One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 3

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Three months ago, Lux didn’t think her life could get any worse… but Sylas had found ways to prove her wrong at every turn. Three months ago, if Lux had thought she could be more frightened, more exhausted, and more guilty all the time than she had been when she was trying to hide her magic from everyone, she would have said it was impossible… but it wasn’t. Three months ago, if she had been told that she would be seeing her friends nearly every day rather than once or twice a month, she would have cheered at the thought. She would have been badly, badly wrong.

Fiora crawled towards Lux on hands and knees, dressed humiliatingly like a whore. Her clothing wasn’t unlike Lux’s she supposed but at least Sylas gave her silks to wear, precious, soft things. The clothing the duelist wore covered just as little but the fabric was obviously rough and irritating, even as he squished her breasts down and made them bulge lewdly around it, making her look more naked and slutty that if she had just been wearing nothing. Of course, it wasn’t the only thing she wore… unfortunately. A massive wood and metal cock swung between her legs as her ass swayed back and forth as she crawled. Lux had seen the thing before, Sylas had made a point of showing it to her while it was being made, but even so… seeing it attached to someone and knowing where it was going to be going left her gasping. Her king stood behind the black and pinked-haired warrior, walking behind her as she crawled. She wore the fake dick attached to a leather harness… right where the cruel man had put it. Occasionally, he reached down to slap her ass, making Fiora shudder and yelp and crawl faster towards Lux, her body shaking with disgust and fear. The duelist looked up at her, and Lux noticed the sheer misery in the woman’s eyes. She understood the sentiment of the duelist… and shared it. Sylas, however, did not care about how painful their reunion was as he shoved the crippled warrior towards Lux, making her collapse at the foot of the bed. In the next second, his huge, strong hand held onto her neck, shoving her down against the bed that Lux lay upon. He squeezed until Fiora made choking noises as he reached down and pulled out her pierced nipples. “Remember how painful it was to get these…” he hissed while Fiora gave a small, breathless cry of pain that slowly escalated to a breathless, choked-off scream.

He yanked on them, twisting and pulling and playing with them. Then, looking away from Fiora, Sylas looked right at Lux and slowly smiled. Then he started to pull on the nipple rings, twisting them, pulling her breasts away from her body slowly… but he didn’t stop. Instead, he just pulled harder and harder and harder with each passing second until Lux feared that he was going to rip them out of her. “Please, my king!” Lux begged. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want!” Even as she pleaded, however, she knew that he wasn’t going to stop… He looked over at her even as she was careful to avoid any of her forbidden words, met her eyes, and slowly smiled. This was a game to him… he didn’t care about Fiora at all, except in how he could use the duelist to make Lux suffer. If she wanted him to stop hurting her and let her breathe, he needed to give him a better alternative… so Lux rose up on to her knees while she kept her face against the sheets, turning her ass towards him and wiggling it in what the blonde hoped was an enticing way. “Please, your highness… your whore is eager to entertain you, don- ah… she doesn’t want to wait to get fucked.” Lux pressed her face down harder as her hands reached back to grab her ass and spread it wide, parting her cheeks. 

Sylas held the pull for another three seconds before he smiled. “Just getting her in the mood,” he said before letting her go and backing off, letting Fiora gasp in and sag as she stopped straining, shuddering in pain as tiny whimpering sounds accompanied her gasping in pained breaths as her nipples throbbed. “Put on a good show for me, Laurant bitch… or the next one goes through your dirty clit instead, and we see just how much further I can pull that one.. Just think about how painful that will be. You do what I tell you, or I’ll make you suffer.”

Fiora gasped as he let go of her neck. “Yes… master…” she whispered, and hearing the words of her friend’s proud lips made Lux suppress another shudder. As far as she knew, Fiora wasn’t permitted to call him anything else. Then, grabbing onto the bed, she slowly pulled herself up onto it with arms and knees, unable to stand with her cut tendons. Lux’s heart throbbed with guilt for her friend’s crippling as she felt the bed shift, the lithe duelist crawled behind her. The blonde’s muscles tensed on the bed, even as her friend crawled forward and placed the smooth metal tip of the prick beneath her dripping slit, Lux was wet, like always these days… and a small, shameful part of her wished that Fiora would just force herself into there. Her pussy felt like it was burning after weeks and weeks of playing with herself non-stop but Sylas still hadn’t bred her… he had kept to his painful, cruel word that he would spare her for that until she begged for it. Now, with the way her virgin pussy always felt like it was on fire, she was beginning to understand why he thought she might.

Fiora, however, did not drive herself in. Instead, she just rubbed her shaft against the drooling slit, lubing it up before she dragged it back upward. Once upon a time, that slow slide of the false cock up and down her slit would have filled her with nothing but dread… but even that microscopic mercy had been denied her now. Now, her pussy was soaked… and even the barest touch of her shaft against Lux’s sex sent shudders and pleasure racing up and down her teased, hyper-sensitive body. Now, a considerable part of her mind wanted her to just shove the damn thing into her… but she wouldn’t. That was Sylas’s privilege, and she would never give him what he wanted to make it happen. It was almost a relief when some of that horrible anticipation creeped in as she slowly dragged the strap-on back and raised it, pressing it against her puckered ass hole. The hole was bruised after weeks of abusive treatment from her King but no less tight… her young, strong body holding up admirably under the torture that Sylas routinely put her through daily. Lux, knowing well how pointless resistance was, instead arched her back to offer a better angle even as she spread her cheeks so hard that it hurt, her fingers sinking far enough into her skin that her pale skin turned almost white…  anything to make it a little bit easier. Then Fiora pushed forward.

Lux groaned in pain as she stretched open, the cock forcing her further apart than even Sylas ever did… the ribbed, hard dildo pushing deeper… but not quickly. Fiora wasn’t using much strength, and it was slow going, giving her ass some time to adapt… it made it so despite the size and cruel shape of the thing, it wasn’t as bad as the way Sylas usually raped her. Slowly, Fiora pressed more and more of her hard, strong body on top of Lux’s clenched rear; she pushed and pushed and pushed. Lux knew it was going to be bad… but it was worse than even the first time Sylas had raped her ass. Too big… just too big. Even with the dubious “experience” Sylas had forced on her she couldn’t stretch this far… Lux felt like she was sinking into the Shadow Isle’s darkness with every passing second, could swear she felt herself ripping apart with every new tiny increase in depth. The process probably only took 30 seconds or so but it felt like hours as the blonde Crownguard’s colon was permanently stretched and reshaped to fit the needs of the cruel invading dildo.

Lux felt like she might be going mad, her mind crumbling a bit more with each shove deeper… her ability to feel anything else but pain and suffering feeling like it was slipping as her tears wetted the sheets… until Lux let out a gasp at a sharp shock of pain and the dildo stopped moving. Lux jerked in the abrupt new kind of anguish… the dildo was hitting some kind of bend or barrier inside her and trying to press it further was agony. Worse, though, was that Lux knew it didn’t matter… Sylas wouldn’t let them stop without Fiora having slid the full length into her, until her hips rested against the blonde’s ass. Lux wanted to relax, badly wanted to relax, but it was just so big… she clenched against her will, her body shaking wildly at the invasion as her knees felt all weak.

Fiora could clearly see how much it hurt… that it was too much for her. “…sorry…” she whispered softly, hopefully too quietly for Sylas to hear. Then she started pulling back, equally gently. Lux gasped again, shivering, grateful to her friend for her mercy… but then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sylas looking at them and frowning.

It wasn’t enough for him. Fiora was being too kind… Lux wanted to laugh at the irony. The dick felt like it was going to turn her inside out if she used it the way it was supposed to be put to use, even this slow press was agonizing, but it wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy her tormentor. She was going to have to suffer more, or it would all be for nothing.

Fiora said nothing but she leaned forwards, pressing the weight of her body down onto Lux. She felt the tip of the massive tool slowly penetrate her depths again. The tight ring of muscle didn’t give way at first, but after a few moments she noticed the wetness as Fiora’s spit joined where the huge prick was forcing its way past her sphincter. Then, with additional lube – more than Sylas probably wanted her to have – the duelist continued sliding the dildo into her asshole. The weight of Fiora’s body combined with the wetness made it impossible for her to resist, and Lux cried in pain as it forced its way through the point that had stopped it before. The blonde gasped, tears filling her eyes not only in pain but in the knowledge that she was having her insides forcibly reshaped just to fit cock better. Just a few moments later and it had painfully forced its way through all resistance and the entire length of the dildo slid all the way into her. The huge shaft was far too big for her tight ass, and the young Crownguard had to draw in her breath sharply through clenched teeth… every bit of the dildo hurt and tortured her bruised hole, stretching it in ways that it was never meant to stretch and burning over and over again.

Fiora squeezed Lux’s hips in her fists as she began to drag Lux’s ass over to meet her, and Lux had to strain to keep her fingers digging into her ass and not lose her grip as she slid in and out. The duelist started with long, slow strokes, and Lux felt sure she was trying to let her get used to the size… pickin the option that was going to hurt Lux the least. It made some part of her, that wasn’t completely overwhelmed with the pain and despair of being assraped yet again, grateful that she cared… but Lux knew they had no option and soon this wasn’t going to be good enough.

Sylas had never once settled for anything in the entire time she had been a captive. Always, each and every time, he got what he wanted… and if he wanted Fiora to buttfuck her like one of piltover’s trains, he was going to get what he wanted. Fiora had to submit to the King’s orders… they both did.

Lux groaned as Fiora pumped into her faster and harder with each passing moment, making her hips slap against Lux’s ass… but even as she grew faster, she still fucked her no harder than Sylas did when he was just beginning, much less when he got into it. Compared to what Lux was used to, the pace was almost gentle… or it would have been if not for the size of the thing. Each meeting between their flesh sent a shockwave of tormenting sexual energy through her entire body, and it was made worse, not better, by the fact that the base of the thing kept hitting her well-teased cunt with each stroke, making her treacherous body betray her with tiny spikes of pleasure that only seemed to amplify the pain rather than mollify it. Fiora was giving it to her now with short firm strokes, and for her part, Lux kept her fingers stretching her asshole open, silently pleading for more and for worse… utterly humiliated, wracked with pain, and still in danger of cumming while assraped for the usurper king’s amusement.

And it still wasn’t enough. Lux turned her head on the bed and through blurry eyes she could see Sylas looking bored more than entertained… and when Sylas was bored with a performance, he was usually only seconds from making it worse. If Fiora didn’t fuck her to the point that she wanted to scream, Lux had no doubts that Sylas would find an excuse to mutilate her further. If Fiora wasn’t going to do it… gritting her teeth, Lux shoved her own ass back against her, hard… and cried out as the huge shaft dug deeper and deeper far faster than it had before. The fullness made her eyes widen and tear up, her mind going black as she gasped with the sensation… but at least Sylas no longer looked bored. Instead, he had raised an eyebrow, curious what his slave was doing.

The goal was to make Fiora fuck her harder… but if anything, it did the opposite. When she cried out in pain, the duelist actually slowed down as she felt Lux squirming beneath her, crying out with a strap-on deep in her ass. Lux could feel her hesitating, obviously torn… she knew what she had to do but she couldn’t make herself do it. So…

Slowly, agonizingly, Lux forced her ass off the shaft… and slammed herself back, crying out again in time with Fiora’s next thrust… making it more violent than it was, making it hurt far worse, but the chuckle that Sylas made from the side seemed to make it worthwhile to Lux. It was… working… but at what cost? Even though Fiora was not as brutal as Sylas, the fucking still felt like it was destroying Lux’s ass because of the huge girth and the length of the false shaft, and the fact that she had to help do it to herself made it even worse, but if the murderer-King wasn’t satisfied, her friend was going to get herself further mutilated. Lux couldn’t let that happen… she couldn’t allow it. Her body wanted to rebel, and her mind screamed at her that she was mad, but Lux forced herself to move against the flow of Fiora’s movements, pulling back when she pulled back, pushing when she pushed… slamming their bodies together like she had no problem at all taking the thick dick between her friend’s legs. “Do… it… Faster!” she grunted, panting hard and heavy, gasping with the pain.

Following her willingness, Fiora finally began to do it the way she needed to, really giving it to her in earnest, and Lux could have wept with relief. Now she only needed to grip onto her ass, holding herself open, her gasping pants turning into a string of whispered words repeated over and over… although she wasn’t sure if she was begging for her friend to stop or to keep going.   The strap-on dildo continued to torture Lux and the blonde let Fiora do it, losing herself to the pain and misery as Fiora gave her the utmost pain. She was ready for that… she would do anything to save her friends, but… Lux’s greatest fear was that it would not be good enough. That she would suffer so much and it wouldn’t matter. So, even with Fiora beginning to really rail her, Lux forced herself to keep pushing back against her, ‘eagerly’ assisting with her painful ass raping.

“MMMMMMMOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!” Lux screamed… but she didn’t stop. Each thrust backward continued to grind their bodies together, and she could feel her cunt drooling with treacherous pleasure from each impact while her quivering asshole tried to squeeze on the shaft even as she held herself open, trying to stop the painful progress even as the rest of Lux struggled to make it faster. Juices dripped down her thighs, and Lux knew it was probably only a matter of time until she raped herself to yet another painful orgasm, writhing and moaning and screaming for her King’s amusement. “Hard… er” she begged. Fiora, thankfully, followed her instructions, but Lux wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up. The duelist slammed the thick dildo deeper and harder into her, stretching her friend tight around the bulging shaft, making her helpless anus bleed with the raw force of it.

Then, as Fiora vigorously stroked in and out as hard as even Sylas could ask for, her thigh shifted and brushed against Lux’s clit and she just exploded, squirming and crying with the massive dildo all the way inside of her. She felt her cum leaking out, soaking Fiora’s thigh while she shuddered in mingled agony and ecstasy with no clear idea of where one began and the other ended. Fiora didn’t pause… she took advantage of Lux’s distraction in her orgasm to fuck her harder, slamming her as violently as she could to appease Sylas while the woman wouldn’t suffer as badly, sliding in and out of her while she came, shoving herself deep and staying buried there as she rode out the shockwaves with Lux writhing and moaning beneath the duelist’s lithe body. 

Only then, as Lux’s aftershock subsided, did Fiora pull the dildo out of her. It was covered with Lux’s ass, shiny with sweat, and Lux cried out softly as every bump and ridge passed through her bruised and inflamed and now doubly-sensitive rosebud, looking more red than pink now she was sure.

“What, taking a break?” Sylas said with a sneer. Lux could see the bulge in his pants… small wet spots were already showing through from his pre-cum as his cock struggled to grow larger in its bounded confinement.

Fiora jumped, like she had actually managed to forget about him for a moment. Lux expected her friend to jam the shaft back into her sensitive hole, but to her conjoined surprise and horror, Fiora protested. “Please, master…” she said softly… timidly, her voice so much weaker and less confident than Lux was used to, but still protesting. It brought tears to Lux’s eyes as Sylas stood up. “Please… she needs to rest. Let me… let me entertain you. Let me suck your cock for you, master… I know you like how tight my throat is, I kno-”

Sylas slapped her across the face, and the only reason the crippled girl didn’t collapse was that he grabbed onto her hair a second later, holding her up. “You want to give her a break? Alright, slut. That seems fair. Little light…. Crawl over here and swallow that cock. Lick it clean for me.”

Lux didn’t want to do that… she didn’t even want to move, but moving with ponderful, painful slowness Lux released her ass cheeks. She couldn’t tell if they closed any when she did… it felt like she had been split open and hollowed out, but relentlessly she pushed herself up and forced her limbs to work, crawling her steadily towards that… massive… thing dangling between her friends legs. She tried not to focus on it… looking instead at Fiora’s eyes, the fear and self-loathing in them, the pity and the kindness, and trying to think about anything but where that dildo had just been.

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth, and even though more than anything she wanted to turn her head aside she looked down at the rod of artificial cock that had already ruined her ass and was threatening to pollute her face the same way… and she pressed her lips against it, taking it into her mouth and beginning to lick. Lux whimpered softly as the taste was quickly smeared across her tongue and lips and palate like a coat of paint. She could feel the watchful eyes of her king on her along with the sorrowful one of her friend while she watched her disgrace herself. “I want it clean, Lux,” Sylas ordered. “If it isn’t as spotless as it was going in when it comes out of you, well… what happens to your friend will be your fault.” Lux felt deeply humiliated but she felt her resolve harden, and steeling herself she began to lick in earnest, her lips wrapping around the tip as she scraped her tongue along the foul-tasting thing. The mouthful of crafted cock was so large that Lux felt her jaw ache from the strain of opening for it, but thankfully Fiora wasn’t Sylas, and she wasn’t trying to hammer the thing down her throat. In fact…

The violated blonde abruptly gagged, whining miserably as the dildo’s head slammed against the back of her throat, rubbing her lips raw on with the as-yet uncleaned parts of the shaft as it thudded against her tonsils. Lux, shocked, looked up just as Fiora’s face twisted in pain and she cried out herself. From behind the duelist, Sylas laughed. “I’ll keep fucking her until you finish cleaning,” he said, and Lux realized what was happening… he was fucking Fiora from behind, ramming into her asshole and shoving her forward against Lux… raping both of them at once that way. Her soft lips were stretched into an impossibly wide O around the false cock, and exhausted tears rolled down her cheeks as if to lubricate that dick and allow it to further invade her mouth. Desperate, her eyes locked onto Fiora’s pained expression, Lux began to lick even as Sylas started to roughly skullfuck the blonde using her friend as a tool, harshly pushing inch after inch after inch into her warm, wet mouth. When it seemed like it could go no further, he would draw back from Fiora’s hole before slamming it back in. It was like he was a hammer, Fiora the nail, and Lux the board he wanted to impale as her lips stretched and scraped and the filth from the cock rubbed its way off the shaft onto her tongue, lips, and tight, spasming throat as he worked to fill both Lux and Fiora full of cock at once, shunting inch after inch down the Crownguard girl’s suffering throat.

Fiora looked down at Lux while she suffered and her expression was among the most miserable that Lux had ever seen. She was clearly in agony with Sylas’ fat prick stuffed up her ass, but it was when she looked down at Lux with her lips stretched wide and gagged that her eyes filled with bitter tears, crying open in frustration and self-loathing. Sylas noticed it too… and Lux was forced to amend her earlier thoughts as he smiled and fucked her even more viciously. He wasn’t just doing this to get off… he was doing it to hurt Fiora, too, taking at least as much pleasure in her pain as he did her tight asshole.

