Sex Kitten – Chapter 2

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Katarina dragged her tongue over the filthy wooden boards that made up the floor, trying to lick up every last bit of cum that had fallen there and hoping she didn’t get splinters. The taste was awful… the disgusting seed would have been bad enough even if it wasn’t Demacian filth but she was licking far more than that off the floor. Dirt and sand and grime and sweat had accumulated on the boards of the sauna, and all of it stained and ground against her tongue with every lap at the gross floor. It felt like she was licking an open sewer. It felt like she was the open sewer.

Then, just inches in front of her mouth, she saw the light gleaming off of sharp steel.

Just because Kat was here to relax didn’t mean that she had come unarmed, of course. The last time she had gone anywhere unarmed… well, she wasn’t sure if she had been able to walk the last time she hadn’t had knives within a few long steps of being in her hands. Here was no exception. No one was holding her. She wasn’t bound or otherwise restrained, and while the summoners were powerful sorcerers they were all within ten or fifteen feet of her, trapped in an enclosed space with no way to get distance from her, with nowhere to go but to get in each other’s way.

She could kill them all. She could slay each and every one of them, before anyone could stop her. They would all be bleeding on the floor and then…

And then what? Watch her family get dragged down by their surrounding rivals while the Institute of War just watched and did nothing? Watch as she was killed or raped even more miserably, her family beside her? Sacrifice everything she had?

A man grabbed her ankles and yanked her backward, hard… hard enough that she lost even her hands and knees balance and feel. The red-haired assassin hit the ground with a heavy thud, her forehead thunking into the floor hard enough to nearly knock her unconscious. It took her at least two or three seconds to come round from the impact, and that was all the time they needed. Multiple hands dragged along. “You like playing with knives, slut?” Kenlam growled as he leaned down and picked up the knife she had been staring at. “You think you have a use for one of these?”

Katarina struggled almost by default against the powerful arms holding her place… it wasn’t about winning, it was just about not letting them manhandle her like this without consequence. She would have driven her knees into every single last pair of nuts in this room if she could have. Kenlam approached the struggling girl as she was held in place, flat on her back with her lips stained with cum, pinned helplessly. “You get to use these,” he said, running the knife along the Sinister Blade’s side with deceptive gentleness, “when we say you can.” Katarina froze… she didn’t want to stop struggling, but if she wriggled now she would just cut herself. She, more than anyone, knew how sharp those knives were. The tip of the wicked steel felt like a point of pressure as it slid along her side on the flat, the edge kissing her skin just lightly enough to make her inescapably aware that it was there but not enough or fast enough to cut as he brought it up along her side, from the muscles on the thighs up over the curve of her hip and over her waist. She didn’t even dare twitch as it slid along, and under, the thin strip of fabric holding her bikini top on and severed it as cleanly and easily as if it were cutting through the water.

The bikini top stuck to her sweaty swell of her breasts only for a moment before one of the men pinched the fabric between his fingers and tugged ever-so-gently down, exposing her breasts to the air. “Until then,” he said, tracing the point of the blade right over her nipple, before drawing the blade back and throwing it across the room. “the only thing these are useful for in taking off that equally-useless clothing you parade yourself around in.” He fingered her crotch, causing her to whimper. He grunted, driving the hilt of her dagger into her pussy, causing her to cry out in protest. Katarina had little choice but to bite her lower lip, closing her eyes to keep the furious glare out of them as she felt his hands finger at her pussy even as her knife slid inside. The sensation filled the assassin with utter disgust and she wriggled against him, but the many hands made that a futile effort… but one that she wouldn’t have been herself if she didn’t attempt, even if it wasn’t much of a fight. Worse would be putting up no fight at all. She had hoped against hope that they would be content blow-banging her… sometimes, seeing the assassin’s outraged eyes glaring up at him as he busted a nut in her mouth was all Eli wanted, but it didn’t seem likely at this point. Every one of them was going to rape her.

The dagger was soon tossed aside, and the men quickly flipped the now naked redhead over, pressing her bare breasts down against the wood while someone grabbed onto her hips and lifted her ass into the air, making the assassin’s back arch. Fingers will all-too-much damned experience parted her pussy lips and sank deep inside her, causing an instinctive shudder to shoot through Katarina. The sensation sent a dull ache building in the pit of her stomach, leaving her with very little doubt what it was going to feel like when this group of big, Demacian men unleashed their pent-up aggression on a captive assassin of Noxus. She would have gotten more mercy on a battlefield than she was going to in this room… she felt that these assholes were going to absolutely wreck her pussy if they didn’t just fuck the life out of her first. The man, one of the ones she didn’t know the name of, slapped her ass and his hands felt like monstrous paws as they impacted against her, heavy as a hammer hit. They proceed to kneed her skin, roughly pushing and pulling as her soft skin and firm rear, pulling the cheeks apart until Katarina couldn’t hold back anymore. “I swear I’m going to kill you all someday,” she hissed, a single tear running down her cheek despite herself. “You aren’t going to get away with this forever… and the last thing you feel is going to be my blade stabbing into you!”

The man continued to take his time with her, playing with her body slowly. That was almost worse. She knew he wasn’t going to stop just because she had threatened him, Eli wouldn’t have… but he should have at least slapped her, or moved quicker, or spat back, or something. Instead, he just ignored her… proceeding at exactly the pace he wanted to, denying her even that infinitesimal amount of control. The only result it got with a bit of a mocking chuckle as he continued to play with her.

The dread in the pit of Katarina’s stomach continued to grow as she felt him sink onto his knees behind her so that her pussy was faced directly towards her soon to be the rapist… his powerful huge body pressed against her from behind. She felt the enormous cock between his legs and it filled her with an irrational flash of fear, not just for the process of being raped once again but for the sheer size of him. It felt like he was going to rip her apart. Katarina struggled, but it didn’t amount to much more that writhing sexily on the ground, shaking her ass back and forth.

One of his hands rested on her upper back, pushing her down, squishing her tits against the floor… and she felt the tip of his huge cock slip inside of her, stretching the lithe redhead as it forced its way inside of her very tight pussy. An unwelcome jolt traveled up her spine. No way this monster would fit inside of her, and she tried once more to plead with the huge brutal attacker. “You fucking bastard,” she hissed in pain. “It’s not going to fucking fit! Stop it!” Katarina grimaced against the polished wooden floor of the sauna as she slid an inch across it, thrust foreword as she felt more of this thick, huge cock part her sex, sinking relentlessly into her helpless folds further and further.

“Your pussy says otherwise… my lady,” the Demacian summoner said from behind her, chuckling, his voice filled with malicious amusement. “Your pussy is grabbing at me like it never wants to let me go, never wants me to leave… it wants more, I think. This Noxian pussy was god damn made to be fucked. It’s the only thing your nation is useful for… whorish women that don’t know how to wear clothing.” He coughed into his hand. “Not that you’re a whore… right?” He drove himself in hard, and Katarina realized how easy he had been taking it on her. She cried out loudly in denial as he sunk more of his huge cock inside of her… what felt like the biggest cock he had ever taken, and at the same time he placed a strong slap on her ass. She gasped. “Because if you’re just a whore and not a lady, I guess we can stop going easy on you, right?”

Katarina winced. She knew what they wanted her to say, but the consequences of doing so… She forced her head up to catch sight of Eli, sitting half dressed on one of the benches and half obscured by the vapor smoking the air in the sauna. The look on his face was unyielding… she knew his expectations. Blackmail was a strange hold, an odd grip that bound not just the victim but the one holding it as well. It gave them leverage… but it also made them reluctant to use it because the threat could only be made good on once. The longer it went, with her as Eli’s virtual slave, the more reluctant he would be to blow up their relationship and let her family burn over a small act of defiance. What he could do, however, was punish her in other ways… and she needed to decide if this one was worth it.

It wasn’t. She knew that. She just wished it was.

“I am a filthy Noxian whore,” she admitted quietly… and if her normally loud and proud voice was barely a whisper as she spoke the words then that was a coincidence. “Fuck me like that little whore.”

The men laughed, as the huge Demacian behind her tightened his grip on her hips. She groaned as he slowly pulled back, prepared for the stretching, tight agony that would follow when he drove that monster into her again in a rush… And then gasped when it didn’t come. Instead, her rapist softly, almost gently pushed forward, sliding back into her and deeper but giving her body time to adjust. Katarina’s body betrayed her more than a little in that second… a second gasp escaped her lips as they trembled. “That’s not a very nice thing to say about yourself, Lady Du Couteau,” the man with his dick in her said. The men around her laughed as he continued. “I think a noble lady like yourself should be made love to, instead.” He pulled back and pushed again, and again, and again. The man kept exploring the deep corners of her pussy, his cock filling her utterly, and while she did grow used to his size he did keep going faster and harder with time.

