Black Fur Black Heart 8 – Sundered

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The final streetlight flickered on as Merielle reached the front of the apartment building, standing there silently as the cool breeze of the night air made her red hair dance with each passing burst of wind. She’d made it back here after all. A half dozen times she had been tempted to turn back, to leave the rage-filled nogitsune. Her eyes were focused on the entrance to the building. She could always walk away. But if this didn’t make her leave, she couldn’t imagine what would. In a real sense, this was her final decision… if she wanted to walk away, it probably had to be right here. Otherwise she never would. To the selkie, it seemed obvious that the sensible option was to walk away and leave Yuki alone… but every time she was tempted, the same deep, hollow emptiness made her ache inside. If she left Yuki, she would be safe… but she would be alone, too. She would be without… her. And for some reason, while that felt appealing on the surface, even a moment’s consideration made her feel like she would rather die. So instead, Merielle used each step like a brick to cement her resolve. She had already decided that she was going to stay… she was going to make Yuki see what she was doing. She was going to fight. With the iron-struck cuts on her skin still stinging, she used the drops of her blood and her pain as the mortar to build of that wall a fortress.

It didn’t make much sense to the selkie’s rational mind, but… she supposed it didn’t need to. Merielle loved her often cruel, frequently ill tempered, and always captivating fox… and she was going to suffer to make that love work if necessary. Under the dim street lights, the selkie finally admitted to herself that she was not just madly in love… she was probably just plain mad, too.

Her hand felt cold as she slowly raised it before her face, looking again at the pretty little black flower. Merielle had no idea what kind of flower it was, what it could do or if it would grow more than it already had if she managed to plant it once more. She only knew one thing for certain. It was hers and she would not let it go.

The redhead took some small steps towards the apartment building before she heard a gentle clearing of a throat from behind. Turning, she saw the woman sitting on a bench behind her, a dark figure the light didn’t quite touch… but nothing could disguise the brilliant white of the fox’s hair. Akari calmly watched, observing Merielle as she stood, her expression neutral. “You’re really going back?” the kitsune said. Merielle’s eyes slipped off of her to look down at the road. She didn’t want to admit it. Merielle didn’t feel… shame… precisely, about returning to her abusive mistress, but at the same time, she felt shame for ignoring the warning that Akari had tried to give her. The selkie didn’t want to say it out loud… she just kept looking at the ground.

“You can’t think that she deserves you?” The question gave Merielle a small shock up her spine. It wasn’t a question that she would pose to herself, but hearing it from someone else made it feel like an anvil had just landed on her head. “Do you think she deserves you?” Akari asked once again, with the same calm demeanor. “It’s a simple question, really. Most rational people would have already run away screaming from her.”

Merielle’s eyes finally looked back, meeting the white fox’s eyes. Akari’s words served as reality check for Merielle… But this was her reality, and she was finally accepting that. “I think most would,” the selkie finally replied as she kept her eyes glued to Akari’s face. “You’re right, most would.” The selkie began to search for words as Akari tilted her face slightly, waiting for an explanation. “I don’t know if she deserves me. All I know is that I want her. And she needs me.”

“You think?” inquired Akari. She flicked her gaze up to the lit apartment window. “You do know who’s in there with her right now?” the fox asked as Merielle’s eyes tried to move left and right, looking around as she was taken by surprise by the question. “Mai. She showed up just after you left… watched the two of you fight and slipped right in. With my sister.” She shook her head. “Looks like she doesn’t need you that much.” Merielle’s face turned a bit sour, not just by Yuki’s potential betrayal but by Akari’s insistence. “If you head back up there, that’s what you’re going to see. Just wanted to let you…” Akari sighed and shook her head. “She doesn’t deserve you, Merielle.”

Merielle tried to take a deep breath before she even dared to answer Akari. Her mind went blank as she struggled to grasp the reality of the situation. She didn’t know what to think anymore… she was lost. But then she looked down and saw the little black flower still being held tightly in her hand. “Maybe… maybe she is with Mai again,” the selkie murmured as she kept her head down. The words stung as they left her mouth. They hurt her more than the cuts she’d received from the rusty old knife. “And maybe not. But that… That isn’t the point.” Merielle finally got her head up and stared courageously into Akari’s eyes. “That isn’t the point.”

“What’s the point then?” Akari replied. “What’s the point if Yuki is now on the cusp of betraying your love?”