She was trapped in a horrible, choking hell for what felt like an hour, and the whole time she forced herself to keep running her tongue along it… making sure to clean it the way he wanted even as his thrusts into Fiora kept forcing it down her throat and gagging her with it, even as her lips grew blue and her eyes start rolling back on her head, her lungs burning as she fought to keep awake and keep licking. “Plea- ah! Please, stop it!” Fiora begged. “She needs to breathe! She’s done!”

Distantly, Lux heard Sylas’ voice. “You’re telling me my little whore has sucked it clean already?” he mocked, continuing to pump.

“Yes!” Fiora insisted. “Yes, master! Yes!”

The sound of a fist striking her, and Fiora cried out. “Then tell me properly,” he said, a growl in his voice.

Fiora swallowed, and Lux caught her gaze for an instant before her vision went dark. “Your little whore has finished cleaning her ass off the dildo master!”

“And you know if she hasn’t what I’m going to do to you?” Sylas mocked.

Fiora didn’t hesitate. “Yes! Please please please Master please!”

There was a single, violent shove as Sylas gave another brutal thrust, and then Fiora pulled the spit-slicked rod free with a sickening wet slurp and a gurgle as her stuffed throat yielded up its invader. Abruptly, Lux could gasp in oxygen sweeter than any fruit… the air cool on her raw throat, her lungs swelling and burning as they filled again. She gasped in the air like it was the most precious thing in the universe. “Hmm,” Sylas said, peering down. “Clean after all. My precious whore has a very talented mouth, don’t you Little Light?” He looked over at Fiora. “Well, what are you waiting for? Her break is over… get it back in her ass.”

Fiora paused. “Please master, let her rest, hasn’t she don-”

Sylas scoffed, rolling his eyes while Lux tried to catch her breath, her throat burning. “Pathetic. Be silent.” He put his foot against her back and shoved, sending the weakened duelist without her properly working legs tumbling down to the bed where he could pin her with just his foot on her back. “It doesn’t matter what you feel, what you want, what you think. You think that weak shit you’ve been doing counts as putting my future Queen through her paces?” He shook his head. “I alone decide when you are done.” He leaned down and grabbed Fiora by the neck with one hand and her hair with the other, forcing her head up while she gasped. “But I wouldn’t expect a worthless noble whore to understand how good of a teacher pain can be. You’ve never had to suffer in your life before now, have you? Apparently, we’re still going too easy on you if you still don’t know how to hurt a slut properly. I guess if you want something done right… you have to do it yourself. Watch… I’ll show you how to do it properly.” Sylas threw her back down onto the bed, hard enough that she bounced. “Enjoy the bed, duelist slut… it’s probably the last time in your life you’ll be on one. Climb on top of her.”

Lux looked up, eyes wide as she looked at Sylas as he glared on with narrowed eyes. He was… disappointed, she judged. He hadn’t gotten something he wanted, and it was aggravating him. Fiora had collapsed on the bed, but her crippled friend was pushing herself up, climbing on top of Lux as she had been instructed before Sylas slapped her ass again. “The other way, noble,” he mocked. Slowly, Fiora turned around, lining herself up in a sixty-nine position with Lux with the girl pinned on the bed beneath him.

From this close, Lux got a better look at her friend that she had gotten in weeks, and what she saw made her want to weep. Her pussy looked raw and crimson, and her skin, once so smooth, looked rough and ragged. Her entire body was covered by slowly healing welts and bruises, of course, but Lux wasn’t sure her own whole body had suffered as much as just Fiora’s pussy had… Sylas had treated her like a whore, but by comparison he had barely punished Lux at all. Fiora’s limbs trembled as she tried to keep herself up… with her injury, they just weren’t good at keeping her up anymore, destroyed as their strength was by injury and the ravages of imprisonment. It meant that most of the woman’s weight rested on Lux.

“Still wrong,” Sylas said, his voice amused. “Here, I’ll help.” He slapped her ass again, sharply… the blow making her waver on her knees and that hateful cock to brush Lux’s cheek. “Little Light… open your mouth.” Reluctantly, she did. The blonde knew what his next words would be before he said them… her focus was entirely on the huge wooden cock that was hanging just above her, staring at it with dread. “Noble cunt, line yourself up with her mouth.” It took another pair of slaps before Fiora had moved herself to his satisfaction, but he was nowhere near as patient with her as he was with his favorite pet. With one hand, he almost gingerly pressed his hand down on her hip until the dildo descended, brushing the blonde’s lips and clicking against her teeth as it descended into her mouth and further down, making her wince in pain as it sank into her throat further.

Even from down here, distracted by the dick in her throat, Lux could still clearly hear the slap as Sylas slapped Fiora again. Then his hand was on her hair, shifting her, dragging her into place. “Well?” he said expectantly, impatiently… and as he did, Fiora shifted and two things happened. First, she heard the wet, disgusting sloppy noises as her friend took that monster into her mouth like an obedient worshipper, and second Fiora took advantage of the new posture to raise her hips up, pulling the dick back and letting Lux breathe easier. Lux wanted to cry… this was all her fault. It was her fault that Fiora was injured, her fault that Sylas was here, her fault that her friend was suffering, and Fiora was the one needing to make that bastard happy… and she still found it in her to take advantage of the situation to make it even a little bit easier on Luxanna.

His right hand moved to the back of Fiora’s head and he brutally began to pull her head further against his hips, and therefore his cock. Lux couldn’t see it, but she could hear everything… and she had at this point spent weeks of her life with Sylas’ dick in her mouth to picture exactly what was happening. She could practically see it with her ears as Fiora’s tongue darted out to lick the underside of his cock, could practically taste it as the salty pre-cum and sweat smeared themselves all over her lips and tongue. Fiora’s weight shifted again and Lux could see that she had braced her hands on his thighs… not to resist, even, but just to be able to avoid being knocked over when he inevitably started to thrust into her face.

“Glurk!” Fiora’s throat made a wet, sucking, choking sound as spit rained down onto Luxanna’s crotch. “Gak! Urk! Gluk!” Not every single thrust resulted in a pathetic choking sound, but enough of them did… and to her horror, Lux found that she could could feel his thrusts simply through the way the bed rocked and Fiora was pushed on her… each thrust forced the duelist’s hips down a bit and caused a little thrust into her as well, as well as banging the wood and metal against her teeth painfully. Soon, she was choking in time with Fiora, if less severely.

Then Sylas learned forward and Lux could see nothing more as he pushed down on Fiora’s hips again. “Keep your hips down,” he said, chuckling… and Lux could hear the horrible, amused smile in his voice as he began to slowly, centimeter by centimeter, forced her down and lodge that dick further into Luxanna’s struggling throat. “Further…” he said cheerfully, ever so slowly pushing her down. “Further… keep it in her. Even you can’t fuck up that… right?” Lux could do little but stare wide-eyed into Fiora’s hips as he began to shove himself further into her, deep throating his captive slave-girl. Lux was completely overwhelmed as she felt the fat, wooden cock making her slender throat bulge, clogging it until nothing could make it in or out… From the gagging noises she could hear, Fiora must be feeling the same thing.

It was so huge, her throat was stretched tight around it… but to Lux’s horror, she could still clearly see how much of it was still outside of her mouth. As Lux gagged, Fiora tried to pull herself back… but unfortunately, she was stopped when Sylas’ hands rested on her ass and kept some of his weight there. Fiora’s head was tilted up, no doubt looking at him and begging, no doubt trying to resist while her lips were humiliatingly stretched around his dick, but Sylas only chuckled. “Keep. It. In. Her. Throat,” Sylas warned. “I don’t really care about you, noble slut. I could fuck you to death right here, and I wouldn’t miss you… understand?” A second later, Fiora stopped trying to move out and Lux could feel it through the dick impaling her with the duelist shuddered in undeniable fear. A moment later, she jerked, shoving herself deeper as she screamed, and Lux’s wide eyes noticed that Sylas had bent down to grab onto one of her nipple rings and pulled it. “Say it.”

“Mmhf mfferfmand!” Fiora gagged out around the dick in her mouth, and Sylas chuckled again.

“Good,” he said, releasing her breast and putting his hands back on the aristocrat’s head, wrapping his fingers through her dark hair as he pulled her forward further onto this cock. Lux could hear her gagging on the intruding dick over even the sounds of her own gagging… at least Fiora wasn’t horribly thrusting the way Sylas was, so if Lux focused on it she could breathe. She tried to focus on that, breathing softly, trying not to gag as she listened to her friend be facefucked. Her attention was pulled violently back when Sylad drove a hand down onto her wet pussy, causing Lux to let out a muffled shriek. “I don’t hear you down there, little light,” he warned. “I thought I told you to treat that cock like it was mine.”

Reluctantly, Lux began to lick along its length, slurping on it louder than was even necessary… the important thing at this point was that Sylas be able to hear it. She swirled her tongue around the shaft as much as possible with the head of the huge thing buried down her throat. The pressure on the back of her gullet relaxed a little as Fiora shifted her hips, trying to hold herself off her a little and make it easier to breathe at least, but even in her current situation Lux could see that the duelist’s weakened legs were shaking… she wasn’t going to be able to keep that up, and her lips already felt stretched horribly around the huge shaft. And still, Lux could do nothing but lick and breathe and watch her master face fuck her best friend and know that she was going to be next. She had to let the bastard do what he wanted to her and her friend an-


Lux had no warning at all. Distracted as she was, filled with her own shame and self-loathing, she hadn’t noticed the slight shift of Fiora’s weight on the bed, or realized the significance of the way she gasped. Lux hadn’t noticed it when his fingers wrapped around Fiora’s hips. Her first warning was him driving his strength down with all his strength… his hands slamming Fiora’s hips down by the ass hard. It buried the length to the hilt inside of Lux’s bruised throat, making her choke wretchedly as she spasmed helplessly on the bed. She couldn’t breathe at all… couldn’t do anything but gag as the dildo wedged itself so tightly into her that she felt like her throat was a sheath expanding around it, hugging the murderous rod as it sank deeper and deeper.

Fiora, of course, immediately tried to struggle up on weakened, wobbling legs, lifting herself up painfully even while she gagged on Sylas’ length. Her king was content to let her get far enough up to allow Lux a single whisper of air before he slammed back down. She lost most of that stolen breath in a helpless gurgle as the dildo wedged itself deep into her neck again, making it bulge around the fat thing. Then Fiora raised herself up again, another whisper, another pathetic mewling sound, and then more choking, suffocating gagging as Sylas used the duelist’s hips like handles to rape Lux’s throat, even while he did the same to Fiora himself.

Lux felt half insane… she had no time for thought or lucidity and no air for them either. Her lungs screamed for attention and Lux panicked… taking her hands off the bed and pushing against Fiora by the hips and thighs, frantically trying to lift her up and breathe. She didn’t even budge… and not for lack of both her and Fiora trying. Sylas easily overpowered both her own weak arms and Fiora’s crippled body, instead wedging the cock even deeper into Lux.

Over and over, Sylas rammed it into her, his arms flexing against both of their efforts as he slammed into her again and again. Lux’s eyes growing wider and wilder as she got less and less to breathe. At last, in sheer desperation, the only thing she could think of to do was to please that monster and hope he would show some mercy… to lick and suck and slurp on the dildo and hope to earn some precious oxygen. Her tongue lashed his cock and her lips formed a tight ring around it as she tried to be the perfect little cocksucker in the hopes that the sounds would please him and help him cum faster. It wasn’t even his cock he was sucking on. The haze of desperation for air left her mind a confused blur, but not so confused that only half of the redness in her face was from suffocation… the rest was from shame. Sylas was raping one of her only friends right in front of her, raping her as well. He was suffocating both of them on cock… and Lux wasn’t even tied up. She was meekly laying there on the bed and letting him, because she was too weak and pathetic to put up meaningful resistance to the new King of Demacia. Because she had been part of letting him escape the cage he belonged in.

After another few strokes into Fiora’s throat, Sylas pulled his dick out. Fiora gasped in air, sucking down breathing, relieved whimpers and sighs escaping her bruised throat to go with her coughs as she sucked down spit and precum with her oxygen. A moment later, she was able to raise her hips, no longer held by Sylas, and Lux could choke in her own pathetic whisper of oxygen around the huge dick. Then the king grabbed onto Lux’s splayed thighs and spread them further, adjusting her position slightly so that he’d be able to get down underneath her.

Dazed as she was, Lux didn’t realize what was happening at first. She just layed there, head swimming, as the sweetest taste she had ever known, that of precious oxygen, filled her senses even as it expanded her lungs once again, replacing the stale, dismal air that had tormented her as she breathed rapidly in and out, forcing air into herself around the dildo still filling her mouth with its girth and her spit. Right in that second, she would have thanked him if she had the air to do it… she felt she would never take breath for granted ever again, and at this moment she felt genuinely grateful to be permitted to breathe. That moment of blissful ignorance lasted until she felt the head of his cock resting against her ass.

Just the barest touch of that head against her swollen, dildo-ravaged hole caused her body to tremble in agony, her mind screaming in absolute horror at what was to come. Lux knew what was next… and the only thing that kept her from screaming in fear was the dildo clogging her throat. As it was, her whimpers still sounded around the clogging rod as her asshole burned like it was set ablaze. For just a second, she considered fighting her mouth free from Fiora’s dildo and begging him to take her virginity instead of this, to marry her and breed her like he wanted, to do absolutely anything at all to her but to leave her asshole alone rather than hurt it again… but she couldn’t do that, that would be even worse. Even as her well teased pussy dripped juices down over her ass, Lux squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the coming agony.

Sylas brutally grabbed onto Lux’s cheeks with both of his strong, rough hands and rubbed the swollen, spit-soaked head of his cock against her asshole. Before she could do anything to prepare herself, Sylas planted his feet firmly and began to slowly but forcefully shove more and more of his throbbing cock into her swollen, badly pained asshole. Lux gripped the mattress, her fingers clenching and squeezing on the sheets as she cried out in pain, but that didn’t stop his slow, relentless voyage into the depths of her rear. She felt her walls slowly being forced back open again by the thick pulsating invader, the way their swollen and injured walls were pushed out again as she was skewered, and her whole body was singing with pain, trembling beneath Fiora.

It felt endless… a huge rod of pure fire impaling her, destroying her as it thrust forward. The pain erased all thought, leaving her nearly as breathless as she had been earlier but with sheer anguish. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he slowly pulled out, stopping when he had just the head of his cock still in her hole, and in her pained stupor Lux was honestly relieved for a second.

Then he slammed all the way back in at once.

A sharp, piercing scream ripped out of Lux’s lungs, loud even through the dick in her mouth. She felt Fiora flinch above her as she winced at the sound, but barely noticed it as she was lost in her suffering. Fiora was screaming even as she was. “Please…my king Please!” she begged. “Mercy! Show her mercy!”

“Oh, fuck no, whore. This ass feels so good, I’m going to fuck it all night.” Sylas moaned in pleasure between deep, forceful thrusts. “I’m going to fuck the little Crownguard’s tight asshole so good that she won’t be able to sit down for days!” He gripped her hips, lifting her ass up higher to give himself a better angle and slowly began to pick up speed, shoving his dick even further down her asshole than she thought possible.

“Please fuck me instead!” Fiora begged. “I deserve this, she doesn’t!”

Fiora grunted, and then a second later her soft lips were pressing against the lips of Lux’s cunt. ”Your mouth can be put to better use. Even someone as stupid and worthless as you know what to do here,” Sylas said coldly. Lux gave a choking, uncomfortable gasp as her throat spasmed around the rod when her friend’s tongue slipped out past her lips and began to caress the blonde’s vulva, noticing for the first time just how humiliatingly wet she was. “See how much my pet enjoyed it?” Sylas whispered into Fiora’s ear while she licked at her friend’s soaked slit. “I’m not sure which she liked more… what you did to her, or what I’m doing to you.”

It wasn’t true, it wasn’t true, it wasn’t true… Lux gave a tiny choking sob around the dick in her mouth… whimpering in embarrassment and pain. Fiora wouldn’t believe that, would she? Of course she would… her pussy was soaking wet, what other conclusion coul- Lux gasped again as the woman’s tongue slid in deeper and her licking became more passionate… almost like it was an apology.  Even as she did, Sylas continued fucking her. “Whichever one of those she liked most… we both know what her favorite is, don’t we? Pretty soon, she’s going to be screaming when she cums on my dick, and you’ll see for yourself what a little whore the Crownguard is.”

“MMMmmmmnNnn!” Lux screamed. “MM mm Gagh! Gahh, mm mnn ghah, ooommn gagh! MMNnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh!” Lux was screeching at the top of her voice to no avail, her voice vibrating the dick in her mouth. Sylas was like a wild animal, slamming into her again and again, more like an engine than like a man, squeezing her hips hard enough that her pale skin turned white beneath his fingers as he relentlessly hammered away at her ass. It hurt… it hurt so bad. Every thrust into her felt like it was a knife, something cutting into her as it scraped her raw walls and burned like fire. Lux felt like he was raping her bloody, but the counterpoint of pleasure radiating away from her clit was just as pervasive. Fiora really threw herself into the licking, working hard to bring the suffering blonde some pleasure, and it was working… even as her body shuddered and thrashed in anguish, the pleasure grew with it until her mind was too confused to really tell them apart anymore.

Then, when Sylas released her hips and grabbed onto Fiora’s, her confusion only grew when he began to drive Fiora’s strap on cock into her throat again, fucking Lux from both ends by himself  while Fiora really tried her best to make her cum. It felt like she was trying to comfort her, perhaps… but all it really did was confuse the oxygen-starved blonde more, made her less sure of what was going on, drowning further in the sensation… Lux was seeing stars, her vision swimming from the lack of air and how many times Fiora’s abdomen had been crashed into her forehead.

It could have gone on for a minute or a hundred years… his huge dick hollowing out her abused asshole with every bump and ridge and hair of his cock feeling like fire against her scraped insides. If he had been raping her with a red-hot iron, it couldn’t have hurt much more. Fiora, however, seemed to be trying to make up for it… the dance of her tongue across her clit and within her walls felt incredible. Lux couldn’t be sure if she had cum or not… she felt so much, good and bad, that it was impossible to even begin to keep track. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, he ripped his bulge out of her quickly enough that Lux could feel cool air on her inside. Lux cried in pain, but she sighed in relief as well… or at least, she would have, if she had breath around the dildo continuously fucking her throat. The pain didn’t stop… it simply got less aggressive, stop growing worse with every second… her agony throbbed from her ass with a sullen ache.

