’s subtle smile widened as he took in her defiance. “Yes, I thought that might be the case.” Then he grabbed the base of one of her tails and shoved her body down onto his cock.

The nogitsune let out a silent scream as the thick phallus breached her tight slit. He’d been huge in her memories too, but she’d thought that had just been an exaggeration. Whatever supernatural power he had, it applied here as well. A normal man wouldn’t have the strength to hilt in her without loosening her up first, not unless he wanted to skin himself on her dry pussy walls. But this freak was as forceful and implacable as a battering ram as he crammed himself into her, smacking her cervix with an impact sharp enough to send shivers up her spine. Her cervix wasn’t her only source of discomfort either. Her entire pussy had been stretched to accommodate him, tight as a glove around his throbbing fuckstick. She felt so stuffed that she was half certain a single millimeter more would tear her in two.

She barely had time to appreciate the wretched sense of fullness, though, before he was using his grip on her neck and tail to yank her back up and off of his cock, the movement as painful and unwelcome as its reverse had been. Then it was back down and up and down and up, violently fucking her on his rock hard prick. Even if she’d been soaking wet, being pounded that hard by someone that big would have been painful. In her current state, her abraded insides felt like they were on fire as they were scraped back and forth relentlessly.

“I have no interest in a meek, submissive toy,” he said as he raped her. Despite the frenzy of movement, he showed no sign of strain or fatigue. “If you had submitted, you’d already be dead. But this…” he pulled her closer and released her neck. Before she’d drawn a single breath, he’d replaced his hand with his teeth, the fangs sinking into her flesh. He had both hands on her hips now, bouncing her on him as he worried at her throat.

Yuki had endured many horrible experiences in her long life, but nothing compared to the sensation of being fed on. Even his cock pummeling her helpless quim felt like a distant concern. It wasn’t the pain of it that bothered her, though the twin punctures were far from painless. They brought with them a flood of terrible sensation: overwhelming fatigue that turned her body heavy and non responsive, nausea that twisted her stomach into knots and threatened to upend it completely; an instinctive terror that made her feel cold and small and alone with a vicious predator; and worst of all, a horrifying sense of permanent defilement and loss, as though it was her very soul being sucked away.

Yuki hung limply in his grasp as he raped her from one end and fed on her from the other. She would’ve cut her own throat open if that’s what it took to get his fangs out of her neck, but she couldn’t bring herself to offer the slightest resistance. It was as though she was drowning at the bottom of an ocean, all her limbs impossibly heavy as the cold and the dark consumed her. When the vampire pulled his head back an eternity later, his teeth were stained in her blood. “Food and fucktoy in a single package,” he said with some amusement. “Yes, you’ll do for now.” Yuki’s head lolled to the side, her body still refusing to obey her commands.

He met her eyes, and it was almost as bad as the feeding. The sense of paralysis and weight became tenfold, and the simple act of drawing breath was suddenly a gargantuan task that took every ounce of effort to muster. Behind his eyes was no soul to speak of, just a desolate void that could never be filled, no matter how long he lived or how many he fed on. She stared into that dark pit and knew that this creature was going to kill her someday. It wasn’t a fear or prediction. Just an immutable, objective fact. She was looking at her own death.

The vampire held her up with one hand, his fat cock still savaging her insides at a superhuman pace that made her legs shudder and her chest jiggle, and casually slapped her bouncing breasts hard enough to crack a rib. Her body twitched and flopped in response, but she otherwise gave no reaction. “I can still feel you in there. I can see you struggling, trying to reach the surface.” He put his hand on one shoulder and twisted, nearly ripping the limb off completely. “Did you already know that you were this weak? That it would be so easy to dominate you, to bring you to heel like any other stray bitch?”

Moving her lips under the weight of that gaze was one of the hardest things Yuki had ever done. Forcing the air out was even harder. “I………will………fucking………kill………you………” she rasped.

He chuckled. “You are going to be a fun toy to break. If you’re lucky, you might be the first to last an entire week. I promise you this, worthless fox: you will die the moment you become boring. And not a moment sooner, no matter how much you beg. Until then…” He grabbed hold of both her hips again, and the nogitsune discovered that he’d been holding back with her. He began to truly fuck her as hard as he could for the first time, her pelvis cracking and splintering from the force of his thrusts. “Until then, you’re nothing but dinner and a chamber pot!”

He pulled Yuki closer to him and sank his teeth into her neck again. At the same time, she felt his hot cum flood her womb. Even with everything going on, she couldn’t miss the wrongness of it. His seed was as lifeless as the rest of him. As disgusting as it would’ve been to have his sperm swimming inside her, trying fruitlessly to fertilize her eggs, reality was far worse. The vampire siphoned away more of her soul with his fangs while his prick pumped her body full of death and rot, and she was certain she would never feel clean again.

