Black Fur Black Heart – Epilogue

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Life sucked.

Shindou dragged his feet as he slogged up to his dorm, thoroughly exhausted. Class was rough, but it was more than that… there was no end of things to be worried about, especially when he was at least half sure that he was crazy. It just seemed impossible… but who was going to believe him? Who was going to believe that a pair of women had come onto him, mugged him, busted up his car… and then not even taken anything? And that was before he even considered that they hadn’t been human. Shindou tried not to think about it… it made him feel insane. There were plenty of real things to think about, like how much it was going to cost to fix his windshield, and how his grades slipped in the week since then. He took the stairs up, lost in his own head. He had a lot of work to do, lots of classwork… essays to write, some computer work to do, and he had to file another report to argue with his insurance company, and all he really wanted was a nice hot bath to calm himself down. Completely on autopilot, he turned the key in the lock and opened the door, not even noticing that it wasn’t locked… pushing the door open, and tossing his bag aside before he looked up…

And froze.

His bed wasn’t empty.

The beautiful red haired foreigner lay on top of his bed, naked and with her bare ass in the air. Her legs were wrapped together with ropes at the ankles, calves, and thighs, and her arms were tied together at the small of her back. She didn’t even look up as the door closed behind him, however… because her head was buried between the legs of the dark haired woman that had filled his dreams… and nightmares… of late.

And nine black tails splayed out behind her, lying haphazardly over the edge of the bed while the redhaired girl licked at the nexus between her legs. The dark-furred kitsune’s legs seemed a mile long to him, her bare skin soft and smooth as the other woman worshipped at her pussy… While he watched, the redhead kissed the other woman’s slit before spreading the already wet lips with her tongue, tasting her as she slurped around inside of her. The fox’s eyes were rolled back in her head with pleasure as the other woman’s mouth explored all over her mistress’ labia with her tongue, her saliva joining the wetness already there.

Shindou felt frozen… trembling slightly with tension. The submissive woman between her legs seemed to live to please her mistress – he knew that well from when he had seen them before, when they had ambushed him in the parking garage. Yuki. Her name was Yuki… if he focused, he could still hear the echoes of the other woman’s voice calling her mistress’ name, begging her not to hurt him. He also remembered the way she had played with him as she said she wouldn’t.

Yuki’s thighs were flexed, nearly clamping the other woman tightly in place, before she exhaled a long, shaky breath and looked up and smiled at him. “Ahh… We’ve been waiting for you…” she purred, her voice smooth and predatory as she looked at him where he’d frozen by the door. Shindou didn’t know what to say… words weren’t coming. “It took long enough that Merielle and I decided to entertain ourselves without you while we waited. I figured you wouldn’t mind.” Merielle didn’t stop licking as her mistress spoke… continuing to serve her while Shindou watched. He was shocked… and more than a little frightened. What were they doing here? He felt his hands shaking… but his throat, so dry, felt like he couldn’t form words to protest, to question, to even beg.

Merielle did not stop for a second… she kept teasing and pleasing her mistress. Shindou could tell by the way her tongue strokes were long and willing, the way she only briefly kissed Yuki’s throbbing clit in between licks, and it seemed like Yuki couldn’t take it any longer. She reached down, fingers knotting in Merielle’s ginger hair as she ground the other woman’s face roughly into her sex. She let out a laugh and thrust her own fingers into her soaked pussy while she did, fingering herself as Merielle kept lapping and attacking with her tongue firmly against the knot of nerves as she repeatedly licked it, sucked it, nibbled on it.

Yuki sighed in pleasure… but even though it looked to Shindou like the fox was so close to exploding, she stopped the other woman, pulling her head away. It seemed to Shindou that Merielle was reluctant to stop, but she did it… Yuki’s pussy glistened with spit and her juices and Shindou had a hard time looking away. Yuki was watching him with a smirk on her face, her blue eyes piercing behind catlike pupils as she met his wide-eyed gaze. Then she bowed her head. “I’m here to apologize.” The words sounded awkward in her mouth, and while her expression didn’t change there was a difference in her tone… something sheepish. “The last time we met didn’t exactly go well. I’m here to make it right,” Yuki said looking into Shindou’s eyes. She looked expectant… but he still couldn’t find his words. He felt balanced on a knife’s edge between bolting and… and what? He wasn’t sure.

Yuki waited for him for a few more seconds, then sighed, rolling her eyes. “Maybe you didn’t hear me. I’m here to make it up to you. To make it right,” the dark fox continued. “You don’t have to be scared of anything when I’m here… so stop acting like a terrified little rabbit and Come. Over. Here!”

Her voice made his back go stiff as an iron rod… he had heard that voice before, in its coldness and cruelty. It was a voice that expected to be obeyed. It was a voice that demanded accurate and immediate action… one that commanded. And, as he stood there, trembling, he realized distantly that it wasn’t just his back that had gone stiff. He took a single step towards the two women on the bed, as if hypnotized.

Agonizingly slowly but with infinite grace, Yuki swung one bare leg out over Merielle’s prone form, hanging both over the bed as she rose and walked over to him. He began to tremble more, terrified of what she was going to do… but unwilling to turn away, unwilling to run, unwilling to scream. He felt silenced and like his feet were sunk deep into tar, and he had no idea what she was going to do as Yuki slunk closer to him one limber, long-legged motion at a time. Her bare breasts swayed softly over her muscular stomach as she smirked at him, even as his eyes kept darting down to her full breasts.

“I’m sorry for what happened last time,” Yuki said, a smile slowly spreading over her face as she seemed to read him like a book. “I was told you were having difficulty with the damage to your car… I want to take care of that for you… Shindou…” Her eyes flicked down, and to his horror he realized how his hard cock was tenting his pants obviously… and a smirk crossed her face. Then she was on top of him… right up to him, her hands on him as they slid up his chest to his chin and lifted his head up, staring into his eyes as if she were reading his mind from the inside out. He felt her hands moving all over his body, teasing him softly, but he didn’t look down… couldn’t look anywhere but into her face.

