Menagerie Trapper – Five

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“So, you sure this is going to work?” Matt asked as he stood to the side of the makeshift road, watching the trucks go by one by one. There weren’t great roads that went to where they needed to go, or even decent game trails, so they had needed to walk by hand and chart a path, clearing underbrush to let the trucks get close enough. Then they had needed to go into town and rent the trucks and the thumpers in the first place, because that certainly wasn’t equipment that the ranch had on hand. By the time all was said and done, it had been three days since they had made their alliance at the fox’s den.

“Do you have any reason to doubt me, Pandoris Matt?” Alyce said as she stood aside him, her tail occasionally brushing against him in a way that had to be deliberate. He was still getting to know their new family members, but he was learning quickly that it was fairly hard to dislike Alyce… she seemed to rub against Lila in almost the same way he did, but there was little friction between him and her. The vixen was an insufferable flirt, though… most of the foxes that came with them were. Matt wasn’t sure if they were all just so pent up, or if all surbeasts were like this in their native environment, but he enjoyed it either way.

“This is the way we’ve been doing it since before I was born,” she continued, a small smile on her face as she watched the trucks go by. “Although… with significantly less than this. This should really put on a show.” Alyce was the matriarch’s favored daughter, her eldest now that she had disowned Aria, but she wasn’t necessarily the most experienced fox in their tribe… that honor went to Lisi, and when a group of their newest family members came into their camp to plan the hunt it was Lisi, one of the Inari’s honor guard and her main hunter, who sat at the table alongside Alyce and helped  hammer out this plan. She stood leaning against a tree now, two tails flicking as she watched the river they drove along, heading up into the nearby hills where the raiding stablehands would get to work moving the hired equipment into position.

“I can’t wait to see it,” Matt said, shifting his rifle on his shoulder. “I’ve been waiting to have one of these long-eared toys in my bed.”

“Is there a problem with your current bed-mate?” Alyce said, flashing a small smile. “I could speak to my sister if she isn’t doing enough to satisfy you… I wouldn’t want Ilyanna to bring shame on our clan, after all. Or… if you need attention so badly…” Her tail brushed against his crotch momentarily. “I’m sure I could take care of you.”

“No, no, hardly,” Matt said with a chuckle. “She’s quite enthusiastic, and always eager to warm my bed but… well, lets just say it’s been a long hunt for one of these bunnies.” He looked over at her with a wry expression. “Although I suspect you knew that.”

“Just checking,” she said with a grin. “I am in the market for a husband, after all.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “Go marry Lila,” he said with a snort. “I’m eager to see how long the two of you last before one of you kills the other… or at the very least, ties the other up and sticks her in a chest.”

“I think that’s a fair assumption,” Alyce agreed easily. “Besides, she smells like wolf.” She sighed. “I’m sure mother or your father will be deciding who I’ll be paired off to soon enough if I don’t pick someone myself.”

Matt had to wonder if she was actually propositioning him. He didn’t think so… but he wondered if she might be asking for help. “If you’d like… I could take a look around. See which of the family might be in the market, as it were.”

Alyce put up one hand, scratching herself behind her ear. “Thanks… I’d appreciate that.” Her eyes tracked the last truck as it disappeared up the hill and passed the cut trail. “That’s the last of them,” she said, looking over at Lisi. “About time?”

Lisi nodded. Then she put her fingers to her mouth and blew an incredibly loud whistle. On the other side of the river, someone whistled back. “Time to go,” she said, pushing off from the tree. A group of other hunters, vixens and human both, moved with Matt and Alyce as they walked off into the woods and up the hill, away from the low ground, but Matt couldn’t help but watch the river as the foxes on the other side dropped the sluice into place.

It really was impressive, what they managed to accomplish with no little technology. The makeshift gate wasn’t much by human standards, but they had years of engineering, practice and materials. With little but seasoned food, the foxed had constructed a perfectly functional sluice gate at one of the river’s narrowest points. As the gate sank into place, the bank swelled and overflowed a part of river that they had dug out years ago. Water rushed over and down the overflow as it bulged, and raced along the narrow path…

Right toward the rabbit warren.

Miku jumped out of her burrow when the screaming started.

In the warren, the hallways were mostly surrounded by dozens of small, cozy tunnels… small, cramped, claustrophobic… barely large enough to turn yourself around in. They were wonderful… warm, cozy, and safe. Or they were supposed to be safe. The moment her feet touched the hallway, she realized that it was wet. There was standing water in the warren!

Now, of course, during rainstorms that happened sometimes… but rarely enough to notice. They had dug many tunnels just for that purpose, places to divert water out. Floods were rare… but she had heard no rainstorm, and this was a lot of water. Almost to her ankles! What was…

The screams grew louder, and Miku’s eyes, already wide with the beginning of panic, grew wider as a trio of bunnies ran down the hall, chased by…

Chased by foxes.

Two foxes for each rabbit darted down the hallway, while screams echoed down it… more screams than from this group alone. Looking on in horror, Miku noted as one of the fox-girls dove for the ankles of one of the running rabbits, sending her sprawling to the ground. Instantly, she was on her back, powerful legs kicking, but the foxes were no beginner at this… the two that had been chasing her came at her from opposite sides, one keeping her busy while the other grabbed onto her shoulders and flipped her belly down. Then, once she was helpless on her back and unable to put any dangerous force into her kicks, they began to truss her up.

Then, while they did and the others ran on, Miku saw something terrifying. Strange, hairless creatures – humans! – walked behind the foxes. Miku had seen humans once, at a campsite to the south. Her mother had always warned her and her many sisters to stay away from the hairless creatures, but they rarely came this far into the valley…

And now they were hunting with the foxes?

The humans raised strange, silver tubes to their shoulders and there was a hiss of air, and a buzzing sound, and the two running rabbits cried out. A second later, they tripped over nothing in particular and sprawled to the floor, twitching weakly with some kind of feathered dart in their back. Miku looked on in confusion and alarm… alarm that only peaked when someone pointed at her!

One of the humans swiveled towards her, raised the shining thing again, and something angry buzzed right past her ear, like a hornet. Startled, Miku turned and ran away without really knowing where she was going besides “away.” As she did, she heard two of the foxes splashing through the water after her, giving chase while the others began diving into burrows and dragging out sleepers who weren’t as quick to awaken.

Back up on the surface, Lila knelt down low in the brush, clenching her rifle in both hands as she kept low and out of sight and peeked through the undershrub while the chatter played on the radio headset in her ear. She had turned most of it off… it was mostly for people doing the work of actually going into the burrow, and she didn’t need the noise. All she needed to know was that the trap had been sprung and the warren was starting to flood.

The first of the hunters had gone in about ten minutes ago, down into the darkness lit by chemical flares and blinding flashlights, accompanied by some of the greatest of the fox hunters that had come with them. They would catch some of the surbeasts down there, no doubt, but that wasn’t really the point… trying to chase them all down in the warren was going to be difficult, dangerous… and pointless. After all, that was why they had flooded it. With ten times the hunters it would still be a nightmare to dig them out.

Thankfully, they had another plan.

Lila’s face cracked a grin as the first of the rabbits scrambled out of one of the nearby holes. She was dirty… her thin coat of fur streaked with mud, a little wet, her face marked. Lila had seen admittedly little of them, but from what she had, that was unusual. The rabbits kept impeccably clean. The dirt on her was as clear a sign of panic as could be found, as clear as how she scrabbled on the ground. Another came out right after her, then another, then the first came out of another hole, running from the warren.

