Black Fur Black Heart 5 – Progress

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2010, New Orleans

Mists of Avalon

Sometimes, it was hard to believe just how much she hated the Mists of Avalon. She had thought she hated it two hundred years ago, when he had opened its doors. She had thought she hated it one hundred and fifty years ago, when electricity was a novelty. She had thought she had hated it one hundred years ago, when she was introduced to the hateful thing the humans called “jazz.” She had thought she hated it 50 years ago, when cigars came back to unbelievable popularity and stank up the entire goddess-damned brothel… but it just kept getting worse. The “music,” if you wanted to be generous and call it that, never, ever stopped pounding. She could hear it through the walls, in the vibration of the floors, in the way the very air shook… even deep down in the rotting basement she was forced to live in Yuki could still hear it. She was half-convinced that Master Mordred did it just to spite her.

But no. When he wanted to spite her, he wasn’t shy about letting her know. Master Mordred – and by every god that ever existed, how she hated that she thought of that monster as ‘Master’ even in the privacy of her own head now – was cruel, creative, and brutal, but what he wasn’t was especially subtle: There was never much mystery in what was designed to make her life more miserable. Taking away the rags she used as blankets was to make her miserable. Whipping half her skin off every night was to make her miserable. Making her drink what little of her blood he didn’t was to make her miserable. The music was just an unhappy coincidence.

But she hated it.

That wasn’t to say every change of the last few centuries had been bad, she supposed. A rising tide really did lift all boats… and if Mordred wanted her to continue being useful, he needed her to continue learning, continue to educate herself about the modern world. The mortals had truly come up with something grand with computers and the internet… so grand that she frequently doubted some god hadn’t intervened to give the pathetic things a hand. The sheer trove of information was amazing, and over the last twenty years she had learned nearly as much of history and philosophy and theory and science as she had in her first two centuries of life as a free woman. The hatred a novel named “Twilight” had gotten had greatly amused her, for example, as had how little Master Mordred wanted to hear about it. It was less funny how he punished her the first time he had learned she knew of it… but then, he punished her for everything.

Of course, all that all that knowledge managed to do was show her how much she was missing out on… how vast the world was while she was stuck in this dingy shithole serving the lusts of a megalomaniacal bastard. A tiny taste of freedom, illusionary though it was, just showed how meaningless her life was. Once, her thoughts of trying to run as an elaborate form of suicide had come maybe once or twice a year. Now, it was a rare day she didn’t day dream of it.

It was only spite that kept her alive, most days.

The vampire had noticed the change in her, too… but it certainly hadn’t inspired any mercy. He had started treating her even more brutally, instead… intending to grind her down into the hollow, hopeless thing that had nothing left, into the woman he had promised one day to kill. Somedays, she was of a mind to let him.

The door to one of the upstairs rooms in the luxurious brothel creaked as it was slowly opened, and a cold-faced Mordred stood behind Yuki as he pushed his fox fucktoy through the doorway. A full-blown sense of dread overwhelmed Yuki as she saw what was waiting for her here… a half dozen of his vampiric children, waiting for her. The vampire’s two eldest, Anastasia and Braum, sat idly on a couch with a glass of probably-not-wine in their hands. Braum’s presence wasn’t a surprise in the slightest, but Anastasia’s was… his daughter only came for to Mists for special occasional, usually preferring to stay in Europe and manage her sire’s holdings there that were her responsibility. Malek, Tommas, and Rake, likewise, didn’t surprise her… Tommas especially liked stopping by to get his dick wet. The 6th vampire present she had never seen before… probably one of his youngest. The room stank of death, the aroma almost overpowering to the nogitsune’s nose and making her want to gag.

Seeing her enter the room, all attention slowly focused onto her, conversation stopping as the six predators began to smile, pulling back their lips from a dozen shining fangs. Braum licked a bit of blood off his lips, and Tommas chuckled, but the rest just stared, eerily still and unmoving… more still than any living, breathing being could manage. It was almost like she had walked into a room full of statues… normal people didn’t get this still. The new vampire was the one that caught her attention first… she knew nothing of him, but from the smile on his face the vampire was obviously enjoying the sight of the broken, nude fox-girl as he casually rested one of the couches, leaning back. He was bare-chested and had his hands neatly nestled in the back of his head, and his dark pants were slowly rising as his manhood began to take shape. Yuki tried not to let her face twitch in disgust and despair as she noticed just how large that bulge was. 

Mordred gave his slave a shove from behind to push her into the room. He looked only slightly less aroused that the others did. Her owner had a look on his face that after hundreds of years she had come to associate with an especially bad time… a cold stare with his thin lips stretched across his face. Without warning, Mordred quickly threw her on top the new vampire. The nogitsune woman landed on the stranger’s hips, and his eagerness to fuck the fox girl was all too apparently in how he grabbed her hips, holding her in place as his hardness jabbed into her thigh. Her owner slowly made his way to the bed, undressing as he went and leaving a trail of clothing behind him. Most of his children began following suit, until Yuki was surrounded by a half-dozen hard, dead cocks, brought back to life by the desire to rape and torture Yuki once again.  Six different dicks of varying lengths, thicknesses, and colors, with one sadistic cunt alongside them.

