Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 5

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For Alicja… the dumb cunt. Enjoy this!

I was softly crying as I listened to Mr Kowalski on the phone, arguing one thing or another. He had been doing that all morning… talking into his phone, his voice aggressive, his tone demanding. I barely listened… I was too busy sucking his cock.

I was tied up under his desk, my hands tied behind my back tightly enough that they had long since gone numb. Another rope ran between them and my ankles, keeping me in place, making it so I couldn’t move. I couldn’t be seen from the back, and already a few dozen people and come and gone into his office without noticing me… I didn’t know who in the office knew that I was a fucktoy and who didn’t, but it didn’t matter… none of them were going to see me. Just the phone was.

I had been coming into work for the last two weeks like a good little girl… not willing to give Mr Kowalski a reason to ruin my life. Or what was left of my life. The first day, he had explained the rules of my new life. I was going to pay back every single cent I had stolen from the company by spending time playing with my pussy rather than working… something he priced at 5,000 US dollars. The thing was, my holes just weren’t worth enough to be a proper whore… he couldn’t possibly justify charging more than a dollar for them. I wasn’t just going to be a whore for him… I was going to be a cheap whore. That would have been bad enough… but Mr Kowalski clearly wasn’t satisfied with just turning me into a prostitute. The way he said it, this was avoidance training… like having a child smoke a whole pack of cigarettes at once. If I didn’t cum while the man was raping me, that fuck was free.

The first day I hadn’t cum once. Not even a single time. He had tied me up in the break room for his preferred shift of men, and they had been a constant stream of men fucking me all day. Towards the end, I was even trying to cum… actively trying to persuade my body that I was the worthless whore they said I was, that I should cum from being violently raped and hurt. It hadn’t worked. They had just fucked and beat me… not a single touch designed to make my body respond. It was, with soul-rending shame, that I realized what I needed to do.

The next day I begged.

I begged men to fuck me. To touch me. To use my body to please themselves. I told them I was a dirty, sloppy whore, promised them I wanted their dicks, offered to prove it if only they would play with my clit while they raped me. By the end of the day, I was the proud owner of 12 whole dollars. The next day, it was 40. The next, 50. The most shameful part was how easy it once, once I got started… and that was the point, I think. They wanted me to know I was a dirty fuckdoll. They didn’t want to call me a worthless, rape loving slut… they wanted me to be one, and I wasn’t even resisting.

The next day, they were cruel. Mr Kowalski didn’t strip me. He took me to my old desk, handcuffed me to the chair, and made me do my job like normal.

The routine of it… the normalcy. It burned after the week I’d had. It made me feel almost human again, and after what had been done to me, and what I was going to need to do tomorrow, that hurt worse than a thousand whip welts. I ever got messages from some of my fans over in America during the day. My boss told me I was to answer them as normal, so I did. At the end of the day, he told me that now I owed him 20 dollars more.

The next day it was harder to cum. I only managed four times.

Pathetic fucktoy.

It was better the day after that. And the day after that. And then day after that.

Then another normal day. Another inability to cum. Another time spend feeling like a normal girl if only for a few precious, seductive, horrible hours.



So here I was, on my knees under his desk, hoping for my body to betray me as I sucked on his cock. Only giving blowjobs was the worst… I would never make myself cum like that. My face flushed, I had begged him to stick a dildo in me while I worked under his desk. He had, too… but he had declared that was too easy.

So he shoved the flashlight back up my ass as well. Every time I tried to move my hips on the dildo and work myself up towards cumming, I was skewering my sore ass too. Everytime I managed to cum, it was despite that pain. Every time, I felt like more of a whore.

I should, I guess. My face said it all, written in my lipstick. Kurwa, it said. Whore.

When he put me down here, he had put a ring gag in my mouth. I hadn’t understood why at the time… I was long past being willing to resist. Six hours later, I understood… my jaw was so sore it felt like it was going to fall off and at times it was the only thing keeping my mouth open. It wasn’t here to protect him from resistance. It was there to protect him from me being a stupid, worthless, lazy cunt. I still moved my hips up and down, pain in my ass, pleasure in my cunt. My heard was beating hard as I moved my head up and down on his length, pounding in my ears. As I thought about him doing this to me, to the point of view he must be seeing… what that camera pointed at me under the desk had to be seeing. I was going to cum, soon. I honestly felt like I would rather vomit, but… when was the last time what I wanted mattered? I felt so ashamed. I had lost control of my arousal… beneath the desk my toes started to curl. My fingers dug into my palms where they were bound… and I was softly moaning on his cock. I felt him rip my head up, pulling me by the hair, adjusting me so I could look up at him as he talked on the phone, my dick in my mouth as I made eye contract with my boss. I looked that son of a bitch in the eye and moaned as he pulled my hair and raped my face.

I tried to focus on him. I looked up at him, at the phone, as he looked down at me. I thought about his perspective. What he saw. What it felt like for him. Whether he gave thought to how my body was reacting on its own. I was sucking on the tip of his penis, barely moving. When I actually thought about what I was doing, it disgusted me. Don’t think about it. I gagged, slightly, his cock forced slightly out of my mouth, and I felt Mr Kowalski immediately pull me up by the hair, my mouth moving back into better position. My eyes welled up as he forced himself further in, using his grip on my head to force it deep rougher than I would have if I had still been in control. He left me in control, let me suck his cock at my own pace, until I wasn’t doing it well enough anymore. Just suck it good and you won’t suffer, stupid cunt Alicja. I’m not sure where he put the phone, but he was no longer holding it… My boss had one hand on the back of my head, and his other was moving towards my nose… pinching it shut.

