Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 1

For Alicja/Dorota. Adore you, you worthless fucktoy.

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Chapter 1 – Office

“So, are you enjoying working here, Alicja?”

I nodded, brushing my hair out of my face to hide my nervousness. It wasn’t usual to see Mr. Kowalski here… he wasn’t my direct boss. He wasn’t even my boss’s boss… and it was rather late in the day for him to still be here in the office. Then again, there were far more people here than there usually were for my late shifts… maybe people were just working later today?

When I had been called to his office fifteen minutes ago, it had felt like my heart had skipped a beat. “Yes sir,” I said, and hated how my voice sounded so quiet. There was something about this office, the atmosphere, the way he was looking at me… it made me feel very small, like I was a mouse cowering beneath brush and hoping to avoid the notice of an owl. Like I was in danger of being eaten. I tried to brush the feeling away, but it was stubborn.

“Really?” he asked, seemingly unconvinced. “I would have thought you would find it… unfulfilling. Would that be fair to say?”

I could feel goosebumps rising on my skin. “No sir!” I lied. “I love working here.”

“I’m very glad to hear that,” he said. “After all, I don’t want any employees who aren’t… passionate about their work.”

“I’m very passionate about working here,” I assured him. I was passionate… about getting my next paycheck so I could pay rent.

“Good,” he said. “Because I would hate to have a less-than-eager employee here. You can go now.”

I still didn’t understand why he had called me here, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth… there was nothing that I wanted more at this very second to than to be out of this office. I turned to go, feeling his gaze on me and suddenly aware of how my jeans hugged my ass, how he was staring at it. “Oh,” he called before I made it three steps. “One more thing, Alicja…” When I turned back to look at him, he had a sick smile on his face. “Would you say it is a common activity for you to masturbate in the bathrooms?”

I felt my blood go cold. “W-what?” I gasped.

“I asked,” he repeated, slowly standing and loosening the tie around his neck, “Is it common for you to masturbate on company time, you little whore?”

How… how could he possibly know that? “I… I’ve never…” It had just been one story… one really hot story, and the writer had been daring me, and and and it had been late and no one was there and… and…

“And I bet you’ve never looked at porn at work either,” he said, his voice understanding. “And you definitely haven’t been exchanging emails with perverts online all day and all night. You think we don’t monitor those?” Mr Kowalski chuckled softly. “You really do have a sick mind, Alicja.”

I swallowed. “P… please,” I gasped. “I need this job.”

“I know you do,” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt. “I know you do. So I’m going to let you earn it.” My breath caught in my throat as he began to pull of his shirt. “Take your clothing off.”

“What!” I protested, disbelieving. Fantasies were one thing, but this… this was…

My mind might be in shock, but my hands were more obedient. Before I realized what I was doing, my sweater was being pulled over my head. When it cleared my head, however, I realized that he had a phone out and pointed at me… he was recording me! “What are you-!”

Mr Kowalski’s eyes narrowed. “Problem, Alicja? I thought a slut like you would enjoy this. If not, you’re free to leave the buidling and never come back.”

I bit my lip, trembling slightly. He was recording, he was recording… this could get out of hand, but… but what could I do? I needed this job. Regretfully, I continued. A few moments later my shirt was off and I was pulling down my pants, leaving me standing in a pile of clothing in nothing but my bra and panties. I folded one hand over my breasts and other between my legs, as if it would make this less humiliating.

“The rest, Alicja,” he commanded. “All the way.”

I started to cry… then I started on my bra. My hands were shaking so badly that it took me several seconds to manage the latch, even with both hands… and then the black cloth fell to the ground, the cool office air freezing on my suddenly exposed tits. My nipples, treacherous things, were hard… stiff with terror and cold. I hoped that would be enough… but I could see his hard eyes glaring as he reached for the desk phone, still recording me with the other. Still, I couldn’t move even as he picked it up and dialed. “Get me Human Resources,” he said into the phone. “I have an employee to terminate. Alert security, as well… We’ll have to throw her from the building.”

