Lost in the Mist – Ch 2

Commission for Mew28

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Yuki woke to someone pounding on her door.

The nogitsune bolted awake, practically shooting upright from the stone hard, too small cot that was her bed, her tired mind trying to think. The clock by her bedside, probably the biggest luxury her position as the madam of this damn club offered her, told the time in small, scarlet numbers – 8:24. She’d been asleep for less than an hour. It wasn’t like Mordred ever let her sleep long enough, but he usually let her sleep longer than this.

Yuki stared at the door, just feet away in the shitty, concrete cube of a basement room. It wasn’t Mordred himself… he wouldn’t have knocked. But no one would have come get her except at the vampire’s orders. “What?” she snapped.

She saw her door open and a man stood outside, hand leaning on the doorframe. “Master Mordred wants to see you,” he said. “Lounge one.”

The nogitsune rubbed the sleep from her eyes. This was early even for him… the vampire didn’t sleep, but he did usually retreat away from others for a least a few hours every day to do… well, whatever the fuck that monster did when he was alone. Yuki didn’t know what had changed his plans to make him need her at this hour, but it was nothing good. Sighing, she got up and tightened the robe she wore around herself… it wouldn’t do her any good to get more dressed than this, she could be all but certain he would just take it off her anyway if she did. The messenger, one of the thugs that passed for slave trainers around here most of the day, was already walking away, leaving Yuki’s tails to swish behind her in agitation as she walked back through the hall she had just said goodbye to hardly an hour ago.

As Yuki woke up more and more, the feeling of dread she was experiencing only grew stronger. Something was really wrong here… something bad was happening. It didn’t take her long to figure out what, either… the moment she entered the lounge, she saw the selkie Merielle hanging from the ceiling from her wrists. She was in iron chains, her wrists bleeding slightly where the shackles cut into them. Mordred sat on the couch on the other side of her, partially blocked by the hanging selkie who looked at Yuki with wide, terrified eyes.

Yuki tried not to look at her. So that she had an excuse not to, she focused on untying her robe and letting it slip to the ground around her… Mordred would just make her take it off anyway. “You called?” she asked, trying to fit as much of her hatred and defiance into the words as possible. “…Master?”

Mordred pulled back one lip, showing his fangs. “I did… it seems like our newest selkie has some bad habits.” He smiled as he stretched out on the couch. “I caught this whore trying to steal from me. She wasn’t doing it for herself… what does a whore need with riches here, after all? I want you to get her to tell me who told her to rob me.”

Yuki gulped at her master’s words, fighting down a surge of panic. Merielle, you stupid bitch. You let him catch you? Yuki breathed calmly, slowly, as deeply as she could… trying to will her heart to slow down and stop thumping like a jackhammer before the vampire heard her. He didn’t seem to realize yet that it was her… he didn’t seem to realize the importance of what she had actually been trying to steal. She needed to keep it that way. Merielle was trying to catch her eyes too, and she didn’t meets hers or the vampire’s. If Mordred knew what she had tried to do… The only way she was going to get out of this intact was if Merielle never said a thing. She would have to make sure she never said a thing… that the stupid, selkie bitch was too terrified of angering Yuki to say a word.

Yuki was going to survive. It was what she did… she survived. “Yes… Master,” Yuki said, voice cold.

Yuki knew what she had to do. She stepped up to Merielle, took her chin in one hand, and squeezed… hard. “Look at me, whore,” she hissed, finally meeting the selkie’s eyes. “In a minute… I am going to ask you some questions… and I want you think long and hard about what I’m going to do to you… if you don’t give me what I want to hear.” She glared into her green eyes, trying to get across exactly what she meant as clearly as possible without saying any of it. ‘Give me up,’ the glare said, ‘and I will make you regret having been born.’

With a last look at the selkie, she walked behind Merielle over to one of the walls where a variety of tools for disciplining an unruly or unskilled slave hung. She grabbed one of her favorites… a corded leather bullwhip. The nogitsune uncoiled it with a practiced flick of her wrist, snapping it in the air once and making Merielle twitch in terrified anticipation. “Shall we get started?”

With a strong flick, she cracked the tip just as it reached Merielle’s bare thighs. Merielle squealed and jumped at the explosion of pain in her thighs. It didn’t draw blood, the way it would have on a human… a selkie’s skin was too tough for that. She welted, but the whip would more likely break before her skin did. Yuki drew back and the whip cracked again, leaving a bright red mark on the helpless woman’s inner thigh. This red mark began to swell, and Yuki took it in with all the precise calculation of a surgeon as she aimed her next blow, and the next, and the next. The leather whip reached out repeatedly, leaving those bright red marks, some of which bruised, some of which welted, all of which made her skin redden. The dark fox continued to whip her, drawing the leather over her body in a criss-crossing fashion that would eventually lead to her being covered completely, but always kept her guessing where the next lash would land.

