Lost in the Mist – Ch 1

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This is an alternate history, an alternate ending for Finding Avalon. It would take place immediately after Chapter 7, and in place of Yuki’s interlude.

Merielle awoke with a start, alarm filling her mind before she knew exactly why. She felt like a wounded animal waking up in a panicked frenzy, ready to lash out in every direction in pain… or she would have, if her limbs could move. In the next few seconds, the terrifying reality of where she was, why she hurt, and how she had gotten here came to the suffering girl… and the pain in her throat from the noose was a hell of a clue. Just a few seconds ago she had been suffocating to death on that rope. Looking down, she found that she was otherwise right where she had been… tied spread eagle in a frame in the center of the room, wrists and ankles bound in iron chains that held them as securely in place as the weight of the whole planet would have.

Looming above her in the dim light was barely a silhouette… but Merielle knew who the dark and mysterious figure was all too well. Mordred, Master Mordred, was the architect of her darkest suffering on a daily basis, and even in complete blackness she could never fail to recognize his presence, the way his own darkness seemed to stain the mere lack of light, an even darker black around his gleaming red eyes. Suddenly filled with a deep and terrible fear, she opened her mouth to scream, only for him to tighten the rope around her neck again before she had a chance to make so much as a single sound. He could kill her at any second… he commonly flirted with torments that risked it, but the fact that he never actually killed her didn’t make the proximity to death any less terrifying.

A smile of satisfaction stretched across the vampire’s lips… Merielle couldn’t help but see it with the way his teeth and fangs, so stark white even in the darkness, shone clearly… promising death.

And if he knew what she was here to do… he would probably follow through on that promise.

Merielle was absolutely terrified of the vampire, her skin crawling just looking at him like it was trying to squirm off her body to escape. Being his most common fucktoy over the last several months had done absolutely nothing to make her used to the nightmare of being in his presence… if anything, it made it worse. Merielle shivered in fear but tried not to show any of it to him on her face… he always hurt her worse when she was afraid. The wicked smirk on his face as he stepped closer told Merielle she wasn’t really successful… and who could blame her? He had already choked her out a half dozen times and he hadn’t even fucked her yet tonight… this was just the foreplay.

Her breath was running out again, and Merielle was just starting to gape her mouth, vision going dark, when he released the rope tightening around her neck and grabbed onto the frame she was attached to, rotating it so that she was parallel to the floor rather than upright. He didn’t take his eyes away from her for a second as he did it, either… and once she locked gaze with the vampire, it was insanely hard to look away. Her faerie nature made her better able to resist getting lost in his hypnotic glare than most and it made no difference… the will in his eyes seemed to push hers aside like cobwebs, cowing her with trivial effort as he stepped between her legs, her pussy and ass on full display and exposed to the vampire. Merielle couldn’t help but shudder in her complete helplessness… she knew that she was always under Mordred’s absolute control here but, it never felt more firm and impossible than at times like this when he stood over her and she could see the cruel excitement in his eyes, as she could see him deciding how to hurt her when she was in such a vulnerable position.

He slowly, casually, took off his shirt and tossed it aside, showing off his trimmed muscular chest. She stared up at him as he looked down on her like she was his prey. Her pussy clean shaved and her tight little ass was presented right in front of him and it was such a glorious sight. Soon, he took off his pants and the briefs and let them fall to the floor. He was standing before her as naked as she was, just staring into her eyes. Mordred stood there, just staring, thinking, long enough that Merielle started feeling restless, her panic overwhelming her sense and despite herself she began to tug at her restraints, trying to squirm away. Hopelessly, of course.

Minutes passed before the vampire leaned forward between her legs, his hip grinding against her crotch as he bent over and kissed her. Their faces met and she was terrifyingly aware of his fangs as he kissed her softly, forcing his tongue into her mouth before driving deeper and harder. He left her breathless when he was finished. “I still haven’t decided,” he said, and his voice was like ice. “If I should keep exploring your identity selkie… or if I should just kill you and be done with it.” 

One of his hands reached down and grabbed her by a cherry nipple, rolling it in his fingers as he considered her like a choice cut of meat. “Your blood is sweet… not as sweet as Briaca’s was, perhaps, but nothing has ever measured up to the first. And you do look so much like her,” his voice had a musing tone. “It makes me wonder if you are a game, or a trap. Is that witch Syllana perhaps making a play? Or is this Paragon’s latest attack? If that’s the case, the sooner I use you up and spit you out a bloodless, cum-filled condom, the better.” Merielle didn’t know what he was talking about, but the calm, considerate tone in which he was deciding if he should murder her was chilling.

