Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 6 + Epilogue

Chapter contains work from Blue Solo Cup, used with permission.

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For Alicja… the stupid, worthless, brainless, used-up girl-shaped condom who’s only purpose is making men happy by being miserable. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, slut.

In an odd way, being a blackmailed fucktoy made my life a lot easier. Miserable, but a lot easier.

I no longer had any choices to make, not really. Whenever my roommates weren’t around, usually one – or more than one – of my coworkers would spend the night at my apartment, enjoying their relatively exclusive access to my body. When my roommates were in town, they more often took me to one of their homes, or to a shitty motel. It was a rare day I was sent home to get to pretend to be a normal girl for a few hours. When the day began, one of them would pick what I wore and drive me to work, and I would suck his cock on the way. Once I arrived, Mr Kowalski or someone else would tell me what I was going to spend the day doing, usually something painful and humiliating and miserable but never something that gave me any real choice about it, no real decisions to make. It was over when they said it was over, and then someone would take me back to her home or back to theirs and the whole thing would start over.

My life consisted of being raped and being taken somewhere to be raped and sleeping while having nightmares of being raped. My holes constantly throbbed and felt odd and hollow when there wasn’t a cock inside them. Swallowing hurt most days, my skin was more bruises and welts and scars than it was fresh canvas for them to mark, and I couldn’t remember the last time I was comfortable or safe… most days, I was pretty sure my memories of ever having been so were lies.

I was sucking cock beneath a coworker’s desk when I earned my last dollar.

I didn’t even realize, of course. I just kept sucking men off all day before Mr Kowalski pulled me into his office, and I was riding him with my asshole while he sat in his chair when he told me the news. 5,000 dollars, earned one at a time. Five thousand times being raped… and those were just the ones where I’d managed to cum. Including the ones where I hadn’t…

Just thinking about it made me sob, and the pathetic noise earned me another load of cum up my burning, stretched asshole. Then, however, he just pushed me to the floor… and when I moved to crawl up and clean his cock for him, he laughed at me. “What are you doing, whore? Didn’t I just tell you? You’re done. Congratulation, Alicja… you’re the biggest whore in Poland’s proud history, a stain on it’s reputation forever that the world should just forget…” He patted his cellphone and winked. “Although I never will. Rest assured, whore… you’ll give me plenty more orgasms long after you’re gone. I promise you that.”

I was… I was done.



I felt dazed and confused and lost as I, stark naked, walked out of my bosses office and into the call center where I used to work. It felt strange… it felt impossible. I’d been almost certain – no, I had been certain – that they would not release me like they had promised… but that seemed to be exactly what was happening. 

Two police officers stood in the office, looking at in shock and disgust. I couldn’t blame them. I’m not sure when the last time they let me bathe was, and I still had cum caked on my face… most of the men I had sucked off today had cum there, and I hadn’t been permitted to clean it.

“Is this the one?” one of them said, wrinkling his nose. “As if I need to ask.”

“She’s the one,” Mr Kowalski said from behind me. “Crawled in here like a bum, living in the stairwells. Treated the place like her own private brothel. Get the trespassing whore out.”

More than one cell-phone camera was pointed at me as I was arrested, my hands cuffed behind my back. They didn’t bother to dress me, just tossed a jacked over my shoulders and let my bare ass and cunt show as they marched me out of the office and into their cruiser, and away.

They drove for some time, and I sat there… numb and unthinking, unfeeling. Hundreds of hours of video. Thousands of pictures. She had been a good girl. They had said they wouldn’t release it. Would they keep their word? Mr Kowalski had let her go, after all…

She didn’t realize that the car had pulled in at the station until it had parked. Both of the cops got out. They spoke to each other for a minute, then came around to my side of the backseat and opened the door. “Step out of the car, miss,” one of the cops said.

I looked up at him in numb confusion. “What… what’s going to happen to me?” Could I tell these officers what had happened? Could they maybe help her?

“Just step out of the car,” he repeated. I was still in a daze and everything felt so surreal, but I did what he told me to do. The parking lot was cold and rough on my bare feet, and standing outside without shoes feel odd and wrong. The handcuffs behind by back kept forcing me to thrust my tits out behind the jacket. He just smiled and grabbed my arm, then pulled me toward across the parking lot. He was pulling hard and it hurt… his hand was gripped so tightly around my arm that I thought he was trying to crush me, and I let out a little whine. Then, when we reached the side of the building, the cop threw me face-first up against one of the brick walls.