“Pleaseeeee!” Merielle sobbed. “I… it wasn’t for anyone… I was just… I hoped I might be able to bribe a customer to buy me! I just wanted to escape! I swear!”

Yuki smiled at the lie, but she didn’t stop. “I don’t believe you,” she hissed, trying to keep the pleasure out of her voice… it wouldn’t do to seem too triumphant. The dumb selkie really wasn’t going to give her up? Dumb bitch. Well, that was fortunate.

Yuki circled, cracking the whip against her ass, thighs, calves, pussy, abdomens, breasts… everywhere that the whip could reach. Merielle was helpless, hanging from her wrists and crying and moaning with each lash… she could not escape from any shot. She was restrained and she had to take each and every blow Yuki gave her.  As the lashes from the whip kept coming, Merielle’s whimpers turned into gasps and groans turned into screams. Yuki could see that she was trembling in extreme pain, most of her skin raised and stinging. A deft arm movement brought the whip forward where the tip broke the sound barrier just beside Merielle’s face. The resulting crack had her flinching and crying out simultaneously, even when it didn’t touch her. “Please! Please!” she cried out. “It wasn’t for anyone! I swear! It wasn’t for anyone! Please believe me, master! Mistress! Master! Mercy!”

Yuki, however, showed no mercy towards her. Several more cracks of the whip served to heighten Merielle’s fear to maximum levels. The motion of Yuki’s arm changed and the whip started to lay stripes across Merielle’s back. Each blow had her tense in pain. As Yuki continued with her whipping, she moved around Merielle’s already beaten body, letting the lash marks spread across her entire skin. Breasts, belly, legs; all were soon covered with the long red stripes the whip left as it tortured Merielle’s body. Soon, each blow had Merielle’s head tilted back as she screamed too loud to continue her string of begging. Yuki continued to whip the selkie slave girl harder, tears running down Merielle’s eyes with each blow.

And she thrilled at it. This, hurting some dumb slut, was as close to in control of her life as she ever got. Why couldn’t any of these dumb bitches appreciate how easy they had it… how lucky they were that the vampire would someday grow tired of them and sell them after they grew too dead inside to be a good whore?  Why couldn’t any of them appreciate how good they had it… in most of the places a captured creature like a selkie would be sold, they would only expect to live months, or years if they were lucky. Not a single selkie had died under her care… why couldn’t any of them appreciate how hard Yuki worked to get it that way? Those ungrateful bitches.

Yuki, her lips pulled back over her fangs, hissed as she whipped harder and harder, like she was determined to try to tear the skin of the fae from her bones with just the leather, harder and harder and harder as Merielle’s screams choked off into just uncontrolled moaning sobs… hard enough that the corded leather whip snapped at the tip and unraveled several inches as it broke against skin tougher than any stone.

With her whip useless, Yuki finally stopped. It took quite a bit to get her breathing hard, but she was… at least a little bit, worked up from how hard she had been driving the whip into the selkie in her frustration. Merielle also got a few seconds to breathe, though she mostly filled them with quiet sobs and whimpers. No… not just whimpers. She was whimpering out words, over and over again… too quietly for even the fox’s ears to catch. Yuki stepped in front of the beaten selkie, but her eyes didn’t focus… the nogitsune had to slap her across the face three times before she met Yuki’s eyes. “So,” Yuki said, glaring. “Have anything you want to tell us, whore?”

“S… s…” Merielle sobbed out. “…sorry…” she managed at last. “…didn’t… didn’t mean… it… sorry… didn’t mean… mistress… won’t… again… sorry…”

Yuki swallowed down the sudden lump in her throat, letting the selkie go as she sagged in her chains, looking over at Mordred. The vampire was sprawled lazily in one of the chairs like it was a throne, his cock hard in his pants as he looked at the tortured, hanging selkie. The whipping hadn’t drawn blood, but it had made her jerk around enough that the iron shackles she wore had done so, and he was staring at the dripping blood with frightening intensity. “I think she’s telling the truth, Master. There’s no strength to this weak whore. If she was doing someone’s bidding, I think-”

“If I was interested in what you thought,” Mordred said, voice calm… but filled with ice, “then I wouldn’t spend so much time with my cock wedged down the hole you use to talk, you furry cumrag.” He raised one hand, pointing back at the cart of tools. “I’m not convinced.”