“So is this how it is, then… little rabbit?” Her voice was a purr. “I’ll make it up for you…” she whispered before she pressed her lips into his. He didn’t protest at all. She kept sucking them for a few seconds. As the kiss intensified, her fingertips began an exploration of his face, lightly tracing the contours and making a map for her lips and mouth to follow. She pulled away from his face, her teeth dragging his lip with her for a few centimeters before releasing it, and she began to place feather kisses on his face where only moments ago her hands had been… on his forehead, his eyelids, the tip of his nose, the curve of his cheek, teasing him over and over. “Tell me to go and I’ll leave you the money and go…” she whispered.

Shindou knew he probably should… but he could not fight the sensation growing inside his body. He could not control it, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to even try. Merielle, still tied on the bed, was watching… Shindou could not bring himself to look over and see but he felt certain the beautiful redhead was watching this. Yuki, for her part, continued her teasing… sliding over to one ear where she sensually nipped at his earlobe, being careful not to bite too hard. “You’re trembling…” the fox whispered as she moved lower to his neck, nuzzling and kissing the oh-so-sensitive spots that she seemed to know would drive him wild, even though she had never really touched him before, since their time before was brief as could be. All she wanted was to tease him…

And it was working. Her hands continued to make their way down his body, feeling the warmth of his skin and the softness of his chest as they slipped beneath his shirt and back up through the thin hair there before she undid the buttons to his shirt and pulled it open. Kissing her way down from his neck to his chest, she sought out the warm, satiny smoothness of his nipples. She ran her tongue lightly, teasingly over them at first in a swirling motion before she flicked her tongue over the nub and nipped at it. She moved back and forth between his nipples, sucking and lapping softly and then blowing on the wet flesh, her hot breath sending quivers through his body.

He was so painfully hard. His bulge seemed enormous as it swelled in his pants, and he felt certain that Yuki could feel it pressing tightly against her bare skin through the clothing, far too obvious to hide. The fox, however, paid it no mind as she continued teasing all over his body, moving lower only gradually, so when her fingers found the button of his jeans it caused an audible gasp from the young man. Her fingers quickly undid the clasp of his pants and unzipped them, slowly sliding them down to reveal the way his shaft tented his briefs and making him gasp again. He could feel the warmth of her skin through the heated soft fabric, a small wet spot already staining the briefs at his tip.

Shindou could not hold it anymore… he let out a small moan, and Yuki smiled in victory. Her mouth moved down his stomach, pausing briefly for her tongue to play over him, so close and yet so far away as her fingertips traced over his rod so gently he thought he could have imagined the touch, and he thought she might do it forever when suddenly she stopped, grabbed his neck, and brought her lips firmly back to his… driving her tongue wetly into his mouth. Shindou could feel his dick trying to tear the briefs and pop out right through them, he was so turned on. When she broke the kiss and moved down again he expected it to be a tease but, so quickly that Shindou didn’t even have time to gasp until it was done, his pants and underwear were both around his ankles, tugged down in a single harsh pull. His dick popped out, springing up, hard as it had ever been in his life and throbbing with anticipation. She locked her eyes with his, smiled, and brought her face to his swollen prick, staring up at him around it, and Shindou felt certain she could smell his excitement, his tension. With a single, deliberate movement, she slid her tongue softly over the very tip of him and tasted the small bead of precum that had gathered there. The college student shuddered with anticipation… he was so nervous, but he couldn’t even think about running anymore, couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. Every bit of him longed for her next touch. “Come on, rabbit,” she whispered, standing up as she closed her hand gently around his shaft. “Let’s show you a good time.”

Shindou felt like he couldn’t catch his breath, so lost in the teasing sensations that it was almost painful, but he managed to choke out his first words since entering the room. “Yes mistress…” he said, stepping forward awkwardly with tiny steps, walking uncomfortably forward as she held onto his dick like a leash. “Can you…” he said with a stammering voice. Yuki turned around to look at him, bringing her eyes to him as she raised one eyebrow. “Can you… tie me up again…?”

Yuki’s face split into a smirk. “Anything you wish, Shindou…” she purred into his ear as she brought him against the bed, took hold of his shoulders, and pushed him down. A moment later, she had rope and was winding it around his wrists, pulling them behind his back, making his shoulders stretch to the small of his back as she laid him down right next to the redhaired slave girl.

As he laid there, the fox grabbed onto Merielle, pulling her up by the hair, and he watched as her green eyes widened and she softly cried out. “Now…” Yuki said softly. “Where were we… right. You were using your mouth.” She pushed the beautiful foreigner back down towards Shindou… he was tied up and immobilized on his back, but his dick stood up tall and strong as her lips were pushed right against him. “So use your mouth, slut.” Yuki guided the bound redhead into position, and then Merielle opened her jaw and swallowed as she forced herself down on his shaft, stuffing his dick into her mouth. Shindou’s world vanished into a haze of pleasure as impossibly soft lips and tongue wrapped around him, Yuki watching with a smirk while Merielle loudly lapped at him, sucking wetly.

Merielle pushed herself further down and gagged, and Shindou tried awkwardly to pull back but Merielle pushed further onto him, forcing more of his length in until he gasped in blissful agony as her throat opened to him and the head of his cock popped into it, something he had never felt before. Her mouth wrapped around his thick shaft and pumped it slowly but firmly up and down, her tongue roaming over his whole length with careful, slow, tender, but deeply eager strokes that covered every inch of his skin and set his nerves on fire. Her green eyes, impossibly wide, impossibly gentle, looked up at him with devotion as she pulled back briefly before diving back down.

Merielle sucked firmly, and Shindou moaned softly as he felt more precum being sucked out of his cock and into her mouth. He longed to reach down, to touch her, to stroke her soft hair as he felt the red mane brush his bare thighs, but he couldn’t move his arms… couldn’t move, and that helplessness amplified every sensation… his body blazed with pleasure like someone was running an open conduit of electricity up and down his length. He felt the soft caress of her lips rubbing over every bump and ridge as the head of his cock lodged itself down her neck, clamping and squeezing tightly around his tip as she sucked harder.

