Black Fur Black Heart 7 – Scars

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The lights finally came back on, the bare lightbulbs painfully bright on Merielle’s face where she was standing a few feet behind Yuki. The frustrated fox was working on the electrical box that powered the entire dump of an apartment, working on it with some mild level of expertise. Yuki held an old, rusty flashlight in her mouth that barely seemed to give off any light, occasionally spitting out the taste as she continued to tinker with the fuses. It was, unfortunately, a task she was becoming unfortunately familiar with after a few weeks of living in this hovel.

Her hand slipped and hit the wrong fuse, knocking the old, poorly constructed box out of alignment again and plunging their apartment back into darkness. “Piece of fucking crap!” Yuki hissed with utter frustration and disbelief. “These fucking things. Humans managed to go to the fucking moon, but they still can’t make wiring that doesn’t suck ass. For fuck sakes…” Yuki’s hands kept working in the old fuse box… which was in as bad of shape as everything else in the apartment. Suddenly, sparks flew off from the fuse box, startling the already angry fox. “Fuck!” Merielle’s mistress yelped, quickly removing her hand to avoid getting shocked. Her anger got the best of her again and Yuki began to beat the fuse box with the flashlight. “Piece. Of. Shit!”

It was already past dinner time, and Merielle was getting a bit hungry… but without power they weren’t going to be cooking anything. That was alright. A selkie could stand without food for a long time… she’d done it before. She certainly wasn’t going to be saying anything to Yuki when the woman was like this. The last few weeks had been… they’d been bad. Yuki had always been prone to flying into a rage in between bouts of being distant, but for a little while after arriving here things had been better. Her mistress had really seemed to be trying to… Merielle didn’t know. Relax, maybe? She had felt closer to Yuki since the car accident.

That had all ended the night Mai had shown up. Since then, Merielle felt she had spent half of her time living with a volatile, rabid animal… and those were the better times. The rest, it was like she wasn’t even there at all. Merielle wanted to make a joke, lighten the mood, commiserate about the broken technology… but she already knew that it wouldn’t end well when her mistress was like this. At the moment, it was like the nogitsune wanted to blame the fuse box for all of her problems… and if Merielle drew her attention, all that blame would just shift to her instead. “Fucking piece of shit!” Yuki kept banging the box and rattling the old fuses inside. A few more sparks flew across the living room before the lights finally came back on.

Merielle looked around to see and appreciate the light. It seemed unusually precious at the moment… something to hold onto and treasure. She still wasn’t sure if she should say something or not, but… “It’s okay, Mistress,” the selkie pleaded. “The lights are back on.”

The fox stopped stopped her hammering after giving the box a final weak bang with the flashlight. Merielle’s voice, for the first time in what felt like a long time, has finally gotten through the enraged nogitsune. Yuki gave the dented fuse box a last dirty look before turning her attention to Merielle. “And so, there is light…” the fox said as she seemed to ease away from her anger, letting go of it as she calmed down. Unfortunately to Merielle’s eyes, she didn’t seem to actually relax so much as she seemed to… deflate. Shrink down until there was less of her, like she was less alive. They both stood there quietly for a quick moment, relishing in the silent moment that they were finally able to share during the last few chaotic days. Merielles’s eyes were locked in with her mistress’ blue gaze.

“My hero,” Merielle whispered, still staring into her eyes. She brushed her hair out of her face in a way that she hoped was attractive, then wanted to laugh at herself. She wasn’t sure which was more ridiculous… that she was trying so hard to be perfect for her mistress when she was so troubled, or that she was worried it might not be pretty when it was, in fact, Yuki who had taught her how to move to look sexy in the first place. And, thankfully, Yuki started to respond… her eyes slowly lighting up with a warm look that quickly turned mischievous.

Sex was easy. She could let Yuki beat her up for a while if that made her happy. She could tolerate it… even if Merielle thought she had to be sick in the head to enjoy getting hurt like that.

The living room was beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic to Merielle as Yuki stared at her… her ears softly twitching. Her arousal was obvious in her eyes and face, and Merielle again felt the odd urge to run. This was going to hurt… Yuki was going to hurt her again and… but… she had provoked this, hadn’t she? A second later, it was too late to run anyway… Yuki’s deep black tails begin to twitch in the way they did when she was getting excited, her ears standing a little straighter… Merielle licked her lips. The pressure of her mistress’ arousal was nearly a physical pressure filling the room, making it seem almost like the fox was growing larger and scarier. Idly, Merielle wondered if it was some use of Yuki’s magic, because it felt like she could feel it pressing against her like a wall. The selkie swallowed, trembling slightly… but she didn’t move. It was like she was entranced by Yuki’s presence as the fox soundlessly strode forward. The room then went dark again for a few seconds as the fuse flickered before the light came back on. Merielle stood her ground and saw a lustful smile spread across Yuki’s face before the lights flickered out again. The lights of the apartment kept turning on and off again; obviously, the fuse box wasn’t fixed as they had hoped… but it no longer seemed to matter to the nogitsune… or to Merielle either, for that matter. Nether seemed to even notice the flickering of the lights… their attention focused entirely on one another. Each time the lights came back, Merielle could see the fox getting closer and closer until she was only a few inches away from the quietly whimpering selkie.

Merielle aimed for a kiss as sparks flew from the fuse box and the lights went out for a while longer. Blue spots of electricity continued to fly from the box in the dark as Merielle’s and Yuki’s lips met. They gave each other a passionate kiss, either not aware, or not caring, about the sparks flying across the living room. With each deadly spark, the room was dimly lit up for a less than second. Each spark allowed Merielle to see into Yuki’s eyes, her pupils wide and dilated with deep sensual pleasure.

Merielle’s breathing got heavier and deeper as she allowed Yuki’s powerful tongue to attack her mouth… the nogitsune’s kiss unleashing a few lashings against Merielle’s cheeks before finally dancing with the selkie’s awaiting tongue. Yuki ravaged her mouth with a lustful eagerness almost like rage that caused the selkie to melt even faster into Yuki’s arms.