I didn’t have any response initially. I was still. My mind was first to betray me. I thought about how I had a cock in my throat. How I couldn’t breath anymore… And despite the miles of dick I had taken down my throat at this point, I panicked. My body started trembling. My hands strained against the bonds, my body weight shifting beneath the desk as I gagged and gagged again and again. I couldn’t stop, feeling the taste on my tongue, couldn’t think about anything but how I couldn’t breath, how I was choking on a fat dick. And I gasped, deeply, when he pulled it out and let go of my nose. I coughed, gasping, loudly.

“What was that?” I heard a small, tinny voice over the phone.

“Nothing,” my boss said. “Probably just an animal in a trap. We have some pathetic rodents around here, maintenance keeps trying to get rid of them… but I guess they need a firmer hand.”

He was still chuckling and I was still gasping when he hung up the phone and pulled out, rubbing his slimy cock against my face. “Maybe you’ll like the balls more, Alicja,” he said, pressing his dick’s underside against my forehead and in my hair. “Suck on those, instead,” he commanded me. I didn’t really move my face… I wasn’t sure if, in my position, I could move my face enough to do that, but I did stick my tongue around, lapping at him, until he shifted slightly forward and let me suck one of his tentacles into his open mouth. It was hairy, unshaven, and my mind couldn’t stop circling around the idea of how disgusting his pubic hair was in my mouth. I gagged, trying to hold my breath, trying not to smell him, trying to think about anything else.

There was nothing else to think about.

His hand was in my hair, pulling at it. He had positioned himself in front of me, with my face and chin just at the level of his crotch… face to face with my boss’ cock. It was erect, glistening with spit and precum, and far larger than I could take comfortable. The head seemed an angry purple as I looked at it, observed it, tried to distract myself from gagging on his nuts. I felt his hands press against my skull as pushed, shifting me, and then he had forced his length inside me once again. It reached the very back of my throat quickly, and his hand, pressing on my skull, left me without mobility as he filmed me. He was using my face like a toy, and despite every desire I had I couldn’t pull away from him. I was locked as he pulled me towards his body, my lips at the base of his dick as he my skull there. I was still at first. I didn’t move. I didn’t think. I didn’t even breathe, I don’t think. Until I realized I needed to breathe. Until I realized that I was choking… then, I panicked.

My heart started to race at this. I hadn’t taken a breath in who knows how long. I could feel my head starting to hurt. My face, the pain, starting to hurt. I didn’t think about my nose. Whether I could or couldn’t breathe out of it. I just panicked. I tried staring at his stomach, at the fabric of his shirt. I tried to focus on my life before this had happened. My friends. My family. Just a few thousand dollars and I’d be able to get out of here. I’d be able to go back to the way things were. It would be over soon… But every time I tried to think about it, my mind would go back to my boss’ cock smothering me. When I gagged, I knew I knew he wasn’t going to let go… He was going to keep me on him until he was satisfied and not a second before. In reality, I had probably only been choked for maybe ten seconds, at most, but it felt like eternity. I felt like I hadn’t tasted air in a lifetime. Despite myself I tried to pull back, wiggling in my bonds… it only drove the dildo and the flashlight further into my sore holes. Anything to give myself any chance of getting my head free, to do something. I looked up to plead with my eyes… horrified, pathetic, begging. I only had one thought left in my skull… that I couldn’t die on my boss’ dick… but I could also do nothing to stop it.

Finally, right before I blacked out, he loosened his grip. As his penis slid out of my mouth, I gasped, sucking it air and breathing in spit and precum with it, making me cough. Mr Kowalski gave me a sharp slap across my temple, making my eyes redden and more tears fall as I looked up at him, utterly pathetic.

 “Worthless whore,” he mocked, scowling down at me. I clenched my hollow eyes, whimpered, and pushed my tired mouth back onto his shaft, forcing it down a little further. Instead of letting me, he reached down, yanking his fistful of my hair, and wrenched by head back. He stared straight down into my eyes as I made I silent, truly pathetic please for mercy with my dick in my mouth… just in time for him to spit, right onto my forehead. The lump of slime felt cool on my skin as it made its way down into my eye socket and out again, tracing its way across my cheek and onto my lips before he slapped me again. “You sicken me, Alicja… you know that? You’re a truly worthless excuse for a human being. When I look at you, I feel sick inside knowing that I live on the same planet as you and some people consider us the same species. When I look at you, I don’t see a girl… I see a worthless hunk of vaguely human-shaped waste littering a sewer. I don’t know why I ever let you touch me.”