Yuki’s breath was hot in his ear as she whispered to him. “Can you feel it as she tastes it… swallows it down? Think she loves every bit of salt and scent and flavor you can offer her?” Her tongue lashed out in a gentle touch against his earlobe, one of her hands playing up and down his arm while the other pinched at Merielle’s breast, twisting her hard nipple. Merielle’s head bobbed as she groaned softly, and Shindou jerked his hips despite himself, his pleasure driving him to try to get his dick deeper inside of her mouth and past her tightly clasped lips.

While Merielle kept sucking Shindou, Yuki’s hands were both on the boy now… but her tails ran over the redhead’s freckled skin. The soft fur tickled her, caressed her, wrapped around and squeezed her, but she never stopped blowing him… obediently doing precisely what Yuki demanded even as he felt like she was trying to suck the very life out of him. He jumped at the first slap as one of the tails lashed down, not onto him but only the redhead’s ass. Merielle uttered a moan that was equal parts pain and pleasure, yelping softly… but she didn’t pull back from his dick. She moaned on it instead, and he could feel every bit of her pleasure vibrating along his cock. Yuki’s hands grabbed everything they could reach, curling around Shindou’s throat, his arms, his hips, caressing his cheek or his chest or his hair. With each second, the tails lashed down on Merielle again until it was hard to tell if there was more pleasure or pain in her moans, red marks appearing almost everywhere he could see on her bare skin. With the next flick of her tail, he shuddered as he heard Merielle gasp on his cock. “Too… much…” he said, trying to force out words past how good it felt. “Don’t… hurt…”

“Shhh,” Yuki said softly, running one hand through Merielle’s hair as she kept sucking. “Merielle… you can stop sucking if there’s a problem, alright? As long as you keep that cock down your throat, I won’t stop whipping you.”

Merielle drove herself down harder onto Shindou and he cried out. Yuki chuckled into his ear, slapping a tail down again and again… she whipped both her breasts, her abdomen, her hips, her thighs… every possible inch of exposed skin that she could get an angle on, criss-crossed marks appearing all over her pale skin. He heard a wet, slurping sound, and one of her tails vanished into Merielle even as she gasped loudly, Yuki fucking her even as she worked on his cock. “So wet,” Yuki teased. “It’s hard to tell which of you two sluts likes this more. Your pussy is drooling…” She brought a tail down, lashing her again as she took one of Shindou’s nipples between two of her nails and gently, gradually pinched down.

She lashed her again with her tails across her ass. Thwack and thwack and thwack, red lines merging together and growing until it looked like Merielle’s whole ass was as shining red as her hair… and yet she didn’t stop. The beautiful foreigner kept sucking down his dick, taking the full length into her throat with her lips around the base… she cried out in pain with each hit, but she never pulled back, never stopped… eager to please her mistress… and him.

Surprisingly gently but as irresistibly firm as a tectonic plate, Yuki eased Shindou down until he was flat on the bed, his hands immobile beneath him. Merielle never took her mouth off of his dick and from the moans Yuki never stopped fucking her, but she slowly crawled up his body, trailing fingertips and sharp nails up his side as she approached, settling down over his face. Suddenly all he could smell was the woman’s sex, the sweet musk of the fox girl that shouldn’t exist and certainly shouldn’t be here with him but was. “You looked like you knew what you were doing with Merielle, last time,” she said, looking down at him with a wicked smile. “Now, show me what you can do.” Yuki smirked for a second, then squeezed her thighs on him. Shindou could not breathe properly, the fox above him blocking his air. It should have been frightening. Instead, it was… exhilarating.

“I don’t feel any licking, little rabbit,” Yuki said, squeezing her thighs even harder. “Eat. Me. Out,” she commanded.

It only took the slightest movement of his neck to press his lips against her pussy, finding her smooth and soft as he could imagine. She was also wet, her slit and inner thighs both catching the light in the room. Pressing his face between her legs, her fingers rested on top of his head, guiding him up and closer into her as Shindou began to lick her pussy, and the fox was tangy and sweet and somehow spicy like cinnamon. Yuki let out a soft moan, closing her eyes and grinding herself against him, and the student savored those gentle licks, exploring her with his tongue.

“Harder,” Yuki said, her eyes still closed. “I know you can do better than that, rabbit. I saw you do it. Go on, show me how good you are.”

Shindou focused all his attention on Yuki’s beautiful pussy, his tongue slipping out from between his lips again as he began to lick at her. The young man started at her entrance, tracing upwards slowly and letting his tongue slip away only after it reached her clit and had been dragged across it. She shuddered with each stroke of his tongue, gripping his head each time his tongue grazed her most sensitive point.

“Mmm, you are good,” Yuki moaned out, smiling widely. “You have some skill at this. Do you do this often, little rabbit?”

“No,” he panted between licks.

She chuckled, and the sound made her thighs squeeze on him rhythmically… it would have made him come close to cumming even if Merielle wasn’t busy sucking on his cock. It was amazing he hasn’t finished yet… how hadn’t he? “A natural talent then,” Yuki said before licking her lips. “Promising. I can’t wait to see what you can do once I’ve got you trained properly.”

Trained? He wondered what exactly she was talking about, making him stop for just a moment. Yuki’s hand tightened in his hair and the fox shoved him harder around her groin, one of her tails slowly slithering around his throat. “I didn’t say you could stop,” she said, her voice taking on an annoyed edge.

He made a sound that was definitely not a yelp. Definitely. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he stuttered, returning to his task with a renewed vigor.

Yuki moaned out hard as he began to service her once more. Her toes curled in pleasure, her fingers stroking his scalp while he worked. “Good rabbit… much better. After all, you’ve shown me what a needy little slut you are. Isn’t that right?” Yuki questioned, her voice a bit tense, strung tight with pleasure.

He could only nod, sucking at her clit to try and appease her. His own desire burned in his stomach and his groin. He needed to cum and soon, otherwise, he felt like he was going to go crazy… he shoved his hips, instinctively trying to thrust, but he was too far pinned down. Yuki writhed on the bed, her ass squirming against his chest. Her breath caught over and over, moaning with pleasure, and right now the only thing he wanted in the world was to please her. He licked and sucked harder, trying everything that he knew to bring her pleasure and, hopefully soon, his own.