They sprinted across the open ground with long, strong, muscular legs, covering ground at a pace that would rival the best sprinters humanity had to offer. They moved like greased lightning… too quick for words almost. Not even Lila had much hope of running one of them down in a chase, and the rest of the hunters here had even less of a chance.

Thankfully, they didn’t need to.

Lila rose, shouting. When she did, a dozen other hunters burst up from the brush nearby, yelling at the top of their lungs. It was almost comical… when the rabbits had crawled out of their holes they had scattered in all directions, but when Lila and her group started making a spectacle of themselves, the herd heading towards them stopped short almost as abruptly as a cartoon, eyes wide with panic. At nearly the same time, on the other side of the warren, another group of hunters rose up shouting, a dozen other running rabbits stopping short. The whole herd pivoted, running away from both groups at the only clean angle… towards the wood.

Still shouting, Lila chased after them, pounding her feet as hard as she could. She put her head down, breathing deeply, running with everything she had… pumping her arms with each step. It wasn’t enough… they got further and further ahead of her with each step. The other hunters were the same… only Lyanna was keeping up, and even she was only closing the distance with some of the weaker runners of the herd. They might manage to pick off one or two, or get a clear shot at another… but then they ran into the woods.

The only direction they could have run.

The traps went off in a flurry. A set of pits, of snares, of tanglewires were run into at top speed, full of panic. The front rank vanished into holes or were yanked up into trees immediately, screams of surprise cut off as the air whoomfed from their lungs in a rush. Those immediately behind came up short, tried to change direction, and the tanglewires in the brush got them… the sudden shifts in direction making the wires snap suddenly taut and wrap around the legs of a running rabbit, sending her careening to the ground. A few of the first ones made it through out of blind luck. A few of the second ones managed to go through a hole one of the other girls had cleared. Those lucky few vanished into the woods. The rest were left behind.

The ones who hadn’t yet entered the field of traps came up short, slowing in uncertainty… and the back one fell as Lyanna took a bounding leap and came down in a tackle, arms wrapping around her legs as the wolf threw her weight against the rabbit. Others, frozen in panic, were easy targets for darts as Lila and many of the other hunters paused and raised their rifles, the first salvo tranquilizing a half dozen of them. The remainder, no more than twenty, scattered wide, running as quickly as they could in other directions along the treeline, and five more of them took a dart and went down before they got out of sight.

In just moments, the hunters had their prey.

Most of them were down, either tranquilized or struggling against unyielding traps, stuck subsurface or held in the air. Hunters closed on the helpless prey, turning their temporary incapacitation into more lasting bondage, tying their strong legs together most of all to prevent them from running. One by one, snared surbeasts were turned into captives to be taken back to camp. Lyanna, however, was still struggling with her own… the rabbit she had tackled was neither snared nor drugged, and she was fighting more like a wildcat than a rabbit.

Lila headed over to help, but by the time she did, it was clear it wasn’t necessary. The wolf was obviously a skilled hunter, and her ability to wrestle was at least the equal of Lila’s… one move at a time, she immobilized the struggling rabbit, locking her legs around her waist and pinning her, holding her arm joints. When Lila caught up to the struggling rabbit, all she really needed to do was lock the zip cuffs around her arms and legs, and though she kept struggling, she wasn’t making any progress.

The wolf looked back at Lila, her grey mane of hair sticking to her forehead and cheeks as she sweated with exertion, huffing breaths that were hard but controlled. “I… do good?” she gasped out between her breaths. Her English wasn’t great, but it was getting better through practicing every day… and it wasn’t like it was noticeably worse than many of the foxes. Most of them spoke at least a little, but Alyce and her mother were a clear outlier and only a few others sounded mostly natural while speaking, doing so without hesitation. Compared to the rest, Lyanna wasn’t much worse they were, and getting better every day.

Lila looked at her wolf pup and smiled at her, putting one hand in her hair between her pointed ears and rubbing the naked wolf enthusiastically. “Very good girl,” Lila praised her. “Even if we hadn’t set up, we still would have caught this one because of you.” The Pandoris girl looked down at the captive rabbit and took in her body, noticing the way her muscles twitched as she fought against the bonds and the weight of two women holding her down, admiring her toned, beautiful body. “And what a prize she is. I think you deserve a little reward.”

With her being so well tied up, putting her on her back wasn’t especially difficult. Slightly harder was getting her to sit still enough for Lyanna to sit on her face… that required Lila to hold the rabbit in place while Lyanna came down, but once her muscular legs were locked around the rabbit’s head she wasn’t going anywhere. Then came the fun part.

“You just sit there girl… let me do all the work,” Lila said in an encouraging tone as she took in the captive creature. The hunter ran her hands over the body beneath her, feeling the firmness of her supple breasts and the smoothness of her skin, the silky fur that almost noticeably covered her body and the rippling muscle just beneath them both. Her skin was a soft grey beneath the fur and her nipples just a little darker, large and flat and covered with tiny bumps that thrilled her finger tips. The struggling rabbit girl was hardly being cooperative and opening her mouth for Lyanna, of course… that was going to be the first step. She needed to communicate that that was what she even wanted.

Thankfully, there were a few universal languages.

Lila grabbed onto both of the rabbits nipples and squeezed. Her captive cried out, and as soon as Lila saw her mouth open she released her captive’s tits, letting her chest heave a bit as she thrashed. Of course, the silly thing closed her mouth again, so Lila when right back to squeezing and twisting and pulling, making her cry out again. And releasing when she did what she wanted. And resuming when she closed her mouth again. And again. And again. After a few times, enough to make the pattern clear, Lila reached out, grabbed the rabbit’s jaw, and held it in place with one hand as the twisting stopped. Long seconds passed where the only touch from the Pandoris girl were tender, gentle caresses as her body and her now hard nipples, but after she released her jaw and she closed it again, and the pain resumed,  the rabbit opened her mouth on her own once again.

Lila smiled. See… communication! They were making so much progress.

She smiled up at Lyanna briefly. “Now… you just tell me if that tongue pulls out of you,” she said as she lowered her mouth to the rabbit and began running her tongue over her breasts, circling those hard nipples.  Then, after ten seconds of that and her tits wobbling even more, with no sight that the rabbit was reciprocating on her wolf, Lila bit.

A muffled yelp escaped the captive bunny… but magnificently, a few seconds later, Lyanna gave a pleased tender growl and her body went stiff on top of the rabbit. “There…” Lila said as she continued playing with the rabbit’s breasts pleasantly. “Just like that. Keep doin-”

“She stop,” Lyanna said, sounding actually disappointed. It was really cute, actually. Shaking her head in disappointment, Lila bit again, causing another gasp from the wolf as the rabbit buried her tongue up into her snatch again.

It would take training, real training, before the bunny was any good at this, exactly… but Lila was willing to compromise at the moment for speed. This crude method worked… and she wasn’t just training the rabbit, either. After a few minutes, Lyanna took hold of the captive’s breasts and was playing or pinching them as the bunny had earned herself, just like Lila had… just like she’d shown her. That left Lila free to lift up the rabbit’s bound legs and drag her tongue over her cunt instead.

Now, when their captive stopped, Lila’s teeth could find much, much more interesting places to give encouragement to. What the bunny might lack in skill or training, she was quickly proving to make up for in raw enthusiasm for keeping Lila’s teeth from nibbling at her clit, far preferring the feeling of her tongue instead. She frantically licked the wolf’s sex, sucking and slurping and sliding that tongue around so intensely it was like she was whipping the sides of her pussy with it. The sound was wet and obscene and wonderful and even that was nowhere near as pleasing to Lila as her pet’s panting as she clenched her thighs around the rabbit’s head, her hands on their vulnerable prey’s breasts as she used her grip to keep her tongue buried in her twat.