A tear rolled down my flushed cheek. I don’t know why his words always made me feel so pathetic, even more than being treated like a blowup doll, but they did. The camera must have caught the glistening tear perfectly because he smiled before he slammed my face back into his lap. With a sickening gulp, it burrows all the way into my throat in a second. My gag reflex fought the invasion, but instead of helping me breathe or force it out in only managed to milk his shaft as my body trembled and fought for air. He slammed me up and down like that for a while, as violently as he could, and each time made me come one second closer to losing it, my limbs trembling in their bonds. When I began heaving, he popped his cock out for a second, long enough for me to suck in half a breath as I retched and finally my bile rushed up like a burning, disgusting tide. I was going to throw up all over him, all over the floor, all over the chair… he was going to punish me so badly.

Instead, just before I vomited, he drilled back into my face, impaling me completely and instead the thick slime jetted out of my nose and pulses from the corners of my mouth. My dull eyes went wide, horrified, as it felt like my nostril were on fire, like my throat had been doused in gasoline and torched too. I was lost in misery, and he didn’t even pause… happily slapping my face into his wet lap, when my body gives up the fight and falls limp at his feet. So he intensifies the barrage of abuse on what used to be the prettiest face in school, treating it like nothing more than a receptacle for any fluids a man might feel an urge to force into me. My face felt covered in slime and I gurgled with every moment of his cock, choking on my own disgusting slop as he laughed at me, grinding my gagged-open maw back onto his cock. My tongue hung limp and lifeless out over my lips, so with each pump I was involuntarily licking his balls.

I thought he was going to kill me if he went any longer. He didn’t care. With a final burst of sadistic energy, he tore into my throat; bashing his cockhead through the resistance of my tonsils, bruising my larynx enough that I was sure I would be speaking in croaks, and tearing some of my hair right out of my scalp as he yanked me back and force by it. He pounds my face into his lap like the lifeless fleshlesh he had turned me into, like there was absolutely no part of me that existed or mattered except my face and throat. With each guttural slurp-gasp-slap-retch-gag-slosh he swelled a little further inside me and his balls felt a little hotter when they touched my skin… each time it felt like he hated me a little bit more than on the last stroke. I only awoke from my degraded trance in time to felt his cock throbbing on my tongue, and then he kicked me right between the lets… driving it the vicious dildo and making me scream onto his cock. He fucked my face like a rabid animal, slamming his cock deeper, bruising my face with his hips as he bashed my skull against his hip bones. “I can feel the fucking rings of your trachea, whore,” he grunted. “They’re milking my cock inside your fucking neck. That, right there, is the only worth… you… HAVE!”

He glared down at my blue face, and spitting once again into my bulging eyes, he couldn’t hold out anymore. He released the first surge of his bitter cum into my skull. Flow after flow shoots its way into my throat… each time he thrust his cock down my neck it flushed the goo into my broken soul. I didn’t do anything but swallow. What could I do… except take it like a good whore, stay still, and hope he’d had enough of me for now. I was zoned out… The only thing I remember clearly was the feeling of cum splashing against the back of my mouth and pouring down my throat. I remember because I wasn’t breathing, because he forced my head to his belly as he jizzed wave after wave of the salty, vile slime. I was choking… I was dying. I gagged, and felt it coming up and out my nose as I drowned in it.

With a shudder; he pulled out, wiped the last droplets into my eyes, and let me fall to the floor. Even through my dead-feeling soul, that hurt… I squealed as the vile cum and stomach acid scorched my eyes and I was left frantically blinking and rubbing it against his legs, the only thing I could reach, to get rid of it. I gasped as my body, several seconds late, remembered that it could breathe again, but as soon as I had opened my throat to the cool air, it was full again.

It took my dazed mind a moment to realize that he had pulled hme back up… that his cock was back inside me. That he was pissing right down my throat. The acrid, yellow urine burned like acid… searing in the tears his rough throatfucking had put in the back of my mouth. It was so much worse now than it had been before… The hollow sound of the babbling, pained scream I let out gurgles through the piss but while I was a stupid whore I wasn’t stupid enough to try to pull back and make him piss on the floor instead. I just gulped as quickly as I can before the rush of hot piss foamed over my lips and made a mess on the floor.

When he was finished, he pulled out. “Say ‘thank you,’ you dumb whore,” he growls, and kicks me right in the pussy again, driving that dildo in like a nail to my womb.

I coughed filth all over myself, but as quickly as I could I made the sounds with my gagged mouth. “GHhanch you shur… I luoghe ghhe tathe oh youu pithing in nhy ghhuoagh.” Then he put a single dollar bill from his wallet on the desk and looked at me, and I leaned forward and began to lap at his cock again.

A few days later, they had me in the bathroom. Most of the men didn’t say in there with me, of course. They had real work to do, I was just a slut. Instead, there were just a few that stayed with me and made sure I was doing my job right, and anyone who needed to use a toilet could come here to make sure that they could do their job right. By now I was used to being pulled around by a leash, so when they didn’t fasten one around my neck for once, I thought it was a mercy they weren’t going to be choking me. That was until I realized just how tight there tying the leashes around the bases of my tits. The pain when they pulled on them was so bitter that I had trouble not screaming, and the men thought that was hilarious… laughing and joking about how they were going to make my tits bigger, about how they had tied the ropes to the only good part of my slutty body.

The men’s bathroom smelled. Not surprising, since Mr Kowalski told me he’d had the janitor take the last two weeks off from cleaning it. I gagged at the smell the moment I was pulled into it, crying out in despair at my first look at the dingy room. I was pretty sure the moment it stopped being clean, and my coworkers had learned that I would need to clean it myself, they had started just pissing on the floors and walls rather than the urinals.