Yuki held onto Merielle as a few more sparks flew out of the box and the lights came back on once more. By then, the fox’s mouth was all but consuming Merielle’s face, her ravaging tongue making its way deep enough into Merielle’s mouth that she momentarily felt like gagging. Yuki was practically fucking the poor selkie with it, causing Merielle to lose her breath. Yuki’s tails whipped eagerly back and forth, excited and ready for action. The lights went out once again, and in the darkness Yuki tore Merielle’s clothes off with ferocious passion. 

Merielle’s bust was quickly exposed, both of her breasts jiggling in the dark as Yuki continued to pull off the last pieces of her clothing. It was up to the fox’s tails to finally grasp Merielle’s panties and rip them off with ease to leave the selkie fully naked and exposed. Even though it was dark, the blue moonlight that penetrated through the windows was enough for the fox to no doubt see and appreciate her slave’s sexy body… Merielle’s own vision wasn’t nearly as good, but she could still see her mistress clearly. Yuki’s blue eyes seemed to glow with internal light, a hunger swelling inside them as she went for Merielle’s breasts with both hands, squeezing them together hard with her hands to allow for her tongue and mouth to work on them both at once even as she scratched them with her nails, making Merielle both wince and pant. She licked and sucked on Merielle’s perky pink nipples, the tips of the selkie’s spit-slick tits painfully erect and glistening in the dark moonlight as they were glazed. 

Yuki’s lustful passion was through the roof as she savagely consumed Merielle’s tits, her tails starting to play over her body as well. The nice round tits set her off wildly, and Merielle’s senses were likewise lit up as she felt shocks of pleasure coming from Yuki’s mouth. The pain was like a sharp counterpoint… an emphasis to the soft touches of her tips and the caress of her tongue as her nails and teeth joined in. Yuki’s skilled, powerful tongue played with every inch of her body with gods only knew how many centuries of experience, and the selkie’s head rolled back as she felt her mistress’ mouth move all over chest, her mind dominated by dark pleasure.

As Merielle was lost in ecstasy, three of Yuki’s tails began to wrap around Merielle’s waist, putting a bit of pressure on her tough body. They gripped her tightly, squeezing, before the selkie was lifted in the air by the sheer power of Yuki’s tails. Yuki slammed her slave up against a wall none-too-gently, lifting her up until her pussy was finally in front of Yuki’s face for her to eat with enthusiasm. Yuki’s hungry, slick tongue pushed inside Merielle’s slit with great force, giving the walls of her pussy a good lashing almost like she was trying to whip her insides with her tongue instead of caressing them.

Merielle whimpered with painful pleasure as her mistress’ mouth took her pussy. The fox’s tongue was fucking her as firmly as any cock, licking across her quivering cunt lips before thrusting inside against and again even as her fingers played with her clit. Yuki’s tails kept a firm grip on Merielle while the selkie twitched and turned as she absorbed every drop and ounce of pleasure, knowing that she was completely unable to free herself even if she wanted to. The selkie started moaning uncontrollably as the tails continued to wrap around her like constricting anacondas, squeezing on her, making her breath come only with difficulty. Yuki’s tongue was unrelenting as it punished Merielle’s cave, sending wave after wave of utter sensation throughout her body to gather deep inside the trembling selkie. As each wave mounted inside her, Merielle was sensing a string of orgasms that she was building to rapidly, her entire body shaking.

“Oh, gods!” Merielle moaned. “I think… I think I’m gonna cum, Mistress! You’re gonna make me cum! Please… please… let me…”

Yuki stopped and smirked. An evil laugh came from her lips as she looked up to Merielle’s face. “Cum? Already?” Yuki replied, unable to resist a second threatening chuckle. “But Red… I’m just getting started with you.” And with that, a pair of her black furry tails coiled back before darting forward almost like striking snakes, tunneling into Merielle’s pussy with great urgency. She screamed in sheer sensation, her eyes rolling back, and the tails moved like unstoppable rods as they split the poor selkie’s pussy apart like no tomorrow. Each of the black tails were merciless as they rubbed against each other and the walls of the surrendered selkie.

“Oh, Yuki!” Merielle pleaded as her body was overwhelmed with utter pleasure. “This is too much!” Her pleas went unanswered as the nogitsune let out a small laugh. The two cunt-slick tails pulled out and began forcing their way into the selkie’s tight asshole before two new ones took their place inside Merielle’s sex, the two pairs of tails shoving against one another through a tiny membrane between them to make room. Merielle gasped, caught between ecstasy and agony and unable to process which she felt more. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth as the feeling overwhelmed her. “Mistress… mistress…”

Yuki was clearly enjoying the sight of her tails rampaging inside Merielle’s tight holes. It brought the sadistic fox an immense amount of joy and fulfillment to be able to use her lover in such a way. The way her mistress’ eyes were wide with glee and lust was just about the only thing Merielle could focus on beyond the sensation, gasping for air as the tails did a number on her pussy and ass. They refused to relent, driving in and out and in and out unstoppably, fucking her as hard as anyone ever had. “Ok, lover…” Yuki growled. “Now you can cum.” Without any other warning, the nogitsune turned around along with Merielle, and slammed her sex slave directly against the faulty fuse box.

The already broken thing lit up with sparks and jets of light. For a human, it would have been dangerous. For a selkie, it was agonizing. The apartment’s lighting flared and flickered wildly, and Merielle was mercilessly shocked by the broken fuse box, thousands of volts of electricity flowing over and through her body. The selkie screamed, her body twitching and twirled in front of the sparking fuse box while Yuki smiled. It hurt it hurt it hurt… but Yuki never stopped fucking her. Instead, she pushed a third tail into both holes, letting all nine be part of abusing her slavegirl. Smoke was beginning to billow from the box and sparks were flying from some of the wiring above them. Yuki didn’t care. She was too busy giving Merielle some extra pain.

It felt like every nerve she had was on fire. Merielle’s lungs were too tight now, too tight to scream, too tight to breathe. That side of her body directly against the sparks jerked violently, and then the other as Yuki rolled her around, and then again, and then again… until, to Merielle, the shock seemed to settle into the selkie’s soaked cunt. Another dose of agonizing electric shock poured from the broken fuse box, and sensations that were so outrageously out of this world that she felt everything else disappear for a moment poured through her…

And she came.