The words were enough to shock me into action… I grabbed onto the band of my panties and began pulling them down. There weren’t very good ones… worn thin by repeated use and me not buying a new pair. I actually pulled hard enough that one of the bands snapped, and the thing fluttered down to the ground, making me blush with even greater humiliation. “Nevermind,” he said, hanging up the phone and smiled at he stared at me. “Arms down, Alicja… that’s a good girl.” He walked over to me, his hand in his pocket. “Just one more thing for you,” he said… then he pulled out a black, studded leather collar. “Put this on.”

I gulped… and took it. My fingers brushed his skin, finding it almost fever hot with his excitement as I did, and it made my own hands feel even colder and weaker. I shuddered and lifted the thing to my throat. I’d fantasized about wearing one of these, but… not like this.

The collar was tight… far tighter than it should be. There was only one notch for the buckle, however… I needed to tighten it to the point that it was a little hard to breathe. More than one I thought about telling Mr Kowalski that it didn’t fit… but I knew he didn’t care what I thought. “Getting wet yet, you little slut,” he said as he forced a finger between the legs as I finished buckling the collar. “No?” he said as he ran a finger between the lips of my pussy. “I would have thought you’d be loving this. God knows you talk about it enough, and you know your place.”

I started to cry. I did know my place. I was already being mostly obedient. I already knew there was no escape.

As if being naked in my bosses office wasn’t enough, he pushed me to the ground, on all fours like a dog as he fastened a leash around my collar. “I’m glad you enjoy working here,” he told me, “Because I think I am about to very much enjoy you working here as well…”

“Mr Kowalski, please… I won’t do it again,” I begged, already sure it was pointless, but having to try. “Please don’t-”

“Oh I’m afraid it’s too late for that,” he said.

“But it’s ok. I’m going to let you keep your job.” He spoke around the recording phone camera he kept trained on me. “I’m not even going to report you for theft with all the company time you’ve been stealing. You should thank me.”

Trembling with tear, I looked up at him. “T-thank you… I… I really need this job…”

“I’m glad to hear you’re appropriately appreciative,” Mr Kowalski replied, his voice slow, amused… cruel. “…Not every girl would say that, and mean it.”

He took a few steps towards me, his shirt neatly folded on his desk. “…If you really want to thank me, you can,” my boss said, standing over me and shoving the camera practically into my face. “…You’re even already on your knees. Why don’t you come over here and suck my cock the way you promise to for all the men on the internet?”

Somehow, my eyes widened. I knew that he intended to humiliate me, to show his power over me, probably to outright blackmail me… but somehow, even with all my fantasies, I never saw it going that far. I wasn’t sure what to say. Maybe… maybe this was just a joke, humiliating me further, poking fun at the porn he now knew I read. But… if this was a joke it was making me really uncomfortable. I forced a nervous chuckle. “I don’t think that…”

Mr Kowalski put a hand on my shoulder as I moved to rise back to my feet. “You don’t think at all anymore.” I swallowed, trying to think of something to say, as my boss’s other hand moved down to his zip. I couldn’t help but whimper as his throbbing erection tumbled out into the cool air of his office, angry and pulsing in his fist. How could this be happening to me, right in the building I worked in every day? I could scream… I could call for help… but I was naked and in a collar, on the floor of my boss’s office. What would it look like? He was an important person, and I was no one… and he could have me fired at any time.

“Mr Kowalski, please,” I protested, not daring to move, my eyes flicking between the approaching shaft and the man’s face. “I don’t want- nghh…”

The man smeared his phallus down my cheek, making me cringe. The slimy, sticky wetness felt utterly repellent on my skin, feeling like it was sinking into it, burning it.

“I, I’ll scream,” I protested weakly. “…Please…”

My boss laughed. “And here I thought you wanted to keep your job. No problem, go ahead,” he said. “I’ll have you escorted out as a whore in a heartbeat. Nobody around here will believe you… and thats as if anybody would even care about this happening to a slut like you.”

The harsh words felt like a slap in the face, but I had no time to reel from them. I needed to get out. I needed to go… The door was in reach, and my heart leapt as I leaped to my feet, heedless of the fact I was naked as I ran towards it, frantic, desperate… and felt cold, hard finger grab onto my ankle.