As she softly whimpered in pain, Sylas pressed his dick against Fiora’s lips… so close that Lux could feel it rubbing against her sex. “Clean it,” he commanded… and from the slurping, gagging sounds, she must have immediately begun to.

Lux could clearly feel the way he stuffed her face back onto his meat, pressing her mouth down further on his twitching cock as he thrust, because she could feel it in her drooling cunt. Fiora’s mouth might be gone, but Sylas’ rod brushed between her cleft on each thrust into Fiora, his balls slapped against her each time with a wet impact. Lux had never felt his cock like this, and she was utterly disgusted to realize part of her wanted it… the parting of her overstimulated lips, the way it slipped between her pussy on the way to her friends mouth, felt natural and amazing and made her body shudder with ecstasy. She couldn’t help it… she had been edging herself for months at every single opportunity, terrified of ever letting him find her dry, and over time it had had an impact… Even as she grew to despise the very idea of sex, even as she was raped multiple times a day, thinking about sex became the primary focus of her mind, thought that it was hard to ignore at the best of times… and now, her rapist’s hot, soaked cock rubbing against her swollen lips as he fed Fiora his dick, it was impossible to pull her mind away from.

In a way, she was almost grateful for the suffocating throatfucking, the dizziness in her mind. At least then she had an excuse for acting like such a whore.

Fiora was clearly struggling to breathe as Lux was, her mouth equally clogged with cock as Sylas scraped the blonde’s ass off on Fiora’s soft lips and throat, slamming her over and over again. Now, without the mingled pleasure of being licked and the anguish of her ruined asshole being raped, the throatfucking that Sylas was forcing on her by moving her friend around like a rag doll was all the more noticeable… but Lux’s arms felt too weak to even rise off the bed anymore. Instead, she just closed her eyes as he felt him begin to drive Fiora down against her harder, trying to relax her mouth and jaw to allow the dildo to fit into her… but there was just no way it would ever fit. It was far too large for her mouth… Lux was as helpless as Fiora was against the brutal deepthroating, but at least it stopped her from thinking about cumming as Sylas’ cock slid against her cunt.

While he deep-throated Fiora, one of his hands began to come down to Lux… slapping her thighs, her breasts, the sides of her ass. It stung, but it didn’t hurt that bad compared to the overwhelming tide of anguish she had already felt today… until he began bringing his hand down right on her wet cunt. Lux gave out a gurgling, pathetic shriek, muffled to almost nothing but the wood and metal and thick saliva clogging her throat into a messy soup, but even though she jumped her body didn’t go anywhere… Fiora’s weight pinned her down along with Sylas’ muscle, the dildo in her throat impaling her as thoroughly as a butterfly to a board… and he didn’t stop. He brought his hand off her, and she only had a second before he slapped her again… a sicking, wet noise as he sent her pussy leaking all over his hands and made her choke and gag in her paltry attempt to scream. Each slap felt harder and more painful than the one before, and she had no choice but endure all of them as her eyes rolled back in her head, lost in about four different kinds of pain and humiliation and misery.

Lux barely noticed it when he stopped moving… but she heard it when Fiora gave a wet gasp, his cock unsheathing itself from her throat. She couldn’t see it, but her mind’s eye made it perfectly clear… swollen and throbbing, covered in Fiora’s spit, saliva and precum drawing lines between her swollen lips and his safted. She heard the meaty slap that it made when he struck Fiora in the face with it… and most of all, she felt it when he shifted and pressed it back against her ass.

Lux whimpered.

It didn’t matter.

Fiora didn’t have to be told this time… an instant before agony exploded through Lux’s body, sending her thrashing beneath the duelist, the dark haired girl was already throwing herself into licking Lux as he shoved it into her with no warning. Lux wanted to scream, and even a few seconds in it was already impossible to tell which sensation made her want to scream more. Sylas kept fucking her asshole, increasing the pace even as his nails drew bloody lines in the meat of Fiora’s ass from how hard he was gripping her and shoving her down into the blonde’s throat, even as the elite soldier did her absolutely best to bring as much pleasure as possible, exploring her cunt even as Sylas explored the depths of her agonized asshole.

When Lux finally came, it was explosive and hit without the slightest warning. One second she was bathing in the anguish with spikes of pleasure, and the next her body was clenching and shaking as something inside her just let go completely. Of course, it had the side effect of tightening her grip on his dick, as well, and a new spike of agony hit her. In her current state, however, it just made her cum harder. Her legs tingled and her body shook on his pulsing rod, and it became even harder to to tell what hurt and what felt good… it all just felt so much.

“And there she goes,” Sylas laughed, one of his hands obviously on the back of Fiora’s head and grinding her down hard against his whore’s cunt. “See what she is? She’s mine… body and soul. Take my cock, Little Light… take it and cum like the whore you are…” She could tell his teeth were clenched from the way he was talking, his speed increasing as he nailed her ass harder and harder, splitting his attention between raping all of three of Lux’s holes at once using his dick, a strap on, and Fiora’s face.

The only protest Lux could muster at the treatment was a low, pathetic moan and to choke on the dildo again, making Sylas laugh. “My little butt-fucked whore,” Sylas said, still chucking. “I think that’s why she hasn’t begged me to breed her yet, noble-bitch… the little Crownguard cocksleeve loves it up the ass too much.” The blonde’s moans and whimpers grew louder and more incessant as he accelerated further, spearing her bowels apart with his massive cock.

“That’s right,” Sylas growled, his voice losing some control as he got close. “Take it, Luxanna… take everything I have to give you… right… right now…” He slammed even harder, driving full force into her ass. Lux moaned and whimpered continuously as her climax faded, leaving her with nothing but the pain, and then she screamed as she felt him explode deep in her quivering asshole. Sylas shivered and groaned as what felt like gallons of cum pumped deep into her bowels, seemingly intending to paint her insides white as he jerked and jerked and jerked hilted against her while she moaned in misery.

It seemed like forever before he finished, half collapsing onto both of them… pinning them even more closely together as he casually and carelessly crushed them down with his weight as he chuckled and recovered. It was only after the last squirts had emptied and he had caught his breath did Sylas get up.

“Your turn to do some cleaning,” he said, and from the wet, slobbing noises she made Lux had no doubt that Fiora was already back to work sucking on his cock and licking every bit of cum and assorted mess off of it. His hand went back around her head and he grabbed a fistful of her hair, even as Fiora’s hands worked to brace herself against the assault on her mouth and keep the dildo from fucking Lux’s throat further. For once, Sylas wasn’t making it choke her, relaxing as he let Fiora do the job of bringing him pleasure and cleaning up the mess he had made inside of the blonde noblewoman’s stained asshole. Now there was only the distraction as, once again, his shaft and balls bumped against her swollen sex, Fiora’s head lowered down enough that mere centimeters separated the duelist’s lips from her virgin cunt. Sylas only had to step in closer and angle his cock downward into her mouth, making it easy to impale the prone girl to the root, far further down her throat than any sensible person would ever want. Her gag reflex acted up again as the big dick choked her… her throat was once again confused between swallowing and expelling his cock.

Fiora was helpless… she had to take him for as long as he wanted, and there was nothing she could do about it. Thankfully, he was spent, so he didn’t make her choke for too long before  Sylas pulled her mouth off his cock and pushed his balls against her face instead. He didn’t need to explain… Fiora, wincing with disgust, opened her mouth and gently placed her lips on his right nut, pressing her tongue against it and licking.

Lux stopped paying attention there. With his dick no longer rubbing against her cunt, the distraction was gone and she had nothing left but the slow struggle to swallow and the throbbing agony spreading from her well-used ass. She just waited, stewing in her own misery while Fiora sucked on him and awaiting him to release her.

Which is why it caught her completely by surprise when he pressed the tip of his cock, horrifically hard once more, back against her asshole.

Fiora gasped. “You have to be ki-”

Sylas silenced her with a slap. “Shut up and lick, whore,” he commanded. Then he started to rape Lux again.

Lux had no idea how long that lasted… most of it she only remembered in fits and spurt. He started choking her with the strapon after just a few more minutes and her memories got hazy… nothing but impressions of agony and trauma. He fucked her over and over, and over, and over, and over. She came more than once, too… she remember that, jerking on his raping dick with Fiora’s tongue buried deep in her sex. He filled her ass again… once? Twice? Ten times? She couldn’t tell. All she remembered was the last time… him gripping Fiora’s head with his hands like a vice, his weight driving the strap on down Lux’s throat while he alternated thrusts between Fiora’s mouth and her own asshole, throat, ass, throat, ass, back and forth and back and forth until he came. By now, it felt like he had shoved miles of cock up her ass today, and if she had thought it hurt the first time then she had had no idea how much more damage there was to do.

By this time, Lux expected it when he pulled out to have Fiora clean him up… to the point that she started whimpering when the sounds of sucking stopped, sure that she was just just seconds away from her having him resume turning her ass inside out. Instead, however, he stood.

Fiora was quick to climb off Lux. The duelist had to be nearly as tired as she was, but she seemed very aware of the dildo choking Lux and wasted no time getting out of her, giving the blonde her first clean swallow and sucked down breath in what felt like weeks. Lux lay there, too exhausted to even move her head as her eyes stared up with almost unseeing eyes at Fiora and Sylas. Her king stood there, smiling as he looked down at the dazed Lux and Fiora, the duelist’s lips dripping with Lux’s pussy and stained with what she had licked off his cock.

“That was fun,” he announced. “That was a pathetic performance hurting her, noble whore… I hope I gave you a few lessons in how to do it properly.” He was pulling on his pants as he spoke. “It’s time for dinner.”

Fiora began to crawl forward, and Sylas laughed at her, easily pushed the exhausted, crippled duelist down. “Where do you think you’re going?” he mocked her. “I told you you could eat if you could make my whore hate you. Do you really think this pathetic display, where I had to do all the work, counts?”

Fiora didn’t protest… she just looked down at the bed. Lux saw the beginnings of frustrated tears stream down her face before her hair swung down far enough to cover up her cheeks.

Sylas laughed again. “Oh, don’t worry little noble-whore. I’ll give you dinner anyway.” He pointed at the motionless Lux. “Your dinner is right there, waiting in her asshole where I put it. It’s more mercy than you deserve, but I can be a kind king… even to rebellious, traitorous cunts like you.” He leaned down and grabbed her by the hair, getting a startled yelp from Fiora as he made her look him in the eyes. “You had best be finished by the time I get back from dinner,” he warned her, “or the next thing I give you to eat won’t be nearly this nice. Then we can’t spend the rest of the evening trying again to see what you’ve learned.”

Fiora stared at him, her face hard like she wanted to argue. Then her face fell and she looked away from Sylas. He laughed again, let go of her hair, and strode from the room. Lux still had barely moved… just the occasional blink and the rise and fall of her chest betraying she was still alive.

“I’m sorry…” Fiora whispered. Then she settled between Lux’s spread legs, and for a long time afterwards the wet, disgusting noises as Fiora ate the cum out of Lux’s ass were the only thing to hear.

Lux danced.

Blonde hair stuck to her face, her scalp, and the side of her neck as it darkened with sweat, her long mane rendered into a damp mess by the exertion of forcing her sore, exhausted body to sway and glide and swing to the rhythm of music that only existed in her mind. Everything hurt, and even the soft silk’s lightest touch on her body seemed to inflame her nerves, but yet the captive Crownguard forced herself to move.

She had to. She could feel Sylas’ eyes on her like a physical weight, pressing her down.

Lux could remember a time that she never would have been dressed like this… when she would have rather died. When Sylas had originally taken away all her clothing and replaced them with silks that emphasized rather than concealed her form, Lux had believed that to be the humiliation. In truth, the real attack on her pride and sense of self-worth had begun when he had taken even those away.

Lux wasn’t sure what he had been punishing her for… the days and punishments seemed to blur together, but one day she had woken to find all of the hateful, exotic silks gone. She had nothing to wear at all… always exposed, always feeling perfectly vulnerable, always feeling Sylas’ eyes on her. She was never allowed out of his chambers when she wasn’t dressed, lest anyone else see what the King had laid claim to to be his alone, so she was even more a prisoner than usual without them… she didn’t even have the minor blessing of seeing Fiora so that he could use their friendship to arouse himself further. A week had passed with her as naked as the day she was born, until each passing second, each gaze from that wretched king, seemed to cut like a knife. When he had offered her a chance to earn back her clothing, it was almost embarrassingly how quickly she had agreed.

She had expected that she would need to debase herself again and serve him with her body. In a way, she had been right… she hadn’t expected it to be like this.

Lux danced, her breasts swaying on her chest as she moved to an imagined rhythm, and she wondered if she might have been better off naked. Her breasts were just barely covered by silk, and it was all but completely transparent… she could feel its touch on her but she could only barely see it. Golden bands of jewelry were the only thing she wore that wasn’t that thin, soft, transparent silk, and they held the flimsy pieces of it together, keeping it in place. Stockings for her legs, a hammock from her breasts, and half-veil for her face were the only clothing she wore, if you could even call it that… she wore nothing on her hips or covering between her legs at all. The sole thing she had that wasn’t see-through was a length of while silk dangling from the bracelets she wore, moving around as she moved her arms in the dance. It was the only thing she had that could cover her from Sylas’ sight.

It wasn’t nearly enough. There was much of herself that she didn’t want the bastard looking at… the way her nipples felt red and inflamed by the gentle caress of the silk, the way the jewelry and stockings made her legs feel a mile long, the way her ass shook like she was almost eager for attention. Worst of all, however, was that with nothing to wear and unable to keep her legs shut, her king could clearly see the dampness on her thighs where Lux had been forced to edge herself now for weeks and weeks and weeks. That, more than anything else, she longed to cover… but the movements of the dance kept drawing it away, and the smirk on Sylas’ face made it clear that he saw anyway.

It was humiliating. At this point, Lux was almost used to being used like a sexual object for the cruel king’s entertainment… half the time, she even thought of herself in those terms, using his words to describe herself in the safety of her own head. Never before, however, had she ever been forced to so flagrantly put herself on display for him and actually try and sell herself to him as that kind of object… which is what she felt like. Something between a whore on the street and a cow at auction, rubbed with oil and looking to be sacrificed on the altar of his cock. She didn’t just need to make herself available to him to fuck and hurt and humiliate… she needed to convince him with the sluttiest movements of her body that she was worthy of being paid enough attention to be fucked and hurt and humiliated, and the sheer shame of it made her want to cry. She was pitifully aware that, in her attempts to cover herself with the length of silk between her twists, the slight shift only seemed to draw attention to the parts of her it didn’t hide… it might have made her sexier as she tried to conceal herself than if she didn’t bother at all.

Sylas occasionally shouted out demands, ways for her to move, directions to face. Lux didn’t even know all the words but she tried to obey, awkwardly twisting and writhing and squirming her body around, her ass shaking, her tits bouncing, her cunt drooling with need and her shame building. She tried not to think about how he was looking at her, how her eyes tracked the parts of her she most wanted to avoid notice, and she failed utterly.

At last, it ended… far more suddenly than it had begun.

“Enough!” Sylas said, a hint of a growl in his voice. Lux felt a small shiver go down her spine… if there was one thing she had learned in the last months as a slave in the kingdom she had called home, it was that her captor was capable of anything. He hadn’t truly laid into her yet, but the cruel punishments he had inflicted on Quinn and Fiora due to her failures…

Lux immediately sank into a bow, kneeling on the ground and putting her forehead against it in a gesture of utter submission. Frustrated, fearful tears leaked down her cheeks and fell to the ground as they carried traces of her mascara with them. “That’s pathetic,” Sylas announced. She could tell by the sound that he had come closer. Then his hand was on her ass, squeezing it, lifting it up further. Lux didn’t resist… she shoved it up as he requested. She didn’t want her friends and family to suffer for her failure. “Little noble girl doesn’t even know how to dance.”

His fingers slid their way over the small of her back. “If you didn’t have such a slutty body,” he said, fingertips tracing the length of her spine, “no one would bother with you at all, Little Light.” He paused, and his hand left her. “Crawl over here, Luxanna.”

Sighing silently, Lux pushed herself to hands and knees, raising her head just far enough to see where Sylas was returning to his seat before she followed him the last few feet to his side. He didn’t have to do more than point to his lap… she already knew what was expected of her. Leaning her head against his thigh, she took the clasp of his pants between her teeth and began to work it back and forth, trying to pull it free… a task with which she had regrettably become all-too-familiar.

The veil over her face was an added complication… but while it was humiliating to admit it, not much of one. Inside of a minute, she had unclasped his pants with just her mouth and teeth and pulled them down over his hardness. It was shameful how easy she found the once nearly impossible task now, but as her tutors had always told her: practice had, indeed, made perfect. Before Sylas could grow annoyed, she opened her lips wide and even stuck her tongue out, silently begging him like a lowly animal, giving her captor encouragement to stick his cock where it belonged.

Lux knelt there, tongue out, eyes on his and begging for long humiliating seconds before Sylas nodded in approval. Her hands on the silken veil, Lux raised its edge up over his dick until it draped on the other side. The length of his shaft brushed against her lips, the head resting degradingly on her outstretched tongue. Like an obedient whore, Lux was only too cooperative, immediately beginning to lick at it like she was eager, bathing the stiff cock with her spit and trying not to wince at the familiar taste before she wrapped her lips around it and stuffed his big member right into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate… she took him deep on the first thrust bob, her throat opening immediately to his length. Lux kept her tongue out so his shaft would coast along with her slick tongue, knowing that he would like that… and the more he liked, the sooner this would be over. She curled and pressed her tongue against him as she shifted her head on him, gagging once despite her many hours of practice doing exactly this. She tried to push back as her throat muscles flexed to eject his cock from her mouth…

Only to fail as Sylas held her head in place.

