Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 2

For Alicja. Exactly what you deserve, you filthy whore.

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As Mr Kowalski dragged me out into the office, my head raised up. People were here… and people clearly had heard at least some of my screaming as eyes were already on the door… and no one had done anything. Instead, everyone turned to look as he yanked me along, rising up from their desks and pulling off headsets. I’m not sure what I expected… maybe that someone would help me? I knew many of these people… even if the shifts of this group seemed to be odd to still be here this late, I had worked with most of them before. No one said anything, though… they just gathered around me, and for the first time I really noticed just it was all men working today.

I crawled after him. Even the slight sway of my hips side to side as I was forced to crawl burned by raped pussy and my worse-than-raped asshole. “Right then”, said Mr Kowalski… still holding up a phone, I noticed. Still capturing everything on video. “This pretty little slut has been coming in here every day, teasing us and making our cocks hard with that tight ass of hers.” He look around at the others, a shit-eating grin on his face. “And while you’ve all been hard at work, she has spent all her time reading porn and stuffing her dirty twat instead of working herself, making you all work so much harder. Does that seem fair?”

“NO!” the room seemed to roar, the anger in their voices making me cringe in a dozen directions at once. They… they hated me.

“We’re going to have to teach this bitch a lesson,” Mr Kowalski promised. “First things first, everybody get their dicks out.” He hooked the leash around a hook on one of the cubicles, like it had been put there just for this. Mr Kowalski then stood back, and got his dick out with about six other guys. The musky scent of naked man meat hit my nose, as the purple heads of those thick weapons were aimed right at me. One had been bad enough… but just the sheer scent of so many aroused men around me hit my brain like a sledgehammer, inspiring sheer terror. “Alright boys, just thing of running water.”

“No!” I protested. “You… you can’t!” They couldn’t possible mean it. This… this was 2020. Woman had rights in the workplace, didn’t we? This was absurd… I had to resist the urge to pinch myself, sure that I was lost in a nightmare.

“Oh yeah? Just watch us.” Then he groaned, and a second later their streams hit me from all directions, the obscene liquid splashing and searing my skin; my face, all over my hair, down all over my back, all around my ass cheeks, up and down the cleft of my ass. I moaned with disgust, as they all moaned with pleasure.

“Now let’s see if you’re a swallower,” said my boss. He yanked my head back up, then shoved his fingers into my mouth in order to hold it wide open.

One of the pissers stood in front of me, and aimed that golden shower right in between my lips, the sour taste making my eyes water and sending another wave of revulsion over me. He kept pissing till my mouth was full and the piss spilled out over my bottom lip, splashing down onto my breasts.

“Think you’re something better than us don’t you Alicja? That you don’t have to do your job like the rest of us?” the man in front of me said. “I have to admit, I prefer you doing this job… I like pissing all over a pretty fucktoy’s face. I think I’d be a lot more productive around here if this is what the bathrooms looked like.”

“I don’t want her to get up until everyone has pissed in her mouth,” Mr Kowalski told her coworkers. “Make it a piss gangbang!”

I was choking, sputtering as I was peed on from all direction… I had nowhere to go, no way to turn my face or protect myself… no matter which way I went there was a cock there, spitting stinking urine at me. At least a dozen loads of piss must have been emptied in my mouth before Mr Kowalski let go of me, and I fell to the ground choking and spewing up the piss I had swallowed.

Now that they had all emptied their bladders, their cocks were beginning to harden, and some of those meat sticks were scarily big. A man knelt in front of me, an enormous black and drooling erection right in my face. He was the huge man who was usually sitting in the booth next to me. “Confession time,” he told me. “I’ve been jerking to you since I looked over your shoulder right and saw what you were reading. Imagining doing just that to you has been getting my cock hard for months… and now I’m finally going to get put my big cock in that teeny mouth of yours.”

