Black Fur Black Heart 10 – Sacrifice

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Yuki rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck, taking a deep breath as she stopped before the abandoned factory. She needed to clench her fingers around the smooth skin in her hands to keep them from trembling… She was more nervous than she could ever remembered being. Even when she was sneaking into Mordred’s room, even when she was unlocking the door that would mean her death if she hadn’t done everything perfectly, she had been accepting of the end… not afraid. She was a warrior… what happened, happened. But then, only her own life had been on the line. This time, she was walking into the lion’s den with an open wound, asking the lion to take what it wanted… and if she gambled and lost, Merielle would be the one to pay for it.

And it was her fault.

She took a deep breath and fixed a few stray strands of hair, brushing them out of her eyes. Yuki knocked on the door twice, and after a small pause, three more times… just as she’d been told to. Her tails twitched in apprehension. Calmly, she smoothed down the grey steel pants and fixed the jacket she wore, making sure she looked put together and in control. She checked that the skin was still there, in her hands, for the twentieth time in the last thirty seconds. She raised her hand to knock again, and then put it down, knowing how it would make her look. And then, deprived of anything to do, she just stood there and worried.

Yuki didn’t deserve Merielle. She knew that. She knew that she had ruined the best thing she’d ever had… again, like she always did. She really was a dumb slut, like Mordred had tried to tell her so many time. The poor selkie had endless trust and a heart made of gold, and Yuki had still not been able to see it. She’d just been so sure that if she let Merielle get close, it would just lead to her getting hurt again… but it had never quite registered to her that all the times, the knife in her heart had been her own. Betrayal and deceit was all Yuki had known for centuries, but… in hindsight, she was forced to admit more than a little of it had been hers. Caught up in her need to be right, to have her fears confirmed, Yuki had pushed and pushed till she broke Merielle. And she’d been so pleased when she thought she succeeded. That her intuition was right. Everyone was out for themselves and themselves only.

But Merielle had loved her. Had trusted her. And because she had loved Yuki, and Yuki hadn’t trusted her in return, the price was either going to be the selkie’s life, or her skin.

Yuki felt her blood boil. That insolent little – no. She must remain calm. She had to. Merielle didn’t deserve to suffer for her pride. Suffer any more for it, anyway. It was Yuki’s time to prove to Merielle that her devotion wasn’t in vain.

The call from Mai had been simple, straightforward, no nonsense and cold. A simple address and time followed by instructions to ‘not try anything if you want her back.’ And so, here she was… a silky brown pelt carefully slung over her arm, held close to her chest, and her pride left back in the ruins of her apartment. Merielle was her priority.

The doors opened and a familiar warm smile greeted her. “Yuki, you’re late.” Mai said breezily, looking her up and down like a predator ready to pounce.

Yuki retained her composure. “No, I’m not. You said 8:00, it’s…” she checked her watch, “7:57.” She looked up at Mai, gaze steely.

The nogitsune narrowed her eyes. “I said,” she said slower, her voice becoming frosty, “you’re late.”

Frustrated anger flashed though Yuki, but she forced herself to relax, to not lash out. This didn’t matter, she reminded herself. Merielle mattered. “Sorry I’m late,” she managed to force out with gritted teeth. It sounded all but entirely insincere, but Mai would have to settle.

“Why don’t you leave that watch outside and come in, I don’t want you pulling any sort of tricks.” Mai opened the door.

“It’s a simple watch, Mai,” Yuki said, but complied anyway. The watch didn’t matter either, not in comparison to what she was here for, and not to Mai in the least. Besides, she didn’t need a stupid watch.

“Good, now why don’t you hand over what I’m owed,” Mai stated as Yuki crossed the threshold.

Yuki actually laughed at that. “Oh, Mai, do you think I’m that naive?” she asked. “Where is she?”

Mai’s eyes narrowed with rage at Yuki’s casual attitude and the mocking tone of her voice, but she masked it well. “You think you’re in a position to be making demands?” she asked, her voice calm.

Yuki gave her a cold smile at that. “You and I both know you couldn’t force the skin out of my arms, Mai. Take me to Merielle or the deal is off, and I start burning my way through everything you love looking for her.” 

Mai cracked a maniacal smile at that. Even when Mai was the one with the power, Yuki was still the same arrogant bitch she remembered. Any guilt that she felt for what she was about to unleash flew right out of the window. She deserved it. Her arrogance, her superiority complex, her ignorance of what Mai was capable of. Oh she deserved everything she was going to feel, and more. Mai arranged her features to look less eager and shrugged. “Very well then,” she said quietly, and led Yuki down the stairs into the lowest levels of the dark factory.

Even before she saw anything, Yuki could smell them: two men, Mai… and Merielle. Even through the rust and the iron and the oil and dust, she could smell them. Then, there, in the darkness, she saw her lover. The selkie was tied up in the corner, and while she looked shaken and pale she was still very much alive… but not unhurt.

Yuki growled in rage and began to stride towards the selkie. Mai scoffed and at the same time a man stepped out of the shadows to put a knife against the redhead’s neck. Iron. Mai put her arm out in front of Yuki to stop her. “Not so fast, lover. She’s alive. That’s all the proof you need. Now, hand that over, will you?” she said with faux-politeness, looking at the skin pointedly.

Yuki wanted to scream with frustration. She wanted to burn this place to the ground, like she had the Mists of Avalon. She wanted to grab Mai’s tails and shove them so far up her ass that she’d be coughing up hairballs. And she could do any of those things, but Merielle would be dead.

So instead, she handed over the skin, her heart breaking for the poor selkie. She knew how distraught Merielle would be without it. She had witnessed her heart wrenching sobs and her attachment first hand… but she would be alive. “I’m sorry,” Yuki whispered. This was her fault. She’d get it back. Somehow, she’d get it back for her.

Mai nodded. “Good, very good,” she said slowly. “You’d think sometime in the last seven centuries you would have learned how to be a halfway decent mistress, but it seems you’re as pathetic as always. You couldn’t do the most simple thing. You couldn’t protect your plaything.” She was trying to provoke her, Yuki could tell, though she didn’t know why. It didn’t matter. She was not going to be baited… not while someone had iron at Merielle’s throat. The nogitsune woman took it in silence, betraying no emotion. “She was fun to play with, you know,” Mai continued. “I can see what you saw in the new model. She’s so pretty when she cries…” Her former lover chuckled. “Not very good at crying on demand, but… that’s easily fixable, isn’t it?” 

“You have the skin, Mai. Let us go. You got what you wanted,” Yuki said, her voice low.

Mai’s eyes flashed with anger and before Yuki could even think, Mai struck her across the face harshly. “It’s mistress to you, bitch,” she spat out angrily. “Let us go… Mistress.”

Yuki’s eyes filled with momentary defiance before she blinked and let it fade. “Yes… mistress.” She conceded.

Mai couldn’t quite hide her surprise at such a tame response, but she certainly looked pleased about it. “We’re done when I say we’re done. And if you want her to live, you’re going to do exactly what I say. Understand?”

Yuki clenched her fists and again imagined fire burning her away through the factory, reducing Mai to ashes… imagining Merielle, bleeding to death on the ground from an iron slash across her neck. It wouldn’t be fast enough. “Yes.” Yuki said tightly. Mai just wanted to prove how much better than her she was. Yuki was a piece of shit… she knew that now. She could accept having Mai rub it in to make herself feel better… then she would be done and they could go. She knew Mai… she had lived with her for years, a long time ago. Mai wouldn’t hurt her too badly… she just wanted revenge on her former mistress.

Another resounding slap echoed through the room. Mai tugged on Yuki’s hair, yanking her hair so she was forced to meet Mai’s gaze. “You really are a dumb slut,Yuki. Yes… what?” she growled through gritted teeth.

She had sworn never again… that she would never submit to anyone again, be they god or monster. She would have expected the choice to be harder. “Yes, mistress.” Yuki said, not missing a beat. Her cheeks stung and there was a proper handprint from Mai’s slap but Yuki took it.

“Who’s in charge here?” Mai asked loudly.

“You are, mistress.” Yuki said.

Mai gripped Yuki by the hair, tugging harshly. “Is this all you learned with your vampire master?” she asked, yanking her closer by the hair. “Was he really so easy on you? Is this how you show submission, bitch?”

Yuki swallowed… but she let herself sink down onto her knees once Mai let her go. “You’re in charge, mistress,” she said, looking up at her.

Mai scoffed. She held out her heeled, leather covered foot for Yuki, who licked it without hesitation. “Aww, what a good little bitch,” she said with a smirk as she watched Yuki’s lips pry open to allow her tongue to come out and lick across Mai’s boot.

It tasted foul… like oil and dirt and salt and iron and… and blood. Yuki put all that to the side and kept licking. “Do it like you love it!” Mai demanded. “Remember, I am the best lover you ever had, Yuki!” Yuki’s tongue scraped over every bit of Mai’s black boot. “Lick it all over, bitch! There you go!” She laughed in delight as she turned to see Merielle, making sure the selkie had a clear view to watch her mistress became a slave herself.

