Lost in the Mist – Epilogue

Commission for Mew28

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Mordred sat in the 21st century’s equivalent of a throne, reclining back in his seat as he looked over the thronging, pounding movement of bodies in his club below while a dark haired head bobbed up and down on his shaft. By any objective measure, Yuki was one of the most skilled cocksuckers on the planet… certainly the most experienced at how he liked it. No other woman had centuries of experience in pleasing his dick, knowing exactly what he wanted. All the skill was still there… her tongue just as soft and skilled as ever, her lips wrapped around his rod just the right way. It was technically perfect, just right… it would normally have him holding back from cumming within just a few minutes.

It was amazing the difference the lack of her caring made.

Yuki’s eyes were downcast as she sucked him, when they weren’t closed entirely… once, he would have insisted she keep them open and on him. Once, he would have delighted in that look on her face as she sucked along his length, the defiant look of hatred and willful insolence. Once, he would have had her hate to feast on along with her body… but those days were gone now.

Months had passed since he had caught her trying to steal back her fire. He wasn’t even punishing her anymore, not really… Yuki had returned to her duties as the “madam” of his club, training the slaves and organizing the Mists of Avalon but… she just wasn’t any good at it anymore. It wasn’t the same… It was like she had simply stopped trying. He punished her for her failures, of course, and she said all the right words, and went back into her duties… but another mistake would follow shortly, and another, and another. She would let insults go, and she had stopped fighting for respect from the men who served him as hired hands and trainers… They rarely listened to what she said any longer if it was out of his personal earshot, and he suspected more than one of them had raped the slut in the last few months, knowing she wasn’t going to defend herself or strike back.

That was the most infuriating part. All the skill was there, still. All the raw material that had made the nogitsune such a valuable slave, and yet… she just didn’t care anymore. Normally, every single action she took had an undercurrent of “I will kill you for this,” or a unsaid “this is why I’m better than you” to it. Every action she took was a statement, every proof of competence a rebuttal to his insistence she was nothing but a furry fleshlight. Now, though, Yuki had…

Stopped insisting otherwise.

She had started to become like this before, once… back before the Paradisium. He thought she had recovered, but it seemed not. Now, if he forced her to look at him, he knew exactly what he would see: Hopeless eyes; dead eyes. It was the only look she had given him for months now. Ever since he had punished her for trying to steal from him. Ever since he’d made her kill that one stupid slut.

Just the thought made him angry, and he slapped her across the face, hard enough that her face jerked free of his cock. He caught a glimpse of her face – just as lifeless as he had expected, damn her eyes – as she collapsed to the floor. Immediately, she started pushing herself up. “Sorry Master,” she whispered as she reached for his cock again.

Mordred slapped her back down, disgusted. “Shut up,” he snarled, raising his lips over his fangs and Yuki… she flinched. He growled louder and kicked her in the stomach. “Pathetic whore. Really? Is that all? One dead cunt and you just… give up?” He kicked her again, watching as her tits bounced freely. If it weren’t for her healing, those perky tits would be covered in bruises and bite marks. Her cunt and ass leaked thick globs of jizz from the last few hours he had spent with the fox, gleefully raping her in every orifice in the hope to getting the worthless whore to react, even a little.

Mordred glared down at her. “What… you think you’re broken already? You think it can’t get worse? You think you’re hopeless now? Believe me when I say you don’t yet know the true meaning of those words.” He reached down to take hold of his pale cock, stroking along its length and growing harder as some measure of sadistic enjoyment came into his eyes at last. He grabbed the nogitsune by one of her ears and started dragging her over to the nearest couch that served as a makeshift mattress. “But you will, fox slut… I promise that you will.”

Yuki didn’t even try to close her legs as he stepped up between them, dragging the tip of his dick against her cum-greased slit. He tried not to feel a small pang of loss at that as he pushed into her, groaning as he marveled at how pleasantly tight she was despite the thousands and thousands of time he had fucked her raw and ripped her open. He hammered her like he was trying to drive the full scope of her misery and failure into her like a nail with the hammer of his cock.