The first time you came on top was always a dramatic one, and despite the rabbit’s inexperience Lyanna’s orgasm almost knocked her senseless. She growled and gave a wolfish howl as she shuddered and clenched and came, squeezing the other girl’s breasts hard enough that sensitive bits of her breasts bulged from between her fingers.

She looked like she was going to fall over, so as Lila got up she ran one hand over her pet’s face, centering her gaze and making her focus again… her eyes coming back to look at Lila as she smiled at the wolf. Tiny whimpering noises, pleased but overwhelmed, were coming from the wolf as Lila kissed her on the forehead, her fingertips running over the edges of one of the wolf’s ears. “Good girl,” Lila said. “Now… let’s get her ready to get back to camp. Catch me another one today, and we’ll spend the night seeing how much better she can do on the second try.”

Lyanna panted softly and nodded, her eyes taking on a competitive, predatory edge. Lila smiled. She loved that look. As she threw the mostly-limp rabbit over one shoulder and began carrying her back towards the trucks,  she felt confident that Lyanna was going to run faster still next time… and she couldn’t wait to see it.

Hana had to struggle not to pounce on everyone around her, and it was far harder than it should have been.

Being in the fox den, surrounded by such needy, fertile women all of the time, was a constant temptation… no, that wasn’t giving it enough credit. It wasn’t a temptation. It was a violent, shuddering need… every bit of strength she had driving her to pick the nearest one, hold her down, and breed her until she was dripping. If she didn’t fight, Hana could be gentle… but she wouldn’t be taking no for an answer.

But Inari wouldn’t like it.

Obeying the orders of another, even the Matriarch, wasn’t in Hana’s nature… but obedience to the strong was. Inari had, time and time again, proven that she was the stronger. No matter how much she would like to feel that fox beneath her at her will, feel her squirm against her from below as she pounded into the resisting fox, taming her with her cock as she forced the woman to obey her… she knew that she wasn’t capable of it. Inari had proved too much to overcome. So she needed to defer. Inari didn’t want her breeding more foxes except when the Matriarch said, and Hana had to obey.

Hana also didn’t like being in the presence of another alpha, much less two. Each den should only have one, the way she saw it. The presence of Nomu and Kari was unacceptable. She should be fighting for dominance with them… she should be forcing them back, force them to leave and make their own dens. Force them away from her mates.

But Inari wouldn’t like it.

The Matriarch had decided that there was only one fox den in this valley… one tribe of their kind. Another tribe splitting off from them was not acceptable. If she fought with Nomu, or with Kari, then Inari would step in and put them both back in their place. They had to… share. They had to take turns. They had to wait. What the Matriarch said, went.

She had lived like this, under these rules, for years. Twenty summers or more… it was hard to keep track. Serving the Matriarch, obeying her will, breeding only when permitted, hunting only when permitted. It had been intolerable. It had been tolerated anyway. The strong were to be obeyed.

It was what made being surrounded by dozens of hairless humans so difficult.

Being around their alphas was hard enough. Every instinct in her body wanted her to drive them away, to attack and intimidate, to force them to leave until she was alone. It was worse than it was with the alphas of her own kind, even… these “males” were of a rival species, rivals for open wombs. Instinct said to tear them apart or send them fleeing for safety… but Inari wouldn’t like it. And if she wouldn’t like that, she certainly wouldn’t like what Hana wanted to do with the hairless human females around her. There weren’t as many of them but each of them was ripe and ready to be plucked… she could smell it beneath their “clothing,” even. She wanted to pin them down and put fox kits in their bellies, and just holding back from doing so every second of everyday was a constant distraction, as all-consuming as a thorn in her foot. Hana felt like her cock hadn’t been soft since before the humans had come, a constant, throbbing need for attention. The alpha fox was amazed she hadn’t said to hell with what Inari wanted and damn the consequences and just bred one of them already… if she didn’t, and soon, she was going to pop.

That was why this hunt was so important.

The humans didn’t stand too close to Hana, Nomu, or Kari… they showed little care with the other foxes, but even they were wise enough to give a berth of safety around the pent-up alphas as they crouched. Not one of them had less than two tails, and the three of them waited with pacing eagerness. Hana knew that it was smart to wait for the river to flood the warren, but she didn’t want to wait. She wanted to charge in and find something, anything, to stick her cock into… now. Now now now now NOW.

But Inari wouldn’t like that.

When the order finally came, the three of them charged ahead more like a coiled spring than a trio of women… overtensed muscles crying for release as they raced into the warren ahead of the others. They passed a few knots of resistance but they went through them as easily as swimming through a rainstorm… it was so satisfying. Holding down one of those rabbits in the floodwater and pillaging their wombs would only satisfy for seconds. They needed more…

And, deeper in the warren, they found it.

Going into a warren was always dangerous. It wasn’t just because of the darkness, or the tight confines, or how the rabbits could kick like a thunderstorm… it was because they knew how to organize and defend them. They were social creatures, not all that dissimilar from foxes in that way… and stronger ones defended the weak. Several of the biggest, stronger rabbits made a stand in one of the lower tunnels. They carrier lengths of wood with sharpened points, what Inari had told Hana was called a spear. A very rudimentary one, but it gave them reach and solidity beyond a normal rabbit. It made them dangerous. The group all carried them and the spears moved as one, tracking Hana as she charged forward.

Hana’s steps slowed, and she stopped, growling. Nomu and Kari snarled as well, the rumbling of their threatening anger filling the warren halls. These… these were worthy prey. These were rabbits who would kick and struggle and squirm, ones that would need to be pinned down. Ones that would be satisfying.

Hana smiled.

One of the humans behind her tossed a small, silver can towards them, then another, then another. Smoke billowed out of them, and Hana marvelled at that. Smoking rabbits out of defensive positions was a common technique for the foxes, but it usually was significantly harder that this… the humans could produce smoke with almost no effort. The marvel of it almost took the edge off of Hana’s lust for a second… but as the coughing started, her eyes narrowed and her breathing came in pants of eagerness. Their formation would break soon and they would panic, they would panic and… and…

Through the smoke, some of the rabbits charged right at them, the thick grey vapor swirling around their forms. Hana smiled.

One of them came at her, thrusting the spear wildly. Hana jumped to the side, her shoulder bouncing off the wall as she rebounded from it. She grabbed the shaft of the spear as it passed, driving its point into the side of the tunnel and using it as leverage to whip the rabbit around. She hit hard into the wall before dropping down, dazed. Hana could have fallen on her, right then and there. Instead, she let her fall to the ground stunned, for the humans to take, as Hana charged forward, her snarl filling the corridor.

When the next bunny came into view, her eyes went wide with panic as she noticed Hana almost on top of her already. She tried to level the spear, but the alpha fox ducked beneath it, letting the shaft slip over her shoulder before she rose up and ripped it out of her hands. Driving the butt of the spear into her stomach, the rabbit doubled over, lowering her head. Hana grabbed onto her ears and yanked on them like a leash, making her yelp and dragging her whole body forward and into the fox’s rising knee, sending her careening down to the ground utterly breathless.

From the sounds ahead in the smoke, Hana could tell that her sisters were hard at work doing the same… could hear the panicked shouts of the rabbits and the snarls of the foxes, and she charged on to meet them. She was out of the tunnel now and into the wider room, pushing through smoke so thick it felt like she was swimming in it, and she often needed to duck her head to take a breath near the floor, trying to find her way through the chaotic fight.

Then a tough, muscular rabbit came out of the smoke, saw her, and attacked.