Yuki, trying her best not to shake with rage and… and something else… walked back to the cart of tools. There were dozens of things here. Dildos. Whips. Paddles. He wouldn’t accept any of those. If the whip hadn’t gotten results already, she would need to pick something a little more harsh. Three times her eyes slid past the box, looking for an alternative, before her hands reached out and grasped it, walking in front of Merielle again. Her green eyes were brighter and more lively now, and it hurt Yuki to see the pain in them… but she forced that emotion away as she opened the box. That way, she didn’t have to hate herself when the selkie’s eyes lit up in terror.

The box was filled with iron needles.

Merielle opened her mouth. Yuki felt suddenly certain that if she let the slave speak, she would sell her out in this very second to avoid the needles, so the nogitsune drove her fist into Merielle’s stomach as hard as she could. Yuki knew how to hit someone and make it hurt… when her fist hit, it flattened the selkie’s lungs and made the air explode out of her in a rush. Quickly, she took the broken, ruined whip and wrapped it several times around Merielle’s neck before tying it off, yanking on it like a noose to silence her. “Think very carefully before you lie to us again,” Yuki hissed at the wide-eyed, choking slave. “Just imagine how much worse it can be if you lie to us again.”

Yuki held the whip tight as Merielle’s air ran out. When the selkie finally began to wiggle and thrash in a desperate attempt to get a little air, she calmly set down the box on the nearby couch, took out a single needle, and slammed it into Merielle’s right breast. Her skin, so impervious to the whip, parted like delicate parchment paper to the iron. The needle sank easily into her, piercing her skin with no more effort than it would take to drive the needle into a pool of water, and Merielle’s struggles took on a desperate, frantic tone. No screams came out of her throat, though… Yuki was still choking her with the whip, not giving her enough breath to scream, to plead… or to cry out that Yuki had sent her to steal that key.

The nogitsune picked more needles, one after the other, and pushed them into Merielle’s skin. Each and every one of the lengths of iron pierced her effortlessly, and while the wound were too small and too plugged by the needle to bleed much, some trickles of blood joined the crimson swelling on the selkie’s delicate skin. Merielle was struggling so hard but Yuki only let her get a breath every few seconds, not enough to scream, not enough to beg, barely enough to jerk around from the shackles she dangled by. Yuki continued to torture the selkie, piercing her all over with the iron needles. She could see the pain in Merielle’s eyes, but there was no betrayal in them… that would have made it easier. There was barely even the fear that normally would have aroused her. Instead, her gaze was filled with… what was it? Sorrow? Yuki couldn’t be sure… but she showed no mercy towards her either way. What she needed was to survive.

Always, she needed to survive.

Yuki drove the needles in nearly everywhere, but she paid particular attention to the selkie’s gorgeous breasts, leaving them studded with tiny spots of silver seeping crimson streams, leaving her gasping around the noose between screams as each new skewer went in. As soon as Yuki had all but emptied the box of needles, only then did she remove the whip wrapped around Merielle’s neck. The redhead was gasping and moaning in pain, trying to catch her breath, helplessly dangling and pitifully pincushioned. Yuki gave her three seconds, three whole, merciful seconds, to recover. Then, without a single warning, one of her tails lashed out and rammed its way into Merielle’s pussy.

The selkie wasn’t wet… of course not. It didn’t matter… Yuki had plenty of experience penetrating even stubborn sluts like this, and with a series of hammering thrusts she drove the tail deep into her. Merielle was clearly not expecting it… she had opened her mouth to speak, perhaps, but instead she just screamed in pain. Yuki stepped forward, grabbing onto her breasts, and squeezed, provoking yet another hideous scream from the selkie and making her cunt clench so tight on the nogitsune’s black tail that for several seconds she couldn’t move it at all. Then, after the scream had choked off, Yuki released her and pressed her lips against Merielle’s, continuing to fuck her.

The selkie’s lips were dry and already feeling chapped, hoarse from her screaming, but Yuki didn’t care… they were soft, and tender, and she eagerly forced her tongue into Merielle’s mouth, battering her tongue into submission and pinning it down, claiming her for her own even as her tail raped her like a nice fat cock. Yuki drove it in and out viciously for upwards of three minutes while kissing her before she abruptly yanked the tail out as quick as it had come, leaving Merielle gasping.

Backing away a second to consider, Yuki paused just for a moment before she took all nine of her tails and began beating the redhead with them. She could have made them hit like punches if she really wanted to, but that wasn’t going to be necessary… these were more like slaps. It didn’t matter – Merielle would barely feel how hard she hit her, because each time a tail struck her body it drove in the needles like a hammer to the nail. The selkie writhed, screaming and twisting in her bonds as Yuki tormented her, each tail slap refreshing the torments already inflicted.

“P… please… please… please… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Merielle moaned.