Really, really hard.

Even the selkie’s superhuman endurance succumbed to the sensation, surrendering to the pent-up orgasms waiting, and as soon as they began to spill forth they consumed Merielle utterly. Waves of intense pleasure traveled all over her body, radiating from her cunt all the way to the tips of her ears, fingers, and toes. They were so intense that the selkie felt like she was going to die, deep darkness falling over her eyesight as her mind swirled and her body completely left her control. She felt like her pussy and womb were bouncing around inside her body, battering against her skin in a bid to escape. The waves of orgasm were an endless parade, and to the poor selkie, they seemed to last forever. It took a moment before her body finally caved and her orgasms subsided as the tails continued to wreck her pussy below. The flickering of lights in the apartment faded as something shorted out.

Yuki let go of her, and Merielle was finally released from her misery and she landed on the floor. She slowly looked up to see her mistress who was clearly enjoying the moment. Merielle’s body had been pushed… but not to its limits.

She could take it.

Her body had never felt this alive… it was like every nerve had been scraped raw and exposed… she felt impossibly too much of the world. Merielle wasn’t sure how long she laid there, panting, shuddering in the orgasmic bliss as the pain slowly subsided. She was gasping for air, slowly recovering, before she looked up at Yuki.

Her mistress was looking at the electric box with wry amusement. “You know,” she said idly, noting the lights on and no longer flickering. “I think that actually fixed it. Who’d have guessed?”

Merielle gazed up… and as she did, she saw something moving outside the window. “Who is…”

Yuki whirled, glaring and staring out the window. She froze as she looked for a long moment while Merielle slowly finished recovering. Yuki’s vision in the dark was far better than hers… but she was pretty sure no one was there anymore. Whoever she had seen was gone.

“Asshole…” Yuki muttered. “She’s gone now,” the nogitsune growled as she reached down to pull her slave up from the ground. “She should know better than to come around here.”

“Your sister?” a dazed Merielle asked.

Yuki froze for a second, tensing before she relaxed and laughed. “Ha! No… that bitch Mai.” Yuki paused again. “Has my sister been bothering you?”

Merielle swallowed. Perhaps she… shouldn’t have said that. “I… I wouldn’t say bothering, no. She’s just… spoken to me a few times.”

The selkie braced for an explosion… but it didn’t come. Instead, the dark fox just scoffed, snorting in derision. “Checking up on me, are you?” Yuki held up her middle finger, spinning in a half circle and showing it to the walls all around the apartment. “I know you can see this, you holier-than-thou bitch.” Her mistress sighed, her shoulder sagging a little. “Nothing good comes from having sisters. You’re lucky you don’t.” She held out a hand of Merielle.

The selkie took it, and Yuki effortlessly pulled her to her feet. Standing was a lot harder. “Well… I do.” Merielle caught herself and grimaced. “Did. She’s… she’s gone.”

“Yeah,” Yuki snorted. “I know what that’s like too.” Yuki strode into the kitchen and picked up the bottle of sake, pouring a glass and then a second one, for Merielle. She pushed it towards the selkie, who was stumbling over to her on unsteady legs. “Still… at least she gives me less trouble than my living sister does.” Yuki raised the glass. “Akemi,” she said solemnly before she tilted back the glass, taking it in one easy, practiced gulp.

Merielle raised her own. “Maya,” she said, and drank.

Yuki coughed hard enough she almost spat up her drink. Merielle could understand why… the alcohol burned, so much more than she thought it would, and a second later she coughed too. “Oh, gods…” she muttered. “By Mannanan Mac Lir, that is foul,” she coughed again, wiping off a bit of choked-up sake from her lips were it was starting to burn. “I think the reason humans used to give it as an offering for kitsune was to get it out of the house. I…”

The selkie abruptly stopped as she opened her eyes and looked at her mistress. Yuki was staring at her funny. Merielle felt a chill go down her spine… There was something strange in that gaze… something cold and frightening. “Wh- what is it, mistress…” she said slowly.

The nogitsune was staring at her like she was seeing her for the first time. Slowly, she nodded, as if confirming something for herself. The odd look in her mistress’ eyes grew stranger as she poured a second glass for herself, swallowing it without a word as something in her face hardened. 

Merielle didn’t know what but… something was wrong. “What…”

“I think,” Yuki declared, “That I’m not satisfied yet. If Mai wants to watch, she can have a fucking show.” She gave Merielle a very deep and serious look. “That was a pathetic display before. Let’s take this up a notch.” Abruptly, Yuki lashed out and slapped her slave a few times across the face, her hands striking with merciless power. Merielle’s hair was all over her eyes and nose as her head received a tremendous beating from the nogitsune.

“You like it when I treat you like this?” Yuki growled, continuing to beat the selkie. “You like being treated like a piece of trash? A punching bag? Huh? Tell me you like it, bitch!” She demanded as a pair of her tails also lashed out, slapping Merielle’s breasts in a quick snap each. “Fucking whore! This is the kind of treatment you deserve, isn’t it?” Yuki said intensely. “You fucking need this!” She gave Merielle a few good blows to her head, but this time with clenched fists. Each time she punched her, Merielle’s face would return. The selkie seemed pretty resilient to the forceful hits that her head was getting, but she was quickly growing dazed again… her brain feeling like it was rattling around her head.

Yuki then got up and stood over Merielle. The nogitsune’s eyes were hard now… A large, evil snarl split Yuki’s face. Her mistress wasn’t smiling, Merielle noted. It was a grin that Merielle knew too well. The fox stood quietly before she finally opened her mouth. “So…” Yuki pondered quietly out loud so that Merielle could hear. “You love me?”