“AHH!” I screamed as I toppled onto my front, not able to put my arms out to stop myself in time. My chest crashed into the ground first, followed by my face, which smacked hard off of the thin carpet. I cried out, tears stinging my eyes as my mouth and nose stung, white hot pain radiating from them.

“Oh my god,” I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut as I lay there, too shocked to move. My arm hurt too, and I briefly wondered if it might be broken. “Oh my god.”

“You stupid bitch!” my boss said from above me while I continued to lie stunned on the floor. “You fucking CUNT!” He punctuated the last word with a hard kick to my side, making me scream in pain, writhing on the floor.

I felt his hands on my ass through the searing bursts of pain everywhere else. I moaned weakly, trying to reach back behind me, but he grabbed onto me and pulled me back towards him, my body exposed to his disgusting, greedy gaze. “Pl-pluh-pleashe,” I begged, my swollen lip making it hard to speak. “Don’t tou- nnnn!”

Mr Kowalski, pointedly ignoring me, had shoved his hand hard between my thighs, groping and rubbing at my pussy for the second time and making me grimace in humiliation, sobbing as I felt my boss’s knee in the small of my back. His fingers shoved between my folds, even rougher than he had before… not in any attempt to stimulate me or make the experience pleasant for me, but simply to feel and claim as much of my body as possible. His hands were soft, but his motions were rough, and tears leaked out from behind my clenched eyelids as he carelessly stroked and fondled my clit and inner labia.

“You show up so beautifully on camera,” my boss hissed. “I bet a lot of people are going to enjoy watching it…”

“Pleash!” I begged. “No!”

He chuckled. “Then you had best learn your fucking place, bitch… and quickly.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I cried, but Mr Kowalski didn’t even acknowledge me. My sobs fell on death ears as I lay there, face red from blushing as well as drying blood, feeling the manager of this branch molest me. I might have fantasized, but I had never once imagined anything like this would actually happen to me… and certainly not here!

His fingers, which had been delving more insistently between my clenched folds, were suddenly pulled back out into the open air. My head jerked at the motion, and suddenly my mouth was being crammed full of his fingers, slightly slick with my own juices. “Taste yourself, slut,” he ordered, thrusting his fingers back and forth uncomfortably across my tongue.

I merely groaned, pained as his fingers brushed by swollen, bruised lips, wrinkling my nose in disgust at the taste and texture of the fingers thrusting in and out of my mouth, drenched in my spit in a matter of seconds. Then, abruptly, I was squealing and gagging as Mr Kowalski shoved them hard down my throat. I choked, retching for a moment before they were yanked out hard, making me cough.

I groaned, my throat aching. I didn’t think about the camera, or my disbelief… choking for air was a great way to distract me from that. I barely even felt my boss’s fingers on my backside, stroking me… but I certainly felt it when, with very little warning, they were suddenly pushing against my tight pucker.

Only a thin sheen of my own saliva covered them, and it was in no way sufficient. “EEEE! St-stop! Please, stop!” I protested, kicking my feet… but a moment later I yowled in pain as he rammed them inwards, invading my clenching rectum. Nothing had ever gone ‘in’ to that hole before… even my yelps and spasms of pain did little to express just how badly it hurt. The burning discomfort I felt as I was roughly anally finger-fucked by my boss on the floor of his office was miserable… the sensitive skin inside my hole was soon sore and irritated, while my ring itself was stretched, taut and painful around the invading digits. “It s-stings,” I moaned, weakly, pressing my cheek against the carpet in miserable defeat as Mr Kowalski held me down and recorded me, sobbing defeatedly as he pinned me into place.

A cruel, hungry smile was fixed on the man’s lips as he brutally shoved his fingers in and out of my resistant, dry hole, making me squeal and shudder underneath him. After several torturous moments of this, again his fingers were yanked out, and again they were forced into my mouth, the bitter taste of my own ass on my tongue.