He smirked, his lips rising over his fangs “Oh, don’t fear my pet… I know that you don’t know who is using you to play games. Maybe it’s the goddess herself, come to mock me once again… though it would be a funny way to show it, giving me someone so lovely like this under my complete control.” Mordred shook his head. As he spoke, he rubbed his cock against her pussy and gazed into her eyes. “No… not until I know your secrets, I don’t think. Perhaps tomorrow, I will think differently.”

Mordred stepped out from between her legs and around her head, her hair dangling down. Merielle whimpered as he grabbed the rope again, but that whimper died a pathetic death as he tugged the noose shut once again, her mouth popping out in a desperate gagging quest for air. “What a well trained girl you are,” he said, stroking her cheek. “So clever to know what your master wants, you obedient slut.” The vampire slid his cock in her mouth and began thrusting in and out, fucking her mouth without preamble. Merielle gagged against as it slid into her throat, feeling the pressure as it forced open her neck where the noose had clinched it shut… felt the push from both sides as the noose because just a more pleasant band of tightness on the head of his cock as he wedged it down her throat. That noose was murdering her, and all he cared was that it made his cock feel good.

Merielle knew she was a good cocksucker… that knowledge filled her with shame, but she knew it was so. She had practiced for hours and hours every day for months with very, very, very demanding teachers, dozens of guards or kidnappers or slave trainers letting her suck on their lengths while Mistress Yuki observed and gave instruction. That was, as she understood it, the value of her kind in the Mist of Avalon… the sheer training and skill put into everyone, years of experience they were forced to acquire before they were even permitted to be whores in this place. Mordred, however, didn’t care how talented her mouth and tongue were, didn’t care for her skill or the softness of her caress, the way her lips and breath and suction would combine to create heaven in her mouth for any man. No, he just raped her throat like a vandal destroying a stained glass window… for him, half the fun seemed to be that he was dismissing as irrelevant any tiny pride she could take in her skill and any mercy it might bring her at the same time. She had no way to make him cum sooner… the vampire always came when he decided he was ready and not a second before, so even though she tried her best to help bring him off as he held her head by her hair and used it as a handle to fuck her throat and make her slobber over his cock as he used her mouth like a fleshlight, she knew it made little difference. Her tongue was gliding along his dick as he thrust into the wet, warm paradise her mouth was offering him, and he cared less for that than he did for the spasms in her throat as she struggled for air she could not find and the tears rolling down her face from his cock hit the back of her throat.

Merielle continued to suck him anyway. What else could she do?

Merielle didn’t know how long he facefucked her for… she didn’t know how long it took or how long she suffered. Her nearly airless existence was a blur, just spots of vision in between burning agony in her lungs, in her throat, in her mind. Occasionally, Mordred would release the noose enough that she could breathe, but Merielle almost wished she could stop herself… it would have been more merciful to black out, he could do this for hours if he wanted to. By the time he finally pulled out with his dick covered in her saliva and his pre-cum, Merielle was closer to a corpse than she was to a vibrant selkie girl, and she was too weak and exhausted to do more than pitifully wheeze in what little air she could as he grabbed both of her tits, straddling her hanging body and resting his weight on her so that her ankles and wrists tugged viciously. With inhuman strength he pressed her tits together around his length savagely, slipping his cock back and forth between her bust as he fucked them. Merielle felt sure his fingers were sinking into her skin, or failing that that his strength was liquefying her insides… with how hard the vampire was able to press her tits together, the makeshift hole between her breasts might just be the tightest one of her body. Certainly he seemed to enjoy thrusting between the voluptuous, soft pillows on her chest, enveloping his cock in their embrace lubed by the drool she had been forced to put all over his shaft.

“Open your mouth, selkie whore,” he barked, his foot stomping down on the noose and cutting off all air once again. Merielle desperately complied, so frantic for air that she doubted she could have kept her mouth shut if she tried. Mordred started to stroke his cock through her tits one more time, then grabbed her by the hair and pressed her lips against the throbbing head of his cock just before he exploded into her waiting mouth, down her chin, onto her throat.

