Black Fur Black Heart 6 – True Love

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1337, Japan

Mai screamed, her hands clenched tight on the bedsheets, while Yuki held her down with just her posture. Yuki held her blade in her hand, swinging it back and forth across her back. Only skill and precision kept her connecting with the flat of the blade each time instead of the razor sharp edge, striking the brown-furred kitsune’s back like an iron rod. Mai buried her face into the pillows as fresh tears welled from her eyes and new welts rose from her skin after each slap. The obvious agony she was inflicting brought Yuki an overwhelming sense of arousal. She thrust her naked body against Mai’s leg, grinding on it as her other hand freely explored the depths of her captive’s pussy… forcibly finger fucking her wetness, her thumb pushing into Mai’s asshole with each thrust. Mai could feel her dominator straddling her leg with strong, tightened thighs as Yuki rubbed her throbbing clit along the soft, smooth arch of the back of Mai’s knee while slapping her once more with the flat of the blade.

Mai kept flinching away from Yuki’s hand but the other fox held her in place, the tips of her fingers punching to her cervix with each thrust no matter how Mai tried to avoid them, and making her pussy gush even as she whimpered with pain. It only served to make her wetter as Yuki stared down her victim’s bruised back before stepping off her leg and grabbing a fist full of her tails at the base. She pushed her foot up against Mai’s cunt as she pulled aggressively on the tails. “You’re such a slut, look at you,” Yuki laughed as her toes exposed more fluids gushing from Mai’s wetness. “Flip over, cunt.”

Her words were cold and demanding as she put a foot on her victim’s side and kicked, rolling Mai on to her back. Tears ran down the pretty fox’s face as she looked up at Yuki and held out her hands. “W-wait, wait,” she muttered as Yuki got down on top of her.

Yuki didn’t wait. Setting her blade aside, she grabbed Mai’s leg and held it up in the air, crossing her legs against hers as they pressed their pussy lips together. Yuki winced with a cooing pleasure as she started to vigorously grind her body against Mai. Mai whimpered in pain as she pushed back, the look on her face speaking for her defeat as she grabbed the blankets of the bed and writhed about. “You asked me to wait,” said Yuki with a smirk as she leaned down and grabbed hold of Mai’s neck and squeezed. Mai looked at her and gasped as she continued to struggle against Yuki’s forceful rubbing of her wet, throbbing lips. Mai bit her lip as she looked up at Yuki with dread in her eyes… She was losing air and her face was flushing slowly through each whimpering moan she let escape. Yuki licked her lips. “Are you sorry now?”

Mai nodded profusely as Yuki let go and allowed her nine-tailed fucktoy a chance to breathe. Yuki started rubbing along her slim leg, down her thigh and up to her breasts, and squeezed. Her eyes sharpened as she glared down at Mai and her lips curled into a smirk, her tails flicking back and forth before they leashed out and coiled around Mai’s, restraining them with her stronger ones even on their way to wrap her arms and pin her down to the bed, just before she pulled off of her. She looked down with a smile, noting how their juices had intertwined and how they both glistened on her slave’s box. Yuki was getting off more from the forceful pleasuring than anything else… the stimulation itself wasn’t much, but it did enough while she thought of the next way to make her plaything serve her.

She got up and stood over the helpless girl as she took a moment to catch her breath… her body trembling on the edge of an orgasm. Mai opened her eyes and stared up at Yuki’s beautiful cunt for just a second before her owner sat down over her face, blocking out almost everything but the taste of her mistress on her tongue. A second later, a hand slapped painfully against her legs, a stinging blow. “What are you waiting for, you know what to do!” Yuki ordered… and to her delight, Mai did. The brown-furred kitsune lapped her tongue vigorously against Yuki’s swollen wet lips, tasting her succulent pussy juices and moaning into her as Yuki took it slow to grind against her tongue and spike her own pleasure even higher.

Mai was shaking beneath her, her nails clawing through the blankets against the wooden boarded floor of the small tent. As her tongue started to speed up, Yuki lifted Mai’s legs slightly to widen her hips, presenting her pussy for her to see… she was ready to play with it some more. She played with her slave’s breasts and stared longingly between her legs while she listened to Mai moan beneath her. The brown-furred kitsune was humping the air as though her crotch was trying to seek out her mistress’s touch, and she was gasping loudly with both effort and pleasure. Yuki decided to show some mercy to the poor girl as it looked like she could use some attention before she orgasmed just from the sheer adrenaline. She reached down and caressed Mai’s lips with her fingers as they quivered excitedly, and at the same time she took her thumb and began to glide it down the length of her clit, up and down, back and forth, side to side, and then in circles to tease, causing Mai to practically scream into Yuki’s pussy.