With another laugh, Mai kicked harshly, sending Yuki sprawling onto the floor. Her nose broke with a crunch, blood seeping down her face as Mai kicked her directly. Yuki spat and cursed as she rolled away, glaring up and Mai with cold eyes… and Mai met them, expression haughty. “Did I tell you to stop licking?” she asked, smiling sweetly. Yuki wanted to curse. Instead, she crawled back to Mai and started licking her boot again. She wasn’t even surprised when the second kick came.

“Now take off my boot!” Mai ordered as Yuki came back again. “You’re getting blood on them.” Yuki narrowed her eyes and again felt herself reaching for fire but stopped herself, glancing over to the iron knife pressed against her lover as she started pulling the shoe off the other nogitsune’s foot. Kicking her a third time, Mai took the opportunity to step on her with her booted foot and use her as a door mat to press her bare foot against Yuki’s mouth. “Let’s face it, you were one fucking lousy lover, you pathetic bitch.” She pushed her foot in past her lips, shoving until her wriggling toes brushed against the back of Yuki’s throat and even the experienced fox was gagging. “I still didn’t say you could stop licking,” she growled. “Stop again before I tell you, and I swear she dies.”

Yuki licked every inch Mai’s soft foot as it was crammed into her mouth before Mai removed it and eventually offered her the other boot. Once again, the dark fox looked over at Merielle, who seemed horrified by the whole situation. Then she relented and again began to lick the sole of Mai’s boot. Mai took a moment to cherish her former mistress’ unwilling submission before she pulled it back, lines of spit connecting her boot to Yuki’s tongue before she shoved her down and over, standing over her and shoving her boot down onto Yuki’s bare neck. “You’re my bitch now,” she said, grinding the heel of her foot down on the woman. “Say it!”

Yuki gripped onto the boot, her survival instinct kicking in but she didn’t dare push it off. “I’m… y-your… bitch,” she choked out, gasping in lungfuls of sweet oxygen when Mai lifted her boot. “Tie her up,” she growled, spitting at Yuki’s face before taking a step back.

One of the men she had smelled stepped forward, picking Yuki up. She took note of the elaborate tattoo sleeves he wore… almost certainly yakuza. She could have struggled away from him in a dozen different ways or burned him alive… Mai wasn’t even looking at them. But could she do it before Merielle was killed? She wasn’t sure… and it wasn’t worth the risk. Mai just wanted her revenge. She wanted to prove to Yuki that she was better than her… and Yuki really wasn’t in the mood to argue the point. Her former lover wouldn’t really hurt her, not really… already her nose was healing, straightening. She would get tired of this soon.

The man manhandled her into a chair away from Merielle’s line of sight, then forced her mouth open so that he could shove a rubber ball gag into her mouth so she couldn’t call out to the selkie. Still, it didn’t keep Yuki’s ears from twitching as she listened. “Your owner is here, whore,” Mai called out triumphantly to the selkie. “And she’s brought such a nice little gift for me.”

Yuki heard Merielle whimper as the redhead registered that her skin was in the possession of the cruel nogitsune. Yuki wanted to reach out to her and soothe her. She felt a desperate need to let her know that it was going to be okay. Mai was pissed at her, sure, but she’d never truly hurt them.

Slowly, Mai strode back towards Yuki as the man bound her wrists. “Now listen to me very, very carefully you little bitch.” Mai said, harshly gripping Yuki’s face and forcing her to look at her. “Any resistance from you, any hint of your little fire wanting to come out to play, I’m going to torture your fuck toy in front of you to the point where both of you beg me to kill her. And then I’m going to keep going. And going. And when at last I’ve had every bit of fun I can and she thinks it’s going to be over, I’m going to make you kill her. Am I clear?”

Yuki nodded quickly. She tried to pretend the woman’s words didn’t scare her, but her eyes betrayed the truth. Yuki wasn’t scared for herself, Mai couldn’t possibly do anything worse than Mordred, but… she wasn’t so sure about Merielle. Mai seemed like she might actually be outraged by the very idea of Merielle’s existence, even though it was Mai that had abandoned Yuki and not the other way around. Yuki wanted to believe Mai wasn’t capable of something like that… but she wasn’t about to take any chances.

“Now boys,” Mai continued, “why don’t we take this pathetic whore to where the selkie can see her?” The men carried her to the center of the large basement, still strapped to the chair. Merielle begun to struggle, trying to reach Yuki desperately. Mai looked annoyed. “Shut up!” she snapped, reaching over and slapping the redhead violently across the face, hard enough that her head whipped to the other side and painted her cheek crimson.

Mai had her thugs remove the gag, but even as the drool-soaked ball came out of her mouth, Yuki didn’t dare say anything until Mai turned to address her. “Now… why don’t you say hi to your slut.” Yuki hesitated and was rewarded with having her hair tugged forcefully forward, hard enough she almost toppled. “I gave you an order,” Mai snapped.

“Hi,” she said softly.

Mai yanked her hair again. “I said, say hi to your slut.”

“Hi slut,” Yuki said, the words quiet and painful to utter, all the more because they were… familiar.

“Now tell her how you’re a fucking failure,” Mai said.

“I’m a fucking failure,” Yuki said dryly.

Mai slapped her yet again. Her face had already started to go numb. “Come now, lover,” she hissed. “I know you can make it more convincing than that…”

Merielle watched, transfixed, her eyes wide and teary, as Yuki swallowed, then opened her mouth. “…I’m sorry, Merielle. I’m a failure. I failed to protect you. I got us in this mess and now your skin is gone because of me. I failed you, Red. All of this is my fault.” She paused, feeling like she was choking. “I don’t deserve you. I’m sorry.”

Tears rolled down Merielle’s cheek. She had never heard her lover this distraught and emotional. It was evident that she wasn’t putting on a show, she meant every word. Merielle shook her head, trying to convey that Yuki didn’t need to apologize. She would have given anything to speak, but couldn’t, being gagged and restrained as she was.

“That was so sweet,” Mai said with a smile. “For a piece of shit liar. Now… thank me for letting you speak.”

“Thank you for letting me speak, mistress.” Yuki said instantly.

“See, you can be taught basic manners. What are you?” she asked coldly.

“I’m your bitch… mistress” Yuki replied.

Mai laughed. “You’re so much more than that, isn’t she, Merielle?” Mai asked, bending a little to grope the selkie’s bare tits. Merielle winced as Mai slapped her breasts several times. “Oh you’re so much fun to play with. So sensitive.” The dark fox harshly tweaked her left nipple. “You have a sinful body. Of course, Yuki would accept no less.” Mai scoffed. “I can see why she thought you were worth her time. Anyway, you’re not what I’m interested in. Not right now.” She turned back to Yuki. “My boys and I are more interested in you,” she smirked.

“What do your boys have to do with this?” Yuki asked quietly.

Mai chuckled, walking around Yuki like a hawk circling her prey. “See, I’m blessed in many areas. And usually I wouldn’t need someone else for my purpose. But there’s something depraved and animalistic on a different level altogether in an angry man, isn’t there, you rag-munching bitch? I know you’ve witnessed the extent of that depravity first hand in your little brothel, but I thought a little reminder couldn’t hurt. Besides, why should I have all the fun when these kind men are so, so eager to help me out. Isn’t that right, gentlemen?” she asked the two men who had flanked her since the second she’d brought Yuki to the basement.

Both men agreed eagerly. “I’ve waited a long, long time for this,” one of the thugs said, stepping forward.

“Now, now, Natsuo, what’s the hurry?” Mai asked, placing her hand on the man’s chest. “Ladies first, haven’t you heard.”

Like an obedient little puppy, Natsuo backed off. “Yes mistress, my apologies,” he murmured.

“Kenji, why don’t you take the lady’s coat and untie her, yes? She shouldn’t prove to be too difficult a prisoner,” Mai said, not believing her own words in the slightest. She was confident that Yuki would make a break for it the second she could, but even as she was untied, Yuki didn’t move. Mai barely managed to conceal her surprise.

“What did I do to piss off your thugs?” Yuki asked.

Mai gripped her by the throat, almost choking her. “Did I give you permission to speak, whore?” she snapped.

Yuki shook her head. “I’m sorry mistress.” She pleaded, hands on Mai’s wrists, clinging but not daring to attempt to free herself.

“Although, it’s fair you know. You’re going to be very intimately acquainted with the pair after all. Tell her boys.”

Kenji stepped up. “Do you remember Akiro? And Ren?” he asked angrily. Yuki had a blank look on her face. Kenji’s face turned angrier. “The bitch doesn’t even remember, Natsuo!”