“Shut up!” Yuki snarled, sending one tail low before slamming it upward, driving into her asshole. It never would have made it if it wasn’t the same one that had been fucking her cunt earlier, but already wet her asshole was no match for the questing nogitsune tail. Merielle screamed and struggled as her guts filled with Yuki’s appendage, six of her other strong, prehensile tails still whipping at the nails. The others focused on prying her asshole open so that Yuki could force a second, and a third, tail up inside of her, making her scream horribly up until Yuki drove another into her open mouth and stuffed a tail down her raw throat. Another shoved her cunt open, leaving just 4 to whip her now while the other five tails fucked the selkie raw.

Yuki wasn’t sure which was making her scream the most… the overly plugged holes or the new blows against her needles, but based on the way her throat was vibrating on her sensitive tail, Merielle would be giving Yuki a headache if she wasn’t gagged, screaming up a storm. The nogitsune stepped closer, fingers going down to trace over the redhead’s swollen clit and rubbing lightly over it, teasing it even as she ravaged her with nine of her limbs. Merielle tried to lock her legs closed but Yuki was ready for it, catching her with one of her own thighs and using the pressure to once again stab deeper with needles.

Then Yuki grabbed onto that clit and shoved the final needle right through the center of it.

The selkie went ramrod stiff, screaming silently, her entire body tense and shaking for more than a minute before Merielle went almost limp in her bonds. Yuki held her there, still fucking her but slower, almost tenderly as she sagged, exhausted and defeated. She pulled the tail out of her throat, washing her drool over her pink lips as she did. “Tell us who did you steal for…” Yuki growled.

Merielle didn’t open her eyes. “N- no… no one… no one… No one… please please please please please please please no one no one please no no please no one please…” The words just kept coming, weak and exhausted and nearly breathlessly, more of a mumble or a whine than speech.

“Shut up!” Yuki spat. “Stop lying!” The fox kept mercilessly stabbing Merielle with her tails, driving the mass of them in and out of her tight holes, back and forth. She slapped her hand down hard on the selkie’s ass cheeks, driving in a dozen needles at once and making her scream, and the moment she opened her mouth again Yuki stuffed a tail back down the redhead’s throat. Merielle could not speak, could not breathe, could not even move due to all this senseless fucking… she thrashed and screamed in extreme pain like the iron needles were killing her, but she could do nothing else. Yuki fucked her hard and deep and she never stopped beating her with the other tails, never stopped raping her, never stopped moving between the impaling spikes of metal while the pain was tearing the selkie apart.

Shrill, pathetic whimpers escaped Merielle’s lips past the clogging tail as its dark fur dripped her spit and throat-slime, screwing brutally in and out of her neck just as violently as the others were claiming her bottom holes. “You are a god damn liar, you faeling slut!” Yuki hissed as she increased the pace and continued to fuck her even harder. “Tell us the truth! Who made you steal from the master! Who did it! WHO!” The tails only got thicker as they sank deeper and deeper into the selkie, the furry tentacles stretching her anal and pussy muscles to their absolute limit as they squeezed pleasantly on four of her sensitive limbs. Merielle was making gagged cries with each thrust now as the the black tails fucked harder and deeper, forcing themselves in rougher and faster until Yuki could not make them push further, until she was wedged inside the girl to her absolute limit. Even then, Yuki wasn’t done yet. Another tail forced its way into her pussy, and yet another wrapped around her neck, both choking her and making her throat tighter around her. That left her with only 2 tails to whip her with, so Yuki focused them on her tits one after the other, while her hands and fingers picked up the slack and focused on her clit. From behind, Merielle’s desperate wiggling was so enticing that Mordred was actually smiling while Yuki grabbed onto her red hair with her spare hand, gathered it into a ponytail, and used it like a handle to slam the selkie back and forth onto the tail slamming into her gullet, face fucking her from both directions.

Merielle was fading… Yuki could sense it. She wouldn’t stay conscious for too much longer like this, being fucked in all three holes and overwhelmed with pain, her breath robbed, her sanity beaten down and twisted. Even as her body adjusted to the painful fucking, each new blow against the impaling needles forced her to clench and make it worse for herself, every stinging blow a new agony as they slapped against her tits, her ass, her thighs, her clit… Yuki spared nowhere, and no two blows fell in exactly the same spot. The nogitsune was almost covering Merielle now, inside and out… her skin covering what her tails did not as she tortured and embraced her whole body at once. She couldn’t even scream anymore, no air for that. Instead, her wide eyes just stared ahead, dripping tears as she was fucked and beaten and hurt and raped and tortured by the person who had put her in the position to get caught in the first place and why did the stupid slut have to be so careless?