The disgusting taste filled her mouth as his semen stained her tongue, making her gag. Cum from the “guests” that she had to entertain was humiliating and disgusting, a sour stench that wiped away other flavors, but she supposed it wasn’t really that bad… certainly it was preferable to spending another day or week in the bathrooms. With Mordred, though, she wasn’t sure of that. His tasted every bit as bad as any other load of cum, every bit of the salting, humiliating mess with the slimy texture, but it also tasted… rotten, somehow. Dead. Tasting it was like biting into a apple only to realize the core was black with disease and rot, and it made her stomach rebel just at the thought of it, much less the taste.

Mordred finally took his weight off of her, and Merielle noted with dismay – but hardly surprise – that his cock had grown no softer. “What are you waiting for slut! Swallow it!” Merielle was quick to gulp down his seed, eyes still trapped in his hypnotic gaze as if saying thank you. Then a second later, when he pulled the noose off of her head, she would have have actually thanked him in that second if she had the breath to do so.

“Your Master just gave you a gift, selkie,” the vampire said, his voice sounding almost… bored. “And yet you sit there, huffing like common slime? What do you say?” he asked as he rubbed his dick all over her face.

“Thank you, Master!” she whimpered.

He sneered. “That furry little fucktoy of mine must be going easy on you if you still think your comfort… or very breath… is more important than servicing a man with everything you are. Pathetic and worthless… the both of you.” He strode around her, circling her in the dark, making her lose sight of him only to regain it when she felt a finger being forced inside her pussy. The sudden intrusion was small by comparison with what she had already felt so many times, but the vampire was so strong and rough that it still felt like he had stabbed her with a knife rather than inserted a single digit into her quim. “Not even wet,” he said, a hint of a laugh in his voice. “You know, many of the men here… they like their whores eager. Enthusiastic. They care little for the truth, of course, but they want to believe that willing or unwilling, their purchased partners are so overwhelmed by their cocks that they can’t help themselves, they simply have to explode.” Mordred forced a second finger into her dry snatch and Merielle whimpered and strained against her bonds, instinctively flinching away and trying to pull free… obviously not succeeding. The pain made her frantic with fear and humiliation. “Personally, I never saw the appeal. Real power doesn’t come from someone wanting you. It comes from someone being unable to stop you… and a nice, dry cunt like this is the perfect conquest to prove it.”

His hands withdrew from her but Merielle didn’t take solace in that. Indeed, what she feared was next came quickly as his thighs pressed against her own, his prick hard against her slit. The fact that he had been raping her daily for months didn’t stop her from nearly hyperventilating in terror and pulling desperately at the chains, even though she knew it was hopeless. Merielle felt the familiar hard shape, pressing against her slit. It rubbed up and down several times, then pushed forward, the pressure on her pussy lips mounting as the vampire’s cock pushed between them. Then the touch of Mordred’s phallus pulled back for just an instant, just a brief tease, then returned with greatly increased pressure, shoving forward and forcing her dry, unprepared hole to part. “AGH!!!” she screamed. Knowing that it was hopeless did not in any way stop her body from reflexively flinching away from the pain, clenching down and trying to force him out of her, trying to bar entry to her exposed hole.

Mordred chuckled. “Yes, that’s it, selkie. Good girl. Make a fight of it. That makes it so much more gratifying when I win.” The vampire lunged into her. 

“Aggghhhh!” Merielle protested, the pitch of her cries growing harsher and higher with time. For several seconds she held out against the vampire’s attack… but as much as she hated it, the issue was never really in doubt. The Master of the Mists of Avalon was simply too strong and had too much control over her body and the situation.  She gave a weak shout of denial as she felt a thick male erection slide through her pussy lips and force its way down into her soft belly.

Mordred didn’t stop as he drove deep into her, fighting the tightness and dryness of her cunt. The pressure was relentless as the vampire’s weight settled on her fully, crushing her down, yanking her limbs painfully taut as she felt his balls against her rear as he buried his organ inside her sheath.

He made a pleased, satisfied sound just above her face, one of his hands fondling her breasts as he began to pump slowly inside her, working his way against the tightness, forcing her body to yield to his through sheer strength. If his body wasn’t so invincible and unyielding it would have been agonizing for him as well, but since he was, the pain was all for Merielle. His cock moved in slow jerky movements and she gasped in pain as it rasped over her dry flesh, making her writhe helplessly, her limbs pulling against the chains, her body shaking and jerking desperately.

