Hunter’s Fall 11 – Over Her Head

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Samus cried out, her muscles tensing as she was abruptly dragged underwater again. Something firm and hard and unyielding, with a tight, powerful grip held onto her and yanked until her head was pulled down and beneath the surface of the water. She hadn’t seen anything… hadn’t seen the threat beneath the water, hadn’t been able to do anything to resist and might not have been able to resist even if she tried. She was in almost absolute darkness, the only light provided this far beneath the surface in Meridia being the luminescence of the wildlife… not enough to comfortably see by. She was drowning in darkness, just inches from the surface…

And her terror and panic was tinged by annoyance. This was the 8th damn time!

Even before she felt the huge, amphibious limb wrapping around her chest, she knew what it was. This whole area was crawling with the evir, huge salamander-like amphibians with six clawed limbs and occasional armored plating, and the oil that coated their skin, leaking from every pore, was irritating to her own bare skin. For the thousandth time, Samus wished she had clothing, that she wasn’t down here miserably naked. A part of the creature, combined with the dark water, blocked her view as she struggled to the surface, gasping in a breath, kicking as hard as she could in an impossible attempt to escape as she felt his limbs roaming her body. First, they just vaguely itched, or perhaps tickled, but soon it became more painful as the ichor coming off the reptilian thing stuck to her her skin. Samus struggled, trying to escape from the evir but she could barely shake her limbs anymore.

She knew this was Mother Brain’s doing. The creature’s eyes weren’t red, which meant that Mother Brain wasn’t in direct control, but if Samus had ever had any doubt that the corrupt AI was telling the truth about it spreading itself through the life on this planet like a virus, it had vanished hours ago. It hadn’t taken very long to realize that even without Mother Brain directly controlling the wildlife, her hatred and abuse towards Samus had pervaded the entire network… everything was shockingly aggressive towards her and, to her disgust, primed to violate her. She had already swum halfway towards the pirate base and fought off a fistful of these things for each one that ambushed and captured her.

It was miserable… but she could not give up here. She had to fight this creature and continue her mission… the only way off this planet was through the monsters. Samus knew getting to the pirate base that Orzarl had mentioned in Meridia would be the only place on this planet where she might be able to find another suit of her armor… it was probably where they had taken the one they had captured from her ship. Down was the only way through.

Kicking off a pillar with one foot, she forced herself above the water again. “Let go of me you slimy prick!” she yelled as she fought the giant lizard. She could not see its face, but she heard it growling wickedly. Then she saw another giant appendage coming towards her face and grabbing her around the mouth, pulling her back down, gagging off her furious sounds until nothing came out of her anymore. It pulled her down, and it was all Samus could do to keep her head above water, keep breathing. Every time she moved, the creature tightened its grip on her, squeezing her tighter and tighter into bondage. Minutes passed, minutes that felt like an eternity while Samus’ strong legs strained and pushed, unwilling to move, unwilling to yield. She could not die or lose herself here… she had to get her armor. She had to disable those damn nanites that were still fucking with her brain. She was so close. She was so damned close! Samus struggled again.

This time, the evir shifted its grip. With a shocking amount of bestial strength, the lizard wrapped two of its claws around her wrists, pulling them away from her body and pinning them away from her torso. The sudden rapid extension hit Samus like an earthquake… it hurt, and for a second she thought it might be about to rip her arms right off. Almost immediately the healing nanites got to work, repeating damaging, muting pain, but that wasn’t much of a comfort to Samus. The blonde warrior whipped her head around frantically, struggling against the near-panic overtaking her mind as hard as she fought the brutally strong thing.

Samus attempted to wedge her foot in against the stone and push herself up and away from it, but that prospect was quickly shut down as its other two upper arms grabbed onto her at the calves. Helplessly struggling, Samus was ripped away from her support and plunged beneath the surface once again, straining against its grip as her oxygen was once again denied, subject to Mother Brain’s aggressive mania pervading its mind. Samus was unable to move, suspended under the surface by those slimy claws, and bubbles rose all around her as the creature growled. She turned her neck and looked down and back, watching as the monster’s third set of hands began to touch and caress her body. It seemed to locate her breasts, not as necessarily a sexual target but as an easy handle to use to hold onto her. More and more of its slimy, clawed hands caressed her body, touching every inch of it. Squeezing and tugging on her tits, then her legs and thighs, and finally her pussy, the evir easily took complete control of the struggling blonde. Her shaved pussy was now completely exposed to its touch and, unless she missed her guess as to what the bulge was, what else it had in mind… and none of that was even the worst part.

The worst part was, as she struggled into those strong hands and looked back into that evil pair of eyes, Samus’ pussy was twitching in anticipation and dripping wet. The aftershocks of Orzarl’s nanite activation still ran through her… she was no longer nearly mindless in her abject despair and self-loathing pleasure, but even a full day later her body was still obviously primed – overly sensitive and all but begging to be touched. The length of the evir’s rod rubbed against her clit, its wet texture pleasing to her, and she fucking hated it… but she also moaned beneath the surface and and moved her hips against it. Most humiliatingly of all, when the evir pulled back, her body actually chased it with her hips, trying to keep her pussy on it… moaning as if begging for it to fuck her.

This wasn’t her. She knew that. This was the nanites… this was the Space Pirate scientists fucking around in her head, making her horny, making her desperate for the destruction of her worthless body and FUCKING STOP IT! Her breasts tingled as the creature grabbed onto them, fingers coiling around the sweet of her bust and squeezing while her air slowly ran out, turning her tits nearly the same shade of purple her face was turning. When Samus’ struggles finally took her head back above water she gasped desperately… but couldn’t stop the moan that came with it. She had enough of her mind to struggle, but… it had wormed its way inside her to the point that even the painful crushing of her tits was making her feel more aroused, even as it made her feel more used. The pain was like a pleasure in and of itself for her, and Samus wanted it even as she hated it. She wanted the feeling to disappear, but fighting it was so hard… even without them actively pumping more of their chemicals into her brain, just what was already there was so hard to deal with if she didn’t have a discrete goal to focus on like overcoming Orzarl… simply getting away and not drowning was not enough to clear her mind.

She felt its cock hardening further between her legs. Samus tried to squeeze her naked thighs together to deny it access, but at the same time she was pushing herself back against it, undermining her own efforts as she fought against the grip on her calves. She knew from unfortunate experience, experience she didn’t really want to think about over the last day but had regardless, that evir had twin cocks, and she could feel them both growing and hardening, poking and prodding against the outside of her naked pussy as they began to aim for the best angle to penetrate her.

And Samus, hating herself for it, was so horny that she actually wanted it to just do it already.

The thought didn’t go away, no matter how treacherous it was, but it did grow more complex as the first of its cocks pushed past her lips and inside of her. One of the creature’s hands abandoned holding her legs spread now that it was inside her and instead latched that hand onto her bald clit, rubbing it. Fear and irritation and self hatred warred with arousal in her mind, although at least it allowed her to hold her head over the surface. Samus could not help moaning as her breasts were squeezed, her pussy invaded, her body held immobile even as each time its hand bumped or ground against a nipple it sent a spike of loathed arousal through her body. This was disgusting and she struggled to free herself, but she could only let out painful screams as the beast’s second cock brushed its way between her round ass cheeks.

Her body was overriding her mind as the beast’s cock rubbed and fucked her sex-starved pussy, her screwed-up hormones craving it and no longer caring what was right or sensible. As she grew wetter and wetter on the inside, the evir took advantage and slid harder and faster into her tight hole, fucking her senseless. Her eyes were wide and for once her gasps for air had nothing to do with the water level as the brutal assault upon her hole intensified. She had no choice but to take it all… she could not escape, the lizard’s six limbs holding her so tight that she could barely even twitch unless it allowed her to… and she wasn’t sure if she had the willpower to escape even if she tried. Even though she hated everything about this and was lost in abject disgust, her mind kept whispering to her that she was a fuckdoll, that this was right, that this was proper, that she should be stuffed full of cock and fucked in every possible way. The nanites made her beg for it. She moaned as she felt herself get off to the lizard’s cock that was pounding her pussy. Samus’ pleasure was interrupted when that second cock finally shot out and forced its way up her tight asshole… but not for long. After just seconds, her tight scream became loud moans even as she was raped in both holes at once.

The blonde bounty hunter looked around desperately as she got alien fucked in both of her holes, looking for an escape and finding nothing. She couldn’t stop the steady flow of cum from her slit as the first of the twin cocks slammed in and out of her slippery hole. Her ass was getting rammed over and over brutally and painfully and it was only making her next orgasm hit faster and larger. She felt herself wearing out from the intense fucking that the alien was giving her. Her pussy was swollen and more sensitive than ever as the monster continued its attack on her worthless fucking body, tossing her around like the ragdoll plaything she felt like as it used her holes and crushed her tits and even as she was humiliated, Samus felt herself giving in as her cunt clenched and her juices spurted out with each thrust of the shafts inside her.

She was Samus Fucking Aran… and she couldn’t remember how many times she had exploded in the last 2 days while being raped. She needed these things out of her head!

She could feel the two cocks pressing against one another from inside her… fighting for room, straining against her nanite-tightened body. She felt it as they stretched and grew and pushed until the sharp pains told the tale of where her pussy and ass had been stretched and enlarged to make room. Even as they did, though, the nanites continued to heal her, continued to make her tight again. Her body was like a skintight glove around the beast’s cock… shrinking down around it as far as its dicks would let her, squeezing it tighter and more precisely than her own Zero Suit ever hugged to her. She felt like nothing more than a fleshy condom for the creature, her holes perfectly shaped to its cocks as the evir put the sum of its existence into raping her, using her tits like handles to drive in harder and deeper and make her clit throb in the humiliation and degradation of her once perfect body transformed into a sex toy.

As it built, the fear and irritation and rage inside Samus began to subside. Even without her nanites being actively triggered, even while she was still being violated by a monster, the mounting pleasure building up inside of her was overcoming her inhibitions. So what that she was being raped? So what that she needed to get anywhere? So what that she was on a planet filled by her enemies that wanted her dead, and she needed to escape, and she was Samus Aran and not a fucktoy? This was her purpose. This felt good. Accept this. Her mind screamed it so loudly that it was shouting down her conscious thoughts, and even though Samus knew she had fought it down before, she was having trouble remembering how that had even been possible. Looking around, she could find no way to overpower or escape the massive creature raping her, but the more she looked the harder it was to remember why she should even try… why she shouldn’t let it do exactly what it wanted with her. Wasn’t this the only thing she was good for, after all?

As Samus was being fucked viciously by the beast, her leg holding her out of the water finally wobbled and collapsed. Samus plunged down, disappearing beneath the surface… her golden hair swaying in the water as the evir thrust itself in and out. She struggled again, but these were pathetic, weak struggles… half hearted. She struggled like she wanted to be overcome. She struggled like she wanted it to squeeze her, force her down, and drown her as it raped her. She was disgusted, but the effects of the nanites made her feel so aroused and horny by being used like a fuckdoll that she would gladly let it rape her to death as long as it let her cum first.