Lux’s eyes opened wide and her hands moved from her sides to his thighs, pressing instinctively to move her body away from him as she gagged again… but he wouldn’t allow it. Sylas kept her mouth wrapped around near the base of his cock, pulling her further down, pooling the translucent veil over the top of his dick as she stared down the remaining length and he forced her onward until her lips made a tight, pleasant ring around the very base of him and she could taste his balls on her tongue. Lux’s unprepared throat was gagging constantly now, trying desperately to discharge the cock even though he made her swallow it instead, the muscles in her esophagus flexing and contracting and swelling against him.

Then he just held her there for a minute, her blue eyes looking up to seek his even when her face was impaled on his cock, begging for mercy, gray-black tears beginning to leak from her eyes as her tears dragged her mascara down with them.

“Your dancing was a disappointment,” Sylas said quietly, meeting her eyes. “Your throat had best not be.” Only then did he relax his hand, letting her pull back, coughing and retching… but even in her misery and struggle, she knew better than to take her mouth all the way off his cock. She had just started and already her throat was sore, her jaw tired, her lungs burning… but she only dared give herself a handful of breaths before she began to fuck her own face on his shaft.

That was the game he wanted… the decision he wanted his royal pet to have to make. By making it clear to her that he wanted a messy, sloppy, rough throat fuck of a blowjob and then leaving it up to Lux to do it herself, she had to toe a delicate line. She wanted to make it easier on herself, of course… but if she didn’t make it rough and vicious and degrading enough, he would take over and make it worse. That meant she needed to make it almost as bad… and the constant balancing act as she throat fucked herself for the king’s amusement meant it was impossible to dissociate, impossible to think about anything but exactly how every bump and ridge and hair on his shaft felt as slid past her lips and over her tongue and down her throat.

It felt like hours, but thankfully it was only a few minutes… it still left her throat feeling like she had rubbed it raw as it protested the brutal use she had put it to herself. Sylas’ growl of pleasure filled her ears and a second later his cock was swelling and pulsing as his seed spilled down her throat. Once, that would have made her miserable to feel him cumming, using her body like a masturbation device. Then, deeper into her captivity it would have made her reluctantly happy, convinced that at least it meant her torment was, for the moment, over. Now it just made her disgusted and resigned as she just kept throatfucking herself on him while he came and after… The only difference was she went a little slower and used more tongue now.

She knew what he wanted from her. It was her job the make sure the cock that’s only joy in life seemed to be raping her never stayed soft for long. Quickly she reversed the process of his prick softening, and soon she was back to using her throat like a cocksheath for him as if he hadn’t cum at all.

At last, he took the side of her head and the back of it in his grip and, almost gently, pulled her head off his shaft. Then he said the words she had spent the last two weeks dreading. “Hands and knees.”

Lux whimpered softly. She knew better than to protest – to really, meaningfully protest – but a pathetic, whining noise escaped her throat anyway. He hadn’t fucked her for two weeks… not since the session with Fiora and the dildo. Her ass had felt like there had been nails driven into every inch of her skin for days and days afterward, and even today just the slight touch of her ass moving as she danced was agonizing. “Please…”

Sylas narrowed his eyes.

The blonde Crownguard swallowed… then turned around, sank back down to her knees, and leaned forward, placing her head and arms on the floor, softly crying. In this position, her ass was up in the air and her face was pressed against the cold stone… . “What a good girl,” Sylas teased as he reached out and slapped her ass cheeks. She gasped in pain… even though the touch itself wasn’t on the injury, it still jostled everything and it stung horribly. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them softly… Even in this position with her legs spread, her tight butt cheeks were still tight and firm enough that he needed to pull them to reveal her still-swollen, reddened asshole to his waiting gaze. Keeping her cheeks spread Sylas leaned forward and placed his mouth on her pussy, his tongue tasting her reluctant wetness and once again adding an unwelcome stab of pleasure to the pain. He kissed her snatch deep, pushing his tongue out to skewer into her, and just the press of their bodies together hurt. Lux moaned softly, in discomfort rather than pleasure, but Sylas laughed at her anyway. “Is the King’s little whore enjoying herself, then?” he mocked, one finger moving down to brush over her glistening clit again.

He tongue fucked her for a little while, making her moan a few more times… this time, to her dismay, in a mix of pain and unwilling pleasure. Then, abruptly, that all changed when a sharp flash of pain tore through her and she screamed… Sylas has just pushed one of his fingers into her asshole.

It felt like he had stabbed her with a knife.

“Please…” Lux whimpered. “Please… don-” The blonde woman actually bit down on her tongue, so hard did she force her mouth shut… just barely stopping the damning word from coming out of her mouth and making another of her family members pay for it.

“Something you wanted to say, Little Light?” Sylas teased, slowly twisting the finger inside her. “Please? Please… what? I don’t understand. Finish the sentence.”

His words were playful, amused, sadistically pleased… but there was a hint of iron behind them, as well. Luxanna said the only thing she could. “Please fuck me, my King.”

The finger came out of her in one smooth motion, other fingers pushing into her soaked sex, lubing themselves up before being pushed into her abused rear. “That’s what I thought,” the mage-king said, satisfied. “Always good to have an eager whore, isn’t it?” Two fingers, wet with the fluids of her leaking cunt, thrust in at once and Lux gasped through her teeth at the painful, cruel fingers of her master as he started stroking them in and out, wiping off every bit of her pussy into her asshole that he could, making her want to scream with every movement.

His cock was already wet with her spit… when he decided to replace the fingers with it, it happened quickly. One moment, Luxanna was in hell. The next, she realized that she had had no idea what hell actually was.

“Ahh!!!” she screamed suddenly, spit soaking the veil still over her mouth as his hard shaft hilted itself in her backdoor with one savage motion. It felt like it ripped her open with the first stroke… it couldn’t have hurt more if he had wrapped it in sandpaper. Her hands, instinctively, flew back to ineffectively push against the man behind her and Sylas just grabbed them, effortlessly holding onto them and wrapping them in the silk trailing between her bracelets, holding onto her arms like handles as he tugged her back and began to fuck her while she cried out.

Every second was anguish. The huge, ribbed dildo had hurt horribly when he had made Fiora fuck her with it, and his dick had hurt unbelievably bad afterward while she swelled, but Lux hadn’t really understood just how tender and sore she still was inside, even after two weeks of merciful rest. It felt like someone had lit a fire inside her asshole that burned every nerve in her body, and Sylas just didn’t stop… he showed her no mercy, allowing her no time to get used to the feeling of his big cock inside her if indeed such a thing was even possible. He held her tightly by the arms, by the hips, by her asscheeks, changing his grip to suit him whim as he raped her, drilling his cock between her clenching ass cheeks, the whole of his cock pushing inside her again and again and again and again and again. She was screaming, blubbering, crying as her rear was stretched out when all it really wanted to do was swell shut like an open wound, and she had no idea what words were coming out of her mouth and she could only hope she wasn’t saying any forbidden ones as Sylas re-destroyed her asshole inch by helpless, ruined, painfully savaged inch.

If her pleas and pain and begging affected him at all, Sylas didn’t show it… he was like a senseless monster, using her body purely for his pleasure as he continued the torturous fucking.

The king forced his cock in and out of her faster and faster as she moaned and screamed and cried and whimpered and suffered beneath him, while her ass bled and her pussy drooled in unholy contrast.

In the end, the only mercy for her was that her pitiful dancing and the insufficient blowjob were enough. Sylas’ balls were already tight, and he couldn’t keep up the manic pace for long as her tight ass squeezed on him… it was just too much to endure. The senseless pounding had dominated her asshole… while it clenched on him like it was clinging for dear life, it never slowed him in the least, her defenses providing no resistance whatsoever to his cock as he slid back and forth. This asshole, at least, knew that it belonged to it’s king, even if the Crownguard noblewoman it was attached to was a bit more stubborn. Every thrust made the head of his cock rub the inside wall of her slut ass, tickling him closer to orgasm as his balls slapped against her wet pussy.

Lux was outright screaming with each thrust now, and he pulled himself out, grabbed her and bodily flipped her onto her back before climbing on top of her. Lux had a panicked moment where she wondered if he had finally tired of him game and meant to rape her pussy at last, and wasn’t sure if she would be grateful or not. Instead, however, Sylas grabbed her legs, pushing the white and gold stocking up nearly to her veiled face, and forced his cock once more into the asshole that this pose exposed and continued pounding the life out of the helpless girl mercilessly.

Everything in her wanted to beg him to stop. To say that she would do anything if only he would just stop… but those words were forbidden to her. If she begged properly, Fiora would suffer for it. Quinn would suffer for it. Mother, and Garen, and Auntie Tia, and everyone she cared about would suffer for it. So instead, Lux screamed and cried and felt like the whore that Sylas insisted she was, but she never begged him to stop.

Sylas’ fingers dug deep into Lux’s thighs as he pounded her, his weight folding the slimmer girl nearly double as she was helplessly raped beneath him with nothing to do but submit to her master’s, her king’s, desires… allowing him to exercise utter and complete control over her body. She squealed under his relentless assault to no avail. He grabbed her legs even harder, driving even the pale color out of them as he rammed his length in and out of her. The sounds of her screams only seemed to turn him on as he picked up his pace and began mercilessly fucked her deep and hard, making her feel every inch of her asshole being opened up again and again due to the unrelenting, unending strokes of her owner.

“So you understand your proper place now, Luxanna?” He asked between deeper and deeper thrusts.

Lux was unable to answer as she wildly flailed beneath him on the hard stone floor. He was like one of Piltover’s machines, relentlessly drilling his huge steel-hard shaft deeper and deeper inside her tunnel, exploring further and further for the treasure buried deep inside her hole. Lux jerked and spasmed and she felt Sylas’ cock swell inside her as he grabbed hold of each of her breasts, squeezing them as his weight pushed her down even harder, the strokes getting faster as he fucked her as if he wanted to crush the life from her. She cried, she screamed, she moaned… and then he exploded. After one last brutal stroke, his stained cock pulsed and shot as he dumped what felt like a gallon of hot acid into her cumcatcher of an asshole, one sticky wad at a time.

When he pulled back, pulling his weight off her and pulling his dick out, her limbs didn’t want to move… Luxanna had trouble unfolding herself. It wasn’t until the slow, molten river of pink/white jizz sludge had finished pouring out of her ravaged rear that she found the strength to roll onto her side, letting her legs fall and curling up into a small, sobbing ball. Lux laid in a pool of disgusting fluids, the combined result of her own rape as it leaked from her stretched and tamed asshole. The seed felt almost as disgusting and hot and torturous where it stained her thighs and ass as it did inside her.

Sylas stood over her. “Now aren’t you glad I gave you two weeks to recover?” he said, eyes gleaming. “Am I not a merciful king, Little Light?”

There was only one thing to say.

“Thank you, your highness…” she whispered brokenly. “Thank you for showing your whore mercy.”

Days turned to weeks turned to months and the torture continued. Lux didn’t really even know where days began and ended anymore… every day felt like the last. She had “clothing” again, if you wanted to call it that… the slutty silks he liked seeing her in, but at least it was enough that she was permitted to be seen by others, that she wasn’t locked in his room at all times and her only connection to the world was when he wanted to rape her. Still, without any connection to the outside, she had to believe whatever Sylas told her about how long it had been or what was going on in the world.

He specifically hadn’t told her about the rebels, for example. No word of their existence had ever been spoken of to her, but for all her faults and mistakes Lux had grown up as a noblewoman in the court and Sylas and his followers had very much not… she knew how to keep her ears open, and they didn’t know when and where to guard their tongues. No one had told her of them… but they didn’t need to. She had just needed to be nearby when a few people had mentioned them, when Sylas gave instructions. Former members of the Dauntless Vanguard, Mage-Hunters, and other escaped Demacian soldiers that had survived the coup and the purges that followed were resisting his rule, going out, making trouble. She knew from overhearing that several of his retainers had been captured.

So, when he told her that, if she was willing to do him a favor, one of her friends could be going free, she jumped at the chance. She agreed to anything he wanted, so matter how horrible. She expected it would be humiliating, and it was. She expected it would be miserable, and it was. She expected it would be pain, and it was. She just thought that she would be the one that the joke was on.

Lux had barely seen Quinn since the fall of the palace… only catching glimpses of her one-time best friend occasionally, hearing her screaming more often. Usually, her only interaction with the girl was Sylas telling her what had happened to her because Lux had failed to be perfectly cooperative in one way or the other. Now she was going to see her right before she was going to be let go for the prisoner exchange…

As long as Lux could make her believe she was a collaborator and a traitor.

In a heartless way it was perfectly practical. If there were rebels running around and being effective, the last thing that Sylas would want was for Lux to be on the list of people for them to even try to rescue. He wanted the Crownguard girl to cross herself off that list. If it meant letting her friend out of this hellhole, she would do it gladly and without regrets.

Letting Quinn think she had been betrayed, on the other hand…

When Lux entered the hall, wearing her usual silks, it was with the same fake smile she had used for so many years growing up as a mage, the same fraudulent lie of an expression that said everything was alright and she was happy. Thousands of hours of practice went into that smile. It had fooled her family and friends and all of Demacia for two decades… and from the look Quinn gave her, filled with abject loathing, it fooled her, too.

Lux had always thought the scout was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, and seeing her naked did nothing to change that assumption. A few months in captivity hadn’t dulled the lithe muscles and tanned skin of the beautiful woman, and her eyes were still bright and filled with soul even if it was in agony. Her hair was a shade of black so deep it almost looked violet, and she looked up as Lux entered, her eyes narrowing. The Demacian scout was hanging from the ceiling, bound in suspension, and Sylas was already there… already rutting into her from behind, holding her breasts like handles he used to fuck her. From the sperm across her face, it wasn’t the first time either. Quinn looked exhausted. The ropes had chaffed against her skin, leaving red marks all over her. Her nipples were pierced, as was her clit, and a cord ran between the three of them to the leash Sylas was stepping on, tugging downward with his foot even as he pulled at the meat of her breasts with his hands. Every movement of hers, chosen, reflexive, or forced, caused the ranger-knight nothing but pain. Valor, her Demacian Eagle and counterpart, was nearly as thoroughly bound as Quinn was in his cage, his beak banded shut, his talons chained, his wings tied with feathers clipped, but he still looked on the proceedings with naked fury in his sharp eyes.

Lux was absolutely miserable… but she couldn’t show it. She took a deep, silent breath and tried to will away the part of her that wanted to break down and cry. Then she widened that noblewoman’s smile as widely as she could. “You got started without me, Love?” The words made her want to vomit. Lux turned away, playing for Quinn like she was pouting. In truth, she was taking a moment to wipe away the tears that had welled up. Doing so allowed her to see the look on Fiora’s face… misery and sorrow. She was thoroughly bound foot and ankle, naked and covered in welts and bruises, and Lux was walking her like a dog. Her expression of misery, however, was all for Quinn. Fiora knew the score, too.

Sylas groaned and took a few more thrusts, and from the sound of Quinn’s moaning Lux had little doubt that he was cumming inside her. When he pulled out, he gave her ass a slap than sent her swaying before he bent down and grabbed onto the leash attached to her piercings, holding it in his hand as he walked over to greet Lux, naked and with his cock glistening with Fiora’s cunt and the remnants of his cum. “You were late… figured you wouldn’t mind.” Then Sylas leaned to her face and placed a disgusting, sloppy kiss on her lips. He thrust his tongue practically all the way into her throat and swirled it around, and Lux wanted to gag.

Instead, as soon as he broke the kiss, the blonde fell to her knees softly and licked along his length… and as she did she noticed the look of disgust on her friend’s face, in her eyes, eclipsing even the pain of the leash tugging at her piercings. That look only grew stronger as Sylas handed her the leash instead. Lux held Quinn and Fiora’s leashes together in one hand, her own arms now what was keeping the tension on the cruel pieces of metal. Lux distracted herself by licking, punishing herself, forcing herself to taste her betrayal on his length before she smiled up at him. “And I don’t mind, my king,” she said softly. Then she walked over to sit in the nearby chair, pulling Fiora after her, drawing the cripple, crawling duelist closer even as the King turned his attention back to Quinn. “Just forget I’m here… I just want to watch you enjoy yourself with the… whore.” Her voice almost broke saying that last, and she had to force herself to keep it together.

Quinn struggled in pain as Lux moved further away, her nipples and her clit stretching out from her body as Sylas slapped her across the face a few times before he returned to her pussy. “I have to say, little oppressor, you have a surprisingly tight cunt. How many men have fucked you in the last month… and yet you’re still tight and lovely. Excellent breeding… especially for a commoner like the rest of us.” He shook his head as he pushed two fingers into her rosy pink lips, thrusting in. “That makes you even worse than the rest of them, in a way. You sided with your own oppressors. Filthy lapdog.”

From how red Quinn’s ass was as Lux looked on,Sylas must practically be able to feel the glow of her injuries on his face, that close up. Reluctantly, Lux played her part and forced Fiora between her legs, and she wasn’t sure if it made her feel better or worse that Fiora didn’t even put up a whisper of resistance as she pressed her lips against Lux’s quim and began to lick and kiss. Lux didn’t have to force her, she knew what she was doing and why, but… Fiora was the strongest woman she had ever known, and watching her debase herself like this, even for such a good reason, made the blonde sick.

Sylas opened his mouth, took Quinn’s clit into it, and began to nibble. His teeth worried at the engorged thing, the piercing forcing her hood back and revealing it in all its glory as he played with the vulnerable, sensitive nub of flesh. Then, when he bit, she cried out, thrashing her in bonds and screaming through the gag. Lux winced… a second later, so did Quinn. “That doesn’t sound like the sound an eager little whore should make, now does it?” Sylas said, shaking his head as he backed off. He slapped a hand down on her clit hard, forcing another scream. “See? That almost sounds like you’re miserable. It seems like you need another opportunity to learn to appreciate just how merciful your King is being.” He drew back his hand and slapped again even as he turned to the side. “Luxanna?” he called out, striking her a third time.

Lux wanted to cry… but the moment he had said her name Quinn had moved her eyes over to the blonde. She couldn’t risk even a hint of her genuine misery and sympathy showing – it could ruin everything. Instead, she made herself look angry and disgusted. That was easy… she just needed to think about how she felt about herself. Then she moaned with the efforts of Fiora between her legs, even though arousal was the furthest thing from her mind, and forced the words out. “Yes, my King…” Quinn was still screaming with each slap but she watched anyway as Lux turned to Valor, grabbed onto one of the feathers on the great bird’s bound wings…

Lux met Quinn’s eyes. The scout’s expression was lost… a silent plea, abject begging. An absolutely rejection of what was coming in her eyes as they watered with unfallen tears. And… and a hint of disbelief. She didn’t think Lux was going to do it. Part of her, maybe even a large part of her, still wasn’t fully ready to accept that Lux was her enemy now.