While Yuki had Shindou enthusiastically eating her pussy, her tails kept fucking Merielle as he continued Shindou’s dick. The fox smiled. “He as close as I think, Red?” The foreigner moaned softly in agreement, which felt fantastic to Shindou, and Yuki’s smile widened. “Not yet…” Yuki wrapped two tails around Merielle’s legs, while the tip of one tail waited at her wet entrance teasing her for a few seconds. Yuki caressed and squeezed Merielle’s breasts while she was sucking Shindou. The two tails holding her thighs held her tight as the tail teasing her at her wet entrance was thrust in, and the redhead moaned as it slid past her entrance and into her wet folds with the second tail. She let out another weak moan as Yuki drove deep into her, quickly thrusting in and out of her pet and shaking her body against the student.

Shindou was lost in the taste of her… the sensation of pleasure was so overwhelming he couldn’t think about anything but what he felt, what he tasted… it was all he could do to keep licking and if she didn’t hold him in place he might have lost track of what he was doing. The fox’s pussy tasted wonderful… ridiculously wet, warm, slippery. She occasionally gave him soft slaps whenever he did something wrong, correcting him, but he barely felt them… they vanished into the haze. Yuki’s thighs were a wonderful blend of muscle and fat, so feminine and so strong as she squeezed on him. She closed her eyes and moaned, leaning harder onto his face, squeezing her thighs even more. Merielle was still sucking down his dick, he could feel an orgasm so close but refusing to go over the edge.

“My clit now… focus on that!” Yuki ordered. Shindou obeyed, lapping his tongue on the firm little knob of her clitoris with some pressure, matching the rhythm of it with her squeezing her thighs on him. “Come now little rabbit… I thought you wanted to cum. You can do better than that. Do you need some incentive?” she breathed as she led him by his head with her thighs, squeezing them together to block his air. Ropes of juices were dripping down her pussy as he continued to suck, lick and tease her. He really felt like her slave, feeling completely in her power and unable to disobey. Yuki leaned back, so relaxed and in pleasure as Shindou sped up and attacked her clitoris and pussy harder, her breathing getting faster as well.

Yuki’s tails were still fucking Merielle’s holes. She was so wet there was almost no resistance… he could feel the way she rocked with the force of the thrusts as Yuki pounded into her eager snatch. With two tails fucking the life out of her, a third began rubbing at her clit. “Not yet for you, either,” Yuki warned. “You can cum when he does. And he can cum when I say.” Merielle whimpered on his length, but kept sucking. Despite how obviously close the redhead was, the fox’s tails didn’t pull out from her… They kept fucking her exhausted pussy without even giving it a break to breathe. Poor Merielle could not even cry out properly with the throbbing dick inside her mouth… and while she sucked, one of the tails was pulled free and began to push into her asshole, another tail replacing it.

Merielle was moaning on Shindou’s dick, making it hotter and hotter, and he wanted to cum… but it seemed like he wasn’t allowed to. Merielle wouldn’t let him be pushed over the edge. All he could do was control himself and keep sucking and licking Yuki’s pussy and clit until he could make her cum, and hope she would give him the same. The tails kept jackhammering into both the asshole and the pussy of the submissive girl sucking on him. Merielle was filled in all three holes and was being brutally violated, and seemed to love every second.

While Yuki’s tails fucked Merielle, Yuki kept grinding her pussy upon Shindou’s face. Her breaths had become long and deep which signaled that she was so close to exploding. Her clit brushed against his nose over and over as she ground on him. “Harder!” she yelled. She was at the edge. Shindou obeyed and he sped up his attack on her pussy. Yuki leaned down on the bed as she ground even harder, her breasts dangling and shaking as her body trembled.

As Yuki soaked Shindou’s face, Merielle was pressing her face down further and wrapping her lips around his hard flesh, feeling his pulsing prick throb in her mouth. She was still moaning on it as the tails violated her exhausted holes. The feeling of Yuki’s crotch trembling against his face made Shindou more aroused… and then Yuki said the most beautiful words he had ever heard. “Finish him, Red.” And the beautiful girl between his legs all but attacked his cock, savagely fucking her throat as hard as she could. She had perfectly kept him on edge with thousand of hours of practice and experience that he could hardly fathom, and when she actually wanted to make him cum within 10 seconds he couldn’t even hope to hold it back anymore… she had literally milked the cum right out of him. Shindou cried out as he bucked his hips in even deeper, his balls churning as cum felt like it shot out like a gunshot… fountaining, streaming, spurting, flowing, and filling Merielle’s mouth. The redhead choked on her first swallow of the thick gooey cream, but she licked and kept going, kept swallowing, taking down the viscous texture of the stringy fluid sliding down her throat. She kept on licking and sucking and swallowing without stop.

Yuki had not cum yet, but that was fine… she didn’t need to. Regretfully, she rose up off of his face, rubbing his head affectionately before she stood and left his face splattered with her juices. “Good job, Red,” she said. “Now though… pull off… you’re going to have to share.” Shindou’s dick was pulled out from her mouth, and he was still gasping for breath as he looked down to see it dripping with ropes of her saliva mixed with his cum, sticking them together in sticky lines. Then in the next second, Yuki knelt on the bed as well alongside her bound slave girl, her face right up against Shindou’s dick as she took him in her mouth, wrapping her tongue all the way around his tip before pulling back. “Such a lovely cock you have, rabbit… but it’s going to need to do better than just that. Red, get him hard again,” Yuki ordered. The girl obeyed and licked and sucked down the side of the shaft, swallowing the remnants of his cum as she dragged her lips up and down the side of him. Then Yuki pressed her lips into the dick and started sucking it, the two girls almost kissing around his cock as they worked together to tease his softening manhood back to hardness.

Soon, once all the remnants of cum on his shaft were gone and it was shining with their mutual spit, Yuki took full control of him. She swirled her tongue around his head while Merielle lowered herself to lick at Shindou’s balls. Yuki continued sucking and teasing his dick, gradually taking the thing down her throat as he began to fully harden again. She didn’t gag in the slightest, her motions just as smooth and skilled as Merielle’s had been as she teased him and played with his shaft.