I hit hard, gasping, and he grabbed my bare ass and pulled my cheeks apart. I heard him say something about my asshole being primed for use, and his partner laugh… I knew I had cum still leaking out of me. I felt I would have cum leaking out of me for the rest of my life even if a man never touched me again. The cop turned me around so that I was facing him, then he looked me up and down, letting his eyes linger on my tits, brushing the jacked just a little to the side to get a clear look. My nipples were incredibly hard in the cold morning air with nothing covering me anymore. I was breathing heavily, and the cop seemed to be hypnotized by the movement of my tits rising and falling with each breath… he reached up and grabbed my nipples with both hands, squeezing and twisting them until I gasped. I could hear the sounds of his partner’s footsteps in the gravel as he approached. I looked over and saw that the second cop was unzipping his pants. This was happening. I thought… I thought I was done. I thought I had finished! They let me think I would be finished!

Instinctively, I tried to turn and run through the doorway in the booth, but he grabbed me by the arm and yanked me back. “Resisting arrest are you now, slut? Try something that dumb again and you’ll be in prison until you’re your grandmother’s age!” the first cop barked. Then he gripped both of my arms and pushed my head down until I was bent in half and his partner’s thick cock was right in front of my face.

I couldn’t believe this was happening again. I couldn’t believe these cops, who I thought were honest people here to protect me, were just doing the same thing to me. Just one more set of men who wanted to use me in every hole.

No. One more set of men that recognized me for what I really was.

“Open your mouth,” the cop said as he gripped a handful of my hair. “I’m not gonna tell you again.” I did what he said, my eyes open full lax and dead as I watched as the cop guided the thick head of his cock into my mouth. It was thicker than I realized and I had a hard time getting my lips all the way around it. My mouth felt like it was stretched tight as the cop pushed his head all the way in. He slid his cock in and out a few times, then gripped onto my head with both hands and pushed it in deeper. Within seconds, he was fucking my face and throat as violently as dozens of other men had, slamming himself into me repeatedly. It was too much. I couldn’t seem to relax enough to get my jaw and mouth to open wider and I started to panic despite myself, unable to breathe. Then the cop behind me was forcing his cock into my already-sore asshole.

I was trapped in between these two men who were slamming into me, using my body like I didn’t even matter. I was just a thing to them. A thing to entertain them for a few minutes and fill with their cum. I’m not sure how long the two fucked me for, taking turns in my mouth, my pussy, or my asshole. I could tell by the taste that they had definitely taken multiple turns — that they had already fucked my cum-filled pussy or asshole. And I could tell by the smell that these disgusting cops hadn’t taken a shower in a long time.

I did everything I could not to gag or throw up because I knew I would just have to swallow it anyway. I felt tears streaming down my face and cum dripping off my chin as one cop after another took a turn cramming their cock all the way down my throat. I tried to zone out. I was so exhausted from everything that had already happened, but I kept feeling waves of panic flood through me. And each time a new dick forced its way into my asshole the pain of my incredibly sore skin kept bringing me around and making me scream out. Of course, the rest of the cops inside the station came out to use my body. I only knew this because I heard some of them use the word sergeant, and they talk to each other like they were buddies. They even laughed when one of the cops told him what had happened to me, how I had been whoring myself at work for pocket change.

It was hard to believe they were really cops… it was hard to believe these were the men who were supposed to protect people. I’d been through hell and all these cops did was continue to torture me for their own enjoyment. Then again… maybe I wasn’t really a person anymore. Maybe anyone who looked at me could recognize me for the used up old condom I was.

Each of the cops took a turn on me, filling my asshole or pussy up with their cock, and then with their cum. All I could smell and taste was the cum on the shirt in my mouth, and the cum that had gone down my throat.  I stopped counting when ten men had shoved their cock down my throat and into my asshole. They all finished at different times so there was no way to keep track. And they just kept coming. I would only have a few seconds to breathe after one guy came down my throat before another one shoved his cock in my mouth again. And all of the guys in back seemed to want to fuck my asshole. It felt like it was on fire.

It felt like it went on forever — the train of cops fucking me and slapping my ass and cumming inside me and on me. They sounded like they were having a great time while I struggled and cried, then eventually went limp from exhaustion. Finally, one of them yanked my body up and draped the jacket over me again, then helped me as I stumbled across the parking lot and into the police station. They took me into a small room with a table and took off my cuffs, then threw some filthy clothes at me. “Get dressed,” one of the cops ordered, then left me alone in the room.

It looked like they must have taken this clothing off of a bum who had been living on the streets for years… they looked awful and smelled worse. I struggled to get the pants on over the sticky residue and dirt that covered my body, and I tried to put the shirt on so that it covered my breasts but it was so torn that it didn’t stay on very well. Then I curled up on top of the interrogation table. I didn’t know what their plans were for me, but I just didn’t have the will to fight them anymore, or even sit up.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep and prayed that when I woke up my parents would be there or maybe my roommates, to take me home and away from this night of hell. I don’t know how long I was asleep in that interrogation room, but I was definitely out when one of the cops came in to wake me up. “We’re moving you to a cell,” he said, pulling me up. “We don’t know when you’ll be processed, so you need to be in a cell with a bed and a toilet in case you’re here for a while.”

“Processed? For what? I didn’t do anything wrong!” I said as I slid off the table onto my shaky legs.