The blonde swallowed to steel herself, and yanked the feather out.

Quinn’s scream was almost as loud as Valor’s… and when they had ended, that begging look on her friend’s face was gone. Replacing it was an expression of  utter hatred, her gaze holding nothing but complete contempt. It made Lux hate herself even more… but no matter how bad it was, no matter how much she suffered, this was her chance to get Quinn out. She could live with being hated so long as she could stop her friend from suffering… even if the look of betrayal in her eyes burned. I’m so sorry, Quinn… but this is the only way to get you out of here. She forced herself to smile, then turned her attention back to Fiora, tugging at her hair a little to ‘command’ her to get back to licking.

Sylas had kept slapping her until Lux had pulled the feather, his way of enforcing speed on the part of his slave no doubt, but he had stopped as soon as she had done so. Once he finished, however, he went for a paddle off of the table of tools nearby, turning on Quinn with it. He tapped it against her pussy… a downright gentle strike designed to get her attention more than to inflict pain, but he clearly took enjoyment from the wet sound of it and the way Quinn flinched, tensing with uncertainty and fear. “So are you still my eager little whore that wants to go home?” he asked, and Quinn nodded as enthusiastically as she could in her bonds while any movement caused her piercings to burn and tug. “Then let’s see how eager you are.”

He drove the paddle against her ass with a loud slap, and Quinn moaned. To Lux’s ears, it was clearly fake… but Sylas didn’t care about the authenticity of the arousal. He only cared about the domination and humiliation of making them pretend rather than express their true feelings. Over and over he struck her, not that hard, but each hit making Quinn’s uncertainty build in dire anticipation of when the hammer would fall, tensing, waiting for the pain. Then he began to mingle in harder hits with the softer one, loud, slapping sounds that filled the whole room as he slapped into her, striking her ass, her back, her sensitive upper thighs, mixing it up to just keep her on her toes. The soldier made a few muffled cries but not loud or severe enough to bother Sylas apparently, and mostly she kept up the moaning like she was enjoying it. It probably didn’t hurt too badly… Lux had had that used on her before. It was the humiliation of it that hurt more than the pain.

As the pace started to build, however, the force of the blows increased with it, making a few whimpers escape with the moans. When Sylas’s strong-arm started to tire, he broke rhythm, pausing for a second before raising the implement higher and, without warning, swung with much more force, wrenching a cry of pain from the bound girl as it connected. Nodding to Lux, she ripped another feather from Valor’s wings, hating herself even more than Quinn hated her. Resuming the softer rhythmic beating, Sylas every so often included a harder blow, keeping his victim guessing as to what was coming, never letting her prepare herself for it. In front of Lux’s eyes, Quinn’s reddening ass was dancing nicely as she tried to escape the blows, and her discomfort was becoming more palpable with each stroke against her tender, inflamed skin.

Sylas continued the swift spanking until he was satisfied that all the meaty flesh of her ass had turned a pleasing shade of light red and it would be agonizing for her when he so much as brushed her skin. After delivering one last blow across the center of her buttocks that made the woman cry out in shock, the king walked away and Lux… and probably Quinn… dared to hope he was done. When he instead put down the paddle and picked up a leather strap, the soft whimper she made broke Lux’s heart.

He walked to Quinn’s feet where they hung suspended below her body, slapped them with the cord a few times while she squirmed and screamed out enough that he had to tell Lux to pull another feather before she silenced herself. Then he grabbed her now tender feet by the ankles and brought them up, his stiff cock sliding between them and rubbing between her heels. “All parts of your body are for using to worship me, slut,” he told her, raising the paddle. “Show me you understand.” He brought the strap crashing down on her ass again but she just barely choked back the scream. Sylas looked over. “Love, feel free to keep pulling feathers out of that miserable sky vermin until this stupid kicked dog addicted to table scraps has learned to show at least the bare minimum of devotion and competence.”

As slowly as Lux could without making her reluctance look like anything more than sadistic anticipation, the blonde moved her hand towards Valor. The eagle was actually flinching away from her hand now, but it had nowhere to go. Looking disgusted, Quinn shot an expression of absolute loathing towards Lux as the first screech escaped her companion and she started forcing her feet to move for Sylas. The agile scout placed her soles together on either side of his throbbing cock, drumming her toes on the sensitive head. With his cock firmly in the grip of her sexy feet, she started bobbing her legs together, up and down, gently but as steadily as she could. Quinn gripped his cock between both feet, sliding slowly and sensually up and down its length, her toes spreading to find the perfect fit, trying to curl her feet around him to bring more of her whipped, sore feet into contact with his prick. It was awkward, and rough, and three more feathers joined the first on the ground before Sylas told Lux that she was doing “Well enough.”

Sylas’s cock slipped between her toes, reveling in the tightness of her grip, and Lux could see and hear his pleasure… and Quinn’s disgust… as he used her athletic body in a way she couldn’t have imagined. For a minute she thought Sylas wanted to cum right then and fill her waiting toes with ropes of sticky juice, but he kept edging himself instead, using her body to play with himself but not pushing onward too hard. “Faster, noble lapdog!” Sylas mocked, placing another slap on her ass. She sped up the rate she was stroking… Lux could imagine how badly she had be hurting. Every movement made her sway in suspension, pulling at the piercings, and the posture had to be agony on her ankles but it wasn’t enough yet.

When Sylas grabbed onto her, held her feet himself, and began jacking himself off with them, Lux knew it was nearly over. He thrust his cock back and forth between her feet, the scout crying out in pain as each movement yanked on the piercings far harder, stretching out her clit and nipples. Valor’s scream joined hers as Lux cursed herself and obeyed her King’s orders, praying he would finish soon so he could stop hurting her and making Lux perform the punishment. It was only after she had the thought that Lux realized that she was cheering for her friend’s rapist to use her body to get off.

Finally, after another dozen strokes and a choked-off scream, his cock erupted. The swollen head shot streams of his cum, covering her toes, forming almost like a spiderweb of filth between them as his jizz stained her feet. Without even a word for her, he simply pulled his cock from between her feet and walked away without bothering to clean up.

When he’d walked away from her, Lux thought that Quinn’s ordeal was over. Her rear was warm and swollen red, but it wasn’t obviously damaged… she wouldn’t be sitting down comfortably anytime soon, but at least she would recover. Sylas had already used her to get off at least twice, probably three times based on the cum on her face. And as for the main goal of making sure Quinn regarded her as a traitor, well… Lux could read her friend’s – or rather, her former friend’s – face easily enough. She looked like she would give up almost anything to put on some clothing and never ever return to this nightmare without looking back, but she also looked like she might instead choose to stay if it meant she would be able to strangle Lux with her bare hands.  Quinn wouldn’t be organizing any rescue attempts for Lux after getting out of here… and after she reported in, neither would anyone else. The best she could hope for would be assassins instead.

When she saw him brandish the leather strap again, however, and realized that he meant to continue… Lux’s despair was almost identical to Quinn’s reaction. The other difference was that one of them couldn’t show it.

The leather crashed down on her already sore ass, raising a solid welt across the already sensitive skin. Quinn just barely kept herself from crying out, and Lux thought she did it only by biting on her tongue. “Mmmmmm!” Quinn moaned even as the strap slashed down again, making her next moan contain more whimper than even a fake moan of pleasure. The third stroke had the buckle at the end of the belt crash down and she couldn’t hold the scream anymore.

This wasn’t fair. He had already won! He had already gotten what he wanted! Why did she have to do this? Another feather joined those already on the ground.

“I’m going to be able to make a new pillow by the time you get it right,” Sylas mocked.

Lux closed her eyes. She didn’t want to watch this. She didn’t want to… she was just trying to save Quinn, to get her out of here. There was no blocking out the tell-tale sound of the lash as it struck her friend but did she really need to watch? It was hard to tell who was more miserable… The one being tormented, or the one who knew she was the reason for it and could do nothing to help or show sympathy… even the microscopic protection of suffering alongside her. Each time she broke into screams, Lux could feel her heart trying to break into a thousand tiny pieces… but she was helpless. Instead, she pulled another feather. She couldn’t help quinn in any other way. She would save her. She would protect her. She would. SHE WOULD.

Fiora softly bit her. Lux’s eyes snapped out, and she saw the worried look in the duelist’s gaze. She had been looking away, her eyes closed, for too long. If Quinn saw, it could jeopardize saving her.

Lux would watch. She had to be strong.

By the time the whipping stopped, Quinn’s ass was closer to blue than it was to red. The scout looked too out of it, too battered senseless and overwhelmed to appreciate what was going to be done to her, so instead Sylas turned his attention to Fiora. “Love, you mind if I borrow one of her holes for a bit?”

Lux tried not to wince. “Of course you can, your Highness.”

Sylas gathered behind Fiora and, grabbing onto her ass, he lifted her up further than her crippled legs would allow her to support. She might as well be held fully off the ground, even though her calves and feet still dangled they weren’t supporting much of her weight. Then, with her tongue still buried in Lux’s slit, the blonde felt the gasp that let her know that his cock had wedged its way all the way up her asshole.

Sylas didn’t hold back at all… he had obviously grown hard once again from the extended whipping, and he was more than happy to drive himself into the only other set of holes around that he didn’t have to pretend to be kind to. Gasping into Lux’s pussy with each brutal impact of his hips to her ass, Fiora whined as Sylas used her more like a piece of meat or some cheap whore rather than the competent noble warrior woman she was. As he raped her, she tried to wriggle and pull away while he smacked her from behind, his hand leaving scarlet handprints on her ass. Fiora was under no obligation to pretend to be enthusiastic… she screamed as she felt the pain stab through her.

Lux had no such luxury. Instead, she held onto the duelist’s eyes as she wedged the woman into her crotch. Trying to put any amount of sympathy into that gaze was hopeless… but at least she could let Fiora know she wasn’t alone, even if no matter how genuinely miserable and sorry for her friend Lux felt, they both knew there was nothing she could do to help her out.

“The little slut loves my cock up her ass,” Sylas said while smiling. Lux knew he loved mocking a girl who couldn’t answer back, the self-righteous cowardly bastard. “I think she’s hoping one of these days I might manage to pry free whatever’s been stuck up there for years.” His thrust rammed her head almost painfully into Lux as his cock filled Fiora all the way up, brutally shoving himself to the balls in the helpless victim. Sylas held it there for a moment, savoring the feel, savoring his triumph over Fiora… and even more so over Lux. He was dominating the helpless blonde Crownguard without laying a hand on her, forcing her participation in the degradation of her friends seemingly for his own twisted amusement and cruel enjoyment. He then brutally pulled out and rammed back in again in a single stroke, pulverizing his way through her guts with violent passion.

His moans and her muffled screaming only grew in intensity as he reamed her out more and more, stretching her ass again with his manhood… it must have been a while since the cruel king had used her like this. He kept fucking her, raping and abusing her holes for long minutes while Quinn dangled, slowly catching her breath, slowly recovering from the cruel beating enough to be fun to torment again.

Then, without cumming, he pulled out and just casually dropped Fiora’s ass, leaving her to collapse onto her crippled legs. Fiora had barely finished crying out in pain by the time he was behind Quinn and driving himself up the ranger-knight’s ass instead. To Lux’s sharp spike in misery, she screamed immediately. Another feather. Another dead piece of the blonde’s soul.

He pounded her furiously until he came, almost like he was trying to stab her with his dick. The only mercy was that he was worked up enough he didn’t take long to dump another load in her ass… only four more feathers. That mercy was immediately undercut by him taking the strap back up and beating her breasts. More feathers. Raping her pussy. More feathers. It seemed to go on and on for hours… she didn’t understand how he could still cum. The whole process was nothing but torture to Lux and he never laid a finger on her.

Finally, midway through putting new welts on her back, he suddenly lowered the strap. Lux was hopeful that, at long, long last, he was done… but that hope died a painful death the moment Sylas turned to look at her.

The look on his face was playful, and cruel… and victorious. His dark amusement froze her blood in its veins. “I haven’t heard you cum, Luxanna. Haven’t you been enjoying yourself? Is there something wrong?”

Lux swallowed. Of course she hadn’t had a fucking orgasm. He knew that. How could she possibly enjoy having herself played with while she was watching her best friend be tortured and being forced to assist in that torture? She was helpless and nearly hopeless, watching her dearest friends be punished just so that he could break her, and he expected her to cum watching it?

The look on his face told her that yes, yes that was exactly what he expected. Sylas knew what he was doing… that the cruelty was entirely directed. Back where Quinn’s eyes couldn’t see him, his face was split by an exceptionally cruel smile directed towards the young mage. Then Quinn looked over at Lux, looking at her, and taking in the view… and Lux started to panic.

She couldn’t break character now. She needed to get this right. She needed to convince her but, consumed by her worry and this being sprung on her she had no idea what to do, and Quinn was too bright not to figure it out and the moment she did she would never be leaving and-

Fiora leaned her lips against Lux’s thigh and softly bit her again.

Lux glanced down at the beautiful duelist, the bruises covering her doing nothing at all to hide her beauty… or her bravery. They met eyes for just an instant and… and Lux understood what Fiora wanted her to do.

It would work.

She would hate herself for it.

But it would work.

Lux yanked Fiora up by the face and slapped her, hard as she could. “What else do you expect from this lazy whore?” she spat, as harshly as she could manage. “Worthless traitorous tramp… wand to think the nobility always said you had such a sharp tongue. You had only one task, one paltry thing for even a useless bitch like you to accomplish – to use that filthy, dull, stupid tongue of yours to drive me wild. You but… you can’t even manage that much.” Holding Fiora up by the hair, the duelist resting on her knees, Luxanna punched her in the stomach. It wasn’t all that hard, all said, but she made it look as good as she could. Fiora’s reaction was definitely out of proportion, huffing out her breath, helping to sell it to Quinn as even more brutal than it was. “Stupid. Worthless. Lazy. Whore!” Lux spat.

“Yes, she is a lazy, worthless whore,” Sylas teased, taking a moment to casually fingerfuck Quinn while she once again glared at Luxanna with hatred. “I guess you’ll just have to teach her how to be better, won’t you?”

Lux nodded, and kicked Fiora between her legs. The duelist screamed, and it was only partially feigned. “I’ll do that,” the blonde agreed quickly. “But don’t stop on my account, you Highness. Keep teaching your slut while I teach mine.”

“Hmm,” Sylas grunted as he walked around Quinn, his eyes on Lux as she beat up her friend. He slapped Quinn across the face. “Look at the mess you’ve made of my cock, slave,” he said, holding it in his hands.It was indeed a mess from repeated fucks of her ass and pussy, and it probably smelled awful. “A good girl would clean up her mess… don’t you agree?” He slapped her again as precum leaked from his tip, and then he rubbed it off against her glowing cheek.

“…yes,” Quinn stammered.

He slapped her again. “Do you want to suck on this gross, filthy cock covered in slut juices?” he asked again.

“Yes!” Quinn forced out.

“Good!” And Sylas drove into her open, waiting mouth.

In between beating her friend, Lux tried to force herself to watch… she could see Quinn’s pink tongue as it did its work, swirling around his prick as he slowly began sucking on it, lapping at his filth. She didn’t pay too much attention, but it was obvious to Lux that Quinn was doing her best. Unfortunately, it was equally clear that her best wasn’t going to be good enough… Sylas was growing more annoyed by the second.

“You’re just as worthless as one of those stuck-up noble cunts,” he growled. “No idea how to use your mouth properly. Luxanna! Come over here… demonstrate for your ‘friend’ how to suck a cock properly.”

Humiliating, miserable, and soul crushing as it was to do that, Lux would have gleefully obeyed an order to pull out her own eyes if it meant she wouldn’t have to beat Fiora any further. Before Sylas could change his mind, she hurried over to him and sank onto her knees right beside Quinn’s suspended body so their faces were all but together. Then she grabbed onto Sylas’ cock with obvious – if faked – reverence, stroked it for a few moments, and popped it into her mouth.

The first thought she had, and one that she wished she could have burned from her thoughts, was that Quinn really had been doing a bad job. The moment her tongue touched him she realized just how much of the mess was still there on his cock, how little had been cleaned… his dick tasted like an open sewer. She would have to demonstrate for Quinn how to do a better job. As quickly and efficiently as she could, she coated his entire dick with spit, and then pushed his cock deep into her mouth and began to suck, trying not to gag. She could feel Quinn’s eyes burning into her and forced herself to look over at her, forced herself to play the role of the cruel Queen-to-be and not the caring, deeply pained slave she was as she met her friend’s eyes. Then she pulled back until the prick passed her lips, pressed a tiny kiss against it, and smirked as Quinn. “You do it like that.”

Sylas tightened his grip on Quinn’s hair and pulled her until her lips were pressed against his length. “Understand yet?” he growled. When Quinn nodded against him, he smiled. “Then demonstrate. Do it with her.”

The instruction was as much for Lux as it was the captive scout, she knew. As Quinn opened her mouth and began licking her away across his cock, the Crownguard girl did the same. Lux realized that where she licked, Quinn tried to push her tongue away from and lick there instead, trying to compete to be pleasing to him… just like she was supposed to be. Seeing that, Lux helped her the only way she could – she used her own… regrettably extensive… knowledge of how Sylas wanted his cock sucked to guide her, tonguing for herself the areas that the king would want and letting Quinn chase her off it. The pleased noises that he made spoke to the effectiveness of their two tongues working together, but the moment they stopped Lux swallowed his head just long enough to give Quinn the idea to take over sucking him.

That continued for a bit, Lux licking his balls while Quinn sucked him, until Sylas grabbed one of Lux’s hands and put it on the back of Quinn’s head, giving her a significant look. Lux winced… but crawled behind Quinn, took her head in both hands… and shoved the ranger’s head forward onto Sylas. Quinn gagged miserably as Lux forced the king’s cock down the other woman’s throat, choking her for several seconds before yanking her off it and pushing her back on again.

