Retrospective and What’s Next

Last week, I published the last chapters of the hardest story I’ve ever worked on.

Black Fur Black Heart was… difficult. I can write about cruelty and rape and torment and misery all just fine, but that’s when I don’t have to LIKE the monster doing it. Yuki presented a different kind of challenge because, I had to be true to my favorite fox – which meant making her an absolutely monstrously cruel bitch knee deep in denial and projection and gaslighting – while still rooting for her to recover and actually turn into one of the romantic leads for the story. I had to take her on a trip to rock bottom, to a place she wasn’t capable of blaming anyone but herself for her misery any longer, and exposing to herself that she is the cause of her own misery before letting her earn another shot at happiness.

How well I succeeded, I leave to the readers… but I struggled with this. I want to again make it very clear to Every Single Reader of this story that this is a story of Abuse, not BDSM… Yuki is being outright abusive, not dominant, throughout most this story until we reach the end. I do not condone any of those actions, and if anyone treats you like that, you should seek help.

Anyway! With the completion of BFBH, the 6th Outfoxed story has been published in total… and the 7th, Lone Fox 3, is not ready to start going up yet and probably won’t be until sometime in first quarter 2021, so what’s up next is a bit of mystery.

I intend to take a bit of a break from regular posts until after Christmas. That isn’t to say I won’t post… I have some commission chapters are varying levels of “done” to post, the final chapter of Ascent, and a short story called Alicja Becomes a Pornstar about the official blog slut Alicja… but after that… we have some options.

There are 4 stories that are basically fully written first drafts, that I can edit to post next. All four stories contain rape, and all four have some degree of “happy,” or at least “just,” ending.

The first is Beyond Life and Death. This is a story about a necromancer, a young mage who fell on hard time and went bad in a rather epic way. This is the story of her life, and her death, and what happens after her death… a story of redemption. This is the first story of probably a duology.

The second story is Moment in Time. The last dragon in the world is desperate to keep his bloodline alive… and he’ll keep any harem he has to to do it. This is a dark romance between a dragon and his pets, including the most precious of them all.

The third story is Caught in her Own Web. This is a story of the Dresden Files, but you probably don’t need to know much about the book series to understand it. A fallen angel is riding along in the head of a criminal mastermind, and he wants her out… and when he realizes that isn’t possible, he finds a more ambitious plan. This story is quite brutal, because the psychic nature of the story means that damage isn’t permanent… so expect severe injuries. How “just” you find the ending of this story probably depends on who you consider the lesser of two evils in this arrangement, since this is a war of two monsters against the other.

The fourth story is Evelynn’s Ambition, and this one is EoE but with League of Legends characters. A demoness named Evelynn feeds on pain, and wants nothing more than to start another globe-spanning war to feast on the anguish… and as she moved through the shadows, taking out pillar after pillar that holds the world together, soon no one may be able to stop her anymore. This one is outright snuff and brutality.

You can place votes here, and thanks for reading 🙂

Feel free to drop in on Discord… we’re a friendly bunch, and a few of my fans have done quite a bit of fanart of these stories. Check it out 🙂

5 thoughts on “Retrospective and What’s Next

  1. Will “Beyond Life and Death“ have necrophilia in it?
    Or am am I misreading that, and it’s a story about the afterlife, not a “resurrected as a zombie by a pervert” story?

    I barely remember reading in a comment somewhere that Belle/Moonshine is supposed to reappear in a story about the afterlife.

    Either way; Beyond Life and Death has my vote for the next story.


    1. Necrophilia is arguable.

      She will be dead. People will be having sex with her. It doesn’t stop her from being aware, reacting, and moving around.

      It is both an afterlife story AND a resurrected as a sex doll by a pervert story and more.

      Yes, there will be a story that we meet Belle/Moon in the afterlife but unfortunately that isn’t this one… different universe 🙂


      1. Ah;
        That’ll work.

        The whole afterlife AND resurrection thing has me interested;
        Definitely looking forward to that one.


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