“Prostitution. Resisting arrest. Public indecency. Attempting to bribe a police officer with what cesspool you call a body.”

“But… but I… I…”

The cop grinned at me. “Keep your mouth shut or I’ll shut it for you,” the cop said as he pushed me down a hallway.

I was quiet as I walked past a room full of police officers in uniform, who all just stared and laughed as I went by. I wonder how many of them had raped me. Probably all of them. I kept my mouth shut and I was good. I hoped that if I didn’t do anything else to make them mad they would let me go. But when we got to the cell and I saw where the cop was putting me, my eyes boggled and that thought went out the window. The cell wasn’t empty… it was filled of a bunch of big, gross looking men.

“Please,” I begged, desperate to get him to change in mind. “Please don’t put me in there with them!”

“You’ll be fine,” the cop said with a smirk. “What, did one of these gentlemen pay for you and you cheated him of his dollar? Just don’t bend over and you’ll be fine.”  He shoved me in, locked the cell door, then walk away… leaving me in a small cell locked up with with ten huge men who had to each weight more than twice what I did.

This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be happening.

Those words kept swirling around in my head as I stared at ten smirking men, their grim, belligerent expressions slowly growing pleased as they realized who had been tossed into the jail cell with them. Part of me wanted to believe that everything was going to be okay… the experience of a thousand movies and tv shows and stories telling me that I was in a police station and they wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.

But I knew that wasn’t true. I could feel the evidence of that still in my raw pussy and asshole, and in my incredibly sore throat. The cops had no interest in making sure I was safe.

I turned around so my back was to the men in the cell and I gripped the bars. “Please!” I yelled. “Please, I’ll do anything you want! Just put me in another cell! I don’t want to be in here with these men!”

“Aww, what’s the matter, sweetie?” I could hear the footsteps of one of the men as he walked up behind me. When the next words came out of his mouth it sounded like he was right next to my ear. “We ain’t gonna bite.”

I cringed when I felt the man brush my hair off of my shoulder and expose my neck, and I pressed myself against the cold metal bars in order to get even an inch further away from his horrible breath. “Please… just… just leave me alone…” I pleaded weakly, my voice shaking uncontrollably. I shuffled my way toward the corner of the cell, pulling myself along the bars, until my shoulder was resting against a concrete wall. It wasn’t much, but I felt a little bit safer having something to lean up against.

I still didn’t turn to face the men. I was terrified and I couldn’t bring myself to look any of them in the eye. I was trapped here in this horrible police station with these disgusting, corrupt cops and these horrible criminals, and I had no way to get out. I kept telling myself that nothing bad was going to happen. That I was going to be okay. That my parents were going to come and get me very soon. I kept telling myself that…

But I didn’t really believe it.

I was a fucktoy. And fucktoys got fucked.

I stood there for a long time with my eyes closed and my head resting against the wall. I wanted to lay down so badly. My body felt like it had been torn apart and glued back together. Every single one of my muscles ached and every hole had been fucked raw. I didn’t close my eyes because I was exhausted, though I was, or because I hoped they would leave me alone, which I did but knew didn’t matter. I closed them because I didn’t want to watch what was coming.

I felt it when I was grabbed. My arms were pulled back and my torn T-shirt was ripped right off of me, the fabric more like a rag as it was used to tie my wrists together. I felt myself being picked up into the air while one of the men unzipped my pants. I struggled to get free, but there were so many men and they were so much stronger than me. All I succeeded in doing was causing my naked tits to bounce around while they were pawed at and grabbed.While two of the men yanked my soiled jeans down my legs some of the other men grabbed at the rest of my body, one of them sliding his hand in between my pussy lips. When they got my jeans off the men held me in the air for a while longer, spreading my legs wide and examining my pussy.

I cried when I felt fingers entering both of my holes. “Please…” I begged. “They… they’ve been raping me all day already! I can’t take anymore!”

“You’ll be fine,” one of the men said with a dark chuckle. “You just need something nice and slick to get things moving again.”

I heard footsteps move around my suspended body, then felt a hand grip a handful of my hair. “Open your mouth!”

I did as I was told, and as soon as my mouth was open it was filled up with a thick cock. I twisted my head from side to side, trying to stop what was happening, but the man gripped both sides of my head, holding it completely still, then forced his cock deeper until it was down my throat.

The rest of the men were still holding me up in the air while my head was hanging backward and my throat was being fucked. I could feel hands and teeth on my tits and fingers examining my pussy and asshole, but none of them were fucking me, except for the man who was down my throat. “Hey, we said he wouldn’t bite!” one of them said with a laugh.

“Well, not hard anyway,” answer answered to a raucous cheer.

It didn’t take very long before the man fucking my throat pulled out, though. I wasn’t sure what he was planning until I felt streams of warm liquid shooting onto my pussy and asshole. “See? Lubed up. Now she’s ready,” he said with a laugh. “Would be hard pressed to find a more suitable lube for a whore.”