It was a very serious question that was coming out of a very out of control mistress, and there was a look in her eyes that she didn’t like. Merielle didn’t know what to say or to even respond to such a question… she did, but Yuki was frightening her… something was wrong. They both stayed quiet as though the silence itself was trying to answer the question for them. Soon, though, Yuki quietly retreated away from her without taking her eyes off the selkie, walking over to the kitchen drawer. Quickly, the fox searched through the drawers and made a bit of noise before she finally came back carrying something in her hand, hidden behind her back.

“So…” Yuki persisted quietly. “You think you love me, do you? Let’s see how much you really, really love me…” Yuki didn’t say a word or make a dramatic flourish… she just smoothly pulled the object from behind her back and into sight. A simple, everyday chef’s knife. The selkie’s face turned white at the sight of the shiny blade, Merielle’s eyes widening in complete horror as she realized what it was. A knife. Her mistress had a knife.

An iron knife.

Merielle tried to speak but she couldn’t due to her shocked horror which froze her like nothing else. She could only gulp a bucket of fear down her throat as her crazed mistress approached her with the knife. The selkie slowly tried to back away only to have a pair of Yuki’s strong tails grab a hold of her. “Wait,” Yuki said with an evil laugh. “And here I thought you loved me.” Yuki’s tails then pinned Merielle down against the wooden floor with great force, making the floor shake a little. “You say that you love me! Well, I want to see it!”

Merielle tried to speak as the fox jumped on top of her but one of the tails shut her mouth closed. As the knife got close to her body, Merielle tried relentlessly to speak but her despair was muffled. Merielle shook and tried to resist, but it was all in vain. “Changed your mind? Decided you don’t love me like I tried to tell you?”

Merielle stilled. She… she did… but did she really need to prove it? Still, she stopped resisting.

“Mmmm,” Yuki mused. “If you’re mine, maybe… signing my name, perhaps? Would you like that? Your owners name on your body, forever?”

That didn’t sound… too bad…

Yuki placed the sharp blade against the selkie’s naked body, and Merielle shook like a leaf as she felt the cold edge of the blade slowly prick her soft skin. Yuki then slowly ran the knife down Merielle’s abdomen as she gleefully saw the utter horror in Merielle’s eyes. The nogitsune’s evil grin grew even larger as the knife ended up near Merielle’s pussy lips.

Merielle shivered as the blade slowly and lightly ran across her delicate clit. The point of the knife lightly kissed the rounded tip of the sensitive clit. There was no rational thought left now that the iron was on her skin… Merielle was beside herself, total fear consuming her mind as she felt the knife make contact with the entrance of her pussy. She couldn’t believe that Yuki would do that, would be that reckless, that cruel. The blade softly played over her pussy lips. The fox managed to slip just the tip of it inside the selkie’s cunt… not even close to all the way in, but enough to see it part her lips. Merielle was frozen with the feeling of the sharp edge just kissing her skin, threatening her… afraid to so much as twitch lest she cut herself open as Yuki withdrew the blade slowly out of her, running it against Merielle’s thighs before she placed it again on her stomach. The knife seemed to gleam deadly in the light as the blade traveled across the selkie’s skin.

Yuki ran the edge lightly over Merielle’s abdomen before it stopped midway, just below her navel. Yuki kept her eyes on Merielle’s face even as the Selkie squeezed her eyes shut in terror. This was a bad idea this was a bad idea this was a bad idea this… “Yu…” Yuki began… and the blade pierced her skin, making a tiny cut into the selkie. 

And Merielle world exploded into agony as the iron pierced her.

She couldn’t help it… her body jolted in the horrible anguish, flinching away. Her abrupt, savage jerk away hit the ground beneath her and rebounded, driving her body right up into the iron knife. What had begun as a tiny cut opened wider and wider as the blade sank deeper, her fae blood sizzling as it touched the iron knife. Merielle screamed. Shocked, Yuki drew back sharply, the knife coming free from her skin, and Merielle’s strength was back. She pushed the suddenly loose tails off her and kicked at the floor, pushing herself away from her mistress who wore a shocked expression. Once freed, Merielle was finally able to speak as she tried to catch her breath and held on to her wound. “It’s iron!” Merielle screamed. Her voice was several pitches too high as she hyperventilated. “It’s made of iron you… you…” her voice drifted off, her eyes fluttering wildly as streams of tears flooded down her cheeks. “I can’t believe you did that!” Merielle began to fall apart as she tried to get on to her feet. She searched for her clothes as she tried her best to hold back more of her tears.

And the entire time, Yuki just sat there, quietly watching as her slave got herself mostly dressed, one hand pressing against her still-bleeding stomach. The disheveled selkie then turned around to face her mistress with an outraged look on her face. Yuki still hadn’t moved. She had barely changed expression… the look of shock had vanished, but she was right back to the emotionless mask she had worn before that. “And you’re asking me if I love you? How… dare you!” With that, the broken and wounded selkie stormed out of the apartment.

The lights of the apartment seemed dim to Yuki as she sat, unmoving, in the silent apartment. Her hand trembled where she held the knife, shaking, barely in control as her eyes still focused on the door that Merielle had run through without really seeing it anymore. She wanted to run after her, badly wanted to run after her, but… she couldn’t. She felt frozen in place. 

After a brief moment, the blade dropped to the floor and her hands met her face, covering her eyes. Rather than steadying her hands, her entire body began to shake and tremble instead. Slowly, painfully precisely, the nogitsune rose to her feet, walking for the door, going after Merielle… but the moment her hand was on the door knob it refused to open it. Slowly, the nogitsune walked back to the center of the living room, trying to cover her face completely within the palms of her hands.

“I’m sorry…” Yuki whispered into the darkness. “For everything.”

Maybe, if she was lucky, this would be the time that Merielle didn’t come back.

That would be best for everyone.

Four Years Ago
Mists of Avalon

“Are we having fun yet?” Yuki said, her face beaming with a rare bit of delight. “I have to say, you look great in your new collar. They’re all going to love you.” Maya didn’t look nearly as enthusiastic as Yuki did, but that wasn’t uncommon… over the last few years, even the idiot selkie had realized she had made a fatal mistake in getting on Yuki’s bad side. The nogitsune’s eyes stared at the nervous selkie who was trying her best to sit still beneath Yuki’s hungry, threatening gaze. 