“You think she can take all seven of us?” the vampire beneath her asked Mordred, never taking his eyes from hers.

“I think I don’t especially care,” Mordred said coldly. “She will take what I tell her to. This little furry cumrag could take seven thousand if I told her to.” The cool expression stayed on his face as he chuckled. “I think the nine tailed cockroach still has a little bit of life in her. This time, though… I don’t think she’ll have a problem. I have something in mind.”

Yuki didn’t like the sound of that… new ideas from the vampire were never a good thing, but she didn’t have much time to think about it. A moment later and Mordred was shoving his way into her ass from behind, causing her to gasp as her virgin-tight asshole was broken open for the millionth time. Every single stroke lead to his dick swelling with pleasure insde of her, ripping new holes into healed depths yet again. The thought of how much he was enjoying himself was almost as as hateful as the feeling of his cock inside her, and it got even worse as the vampire beneath her repositioned himself so that the next time Master Mordred drove forward, he impaled himself into her pussy.

Tommas and Braum crowded around her as the unknown vampire grabbed onto the back of her head, shoving her face down to meet his lips. As her virgin blood flowed down his cock, the vampires were like sharks… their eyes dialated and they drew their lips further over their fangs. The two vampires around her grabbed onto her wrists and forced the nogitsune to stroke their dicks but their eyes were on the dripping blood, and even as he raped her the vampire beneath Yuki ended the kiss by biting her lips and twisting his head away, ripping them open and making her cry out as she started to drip blood into his mouth.

Of course, it didn’t stay that way for long… her lips healed closed after only about thirty seconds.

So, of course, the bastard ripped it open again.

Braum chuckled as he looked at the suffering nogitsune struggle to stroke two dicks while keeping her balance between the two other men fucking her. “It’s always good to see a fucktoy living up to her purpose,” he said. “Sometimes, when I see her training, I actually forget that this is all she is.”

“This useless bitch?” Mordred laughed as he shoved forward, his hard cock plowing through her body’s defenses with utter disregard for the agony it caused. “She’s been practicing for hundreds of years and she is barely competent at taking cock. What made you think there was any chance she could do anything else right?”

His child laughed. “What can I say, I lost perspective. It’s hard to remember anyone can disappoint so consistently.”

Despite her pain, Yuki seethed… her pride wouldn’t let her do otherwise. This place wasn’t Mordred’s, not really. He couldn’t turn selkies into the kind of valuable, skilled employee that she could. He didn’t have the skill or the temperament. Only she could make this place work. Of course, she had to be silent. Mordred wouldn’t like that being pointed out. Not that avoiding making him mad had ever stopped him from punishing her, of course… but their whips and dicks and teeth should have stung a little less for knowing how foolish they were, how much they needed her. The fucking bastards didn’t have half of her skill or a quarter of her brain, or… or…

It didn’t help at all.

Mordred’s hands were on her tails again. She stiffened, wondering for a second if it was a prelude to him ripping one of them off to drink from it the way he did sometimes, but no… he only yanked her back against him by the black fur. “Wrap them around me,” he commanded her. “Fuck yourself on me.” Yuki had little choice but to obey, since his hands on her tails gave her too many memories that there were far worse things he could do with them. Her foxtails wrapped themselves around Mordred’s waist, pulling herself against him like nine eager arms as Mordred continued reaming out her asshole, making him speed up into a wild frenzy. 

Malek stepped up next, grabbing hold of her silky black hair and lifting her bleeding lips from his vampiric “brother’s” mouth. A moment later, he shoved himself inside her, showing her exactly how thick his length was as it stretched her lips tight around the cock’s huge girth. Yuki had little choice but to take him even while she continued to jerk off his ghoulish siblings, cooperation the only thing that could bring her any semblance of mercy here, even if that mercy was no additional pain.

Mordred didn’t care about her new struggles or anything else… he paid no mind to her sudden gagging and continued to give the nogitsune’s asshole a savage pounding, each thrust like the stab of a dagger deep into her ass as his fingers clenched on her hips hard enough that she could feel bruises forming all the way down to the bones. “Despite everything,” Master Mordred said, “She is a decent little fucktoy, isn’t she?” he purred with pleasure. “Always so tight and fresh. These people think they are getting fresh cunt from the selkies I keep… if I sold you, they would realize just how deep the difference goes.”

Yuki was too busy to even think about her master’s comments much… her attention to him could go no further than to flex her tails over and over, drawing her back against him as he raped her. The rest of her awareness was focused on the other vampires… she needed to keep sucking, keep fucking, keep stroking… her hands, mouth, and cunt were all filled with the vampiric meat of Mordred’s spawn, raping every inch of her as the thick dick in her mouth began to slowly penetrate her throat, forcing it wide despite it’s size.