By all the stars she needed these things out of her head. Disabling these nanites would be the first thing that she would do when she reached to the pirate base… then she was going to find the scientist who had made them and shove them so far up his ass that-

Suddenly the cock was gone from her pussy. Samus let out a groan that was more dismay than relief to her shame… but that only lasted until she felt the head of it again, pressing against her asshole. Her already occupied asshole. The water kept the wetness of her pussy from meaningfully reaching her rear, but it also didn’t provide any meaningful lube as the bulbous, alien cock began to force its way violently into her rectum alongside the other prick. Samus shrieked silently, bubbles floating up across her face as she screamed and screamed and screamed underwater… and then let out an unintentional moan of sheer ecstasy, nearly as strong as the screams had been.

She was being used. Used up, really. Her mind told her that there was no greater honor for a whore. The louder Samus screamed back that that was a lie and she wasn’t a whore, the more insistent her mind told her otherwise… and the reactions of her body made it hard to argue. Her whole lithe form was being worked over by hands, skin tingling where its slime was stuck to her, both cocks thrusting into her asshole at once in unbearable unison. A smile that was more madness than happiness crept across her face as her eyes rolled into her head. This was nothing but the nanites working, she told herself over and over… this wasn’t her. This wasn’t Samus. This was some animal they had put inside her head. This wasn’t her and would never be her…

But it became harder and harder to accept that as true with every passing second.

The large pricks, working together, seemed to be trying to drill all the way through her. Samus felt the sharp pains as her hole was stretched to its absolute limits, torn and rehealed over and over again by the twin cocks thrusting violently… but it didn’t seem to mean anything to her besieged mind save that she was being useful for once in her life. It was painful, but she was finding it hard to remember to scream in pain and not in pleasure. Samus had never felt so helpless… her body overpowered by the creature’s muscles, her mind overpowered by the Space Pirate’s science, and her lusts overwhelmed by the evir’s twin dicks. She felt completely beaten, and the lizard took full advantage to use her as it wished, penetrated her as thoroughly as possible while Samus had no option but to submit to it. She was stretched to the limit, the void inside her asshole stuffed so full that it was hard to remember what being empty and normal felt like. They gave it their all, thrusting, twisting, swelling, until finally she felt a warm liquid being deposited inside her bowels and she came hard along with the beast. It relaxed its grip when she did, and she face floated to the surface, far enough that she could snort in desperately needed air through her nose.

Somewhere in the depths of Samus’ barely living mind she expected it to be over, then… but soon, the blonde noticed that she was wrong again. The pricks, still buried in her guts, were twitching as they grew hard again. Still high on her last explosive orgasm, her body was almost ragdoll limp as its hands grabbed onto her once more, repositioned her, held her close as while its cocks swelled inside her tight hole… and she moaned as it began to rape her again.

Occasionally, it swapped holes… drilling both of its pricks to her cervix. Occasionally, it fucked both her holes at once, swelling against the slim membrane between them. It didn’t matter. Over and over it used her as Samus, high on her orgasms and the chemicals filling her brain, did nothing to stop it from using her like a doll. The bounty hunter had no idea how long she was at the control of the evir… it was all that she could do to remind herself to keep breathing and of her ultimate objective, to find her way to the Space Pirate research base. That no matter how tempting it was she couldn’t give up now… she had already come much too far to give in. She suffered all the ass fucking and pussy fucking the creature wanted to give her and she would survive it because she was Samus Aran god damn it all, and no matter what her treacherous body said she was not going to die on this planet… she was just waiting for the opportunity to escape.

Of course she was, her mind whispered, the thoughts slithering through her like an alien serpent construct. That was why you were letting a mere beast use you like a fleshlight. Because you were waiting to escape.

She let out a gasp as she felt the paired dicks slid inside her already wet pussy. She was just as tight as ever, thanks to the Pirate’s modifications, but even so her body didn’t put up much resistance. The alien creature seemed to no longer be frantic in how it took her now that it was several orgasms in, taking its time to enjoy every inch of her various orifices. The creature savored Samus’ fuckholes, clearly enjoying itself immensely, until it shifted its grip on her…

And Samus saw an opportunity.

She twisted her whole body, and her arm ached as she cut it open on the claws still holding onto it… but the nanites would fix that. The important part was that she was mostly free. The two lizard cocks slipped free of her sex, even if she couldn’t quite keep herself from letting out a moan of disappointment, and as soon as she was turned away she bent her body in a bow to put all the strength into the movements as she could under water. Then she kicked out.

Once. Twice. Three times.

Both feet took the monster in the groin, in the face, and then in its center of mass. It gave a bubbling, hissing shriek, muffled by being underwater, and its claws came off her arm as it tried to reach for her elsewhere, to attack… It expected her to retreat. Samus didn’t. The bounty hunter pressed closer, inside its reach, and drove the two stiffest fingers she could manage into its right eye socket. The scream this time was echoing, and then in the next second the water was pitch black as the lizard released ink. Its scaly limbs disengaged from her and Samus was left spinning through the water in the darkness, alone and with no real idea which way was up or down.

She forced herself not to panic, reaching around with her arms and legs until she found the stone outcropping she had been using for her footing earlier and followed it upward, heaving deep breaths as soon as she broke the surface. Her hair was dyed black almost by the ink and her skin wasn’t much better, the water washing the thick slimy ink away only gradually… but the creature had fled. It was gone.

For now.

It would be back, Samus knew… and that wasn’t even her biggest worry. Her biggest worry was that attacking one and forcing a panic response from it might be enough to alert Mother Brain of its activity and therefore where Samus was. She needed to move… now.

Thankfully, she was overdue for a bit of luck, it seemed. It wasn’t a long swim from here before she found what she had been looking for… thick, heavy metal cabling running along the shallow sea’s floor. Determined, she swam in the direction it was running, following it until she came around a bend on the cavern and found what she was looking for… a mostly-submerged structure just barely sticking out of the water, an artificial structure lit up in the wan, bio-luminescent light of the sea. She had found the research base.

The ink which coated her body had been mostly washed away by now but her skin still looked sloppy and stained with darkness as she slowly circled the base, looking for her way in. There were entrances above the surface, two of them… but they were both guarded by a pair of Space Pirates. Normally, Samus would have considered that almost nothing… but then normally Samus was armed and armored. Today, the last thing she wanted was to be seen, so instead she kept looking for a crack in their defenses.

Experience had taught here that as advanced as the Space Pirates were, they were also generally sloppy… and they didn’t disappoint. Tracking the power cables to where they entered the base, she found a gap that she could push herself into, worming her way up until the air pressure from inside gave her a way to climb up into the air. Wiping the gunk and remaining ink off herself as best she could, Samus began to stalk through the base.

Samus, moving quickly, tried the door. Thankfully, it was unlocked… given how close the footsteps were, she wasn’t sure she would have had time to find another hiding spot. She didn’t know if anyone was on the other side, but it didn’t really matter… the patrol was almost right on top of her. She slid into the door and let it seal shut behind her, wincing at every pneumatic sound it made as she locked the hatch from her side and put her back to it, hardly daring to breathe. She heard the patrol’s footsteps as they went by… and stopped. She heard it as they tried to open the door, found it locked… and moved on.

Samus hadn’t realized she had covered her nose and mouth with her hands so she couldn’t make a single sound, but as she heard the footsteps move away she couldn’t help but breath a small sigh of relief. That was the fourth time she had almost been discovered.

The base didn’t have all that many pirates in it, all said… they definitely didn’t know she was here. If they did, they could have locked it down and this whole attempt would quickly become impossible. Instead, it seemed like it was on a skeleton crew to guard it while the rest of the Space Pirates on the planet were looking for her elsewhere. Samus didn’t know where but she hoped it was far, far, far away from here. Still, it was a delicate balancing act… they knew she was somewhere, and every second that passed meant that they would be closer to finding her as they determined where she wasn’t. She couldn’t waste time… but she also couldn’t afford to be spotted now. Every time she heard a noise, a patrol, she had little choice but to find the nearest place to hide no matter how much time it cost her.

Sneaking past the Space Pirate guards took far longer than she wanted, a heart-stopping exercise in tension and worry. She couldn’t help but remember the last time she had been on Zebes… it hadn’t been so different from now. Alone, unarmed, unarmored, and trying to avoid the noise of her enemies as she sneaked aboard their mothership. Then, while scary, it had also been exhilarating. Now, Samus knew exactly what fate would await her if she was caught… far more than mere death. Every risk, every action, filled her with a knot of dread that only grew with time. She was so careful…

And then a fucking alarm went off anyway.

Samus had no idea what had triggered it… if it was something she had done, or not done, and when or where. What she did know was that the lights suddenly went red and the sirens started blasting – Security Breach in Level 12. She wasn’t sure what level she was on… but the time for stealth had largely passed. Speed was her only salvation now.

Samus ran.

Thankfully, some of the tortures she had been put through were her salvation. When she had been taken to the weapon testing ranges, for the pirates to use her as a test dummy for their new weaponry, they had walked her through these very halls… it was only a matter of time before she found some that looked familiar, recognizing the paths she was moving through. Her heart, already racing, began pounding harder and faster as retraced the steps she had been dragged through months ago. She hadn’t seen any patrols to dodge recently, and she could only hope that meant that they were searching for her elsewhere in the base. Either way, it was only a matter of time before this area would be crawling with pirates. She needed to be fast.

Samus almost went by the lab door before she recognized it, her run slowing to a trot before stopping, smiling at the slightly red door. She knew this room. The door was even unlocked. “Fools,” she muttered to herself, a real smile crossing her face for the first time in a long time as she entered the Core and locked the door behind her.

It was a veritable arsenal.

Samus looked on, eyes wide, as she saw after row of rifle, bomb, missile, and and cutter… the prototype weapons they had been making using her tech. Immediately, her eyes locked onto perhaps not the most important piece of equipment she could have found but definitely the one she wanted most at the moment… a blue, skintight suit of nanofiber weave, dozens of them just sitting on a rack. Samus has no idea why they had bothered to replicate her zero suit as it didn’t have a real purpose in interfacing with the technology per se, but she supposed they didn’t know that, and she was grateful… she stepped into one of the suits with practiced ease and sighed in relief and pleasure as she felt the familiar feeling of the air vaccuming itself out, the fabric compressing around her to minimize injury and space. She was wearing clothing again for the first time in… Samus really didn’t want to think how long, if she didn’t count the disgraceful set of armor they had put her in. Quickly, she began searching through the other pieces of prototype tech. She knew from long, painful experience how much progress they had made on reverse engineering pieces of the Chozo weapons she had been given… all of these were going to have to be destroyed. What she wasn’t finding was the originals, however. Where were… where were…

It wasn’t here.

Samus looked at the collection of shoddy armor and prototype weapons and tools with dismay. Her Chozo armor… it wasn’t here. It had been here… she had seen it. She had seen them using it, experimenting with it, testing it and trying to replicate it. She had seen it with her own eyes, right here in this room. It had to be here… it had to be. But it wasn’t. The long journey here had been for nothing.