No matter how hard Yuki tried to be the most brutal, sadistic torturer she could be, no matter how desperate she was for Merielle to say nothing… the selkie had spoken several times now. And each time, she had lied to Yuki’s benefit. Deep down, it was hard not to be at least as angry at herself for this as she was at Merielle and Mordred… for all that they did and all they had failed, they weren’t the ones hurting the one who tried to help her. Yuki was doing that. Yuki buried that guilt beneath rage, driving her tails in harder, pinching Merielle’s clit around the needle, using both hands and both remaining tails to work together to squeeze her breasts until she felt sure needles in one side would be coming out the other… but the guilt was still there.

She had to survive.

Yuki had to survive.

But Merielle deserved better.

Swallowing, she forced the feelings down. If she didn’t do this, Mordred would… and it would be worse. This was a mercy, damn it. Merielle should be grateful… this was nothing compared to what the vampire would do.

“For whom did you steal, selkie slut!” Yuki screamed at her. There was no response, of course… of course there wasn’t. She didn’t have air to breathe, much less speak, but the lack of a response only seem to infuriate the irrational, angry nogitsune further. Her tails kept fucking her. Her hands and tails kept whipping her. Over and over and over Yuki thrust her swollen tails into the mostly limp selkie, opening up the deep corners of her throat, pussy, and asshole. Yuki slammed her extra limbs into her like pistons in an engine, her whole body a machine fucking Merielle like a senseless doll. Her hole were being utterly destroyed by the violence on display, and while Yuki knew that they would recover, she also knew that even if she stopped now it would be days before the selkie could sit down. Her tails kept shoving into the selkie’s sore, bleeding holes over and over as she listened to her whimpers mingle with choking gasps for tiny trickles of oxygen, and it only made her fuck the girl deeper and harder.

She couldn’t speak a word. Even if she wanted to give in, even if she had given up and wanted to speak, she couldn’t… not with the tail jammed down her throat. Merielle was utterly helpless, possessing no way at all to affect her situation… Yuki could, and did, do exactly what she wanted to the selkie and there was nothing she could do about it. Even if she could endure all the fucking and the pain generated by the needles being pushed into her skin, the growing pain in her lungs was unbearable, and each time Yuki pushed the needles in a little more she lost a bit more of that air. Each time Yuki shoved her tails harder into her like an unstoppable machine, not even giving a second for her to breathe but forcing the air out of her, she grew a little bit closer to blacking out.

Yuki saw the exact moment when it happened… when her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out. It was the perfect opportunity to beat her senseless without having to feel as guilty about it. Yuki loosened the tail around the selkie’s neck and stopped fucking her throat quite so deep, but she made up for it with the way she really lashed out at the limp girl, putting on a real show of it. Yuki knew Mordred was watching. She did not stop fucking her mouth, pussy, or asshole. By now the flesh inside her holes was all irritated and swollen due to the senseless fucking. Her cuntlips, too, had turned red and soaked with her pussy juices tinged pink with blood and her poor rosebud wasn’t any better. She only had to do this until the vampire is satisfied, she told herself over and over and over again. Only a little bit longer. She only had to do this for another bit, and then the vampire would be satisfied. It didn’t last as long as she would have liked… Merielle’s mind betrayed her body before too long, dragging her back to the land of the waking after only a few minutes.

Didn’t matter. Yuki tightened the garrote of her tail again and started doing her best to fuck her into that dark oblivion once more.

It took hours… long past the point that Yuki was exhausted and only her regeneration was keeping her going as well… and still Mordred watched, a small smile on his face as Yuki kept slamming her tails into Merielle’s abused holes, as her hands continued to torture her. It wouldn’t be much longer… it couldn’t be. Merielle was a valuable piece of merchandise, so Mordred would not ruin her completely. She was one of his favorites… he wouldn’t want to ruin that, either. She had to carry on for a bit more. A little bit more.

Her tails continued to ruin the selkie’s holes.

Without warning, Yuki yanked every tail out of the selkie’s body at once. Merielle gasped, hanging half dead from the manacles as Yuki stepped up to her from the front, making pathetic noises…

No. Weak, pathetic, but still understandable words. “No one…” she whispered. “No one. No one no one no… one no one… no one…” Over and over, before Yuki could even ask. She couldn’t even tell if Merielle knew that she was standing there – her eyes refused to focus, and still the selkie refused to admit the truth… that all of this was Yuki’s-

The nogitsune spun away, walking towards Mordred. “Master, if she knew anything she’d have said it by now.” She stood naked in front of him, between him and Merielle… though she didn’t think of it like that.

Mordred just sneered at her. “Or maybe,” he said calmly, his words perfectly relaxed and smooth, “you just aren’t trying hard enough.” He reached to the couch beside him, picked up the box there, and tossed it at Yuki’s feet. “Try that.”