I could only look on in horror, imagining how I would have to stretch to fit that thing into my mouth. It simply wasn’t possible! “No, it’s too big,” I pleased. “There’s no way-” My words were turned into muffled moans as he brutally shoved his meat in through my lips, proving the lie. He drove right to the back of my throat, and was so large that my lips could only have been about half way up his shaft.

“You were saying slut?” he laughed… and then, as my face was bathed in the glare of a phone camera’s light, he began to batter my face with savage strokes. My jaw ached with the near unbearable stretch. It felt like that cock was a hammer, driving against the back of my mouth with heavy, brutal thrusts. The only relief for me was that he didn’t last too long… but that meant I had to feel every horrible twitch as he unleashed a guttural groan and began pumping copious amounts of spunk down the back of my throat. I choked, and with the thick dick still plugging my gullet I had no option but drown or swallow. Sick to my stomach, I gulped the hot, thick load down and the cum of my first rapist passed down into my stomach, to join the piss of the others.

I wanted to die. I wanted to curl up and cry. I wanted to go home, no longer caring about this job, no longer caring for anything but to be away. They didn’t care. Another grabbed my piss-soaked hair and shoved his cock in my already-sore mouth, and my violation continued… a never-ending routine of long, forceful thrusts; I struggled to keep my mouth open, my teeth at bay. My eyes were frequently on the man’s eyes and begging for mercy or looking at the camera in naked dismay. My throat closed around one length of cockmeat after the next as tears spilled from my eyes.

Hard to breathe. THRUST.

My cheeks hollowing around the cock in my mouth. THRUST.

My tongue lapping helplessly beneath a shaft. THRUST.

The scent of urine overwhelming in my nose, whenever the musk of my rapist wasn’t. THRUST.

My nose is buried in pubic hair. THRUST.

Being captured on camera, a permanent recording of my rape. THRUST.

My lips twitching reverently around hard flesh. THRUST.

Help me, daddy… THRUST

It never seemed to end. Thrust slam no moan FLASH rape Alicja grunt whore squelch dizzy STOP hot cunt mffft no rock camera flesh wet slap RAPE forced salty beg nonono grunt NO cumming stOp pLEa—THRUST SLAM SLAP LAUGH TAKEITYOUFUCKINGWHORE—

Someone, please save me. Someone give me mercy. Any mercy. Any at all.

Instead, they give me every last drop. Some splatters on my face. Some splatters on my tits. Most they make me swallow.

I was passed from man to man for what felt like hours. Just as they had all given me their piss, they would now give me their cream. They were merciless, pounding me non-stop till my jaw was numb, massive amounts of saliva falling from the sides of my mouth. I was nothing but a piece of fuck meat to them, my mouth a hole for them to use. They could treat me in a way they never could their wives or girlfriends, slapping my face as they raped and spunked me, spitting down on me, talking nasty to me.

“Choke on it you slut, let me see those eyes bulge, let me hear you gag!”

“Talk about a fucking swallower, your stomach must to fit to burst with piss and cum you fucking whore!”

“We should find some dogs to fuck her!”

“Where would we find a dog with standards that low?”

“Well, Jakub seems to be enjoying…”


Over and over and over, until my world was reduced to a single darkening tunnel through which I could see only the face of my latest rapist, meeting his eyes and begging for mercy while he suffocated me with his cock, over and over and over…

When the gang rape of my mouth was complete, the only way I knew was that I was thrown face down to piss-soaked carpet, then held down by my ankles and wrists as ropes started to be wound around the body, tying my arms to my sides, make me even more helpless. Rough hands were then on my ass, pulling apart my cheeks.

“No please”, I said, now knowing what was coming, “your cocks are too big, I’ve… I’ve never done anal before!”

My boss laughed. “Never done anal, have you? Boys, this girl isn’t even a virgin in her ass.”

The coworker already behind me sneered. “What a whore.”

“Alicja the asswhore,” another agreed.

“We should punish her for that,” said a third.