Merielle swallowed, but continued. “It’s simple,” she said with strength that she didn’t entirely feel. “If she’s going to betray me… that’s her choice. Not mine. If I would betray her and leave her alone, then that would be on me, and I would die for it.” She squeezed her hand into a fist around the stem of her precious flower. “I would never do that to her and she knows it. I love her… and I am loyal to her because that’s who I am. If she’s going to… to fuck that other girl… I will be hurt, yes. But I will forgive her. Not because I am stupid or shameless. Love isn’t about scoring points, to pretend that I am right and she’s wrong. Who’s loyal and who isn’t. Love is sacrifice. It hurts. Love is being cut by a knife.” Merielle exposed her injuries to Akari, who held back her emotions as she gazed at the barely closed, scabbed over red gashes on the selkie’s skin. “These scars won’t ever go away entirely… And that’s fine… They will remind me of what I am doing here. They will remind me of my sacrifice. If you can’t understand that, then you don’t understand anything. Sorry…” Merielle covered her skin as she looked down again. She finally felt some relief.

“I am not the one who is incapable of understanding your feelings,” Akari said as she tried to reason with the selkie. “You won’t be able to get through to Yuki. She has no idea what sacrifice is-”

“Yes, she does,” the selkie quickly interrupted. “She came back to get me out of Avalon. She took away my collar and let me go. She sacrificed her fur!”

Akari didn’t attempt to deny Merielle’s claim, but she didn’t immediately respond to it either. Her eyes turned down and away from the woman, staring at the ground for a beat before returning to her. “She didn’t sacrifice her fur. She just destroyed it,” the fox finally replied. “You can’t throw away something that precious so easily unless you have no respect for its worth. And if you don’t value something, you can’t sacrifice it. You can only waste it… Yuki doesn’t know anything about true sacrifice.”

“Well then,” Merielle replied with a stern face. “It sounds to me like you have something to say to your sister. Maybe you should try saying it to her face instead of going through me.” She moved to one side, inviting her into the apartment building.

Akari’s mouth twitched in displeasure. “It’s not up to me,” the kitsune replied. “It’s up to her. She will never listen to me. She will never listen to anyone. Not even you. And you know that.”

“I know that she’s your sister,” Merielle countered. “No matter how upset you two are with each other. I know that she’ll never know how you feel if you don’t tell her. And I know that if it was my sister up there in that apartment, if I was given a second chance after living for so long thinking that she was lost and gone forever, I would do anything to have her back in my life.”

Akari stubbornly set her jaw, and for a moment the expression made her look so much like Yuki that Merielle’s heart ached; the two of them really were sisters. “You don’t know all the things she’s done,” she told the selkie. “But even you’ve seen more than enough by now to understand what sort of a person Yuki is. So, again, do you think she deserves you?”

“Yes,” Merielle replied calmly. Then, confidently, she turned her back on Akari and started walking towards the entrance of the apartment building.

“Merielle!” Akari begged. “Are you sure?” Merielle turned once more to face the white kitsune…

“Don’t give me that shit!” Yuki demanded as Mai pulled back a little. She exhaled a little as she saw the dark haired woman smile at her. “You don’t have a fucking right to come here and play these fucking games with me! I’m done playing your stupid games!” Mai remained quiet as she decided to let the enraged fox let out some steam. “You can’t possibly be so fucking stupid as to believe that I would still want you, after what you did!”

“I don’t believe,” Mai responded softly. “I know.” The nogitsune kept her voice calming, soothing, and confident. She could tell it was doing a number on Yuki. Mai knew how to play to her strengths… she didn’t have to fight the woman, just calmly wait out her anger.

“You don’t know shit!” Yuki spat. “You think you know, but you don’t!” By that point she was running out of words. The belligerent kitsune paced back and forth in front of her former lover, trying to control her breathing. “Arrghh!” she growled like a vengeful animal as she stopped to stare Mai down before continuing to pace back and forth.

Mai wasn’t intimidated by Yuki’s posturing. Nothing she tried could faze the woman… the other nogitsune knew her too well, and the last seven hundred years hadn’t changed nearly enough to help. Mai was well aware of her antics.

“Look, babe…” Mai began.

“Babe? Babe?” Yuki hissed. “What the fuck is that? Don’t fucking ‘babe’ me, bitch!”

“Look, babe…”

“Stop it! Fucking stop it already!”


“Stop! Stop already, it isn’t working…”

“What isn’t working?”

Yuki stopped her pacing, glaring at the woman she had loved. “You! Whatever this is… You… Whatever you’re doing… It isn’t working.”