Katarina felt her mind going blank as she was fucked on the ground, the gentle strokes of that firm, monstrous cock contrasting with the brutal, heartless way in which she was pinned to the dirty floor and kept from moving. The only sensation she felt was the hot air on her skin, the rough wood beneath her, and the intense stretching of her stuffed cunt around his smooth, warm, swollen co-

Her mind darted away. “Wait!” she protested, crying out as she felt him increased the pace and started fucking her like a machine. “Ah! Ah! Wait, you… can’t!” She felt her pussy would be torn apart, but for a second that was only the lesser of her problems. “You’re not… not wearing… a fucking sheepskin, asshole!”

The men laughed.

“Not very ladylike language for a noblewoman of the court, princess,” Kenlam mocked. “I would have thought such crass words beyond you Lady Du Couteau.”

Kat, however, wasn’t playing. “No! Fucking stop it! This isn’t what we agreed!” Eli, for all his faults, always wore a condom with her… he didn’t seem to want the attention that a pregnant Lady Du Couteau would bring, nor the disruption to his slim, beautiful fucktoy, but these men didn’t seem to give a shit. A moan of unwelcome pleasure filled her mouth as she felt his hard huge hands move down to grasp her full breasts, reaching beneath her pinned body and gripping them like handles. She struggled against him in earnest now, trying desperately to slip his cock free of her hole even if only for a second. She struggled, she screamed, but nothing seemed to work… the hands of her summoners on her felt like iron with all the leverage as the man behind her began to take her faster and faster, his huge huge cock slamming in and out of her delicate little cunt. Each motion filled Katarina with fear, already visualizing her belly swollen, the judgmental, questioning gazes of her father, the knowing wicked smile of her sister. Every motion brought a new humiliation as he grew closer to cumming and her struggles made no progress with getting him out of her, the assassin begging him to stop the entire time.

But he wasn’t stopping. The Demacian summoner fucked her almost like a senseless, mad animal. He resumed rolling his hips against her and continued the pounding of her tight pink pussy with his big cock even harder and deeper. Katarina wanted to escape, run for her life if she could, but she couldn’t get anywhere… Then the man pinched her nipples between his fingers and ground his cock against her g-spot from the inside and a sudden, violent, unstoppable orgasm wracked her body. She bit her bottom lip time, trying desperately not to give these monsters the satisfaction… but it did no good. They couldn’t have missed the way her body shook and clenched on his dick even if a moan, unbidden and unwanted, didn’t escape her lips anyway.

The man’s own moan came almost at the same time, threatening his own orgasm. He increased his pace, slamming his bulbous manhood into her deeper and deeper. “Gonna cum in that fuckin’ pussy,” he groaned with an impending release that was undeniable, and equally dreadful.

Katarina gasped. “Noooo! You are gonna get me pregnant… please don’t cum in me… not in my pussy… please!” she begged, clenching her teeth. The assassin didn’t expect any more mercy than her blades usually showed, but she begged anyway… voice pathetic, weak, pleading. The man laughed wickedly at her.

And then he pulled out.

Katarina felt suddenly hollow as he ripped his cock from her, her pussy gaping as it twitched and clenched in the aftermath of her orgasm, suddenly squeezing on nothing at all. Her mind, dazed, confused, struggled to understand what was going on as she felt his cum splash down on her ass, on her back, dripping down her body. “All you had to do was ask nice, Lady Du Couteau,” the man said with a chuckle. “Was that so hard? Where were your manners?”

Katarina couldn’t help herself. She let out a sob. Just one single sob, almost silent, filled with relief and humiliation and despair and helplessly, just a single moment of weakness before her mask was back up, before her eyes hardened and her anger boiled it away… but she was sure they saw it, and that only made her more angry. “Fuck all of you!” she snarled.

Eli laughed as he looked down at Katarina. “That’s the idea, my Lady,” he said, chuckling. “Flip her over. I think those breasts of hers need some attention.”

Katarina thrashed against the hands holding her, but it made no difference… it wasn’t the coordinated, trained writhing of an assassin escaping a grapple, it was just a weak, instinctive, panicked struggling of an animal, and it only took seconds for them to flip her onto her back… her bare tits flopping as she struggled. Almost immediately she felt mouths on her nipples, sucking and licking. One of the men bit her nipples and she cried out in both pain and outrage. Another man climbed between her legs, and Katarina screamed even louder in fury as she felt the tip of his cock into the slit of her pussy. “Aaaaagggghhhhh!!” Katarina screeched as the Demacian summoner began roughly shoving his dick into her cunt. “Fuck you fuck you fuck youuuuu!”

“Goddamn, this Noxian noble twat is golden,” the summoner roared, gripping Katarina’s thin waist firmly while he ripped his cock into her pussy as hard as he could. He wasn’t as large as the last man was and she was far more stretched and prepared this time… he didn’t take it easy even a little bit. “So fucking tight!”

“Noooooo! Get the fuck ouuuuut of meeee!” Katarina hissed as the summoner hammered away at her twat. It was even worse like this… she could see his rotten, lusty fucking face as the Demacian bastard took her. He might not be as big as the last guy, or Eli, but his dick was still huge and Katarina could feel her tender pussy getting absolutely torn up. The worst part, though, was that she could also feel him swelling… with the way he was hammering her, it would only take him a few minutes to cum. “…Please… Please!” she forced herself to say. “Please don’t cum in me!”

“So you think you’re worthy of being a “me?” then, Katarina?” Eli mocked as he slapped his cock across her nose. “I thought you knew better than that.

Katarina did, and she hated it, but with a cock about to stuff her womb full of cum wasn’t the time to argue or delay. “This whore!” she spat. “Please don’t cum in this dumb noble whore!”

The Demacian summoner kept thrusting while the others kept playing with her tits, and a few seconds later Katarina trembled in disgust as she felt his cock start swelling and throbbing inside her. Then it was in his hand and he was jacking it off, spraying him seed over her belly. “How could I turn down such a generous request from such a lovely Lady?” he chuckled. Thankfully, he stepped away from her… but unfortunately the moment he did the summoner was immediately replaced by another Demacian bastard. Katarina cursed in frustrated pain, writhing around miserably as she felt another pair of rough, giant hands seize her hips.

“Fuck that’s a pretty little noble cunt,” the summoner remarked, as he pressed the head of his dick against Katarina’s pussy.

“Fuuuuck!!!” Katarina forced out as the summoner ripped his cock deep into her sore cunt.

“Don’t forget… she’s got another hole up front!” Eli reminded, pointing toward Katarina’s head. “In fact, I think I ought to shut up that mouth before she says something she regrets.” Kneeling over the prone redhead, the summoner smacked the tip of his large and tragically familiar cock against Katarina’s face… bashing it against her nose like a weapon before he held it in front of her lips. “Now open that mouth, my Lady.”

Katarina tried to run her face away, but Eli grabbed onto her chin. “I don’t have the patience for you, whore,” he growled, slapping Katarina across her face viciously. “I said open that mouth, Lady Du Couteau!”

Taking a moment to glare at him in utter hatred, the assassin opened her mouth, parting her lips for the abusive summoner. As soon as she did, Eli brutally plunged his cock into the redhaired girl’s and drove in toward her throat. He gripped Katarina’s head with both hands and used his powerful hips to slam his cock against her throat, feeling as the swollen, already sore hole parted to let him wedge himself inside her and thrust in and out of her mouth. Katarina gagged, trying to force out the humiliating plea. “Plllsh, dunn cmmm enn meee!” she choked out around the fat dick clogging her mouth. The noblewoman could not see anything other than the summoner’s swinging balls right in front of her eyes, but she could hear the laughter of the men surrounding her, urging the rapists to fuck her harder. The summoner behind Katarina roared, burying every inch of his huge shaft inside the Noxian’s pussy before he pulled out and painted her belly again, but this time Katarina could barely even notice her reprieve from being knocked up… She was much too busy trying not to choke to death on the massive dick stuffed inside her mouth and throat. Eli was merciless… he knew from brutal experience exactly how much she could take, exactly how long her air would last, and he pushed her to the absolute limit each time… slamming his cock back and forth into her face nonstop except for when he stayed lodged down her throat and denied all air entirely. It was the most horrific forced blowjob imaginable to the assassin with her held down and helpless, completely powerless to do anything to stop her blackmailer from using her pretty face as nothing but a sheath for his cock.

Despite the huge cock that was lodged in her mouth and her near suffocation, Kat still noticed when the next summoner took his place between her painfully spread legs and slammed his length into her pussy, already raw from the last several fuckings. Meanwhile, Eli was growing more aggressive, his cock swelling more and more in her throat until he finally reached his climax and started spewing his sperm into Katarina’s waiting stomach. Katarina choked and gagged dismally as she felt the hot spunk gushing down into her throat and through her neck. She couldn’t breath, his cock clogging her airway completely as it throbbed inside her, his balls hot against her forehead and nose as he dumped a load of spunk down her gullet. Her lips were blue by the time Eli yanked his dick out of Katarina’s mouth and gave her an appreciative smack in the face. “Good god, my Lady,” he praised her. “Good to know all that practice sucking cock wasn’t wasted.”