She could not break free, could do nothing to oppose the man atop her as his cock twisted around inside her belly. She gave a gasp and then a sob and finally, unable to hold it back any longer, a scream as the vampire ground his loins into her, his body scraping against her silky skin. She felt impaled on the thick, brutal instrument, felt it pulsing and throbbing deep inside her sex. His hands mashed and twisted her naked breasts and he chuckled low in his throat. “You are just as pleasant of a fuck as Briaca was,” he mocked, beating her insides with his cock until Merielle was almost sobbing in humiliation and pain, her ability to resist ripped away from her as surely as her skin had been months ago.

Then his teeth fastened on her throat and he bit down hard, making her yelp in pain. Mordred’s fangs pinched as they pierced her flesh, his lips closing tight on her skin, her flesh rippling as he sucked hard and long at her ivory neck while she bled for him. Cold spread through her body with each sucking sensation from the vampire and she cried out, feeling like he was raping her soul even as his hips continued to grind from side to side, tearing his big fuck-wand around inside her womb.

He jerked her ass up and thrust down, making his cock pump inside her. His teeth pulled free of her throat, licking at the wound, only to bite down a few inches higher. His mouth sucked again, even harder than before. His hands fondled her breasts as he began to hump his hips up and down, plunging the fuck-tool in and out of her tight snatch while the red-haired selkie sobbed. His prong slid up and down in her stinging pussy, making her whimper and groan in pain. His mouth pulled up then slid down again. Again he bit her, again his fangs ripped a hole on her neck, again he sucked hard as his cock worked up speed inside her pussy.

She gnashed her teeth as the vampire bit down on her yet again, tearing her head back in fury as she thrashed wildly, trying yet again to pull free of her tormentor. She heard amused chuckling from the man as Mordred picked up the pace, his hard, heavy hips rising high, then falling heavily as he sent his organ thrusting deep into her belly. His big tool fucked down into her with faster and faster movements, the man growling his pleasure as he pounded his meat down into her.

She went limp, giving up the fight, but that didn’t spare her at all. Mordred relentlessly kept up the assault, pumping in and out of her like an inexhaustible piston.  The skewered selkie could do nothing but scream in pain and humiliation as it went on, and on, and on, and on until her mind wanted to crack with the sheer madness of it. The selkie’s rape lasted for hours, at least… long enough for Merielle to completely lose track of time. He never stopped, never so much as slowed as friction burned her cunt bloody and her tunnel was beaten into the shape of his cock by repeated savage trauma. The ordeal seemed infinite, and from how long he had been snacking on her neck on and off, Merielle began to wonder if her blood was as well.

The cock pumped faster and faster until finally Mordred’s face finally came away from her throat, leaning forward and gripping onto her body with both hands as he put more energy into his thrusts, each one landing like a blow from a sledgehammer. His cock rammed into her with savage fury, making her moan in pain now with each thrust. He was pistoning it back and forth inside her with furious energy, then he groaned and sped up even more as he gurgled in pleasure. Then Merielle felt his semen flooding her, pouring down into her womb, and a part of her was genuinely grateful even as the rest of her shuddered in abject disgust and horror. She closed her stinging eyes in misery. With a groan of sheer pleasure the vampire pulled his dripping phallus from Merielle’s ravaged cunt. With a whimper of relief the selkie slumped in her chains, beaten and exhausted. Within seconds, however, she began to feel some small measure of energy again. None of the injuries she had suffered had been inflicted with iron… which meant that while her fae nature was mostly good for preventing injury in the first place, she also could recover far faster from this hell than a human could, immense restorative power flooding through her.

It was one of the worst parts of her life, because it meant that the vampire never needed to stop. 

“Not a bad start,” Mordred said with a smirk that showed his fangs, stained with her blood. “But it’s still hours before dawn, little selkie.” His cock – stained crimson by… by… oh gods and goddesses had she bled on him that much? – was still at full attention between his legs as he repositioned himself before her mouth. Merielle, dazed and only half responsive, just stared as he grabbed her by the hair, lifting her body by the grip, and she felt him press something into her mouth. The dazed selkie blinked her eyes but closed her lips around him instinctively. His cock was warmer than usual, and she tried not to think about the fact that it had gained that warmth from being buried inside her body as she began to suck on him, licking the mess off his dick… the only blood of hers he wasn’t going to feast on.