Mai’s hips started to shake, the pleasure of Yuki’s touch now pushing deep inside her and the intensity of her thumb on her clit together like a hit of ecstasy running through her. All of her breaths were coming out as pants now. Short gasps of air mixed with short sharp exhaling, matching the speed of her dominator’s thrusting and the warmth of her pulsating lips that strangled her breath even more. Yuki was completely lost in the experience… the bouncing of the bed, the bundle of blankets just sinking in with their erratic movements, and the smell of Mai’s heat all forgotten as she focused only on the feelings of pleasure that washed over her body. Yuki began to push deeper into her slave, now doing what she could to push all of the depth she could manage into Mai, harder than she had ever done before but with a newfound purpose to each thrust. Back and forth, each thrust deeper and harder than the last. “Oh god damn. It’s so good,” moaned Yuki as her body started to convulse from the pleasure of Mai’s tongue. “Don’t you dare fucking stop you little fucking slut!”

Mai whimpered in fear as she continued. Her tongue was getting sore and her breath was short as her nose was buried into Yuki’s crotch. All she could smell was the hot moisture of pleasure that emitted from her mistress’s body as she pushed her tongue in as deep as it would go and writhed it about to please her. Yuki’s tails now fluttered with more energy and her toes scrunched up with the tenseness taking over her body. She let out a sudden cry of pleasure as she orgasmed, her body tightening up around Mai as she squeezed her with her thighs. Mai started to kick and flail as Yuki sat down further on her face. She couldn’t breathe at all now as her muffled screams just poured into Yuki, who continued to pump her aggressively with her fingers.

Yuki finally decided to give Mai another break, as she felt her going limp. She lifted herself up enough for Mai to breathe as she bent down, pushing her breasts against Mai’s stomach as she dived her tongue into the wet and abused pussy. Mai let out a long, drawn-out gasp of pleasure as her body stiffened and her toes spread. Brown tails entwined with her white ones and writhed like snakes in the sheets as she felt overcome with an explosive build-up of pleasure. Yuki smirked with satisfaction as she kept the young kitsune pinned down during the orgasm, with Mai howling into Yuki’s muff as she kicked and her tails splayed. Yuki stood up and turned back over to look at Mai, enjoying how she was losing color from how much air she’d lost in the orgasm. Yuki laid down on top of her as their breasts pushed together and she started to grind her pussy against Mai’s leg again. She sniffed and licked the essence of her own cum off Mai’s face and chuckled as the girl just whimpered.

It didn’t take long after that for Yuki to feel her climax approach. She lifted her body and put her weight forward on Mai’s chest. Mai gasped as Yuki clamped her fingers around her neck and pushed herself hard against the bed. Mai could feel the pressure on her ribs mounting as Yuki’s body tensed, her mistress consumed in the fully blossoming orgasm she was having, the slave’s throat being crushed so tightly that she could barely get a word out to beg for mercy. “Oh god yes!” moaned Yuki as she orgasmed, her body convulsing with pleasure as she continued to dominate over the helpless kitsune.

“M-m-m,” Mai sputtered. “Mercy!”

Yuki froze… then, a bare heartbeat later she was off of Mai and all but collapsed on the bed next to her. Mai sat up and coughed with a hoarseness of a strained throat. Yuki looked at her with an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I got really into it.”

“You don’t say?” said Mai with a half-hearted laugh as she coughed once more. “I don’t know if that is what the omens meant when they predicted you’d be destined for great things.”

“Hey,” Yuki rolled over and drew out her tails from around Mai’s limbs and tails, setting her free. “You love every second of it, so don’t feed into this narrative that you don’t.”

Mai coughed again. “I need water, mistress,” she winced as she rubbed her chest.

“Yes of course!” Yuki whisked away from the bed, her bundle of white tails following her as she gracefully danced over to the shelf where the kettle of boiled water had been set to cool. She took the kettle and poured it into a small mug and hurried back to the bed where Mai laid. She handed her the mug and smiled. “Hey, at least now you feel awake and well exercised.”

Mai laughed and coughed again as she shook her head and took the drink. “Thank you,” she sighed. She looked at Yuki and smirked as she sipped on the drink. “At least you fuck as hard as you fight.”