The men dragged me helplessly forward, deep into the foul chamber. “This is where you fucked yourself, right?” one of them asked. “Feels like being home, right?” He kicked me over onto my stomach, my face and tits pressed against the cold bathroom tile. My eyes stared vacantly at the row of filthy urinals, eyes wide. “Hands and knees, Alicja,” one of the men snarled, driving his foot into my side. “Move it you stupid whore… You’ve got some fucking cleaning to do!” He kicking me high on one lush hip. “If you want to maybe any money today at all you’ve got some work to do to earn your keep here you dumb skank. You fucked around in the bathroom cumming like a whore. You want to mess about in the bathroom, you can do something fucking useful for a change. Hell, I might even give you a dollar if you cum cleaning the urinals.”

“Don’t make the dumb cunt any promises,” the other man said, kicking me ass so hard that it felt as though he’d broken my tailbone. “She’d better do a good job if she wants that.”

“True,” he agreed, kicking me in the ribs so hard that I curled up on the filthy floor like a sexy little worm. “Now you’d better get on your hands and knees. Move it, Alicja-fuck-toy or I swear we’re going to kick you to fucking death!”

With a tiny, lost moan, I pushed myself off the floor, kneeling at the mens’ feet. I just knelt there, stretched out, my body feeling lean and stretched and agonized like a feral animal, body bowed, my head still hanging against the floor. My tits dangled under me, brushing the cold ground, and my ass hung out behind me. On the video, I looked like a sexy whore begging for more abuse. Instead, I just wanted to sleep, or possibly die.

One of the men rubbed the toe of his shoe over my face. “God you’re a worthless slut,” he said, laughing as I licked at the filthy leather and sucked at the tip of the show when he pushed it against my lips. He pulled it back and stepped on the back of my head, crushing it down against the filthy tiles. I could feel the tears running down my face. If I didn’t escape this place too, they were going to keep me until I was fucked hollow, until I was a used-up, worn-out whore…

But of course… wasn’t I already?

The man took his foot off the back of my neck and picking up a big bucket filled with soapy, dirty water. “Clean the floor, Alicja.” He swung the bucket to the floor in front of my head, splashing my face with the dirty, sudsy, foul smelling water water. I raised myself up on my hands until I looked in the bucket, confused… there was nothing in it but the water… not anything to clean the floor with. I looked up at my coworker with a puzzled expression.

“Dip your hair in,” he said with an easy grin. “Mop the floor with your hair. You might have to use your tongue for the really scummy parts, of course, but you don’t mind. Do you?”

My voice quivered. “N… No…” I whimpered. I let my brown hair dangle down into the dirty water. “I’ll clean the floor real good… and you’ll pay me?”

“Don’t get greedy, whore,” he laughed, holding the phone to record me. “Let’s see how good of a job you do.”

My hair was dripping water when I pulled it out of the bucket, soaked and dripping like a mop. I had to press my face against the filthy floor to scrub it with my hair. I felt like the scum half a centimeter thick on the tile. When I dragged my soaking hair over it, the caked filth turned into a muddy, sticky mess. I sobbed pitifully, already seeing that this would be hopeless… that I would never be able to get this clean using just my hair and the soapy water.

One of the men dropped to his knees behind me and wrapped his strong hands around my thighs. Before I knew what was happening, he pulled on my legs as though I was a wishbone as he was trying to split me, and I screamed in agony as he flattened my body onto filthy bathroom floor. Then, as I writhed there, my hair and tits scraping at the grime, he drove his hard cock up my asshole. Pain shot through my body like liquid fire, and I squirmed, desperately dragging my hair over the filthy floor, scrubbed while a coworker raped me up my ravaged shitter. His cock filled me, pushing aside my internal organs, burying itself deep inside my bowels. Pain burned through the straining muscles of my inner thighs and stabbed like a white-hot poker up my arched back as he forced me into an incredibly uncomfortable posture to fuck me. He grunted with pleasure as his cock bottomed out in my asshole, making me shriek even as he pulled back for another plunge.

My brown hair was already looking black, gloppy with the filth from the bathroom floor. Kicked and choked, beaten and raped, I lifted my head wearily, dunked my hair into the water again, and continued scrubbing.

The man behind me jolted by body with brutal fuck-strokes, hammering into me, cursing at me. “That’s right Alicja… Squeeze your hot little shitter on my big cock! And keep cleaning that floor! Come on, bitch, didn’t anybody ever teach you how to fucking clean? Do something useful for once in your life.”

“She never had before, why should she start now?” the second man said, tipping the bucket and splashing water onto the floor in front of my face. “It’s time you learned how the other half lives, skank. This is called ‘work.’ Real people have to do this to get paid, not sit around masturbating or getting fucked!”

I rubbed my hair into the filthy water, scrubbing the caked filth off the bathroom floor. I rubbed my face into it too, and soon my features were smeared black and filthy too. It stank, and it got in my mouth, indescribably foul. I tried not to think about what the sludge was, but the only distraction was the man behind me hammering his cock up my agonized asshole. I wallowed on the filthy floor like a pig, pulling myself painfully forward one jerking movement at a time to clean while a man worked to destroy my body with his cock.