The vampire sighed with pleasure as the Yuki’s virgin-tight throat muscles gave his cockhead a nice massage. “There you go! Eat that cock!” Tommas mocked her, cheerfully reaching over to slap her stretched cheek where it was bulging from the dick deep inside her. “My turn.” He yanked Yuki’s head viciously backwards and off of Malek’s dick, and she had just a second to get a breath before it was shoved back forward onto his member instead. With her throat already expanded, it slid in with only minimal – if painful – effort from the strong vampire. Tommas wasn’t quite as thick as Malek, but he was longer and she felt her throat swell and bulge halfway down her neck as he sheathed himself inside of her. Yuki’s eyes widened in reaction and she gagged despite herself, cursing Inari’s gift… the only reason she could think why her gag reflex hadn’t been fucked out of her centuries ago, and why she felt constantly like she was fighting the urge to throw up as her throat was ravaged by that long vampire snake. Yuki felt nearly as low as dirty as she felt the ghoul’s cock try to make its way down into her stomach, the sensation and the very thought combining to fill her with disgust even as she struggled to breathe.

The cocky vampire let out a small laugh as he gazed at Yuki’s struggle. “Oh, too big for you?” he mocked as he softly dragged his lower lip with his fangs as if it were instinctive, as if the sight of someone being degraded and preyed upon was enough to make him need to feed. “I thought you must have taken miles and miles of cock down your gullet by now. Take it all the way down!” he roared as he grabbed onto both of her ears and yanked her head forward, fucking her throat with savage thrusts. “Take it! Take my big cock!”

The other vampires laughed with joy as Yuki’s throat was massacred by brutal thrusts. She felt humiliated, her eyes turning red around the edges and watering. She wanted to hold back her gag reflex but she couldn’t… and if Master Mordred had given her a single scrap of food in the last four days, she would have thrown up all over his cock.

Then he pulled out. The nogitsune tried gasping for air as the cock slithered out of her mouth, but she retched on her own spit… forcing her to hack and cough out wads of her own slime and his precum while her stomach rebelled. She barely got a gasp or two before Mordred smacked the back of her head. “His turn!” he commanded, his cock still deep in her asshole as she was forced to stuff her face full of Rake’s dick.

He wasn’t quite as long and thick as the one stuffing her cunt, but he wasn’t much smaller either, and her mouth was stuffed utterly full. She suspected he must be swelling his cock with blood the way Mas- Mordred sometimes did, because his length stretched her lips to their limits, and the cock was barely inside when Yuki felt like her jaw was being pressured and was straining to fit the size of him inside of her. It hurt like hell… but the vampire didn’t care for her pain. He continued to shove his huge member inside of the nogitsune’s mouth and down her throat as Mordred’s painful thrusts continued to knock her forward into him.

She couldn’t breathe at all like this, and she wasn’t sure how long he fucked her face before at last he pulled his thick meat from her mouth and let her catch her breath. Her jaw felt like it was broken… but the obvious pain on her face was only pleasure to the sadistic vampires. Anastasia, she had sprawled down on the couch, fucking herself with her fingers as she watched Yuki get raped by her sire and siblings.

Mordred yanked his way out of her and threw her down. Her ass was only empty for a second before one of the vampires filled it, and then Mordred was forcing his way into into her mouth, making her retch as she tasted her asshole on the thick rod of meat heated only by the friction of what it had done to her rear. He didn’t hesitate for a moment before he started to fuck Yuki’s pretty face with savage thrusts, bashing her nose into his pelvis with each other until it crunched and broke. She squealed, but the blood leaking down onto his cock was just one more taste she was forced to swallow.

The unknown vampire fucking Yuki was speeding up his thrusts, ramming up into her spasming body with vigor as he moaned. Then his thick cock swelled inside her and squirted wads of cold, slimy jizz up inside of her as a huge sensation grabbed a hold of him. He pumped his cock into her with all the strength in his body until he finally let out a huge loud moan and his thick cock squirted a few large wads of jizz. The vampire gasped with pleasure, slowly pulling out and letting his cum spill out of her suddenly gaping pussy. A large amount of cum spewed out after he released his cock from her pussy.

“That was utterly amazing!” he proclaimed to the heavens before he starting sliding out from beneath her. “Kitsune pussy is as good as you promised.”

Mordred laughed as he raped her face. “Kitsune? This cumrag? As if… if she were, she probably would have run away by now. I wouldn’t be able to get nearly so much use out of the fox cunt if she hadn’t ruined herself this way.

Yuki only didn’t bite him because she knew it would be pointless, and that he would punish her for it. It was in no way because she thought he was right.

A second vampire’s cock was quickly stuffed into her tight snatch. She didn’t heal quickly enough that she was a virgin again for him, but the instant the last dick was taken out, she began to tighten up again… her body had had extensive training over the centuries at healing that particular injury stunningly quickly, much to her regret. Once again, she cursed the gift of health Inari had bestowed upon her kind. The next cock was stuffed deep into her, and she wanted to moan in pain and disgust, but she wasn’t able to with Mordred’s thick cock plugging her throat. A second later, she had another dick shoving into her ass and beating her down with it like it was a bat. Yuki’s tits shook back and forth as she was raped from all ends, her body quaking from the demonic thrusts the vampires were unleashing on her. She twitched and turned as the vampires brought themselves closer to the edge, feeling little but the struggle for air and the wet slap of Mordred’s balls against her face.