When he was finished, he threw her to the ground as carelessly as a discarded apple core. With the eye contact broken, some life returned to the dark haired woman, and she groaned. Her crotch felt like it had been kicked repeatedly by a horse. Before she could rise, his foot connected with her side, crunching two more ribs and sending her skittering across the floor.

Almost before she’d even stopped bouncing, he was kneeling between her legs and rolling her onto her back. Her eyes flicked down and confirmed her fear: he was already hard again. “Did you think we were done?” he asked with a smirk.

She tried to push him off of her; she might as well have tried to push a mountain over. He wrapped a hand around her throat again, pinning her to the ground and throttling her at the same time. He loomed over her, drinking in her helplessness while his stiff cock quested for the bloody hole it had just finished ruining. The moment his head slipped inside her, he was back to pounding her like a man possessed, her cervix reduced to a punching bag.

“Welcome to your new life, bitch,” he told her as he grabbed one of her wrists and brought it up to his mouth. “From now on, you’re just a soft, furry bag of blood and spunk. How long will it take before there’s more of the second in you than the first, I wonder. Why don’t we spend the next few days finding out?”

He sank his teeth into her wrist and Yuki went limp again, just a rag doll for him to abuse. But inside her head, buried deep below the fear and dread, she basked in hot fury. He thought he could do this to her?! He was the one who’d be lucky to survive the next week. She was going to kill him, she promised herself. Witchfire or no witchfire, she was going to make this undead bastard pay for underestimating her. The first chance she got.

It was only a matter of time.

What had happened on the newscast obviously kept Yuki in a frenzy for hours from the way she drove, the dirty van weaving erratically as they raced down the highways, changing her mind constantly about the route they were taking. Merielle wasn’t sure, but from the signs, it seemed like they were headed to Kyoto… She didn’t dare ask. Yuki was still beside herself, occasionally launching into a tirade that she didn’t expect a response to, trying to control her emotions. It took hours, but eventually, the nogitsune brought herself down a couple of notches. For all that, though, Merielle couldn’t bring herself to blame the fox too much… she could see the way she was trembling, and not with anger. During her frantic driving, Merielle could clearly see the way that her mistress was lost in memories of misery.

“See what your carelessness has done?” Yuki snapped suddenly as she almost missed a turn, swerving two lanes to catch it. Merielle just sat in the passenger seat, patiently waiting for her mistress’ barrage of insults… but as the selkie waited for Yuki to unleash more of her mania, the nogitsune instead grew sulkily quiet again. It took a long, quiet pause before Merielle finally allowed herself to rest at ease. Though the van was still speeding down the highway, Yuki seemed to have unwound.

Yuki could sense Merielle looking at her, but she refused to turn her head and meet her eyes. She continued looking straight ahead, ignoring the selkie’s silent plea for attention, until she finally became too annoyed to hold back. “What?” Yuki demanded, her eyes still stubbornly focused on the road.

“It’s getting late, maybe we should find somewhere to stay?” Merielle observed.

“Oh, Merielle…” Yuki scoffed. “You wanted this massive attention for yourself, and now… Now you want to go back home? It’s going to be a decade before I’ll step foot in that city again.”

The selkie swallowed. It was her fault that they couldn’t go back. Yuki had finally made them a home again… and now it was gone. At least that man was still alive. “Well… where are we going to stay then?” Merielle asked.

“You should’ve thought of that before you felt the need to save that fucker. Now our home is ashes and we’re in fucking Kyoto. Deal with it.”

They drove on in silence for about 30 minutes longer before the van started making funny noises, spurting and chugging before it finally stalled and Yuki was forced to pull over. “What!” she spat as she felt the van lose momentum, finally emerging from her memories to look down at the dashboard and notice that they were indeed running on empty. She smashed both hands against the steering wheel hard enough that Merielle heard something crack. “Not. A fucking. Word,” Yuki snarled, glaring at nothing in particular. “This is your fault. Thanks a fucking lot. If you didn’t need to go play superhero back there, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

Merielle studiously did not point out that if her mistress had calmed down a bit, she would have remembered to put gas in the car. It wouldn’t help.

Yuki shook her head in disbelief to project her disappointment in Merielle. Then she sighed, and the nogitsune opened the door and started to get out of the van.

“Where you going?” asked Merielle.