No, not nothing, she thought to herself firmly. It wasn’t just about the armor. Grabbing a carry-all from the wall, she began to grab things that would be useful and toss them in, smiling at a few of the things she saw, but she didn’t have time to be picky… she just grabbed the essentials before picking Beam Rifle #24 – she remembered the pirates saying that one was an especially good prototype – and hanging it over her shoulder before she continued to move.

She knew where she should go next.  Armor was only one of the goals here – The other was the nanites. These were the labs the things had been constructed in… right here. There had to be a computer system somewhere…

Her armor was packed with intrusion and scanning software, but Samus had lived and breathed these kinds of machines long before the Chozo had ever given her the suit. She had further learned how to do much of that herself in the Federation military… infiltrating a hostile computer system wasn’t as easy as it would have been with her gear, but she got in without too much difficulty. Disabling the nanites inside her, however…

Samus looked on at the screen with dismay, even as she heard weapons begin to shoot at the door she had locked behind her. That… that couldn’t be. The Space Pirates, those reckless IDIOTS… they hadn’t even put a disable set of instructions into the nanites. She would need to make one herself, and then wait for it to be diffused between the millions of them inside her body as they ran into one another, a process that could take hours, and then test it, see if it worked, and make further tweaks if it didn’t. She didn’t have time for that.

She didn’t have time.

Samus did the only thing she could.

“What the hell is taking so long!” Kryzzk growled.

“The doors weren’t meant to be blasted open,” one of the other Space Pirates said, pausing to allow his overheated rifle to cool. “It’s not so easy.” The door was glowing with the heat of the plasma beams they were firing, prototypes of the Hunter’s own plasma beam, and it looked like it was holding on by a thread, but despite all the heat radiating off it it still wasn’t open and they still couldn’t see through it. “She must have reinforced it somehow while waiting, because-”

“Oh, stand aside.” Sylux growled as he stepped up behind them, shoving two out of the way to a chorus of growls from the pirate. He looked at the door with disgust for several seconds before tilted his head. “If you want something done right…” he said, his voice suddenly possessing a discordant hum as electricity began to arc off his armor. Kryzzk backed off… way off, practically around the corner, and after a few seconds of consideration the rest of the squad did the same. The air began to stink of ozone as the light grew brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter and…

The deafening shriek of tearing metal accompanied a horn blast of air and a shattering detonation filled the air as Sylux unleashed the charged up blast of energy. Every capacitor built into his armor had been filled up from the charge his body was generating and every bit of that stored energy was unleashed all at once. The door didn’t break – it shattered, the pieces flying inside the room in a brilliant flash of light.

“…You do it yourself!” he snarled.

Kryzzk wasn’t going to be the first one through the door, and his caution was warranted a few seconds later when a laserblast took the first pirate in the face. “She’s here!” another pirate said shortly before being shot himself.

“The Hunter is here!” another yelled as he pressed himself against the side of the door before leaning out and pelting the room in plasma fire. “We have to-” He went down, the the center of his chest glowing an orange-yellow where the Hunter’s beam cannon had melted through his armor. Kryzzk stared in shock… after so long of viewing her as little more than a sex toy, he was suddenly being viciously reminded of the desperate fight on the space station to capture her in the first place.

“What are you idiots doing!” Tsallit said as he arrived from down the hallways. “Report!”

“The Hunter i-”

“The whore!” Tsallit roared, and Kryzzk cowed his head.

“Of course…” he said. “The… whore… is holed up in the armory. She’s equipped herself and…”

Tsallit cuffed him across the face. “Damned idiot. Should just take our your brain and hook you up directly to the AI… you’re as dumb as one of those animals.” He turned to the door. “Hatchling!” he yelled over the loud sounds of shooting. “Hatchling! Hatchling!”

The shooting stopped. A second later, a quiet, gargling scream came from inside the room, and Tsallit looked around at the Space Pirate squad with disgust. “Was that so hard? Idiots.” Despite his words, he peered around the corner before he walked in, Kryzzk following after.

Samus collapsed to the ground, her limbs suddenly weak and shaking. It was amazing how she could have already forgotten how this felt like. During her time with the evir, it had been bad, and she had been able to convince herself even just hours removed that it had been that bad with Orzarl. It hadn’t been… this was far, far worse. It was like her brain, her conscious self, was locked away behind iron bars of lust and need and madness that refused to yield. Samus fell as the pirates entered, and no matter how much she tried to lift the rifle back up it fell lazily from her limp fingers.

 Soon, a half dozen Space Pirates… and Sylux… Stood at Samus’ side, holding weapons pointed at her as Tsallit walked right up, his tripart jaw twisted in a cruel, mocking smirk, amusement decorating his smug alien face. “Well well well,” he said, raising one hand. “Look what the cat dragged in!” The Lieutenant took hold of Samus’ chin and held it up, looking into her eyes. Samus tried not to imagine what he saw there… a lost soul, boundlessly held, and helplessly writhing in her chain. Just being touched on the chin felt like it could make her cum. “You lead us on a merry chase, Hunter-whore,” he told her. “Mother Brain is sending an army, lead by Ridley, to collect you and drag you back to Tourian, never to leave again. You’re lucky that she wants you taken alive, you piece of meat.” He spat onto her face, and Samus flinched as she felt his spit slide down her cheek. “Or maybe not so lucky after all. I don’t know how long you’ll last… but I suspect you’ll be begging to die long before you do.” His hand traced its way up and over her lips before he pushed an armored thumb into her mouth. “You think you’re such a badass, Hunter-whore… always causing problems for your betters, never thinking it was going to catch up to her. We spent months showing you what you were actually good for and you still didn’t get it… you aren’t a warrior. You aren’t even prey. You are a fuckable piece of weak, human trash, fit only to be drowned in cum and thrown onto the dustpile of history… and I’m going to make sure that finally sinks in before you’re gone, human.” He slapped her across the face, his powered armor making it hit like a sledge hammer. Samus cried out as her nose and cheekbone broke, a sharp pain… that made her cum.

The blow threw Samus down to ground. She writhed there on the floor like a blue snake, moaning and screaming in turn as her body savored the agony, as the tingling sensation across her face showed her that she was being healed. “Let’s play a little game, hunter-whore,” Tsallit said as he kicked her in the stomach. “You beg me to kill you… and maybe, after we’re done fucking you, I’ll tell Ridley you tried to escape and we had to shoot you. That’s the best you can pray for now… a plasma beam boiling your brain in a second. Beg for it, and I’ll let you go.”

Samus looked at up him. She could taste blood in her mouth where it leaked from her broken nose and the pain from her injuries, but more than either of those she heard the whispers in her head saying to do it. That it would feel good. That she was worthless and she should accept whatever they wanted to do to her. That she would cum as they killed her and that would make it all worth it. “Fuck… you…” she growled. It was a weak growl, but it was all she could manage.

Tsallit laughed and kicked her again. “We’ll see how long you last, fleshlight.” At his instructions, one of the other pirates – Kryzzk, she noted with hatred – bound her hands into shackles behind her back. A part of her recoiled at the suddenly realization that she was helpless, that she no longer had any ability to stop them from doing whatever they wanted with her body. The rest of her thrilled and almost came when it realized the same.

“Nice of her to dress up just for us,” one of the pirates said he crowded around her.

“Skintight clothing? I think the slut just wanted us to hunt her down,” another said. “She didn’t think we’d been rough enough with her.”

“We can fix that,” another promised. “We can fix that right now.” Samus wasn’t sure who touched her first, but all of a sudden hands were all over her body… pinching and pulling her hardened nipples and squeezing the flesh of her covered breasts. The zero suit was slim enough and tight enough that it almost felt like their hands right on her skin, and the sensations were overwhelming, the nanites amplifying every touch.

The pirates laughed when, after a brief flash of resistance, the blonde beauty’s face went wide mouthed and dreamy at the feeling of their hands on them, her legs shaking unsteadily as they pulled her up to her knees. “Yeah, you’re right, the slut loves this shit!” The Space Pirates circled Samus, and they all seemed so big… Samus was reminded of the joke that no matter how tall a woman was she was always shorter than a man on her knees. The blonde felt very tiny and helpless in their midst… and despite herself that feeling made her feel even hotter. When several of the alien soldiers started pulling off their powered armor and revealing thick, alien cocks of all lengths and thickness and sizes, it was all the drugged-out bounty hunter could do to keep from cumming at the mere sight.

“You like getting hurt?” one of the Space Pirates asked. “You like it when it hurts?” There was a look on his alien face that seemed to say that he would very much enjoy hurting her. “You like getting slapped around… whipped… choked… fucked? Maybe you’d like it if we tied you down and kicked you to death?”

Samus wanted to scream expletives. She wanted to rage and deny it. Instead, she let herself disappear into the haze of lust, her willpower vanishing down into it. Her strength couldn’t save her here… it could only get her hurt. Her pride couldn’t protect her, only her submission could. “Yes!” Samus gasped, her voice warbling and unsteady, dreamy and drugged but still trembling with anticipation. “I’m worthless… for anything else… Kick me! Hurt me! Whip me and fuck me until I can’t walk anymore… Hurt me and rape me and use me until I can’t move a muscle!” She unconsciously spread her thighs as she knelt, offering a glimpse of her red, swollen cunt-lips, already glistening, and her throbbing clit. With no hair, there was nothing to obscure the sight of her luscious pussy.

“You dirty whore!” one of the Pirates laughed when he noticed. There was amazement in his voice. “Damn I need to buy the Science Team a drink for this… this is amazing. This little whore is insanely hungry for some cock, aren’t you Hunter-whore?”

Samus, despite herself, nodded. “I want it so bad,” she said, voice still trembling… not with fear but with need and more than a little insanity. The voices in her mind whispered to her that the only part of a whore that was worth anything was her holes, and even those were only worth something if they were filled. It urged her to submit, it urged her to be in her place. “I want it in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass, between my tits… anywhere you want. Just make it hard. Make it hurt.”

Tsallit stood in front of her, already out of his armor… his direly familiar cock already brushing against her lips. Samus leaned forward and eagerly took his hardening dick into her mouth, licking at the raptly eager prick. She clasped her lips around Tsallit’s cock-head and walked it into her mouth with her lips… her tongue whipped around the long shaft as she sucked. “This is what you deserve, whore,” the Space Pirate said, slapping her cheek a few times, and Samus couldn’t agree more… she just sucked harder when he slapped her. The wet gurgling sound of the cock pressing against her throat was soon all she could hear and it was so disgusting to her… and yet at the same time she knew it was all she deserved. She knew that because her mind kept saying it over and over and over again… that she should be grateful someone bothered to fuck her mouth, that one of her superiors would give her any attention. Samus listened to the humiliating sound of her gagging on a thick cock and felt shame… It truly made her feel like a whore as there was no chance of pretending that that sound wasn’t being made by her.

And as she sucked, she came.