The room was starting to reek of sex and musk, almost enough to cover the stench of death as the vampires continued to heap abuse on the helpless nogitsune. Master Mordred didn’t stop fucking her face for a second, and his prick only got harder and pulsated more each time it slid into her precious wet mouth. Yuki felt exhausted and debased as the vampires continued on their lustful rampage… But it didn’t take long before whoever had crawled beneath her finally succumbed to his needs and wadded a large stream of vampire jism deep into her pussy, glazing her insides with its foulness… keeping inside her until every last drop of the cum had escaped his body.

The spent ghoul got out of the way to let the vampire with the longest prick – Tommas – have a go at ripping Yuki’s pussy apart. “She doesn’t have enough holes,” Rake complained. “Think we should make a few more? She’d heal them, right?”

Yuki shuddered, but thankfully, Mordred put a stop to that. “I was waiting for someone to bring that up,” he said with a chuckle. “No, I have a better idea.” He gave her throat another vicious thrust. “See, I hold her magic… but over the years, I’ve seen her manage some rather impressive things with her illusions anyway.” He chuckled. “Impressive for a jizzstained bit of black fur, anyway. Regardless, it was enough to get me thinking… and trading a bit of knowledge with an expert. It seems that my toy here has been holding out on us… she can use the bits of fire she has left in what the cocksleeve tries to pass off as a soul to do some minor magic. Apparently, its fairly difficult… although it can’t be too hard if this useless bitch can manage.” Mordred stopped thrusting, leaving himself buried in Yuki’s mouth, but he tilted her head up until he could stare into her blue eyes. “Make four copies of yourself.”

Who could have told him that? Yuki’s understanding of foxfire was rare… as much as her pride stung at having her abilities belittled, the last time she knew very few foxes were able to do what she had learned to do… very few even understood it was possible. Who could he had gotten that information from? She supposed it didn’t really matter right now, though. Yuki didn’t know why he wanted her to make an illusion, but she had long ago learned that her only options were between eventual obedience and pain, and obedience and less pain. It wasn’t easy, not while distracted by needing to keep serving the cocks surrounding her, but making illusions with foxfire was easy… There wasn’t a kitsune born who hadn’t figured out how to do at least basic illusions within a year or two of their foxfire blooming, and Yuki had always been especially talented at the artistry of it.

Yuki couldn’t actually open the door to the room, but she could make it look like it opened… and four copies of herself walked into the room, as naked as she was, and knelt down on the floor in a row. The vampires made noises of appreciation, chuckling at the display while Mordred smirked. “Would you look at that. Our little precious slowflake has sisters, and she never bothered to tell us about them.” He slapped her face. “Holding out on us again… we could have been fucking her sisters all this time too.”

Yuki’s reaction surprised even her. She growled.

Mordred sighed with pleasure as his throat vibrated around his cock, and she felt a rush of humiliation that her fury had brought him pleasure, but surprise was still her main reaction to her instinctive fury. One of her sisters was dead, and the other had betrayed her. Why should she care what he said about them? Yet her face was flushed and her eyes had narrowed at his words, and somewhere deep inside Yuki was sure she’d be dead long before she let that man lay a finger on Akari.

“They even smell like her!” Rake said, and despite herself Yuki felt a bit of pride. Fooling sight and hearing, that was easy. Taste and smell were harder… but she had learned to do that, too. It helped that her own senses of both were so acute… helped her to make the illusions much more believable to even people with strong senses like the vampires. Rake reached down and tried to lick across the illusion’s face… and snorted when his tongue went right through it. “Bah. Not real. What good are they?”

Mordred snorted. “And that’s what she’s been holding out. I had a very interesting conversation, and it seems our little fucktoy has a talent.” He glared down at her. “Let them touch them.”

Her eyes widened. That was… how could he have… that was… how… Her panic made her gag, and lose her breath entirely. Mordred pulled out, slapping his forehead with his glistening cock. “Problem, cunt?”

“Can’t,” she muttered between coughs, not looking up. She hated this. Hated this. Hated admitting that she couldn’t do anything… especially when the reason for it only made her look more helpless. “Too much to fool… not without my fire.”

Mordred snorted. “You would be that useless,” he growled. “But she warned me as much.” He held the necklace he wore in his hand, and for a single, tantalizing second, Yuki could feel her fire… could reach out and touch the vaguest hint of it. It wasn’t much, but… it was like being able to take a breath after being underwater for five hundred years. The bliss was so great it took her a moment to realize she would only be able to do that if the man holding her foxfire, Master Mordred, had allowed it… and she had an idea what he had in mind for what use her skills would be put to, and it nauseated her.