Mai held up a palm as if to say ‘that’s enough’ and the fuming man backed away despite his anger. “You killed their friends back in Tokyo. Don’t remember?” she scoffed. “I’m not surprised. Since when have you ever given a fuck about much other than yourself?”

“You seem to have them very well behaved,” Yuki remarked snidely, “better behaved than you ever were as a sub.”

Mai saw red. The arrogance. She pulled out a knife and pressed it against Merielle’s throat. “You want to say that again bitch?” she asked, and tiny droplets of blood beaded at the blade.

“No! No, mistress. I’m sorry, please don’t hurt her!” Yuki slid off the chair and onto her knees, displaying submission.

Mai eyed her with disinterest. “Are you sure? You seem to have a lot of attitude for being someone’s bitch.”

Yuki shook her head. “I’m sorry, mistress. It won’t happen again.”

“Better not. I won’t be doling out punishments to teach you lessons. You see, it never worked on me, I don’t think it’ll work on you. I’ll just start cutting to the chase, understand me?” she asked with a sickening smile. Yuki nodded in understanding. “Now,” Mai hummed, setting the knife down. “Where do I start with you?” she asked, looking down at her. “You know, you look much better like this. At my feet. It’s where you belong.” She kicking Yuki’s shoulder so she toppled backward to lie on the floor. “Well, I think it’s time we do something a little more entertaining. I’m bored. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m bored.” She looked at Merielle with a fake smile. “Would she, slut?”

Merielle looked terrified. She’d heard Mai discussing what she planned on doing to Yuki with the yakuza gangsters. She shook her head, trying to implore Yuki to use her magic and save them, or even just to run.

“Your little bitch is a lot more obedient. I think she could be real fun to play with.” Mai smirked, towering over Merielle. “God you make me want to use you till you’re crying and begging for mercy,” she murmured, cupping her tits harshly.

“Please mistress, you can have me. I can make you feel good.” Yuki called desperately.

“Oh shut up, will you?” Mai rolled her eyes. “Boys, get her clothes off.”

Kenji got down on the floor beside Yuki and pulled a knife from his belt. Leaning over the cuffed nogitsune, he quickly slashed through the shirt, revealing a satin black bra. He groped her tits through it, not bothering to be even remotely gentle about it. His cruel laugh echoed in the dingy basement as he treated her tits like a stress ball, making Yuki wince weakly. “Oh, you don’t like that?” Kenji said, leaning over and slapping her. “You’re going to wish I kept doing that, slut.” He slid the knife under the joint of the bra cups and smoothly sliced through it. The soft fabric slipped away, falling to reveal her perky tits. “Strong bitch thinks she’s tough,” the man said, his voice ice-cold, running the tip of the knife up the left breast. He dug it in just slightly… not enough to cut but enough to indent her skin inward. “You know Akiro’s mistake? He thought your little whore was the prize.” The cool metal and the chilly basement already had her nipples hardening, and he grabbed onto one of them and twisted savagely. “He didn’t know to have leverage on you, you subhuman bitch. He didn’t know you were a magic freak… But I do.” Kenji knelt down further to look at her face. “And trust me, you little whore… when I’m done with you?” He groped her right breast, tugging at the nipple harder and harder until she started to be dragged across the concrete floor by it. “You’re going to wish you’d have taken Akiro’s cock like the fuckhole you’re destined to be. He just wanted a slut to pump his cum into, and he would’ve been on his merry way.”

Natsuo stepped forward, crouching as well, spreading her legs and getting between them. “But this is so much better,” he said, slicing the button right off her pants. “because now, we won’t have to hold back. When they fucked your little bitch they had to worry about her screams, but yours?” The yakuza thug snuck his hand into her pants and squeezed her pussy. “There’s no one who can help you, fox slut. You can scream all you like… you’re just my fuckmeat now.”

Yuki looked up at him, blue eyes actually glowing with the fire behind him… something that the thug was too stupid to notice. Mai was certainly enjoying her game, but Yuki knew better than to think that these two idiots meant the first thing to her. Once the woman had let Yuki go, she wouldn’t give a single fuck what happened to these two… and if they had the first delusion that they were going to survive treating her like this, she would waste no time remedying that. Compared to Mordred, these limp-dicked fuckers were a distraction, a waste of time, mostly humiliating in the same way that being raped by a pair of cockroaches would be. They were nothing

“I’m going to take you over and over till you forget your name,” Natsuo growled. “I’m going to make you regret hurting my friends so bad. And I’m going to enjoy it. Just like how I enjoyed your whore.”

Yuri snarled at that, pulling back her lips over her slightly-too-large canines. No. No, on second thought, maybe she would waste some time in correcting their assumptions after all. She had nowhere else more important to be.

“Enough, boys,” Mai sighed. “I’m going first. Take any longer to get her out of those clothes and you’re not getting any at all.”

Natsuo gave Yuki a sadistic grin and ripped her pants apart with his bare hands before doing the same to her panties. He picked up the slight fold of black fabric and lifted them up, sniffing at them as he smirked. “Gods, her pussy smells delicious. This is going to be so much fun.” He got up, throwing the cut-up underwear to Kenji.

The other man chuckled as he unbuttoned his pants, pulling out his thick cock and stroking it with the panties. “Just thinking of the things I’m going to do to that cunt has me so excited, man,” he admitted. “She looks like the type of slut who’ll enjoy it, too.”

Yuki lay there feeling powerless and furious and utterly helpless in a way she hadn’t since the last time she had been in Mordred’s presence, but she wasn’t scared. This wasn’t the ancient vampire, or Syllana. Mai was a scared little sub on a power trip. She could deal with that.

“Come here, slut.” Mai ordered. Yuki started to get up, and Mai made a tutting sound. “Where are your manners, little slut?” she mocked. “Would you have let me walk? Crawl.”

Yuki’s face flushed red but she obeyed, her ears down low to her head, tails swaying with every move of her ass as she crawled on hands and knees over to where Mai was still groping the bound Merielle. The selkie let out quiet sobs, hurting from the torture being inflicted to her tits as Mai dug her nails in time and time again. The dark-hearted fox grabbed Yuki by her hair as soon as she was within reach, tugging the woman up to bring her within Merielle’s direct line of sight. “Take a good look at her, little faeling. Is this your mistress?” she laughed, jerking her around roughly by her grip on her head, slapping her former mistress’s tits with the back of her other hand and slapping her face on the backstroke, making Yuki’s head swim.

When Mai dropped the nogitsune, she fell at Merielle’s feet like a marionette with her strings cut. “She has no power, nothing. Look at her… lying on the floor like a cheap whore, and I’ve barely even laid a hand on her.” She leaned in and licked the side of the selkie’s face, but her eyes never left the downed fox. “She’s going to be quite the sight when I’m done with her.” Mai waited until one of the yakuza was standing by Merielle again, holding a knife on her, before she stepped away to turn her attention fully onto Yuki. “Get me undressed,” she commanded. “We’re going to make something old new again, lover. I’m going to ride your face, the way you always loved, and you… you’re going to take it like a good little slut.”

Yuki forced herself up to her knees, but when she reached for Mai she was already lowering her hands again even before Mai could slap them down. The peels of laughter from the other fox grated against her, but much as she hated it, she was learning what Mai wanted from her. If Mai thought to turn this on her, if she wanted to make her former mistress suffer for once, then she had no idea what Yuki had been through. Yuki had spent centuries as the vessel for one of the most degrading sadists on the planet… It wasn’t the first time she had undressed a rapist with her mouth alone, although how good she was at doing it was more than a little humiliating to remember. No, she could take this… the humiliating part wasn’t that she could do it, or that she had to, it was just that she was back where she swore she’d never be again after escaping. That was just pride, though. She had given up her pride for centuries to please a monster. She could give it up to save the woman she cared about.

Despite the men laughing at her oddly skilled mouth, Yuki made quick work of Mai’s clothing, undoing her skirt and pulling down her panties, slowly dragging them down her smooth thigh until she was practically kissing the floor to get them the last few inches down. As soon as she finished and started to rise again, however, Mai shoved her back to the floor. “Do you think my tits need to be out for your mouth to do its magic?” she mocked. “Don’t try to get any pleasure out of this, little lover. You don’t deserve to see me like that. You’re nothing, you understand? You’re just a toy.” Yuki just nodded, laid on the ground, and waited for Mai to sit on her face.

“Say it, whore,” Mai growled.

Yuki cleared her throat. “I’m just your toy, Mistr-

Her words were cut off as Mai abruptly lowered herself onto her knees, pressing her cunt against Yuki’s face. “Changed my mind. I’ve heard enough from you,” she said flippantly as Yuki’s tongue dipped between her folds. Mai hummed softly, her eyes fluttering. “God, it’s so nice to put a selfish tramp like you in your place,” she growled, grabbing at Yuki’s bare breasts as she rode her, long nails digging into her victim’s sensitive skin. “When I found out where you’d been all these centuries, you can’t imagine how happy I was… that was exactly where a bitch like you belonged,” Mai said casually, like Yuki wasn’t trying her hardest to make her cum. “I wished that you would stay there forever… but this. Is. So. Much. Better.” She said through gritted teeth, each word punctuated by Mai harshly grinding against Yuki’s face.

