Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 4

For Alicja, the world’s most pathetic cumrag. Merry Christmas you Ho Ho Whore.

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“No, please!” I whimpered, trying to back away from the group of men. This wasn’t fair… it wasn’t. I had just stepped outside for one second to get rid of that filthy mattress, the horrible reminder of what had just happened to me all day in my own bedroom. I just wanted the nasty, cum and piss covered mattress out of my life, and out of my apartment. How was I supposed to know there would be more of them just outside the building, waiting for me in the alleyway behind it? How could I have expected them to crowd me like this?

I looked up and down the alley at all of the men in the early morning light, the sky the color of a monitor turned on and displaying nothing. There were so many of them… it was hard to count with my heart pounding but there had to be at least ten or fifteen.

My coworkers looked perfectly normal. They were well groomed, they wore office clothing like they had recently ended their shifts, they seemed put together and personally normal. They could have walked down the street and no one, least of all me, would have paid them any mind normally… but this wasn’t normal. Underneath their clean clothes and professional haircuts and casual appearances, beneath beards and hats and suits and ties, the men looked scary as they looked at me. Some had wild eyes, and some were smiling like psychopaths. Other looked dangerously calm. All of them made me think of earlier times, of Vikings and Roman Legions, when men could just take what they wanted. All of them looked at me like a lamb on the way to be slaughtered.

Like meat.

Slowly, my coworkers crowded around me, blocking my path back to the door without going through them. Then, as the ones closest to me started to grab at my arms and my boobs, and the shirt I had put on over my nakedness after the shower suddenly seemed too thin, too pathetic as they all got their hands all over me. “Please… I whimpered as I tried to pull away from them. “What do you want? What are you doing here?”

The overcame my resistance without any effort at all as they clustered around me like fan or old friends… if they weren’t feeling me up beneath my clothing. “You didn’t show up to work. That was disappointing, Alicja,” one of them said. “We just wanted to have some fun, little lady. We’d have come right in, but… well, those assholes didn’t leave us the key. We’ll have to get a copy next time.”

It was just too much. I sobbed. “Please… no, not again. This is where I live! I just want to go back home!”

“Heh, what a nice bitch,” one of them said. “We’ll let you go back. So kind of you to invite us in. We’ll even leave you alone, Alicja… once we’re done with you.” Then he reached out and grabbed one of my tits through my T-shirt and twisted the nipple hard, like he was actually trying to twist it off my chest.

I screamed, or tried to as I tried to back away from him. One of the men covered my mouth with his hand, holding me against him as we moved through the hallways of my building. There were so many people around… they would be sleeping at this hour but if I could only scream, if I could only call out for help…

“I don’t remember the slut being this feisty before,” another one of the men around me said with a laugh. “She was such an obedient, eager whore back at the office. Looks like she found a bit to spirit.”

“All the more fun to fuck out of her. Quick, grab her arms and legs before she tries to get away.”

“Mmmm!” I moaned through the hand as I struggled. I thought for a moment that I might get away, but just as I pushed through two of my former coworkers I felt myself being pulled back, then my legs came out from underneath me. The men had ahold of my arms and legs and had picked me up so that my entire body was suspended in mid air. I kicked and screamed into my captor’s hand but it did no good. They were all holding me tight. I doubt I would have heard a thing if I were at the end of the hall, much less sleeping safe behind locked doors.

I struggled and squirmed in mid air, trying to pull my arms and legs free from the men who were holding them almost spread eagle, but nothing I did helped. They were gripping me so tight, and there were so many of them, I couldn’t get away. I realized they were carrying me somewhere, and as my body moved along I felt my clothes being ripped off of me. And, once again, I was completely naked and surrounded by a group of rapists who were grouping my tits and my pussy.

The group of men stopped moving and I heard a door lock and realized I was back in my apartment… but they didn’t set me down. A bunch of them held me in the air while one of them pulled my head backward and stuck the head of his cock into my mouth, while another pushed his way in between my legs. I tried to shake my head to stop the cock from going down my throat, but it was being held tight just like the rest of my body so all I could do was try to scream as I felt my throat fill up. I gagged a few times as the thick, nasty cock moved in and out of my throat and mouth. My face was pressed into the man’s body and I swear he hadn’t showered since the last time he had raped me… I could have sworn I tasted my ass on his length.

I felt my body bouncing back and forth between the two men as they slammed there cocks into me. When the man who was fucking my pussy plowed into me my body would lurch up and the cock in my mouth would get crammed down my throat. Then, when the coworker who was fucking my throat slammed his body into my face my body lurched down and the cock in my pussy would be driven further inside me. No matter what direction I was going my throat was crammed full and I couldn’t take a breath. And all the while the men surrounding me were grabbing at my body and were jerking off with their cocks poking out of the unzipped flies of their pants. As I was fucked, a caught a glimpse of my surroundings… they had brought me into my sitting room but they didn’t even bother putting me down on the couch…

I could feel the guy’s huge belly resting on my chin, and I could smell his sweaty, musky balls as they slapped my face each time he thrust his cock down my throat. I had no idea who this man’s name even was, but he was fucking my face like it was a cheap, second hand fleshlight donated to a homeless shelter… It was disgusting thinking about taking his dick, but he certainly didn’t care. He and others were plenty eager to cram themselves into my mouth and pussy.