Katarina glared at him, though her gaze was weaker than she would have liked… and she didn’t even protest as the next man walked up and waved his dick in her face, parting her lips for him without drama. Hands mashed her tits and ass as she was fucked from both sides, gagging as the summoner immediately drove his cock deep into her little throat. Dicks rubbed against her arms and legs as she was held down, and two summoners forced Katarina to wrap her fingers around their dicks. The assassin stroked softly, hoping against hope that if she did a good job and pleased them enough one of them would tell the summoner stuffing her neck to let her breathe a little bit more… it wasn’t like she could do anything else to help herself.

The lustful summoner fucked Katarina’s mouth for several agonizing minutes, driving so deep it felt like he was trying to reach her stomach with each pump… and during the course of the entire facefucking he pulled out far enough for her to take a breath just twice, giving the assassin just a few moments to breathe. By the time he finally blew his load inside her mouth, Katarina’s face was nearly the same shade of dark crimson as her hair was and she felt like he had fucked her half to death. Meanwhile, the man between her legs had, once again, pulled out at the last second to avoid impregnating the vulnerable assassin, leaving his load as just one more crop of seed befouling her skin. “We’re going to make you clean this mess up later, my Lady,” he warned as he cleaned his dick off on her thigh. “You should be grateful.” When the gasping woman, trying to catch her breath, didn’t immediately respond he slapped her on her inflamed cunt, making her cry out. “I said,” he growled. “You should be grateful.”

Katarina coughed, trying to draw in air and instead breathing in a slurry of spit and cum. “Thank… you… for decorating your nasty fuckdoll with your cum,” she managed at last, just as he was raising his hand to hit her again. Instead of slapping down, the summoner brought his hand down on her clit softly and rubbed in a circle a few times, a small moan accompanying the motion escaping from Katarina’s lips.

“My pleasure, Lady,” he said, rising up. “Happy to help.”

Then someone else was between her thighs and her long, athletic legs buckled violently each time he slammed his cock into the raw, swollen opening of her pussy. The slap had only made it more sore, adding a new sting to each penetration of her violently misused opening, but Katarina gasps of pain were short lived… soon, another summoner had his cock buried in her throat, his cock sliding past her succulent lips. With her head suspended upside down Katarina was forced to stare at the man’s enormous, hairy balls while he fucked her mouth viciously.

It was the most appalling, brutal rape Katarina could have ever imagined… far worse than her initial gangrape had been or any of the uses Eli alone had put her to. The group of strong, Demacian summoners entirely fucked her like they hated her, stuffing her pussy and throat full over and over again in a nearly uninterrupted train for what felt like hours to the dazed, breathless girl. Torrents of sperm painted her skin now and more of it leaked from the corners of her mouth and down from her nostrils where she had coughed it up when they choked her on their seed. Katarina’s cunt felt like it was gaping and stretched so obscenely wide it would never close, and her jaw felt about ready to fall off from the constant facial abuse… to say nothing of how raw her throat felt. Hands and dicks rubbed over every inch of her, jacking off with her hair, stroked by her hands, finding soft and warm places to rest while they waited for their turn.

She was still being fucked, a man driving his dick into her pussy, when a man finished in her mouth and wasn’t immediately replaced. “How you holding up there, Lady Du Couteau?” Eli laughed as he stepped in front of the dazed, cum-painted assassin.

Katarina didn’t feel like a strong assassin anymore… time and time again of begging them not to cum in her, time and time again of choking, time and time again of taking their harsh cocks up her body… she wanted to glare at him, but instead her gaze was almost pathetic. “Please… no more…” she begged miserably, as thick streams of drool and cum dripped off her chin and cheeks into her hair and the boards below.

“What do you mean you can’t take anymore?” Eli asked incredulously… but he had a wry smile on his face, showing his mockery of her clear as day. “You going to deny Kenlam his fun? You’re going to be here until none of them can get hard anymore, and I doubt you’re even halfway there…” Katarina could do little but hiss in frustration as Kenlam continued to spear his huge cock into her exhausted body. Katarina’s aching pussy burned like it was on fire, but the pain in her throat was almost as bad. Her beautiful, aristocratic face was so drenched in cum and spit that the summoners could barely see her scar anymore… while most of them chose to cum in her mouth, more than a few had pulled out to shoot their loads on her face instead, and more slime besides had dripped down her face after escaping from her nose or lips.

“Gods she fucking feels nice,” Kenlam mocked as he sank his length again and again and again into the assassin’s tight little pussy. Despite how thoroughly they had already plowed her, her noble cunt still squeezed on him, still was putting up resistance. “Good breeding, I’ll give the little Noxian that much. That right, Lady Du Couteau? You bred specifically to have a nice, tight cunt to fuck?” Her only response was to hiss out a dazed scream, her raw, battered pussy stretched around his cock further than she thought capable, stretched like he intended to ruin that tightness he had just praised. It felt like two cocks inside her at once, ripping her pussy in half. Despite herself, another tear leaked down Katarina’s face and she squealed miserably as the bastard Kenlam continued driving forward until his cock hit her cervix and refused to go any further, and then he just started backing out until just the last inch of raping pole was still skewering her sex.

“Fucking stop it!!!” she growled as the Demacian man slammed forward with his hips and buried himself once more into her stretched quim. “Asshole! You fucking bastard!”

 “Fuck you, Noxian whore!” Kenlam snarled, leaning forward and slapping her across the face hard enough that it sent some of the slime coating her face flying in a spray. “I’m gonna fuck you into next week, my Lady!” Kenlam sped up then, ferociously ripping his dick in and out of the assassin’s cunt like he was earnestly trying to pound her pussy to a pulp.

The entire rest of the group of summoners just watched, stroking their cocks or rubbing them against her, holding her down but otherwise not distracted Katarina from the show as Kenlam did his level best to absolutely demolish the Noxian noblewoman. Just the sight of her long, sexy legs spread insanely wide and her continuous, desperate attempts to free herself were enough to make some of them want to cum right there… Every single muscle in the assassin’s slender, athletic frame was visibly straining as her body tried to absorb the violent pounding without much luck.

“That… fucking… hurt! You bastard!” Katarina sobbed wretched as Kenlam continued to almost outright torture her just with his cock. “Don’t… don’t cum in me… please don’t cum in me…”

“You loosening her up yet, Kenlam?” one of the summoners asked as he rubbed his dick against the palm of her hand. She was too overwhelmed at this point to stroke it, but it didn’t stop him from using her hand like a sheath to hump.

“Not sure anyone can,” he admitted. “Tight ass bitch was born for this.” He laughed as he reached out and smacked Katarina’s tits as hard as he could as he continued ripping his cock in and out of her sore hole. “Gunna keep trying though… if this doesn’t do it, I know what to try next…”

Katarina’s face was twisted into a look of pure misery as she was raped like a man with a hammer was trying to drive a stake through her. Regardless of what Eli and Kenlam said, she felt sure that they were causing permanent damage to her sex. Every single time the summoner drove into her like a piston, the assassin felt sure she was going to faint from the pain as his cock struck her cervix again.

The redhead screamed in torture one last time as the summoner stabbed his dick into her as hard as he could. An instant later, she felt a heavy load of jizz flooding into her pussy and breathed a huge sigh of relief because, humiliating as it was, it meant he was done fucking her, just extremely thankful that he was finally done using her. Then she realized what had just happened. “You… you just…”

Around her, all the summoners laughed. “You just… you just…”

“What, bitch?” Kenlam said, pulling out of her. “Now that he had finished depositing his seed, it felt like he was pulling a rod the size of his arm out of her cunt, and Katarina could feel the incredible void it left behind inside her. It felt almost like someone had blown up a jizz-stuffed rod of dynamite inside her quim. “Knocked you up?” he snickered. “We’ll see if you’re still so tight after you finish having my brat.”

Katarina blinked at him, once, twice, three times. “You son of a bitch!The assassin launched herself at him, but with the hands on her she barely got a few inches off the ground before she was slammed back down, hard. “I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you you bastard!”

She didn’t even see the slap coming before one of the others struck her across the face. “Fucking whore. What, you think you’re too good to have a Demacian in your womb?” He spat on her face. “Hell, we’ve just improved your whole family line.”

“Fuck you!” Katarina hissed like she didn’t even hear him. “Fuck you, fuck you, Fuc- Glurk!” Her words were abruptly cut off as the summoner abruptly wedged his thick bulging cock inside of her throat while Katarina helplessly strugged against the hands holding her down.