“I’m not doing anything, mistress. I’m just standing here.”

“I know… Argghh! Just stop it already!” Yuki had to raise her hands in the air in a fit of desperation, her fingers clawing through her luscious hair.

“Okay…” replied a calm Mai.

“See!” Yuki pointed at Mai’s face. “You’re doing it again!”

“I’m not doing anything…”



“Just fucking stop!”




“Fuck! Off!”

“Yuki, I…”

Before Mai could say anything else, Yuki was up against Mai like a magnet that just found metal, pushing her back against the wall hard enough to shake it and send the damn fuse box on the fritz again. Mai’s arms came up to embrace the outraged nogitsune as their wet lips met, holding her against herself as the two kissed for the first time in centuries. Yuki was perhaps even rougher than usual as she collided against her former lover like a locomotive in a head-on collision. The kiss didn’t last long before Yuki broke it off and slapped Mai across the face as hard as she could. Mai’s face returned as Yuki’s lips again forced themselves on her. Their tongues met hard and sharp, wrestling each other as Yuki kissed her more deeply, her hands reaching for Mai’s breasts, squeezing them, eagerly playing with her heavy, firm tits for a few seconds before Yuki pulled away once more.

“For fuck sake!” Yuki exclaimed. “Stop it!” Mai raised her eyebrows. She didn’t need to stop, she wasn’t doing anything. She was only following Yuki’s lead. Mai tried to hold back her laugh as she allowed her mouth to crack a small smile.

1337, Japan

It had all gone so wrong.

She had saved everyone. She had done what she needed to do. She had avenged her sister… and for that, she had been cast away. After being condemned by Inari and exiled along with the rest of what the goddess had named the nogitsune, Yuki had abandoned everything she once held dear before to follow Syllana back to the secluded village where the twins and better than a hundred of her soldiers had sought refuge. There, they’d worked to make plans to cultivate a new life and civilization away from the teachings of the goddess as the first of their kind… they had little enough in the way of choice.

It was bad enough that their goddess had cast them out… but what they hadn’t been expecting was for the humans they had been protecting to look at them with terror now as well. Yuki tried not to blame them… they had just watched an army of their protectors burn down an entire mountainside, and each and every one of them was perfectly helpless to stop the nogitsune from doing the same to their village if they wanted. She found it hard to think that way, though. They were idiots. The nogitsune had done it to protect them! They should be grateful! Instead, rather than make a home with those they had sacrificed so much to save, the goddess-forsaken foxes were forced to shut themselves off from the world and move north, into the mountains and away from the human settlements. She resented them for that.

Increasingly, Yuki found it easier to resent everyone and everything. What she did and what she was able to do with such little preparation should have made her a hero to her people and to the humans, yet now the nogitsune were just as feared as the jorogumo had ever been, if not more so, even as they showed no aggression towards anyone they passed. Yuki’s new mentor didn’t seem surprised… Syllana would only act as if fear and hatred were the expected reaction from lesser creatures, and given what she saw every day it was hard to argue. She wished she could talk to her more, however… instead, Yuki’s mentor seemed more interested in taking care of her own group of devoted followers than doting on a single apprentice. Syllana had taken to the role of a leader rather joyfully, and the twins still loyally served at her side, always the shadow in her footsteps, and Yuki was only too glad to let leadership escape her after what she’d been forced to endure recently.

The whole time, however, Yuki longed for Mai, wondering where she might have gone. She had not seen her lover since leaving to learn how to use witchfire from Syllana and wiping out the jorogumo. She hoped her lover was happy, wherever she was, and was at least glad to know that she had escaped exile.

Earlier today they’d settled into the abandoned village that was to be their newest home, an old mountain town far removed from the rest of the countryside. When night fell, the nogitsune had gathered together in its center. It was here that Syllana had proclaimed herself the new leader of her people. The nogitsune were ready and willing to call her their new goddess… for it was she that had bestowed witchfire upon them, the basis of the strength of the nogitsune moving forward. Syllana, unlike Inari, was a much less restrictive goddess. She proclaimed her power was only that of status, as she was the first, and she only wished for the witchfire’s power to be spread and reckoned through the world as something more than that of a mystic fable or fairy tale. It all seemed simple enough to Yuki. She didn’t have any qualm with what Syllana wanted. She simply missed her lover and her family.