Every time she did, Quinn made the most miserable retching, choking, sloppy, wet noises. Every time her head was back far enough for Lux to see her, she was glaring at her former friend with sheer hatred. Lux wished she could choke and die herself, but she had no choice but to obey her master if Quinn was going to go free so instead she held her head firm and thrust it back and forth while Sylas began to pound her throat like an old, worn out cunt while Quinn desperately struggled to keep her stomach down and breathe.

Every time she gagged, every time she retched and the blonde noblewoman felt Quinn’s body tremble as she tried to get air and couldn’t, Lux repeated in her head that this was for Quinn’s sake. This was to set her free. This was the only way. Even as the poor ranger gagged around Sylas’s shaft, misery and terror and the certainty that she was going to smother on his cock in her eyes, Lux held her head fast. She forced her to meet his cock with his every thrust. Forced her to take him deeper into her throat. Forced her to gag and choke and force down her vomit. This was for Quinn’s sake…

If only reminding herself of that helped.

After a few minutes of that he slowed, cupping her face in his hand as he just rested his cock in her mouth, only slowly thrusting in and out. Lux took her cue from him, slowing down her own efforts as he just relaxed in the feeling of his dick in her warm, wet mouth. He thrust softly in two or three more times before pulling out and slapping her across the face with his cock like it was a club. Quinn squirmed in pain as he struck her nose with his prick next, stroking it in between slapping it down on her like a club over and over again, each blow stronger and more humiliating than the one that came before. Quinn was gasping with each one, but Sylas didn’t care… he kept cockslapping her like she was some kind of sex doll punching bag. Lux held onto her friend by the hair and the neck, helping her king, keeping Quinn steady and giving him access to her as much as possible.

When he pushed back into her mouth and began facefucking her again, Lux knew that he was close. With his hands on the back of the scout’s head and her bound in her suspension, she saw no reason she couldn’t crawl between his legs and lick at his balls, encouraging him onward as he fucked her throat five, ten, fifteen thrusts… before burying himself halfway down her neck and exploding, forcing loud swallowing sounds from Quinn as he pumped his load into her stomach. Lux didn’t stop licking his balls until they had stopped pulsing completely and Quinn had swallowed everything.

The blonde Crownguard knew what was coming next. Even as Sylas slowly pulled out and began to slap her face with his cock again, Lux took her fingers to Quinn’s crotch and began to play over her pussy… fingering her even as he beat her face with his cock some more, mocking her. Lux barely heard his taunts… she was focused on trying to get her friend wet and occasionally bringing some of that wetness to slick her asshole as well, because…

He abruptly pulled his cock away from her face, letting Quinn breath easily for the first time in minutes as he wasn’t battering her around or stuffing her throat. She sighed in relief, trembling softly, which told Lux that she didn’t realize it wasn’t over yet… from abusing her and slapping her face around, Sylas’ cock was once again like a rock. Lux pulled her fingers away from the woman as Sylas rounded her, but the moment he touched her pussy he knew, giving her a sadistic grin from behind while Lux looked at the ground. “Well look at you, enjoying this and everything,” he said, slapping on her wet cunt and making Quinn gasp. He rubbed his fingers against her throbbing clit. A moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes. “Are you enjoying yourself, noble lapdog? Are you enjoying being an eager little whore?”

Quinn’s voice was dull, almost soulless as she answered. “Yes…” she whispered.

“Good!” he exclaimed, running his thumb in circles around her clit. “So I take it you don’t want to leave anymore, right?”

Quinn gasped. Lux just barely kept herself from doing the same. “I… I…” she said, tears gathering in her face. “I do…”

Pushing his thumb brutally against her nub, he pushed two fingers into her pussy and began roughly fingerfucking her. “You’re such a confused, pathetic cumslut… aren’t you? You want nothing more than to have me fuck you right now. You don’t even care if I used my fingers, just so long as your pathetic pussy gets to be fucked. Am I right?” he hissed. No word came out her lips other than whimpers of pain. But he didn’t stop. He continued until she was gasping, her pussy drenched and cum juices dripped down her lips. “Am I right, whore?”

“Yessssss…” Quinn lied. The effort was transparent, the misery obvious, but she said it.

Sylas smiled. He stopped fingering her and took the hand that was covered in her juices and wrapped it around her throat. “Take over,” he commanded Lux, and she moved to obey. As Lux took over playing with her clit and Sylas choked her, the king stood, pressed the head of his cock against her pussy, and shoved himself deep inside her in a single second. Quinn could only let out a quiet, strangled moan around his choking hand as Sylas began to pump firmly in and out of her, fucking her fiercely as she gradually lost the fight for breath. Lux forced herself to watch the whole thing as he raped her friend… and Lux’s fingers forced a helpless, unwilling orgasm out of the degraded scout.

It was better than letting her suffer. It was better than letting her suffer. It was better than letting her suffer. Lux repeated it to herself, over and over again, trying to make herself believe it. It was better this way. It was. It was!

Sylas moaned as he continued to ram his cock into his victim, even as her clenching, orgasming pussy squeezed on his length and milked it. The orgasm that shook through Quinn’s body was uncontainable, made even more intense by her choking and how hard she had resisted it, her body fucking back against him as she writhed in agony and ecstasy at once. As the last wave of her orgasm coursed through her body, Quinn sagged limp in her bonds.

Sylas pulled his cock free of the scout and, working with Lux, quickly unchained her body from how it was suspended. As he let her down, she collapsed to the floor, unable to hold up her own weight even on all fours… she wasn’t going to be fighting back. The king, however, wasn’t satisfied with that. “An eager whore,” he hissed, “would be on her knees.”

Quinn moved. The brave, strong, and incredibly athletic scout looked pathetic and wobbling as she pushed herself up, and it took Quinn way too long to rise to her knees… she was clearly exhausted, and every part of her body ached. She was covered in welts and soaked with sweat, and cum leaked from between her legs… both hers and his. It made Lux’s heart ache to look at it. Quinn saw her looking and threw a scowl in her direction… but even that was halfhearted. She couldn’t put much energy into her hatred at the moment… but the fact that, exhausted as she was she still bothered to try showed Lux exactly how hurt and furious the woman was. At this point, after what she had done to Valor alone, Quinn would never have forgiven her… to her, Lux was nothing but a traitor. Only Lux herself… and Fiora, she supposed… would ever know how much she cared for Quinn, and what she had done to save her.

Sylas looked her up and down. “Not bad,” he admitted. “For a weakling lapdog, anyway. At least you have nice tits.” He slapped one of them, then the other. Then the other again, over, and over, and over, until Lux feared that Quinn was going to fall over. If she did, the blonde had no doubt that Sylas would force the exhausted girl to rise again so she quickly moved to behind her, holding her from behind, helping her to stay up. She doubted Quinn would appreciate it, however… now that she was held, Sylas simply took up the paddle again and started using that on her tits instead. Now that he was using that to beat her further, it had to simply feel like Lux was restraining the girl and keeping her from flinching away as he worked to reinflame her breasts, turning what pale, unwelted skin she still had on them to a lovely shade of crimson.

Her tits were starting to turn blue and purple in places from bruises and welts by the time she was sore and beaten enough for him to be satisfied… only then did Sylas stop.”So, lapdog… you want me to keep ruining the only decent feature you have? Or you want to use them to make me happy instead?” Quinn’s eyes were filled with tears but she nodded enthusiastically, desperately. “Good!” Sylas said, smiling, patting her head once like a favored pet. “Now then… take those nice tits and wrap them around my cock, lapdog.” He stepped up, and slapped his dick between her breasts. Reluctantly, Quinn reached over and held her breasts in her hands, pressing them around his length and beginning to slide them against it… but she didn’t manage to complete more than one slide before Sylas took hold of the leash still attached to her piercings and pulled at it. Quinn screamed in pain.

Sylas held the tension for several seconds longer before he released, letting her gasp and sob in the sudden release of pain. “Did I give you permission to touch those tits?” he said, smirking. “They’re the only worthwhile part of you, lapdog. Get your filthy hands off them.” He reached out and unfasted the leash from the nipple piercings. “Use these instead. Stick your thumbs through the holes and tug on them. If you so much as lay a finger on your tits again, you aren’t leaving… I promise you that.”

Quinn looked up at him for a second, tears on her cheeks… but only long enough to assure herself that he wasn’t going to budge. Then, with a quiet sob and a nod, she hooked her thumbs through her own tender nipple piercings and used them to squeeze her tits around Sylas’ cock.

Holding onto her nipple rings with a finger pushed through each one, Quinn began to scrub his pussy-lubed cock with her tits. The scout winced miserably with each movement… not only was pulling her breasts by the fresh and very sore piercings painful in its own right, but it also stung each time his cock brushed against a sensitive surface on her bruised, welted, swollen tits… which was basically all of them after he had finished with her. Lux was sure the world’s most gentle touch on them would have been agonizing, and instead Sylas was making her turn them practically into another hole for him to fuck.

Sylas laughed at her as she took her big, soft, painful, bruised and welted tits and fucked him with them, trying to prove that she was an eager enough of a whore for him to be willing to release her. He was clearly delighted, but as much as he might have loved to see how long he could endure this treatment his cock was hard as stone and wanted more. “Don’t stop,” he told her as he grabbed her hair by the hair and forced her down until every time her tits retreated far enough the head of his cock emerged from between the crack of her squeezed booms. “Suck on that, whore.”

Quinn couldn’t get much more than the head inside her lips and sometimes not even that but she could get the tongue on it and she used her quick training under Lux to good effect, swirling her dainty tongue around the underside of his sensitive cockhead. Lux watched and felt like she was going to be sick as one of the strongest women she had ever known degraded herself like this… because of her. Eventually, Sylas had had enough… he crushed her tits against his cock with his own hands, making her scream again, and gave five hard strokes himself before he exploded, covering her breasts and neck and face with warm cum.

He stood back, looking at her with disgust. “Stupid, worthless noble lapdog… but at least your cow tits are worth something. Clean them off!” he ordered her. She almost wiped at them with her hand, stopping just before she did, and Sylas grinned. With a grimace, Quinn pulled them up towards her mouth by the piecing and began to lick the cum off them, just like she was ordered.

While she did, Sylas turned to Lux. “I counted three screams.”

Lux wanted to scream in sheer frustration. “Yes your highness,” she said, rising up, walking over to the bound Valor, and pulling another three feathers. By now, Quinn barely even glared at her… she just let fresh tears wipe away a bit more of the cum covering her face. Sylas handed the scout the paddle he had been using to beat her breasts, and she held it awkwardly, like she had no idea what to do with it.

Sylas rolled his eyes, took it back from her, and without warning stabbed the handle up between her legs. She cried out as the unyielding wooden handle drove into her sensitive pussy, scraping its way into her all the way to her cervix. She looked at him wide-eyed, and he rolled his eyes again, backing away and leaving it there. “Fuck yourself with it. Make yourself cum, or I’ll shove it up your ass instead.”

As Lux returned to her seat and felt Fiora’s tongue find her cunt again, she watched Quinn breathe in deeply a few times before she grabbed the paddle with her hands and began using it like a toy, stroking it in and out of her. Quinn cried in pain. Lux could see tears rolling down from her eyes while she “played” with herself for the tyrant’s satisfaction Sylas watched her stretch out her own pussy with the thick handle for a while before an idea struck him, and he kicked Fiora in the side, sending the duelling rolling away from Lux with a groan. Sylas then grabbed Quinn from her hair and dragged her back towards Lux. “I think we should replace that lazy cuntlinker, don’t you Little Light?” he asked, grabbing Quinn’s jaws roughly and forcing her mouth open. “Won’t this one do much better?”

It took every bit of control Lux had not to sob just then. “Yes, my king,” she agreed. “Yes, I think she knows to do an excellent job by now.” She could see the look on Quinn’s face, sheer disgust and fury. It didn’t matter. It couldn’t matter. She had to do it… everything and anything she did was to protect and save Quinn.

Nodding his agreement, Sylas threw Quinn towards Lux. “Make her cum,” he ordered. “And don’t stop fucking yourself.”

Lux quickly climbed on top of the prone scout, sitting on top of her face while Quinn spread her legs out and forced the dildo in and out of herself. Lux’s best friend, pinned beneath her weight and her spit-slicked cunt, reached up with her tongue towards the wet mound and began to lick.

It would have been easier if she had bit her. It would have been easier if she had hardly done anything. Almost anything would have been easier but instead the last months and weeks and hours had given Quinn all the reason she could possibly need to want to avoid punishment. Instead, she gently but frantically licked and sucked at Lux’s twat… and the blonde was wet and turned on. Of course she was. Sylas insisted she be wet at all times, and she’d had Fiora’s skilled tongue on her for more than an hour now. It made perfect sense, but… as the scent and taste of Lux’s arousal landed on Quinn’s tongue though, Lux knew that there was no chance that Quinn would ever, ever believe she hadn’t been an enthusiastic part of this.

The tormented scout licked Lux firmly from ass to clit, her tongue roaming over every inch of her blonde “tormentor’s” sex, her own pussy squelching noisily as she drove the makeshift cock in and out of her. For the two girls, the only mercy was that Sylas seemed content. Sylas seemed to enjoy the girls’ show.

Quinn’s tongue jetted around Lux’s clit in small circles before it dove deep into her hot, dripping hole, licking and swallowing her juices before returning to her clit. Quinn, no doubt hoping this would be over as soon as she made Lux cum, clearly wanted to get it over with. As Quinn flicked her tongue over her clit repeatedly, Lux felt the scout gasp beneath her and noticed that Sylas had tossed Fiora over at them, and Fiora was licking at Quinn’s seed-dripping asshole while the fallen soldier masturbated. The duelist was doing an excellent job, too… she had no reason to hold back on giving Quinn a little bit of comfort and pleasure, and since Lux couldn’t show it to the woman, she was more than happy to. Quinn moaned and squirmed under the pressure of Fiora’s tongue just the same as Lux did on top of Quinn’s, the two girls licking harder and faster until Lux felt an orgasm building she wasn’t going to be able to escape. She didn’t want this… please not this. Her desperate gaze over at Sylas, however, got only a heartless smile from him. Then Lux screamed with pleasure as Quinn sucked her clit hard as she began to shudder and cum. Her thighs involuntarily closed tight around the other woman’s head, squeezing her and suffocating her even as the blonde’s nails dug into the flesh of Quinns arms while she shuddered and thrashed in unwilling pleasure.

Seeing that, Fiora dove in to try and finish the scout off as well. Quinn was still fucking herself with the handle of the paddle but the dark haired duelist really got in there anyway, paying no heed to the way Quinn’s hand kept hitting her in the face as she licked her front to back a few more times before wrapping her lips around the other woman’s clit and lashing it with her tongue repeatedly. Her passion drove the struggling Quinn over the edge, and she screamed… not in pain but muffled, exasperated pleasure, thrashing around on the ground beneath the two of them with a torture impliment stuffed up her cunt while Sylas laughed at the action from across the room.

What Sylas did not do, however, was tell them to stop. Instead, he strode over and grabbed Fiora by the hair again. “Worthless Laurent fuckmeat, lazing around as usual,” he growled. “You’ve lost the right to lick your mistress’ cunt, but maybe, if you work very, very hard, you can get back in her good graces.” He grabbed onto Quinn next, pulling her out from under Lux as  the blonde struggled to stand back up. “And as for the cow-titted lapdog, well… I guess she has a single other talent – she’s good enough with her tongue to not be a total waste.” He looked at Lux and smiled broadly. “You were so patient… I think you deserve something special from these whores. What say you?”

Lux hesitated, considering how to respond. “From these worthless, incompetent whores? Why should I want anything from them?” She met Quinn’s eyes and was startled by just how pathetic the strong woman’s gaze was now, how pitiful and broken and exhausted. “I’d much rather have your cock in me, my king.”

Sylas laughed, amused by her attempt at evasion. “That’s true, they are… but let’s give them one more chance to show a little value for once in their lives, shall we? Stand up… Trust me, Little Light.”

Lux sighed internally. “Yes, my king.” As the Luxanna Crownguard stood up, Sylas forced Quinn between her legs once again, kneeling this time so that Lux would need to look down into her big, wide eyes while she licked her cunt. While the blonde tried to shake the guilt from the betrayed hatred and misery in that gaze, he pushed Fiora against her from behind. “And you, fucktrash… until I tell you otherwise, you don’t get to touch anything but an asshole with that tongue. Get to work!”

As Quinn once again buried her tongue in Lux’s pussy, both of Fiora’s hands cradled the blonde’s ass and used her thumbs to spread her lips open. The duelist was gentle as she ran a finger around the rosebud, still swollen and sore from Sylas’ cruel abuse even close to a month later, before she pressed her tongue against it, pressing inside the delicate, tight sphincter. Lux moaned, hating that having two tongues gently lapping at her felt good because she knew that neither of them wanted to be there, and the fact that she wasn’t the one making them do it didn’t assuage her guilt at all.

Fiora licked away until her swollen, sore asshole started hurting, but that just meant that the duelist changed tactics, lapping across other parts of her rear instead… every touch from the woman was slow and gentle and delicate. While the pleasant, teasing tongue buried in her cunt was the natural source of pleasure, it was Fiora’s kind touch that actually was bringing her closer to cumming. Quinn hated her and was only doing this out of fear and a desire to escape. Fiora knew how much Lux was suffering and was trying to show her some compassion, some gentleness – she actually wanted to make it good for her. That contrast made all the difference to the blonde. She writhed, her pussy clenching on Quinn’s tongue as it thrust into her pussy while she dripped onto her mouth and breasts below.

Fiora and Quinn weren’t going to be allowed to stop until Lux exploded on their tongues, so they continued… pressing on, attacking her holes with their tongues and lips and spit harder and deeper.  She moaned in a mixed feeling of dismal guilt and pleasure as Fiora thrust her tongue into her asshole and swirled it around, exploring the pink felt in her anus. She moaned in shame and pleasure as the walls of her virgin cunt squeezed Quinn’s tongue like it was trying to stop it from ever leaving. Finally, after long minutes of tongue assault, Lux gave in to the sensation… quivering and screaming as she came on Quinn’s face for the second time in the last quarter of the glass. If anything, this one was harder than the previous one, and Lux felt her legs go soft as rubber… if she wasn’t practically sitting on Fiora’s face and neck already she might have fallen.

When she had finished trembling, she noticed that the girls hadn’t stopped their licking, and Sylas was smiling at her. “So, what do you think, Little Light? Is she a good little whore?”

