Lone Fox 3 – Ch 2 – Devil’s Bargain

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For many years, Astaria had imagined someday being allowed to join her father’s private meetings. She’d worked hard to try and prove that she deserved a place among his inner circle: she’d studied politics on both a local and global scale, made it a point to learn every nonhuman race that interacted with the Paradisium, familiarized herself with every aspect of the organization that she was allowed to know about. She’d devoted herself to earning the right to be present when Karakostas made the decisions that could affect millions of lives, in the hope that she could be a voice of reason to blunt his cruelty.

She’d never expected to have her wish granted like this.

There was a leash under his desk that clipped onto her collar, and cuffs to slip her arms and legs into. They hadn’t been installed there for her specifically, but she’d gained much experience with them over the last two years. She could barely move a muscle from her shoulders down while she crouched between his legs in the cramped alcove, but she had enough mobility from the neck up to slide the tip of her tongue all the way from the base of his massive cock to its fat, swollen head and back, feeling it happily twitch and pulse as she worshiped it. Enough to bob her head back and forth, her lips making a soft, fuckable seal around his shaft that was just an appetizer for the tight throat he spent so much time in. Enough even to lean in and passionately lap and suck at his balls, encouraging them to churn out more and more of the seed that he pumped her full of every day.

Even though no one, including her father, usually acknowledged her presence at these meetings, she was still very, very busy during them.

“Another failure,” Karakostas growled. “Where is Doval now?”

“He returned to his quarters after the debriefing, sir,” said his assistant. Astaria couldn’t see anything but her father’s crotch right now, but she could picture the speaker clearly enough in her head. Batu was a squat, ugly man who’d served Karakostas for more than three decades now, managing the internal affairs that weren’t worth the dragon’s time. Sometimes she almost felt sorry for him; he hadn’t chosen to be part of this. He’d been handpicked for the role when he was just a child, and spent his formative years being taught by his predecessor before taking over the position when he was of age. Human lives were extremely short for a creature like Karakostas, so he tried to maximize how long he could get use out of them. But what little sympathy she might have garnered for the man evaporated in the face of his personality, petty and cruel. She’d seen enough of him in her two years a slave to know he was a perfect assistant for someone like her father.

“Have him and his men report to the vulpan.” Karakostas’s voice was wry and annoyed. “Tell him that we’re aware he was forced to withdraw due to circumstances outside his control, and that while we cannot offer him the full payment we had agreed upon for a successful retrieval, we will still provide marbles for all of his people. Tell the vulpan that the fresh meat is a gift for all their exemplary work lately. If those fools are this useless as mercenaries, we’ll see how well they perform as food instead.”

“Yes sir.”

Astaria left a trail of soft kisses down the length of her father’s shaft before gently sucking on the head, cradling it delicately between her lips as she stroked it with her tongue. His bad mood hadn’t been caused by her, but its source didn’t matter. He would take it out on her anyway. The most she could do was preemptively try her best to please him. If she was lucky, when the meeting was over he’d decide to fuck her rather than hurt her.

For the last two years, Paragon and the Paradisium had been nearly joined at the hip by the deal they’d made together, though it was hard to tell which side hated the other more. Both factions were exactly what their rivals despised: Ilya Petrov saw an arrogant subhuman trying to control humanity, and Karakostas saw a bunch of upstart savages with no respect for their superiors. Astaria had hoped for a time that the two organizations might simply destroy each other, and leave the entire world better for their absence. Sadly, both men were too practical for that. Through their partnership, Ilya now had unprecedented access to even the most exotic demihumans on the planet for the sake of his research and experiments, and her father… he had the vulpan.

It was unpleasantly hot under the desk, and sweat beaded her body, making the crude MEA scars on her forehead itch. They served as a permanent reminder that she was one misstep from being marked as meat, one of the Paradisium’s disposable fucktoys that were used to satisfy dark and violent urges that even an obedient slave couldn’t fulfill. The sweat also soaked the green dress she wore and made it cling to her skin even tighter than usual. Her father had designed the dress to stand up to his violent treatment of her while not offering the slightest modesty, its cut exposing her breasts and crotch for his use. The obscene and impractical clothing communicated more effectively than almost anything else in her life her status as an object. She was alive to be pretty, obedient, fuckable, and nothing more.