I wanted to weep. The only reason… the only reason… was that he had broken my rear in with a flashlight already! “Well then, you’ll just have to make every time hurt like her first time,” Mr Kowalski said, making sure to catch everything with his camera as I was picked up and lifted onto a desk. “Make sure she never forgets every single ‘first time’ we give her.” My boss winked at me as I stared at him with wide, horrified eyes. “I want to see her ass raped right through this desk. Show her no fucking mercy!”

The first man climbed on top of me, his hot breath on my neck, his hard cock pressing at my ass, his body so heavy I had trouble breathing. “Hi, my name is Antoni,” he said. “I just started yesterday. Hell of a way to introduce myself, by ramming my big cock up your ass. Now let me hear you scream!”

I didn’t disappoint. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeargh!” I screeched as the pain against my ass grew and grew and then sharpened as it yielded to his sadistic enthusiasm. Powered by evil lust for violence and pain, the thick cock powered into my ‘virgin’ territory, giving my ass its first real cock. My ass clenching instinctively, trying desperately to shove him out, but his rock hard scepter drove through the resistance as surely as the flashlight had, and the swelling only made it more painful for me as his prick dug tunnel inside me. In the end, all my struggles did was make myself a nicer, tighter hole for him to rape. When he was all the way in, his balls slapping against my bare cunt, he paused for a bare moment to enjoy the sensation of my clenching hole… And then he began to hammer my body, tearing me up with vicious, thrusting strokes. All the others cheered on the rape, eagerly awaiting their turn.

“Yeah Alicja, I’m gonna pump your ass full of cum. Bet you like being anally raped don’t you? Walking around the work place wearing tight pants, showing of the shape of that perfectly curved ass, you’re just asking to be screwed up the shithole… aaaaaaaaaah!”

He spewed his seed into me, searing my ass walls with the violating cream. But he was just the first of many. There must have been about dozen men lined up to ream my asshole… and the second he pulled out, the next took his turn. If anything, he made me scream even louder… at least until he walked around to my head. “Look at the mess you made,” he said, waving the cock in my face.

I almost threw up to look at it. The thing was huge, and I could remember vaguely choking on it earlier… only now it was glistening with spit and stained pink with blood… and both of those were less offensive than the disgusting brown stains all over it. The scent filled my nose and made me retch… but as I opened my mouth to protest he shoved it right in. I choked out a disgusted, surprised sound as the tasted filled my mouth… even worse than I was imagining. The taste of my own ass made me gag, my eyes watering from sheer loathing and nausea. I tried to pull my head away but he wrapped a fist in my hair. “I told you, ass slut. Clean your mess.”

If I bit, they would have killed me. If I had known what was coming, I might have done it anyway. Instead, I slowly began to wrap my tongue around his filthy cock. I gagged again, trembling with utter horror and disgust, but my tongue didn’t stop working. My tears dripped down my cheek to add to the men to lick off his dick, and the salty taste of them added itself to the disgusting slurry filling my pallet as my tongue worked to scrape the disgusting taste off of him… even as another man was busy painfully adding more of the same to his own cock.

And to my horror, his dick began to grow hard again inside my mouth.

I would have thought I was done gagging on being throatfucked by now… that my gag reflex was too exhausted and weak. I was wrong. As that huge cock began to stab at the back of my throat yet again, I once again began to retch as he ground my head into his crotch, my possibly-broken nose hurting horrible as it brushed his groin as he slid inside my sore throat in his quest to skewer me. Then he was fucking my face and choking me while another man continued his quest to turn my ass inside out with his virile prick.

It was one long train of raping cock… Non-stop thrusting and coming in my ass, more slaps and spits on my face, more degrading talk hurled at me. I was sure my ass was bleeding… it was actually a more comforting thought than that all the wetness came from cum shoved up my ass. Most of them had me suck them clean afterward. Most of them fucking my face again, either until they came to just until they were hard enough to want a go at another of my holes. It didn’t matter… any fight I had left was fucked right out of me. I had stopped screaming. I was barely aware of being moved, but I suddenly realized I was on my back, legs pulled apart, and now each of my co-workers were going to take turns in my cunt – as if my mouth and ass had not been enough.