Without anyone’s hands on her clit yet, without anything but a cock down her throat and a few hands on her body, Samus shuddered and moaned and came while Tsallit brutally fucked her wet mouth, spit and drool pouring out and dripping down her chin to coat his three balls. She knew this would not be the last cock that she had to suck, and just that thought almost made her cum again even as her mind recoiled, trying to reach the part of her that she had buried deep beneath the forced euphoria. She was basically worshiping the cock of one of the alien menaces that threatened the galaxy and had murdered both sets of her family and the thought of that was too humiliating and degrading for her to linger on so her conscious thought ran. Samus, feeling like barely more than an animal with a fleshlight body, obeyed the commands of Tsallit and the other Space Pirates without question.

The other Space Pirates moved in on her, surrounding her, pressing against her. She felt rough hands cupping her tits, pulling on the nipples, stroking her sides and legs and pinching her full, round ass. Cocks brushed her face, shoulders and back. The group of alien soldiers was unquestionably getting ready to give her the gang-bang she had begged for… one of their clawed fingers cut a slit in her zero suit, exposing her groin to the air… a sudden rush of cool air on her skin. Samus squeaked and wriggled her sexy ass when one of the pirates stuffed his finger up her asshole, laughing when he found cum already inside it. “Looks like she got busy already,” he said with a sneer.

“Whore,” one of them agreed. “The others must not have wanted to share. Nice of the slut to ‘escape’ so she could let more of us have a turn with her body.”

“Damn right,” another said, hissing out the words in an alien tongue as he nodded. “She’s nothing but a whore. She’ll probably will get ass-fucked fifty times before we’re done with her, so what if she started a little early?”

Samus listened to the degrading commentary, and her biggest regret was that she didn’t have her hands free to play with Tsallit’s balls while she sucked his cock. Instead, she just slurped as noisily as she could, his fat cock a wedge between her soft lips. Making the loudest, wettest, most obscene sucking and smacking and choking noises she could, Samus rolled Tsallit’s cock over with her tongue, washed his foul-tasting, chitinous, alien dick with her spit, then bobbed her head forward and took his cock all the way down her throat until her chin was tickling his balls and her lips were pumping the fat stalk of his prick. She flexed her sphincter muscles, trying to trap the finger that was stuck up her rear like she didn’t want it to ever leave. Her cunt was convulsing around several pirate fingers that were pushing into her, knifing through her artificially tight pussy while it leaked juices like a faucet.

Suddenly the cock which had started to thrust frantically into her throat was pulled back and she had nothing to focus on for the moment but the hands all across her body, squeezing and kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples through the fabric until she cried in pain. “Do it again…” she moaned mindlessly, and they did, laughing at her disgraceful behavior. Samus had no idea how long she would have to undergo this humiliating torture, or even how long it had already been… she had already cum and they were barely getting started. Tsallit’s cock moved back and forth in front of her face, and shamefully Samus followed it, trying to capture it with her mouth again, desperate to have it back inside of her where it belonged. When he suddenly thrust his dick back into her, she almost came again.

Samus started bobbing her head, pleasing the Space Pirate’s fat cock. It seemed like he was not satisfied with how she was doing it, either, because he kept slapping her across the face. Every time she did, a small urge in her wanted her to try to chew it off… but why would she do that? After all, it was his privilege to have a good cocksucking. She should feel honored he was taking the time to show her how to do it right and improve. She should feel honored he bothered to let a filthy, worthless thing like her wrap her lips around his dick. He slapped her face over and over, the strikes stinging, and she cried out around his member… but she never stopped sucking.

The pirates laughed as they looked at her and Samus could just imagine what they saw… a blonde whore on her knees, her cheeks hollowed around a prick that her lips needed to stretch to fit around, screaming in pain as her face was beaten.

The image made her cum again.

Samus’ pussy squeezed on the fingers like a vise as Tsallit fucked her mouth, holding her head and ramming forward into it. The bounty hunter moaned, unable to stop the sensuous sway of her body as she bobbed her head as quickly as she could on the Space Pirate in front of her, his cock squirming inside her, her lips so tight around his dick that he probably thought her lips were trying their best to skin him alive. Her ass danced back and forth, her asshole flexing open and shut, her cunt-lips flapping as she squeezed them. Pussy-cream glistened inside her cunt, washing the six fingers that were stabbing into it as Samus rode the crest of her climax with mindless, joyful, humiliated and degraded bliss. “Look at the little cunt!” Kryzzk mocked as he watched the short, jerky motions of Samus’ pink little pussy as it stretched wide around fingers and leaked frothy slime. “Little whore is getting off!”

Samus, lost in her orgasm, threw herself into sucking the Space Pirate’s cock. She could smell his musk, the scent sticking to his skin and carapace. He held his cock still down her throat for a few seconds until she gagged before pulling back and thrusting once more, only to repeat the process… determined to make her retch with each and every stroke of his cock. Tsallit laughed as Samus struggled to breathe, and when he finally pulled out, ropes of saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripped down her face.

Samus filled her lungs with breath before the next assault came. It did not take even a second for another cock to shove through her already abused mouth, but it took her a moment to realize that this one was different. It didn’t taste the same, or smell the same, it didn’t have the same hardened chitin, it didn’t have the oily feel… Her blue eyes tracked up and she met Sylux’s gaze as he glared down at her, his expression even more filled with disgust and hatred than Lieutenant Tsallit’s had been. He reached down, pinching her nostrils shut as he drove in. The discomfort and the casual, almost idle denial of her ability to breathe sent a fresh wave of humiliation over her that threatened to make her cum yet again as the rogue bounty hunter pulled her head back as far as he could to make way for his cock. She was able to open her mouth wide just as he plunged downward, fucking his way almost straight down into her welcoming gullet, and her neck yielded and stretched to fit his large dick. He kept his cock where it was, buried in her throat while she slowly clenched on it, holding her breath, unable to even get a whisper of air as her lips wrapped around his thick rod.

“How does it feel bitch?” she heard Sylux hiss out. “Someone holding your life in his hands?” The pirates on the other side of him laughed as he mocked Samus and she felt their hands slapping over her body, her form twitching this way and that from a dozen forms of stimulus on her skin. She tried not to think about the fact that all of them were going to use her like this… that she was stuck in this horrible position with his cock deep in her mouth till he decided to pull it out, and then it would just be someone else’s turn. Knowing this and hearing him talk to her in a disgusting manner made her face flush with humiliation and degradation… and that made her pussy clench harder.

“How does it feel to have my cock in your mouth, Federation Lackey Samus Aran? To be on your knees while you suck on my dick? Tell me. Tell me how it feels, slut!” Sylux’s voice started off talking softly, but by the end of his sentence he was damn near shouting.

“Humiliating,” she answered… but with his cock in her mouth, it didn’t sound nearly that clear. Instead, it came out garbled and hilarious sounding, the kind of humiliating speech that she always would have imagined would come from someone talking with their mouth stuffed full of cock. “Homadilading,” she said, her jaw stretched full, her tongue pressed against the floor of her mouth by the thick cock, her airway plugged. It was just how a whore should sound. It was just how she should sound. She saw Sylux laugh mockingly at her response… laughing at the power he held over her, at just how weak and ridiculous she looked. He was laughing at how pathetic she had become… and the whore in her mind trying to claw its way permanently to the surface wanted to laugh along with him. She had no choice but to let him take his revenge. It was the role of a whore. It was her role.

“Now, I’m going to pull back some,” Sylux said, voice mocking, “and you, like a good little bitch, are going to lick me while I do… top to bottom, one long, slow lick.” He kept meeting Samus’ blue eyes until she weakly nodded, her air rapidly running out as she gave in to his demands. She knew full well that she had to take whatever any man wanted to give her… that was what a slave was for, and the writing on her forehead made very clear that that was precisely what she was… their slave. She had to obey them.

Samus didn’t know if Sylux understood precisely what was going on in her head, that she wasn’t allowed to really refuse what he wanted. He just mocked her for her sluttish obedience as he slowly began to pull back. Samus licked along his length as she did like she was trying to memorize every bump and ridge of his cock with her tongue while he backed up almost to the point his dick left her mouth, until her lips were wrapping around just the tip and she was lashing that with her tongue alone. Her jaw ached from how it had been stretched… but there was no mercy from the Space Pirates and no time for resting either… she had licking and cocksucking to do. Obeying the aliens like the “little bitch” that he just called her, she stuck her tongue out, caressing the bottom of his dick even after it had left his mouth too… running her tongue along the side of it, moving down the shaft until she could reach no further and then repeating the process on the other side, going the other way. She felt ashamed and worthless but it didn’t stop her from licking the wanted criminal’s cock like a popsicle for long minutes.

“Going to cum, little bitch?” Kryzzk said as he violently fingered her while she licked. “Does serving your conquerors make that slutty human body of yours want to explode?”

“Yes!” Samus hissed, pulling her mouth off of Sylux’s cock and rubbing the sopping wet, rock-hard, fleshy rod all over her upturned face. “The bitch is cumming! Look at the slut! She’s going to cum… all over herself… just sucking… on a fat cock. I’m nothing but trash, human trash, and somebody ought to fuck my little ass off!” Samus lapped at Sylux’s dangling balls as she pushed her face between his legs and twisted her body around so that she could run her tongue up his ass crack. She planted her lips on his nuts and gave him a long, lingering kiss, trying to soak every inch of them in her spit. All the time she spent ministering to her alien master’s balls, she felt him wrapping her blonde hair around his dick and stroking it and she sucked harder to encourage him, enjoying how his fat, stiff, spit-covered rapist prick was using another part of her body as a tool to jack off with and… and…

As Samus popped her head back out from between his legs and swallowed him to the balls with one steady, throat-clogging lunge, she came just imagining what she looked like. How humiliating. How worthless. How right.

Hands swarmed all over her crotch, her ass, her tits, and her face. In fact, there wasn’t a single inch of Samus’s lithe, atheletic body that wasn’t being pawed, probed and pinched by questing alien fingers. A half a dozen hands swarmed over her already-spasming cunt, poking and probing and pinching her sensitive, swollen pussy. Fingers from four different hands were buried in her cunt. Fingers pulled and pinched her clit, and Samus squealed in a mixture of pain and lust. They pulled her sexy, round asscheeks wide apart beneath the suit and three fingers from three different Space Pirates pressed into her asshole. Others were pinching the tender flesh of her ass-crack. Still others were slapping and pinching the soft, rounded cheeks of her ass. Hands had descended on her tits, too. Soldiers pulled her nipples and pinched her soft tit-flesh and crushed the upthrust mounds until they were distorted into strange shapes almost as alien as they were… one of her breasts was hanging out of the zero suit now, the pirate’s claws having made short work of it while the other was covered still, yet another contrast in sensation for the overwhelmed blonde. Others stroked and petted and pinched the muscles of her flat stomach, her long, sexy legs, her bound arms. Three of them grabbed onto her nipples and yanked in different directions like they were trying to play tug-a-war with them, completely uncaring of the agony they forced onto the blonde girl. Samus screamed around the cock buried in her mouth with agonizing pain… but also with wanton lust as another climax rattled through her.