“Mistress, you said we’d get to have our fun with the whore,” Kenji called. He had discarded the now cum stained panties to the side, stroking his cock to the sight of the sexy fox lapping at Mai’s pussy like a starved whore.

Mai had started getting lost in the feel of Yuki’s tongue. She moaned and whimpered quietly, getting slicker by the second when Kenji’s words snapped her out of it. Even from beneath her, Yuki could all but see the glare she turned on him, her body tensing on top of her tongue. The man flinched back as Mai gave him a look that promised death. “Shut. The fuck. Up. Noisy,” she spat before turning her attention back to Yuki and fuming. She had initially thought that their brutal, enraged revenge would help her to put Yuki in her place… But like all men, once their dicks were hard the only thing they cared about at all was having a hole to pump their cum into. It was pathetic. “You hear that, slut? You’d better hurry up, there’s a line waiting,” she mocked. Mai reached over to touch the nogitsune’s pussy, and laughed when she found her folds more slippery and slick than she would have expected.

“I should’ve known,” she scoffed, whimpering softly as Yuki doubled her efforts, sucking on her clit and fucking her with her tongue in alternation. She turned to look at Merielle where the redheaded selkie watched, unable to look away. “I wondered, you know?” Mai panted. “I wondered why a cold, selfish bitch like her would be willing to humiliate herself for you… for anyone.” She sneered. “Turns out, she isn’t. The slut just enjoys it… look at this. Always wondered how the Yuki I knew managed to get herself enslaved for more than half a century, but now I know. Stupid bitch enjoyed how he raped her till she couldn’t think.” Mai moaned and Yuki could feel her clench on her tongue, turned on by the thought of her former mistress getting brutalized.

Yuki tried to block out her words and focused on getting her to orgasm. She’d been a bad lover… she knew that now. She probably had failed her former slave in more ways that she would ever be able to remember… but she couldn’t do anything about that now. All she could do was save Merielle… and if that meant letting the nogitsune do what she pleased with her, so be it. The sooner this ended, the sooner they could go their own ways, so Yuki threw herself into her task with all the skill she had accumulated, sucking and licking until her face was covered in Mai’s wetness. She’d always enjoyed eating women out, getting messy with their juices and tasting them, and her body betrayed her… Even against her instincts, she was wet. She hated every minute of being here but her traitor body didn’t… five hundred years of it being the primary pleasure she was allowed meant that she was wetter for her rapists.

“Since she’s enjoying this so much, maybe it is your time to shine. Why don’t you boys come over and give her something she’ll really love?” Mai’s voice was gasping, choked on the brink of orgasm as she rode Yuki’s face, but the humiliated nogitsune clearly heard her anyway. She wasn’t sure what the other fox was getting off to… Yuki’s skillful tongue, or having such control over her, but she was obviously having the time of her life.

“About time,” one of the yakuza gangsters said as they eagerly walked over. Kenji reached her first and sat over her, instantly pushing his cock between the muscular fox’s tits while Natsuo tried to nudge his way between her legs. Instinctively, Yuki fought… even as she kept licking, she wasn’t just going to let these bastards rape her. Mai, however, reached down and put her hands on her former mistress’ throat, squeezing as she pushed down. “Shhh now,” she moaned. “Your new mistress wants to see her new plaything filled with cock, and if she doesn’t get it she might just fill your selkie with iron instead…” Reluctantly, Yuki stopped struggling and let the man push her strong legs apart and slap his length wetly against the slit between her legs. She was wet but nowhere near wet enough for Natsuo’s thick cock to fit into her without pain, even if she wasn’t going to be effectively a virgin for him. He didn’t care. He stroked his cock and rubbed it over her wetness before pushing in.

Yuki cried out, the vibrations from her scream finally pushing Mai over the edge and making her clench her thighs on her head. Natsuo groaned in pleasure. “God, yes… scream for me you slut,” he laughed, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder and railing into her, harshly slapping his hips against her thighs.

“Kenji, would you shut her up? This crybaby bitch screams so loud she’ll wake the dead!” Mai snapped, getting up and regaining her composure.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Yuki tried to protest but Kenji slapped her. “Did I ask, whore? Open up, my little fuckdoll,” he said, slapping her again for good measure. She opened her mouth only to have Kenji spit in it. When she grimaced, he grabbed her throat, slapping her over and over. Her face turned red and what little makeup she wore ran with her tears. He tightened his hand around her windpipe until her lips were turning blue even as they swelled from the laps and blood trickled from her lips.

Natsuo laughed. “Fuck man, her freaking out is only making her pussy tighter. God, I’m going to fill this bitch with my seed,” he grinned, only fucking her harder.

Kenji let up for a few short seconds, long enough to shove his cock into her mouth. Yuki instinctively breathed in the first moment he let go of her, and so tried to suck down a lungful of precum and cock. While she choked and gagged, the gangster gripped her by the hair, thrusting into her mouth while the other hand firmly wrapped around her throat once again. “God the whore is so unenthusiastic,” Kenji groaned. “Aren’t you supposed to already be a trained fucktoy or something?” he asked. “Your mistress over there was talking about centuries. You tell me that after centuries being trained to suck a dick, you haven’t managed to learn what I can teach one of my whores in a few afternoons? Just that stupid, are you, fox?”

Natsuo laughed. “You can take a go at her cunt next… let me tell you, she’s so tight back here that her enthusiasm is immaterial. God, if you didn’t say it, I’d never think this pussy was used at all. It feels like this is the first cock she’s taken… bitch is even bleeding on me.” He slapped her clit, groping her harshly. “Do you want to be my cum dump? Say it, slut!” he demanded, slapping her tit.

Kenji fucked her throat brutally, choking and gagging noises falling from her lips. She tried to resist, her body jerking beneath his in sheer disgust and hatred, but though she longed to reach for her witchfire and reduce them to cinders, out of the corner of her eyes she could see Mai next to Merielle, and knew that no matter what she did she wouldn’t be fast enough to save her lover’s life. Instead, she had to simply bear it as the brutal thug pinned her hands over her head, bearing down on her, the new posture giving him an even more ruthless angle.

“Yuki, Yuki, Yuki,” Mai said chidingly in a fake, sweet voice. She sat on the wooden arm of the chair Merielle was tied to, reaching down to rub at the selkie’s clit. “You really aren’t trying at all, are you? Don’t you care?” She chuckled, driving a finger to the knuckle into the redhead’s pussy. “You enjoying watching your mistress,” the word was spat out, full of disdain, “getting put in her place?” She harshly gripped her face and made her look at the gangbanged fox. “Ew,” Mai said, withdrawing her finger and finding it stained with some of the cum that had been pumped her Merielle earlier. “Gross. Take care of that,” she said, pushing her finger past the selkie’s lips. “Well, I’m tired of your little mistress being so god damn lazy… I know more than enough of Mordred to be sure the vampire taught her better. Listen, slut… if these lovely, kind men don’t cum in the next sixty seconds,” Mai said, voice amused as her face spread into a wide grin. “Then I’m going to cut this bitch’s throat.”

At the mention of hurting Merielle, Yuki flushed with shame. Powerlessly, Yuki began to enthusiastically participate in her own rape. She pressed her tongue up to Kenji’s cock, squeezing her lips around him as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked him even at the brutal pace he’d set. Much as she absolutely hated to admit it… she did know how to do this, and better than filth like these men could ever imagine… Mordred hadn’t been satisfied merely fucking her face without her sucking him, either. At the same time, she began to squeeze with her cunt, wrapping one strong leg around Natsuo from behind and pressing him further into her. “Oh holy fuck yes, that’s her whore training,” he moaned. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” he pulled out to let her answer. Before she could, however, he slapped her. “I asked you something, bitch.”

Desperate to get him back inside her mouth, counting down the precious seconds, Yuki didn’t hesitate. “Yes, I lo-”

Before she could finish responding, Kenji forced his cock in again. “Make me cum, you little whore… help me give you my cum. I know you want it.”

“Oh god, fuck, can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to fill this slut’s ass,” Natusuo said to Kenji. “Next time we’re taking her together. You can have a turn with her cunt… I’ll make sure to have it nice and wet.”

Yuki gagged herself on Kenji’s cock, relaxing her throat as much as she could and taking him into her before she forced herself to growl even as she swallowed, milking his cock while she looked up at him with the most seductive, needy blue eyes should could manage, forcing her head forward in time with his thrusts… and within only seconds, she was rewarded for her efforts. His hips stuttered as his orgasm hit him like a tidal wave, and he pushed even deeper, his balls resting on her chin as he rode out the waves and pumped her throat full of his cum. “Come on now, slut, swallow like the nice little pig you are.” Yuki swallowed around his cock, sucking it clean, swirling her tongue around the head. He pulled out a few seconds later. “Not half bad, slut. Did you enjoy that?” he laughed and slapped her.