The surprise came, however, when Syllana called for a complete severing of their ties with the goddess, and three of the nogitsune stepped up at her command… Yuki, for her part, had noted that Hinata was one of them. As the assembled nogitsune watched with wide eyes, the three of them had kindled the bonfire to life with witchfire. Then, with steady hands, they’d tossed their fox skins into the blaze. Syllana had waited for the chorus of gasps and cries to die down before she continued. This was how they would remove themselves from the kinship of the other kitsune. Evenly she had told them that they were under no obligation to do so… that the choice had to be theirs, but those that did not would need to leave. That this was to be a sanctuary for those who understood sacrifice… for those who were no longer interested in those who had abandoned them. Those who were willing to sever their ties to the old to build the new.

That night, many many more bonfires were kindled. So many did as she asked. That fateful night, Yuki had watched as every single one of the kitsune that she had shown to use witchfire burned their fox skins, and as they did their fur and hair turned the same perfect, coal black as Syllana and the twins. Those who had doubts could not long stand the judging, questioning stares of those who had fought besides them, who had sacrificed alongside them… most of them burned theirs before midnight, and Yuki doubted any would last until morning. Most, however, seemed happy to scorn the goddess who had abandoned them, her warriors pleased to accept Syllana as their goddess in this ritual, bringing themselves closer to the leader who’d brought the magic that destroyed the jorogumo.

Yuki wasn’t among them. As the night continued, Yuki remained separated from everyone. She had a lot to think about and get through her mind before she wanted to go forth with the burning of the skin. She figured the only thing that would help ease her mind to make a decision would be to finally speak to Syllana again, face to face and in privacy.

She found her way to Syllana’s home at the head of the mountain village. The door was locked but that didn’t stop Yuki as she turned into a fox and simply slid through one of the windows, cloaking herself in illusions just by force of habit as she stepped into the dark house… and heard the sounds within. Whispers and moaning. Yuki’s ears twitched curiously as she walked through the sprawling, empty house toward the bedroom. She gasped, covering the sound with illusion as she stared on what was in front of her… There, in the bed with Syllana, was Mai.

She had come all this way somehow and seemed perfectly content in her location as she embraced Syllana on the bed, wearing nothing but a little dress, something she only wore when she wanted to look more human to the populace.

And her hair and tails were black as night.

Syllana rubbed all over Mai’s slit as they writhed together before she slipped off the bed and removed her robe to show her slender black body. Mai smirked looking up at her. “You want to try something fresh tonight, my pet?” Syllana asked as she rubbed over her naked body and let her black tails fan out around her.

Mai nodded in compliance as Syllana watched her crawl up on the bed toward her. She could tell her lips were swollen and yearning to be touched as they made their presence known from under the short dress when she moved. Syllana smirked as she nestled her body upward on her hands and knees and splayed her tails slowly, removing her clothes with a simple thought of illusion magic. Mai looked into Syllana’s eyes as they kissed each other slowly and with hot and heavy intent. Yuki’s mouth dropped as she watched in the shadows, unable to move or say anything.

Syllana chuckled and rubbed over Mai’s lips as she arched her back and looked at her. “I have a surprise for you,” she muttered as she strapped a harness onto herself over her hips, where it practically brushed against her slit. Yuki could see that there was a thick cock hanging from it, and the thing was shining with magic… with witchfire.

“What is that?” Mai asked, awed.

“Something new I’ve been working on for my playthings,” Syllana said with a chuckle. “They’re linked to me… to my magic. To me… it will feel quite like a real one would.” Syllana stroked her hands up and down it, sighing in pleasure while Yuki’s mouth dropped open, feeling hurt and guilty all the same hiding in the shadowy corner of the room. Syllana rubbed her new cock and smirked at Mai as she petted her head. “How is this for something different and better?”

Mai opened her mouth to take it in and just moaned. “Oh I want it,” she cooed.

Syllana reached down and gently pinched her cheeks. “Oh, I bet you do. Come on now, sweet thing. You aren’t the twins,” she said to her. “You can’t just open your mouth and take it. I expect you to beg for it!”

“Oh goddess, yes please!” Mai begged and panted. “I want it!”

“And which goddess is that?” Syllana asked with a smirk.

“Youuu!” Mai moaned. “You!”

“That’s good to hear,” Syllana said as she rubbed her cock and grasped her fingers around Mai’s hair and pushed forward. “Now you take it.”