“I’m going to the beach and get myself a tan, why not?” Yuki responded sarcastically. The nogitsune slapped her palm against her face. “For fuck sakes, Merielle,” Yuki responded through her hand as it remained stuck to her face. “I’m going to go get some gas!” Yuki stormed off and made her way down the nearest exit, heading for the nearest gas station. Merielle followed, even after Yuki cloaked herself in illusions after a few seconds to become completely invisible as she searched around for an empty gas container.

She almost jumped when the invisible fox tapped her on the shoulder. Usually, Yuki included her in her illusions, letting her see through them… this time, she hadn’t. “Distract that guy,” she said, turning her shoulders to point Merielle at the gentleman that was a few feet away beginning to fill up his car with gas. “You know what to do,” Yuki whispered into Merielle’s ear.

Merielle sighed. They weren’t broke… she could just buy gas. Her mistress had already vanished again, however, so the redhead had no one to argue with about it. She supposed she could refuse but… she had already disappointed Yuki enough and been bad enough of a slave for one day. Reluctantly, she approached the young man. “Ahh,” she said to him. “Konnichiwa?”

The young man looked up, smiling as he took note of the selkie’s awesome beauty. “Hello!” His eyes quickly began to scan Merille’s body up and down, and it was obvious at a glance that he liked what he saw before he forced himself to be polite and look at her face instead. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah…” Merielle said. “I think I’m a bit lost,” she continued with an innocent manner… the same practiced, seductive innocence she had learned to cultivate in the Mists. “I’m new here to Japan, and I’m trying to get to the nearest bus station.”

“Oh, okay,” the young man said as he started to get close to her. “Well, it isn’t that far from here…”

As the young man’s attention was on Merielle, she couldn’t see her mistress, but she noticed as the nozzle came free from his car, pushed into a container that began to fill. “So, that’s how you do it,” he continued to say as Merielle got even closer to him, “But it really isn’t that close. If you like, I can take you there. Just let me finish filling my tank.” The young man attempted to turn around to face his car, but Merielle panicked, grabbed hold of him and forced him to look at her instead of the nozzle that was floating in the air and filling up Yuki’s illusion-covered container.

“I would like that,” Merielle breathed out to cover her gulp. Being forward was… not… something she was good at. Still, she tried to keep her smile on her face, and the guy seemed to like it. “I would… really… like to spend some… alone time… with a handsome native…”

His mouth opened and closed silently a few times. “Sure…” the young man responded as he looked down at Merielle’s hands on his chest with wide eyes. “Are you here all alone?” he asked softly.

“Yes… Well, my friend is with me, but she’s busy right now,” Merielle purred.

“Ah… So you’re all by yourself right now?” he wanted to know.

“Yes, all by myself,” she confirmed.

The young man’s face lit up with a large grin as Yuki returned the nozzle back to his car’s gas tank before running away, leaving Merielle to fend for herself. The selkie could see the lust in the young man’s face… not a dark thing, like she was used to, but not entirely welcome either. She stood quietly as an invisible Yuki ran off with the tank. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be all alone,” the motorist said with passion. They both looked at each other before he took her by the hand and helped the selkie into his car. He then took the gas hose and quickly placed it back on the gas pump before getting in and driving off.

The young man drove for a bit with an anxious selkie sitting beside him. He kept looking at her every two seconds or so, clearly more than a little surprised to find himself in this situation… he wasn’t bad to look at in the least, but how could have expected that he would be sitting next to an apparently-enthusiastic foreign beauty like her, who had come onto him rather strongly to boot, when he woke up this morning. Merielle, for her part, kept peeking in the mirror and around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Yuki following her. To her dismay, Yuki wasn’t anywhere to be found. The selkie bit her lip… Here she goes again. She hadn’t expected much… and she still found herself disappointed.

The young man drove into a parking garage and all the way up to the top floor before finding a spot where they were alone. When he finally turned the car off, the young man’s attention turned entirely onto Merielle.

He feasted his eyes on the redhead like he couldn’t let her go from his sight, and Merielle noticed that his cock was beginning to tent his tight pants as it started to come to life. Against her will, she kept staring at it until he noticed and smiled, reaching down to unzip his pants and pull them down, revealing a… significantly sized prick, far larger than those of the men who had taken her last night. “Is this, uh… good enough?” he asked her.

“It looks… It looks nice…” she replied.

“You can… touch it,” he said, nervous lust in his voice. “Come on, don’t be shy,”

Merielle hesitantly placed her hand on his erection, slowly jerking it as she scanned her surroundings, still looking for her mistress.

“Don’t worry,” the young man said, misunderstanding her concern. “No one is here. Just you and me.”

Merielle gave him a short smile to hide her uneasiness.