Immediately, Hana knew that this was the one… this one was tough, brave, and strong. She knew how to fight… her initial thrust with the spear was measured, with none of the panicked haste or overeager enthusiasm of the last two… a careful, probing attack that, as soon as it missed, she was already pulling back the spear to prevent it from being grabbed. This was a rabbit that she could be proud to breed.

Hana ducked under the next thrust. Again the spear came back, but she wasn’t even trying to grab it. Instead, she drove forward into her legs in a tackle. It was a risky move against a rabbit… her legs were the strongest parts of them, and her balance was excellent, but Hana had done it perfectly and definitely caught her off guard. She staggered… and panicked just a little, trying to stab down as she swayed with less than perfect balance. The thrust was slow and weak, and as she rolled away Hana was able to kick the spear as it lodged in the ground. The wood flexed and broke, snapping in half at the middle. Hana jumped back to her feet, tails flicking behind her as she grinned at the now unarmed rabbit.

“Mine,” she hissed, and charged.

The rabbit, to her credit, didn’t give up… she fought hard. She kept her profile low, kept her hands in tight to her body, and fought cautiously. It meant that she lasted almost thirty seconds. She had maybe fought a few dozen times in earnest… mostly against other rabbits. Hana had been taking down prey on a daily or weekly basis for decades. The woman simply wasn’t her equal, but Hana dragged it out as long as she could… pinning first one arm, then the other, and them shoving her down to the dirt as the floodwaters seeped along it.

“Silly little spear…” Hana growled as she took up the broken top half of the shaft, the one with the dull end. “You like stabbing?” Of course, the rabbit couldn’t understand her growls, but she squirmed regardless… so enticing, so beautiful. Those cries and moans and struggles only grew better still when Hana began forcing the butt of the spear up her ass.

The rabbit squealed as Hana gave her a new tail, one that kept her from wiggling her ass, one that kept her from moving and locked her in place. Her wide eyes and panicked gasps were adorable, as were her awkward kicks as she tried to dislodge Hana from on top of her without moving the spear up her guts. They only got better as Hana held her face down in the shallow water and finally gave her hard cock what it had been asking for all day.

Hana had felt stones more yielding than her prick right now… certainly, the rabbit’s tight, sweaty cunt didn’t have a prayer of holding her back. She drove in and for all the resistance the tight rabbit could muster it wasn’t even enough to slow Hana as she hilted herself inside the struggling prey, impaling her more deeply with every passing second.

The rabbit stared up at Hana as she pinned her down with her cock, her eyes nearly blinded by tears… both of pain and from the smoke. She was making squealing, desperate noises, and the fox didn’t need to understand whatever crying, whining language the bunny was speaking to know what she was saying. She was begging for mercy.

“This is mercy, silly prey,” Hana teased in a growl as she held apart the rabbit’s strong, firm thighs, even as she felt them struggling against her hard enough it was like something was going to tear. The rabbit’s screamed certainly seemed to suggest something did. “I’m giving you a purpose… if you get yourself knocked up right away, I’ll keep you and you’ll get to live out the rest of your life with only one mate. Disappoint me like the rest of these weaklings, and it will be hundreds.” She chuckled. “It won’t kill you… though I can’t promise you won’t wish it will.”

If she could understand at all, she didn’t react… she didn’t seem to be able to focus on anything but the sensation of the fox herm’s massive cock prying apart her insides. Despite her need, however, Hana was patient… years of discipline under Inari meant that she didn’t rush. She didn’t let her urges to mate control her, make her hurry even an ounce faster than she wanted to as she slid her cock in and out of the rabbit with all the precision of a needle in sewing their loincloths.

The bunny never stopped struggling entirely, but by the time she was buried inside her the screams had stopped, reduced to soft, gagging sounds of pain coming out of a face still locked in the middle of a silent howl of agony. Hana could see a distinct bulge as her length moved through the rabbit’s belly, making her swell as she filled her up utterly. Likewise, the screams in the halls were barely registering anymore, mostly quiet… the other defenders of this hall had fallen by now, and everyone was in the process of being knocked out and captured or claimed. It seemed like she was deforming her prey with her cock, transforming her from an animal into a cocksheath only good for breeding as her insides changed shape to fit the girthy, gnarled fox cock that she was forcing into her, tearing its way through her resistance.

She wasn’t making any sounds, anymore. The pain and the sheer impacts of Hana’s cock had long since knocked all the air out of the rabbit’s lungs, silencing her… and that was before her knot began to slowly swell. When the rabbit felt that she really began to squirm… but it was far too late for that to make a difference. Hana smirked at the spasming bunny trying desperately to escape, to breathe, to just slow down the relentless thrusts and the growth of the knot… and still Hana took her time, thrusting steadily. She wanted to savor this. This would be the first prey she’d bred since Inari’s restrictions had been lifted… the first time she would get to cut loose. She wanted to enjoy it.

As the knot swelled more, the bulge in her belly grew. The rabbit was watching it, now… tilting her head down to see her guts swell with cock. Her eyes were wide as she watched herself be practically split into two half by the massive rod. Her whole body was defined by it… her spear up her ass now by far the lesser of the two penetrations. Hana figured she might be blind with how full of tears her eyes were, her expression locked in panic while her entire body shook uncontrollably. She has gone far beyond the point of logic, or trying to rationally escape… she was just flinching away from the pain now as she felt insides stretch and stretch and stretch, each extra millimeter of growth by the knot another mountain of pain she had to climb, another weight crushing down on her sanity. One more thrust, one more swollen growth, and the rabbit fainted on that dick.

Hana, however, didn’t stop. The fact that her prey had passed out mattered little… her purpose was to take her cock and be bred, and her own thoughts about it were quite irrelevant. She kept pushing, stroking herself in and out, teasing her knot as it grew and made the rabbit even tighter for her thrusts. Hana grunted in satisfaction as her knot finally finished expanding, locking them together… her groin resting deep inside her. Locked together, she could only thrust so much, could only pull so far out before ramming forward… so she made up for it with force and speed.

The sudden hammer blows of frenzied slams from their joined genitals brought the bunny back to the waking world screaming, her voice weak and wretched through her raw throat as she was rammed into again and again and again. Hanna stretched her suffering sex to the bare edge of its ability to fit her, making her entire crotch red with the agitation and swelling as the squelching noises played again and again. Every single time Hana pulled back the knot pulled at her prey, lifting her slightly off the ground, and every time she rammed back in, she drove her back and tiny tail down against the hard earth. Her bones creaked beneath her skin as the hungry fox crushed her between the unyielding ground and her even more unyielding cock, unleashing a merciless assault on her flesh, bruising her back and thighs both and splattering precum and desperate cunt juice all over the muddy floor of the warren.

To Hana, it was paradise. That cunt squeezed her like little ever had, the stretching walls of her overstimulated quim clenching on her length as her muscles were abused, overwhelmed, and turned into trembling rings of flesh that it was pleasant to rub against as she fucked that pussy. She picked up her pace, aware of an increasing number of humans and foxed both watching as the smoke began to thin, likewise letting her see other’s conquests and driving her competitive drive, making her want to fuck hers harder than Nomu or Kari were fucking theirs. Below the fox, the rabbit was gagging and twitching and moaning out breathless cries of pain, making her work harder and harder to fuck her but Hana rose to the challenge, pumping faster and faster until at last she came in her prey.

The blast of hot semen filled her up, expanding, and with the knot plugging her exit found only one way to hot. The steaming, scalding fuckcream forced its way past the rabbit’s cervix and utterly drenched her womb, filling it like a canteen or like a sieve in the storm. A muffled cry actually escaped the rabbit as her belly seemed to swell ever further as shot after shock of cum filled her womb, expanding her outward to make room for the fox’s pent-up load.