I was already so sore from what had happened to me in the office and in my apartment earlier, and now that it was happening again I felt like my throat and pussy were being ripped to shreds by the men who were violently fucking me on both ends. It was astounding… each time, I was just more swollen, more painful. It never got easier… only more and more miserable with each passing inch of cock.

The guy down my throat came quickly, and as he pulled out of my mouth he came all over my face. It was horrifying, but a small part of me was grateful he had cum… a shameful thought, but at least it meant that I could breathe again. Before the next of my coworkers crammed his filthy cock down my throat I felt myself being turned over. Now my bare feet were on the cold hardwood of the room and I was bent over so that one of the men could stick his cock in my asshole and another could fuck my face.

I felt my raw asshole being spread apart as the head of a cock entered it. I tried to scream, but my mouth was now full of a brand-new, smelly dick. I felt two hands on my head, then I felt it being picked up and slammed down onto the cock in my mouth over and over. The guy was using my mouth and throat like his own personal blowup doll.

I couldn’t believe this was happening again. I didn’t understand what I’d done to deserve being raped by yet another group of men for the third time in less than three days. I wanted to fight but… but there were so many men around me. It was pointless, and I was too weak and pathetic and just so, so, so tired…

As my head was bouncing up and down on the guy’s cock, the men around me were slapping me with their own filthy cocks, and some were coming on my face and body. They were yelling and laughing and talking about how they were going to fuck my body until I passed out, then they were going to toss me in the garbage where I belonged. I couldn’t care less right then… I barely even noticed they were recording me, like usual. It was disgusting and humiliating and I prayed it would end soon if only so I could get on with the passing out and rest…

After more men fucked me in the face and in the asshole I felt my body being picked up again and moved. The group of men laid me down on the couch and I could feel it getting stained with the filthy jizz covering my skin. They turned me onto my back, and I caught a glimpse of two groups of men standing in lines at my head and near my ass, just waiting to fuck me at either end.

They just kept coming and coming, some of them obviously getting in line more than once because when their cocks were dangled in front of my face they were limp and already covered in cum thick, white cum, or the taste of my pussy or stained with my ass. Most of it was jizz though… from all of the different coworkers who had just shot their loads inside my pussy and my asshole, and now they were planning on sticking that filthy mess right into my mouth.

I knew that’s what they were doing — going from my asshole or my pussy to my mouth. They didn’t care. I had seen most of these people been wonderfully polite. Be kind and gentle and considerate. They didn’t treat all women like this. They didn’t treat other women like garbage… it was only me they wanted to treat like this, like a fuckable piece of trash… someone to degrade and humiliate and destroy, and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I just had to keep sucking down there filthy cocks while there cum dripped down my throat, and down my face.

While I was laying on top of my couch with my head hanging over one end, I was so exhausted and worn out that I passed out. Every once in a while I would come to and my body would still be lurching back and forth as the men took turns slamming into me, but even that took on a dream-like quality… I would drift and drift, coming back for small flashes of reality with new men fucking me. One of them turned around and pulled his pants down and sat right on my face, forcing me to lick his filthy asshole and tongue his musky balls as they hung on my face. That was disgusting enough that it broke through the general haze of exhaustion of overwhelming sensation and suffering as I heard the guy moaning while he jerked off, riding me and forced me to rim his asshole as he stroked himself. It wasn’t sure how long that lasted, but when he came, I know he turned around and blew his load on my face.

This went on all night long. There were times when I was awake and I was freezing, but most of the time I think I was passed out. When I finally remember coming to, I had been tied up at some point… my arms tied tightly behind my back and to a rope around my neck, and I was bobbing my head obediently as I sucked the cock of a man sitting on the couch. To my surprise, I realized that it was my boss… Mr Kowalski.

“There… there’s a bit of light behind those eyes,” he mocked me, his hand still gripping onto a fistful of my hair. His dick.. The dick of the man who had put me through all of this, was in my mouth… my ass scraping off of my lips and teeth and I obediently sucked on him. My teeth were around his cock. Everyone else seemed to have gone… I was alone in my apartment with only one captor, only one rapist. I could fight back. Instead, I softly whimpered and pressed my tongue further against his cock.

God I was pathetic.