When Yuki didn’t immediately answer, Merielle screamed as Mai pinched her clit between two fingers. “He asked you something, whore,” Mai said helpfully, voice cheerful.

Yuki nodded frantically, though her attention was focused on squeezing Natsuo as he raped her… she could feel his thrusts starting to get unsteady. “Yes, yes I enjoyed it,” she lied, nodding.

The man squeezed her tit, reaching to grab her nipple and twist. “That’s sir to you,” he growled.

“I enjoyed it sir!” she cried earnestly, riding Natsuo’s cock like her life depended on it… or at least, like Merielle’s did.

Natsuo groaned. “Tell me how much you like this, fucking animal bitch,” he demanded.

Yuki wanted to roll her eyes. Instead, she focused entirely on looking like the most wanton whore she could. “Oh, please sir, I love it so much. I love having my dirty, furry little cunt fucked. I love being your nine tailed cum dump. Please fill up your whore… Give me your cum!” she begged in the sultriest voice her raw throat could muster. Every word stung like another knife wound in her pride, but she said the words anyway, and she said them like she meant them.

“Of course you do. God yes, I love it when you whores beg,” he panted, thrusting a few more times as Yuki squeezed him and used her leg to pull herself against him, helping him to fuck her harder until he exploded, filling her pussy with hot cum. Tears rolled down Yuki’s cheeks as she allowed her body to go lax. It was finally over. Natsuo pulled out, slapping her pussy one last time for good measure.

“Hmm. Barely took a slut like you 30 seconds,” Mai said smugly. “You were being even lazier than I thought… you’re not just a whore, you’re a world-class whore. Now what do we say, slut?” she asked.

Yuki whimpered tiredly. “Thank you sirs. Thank you mistress,” she said, her eyes fluttering shut as she blushed with shame despite herself.

Merielle was sobbing quietly and that made Yuki want to cry too. The stupid selkie was probably feeling like she was the one to blame for this… but it wasn’t her fault at all. This was all Yuki’s fault. She deserved this.

Mai gripped the redhead’s face, making Merielle look towards her. “Oh no, don’t cry, selkie, she enjoyed it. She’s a whore, after all. It’s her purpose.” Mai got up and kicked Yuki in the side. “Tell her,” she ordered.

Looking over and meeting Merielle’s gaze was one of the hardest things to do right this second, but Yuki made herself do it. “I enjoyed it, Red… I’m okay. It’s ok. I’m… I’m Mai’s bitch, I enjoyed it all.” She looked up at her former lover. “I did what you asked, now let her go.”

Mai laughed softly. “Oh no, no,” she said yanking her up with a fist around one of her ears. “We’re not even close to done here.”

Yuki gasped and cried out, feeling exhausted. She just needed a few minutes to heal. “Mai, isn’t this enough? Please,” she begged, exhaustion radiating from her voice.

Mai laughed. “Please,” she mocked in a high pitched voice. “Oh it’s so pleasant to see you like this, reduced to begging me for mercy, for your life,” she shook her head. “But I’m so far from done.” She grinned maniacally.

“Please,” Merielle’s desperate voice came from behind. “You wanted my skin, you have it… you can remake your own now, just like you wanted. Please, just… let us go,” she begged with tears in her eyes, her voice cracking from exhaustion and dehydration.

Mai laughed, waving her hand dismissively. “Boys?” she said with a grin, and Natsuo drove a fist into Merielle’s stomach, shutting her up by stealing her breath.

“You know, she’s a lot of fun,” Mai said with a smile. “I can see why a selfish whore like you wanted to keep her around… so I think I’ll be keeping her. What do you think about that?”

“She’s nothing to you, Mai,” Yuki protested. Already her lip had healed from where it had split, her older bruises fading. Mai didn’t want Merielle… she just wanted to punish Yuki. That was fine… she could take it. She deserved it. “You want to hurt someone, hurt me.”

“Oh, how noble,” Mai mocked Yuki. “We both know you’re not here for her, whore… you’re too selfish for that. Why are you even here, Yuki? Trying to salve your own conscience?”

“I…” Yuki swallowed, caught between what she wanted to say and what she thought that maybe she should. Merielle deserved to hear it. “I want… I want to keep Merielle safe,” she finally gasped out.

Mai growled a little at that answer. “Liar,” she hissed, slapping the other nogitsune across the face. “You’d never have taken treatment like that for anyone else,” Mai hissed. “You just want her skin and the bitch… is that why you haven’t destroyed it yet? Want to make her love you? Want her to soothe your guilt and tell you it’s ok for you to destroy it?” Mai snickered. “Too late, slut. I have it now… your opportunity to get your skin back is gone. You lost. You’re doing this for nothing, so just give up!”

Yuki said, looking at Merielle, trying to apologize with her eyes, to convey her regret. “That’s not it at all,” the nogitsune protested.

“Oh?” Mai said softly, suddenly seeming unsure. She yanked harder on Yuki’s ear and the fox cried out. “What is it, then? What have I missed, you arrogant, holier-than-thou, self-important slut? What does that the process need her for?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mai!” Yuki protested, her hand slapping at the strong one gripping her ear. Her eyes flickered to Merielle, where one of the thugs was standing next to her with iron again. “What’s so fucking important about the skin? It’s nothing to you!”

“Don’t fucking pretend you don’t know, you arrogant, goddess-blessed slut!” Mai hissed. “Two thousand years of energy… Tens of thousands of the vampire’s kills, all of that fire wrapped up in one place, and it’s mine! You don’t deserve it!”

Yuki’s mind raced at the words, processing the possibilities – was there really a link between Merielle and Mordred? – before she shoved it hard to the side. It didn’t matter, not right now… she could think about it later. “I don’t give a fuck about her skin!” Yuki snapped. “I love her, ok? Is that what you want to hear? I love her! Just let her go!”

Mai’s expression hardened and she slapped Yuki harshly. “You?” she growled. “You’re still a filthy liar. You’re incapable of love.”

Yuki didn’t respond. She had nothing to prove to Mai. She was still confident that once her former lover got her rage out of her system, she’d stop. Mai narrowed her eyes. “I’m bored of this little chat,” she said, forcing a grin onto her face. “Time to have some fun. If I recall correctly, you loved abusing me with those tails of yours. Really got you off to see me squirm on them, huh? I wonder how you’ll enjoy it.”

Mai tossed Yuki back down to the floor and got between her legs, spreading them and slapping her pussy. “Goddess you’re a fucking mess,” she spat. “I have half a mind to make your slut clean it up… But you’d enjoy that too much, wouldn’t you? Your whore’s tongue on your whore cunt?” She groped her left tit, winding her hand back and hitting the other, the loud slap resounding through the room. Then she leaned back and rubbed at her own clit, teasing herself and getting herself worked up. Yuki understood that, beautiful as her body might be, it wasn’t her appearance or even her holes that were getting to the woman… it was the control she had. She recognized that feeling well. Yuki had full control over Mai when they were together, sexual or otherwise. She controlled her orgasms, if and when they had sex, and what they did. She’d deny Mai’s orgasms for days on end while making herself cum over and over.

Back then, Mai had loved it… And Yuki had loved making her cum after a week of denial, feeling her explode in her arms. Once, Mai had loved her and Yuki still neither knew when or why that had changed. Only that it had. And, probably, it was Yuki’s fault, like everything else was. Now, she couldn’t do anything as she watched Mai look at her with hatred and rage while her fingers rubbed her clit in circles, gasping softly, her chest heaving, her pale tits moving enticingly with each movement. Kenji and Natsuo watched in fascination, starting to get hard again, until one of the men came over and groped Yuki’s tits. Then he took her right hand and forced it around his cock. “Put those hands to good use, slut,” he laughed, slapping her face, “go on,” he encouraged, doing it again. He looked over at Natsuo. “Man, it feels so good to slap her,” he said, striking her face again, his cock leaking precum. “You better get that hand moving, whore,” he growled.

Reluctantly, Yuki started jerking him off. She moved her hand slowly over his length, twisting over the head expertly. Kenji grinned, playing with her tits. “That’s the shit,” he mumbled, fucking into her fist. Yuki hated this with every atom of her being. Mai’s actions… well, she probably deserved those. In a way, she might even deserve what these two gangsters were doing but… she hadn’t made their friends follow Merielle into that ally, hadn’t encouraged them. She’d just given them an opportunity. When she’d escaped the Mists of Avalon, Yuki had sworn she’d never touch a man like that again. Now, however, Yuki put her years, centuries, of experience to use trying her best to make the man cum, still confident that they’d be free once the three monsters had their fill.