Mordred had no idea what he was asking, how difficult it was… but he also didn’t care, so Yuki got to work. Illusion magic was all about fooling the senses of anyone interacting with the illusion. Creating the sense of touch was child’s play, actually easier than doing smell was… but telling someone’s nerves they were touching something was the barest edge of what it felt like to actually touch something. Their bodies would still go right through it. She needed to weave the illusion in with a compulsion, a mental hint trapped within the illusions that something was impassable, that it was physical – that their hands should stop when they encountered it. And then she needed to pay attention to each and every thing that would cause the illusion to move and make it move with the touch, still providing the tactile sense required. Trying to do that with the amount of fire he was letting her use was like trying to do paint like a Renaissance master using soggy crayons.

In the end, stubbornness and pride won out. The idea of failing to do something and letting the vampires think she was even more useless was even more abominable of a thought than what they asked of her… Yuki managed to weave together what had to be the most hateful illusion she had ever managed, but she did it. She hung her head in shame, letting out a deep breath. “Yes… Master.”

Anastastia walked over, stood over one of the illusions, and slapped it. Yuki’s face – the false Yuki’s face – snapped to the side, as it should have. It made the sharp slapping noise, as it should have. And while it didn’t actually sting the vampire’s hand, the nerves in it reported that it did, as it should have. A slow smile spread over the vampire’s face as she gathered up a fistful of the illusion’s hair. “Now this is useful,” she said, dragging the false copy over to the couch and spreading her legs. Yuki knew what she was after, and the illusion began to lick and touch Anastasia’s body. Yuki couldn’t actually feel it through the illusion, of course, but after all these years she was shamefully familiar with how to please the woman, and made her illusion do it just how she asked.

One of the other vampires laughed. “I think she made their tits bigger than hers,” Tommas said. “Feeling envious, cunt?” He slapped one of the clone tits and watched it wobble. “This is fun.” He shoved her down to all fours, and before long he was inside her, fucking the illusion. It didn’t take long before all of her copies were being abused in some way – One of them tonguing Braum’s asshole while another sucked his cock. Both of them soon had a dick in their cunts as well, and Yuki added the smell of blood to the air as their virginities broke. With each thrust they all made tiny sounds of pain and dismay, flinched beneath the touch of the vampires… Yuki had a wealth of experience to draw on now for what it was like to be raped, and used it to make the illusions even better. What she hadn’t counted on was the effect that watching her had on herself. She looked…

Pathetic. She looked pathetic. She had one of the greatest talents with illusions she had ever seen. She had never once found an application of foxfire she hadn’t been able to master. She was a prodigy, a warrior, a…

A cumdump.

Her body was a plaything. Her skills were a plaything. Her illusions were a plaything. What good was her thoughts and opinions and skills to the vampires if they couldn’t rape them? This one was only allowed to exist at all because it turned Mordred on to allow it to. Then her Master’s cock was back down her throat, and everything became so much harder as another distraction was added on top… but she managed. She had to. What other choice did she have?

“It really is something,” Anastasia said, grinding Yuki’s face into her cunt as she brought herself off for the 20th time or so. Stabbing one finger forward, she pushed it through the false-Yuki’s forehead. “If I think about how I know it’s not real, I can manage to ignore it… but the second I stop thinking about it, it’s as solid as that furry cunt. Aaaah,” she moaned, squeezing the illusion’s head in between her thighs as she came… or at least, thinking she was.

Yuki couldn’t answer… she had two vampire cocks down her throat, plowing her with inhuman force. They had taken to doing what they could to distract her, to make the illusions fall apart… she had lost two of them in the last three hours, but the other two still existed, were still fluffing the vampires and getting them hard to rape her again or serve Anastasia. “Fuck!” the new vampire, whom she had finally learned was named Davis, groaned as he stuffed himself deeper into the real Yuki. “This is so fucking amazing. No normal bitch could survive this!” He rolled his head back and grunted loudly. “Swallow! Swallow!” he demanded. “There, that’s a good fucktoy… You know how to please a man…”

One by one, they came in her… and then Mordred was inside her pussy again. Viciously pounding the real thing. He slapped her ass with each thrust, impacts that could have drive nails into the wall, until his big dick finally exploded inside her. Huge strings of Mordred’s hot jizz filled up her raw, crimson-stained pussy. Yuki closed her eyes and placed her sorry face on her jizz-stained tails like a pillow as her body became a vessel for Mordred’s cold seed again. His cold, hateful face lit up with a large smile that crossed from ear to ear, allowing for his hungry fangs to appear. After a few moments Mordred came down from his high and without warning, he bit down on her neck, consumed her life force drop by drop as his cold face met her hot neck. They had all been feeding from her… it was the one thing her illusions couldn’t fake. It had proved the best way of making her lose focus on the illusions, and this time was no exception… the remaining two winked out of existence as Mordred drank deeper than the others had before, sucking until Yuki was just about to faint. Only then, when the nogitsune was nearly dead, did he finally let her go.

He turned her around to make her face him. His smile was more wicked than ever before as he looked around the room. It was… covered… in cum. Just because the vampires had thought they were cumming inside her illusions didn’t mean that they actually were, after all, and they had made one hell of a mess. “Clean this up,” he told her. “I would say to use your tongue… but you need to be on the floor in two hours, and I don’t think even a slut of your quality could manage that… so mop it up with your tails. He began to dress along with the other vampires. Then he was gone, leaving Yuki to slowly force herself to her feet.