Suddenly Yuki stopped sucking, giving the tip of his prick a soft kiss. “Good boy,” she whispered, grabbing onto Merielle’s face and pulling her back towards it. “Your turn now.” The red-haired girl opened her mouth, taking his dick in. She bobbed her head while Yuki watched, but she only waited a few seconds before Yuki grabbed onto the back of Merielle’s head and forced it down violently, sheathing him all the way to the balls in a single shove… and held her there. Merielle gagged softly, unable to breathe, but Yuki did not let go. Tears ran down Merielle’s eyes and Shindou was perhaps a second from saying something, trying to object… before Yuki pulled her off. Merielle coughed painfully, seeming retched… but then she eagerly leaned down to lick at his balls again. Yuki moved back to his dick and sucked it down, taking in the full length of the throbbing cock, humming to herself as she did.

Once he was hardened enough for her, Yuki pulled out and fingered the tip of his soaking shaft a few times before she climbed on top of him, straddling his bound hips. Both of her hands rested on his chest, holding his body down with her arms as she looked down at him with a predatory glint from above, her tails surrounding them as she slowly lowered herself… sinking her pussy down onto him. Her sex rubbed against his throbbing dick for several seconds, teasing him and making him gasp… and then, all at once, she let herself all but fall on it, sinking all the way down onto him and letting him cry out in pleasure before she put one hand over his mouth. She was so tight and as he was shoved into her he felt something resist and then yield as he pushed through her impossibly snug hole, the warmth of Yuki’s body enveloping her all at once. “Quiet, rabbit,” she said, voice teasing, playful, pleased. “You wouldn’t want to draw attention, would you? That’s when a little bunny like you gets himself eaten all up.” Yuki rose up, ground herself back down, and moaned with pleasure… already close to the edge. Her tight hole hugged him incredibly hard, squeezing all of his length and making him groan out in a mirror of her own. Her muscles wrapped him, squeezing and relaxing in a rhythm around his swollen cock as she bounced on his shaft, his cock vanishing into her again and again and again as she took the whole length effortlessly deep into her with each movement. He moaned in pleasure as he felt the tip of his dick hit her womb, and Yuki’s beautiful tits bounced to the rhythm she took his dick into her body.

Merielle was still tied down between his legs, but Shindou had entirely forgotten her until he felt her tongue resume its work. He gasped as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, licking across them, then pulling off and occasionally licking at the shaft in between Yuki’s bounces up and off him, exposing parts of his hard cock from her swallowing body. Yuki was using his dick to please herself… obviously using Shindou like a dildo, but she kept looking at him the whole time, holding him down, silencing him with a single palm while she smiled. Merielle was being a good obedient slave and making both of them feel good as she did, licking all over Shindou’s balls, licking and sucking out all the sweat and juices that came down from Shindou himself and Yuki. She did her best, sucking the whole balls into her mouth, cleaning and teasing the man while he was being ridden by Yuki. Now, he had to be the good slave and let the fox do as she pleased with him.

Yuki kept bouncing on his thick cock, making it vanish into her eager wet hole over and over as she moaned. Her pussy encased his now throbbing shaft, milking it in time with Merielle’s licks, and each and every move she made brought a new look to his face, a new sensation. He had just cum but he couldn’t tell if that was minutes or hours ago… he felt nothing but her body, could see nothing but her. “Don’t… you dare… cum…” Yuki growled softly. “If you let this wonderful dick start getting soft again before I’m finished with it… I am going to be very… very… annoyed with you, rabbit…” Despite her words she didn’t slow down in the slightest as she rode him, her body milking him for all it was worth. Every gaze from those bright blue eyes sent shivers down his spine, every noise she made turned him on even more. She moved over his cock, sliding up and down, twisting her hips as she rode him sternly and steadily. “Not yet… when I do, and not one second before…”

Yuki let out a loud moan as she moved her head back and Shindou tried to focus on that… his mistress was close, he didn’t have to hold out long…  and in the next moment, she started to bounce herself on his dick even harder and faster. She moaned in her own need to cum even as Shindou gasped beneath her, increasing her pace, sliding herself in to his base as his full length took her on each stroke. She was paying all of her attention to him, but seemingly none of it to deliberately pleasuring him, using his body like a plaything for her own pleasure. She kept bouncing herself on his meat while Merielle kept sucking and licking on his shaft each time it hadn’t vanished into her mistress’ pussy until Yuki gave a shrill cry, letting her eyes roll back in her head as she exploded on his dick. That was all Shindou needed to cum for the second time of the day… Merielle’s tongue caressed his balls in just the right way as Yuki’s drooling snatch squeezed on his length and he was sent flying over the edge. Warm white jizz spurted out from his dick and deep into Yuki, the man groaning in pleasure.

An hour seemed to pass before the fox rose up off him, coming free of his dick. Both her snatch and his prick were still leaking, and Merielle didn’t need to be told what to do… she immediately began to lick at them both, swallowing everything, cleaning them up. After that, it was hard to tell how much time passed. Shindou felt like he had melted into a pool of liquid as Yuki settled down against his bound form on the bed. A few minutes or a few hundred years later, there was some effort of her tails and Merielle dropped down on his mistress’ other side, the fox moving with languid, pleasured ease as she softly traced her fingertips over the edge between his muscles so lightly that the touch seemed to burn, every nerve like lightning as her nails grazed over his vulnerable skin. He remembered that he and Merielle worked to lick her tails clean, and the fur was soft and thick and Merielle’s pussy on them was as sweet as he remembered.

The sun was down before Yuki untied him. He felt like he could feel every jerk of his heart as blood pumped past the small indentations in his skin that the ropes had made as she stretched and untied Merielle as well, the beautiful redhead pressing her lips softly against first her mistress’ and then his before she began to dress. “I’ll take care of the car,” Yuki said casually as one of her fingertips trailed over the line of his jaw. Her tails seemed to coil around his legs like a winding mass of snakes as she touched all of him at once. “For a meek little rabbit, you held up pretty well.” Her mouth opened in a smirk. “But you’d best have an offering waiting for me next time, or I might not be so gentle with you, little one.”

His eyes widened as she took the redhead’s hand and guided her towards the door. “O-offering? Next time?”

The door clicked shut, and like the sound was a gunshot to start a race, he rushed to the door, flinging it back open. The hallway was empty at this hour… Yuki and Merielle were nowhere to be seen.