While Yuki was distracted, Mai took the chance and shoved one of her tails against her unwilling cunt. Yuki cried out loudly, completely unprepared, distracted by Kenji. The fur felt foreign and unpleasant and she thrashed around at the sudden intrusion as Kenji straddled her chest, putting his knees on her arms. “Stop squirming,” he ordered through gritted teeth. He pushed her tits together and slid his now wet cock between her tits. “Ah yes, that’s it. Fuck I should’ve done this earlier. She doesn’t have the biggest pair on her, but they’re real nice and soft.” He fucked her tits with abandon, smearing precum on her chin and neck with each thrust. “Put some effort in, will you?” he growled. With just a glance over at Natsuo’s knife, Yuki reluctantly opened her mouth, licking and sucking on the tip on each thrust up that went just far enough.

Mai fucked her with her tail in tandem with her own motions on her clit, moaning in time with each thrust. “I can see why you enjoyed this so much.” She laughed breathlessly. “It does feel really good… can’t believe I never tried it!” she hummed to herself as she forced a second tail in slowly. Yuki cried louder than she had yet, the thick tail feeling like she was being ripped apart. She wasn’t ready, she didn’t want this…

“Please…please Mai, stop this! No more,” she begged, practically screaming when Mai ignored her protests. “PLEASE,” she cried out loudly, “Just let us go, no more!”

Mai laughed happily, her face trapped in an orgasmic mask. “That’s right, you whore, beg. Beg for mercy,” she said, pushing her finger into her own soaking pussy. “Yes!” she cried, increasing her pace, building up to a second and third finger. As she built her pace, she fucked Yuki harder… who was having trouble protesting now that Natsuo had come up and begun stuffing her mouth with his cock. That deprived Kenji, but he didn’t seem overly disgruntled over it as the three of them worked Yuki over together, pounding her between them like a piece of meat.

Natsuo came first, making Yuki choke on his cum as it splashed right against the back of her throat where she was trying to breathe. “God, her mouth is so good, I don’t think I’ve ever come that quick.”

Mai follows not soon after, licking her fingers clean. “I must say, the high of fucking her is so good I might just keep her around forever,” Mai laughed.

Kenji thrust between her tits a few more times, “Only if I get to stick around too,” he growled, finishing all over Yuki’s tits and face.

Mai scoffed, but said nothing. She took a few moments to catch her breath and got up, walking along Yuki’s body, up to her face. She jerked her wet tails in the direction of her face, slapping them against her. “Clean up your mess, little slut,” she smirked. “And the two of you?” she looked at the boys with disdain. “Clean her up. I want to have my fun and I need her clean and ready to use again.”

Kenji looked like he was going to protest but with one flick of Mai’s black tails, he nodded obediently and left with Natsuo to get the supplies. Yuki managed to clean Mai’s tails to acceptable levels by the time the men came back. They got to cleaning Yuki up with the wet rags, making no effort to be gentle, groping her and playing with her body as they wiped her down and once again tied her up, binding the exhausted fox’s hands behind her back while Mai held a knife on Merielle before they proceeded to tie her ankles to her thighs as well, rendering the unresisting nogistune completely helpless while their hands played over every inch of her body, squeezing, fondling, pinching. It would be an understatement to say they were having the time of their lives.

Mai watched them in silence, feeling angrier by the second. She was sure Yuki would’ve made a break for it by now… Why hadn’t she? What was Mai missing? She knew that deep down Yuki didn’t care about Merielle, she’d never cared about anyone but herself… she was like Mai. Mai was missing something… this was beyond just salving her conscience at this point. There had to be something else Merielle was needed for, some other part of the puzzle that Yuki had figured out… Mai would make her tell. The only evidence of their assault still on Yuki’s body was her runny makeup and the remaining cum that was still being cleaned off her. Her bruises were already gone and Mai had yet to do anything to really hurt the bitch.

The keyword being yet.

Kenji smirked. “Hey slut, open your mouth,” he demanded from the exhausted nogitsune.

“Plea-,” Yuki started to protest but the man took advantage of her open mouth, stuffing the cum soaked rag into it.

“Suck on it, whore, enjoy it.” He laughed, slapping her face viciously while she was silenced with the disgusting tattered cloth.

Mai looked around for inspiration thinking of what she wanted to do next. Then it hit her. Oh, this was going to be fun. Even she wouldn’t be able to avoid that pain. She called Natsuo over, asking her to fetch something from upstairs as she sat down on the arm of Merielle’s chair once more. “You know what’s really fun about kitsune healing?” Mai asked, smirking as she took her time.

Merielle looked scared, worried, horrified. “What?” She asked, knowing that whatever Mai was going to say was going to be decidedly not fun.

“It’s quite different from yours,” she said, amused. She reached down to the other side of the chair, peeling back a long wooden splinter from its other arm. “You’re really hard to hurt,” Mai said as she grabbed onto Merielle’s breast and began to shove the splinter into it. Merielle cried out, but the needle didn’t break the skin… from the way she screamed it obviously felt like she was being skewered, but it wasn’t. Instead, her skin deformed beneath it, dimpling deeply into her. Mai shoved harder and harder and harder until the splinter snapped rather than break Merielle’s skin, shattered in half in her fingers. “So tough,” she murmured as she took the iron knife in her hand and brought it down to the scars still visible in the selkie’s abdomen where she had been injured by Yuki the night before. “And yet… so fragile.”

Behind her gag, Yuki shouted frantically, and Mai laughed. “Wait your turn, slut,” the nogitsune mocked. “Unless you want to call your fire up. She’ll die, but you might make it out, right?” She turned her attention back to Merielle. “No, kitsune are different. We’re really not all that much tougher than a weakling like these humans… but we can heal virtually any kind of injury.” Mai smirked. “As long as it doesn’t kill us first,” she added.

“You- you can’t kill her,” Merielle gasped, starting to struggle against her restraints.

Mai laughed. “Can’t I? What’s stopping me? You? You’re nothing. You’re especially nothing without your skin,” she taunted. “But don’t you worry your head, slut. I don’t plan on killing her… Yet. I haven’t had nearly enough fun so far. And these men? I don’t think they’ve had their fill yet. In fact, they’ve been kind so far.” She smiled, a sadistic glint in her eyes. “Anyway, you’re missing the point… that’s not the most fun part about our healing.”

“Oh I’ve been so kind. I’m yet to get my cock in her tight little asshole.” Kenji smirked, reaching between Yuki’s legs and pressing his thumb against her hole. She cried as he pushed it past the tight ring of muscle completely dry.

“Enough!” Mai growled angrily. “Get away from my whore. You’re lucky I’m letting you be part of this,” she snapped. The yakuza’s eyes darkened with anger, and Mai was at his throat before he could blink. One hand reached out and grabbed his neck… the other reached down and grabbed his cock. “You have something to say to me, you little bitch?” she asked, squeezing harshly.

He cried out in pain, feeling like his cock was about to be turned to dust. “Please, mistress, no, I’m sorry,” He begged, trying to push her off.

She let go off his dick and gave him a scathing once over. She stepped closer, making chilling eye contact with him. “Remember, Yuki may be my plaything, but you are nothing, nothing, other than dicks to make her life harder. Forget that…” Mai’s hand suddenly glowed as she conjured witchfire, the bright blue flickering flames gathering in her palm before hungrily shooting up to cover more of her forearm. “And I will end you,” she growled. Mai balled up her fist harshly, crushing the seed of flame she had conjured, and in a flash the fire went out. “Understood?” she asked, stepping back.

Kenji nodded, eyes wide and horrified, fixated on her clenched fist. He pressed himself back against the wall. The fear in his eyes turned her on further… she had seen that look many times… it was the look of something realizing far too late that they should be afraid… that they might have already made the biggest mistake of their entire life, and now the only thing left to do was wait and see if they were going to live to learn from it.

A few seconds later, Natsuo walked back in with the box Mai had asked for. He noted the tension in the room, but Mai was glad to see that at least he had the common sense – and self preservation instinct – not to comment on it. He set it down by Yuki’s bound form.

Mai smiled, regaining her composure and walking back over to Merielle.  “Where was I now?” she asked. “Oh yes, I was telling you how I’m going to have more fun with your pathetic little mistress.” She prowled around Merielle in circles, appearing more threatening than ever after that display and her feline, predatory prowling. Merielle was quivering, sure that she wasn’t making it out of here alive.

She was right about that. No one who knew what she had done could live to tell about it… Nobody except Mai was leaving, no one who could tell Syllana what she had done. No one but, perhaps, Yuki… whom she might let live to know how soundly she’d been beaten.

“The best, best, thing about our healing… is it doesn’t work in a few situations. Like when the body can’t move to rearrange itself. Or… when there’s something still in the wound,” she offered with a psychotic smile.