None of them cared that they would be the last in the line of hundreds of people who had raped me recently. None of them cared that I was helpless, or alone, or scared. None of them cared that I was visibly raw from what had clearly been happening to me. And not a single one of them seemed to care even a little that this was rape. They didn’t see a person with thoughts and feelings and goals and emotions and independence. They saw a fleshlight… and they just wanted to take what they thought was theirs. What all the cops and the men at the office thought belonged to them too. My body.

I wasn’t even sure they were wrong anymore.

As soon as the first cock entered my pussy, I felt my brain shut off. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel everything that was happening to me, it was just that I was too numb and overwhelmed to even care anymore. I could feel my body jerking back and forth. I could feel the hands on my tits and ass, groping and slapping and biting them. I could feel the cock in my pussy and a new one in my mouth, moving in and out of the swollen flesh. I could feel it all… but my mind was somewhere else. There were moments when those men were fucking me that I was more aware of what was going on. Like the all-too-frequent moments when I came while being raped, months of conditioning at work teaching my body to associate need with violation and violence. Like when a particularly thick cock slid into my asshole or stretched my mouth open even wider. Or when one of the men went directly from my asshole to my mouth, forcing his soft cock inside me and ordering me to make him hard again so he could fuck my asshole or my pussy again with that same filthy cock. They all seemed to like doing that — watching their soft, cum-coated cocks grow to full size inside my mouth. Cocks that were covered in the cum of all ten men, as well as the dozens of men who had fucked me earlier that night, or the hundred who had in the last few months. My insides might as well have been pure cum at this point.

It was disgusting having to suck all of that cum off of them and swallow it down. But the worst part was, each time one of those men fucked me, the longer it took for them to come. And every time one of them stuck a limp cock in my mouth it took forever for them to get hard again.  And every time my mind became aware of what was happening to me the searing pain came back. My raw holes burned with every stroke and my muscles ached from being pulled and pushed and held in awkward positions. But it didn’t matter if I cried or kept silent, the men in that cell kept right on fucking me.

Because I was in such a faraway place I didn’t understand what was going on when a commotion started. But eventually, after the cock in my mouth pulled out, I realized the cops had come back and were telling the men in the cell to stop. I couldn’t believe they’d finally come to their senses and were protecting me. I heard the cops and the prisoners talking back and forth, but I couldn’t really understand what was being said. All I knew was I was being taken out of the jail cell. It was all my brain could comprehend at that point.

But, of course, my assumption about these men wasn’t true. The cops that came to get me weren’t trying to protect me in any way. They were making a deal with the prisoners. Apparently, none of the prisoners were done with me yet, and a new shift of cops had just come on. They found out that I was the precinct fuck toy and wanted their turn as well, so they decided to split me in half.

I was placed on my back on top of a table that had been pushed up against the cell bars. The cops took my mouth and the prisoners were allowed to fuck my pussy or asshole through the bars, and I continued to be raped on both ends.

This continued for hours. And every once in a while a cop would actually bring another prisoner back to the cell, so there was a fresh guy ready to fill me up with as many loads as he could. And the cops just kept coming too. One after another they filled my mouth up. Some of the cops were fit and well groomed, but some were absolutely disgusting. Big fat bellies resting on my chin and neck as their smelly balls slapped into my nose.  There were old men and young men, flabby men and muscular men. And not a single one of them did anything to stop what was going on. They saw their opportunity and took it. A naked chick who’d already been fucked by dozens of men. They knew there was no way anyone would believe my story, that a girl had been raped into becoming a whore for her workplace, then had an entire police force raped her and allowed the prisoners to rape her. I couldn’t even believe it had happened to be… who would? It would be my word against all of theirs and no one was going to believe me.

I just hoped they were eventually going to let me go. After everything I’d experienced and seen I was afraid they were going to keep me there forever.

This went on all night long. There were times when I was awake and I was freezing, but most of the time I think I was passed out. When I finally woke up, I was curled up on the table. Eventually all of the men — prisoners, and cops — had become completely tapped out. One by one, the cops wandered off to their job and the prisoners went to sleep on the bunks in the cell. When I woke, crying, a man in a dark uniform was standing over me.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to struggle. Instead, I looked up at him and opened my mouth.

“Hey, it’s okay,” the man said. “I’m a paramedic. The police called… said you’d had come kind of fit. I’m here to help.”

I wasn’t sure if I believed him, or anyone anymore. But it didn’t matter. If he was going to help me, then I would be helped. If he wanted to rape me, I’d get raped. It didn’t matter. He wrapped my naked body in a blanket and helped me stagger to my feet and out to the ambulance outside. All I wanted to do was take another hot shower, and lay in bed for the rest of my life, but the paramedics insisted on taking me to have me looked at by a doctor.