Was he crazy?

He looked down at his dick… growing hard again as he stood there. If he was crazy, why would he ever want to be sane?

They took her back to the manor. Of course they did… where else would they bring her?

Mai had spent most of a day lying bound and gagged on her side in a Minka she had never seen before, the traditional home somewhere in Japan… but the floor was covered in so many wards carved with foxfire that it seemed to glow. While she listened to the nearby waterfall and small fountain, the deer-scare and the cicadas, she should have been comforted. She wasn’t… instead, she was guarded by one of the assassins while the other knelt and prepared a more complicated working. When the portal opened, Mai wasn’t sure how much of it was by the twins and how much was by who she knew she would find on the other side, but it didn’t really matter… when Kuu picked her up and brought her through, she hit the ground in the citadel in the alps heavily… and rolled to a stop at a woman’s feet.

This was… this wasn’t going to go great. Syllana had caught her in the middle of her rebellion, her plans apparently known to her mentor, and she knew that Syllana would punish her severely. Slowly, Mai forced her gaze up.

Unlike the assassins, with their cool, vacant, expressionless gaze, Syllana seemed warm and welcoming and amused. Her eyes glittered with life and she wore an easy smile. It would have been reassuring if Mai hadn’t seen her look just like that right before ripping someone’s heart out. Syllana’s intimidating and domineering presence took the oxygen out of the room. “Mai, Mai, Mai,” the first nogitsune said, shaking her head and widening her smile. “What am I going to do with you?”

Her eyes were solid and seemed to penetrate right through Mai’s soul. She felt exposed before the gaze, and a small shiver went up and down Mai’s spine before she chilled it. Syllana needed her. She was important. She would be punished but… she had endured such punishments before. Her scars still burned where Syllana’s witchfire had put them there.

“I give you everything,” Syllana said, voice chiding. “I give you power. I teach you skills. I give you a family… and this is how you repay me? Not only by rebelling… but embarrassing me by losing?” She shook her head in disgust. “Lover, lover… you were defeated by a weakling who barely studied beneath me, who barely feeds, who didn’t even have a sword. Humiliating.”

“You have to understand… I only wanted to do good for you! It’s a misunderstanding!” Mai protested. “I’ve been able to create so many things studying foxfire… I needed that skin. I had so many ideas…”

“And yet…” Syllana said, a tiny flicker of anger showing through her amusement, “your reach exceeded your grasp. Again.”

“How can she do that with illusions?” Mai asked, hoping to change to focus on the conversation. “They were… I could touch them. They were like a physical thing… I traded blows with one!”

“Mmmm,” Syllana purred. “It sounds like you’re telling me I picked the wrong apprentice.”

“Yuki wouldn’t have done half of what I’ve done for you!” Mai hissed. “The Aions! The Vulpan! The-” Mai bit off her words. That was her pride, getting in the way again. Of course, she couldn’t tell Syllana about what she had really wanted that selkie’s skin for… what she thought she knew about Foxfire and Narghai. At best, Syllana would steal her discoveries and use them for herself. At worst, it would be the last thing she ever said.

“Maybe,” Syllana said without flinching. “You have been a decent apprentice… but you are going to need to be stronger or you’re useless to me. This is going to come down to war, and the nogitsune must be strong.”

“To fight the Wandering King, I know,” Mai said, nodding.

Syllana slapped her across the face contemptuously. “Don’t even come that close to saying his name, fool,” she snapped. “He might hear you… and I won’t be the one to suffer for it.” She looked up at Kuu, who had come through the portal before it had closed behind them. “And the two of you… I notice you have not brought my prize back either.”

Neither twin said a word, but both began to tremble. Mai knew they wouldn’t protest that she had forbidden them to force Yuki to comply… that any ability to do that had been ripped out of them centuries ago. The room was silent for a few seconds before Syllana chuckled. “Fine. I’ll just have to do it myself. But you…” She nudged the bound Mai with her foot. “It’s time you remembered what color your fur is. It’s black.”

“And you need to be reminded…” one of the twins said, dead voiced.

“That you’re one of us…” the other continued.

“And there is no leaving.” The first said finished, as though she’d heard her sister’s thought.

“What’s worse than being a traitor and a whore?” Syllana said softly.

“Being a liar,” both twins answered together.

“Right…” Syllana leaned down and grabbed Mai by her shirt, bundling it up and effortlessly lifting her from the floor, letting her feet dangle in mid-air. Her smile momentarily became something dark and sinister, something that wreaked havoc on Mai’s soul. “You should have known better.” Syllana began slapping Mai silly across the face, giving her head a nice dose of punishment. She used her left hand to strike Mai while holding the woman up with her right, making her head ring like a bell with each echoing slap as she knocked some sense into her apprentice.

By the time Syllana was done slapping her, Mai’s hair was all ruffled up and disheveled, and she was so disoriented that she could barely see straight. That left her completely unguarded when Syllana’s fist smashed into her face with all the force her mistress could put behind it. Syllana let go of Mai as she struck, letting her blow send the woman flying across the room to crash heavily to the floor. A moment later, the strong nogitsune was standing over her, kicking her, driving her foot into Mai’s abdomen and sides.

“Incompetent whore!” she mocked, her eyes glittering as she kicked the fox one more time, leaving Mai lying limp on the ground, slowly curling up in pain while Syllana breathed in calmly, not even winded. She turned to face the twins who remained still and silent, casually observing the beating that Mai was taking. The apprentice hugged her knees, trying to compose herself, and opened her mouth to speak… and Syllana casually shoved the toe of her boot into the nogitsune’s mouth before she had a chance to say anything. “No no no whore, your chance to say anything is done now… you can suck on this instead.”

Mai didn’t really have a choice… Syllana kept pushing, forcing it further in. “Time to see if you’re suited to be my apprentice, or if you’re just my little whore. Lick it clean.” Mai was forced to submit as she tried to mumble her words, and Syllana just laughed. “Shut up, stop talking and just take it. Whatever makes you think I give the slightest shit about what you want to say anymore?”

Mai licked her black leather boot for what seemed like forever until her mistress turned to her assassins. “Bring me it.”