“Finally, some peace and quiet!” Kenlam said with a sneer.

“Noxian noblewomen never shut up,” agreed another.”

“Just have to teach them their mouths have better uses,” Eli said with a grin. “Speaking of, I think someone would show her tits what they’re for, too.” A second later, someone was sitting on the prone girl’s chest, grabbing onto her tits. He squeezed them and folded them as his cock came to rest in the valley between her breasts, slapping their sides a few times to make them red and sensitive as Katarina struggled and gagged. Then he held her breasts together and stroked his dick into the crack, starting to fuck her tits.

His weight on her chest made it hard to breathe even if she didn’t have a cock lodged down her throat, and it only got harder in the next few seconds as another summoner crammed his length into her cum-soaked cunt. The summoner fucking her breasts held her by the nipples, using a pinch of them as handles to scrub his cock with her tits… smashing them around his cock hard enough it was like he intended to crush them as he slid him throbbing member back and forth between her impressive chest. precum dripped from the head of his dick, making her skin even more filthy and wet and sticky, and Katarina felt nothing but sheer shame and disgust. He kept stroking his dick in and out, teasing her hard, swollen nipples, yanking and twisting on them just for fuck while the sound and protests she could make were muffled by the brutal facefuck.

When he exploded, she could feel his slime coat the underside of her jaw and pool down into the hollow of her throat, jostled and splashed each time the cock wedging its way into her neck forced her to expand and lose that hollow. His cum was just one more defilement of her body, one more embarrassment. As he stood up, another man was quick to take his place… only he wasn’t content to fuck her tits himself.

Katarina gave a muffled scream as he twisted both of her nipples as hard as he possible could, and held them… squeezing harder, keeping the painful twist. “Pay attention, my Lady… you’re supposed to be stroking me, not expecting me to do all the work.” Kat wanted to weep with frustration. Instead, she moved her hands – no longer being held down for once – to her own breasts, gripped them, and squeezed them around his erect cock. It was only then, when she was doing her job of serving him properly, that he released her nipples and let her almost sigh in relief… she actually would have, if she didn’t have a cock trying to reach her stomach through her mouth.

His satisfaction, however, didn’t last long. “You can do it harder than that, Lady Du Couteau!” he commanded, resuming his twisting of her nipples for emphasis. She obeyed, crushing them forward, rubbing her large breasts against his cock like this was the only thing they were made for. She gagged as the man in her mouth came, forcing her throat to work over and over again as she swallowed down the thick, gooey load, but she didn’t stop scrubbing at the cock between her cleavage.

The man raping her pussy was just as rough, and he wasn’t relying on her help. “Oh yes my lady,” he said, grinning. “Kenlam is going to be so disappointed when I’m the one to get you pregnant… I’m going to put a baby in you and show you what a Noxian woman’s body is good for!” he hissed. She knew that there was simply nothing she could do to stop him, he was just too strong for her. But she struggled and begged again anyway. The summoner, however, showed her no mercy at all. “UHHHHHHH!” His grunt was one of primal force and utter satisfaction as, with one brutal push against her, he unleashed his warm white cum deep inside of her unwilling noble womb. Katarina cried in one last protest as she felt that hot seed poured into her. A second chance at knocking her up. A second filling of her womb.

The summoner didn’t pull out his dick until he dumped the very last drop of his cum inside her. As he pulled out, streams of his warm seed dripped down her pussy. He slapped her pussy a few times making her gasp. “You bastards are going to pay for this…” she hissed.

“Only if you can tell which one knocked you up, princess,” the man fucking her tits said. As he reached his edge, he grabbed onto her hair, wrapping the scarlet locks in his fist and yanked her head forward so that the tip of his cock dipped into her mouth, holding still like that while she continued stroking him with her tits. After another four strokes, he exploded inside her mouth.

Katarina tried to swallow, but the summoner held onto her jaw, stopping the miserable assassin from closing her mouth. “Spit it out, my Lady,” he ordered, standing up. “Spit it all over your tits.” Her face held in place, Katarina reluctantly did as he asked… his warm cum combining with her drool to drip out from her lips, onto her breasts and her hands holding them. “Rub it in,” he ordered, and hating every but mostly herself Katarina did as she was told… rubbing the sloppy, disgusting mixture all over her breasts, slapping them occasionally and wincing at every wet, sloppy sound it made. She felt so disgusted, so degraded… so utterly worthless. Then a hot, throbbing cock was filling the empty void in her pussy where the last one had left, and another began to fuck her mouth, and whimpering, suffering, pushed back and forth as she began to scrub her tits against yet another of the summoners, Katarina’s disgrace continued, her body rocked back and forth on the slimy wooden floor as the heat of the room and the press of bodies against her seemed to boil her brain.

The cock in her mouth was the first of this group of rapists to begin spurting hot spunk into her mouth, too deep for her to do anything but swallow it… she had no other options. As it was finally, removed she took a deep breath, ready to curse out her abusers some more, but before she could even manage to catch her breath another stiff cock was filling her mouth. As it was thrust savagely in and out of her mouth, Katarina writhed in misery as he took hold of her hair, yelling into her face as he thrust his cock harder down her throat, making her gag and choke, and making the men laugh. It felt like madness to the overwhelmed assassin. How were there still more cocks to fuck her? There were only nine men here… how many times had she been raped already? It was hard to keep track… it felt like her brain was swimming in a sea of jizz, but it seemed like there were always, always, always more hard cocks ready for a chance at her. Even as she was lost in that though, she felt the man thrusting up against her cunt grunt and swell, and with a final savage thrust he shot his load deep inside her. She couldn’t see him withdraw and wipe his wet sticky cock along her thigh, but he certainly felt it.

Any relaxation that brought the assassin, however, was short lived. Even as she relaxed slightly, she felt another cock thrust up her already soaked cunt. The jeering and baying of the other summoners urged him onward, and he began thrusting in and out like some kind of machine out of Zaun… all brute force and raw aggression, no subtlety or finess. As her ass bounced against the men, her head was thrown forward. It forced the cock gagging her even further down her throat, making the sounds coming out of her through even more wet and miserable sounding, and all the summoners were laughing at the Noxian “Lady” that they were each taking turns abusing, and watching her tits bounce as they waited their turn to be the one to fuck her hard and fast.

The incidental molestation was almost the worst. It was bad enough she had a cock buried in her throat and cunt. It was bad enough she needed to fuck the man between her breasts by hand. It was bad enough that was probably getting pregnant just for their twisted amusement… but did they really need to pull on her hair? Did they really need to slap her inner thighs and rub their cocks against her toes as they held her legs spread? Did they really need to twist her nipples so hard she felt like fainting with the pain of it? Their cruelty seemed to know no bounds.

The summoner fucking her face grinned at his fellows. “Let’s see how much an uppity noblewoman can take!” and with no more warning than that he proceeded to ram his cock into her throat as far as he could, until her nose was buried in his taint and the felt the head of his prick resting most of the way down her neck. Katarina gagged as he came, holding her head tight against his balls as he shot his load directly into her stomach while smothering her with his nuts and shaft and he just laughed in the sheer joy of abusing one of the hatred Noxians. The man trying to skewer her womb came almost at the same time, thrusting as hard as she could right before he wedged his cock as deep into her as it would go before adding his cream to the loads already staining her insides. Katarina felt like she was going to be ill, but at this point it was entirely clear that her opinion didn’t matter.

As both men moved away, the man fucking her breasts slapped her face before getting up himself. “Worst titfuck of my life. What kind of Lady doesn’t know how to use her tits right? More like a worthless whore if you ask me.” He nodded at his fellows. “Move her over to the bench.”

Katarina was picked up, and as the prone, exhausted assassin was raised off the floor she realized for the first time just how much of their foul seed was running off her… the bastards had all but painted her in the shit. She felt disgusted by it… almost as much as she did by their hands on her. They didn’t so much put her down on the bench as they simply dropped her, letting her barely recovered air leave her again. Then the summoner who had been getting a wank from her breasts was behind her and…

“AAH!” Katarina shouted in surprise and pain as the summoner forced his cock up her asshole without warning or preparation. Only the slime that was covering her provided him the lubrication to do it but that didn’t mean that it was any less painful for the redhead. The first time she had been fucked in the ass, when she had been raped for the first time by Eli and his bastards, it had been one of the most agonizing experiences of her life, and one of the most shameful… comparable with her first battlefield injury in pain and when she had gotten her scar in shame. She wasn’t even close to a virgin in her rear anymore, but she was still tight… painfully tight, and they gave her no warning or change to prepare, and it felt like being stabbed.