I was examined in the emergency room, then given a sedative and wound up sleeping throughout the entire day and night in the hospital. When I woke up I could barely move. I didn’t want to speak to anyone or eat. I just wanted to lay in bed, but I couldn’t even sleep. I was so horrified by everything that happened to me that I guess I went into shock. The doctors didn’t want to send me home. They said they were afraid for my safety. They told me they were going to send me somewhere where I could rest and get help.

Or get themselves a low-risk fucktoy.

They said I’m a danger to myself, and that I need to be around other people for a while before I can be trusted to be on my own.  I wound up involuntarily committed to a mental hospital… if you could call in involuntary. I didn’t even protest. I’m not sure I said a word. The thing is, they’ve got me in a straitjacket and they injected me with drugs that make me very sleepy. I can’t move my arms, and all that is doing for me is making me feel helpless. I tried to tell them that, but they didn’t seem to care. They kept telling me they’re doing all this for my own good, but it didn’t feel that way at all.

But then again, it didn’t really matter did it?

“Excuse me, Mr… Nowak?”

I stood in front of the security desk, clutching the invitation that told me when to show up for the interview like it was a lifeline. After 6 months in an asylum, my life hadn’t been even close to the same. My roommates, of course, had moved on… I wasn’t playing the rent anymore. They had sold my stuff, so I barely owned anything anymore. When I had tried to get a new job, I found out that I had been “officially” fired back even before my blackmail had begun, so a gap in work history of more than a year, combined with the only answer she could give as to why being that she had been kept in a mental hospital for observation, meant that getting a job was extremely difficult.

And that wasn’t even the hard part.

The hard part was just leaving her house. Every time someone looked at her, every time she heard a man’s voice laugh, or every time someone walked behind her on the street, she had to wonder… did he know? Had he fucked her? Was he looking to do it again? Ultimately, the feelings had driven her from Wroclaw, lead to her trying to find a place for myself in another city, far away from what had happened to me. They hadn’t sent the blackmail to my family… I had gotten lucky. I was going to never let anything like that happen to me again.

When the offer of the job interview had come, it had been exciting. A real new beginning. The man behind the desk, however, looked a bit scary to me… big, strong, and tough. I didn’t do well around men like that anymore, but… she was being silly. He was security. Of course he was a big, tough man. I was worried about nothing.

He pulled t he sheet out of my hand, looking at it before looking up at me, scanning my body with uncomfortable intensity. “You’re Alicja Neila?” he asked. The way he was staring at me was like… he was suspicious. Like she I a fake Alicja.

“Yes sir!” I answered politely. “I believe Mr Zielinski wanted to interview me today?”

He looked at the sheet again before looking back at me. “So it seems.” He picked up the phone, pushed a button, and spoke. “An Alicja here to see you, sir. Were you interviewing for a position today?” There were a few moments of tense silence, and then he nodded briskly. “Go forward, up two floors, walk to the end of the hallway. He’s expecting you.”

Swallowing, I nodded and did as he said.

Mr Zielinski’s office was a big one, and nice. It gave a great view of the parks outside through the window as he sat behind a large oak desk. He had short blonde hair which had recently been cut, and his His large, blue, almost mousy eyes peered out at me from behind glasses. I felt at ease with him immediately. “Miss Neila!” he said as she walked in. His voice was friendly, high, and surprisingly warm. “Please… have a seat.”

Alicja sat down.

“So… why do you want to work here?”

And thus began a boring cascade of interview questions she had heard dozens of times. Why do you want to work here? Why are you the right person for this job? Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Why do you think you’d fit in with our team? Questions like that. They were so boring, so predictable, that when a question that didn’t fit was included it took me a moment to process. My heartbeat spiked and it suddenly felt hard to breath. “What?” I gasped.

“I asked,” he said, calmly, unflappably, “and why should I hire a girl who had to be institutionalized for severe nymphomania?”

“I… I wasn’t…” Was I? What had they put me in the institution for, anyway?

He fingered a piece of paper… some kind of record of mine. “I’m afraid,” he said, a small, sad smile on his face, “that we can’t afford the disruption you could pose here Alicja.”

I panicked. I had… I had moved to this city because of this job. I had nothing else. I… I needed this. “Please Mr Zielinski, I won’t be a disruption, I’ll…” My voice drifted off as I realized what I needed to do. Exactly what he was hoping the desperate nympho trying to get a job would do.

I didn’t do that anymore… Right?

I was done… right?”

“S-sir,” I stammered, flushing red. “I’ll do whatever I have to do to to fit in with your team here,” I promised. “Whatever you want.” I fought down the disgust and urge to vomit that came with the words. I was supposed to be finished with this… I was supposed to have escaped. “S-sir… If it wouldn’t be too much trouble… could you put your cock in my mouth please?”