I whimpered, fat tears rolling down my cheeks. It didn’t seem like my boss could abuse or degrade me any worse… but unfortunately, I had read enough stories to know that probably wasn’t the case. I wished the ground would just swallow me up, or that I could pass out and completely forget this happened. Instead, I just sopped as my boss wiped his fingers on my cheek. “You like that? I hope you like being a little ass slut, because I’m about to put something much, much bigger in there…”

At first I assumed he meant his cock. That would have been terrifying enough. But as I began to cry again, twisting my head back to see what was going on, Mr Kowalski didn’t position himself over me or stroke his cock. Instead, my eyes bugged out in horror as I saw him grab a heavy, round metal flashlight off his desk and bring it towards my backside.

For one moment, I thought of myself as lucky – LUCKY – that he wasn’t going to fuck me. Then I was unable to think at all as the blinding, searing pain in my backside took all of my attention. I screamed, thrashing about like I had been struck by lightning, my whole body tensing and limbs flailing comically as my tight, virgin back door was unceremoniously invaded. My first time was of no more significance to him than crushing a bug would be… Mr Kowalski had simply wedged the slightly tapered tip in into me and then shoved, hard, ripping open my sensitive flesh, forcefully pushing his way in.

“AAAUUGHH! AHHHH!” I cried out, wordlessly, mind running on pure animal panic as agony struck my body. I looked around desperately, but my boss’s knee kept me pinned to the floor, unable to escape. I felt pinned. I felt like a beetle on a corkboard, a long metal skewer driven all the way through me. “AAAHH! NO!”

“See, I told you you could scream as much as you like,” Mr Kowalski said, mockingly. “Do you think this room is soundproof? Or maybe everyone is just elsewhere? Or maybe… or just maybe… no one gives a fuck what happened to a worthless piece of trash like you, Alicja?”

My only response was an ear-splitting screech as the hard, unyielding metal was shoved deeper into my bowels. My body shook and trembled, fighting with all my might to push out the invader, but the man’s strength and the stiffness of the object being forced inside of me made it a futile effort. I sobbed, babbling, whining, crying, not capable of thinking apart from two words: IthurtsithurtsitHURTS… I couldn’t even make the words come out. I could only whisper, swollen lips feeling dry.

“What was that?” Mr Kowalski snarled, leaning down beside my mouth as I sobbed incoherently. “What did you say bitch?”

“H-H-HURTS!” I finally managed, fists balled up and knuckles white. “Pl…PLEASE..”

He shoved the flashlight in a few more inches, and I screamed, my head thrashing in pain. I could feel it thud against something deep inside my rear… almost like it had impacted a wall or something. All I knew was that it was agony. I would later see the video that he was taking… see just how far into me he had shoved it. Only a few inches of the flashlight stuck out of my ass now now – up into the air like some thick black metal tail with a glowing end, the light having turned on as it scraped my insides raw and pummeled me like a shaft of rebar in my guts.

Mr Kowalski sat back, stroking his excited cock as he watched me squirm. I obviously wasn’t going anywhere, my body too wracked by agony to consider moving, so he just admired the sight of me shuddering in pain for a few moments, making sure the camera caught everything. I’ve seen the video… it did. My asshole looked battered and sore, bright red and pink and horrendously stretched around the offending object. Every so often the lump of flesh it was pointed at – me – would shudder, and the camera caught my rectum clenching futilely, trying to push the hard, heavy invader back out. But it was so big, and I was so stretched, and so dry, that it stayed lodged immovably inside.

I didn’t know any of this at the time. I wasn’t even aware of trying to push it out. It just hurt, so badly, that I wasn’t thinking about anything else. As I gave a low, unhappy moan, my tears running in big pools off my cheeks to soak the carpet, my boss grabbed my hips, pulling them upwards so my backside was appropriately raised and exposed. I screamed again at that, but only at the pain in my rear as it made everything shift, too absorbed by shock and agony to stop or notice what else he was doing, the implications of it. The first notice I took, only a little, was when I felt through the haze of suffering the sensation of something slick and fleshy and stiff being poked between my folds. I groaned weakly, shaking my head, feeling Mr Kowalski’s hands on my hips, his crotch pressing his cockhead more firmly against my entrance.

“N-no,” I managed to mumble. “Pl-pleas…don’t do it…” My voice was weak from screaming and terror, and I wasn’t even sure if he could hear it… I could barely hear it on the video if I turned the volume up the whole way. I felt like I was about to pass out. His cock throbbed against me as he looked down at the stretched hole he’d already invaded with a foreign object, and felt my inviting warmth at the end of his cock.