Katarina screamed in pain, her ass hole too tight and completely unlubed, and he sank deeper and deeper into her without any mercy. Her muscles, squeezing, trying to push him out even though she was aware consciously that she was only making it worse. “It’s like she never wants me to fuck another hole,” the announced pleasantly. “Maybe that was why she was so lazy with her tits. That right, My Lady? Were you just eager to get your ass hollowed out by a real Demacian man?”

He slammed forward, and she cried out again as he railed her, hammering his way forward with sheer brute strength. “No, no, no, stop it stop it STOP IT!” she protested, and when that had no effect she just kept screaming at them, her words becoming garbled and mangled as she struggled against the cocks… right up until another dick was forced into her open, yelling mouth.

“Gods, I keep forgetting that she never shuts up,” Kenlam said with a smile, forcing her to deepthroat him while her ass was reamed. “Are you learning your lesson, my lady?” She could barely breathe at all between his cock and the ass fucking, but barely wasn’t good enough for the cruel summoner… with her eyes focused on his, he reached one hand over to pinch her nose shut. Katarina tried to reach for him but really she just twitched in the hands of those holding her, unsure if she was trying to push away Kenlam or the other in her asshole. Katarina struggled with her breath completely blocked, her eyes bulging out and looking pitiful as those not busy raping her laughed at the assassin as she failed to contain another few tears, sending the precious, rare streams of liquid down the haughty noblewoman’s cheeks.

It was almost a relief when he stopped pinching her nose and started instead fucking her face with steady strokes, occasionally reaching down to slap at her breasts as he rod dug deeper. “How do you like it, your Ladyship” he mocked. He did not stop slapping her as he fucked her, boasting to his fellows that he wanted to make her tits the same color as her hair. Her pale skin was going to get there soon enough, Katarina feared… it already felt like he had set it on fire.

It was, for a single second, a relief when the cock plugging her ass pulled out. Then, to her horror, she felt it push back into her… in her pussy instead, right before exploding. She didn’t even have a chance for a paltry, pitiful protest as he stuffed his shaft up her already overflowing cunt, grunted, and added his load to the baby batter already delivered to her. “I didn’t want to be left out,” he said by way of explanation.

The summoners found that hilarious, congratulating him on the excellent idea. The men surrounding her laughed and cheered the sight as the next man knelt behind her, positioning his own thick cock against her already abused ass hole. She would have panted in pain and anticipation if she had the breath… it was too large as he tried to push it in, grunting and shoving. She wanted to scream that this dick was too large, that the last summoner had left her too swollen and she would need lube and patience, but she couldn’t make out a word… so with lump of terror in her stomach she laid there and suffered as she felt the summoner once more position his monster cock against her helpless anus. She tried to block out what was happening, but it was impossible with the cock ramming her mouth and the monster trying to force entry up her asshole.

With a grunt and a thrust, the monster entered her. Katarina thought the last one had been bad but he had been at least somewhat lubed by the slime off her tits… this man had no such assistance, and she was more swollen and sensitive now. It felt like she was being split in two. He brutally thrust deeper until he was about halfway in before pausing, and Katarina preyed to every god that had ever been worshipped that he wouldn’t go any further. Then she felt her legs roughly grabbed and her hips pushed backward, opening her anus as wide as possible as his thumbs pried her asscheeks apart. Someone else’s fingers were rubbing her clit, and she writhed in frustration and pain. Even with this monster rammed up her ass, her well-conditioned cunt was responding to the touch no matter how she hated it. The bulge of a man pulled back…

And gripping her ass with iron fingers, he slammed forward and thrust his cock in deeper. Kat’s scream was audible even through the cock plugging her airway, and Kenlam sighed in pleasure as her suffering made her throat ripple pleasantly on his length. He buried his cock fully to the balls in her pulsating anus, and Katarina’s body couldn’t help but milk him, increasing his pleasure and her suffering. The monster cock was soon plowing in and out of her asshole, and it felt like it was spiked for all the pain it caused, making her cry out in pain with every movement. As the monster stretching her asshole to capacity, doing his best to destroy her, she screamed in anguish… but even though she knew it was coming, even though she desperately wanted it out of her, she still shuddered with disgust when he ripped his way out of her ass, pressed that monster cock up against her cervix once again, and spewed his seed.

Then Kenlam came in her mouth, and was removed. Then there was another man fucking her… the pussy this time. Then another man in her mouth. Then another man in her ass. Then her pussy. Then her ass. Then her ass. Then her ass.

As the latest man pulled his dick out of her sloppy pussy after fucking her ass and dropping his seed in the hole “where it counts,” Katarina collapsed on the bench. They weren’t even bothering to hold her anymore… a fierce assassin and deadly killer she might be, but any person had their limits and Katarina’s had been long surpassed. She was drop-dead exhausted, and they were still raping her and raping her and raping her. There was barely any hesitation before another man slammed his hard dick into her pussy. Katarina could barely give more than a groan at the unwelcome intruder, feeling the flesh of her insides stretching and shrinking as she was plowed but being unable to do a thing about it. She moaned and squirmed and tried without any real effort to unimpale herself from where the man was digging his thick manhood as far into her as he could manage, but it was entirely instinctive at this point… she no longer thought even for a second she would get free, and had even less of an idea than that what she would do if she could. It was just something her body did without instruction from her mind… a mind that wished it could drift away elsewhere and stop feeling what the men used her body for.

The man easily slid his bulge in and out of her sloppy cunt, slamming it harder and deeper. He was quick and hard with his movements but even with all the lube it still felt like torture for her raw, well stretched, and utterly helpless pussy. The third man knelt on the bench and pressed his hands on the inside of her thighs, spreading them so the first man would have easy access to her helpless pussy. He kept up his rough rhythm… pound, slide out noisily, pound into her, slowly slip out, pound. Her whole body was shaking and squirming under all their hands and throbbing cocks.

Suddenly the man who was destroying her pussy pulled out his bulge and stepped back. Would have sighed in relief if her gullet wasn’t, as usual, stuffed full of dick, her lips stretched wide around it and burning like hell. Katarina sighed of relief. She felt her pussy lips been already stretched and they were burning like hell. A man mounted the bench and looked at her right in the eyes… smiling. Then he went back and spread her legs the widest they could reach. Katarina screamed. And then, after slapping his prick a few times at her entrance, he entered into her already abused pussy and began fucking her as hard as the last man had, hard and deep and fast. Laying on top of the split-legged girl, the other two men climbed off the bench and stood in front of her, slapping their stiff dicks in front of her eyes, bouncing them off her cheeks while she sucked that first cock.

The assassin was completely surrounded by hard cocks, pressing against them as they knelt a round her head. Their cruel cocks pressed against her face, competing for space, warring to be the one she was sucking. “Turn your head, your Ladyship… Take this!” One of the men snapped and using his wrist pulled her head towards him, dragging her off the man she was currently sucking and shoving his own cock into her petty mouth.

Katarina gagged when it suddenly hit the back of her throat and noted with misery that it wasn’t even halfway in yet. The summoner kept slamming the full length inside her while the other two beat her face with her dicks impatiently, but it wouldn’t have been easy even without the distraction. She choked and gagged and struggled and tried to turn her head away, but he slapped her face from the right while she was cockslapped from the left “No no no your Ladyship… take it! Stop fucking and learn to control your gag reflex you worthless whore!” He pulled out, leaving his cock dripping her spit in thick lines, and she barely had time to gasp before another one of them was slamming down her throat.

A half dozen men fucked her cunt and asshole during the time she worked those three cocks. They were impossible to satisfy… each time she made progress on one of them, they just swapped and another of them fucked her throat instead, making her lose all her hard work and suffering as they fucked her throat like it was a worn-out whore’s pussy. “Stop fighting me!” one of them snapped as she choked again, slapping her while his cock was still down her throat. “You keep thinking you’re a person. Learn to be a god damn fucktoy instead, already. If a common whore on the street can learn it, why can’t your Ladyship? Are you so much more worthless that you can’t learn to do what a dockside whore can, even with all this practice?” He scoffed. “Noxian nobility really is useless, isn’t it?” She had no response to his words other than to keep sucking.

In and out, in and out, in and out. The three summoners were brutal and demanding. The moment she tried to pull back… slap. The moment she gagged… slap. The moment she looked away from one of their eyes… slap. The moment they didn’t feel her tongue moving… slap. Three men took turns deepthroating her while another man destroyed her pussy. Her whole body hurt, and tears ran down her eyes from the choking and the gagging and the exhaustion and the thought of just how fucking helpless and pathetic she was as she was turned into a gang fucktoy for the Demacian men with no options but to submit to their wild desires and please them.