Cumrag. Cum stain. Jizz mop. He had called her all of that, and more.

Silently, Yuki began to use her tails as one… and if she mopped up some tears too, who would have noticed?

By the time she was finished, Yuki felt… numb. She walked down the hallways, but didn’t see anything… couldn’t even remember where she was in these hallways she had walked a thousand by a thousand times. How could she have ever had hope? This is what she was… what she always was going to be. Fucktoy. Cumrag. Rapeslut. Whore. Whore. Whore.

Yuki wasn’t sure when she had leaned against the wall, no longer walking. All she knew was that she was hugging her disgusting, cum-soaked tails against herself as she slid down the wall, hitting the ground hard as tears started streaming down her cheeks. Yuki cried almost silently, pathetic, weeping tears as she lost hope. She was never going to be free. Damn the vampires, and damn Inari, and damn the whole lot of them, and…

“Are you alright?”

Yuki snapped her eyes open. Standing just a few feet away was Maya… one of the brothel’s selkies. She had trained her well… had trained all of them well. She’d passed Mordred’s rigorous standards nearly sixty years ago… she’d probably fucked and sucked ten customers a day since then. Not that Mordred cared about her successes… there were always more selkies to break in and train, always more money to make, more influence to collect. Always another way to degrade her and belittle her. Yuki tried to wipe her tears away. “What?” she snapped. “The fuck do you want, faeling bitch?”

“Why are you crying?” Maya asked innocently. “Are you… Can I help?”

“Crying?” Yuki said, too quickly as she forced herself back up to her feet. “Who’s crying? Nobody’s crying. Get lost!”

“But I saw…” Maya insisted.

Yuki narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t see shit, you stupid fucking slut!” Yuki growled. “Didn’t I tell you not to ask dumb fucking question? And that any question that came your mind was going to be a dumb one?” Yuki’s foxtails, covered in cum thought they were, writhed around in her fury. Yuki fought to keep her tears back as the growl became almost a full-fledged battle-yell. “Got it?!” Yuki’s watery red eyes bulged out as they held back her brokenness, practically glowing with her rage.

“I’m sorry…” Maya said, shrinking back beneath the shadow of those nine tails towering over her. “I just wanted to see if you were alright,” explained a concerned Maya.

Yuki responded with a dry, sarcastic – almost maniacal – laugh. “Alright?!” Yuki yelled. “I am better than alright. I am beyond ALRIGHT! I am so far beyond alright that your slut brain can’t even process it, alright?”

“It… didn’t look like it,” admitted the terrified selkie. “I just wanted-”

And Yuki snapped.

Shut the hell up already!” she roared, her neck tensing and going stiff with her rage. “You stupid. Fucking. Cunt. You think you’re better than me, huh? You think you’re so fucking special!?” Yuki grabbed onto the Selkie’s head, slamming her back against the wall as her tails began to whip the woman, battering her over and over and over and over again. “You’re fucking nothing, you understand me? You’re nothing but a whore in a building filled of whores, and someday when you’re too dead inside to be useful to them anymore they are going to stab a piece of iron into your fucking brain and toss you in a dumpster with the rest of the garbage!” Her tails kept slapping the woman’s large breasts, making them bounce with incredibly violence and splattering some of the still-wet cum from her tails all over the selkie. “And when they do, I’m still going to fucking be here!

“Of course I am okay!” Yuki snarled. “Unlike you. Let me show you the difference between you and me you, fucktoy cumrag!” Yuki didn’t use her tails to tighten around the Selkie’s throat… she used both of her hands instead, squeezing her, strangling her as she bashed the woman back against the wall over and over. “You are fucking worthless,” she spat. “Worthless!” Maya tried to reach up and pry the woman’s hands off her neck, but two of the nogitsune’s tails wrapped around her wrists and pinned them against the wall as well. “Such is life, Maya,” Yuki snapped. “You suffer, and then you die. The end.” She lifted up Maya further, holding her kicking legs up off the ground before lifting a knee and slamming it into the selkie’s cunt, once, twice, three times.

Yuki abruptly realized that Maya’s face was purple. A part of her wanted to keep holding on. A part of her wanted to feel her life slip between her fingers… show her just how low women here could be brought. There was a part of her that really wanted that. That thought it would make her feel better. That thought… Yuki shuddered in disgust at the thought.

She dropped her.

Maya hit the ground like a stone, trembling and jerking and gasping while Yuki looked down at the half-dead selkie. “There, you see!” Yuki snapped. “I am fucking okay! This is what it looks like when someone is not, got it?” She kicked the fallen redhead. “Now… Don’t ever, ever, ask me if I am okay, got that? The answer is always yes! Got it?!”