A few minutes later – long enough that she couldn’t taste anything on his cock but precum but not nearly long enough to let Merielle recover as much as she wanted to – Mordred pulled out of her. He didn’t step around her… instead, his body just dissolved into mist, something that had startled her the first time she had seen it but, now warranted no more of a reaction than the dread of not knowing where the next pain would come from. Seconds later, the mist reformed into the shape of the vampire as he stood between the trembling selkie’s legs, his hands squeezing her naked ass cheeks and sliding up and down her thighs. He took his hard, knobby nosed cock and placed it against her cunt, then, slowly eased it back into her.

She had, at some point in the hours of rape, finally gotten wet… her body’s feeble attempts at protecting itself from the weapon between his legs. Now those juices, combined with some of her blood and his cum leaking out of her, stained the cock she had just sucked once again, mingling to soak his length before he pulled out and pressed his tool against her asshole.

She squealed in dismay, trying with renewed desperation to pull herself free of the chains… but if her earlier efforts had been weak and hopeless, these ones were just pathetic. She could barely even lift her body weight up enough to sway in the chains, much less break them… Mordred could overcome the thrashing selkie’s protests with no more effort than he would use on a newborn kitten. He pressed the head of his cock against her crinkled little hole, applying more and more pressure to force the fat cockhead into her rear. It slowly forced the hole open and sank into her ass.

Merielle gasped and panted and whimpered in horror and pain, but she could do nothing but take it as his cockhead forced her hole wide open and disappeared inside her. Over the next few moments, the rest of his cock followed as she cried out in suffering, sputtered and choked as her harsh, ragged breathes drew in not enough air to satisfy her and unleash the screams she badly wanted to cut loose. Her nostrils burned, then her head seemed to explode, sending wildfire tearing through her nerves and muscles. She shook and spasmed, her body twitching and jerking helplessly as convulsions wracked her body. Her mind was in turmoil, swept by a roaring inferno of misery and anguish.

She had no idea what was going on, and her ability to understand it was rapidly disintegrating along with her mind and sanity. All she could sense was how much it hurt as Mordred’s fat, swollen cock slid deeper and deeper into the squirming selkie’s asshole, splitting her wide. With half of it inside her he began to pump slowly, his hands gripping the soft flesh of her buttocks and squeezing it so tightly as it went white between his fingers. He worked more and more of it into her with his powerful thrusts, relentless as an engine until finally he had buried the entire length inside the panting, moaning selkie sex slave’s butt.

Merielle looked up at him with horror as he smiled down at her, his fangs shining white… her eyes pleading for a mercy that was nowhere to be found in his. He let his cock rest there momentarily, half impaled, as his hands roamed her buttocks and slid up and down her body. Then he pulled back, watching with a cruel expression as inch after inch of gleaming wet cock tube slid out from her stretched anus.

With just the tip inside her, he took hold of both her nipples in one hand, and twisted and squeezed like he wanted to crush them. Merielle screamed, her body shook, everything tensed up… and at that moment, as she was the tightest she could possibly be, the vampire slammed his hips forward and thrust the entire length into Merielle’s rectum. She gave a choked cry, barely heard since the brutal rape was driving the air right out of her lungs. Her body shook violently, but there was nothing she could do to hinder the hard pumping he began to inflict on her tormented anal opening.

His big prick thrust in and out with no regard to her comfort… in fact, Mordred wanted to hurt her. Pain and insanity filled Merielle’s mind. Her ragged senses were still flailing about in near total disorientation as her body flared with hot, gut-churning anguish. Her senses seemed heightened, and she felt the big cock pumping away inside her like she held it in the palm of her hand, feeling every bump, ridge, and hair along its monstrously swollen length. His hands gripped her breasts, squeezing and kneading the round, pale meat. Fingers pinched and twisted her pink nipples, pulling them hard to distend the wobbling round melons around them, anything to bring a new stab of pain to the suffering selkie. His cock speared her, stabbing into her like a knife, tearing through her tender flesh and punching into her guts with hard, savage thrusts that each drew a cry of pain from her lips.