I barely heard it when the door opened and a man walked in. “She available?” he said.

“Her face is,” the man raping me said.

“Cool.” I could hear him groan with pleasure as he dropped to his knees beside my face. I jerked with surprise when his cock splattered my face with gummy wet blobs of jizz. Cum splattered onto my cheek and into my ear, slithering down over my lips and dripping from my nose. I rubbed the slimy cock filth into the floor almost as quickly as the man splashed it onto my face but the sticky cum only made more of the dirt cling to my features.

“Fuck me back you lazy cunt,” the man behind me said, grabbing two fistfuls of my hanging tits and crushing them flat. “Move your lazy ass!” He dropped my tits, and I felt grateful about that for a second until I felt him grab the leash ropes around my breasts… I only had a second’s warning before he yanked back on them like reigns, making me shriek and buck against him. “Like that! Just because your cleaning doesn’t mean you get to be fucking lazy you dumb slut!” He was drilling his cock brutally into me, and I twitched and jerked with every punishing thrust, trembling with the effort of trying to clean the floor while having my tender, injured shitter fucked to shreds. I squeezed my sore asshole tight around his’s bruising prick, moaning in agony.

And then I whispered the words I hated most. “Please make me cum.”

Every movement was rubbing my clit against the filthy ground. I grunted like a pig with each thrust, grinding my nub against the grime as I tried to cum so I could get paid for this one, still rubbing my face and hair against the floor so I wouldn’t be punished more. I drooled lonto the filthy floor like an idiot before licking it away, myr pussy squirming and clenching around nothing as I cried out with each punishing thrust up my asshole.

“Cum you worthless cockwhore!” he roared, hammering his cock up my torn, clutching shit-chute. “What a tight asshole! You would have thought we’d have fucked it loose by now but I guess you just have natural talent at taking dick up this sexy ass, Alicja…” I screamed, tossing my head back off the floor as the man squirted jism deep into my ruined asshole. It felt like lava was flowing up my tight shitter… it burned every tear and abrasion a thousand rapes had made in my rear. I jerked like I was having a seizure as he unloaded his rape-seed deep inside my thrashing body as I banged my head against the floor hard enough I almost knocked myself out… and came. I came, kissing and licking and scrubbing at the dirty floor, rubbing my dirty matted hair against it, wiping away every trace of filth I could find.

All for a dollar.

The man pulled out of my ass, his big cock dripping cum and blood and shit. He wiped his prick clean on the small of my back. Before he had stepped away from me, he had traded for the phone of the second man and they had swapped places, and I once again had a cock slamming to the hilt inside my reamed out shitty.

I scream and cleaned. A man dropped to his knees in front of me and made me suck his cock until he spurted cum all over my face. I gurgled and kept cleaning, rubbing my face into the face that had been made on it. The first man to rape me kicked over the bucket of water, drenching my face, flooding the floor. I plunged my hair into the dingy water and scrubbed the floor eagerly, almost enthusiastically. I thought I might have to shave all my hair off after this… it looked like a matted, filthy mop by now, and my face was as black with grime as my mane was. I came again when the second man blasted his cum up my bleeding asshole. He grabbed my asscheeks as he spilled his jism inside me, pulling them so wide apart that when I saw the video later I was amazed they didn’t split. My pussy looked almost eager for a cock to be stabbed into it, drooling from my orgasm almost as eagerly as jizz dripped from my wounded asshole.

The next man to come in had a belt in his hands, and he used it… lashing my back with the belt, leaving stripes on my skin in angry red welt. I was using my mouth and tongue as much as my hair now, tasting the foulness… something as foul as I felt. My face and fair was like a sloppy sponge, something to use up and throw out when it got too dirty. The next man to come in decided to fuck me as well, dropping between my widespread legs and driving his cock easily into my asshole. I howled, flinching at every jarring hammerstroke of the man’s cock but I kept cleaning.

Kept cleaning.

Men pissed in my mouth.

Kept cleaning.

Deep throated me.

Kept cleaning.

Made me use my tongue to wash their hands.

Kept cleaning.

One day, I would learn that this was among my very most popular videos.

By the time I had finished cleaning the bathroom floor at least ten more men had fucked my wrecked asshole, and there were 5 dirt-caked singles on the ground for the times I had cum during my rape. The backs of my thighs were coated with a white sheen of jizz, and my asshole spilled cum in long, gooey strands. One of the men sat on her, holding onto the reigns attached to my tits. “Toilets next,” he said, pointing… but he didn’t get off me.

They were on the other side of the room.

The man was heavy, and it felt like I was going to collapse, but I already knew they wouldn’t accept that excuse. With a man straggling my bowed back, I moaned with pain and despair, almost falling with each crawling movement. I didn’t have the energy to cry anymore but I still felt one of the remaining tiny shard of pride and independence and dignity I had left die and be ground into worthless dust beneath my hand and knees as I walked him over to the toilets.

Then I stared down at them in horror.

I swallowed. “Do – do I have to?” I asked in a small, tired voice. I couldn’t take my eyes off the toilet bowls. They were filthy, they were disgusting. “Can I… can I please not do this?  Please?!”

“What a silly question,” the man with the phone said, laughing. “A silly question from a silly bitch. Lick that toilet clean, Alicja-whore. That’s your job.”