Syllana gripped the shaft and pushed her head into the back of Mai’s mouth, who moaned with delight as she started sucking on it graciously. Heart tearing, Yuki watched her treacherous lover perform well on a cock. If she didn’t know any better, she would think Mai even preferred such an exotic departure from the sexual escapades with pussy, seeing how ready and eager she was for Syllana’s surprise gift. Syllana bit her lip and chuckled fiendishly, pushing the cock further into Mai’s mouth just to see how much she could take. Much to Yuki’s surprise, Mai managed to take a lot at a vigorous pace without even gagging. Syllana smiled wickedly in excitement, proud to see her lover so naturally ready to be a whore. She started to thrust against her face harder, holding down her head and pushing her more onto it.

“Mm, mm,” Mai moaned as she pulled out and wrapped her hands around the base of the shaft. She jerked on the cock and gyrated her hips with such vigor as she licked the head and moaned with pleasure just from committing the act of touch and tasting a cock. Syllana breathed out heavily as pre-cum began to flow out from the constant stimulation. “Oh, mistress… I want it all!”

“Look at you,” Syllana laughed. She pulled once again on Mai’s hair and thrust the cock into her mouth, this time deep enough that the woman couldn’t avoid gagging. “Let’s see just how much of a dirty fucking slut you are, apprentice.” Syllana placed both hands on the back of Mai’s head as she proceeded to face fuck her, thrusting her thighs and popping her hips so that she could push the cock as deep into her mouth as she could. Mai continued to gag and gasp for air as she drooled saliva all over her lover’s special cock. They both breathed out in exhilaration as the heavy stimulation made Syllana shiver with a first miniature orgasm. Yuki was amazed she could still cum like a woman in that way as she bit her lip and wiped a tear from her eye. Finally, Syllana pulled herself away and let Mai breathe as she exploded, her cunt leaking juices all over the woman’s flushed features. Mai gasped with delight as she sat back and wiped away her excess spit. “I noticed you’re really enjoying this,” she said as she licked her lips, tasting the pussy juices squirted on her face.

Syllana’s eyes darkened. “I didn’t say you could stop, you fool,” she snapped. “Look at the mess you made, you brainless whore! I expect you to fix that.”

“I am so sorry to disappoint you,” Mai said sheepishly as she crawled forward, smacking her lips while she lapped up the juices covering the shaft.

“That you should be,” Syllana scolded her. “We’re going to have to do something about that.”

With that, Syllana pulled Mai off of the bed and roughly pushed the woman’s face down against the floor, hard enough that it had to have hurt. Mai gasped in surprise as Syllana flipped up the dress she wore to expose her open, fresh lips. The nogitsune chuckled with excitement as she grabbed Mai’s ass and squeezed, clearly relishing in the feeling of seeing the other fox’s throbbing hot pussy. She rubbed her wet cock up and down between the crack of her ass as their bodies caressed and Mai cooed for more and rubbed her cheeks up and down on the shaft.

“Aren’t you just the luckiest little bitch,” Syllana said to her. She slowly pushed her cock into her wet cunt as her whole lower body convulsed and clenched at the feeling. The cock, supposedly inanimate thing that it was, seemed to throb as Syllana gently pushed it in and pumped slowly.

Yuki wanted to look away, but she couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight of Mai’s pussy lips clinging to the other woman’s shaft, the fake cock gripped tight by her insides. Syllana gasped with excitement as she began to speed up. “It’s been a while since I had an apprentice worth a damn… and you have a wonderfully tight pussy. Did it never see appropriate use before now?”

“Yuki? She never had me in such a way like you, my love,” Mai responded simply while letting out a long, drawn-out and pleasing moaning. The kind that had once been music to Yuki’s ears. Syllana groaned with pleasure as she fucked the woman harder and faster, penetrating as deeply as she could without a care for if would cause Mai pain. She was letting the woman’s whimpers and moans dictate her movement, using them to find Mai’s weak points and go after them mercilessly.

Yuki’s vision was growing blurry, and she realized she was crying. The fox had to bite her lip to remain still and soundless, scrubbing away the tears with her hand before they could fall to the floor, unsure of what she would even do or say if she allowed herself to act. Instead, she watched through her tears as Syllana thrust her body against Mai vigorously, groaning with pleasure. She rubbed her hand over Mai’s delicate, soft ass cheeks, and she squeezed and pulled on her tails. Then she gave her a single slap on the left cheek that made the fox yelp with pleasure.

“Oh goddess yes,” Mai said, pushing her ass against Syllana’s palm. “Do it harder!”