Mr Kowalski spoke then, mostly looking at me through the camera that had never once stopped filming me. “You know, it’s very unhygienic to fuck someone up the ass and then do them in their cunt bareback. Who knows what kind of disease you’ll get?” He spat onto my face. “And you’ll deserve all of them.”

Face after demented face snarled down above me. All these men that harbored sexual fantasies about me were now pumping away in between my thighs, unleashing their lust, unconstrained by societal morality. I was the woman in the office that they wanted, but could not have-until now. And now they were saying fuck you. Fuck you bitch, you’re completely powerless and we’re dominating you and raping you in every hole. They were reveling in my humiliation, delighting in the pain on my face, savoring the tightness of my cunt.

And I could do nothing about it.

When it was all done, and every pair of balls in the office had been emptied inside of me, I was half dead… barely even aware where I was anymore. Still, I felt it as they pulled me back up onto all fours. With cum seeping out of all my holes, and dripping down my thighs, I became aware that several had given me a facial, the cum in my hair and dripping down over my face and off my chin.

Mr Kowalski took my lead off the hook, grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me down from the desk. My cum-slick skin slid easily over it, and I hit the ground hard… not that anyone cared if I hurt myself. He then paraded me around the office, smiling as each man then took pictures on their phones to add to the porn he had been recording all day. He delighted in telling me how he had passed out printed copies of all the stories I had been reading, and men would no doubt enjoy reading them while looking at my picture and stroking their hard cocks.

Then, when he was doing, he indicated the path we had taken. “Look, Alicja… you’re spilling cum all over the floor… that’s disgusting.” He sneered. “And you’ve gotten piss all over the floor, too. I knew you were a lazy, good for nothing slut, but I didn’t know you were going to be this sloppy… if I did, I would have kicked you to the curb where you belonged. Clean it up!”

I just stared at him with dead, exhausted eyes… unable to believe the words coming out of him. He kicked me, sending me sprawling. “Suck. It. All. Up. Use your fucking tongue and clean up your mess, whore!”

Crying, I got to it. I crawled over the floor, scrubbing it with my tits and hair, licking up every bit of piss and cum I could, sucking it out of the carpet. My stomach heaved and I wanted to vomit, but I kept going. And going. And going. And go-”

A heavy hand landed on my shoulder. “Alright slut, it’s time to move.”

I felt utterly exhausted, and wanted to drop to the ground. I was covered in cum and piss and dirt, sickeningly used up and thrown away… but my eyes widened as I saw that it was building security.

“You’re trespassing,” he said. “You’ll have to leave.”

“But… I work here…” The words seemed ridiculous coming out of my mouth, and the security officer couldn’t help but laugh, making me further want to die.

“That’s not what he says,” he answered, pointing over at Mr Kowalski where he was standing by the water cooler, talking with one of my coworkers. “He told us there was a filthy homeless whore who had come in here and made and mess.”

I wanted to cry. I didn’t know what to say. I could barely think or speak or move. I was so exhausted and completely in shock. I wanted to tell him I’d been raped, to beg for help, to say anything… but nothing would come out of me. “Help…” I whispered at last.

He didn’t press me… but he didn’t laugh, either. He got a blanket from somewhere and wrapped it around me and then helped me out the door. I could feel the hungry, laughing eyes of my coworkers on me even as I felt their cum dripping out of me. I felt the cold pavement underneath my feet as I made my way to the car that was parked just outside the door. Then I felt my head being pushed down as I was put in the back seat of the car. The door shut behind me and I huddled into a ball in the back seat.

The engine started and we pulled away and I felt myself drift off in the warmth of the heated car and the soft blanket I was wrapped in, crying myself to sleep… and wondering how I was going to live with myself after this.

Little did I know I wasn’t going to be given that opportunity anytime soon…

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