He pulled back, then repeated the act, ramming his tool into her like he was trying to kill her with it. Again and again and again he hammered his cock down into her depths, each time jerking her slender body up against him to make the impact even harder. She yelped and groaned and moaned with each vicious penetration, but could do nothing to counter his brutal torment. It went on and on, thrust after thrust, no real pumping, just that terrible piercing, that deep, stabbing penetration. He fucked harder and harder, thrust after thrust into her bleeding, clenching asshole as his teeth found one of her breasts and bit. The vampire was feeding from her breast now, her right nipple fully into his mouth as he sucked hard.  Merielle could hardly believe the intensity of the sensation… it felt like she was being hollowed out from the inside, like he was sucking directly from her heart. The selkie flung her head back and gritted her teeth, moaning in pain as small rivulets of blood that escaped his mouth began to run down her chest and drip onto the floor. 

On the next thrust when he pulled back, Mordred went further than normal and his cock popped free of her stretched asshole. Without even missing a beat, the next thrust forward skewered her cunt again, drawing fresh screams as he plunged all the way into her, slamming her hard while his pelvis bone crashed on her clit. He waited just an instant, savoring the way her cunt walls embraced his cock, grasping him, before he began driving into her pussy with vigorous thrusts. “Whose pussy is this?” he demanded.

Merielle was beaten senseless, drained and suffocated, raped and tortured and exhausted, but she wasn’t so stupid that she didn’t know the answer he wanted. “It’s yours, master!” she whimpered between moans. “It’s your pussy, Master! It belongs to you.” Merielle forced the words out, hoping those were the words he was looking for. They must have been so because he didn’t punish her… or at least, he didn’t punish her more than by speeding up the hard thrusting pussy pounding he was inflicting on her, making her walls clench tightly around his cock as if they were trying to milk it.  Then his next thrust popped him free and he was in her asshole again, drawing a new shriek from the girl as inch by inch by inch was penetrated fresh in a single second this time, spreading wider and wider as he forced his cock back into her unwilling guts. She might not want him there, but her ass muscles constricted around his cock as if giving it a hug… Yuki’s demanding training, hard at work to make this all as good for her rapist as possible.

Mordred pulled back to the tip of his cock before dipping back in again. He stared down into her eyes as he fucked her ass harder now. “And whose ass is this?” he demanded.

“It’s your ass Master!” she stated breathlessly.

“Who do you belong to?” he inquired in the same serious tone.

“I belong to you Master!” Merielle lied without a hitch.

He leaned down and slapped her across the face. It was a light slap for him and his strength, but to the selkie it felt like he had hit her across the face with a hammer. “Did I say I needed a whore to talk her sweet lies in my ear?” he mocked.

“I… you conquered me, master,” Merielle groaned. His thrusts in her ass were growing more violent, his pace speeding up to fuck her harder. Her ass felt so violated wrapped around his cock. She squealed in agony and the vampire let out a small groan of delight, but she kept the words coming. “I can’t… I can’t stop you… so all I am is yours.”

“Yes… you are. You all are…” As he spoke the words, something changed. His cock swelled up even further in her asshole, as it had several times before in the past… the vampire somehow he diverting more blood into his organ, increasing its diameter. What had merely been unbearably painful soon became insanity-inducing in its agony.

“AAAAGGGHH! AAAGGHH!” Her terrified shrieks of pain told the story. “AAAGGHH! STOP! PLEASE… MERCY MASTER!!!” Even as she pleaded for mercy, she didn’t expect it would come… and she was proven right. Mordred was relentless.  He settled into a steady rhythm and pounded her sex organ like a jackhammer.  Tears of anguish, humiliation, and rage, flowed from the selkie’s eyes. Ever-louder screams rent the air, until she howled herself hoarse… after that, she was capable of only rasping whimpers. 

There were hours left before sunrise, and Mordred took full advantage of them. It wasn’t the first time he had fucked her all night, but it was the first time he did it without ever bothering to stop… ravishing Merielle for hours and hours. It was an ordeal she would never forget. The pain mounted, growing worse with time as the vampire violated her, finding higher peaks even from the mountain it had begun atop. When he was tired of one hole, he simply switched, treating her cunt and her guts as interchangeable fleshlights for his lusts. Several times the hapless selkie teetered on the brink of unconsciousness, but each time she came close Mordred met her eyes, hypnotized her, drew her back to wakefulness even as he decreased the intensity of his assault just barely, just enough for her to come back. At the end of it Merielle felt more devastated than she had ever felt before.