“You’re going to make an excellent mother for the clan,” Hana huffed out as the athletic fox caught her breath, stroking the crying rabbit’s face as she did. “An excellent mother.”

Nomu and Kari had finished breeding their own catch before Hana’s knot had shrank enough to let her pull out of the rabbit, letting the left-over cum packing her cunt finally escape. Blood and semen gushed from her prey’s puffy red pussy before soaking the ground and spear beneath her, a messy slurry created by the violent rape free to escape her overstuffed quim at last. Her resistant prey wasn’t struggling anymore but she was still quietly sobbing, her bone dry throat making her make pathetic sounds of a dying animal. “Oh, quit the drama… you’re going to be fine.”

Picking the rabbit up by her hair, Hana tossed her to some of the humans who were standing by a bunch of already-bound rabbits. She wasn’t worried about being able to identify her later… she’d be able to smell herself on this one for weeks after the amount of cream she had pumped into her. “Not finished with you yet,” she promised her captive. “We’re going to have a lot more fun while we wait to see if you’re going to have kits for me.” As she tossed down the weakened, defeated rabbit, a pair of the humans began to tie her up in those white bands they called “zip ties” and put her with the others.

Loose dirt fell from above, and somewhere distantly up there, something like a drum began to beat. Those would be the thumpers… the human versions. Her own people’s wouldn’t reach this deep. Despite herself, Hana marvelled at the convenience of some of the things the humans came with… maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. “Come on!” she said, looking at where Nomu and Kari were waiting for their own knots to soften. “You girls losing your touch?” Her grin was wide and positively predatory, and she was in the best mood she’d been in in months. “Wrap it up, girls… there’s prey running away!”

Miku felt like she couldn’t breathe as she ran, the tunnels shaking around her. When the warren was threatened, deeper was the place to be… beneath more of the defenses, beneath more of the fighters, beneath more of the maze… down where the air was stale and thick and hard to breathe for invaders, down where they would get lost and give up before they found them. Down where it was safe. That had all changed when the tunnels began to shake and the Earth around them began to fall.

Several of the rabbits tried to keep the others calm. Miku, at first, was one of those. Panic, however, was contagious, and as the ground continued to tremble and dirt shook loose time and time again from the ceiling, her own tranquilizing words became harder and harder to believe. When the first of them began to run, clawing their way back up tunnels and towards the surface, others followed. Soon, it was a mass exodus from the darkness… and Miku was among them.

The air was too dry and dismal to be breathing this hard but they had to run to run to run before the thump thump thump buried them all alive. Up and up and up winding passages the fleeing surbeasts went, passing through wetness, avoiding flooded pools, and always questing towards one of the escapes dug into the side of the hill. It didn’t help that with every step the thudding of the collapse grew louder and closer, like it was progressing, like it was getting worse… like they were running out of time.

The edges around Miku’s vision were dark when she finally burst from the warren, following so close on the tail of the last bunny that she hadn’t even seen the sunlight before she emerged out into the day and saw…

Something that made no sense.

Large buildings on black circular blocks had appears on the hillside from nowhere. Miku had been here just yesterday… these had not been here. When had the foxes learned to make such a thing… and how? They smelled off, like burning and sharp, wet metal, but by far the strangest things about them were the heavy, reflective pillars on the side. As Miku wanted, one of them cranked upward, lifting several feet off the ground before hammering back down, striking the ground with a savage, reverberating thump that she could feel in the ground beneath her feet.

 Miku stared, feeling the set of tremors as dozens of those heavy pillars slapped the ground as one, her mind overwhelmed by the enormity of what she was seeing. She didn’t have time to linger on it too long, however… she could smell foxes. A moment later, she saw them, running towards her over open ground, and the herd of rabbit wheeled and ran, taking Miku with them.

She ran, her legs pumping, never really getting the opportunity to catch her breath… but the growls of the foxes and the barking of dogs kept her going, huffing in and out as she ran. Then those hairless “humans” popped up on the ridge by the metal hammers and raised tools to their shoulders…

And half the bunnies dropped.

Miku knew these strange, ranged fangs from the tunnels earlier… she had seen them do their work. She had no counter to that, so, as one of the stings whizzed past her, she let herself fall to her knees and then down to the ground, waiting… going still.

Second seconds later, the running dogs and foxed trampled just past her without a second glance. Miku remained still. Other rabbits were chased down or fell to those strange, distant fangs. Miku remained still. Humans walked by her, and Miku remained still. Slowly, so slowly that she could barely tell that she was moving at all, she turned her head to watch as one of the hairless alphas stopped nearby, raising his tool again… and another of them pushed it back down. “No more,” he said, voice firm. “Let the rest get away.”

“Yes sir,” the man with the tool said, lowering it. “You think this is enough?”

“It will be,” the first said again. “The rest of them will repopulate and we can come back next year.” He swept his gaze over the rabbits on the ground, and Miku froze as it swept over her. “Help tie these ones up.”

Then, a moment later, one of the alpha’s boot landed on her back.

Miku couldn’t help it. She whimpered, then began to struggle anyway. She knew she wouldn’t escape, but she had to try. The heavy foot, however, held her down, pinning her to the soft earth as someone spoke above her. Miku didn’t understand the human language well… mostly it was predators who spoke it, but she had learned a little, so she knew he was talking to her, and knew that he was keeping his words slow and simple for her. She just could only barely understand them anyway.

“You’re a clever one, aren’t you?” he said, tone amused. “Smarter than the rest. That’s good. We can use clever ones… ones that can share instructions with others. Do you understand me?” Miku nodded frantically, even though she was only half telling the truth. “Do you want to stick with me and have an easier time of it?” Miku only had the vaguest idea what he was asking her, but she knew that she didn’t want to be hunted. She nodded again, even harder.

She felt it as her hands were pushed together and something was wrapped around them… something tight that cut into her skin and wouldn’t let her move them apart without hurting, some kind of tight vine or webbing. Then the man’s hands were on her ears, and she cried out as she was pulled up by them, rising to her knees. “Then prove it. Prove you’re a good, obedient little bunny.”

When Miku opened her eyes, the alpha’s cock was right in front of her eyes. It stank to her sensitive nose… and not in the way she was used to, either. Her nose scrunched up and she instinctively tried to turn her head away… the human alpha, however, simply tightened his grip on her sensitive ears and pulled on them to drag her face back to his dick. “Open your mouth and take me inside,” he alpha said curtly. “And if you want a merciful rest of your existence, you had best keep your teeth far away from me.”

Miku didn’t understand everything he was saying… but she did understand what he wanted. She obeyed immediately, parting her lips and pressing the soft, delicate flesh against his shaft. She had plenty of sexual experience… the alpha rabbits in her part of the warren were as relentless as any she had ever heard of, and once they got started it took a while to please one. Part of that that she was familiar with was licking clean a shaft after one was done breeding her, and getting her ready for the next time… but there was something fundamentally different here. The taste, the smell… of her own alpha, it drove her wild. Here, she just felt terrified. Still, Miku forced herself to move her head forward and taking the length of his hard shaft inside of her mouth. This was her life now, she knew… a captured prey animal like her would be used as a breeding doll for the rest of her life. Her only hope was that the alphas that captured her would be merciful and kind in their use of her. Compared to being bred, this wasn’t so bad.

Still, he hadn’t bred her yet… and his cock was already more than hard and hardly needed encouragement. Miku was split between equal parts confusion at why he would have her do this, and revulsion at the unfamiliar taste and unwanted contact with the dick. The man had clearly been hunting for hours now, running, chasing, sweating, planning, and she could taste all of that effort and salt and musk on him as she cleaned him off with her lips and tongue. The taste and smell of hours of salt and sweat and sex practically attacked her taste buds and nose in a frenzy as the rabbit looked up into the hunter’s eyes.