Katarina was sucking on two of the cocks at once, having finally stretched her mouth wide enough to do that while the third beat her forward, when it happened. One of them pulled out, stroking his length, and walked quickly a round to her back. Then he slammed himself into her pussy and came, joining all the other loads warring to be the one to knock her up. The third man took his place in her throat, jostling for position, taking turns sinking down her throat while the others watched, enthralled and laughing as Katarina was forced to devote herself utterly to sucking two cocks at once in the hope they they would, after what felt like at least an hour of sucking them, finish.

Eventually, after far too long, the other two went one by one to jizz in her cunt, laughing with one another over which of their babies would look better with red hair. They had barely finished walking away from the exhausted assassin before she saw Kenlam sit down on the bench before her and point as his cock. “Get on, my Lady.”

As he lied down, Katarina didn’t move immediately… she wasn’t being rebellious, she just didn’t have the energy to get up. She would have obeyed eventually, probably… but it wasn’t quick enough for the summoners. In short order, she felt rough hands grabbing at her and forcing her body up onto her knees. “I believe a man told you to get up and ride him, you stupid whore. Get to it, Lady.” Katarina winced and whimpered softly in pain… but she also moved into position and started to lower herself onto his hard cock. He was smaller than the last cock to fuck her but still very thick, and he stretched her uncomfortably.

And he slapped her. “Wrong hole, stuck up noble slut,” he growled. The summoner placed his hands on her hips, slightly repositioned her and, with one fast movement, slammed her down onto him. Katarina cried out as he entered her ass hole… none of the stretching and pounding she had suffered had made getting fucked up the ass any easier to bear, and he wanted her to ride him with no lube. The Noxian noblewoman cried as her muscles stretched, trying to milk him, trying to rise up and sink back down on legs that felt like jelly… It was nothing but torture for the redhead. He took his thumb and rubbed her clit as she sat there panting and trying to keep her anus from throbbing. He placed a hard slap on her ass, ordering her to ride him… and when she didn’t move as quickly as he wanted, he gave her a second and third slap as well. Reluctantly, painfully, she started moving slowly grinding into him… and his fingers never stopped on her clit.

Katarina was on the verge of another shameful, exhausted orgasm herself when she felt hands on her back, pushing her further down… making room behind her. She squirmed, but when she tried to sit back up he shoved her down again. Then she felt the head of a second cock pressed against her tight ass hole. “Please… no…” she quivered. She felt so full already… and this was new ground for her. No one had done this to her before. No one had made her take this. “Don’t…” her voice was so weak she barely recognized it as her own, and the summoners completely ignored it. Katarina didn’t know if she could take two dicks inside her asshole at the same time… but it didn’t really matter.

She didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Kenlam beneath her her twisted her arms up behind her and held her against him. If she moved, he twisted harder. The man behind her pressed hard against her, and harder, and harder, until Katarina felt like she was going to just rip down the middle… and then the head of his cock slipped past her tightness. She cried out, the scream of pain breathless and exhausted but no less miserable and genuine… a gurgling, wretched scream, and she felt their cocks throb inside her when they heard the pathetic noise. Her misery was turning them on. They weren’t just indifferent to her suffering, they preferred it.

With two thick dicks in her tightest hole, fucking her, Katarina was completely overwhelmed. “Please…” she begged weakly, begging them to stop, but they only laughed instead.

“The little whore is begging for it,” Kenlam said with a grin. “You got it, your Ladyship… one hard assfucking, coming right up.”

With two dicks impaling her ass there was no real chance of her being able to ride them but it didn’t matter anymore… all Kenlam had to do was hold her steady and the summoner behind her would rape her both them both, forcing her body to move back and forth with the speed of his thruists. Over and over and over again the two cocks rocked in her asshole as hard and deep as they could go, making the pretty, helpless redhead scream in her misery as her hole stretched. Her holes stretched. The rosebud burnt with the friction, and her ass hollowed out in a way it had never ever been meant to, and she cried… but the men continued to fuck her asshole without one care in the world for mercy.

The moment her mouth opened to cry out again, a third man filled it with his stiff cock. She couldn’t move… the limp assassin was held in place strong hands and used like a ragdoll, impaled on enormous cocks in every hole but the pussy. The more she squirmed, the tighter she was pinned. She tried to relax again, but the two men in her ass kept slamming their dick into her harder and harder, making it impossible to keep from tensing up. All she could do was moan miserably and not otherwise mode as they grasped her around the waist and shoved both of their lengths the rest of the way into her ass and out again, over and over, leaving her impossibly full. Kenlam, lying beneath her, played with her sweaty tits with one hand and kept experimenting to see how many fingers he could stuff into her cunt with the other, making Katarina moan as she was abused in every possible hole at once.

The summoners kept raping her like they were intent on fucking the life out of the exhausted, nearly limp girl. She was uncomfortably full and tight and sore and whimpering and gagging and on the edge of blacking out… and she was probably about to cum. Even though this and every other bit of this misery and torture and rape was disgusting to her, her rebellious body was reacting anyway… her mind too exhausted to find the difference between pain and pleasure. Katarina’s throat vibrated on the dick lodged in it and her ass clenched as she came, and not once either… the treasonous feelings just kept mounting, intensifying in a rhythm. The fingers in her pussy and the thumb on her clit and the squeezing hands on her tits and thighs and neck and the dick in her mouth and the two brutal dicks inside her ass shoving deeper into her at the same time. All the three holes of her were brutally fucked, every inch of her made a fucktoy. The man inside her mouth slammed his cock into her, choking her so badly she wanted to pass out, and she came. The two cocks in her ass stuffed her full and she came. Kenlam’s nails dug into the inside her disgustingly creamed pussy and she came. Katarina was suffocating on cock, unable to catch her breath, and she came. Her eyes widened and tears rolled down while the men showed her no mercy and she came and came and came.

The first of the men to finish was in her throat. She felt shot after hot of his hot dick-slime strike the back of her throat until she retched and nearly threw up, but she swallowed it… she had no choice. Whenever she tried to pull away, the summoner would just hold her there and slap her for her trouble… that was what she got for trying to be anything but a piece of meat to rape and abuse.

When he finally pulled his leaking, spitsoaked cock out of her mouth, he dragged it over her face, painting her pained features with his cockslime and the remnants of the sloppy throatfuck… the sloppy wet noises it made as it slapped against her tear-streaked face made her want to gag again. Then Eli was beside her, holding onto her hair in his fist, making her look at him as he grinned. “Just look at how good you look now that you are living up to your potential, Kat,” he said, her blackmailer’s expression sickening to the woman. “You look great stuffed with our cum… just think how much better you’ll look with your belly all swollen!”

Katarina felt so degraded, so disgusted by her own body, that she couldn’t even find it in her to argue. By this time, Katarina had cum nearly a dozen times while her asshole was stretched and agonized. What kind a whore would do that? What kind of whore would let that happen to her? The Demacian bastards in her ass were still slamming their dicks into her bowels, enlarging and stretching her rear hole far beyond what it was meant to ever be, and she was cumming.


Kenlam suddenly groaned as if he was ready to cum. When he did, he grabbed her hip, lifted her just a bit off him, and sank his dick into her pussy, riding that for the last few strokes. Every one of them was going to cum in her pussy, she knew… they didn’t just not care if she got pregnant, they wanted to ensure it, and she didn’t even have the strength left to curse them for it. She was nothing but a senseless sex doll for them… the summoners didn’t care how much she begged them, they didn’t care that they were driving her crazy with the pain, except for the ones that preferred it anyway. She was their plaything and she had to do what they wanted.

“God, I’m going to cum,” Kenlam growled, and when he did the other man in her asshole pulled out and shoved into her cunt too. The two of them now double teamed her ruined, cum-soaked pussy until all she could feel was the pressure there, feeling like they were splitting her in half, feeling like she would have given them anything to stop… but she already knew they would never stop until they were done with her. The man underneath her bucked and moaned and she felt wetness fill her cunt and run back out over Kenlam’s cock. With a final pound the second man dumped his load into her soaked twat too.

Finally, both men pulled out their dick out from her abused holes. Their warm milk dripped down her thighs from her stuffed cunt, and Katarina felt disgusted… with no one more than herself. Katarina felt utterly disgusted, her whole body broken and exhausted and unable to feel anything properly, her pussy and ass so strained and stretched it was like they were ruined for proper use ever again. She felt utterly done… but that didn’t matter, because the summoners weren’t done with her. Katarina didn’t even get time to catch her breath before she was dragged down to the ground, forced into her knees. Two more men stepped up in front of her, and in short order two more thick cocks were forced into her mouth.

Now that her jaw hung limp and her her throat had already been stretched, the two men had an easier time of slamming their lengths in and out of her, the heads of their cocks trying in earnest to wedge their way into her throat at once. Katarina, exhausted and hopelessly full, tried to protest but the sound was barely audible over her the cockmeat stuffing her face. It didn’t stop them from punishing her for even trying, however. One of the man grabbed one of her nipples between thumb and index finger, pinching it, tugging it away from her body. Katarina wanted to moan… but no one would have heard her through the two bulbous dicks throbbing inside of her mouth.