Yuki, feeling her blood freeze in her veins, reached down and picked up the cardboard box that he had pushed towards her, about the size of a shoebox. The lid came off easily… inside of it, coiled into a series of tight rings, was a length of heavy barbed wire.

Made of iron.

Yuki gasped. She knew Merielle could not handle this. “Master, this is going to kill her,” she said in a low voice. “And even if it doesn’t, the scars it leaves… she won’t be worth anything anymore. She’ll-”

Mordred’s hand wrapped around her neck, and he lifted the exhausted nogitsune into the air by his grip around her throat as easily as he would a helpless kitten. “You’ll do as I say, slut!” Mordred growled. He reached into the box, picked up the length of barbed cord, and pushed it into one of the fox’s hands. “Now get to work!”

He threw Yuki to the ground, hard enough that she bounced. The nogitsune rolled to a stop, her tails instinctively reaching out to catch her but too slow to do it in time. Yuki pushed her hand against the ground, feeling the iron of the barbed wire pricking her skin as she pushed herself up and met Mordred’s eyes. “I…”

The full weight of that gaze fell on her… the vampire leaning on her, seeing through her like her skin had turned invisible. “Do it,” he hissed. The words echoed in her skull. He was inside her, raping her in a way more thoroughly than his cock ever did. For five hundred years, she had resisted him when he tried to get into her mind this way, had always pushed back, pushed him out… but she felt uncharacteristically weak right now. She swallowed, trembling. Her body half turned back towards Merielle, hand with the barbed wire raising, before she stopped herself. Her heart arched… but she wouldn’t do this. She couldn’t.

She’d tortured Merielle for hours and hours and hours… and the selkie had never said her name. With every reason in the world to betray her, she never had. Yuki literally couldn’t remember the last time someone had done something like that for her. Merielle had no intention of giving up on Yuki, so… so Yuki couldn’t give up on her, either. She tore her gaze away from Mordred with great effort, forcing herself to look at where the barely sensible selkie hung from her bond, incredibly weak. This was happening to her because she had tried to help Yuki.

“What are you waiting for!” Mordred growled.

She took a deep breath. Then she turned the face the vampire.

“I told her to steal the key, Master,” Yuki said softly… trying not to tremble. “It was me.”

She expected anger, or hatred, or eagerness in his eyes. She didn’t expect him to laugh. “Did I actually manage to fuck all the brains out of your skull after all?” he said, his voice a mocking sneer. “Did you really think for a second that I didn’t already know that? That I didn’t know the second I caught that whore in my room that you had sent her? You think I needed the cunt to tell me what I already know?He shook his head. “You really are an idiot, cum-for-brains.” He raised one hand and pointed at Merielle. “Do as I said.”

Yuki, mouth dry, looking looked at the wire in horror. He knew. He had already known. Then this… This… She darted a gaze at the selkie. She already knew that Merielle couldn’t take it. If she whipped her with this… it could kill her. “Master please… You do not have to punish her anymore,” she said. The words flew out of her before she could think about them, could consider what she was saying or how insane it was. “Please, I did it. Punish me instead, I’m the real thief so you should punish me. Please Master…” Yuki fell on her knees as she begged.

Mordred smirked at her, stepping right up against her. The bulge in his pants was almost pressing against her face before he took her chin and forced her blue eyes to meet his own dark, soulless ones. “I am punishing you,” he said quietly. Almost gently, but as irresistible as the tide, Mordred lifted her to her feet. “Now… do as I command you, whore.” He put his hand on on hers as he met her eyes, and all the sudden the weight of his gaze was back, heavier than before… and Yuki felt more tired still. She couldn’t push him out. “I’ll make it easy for you,” he said, voice even and steady. “I’ll even do the first one.” Without her body willing it, Yuki raised her right arm and the length of wire unfurled in her grip, draping down to brush her ankle on the way to the floor. She closed her hand into a fist around it, feeling the barbs cut her hand, but not even the shock of that pain broke her out of Mordred’s gaze. Her other hand rose up to wrap the end of it around Yuki’s arm to keep it in place, to keep it from slipping free as she bled. “Higher…” Mordred said smoothly as her right hand drew back. “Higher…”

Yuki’s arm snapped forward, and the second it did Mordred released his compulsion. Yuki felt it, felt it in horrible, crisp, pristine detail as the weight of the thick cable went forward and smashed into Merielle. She felt it more than she saw the blood as it cut through skin and tore the muscle beneath. She felt it more than she flinched as the wire wrapped around her arm shredded her, too. She felt it more than she heard it as the kiss of barbed iron drew screams even from the exhausted, weak selkie.