The selkie was trying to catch her breath. Yuki kicked her again. “Got it?” she growled. Maya had no choice but to nod wordlessly in surrender to the furious nogitsune. That was enough for her. She started walking away back down the hallway, away from her. “Am I okay?” She mocked Maya. “HA!”

Yuki barely made it around the corner before she couldn’t see where she was going anymore… the world going blurry as her eyes filled with tears. Her legs felt like rubber. She placed both her arms on the wall and rested her heavy head on her limb. And Yuki fell apart again in perfect silence.

Their new apartment was pitch black when Yuki was finally able to open the door. The nogitsune was struggling to bring cheap, second hand furniture in through the narrow door, banging it on every conceivable surface as she did. She didn’t care… the furniture, and the apartment, were both pieces of shit… who would notice a few more dents, a few more holes in the shitty walls? In the end, Yuki was strong enough to make it work. Merielle was coming up behind her, carrying the bedding for the bed they had picked up for cheap, and she stopped in the dark entrance to the apartment.

Now, several days after arriving in Kyoto, Yuki had to admit that the selkie looked out of place in this dump. The beautiful redhead seemed to shine in almost any light she was in… but that just made their surroundings all the more drab by comparison. At least they weren’t fighting… Yuki was far from happy that they had needed to leave Tokyo behind, but they would be fine here. Eventually.

Yuki went in further into the darkness, eyes looking for the light… it was dim enough that even her fox senses helped little. Where was that switch again? She was pretty sure it was… “Fucking shit!” the nogitsune cursed as she accidentally stumbled over some pieces of old furniture before finally landing on the ground. Merielle ran in to find her after hearing the commotion from inside the apartment. Through the darkness, she was able to find Yuki on the ground and reached for her.

“Are you alright, Mistress?” she asked, looking down at her.

Yuki continued to lay on the floor. Was she alright? Why did that question seem too heavy? When was the last time she had felt completely alright, anyway? The moment she considered it, it was back… a simple dinner. Seijun had bought the fish from the human market and Akari and Yuki had worked together to roast them… the two of them had received all of mom’s talents in that area, and both knew that trusting their sister to cook anything had always been a recipe for disaster. They had sat down on that thatched floor and laughed and ate and drank and…

And that had been the last time.

Yuki swallowed that memory whole, tossing it into a deep, dark pit where there was no light to shine on it… but the memories that replaced it weren’t any better. Are you alright… Maya’s voice. Yuki shuddered. Merielle’s warm words of concerns brought the nogitsune’s mind back to dark places… her words always seemed to do that. Yuki hated it… but she couldn’t help but remember. She remembered Maya’s kind words, the only kind words in that chamber of hollow, empty darkness and exploitation. The memory proved almost as heavy of a weight. Regret was beginning to creep up once again, but ever the strong and illusive mistress, Yuki immediately brushed it to one side. The last thing she wanted was for thorns of her past to reemerge.

“Yuki? Are you okay?” Merielle asked once more. “You’re scaring me…”

Yuki got up on her feet quickly. “I’m fine, Merielle,” Yuki responded with authority. “I’m better than okay.” She started to look around and reach the wall where a light switch was felt. Yuki flipped it on and a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling lit up the room. She looked around the apartment and, as always, tried to hide her dismay. The untidy place looked messy and disordered, and it was a total dump. Some of the furniture was knocked over and laid about the floor. An old sofa chair had its feet in the air as it laid upside down. There was some trash all around them, littered with broken dishes, and worn trinkets. Some patches on the walls had its wallpaper ripped off. Spots of mold lingered above their heads. Yuki’s keen eyes were spotted a mouse crawling alongside the edge of the wall. All in all, it reminded her uncomfortably of her room in Mists of Avalon. The place was a mess, and getting it cleaned back up was their job.

Merielle sighed.

“Look, I know, I know…” Yuki said, rolling her eyes. “This isn’t the Four Seasons Tokyo. It’s four dead rats Kyoto. We didn’t have a lot money… It’s the best we could afford for now. So, whatever…” Yuki’s eyes then went back to see Merielle who was clearly not at all pleased with the current environment, but she was trying to make the best of it as she picked up the upside-down chair and placed it on the floor upright. Yuki could understand the sentiment… she felt the same way, but she didn’t want to let it show. “Don’t give me that silent shit again,” Yuki spat, anger beginning to simmer beneath her voice. A good fight would make the memories go away. “We’re lucky we ever got this dump. The lady didn’t want to rent to us because of you, remember!” Merielle sank as she began to be berated by the her mistress. “She actually asked if I was a dyke. Stupid bitch… if she had any idea. I told you to stay back until I got us the apartment, but nooooo… you had to come in. Hell, she might have given us this dump as punishment. If you only listened to me…”

Merielle stood quietly before she decided to walk over to the other side of the room. She picked an old dirty towel and went back in an attempt to wipe the sofa chair clean. “I know,” she said softly. “You were right.”

“For fuck sake!” a frustrated Yuki exclaimed. Why couldn’t she just… let her fight. “I wish you’d listened then!” Merielle continued to wipe the chair and tried to avoid the fox’s rage.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I was just trying to help. I just… don’t want to fight, mistress,” Merielle muttered as she trembled slightly. “I’m just trying to clean the place. If this is all we can afford, fine. We’ll make it work.”