“Do you like it?” he asked her softly as his cock began to pulsate in her hand.

“Um… Yeah, sure,” she responded rapidly without even thinking about the question.

The young man focused his attention on her perky breasts, pressing his face against her bust through her shirt. As her hand stroked up and down his cock, he reached down and raised up her top, scooping Merielle’s large, soft breasts out from her bra’s cups. “You have amazing tits,” the astonished young man exclaimed before he started to suck on her luscious mounds. It was almost startling how delicate he was… Merielle halfway wasn’t sure he was even touching her. She couldn’t doubt his lustful energy or enthusiasm as he ate her tits, however, taking turns on each one. She just wished that he would be a little bit… firmer. It wasn’t like she was going to break, and what she felt seemed… hollow. Still, he licked and kissed them all over for what seemed like forever. Merielle drew her head back, resigned to the tiny pleasures the young man was giving her.

She wondered if Yuki was watching again. She hoped so.

The man… by Manannán mac Lir she didn’t even know his name… proceeded to move her skirt upwards until he could see the panties covering her pussy mound. He laid his fingers all over her crotch, getting hungry at the sight of her. Effortlessly, he grabbed hold of them and was able to slid them down to her knees until his eyes could feast on the selkie’s perfect pussy, making his cock twitch in her hand with excitement.

“Lean back your seat…” the man said, crawling over to her. As the selkie obeyed his instructions, the young man’s head made its way between her thighs, his tongue emerging from his mouth to begin licking at the entrance to Merielle’s sex. While he started to work on her pussy, Merielle was taken over by sweet sensations as her body enjoyed the pussy licking that the young man was able to give her, She couldn’t see her, but it was easy to imagine the nogitsune watching right through the windshield, viewing as Merielle got used like a little slut in the front seat… and she squirmed at the thought as his tongue began to lick all over her lips. She was somewhat astonished that a human man would try to actually give her some pleasure instead of trying to force her to submit only to his whims… it wasn’t the sort of thing she expected from them.

The pleasure in her sex only grew as the young man’s tongue was joined by some of his fingers, spreading her lips before making their entrance into her pussy. He started with only one finger, but slowly he added one after the other, spreading her further and further. Merielle groaned as the pleasure she was experiencing, wriggling back and forth on the seat, but the young man refused to let her go, refused to detach tongue and fingers from where they were sending blissful shocks of satisfaction through her body, steadily moving about and around, inside and outside of her precious little pussy.

Merielle was reaching her breaking point, her pussy growing wetter and hotter thanks to the young man’s persistence. Her body twitched and turned, arching her back as the young man’s skills were put to the test. She was nearly about to cum… when the driver side door was suddenly pulled open.

Both Merielle and the young man froze immediately as Yuki swung the door all the way out, revealing the passengers within in their most intimate state. The nogitsune stood just outside the car, completely unmasked by any foxfire and with a huge smile on her face. After a brief pause, Yuki started to clap her hands slowly in applause. “Not bad, not bad at all human. Congratulations… You have some skill,” she said with a smirk. “But you won’t be able to do better than me.”

Yuki’s foxtails stretched out behind her, dancing around openly before a shocked young man whose eyes widened, unable to believe what he was seeing. “What the hell?!” He barely had time to finish the sentence before four of her tails grabbed him, yanking him up and out of the car. “Aggh!” He cried out as he was carried over to a concrete pole, where Yuki wrapped his arms around and behind it before putting handcuffs on his wrists, restraining him to the pillar.

As soon as he was restrained, Yuki stood in front of him and kissed him on the lips with a sensual passion… tasting Merielle on his lips. “Now watch an expert and learn, I’ll show you how it’s done,” she murmured quietly before biting his lip, pulling it an inch away from his face before letting go and giving him a smile. Yuki returned to the car to find Merielle still breathing hard and almost to her orgasm. “Get out of the car, slave,” the nogitsune commanded.

Merielle slipped out on wobbling legs, pulling her panties the rest of the way off. “He… he didn’t hurt me, Mistress. Please don’t hurt him.”

“Come here,” Yuki demanded sternly. Merielle did what she was told and approached the dark fox. After a brief moment, Yuki cracked a large dark smile before some of her black foxtails extended in the air and quickly wrapped themselves around the selkie’s thin body. Yuki carried Merielle along while she was being held by the strong tails. The nogitsune brought Merielle face to face with the young man and shoved her head against him. “His performance was adequate. Yours, on the other hand, was not. Kiss him!” Yuki demanded. “Show him what an enthusiastic slut really looks like. Let’s see if you really like it. Give me a show, fucktoy!”