Yuki narrowed her eyes at that. That… what? For as long as she had known Mai, even before they started seeing each other as a dedicated couple, she’d always had a very low tolerance for pain. She used to whine about the simplest of things, like getting pinched or having a nipple bitten just a little too hard. Their last few sexual encounters even had Mai getting upset at how Yuki treated her, but now she was asking for Syllana to hit her harder? It really was a complete turn-around transformation taking place in this bedroom. Why…

Syllana proceeded to slap Mai harder on the bare ass just as she’d requested. Clearly, she had no reservations against being brutal, even with such a delicate little flower like Mai. She reached over to the table and grabbed a riding crop and a rope, holding them up so that Mai could see them. Mai gasped, but only for a second before Syllana wrapped the rope around her neck and tugged it tight. Yuki wanted to scream, gritting her teeth and getting angrier by the moment at what she saw. Syllana purred with anticipation as she knotted the rope and pulled on it, creating a leash to hold Mai down with. She then proceeded to pull on the newly made leash while continuing to pound deep into Mai’s pussy, cracking the riding crop on the fox’s ass hard enough to leave red marks and make her whine and whimper with pleasure. Mai arched her back, following the pull of the rope as she continued to rhythmically bounce on the false cock just like it was a real one. Syllana struck her ass hard enough to draw blood from the nogitsune, and asked her “Do you feel like a sweet little piece of property yet?”

Mai babbled an affirmation, but it ended with a choked squeak as Syllana yanked the leash back hard enough to make the woman practically break herself in half bending backwards. It wasn’t enough; she still couldn’t breathe like that. Mai’s body quivered, trying and failing to squeeze the few more inches that she needed.

The newly minted goddess of the nogitsune looked like she didn’t even notice Mai’s plight, focused entirely on her need to fuck the other fox’s brains out. The rope was taut as she continued slowly choking the woman to death, not loosening her grip by an iota while her fake cock drilled her pussy.

Mai’s lips were moving silently as they became tinged with blue, trying to voice whatever safeword she and Syllana must have had, and Yuki nearly rushed forward then and there to save the woman she loved… until Mai finally managed to force the words out through her constricted throat. “…more, goddess… more… more… yes…”

Yuki scrubbed fresh hot tears off of her cheeks. She wanted to rise up, to yell, to put a stop what she was seeing… but there was nothing she could do. Syllana was… Yuki had seen the elder fox’s strength during the battle, and knew that there was a wide gulf between the two of them. If it came to blows – and Yuki knew that if she let herself take even a single step forward, that was exactly what would happen – she had no hope of winning. And even if she did fight Syllana and win, what then? Drag Mai away kicking and screaming? The woman had made her choice, and she hadn’t chosen Yuki.

The nogitsune knew that she was doing the right thing. That it was best not to interrupt them, not to say a thing… but in that moment, it was the hardest thing that Yuki had ever needed to do.

A single teardrop dripped from her chin to soundlessly splash against the floor, and Syllana’s head immediately snapped up.

She let go of the rope, letting Mai collapse into a gasping, coughing heap while she turned her head from side to side, scanning the room. Yuki’s heart raced as she wondered if the nogitsune would find her. Syllana was so powerful… could she pierce through Yuki’s illusion as easily as she did everything else?

Syllana’s eyes met Yuki’s in the darkness… and continued on without pausing. She shook her head and smirked before looking back down at Mai, who was still attempting to catch her breath. “I am about to fucking destroy you.”

“Oh, goddess, I love it when you talk to me like that,” Mai cooed, her expression filled with nothing but worship and adoration as she looked up at the woman who’d nearly killed her.

Yuki had seen more than enough. She turned and quietly left the building before she was discovered after all.

Mai had burned her skin. Mai had witchfire. Mai had been the one who had told Yuki about Syllana. Mai had been the one to push her to use Syllana’s magic, and to hell with what was forbidden.

And now here she was… with Syllana.

What a fool Yuki was.

The fox ran, and she didn’t look back.

This was… this was for the best, wasn’t it? This was what Yuki deserved… where she wasn’t in danger of hurting anyone who hadn’t earned it. Merielle would see, and she would leave, and she wouldn’t come back. Yuki went for Mai once more, her mouth clashing with the other nogitsune’s with intensity as they kissed and then began to crawl down to Mai’s neck as she continued to consume her former lover. Yuki’s lips and tongue traveled all over her shoulder before making her way down to her breasts. Hands violent, she began to remove Mai’s top and reveal her lovely tits, just the way she remembered them all those years ago, and she went wild, shoving Mai back against the wall as she all but attacked her exposed tits with her mouth… caressing each mound with her lips and tongue one by one. She squeezed her former lover’s breasts tightly with her hands before her head landed between Mai’s bust, putting her mouth to work as Mai leaned her head back and moaned. The other nogitsune combed through her hair, pulling it up into the air while enjoying every bit of Yuki’s passionate lust.