He smiled at me, taking out his cock in a flash, and before I knew what was going on there I was again, wearing my nice clothing and heels, crouching down beneath another desk as Mr Zielinski fed me his big cock. I gagged, but before long I was bobbing up and down on it like the most familiar task in the world. “That’s a good slut, Alicja,” he teased me, slapping me on the side of the face. Obediently, I kept bobbing my head up and down, slurping hungrily as his cock as if I loved this. I didn’t. I hated it. I just had a lot, lot, lot of practice.

“That’s a good little cocksucker,” my new boss complimented me. “You’re very experienced at this, aren’t you?” I just groaned groaned in humiliation as I slid my mouth up and down on his cock, but as humiliating at his words are they weren’t as humiliating as when I realized I had put my hands down between my legs… I was playing with myself. I was trying to make myself cum so I could make that dollar… the ones I no longer needed.

Crying, I kept sucking, and sucking, and then he was spurting cum into my sucking mouth and down my throat, and I just sucked him dry and kept going until he began hard again until he came again then got hard again, just keeping it up until no amount of licking would get his cock to show some attention. Mr Zielinski smiled. “You know, Alicja. I think I might have a job for you here after all.” 

The office seemed quiet as I came to work two weeks later. The last two weeks had been shockingly normal to me… my past in Wroclaw seemed far away. Even the memory of sucking off my new boss to get this job seemed like I might have imagined it, and I hadn’t seen Mr Zielinski since then. The job wasn’t hard… I worked the lowest intensity hours at the center because I was new, but it meant that they were also some of the easiest. Whenever I was in the office, it seemed almost half deserted, a good portion of the cubes empty.

I worked slowly, calmly down the quiet hallway towards my desk. Life was boring… and I liked it that way. No more excitement, thank you very much. I was more than prepared to go to work, do my job, and go home… and maybe one day I would feel like a human again. Maybe in a couple more weeks, I would. Maybe in a couple more months. Maybe in a few more years… but not now.

As I walked past the water cooler, a few men were laughing. Just talking and joking with each other. It was probably my imagination that they laughed harder when they saw me and walked away the other way, still talking, still amused.

I felt a sinking feeling, but tried to dismiss it. Probably nothing.

I stepped into her cubical and froze.

The computer monitor of my computer was playing a pornographic video. Not just any porn, either… it was me on the screen. Me, cumming like a slut, while I sucked on a cock.

That wasn’t all, either. Hundreds of photos, starring me, had been scattered across the floor… pinned the walls… left on my desk. Pictures of me tied up and raped. Pictures of me whipped. Pictures of me raped in my own bed. Pictures of me burned with cigarettes. Pictures of me raped beneath desks. Pictures of me fucking myself with a pool cue. Pictures of me raped in the bathroom. Pictures of me, raped. Pictures of me, raped. Pictures of me, raped.

Mr Kowalski… That bastard.

Panicking, I began to rip the pictures down, gathering them up in my arms. I needed to put them somewhere. Maybe, just maybe. Not many people had seen them yet. Maybe, if I got rid of them all, most of the people here wouldn’t know what I was… not a person, but a fucktoy you could do anything to.  to turn the pages to the “R” section of the grade. I opened the drawer on my desk… and what felt like thousands more photos spilled out.

On top of them was a note.

Dearest Alicja,

We’ve missed you in Wroclaw. Without you, the offices smell clean, there isn’t filth everywhere, and people can actually get something done without putting up with you.

Actually, now that I think about it, we don’t miss your slutty, used up ass at all.

However, the more we thought about it, we decided that you probably missed us, and it seemed unfair to let you suffer like that… you were born this way, you didn’t choose to be a fuckable piece of trash… it’s just what you are. So we told your new boss about you. Has he fucked you yet? He will soon if he hasn’t. We also knew that one man would never be able to keep a whore of your size satisfied, so we decided to release the best of your videos and pictures… stuffing them into every desk in the office, emailing them to your new coworkers.

What I haven’t done is send them to your family. If you want it to stay that way, though, I’d advise you to get very good at keeping your new coworkers happy… otherwise, who knows what they’ll do.

Have a nice life, slut.


When I looked up, trembling, two men already stood over me… holding up their cellphones. From the noises, I knew what was on them… videos of me. Gagging. Screaming. Cumming.

They looked at me, hungry as any man ever had been.

Tears ran down my face as I looked at them, tears of frustration, tears of terror… tears of resignation.

Then I dropped the photos I had gathered, and spread my legs.


Four Years Later

Krzysztof could still remember the sound of that ding… the cell phone text notification that had changed his life.

He’d been browsing aimlessly on his phone when it came in, previewing briefly on his banner before disappearing again… a video message from a number with an area code he didn’t recognize. Figuring it was a mistake but still curious, he had opened the message… and chuckled

The thumbnail was a close up of some whore’s cunt. It was smooth and covered with welts, with cum spattered all over her splayed legs and swollen pussy lips. Her hole oozed white opaque cum. Someone was trying to get her pregnant, it looked like to him. Krzysztof was startled that this sort of video would randomly pop up in his inbox, but he supposed stranger things had happened. It wasn’t his fault some idiot sent their sex tape to him by accident, and it’s not like he wasn’t going to watch it now. He thought it might make a good laugh, a story he could tell his friends later.