She feared as they kept pushing that her throat might tear, that she might die just from them trying to fit their cocks into her. It was a struggle as they pushed at once, and so far neither of the two had made it past halfway into her mouth, but the summoners seemed determined. They grabbed her hair into a fist and pulled her face onto their dicks, leaving her choking and gagging. Then she heard Eli’s voice from behind her. “Here, let me help you out.”

Katarina felt it as he put his foot on the back of her head… and then he all but kicked forward. The pressure was insane. Her mouth was all blocked by the dicks and it was forced forward brutally, completely out of control. Something had to give, either her throat or the cocks… and with a sudden, sharp spike of pain and an obscene feeling of stretching, her throat yielded and the head of two fat cocks invaded her neck.

Kat stared up, her eyes wide with horror as the summoners laughed. “Told you should could do it!” One of them said to the other.

“Good breeding from the Noxian Lady in red, I guess,” the other said, shrugging in defeat.

“I mean, she’s not good at anything else,” the first said. “She had to be good at something. Just turns out that something is taking cock.” He slammed forward hard, even as someone from behind the kneeling girl began slapping her ass. “Her holes are her only redeeming trait. The rest is just garbage.”

Tears rolled down her eyes as the two man began to rape her throat in earnest. They couldn’t really both pump down into her at once, but one of them parked at the entrance of her insanely taut tunnel while the other thrust forward into the depths of her throat, riding the gagging, choking, suffocating redhead like she was just a sextoy without thought of feeling. It was never going to stop. She was being abused and raped by these eight Demacians and Eli and felt like she would be for the rest of time as they all took her again and again, taking turns on her holes, stretching her obscenely and absurdly as they used other parts of her body just for their entertainment, just as an object to keep them amused while they waited their turn to fuck her.

Finally, the two men came… pumping their loads directly down her throat almost at once. The flood was great enough some of it would have backed up and out of her mouth, but with two dicks clogging here throat it had nowhere to go but down… leaving her in a coughing, retching, hacking mess as her body unwilling tried to breathe in their cum, trying to let it impregnate her lungs even as it surely had her womb by now. When they let her go, she fell to the ground like a stone… weakly coughing and trembling.

Right now, Katarina didn’t feel like a noblewoman, or an assassin, or a champion. She didn’t even feel like a whore. She felt like a piece of meat hung up on a hook and beaten with hammers until it was properly tender. “Now that’s a proper Noxian,” Kenlam said, smiling down as he stood over the defeated redhead. “You’ve never looked hotter, assassin… raped in all three holes, dripping with cum… barely able to move. It shows me you know your place, possibly for the first time in your life.” He grabbed onto her by the hair and Katarina’s scalp burned as he used it as a handle to lift her up, forcing her to meet his gaze. “You are nothing… nothing but a set of fuckholes, my Lady. Yes… that’s just what you are. Three places to stick a cock in and a decent pair of tits. You would be worthless without your 3 holes…” His other hand wrapped around her neck, squeezing insistently. “Not even worthy of air. Right?”

When Katarina didn’t answer immediately, he drove a knee into one of her tits, making her cry out. “Say it, Noxian whore! Admit that for all your haughtiness, for all your nobility, you are nothing but a set of fuckholes. That your and every other Noxian bitch would be worthless without them. Say it, my Lady!”

Tears wouldn’t even come anymore as Katarina looked up at him. “I’m nothing…” she whispered, voice barely audible over his hand squeezing her throat. “Nothing but a set of fuckholes…” The rasping hiss as she drew in air around his squeezing air made Kenlam’s cock twitch, just when he was beginning to doubt he would ever be able to get hard again after how many loads he had dumped into this noble bitch. “I would be worthless without my three holes. All Noxian women… just exist to be fuckholes for Demacian cock…”

Then the tears finally came as Kenlam and the other men laughed at her. “That right,” Kenlam said, releasing her throat, keeping her up only by her hair. “That’s exactly what you are, your Ladyship.” He looked around the room, considering. “Your throat sounds raw, little kitten. Would you like a drink of water?”

Katarina couldn’t help but nod. It was so hot… she felt like she was trapped in a desert, like she was boiling alive in her. It was hard to remember there were places where it wasn’t so hot. Kenlam chuckled at her eagerness. “Alright, my Lady… let’s give you some water.” Dragging her by her hair, he took her to the center of the sauna hot room where there was a metal bucket on the coals… the water for the wet sauna. “Drink up,” he spat. Then, holding her head steady, he brutally plunged her head down into it.

The water was hot… not boiling by any means but too hot to be comfortable, and as her neck rested against the metal rim of the bucket it too was too hot for her. Katarina struggled to lifted her head up but she was just too weak… her straining amount to little more than uncoordinated flopping about, her hands softly slapping as it the ground as her legs kicked, her open mouth blowing bubbles beneath the surface of the water. Katarina couldn’t feel much besides the heat and the drowning, but she still felt it when the man knelt behind her, rained few slaps on her exposed ass, and rested the head of his steel-hard cock against her puckered rear. Katarina jumped, but she couldn’t raise her head up as he began to push in enough of his length that the writhing of her ass couldn’t force him to slip out.

Then, while she drowned, he began to slam into her.

Being underwater and drowning was uniquely awful, doubly so because a surprised Katarina didn’t have time to take a breath before her head went under. It meant that her body spasmed and shook and clenched on her rapist, making her asshole even tighter for the Demacian bastard fucking her, and Katarina screamed as the pressure building in her asshole as he bore down on her. The hot water bubbled around her face as she struggled to get her head above water, gasping water in against her will as her ring clenched around the cock tightly enough that it ached. She began to choke on the water, trying to cough it out of her lungs but she had nowhere to go to breathe in, Katarina suffered in silence beneath the hot water as she drown.

With her body clenched around him, the summoner shifted his weight and tilted his hips down, his cock head still sticking erotically out of her ass. Then he thrust hard, his girth ripping past even the amplified resistance of the drowning assassin and surging roughly into her rectum. It felt like someone was stabbing a blade up her ass, and it must have reached her lungs because they hurt just as bad… Katarina could feel him inside her, spearing her and filling her ass to an overwhelming degree even as “only” a single cock up her stretched, much abused asshole… it felt like her back passage was on fire as her clenching tight ass struggled to contain him.

Suddenly Kenlam’s grip on her head loosened and he pulled her up. Felt air on her face, something she never thought she’d be grateful for, and she coughed water out of her lungs while the man in her ass kept slamming his bulge into her. Before the assassin had had time for more than a single gasp of air, however, the cruel summoner shoved her face back below the surface again, the rim of the bucket bruising her neck as he did. She felt his dick pulling agonizingly at the walls of her asshole as he withdrew and shoved back in, trying not to scream at the pain, desperate to hold onto her air for a long as possible.

They were determined to make her lose it, though. Katarina was blinded by the bucket, so she was taken completely by surprise as hands suddenly slapped both cheeks of her ass at the same time that they others closed over her nipples and squeezed. Katarina screamed despite herself, and soon she was drowning in just a few inches of hot water all over again. She screamed and struggled under the water as he over and over again crammed more of himself into her ass, properly slamming his dick into her grabbing her by the hips and just dragging her back and forth like a drugged-out whore among warcamp followers. Katarina kept struggling, unable to bear the pain but unable to scream properly either… but her ears were still above the water. She could hear them mocking her. Could hear them laughing at her. Could hear their discussion of how tight she was, what an excellent fuck she was while she drowned for them,

How much they wanted to watch Her Ladyship take two cocks up her ass with her head below the water.

It was Eli who suggested it… Katarina was sure of it, but as her head came back up she couldn’t get out more than the first syllable of a plea before they shoved her back down. Then he was against her, rearranging position with the other man, shifting on the floor and a second cock was forcing its way up her ass while she held onto her breath for sheer life. The noblwoman struggled as much as she could… she just couldn’t take two cocks in her ass again, it would kill her. She used all her strength, all her skill, all the coordination her worn out body had left… and it felt like a mouse struggling against a housecat.

She failed.

Kat lost her breath in the pain as Eli’s cock joined the first in her asshole, squeezing them so hard that it felt more like 4 cocks in her than two. As she began to drown, the two summoners slid in and out of her, grinding against her clenching flesh, destroying her tight asshole until Katarina felt sure she would pass out… she rather hoped she would die and not wake up, that the brutal reaming of her anus would kill her. The wall of her ass stretched and her rosebud enlarged until, finally, Kenlam pulled her up.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to beg. She wanted to promise to be their stupid Noxian slave cockslut whore for the rest of her life not if they would stop raping her or even if they let her breath but if they would show her the kindness of only raping her ass once at I time while she drowned. It didn’t matter. Before she could even get out to breath for a single syllable, back down she went, screaming in pain already.