Maya looked away. Yuki smirked at that. There was no good trying to appeal to Yuki for mercy, and she had to realize that by now. They existed in a hellhole. They would always exist in a hellhole. Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here. What the nogitsune was determined to teach, however, was that even in hell there were always lower depths to find. This bitch wanted to look down at Yuki… Yuki was going to bury her, once at for all. She wasn’t affected in the least by the sense of worry projected in Maya’s large eyes… she was just… eager.

Eager. Right.

The selkie was clearly trying not to finger the tight collar around her neck, but couldn’t quite stop herself. After a century of wearing one of the iron collars, Yuki would have thought it would be a delight to have the thing gone. Instead, it appeared that the new collar Yuki had given her was even more uncomfortable… her hands kept going up to the tight choker, tightened so much that it felt like a hand squeezing her neck. It wasn’t actually stopping her from breathing, but it ensured that she could feel each and every single breath, had to work for them. Yuki had put it on her herself, right below where the iron collar that marked her as a slave to the vampire had been before he had removed it this morning. This one wasn’t enchanted like the iron one had been, but it was thick old leather and covered with thorny metal studs that decorated it. It snuggled tightly against her delicate throat, the collar twitching on her neck each and every time the nervous selkie swallowed.

Yuki patted the back of Maya’s head before she proceeded to comb her hair. When the nogitsune saw Maya’s nervous eyes again, she had to pause and smile. “There’s no need to worry,” Yuki said, a dangerous calm in her voice. “You look wonderful. They are just going to eat. You. Up.” Yuki combed Maya’s long, crimson hair before she paused again and looked straight into her face. “You know… you might actually be the most beautiful selkie here. Even a kingdom of beggars and sluts has to have a queen… how long has it been? A hundred years?” Yuki shook her head. “You’ve come a long way since the trembling girl that first night.”

A hundred years… it seemed insane to say it like that. Yuki had been a slave for nearly five times that, but it was such a preposterously long time that it was hard to fathom. Already, she had lived twice as much of her life as a slave as she had as a free woman… how much longer would she live before she was willing to die? It wasn’t like she was getting any more aged… and neither was her Master. A hundred years was in the prime of a selkie fucktoy’s life… the wonderful middle period where they were fully trained sex goddesses, but before they were too dead-eyed to be attractive to men. That took a few hundred more. Maya could have another hundred, two hundred years here before she got thrown away like trash.

She wouldn’t… Yuki had seen to that. But the bitch could.

“The gentlemen are going to be very pleased with you.” Yuki went back to working on Maya’s luscious hair as hummed happily to herself. “With that collar, you simply look stunning. Trust me.”

Yuki was trying to put on a face to make the selkie be more at ease. Maya’s face, however, refused to give up its worried look… it was clear she was waiting for the other shoe to drop. She was still a bit confused as to what was going to happen. She only knew that she was going to be the center of a party.

It had taken years to convince Master Mordred of this, and in the end she had needed to arrange for the vampire to think that it was his idea. She usually had to do that to get anything done, which was hard when he typically didn’t want her to talk except to provide him reports on the brothel’s running. Some days, she wondered if Master Mordred was aware of how much of his wealth and power and influence had come from her expertise and skill. The other days, she was certain he did… it was why he hated her so much, and why he would never let her go.

Selkies didn’t age… but they did get old. After a few centuries of abuse, the light in their eyes started to go out. They still had holes just as lovely, but they became listless, unmotivated, and numb… and in the vampire’s opinion, more trouble than they were worth. They usually auctioned off those to the customers, giving them a chance to own a piece of the club for their own… but Finding Avalon wasn’t a market. You couldn’t buy a selkie slave of your own, trained by Yuki’s own hand, in the prime of her life.

But tonight, you could win one.

Yuki placed light red lipstick on Maya’s lips… it wasn’t like she needed them to keep her lips full, but men would enjoy the marks she made on their cocks with it. Kneeling down, the nogitsune looked deep into the selkie’s eyes and experienced a moment of… doubt. Of regret. Of guilt. She repressed it viciously. She would do what she needed to do to survive in this place. Always, what she needed to do to survive… and if she had to sacrifice this whore to keep herself sane, then so be it. Better the bitch than her. It only took twitching a sensitive ear and hearing the pounding, awful music to remind her of the slavery and abuse that was her life… it was almost like she could smell that filthy, rotting cellar even from up here.

“We’re almost done,” Yuki said as she took a last look at Maya. The selkie was stunning. Her good looks would no doubt bring all those rich fuckers running. Yuki began to think of the many ways the selkie would be abused. Maya hadn’t been told the rules of the game, but they were pretty simple… everyone in the club tonight would probably try at least once to massacre her throat like no other. The one who was able to break that leather collar off with only their dick would be the proud new owner of a prized selkie. Images of the many sadistic ways the beautiful selkie could be abused were beginning to sink in, and Yuki’s breathing began to get deeper and rougher as she locked her eyes on Maya, who was still patiently waiting for Yuki… like a good little whore.

Yuki couldn’t resist once more sinking her mouth against Maya’s. Her mouth consumed the selkie, who tasted as lovely today as she had on the first day. “Moral of the story,” she growled, breaking the kiss, “is that I am fine, you dumb cunt.” She had to have her before the men did… She couldn’t help herself. Yuki wanted to revel in her victory, so even as she claimed another deep kiss the nogitsune allowed one of her black tails to slip between Maya’s legs, traveling over the white tights she had dressed the selkie in before digging beneath her silk underwear. The selkie was no less tight than she had been a hundred years ago, but Yuki had no shortage of practice fucking tight holes… her labia parted and Maya groaned her discomfort into the fox’s mouth as the tail slid into her plaything. The nogitsune didn’t hesitate for a second, continuing the hungry kiss even as she fucked the selkie slavegirl mercilessly, for what would probably be the last time. The tail was strong and unyielding, and Yuki punched it against Maya’s cervix with each thrust, sending shockwaves through Maya’s body that were too much to bear.

Then the door opened and everything froze.