He pressed the play button, and the video blew up wide. Only 20 seconds, what harm could it do?

He would later find out that that was the day Alicja finally disappeared.  That had been two years ago. He thought about it nightly… that video of his sister being raped.

Stroking himself, he imagined her grunts and moans as she endured the man in top of her. He took dominion over her, thrusting so fast and hard the entire bed shook. He could still hear her cry sharply in pain as his angry cock bruised her cervix, how he grabbed her throat and pressed his tongue flat against her tear-stained cheek. He slowly dragged his tongue up and the sweet, smart girl he had once known as his sister looked like she wanted to die. The man came inside her and slowly pulled out; the cameraman zoomed in and boom. There was the thumbnail.

His phone blew up 10 minutes later, mutual friends and family all asking about her at once. Have you seen her? Have you seen her? I got a weird video. Have you seen her?

Over the next days and weeks, he learned they were all sent different clips, all from different numbers. Her family, like him, got some of the best ones… men abusing Alicja in ways so obscene it made most porn he had seen look like a joke.

The police were called. He’d driven to her city to help hand out fliers, posted her missing poster on social media, contacted people he hadn’t seen in years to see if they’d heard anything. All their efforts turn up nothing, and all the while… He’d continued to jerk off to that one, twenty second clip of her being raped. He would stroke himself and wonder what are were doing to his sister now? She had once been such a lovely, bright girl… a good job, a good apartment, supportive friends, a loving family. Big dreams for the future.

And all of that was gone now because a few rapist’s orgasms were more important than every other part of her existence. It should have horrified him. Instead, it spoke to something in him, over and over and over until one day he decided he wouldn’t help anymore. No more fliers or facebook posts or keeping his eyes peeled. No more speaking to the police. He would pretend for the sake of his mother and such but…

Krzysztof didn’t want Alicja to be found anymore.

He would never have hurt her. She had been his friend. His loving sister. He had adored her and cared for her.

Had been. Had.

She was rapemeat now. Three wet holes to be consumed and destroyed. He wouldn’t interrupt her rapist’s time with her, try and dictate what another man ought to to with a piece of property like his whore of a sister had become. He would, however, think about her often… tied up, fucked, abused. He only truly saw 20 seconds of it, but there was apparently more out there…

It had taken him four months of poking around on the dark web to find it. The entire collection of videos, uncut, was nearly 20 straight hours of porn. He sat there, almost transfixed, untouched cock hard as he watched the the first man of many rape Alicja for the first time. He watched her gang rape on the floor, cock painfully stiff, while three men take his sister at once. The one raping her mouth came hard down her throat, and even through all her sputtering she keeps her mouth wide open, staring ahead blankly as her nose was buried in his public hair. He stayed there even as the one raping her cunt cums hard, grunting like an animal in heat. After he was finished, he walked away, casual as can be. Once he was gone, the man raping her ass pulls her legs apart wider, enough that she shrieks around the cock in her mouth. He knew that his sister wasn’t very flexible… he probably just pulled her hamstring.

The man in her mouth slapped her face. “Open wider, bitch.” Alicja did, stretching her jaw enough for him to shove his balls in. Her lips were trembling, her face turning red, she made small gagging noises— but didn’t dare dare close her mouth or turn away. She also knew what she was. Just a piece of meat. Just a rapedoll. It was the hottest thing Krzysztof had ever seen.

When the other is done with her ass he pulled out and demanded that she clean his cock. The man already inside her mouth pulled out, hard again. While he was watching his sister’s rape, his cock twitched painfully when he got the first unobstructed view of her cunt. It was swollen and battered — that much is expected — but it also glistened in the room’s poor lighting. Something coiled inside him, angry and perverse. The bitch was wet, getting raped. She was getting off to his. Here his kind, innocent, gentle sister was… sopping wet for the men raping her.

Cumming while they raped her.

The man who had been inside her mouth positioned himself between her legs. He had to be at least 10 inches. He crammed his length in her tiny cunt, and the rapeslut howled around the limp dick in her mouth as he slaps her ass with each thrust. “That’s right, bitch! Cum harder!” he shouted at her. His tone was evil and taunting; her tears were hot and wet; her begging was beautiful… and then fore more men wlaked into the room. Her screams were wretched as they climbed on her and pleasured themselves with her most intimate places. They were so large and she was so much smaller that soon she couldn’t be seen at all, lost in the mass of bodies moving and humping and thrusting.

After some long minutes Krzysztof was able to see her face again, red and swollen. There was a large veined hand around his sister’s throat. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head, mouth slack for the cock thrusting in and out. Someone had his fist buried in her pretty hair… someone else spat in her face.