Merielle looked back and forth between the two dark furred foxes. “What the fuck!” Yuki exclaimed in surprised anger. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

The woman’s smile was… odd. Sad, but intense as she looked at Yuki. “So they weren’t lying…” she said, almost breathless. “It really is you.”

Yuki still had barely moved… and then flickers of blue fire began to flicker through her dark fur in fury. “I can’t believe this…” Yuki placed her hand on her forehead, rubbing her temples again as if in sudden pain. “Of course she would send you.”

“Yuki, no one sent m-” the strange fox said, but couldn’t get out any more before being interrupted.

“I told the twins, and now I’m telling you, Mai. Get. Fucking. Lost,” Yuki growled.

“Yuki, I-”

“Did she really think sending you was going to convince me?” Merielle’s mistress spat. “Did she think I’m going to fall for that again?”


“Because I’m fucking not!” Yuki snarled. “So just take a long walk off the top of a building and-”

“Yuki, I thought you were dead!” Mai gasped out, tears filling her eyes as she looked at Yuki. “I had to see for myself that you were still alive!”

The room was absolutely silent for several long seconds as Yuki rubbed her forehead again. “Merielle…” she said at last in a quiet voice. “Go take a walk outside for a bit.”

Merielle didn’t like that idea at all. “But…” she tried to object, remembering how Yuki had reacted to the twins. It was different than this, but… the other nogitsune were dangerous. She didn’t want to leave Yuki alone. She didn’t know its source, but she could feel tension thick in the room, and-

“Just… go!” Yuki demanded. “Wait for me outside, or go to the park, or… I don’t know, go for a swim. I don’t care. Just go!”

Merielle didn’t know what else to do. She submitted… and left Yuki alone with Mai.

Yuki closed the door after Merielle left, holding onto the door knob for a second to steady her trembling hand. She composed herself… carefully… before turning. Mai had casually sat down in the chair Merielle had just cleaned before they had gone outside, the woman’s thumbs quietly playing with one another as she looked at Yuki, tears still in her eyes. Yuki stalked over towards her, reluctantly coming closer but still remaining well out of arms length, allowing herself a few steps inward. The room was absolutely silent as she stared at the beautiful fox that filled her mind with memories of pain that not even Mordred had been able to match.

Yuki broke the silence. “So, where is she?”

Mai met her eyes. “Where is who?”

Yuki scoffed. “You know who,” she spat out. “You’re many things Mai, but you’re not an idiot. Syllana, you crazy bitch!” The other nogitsune remained quiet and still. She kept her head down as one of her hands came up and allowed for her fingers to dance with her lips. “Well…?”

Mai lightly pinched her lips as she finally looked at Yuki. Her eyes began to broadcast her lament. “I’m… sorry, Yuki,” Mai admitted.

Yuki let out a sharp laugh. It was either that or scream. Sorry? Sorry! That miserable fuck! She was not going to cry… her eyes just itched. She tried to hold in the laugh from becoming hysterics, or perhaps a scream. “Sorry? You’re sorry?” Yuki said in disbelief. “Sorry for what?” Yuki shook her head as she tried to process what was happening. “Fucking utter bullshit…”

“Sorry for what happened,” the kitsune pleaded. “Sorry for everything. I was…” she breathed hard. “I was wrong, Yuki. I was wrong about everything! She’s not… she’s not who I thought she was.” Mai stood slowly. “I never thought I’d get to see you again… I thought I’d have to live with it, knowing that the last time you saw me you hated me. I can’t do that, Yuki… I’m here to set things right with you. With us. What you and I had was special. Remember…?”

Yuki closed her eyes. She wasn’t listening to this. She wasn’t… but she couldn’t speak. Any words were going to come out wrong… shatter the tiny bit of tranquility left in her soul.

“Remember what I told you? That I would be yours forever? Your slave? Remember, that Yuki?” Mai’s voice broke into a sob. “Well… I screwed up. Big time… And I shouldn’t have listened to Syllana…”

The words were enough. Yuki’s fury broke through the tiny shield of calm she had been trying to build, and her fist lashed out… not at Mai, but at the wall. She hit it hard enough that she split her knuckle almost to the bone, and shattered the wood. “Fuck you, Mai!” she hissed, not even feeling the pain in her hand. “Fuck you and that whore Syllana! Fuck you both straight to hell!”