Mordred was quietly standing at the door as he witnessed the selkie go through her last waves of orgasms. Yuki turned around to see her master standing ominously. He wasn’t displeased but he seemed impatient with the situation. “They are waiting,” Mordred said as his eyes narrowed dangerously. “Try not to disappoint me further tonight, fox cunt. Otherwise, perhaps I’ll have you wear the collar instead.” Her ghoulish master quietly turned around and left, leaving the door open for Yuki and Maya.

Yuki paused and took a deep breath, once again pushing down a sense of guilt that tried to rise up and swallow her. “Well, this is it,” Yuki said quietly to the selkie who was still panting from the fucking. “Wasn’t nice knowing you.”

They both looked at each other for a moment before Maya finally chimed in. “So… if one of those men win,” Maya whispered, “they will get to take me away?”

Yuki was taken aback by the sincere question. Her eyes rolled down, she couldn’t face her while answering. “Yes,” Yuki replied. “That’s the idea.”

“What’s going to happen to me?” Maya asked with concern and innocence.

“I…” Yuki searched for words, but she was obviously grabbing at straws. “I don’t know and I don’t care. Probably put you through a thousand things too hard for a selkie that Mordred still gave a fuck about. Who cares. You get to leave this place behind… you should be fucking grateful.”

“But… but what if they kill me?” Maya whispered.

Yuki looked away. “Better you than me. Let’s go.” She held Maya’s face one last time before she finally guided her out of the dressing room.

The main room tonight was as crowded as Yuki had ever seen it… filled with men of all ages and races. Yuki recognized a few representatives of the Paradisium there, but she was certain that at least one man was here from each potential market. Maya froze when she was presented before the crowd, all of them looking at her, all of them waiting for her… relishing the sight of the beautiful selkie as Yuki dragged her to the front. Yuki pulled her in by the hair before she tripped her, sending her down to her knees to bow before the crowd.

“Behold,” the nogitsune proclaimed. “Many of you have already met Maya… but never before have any of you been given an opportunity to own one of our premier products for your very own. Maya is among our most beautiful and resilient selkies, and she’s come from far away to come here and give you her throat for your hard pricks. Go ahead and treat her right. Don’t touch the collar… that’s the only rule. Otherwise, have fun with the slut.”

The crowd was seething with aroused pleasure and excitement as Yuki stepped away and the selkie was left undefended. Maya took a good look at the crowd as a huge sense of unthinkable dread took over her. She looked over at Yuki, who looked away. There the first of many large, hard pricks to come was out and waiting for her.

The man that was standing in front of her had his trousers pulled all the way down as his hardness was fully exposed to dangle in the air. The prick hovered over Maya’s face as the man quietly approached her, and when his prick was a few inches away from her mouth the man grabbed onto the back of the redhead’s skull and shoved it into her small mouth. He leaned back his face and smiled into the sky as he forced the selkie to eat his hard cock, slowly fucking her face, picking up speed before another man came along and gently placed his hard cock on her face too, rubbing himself against her cheek..

Maya’s face was held tightly in place, her hair gripped like reins as the prick continued to ravage her mouth before it finally made it all the way back to her throat. The man began to massacre her throat as more men surrounded the selkie. By that point, almost every single one of them had their hard cocks out and ready for her. There was nothing dignified about this… this was extreme even for the club, which generally broke into small groups with people that didn’t want to share the toy they purchased. For many of these rich fucks, this was probably their first gangbang and they didn’t know what to do… and their awkwardness only made it worse for Maya.

Another man placed his prick on her hand and forced her to jerk him off. Maya tried to hold onto his prick but she was overwhelmed by the cock that was ravaging her throat, relentlessly fucking her. The collar constricted her neck, making it an even tighter hole… making it resist him more. The man, however, refused to give up, shoving his hard long prick down her throat, making her tonsils ring like a pair of bells.

Maya’s eyes began to water and all but glow a shiny red. She wasn’t able to fully catch her breath and was forced to gasp for air as another cock entered her mouth to join the one that was already fucking her throat. Both cocks ripped her lips apart as they made their way down her throat and fucked her neck without mercy. The collar bulged outward with each thrust, but it didn’t break.

“Oh my god!” one of the men said. “This selkie is going to make me cum!” He couldn’t help it. Maya’s warm throat was too good for him. It tightened and gripped his hard cock like no other. He felt an immense orgasm coming towards him like a bolt of lightning. The other man pulled his cock to allow him to finally release his jizz. “It’s coming! Oh god! It’s fucking coming!”

He thrust full speed as the cock pulsated in Maya’s ravaged throat. He forced her face all the way down to the base of his cock, making it reach beyond her throat. He let out a hard moan as wads of warm cum spurted into Maya’s body and down her hatch. He kept her head on his cock, refusing to let her come up for air. “Oh, my lord! This is so fucking amazing!” The man quivered and twitched as the last drops of jizz escaped his long cock. He finally let her go and his snake crawled out of her mouth as he tried to catch his breath. “Oh, wow! Jesus! This selkie has an amazing throat!”

Maya was allowed a few gulps of fresh air before another prick was shoved down her throat and mercilessly fucked her vocal cords. The man pumped his cock with serious force. His was longer and thicker than the other man and was able to make it further down her neck. He held his hands on her throat, feeling his hard immense manhood reach the selkie’s deep depths, and watching the traces of his prick that bulged against the her tight neck skin. The collar was indeed being stretched, but not enough to make it break.

Yuki was witnessing the selkie getting her throat seriously punished. Unfortunately for her, Master Mordred had no intention of just letting her watch. Her only warning was his hands in her hair, dragging her to her own knees before slapping her across the face with a cock that hit like a fist. She stared up at the cold-faced vampire with naked hatred and resignation as he slowly stretched a smile over her fangs. “Not much left of you now,” he growled. His pale, thick meat pried her lips apart, plunging deeper into her even as she tried to give the fuck stick some pleasure with her tongue.

“Look at me!” the vampire commanded as Yuki tried to close to her eyes. The nogitsune’s gaze rolled up to look at the ghoul’s face. She took a moment to look deep into his eyes, but instead of submission she tried to fill that gaze with hatred and disdain. She wanted him to know how much she despised the brothel and her captivity.