The floors had been bad. The toilet stool was a hundred times worse. It was crusted with dark brown and yellow stains. The water was a muddy swirl. Just the smell alone made me gag uncontrollably. But… I didn’t have any choice. Just pleading that weakly for mercy had already taken every ounce of courage I had left.

And I lowered my head to the filthy bowl.

“Ho-ly Shit!” the other man laughed, softly stroking his hard-again cock. “The slut really will do anything!” He spat on me and I felt it splatter against my back. I tried to take a deep breath, but the stench and the knowledge of where it was coming from turning that breath into a series of dry heaves as my stomach rolled with disgust at what I was about to do. I touched my tongue to the rim of the toilet.

The taste was so foul that I almost swooned. My hair dripped down into the water, staining it black… and just in case this wasn’t degrading enough, the man who had ridden me over here aimed him cock at my face and started pissing. I gagged as I licked the filth off the toilet, one lick at a time… my tongue slithering over the porcelain, wiping away stains of god alone knew what. I think I might have gone a little more insane with every single taste of filth, groveling at the toilet like a thirsty dog while piss splashed over my face and shoulders, a stinking spray that made me feel like a toilet myself.

The man filming had grabbed onto the bathroom plunger and abruptly stabbed it up my cunt. I screamed in pain as the rough wooden stick entered me, a dozen slivers embedding themselves into my skin as he stuffed a foot of the dirty tool into my pussy with his first thrust. When he jerked it out, I screamed louder as more splinters joined the first set, biting into my sensitive fuckhole. The second time he forced it inside me, he went even deeper.

I plied my tongue over the dirty toilet. The man’s piss actually helped a little by soaking the toilet, loosening up some of the filthy, but that just made it easier to get it into my mouth. It was hard to tell which was greater… my disgust at the toilet or the tearing agony in my pussy. Together, they seemed to be wrecking my mind even as they demolished my body.

“Further down, whore,” the man said as he finished pissing, noting that I had just finished licking away the last of the filth on the toilet’s rim. “Get that slutty tongue of yours into the bowl.”

Letting my pitch black hair drop into the water completely, I plunged my face down even as he wiped the last dregs of his urine off on the back of my neck. While my face was plunged deep into the bowl, he grabbed me by the nape of my neck and pushed my face completely underwater. I gurgled filthy toilet water, too tired to struggle even though I was drowning. And then he flushed the toilet, allowing me to breathe. The rushing water carried away a lot of the filth in my hair, too.

When he pulled my soaked head out of the bowl, I was barely conscious, and I certainly wasn’t resisting. I let him position me how he wanted, flipping me onto my ass in front of the toilet, dragging my arms through the center hole of the ring and zip-tying them there. My head rested against the back of the toilet, my hair draped down into the water. Then he pulled my legs wide apart, binding one ankle to a pipe and the other to the edge of the stall so I was completely exposed. The whole time, the filming man never dropped fucking me with the plunger. He was feeding my tattered cunt what looked like two feet of the wooden shaft now.

“Toilet mouth, ready for duty.” He smiled at me. “You cleaned up the toilet so nice, I just can’t stand to see it get dirty again so fast so… anyone wants to relieve themselves today, that’s what you’re for, Alicja.”

I just stared up at him, my eyes vacant, my mind only half there… my face grimacing in anguish and despair with a plunger rammed up my slit. I didn’t even bother to struggle as they left and a waiting man walked into the stall to use me.

“Keep your mouth open,” he said as he aimed his dick as my face. A moment later, a hot stream of yellow piss splashed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but the man was pissing too much, too fast for me to swallow all of it… Piss fountained back out over my lips, spilling down my chin and soaking my tits and hair both… clearing away more of the grime that coated me. My stomach gurgled as the man’s piss filled it.

When he stepped away, another man took his place. He straddled my face, sitting on the rim of the toilet seat like you were supposed to which put his cock perfectly it line to point across my face. “Have some piss, you cock teasing twat!” The man pissed right down onto me, the explosion of fluid almost drowning me in those opening seconds. Then he farted, and I was left to stare up at his asshole.

Dazed as I was, I still moaned like a lost soul. I wasn’t so far gone I didn’t know what was coming next.

Above her, the men laughed. “Shit-eating cow.”

“Please don’t do this…” I begged, staring up at the men around me. “Please… if you’re going to kill me, just kill me. Don’t do this!”

Three of the men looked at each other… then they laughed themselves silly. “Kill you?” one snorted. “Bitch… you wish you would get that lucky. There’s nothing even a little bit lethal about what we’re doing to your slutty little body.”

I was in the office break room, tied up with my arms behind my back and my ankles together. They had put me up on the pool table where I was looking at the men around me with wide, miserable eyes as I got fucked from behind, laying on the svelt green fabric. That would have been humiliating enough… but in order for the points to count, I needed to cum, so my bound ankles served a second purpose.