Above her, Thomas looked down with obvious enjoyment, trying to stop from outright laughing at how pliable and easy to work with the rabbit was. She was just as fit and sexy as he had hoped, slim in all the right places and curved in all the rest, but not in his wildest dreams had he imagined how easy she would be to tame, how eager to please she would be. These rabbits, with just a little bit of work, would be the perfect little toys. As she licked along his shaft, he reached out and stroked her face, and while she flinched she never stopped sucking… not even as she gagged, not even as she kept crinkling up her cute little nose while she spit-shined his cock. “Oh, yes… I will very much enjoy training you, little rabbit,” Thomas said with a pleased growl. “But that’s enough foreplay.”

The human hunter grabbed the rabbit by her ears with one hand and her hair by the other, and holding her still he thrust his hips forward so that his cock speared her lips. Sudden, overwhelmed tears flowed from her eyes as the entire length of his member sank into her mouth and throat with a single thrust. Even with just that one thrust, Miku gagged as if she could feel her throat tearing as it expanded to fit the cock violently shoving into it, Thomas pushing the rabbit’s face against him until her nose was pressed nearly flat against his muscular stomach.

Miku tried to pull back, but Thomas held her easily in place, the swollen head of his shaft plugging her throat. The rabbit’s neck hugged onto his cock like she was born to do it… the rabbits’ holes were made to be cocksleeves. He stepped into her, having the affect of tilting her head further back, making it so he was driving down into her neck rather than mostly forward. A better angle for what was to come. Then, holding firmly onto her ears like handles, he pulled her slowly off of his cock before stabbing deep into her quivering, clenching throat a second time. There was no tenderness from the hunter, no mercy, no slowness… she hadn’t earned it yet, and if she was ever going to she would need to demonstrate her worth first. Instead, he stabbed her like his cock was a dagger sinking into her, driving himself in with thrust after thrust as her throat spasmed on his cock.

A thick, frothy sludge of spit and cockslime poured from around her stretched lips, soaking his balls as it ran down the rabbits chin like water poured from an open sewer in a storm, dripping down onto her tits and her knees. Her bound arms kept twitching as she tried to fight against the impaling cock and the hunter’s grip, and the choking, panicked flailing of her struggles forced the rabbit’s neck to throat to constrict and squeeze delightfully around his cock, hugging it like a lover would greet its long lost partner… but Thomas was impressed. While she struggled, she never bit, and her teeth stayed far away from his cock. When at last he pulled out of her throat, the rabbit was gasping for breath, retching and coughing as precum and drool splattered her body in a wave.

She looked up at him with desperate eyes. “Why… hurt… me?” the lithe rabbit girl forced out, her voice seeming very small.

Thomas shook his head. “I’m not hurting you. I’m fucking you. The fact that it hurts just means you aren’t good enough at being a proper fucktoy yet… you can’t take my cock without it hurting. It just means you need more training.”

Miku seemed confused to him, but it seemed like she got the general idea… certainly, she trembled when he declared that “It was time to get back to practicing.” His cock grew even harder somehow, looking at that expression. Then he grabbed the back of her head again and rammed his length back into her gullet.

With her head tilted up, not only could he look down into her eyes as he fucked her, but it also angled her throat into a perfectly straight tunnel for him to ram his cock eagerly up and down. Her throat stretched and stretched and stretched to fit him but the resistance was almost overcome instantly, his cock never needing to slow down as he slammed in and out. The pained clenching of her neck seemed to grip and massage his cock like it was eager to milk him, like it wanted to make this as pleasant as possible. If even a fraction of the rabbits had holes like this, they were going to make their family obscenely rich and all but guarantee their public approval.

Thomas thrust in and out, in and out, and each time his cockhead made it onto her tongue before he buried himself as deep as he could, fucking her whole neck with each thrust. His violent assault made the rabbit gag and choke, sexy gurgling noises escaping around his cock as it pistoned backwards and then forwards and then backwards and forwards again and again and again and again and again until the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the squelching of the soft feminine throat being plunged into was loud enough he could barely hear the thumpers on the hillside.

One thrust at a time, he transformed his freshly caught prey into a cocksheath. Experienced through her body might be with sex, she was still obviously quite innocent in other ways, having no idea the thoroughness to which her new masters would be using her body. Thomas sought to educate her, using his strength and enthusiasm to yank her on and off of his cock like a fleshlight, using her throat to jack off as the edges of her vision darkened and her lungs burned as their air grew stale. Her precious, tight cock-socket right in her face quivered and shook and gagged as he fucked it, the warm hole driving him fast towards cumming in her.

Miku’s gagging and muffled screams grew more and more frantic as her rapist grew more and more violent, as did her struggling against her bonds. It didn’t matter. Thomas jerked her face up and down his shaft, groaning with pleasure. The only mercy she got was that he was almost there… the hunter only needed to fuck her incredibly tight throat for a few more seconds before he exploded inside of her. While she had pleasured her alpha like this before, never had she spent a load anywhere but in the rabbit’s pussy, and now her new master’s hot cum tainted her formerly untouched throat as it poured into her, spraying her down with thick strings of cum so thick that it felt like she could chew on them.

When he abruptly ripped his way out of her throat, allowing the rabbit to take a desperate gasp for air, it mean that she breathed in some of that cum and started coughing. At the same time, he jerked his cock with one hand, still holding her by her ears in the other as he sprayed hot cum all over her face. Thick, brutal shots of white seed clung to her hair, dripped down her neck, pooled in the hollow of her collarbone, sank into her exposed ears, and dripped down over her eyes, sticking them shut and temporarily blinding her.

The desperate rabbit’s desperate coughs and gasps and sobs went largely ignored by Thomas as he came, letting her catch her breath as he made a sexy mural of her face before letting her collapse to the ground, slowly curling up on the trembling earth. “You’re very obedient,” he told her, pleased. “And you’re clever. You’ll do. Do a good job learning to speak English and translate for us, and you’ll find that being a good little bunny comes with privileges…”

Matt walked through the camp with a pleased expression on his face and Illyana on his arm, appreciating the sights as he did. Getting hundreds of rabbits back to camp at once hadn’t been easy, but it hadn’t been all that hard, either… after all, they already had all the trucks rented. They just had to bind the girls up, stack them almost like cordwood, and tie down tarps on top of them to make sure they wouldn’t roll out of the trucks. Then they had simply driven back to the main game trail and from there back to the camp.

After unpacking, people were in a celebratory mood. Plenty of alcohol flowed, and it was a matter of much amusement for everyone just how easily the foxes got tipsy… including for the foxes themselves.  Then they had dug into the process of breaking in the bunnies with relish. Of the rabbits, each of their fates needed to be determined. Some of them were going to be clever, and those were the ones they wanted to sell… while keeping a girl bound too tightly to move would be fine and mermaid owners would long be accustomed to this, his father and the rest of the clan felt strongly that customers would prefer pets that could learn to follow orders and be trained… it was simpler, after all.

However, of those, some of them would be very clever. Those risked escape if they were sold too early, before being thoroughly broken… and besides, they were the prime breeding stock. Those were the ones that would be spending most of their days pregnant, helping breed more clever bunnies. Thomas was already talking about releasing some of them back into the wild, too… letting them mingle and breed out there, after they returned to the old warren or found a new one.