“W-what do you mean?” Merielle asked as Mai went over to the box. She opened it, getting out a handful of needles. Sharp, so thin they were barely visible, the size of her hand. She looked over her shoulder at Merielle. They stank of iron, but that just made Merielle flinch away from them even more, and Mai grinned.

“Watch,” she demanded, taking one and pricking Yuki’s clit with it, making her cry out in pain even through the cum-soaked rag. A few drops of blood came out before the wound healed. Mai grinned, pleased. “Not so bad, right? I could keep hurting her like this for weeeeeeks, and she would never go numb, never lose sensitivity… but the pain would sometimes go away. She would get some relief… and that would be a shame. Thankfully, when I do this,” she said as she pushed the needle through the bound Yuki’s clit like a piercing, making the nogitsune cry and scream as she thrashing about in excruciating pain. She leaned back and watched. “It… doesn’t… heal,” she smirked, reveling in the way each satisfying word rolled off her tongue. “And it just keeps hurting.”

Merielle began to weep. So at least she had figured it out that she wasn’t leaving alive. Now, the selkie was helpless to do anything as her mistress was made to suffer while Mai pushed in needle after needle into the woman, driving them into every sensitive place she could and making sure to leave her body a bloody mess. Almost immediately the wounds tried to heal around the intrusion, which unfortunately for her only made the process more painful.

Mai was very clearly getting off on this, if the way she was humping Yuki’s thigh was anything to go by. “God, I love having you as my slave,” she grinned sadistically. “This is just like old times, right? Well… not exactly.” One after the other, she pushed the needles in, loving how Yuki writhed beneath her. She had practiced this on dozens over the centuries, but every single time it had been Yuki she was imagining… After all, what other victim could live up to what she deserved? Mai was owed the greatest living sex doll in existence, not a pale imitation no better than a two-dollar whore… little more than a cheap plastic sex doll compared to the majesty that Syllana still wanted even after all this time. One by one she drove needles through Yuki’s nipples, impaling them before she reached into the box and picked out four far larger skewers, more like shish kabobs than needles.

Mai took a bare moment to squeeze Yuki’s perfect breasts in her hands, licking the blood dripping from her nipple, before she lined up the first skewer. Then she grabbed onto the nipple and pinched it, pulling hard, stretching her breast out hard and giving herself something to press again. Yuki’s quiet whimpers into the cumrag turned into a muffled shriek of agony when Mai ruthlessly began to push. The skin barely resisted, a lance of fire slicing through her breast… and Mai didn’t stop. She just kept pushing until the point of the hook emerged out of her breast on the other side, pierced at the base. Yuki thrashed her head back and forth and Mai held up the other three skewers. “Care to guess where they’re going?” she mocked playfully

 One by one, Mai drove the skewers into her perfect breasts in an X pattern, and as fast as Yuki could draw breathe through her clenched team she let it out in screams. Every thrash, every breath, every twist of her body just made the skewers flex agonizingly, moving inside of her body. Huge, sopping tears filled her eyes now as Mai stared down at her, pushing the next skewer through her and making sure she hadn’t missed the nogitsune’s pleasure-filled moan. Then, at last, the fourth one emerged from the other side of her breasts and Mai pulled back, satisfied. Every breath sent shards of agony racing along the metal through Yuki’s body now, and mere existence was a torment… one that time and her kitsune healing was doing nothing to help with. “Have fun yet, mistress?” Mai asked, pulling the disgusting rag out of her mouth. “Still want to lie to me?”

Yuki didn’t grace her with a response, still panting with agony, but Mai didn’t really care… she just pulled up on the needle that passed through Yuki’s nipple, making her scream in pain. “I’ll make you a deal, you arrogant slut… for old time’s sake. Give me your whore and I’ll let you go. Leave her and just go,” she said, letting go of the needle, enjoying watching Yuki sob.

Mai shivered with anticipation as Yuki’s tear-stained eyes looked up at her, her blue eyes soaking wet and utterly adorable in their agony. Slowly, she took a breath to speak, and Mai waited for her to-

“Never,” Yuki whispered softly.

Mai froze. One ear twitched violently, and her tails slashed to the other side of her body like a nest of agitated snakes. “What?” she snarled. She reached down and grabbed Yuki by both of her ears, cranking her head up to look at her. “What did you just fucking say to me?”

Yuki’s voice was weak, but it didn’t waver. “I came here to get her,” she said almost voicelessly, “and I’m not leaving without her, come what may.”

Mai’s eyes turned dark and steely. She got off Yuki. “Go ahead then boys. Slut’s all yours,” she said.

The men came forward eagerly. “This has got to be the best day of my life, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much. Man, I can only imagine how much Akiro and Ren would love this. Getting to fuck a whore this gorgeous without paying a penny, and without any of the fucking attitude.” Natsuo said, slapping Yuki as he gave the brutalized fox a condescending grin. He got between her legs and flicked the needle pierced through her clit, making her sob.

Kenji watched Natsuo, mulling a few things over while he made Yuki stroke his cock. Natsuo slipped three fingers into her abused cunt, which she barely even registered because of all the pain she was feeling. Natsuo didn’t seem to like that, so he slid in his pinky alongside his three fingers, grinning with satisfaction when she finally let out a pained cry. “Please, please stop,” she begged, tears streaming down her face. Kenji pushed the needle poked into her left breast even deeper, making her scream, which he promptly silenced with his cock. It wasn’t long before Natsuo was forcing his thumb in, balling up his hand into a fist inside of her. She had her eyes closed, body shaking in pain as tears freely flowed down her face. Natsuo brutally raped her with his fist, enjoying every little reaction he got out of her.

He finally pulled out his fist all at once, and for a second Yuki gaped so far open it was like she was giving birth to an elephant. The juices staining her thighs and his fist were pink now. “Turn her on her side,” he told Kenji and they both moved her body. Some of the needles that were sticking out at odd angles were pushed deeper into her body, and her weight driving them in drew new screams from the helpless nogitsune. Within moments, Natsuo slammed his cock into her abused cunt, already in the process of healing tight once again as he blindly chased his next orgasm. He slapped her ass, slipped his fingers between her cheeks to probe at her asshole, then pushed in two of his fingers into her rear. “She’s so tight,” he said with a growl. “Feels like I’m ripping her in half. Come on… give this tight hole a fuck,” he smirked.

Kenji didn’t need much encouragement. He rushed over, kneeling behind her and forcing his cock in. His cock was slick with her spit, and while Mai wished that he would have dried it first, it was obvious no amount of mere spit shining his dick was going to make this less than agony. With no cock to gag her, Yuki cried and screamed like a baby… the high and mighty nogitsune calling out to her rapists, begging them to stop hurting her as every movement of her body made the needles and skewers shift more painfully. No one came to her rescue and Merielle was helpless but to watch the woman she loved going through one of the worst kinds of torture she could imagine.

It was over too soon for Mai’s tastes, though. Yuki’s cries and pain only fueled the men, accompanied by her delightfully slutty body, and soon they filled both of her holes with their thick spunk. Mai stepped forward, making the men back off with one wave of her hand. She looked at Yuki with furious eyes, a gaze of pure rage… but when the woman looked back at her now, for the first time Mai saw something that almost made her cum right there. A shiver of fear.

Mai stroked the rubber cock between her legs as she stood over Yuki. “You know,” she started as she sank down on top of her helpless body, effortlessly sinking her false cock into the woman’s well-abused pussy, “Syllana has a hobby of making enchanted versions of these. Fake cocks that let the wielder feel everything they would feel inside some slut. I have one myself… but it’s not this one. That would defy the point.”

Mai thrust away for a few seconds before she pulled out, and still staring down into Yuki’s eyes, she held up her closed hand to where Yuki could see it… revealing a fistful of the iron shavings filling the buckets. Grinning cruelly, she brought that hand down to cup Yuki’s pussy, forcing her fingers inside her cunt one at a time, forcing the tiny metal shards deep inside. “Mai, please… please, Mai!” Yuki begged. “You love me… or you did, once. Please… please don’t do this.”

Mai sneered down at her. “That’s precisely why I have to,” she said as she grabbed an agonizing double-handful of Yuki’s skewered tits and squeezed before slamming her cock back into her pussy, and it was hard to tell which one was making her shriek more. “Because you’re still stupid enough to believe that. Love, Yuki? Really?” She laughed coldly. “You need this. You need someone to teach you that you’re just like me so you can stop living in your fantasy world where none of this is your fault.” Mai twisted her grip on her tits and it summoned another horrible shriek as her weight rode the larger, stronger nogitsune down, pinning her with the cruel cock churning her insides into a mess… a building rhythm of thrusts that ground the shavings, trapped between the unyielding surface of her strapon and the walls of her spasming cunt. “Don’t pretend you’re better than me, whore. You never loved me… I used you, and you used me, and thats how the world works, you self-righteous bitch. You’re just like me!”