It was as if the Space Pirates had reached into her cunt and grabbed the orgasm she had been having. Now they held it there, beating it with their fingers, not letting it escape as they battered it and kicked it around for fun,  making it spin faster and faster and faster on their invasive fingers. Her fever pitch orgasm kept growing and growing, never ebbing at all, just building and building and building endlessly. Samus writhed like an eel out of water, as aquatic as the evir had been… her sleek, strong body twisting in a sinuous display of pure animal lust as she devoured Sylux’s cock. Without warning, the alien began to spew his jizz, and Samus bobbed her head even more wildly, making sure she didn’t lose any of it. Her lips slurped as she fucked her face on his spurting cock, unable to breath and unable to care about that. Soon the sloppy mix of his cum and her drool was flying everywhere, frosting his prick, webbing her lips and dangling from the bouncing cones of her tits.

Samus whimpered around her mouthful of gushing cock, blowing bubbles in the frothy mix of slimy sperm that spilled out over the jerking stalk of Sylux’s azure prick. Her ass swayed crazily from side to side as her pussy coated the fingers that spiked into it. Her own cum splattered her soft inner thighs and ran in tiny streams down to her knees and onto the deck of the research base like a shameless harlot getting off to her own total destruction… Samus’s asshole gripped the fingers plunging inside it so hard that her rapists could hardly pull them out. Her cunt wrung their fingers almost as hard, her unnatural tightness and the drugged enthusiasm giving her vise-like intensity as she squeezed on them.

She came again.

“What a disgusting whore,” one of the Space Pirates said as he took his hand full of her soft blonde hair and wrapped it around his throbbing cock. “I’ve never seen anyone so shameless. Not a single human in the galaxy has ever sunk this low I don’t think,” he stated as he slid his cock back and forth in its silky blanket.

Sylux growled, clutching Samus by her ears as she jacked off his cock with her lips. “You have to work hard to find someone in this galaxy as worthless as Samus-fucking-Aran,” he said, his cock shooting out the last of his seed while a dozen pirates fingered Samus and played with her body.

“Look at the way her pussy stretches!” one of them said with a smirk, stuffing two more of his fingers into her already agonizingly full pussy. “I bet we could fuck her four at a time!”

“Why not?” Tsallit said. “Still wouldn’t be as big as Ridley.”

“Yes…” Samus hissed around the fat cock on her lips. Sylux’s prick was only dripping now but she still sucked, still bobbed her head, slurping up every bit of cum and spit coating his long stalk of fuck meat. “Fuck me! Beat me! Hurt me! Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do to a human woman! Treat me like the Federation’s worthless whore…” She didn’t even know what she was saying… Samus’ mind was drifting in between her orgasms. Nothing made sense to her anymore… it was hard to even process the feelings, much less think about them… why spend so much time and effort doing something so silly when her brain was worthless and only her holes mattered, anyway? So many fingers and hands and cocks were doing so many different things to her body that Samus could no longer keep track. She could only buck her ass back against the fingers and grind her hips to make sure that the Space Pirates filled every tiny piece of unexplored territory of her, inside and out. The mass finger fucking was hurting her terribly, stretching the mouth of her cunt farther then she was ever supposed to go, but that was what her body was meant for, wasn’t it? Why else should she heal from her injuries if not to take them? As much as anything made sense to the overwhelmed blonde bounty hunter, that did. Samus writhed and shivered, her sultry body bathed in sexual sweat. Her strong thighs shivered as they spread wider and wider before the crushing alien hands. Her tits swelled and grew more sensitive, her nipples getting thicker and longer with each pinch or slap they received.

Samus looked up at Sylux and Kryzzk and Tsallit and all the others and tried to smile around the cock with delight. Her face sparkled with sweat and was twisted with the strain of being mauled by so many demanding strong, rough, clawed hands… But it was also ecstatic, shining with pure pleasure and desperate need. Her lush lips were moistly parted and strands of jizz stretched between the full lips like bars as she pulled herself off of the first cock of many. Her smile revealed a mouthful of white, gooey cum pooled on her tongue, and Samus gulped it down noisily as they watched.

“More…” she moaned.

“I’ll give you more, Hunter-whore!” the Space Pirate stroking his dick with her hair said. A second later, he pushed his prick at Samus’s face just as the first thick, white train of jizz erupted from the end of his cock. “Suck on this, you stupid human whore!”

Blinding cock-slime squirted into Samus’ eyes. More slopped over the bridge of her nose and splattered against her cheek. The brutish thug slapped Samus with his cock even as it spasmed and came, bruising her lips and stinging her nose while he covered her face in spunk. Samus yelped from the burning pain that stung her eyes and tried to turn her head away from the wash of cum but alien hands twisted in her hair, pulling her face around to meet the jolting slaps of the Space Pirate’s cock and the fluid wash of his spunk. “You like that?” he asked, and the others laughed. “You like that, human-fucktoy?”

“I love it!” Samus gasped… She hoped by opening her mouth wide, he might point his cock there and make her taste his foul slime but the alien didn’t seem to want to give her mouth any of it. Instead he spurted it all over her face, painting her with ropes of seed. “I look so much prettier with cum all over my face.” Samus moaned as he kept slapping her with his fountaining cock. She humped her ass on the multitude of fingers that fucked into both her holes. Her lean, sensuous body writhed in a supple display of sexual desire. One orgasm after another poured through her body.

“Bitch is having too much fun,” Kryzzk spat. “Here. Watch this.”

Samus screamed as she suddenly became aware that several of the fingers invading her pussy belonged to the sadistic Space Pirate. He brutally balled his hand into a fist inside of her before punching forward, making her shriek in sudden agony, squirming both in excitement and a desperate attempt to escape the pain she was feeling, as spunk sprayed her face and an alien fist pounded her twat. Samus screamed, and as she opened her mouth another of the pirate stepped up and jacked his cock off into it, spraying the insides of her screaming maw with a cupful of gooey white slime. She gulped it down before continuing to scream.

“Still enjoying this, slut?” Kryzzk laughed with glee. “Is this what your human body needs?” He kept fistfucking her, his hand relentlessly driving inside of Samus’ overstretched, overheated, overstimulated, climaxing cunt. Samus shuddered uncontrollably, her sexy body drawn tight as his fist slammed into her over and over again. The pain was incredible.

And she was cumming.

Her cunt-lips looked almost unrecognizable, more like an open wound than her tight little slit as it was spread around Kryzzk’s wrist. It was like someone was fucking her pussy with a tree. Fresh blood was trickling from the mouth of her unnaturally tight cunt as it was split open but not too much… the nanites were already healing the injury as it was made, keeping her from tearing in half… even if it still felt like she was. Try as he might, Kryzzk couldn’t fist her as hard as he’d like… she was simply too tight, there wasn’t enough space to really get the momentum he wanted. It didn’t matter much. Her tightness just made it hurt more and his forceful attempts to go faster just succeeded in tearing Samus’ insides apart. Her legs were spread out so wide by the intrusion that they felt dislocated, like her pelvis was separating.

And then one of the Space Pirates made Samus’ trembling, cumming body lurch as he forced his own fist up the blonde’s twitching asshole.

Samus screamed, cumming immediately even before the pirate twisted his fist inside of her, making her squeal with agonized pain and overwhelming conditioned pleasure as her additional orgasms coursed through her. And again. And again. And again. And again and again and again…

Samus had no idea how long it went. She knew she choked on at least one more cock, but it could have been a million. She knew they fisted her for a least a few more minutes, but it could have been a century. All she knew was that, when both Space Pirates had pulled their fists out of her she was laying on the floor of the lab in a fetal position, gurgling incoherently. Her arms were still bound behind her back, but honestly even if they weren’t she doubted she had the strength or awareness to move them. Her stretched pussy and asshole had almost immediately returned to as tight as they had begun, but they were still twitching and flexing as if desperately searching for something to fill them. Her pussy dripped a steady stream of juices.

And no one was even touching her and she was still cumming and cumming and cumming…

That was when the Space Pirates began fucking Samus in earnest. In heated lust, Samus squirmed and screamed her way through numerous orgasms as one brutish Space Pirate after another slipped between her widespread legs and took his turn inside of her. Samus’s arms were still bound behind her, and each time one of the alien soldiers pounded down on her helpless body she felt as though her elbows or wrist were going to snap. The helplessness and pain of it, however, only made her more excited despite herself. The Space Pirates fucked her with fast, brutal strokes, clawed at her tits, yanked and twisted on nipple rings, and slobbered over her face, and as they fucked her and crushed her and mocked her, Samus climaxed again and again. She had been reduced to a sex-toy in their eyes, a slutty little tramp who was only fit for fucking and hurting and making fun of. No longer something to be feared. No longer a nightmare. No longer a legend, a terror… but a laughingstock, a victim. The ultimate degradation of having her legend collapse after its brief resurgence as she was once again turned into a whore in their eyes was humiliating… and it turned on the hormone-drunk Hunter like nothing else, getting her pussy screaming for attention.

After one of the pirates came in her mouth, with nothing to focus on but the plundering of her pussy and ass and the aching, senseless assault on her breasts, Samus hung her mouth open, hoping someone would stick something in it. She sighed in relief when, perhaps ten whole long, torturous seconds later, someone did. This one started thrusting slowly, so Samus felt the need to make it more rough and degrade herself further, bobbing her head up and down his member as she started to suck him off to simulate an even more violent facefuck. Her lips trailed over his shaft, being gentle yet putting force as she went up and down. And when she got to his head, she flicked her tongue repeatedly over it, especially on the sensitive underside. She had to obey. She had to serve. This was her purpose.

She sighed in contentment when a hand fastened around her ponytail like a handle, the way it should be. He tugged it, lifting her painfully up by it as he facefucked her… ragdolling her by her hair, he forced her to take the full length of his swollen alien cock, at times pulling out just to smack her face over and over with his spit-slick dick as he forced her to suck him. When, a second later, her head was pulled back to let her breathe, it was only so it could be shoved forward again even more brutally, the cock going even deeper. He kept the pace as the cock pulled back just a few inches and thrust forward. It fucked the back of her throat, a disgusting and humiliating and perfectly arousing experience to the nearly brain-dead blonde fucktoy… She was able to breathe, but only at certain moments, only when he allowed her to. And so, she was kept like this as she was not just face fucked, but deep throated and smothered on his shaft, choking as he rammed his dick into her like he was trying to reach her stomach, pulling out only when he was satisfied.

Samus barely flinched when he came down her throat, swallowing instinctively without thinking. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and it took her long seconds to realize that it was too much… that at some point, the pirate had finished cumming and started pissing into her gullet instead. His urine poured down her throat, stinging her already agitated tunnel on the way down, and Samus could hear it splashing down among the other disgusting things they had made her swallow, could taste the bits that backed up and washed over her tongue before spilling down her chin, could see just how worthless she was in his alien eyes, could…

Could cum.