And Mordred laughed.

“That’s all you’ve got, cumstain?” he snickered, stomping on one of her bent knees hard enough to break her leg at the femur. Yuki wanted to scream but… she couldn’t. She was sinking, sinking into his gaze and she didn’t have the strength left to swim upward. She barely made a sound, the tiny sound muffled down to nothing by the prick in her mouth… the sound of the bone cracking was far louder, and no one seemed to hear that, either. The vampire didn’t seem to care. He was enjoying the deep sensual pleasure that emanated from his rod. “Better,” he whimpered as his cock got bigger in her mouth. “Not good, but better. Worthless little tramp…”

His prick got thicker and wider as it became even more engorged, blood and arousal as always going together for her master. The cock was becoming too much for Yuki’s mouth. She turned back to see Maya’s mouth was also being torn apart by another hard prick that was being shoved with brute force. She could see Maya’s collar move up and down as the man became extremely brutal with her mouth. The sight of Maya’s throat being abused in such a way was supposed to give her a small bit of comfort… it was supposed to help her cope. Instead, she just felt the anguish as the bones in her legs ground together, the brutal throatfucking Mordred was giving her preventing them from lining up right to heal again.

The only way he was going to give her a few seconds to line her bones back up was after he came, so Yuki threw herself into the task. She sucked on the vampire as best she could, using centuries of experience to throat herself on him, her tongue lashing the base and underside of his cock or his balls depending on what she could reach at that very second. Mordred was all smiles now… he knew what she was doing, but showed no intention to stop her. He growled as waves of pleasure washed over him, splitting his attention between the fox and the selkie.

A man who was fucking Maya’s little mouth let out a huge grunt as he came too fast inside her throat. The massive wad of cum slid down to her stomach as the man howled to the ceiling and licked his lips in the end. The next man fucked Maya’s throat with utter brutality, like he was trying to stab his length out the back of her skull rather than down her throat. Her face crashed against his pubic hair as he forced her to deepthroat his large manhood, even the experienced cock sucker gagging with each thrust now.

“Yes! This is so wonderful!” he exclaimed wildly into the sky. He thrust like a wild beast as he pushed hard enough to damage the vocal cords on a human girl, into a throat already well ravaged by previous men. He continued to thrust uncontrollably with no avail… the collar wasn’t breaking. By then Maya’s tears were all over her cheeks and some even dripped to the floor. She whimpered and moaned as the man relentlessly pursued the utter destruction of her mouth and throat, his hard prick sliding in and out from her lips a few times before he finally sank all the way in. His cock pulsated and huge strings of white jizz were spewed down her throat. It seemed like her stomach might be starting to swell a little… but he wasn’t able to break the collar either.

A dozen men fucked her throat. Then fifty. Then a hundred, and more as people took second and third turns… and the whole time Yuki never got an uninterrupted breath, Mordred keeping himself sheathed inside of her.

The latest man up had a monster cock… it looked wider than her mouth was. Maya’s eyes were wide, almost unable to fathom how incredibly wide and thick the dick was. It didn’t matter. In a second, her stretched and sore mouth was made to spread painfully wide as the fat piece of meat was forced into her mouth. The man sighed with pleasure as he held her head tightly, her cheeks bulging, her jaw stretched to the maximum as he made his way into her and rode all the way down into her throat. It looked impossible… but he was making it fit. A human’s throat would been ripped to shreds… a selkie, on the other hand, was forced to survive through it.

The brute thrust with such immense force that it was like he was bouncing her head on his crotch like a basketball, no doubt making the selkie’s ears ring. She gagged like she had a hundred years ago, the first times she had ever had a cock down her throat, and her body hung limp and soulless in his grip as his murderous cock clogged her neck. Spit and phlegm and probably vomit flowed up and over his dick, escaping her spread lips and coating his balls as the strings of saliva made it down to the ground, creating a small puddle between her knees. Her sweet red watery eyes bulged and widened. The man looked amused by her efforts to take him, laughing as she tried to handle the cock that was doubtless strangling her right before an audience. He grunted over and over again with pleasure as the selkie’s throat contracted on his thickness, Maya’s neck clamoring for life as it begged for mercy and he pressed her nose into his abdomen again and again and again and again and again…

Then, with a few more hard thrusts, the collar snapped.

When the man saw the leather material fall from her neck, he cheered. “Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yesssss…” he cried out as the excitement of having won pitched him over the edge. An ocean of warm, white jizz poured out of her lips, flooding into Maya faster than she could swallow it. The selkie was drowning in his cum as her throat gagged and contracted. She coughed and gagged some more before her windpipe started to spasm, taking her air entirely. She was choking on spit and cum as her face turned dark red. Maya gasped for air as she fought the spasms, the poor selkie struggling to stay alive as horrific choking noises came out of her along with a river of jism that stained her lips and chin and dripped down onto her breasts and the fallen collar.

Finally, at last, her spasms subsided and Maya was able to cough some air in through her bruised throat. She coughed relentlessly, spitting up huge wads of saliva and semen. Even the more disappointed men who hadn’t won couldn’t help but be amused at the way they saw the newly won selkie suffer and gasp for her life.

Maya was able to finally breathe normally as the man withdrew his prick from her lips, sagging as she continued to catch her breath. The selkie looked down on the floor as she realized what just occurred… that the collar was gone. This cruel human, the one who had fucked her so roughly that it had nearly killed her, had won. As Maya continued to stare at the floor, something inside her seemed to almost die with the horror of it.

Maya looked at Yuki, her expression begging for help… Yuki refused to meet her eyes. This wasn’t a place for friends… it wasn’t a place where hope existed. It wasn’t where allies were made out of choice, but rather enemies out of necessity. It was a place where the heart dies, not with brutality, but with a lonely whimper. The collar, lying on the ground unimportant and forgotten, vanished as Yuki stopped focusing on it, and no one even noticed.