Yuki was ready to head down to her former lover’s pussy. She remembered how it was. Goddess, all these years later and Yuki could still remember how it tasted. All nine of her tails flicked left and right as the broken lights in the apartment flashed on and off before finally shutting off completely, leaving the two aroused foxes alone in the dim moonlight. Yuki started to remove Mai’s skirt before a thought crept into her clouded mind. Images of Merielle flashed before her, and she had to pause before going any further. What if Merielle walked in, right now?

Well… So what? That was the point, wasn’t it?

Yuki went for Mai’s pussy before stopping again. Something almost like guilt went through her. Yuki tried to reason with herself… It wasn’t guilt, of course. So maybe Merielle would walk in. Maybe that dumb selkie would see what she was bound to lose. Merielle would see how much Yuki didn’t need her anymore. All good then. The nogitsune cupped Mai’s delicious mound with her hungry mouth before stopping again. For some reason, she couldn’t continue. She was held back. Of course, Merielle could walk in… and she’d see what Yuki wanted her to but… Yuki remembered.

She remembering the crushing feeling, what it had felt like when Mai had… and now she would really even consider inflicting that on the selkie?

How far gone was she, really?

The lights came back on. Yuki, her face just a few inches from Mai’s pristine little pussy, looked up and saw her former lover, saw the pleased look in her face, and met her eyes as she slowly rose back to her feet. “What’s the ma-” Mai began.

“I forgot something,” Yuki said, the rage simmering in her eyes just barely kept in check. “That you’re the traitor here, Mai. Not me.” Time stood still as she glared at her former lover again… probably for the last time. Yuki’s visible rage seemed to have settled down, but inside she was simmering. Mai was one of the reasons why Yuki was where she was. She was one of the reasons why she ended up in Mordred’s brothel. Mai represented everything Yuki hated. Mai was betrayal. And Yuki… Yuki couldn’t stand the fucking sight of her anymore. “Get the fuck out of here…”

Mai looked at the serious look on Yuki’s still, emotionless face, and something in her expression or eyes seemed to flicker as she realized that Yuki was serious… that the nogitsune woman had had enough and wasn’t budging. It was time for her to leave. For just a second there was something ugly in those brown eyes. Then it was gone, and Mai collected herself, pulling her skirt up as she began to make her exit. Right before the exit, she stopped and turned around to face Yuki one more time.

GET THE FUCK OUT!” Yuki screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I’m sure,” Merielle said confidently. “And I know she does care for me. And I don’t know why… why I have this feeling… but I know. She won’t choose Mai.”

Akari raised her eyebrow in a cynical look. She clearly didn’t believe it. Before Merielle had any more time to defend Yuki against her sister, however, a disheveled Mai with her clothing all messed up walked out of the building. The dark furred fox paused when she saw Merielle there, giving the selkie a quick, intense look before she looked past her and saw Akari sitting there. Mai seemed to freeze for a second, eyes widening quickly. Then she huffed out an angry breath before she turned away and headed down the street, disappearing into the darkness.

Merielle couldn’t face Akari anymore. Seeing Mai in that state only made painful doubts rise in her head. She looked like a fool in front of Akari and she knew it. But that was the least of her worries. Thoughts of Yuki with Mai weighed heavily on her, a sense of grief beginning to take hold. It took a while, but Merielle worked up the courage to look at Akari, who had a remorseful look on her face. There was an awkward pause before the white-furred fox finally weighed in. “I don’t need to say anything further,” she said calmly. “You’re seeing it with your own eyes.” Merielle couldn’t move. She felt broken. All she could do was go in and face Yuki. She took some deep breaths and headed inside anyway, leaving Akari behind.

Merielle made it to the apartment’s opened door… the lights were off when she arrived and she couldn’t see much into the dark apartment. “Yuki?” She called out.

“The fuck are you doing back here?” Yuki growled from the darkness.