When Merielle hesitated, Yuki shoved their lips together more violently. “Come on. Let’s see it,” Yuki demanded again. “We don’t have all day!”

Merielle’s lips slowly tightened up a bit before they met up with his and gave him a small passionateness peck. Yuki sighed. “Are you actually trying to be useless? Do it like you mean it!” she commanded with impunity.

Again, they tried to kiss each other. It was awkward, and made more so by the dominant woman standing over them both… but Merielle noted she really wasn’t getting any less turned on as Yuki amused herself with them. What the hell was wrong with her? “By all the kami you two fucking suck,” Yuki declared. “I thought you were into each other.” She flicked the man in one ear. “I mean, you were really eating her out good. Well… You know what? I like her pretty little pussy too… and I can eat her out better than you.”

Yuki grabbed onto Merielle’s skirt and all but ripped it from her in her urgency to drag it down her legs. Merielle’s pussy was revealed in all its glory as Yuki gazed upon it with her lustful eyes, right before lifting her into the air and pinning her against the same pillar, arms and tails working together to hold her there with her pussy in her face. If the young man was too gentle, Yuki was anything but. She forcefully spread Merielle’s pussy lips with her hands almost like she was trying to rip the selkie open, pulling her nice and wide to expose the sopping pink cave inside. Then the nogitsune’s tongue got to work.

Merielle moaned loudly in a mix of the pain and pleasure. As much as she had enjoyed the enthusiastic man’s tongue on her cunt, he couldn’t come close to matching up to her mistress’s skill… she had been practicing since long before his great, great, great grandparents had been born, and she was rough. The selkie writhed in her hold, her face tightening as it went red. Yuki’s tongue wasn’t exploring her pussy, or dancing with it… it was conquering it, delving deep, deep into her and wreaking absolutely havoc with her senses, making her mind swim. Occasionally Yuki bit… but it felt like a sharp punctuation of the ongoing pleasure more than bursts of agony that ruined what she was feeling entirely. Merielle’s walls trembled and shook with each tongue lashing they received, trying their best to squeeze down on that probing pink muscle. The slavegirl was beyond ecstasy, already back at the edge as the orgasm she had begun building came back full force.

Yuki abruptly relented, lowering Merielle down and pressing a wet, sex-covered kiss on her lips. “Not yet, Red. Not yet…” Her black foxtails gripped Merielle even tighter even as two more of them made their way down to Merielle’s pussy, both of them shoving her way inside even as a third began to worm its way into her asshole, penetrating her roughly and without pause.

Merielle screamed… but the urge to cum wasn’t retreating too far as she was fucked right in front of the man who had been playing with her, her body taking in all the brutal enthusiasm Yuki wanted to offer it. It felt like the sensations emanating from her pussy were traveling up her spine to consume her very being. Her screams might be passionate, but they weren’t very loud… the foxtails crushing her chest saw to that, squeezing her lungs. As she breathed out, they tightened further, and further, and further, until Merielle abruptly realized she couldn’t breathe in anymore.

Another pair of Yuki’s blackened tails came up to her tits, wrapping around to give them a squeeze right before she began whipping them. Smirking to herself, Yuki grabbed onto both of Merielle’s nipples, stretching them out and exposing more of her breasts to the whipping tails. Merielle’s vision began growing dark, but she could tell that Yuki looked ecstatic, aroused beyond belief as she watched Merielle slowly begin to lose the fight for life. The selkie’s face turned a deep, dark red hue, but her pussy never stopped swelling and juicing, her orgasm still almost there, almost cresting as she felt the life begin to leave her body. As her vision went dark entirely, her ability to hold out for her mistress failed… her body cumming and cumming hard on those tails fucking her.

Without oxygen, the climax was explosive. Waves of cataclysmic pleasure traveled all over her body, profound and endless. Still Yuki wouldn’t let her breath… but Merielle couldn’t think about that anymore as Yuki kissed her and she came and came and came. The waves were beyond intense. They were beyond this world… they obliterated all thought, all sense, all…

Yuki threw Merielle away from her.