Yuki looked on in horror at the bright, ragged, crimson line she had cut across the selkie’s body with the whip, a scar that would never go away. She looked on as blood dripped. She looked on as Merielle jerked like a fish on a hook. She looked on… and she knew it was her fault.

Mordred sat back down. “You can whip her, the vampire said, eyes fixed on the blood as it dripped down Merielle’s body. “Or if you don’t I will. She’ll never survive that. I’ll flay her to the bone with every single stroke you furry cumrag… and then I’ll get started on you. Is that what you want? Then keep stalling.” He leaned back on the couch. “Whip. The fucking. Slut.”

Yuki’s eyes filled with tears. “Please master,” she said, trying to speak past the lump in her throat. “Please don’t make m-”

Whip her!” Mordred snapped.

With a choked scream, Yuki spun and slashed the barbed wire down on Merielle. The selkie’s scream was far louder than Yuki’s was as it ripped a bloody furrow across her back, the wire like a hundred thorns of iron as it sliced her faerie skin as though it was nothing. Weeping, the nogitsune continued, pulling back the makeshift whip and slicing forward again. Each blow left a scar on Merielle’s skin that would never heal. Each left a scar on Yuki’s soul nearly as deep. She barely felt the barbs as they ripped apart her own arm and hand with each stroke. “Master, please, that’s enough,” she said, looking at Merielle as she slowly spun in the air, all but limp as she bled from a thousand cuts. “She can’t t-”

“Keep whipping until I say,” Mordred growled, “or I’ll rip her throat out and put you up there next!”

Yuki stared at Merielle with tear-stained eyes, no longer able to breathe through her nose. She felt like she was choking as Merielle, spun by the force of the whipping, looked back at her. She met her eyes… Yuki could barely see through her blurry tears, but she saw the pain and sorrow in those eyes. “…sorry…” the selkie whimpered, voice so weak that a human woman would never have caught it off her dry, crusty lips.

It broke Yuki’s heart. All this had happened to Merielle because of her… all of this was her fault. And the selkie was sorry. Merielle was sorry… and Yuki was killing her. With a cry of torment, Yuki raised the whip and brought it down again, unable to deal with the thought, unable to cope with the guilt. She had to do it. She had to. Nothing would improve if she refused. If she stopped. Merielle would die, then she would die. If she kept whipping her, soon, Mordred would put a stop to this and let her save his prize merchandise. She had to believe that. She had to survive. She had to believe that. She had to survive. She had to she had to she had to…

Merielle wasn’t screaming anymore… the selkie hanging limp from her bond, barely even twitching at a stroke of the whip, and still Mordred look at her expectantly, ordering her on. Blood poured from her wound, coloring her body in a crimson sheet, and still Mordred just smiled and pointed, commanding her to proceed. The whip was destroying the weak, exhausted selkie until her eyes rolled back in her head, her whimpering stopped, and she lost consciousness, and still he made her press on. Stop this. Stop this. Stop this stop this stop this stop stop stop stop stop STOP! Merielle couldn’t see her, but even as her eyes filled completely with tears, Yuki looked into the selkie’s face, trying to will her to see how sorry she was. How Yuki was going to save her the instant the vampire let her. How Yuki was a monster, a miserable, ugly, worthless, cum-soaked piece of fuckable trash that should have been cast into a fire and incinerated along with her skin. Just a little bit more. Just a little bit more. Just a little bit…

Merielle wasn’t breathing.

Yuki stared in horror, looking at Merielle as the fox began to tremble. No. She released the barbed wire from her hand, letting it fall. It stuck to her arm, wrapped around it, barbs catching on her skin… she hooked it free and let the cruel thing, covered with her blood and the selkie’s, fall to the floor. No. She reached out to touch Merielle where she hung… eyes closed. No. Not moving. No. Her chest didn’t move. No, no, no, no. She wasn’t even really bleeding anymore… heart no longer pumping blood through her wounds. Nonononononononononono…


No. This couldn’t be right. He was supposed to stop. He was supposed to let her stop. No. This couldn’t be right. Nonono. Yuki didn’t think. She pulled at the manacles holding Merielle up, determined to pull them apart with her own two hands. She couldn’t, of course… she wasn’t strong enough, had never been strong enough to do something like that. Yuki had never been strong enough to help people… only strong enough to hurt them. It was the joke of her life.