Lux knew what he was asking. In her mind, the question translated easily enough. Does she deserve to be released, he was asking. Do you still want her to go?

But that wasn’t the question Lux could answer.

This was the only way to save her.

Lux looked down into her friend’s betrayed eyes… and smiled. “Yes… she’s an excellent little whore.”

Lux was glad her friend had escaped this hell. She just missed having her be her friend

Three weeks ago, Sylas had let Lux watch from the balcony as Quinn, dressed in rags but bless all the stars dressed, was taken out of the palace and escorted out of the city. A few hours later, those guards had returned with three men she didn’t know… but without the ranger-knight.

Lux wished she could have said goodbye… but Quinn would only have glared furiously at her. At least she had convinced him to set Valor free too… to just untie the chains and open the cage and let the Demacian eagle fly. Convincing him had only taken sucking on his cock all night for a week, catching what hours of sleep she could in the day to keep going. It had been worth it.

And Quinn would never know.

In all the time she had been a prisoner here, it had never once been a good thing when Sylas prepared her for any kind of special occasion. A normal day was bad enough, but when Lux woke one day to find that Sylas had had her armor brought it, she stared at the disruption in the routine with mounting horror. The armor looked like something out of another lifetime… had she really once worn that around the city? Scratch that, had she really once worn things that weren’t nearly transparent and had some modesty? It seemed like a dream.

Of course, he had modified the outfit to go with it some. It no longer had a belly covering at all… the undershirt and armor was all but gone. Her armor resembled a bikini more than a breastplate now… but it still would cover her breasts. Even knowing that it was here meant that something no doubt awful was coming, it couldn’t ruin her day entirely as she put it on and concealed herself from Sylas’ lustful eyes for the first time in… gods, it must have been six months.

After she put on the armor, stocking followed, and boots followed those. No underwear, of course, but it didn’t matter –  for the first time in ages Lux felt almost like a woman again rather than a whore… something she’d almost forgotten how to be. As he guided her out of the room and through the halls, the sensation was ghostly… it felt like it brought back memories that she had buried, memories of how the world had once been. Once, she had met the Prince and the King in these halls. Once she had fought here to defend the kingdom.

It wasn’t too much walking before she realized where she was being taken… the balcony that overlooked the square, the same one she had watched Quinn leave from. She followed him to it like he had taken her to before…

Only things had changed.

The square was filled with people… packed nearly to overflowing with them. Luxanna could hear them before she could see them – the combined susurous of their presence nearly a roar even from the balcony.

As she actually stepped out onto it, she noticed something else. A raised stage had been erected before the palace… lower than the balcony but still well above the milling crowd. Just a single look at it filled Luxanna’s heart with dread and sorrow. She remembered that stage. It was the stage where this nightmare had begun. That was where they had been planning to kill Sylas, and from where his rebellion had begun.

That was a stage for executions.

Lux rushed the balcony, gripping the railing and leaning over it, looking down. The platform was empty… no one was on it yet, but the mere fact that it was here… “What’s going on?” she asked, turning to Sylas.

The king had a hand on her arm, and even as she watched his hands and the petricite bracers he wore glowed with her magic. Then he pointed that hand at her and her magic washed over Lux. Light, normally gossamer and ephemeral, turned into something hard and firm, twisting into inescapable singularities that wrapped it around her arms like a rope. The nearly-invisible bonds of light held her hands to the railing where she stood, staring at him with horror. She had… she had no idea her magic even could be used like that. She knew it had destructive potential, it had saved her from the wolves as a child after all and she had seen Sylas used it to devastating effect, but something more subtle and restrictive like this? The application had never even occurred to her. Somehow, it felt as degrading as being raped for the first time all over again to realize that her… her gift… had been stolen from her so thoroughly that he was better at using her magic than she could be.

“See for yourself, Little Light,” he said, gesturing. Lux looked back down.

One by one, members of the Dauntless Vanguard were led out onto the platform bound hand and ankle, gagged and helpless. Captives that had languished in the Mage-King’s dungeons for months now were brought into the light of day for the first time since they were free, raising their chained arms to shield their eyes from the noon light. First, it was people she didn’t recognize. Then it was people she knew the faces of but not the names. Then people like Cithria and Sanni were brought out. And after that…

Her mother, Augatha. Aunt Tianna. Garen. Even Fiora… even if one of the guards had to carry the crippled woman to make her face her fate.

“What is the meaning of this!” Lux demanded. No one could hear her over the crowd, she could barely hear herself, but Sylas was directly next to her, skin to skin, smiling as he looked down.

“This is sending a message, love,” he said coldly. “The rebels continue to grow more daring. It’s only a matter of time before they strike at the palace. Either they will attempt to stop this execution and I will bring them into the light and day and crush them here and now, or I will deny them the prisoners they seek to free.” He looked over at Lux and frowned. “It’s not like they have done me much good, Little Light, have they?”

Lux narrowed her eyes. “You bastard. You utter bastard.”

“I suppose for an insult like that, I should give the duelist cunt to the guards for a day, but… exceptions have to be made. It was a creative attempt to buy her some time, I admit,” Sylas said a laugh in his voice.

Lux looked out from her bound position, looking at her family, her friends, those she had served alongside. “Please, my king… you don’t have to do this!”

“And why don’t I?” he smirked. “These are the men and women that oppressed me and mine for decades. These are the men and women who are my enemies. Why should I keep them alive to oppose me?”

“Because you need them!” Lux insisted, tears glistening her in wide blue eyes. “Without them, I’ll… I’ll…”

Sylas snorted. “You’ll do what, Little Light? Start disobeying?” He shook his head. “No, I think I’m just about done with you. Too ungrateful. Too stupid. I’ll let you go tomorrow, I think. I wonder how long it will take for the rebels to put a price on your head… if they haven’t done it already.”

“You miserable bastard,” Lux sobbed. Her misery, and helplessness, had reached a peak. She looked back down at the prisoners and found Garen’s eyes on her… the determined, strong man hollow and tired and weak after half a year in a dungeon, never enough food, never enough rest. “I’ll do it,” she choked out. “I’ll be your Queen.”

Sylas laughed at her. Actually laughed at her. “A broken, worthless thing like you, Luxanna? What makes you think that offer is still on the table?”

Lux went stiff, her blood freezing. “But…” she said softly, almost too quietly to be heard over the crowd. “You… I’m… You’ve kept me a virgin! You said… you said you wanted me to beg you! You specifically wanted to make me your queen! Isn’t that why… isn’t that why… all of this? All of it!?”

Sylas just looked at her and raised one eyebrow. “You have a very high opinion of yourself, Crownguard. Very high. That doesn’t sound like begging to me.”

Lux wanted to scream. She wanted to cry and give in to despair. She wanted to shout at Sylas, curse him, vent all her rage and helplessness and fear. Instead, she forced herself to think analytically… the way her tutors, for years, had tried to make her. She forced herself to be rational.

He had brought her here to see this. He was cruel, true, and a sadist, true, but he wasn’t random or capricious… everything had always had a purpose before. If she was here and Sylas was giving her an opportunity to speak to him at all, it was because he wanted something from her. Something she could give him. The same thing he had wanted from the very start… Lux to be his obedient, loving, loyal doll.

And he was right… she wasn’t begging.

Lux lowered her head, closed her eyes, and swallowed. She tried to force back her tears too, but they just came on harder, making her eyes gleam in the Demacian sun. “Please my king… I know I’m…” What had he said? “Broken, and worthless, and just the King’s little whore but… I beg you to make me your queen anyway.” She looked up at him. While her wrists, bound invisibly in place to the railing, wouldn’t let her kneel, Lux still tried to lower her head as much as possible. “I’ll be the most loyal queen in the history of Demacia for you, your Highness. I’ll serve you… I’ll crawl behind you… I’ll do whatever you want for the rest of my life. Anything at all… Please take me and let them live.”

Sylas smirked, and tried to look dismissive… but in it, Lux caught a glimpse of his hunger, his need, and triumph. She was right. This was what he wanted. “I can do better than a slut like you for a Queen, Little Light,” he said… but Lux wasn’t fooled. He was baiting her… drawing her onward. This was something she could get… The lives of her family were something she could buy. It would just cost her the last shreds of her dignity… but what use was her pride and honor and self worth if everyone she loved died for it?

Lux shoved down the scraps of her dignity and continued to beg. “I know you can,” she choked out, “but there’s no one in the world who will be a better whore for you. No Queen you can get who would ever be so far beneath your greatness, your Highness.” She tried to think of the most degrading, most awful things she had heard the guards threaten a prisoner with, the worst things Sylas had ever said to her personally. “You can have anything from me. I’ll eat my meals from a plate by your feet. I’ll spend all night gagging on your cock, only sleeping while you do the important work of running your kingdom. I will drink your piss every morning and lick your asshole clean for you, your highness.” Sylas’ eyes were smiling now but his mouth still wasn’t, so she continued. “And… and… and you can punish me for everything the prisoners do to cause you trouble, or when the citizens annoy you with the demands, or the rebels cause damage. I’ll take it all. You can pierce my nipples, my clit, my tongue… anywhere and everywhere you want.”

“I know I can do those things,” Sylas growled, but his tone had a hungry edge. “I could do them yesterday too, or tomorrow. I already can do whatever I want to you. I’m not interested in what you’ll allow, what do you want?

“Yes,” Lux agreed, though she couldn’t stop one tear from running down her cheek. “I want… I want for you to treat me worse than the cheapest, filthiest whore in the kingdom your Highness. I want to be the Queen on your arm in public while in private you use me like I’m nothing but a disposable sheath for your cock. I want you to make me feel like worthless trash every day for the rest of my life. I will be your little cum slut… your personal little whore.” Lux took a deep breath, then finished strong. “Please… fuck my pussy, your Highness. I want you to plow me like a field and make me carry your royal heir for you… that’s exactly what I deserve.”

For long seconds, Sylas didn’t speak. The sound of the crowd faded almost to nothing in her ears as she awaited his response, holding her breath. Then, at last, the King smiled. “Alright,” he said. “If you insist. I’ll marry you.”

Lux wanted to sob with relief… and despair. Instead, she smiled as brightly and widely as she could. “Thank you Master! Thank you, your Highness! You won’t be disappointed!”

“I know I won’t,” Sylas agreed as he stepped up beside the restrained blonde where she was bent over the balcony and held up his hands for silence. When he did, guards began to move through the crowd, and criers echoed the call, calling for quiet, calling for the people to hear their king speak. Lux was aghast at how content they seemed to obey this usurper… but to the common folk of Demacia, who wore the crown, and who suffered because of his coup, must not make much difference. “Citizens of Demacia!” Sylas roared as soon as it was quiet enough. Criers echoed his words to those further away, and as his voice reverberating through the square relative quiet at last fell.

“Before you stand traitors!” he called, and the crowd actually booed. They booed the army that had been their more elite protectors, some of the families that had stood between Demacia and threats from outside of its borders for generations. “Before you stand the enemies of progress, enemies of the throne, and enemies of Demacia. The condemned that before you, judged and sentenced, but before their sentences are carried out…” he turned to the blonde next to him. “Someone is going to say a few words to you.”

Sylas stepped away from the balcony and to behind the Crownguard girl. Lux stiffened as she felt his hand between her legs, pressing against her pussy through the thin cover of her pants beneath the armored skirt. With one, easy motion, he tore it apart, ripping a hole in the delicate fabric.

Lux gasped. “What are you-”

“This is what is going to happen now,” he said as his fingers grazed over her cunt. “You are going to announce before the whole kingdom that you are going to be the Queen of Demacia… that you were wrong to ever support the old regime. That you hope you can make amends to all those that they hurt. You will be humble and beautiful and perfect.” He pressed his lips against her ear, brushing against it as he spoke, and she shuddered at the sensation. “And when I spill my seed in your womb, then you can announce that, in your mercy, you have decided to commute their sentence of execution to imprisonment instead. Understand?”

Lux looked downward.  “Yes… yes my king.” she whispered, obeying her master. She looked down on the crowd. Sylas was entirely invisible from the crowd below. Only those on the elevated execution platform… her friends, her family… would be able to see him. To the crowd, the Queen would be standing alone when he was behind her. To those she was trying to save, however… they would see the truth of her disgrace.

The beautiful blonde noblewoman tried to stand tall… as tall as she could stand while bound, bent over a rail with a man’s hands between her legs. She was still beautiful, even after everything that she had been through. Her skin still seemed to shine with inner radiance, and if the petricite jewelry she wore stole away her magic before she could use it, keeping her captive in her own skin, the crowd would never know the difference between decoration and bondage. Sylas always had made her keep herself looking pretty… hair perfect, makeup perfect, and in her old armor she looked like the Crownguard noble she was, returned to the people to speak. Her eyes still shone with tears… but the crowd would never see them. 

She tried to make her voice heard, as much as she wanted to shrink and cower. Lives depended on her. “Attention everyone…” she started. “Some of you may know me. I am Luxanna Crownguard, first born daughter of Pieter and Augatha Crownguard… family of some of the accused. I stand before you today, contrite, to make amends for the wrongs of the past, the oppression of the Lightcrown line of rulers.”

Sylas dragged two fingers over her pussy and slowly began working them into her sole remaining virgin hole. “Not very wet,” he criticized. Of course she wasn’t… he had made her put on this clothing that she couldn’t get beneath and then threatened to kill her family unless she sold out the final shreds of her self worth. Of course he would still expect her to follow his stupid, cruel rules.

Lux wanted to look down. Instead, she met the eyes of her surviving family and friends and kept speaking. “I have seen the way this kingdom has oppressed those born with magic better than most, because… because…” Her eyes closed as Sylas hooked his brutal finger up and rubbed at a sensitive spot inside her cunt. Her ass jerked back against him as he fingered her brutally, trying not to moan or scream in pain but she couldn’t stop squirming a little bit. She tried to close her thighs and Sylas easily forced them back open, and one of his hands moved to pinch her clit… he didn’t do it as hard as he could but Lux still needed to shout in pain, so she used that breath to shout out the rest of the sentence. “I was born a mage myself!

The crowd looked stunned. Gasps and mutters spread through it. The reaction of the nobles and Vanguard, even gagged, was even more severe. Many of them looked away. Others, however, just looked shocked.

“I myself was sent into the dungeons,” Lux lied. As she spoke, Sylas’ hands continued to roam over her body. He trailed the fingers of one hand across her exposed stomach, her body quivering against Sylas’ in growing horror and fear. His hand traced over the flare of her hips and down her thighs, resting his hands in places he had touched many times before but now it all felt so much more ominous, like the sword of an executioner ready to fall. Of course, there was a real executioner here as well, so she forced herself to continue. “Condemned for no crime greater than how I was born, all so the nobility could keep their precious power and wealth and status. King Sylas set me free… and for that…” she swallowed, and he pulled his fingers from her tight, gripping pussy. He pressed at her opening and the head of his cock pushed into her folds and right up against her opening. Lux felt the warmth of his cock against her hole and of all the times she had never wanted his dick anywhere near her slit she could not think of a time she had wanted it less than right now. Just the feeling of him resting there, ready, made her tremble and want to scream. Instead, she continued. “I will be dedicating the rest of my life to this man as his wife. If he will have me,” she said as she felt the head of his cock push into her virginal opening, the fat, cruel head coating itself in what slime he had managed to coax from her unwilling body. She didn’t want to squeeze on it but she reflexively did so anyway… her tiny pussy rippling around his entrance, grabbing hold of him, only making him harder and more excited. “If he’ll have me, I would be the pride of my life to serve you as your Queen!”

And as she said Queen, Sylas rammed forward into her.

Lux had to bite on her lip to keep herself from screaming. Her eyes went wide as her virginity stretched around his sudden, violent intrusion and broke, her mute scream echoing in her head.  Fortunately for the illusion she was forced to maintain, it seemed like that was the last thing the crowd was focused on.

“Long live the Queen!” someone shouted, and the crowd erupted into roaring and cheers as, unknown to them, the Queen they were applauding was raped right in front of them. The crowd couldn’t see Sylas anymore. They could only see Lux, and they cheered their beautiful Queen, a member of the old nobility – one of the very few that was loved by the masses even before the rebellion cast all of them into doubt –  to give legitimacy and sense of stability to the new, a feeling of peace and comfort and rightness to his rein. They cheered and cheered and Lux wanted to die as her rapist’s cock stretched out her insides.

The Vanguard, however… they could see. Some looked on with confusion, and a few with disgust, but most… they looked on with horrible awareness and terror as Lux was raped right in front of them as they were helpless. Her brother. Her mother. Her aunt. All of them saw her be violated, and no one did anything but cheer.

“That right there?” Sylas growled at her from behind over the cheers for ‘Queen Luxanna.’ “That right there was worth every single second of waiting for you to bend the knee, stubborn girl. You will be my wife, Lux,” he said as he drew back and then slammed his way back in, fighting against the clenching resistance of her untouched and mostly dry cunt. Of course, after months of forcing her to be wet and ready, the first time she wasn’t was when she would need to be… when it would be a mercy. “From now on I own you completely,” he said as he slammed back in, stretching out her pussy in the slightly different dimension, violating a new corner of her slit. He pulled back again. “Every part of you. From now on, you will submit to me completely, or we will be back here, Luxanna… the sword hangs over their head, each and every day.” He pounded back in, continuing to rape her. She bit her lip hard enough she tasted blood. “Do you understand me?” he asked.

“Yes…” Lux moaned quietly.

He slapped her ass… hard. It almost felt like he stabbed her; it hurt her cheek so badly. “Speak! Up!”

Lux couldn’t stop herself from tossing her head a little bit, her head moving as she shook from side to side in the effort not to scream. “Yes master!” she said, trying to split the difference between loud enough for him and too quiet for the crowd.

“Good!” Sylas continued to pound her, using her virgin pussy for the first time.

Lux needn’t have worried about the crowd. Soon after she finished speaking, the town criers took up words again, shouting declarations from the king… listing the crimes of the accused. No one was looking to hear Luxanna Crownguard say anything more… she was a prop. Someone who was there to look pretty for the public and get raped.

It was a microcosm of what her life would be from now on. Her daily routine, each and every day. Look pretty for the public, and get raped.