One of the twins turned and left the room, continuing a second later with a heavy, large metal dildo on a harness. The merciless thing glowed with a pale blue light, and it was covered with carvings that carried the foxfire across the surface. “Spread her.”

Kuu grabbed onto Mai, each twin grabbing hold of one of the nogitsune’s legs and spreading them apart without any real effort as Syllana lowered herself between her “lover’s” leg and slapped the metal shaft against her pussy lips, moaning softly. Mai knew how that thing worked… it connected directly to Syllana, allowed her to feel everything as if it were part of her own body. Then, her eyes widening with lust and anger, Syllana lunged forward and the dildo skewered its way into Mai’s tight, smooth pussy, ripping her panties apart on the way through just as easily as it did her hymen.

Mai cried out, and it just made Syllana grin, leaning down to stare directly into Mai’s eyes even as she plundered her cave, ragging the walls of her pussy as she split her apart. The nogitsune fucked her apprentice as if she was trying to tear Mai a new hole… violating her mercilessly until she was quaking and shivering from all the sensations of her rough use. Syllana, for her part, didn’t even slow down… she continued to pound her dildo into Mai without stopping, making the fox’s uterus jump all over her insides.

Then, without warning, a pair of Syllana’s foxtails made their way to Mai’s asshole as they finished ripping her panties apart. The tails began to penetrate her tight hole like no tomorrow, sending Mai to the abyss. She wasn’t able to handle the overwhelming sensations that were emanating from both of her holes, and her body arched as she took in all the shocks of sensation… the dildo was massive and thick and each thrust made Mai’s pussy redder and more inflamed.

Mai’s mind was out of control as the tails continued to work on her asshole even as the prick ravaged her sex. Her body moved and shook in all directions as blood and worse soaked the metal dildo and Syllana’s tail and crotch, while the woman moaned in her pleasure. Abruptly, she pulled out and made her way up to Mai’s face, licking her across her face once before sitting down onto her head. “Now, apprentice… you are going to make me cum… and you aren’t going to stop until the job is done.” The metal cock banged painfully against Mai’s teeth as it forced her mouth open and Mai was forced to spread her maw painfully wide so that it didn’t accidentally knock any of them out.

Syllana’s pelvis rocked back and forth and gyrated like crazy on top of Mai’s face, each thrust forcing more of her length into the fox… but that was only the first bit of it. She expected more. Straining, Mai forced her tongue out of her mouth against the stuffing of the thick cock, against the friction of the hard thrusts trying to drive it back in, and reached out for Syllana’s pussy. It was hard to reach it like this… but if she failed, Syllana would just punish her further… so she stretched and strained and it felt like the muscles in her tongue were going to tear but she made it, slightly licking at her slit even while the cock burrowed its way down her neck. Mai tried to gasp for every last smidge of oxygen possible each time Syllana pulled back, but it wasn’t enough… her vision was going dark, and when it wasn’t all she could see was the grimly amused nogitsune matriarch above her, smiling down at her victim.

“Just. Like. That,” Syllana proclaimed proudly. “See? You can do something right, if I put enough effort into training you.” She stroked Mai’s hair. “Maybe, in a year or two, you’ll earn the right not to have me managing your every move again… and won’t that be nice?” She moaned in pleasure, and Mai continued to eat her out as she continued to drive the cock all the way into her and deny the woman from catching her breath. It didn’t take long before the dominant kitsune let out a large moan and started to growl in pleasure… and then her pussy gushed. The cock didn’t, but it did grow uncomfortably warm inside Mai’s throat while cunt juice soaked her face, and Syllana pinched at the other fox’s nipples while she rode out her orgasm, sighing in abject pleasure.

Then she was getting off her and Mai could breathe. As Syllana came down from her high she must have noticed that Mai was looking too at ease now that she wasn’t riding her, because she took the harness off and tossed it to one of the twins. “Your turn. Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

Syllana left the room, and instantly Mai whirled towards Kuu as the one holding the harness began to strip and put it on. “I swear… I will get you both for this. If you lay a single fucking finger on me, I swear I’ll repay you tenfold the moment she’s done punishing me. You know I’m not bluffing…”

The exotic-looking assassin nodded slowly. “Yes. I do.” Then she settled between Mai’s legs, and the other nogitsune screamed as she got to work.

“His name,” Yuki said, “is Daniel Farron.”

They were sitting around the kitchen table, a global atlas out and sitting on the table between her and Merielle, open to a map of Northern Canada and Alaska. Outside the sun was going down, but inside their new place it was warm and bright and comfortable. Yuki clenched her left hand on the table hard enough that her knuckles were white, but she kept talking. “Over here somewhere, in Alaska, there is a private compound that he belongs to that keeps fishwives still.”

Merielle winced, and Yuki swallowed, but she kept going. “They don’t… hurt them. Damage them, that is. They just keep them… forever.” She looked up and met her lover’s eyes. “For them, bringing back one of Mordred’s trained selkies would have been one hell of a prize. Maya will still be there… I’m sure of it. He wouldn’t let her go.”

“I don’t…” her voice cut off for a second. “I don’t know where it is, precisely… but they aren’t exactly trying to hide, either. We can find them. Then we’ll get her back. I prom-”

Someone knocked at the door.

Yuki looked over, startled. Merielle, though, didn’t show any reaction. “Who’s that?”

Merielle quirked an eyebrow. “Dinner,” she said simply.

Yuki let out a long breath, relaxing, then stood. “Unlike you to order out,” she said, a small teasing note slipping into her voice as she headed to the door. “Honestly, you’re a walking stereotype, Red… I give you a credit card and you just can’t help yourself but-”

The door opened, and Akari stood there.

Whatever Yuki had been about to say died in her throat as she saw her sister. Her mouth opened, closed, opened again… and closed again. What did you say to someone who had told you so, seven hundred years ago? What did you say to someone whom you were such a disappointment to that you could barely look at them?

Nothing. She couldn’t say anything. Impotent anger and frustrated helplessness and nauseating despair swirled in her gut as their eyes met across the threshold… but Akari didn’t say anything either. Her mouth also worked, and then closed without making a sound. Maybe… maybe she didn’t have the first clue of what to say either. Their last conversation hung heavy in the air between them. Akari probably regretted it… that was who her sister was. Idiot. She shouldn’t regret a word of it. Yet still, she didn’t speak.