Merielle walked without destination, her emotions a confused storm as she traveled down the road. She might have done that forever if she hadn’t heard the meow of a cat as it approached her feet, utterly unafraid of the confused selkie. The feline purred kindly at her feet, rubbing against her leg and asking for attention. Merielle couldn’t help but laugh, taken in by the animal’s affection… for some things, life was simple. Either someone was trustworthy or they weren’t. To the cat, she was… she represented food and comfort and safety, even if it had never seen seen her before. Why was Yuki so much harder?

Merielle dropped down, kneeling to rub two fingers on the furry cat’s head… lightly petting it as she looked into its eyes that they seemed to glow in the night. She signed in frustration. “I dunno, kitty,” she told the cat. “I don’t know what’s going on in there, what’s going on with Yuki. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” She scooped up the cat, and oddly it didn’t put up the least bit of resistance as she lifted it up to her face, rubbing its black furred head against her smooth, tear-soaked cheek. The cat started to gently lick Merielle’s salty tears as they slowly traveled down, the sandpaper touch of the tongue rough on her glistening skin, and Merielle couldn’t hold back the tears any further. They streamed down her face openly, large, wet drops of sorrow that rolled down to drop heavily to the street below. She refused to start actually sobbing, though, letting the cat down as it continued to rub against her. Suddenly the cat meowed loudly again, then ran off down the street. Merielle looked towards where the feline had gone, and saw it jump up onto a bench… and into the lap of a woman sitting there that she hadn’t noticed before.

Akari sat there, half in the shadows. As the cat spun in a circle beside her, the white-furred fox’s hand almost instinctively found its head, stroking her way softly along the creature’s spine. Her eyes, however, were not towards Merielle but up at the apartment she had just left. Nine white tails lay limp and motionless on the bench beside her, and the cat was only too happy to lay down into the mess of soft fur, curling up in it.

Merielle didn’t know what to say to her… but she did know she didn’t want to be alone. She walked over to the bench, sitting down on the other side of it next to her. “Hello,” she said softly by way of greeting.

“There’s no need to cry, Merielle,” Akari said softly. “None of this is your fault.”

“I feel like it is,” Merielle answered, tears running down her cheeks. “I can’t help her. I can’t make her happy, no matter what I do. I feel… worthless.”

“You are worth more than you think,” the kitsune promised. “With or without Yuki.”

Merielle tried to capture her thoughts. Her tears finally subsided.

“I’m sorry I didn’t help more,” Akari continued kindly. “I know about you and what she’s put you through. Maybe I… maybe I should have just stopped this, weeks ago. Months ago.”

Merielle’s head bowed with shame as she realized how much this kitsune knew. “All I wanted to do was to please her,” Merielle admitted. “I love her.”

“Yes, I know,” Akari claimed as her face became warmer in the dark cold night. Merielle felt her warmth and glow. One of the fox’s arms wrapped around the selkie, pulling her against her. Merielle hugged her back, silently unleashing her sorrow and frustration on the warm kitsune woman. “I know,” Akari said as she held her, patting the back of her head lightly. “I know…”

“Dead? I WAS dead!” Yuki cursed. “Dead to you, anyway. After what you did…” Yuki hadn’t even thought about the woman for years… she thought she had successfully blocked her out of her world altogether. It was only now that she could see that that wasn’t true at all… she had just been ignoring her. That last dinner they had together, that night before the battle with her sisters and her mentor… Mai had been there too. Of course she had. She had always been there. Always been everywhere with her.

“Yuki, please, it was hundreds of years ago!” Mai pleaded, her words provoking a wild laugh from Yuki. “Things can get better. And… Well they should. We all deserve forgiveness. Sometimes we do things we later regret. I get it. You were right about Syllana, about our furs, about everything. I learned my lesson!”

“Nogitsune never learn,” Yuki claimed. “People never learn, whether they have tails or fins or wings or nothing at all. You think you could just waltz in here out of the past like a fucking badass, break into my apartment and demand that I take you back? You’re fucking nuts!”

“Nuts for you…” Mai pleaded. “And if you don’t want to take me back… That’s fine. I understand…”

Yuki waved her hands in the air. “You just want me to go back with you to Syllana. That’s not going to happen.”

“Fuck Syllana!” Mai agreed. “To hell with her and her cult and everything about her. I don’t care about her… I just want to be with you again! Listen to me, please listen!”

“I’m done listening,” Yuki interrupted. “The thing is, nobody listens to me! To me!” Yuki was now livid. “After everything I do for everybody else. When do I get listened to! And that’s the shit, Mai! Nobody listens! Nobody! Nobody gives a shit! Not you, not anybody!”