Without even looking at Mordred, she rushed to where the chain was tied up. Through teary eyes, Yuki found the gear holding the chain and released it. Merielle fell to the ground with a wet, solid impact that made Yuki flinch – dead weight – but she didn’t hesitate before she ran back to her. No pulse. Merielle laid in a pool of her own blood… She had bled so much. Yuki put her hands together in the center of Merielle’s chest and began to push down. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. Merielle’s breasts heaved with each pump of Yuki’s hands on her chest. She felt the girl’s ribs break, and didn’t stop. One two three four one two three four onetwothreefour…

Yuki stopped to catch her breath… the already exhausted nogitsune was panting. She had to keep going. She had… she had…

The nogitsune collapsed on top of Merielle, weeping… holding her cheek. “Merielle… wake up. Please… you can’t be sorry. You can’t be sorry, please goddess you can’t be sorry when its my fault… you can’t be de-” Her voice broke, as her hand brushed a lock of crimson hair out of her face. “You can’t leave like this, Merielle… please, I’m sorry… you can’t die…” Yuki knew Merielle was gone… she just couldn’t accept it. She couldn’t register it, she tried to wake her up even though there was no use. Her whole body was wet with blood. She kissed the lips of the dead selkie, feeling numb… lost in shock. “Merielle, please… please wake up. You can’t leave me like this… please wake up Merielle.” She was sobbing now, whispering the words against the redhead’s lips. “You’re are the only person who didn’t give up on me. Please, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Wake up Merielle… wake up…”

She felt something wrap around her neck… felt the iron spikes of the barbed wire dig into her flesh as Mordred drew it tight around her throat. “About time,” he growled as he choked her with it, dragging her back and up against him. “You’ve been teasing me for hours with that foreplay. Time to put out, cumrag.” The vampire forced her down onto the innocent girl she had just murdered for him, hard enough that her neck bruised and bled, and pulled the wire tight enough that the nogitsune couldn’t breathe… and right then, as her bloodstained hand clawed at the barbed wire, Mordred slammed his cock into her ass.

Yuki was as tight now as she had ever been… not that the vampire cared. He was completely irresistible, and if his dick needed to rip her apart to force itself into her in a single stab, well, Mordred didn’t care in the slightest… he was all but invulnerable, and she would heal. He grabbed onto one of her ears with one hand, squeezing it hard enough that Yuki felt something pop as the other hand kept the garrote tight around her neck, slamming into her ass hard enough it drove her body down into Merielle’s corpse. “Please…” she whimpered. She didn’t know if she was pleading for mercy or for death or for Merielle, or from who… would Inari even listen to her anymore? Certainly Mordred wouldn’t. Whomever her pleas would have been to, they turned into inarticulate moans as he buried himself deeply into her tight asshole again and again and again.

His thumb and forefinger found her clit as he stood there, stroking it as he remained buried deep in her asshole. Yuki shuddered, her body jerking against him despite herself. Centuries of deprivation had left her easily primed, and normally she hated just how weak it made her feel, how easily her body would betray her for a prize it would never get. Now, she didn’t care… any distraction was better than focusing on the bloody body beneath her. Her hips began to move again as he fingered and pinched, driving back against him even as he raped her.

All too soon, Mordred took his fingers away and pulled Yuki up from her neck. She was bleeding, of course, and the vampire leaned forward onto her neck and started to lick across the blood, hers and Merielle’s as his dick continued to saw away inside of her, fucking her supernaturally hard. He grunted as he rammed his full length into her hole, over and over again, her ass bleeding almost as much as her neck. Yuki whimpered, but she barely felt a thing… she was whimpering, but she felt nothing. It was like everything around her had gone empty… There was a hole inside her heart that would never ever fill again. Mordred continued to rape Yuki’s ass, slaps echoing continuously through the room, and all Yuki could focus on was Merielle’s face, the dull, pained look that was on her face as she’d taken her last breath.

Yuki was never going to forgive herself for this. Ever.

Mordred pulled the wire again and sucked on her neck to drink the blood again as he increased his pace, shoving the full length of his swollen member in and out of her with each stroke. His thrusts moved the nogitsune up and down Merielle’s body as he slammed against her ass again and again, her tails resting limp on the wet floor. Mordred continued at a rapid pace for another three minutes, Yuki’s lungs burning, before he pulled out. He stroked his dick with one hand as he pulled her up by the barbed wire with the other, her dazed blue eyes looking up into Mordred’s soulless gaze as he jerked his cock right in front of her. After a few quick strokes, Mordred came, dropping his seed on Yuki’s face, dripping down her to stain Merielle as well.

Yuki could barely see him as he let go of the chain, standing up. Then he slapped Yuki across the face hard enough that she thought for second that it might have taken her head clear off her neck. She fell down on top of Merielle, face to face with the murdered woman. “Clean this fucking mess up,” he commanded her.

Then he left her with Merielle’s body, and Yuki lay there, weeping brokenly.

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