“I heard…” Akari said at last, her voice lacking her usual confidence and rigidity. “I heard that Mai almost killed you.”

The fact that she’d said something made it easier to speak back, like something had loosened the words. “What of it?” Yuki replied.

Akari lifted a bundle she was carrying in one hand. “Next time someone comes after you… I want you to have this again. It’s yours, after all.” She handed it over, and her sister took it.

The moment she felt its weight, she knew what it was… even after all these centuries a hundred years of muscle memory was hard to brush aside. She unwrapped it anyway and revealed a sheathed blade… her mother’s sword. Yui had left it to her, before she’d died… and she’d left it with Akari back at the end of the war, six centuries ago. In fact, she’d thrown it at her sister. Yuki drew it part of the way from its sheath and was startled by just how familiar its weight and hilt felt to her… like it had never left. Then she pushed it back in and looked up at Akari.

Akari looked back.

Yuki didn’t know how long they would have stood there, awkward and silent, but she didn’t have to find out. A moment later, Merielle stepped up behind her. “Akari!” she said brightly. “Won’t you come in, please? Join us for dinner?”

Akari swallowed. “I probably shouldn’t,” she said. But she didn’t leave.

“Can’t you stay at least a few minutes?” Merielle wheedled. “I’d really like it if-”

“Sit. Down.” Yuki said, pointing at the table. A moment’s hesitation. “Please.”

Akari look over at her and raised an eyebrow. Then, sighing in resignation, she stepped past Yuki and into the apartment, and went over to sit at the table. Instead of slipping down into one of the chairs, she sank to the ground and smoothly assumed the seiza sitting position, placing herself on the opposite side of the table from where Yuki had been sitting.

Merielle looked over at her mistress and beamed, clearly delighted with herself… and just as clearly expecting to be punished for it. Yuki rolled her eyes, and the selkie chuckled. “Just give me a few minutes,” Merielle said. “I’ll whip something up and-”

“I’ll cook,” Yuki said.

Merielle, and Akari, both looked over her. Akari’s eyes widened slightly. Merielle tilted her head. “What are you looking at?” Yuki said, glaring over at the zenko kitsune where she sat the table. “I told you before… I wasn’t going to make her cook for you. You want to be here, eat my food with us, you can wait for me to make it.” Then she paused, and sighed. Swallowing her pride, she said, “though… I’ll probably need you to show me how to turn on the stove. We didn’t have one last time I did this.” Merielle and Akari traded a look as Yuki strode into the kitchen, a large smile on the selkie’s face. Yuki pretended not to notice.

Scars had a way of pushing themselves to the surface… but sometimes, once in a long while, they also could begin to heal.


Yuki, Akari, and Merielle will return in Chosen

4 thoughts on “Black Fur Black Heart – Epilogue

  1. Awwww.

    Thank you both for an excellent story.

    (and yes, I did notice the Vulpan reference – I look forward to finding how that ties in with everything else)


  2. I take it back;
    NOW the college guy is the luckiest character in the series.
    And did I see Yuki using an illusion to trick him?
    Everybody wins in this round, I think.
    A perfect way to end that little arc, well done.

    It’s been an interesting tale;
    And sadly, it had to end.

    There’s always a bit of wistfulness when stories like this end, I think.
    Luckily, there’s another part coming next year.

    I’m still suspicious of Akari, but at least she’s not the evil psychopath that I figured she was.
    Are there going to be any full stories from her perspective at any point?
    Or is she always going to be a background character?
    (She needs to get that stick out of her ass either way.
    No wonder she’s always sitting on her knees, or standing straight.)

    And a few minor questions:

    Yuki’s name kanji is just the kanji for snow, right?
    Or is she going to use the kanji Merielle picked out for her to signify a rebirth/fresh start?
    The kanji for Night and Princess, I think.

    Does iron hurt Kitsune like it does Fae?
    I’m trying to remember if there’s anything besides “cut off a piece and burn it” that permanently hurts these guys.

    This was definitely a fun story to read;
    I kept missing the new chapters because I keep forgetting to look off of AO3 though.

    Hopefully I’ll figure something out when LF3 comes out;
    I don’t want to miss the speculation in the comments;
    That’s where half the fun is in stories like this.


    1. I will be better about remembering to put these on AO3 in the future. I know that’s easier for a few of my readers.

      Shindou’s scene was a fun addition to the story… A way to show that Yuki really is capable of being a responsible domme when she’s not subconsciously trying to be the biggest asshole in the world. I have a few readers that are really into msub too so it was a nice treat for them 🙂

      There will be some stories that are at least in part from Akari’s perspective… including one that should be roughly 50% her. She isn’t likely to get a story like this to herself anytime soon, because we have only the three main characters of the saga getting their own focused trilogy, but she will definitely have some perspectives coming up… and she does need to loosen up more. Funny about that… this actually IS loosened up Akari. In Chosen, you’ll see more of what she used to be like as a young adult 🙂

      Yuki’s name actually isn’t using the Kanji for snow. It’s using the kanji that spell Reason for Hope. I am undecided if she starts spelling it the way Merielle did… I do like the symbolism there of her being reborn under a new name from her sub.

      Iron doesn’t have any special traits against kitsune. The only limits on their healing are

      -can’t grow whole new organs/pieces. They can reattach a missing part, but they need to have the part to reattach, and they need to do it before the wound heals closed. The only exception to this is shapeshifting… the process of swapping back from human to fox form can heal all kinds of more severe injuries. Too bad neither Yuki nor Seo-Yun have a skin anymore.

      -Leaving something in the wound preventing it from healing, like the needles

      -Being severe enough of an injury that it kills from blood loss or shock or something before it can heal. Like, shoot a kitsune in the head or decapitate them and they are going to die. Likewise, cutting their throat will probably do it.

      -caveat: between the scars on Kuu and those on Mai, it’s clear that Syllana does know a way to permanently injury kitsune using Witchfire… but she clearly isn’t sharing the secret yet.


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