“It’s nothing to get so worked up about,” said an unseen woman, sounding amused. Her voice sent a spasm of rage through Astaria, and the dragon had to concentrate to stop it from affecting her work. There were days when she thought that she hated Tanya Petrov even more than she did her father. At least Karakostas had the flimsy excuse of his nature to fall back upon. He believed that dragons were the apex predators of the world, and that he was the most superior dragon, and that therefore it was only natural that the lesser races, i.e. all of them, bend to his desires, whether it be for money, power, food, or sex. In a twisted, sociopathic way that she despised, he was doing what he saw as best for the world. Tanya, on the other hand, did it all for fun. She seemed to have no greater ambition than to enjoy herself, and there was nothing she liked better than to make others suffer. Her appetite for cruelty was on par with even the most barbaric of the Paradisium’s clients. She was possibly the closest thing Astaria had ever seen to pure evil.

“Don’t think you’re blameless here either,” said Karakostas darkly. “You could’ve told me that this was going to happen.”

“Mmm hmm,” Tanya agreed. “But that wasn’t the deal you made with Daddy. I’m only here to help with fox stuff, remember? Besides, that Doval creep was leering at me when you gave him the assignment, and just because I was busy helping your daughter learn how to nibble twat properly!” She giggled. “And now he’s gonna be the one learning all about nibbling. Your vulpan don’t get treats like this often, so they’re going to make those guys laaaaaast…”

Oracles were among the rarest of all creatures of the world. They weren’t limited to any one race; history had records of humans and nonhumans alike born with such powers. They were said to be gifts from the gods themselves, sent to help guide people towards their best possible futures. Though they varied in appearance and ability, they were uniformly sacred, loving, and utterly awe-inspiring.

Ilya Petrov had murdered one and stuffed pieces of it into his daughter.

“Securing a kitsune breeding source qualifies as part your domain, Miss Petrov.” Karakostas was cool and polite, but he didn’t hide the anger simmering just below the surface. “You led me to believe that Doval’s expedition was going to be successful at making contact.”

“Oh sure,” Tanya said easily, unconcerned about incurring the wrath of a dragon, “everything is connected to everything if you try hard enough. Heck, I’m only two degrees away from Kevin Bacon. Two! And anyway, you’re the one who called his mission a failure. Me, I got just what I wanted out of it.”

“And what exactly is that?” Karakostas asked. Astaria gagged as her father slid a hand down to grab a fistful of her emerald green hair and slam her face first into his crotch. She did her best to open her throat for him while he took his irritation with Tanya out on her, bouncing her head off of him violently enough to break the bones of someone with a lesser constitution. That was, after all, one of the reasons he’d turned her into his sex slave: most of the women he raped didn’t survive the experience. The same ancient lineage and strength that let him fuck her like a ragdoll day in and day out also gave her the endurance to keep getting fucked.

As her airway was repeatedly plugged, stuffed, and pummeled, Astaria resisted the natural instinct to gasp for breath. Anything more than a shallow inhale would deliver an agonizing shock through her collar. If she could breathe freely, she’d be able to call upon the dragonfire waiting in her chest and transform. Karakostas hadn’t allowed her a true, satisfying breath for years now. It had only taken a few nights with the shock collar going off to train her body to keep up the frustratingly small breaths even as she slept. Those breaths only stirred the dragonfire without calling it, its proximity making the experience all the more maddening.

“You’ll seeee,” Tanya said in a singsong voice. “Speaking of, I’ve got to get back to preparing for our guest. I’ve got so much to do if I’m going to give Seo-yun a proper welcome…” Astaria heard the woman walking away while she fought not to pass out on her father’s prick. She left the room without even asking the host for permission.

“That is all for now,” Karakostas said with a calm that belied the frenzied facefucking he was giving his daughter beneath the desk.

Batu had to be able to hear the rapid thumping of flesh meeting flesh, but he offered no reaction to it. “Yes sir.” He too left the room.

The moment both of them were gone, Karakostas stood and tried to drag Astaria up with him, but he’d forgotten about the cuffs. The dragon woman gurgled as her leash was pulled tight, and her limbs threatened to be ripped right off by her father’s power. If he’d been any angrier, he might have truly torn her limbs off, but instead he cursed when he realized the problem and let go of her to grip the edges of the desk. The large piece furniture had to have weighed several hundred pounds, but Karakostas upended it as easily as a child’s toy, scattering papers across the room and leaving his daughter sprawled upside down and still bound in a kneeling position.