Then there were the rest. The ones too stubborn or dumb to make good pets or breeding stock. Those were the ones they needed to focus on finding and getting out of the sale stock… the ones that would be given to the foxes to breed, the ones would serve as playthings for the employees, or the ones that would go to the science team for experiments. Lily, he knew, was already impressed with just how quickly rabbits grew, and she didn’t think it was related to how the mermaids did it… she was eager to see what could be gleaned from studying their biology. Those were the ones that they could be rougher with.

Matt paused to watch a gangbang going on in the central courtyard of the camp. The brown-and-white spotted rabbit cried out as she was surrounded by a dozen men, naked and on her back with a cock inside her tight pussy. The bunny’s silver eyes were wide with horror as he skewered her. This one must be young and inexperienced, never picked by an alpha again, because the man had some blood on his dick… as he skewered her dry cunt, he was stealing her virginity as well. As other men held the bound rabbit down with her legs spread wide, he began to fuck away with reckless abandon. The rabbit let out a keening wail as she was fucked right on the ground, surrounded by dozens of her sisters and even more men of the lodge.

Her eyes darted around with desperate need, but no one was going to help her. The other rabbits all had their own problems, their own cocks to serve… and the men were stroking themselves off over her as they waited for their turns. She was trying to beg, Matt thought, but he couldn’t make out the words… although how hard the man was fucking her might have had something to do with that, it looked like this wasn’t one of the cleverer ones that spoke their tongue at all. Most of them didn’t… though that was only one way for them to show that they were clever, obedient, eager to please little fuckpets.

“I think that one isn’t being very eager,” Matt said as he watched. “I think you ought to give her a taste.”

The man raping the rabbit laughed. “An excellent idea, sir,” he agreed. A moment later, he was pulling the spotted rabbit up to her feet, his cock leaving her twat for just a moment as she was spun around and frog-marched towards one of the chain-link fences. Tied up there, arms and legs spread eagle, were the three rabbit herms they had caught on the hunt… struggling madly against their bonds until blood trickled from their wrists and ankles where they’d tugged too hard. The herms were blindfolded, but they didn’t have any difficulty telling what was going on… the sounds and smells of the raucus gangbang were driving them wild, making their instincts urge them to throw caution to the wind and just dive in.

This was his father’s idea. As the spotted rabbit was dragged over to one of them, Matt looked across the way to where his father sat in a chair, idly talking with Steven while his new rabbit bounced desperately in his lap, eager to please. According to the clever one over there, the musk of their alphas drove the rabbits almost to insanity, so his father had had the idea to have them on hand as an aphrodisiac. It worked like a charm… just a few sniffs, and the rabbits became complete sluts, almost out of control. The last one Matt had fucked had cum so hard it had felt like her cunt had been trying to crush his cock. The manacles were a problem – Lily was going to need to come up with a better way to restrain them – but the idea was solid.

The stablehand was back inside the spotted rabbit a few seconds later, fucking her hard even as he grabbed her by her ears and yanked back on them like reins, pulling her head up and forcing her to look at the tied up herm. Even as Matt watched, the girl shuddered and whimpered, closing her eyes tightly as tears welled up and dripped out of them. Matt could almost see it happening in real time as he pushed the rabbit against the alpha, burying her nose in her pubic hair until it was flat against her groin… the twitching of her nose, the ways her hips shifted from side to side. The more the man raped her dry cunt, the less dry it was… the more she was fucking back against him. A whimper left her throat mere moments before she suddenly screamed and came, cumming hard around the man’s cock.

Smiling, the man pushed her head further forward, and her cries were abruptly cut off as her mouth was buried around the herm’s throbbing cock. “Ah! Ah! Ahh-hulghk! Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!” The herm, for her part, began thrusting her hips forward… the only part of her body she could freely move, not half as desperate anymore to escape captivity now that she had a warm, wet hole wrapped around her cock.

Matt smiled as he watched the pretty young bunny get spit-roasted between one of her “alphas” and one of the hunters that had captured her, having her facefucked at the same time that the hunter was free to plow her lithe, tasty body to his heart’s content. She was thrusting back against him in earnest now… with the musk fresh in her nose, the fight had gone out of her, and while Matt couldn’t hear her cries around the gagging cock he was pretty sure the trembling bunny was cumming.

He would finish soon… but there were half a dozen other men waiting to try this one. They were going to thoroughly test how far her eager sluttiness was going to go. With a grin, he guided his fox on as he went to see what else was going on in the gangbang.

Around them, the other rabbits weren’t really faring much better than the virgin bunny had. Matt passed by another rabbit exposed on the ground with her tits out, her legs spread, her pussy vulnerable, and it was obvious she was about to be raped… and she didn’t seem too concerned about it. From the wide eyes and very dilated pupils Matt was pretty sure she was high on one of the herm’s chemical aphrodisiacs, squirming on the ground as she tried to steel herself for what was coming. While she did, however, Rebecca came over holding a camera, holding it up to capture the whole scene.

“Whats up with that, Sis?” Matt asked.

The red-haired girl grinned at him like the cat that swallowed the canary. “These rabbits are going to be a major sales push… we are going to want some promo videos to go out as soon as we make the announcement. Getting some scenes of just how damned sexy they are, letting any potential buyers see just how eager of a fucktoy their bunny could be… well, let’s just say we want to get it all recorded for posterity.” As she pointed the camera at the light-furred rabbit, one of the hunters grabbed her by the hips, holding her in place as he climbed behind her and lifted her up, placing his hard cock at her unprotected entrance. Normally, he would need to thrust into a surbeast while she struggled. Instead, this rabbed shoved back against him, gasping as her cunt swallowed his shaft.

“Make sure you’re getting a good angle,” he said as he looked over at Illyana, her own eyes wide and aroused by all the sex around her and the helplessness of the rabbit. She was panting slightly as she watched him hold onto her hip with a grip like iron. Matt had found some clothing to dress his erstwhile bed companion in, but with needing to accommodate her tails it meant that the skirt was pretty short… he didn’t have any difficulty sliding his hand beneath it and casually fingering her wet pussy while they watched the rabbit gangbang together.

“I know what I’m doing Matt!” Becca mocked with a small smile. “Now buzz off or hold the camera yourself.”

Matt raised one hand in placation as Rebecca pointed the camera directly into a view of the rabbit’s tight, wet cunt, the soft, slick folds wrapping around the hunter and squeezing as he sunk into her depths. She could have struggled and it would have made no difference – in the end, her cunt would still have been filled with thick cock – but instead she thrust her ass eagerly back against him like she was in heat, and the sight definitely made for good watching… this video would prove the point well. Matt couldn’t imagine a man watching it and not wanting to own a little rabbit fleshlight of their own. “No, you’re doing an excellent job,” he assured her. He slid a second finger into Illyana, making the fox let out a soft, pleased growl as he fingered her to the show.

The hunter didn’t last long in the eager rabbit’s tight pussy before blowing his load. As soon as he did, he backed off, letting the next man take her place… thoroughly desecrating her body and overwhelming her mind with fat cocks. The video caught it all as her body betrayed her again and again, moaning in pleasure around the cock stuffing her mouth, pushing back against the one in her cunt, stroking the cocks presented for her slender fingers to wrap around. Rebecca made sure to get all the best angles, and Matt had no doubt that by the time she was finished this rabbit was going to be one of the most popular pornstars on the internet. His assistance wasn’t needed, however, so he kept walking, letting Illyana lick his fingers clean as she looked around, picking the next direction to walk herself… seeing what scene of depravity caught her eye.