Yuki’s face grew a frown. “So you’re trying to humiliate me, now?” Yuki said with a growl, tightening her grip on the poor selkie’s arm. “You think you can get us someplace better? Of course you do…”

“That’s not…” Merielle tried to interrupt.

Somewhere, Yuki understood she wasn’t being rational… That Merielle deserved better than this. “I got you an apartment and you try to humiliate me? You think you can do better? Alright. Then let’s go and see if you can do better!” Yuki headed for the door and opened it. “Come on. You want better? Go find it! Come on! Let’s go! I want to see if you can! Let’s see if Merielle the stupid selkie sex slave can find a better apartment at this hour with the cash we have!”

“But…” Merielle pleaded.

“Nope!” Yuki stopped her abruptly, raising her index finger in the air. “Shut the fuck up! Let’s go and see what you can do!” Yuki stands next to the door and waits for Merielle to exit. Seeing that she had no choice, Merielle slowly makes her way out through the door and out onto the staircase down to the street.

“But…” Merielle pleaded once more.

“Let’s go!” Yuki ordered as she closed the door behind her and marched the selkie out into the cold night.

“Yuki, I…” Merielle tried to reason with the furious nogitsune, but she wasn’t having it. Yuki all but force-marched her out of the building and down the sidewalk, heading towards the corner. They turned and headed down the block, not speaking, no idea where they were going. Merielle was now only hoping that Yuki would calm down and was just going along with her impulsive lashing out until the fox grew tired of her rage. It wasn’t until they reached a small park a few blocks down that Yuki finally stopped. Merielle turned to see the angry fox, obviously still seething.

“Well?” Yuki demanded, sarcasm clear in his voice. “Are we finding anything better, little miss perfect?” Merielle just wanted to go back… She looked down on the ground and watched her feet wobbling with her nervousness, trying to think of what she could say to calm the woman she loved down. “Well?” She demanded again.

She felt better already.

“I’m sorry,” Merielle said out of nowhere. Yuki remained firm as she looked over Merielle for any sense of real sorrow or lament. “I get it, mistress… it’s the best we can afford. I don’t care about the apartment, Yuki. As long as you’re there, it’s alright.”

Yuki paused.

Why did she have to say things like that? Now she just felt… felt like…

Yuki seemed to deflate, sitting down hard on the bench. Her head was resting in her hands, covering her face in shame and frustration. She sat there for a long minute, breathing deeply. “I hate this,” she said softly. “I’m sorry, Red. I just… I hate this.”

Merielle sat down next to Yuki, their legs brushing one another, and the selkie just sat there with her. “I know,” she said, nodding slowly. “I know. It’s my fault. I’m sorry, but… I couldn’t just let him die.”

Yuki wanted to protest but… she just didn’t have the words. Saying anything just seemed like so much effort… so instead, she just sat, silently, with Merielle for long minutes in the cool night air. “I know, Mer. I get it.” She sighed. “I know you couldn’t. I… I don’t blame you. Not your fault.”

The words seemed to light a fire inside Merielle. “It’s not so bad, really,” Merielle reassured her, slowly smiling. “We’ll make it livable. I mean, compared to the sea, everything on land kind of seems the same anyway to me.” She was lying, but… this is what Yuki was talk about, right? Not everything had to be honest. Some things were more important. And it was true that, insane as it seemed, she’d rather live in hell with Yuki than paradise without her. “After we’re done getting it set up, I bet it’ll feel a lot more like home. I mean, you haven’t even used me on any of it yet!”

Yuki barked out a short laugh, and then a small, but genuine, smile sneaked onto her face. Merielle wanted to beam brighter than the sun at her triumph. She could do this. She could be a good slave… she could be good enough for her mistress. With enough effort, and patience, and belief, she could do it. “That’s true,” Yuki said wryly. “Maybe we should remedy that…”

She was smiling again. That meant it was really going to hurt… but at least while she was hurting her, Yuki probably wouldn’t be angry. Merielle should be terrified. She was.

She also couldn’t wait.

The selkie followed her mistress as they walked back to the building and headed inside, her mind already racing ahead, wondering how she was going to be put to use… whether it would be on the new bed, or that old couch, or…

Yuki opened the door wildly as they both entered the dim apartment… and then her mistress stopped dead in her tracks, the fur on her tail practically all standing straight up. Looking over, Merielle saw that they weren’t alone in the apartment… there was another kitsune…

No. Her fur was black. Another nogitsune.

There was another nogitsune in their apartment. Her hair was woven into a single braid to most of the way down her back, and she wore blue jeans and a white tshirt. The sudden, unexpected intrusion was terrifying… but Yuki’s reaction was far more so.

Her mistress abruptly stropped, frozen in place as the other woman turned and met her eyes. “Mai…” she whispered, voice suddenly breathless.

“It’s been a long time, Yuki,” Mai said, and her face opened up into a smile. “I’ve missed you.”

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