Sylas held her there, thrusting his cock inside of her. The position was perfect for him… with how she was bent over the railing Lux’s hips were raised and his cock was aimed and pressed right up to her wide open pussy. It was lined up perfectly. He angled his cock and worked it brutally around inside her, and each thrust seemed like a new spike of pressure, each thrust felt like it touched something still virginal inside of her and killed it. Converting her body’s last unsoiled space to the purpose he had chosen for the rest of her… a sex doll, a masturbation aid, a cumdump. That would look pretty and cry for him as he filled it with his tool. Over and over Sylas buried himself to his balls and pulled back to just the head, filling her up and hollowing her out again.

“Do you enjoy having your pussy destroyed by me, my Queen?” Sylas asked her. “Does that feel good in there?”

Lux squirmed beneath him. “Ye… yes… my king… Ohhhh.. thank you my king…” she lied. Objectively, it wasn’t as bad as being assfucked, but… something about it was far worse. Maybe it was how she had begged for it. Maybe it was how it was the last of her innocence. Maybe it was because she knew he specifically intended to put a child in her. No matter why it was, it was utterly awful, perfectly degrading, completely agonizing, and totally miserable. “Thank youuuuu.. Ohh!” She couldn’t help herself… as he slapped her ass again in the exact same spot, with the same sharp pain, she screamed out. She cut off its breath almost immediately. The crowd didn’t notice it over their cheering and the words of the criers and their jeers as the prisoners, but the Vanguard noticed… her brother and Fiora and her mother noticed.

Sylas kept thrusting into her harder and deeper, and she breathlessly screamed in pain, helpless as a newborn. He fucked her roughly and brutally, like he wanted to destroy and completely use up her helpless, innocent pussy in a single experience. Luxanna wasn’t much of a romantic… before she could grow into girlish dreams of marriage and love and a handsome prince her magic had appeared and taken over her thoughts and dreams and fears, but even she had always imaged her first time would be more blissful that this humiliating, painful public rape. She remembered how her family had tried to arrange a marriage between her and Prince Jarvan IV… to protect her, certainly. She could see that now. She remembered, at the time, it had seemed like the most horrible thing imaginable. If only she could go back, she would strip naked for him and beg him to make love to her, to keep her, to cherish her. She wanted to know what it was like to have sex without the pain…without the humiliation. To have sex and feel loved…

She would never know.

Sylas quickened his pace further, sliding in and out of her frantically. He slowed his pace a little, but made his thrusts stronger. He fucked her deeply, each stroke pulled all the way to the head and then slid all the way down to his balls. He fucked her shallow, quick little rabbit thrusts that didn’t go far into her but came and went with blinding speed, making her body jerk as she was fucked. No matter which way he fucked her, it was exactly the way he chose. Her pussy lips felt stretched taut around his length, hugging him as she was fucked again and again, and his hands were on her clit and rubbing her as she closed her eyes while the criers recited all the ‘crimes’ of her family and she paid for them with her body.

Still he didn’t cum. He was fucking her like a machine. He was fucking the very life out of her. He was fucking her at exactly the pace he chose as he stroked her clit and her pussy drooled on his length and… and… 

“Please, my king…” she whimpered. “Don’t make me… don’t make me cum…”

Sylas chuckled. “That, like most things, is out of your hands now… My previous Little Light.” He didn’t stop for a second, but he seemed to be carefully timing things, judging how far along she was by the feel of her pussy and the trembling of her lithe form, and adjusting his pace accordingly, pulling his whole body into plunges sometimes, barely touching her at others. “You will do as I will it… now and always.”

He fucked her and fucked her and her tight, unwilling twat continued to milk his cock with each thrust, clenching like it never wanted him to leave even as Lux wished with all her heart that he would just vanish and never turn.

“Don’t fight it, Little Light…” he told her. “You know what you want, you little rebellious slut… you’ve been waiting for this just as long as I have. Let it go…” Holding onto her ass with one hand and fingering her with the other, he increased his thrusts again. Faster and faster, he drove his manhood deep in her, making her softly cry out with each thrust now as it felt like there was a painfully burning fire between her legs.

“Beg me,” Sylas commanded her. “Beg me to breed you, Crownguard whore.”

Lux felt the orgasm cumming… and she just… lacked the will to fight anymore.

The blonde surrendered.

“Please… your majesty…” she whimpered. “Breed your whore.”

Her lust, stoked by months and months of teasing and Sylas’ experienced hands, boiled over. She came, her pussy clenching on his cock, and Sylas roared in time as he joined her. Lux watched the looks on her family’s face as they saw… watching her cum as, unable to last a single second longer, Sylas slammed home into her as deeply as possible and let go a torrent of hot, white seed into her. With his cock buried deep in her snatch, Lux could feel every surface as his length pulsed, swelling and retracting, as he pumped what felt like gallons of his milky cum deep into her, sending it splashing against her cervix. As he came, he began to jerk and rut his cock into her, mashing her humiliating climax and his into a frothy lather together and hammering his cum all as deep into her as he could get it.

Lux felt like her pussy had gone numb from the intensity of the endless fucking and the continuous oregasm, but she felt absolutely everything anyway.

The six shots of cum.

The swelling and shrinking of his cock.

The way she came again as his seed found her womb.

The reluctant, greedy way her cunt tried to stop him from pulling out of her, and the disgusting sound her body made when he did.

The feeling of the combined mess of fluids running down her legs, soaking her tights.

The light binding on her wrists faded. Her king walked forward onto the balcony and pressed a kiss to her lips and the parts of the crowd that saw it cheered for the lovers. Lux wanted to collapse as Sylas guided her away from the railing, completely out of sight of the crowd… as he guided her onto her knees and brought her face to face with his cock, wet with his cum and hers, stained with her virgin blood.

“Now unless I’m mistaken,” Sylas announced to her, “you broke every single one of my rules today. You’ll have to be punished for that… but later.” He gestured out at the unseen crowd. “When you’re finished,” the king said, “then you can tell the crowd that the sentences have been commuted to life imprisonment.”

Lux didn’t need to be told what to do. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue and began to clean.

From that day onward, Lux was defeated. They were married in the palace chapel before a packed, enthusiastic audience. It was all very perfectly normal, everything that a coronation for a proper Queen should be. They didn’t know that beneath her wedding veil her face was covered with cum, and more leaked down from her pussy and ass beneath the dress. They didn’t know that after she had been wed and coronated, he took her back to his room and spent just as many hours raping her to celebrate as he had raped her beforehand in anticipation.

She never saw Fiora again, though she heard guards talking about her sometimes… laughing about what they had made the crippled whore do. She never saw Garen or her Mother or Aunt Tianna again. Her old life didn’t matter anymore. Only Sylas mattered.

Lux rarely saw the king without him fucking her… unless they were in public. In public, she was the perfect, regal, faithful queen for him. In the bedroom, she was his shameless disgraceful little whore. She rarely slept at night, too busy with serving his dick while he slept, being ready in case he woke and wanted one of her holes… and now that he had access to all three of them, she was a perfect little fuckdoll for her master. It couldn’t be any other way… the lives of her family were on the line.

The first time Lux was sick and threw up on the bed, Sylas punished her. The second time, however, the royal physician pronounced she was pregnant. The single most damning part of that, in Lux’s mind, was that in time she would learn to look back on that time fondly… when she was a skin condom wrapped around his son, he actually treated her decently for the first time in more than half a year. She got the first full meal that didn’t leave her hungry, and the first full night’s sleep. Eventually, once she was far enough long, she finally got the first day in what felt like her entire life she hadn’t had a cock in her.

All so Sylas could get the thing he wanted most from her.

The child made her scream terribly on the way out. Later that night, Sylas made her scream too, like he was making up for lost time. Like father, like son.

Lux woke up screaming. Everything hurt… her entire body was one big bruise, the pains of carrying a child to term for most of a year and the pains of labor. The pains of her cruel husband’s passion immediately afterward, like he couldn’t wait to start a new family. The taste of seed in her mouth, the feeling as it dripped down her things, the stings of the welts on her ass… she could still feel them like they were fresh, like she was being whipped right now.

A hand clamped hard over her mouth, silencing her. “Luxanna!” the voice said. “Stop screaming! Quiet! You have to be quiet!”

Lux struggled against those hands, thrashing… flinching away from them as they held her down, muted her screams. It hurt it hurt it hurt…

“Luxanna! It’s alright! Lux… Lux, you’re safe… you have to be quiet now,” the voice said. “You have to be quiet or you’re going to get us killed.”

That voice. Her eyes felt blind in the darkness, only able to make out shadows and dark shapes in the night, but she knew that voice, didn’t she?

Had… had someone… had someone come to rescue her at last? To take her from this place?

She forced herself to stop screaming. She didn’t want to. Everything hurt, every last single inch of her. Every single horror, every single pain, every time she was raped or slapped or whipped or choked all seemed like it had happened just seconds ago, all of it fresh in her mind, all of it too much, but Luxanna Crownguard forced herself to be silent. If there was even a prayer of getting out of here, she would do anything…

Her eyes finally came into focus.


It was Quinn.

Lux wanted to cry. She didn’t know if her friend was here to kill her, or if she’d come to save her. She had no idea how she had gotten here, when she’d come, why she’d come. It didn’t matter. What mattered was, for the first time in close to eighteen months she wasn’t alone.

Wait. No. That wasn’t right… was it?

Slowly, hesitantly, Quinn took her strong hand off of Lux’s mouth. She stayed silent, partially out of concern, but mostly out of… confusion. Her vision was coming back, slowly… and she was seeing by starlight, far above. Next to her, beside Quinn, a great blue eagle stared at her with concerned golden eyes, looking at her like she wasn’t the person who had pulled half the brave thing’s feather’s out.

She wasn’t in a bedroom in the palace. She wasn’t dressed in silks, or naked. She wasn’t wearing petricite jewelry or veils over her face. She was…They were…

They were in Noxus. They were actually in danger. She did actually need to be silent. 

Quinn still hovered over her, hand just inches from her mouth… like she was concerned she would need to quickly gag the blonde again. Her eyes looked worried… but while some of that tension was from fear of the situation and drawing attention to themselves, most of it was concern for Lux.

Her best friend.

Her best friend.

“Are you alright?” Quinn whispered.

Was she alright? How did she answer that? How did she ever know. She wasn’t sure who she was or what she was doing… they were on the edge of Noxus, on the border with the Freljord as they approached a small Noxian stronghold. They were there because recently the Noxian patrols around their borders had become too clean, too effective at avoiding their guards and their patrol routes. Demacian military command believed that someone had sold them secrets, and Sylas was the only…


Lux almost started screaming again. Instead, she rolled to the side and threw up.

Her whole body heaving, Lux retched and retched until she had emptied her stomach and kept going, purging herself completely and wishing she could purge her mind as easily. Every single thing he had done to her came back like he was doing it right now, like it had just touched her, just fucked her. Hell, should could still feel the sting of that one specific slap on her ass from when he had taken her virg-

Lux threw up again.

By the time she was finished, Quinn was looking at her with serious worry, her eyes wide, her expression sympathetic. “Lux, what’s going on?” The ranger glanced over at Valor and made a quick, sharp gesture and the eagle took to the air… no doubt checking to make sure no one had heard Lux’s commotion and was reacting. “What’s wrong?”

What was wrong… it felt like she was at war with her own mind. It felt like she had two whole lives in her head and it only had room for one. Only one of them could be real, but the dark, painful, miserable life felt so much more real than the other life did. Growling, Lux closed her eyes and focused.

Sylas had failed. His coup had failed, utterly. She had been the one to beat him back… to save Prince Jarvan IV’s life. She had been part of the teams that had chased out past the borders of Demacia and into the Freljord. She had announced her power openly, and been accepted… after a fashion. She had been part of holding the mountain pass against him and the Winter’s Claw. She had stopped him. She remembered it clearly.

She just wished she didn’t also remember what his cock felt like as it raped her virgin asshole. As she choked on it. As it put a child in her.

She was almost sick again.

“… ‘m fine,” she managed to choke out. She looked over at her friend and suddenly just wanted to hug her… to hold her and squeeze her and never let her go. How could she explain to Quinn that while she might have just seen her when they had made camp for the night hours ago it felt like it had been years? How could she explain to her friend that she had just had “a bad dream?” How could she explain to her friend that she couldn’t look at her without vividly remembering what her tongue felt like in her pussy stop stop stop STOP oh GODS!

I’m fine,” Lux said again, lamely. “I think… I think I just didn’t cook the food well enough.” Lux forced herself to stand, ignoring how her body protested with the thousand phantom aches of a thousand phantom injuries, and moved her bedroll away from where she’d been sick. She tried to ignore the concerned gazes of Quinn and Valor on her as she did.

“If you’re sure…” Quinn started.

“I’m positive,” Lux insisted, trying to be firm, trying to be cheerful. “Just need some rest and I’ll be right as rain by morning…” The blonde wrapped herself tight in her bedroll and blanket against the cold mountain air, and waited.

She heard flapping noises as the eagle returned… apparently without finding any sign that they had drawn attention. Lux listened as Quinn whispered to Valor for a little while. Then, working swiftly, the scout buried the vomit that Lux had coughed up. Lux wished that she could help but at the moment Lux felt like she had no strength in her at all. Then, slowly, the ranger settled back down. Soon, Quinn was silent, and she slept.

Lux stared out into the night, not sure if she would ever sleep again… the memories of dreamed pain lingering, haunting her. She stared for hours while the moon slowly traversed the sky, the shadows shifting, and she saw Sylas in every single one of them.

“It was just a dream,” she whispered softly. “They can’t hurt you. They aren’t real.”

Stubbornly, she closed her eyes and stubbornly willed herself to ignore the pain from all the imagined injuries.

And the real one… the small, pitch black mark that had appeared on her skin, bounded by a tiny, radiant circle of her light like a prison. The one that was right where she’d felt the pain when Sylas slapped her. The mark, dark as a midnight shadow, lingered unseen and ignored on Lux’s rear as the athletic, kind hearted blonde forced herself to go back to sleep, completely unaware that somewhere, something had begun. 

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17 thoughts on “One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 3

  1. Running late on this, but better late than never!

    I thought for sure that I wasn’t going to be able to do a review, because this was just a really, really long rape scene, and then another really long-

    Sylas’s cock slipped between her toes, reveling in the tightness of her grip,

    *thousand yard stare*

    I mean, in reality that wasn’t even remotely the most upsetting thing in the chapter, but my iPhone was evidently massively turned on by that line, because it just kept coming back to it (“Siri, do you have a foot fetish?”).

    There’s a lot of physically painful imagery here, to the point that I almost felt sore after reading it, including some breast abuse for Quinn (at least that bruising probably healed), and more of my unexpectedly strong emotional reaction to Fiora.

    Also discovered that I do not respond well to animal abuse, so that bit where Lux has to keep pulling feathers out of Valor was really unpleasant to read, and par for the course for this story it just kept going and going…to the point that when it’s mentioned that at least Sylas let Valor fly free when he released Quinn, I actually wondered if he had enough feathers left for that.

    Oh, and for you guys waiting to see me use the dumb reference joke, this chapter didn’t quite have the right circumstances for that. It’s not really specific to this chapter’s events, though, so it may see use later on.

    Now, the reason I even felt like I could write a review! The ending is VERY interesting. Yeah, apparently the way one fixes a situation like this is to say it was all just a dream.

    …OR WAS IT?

    Ok, so for my money there’s no way this was a dream. The events we just spent two chapters reading pretty much have to be real to some degree. If they really were just a dream, then I just spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading something that’s going to be pointless as far as the story is concerned, so the question is…what is going on here?

    Obviously, speculation will change as the story progresses and there’s more info to work with, but for now all that’s known for sure is that Lux’s magic is doing something, and that the link between the “dream” and where we are at the end is Sylas’s rebellion.

    For the moment, I’m thinking that we’re dealing with branching timelines, two parallel realities (Tyrant King Sylas reality and Closer to Canon reality) with the point of divergence being how the rebellion went. At a guess, information is being transferred between realities in the form of knowledge, so the “dream” is CtC Lux getting knowledge/memories from TKS Lux while she sleeps. Dipping into science here for a moment, REM sleep is hypothesized to be the period where memory is consolidated, so this would actually make sense as for when the transfer happens. The memory transfer is clearly tied to Lux’s magic, but I wonder why it’s her specifically. Then again, maybe it isn’t. For all we know, CtC Sylas just had a very interesting dream of his own.

    Now the question, assuming these realities are both equally real, is how the story deals with them now. Will we be jumping back and forth between TKS reality and CtC reality by chapter? Does information go back the other way too? I have absolutely no idea, and I could be wrong about the whole parallel timelines thing to begin with, but it will be interesting to find out!


      1. I have wait the chapter three for a long time, hope it can come out this month. Will this story keep updating at this rate? It is a little slow I think. I am so concerned about what’s going on next, and I believe it will be more interesting in the rest part of story, after all, this is the best lol novel I have ever read.


        1. Unfortunately, this rate is likely to be fairly normal until I finish my other open commissions. I’m cycling between them at the moment in between personal projects.

          It will come out as soon as possible 😦 sorry for the wait


      2. I have wait the chapter three for a long time, hope it can come out this month. Will this story keep updating at this rate? It is a little slow I think. I am so concerned about what’s going on next, and I believe it will be more interesting in the rest part of story, after all, this is the best lol novel I have ever read.


        1. Sorry, seems there is some problem with my network, I thought didn’t send it successfully…..sorry for border you


  2. When can I except the chap3 to be finished?I don’t want to miss it!BTW,Lux made a lot of messy promises to sylas,will them come ture in next part?


  3. This story is mainly derive from the background story,but it’s even more brilliant!Thank you for shar ing this great work. Hope I can see the next part soon. And I’m curious about the promises after Lux is defeated, are they some kind of hint that suggest what will happen in the future? It would be a great pleasure to see these promises come ture.


    1. Glad you are enjoying!

      The next chapter is going to step away from Sylas for a bit and what is going on with her in the dream to get a taste of what Lux and Quinn are doing, and what is happening to Lux… basically time to get the plot moving a bit 🙂

      Still will be plenty of sexy though…


        1. Not quiet. We’ll be partially asleep and partially awake in most chapters from now on.

          The fun part will be when you – and Lux – start to get confused which is which 🙂


          1. Sounds really interesting,that means half of the story in a chapter is about Lux and Sylas,and half is about Lux in reality,change with day and night right?


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