The next bunny that Illyana stopped by was glaring up at the man currently rubbing his cock all across her face. She was on her knees before him, a tight collar around her slim throat, and a leash attached to it held in his fist. Her wrists were cuffed to her ankles so she wasn’t going to be getting up from kneeling anytime soon, but this one clearly wasn’t under the influence of the alpha’s musk… the growl she was making was almost predatory. That was probably why the man had been smart enough to put a ring gag in her mouth… safety first, after all.

Illyana was breathing hard as he watched the man pull back and cock-slap the rabbit across the face with it several times until she cried out. Like that was some kind of signal, a moment later he was stuffing his thick shaft into her wedged-open maw, forcing her to gag and choke on it. She couldn’t bite down, couldn’t flinch away, couldn’t do anything but take it as the man facefucked her, leaving her as little but a vulnerable rabbit for them to play with. A few moments later, another man crouched behind her, his hands on her hips as he forced her to fall forward against the first man, raising her ass just enough to allow the second man to sink his cock into her quim and piston away, leaving her with nothing to do but endure.

She kept trying to flinch away, however… and it appeared that that was what had caught Illyana’s eyes. The smiling fox walked over to the struggling rabbit, raised one foot, and set it down onto the back of the bunny’s head. Then, with all the irresistibility of an landslide, she shoved forward, burying her face into the man’s crotch and forcing her lips to press against his balls. The surrounded men laughed as, holding onto the rabbit’s shoulders with her hands, Illyana fucked their captive’s face on his cock with brutal, throat destroying thrusts.

By the time he came and Illyana pulled away, the rabbit wasn’t really resisting anymore… not that it spared her as a second man decided to pick up where the fox had left off. Matt suspected that she would be getting facefucked like that for hours before the gag came off… this one probably wasn’t going to make it as a breeder or a sales prospect, but they could still break her the way one would do a horse.

Certainly, it looked like what Lila and her dog were trying to do. The two of them were on a bunny together, and it seemed like Lila had given her strap-on to Lyanna. Lila was on top of the rabbit’s face, teaching her the fine points of how to lick a woman, while Lyanna was grinding that massive knotted prick away into her drooling quim. From the look of the juices gushing from the wolf, she’d already cum several times, and Matt doubted that Lila would be calling a stop to their fun anytime soon. He smiled at them and kept walking, amused at the thought of the grey-haired woman’s prize strap-on being worn by someone else.

The next thing that caught Matt’s eyes was the rabbit in a pillory in the center of the camp. She hung there, suspended by her wrists and neck, bent over as man after man ran a train on her vulnerable body. Bent over, her helpless form was fucked, her screams and moans and cried muffled by her own floppy ears that someone enterprising soul had stuffed into her mouth before sealing it closed with tape. She struggled, but bound as she was there was no reasonable outlet for her anger, no way to resist or get free or meaningfully struggle.

The rabbit might have been dry and unwelcoming to their cocks at the beginning, but now that cum was dripping down her legs Matt could see quite a bit of pussy juice coming with it… the sloppier and stickier her cunt became, the slicker it got too. The men now were able to plow her like pistons, making her shake as she came over and over again. It didn’t matter how much she wanted to resist, how much she might hate it with every fiber of her being… she was understanding where she belonged.

Throughout the orgy, each and every one of the captive bunnies was fucked into a stupor all night long as the hunters satisfied themselves using their prisoner’s bodies and tried to determine which ones were worth keeping. Matt would have liked to join… hell, he could, but… He already had a willing, and a not-so-willing, bed mate to attend to.

By the time he and Illyana returned to his tent, her constant teasing of his cock, combined with the show all around him, had him rock hard… and that made the sight of Aria hanging over his bed all the more pleasant. They had gathered up her tails into a bundle and used them to suspend her from the center beam… a rope around her neck and one around each ankle feeding back to the tails to ensure she wouldn’t tilt or wiggle. Matt had worried about hanging her like that, but Lily had done the math and assured him that they could take it. He really did owe that girl a favor sometime.

Of course, the posture needed to keep from choking on the rope around her neck wasn’t exactly pleasant. She needed to arch her back and thrust her tits out, holding her head up… otherwise she wouldn’t be able to breathe. She had still been holding that posture without a problem when Matt had hung her here this morning before they went on the hunt, but after a good ten hours of holding it she was only able to do it in fits and spurts, and it looked like she was spending more time resting from the rope and holding her breath than she was breathing. Her body was shaking, her face was streaked with sweat and tears, but she still found the strength to turn and look at him awkwardly as he came in.

The gag silenced her, but he could subtitle that look easily enough. “Please,” it said. “Please please please please PLEASE.”

Matt laughed as he stood. The bedroll was low enough and small enough that he could hang her at perfect fucking height, and he stepped up behind her. His cock, already hard as iron, easily slid between her sweaty ass-cheeks. A second later and he was wedging the head of his stiff cock up her asshole. Even the choking girl found a little bit more breath to scream out with, her voice ripped from the endless pit of her suffering as his cock forced its way up her unprepared asshole. He could feel every inch of her asshole hugging him as his cock advanced, and Matt only gave her a moment to wait and cry before he began to actively plunder his pleasure from her clenching asshole.

Matt had to say that as good as the fox’s pussy was, her asshole was even better. Incredibly tight, warm, and squeezing, it hadn’t been made to accommodate a prick of his size and that made it so much more pleasant as he forced her tight colon to stretch and house the length of his cock. Even after having fucked this hole before, the fresh violation felt like a virgin hole to him. Every single time he slammed his cock in, he felt her stretch further.

Illyana lay on the bed beneath him, idly playing with herself as Aria got the raping that the treacherous fox so thoroughly deserved, looking up at her with her legs spread. It was the matriarch’s will that her sister be punished for hurting their family… watching justice be served was good with her. For his part, Matt grunted and moaned, bathing in the sheer pleasure that her unwilling asshole delivered to him.

“You ready to beg me to breed you yet?” he growled out in between savage thrusts. “You’ll never be part of the family, but that will be the closest you ever get, when you’re a fleshy condom wrapped around a new kit. Is that what you want? You want me to cum in your tight little pussy and knock you up?” Aria groaned, but she frantically nodded her head. She meant it, too… he could tell. If it meant being taken from where she was hanging, from where her tails pulled and burned, from where she couldn’t breathe, she would do anything… even sell her dignity and be a broodmare for the people she hated. But she didn’t want it yet… not really. She just wanted not to hurt. So he pulled out, knelt, and slammed his cock into Illyana’s waiting hole instead.

The willing fox gasped and came almost instantly, her body spasming and jerking and squeezing on his length as she tried to milk him with her orgasm. It worked too… seconds later, he was spraying the long-teased load into her womb again, just one more collection of seed to work with. “Like…” he groaned, gasping. “I was… going… to waste… a load… on you… when she’s… not… pregnant… yet.”

Illyana craned her face up to kiss him, blocking the view of the gagged fox as she made muffled sounds of outrage above them. Matt kissed back eagerly, and pulled the blanket over her, getting ready to pin her down for round two, the struggling fox above them already almost forgotten.

The next morning, Matt awoke as someone rang the little bell outside the tent. Illyana stirred in his arms, and his cock felt sticky where it rested against her legs as he embraced her from behind. Slowly, he wiped sleep from his eyes, trying to move so slowly that he didn’t wake the slumbering fox in his arms.

Above him, Aria had no such consideration. When she heard the ring she immediately began to thrash and cry out, making Illyana‘s ears twitch and her to brush her face in annoyance. “Fucking bitch,” Matt groaned, reaching up and pinching one of her dangling nipples, making her cry turn sharper. “Can’t just let your betters sleep. I ought to…”

“Matt!” Rebecca called from outside the tent. “Get up and get over here! We have a problem!”

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