After all that he had watched, that was what had made him cum to his sister for the first time… the utter contempt for the girl they had destroyed, for the life they had ruined. As if she were no different from some whore grabbed off the street, because…

Because she wasn’t. That was exactly what she was.

He watched the rest of it in increments over the next days, and it took him nearly a month to get to his favorite part somewhere in the middle. She was begging… begging God to save her. Krzysztof didn’t believe in God, and he was pretty sure that Alicja didn’t either… But he supposed that Alicja wouldn’t be the first skeptic to plead to the almighty in desperation. If he listened closely, he could hear her prayer on the audio — soft and sweet, like a virgin at the altar as she whimpered out a begging plea to be saved. There was something sexually charged in her pleading despite that… her eyes fluttering and voice heavy with seduction to Krzysztof’s ears, like she’d suck off God Himself if He would only deliver her from the fiery hell she’d been dragged into.

And what he saw next, his new favorite part of the video, made Krzysztof believe in God because it was the clearest, most simple answer to any prayer he had ever seen. A strong, powerful man walked slowly into the camera’s line of slight, stood by Alicja’s head, and slowly undid his belt… pulling from his pants what had to be the hardest, thickest, ugliest looking cock he’d ever seen. His sister didn’t even seem to notice until he had grabbed her by the hair and brought her against him. “This is your God now.”

Krzysztof came hard as he watched that, praising the God who allowed this to happen to his innocent, sweet sister as he watched hours and hours of unmitigated torture and rape. He would rewatch all of this porn a thousand times. Maybe, if he looked carefully, he would notice the moment when the last flicker of light in the whore’s eyes that made her ‘his sister’ and not ‘some whore’ went out.

He was glad the world had gotten to see this. He was glad he had seen this.

Krzysztof kept looking, and he found other videos of her… unlike the others, these ones seemed to have been filmed after his sister disappeared. If he didn’t know what a slave was before, he did now. Free of any restraint, but terrified to move without permission. Dragged around by her hair, whipped bloody, sobbing and as cowed as an abused child. Choking with a leather belt tied around her neck like a leash, pulled hard every so often as a reminder that she only lives by her rapist’s mercy. A man screaming obscenities at her an inch away from her face as he rams her, deep inside her slick pussy. All sorts of things shoved inside her cunt and asshole while she had to lie there and endure it, getting no say at all in how her body was used.

In the last video of the girl that used to be his sister that Krzysztof ever found, the naked, beaten girl sat in a chair and answered questions.

“How long as it been since you came to live with me, fucktrash?”

His sister’s sweet voice was raspy… weak. Pathetic. Begging. It made him hard just to hear it. “I don’t know,” she whimpered.

“How many times have you been raped?”

“Too many times to ever know.”

“I video taped more than a few. How do you feel knowing there are men in the world who cheered on your rape? How do you feel knowing they’ve cum watching it”

“I…” her breathing became uneven. “I w-w-wish someone would save me.”

“But no one will.”

“No one ever will,” the slave agreed.

“And why not??”

“Because I don’t matter.”

“Does any woman matter?”

“Only as much as her father, husband, son or owner says she does.”

Just like the first video, her rapist walked slowly into view. He wraps a blindfold over Fucktrash’s eyes. The tape cuts to black. And try as Krzysztof might, he never found another trace of his sister after that. She was well and truly gone.

He has cum to every single scene of his sister being fucked he could find… watching isn’t enough anymore. Dreaming about her rape had even gotten old. There were vidoes with other enslaved women, and he found and watched them too and they did get him off, but none have the same spark.

And then, it happened. An opportunity.

He was at a family dinner. Mother was crying again. Anna had said something that upset her again. She’s done that a lot. She stormed outside… to go smoke, he knew. Krzysztof excused himself. Said that he needed to go. To get to work.

If sweet, innocent Alicja was a whore – and he no longer had any doubts that his Alicja had been a whore – then Anna unquestionably one. If Alicja deserved a life of slavery and misery – and he no longer had any doubts that his Alicja did – then Anna deserved it more. He watched as her face was lit by the orange glow of a cigarette in the night. He watched as she stared out, not looking at him. He grabbed his younger sister by the hair and slammed her face against the hood of his car. She fell over limp, unconscious… he dragged her into his car and drove away, Anna bleeding from her broken nose in his trunk.

Hours later, there was a car parked in an abandoned lot shaking side to side. Inside it, his sister was screaming. Halfway across the world at that very moment, his other sister was screaming too. His sisters both suffered. Their rapists both laughed and growled and thrilled as they came, and all was right with the world.

2 thoughts on “Alicja Becomes a Pornstar 6 + Epilogue

  1. A Story absolutely matches my taste!
    Often fantasized about the never ending abuse
    combined with the theme of the Epilog.
    Well done John, thank you
    your fan, spunkjunk


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