Samus writhed, and she didn’t stop writhing until the pirate had pulled out of her and her orgasming cunt had milked the cum from another of the Space Pirates. “Good bitch,” the pirate, one she didn’t even know, said as he pulled his monstrous cock out of her facial fuckhole and slapped her with it, letting Samus catch her breath for the first time. “You make a better toilet than a warrior.” Samus, lost in her helpless lust and not even resisting anymore, just letting it wash over her without even trying to maintain a shred of her dignity or identity… letting her mind just drift where the enforced slavery of the nanites took her. She expected the next cock to pop into her any second, and shuddered a bit when she realized it was going to be Tsallit… he was always one of the roughest with her. That was good. That was what she deserved. It was humiliating to think about what she had to look like to him now… on her knees, scraped and bruised, dripping with her saliva and cum and leaked piss, her hair sticking to her face where it had escaped her ponytail, her bangs almost glued to her cheeks as her whole face was covered with sticky liquids. She looked like the most disgraceful kind of whore she could imagine.

Tsallit’s cock was the largest one Samus had needed to take today, thick and long and clearly throbbing hard. He wasted no time in grabbing her head with one hand wrapped around the base of her ponytail and forcing it onto his cock, thrusting hard into her throat. She was even ready for it and it still stole her breath and made her retch, but what could she do? She tried to relax, opening her throat to accommodate the thick length that was being driven into her body, but he was just too big… she gasped for breath under the onslaught, trying to get air when he pulled back far enough to let her breathe, in between his deep thrusts. Suddenly, he pulled his cock completely out of her mouth. He hauled her roughly to her feet and her asshole off the cock of a protesting Space Pirate before he threw her down on top of one of the consoles, shoving her onto her back and pushing away everything else in the way. He climbed on top of her, thrusting his slimy, wet cock in between her tits. “Can’t neglect these,” Tsallit mocked as he twisted her nipples, using them as handles to crush her ample breasts, one covered by the suit, one naked and even more vulnerable, around his throat-slime slicked dick. “You’re such a dirty whore, Hunter… but you already know that, don’t you?” he mocked. “That why you came back? Breaking into our base? You can’t possible think you’re still the Hunter we used to fear, some kind of hero, right? You couldn’t have possibly thought it was going to work. No… you just know you’re nothing but a whore and you needed to come home. Dirty whores like you deserve to be used and raped by hard, superior Space Pirate cocks. I’m just giving you what you deserve, slut.”

The words were so humiliating, but far from wanting to fight them, Samus held her mouth open and moaned. He was going to make her cum if he kept talking about her like that, especially when the pirate who had been fucking her got back over to her and slamming his length up her ass again. She gasped as he grabbed her tits and shoved them roughly together around his cock. He fucked her tits like that for a moment before thrusting his cock hard into her mouth again, dragging her head up far enough that she could wrap her lips around it every time it emerged from between the soft, sweet valley of her tits.

“I’m going to paint your tits, Hunter-whore” he told her, crudely. “I’m going to splatter them with my cum, and I’m going to do the same every time I see you for the next month. You’re going to spend all your time at this base satisfying my cock, you nasty, big-titted blonde fucktoy!” He slid forward far enough that he could thrust hard down her throat one more time before pulled out, leaving her gasping. In again, out again, in again… and staying still. He kept it all the way inside her, making her gag as he glared down into her tired, struggling blue eyes while he cut off her air. She was so helpless, and he obviously loved it, obviously enjoyed holding her life in his hands and his fat cock. When he finally pulled out, he rained dozens of slaps all over her body making her struggle in pain. “You are a dirty slut,” Tsallit observed, “You deserved to be raped in every hole that you own, don’t you agree?”

Tears formed in Samus’ eyes. Tsallit brutally slapped her across the face again. “Fucking answer me whore” he said, sternly, as he slapped her again.

“Yess…” she said in a broken voice… and as she said it, she came… the hardest yet.

As Samus bucked and squirmed beneath him on the console, Tsallit laughed mockingly at the cumming blonde, slapping her again and only making her orgasm stronger. “Correct, whore! You deserved to be punished by all of us!” he hissed as he slapped her again. “And don’t forget, you don’t just deserve this slut… you asked for it! You deserve this for being such a whore you couldn’t help but come back to us for more or what we’ve been giving you… if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t have come here, right?”

To Samus, at this moment, that logic made perfect sense. “Yes…” she whimpered. “I came here for you.”

Tsallit was cruelly finger-fucking Samus’s pussy even as she was assfucked. “You’re so tight you’re practically begging for a hard cock,” he mocked as he brutally thrust his fingers into her pussy harder and deeper. The way the nanites worked, it didn’t matter that she’d already been fisted, it didn’t matter that she’d already been fucked dozens of times. They ensured she was always perfectly, painfully, tight for everything that was pushed into her.

Suddenly, Samus’ head was yanked back, and another Space Pirate shoved his cock down her throat, even while the fat, relentless dick continued to plumb the depths of her asshole and Tsallit resumed fucking her chest. Samus felt like nothing more than a collection of holes as the pirates used her, taking advantage of all of her body for their pleasure and caring not in the slightest about any other aspect of her as she was raped. The group of them jackhammered her senseless but it was never enough for Tsallit, he wanted to make sure she suffered every single moment… grabbing onto both of her nipples and twisting them in his fingers hard enough to make her screech around the gagging dick.

“See? Even this dumb filly agrees her breasts aren’t getting enough attention,” he said as he thrust between them. “Why are these magnificent, impressive cow tits not being played with every second, when they are the single part of her that most gives lie to the thought that she was ever a warrior?” he said mockingly as he tortured her even more. He kept roughly playing with her tender nipples, pinching and squeezing them vigorously, relentlessly, as the pirate behind her in her ass resumed fucking her. There was nothing pleasurable about this fucking, it was so painful for her… and that was exactly what made her cum. Cumming for her sheer worthlessness. Cumming for her suffering and destruction as Tsallit, with breasts in both hands, mashed them together and thrust violently between them.

Someone – no, not just someone, his cock was different, it was Sylux… plunged into her tight cunt as Samus squealed again, invaded at the moment of her orgasm and all but losing it as her slick pussy was invaded and she was made almost airtight by pounding meat. “Amazing!” the pirate deep throating her growled. “I never stop being amazed by this human. She’s a perfect, grade A piece of ass! If the rest of human women can measure up to a quarter of her, it’s all the reason we need to conquer the galaxy.”

Tsallit laughed. “What, you think this worthless slag is the epitome of their species? I bet she’s not even up to their average… you can find a better piece of fuckmeat than the tramp around every corner and down every alley. We’ll have to test the theory, won’t we?”

“Definitely,” Kryzzk agreed as he stepped up to her as well, taking his turn in her mouth, standing beside the other Space Pirates. Samus had to take turns bobbing her head up and down on the thick slab of cock, then another, and back to the first, then the second, keeping each satisfied as she sluttily pleased their lengths until she had spit dripping off her chin and over her eyes and their cocks glistened and throbbed in her mouth. Her ass wriggled delightfully for her alien rapists as 5 of them now took her at once, even as she arched her back and came as they ripped her body apart. Every stroke was so painful for her but that was good and proper, to remind her she could never be more than this… to abandon any thought of escape. There was no let-up from her tormentors as they ignored all the girl’s needs and continued to fuck her mercilessly, giving her no choice but to submit to what they gave to her. All 5 of them were engaged in different parts of her body, pleasing themselves by making her suffer.

Her rape became a blur to the helpless Samus. Thick, engorged members – foul-tasting and reeking of sweat and alien musk – stretched the blonde’s poor lips and throat, digging as deep as they could go. Large hairy tripled nutsacks slapped against her wet forehead repeatedly. Meanwhile, monstrously throbbing fuck-sticks slammed into her from behind so powerfully that it made her nubile flesh ripple delectably, and her succulent breasts were wrapped around yet another length of alien rapemeat. She moaned in despair and the pleasure it brought to give up completely, knowing that there was nothing she could do. She was so helpless… Samus knew that there was nothing she could do but to let the pirates do whatever they wanted to do to her. Anything they wanted.

Samus wasn’t sure how long had passed before they stopped fucking her, pulling her down off the makeshift table of the science console, but it had to be hours later. Her pussy and ass were swollen almost shut and the console beneath her was probably ruined, it was so soaked with puddles of sweat and cum and urine. Samus’ captors pulled her roughly by her breasts to her feet, and as she wobbled under their guidance to elsewhere in the room, huge globs of gluey alien semen dripped down with a loud wet plop to the lab floor beneath her as it poured from her well-raped holes.

“Leaving a trail, Samus?” Sylux mocked cruelly. “What’s the matter, little toy… afraid you wouldn’t be able to find your way back after we’re finished with you?” He chuckled. “I really don’t think its going to be an issue for you. You’re never going anywhere, ever again.” They bent her over something new, pushing her facedown with her legs spread wide right before Sylux rammed his long, stiff cock her asshole. Soon someone climbed onto the console and twisted her head over towards him so that the Space Pirate could make her gag on his cock. They took turns fucking her ass and pussy just as they had before in this new position, Samus’ climaxes shaking her defiled body like a leaf as the entire squad of menacing alien soldiers smashed her down onto the hard, cold, unyielding metal until her firm tits flattened against it. The air was forced from her lungs every time a huge Space Pirate body sandwiched her between their bodies and the metal, when she could catch her breath at all around the dick clogging her neck.

Each new rape stole a little more of Samus’ energy, made her legs a little more wobbly and her balance a little less certain. Only the grip of a dozen Space Pirates kept her upright, kept her from limply sliding off the makeshift platform to the ground. Before long her lean, sexy legs were streaked with a fresh coat of jism. Pirates gripped the soaked knot of hair in her ponytail, using it to turn her head this way and that as they took turns fucking her face, ramming cocks past her lips and down her throat as others reamed out her overworked shitter.

By the time every pirate had taken her in this position at least once, shooting his cum up her soaked, clasping asshole or down her slick, swollen throat, Samus was nearly unconscious. She took two stumbling steps away from the console she had been bent over when she was released before she collapsed to the floor. They weren’t even close to done with her, though. The beautiful blonde was pulled to her knees and hard, stiff cock after after hard, stiff alien prick fucked her mouth and throat, dumping load after load of jizz in her mouth, down her gullet, across her face, and over her body. There wasn’t a single square inch of Samus’s lithe, little body that wasn’t covered with the gooey white spunk… but now with a twist. No one fucked her face now without feeding her his piss when he was finished, making Samus drink it down until she felt like her belly was swollen pregnant with a baby of piss.

“Wrap your tongue around me, bitch!” One of them spat as he pissed down her neck. “Just because I’ve cum doesn’t mean you can slack off.”

“Stick your tongue out and lick my balls while I fuck you, cunt!” the next one told her

“Don’t swallow my cum, slut,” instructed a third. “Let it drool out all over your tits!”

“Think I can spell ‘hatchling’?” Tsallit said, rubbing his cock against the laser-burned words on her forehead before doing his best to do exactly that with his cumshot.

“Swallow it all, Hunter-whore!” said the next.

“Ever had a man jizz up your nose, Samus?” Sylux said as he did just that.

“Open your fucking eyes!” Kyrzzk growled as he came right into them

Each one of the Space Pirates made Samus do something different as they face-fucked her. Whatever they told her to do, she meekly complied. If they put it in her throat or mouth, she swallowed it down… piss, cum, spit, anything. She was just a living toilet for them and they treated her like one, and after each cock was finished with her, finished giving her what it wanted to either inside of her or on her skin, the blonde bounty hunter lovingly sucked and licked the spent cocks and balls clean.