I had felt a shock run down my spine when the rounded end of the pool queue had speared into my throbbing, swollen, aching pussy lips. I hadn’t been able to stifle my whimpers as they had forced the tip of the cue into my snatch. My labia burned as I impaled the long shaft deep in my belly. It had been bad, but almost as bad had been the looks of the men around me, their eyes locked onto my body… growing more excited by the second. They had tied my ankles around it so I could fuck herself with the thing… force my own way towards orgasm while they abused me. I had felt so humiliated as I started using my legs to pump the pool cue in my pussy, legs tightly together. My snatch burned like it was on fire as I buried the smooth pole in my belly over and over again, feeling the long, unyielding shaft disappearing in and out of my sore cunt. As much as I wished I could ignore the feelings of it, though, I needed them. I needed to cum in order to get paid, to make progress towards my freedom. A handful of bills scatted across the pool table testified to the times I had been successful in cumming while I was raped.

Of course, it said something when needing to degrade myself while being assraped was only my second most pressing problem.

One of the men reached for another match, lit it, shook it out, and tossed it onto the shuddering hollow of my stomach. I shrieked in agony, arching my body almost up off the table completely. The man who was fucking my ass from behind groaned with pleasure as it made me whip my hips from side to side in a hopeless, vain attempt to throw the smoldering match off my skin. He wrapped his big hands around my breasts from behind as he pounded his cock into me brutally, each slam edging me closer to the end of the table. “See, slut? Non-lethal. I promise.” He lit another match and touched this one to a cigarette before he tossed it onto my writhing body.

All around me, men were starting to strike matches and lighting their cigarettes, and in the dim light of the night they looked like tiny branding irons glowing all around me. Then still-hot matches began raining down. I screamed in pain and panic as matches landed on my heaving tits, my flat stomach, and in the hollow of my slender throat. A match even landed on my pussy, sizzling my skin. Another match landed on my forehead before it cooled in the cum caking my face, and yet another fell between my parted lips, burning my tongue.

“Swallow it!” one of the men snarled, puffing on his cigarette until it glowed fiery red. He started to bring the cigarette down toward my tits. “Swallow that match like a good whore, Alicja!”

“Oh God!” I cried. “Oh, please! Oh, no! No! No! Please! I’ll do it-“

I swallowed the match an instant too late. My world exploded in burning agony as my coworker touched the tip of his burning cigarette to my nipple. He barely brushed the glowing tip to me but that was enough to fill me with agony. I bucked high off the table or would have if the man fucking me wasn’t holding me down. Instead, I just drove my ass back against him, fucking him back even as I drove my makeshift dildo in harder than seemed possible. Every muscle in my body tensed with the agony of the cigarette burn, and when my ass clenched tight around the man’s cock he groaned and filled my bowels with his spunk. Frustrated tears joined the ones of agony… I hadn’t cum yet. I wept as my ass squeezed around every thrusts of the man’s spurting cock, the wet, slapping sounds filling my ears.

“That’s it, you dumb slut,” one of the smiling men said, puffing on his own cigarette. “You keep moving that ass, just the way you are now!” Then he dragged his cigarette right down the center of my stomach. He paused for just an instant when he reached the hollow of my navel, pushing down just enough to send me spinning down into a deep, dark pit of agony. I screamed even louder than before, wringing the last drops of cum out of the dick in me.

“I didn’t think the lazy slut had enough energy left to shake her ass like that,” another said with a cruel grin, flicking ashes from his cigarette into my open mouth. The man who had fucked me was pulling away, wiping his slimy cock clean on my ass and thigh before he left. Before the next man stepped up, another ran his cigarette down one side of my stuffed pussy and up the other.

“Please, please, please!” I shrieked as he ground it out on my cunt, thrashing around on the pool table. “Anything! I’ll do anything! I’ll give you anything! Please!” I sobbed, tears streaming down my face. “Oh please, stop hurting me!”

“That’s good enough for me, cunt!” one of them said with a shrug as he dragged his cigarette up my left side until he nestled it in my soft, sensitive armpit. I shrieked in paid as I felt the hands on my shoulders, pulling my head over the edge of the pool table. I barely had time to take a breath before I felt the hard, raging, cock slam down my throat. I couldn’t see anything but the vile man’s balls dangling in front of my eyes as I gagged and choked on his pulsing cock. I couldn’t hear over the ringing in my ears as I tried desperately to breathe while the man rammed his prick down my throat, almost like he was trying to drive his dick through the back of my head. I could feel hands on my breasts, kneading and tugging on my nipples. The long pool cue was still buried in my cunt, driving against my cervix as my bound legs jerked and twitched on the felt. I tried to remember to work my legs and ankles, slowly fucking myself with it… trying to make myself cum… I needed to get paid!

I thought I’d pass out as the man’s balls pressed against my face and I felt his cock wedge deep into my throat, the fat head of it clogging me up entirely. His hands were at the back of my head, wound through my hair, pushing my lips around the base of his prick and holding me there while I struggled and gagged. A cold, clammy sweat had broken out all over my traumatized body and I was shivering uncontrollably. I was, horrifically, realizing that they were right… that as much as this hurt it really wasn’t going to be killing me. They could burn me with the cigarettes forever without doing any lasting damage. Somehow that was the most frightening thing of all.

It meant they could go on torturing me forever.