“Not even that selkie lover you have?” Mai said. “Even I could see that. By the looks of it, she doesn’t appear to me to be a very good, obedient slave. Not like I was, that’s for sure…”

“Ha!” Yuki snorted. “You? And Merielle… she’s just hanging on by a thread. She’ll be gone soon. I don’t need her, actually. And guess what, bitch? I don’t need you either!”

“I know, I know, Yuki,” Mai contemplated. “You don’t need to tell me that. You’re the strong one, you were always the strong one. I know that…” She sobbed. “And your strength, your independence… that’s what drove me to you in the first place… I’m not here to take you with me. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. That I’m glad you’re alive. That I still love you. I still want you.”

“You don’t fucking know what you want,” Yuki snapped. “You didn’t then, and you don’t now! You had your chance. I gave you what you wanted, and then you stabbed me in the back with that fucking freak! Fuck that, Mai! Fuck it, fuck her, and fuck you!” Yuki’s anger grew with each word as she began to kick some of the furniture pieces to expres her rage. At the end, she grabbed a small side table and threw it out the window, breaking the glass as she sent it tumbling down to the street below.

Merielle jumped as the window broke and a table landed just a few feet away from her, on the sidewalk… her eyes widened as she looked at the broken furniture laying barely an arm’s length from her.

“That’s my sister,” Akari proclaimed sadly.

Merielle gasped. “Sis… sister?” she stuttered. “She never told me she had a sister.”

“I’m not surprised,” Akari said. “Most days, I think she wishes she didn’t. If you haven’t noticed, my sister doesn’t like thinking about the past.”

Merielle stared down at the piece of broken wood. She couldn’t help but see a part of her relationship in that table. “I have noticed,” she said sadly. “It’s hard to imagine not wanting to be with your sister, though… I had a sister once. I’d do anything to bring her back.”

They sat silently for a minute, listening to the faint sounds of shouting through the broken window. “Maybe…” Akari said quietly. “Maybe it’s best that you finally let her go.” She sighed. “You do good for my sister but… I think you’re going to get hurt badly if you stay any longer. I don’t think the sister I loved is coming back, Merielle. I’m not sure if she will be able to love anyone again. She cares, but… love might be something else.”

She took a breath. “I’ve been hoping that Yuki would remember who she was. Reawaken the part of her that wanted to protect people. I hoped she’d be the one to save that man back in Tokyo.” She gave a soft smile. “But you did it for her. She wasn’t going to. Once, she had a divine purpose, the opposite of her destructive path. I hoped she would… I don’t know. Find her purpose again, perhaps. Go back to how she used to be. I know that’s stupid.” The fox fell silent, and the only sounds in the night were the low purring of the sleepy cat she was stroking and the distant yells. “Now that Mai is back, though…” she shook her head. “I don’t want to get you hurt. You can’t help her anymore. Do it for yourself Merielle. You are better than this. Get away, while you can.”

Merielle sat quietly while the sound of Yuki’s destructive rampage inside the apartment continued, feeling hollow and empty inside. Even her sister was giving up on Yuki. Did that make Merielle a fool if she didn’t do the same?

“I don’t need you,” Yuki said as her rage escaped through her nose in deep breaths. “I don’t need you or anybody else! You fucking traitor! Now get the fuck out! Get out! Fuck off!”

Mai slowly tried to approach the outraged Yuki, aiming to embrace her, but Yuki backed up a step, her tails flaring out in a promise of violence as her witchfire burned brighter. Inari help her, if Mai touched her then she was going to throw that bitch through the window after the table. Thankfully, Mai didn’t make her do it. “I get it,” Mai said. “I know you want to show me how strong you are. I get it, Yuki. But that selkie… She doesn’t love you. She probably doesn’t do half of everything I’ve done for you. And you… You know that. Stop fooling yourself.”

Yuki saw red. “Out!” she screamed. “Get the fuck out! GET OUT!

Mai started walking towards the door. “I’ll… I’ll be staying in Kyoto for a while. Until the twins find me and drag me back, anyway. So… you can find me.”

“Get the Fuck Out Of My Home!” Yuki, nearly senseless with rage, all but burst into flames as she glared at the other fox.