Samus’s knees were chaffed raw and covered with dried blood from where she had cut herself on her knees before the nanites closed the injuries. Her lips still seemed perfect and fuckable, healed for the pleasure of her rapists, but the burning sensation still lingered in them to reveal how badly bruised and swollen they had become time and time again by the rough slide of cocks and beating of chitinous shafts against her mouth and face. Her features were so plastered with cum that she looked as though she was wearing a dirty silver mask and her tits were painted with the same dirty shade of white. She felt more dead than alive.

It didn’t matter.

Kryzzk dragged the nearly limp girl over to another console, the same one she had been by when they captured her. “Hold her,” he said as he rifled through his armor, looking for what he wanted. “Here…” he said, pulling out a familiar looking tool that would have made Samus’ heart fall if she felt it had any lower to go. The plasma-whip blazed to life, and even in her defiled, hopeless state Samus managed a small whimper… but she didn’t resist. Instead, she spread her legs further for them.

“Think that’s going to get you mercy, slut?” Kryzzk mocked. “I think not.” Samus didn’t think that at all… she just knew she deserved it. She pushed her own tits down harder against the console as she squirmed her ass invitingly. Then Kryzzk began whipping her and all thought left her head.

She came on the first stroke.

It felt like the lash was skinning her alive… leaving tiny but extraordinary painful burns on her skin at the point of contact. Just Kryzzk would have been bad enough but soon the rest of the squad of Space Pirates caught on and they were in the science armory… there was plenty of examples of Samus’ replicated tech here for them. Soon, every member of the squad was beating her with her own plasma lash or a replicated copy of the weapon, whipping every inch of her skin.

Samus could only writhe, lost in suffering like madness as she was flayed by the stunning, debilitating whips. A small part of her, screaming in the depths of her mind, began to hope they would kill her… but that wasn’t what these lashes were for. They were designed as a stunning weapon, crowd control, a painful but nonlethal way to subdue a target. They could hurt her with them for hours, days, years… and it wouldn’t kill her. It would just make her wish that they would.

Over and over the burning orange lengths of shocking plasma landed on her, sizzling against her skin. The scent of burning skin and ozone began to overwhelm even the stale odors of sex and cum and sweat, and still they lashed her. Kryzzk stuffed her own paralyzer, still attached to her own copy of the plasma whip, up her pulsating, gooey, spunk filled shitter, giving her a long, glowing, painful tail to shake while the squad hurt her, and still they lashed her. Samus climaxed a dozen times from the agony and still they lashed her. She was pressed against the console so hard her tits felt smashed, until the agony in her breasts was almost as much as the agony on her back and ass, and still they lashed her. She screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed as Sylux managed to viciously slash his whip right up the center of her pussy gash, and still they lashed her and her ass wiggled enticingly and her tail swayed back and forth, burning her legs on each sway… right left right left right left.

It was only a matter of time before her screaming and suffering and misery got their cocks hard again. Samus knew it, but she still whimpered when they paused in their whipping long enough to rape her pussy and ass again. The fucks were inhumanly painful for the sexy blonde, mauling her well beaten, athletic body, but the hateful aliens simply didn’t care… they just laughed at the way Samus howled and screamed and came as they fucked her, whipping her just to make the spasms go through her shitter and cunt to milk them. It was Kryzzk, of course, who had the idea to wrap one of the plasma lashes around her neck like a leash, and use it to yank her back… filling her with burning agony even as it suffocated her. Dragging her backwards like that with a cock in her ass, Kryzzk forced her back into an arch, holding her up only with his dick and the grip around her throat. “Whip her tits!” he hissed out of this tripart jaw, growling with the pleasure. “Really make the cunt suffer.”

It was only when the first lash of the plasma whip fell on her breasts that Samus realized that her chest was finally exposed to the lashing. Laughing, the Space Pirates began to brutally whip Samus’ impressive tits with the plasma whips, making her give a gurgling howl through her open but choked-off mouth. Samus, despite feeling like she had earned every bit of suffering in the world, still tried to twist away, to escape from the suddenly sharp pain, but the burning leash held her fast, Kryzzk gripping her ass with his other hand as he raped her tiny, clenching asshole.

“The best ass I’ve ever fucked,” Kryzzk said approvingly, sighing in pleasure with each inch he forced into the screaming, writhing, suffering bounty hunter with bitter tears of blazing pain dripping down her cheeks, as her tits burned with each slapping strike of the plasma whips. Each time they came down, Samus clenched her muscles, massaging the cock that was anally violating her on sheer reflex. They didn’t let up, either… Kryzzk kept raping and choking her and as long as he did the pirates kept hurting her tits. The blonde was constantly whipped, her tits already red from the burning heat while her asshole felt like it was being stabbed, the man enjoying her tight opening to the fullest.

“I think… she needs… more pain…” Kryzzk grunted, pulling back until only the tip of his cock rested between Samus’ perfect asscheeks before he slammed his entire length back in, enjoying how she went rigid at this new wave of agony.

“I’ll see to that,” Sylux said with a sneer. He had, at some point, paused to begin putting his armor back on, so his forearm was encased in metal once again. He stepped towards Samus, waited for a quick break when no one was whipping her… and with a soulless grin, he began pushing the blazing length of the whip into her open mouth.

Samus’ scream was audible even through the whip stuffing her jaw, even without breath. At the moment she didn’t even care that screaming made her squeezed neck hurt even more. Her world vanished in a haze of agony. “That’s… fucking… fantastic!” Kryzzk exclaiming as Samus’ body jumped against him, basically impaling the poor girl’s ass on the alien cock, pushing it deeper into herself.

“Yeah, what a sight…” Tsallit agreed, watching Samus suffer, more tears dripping down her pretty face.

“I think she needs more,” Kryzzk said. “Stuff another one in there!”

The pirates were only all too eager to comply. A few handed lashes to Sylux and, with deliberately slow moves, he brought one of the lit plasma lashes to her mouth. Samus was unable to avert her eyes from the burning length of the whip. Her weak, terrified movements only aroused Kryzzk more as he began ramming his cock up her asshole even faster.

He could have spared himself the effort. As the second lash lit up in Samus’ mouth, nothing in the world could have stopped her reaction of agony. As she spasmed and thrashed against the hands and lashes holding her, she pushed back from the pain in her mouth as if she could escape it. Samus wailed, sobbed, choking on tears and on her own screams, while her unwilling body bucked against him in an attempt to escape the burning torture, basically fucking him back.

“Yes, you whore!” Kryzzk growled as he dumped another load of alien jizz straight into the bounty hunter’s asshole. “That’s the best way to fuck her!”

It seemed, much to Samus’ dismay, that the other pirates agreed… because they all wanted to try. This particular activity was so enjoyable by both the fuckers and the onlookers that Samus’ swollen, leaking pussy was soon forgotten while the Space Pirates concentrated only on her ass and tits. The humiliating and painful agony was miserable, and watching Samus suffer had the other Space Pirates howling with laughter.

Finally, after stars alone knew how long, the pirates stood over her with cocks hanging limply from their bodies… standing over her and pissing on her like a latrine trough on the ground. “We had fun, didn’t we Hunter-whore?” Tsallit said as he aimed his cock right between her eyes, hosing off the laser brand on her forehead. “At least now if Ridley fucks you to death, we know we had a good time with your slutty, cum-sucking face.”

Samus just kind of gurgled pathetically like a dying animal as his piss scalded her eyes and irritated the still tingling skin on her neck where the burns from the plasma lash were healing, but she kept her eyes wide open without moving as the Space Pirate pissed into them. He moved his cock, sweeping the stream of urine across her nose and into her wide, open mouth. Other pirates who still had something left after the hours stepped up and began pissing themselves, hosing Samus down as she slowly moved across the floor like a crippled animal, slithering like a snake in her desperate attempt to escape as the squad of alien warriors drenched the sexy blonde’s sleek body in stinking piss. Kryzzk, never one to be upstaged when it came to making the whore miserable, forced his cock up her ass before he let go. Samus made such a sexy gurgling noise as his piss filled her guts that a half dozen other pirates insisted they had to do it that way, too.

Tsallit finished, backing off to sit down and catch his breath. Damn whore had damn near fucked him out. He felt almost like he was drifting in an exhausted daze. He was only half paying attention as Samus slowly writhed across the ground, no doubt still cumming in the humiliating degradation of what they did to her. The Space Pirate scientists had assured him that a single trigger would keep her incapacitated for eight hours, and as exhausted as he was from gangbanging the slut it hadn’t been that long, so he wasn’t really thinking of her as a threat.

That was why, when the pirates starting kicking the piss-addled braindead slut in her torn zero suit around, sending her rolling about the ground as they battered her, and she rolled out of sight for a second, he didn’t think much of it. When she rose to her feet, his mind didn’t immediately process the problem. When he saw her hands free, the cuffs glowing orange where they had been cut down the middle, it took his exhausted mind a moment to realize how that shouldn’t have happened. And when Samus tossed something to the floor around the naked, kicking pirates and it hit with a clink, it took his tired reflexes a moment to realize the danger they were in.

Samus turned and ran.

“Catch her!” Tsallit roared, his mind going a dozen different directions at once as he lurched in the direction she ran before his worn out, too-slow mind realized that what she had tossed on the ground, softly glowing with orange light, wasn’t the piece of her cuff like he had assumed… it was a sphere, and it wasn’t glowing with the residual heat of being cut through by a plasma scythe. It was glowing with building energy.

“Fuck!” he snapped, bending down and snatching up the ball. It was surprisingly heavy, shockingly so actually, but he pulled it up into a cradle as he broke into a run. “Kryzzk, get the fucking door open!” he snarled as he ran for the main hallway. They had to get this thing out of her… out of the base, into the water. He had to get it out. He reached the door and… and… and the damn thing wouldn’t open. “Kryzzk!” he shouted, “open it! Kryz-” He turned, looking back towards the computer consoles… and finding no one there. Kryzzk, and the other Space Pirates, had scattered… running in a dozen different directions. No one, least of all Kryzzk, had stayed behind to open the secured door.

“You stupid bastards!” Tsallit groaned. “You dumb, fuckin-”

Kryzzk screamed in abject terror as the Power Bomb went off inside the science facility. The initial blast was like a vacuum, like someone had opened a black hole in the middle of the facility and it was sucking everything it, but that lasted only for an instant before all that gathered energy and matter erupted outward in a furious and furiously lethal detonation. It shook the entire structure, and Kryzzk felt it more than saw it as the building dislodged from its mooring in the underground ocean and began to fall, sinking deeper into Meridia.

That, by itself, would have been bad enough, but they were in the science sector… thousands of barely stable experiments, including the experiments on Samus’ own technology, were stored here, and when the first one of them was triggered by the decimating Power Bomb it set up three more surrounding experiments, then each of them set off more. An ever-expanding ripple of secondary explosions ripped through the science facility, ripping steel and shattering glass. Heavy steel beams fell on the desk Kryzzk had sought refuge under, making him scream again and again as he feared being buried alive and crushed… but the desk held.