And she just laid there, her eyes filled with tears as she looked up at him. “Fucking whore,” he snapped as he slammed his fist into Yuki’s side, breaking several of her ribs with an audible crack. “Anyone awake in there, cunt!?” The process of her healing combined with the pain forced her muscles to tense, making her cunt grip down harder around his thrusting member. He looked her in the eyes, expecting to see the look of hatred, the hiss of fury in a futile show of aggression and defiance. Instead, he saw only weak, terrified subservience… she barely even tried to push at his arms or body, barely even resisting at all. He repaid her pathetic defiance with another punch. He kept on hitting her, alternating which side he struck, but timing each blow with the rhythm of his thrusts. “You. Fucking. Weakling,” he growled as he beat what lingering fight Yuki might have had out of her. By the times his fangs found her neck again, blood washing over his tongue, her hands were still up and pressing against him but there was no struggle in them anymore.

Mordred drank deeply, for the 5th time that night… one more step forward in his neverending quest to see if he could keep more cum in the fox whore than she had blood. His clenching pussy was a distraction, though… even now, even as she lay beneath him like a lamb to the slaughter, her well trained cunt kept squeezing him, kept trying to milk his load like the well-trained fucktoy she was. The feel of her pussy was almost as sweet as the taste of her blood.

Without warning, he pulled out of the tight, clenching hole, his fangs sliding free of her neck and leaving nothing but a crimson stain behind to mark where they had been. A second later he stepped over her, and shoved his big, hard cock all the way down her throat. She gagged, but only for a moment… she really was the best little cock-holster on the planet. Or at least, she had been. He pulled out just a bit then shoved it back in deeper, fighting to get her to gag again, and again. Mordred was always pleasured by the sound of the arrogant nogitsune gagging, and she always hated it more than anything… but she barely even moved, even when he pushed all the way in. He knew that she could not breathe as he held her head still, his cock stabbing her neck, but the only movement was the slight flaring of her nostrils and the tears leaking from her eyes. Right before she could black out and become even more of an unresponsive disappointment, he pulled out again. Yuki gasped for breath in the instant before he rammed himself back in again, fucking her face, bruising her lips against her teeth. “I hate you, whore,” he told her as he spat on her tear-streaked face. “I fucking hate your pathetic, furry ass.”

Mordred fucked her mouth for a bit longer before he pulled out as abruptly as he had began, leaving her gasping. She hadn’t even filled her lungs all the way back up before he had rammed into her asshole as fast and hard as he could.

Yuki screamed.

He could hear it over the music. For an instant, he was excited… pleased at the reaction he had gotten. It only lasted for a second. The scream wasn’t the blend of defiant anger and choked off pain that he was used to, that he treasured tearing from her lungs. It was a cry of pain, following by pathetic mewling pleas of agony. Snarling, he starting to pound her ass, hard and fast, like he was trying to rip it apart with his cock. He got a few more screams, but not the ones he wanted… not anything like the ones he wanted. So pathetic. So fucking pathetic.

Tears were streaming down her face as he raped her, her face flushed with pain and humiliation as all of her holes were fucked raw. Yuki’s ass was taking all of his cock, whimpering half-formed words for mercy that didn’t manage to make it all the way out of her throat before the next thrust made her cry out again. He continued to fuck her hard and deep in her ass, building toward a frenzied orgasm. Finally, one last thrust and Mordred started to spurt his seed into her guts, adding a fresh batch of cum in her ass, then pulled out and came some more on her ass and on the bedding, adding further mess to the pool of leaked fluids that had already come out of her.

Grabbing the nogitsune by her dark hair, he shoved her face down into the puddle on the sheets. “Cle-” Mordred had barely opened her mouth before Yuki was licking up the fluids, cleaning them without needing to be told. Trying to do as he wanted to avoid punishment. That stupid, pathetic, weak little bitch. “It was just one little bitch,” he growled at her, stepping on her head, forcing her down. She didn’t even protest as she kept licking at the pool, swallowing it down.

Mordred shook his head in disgusted dismay. Then he wrapped one fist around both of her ears and pulled, yanking her head up to crotch level before forcing his ass-stained dick into her mouth again. Yuki didn’t resist, and once again she didn’t wait to be told, either. She moved until her lips were wrapped softly over the tip and began to suck slowly, working her way down the shaft. She cradled his balls in one hand and rubbed them delicately. She knew that he liked it when she made a mess on his dick, so she let a trickle of saliva escape her mouth and drop down onto his cock. He moaned in approval. She began to suck, going deeper and deeper each time until the back of her throat was being tickled by his throbbing dick. It was a perfect blowjob, just the way he wanted, just the way he had trained her.

He fucking hated it.