The selkie’s bounced hard against the windshield of the young man’s car, the glass shattering as her body fell halfway through it, the rest of her hitting the hood hard enough to leave a deep dent. The selkie was durable… it hurt the car more than it hurt her. Finally able to breathe, her lungs desperately gasped for air, her vision returning and the euphoric high faded as her little death retreated from a much larger one. When she could finally see again, Yuki was standing over her… both feet on the hood of the car as he grabbed Merielle by her hair. “You fucking came,” she snapped. “Do you know what that vampire did to me, the last time I came without permission?” Yuki grabbed her head and slammed it back against the safety glass, breaking another hole in it. She did it three times, until some blood streaked the selkie’s gorgeous face, and only then did she begin to take off her own pants. “He cut off my fucking tails,” she snapped. Without any regard to Merielle’s pain, Yuki sat down onto her head, her neatly trimmed pussy shoved down onto Merielle’s bloodied face. “And he would only let me reattach it if I was fast enough to making him cum to save them. I almost ended up a tailless freak… and that was after he fed me to a thousand fucking spiders!” Yuki crushed Merielle’s face beneath her cunt, not allowing the selkie to finish catching her breath. “And you want to risk that bastard finding us, Red? Did you think for a damned second?

Yuki gyrating her hips on top of Merielle. Her slave’s tongue was weak and exhausted, but she still tried to make the best of it, lapping at her mistress’s pussy to make her happy.

“That’s what he would do… but I’m not that cruel…” Yuki growled. “Eat that pussy, Red! Eat my fucking pussy!” Yuki yelled her commands and a somewhat lifeless Merielle gave it all she had. Even though she was in pain and weak, the selkie was still able to gather enough energy to make her mistress elated with sheer pleasure. It wasn’t enough to bring her more than a tiny, shuddering orgasm, however… Yuki shook for a minute, but that was it.

“Fucking pathetic!” Yuki complained. “I made you fucking explode, and the best you could give me was a whimper? Fucking useless.” The frustrated nogitsune dismounted her slave’s face and knelt down to meet Merielle eye to eye before she started to slap her senselessly. “For fuck sakes, Merielle! I taught you better than that,” exclaimed a disappointed Yuki. “You’ve been taught by the best of the best and you can’t even lick me right!” Yuki rolled her eyes.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” a dazed, disoriented Merielle begged as she kept trying to catch her breath. “It’s just that… Just that…”

“You think you’re too good for me, right?” Yuki said, eyes narrowed. “Just admit it. We both know you’re going to leave. Just say it. Just do it! I’d respect you more.”

As Merielle regained her strength, she kept her sight on the outraged nogitsune. She felt like she should feel angry. Like she should feel betrayed… and she did, a little. Mostly though, she just felt worry for her mistress… the cuts that put blood on her face were all long gone by now, but Yuki was still hurting.

Yuki stared at her until she’d satisfied herself that the selkie wasn’t going to say anything. “Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Yuki ordered as she came down from the hood of the car. She strode up to the bound man and shoved one of her pussy-covered tails in his mouth. “Suck that clean,” she ordered as she knelt, running her tongue along his exposed cock with a tiny laugh. “This one really is something special, isn’t he?” She took his dick in her mouth, pausing for a second to let him feel her teeth scrape gently by before letting him go deeper. Swallowing him to the base, she withdrew her wet tail and stuffed a second one in his mouth, never pulling herself off his cock even for a second.

When Merielle slowly stepped down from the hood, she looked with some terror at the young man. “Yuki… what are you going to do to him?” Merielle whimpered.

She pulled back and gave the head of his prick a tiny kiss before answering. “I think he now knows who’s in charge here, am I right, punk?” Yuki asked the young guy. He obviously didn’t know how to respond, but that didn’t stop Yuki from punching him in the stomach when she was annoyed by the lack of an answer. “You think you’re better than anyone else? Think again… There will always be somebody who is better than you!”

Yuki met his eyes, and Merielle’s breath caught. She wasn’t going to… “Please, mistress. Just let him be,” Merielle begged, “He hasn’t done anything wrong!”

“Oh yes he has!” Yuki interrupted as she climbed onto his lap… and slowly, agonizingly slowly, sank herself down onto him. “He… ah… thought he was better than me.”

“Yuki,” Merielle again begged, “He didn’t hurt me! He didn’t hurt anyone!”

The nogitsune sighed. “What is it with you, Merielle?” Yuki snapped, turning to look at her as he held onto the man by his hair, slowly raising and lowering herself on his dick. “Why are you so goddess-damned weak, all the time?” She stared back at the man.

She wasn’t going to really kill him, was she? Merielle gulped. “Mistress, please! He’s done nothing wrong! He’s a good person.”

“Merielle, Merielle, Merielle,” Yuki tsked. “Was his cock really that good? There are billions more in the world, you know… he isn’t the only one.” The dark fox glared at the young man, clearly overwhelmed and confused and afraid, but also being teased closer to cumming by Yuki’s tight pussy. “He thought he was better than me… Look at him now, Merielle. Look at how far he’s fallen. You actually wanted to grab his pathetic cock? I dunno Red, you should know better. You should do better.” She rolled her eye. “I’m not going to fucking hurt him, quit your whining.” She began to ride up and down on the man harder, kissing him again. Then, abruptly, she pulled herself off… just in time for his cock to jerk and cum into the air, spraying seed up into the air to fall back down into his lap.