“Yuki, it’s me,” Merielle said. “I-”

“I know it’s you,” the fox said, an odd tone in her voice. “I asked what the fuck you were doing back-” The lights came back on to reveal Yuki standing in the middle of the living room. A brief pause of silence. “These fucking lights!” Yuki yelled in anger. “Why won’t somebody fucking fix them already!”

Merielle refused to enter the apartment. The selkie stood there in silence. She was trying to say something. Anything. She wanted to say that it was over. But those words couldn’t materialize. Not then, not ever. “What’s wrong with you?” Yuki asked. “You get over it?” Merielle looked down as she tried to face up to Yuki and search for her words.

“Yes,” Merielle replied. “Yes, I am, Yuki. Are you?”

“I’m more than over it,” Yuki replied without thinking. “Are you still bleeding?” Her words were quick, and Merielle couldn’t tell if she genuinely cared what the answer was.

“A little, yes,” Merielle answered. “But that’s not what is really hurting me right now… I saw Mai leave the apartment. She looked… She…”

“What?” Yuki demanded to know.

“She…” Merielle kept searching for words. “She looked like she was… She was with you.”

“What do you mean?” Yuki asked impatiently.

“I mean…” Merielle tried to answer back. “I mean… Did you two, uh…” she swallowed. “Were you together?”

“Together?” Yuki spat. “Why don’t you just-”

“Did you fuck her!”

Yuki was taken aback by the question. Not the content itself, of course, but how blunt and assertive her sub was appearing to be. She really was hurting. Yuki opened her mouth to reassure her.

“What fucking business is it of yours?”

Someone else’s words, coming out of her mouth.

“Maybe we did,” Yuki continued, horrified at the words coming out of her mouth but unable to stop them… knowing what she had to do. “Or maybe we didn’t.”  Yuki picked up a bottle of sake. “She came with a gift,” the nogitsune said with a laugh. “A real offering. She wanted to get back together with me… and who wouldn’t? Except maybe an ungrateful selkie bitch.” Merielle seemed to sink even further into herself. Yuki saw how much hurt the other woman was probably feeling. That was good… this needed to hurt.

But also… it also confirmed to her how much Merielle loved her.

It didn’t matter.

It couldn’t matter.

“If that’s a problem for you,” Yuki continued, “If it bothers you, then you can fuck right off!”

Merielle, however, didn’t move. She refused to go. She stood her ground. “Mistress… I… We can… we can talk about it.”

Yuki wanted to scream. Why couldn’t the stupid bitch just… leave?! Why did she have to make Yuki do this? “Oh, are you worried about me?” She said with a sneer. “Don’t be. You’re replaceable. If I want to fuck another selkie, I can go get one… you’re a dime a dozen.” She took a deep breath, drew the sharpest knife she had… and stabbed. “In fact… I remember having a lot of fun with a good one before I met you. Trained her up real proper for Mas- that piece of shit. She was good. Very good, actually. Too bad I convinced him to get rid of her. But she was really pretty. In fact… Maya kind of reminds me of you.”

Yuki would rather have spent another lifetime in the vampire’s tender care than to be looking into Merielle’s eyes as she watched her heart break in half. She hated Merielle for making her go this far. Almost as much as she hated herself. “Does that name ring a bell, babe?”

“Maya…” Merielle said softly.

“Oh, so I guess you do know her then?” Yuki forced herself to keep meeting the selkie’s eyes.

“She’s my… my…”

Yuki nodded with glee, forcing herself to smile. “Right… Like I said, babe. I could have anyone I want. Including your sis. So just… go. Go the fuck away.” Merielle stood there as if stunned, tears filling her eyes. “Just… get the fuck out.”

The selkie started to cry.

Yuki couldn’t look at her anymore. She just couldn’t. The nogitsune snatched the fresh bottle of sake and turned, walking away to lock herself in her bedroom before sitting herself on the floor, crossing her legs as she opened the bottle. She took one glance at the cups, then upended the bottle, taking a swig directly from the jug. It burned… just like the memories of what she had done to Maya. What she had just done to Merielle. She drank again as she looked around her trashed room in her trashed apartment with all the trash on the floor, and she fit right in.

The lights went on and off a dozen times before she finished the bottle and stepped out into the living room to find another one.

By then, Merielle was gone.

Yuki tossed the bottle down, hard enough that it shattered on the floor. The thought came to her head with a maniacal little laugh: love was sacrifice. Yuki laughed and laughed at herself as she snatched up the already open bottle she had shared with Merielle hours earlier. The lights died again, and wordlessly Yuki staggered back to her room in the dark, bare feet on broken glass.

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