Raw flesh, cruel metal, and yanked piercings all conspired to steal Yuki’s mind, twisting her face into a mask that was hardly recognizable until Mai could see nothing in those eyes anymore. Each thrust the nogitsune made hurt her former lover worse than the previous one, but Mai didn’t slow… she fucked her faster.

With no grinding on her clit, no feeling in the cock, and no real hurry, Mai fucked Yuki like that for long enough that she couldn’t tell exactly how long it had been, but at least fifteen minutes before she stood, standing over the weeping, broken, pathetic fox that she had once had to call mistress. She picked up her knife and spun it in her fingers, looking down at Yuki as she stared up at her with wet eyes. “I like that look,” Mai said, smiling with a sinister, cruel edge. “Are you scared now?” She reached down and grabbed Yuki by her right ear, drawing on witchfire for the strength to lift the bigger, stronger woman, and Yuki’s overall level of pain was great enough that it didn’t even cause an additional cry from her as her sensitive ear was crushed in Mai’s fist and yanked on to support her weight. She ran the blade along her cheek, and enjoyed the way her body shook. “I asked you something!” Mai spat, making Yuki flinch. “Are you scared, mistress? Are you scared of me?” she asked, a mad glint in her eyes.

Yuki nodded. “Y- yes,” she stammered.

Mai smiled. “Yes, of course you are. Because I’m more powerful than you.” She moved the blade along her jawline. “I’m more powerful than you because I don’t lie to myself like you do,” she murmured, “and I hold your life in my hands.” She pressed the blade against her neck. Yuki nodded, stammering and stuttering her agreement. “Say it,” Mai said. “You’re just like me.”

Yuki looked up at her with the desperation of a starving woman. “Please,” Yuki begged softly. “I’m just like you…,” she said through her tears. “I’m a selfish bitch who’s never loved anyone.”

Mai finally gave her a real smile. It had taken the stubborn slut far too long to get here, but at last she was getting to hear what she wanted from her. “So nice to see you finally being honest,” Mai said, caressing her cheek with the back of her hand to keep the knife away. “And what do you want?” she asked.

“Spare me, please…” Yuki pleaded. “You’ve proved your abilities. You can tell Syllana you beat me, I know that’s what you want. You’ve had your fun. Please let us go.”

“But you’re not here against your will,” Mai said with a smirk.  “We both know that. You might be a weak-minded, self-deceiving slut, but you aren’t entirely useless and you still have your fire… you can leave right now.” She shrugged one shoulder. “Just burn your bonds and leave. I doubt I’d be able to stop you… I won’t even try. Leave your slut here and just go.”

Yuki took a deep breath, looking up at her… and said “No.”

“What?” Mai hissed through gritted teeth, pressing the blade harder against her neck.

Yuki looked up at Mai. “I’m not leaving without her.”

Mai let out a scream of rage. “Why?” she asked, pressing even harder, drawing blood. “Why won’t you just go?” she growled. “You only care about yourself. Why don’t you show her who you really are!?” She was practically screaming at this point.

“I love her, Mai,” Yuki said quietly.

Mai let out an angry yell at that. “No you fucking don’t!” she growled. “It was always all about you. It’s always only ever been about you!” She took the knife from Yuki’s throat and brought it up to the ear she was holding her up with. Yuki screamed as she began sawing through the thing.

Mai took her time, but gravity finished the work for her all too soon, ripping the thing free and dropping the woman painfully to the floor, her ear torn completely off. Mai looked at the bloody, furry thing in her hand for a second before she sneered, rage boiling up as she called on her witchfire. It fell to the ground as ashes a second later. “Useless whore,” she spat as Yuki wailed in anguish, blood quickly pooling around the cut as she stared up at Mai with horrified eyes.

“Gross,” Kenji called from across the room. “I guess if you’re done with that one, you mind if I have a go at the redhead?” he asked, jerking his thumb at a vomiting Merielle.

Mai spun, her eyes glowing with witchfire at her sheer fury. Before Yuki could protest or rage at the idea of having the selkie touched, before either thug could even process the scope of the mistake they made, Mai swept her hand forward and her witchfire lashed out, ripping the souls from the two men in a rush. “Shut up!” Mai howled at the corpses as they two men collapsed to the floor with sickening, final crunches, completely lifeless.

Yuki’s startled whimper drew her attention back to the nogitsune beneath her. “If this was me, you’d have left me for the dogs,” she snarled. “What the hell is so special about that whore anyway? You’re just like me, Yuki! You’ve never loved anyone in your entire life more than you’ve loved yourself!” Mai lifted the knife. “I hate you, you simpering slut!” she cried out, plunging the dagger deep into Yuki’s shoulder. The nogitsune let out the most blood curdling scream Mai had ever heard, squirming bound on the ground in a vain attempt to stop her. Mai wrenched out the knife, the motion hurting even more than the initial stab, more blood flowing. Yuki couldn’t even heal at this point, her body confused and tired. “You’re incapable of love! You’re nothing!” Mai yelled, slamming the knife deep between her breasts. Yuki made hideous choking sounds as blood filled her lungs. She was drowning in herself. “You never loved anyone!” She yanked the knife out, stabbing her stomach next. Within seconds she’d devolved into repeatedly stabbing Yuki’s body in a frenzy, screaming with rage at the damned arrogant, woman. “And now look at you!” she screamed. “Now you’re less than nothing!

More than a minute passed before Mai stopped to catch her breath, and as she did she realized that she had blood all over her hands and the body beneath her was no longer moving… just a collection of bloody, slashed meat barely recognizable as a kitsune… her wounds were certainly no longer trying to close. She barely even heard Merielle’s incoherent screaming as it echoed through the factory. “Can you still hear me, bitch? Do you know what you are now?” she growled. “‘Chosen One.’ You were never anything special… no matter what anyone thought. You died like you lived… completely fucking worthless.” She spat…

And as the spittle flew for Yuki’s dead face, the body vanished.

So did most of the blood on her hands and covering the floor.

So did Merielle’s screaming.

Slowly, with a dawning sense of horror, Mai turned.

Merielle was no longer in her chair… she was running across the factory floor for the door, already hundreds of feet away… and her seal-skin billowed after her like a flag as she ran. The chair she’d been tied to had been broken to pieces and Mai had never heard a sound… and standing between her and the selkie, bloody and pierced but unbound, was Yuki. The needles were still stuck in her body at odd angles and she was still bleeding, but she was fully intact and very much alive, right down to the ear Mai clearly remembered chopping off.

How? She had felt her beneath her as she died! How the hell had she done that?

Slowly, Yuki pulled one of the long skewers out from her right breast, wincing with pain as she did. “You know,” her former lover said as she dropped it, the metal hitting the ground with a ring right beside the two other bloody skewers she had already dropped. “I really can’t describe to you how sorry I am to hear you say that, Mai.”

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9 thoughts on “Black Fur Black Heart 10 – Sacrifice

      1. Yuki: So Mai; I hear you’re into pain play now…

        Mai: Oh fuc-


        Yuki: *Teleports behind Mai* You’re already dead.

        Mai: N-Nani?!

        A nice twist that I almost saw coming.
        I figured that Yuki would send in a clone as the first round, while her real self stole Merielle away.
        Never would have thought that Yuki would let herself be hurt like that.

        It’s terrifying when you think about how outplayed Mai was though;
        Literally winning to the point of murdering your enemy, only to realize that it was just an illusion.

        You’d pretty much have to be immune to illusions to even get onto the playing field with these guys, wouldn’t you?


        1. Yuki was confident Mai just wanted to humiliate her and rub it in her face how much better she was, and long strong for Syllana. She never imagined someone who had once loved her, no matter what else she did (she thought) wouldn’t go this far. And, after what she put Merielle through, there’s a part of her that feels she deserves it.

          The moment she realized Mai actually intended to kill them, she looked for the first opportunity to make the swap and took it.

          You’d pretty much have to be immune to illusions to even get onto the playing field with these guys, wouldn’t you?

          Or be able to just shotgun really hard 🙂 Illusionist vs Evoker mage battle, coming right up.


          1. There’s a line in one of the Star Trek novels (goes to check – _Ghost-Walker_, by Barbara Hambly) where the bad guy’s managed to get control of the Enterprise’s gunnery and ends up blasting a big hole in one of the most uninhabited spots of the planet below, rather than his actual target. Spock (rather battered, as bad guy went through him to get at the gun controls) explains later: “His mistake was in leaving me alone with the targeting computer.”


  1. So, when exactly did Yuki switch out with the illusion?

    I’m fairly sure that those two Yakuza talking when they pissed Mai off were another of Yuki’s illusions;
    But I can’t quite spot when she pulled the patented log technique.


    1. You’re close.

      The Yakuza weren’t an illusion… but they were the only time after Yuki realized that Mai meant to kill them that Mai took her eyes off Yuki for even a second.


      1. What about the ear though?
        Did Yuki just snatch it from Mai when she wasn’t looking before she burned it?
        Or did it regrow?


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