Yuki looked at him with a disgusted grimace. She flicked the man in his forehead. “Your lucky day, pal. If I were you… I’d keep quiet. No one is going to believe you, anyway.” She tossed the handcuff keys at his feet. “You can figure your own way out, though.”

Merielle continued to catch her breath, her face slowly regaining its normal color. She tried to control her breathing as Yuki led her back to where she had parked the white van, relieved that her Mistress hadn’t fallen that far, after all… that she hadn’t fed on him, too. She felt like she was following a thunderstorm, and part of her felt that she should run the opposite direction… but she followed.

By the time they finally reached Kyoto proper, Merielle was asleep in the front seat. Yuki drove the van nearly aimlessly, finally letting it clunk to a stop and resting her head on the wheel. They would have to abandon it before too much longer, but the most important thing was that it had gotten them out of Tokyo. She’d have to get a new apartment here… damn it Merielle, what had you been thinking?

She wasn’t sure how long she sat there, resting her head, before she looked up and realized where they were. Her bitter laughter woke Merielle up as she stared out the windshield at the Fushimi Inari Shrine… one of the largest shrines in Japan. She didn’t know why she’d come here… some kind of cosmic joke the universe was playing on her specifically, probably. “I need to stretch,” Merielle said, slipping out of the door and starting to walk up the hill.

Yuki didn’t follow.

The red torii gates seemed to almost beckon her as she stared at them. She wouldn’t go… Inari had betrayed her. She would not go begging to her. She wouldn’t go. But for some reason, as she sat there holding the steering wheel tightly with her hands, Yuki slowly came out out of her frozen state and got out of the van and approached the shrine.

She followed Merielle up, unsure of what she was doing… but she walked past the gates and the paper lanterns that lit the shrine even at this late hour. The place was… serene. Merielle walked slowly around in awe… even she could feel the power of this place. Night birds sang softly on the trees, and the occasional thump of a deer-scare was the only other sound. “It’s so beautiful,” Merielle said softly. Yuki wished that she could disagree. She felt a sense of belonging here… but that made her feel uneasy. She didn’t want to belong. She just wanted to leave. With every passing second, it felt more wrong to be here. Darker and more unwelcoming… even the insects had stopped buz-

One of her tails lashed out and wrapped around Merielle’s wrist, yanking her back towards the fox. “Get behind me,” Yuki hissed. To Merielle’s credit, she barely staggered, and she didn’t resist… she moved right up against her, almost pressing against her back as Yuki turned to face back towards the torii gates they had passed to enter the shrine.

Two women stood there.

Pale skin shone in the moonlight as they stood still as statues, looking towards the Yuki and her slave. Dark hair framed the bare brightness of their faces, almost like phases of the moon as they swayed slightly with the breeze. “You were difficult to find,” a soft voice – feminine… emotionless… – cut through the still night. Yuki shivered. She knew that voice… speaking formal Japanese with the smoothness of long, long practice. It had been centuries, but she knew it. The two women began slowly walking forward, stepping further into the light until Yuki could make out their faces, even in the night. Identical faces with European features… black hair. One side of their head was shaved… that was new. So were all the metal studs. As they stepped closer, close enough that even the selkie’s eyes could see them in the dark, Merielle gasped. It wasn’t hard to guess why. Eighteen fox tails, black as the night, swung behind them.

Yuki didn’t know the twins’ names. As far as she knew, no one did. Even in captivity, however, she had heard what they were called. Kuu… a Japanese word, meaning Void. A sense of dread fell on Yuki as they stepped closer… both represented part of her past she would rather not think about.

They were killers.

“You’ve been away from home a long time, Yuki,” one of the twins said.

“Hundreds of years,” the other agreed.

“The Goddess sent us to collect you,” said the first.

“We’ve been looking since you left the vampire’s clutches,” finished the second for her twin.

Yuki smiled, showing a bit of bravery she didn’t especially feel. “Well, you found me. Here I am,” she responded, arm out wide. “See you in another few hundred years.”

Both twins narrowed their eyes. It was fucking creepy how they did it, at precisely the same time, in precisely the same way. “You will come with us,” said the second twin.

“Don’t make this difficult,” said the first.

Yuki suddenly felt very, very aware of the fact that both of them wore swords on their backs… and Yuki hadn’t touched one since she’d been enslaved. “Never was good at doing things the easy way,” Yuki spat back. “Go away.”