He yanked her ears forward, using his grip to slam her nose against his hip hard enough that she cried out against his cock as it flattened. She gagged at the first thrust, but not anymore… and even as he took her throat as violently as he could, crushing her ears in both fists, she never took her hands off his nuts, never stopped making that mewling, whining, pathetic noise in her throat even as drool poured off her lips. “Worthless fucking whore, fight back!” he snarled. His fucking of her face just moments before was nothing compared to the carnal rage by which he started to fuck her now. He slammed his bulging penis into her throat like he was trying to fuck her lungs directly, or like he was trying to break her face with his hips. Heavy lines of sloppy spit dripped from her chin and his balls as he pulled off of one of her ears to slap her, squeezing her other ear until he felt something break. Yuki cried out, and Mordred continued to ram his cock into her, sliding himself deep down into her throat, making her choke again as he thrust harder and faster, making sloppy sounds pour from her abused mouth. He throbbed his dick into her harder and harder. It made sloppy noises as his balls banged her lips when he thrust the full length into her throat. He made her feel the head of his cock practically in her stomach as he forced her head up and down. He laughed at her, a bitter, mocking spurt of laughter. “I can’t believe that you were ever strong… Five centuries, and all it took was losing one little pathetic whore to make you snap?”

Yuki said nothing as she continued slurping on his cock, but more tears leaked down her face. It infuriated Mordred. He forced her all the way down, every bit of his length buried all the way down into her gullet as she choked and sobbed. “Gods you’re a pathetic piece of shit!” he snapped. “I can’t believe I thought you were worth my time.”

He could feel the tightening of her muscles in her neck as she started to smother on his dick, but he didn’t pull back… he let her continue to choke on his cock for another full minute, until her blue eyes were rolled back in her head, before he let go, yanking himself free. He slapped her, over and over and over again until she woke up, gasping for breath. He waited for the glare, the glare she had given him a thousand times before. She met his eyes…

And she cowered.

Mordred’s eyes narrowed. With annoyance, he finally admitted to herself that the Yuki of the past seemed to be gone. The defiance in her eyes was gone… she just looked up at him, begging for mercy in a hopeless gaze that did not expect any. Mordred pulled out of her mouth entirely, his cock shining with spit that connected it to her lips. Then he slapped her on her cheek, hard enough that she fell, putting her in the perfect position to be kicked a few times. He brutally kicked the nogitsune in her sides, her breasts, her stomach, and her back… but throughout all of that, she never glared, never resisted.

“Please…” she whimpered softly. “Please… stop.”

It was the begging that did it. Mordred spat on her once more before he put a foot on her shoulder and shoved her over onto her back, kicking her legs apart. His cock was still hard as a bar of iron, and he effortlessly jammed it into her tight, clenching pussy. Yuki gasped at the abrupt, deep penetration, but that was it… no cries, no moaning… she just laid there and took it as she was raped, helpless and forlorn.

The vampire, however, didn’t fuck her as quick as he usually did. His strokes this time were deep and deliberate, a steady, firm thrusting. He squeezed her breasts occasionally, masking her gasp but showing no other reaction. As he held her down, barely struggling, he fucked her… gently by his standards, his body almost teasing her as he took her. The strokes were not fast but each thrust was firm, unyielding, unstoppable… like he was driving a steel nail into the center of the Earth and expected the Earth to yield.

If Yuki wanted anything at all anymore, she probably didn’t want this… but centuries of enforced edging were not to be countermanded. His movements stroked her body just as it needed to be, even as his eyes met hers. There was no will in her anymore, and his mind sank into her without any fight at all… the nogitsune lost herself in that gaze as effortlessly as a lost puppy following a child, driven further down, down, down even as her swollen cunt rose to meet him. A small moan, hopeless and alone and miserable and tired, escaped her lips as she shook, her hands clenching on the couch.

And then, as she whimpered and trembled on the very precipice, balanced on the edge of tumbling headlong into the little death, he leaned towards her throat and bit her.

Yuki, freed of his gaze but no less helplessly lost, came beneath the vampire as his fangs sank into the side of her neck, making the nogitsune gasp as sweet blood poured into his mouth. She was delicious, as ever… some of the sweetest he had ever tasted, save except perhaps for that dead slut. Whatever her name had been… the one that reminded him of Briaca, the other dead slut. She trembled beneath him as her pussy clenched on his cock like it never wanted to let go. Mordred ran his tongue over her neck, seeking the escaping blood out of the whimpering nogitsune as he kept fucking her, never stopping even as her pussy sucked at him greedily.