Moaning, I felt him shove his erection into my pussy. My filled backside felt even more stretched, the area between my two holes pulled tight as his cock pressed against the unyielding flashlight embedded in my ass. I couldn’t stop the tears running down my cheeks as my rapist’s… I was being RAPED!… hips bucked hard against me, slamming his hard member deep into my unyielding pussy.

I wish I could say I fought but I had nothing left. My body felt nothing but pain… already too weak to struggle. Even my muscles were no longer desperately clenched around the invading member as it shoved in and out of my dry pussy. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t need to for my boss to have a good time raping me… every movement was tough and painful and miserable, my hole tight sheerly from disuse and how unaroused I was. My rapist savored every thrust into me, the only lubrication from his own dripping tip.

Based on the video, I must have made a great ride. He certainly seemed to be enjoying.

I grunted and grimaced in pain, my body shivering from pain and fear as I was brutalized on the floor of his office. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in the office I worked in every for years… the whole thing felt unreal. “Ah!” I yelped helplessly as my boss shoved in deep, fucking me more and more roughly. As his motions jostled my body, my asshole clamped painfully around the hard object lodged deep inside it, making me whimper further. It hurt so damn badly, poking deep into my bowels, stretching me open while he violently pounded me. I could do nothing but cry as I was painfully violated, hearing him grunting in pleasure as he used me like a toy for him to abuse.

His length, slick only from his precum and maybe my blood, slammed in and out… my rapist in heaven as my body was put through hell, and all of it recorded as he totally dominated me. The camera caught my ass clenching around the flashlight, shining like a torch in my ass with my pussy clenching around his cock in time with the pained spasms.

“Oh fuck yes, slut,” he groaned. “Here it comes!”

I squealed as his thrusts ramped up in intensity, pounding me aggressively. My keening, panting, pathetic protests got louder as I was roughly fucked, his abdomen slapping against the bulb of the flashlight up my ass and driving it in deeper with each movement like a nail struck by a hammer as I felt him growing stiffer and stiffer inside of me. Just as I thought his cock and the flashlight might meet in the middle, tear their way through me to combine in one brutal spot, he slammed himself deep into me as I cried out in pain. When he did, my muscles tensed hard around his embedded length… and that was enough.

I sobbed weakly as I felt him kick and spurt inside of me, thick cum filling my pussy as he groaned with pleasure. No protection… no birth control. I tried to remember when my last period was… time seemed like an illusion. I felt like I had been suffering under his cock for years already and I hated it, hated feeling every loathsome squirt deep of him inside my body… marking me, cum burning like it would forever mark me, inside and out. It seemed to go on forever. I prayed every jerk of the thick cock buried inside me would be the last, and time and time again I felt another hot jet of semen pulse towards my womb, provoking another pathetic sob.

Finally, Mr Kowalski sagged, spent. His cock slipped out of me unceremoniously, a thin river of cum following it. Then I trembled as I felt his hand on the flashlight… Oh God, no, he wasn’t-

“AAHHH! AHHH! AHh-HH!” I screamed as he yanked the offending object out of my backside, feeling my sore, abused backpassage gaping, torn and swollen from the abuse. I felt like I could feel a breeze in there, and even the slight cool kiss of air on my ravaged insides felt like fire as I screamed senselessly for long seconds.

Finally I collapsed onto the ground, crying, weeping, unable to think or feel anything but pain and sadness over my complete violation by a man who controlled my life and income and security, a man I had been stupid enough to walk into an office with alone. Both of my holes were aching and swollen from rough, recent abuse. He stood over me as I lay, sobbing, in a puddle of his cum. I cried, knowing my life would never be the same after this horrific betrayal… and yet having no idea how true that really was.

“Not bad,” My Kowalski said, holding up the phone and and drawing it over my whole body, toes to face… making sure he captured all of my defilement. He was still breathing heavily as he zipped his fly up. He took up the leash attached to my collar. “That’s not a bad start.”

Start? Start!?

Then he flung open the door and dragged me out of the office.

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