Merielle didn’t know that dawn was approaching. All she knew was that, with a final thrust of his powerful hips, Mordred at last was finished.

He pumped a couple more times in her bleeding ass before she felt his hot thick fluid fill her, his cock jerking inside of her as he ejaculated into his ravaged victim, cum flooding her guts and pouring out to stain her thighs and drip to the floor. Merielle’s whole body was burning in pain as their combined fluids rushed down to the floor, falling to the floor out of her gaping hole. Mordred gave her a slap between her legs, landing squarely on her pussy and making her gasp. Then he began dressing himself. “Clean this mess up, fish-whore,” Mordred said coldly, his tone making it clear he was already mentally beyond her and looking on to the next step. Almost as an afterthought, he unlocked one of her hands, then the other, from the frame. As soon as her wrists were released, Merielle fell onto the puddle of sexual fluids on the floor, too exhausted and weak to catch herself. Her legs were released next, slapping down wetly before the vampire’s footsteps began to recede.

Merielle turned her head tiredly, following him with her eyes as he walked towards the door. She watched as he walked out of the room, leaving her behind in a pool of vampiric cum. Slowly, painfully, the selkie pushed herself up to her hands and knees, staring at the closed door… she was alone.

She was alone, in Mordred’s room. Just like Mistress Yuki had said.

She forced herself up, trying to gather her strength. She needed to find a key to this room. He had taken a key with him, of course… but Yuki had ordered the system. She knew that there were three keys, 2 backups… and they were in here, somewhere. She just needed to find them.

The selkie rose on wobbling feet, but as she walked she grew stronger and more sure of herself… even as she was more confused with each step. What had seemed so logical when Yuki’s hands were on her and they were alone felt like madness now. Steal from Mordred, just because the fox asked her to? It seemed insane… yet she was doing it anyway. She wasn’t even hesitating. Merielle didn’t understand it… she just did it. The selkie took the metal frame down and put it to the side of the room, just because it was one of the things that would be more obvious signs that she didn’t clean, then she went looking for Yuki’s key.

His room was more like a trophy case than one of the bunk rooms she lived in. One by one, she passed various objects that he had on display for his perusal… a Roman gladius and centurion’s helm… the broken hilt of a broadsword… a pair of crowns, a king’s and queen’s. She spent several minutes checking almost everywhere, but her gaze kept returning to the crowns. She didn’t know what it was about them, but on some instinct she returned to the pedestal they were on, tracing her hands over it… and finding a seam.

Excited, Merielle lifted the paired crowns and forced her fingernails into the gab, finding and opening the hidden compartment beneath it… and just like she hoped, two keys, still wrapped in plastic, were right on top. She grabbed it with a smile. Mistress was going to be so happy. She quickly closed the drawer and put the crowns back, running to the door to leave the room…

And finding it open as Mordred stepped back in.

Merielle froze as the vampire looked around the room, realizing it hadn’t been cleaned properly yet. “And what did I ask you to do before I left, slut?” he asked roughly. Merielle was shivering, her hands behind her back in what she hoped looked submissive. “And why are you leaving before finishing?”

Merielle was terrified. She swallowed. “It’s… it’s my time to be on the floor, Master.”

Mordred locked eyes with her, and all of a sudden the selkie felt the pressure in her mind… the invasion as she sank into the gaze. “Is that true?” he said, a hint of a snarl in his voice.

“I…I…” Merielle said dazedly.

“You dare to steal from me, whore!” he barked, flashing across the space between them in a second and gripping her by the throat. He didn’t stop his movement, either… pushing onward until he slammed her against the wall by her neck. “What did you steal, cunt!” With his other hand, he pulled out Merielle’s hand and opened her palm. He looked down, breaking their gaze… and Merielle saw the way his eyes narrowed as he saw the key.

His vampiric glare returned to her eyes, and the pressure built and built and built until Merielle thought her head was going to explode. “And how,” he said coldly, “did you know to find this, faerie bitch…”

Merielle was all but paralyzed in that gaze, and it took everything she had not to spit out the answer immediately. She had nowhere to run or hide… no way to escape.

She was fucked.

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