Yuki had to watch as the man took his new prize out to his car, hours later. The selkie, bound and gagged, was tossed into the backseat as the brutal man climbed in with her. His driver put the car in gear, and Maya sped off with her new master. Yuki saw the car get smaller and smaller as it drove down the street in the predawn light, until it finally disappeared completely.

Yuki too wanted to get as small as possible.

Merielle ran down the dark street, not even consciously aware that for some reason all the street lights were off. She just ran and ran and ran, never stopping, until she reached a corner several blocks away where a single street light refused to give up its glow. Only then, when she paused beneath it, did her legs give out and let her collapse to the ground, kneeling beneath the light and pleading upwards to the night sky.

The wound beneath her hand wasn’t deep… but it was still there. It would stay there. Maybe, if she was lucky, it was small and shallow enough that it wouldn’t leave a scar… but her fae durability provided her no aid here, no extra resilience. She had to heal like everyone else.

Yuki had cut her.

Really, really cut her.

If she let her mind wander, she could still feel the iron blade inside of her. Could still feel the blood sizzling on it. Could still feel the horrible violation of being penetrated by the steel.

She wanted to be sick.

“Why?!” she cried. “Why is she doing this to me!” Her head collapsed down on her knees as her eyes closed with anguish. She felt like tears should be rolling down her cheeks but they were dry. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. She rested her back on the lamppost, holding a hand over the wound as the bleeding stopped, feeling like a piece of disposable garbage. She just kept playing Yuki’s words back in her head over and over again. “This is what you like,” she had said. “This is what you deserve.”

With sudden clarity, Merielle realized that her hand was down the hem on her pants, idly playing with herself. She pulled her hand away in confused disgust, but not before she noted that she was still wet. It wasn’t the outrageous heat she had when Yuki was playing with her earlier, when she was shocking her, but… she was still turned on, despite herself.

What the fuck was wrong with her?

Why did feeling helpless, feeling at her mistress’ mercy where she could do anything she wanted, do this to her?

Akari’s words came back to her again. That Yuki didn’t know how to love… that she only knew how to hurt. She would just keep hurting her and hurting her and hurting her until she wasn’t there to hurt anymore. Deep down, Merielle knew that was probably true. The feelings that thought inspired, however, were mixed. She wanted to hate what the crazy fox did to her… but she couldn’t deny how she kept going back. Yuki wasn’t trying to reel her back in. She wasn’t making her promises to lure her, or stopping her from leaving. She had taken off the collar, and given her back her skin. Merielle just kept going back on her own… even when she was beginning to suspect Yuki didn’t even want her to. Much as she wanted to, Merielle couldn’t deny just how wet she was at the thought of going back up there again, at being pinned down and made helpless beneath her tongue, at how it felt to cum riding the edge of the electricity… not because it felt good, but because Yuki enjoyed watching her suffer.

Her mind swirled with thoughts of her mistress’ face. Merielle’s mind recalled thousands of times that her mistress had degraded her. How she would treat her like a piece of trash. With a jolt, the selkie realized that she was imagining how the knife had felt… and her pussy was throbbing. She had been terrified… she still was terrified, and horrified, and disgusted… but she was also getting wetter.

For Yuki… this is how she loved her. It was probably the only way she could love anyone, even Merielle. She hurt them.

Merielle felt lost… but somewhere, somewhere deep inside, she prayed that while Yuki was right, that she didn’t know anything about anything, that Merielle knew this. Love comes in all forms and Yuki’s was one way – and when it was at its best, it turned the selkie on like nothing else. Yuki… she did love her. Her mistress was hurt, and lashing out, and being foolish… but she did love her. Merielle had seen that. And… and… being hurt by her mistress wasn’t something to be tolerated. It wasn’t a quirk she had to just deal with to be close to her. It was, at least in part, something that had attracted her to the woman.

Merielle didn’t understand it… but she couldn’t lie to herself about it anymore. She didn’t love Yuki while just tolerating her cruelty. She craved Yuki’s kindness… and that very cruelty as well. She couldn’t get one without the other… and she wouldn’t want to if she could. She needed both from the fox.

The only question then was… did she want it enough to go back?

The selkie looked up at the lamp and let her sight be blinded by the heavenly light. Merielle finally realized that she had been lying to herself for a long time now. She wasn’t failing to be good enough for her mistress. There was no good enough. She would never be good enough to avoid being hurt… but more importantly, right now, there was no good enough to make the nogitsune happy, either. She wasn’t failing her mistress. Her mistress was failing her. Yuki didn’t want a good slave… she wanted no one at all.

Yet she did. Merielle knew that. She could feel it.The only question was… was that good enough? This is what it meant to be Yuki’s. Merielle didn’t want to fight but… if she went back there, it was going to be a fight. Today. Tomorrow. Every single day until Yuki stopped trying to push her away. Every day until she finally accepted that Merielle wasn’t going to leave her… and if she went back there, she was going to have to prove her wrong. One day at a time. One torment at a time. For gods only knew how long.

Going back there would be idiotic.

Why did she want to do it anyway?

Merielle crawled on the sidewalk until something odd caught her attention. A small black flower, growing on the side of the street. The blossom was barely the size of her fingernail… but it reminded her of the rose Yuki had plucked earlier. Merielle plucked it from the ground and stared at it. This one, though black, didn’t have any thorns. She looked it at. She nursed it. She kissed it. She finally let out a small laugh.

She really was an idiot… but she wanted Yuki. She knew she deserved better. It didn’t matter. She wanted her… and she was prepared to fight for it. By all the Tautha de Danann, she was winter fae… by tooth and claw and sheer ferocity, she would fight to keep that stubborn fox. It wasn’t a mystery anymore. There was nothing to decipher. She knew what she was going to do… that foolish or not, she had made her decision. She would fight.

After a minute, the wounded selkie got up and looked back at the apartment. She hesitated for a moment.

“Yes…” Merielle said quietly. “I love you, Yuki…” She held the little black flower close to her bust as she slowly headed back to the apartment, and the rest of the street lights finally turned on as she walked beneath them. She still felt hungry, but it was her heart, not her stomach, that her soul rested in… and despite everything, it felt surprisingly full.

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