The summoners didn’t stop until they were satisfied, which turned out to be three more breaths for her… what felt like weeks. After slamming their dicks into her asshole and exploring her deep ends with such brutality that Katarina felt they had dug new tunnels in her body, the men pulled their cocks out of her and crammed them instead into her pussy once again, their loads joining what felt like a hundred others questing to be the magical one that would matter. Her lungs felt like someone had scrubbed them with sandpaper. Her cunt and her poor womb felt like a diseased, rotten, stagnant pond, filled with disgusting slime. Her asshole felt so large that Kat was sure she could shove her fist up it, and she could only pray they didn’t make her test the theory.

“Gotta keep that all in there,” someone said. Eli’s voice. “Wouldn’t want to lose any of the competitors, now would be?” He began stuffing something up her cunt, and it took her a moment to realize it was the balled up remnants of her bikini bottom and top, stuffed up her swamped pussy like a plug. “Isn’t she just pretty as a button?” Eli said as he stood before her. “I think we have to reward her Ladyship for for her… adequate… performance.” Her blackmailed pulled her to her knees before them, her arms hanging limply by her sides… too exhausted to do more than sway with each breath she took. “She looks like a nice little toilet slut for us, doesn’t she?” Eli said, running his hands through her soaked hair before slapping her across her waterlogged face. “Open!” he hissed.

Katarina was so exhausted that she didn’t even have the strength to protest as he pissed into her mouth. Just one more disgrace. One more indignity, one more step lower on the totem pole of how much she was worth as a human being. She was still holding his piss in her mouth when he finished, the remnants running down over her breasts as Eli turned to the others. Katarina felt disgusted as she was forced to swallow the hot liquid filling her mouth… she felt like she was going to puke, but after the drowning fucks she had just suffered through she wasn’t of the mind to test the limits of Eli’s patience. Her owner looked at her with a smile. “Good job, my Lady. I think we finally found a task you’re suited for.” He looked up. “Anyone else want to use the new toilet?”

To Katarina’s disgust, most of them did. The second man pissed on her… pinching her nose shut as he pissed in her mouth from half a foot away. She swallowed. The second man took away and used her face for a target. She swallowed. Kenlam drove his cock down her throat before he let go, and she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until her stomach was gurgling. When they were finished, they pushed the piss-soaked girl to the floor to suck and lick their spilled cum and piss up, laughing and talking among themselves as if she wasn’t there, humiliating herself for them. Katarina was so exhausted… her whole body aching due to the brutal raping she’d been through. She didn’t know when this would be over… she wasn’t even sure if there was an “over” anymore.

Eli kept his foot on her head, pushing it against the floor until she was done cleaning what she had spilled. “On your knees!” he ordered her. Slowly, painfully, Katarina opened. The men stared at her, admiring her as their stroked their cocks. Katarina had always been a sexy piece of ass before, but not like this… exhausted, battered and bruised, skin stained with cum and scratches and welts, she seemed like a feral animal, half starved, all muscle and curves and beauty. She looks like she was exactly what they had reduced her to – fuckmeat.

Katarina watched, horrified, as the dicks arranged around her in a circle began to grow harder once more. She wanted to meet… certain that they were going to fuck her, certain and she couldn’t take. Just as bad, she knew that she didn’t have it in her to resist, or even to protest… she felt so pathetic and shattered that if it would spare her even a little bit of torment she would gladly bend over and spread her asscheeks for them. Tears rolled down her eyes as she looked up at the men standing over her.

“Beg for it, your Ladyship,” Eli hissed while he stroked his cock. “Beg for our cum… unless you still want to be stubborn. Then we can start over from the beginning, I suppose.”

Katarina didn’t hesitate for a second. “Please… give me your cum,” she said in a low, raspy voice that instantly made them harder, knowing that they had made that voice by fucking her throat raw… that voice was part of their prize. “Please cum on me.”

The men laughed. “I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like you really want it, maybe we should just give up on her” one said.

“Maybe we have to start all over again,” Kenlam agreed.

Katarina panicked. She couldn’t take the abuse all again. She was already so much soaked and exhausted. She let her voice tremble with the fear she felt as she lowered her voice even more. “Please masters… this redhead whore begs for her summoners tasty Demacian cum in her mouth.” She had no choice. “Please, cover this Noxian slut so thoroughly in cum that no one will ever recognize me again…” She had no choice. “Please, turn my hair white with your cum. Drown me in it. Please, knock up your little killer cumdump.” She had no choice.

She surrendered.

“She seems pretty desperate to me,” Eli said, and the others agreed, laughing at her disgrace. “We own you, our Ladyship. You are nothing without us… just a fucktoy without a purpose. You’re nothing but a scum sucking slave. Now hold your eyes open, Lady Du Cunt.”

The nine men began to jack off furiously. Katarina was so filled with her own disgrace that she didn’t even realize how bad it was going to be until she suddenly felt the first hot splatters of cum jetting onto her face. She gave a disgusted croak as two of the summoners hosed her face with immense loads of cum, sticking to her cheeks, her forehead, the fingers holding her eyes open as they ordered. The dregs of the load splashed against her breasts, dripping down to drop on her kneeling thighs. The next pair shot ropes of cum that criss-crossed her eyes… over her nose, all over her cheeks, across her lips and down her chin. The semen burned in her eyes, the pain almost blinding, but though her fingers trembled she didn’t pull them away. The next two summoners added theirs on top of what was already there, pooling in her eyes until she could barely see through the filthy filter of cum.

With Katarina blinded by cum, she didn’t realize that her disgrace had ended until well after all 9 of the men had finished painted her face with cum. One by one, they fed the oozing heads back to her mouth to give her the final drops of their cum, wiping it off on her chaffed tongue. Her breasts and face dripped with jizz, it filled her nostrils and pasted rogue strands of her scarlet mane to her face. It seemed to sink into her pores, raping every one of the million tiny holes in her face all at once. She could hardly see through the loads on her face, but she didn’t move while they dressed and left, leaving her covered in cum. Their warm white seed dripped down from everywhere of her body… but not from inside her. Much of it was safe inside her stomach, and the rest trapped in her pussy while her face, her breasts, her back, her hair, her abs, her thighs… all the rest of her had been used as a canvas to paint with their seed.

“You look amazing covered in our jizz, your Ladyship,” Eli said, running a finger across her face, scooping out one of her eyes before wiping it clear on her tongue. Katarina, moving almost automatically, sucked his finger clear without a word. He went back for seconds, feeding that to the disgraced redhead as well. One of his fingers slid into her asshole, fingering her as he sat on the floor with his defeated fucktoy. “This is a rare sight,” he admitted, chuckling to himself as he finger-fucked her sore asshole, making Katarina whimper. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen the boys finish with a whore and not leave her starfish leaking for days afterward… but after how thoroughly they fucked you up I doubt your asshole’s ever been cleaner. You should thank us.”

“Your cum guzzling whore thanks you, master…” Katarina whispered, and Eli laughed. With the cum out of her eyes, she could see that the others really had left… she was alone with her blackmailer again. Something hard, stiff, unyielding stuffed into her asshole while his other hand idly pinched her nipple. It was hold and iron stiff but after the two cocks it didn’t seem so bad… even when he pushed a second one in.

Slowly, Eli stood. “Consider this a lesson, little kitten. I might not be so merciful next time.”

Dazed, Katarina Du Couteau looked up at the summoner who had turned her into a pathetic slave. “Merciful…?” she whispered.

“This was a one time thing,” he said as he wiped his hands off on her hair before starting to get dressed. “You’re still just mine. Of course, that’s if you’ve finally learned not to be such a stupid, uppity cunt all the time… if you haven’t, you might need a second lesson.” He looked her dead in the eyes. “What about it, kitten? Have you learned to be grateful for the way I take care of you, or are you going to keep being so fucking difficult?”

Katarina withered under his gaze and looked away, eyes cast down in shame. “I… I’ll be… Thank you for taking such good care of this worthless cocksleeve, sir.” She swallowed. “Does that… does that mean… that…” she put one hand on her belly. “That you’ll help? That you won’t make me…”

Eli snorted. “What, and rob you of your permanent reminder of why it pays to be a good girl? That would be cruel!” he said, chuckling. He strode for the exit. “Now don’t forget your lesson and finish cleaning up the floor and those knives, or I’ll make sure to give it a brother or sister in nine months.”

Eli strode out of the sauna, leaving the Noxian noblewoman Katarina Du Couteau, feared assassin and Champion of the League, kneeling in a pool of cum, shaking with fear and disgust and impotent anger… and self hatred. Then slowly, she eased the dagger hilts out of her asshole where he had stuffed them and began to lick them clean, just like he’d ordered.

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