“You took the Goddess’s gifts, Yuki” the second said again.

“You owe the Goddess your loyalty,” the first said. It was creepy the way she spoke. She was asserting herself with no passion, no anger, no conviction. It was like the words belonged to someone else… which, Yuki supposed, they did. Syllana might not actually be controlling them like puppets, but when they spoke her words came out, and make no mistake.

Yuki kept herself from shivering… it was a very, very bad idea to show either of these assassins even a touch of fear. Not for their sake, but for whom they served. Her eyes rested on the crescent moon burned onto their foreheads. When they spoke of the Goddess, they didn’t mean Inari. Merielle’s hand rested on her shoulder, and Yuki had to fight the urge to laugh. The selkie was trying to be there for her? At a time like this? “Owe my loyalty to Syllana?” she mocked. “I’d sooner cast myself into the fire after my skin. That time has come and gone, I am afraid,” Yuki spat, and summoned her fire. All of it. Blue flames coated her arms from finger-tips to shoulders, and glowed in her eyes. Glowing balls of gas-lights appeared above the tips of all nine of her tails, and flickers of additional flame winked in and out of existence with each agitated movement of the nine limbs. “If Syllana wanted a chance to win my loyalty… she’s five hundred years late. Now fuck off!”

Yuki wasn’t scared of Kuu… not precisely. They were dangerous, but the same way that a sword laying on a table was dangerous. Between what she’d seen with her own eyes and what she’d heard in the intervening centuries, she knew enough to know that they didn’t act on their own… and if Syllana had sent them to kill her, they wouldn’t be having this nice little talk. So she raised one finger on each hand and stuck it towards the nogitsune twins. “It’s just like Syllana to send bitches to do her dirty work… some things never change. She can go and fuck herself, and so can you.” Almost unconsciously, her head turned towards Inari’s shrine before she forced it back to the twins. “I don’t follow Syllana. I don’t fucking need her help, and I don’t plan to ever see her again. Now run along and tell her I said that.”

The two dark foxes stood absolutely still in the night for an uncomfortably long time. “We will tell her your words,” the first twin said at last. Both of their bodies relaxed in unison as the threat eased out of their posture. Then, thank all the gods that ever were, the two assassins turned and began to walk away.

The twins disappeared into the night almost instantly… but Yuki waited until she couldn’t sense their power anymore, either… the dark foxfire that resonated with her own, alerting her to their presence. She shook her head at her own stupidity… at first, she had thought it was just the shrine making her uncomfortable… she had let them get that close to her and Merielle. At last, she couldn’t sense anyone anymore, and Yuki let her Witchfire fade and slowly wink out, one flame at a time.

“Who were they?” Merielle asked quietly.

“Some idiots I used to know,” Yuki muttered beneath her breath, left to dwell with her thoughts.

The nogitsune let out a long held breath, clenching her fists at her sides. She refused to be shaken, particularly by Syllana. She, and the rest of her sycophants, meant nothing to Yuki anymore. None of them ever had.

In the dark, thankfully, Merielle couldn’t tell how she was trembling.

From the top of the shrine, a white-furred fox the size of a car watched the two groups part… her muscles quivering with tension, ready to pounce down into the clearing. Akari sighed in relief when the twins were gone, letting herself relax. The Zenko turned her eyes on Yuki and after long weeks finally felt a little bit of hope, just the slightest sense that she wasn’t wasting her time. It wasn’t much, but at least Yuki hadn’t ended up killing the man, or giving in to joining the others like her. She had hoped that subconsciously guiding Yuki to the shine might have been of some help… and for just a few minutes, as she wandered, Akari had dared to believe that it just might be getting through to her. Right now, though, she was going to have to wait and see.

Akari could only hold her breath, and hope.

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  1. It’s nice to see Yuki getting back into the “Fuck you and everyone you’ve ever had a slim, passing contact with” vibe;
    I missed that.

    That one guy’s definitely one of the luckiest normal humans around, in my opinion.
    First, he survived touching Yuki’s favorite toy;
    Second, he survived Yuki’s attention without any actual damage;
    And third, he actually had some fun with Best Girl, Yuki.
    TDF would be jealous, even at the risk of death by angry sociopath fox.

    One note;
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    It’s a good story so far;
    Definitely hoping to see Yuki being more of herself from this chapter.
    “I’m better than you, but I might deign to play with you.”

    The only thing better would be her using illusions to trick the guy into having some fun.
    Or her slow roasting Mordred over a fire.

    The next chapter can’t come soon enough.


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