Maybe she expected Mordred to stop… he always did before. Not today, though… Mordred kept his fangs in her, kept her from healing as he drank deeper and deeper, her heart pumping his meal right into his mouth as her body shuddered through an orgasm denied for centuries, building for centuries.

Her lips moved. “Sorry…” she whispered. “For everything.”

Her eyes closed, and he felt it through the flow of her blood when her heartbeat grew erratic, slowing… and stopping. Just as the dark fox died without a struggle, alone and uncared for, Mordred exploded inside her cunt for the last time. When his dick was at last still, he spat out the small remnants of her blood onto her chest, watching it drool down her tits to the bed as he rose up and stood over her. “You should be, whore. You were useless.”

AS he stood there, looking down at the dead nogitsune with her blood staining his fangs, Mordred felt an odd sense of regret. A sense of loss. All that time… and he had finally broken his favorite toy. His project of centuries, finally reducing her to nothing, was done… And after 500 years now he would have to find a new one. Mordred shook his head. He would need another second to run the club. Maybe Maeve would do. That was the thing. He would get Maeve up here, tell her to get rid of the useless whore’s corpse, then tell her of his expectations… set up the price of failure right off the bat. Yuki was replaceable. They were all replaceable. “Fuck you, cunt,” he spat, kicking her one last time. Then he let her lay on the floor as he walked away into the darkness, already wondering how he could use her death to give Syllana the mocking she deserved. Maybe, after all these centuries, it was time to make her the furry cumdump’s replacement.

The future was looking up.

4 thoughts on “Lost in the Mist – Epilogue

  1. Always good to see more Yuki, even if she’s a more than a little heartbroken.

    It’s interesting that it only took the death of “one little bitch” to break Yuki AND Mordred.
    Or at least turned them both numb to the world.

    Especially since it’s heavily implied that she’s the same one for both.
    Just how good is she?
    I feel like I’m missing out.

    Lore question:
    Could Mordred actually take Syllanna like he wants to?
    My money is on no, but it’s an interesting idea.

    Any more side-stories/alternate timeline stories planned?
    This one was nice, and definitely gave more credibility to Yuki’s fear of Mordred.
    The main story basically just had him as the faceless boogeyman for most of it;
    But he definitely showed that he’s not king of his castle because he’s nice.
    He really will just tear a bitch’s throat out and move on without a care.

    I’m interested to see how he plays in Yuki’s third story;
    He’s definitely a dangerous foe for those two.


    1. There might be more alternate history stories! This one was a commission, but there is a plan, someday, to explore some alternate ways things could have gone.

      For Yuki, Merielle’s death has less to do with how special she is and more with Yuki realizing that she finally found someone she could trust… and she killed her. It forced her through her character arc in BFBH, in just a couple minutes. For Mordred, Yuki losing interest in the world is what sort of killed Mordred’s interest in her, not Merielle specifically.

      [quote]Lore question:
      Could Mordred actually take Syllanna like he wants to?
      My money is on no, but it’s an interesting idea.[/quote]

      It’s an interesting question. Syllana is a LOT more powerful and smarter than Mordred, but she has some rather severe structural disadvantages for the same reason Yuki was defeated and captured by him quite easily… his soulless nature makes him practically a vacuum for foxfire and witchfire, and makes it really hard for Syllana to apply a lot of her strength.

      That said, I would put more faith in Syllana than in Mordred to engage in a fight only when she could win it.


      1. I meant that Merielle caused both Yuki AND Mordred to become soulless husks devoid of purpose.
        Yuki when she did as you said, and Mordred when her ancestor/past life/old body died.

        Basically, unless I misunderstand the lore;
        Mordred became a vampire because he killed Merielle’s previous life.
        So basically;
        They both killed Merielle at different points, and that’s when they went from “Bad Person” to “soulless void.”

        Given a few centuries, Yuki might’ve turned out like Mordred, assuming that she had survived that long.

        Metaphysics hurt my head, so I might be reading too much into it/not enough.
        Still, Weeping Mermaid had a powerful effect on both of them.


        1. Oh, I follow you.

          Technically, Briaca (Who might or might not be Merielle, but appears to be) didn’t curse Mordred… although her death did lead to his curse. The Goddess Morrigan is responsible for his curse, so Merielle is kinda indirectly the cause.

          But you are right, that is a fun connection 🙂


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