While another the men dragged his cigarette up out of my armpit, over my shoulder and toward my slender throat, several men grabbed me by my legs and wrenched me over onto my side. My arms felt as though they were going to be pulled from their sockets by the horrible position the men had forced me into and the pull of the ropes. My upper torso was still pulled flat by the tight ropes that circled my wrists, but my tiny waist was cruelly twisted, my right hip pressing against the edge of the table. I slammed the pool cue almost to my cervix while the man raping my face did much the same to my throat, racing against him to see who was going to cum first. I won by seconds, trembling and moaning, spasming as I came until I thought I’d pass out, My world started going black just as I felt the man’s cock exploded in my mouth.  I felt the hot sperm shoot against the back of my throat and flood my nostrils as I gasped for much needed air.

“Not bad,” the main said, groaning. “You know, for a stupid Litvok slut.” I groaned in shame as he slapped his slimy dick down on my face. “At least you’re good for something.”  He smacked his hand down on my right breast, hard. “Here’s your money, whore.” He pulled his pants up from around his ankles and threw a one dollar note down on my chest and as he laughed. “Who’s next?”

I could feel the thick pool cue still buried deep in my snatch as the next man stepped up to me and straddled my head, waved his cock in my face… and then dropped his lit cigarette right into my open mouth.

There was a moment of burning on my tongue before my spit put out the cigarette. He grabbed me by a handful of my hair and jerked my head up until my chin was pressed against my tits then then poked the burning tip of another cigarette against first one of my nipples and then the other. I screamed again, my mouth filled with the sooty taste of the cigarette he had dropped there. “You swallow that cigarette, Alicja,” he said quietly, “or I swear I’ll grind this out on one of those pretty nipples. At the exact moment he said that, a man fucked his fat cock into my asshole. I grunted with pain at the penetration, feeling the world spinning away as the man forced his hard dick up my too-small, too-sore asshole. I screamed… but I swallowed the cigarette like a dutiful little slave.

The other men made even more cruel use of my body while I was raped. They touched their cigarettes everywhere on my helplessly bound form, tracing cigarettes over the sensitive soles of my feet and the palms of my hands… they ran their cigarettes between my fingers and toes and into the hollow of my throat. Burning cigarettes teased their way into the crack of my ass and touched the barely-there fuzz of my pussy until the smell of burning hair was almost as strong as that of the cigarettes themselves. My hair was targeted too… only adding to the smell of burning hair as the ends of it frayed and split at the ends as it was scorched. The used cigarettes and crushed, soggy butts of those used on me were tossed between my limply parted lips until my mouth looked like an ashtray. Some of the men flicked their ashes into my mouth, using it like the disposal it looked like.

“The bitch is getting into it,” one of the men said as I swallowed the mess for them, fucking my tits from on top of my chest. He drove his cock into the space between my soft tits until most of his cock had vanished into the soft, burningly sore cushion.

“Let’s see her get into this,” another said as he grabbed onto the cue between my legs. “Let’s see how much she likes it…”

“Nhhhhhh!” I groaned around my mouthful of cock as he gripped on it and shoved it harder into me. Then I screamed I he drove it against my cervix, fucking me impossibly deep. My cunt grabbed at the long rod of wood like it was trying to stop it. The end of the cue knifed against the entrance to my womb until I was sure I was going to die.

The man fucking my tits moaned and started slopping his jizz all over my chest. I wailed around the dick in my mouth as the men plastered my tits with their seed, gooey lines of cum splattered everywhere. I thrashed on the pool table, slurping at the dick in my mouth in utter desperation like it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted, praying that if I did good enough of a job he might, might, tell the man holding the cue to stop. I hollowed cheeks as I sucked at him, looking for all the world like an eager, wanton whore as I soaked his cock in spit and then sponged it away with my tongue. I nuzzled at his crotch until my lips and face were soaked with my spit and his fuck lube in an incredibly sloppy and degrading blowjob.

“I’m cumming you Lith whore!” he shouted, shoving his cock balls-deep in my throat and then pulling back so that he could spurt his seed right into my spit-soaked, waiting mouth. “Drink some jizz, you stupid bitch! Stop making a fucking mess and suck it down like the cocksucking piece of trash you are!”

His seed filled my mouth… soaking every corner of it, filling my cheeks, getting beneath my tongue as I was forced to swallow one gooey mouthful after another while my cervix screamed in agony. My body writhed and twisted and hurt and my clit buzzed as my cunt was stabbed over and over again. My sore, stretched body arched up off the pool table as my ass flexed like a chewing mouth. My cunt lips fluttered around the cue like butterfly wings. The silky hollow of my stomach rolled like a dancer’s. Spit poured out of my mouth like I was an invalid, drenching my flushed face.

“The slut’s cumming!” the man in my mouth said, driving his cock into my breathless maw. “Cum, you dirty whore! Show the internet just what kind of sleazy slut you are!” It was only when they said it that I realized they were right… I was cumming from this. They were hurting me, humiliating me… it felt like I was being stabbed… and I came.

A wadded up one dollar bill hit me in the forehead, and I sobbed for the camera. It drank it all in. Every day, they had me more over a barrel… the blackmail on me just kept growing. I might be a dumb slut but I wasn’t entirely stupid… I knew there was no only one way this ended. They were never going to just let me go. I could only wait for the day they found someone new to torment… the day they got bored of my worthless holes. The day they decided to send it all to my family and ruin my life… not because I was bad, or because I had disobeyed, but just because it would be so damn funny.

I sobbed, and they raped me, and life continued.

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