Mr Kowalski kept one hand on my hair, guiding me as I took him as deep as he wanted, as fast as he wanted, a phone in his hand and recording me. My phone, I realized. “You didn’t show up for work today, Alicja,” he said and I could hear the smile in his voice. I didn’t want to look at him, but keeping my eyes down wasn’t going unnoticed. “Look at me!” he ordered, and my tear-filled, reddened eyes went up to look at his as I gagged on his length like a pathetic whore. “Your shift was 10 to 6… did you forget?” He chuckled softly as he held my head down, denying me life-giving breath as casually and easily as I could crush an ant. “Normally, I’d write up an employee for something like that… but I think we both know you require more motivation. Maybe it’s time we made my expectations of you more clear, Alicja.”

I gasped as he ripped my head off his dick, letting me suck in air around the spit and accumulated cum still clogging my mouth. By the time I had caught my breath, he was holding my phone up in front of my face. “See this? I’ve already copied every number in it. All your friends, all your family. Former and current roommates, coworkers, and schoolmates. And this…” he showed me a simple app he had installed. “This is just a remote control. Really simple. It’s… its like a dead man switch, Alicja. Once I push this button, it has to stay down. If the button goes five seconds without being pushed… every picture, every video, every sound clip… everything we’ve taken of you for the last two days will be sent to every one of those numbers. Uploaded to every porn site I could find. Linked to on reddit, put up in the cloud. Five seconds, and the the entire world, including everyone you’ve ever loved, will know exactly what kind of a worthless whore you are.”

He pressed the button… and tossed it to the floor. “Five.”

I didn’t think… I just reacted. I was bound and pathetic and exhausted and as graceful as a beached seal, but I flopped down off the couch, lunging for it. “Four,” his voice said. I couldn’t let my family see what they had done to me… and how little I had fought. How pathetic I was. My sister would die laughing at me. My father and brother would never look at me again. I could imagine the disgust in my mother’s eyes, and the pity.

My legs and arms had fallen asleep. I collapsed in a heap on the hardwood, trying to squirm towards the phone. I could hear the laughter in my bosses voice as he called out “Three.” I squirmed and wiggled, helpless, desperate. “Two.” He actually had his own phone in his hand now, recording this. I bet he was going to watch this later and laugh himself silly. How pathetic it must have looked, me wiggling on the ground bound hand and foot, squirming like a desperate, pathetic little worm while he laughed. “One…”

With one final effort, I lunged forward and pressed the button with my nose… and I heard the most beautiful sound of my life. A bright, clear ding. “Not bad,” he said, laughing as I heard him getting up. “Now you just need to keep it held down.” I rested my face against the button, keeping it pressed while my boss went over to be, leaned over me, bellied up. I jumped when he forced his cock into my ass… and my nose came off the button. There were a few confusing moments of pain and agony and confusion as I was assraped while trying to find the phone again, pressing my face back against the bottom while he fucked me.

My boss thrust into me over and over, thrilling in the disgusted sounds I made and the clenching of my squeezing asshole. The thrusts forced me across the floor which constantly threatened to leave the phone behind, making me squirm to make sure I dragged it with me. Occasionally, even worse, he grabbed onto my hair and used it to pull me back against him, lifting me off the phone entirely. I blabbered and whimpered and gargling pathetic begging noises when he did, trying to fight my way back to the phone. He always release me with barely a second to spare to find it again.

“My expectations are simple, whore,” he growled while he fucked me. “You are going to show up to every. Single. Shift. On time. From now on. You are going to report to my office, and I’ll find something for you to do that… fits your… special… skills.” He was fucking me so roughly I was afraid I was going to lose the phone. Eventually though, I managed to get it in my mouth… my lips pressing down on the button to save the last shreds of my dignity. “Today, I cut you a break. I gave them the key to your house and let you “work” from home instead. I won’t be so generous again… you fail to show up a second time, and the whole world meets Alicja the whore.”

He held my body down flat as he slammed into me with all the strength he could muster, plundering every last bit of pleasure from my body he could as I served my only purpose. “I want you to imagine what that will be like. I want you to imagine the shame in your loved ones eyes as they watch you guzzling piss like a urinal. I want you to imagine every single boyfriend you ever will have looking at you and already knowing he can hold you down and force you to take anything he wants to give you and you’ll just lay there and moan like a whore. I want you to imagine hearing a group of men laugh as you pass and wondering… did one of them say a funny joke? Or did one of them just tell the others how the girl who just walked by was gangraped by hundreds of men, and you’re the joke? Imagine that…”

He grunted as he came in my asshole, my skull feeling like it was going to crack from his weight on it as he held me down until he was finished. On then did he take the phone out of my mouth, press some kind of combination on it before tossing it onto the couch, and standing over me. “It’s off… but if you aren’t the perfect little company whore, it all goes out. Every last bit of it.” He was filming me as I looked up into the camera, my eyes wide and filled with tears as he captured the pathetic look of me.

“So, what do you say, Alicja? Do you want to become the world’s most worthless, humiliated porn starlet? OR are you going to be the perfect little company whore? Are you going to show up at work in six hours and be a fleshlight for whomever I decide to give you to?”

I sobbed. Then I looked right into the camera and whispered. “Yes sir…”

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