Then there was the heavy impact as the falling facility landed on the ocean floor on its side and tipped and Kryzzk was thrown like a rag doll.

By the time he had reassembled enough of his scattered wits to push himself up to hands and knees again, he noticed he was crouching in a centimeter of water. His eyes went wide with panic… he couldn’t swim. His armor… where was his armor! It had to be around here somewhere, and he wasn’t getting out of here without it.

Kryzzk forced himself to to crawl back towards the room that they had spent hours raping the Hunter… already it felt a long time ago on an alien world. He felt a moment of relief when he saw something else moving in the hallway, another armored figure, and his spirits only fell a little when he realized it was Sylux.

The bounty-hunter didn’t look good. He had clearly been much closer to the Power Bomb detonation than Kryzzk had, and only the fact that he had been wearing armor saved him… and most of that armor was slagged now. His body was covered in painful-looking burns and most of his armor didn’t move right. Kryzzk, however, didn’t care… he was alive, and that was enough. “I need help,” he said. “I need to get my ar-”

“Fuck you,” Sylux said with a hiss, raising his hand to point at Kryzzk. The Space Pirate froze. The bounty hunter’s cannon on his armor was gone, but his body was still generating the electrical charge that he used to power it and blue sparks were dancing across his skin. “Fuck you, fuck Samus, Fuck Mother Brain, and fuck this planet. I’m not dying on it.” He glared at Kryzzk before he disappeared further down the hall. “Fix your own problems. I’m out of here.”

He lowered his hands and kept walking. He didn’t look back but Kryzzk barely dared to move until he was out of sight. He had no idea how the alien intended to get back to his ship in Tourian without their help but that wasn’t his problem… he would see the bastard executed as soon as he got back in touch with Mother Brain. He could blame this disaster on Sylux and Tsallit… yes, that was it. Kryzzk turned, walking back down the slowly flooding hallways back towards where had come from. He just needed to get his armor from where he had stripped it off. Then he would be able to-

Eyes wide, he flinched backwards so harshly that he almost fell over backward, flatting his back against the wall. She was in there. The Hunter was in there. He swallowed. “Hatchling!” he shouted. “Hatchling! Hatchling! Hatchling! Hatchling!” He peered around the corner, eyes tracking for Samus… and he found her.

The blonde stood there, looking just as she had at the end… still wearing the ripped and ruined zero suit soaked with cum and piss, obviously not caring to do anything about it yet. A carry-all was thrown over one shoulder, a clean and intact copy of the blue outfit hanging halfway out of it. She carried a Space Pirate power scythe under one arm and a prototype rifle over one shoulder. She was covered in soot and dirt and cum and grime and her hair was soaked and caked in ash and foulness… but she didn’t look pathetic in the least. She looked like an angel of war, covered in the detritus of the battlefield but deadly and focused.

“Hatchling…” Samus muttered, looking back at him. “That word doesn’t mean what you think.” She put two fingers to her forehead and swiped as if wiping away the dirt stuck there. As she did, the words burned there seemed to wipe away just as easily, Kryzzk looking on with wide eyes. “My parents gave me that name. You don’t get to take it.”

Kryzzk didn’t wait to see what she was going to do… the trigger word wasn’t working. He turned and ran as quickly as he could, the naked pirate fleeing down the hallway, splashing down hallways as they slowly flooded as he ran in a panic. It took him a half hour to realize she wasn’t chasing him, and by then his ears were starting to pop as the pressure in the structure was growing high enough to be uncomfortable.

Room by room, the naked Space Pirate looked for a suit of armor or a communications device, something he could use to escape or call for help, and found nothing. The facility was a mess… the chain of explosions had wrecked the place thoroughly, and it being on its side played havoc with his sense of where was where. Without really meaning to, he found himself back in the core, back with the weapons, looking for an experimental set of armor that had survived the explosions or oxygen tanks or anything and finding not a damned thing.

The computer system. It might know.

Kryzzk banged the computer with frustration to bring the cracked screen into focused… and stared in mute horror at the world on the screen. Slowly, bitterly, he began to laugh.

Process Completed

Duration: Five hours, 36 minutes, 58 seconds.

Owner Designation: Samus Aran, Biocode 01:20:0A:BB:28:GB:X7:1H

In hindsight, what had happened was obvious. Samus had gotten here… and found that crippling commands build into her nanites couldn’t be disabled. Lacking the ability to do so, she had done the next best thing… transferred ownership of the processes, both healing and neutralizing, over to herself, giving her command over them. It has only affected a single nanite at first, of course… that one needed to bump into others to spread the changed code, then those two would need to come into contact with two more. It was an exponentially growing process… but the start of it was slow… very slow. It had taken hours.

Hours in which Samus had been vulnerable. Hours in which she had needed to keep the pirates from crippling or killing her while she was vulnerable. Hours in which she needed to bait them into thinking that everything was still working just as intended. She had thrown herself into the grinder willingly… hiding her conscious mind and her sanity behind the drugged out haze, let it command her completely… until suddenly, five hours and 37 minutes later, it had suddenly ended and she was herself again.

Then she had escaped, and there was no one left to stop her.

Tsallit was alive. The stupid Hunter-whore had failed.

He couldn’t even begin to decide how he was going to punish that blonde bitch for this. Screw Mother Brain and screw Ridley. The whore was his. He was gonna do things to her that would make that gangbang feel like a fucking stroll in the park. He was going to pound that slut so hard that even that cumsoaked brain of hers wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

It had been close. Too close. There had been dozens of different nanite prototypes in there, most of them failures, and with only seconds to spare, he’d had no time to tell which one he was grabbing. But his gamble had paid off. The bomb had been the most agonizing experience of his life, like every last nerve in his body was being flayed, and it had taken entire chunks out of him, but he was alive, and he was going to stay that way.

He still felt like he’d been flayed, he was too weak to move, and his lungs ached down here at the bottom of the ocean, but those were temporary problems. The nanites were hard at work repairing what the bomb had left behind and regrowing what it had destroyed. An hour, two at most, and he’d be recovered enough to swim to the surface and start tracking the Hunter-whore down.

Minutes passed by in a blur as Tsallit pondered the myriad of ways he could make the blonde fucktoy pay. It was almost enough to distract him from the pain.

More minutes passed.

Hours passed.

It didn’t feel like the nanites had made any progress fixing him up, but that had to be his imagination. They were working, obviously, or he’d be dead ten times over down here. They… they were prototypes, that was all. It was only natural they’d work a little slower than what the Hunter-whore had been given.

More hours passed.

The nanites couldn’t just leave him in this state, alive and paralyzed and in agony. They just… they couldn’t!

More hours passed.

Someone would find him soon. The Hunter-whore had probably been recaptured within five minutes of her escape attempt, and those damn bastards were busy gangfucking her some more. But she’d drain their balls eventually, and then they’d come looking for him. Any minute now. Any minute now. Any minute now…

For the thousandth time in the last 24 hours, Kryzzk took stock of his situation, hoping to see something he’d missed.

Everyone else was gone. There was no one to help him. He alone had remained in the facility as it had slowly filled with water, chasing him up to the highest levels. It had been his only option, outside of braving the water and almost certainly drowning.

And eventually, the water had stopped rising, kept at bay by this meager air pocket he was now trapped in. He’d survived, and all he had to do now was keep surviving until he was rescued. Kryzzk knew that Ridley and the others wouldn’t come here just for him, but they’d come to find their lost lab and salvage whatever they could. And when they found the facility, they’d find him.

There was only one problem: he was hungry. He was very, very hungry.

Space Pirates weren’t intended to go this long without eating. They were bred to fight hard, fuck hard, and keep on going long after any other pathetic race in the galaxy would’ve died. The price of their superior genetics was a metabolism that demanded constant fuel. He’d already been starving after that long gangbang, and looking forward to filling his belly with food just like he’d filled Samus’ with jizz.

But there was no food in his little pocket of safety. Just him and some of the lab’s weapons: a couple rifles, a new version of the arm-mounted blades, one of Samus’ plasma whips… nothing edible.

So Kryzzk had to make a choice. He’d put it off as long as possible, hoping that someone would show up and save him from having to decide, but he was running out of time. He had only four options.

First, he could try and fail to swim to safety. Maybe if he’d tried that in the beginning, hours ago, he could’ve made it, but now he’d drown before he even made it out of the wreckage of the facility.

Second, he could let himself starve to death. It was slower and more awful than drowning, but at least he wouldn’t have to do anything. A few more hours of indecision and he wouldn’t even have to choose.

Third, he could use one of these weapons to kill himself. It was faster and easier than he first two options, but he knew he’d never really do it. He just didn’t have it in him.

Fourth… he could eat.

There was nothing here except him and the weapons, but the arm-blade was razor sharp, and the plasma-whip could be used to cauterize a wound. It would hurt, but only for a few minutes. If he was willing to keep doing it, he could live for days and days like that. Eating would mean he was guaranteed to live long enough for rescue, and rescue would mean a trip to the medical bays, where they could fix any injury he had. If he really wanted to live, all he had to do was pick up the blade.

Kryzzk didn’t want to live that badly. But he also didn’t want to die. He really, really, really didn’t want to die.

The Space Pirate cried for a little while more, then waited another few minutes, praying his rescue would come at last.

And then he picked up the blade.

3 thoughts on “Hunter’s Fall 11 – Over Her Head

  1. I’ve left a review of every chapter so far, and I’m not missing this one!

    This doesn’t have the character beats the last chapter did, but that certainly doesn’t bother me. This is where things set up earlier in the story begin to pay off, and it’s harsh, but by God it’s satisfying.

    Something that did make me laugh early on is part of Samus’s reaction to being raped by the evir for the 8th time. It’s traumatic and upsetting for her…but by this point she’s also kind of getting annoyed! In spite of everything, it kind of made me grin a little.

    Then we get to the research facility proper, and I do appreciate the callback to the last part of Zero Mission, effectively the last time something like this happened. It might raise an eyebrow that the Space Pirates didn’t set up some sort of override for the nanites, but Science Team does have vapor for brains. It is known.

    The actual gangbang/rape scene here is in that weird gray area, like in Fox Hunt, where it is kind of arousing, gotta say, and while Samus’s plan plays out…well…might as well enjoy herself on some level.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, though! I do not want you and Darinost writing stories like “Well, we weren’t planning to do another Gossamer scene, but IBD said he enjoyed this kind of thing, so…” This is preferable to the alternative, but I wouldn’t want to leave a character like this.

    And then we get the payoff…

    It really is a tragedy that there’s not an Evil Laugh smiley for WordPress.

    This is brutal, but like I said above, there’s definitely enjoyment to be had at it. Tsallit enjoyed using the nanites on Samus, and now he ends up on the receiving end of them, unable to fully heal but also unable to die, and Kryzzk…ah, Kryzzk. That stuff with the collar and the needles was about as painful for me to read as it was for Samus to experience (I mean, obviously not really, but you know), so his was probably the most enjoyable fate of the bunch, having to torture himself to survive just like he made Samus torture herself back on the gunship.

    So yeah, Darinost can pat himself on the back here.


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