As Mai turned to leave, Yuki noticed something strange about her. She had… scars. Up and down her chest and neck. Not a lot of them, not enough to mar her intense beauty, but her hair didn’t cover them all. Yuki was amazed. Scars… on one of the kitsune? That was practically unheard of… kitsune healing was far too powerful to leave behind a scar. The only kind of permanent injury they were stuck with were amputations, and even then only if it wasn’t reattached quickly enough. Kitsune… and nogitsune… could withstand anything.

Almost anything.

“Ha! Well, how about that,” exclaimed Yuki as she stared at Mai’s scars. “No wonder you came crawling back! Look at you! Syllana do that to you?” Yuki gave Mai an evil smile as she wagged her finger. “No matter the shit I been through, I… Mai, I have no scars on me. Remember that. Now get the fuck out, and don’t come back!” It seemed to Yuki like Mai’s eyes were watering, and the other woman was in danger of crying. Then, before she could, Mai closed the door behind her as she left, and Yuki was left alone in the ruined apartment, holding herself with both arms.

As Mai left the building, she passed by Merielle and Akari without seeming to notice them. Probably another illusion from the white-furred fox.

“Who is that?” asked Merielle as the other nogitsune finally left the scene.

“Her name is Mai,” Akari admitted. “She and my sister were lovers, once… until something happened.” Akari sighed. “I don’t know all the details… a lot of things happened very quickly that day, but I know that she was the one who wanted Yuki to go learn with a monster named Syllana. Following those lessons led Yuki to her exile from our people… along with everyone else who followed her. When all was done, Mai and the other new nogitsune went with their mentor, while Yuki went her own way, cursing us all.” She shook her head. “Mai hurt her badly, I’m afraid.”

Merielle contemplated what Akari just admitted. “If she didn’t join them then,” Merielle said thoughtfully. “She won’t join them now. There’s still hope.” Merielle gave Akari one last hug.

Akari sighed. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I won’t make you do anything but… I also can’t… shouldn’t… protect you from the consequences of your choices. I don’t want you to get hurt, Merielle.”

The selkie gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “I know,” she whispered. Then she rose and quietly returned to the apartment. After only a few moments, she couldn’t see the white fox any longer.

Merielle slowly opened the door to see Yuki facing away from her and crying. The nogitsune was holding her face as a veritable river of tears flowed down it. The redhead didn’t say anything… didn’t even act like she had noticed her mistress weeping. She was sure she wouldn’t like that. Instead, she quietly entered the apartment and began to clean up the mess.

The sounds of Yuki weeping stopped a few seconds later as she realized she was no longer alone, and while Merielle still didn’t want to acknowledge it or cause another fight, she knew saying nothing would only give her an excuse to get angry. “I’m just going to mess the clean up,” Merielle said. “That’s all Yuki.”

“Your Japanese is shit,” Yuki mocked half-heartedly. “You haven’t been practicing enough.” Her voice with thick with what Merielle was sure were desperately held-onto emotions, and without looking up she knew that Yuki’s blue eyes would be glistening oceans of pent-up water waiting to burst out.

“I’ll work harder,” she promised, continuing to clean up and set order in the apartment as Yuki’s rage and sorrow slowly subsided

“Just get this, Merielle,” Yuki said with strength in her whimpering voice, “No matter what has happened. This girl…” She pointed to herself, “doesn’t have any scars on her. Not a single one. You can take that to the fucking bank!”

Merielle cleaned in silence for a time while Yuki sat there quietly… and while she stole a glance or two over at her mistress, she tried not to look until Yuki rose an hour later and walked to the bed. The mattress lay collapsed against one of the walls where she had left it, and she quickly dragged it into the bedroom before setting it heavily down and dropping onto it, barely bothering to flick off the light before she curled up.

Merielle went to join her. Sleep was for the best. Everything would feel at least a little bit better in the morning… but when Merielle lay down next to her, Yuki spun. “Did I invite you?” the fox snapped. “You think you belong on the bed with me, now?” She pointed at the floor. “You know your place, slut.” The selkie swallowed but obeyed, sinking onto the floor and reaching for one of Yuki’s tails… only for her mistress to pull them away and wrap them around herself. “What?” she hissed. “Do my fucking tails belong to you, now? You think you’re the fucking goddess?” She snorted and turned away, curling up with her tails and looking away from the selkie. “Just… fuck off. I don’t need anyone.”

Yuki didn’t say anything, after that. And if Merielle cried in the darkness, she didn’t seem to notice.

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  1. On the positive side, this is bringing a lot of infected (so to speak) past issues to the surface – which is a necessary part of healing.

    But poor Yuki. Poor Merielle. Poor all of them.


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