“That wretched little gnat tries my patience,” he growled as he stepped over her. “Again. Incessantly. Deliberately.” Spit and precum were the only lube as he settled his stiff cock against her upturned slit and rammed himself all the way in with a single thrust. His prick was covered in tough scales whose sharp edges sliced at her insides, and it struck her cervix like he meant to smash right through it. He didn’t – barely – but the impact made her convulse with pain. His next thrusts were just as hard, and his bloody cock became a blur as it hammered at her. “If I’d known my agreement with Petrov would mean being humiliated like this in my own home, I would have eliminated his entire family when I had the chance.”

Once upon a time, this would have been the worst experience of her life. Now it was just another day at the Paradisium. It was rare for her father to rape her fewer than five or six times a day, and rarer still for him to be much gentler than this. Astaria had quickly come to realize that her purpose as his slave was as much stress reliever as it was cum dump. To the rest of the world, even his trusted servants, Karakostas presented an atmosphere of cool grace. It was only when they were alone that he let the mask slip, channeling all his excess energies into making her hurt.

Tanya in particular seemed to have a knack for setting him off. Everyone else around him, Astaria included, treated the dragon with the utmost respect. He was their lord, master, and god, who could and would order their deaths in an instant if they displeased him. But part of the deal he’d made with Paragon and the Petrov family, the deal that had gotten him a steady supply of superhuman vulpan soldiers, was an oath not to harm them. Raising his hand against Tanya wouldn’t only mean being cut off from the vulpan, it would mean breaking his sworn word, and no dragon could do that, not even one like Karakostas that thrived on rape and murder. The oath left him paralyzed to do anything about her flippancy, and she knew it.

Karakostas’s eyes were glazed over as he did his best to hollow his daughter out, and she knew exactly what was going on in his head. It wasn’t her he was fucking right now, it was Tanya. He was imagining her screaming and begging as he literally raped her to death. Astaria had seen him do exactly that to more than one slave over the years. She also knew all too well that Karakostas had no problem obeying the letter of a promise while violating its spirit. If the target of his wrath were anyone else, Astaria would have tried to warn them they were kicking a hornets’ nest. She would let Tanya discover that the hard way.

Cum was already beginning to spurt from the dragon’s cock as he pulled it out of her and rammed it into her ass instead, cramming and stretching the narrow tunnel of her bowels. He’d broken her asshole in easily enough a long time ago, trained it to accept his massive prick as easily as any fuckhole, but that didn’t erase the pain, or the gut churning nausea as she felt her father’s hot, sticky slime coat her insides.

Two years, and he still avoided finishing anywhere but her mouth or asshole. Karakostas claimed that it was because she still hadn’t earned the right to take his seed into her womb and bear him a child, but she understood his interests well enough by now to intuit that that wasn’t the real reason he continued to avoid impregnating her. No, what he wanted was for her to beg for it, to abandon the last traces of her humanity, so to speak, and accept that she would never aspire to any higher status than that of a container for his true progeny.

It was tempting to. He’d dropped hints that it would lead to nicer treatment. Relatively speaking, of course; she’d still be raped daily, treated like a punching bag, and live mostly on his cum. But he’d avoid sex violent enough to hurt the child, leave her cunt and belly untouched when he was in the mood to cause her pain, and give her more nutritional supplements to accompany the pints worth of sperm she swallowed each day. It would be a harsher existence than the worst criminal in the world deserved, and she wanted it so badly for herself.

But not enough to overcome her pride. She was still her father’s daughter in that respect. She’d submitted herself to him in so many ways, just about every way a woman could submit to a man. If he’d ordered her to ask for a child, she would have done it without hesitation. But that he wanted it to be on her initiative – to sink so low and become so desperate that she would beg her own father to put a child into her – was too much. So she feigned ignorance, and pretended that she was still docilely waiting for the day her womb was “worthy” of him.

Karakostas used her two more times in that position, and then had her lick him clean before he uncuffed her and righted the desk. “Clean this up,” he said, barely glancing at the mess he’d made. Papers that had been neatly organized now littered the floor. Several glass figurines worth a small fortune had been carelessly knocked off of shelves and smashed. And a significant portion of the room, including the underside of the desk, was now dripping with cum or blood.

He left without another word, uninterested in her now that his libido was temporarily sated. Astaria got down on her hands and knees and began the long process of collecting and sorting papers, carefully spotting and picking up glass shards, and lapping up the aftermath of her rape wherever she found it. She went at her work with as much care and dedication as anything she’d done in her life. She would receive no thanks or acknowledgment if it was done correctly, but if she took too long with her task or did not complete it perfectly, she would be soundly punished that night. It would be far from the first time her best efforts were judged wanting, and Karakostas was very skilled at causing pain. No matter how much she grew to accept her current role in life, and how inured she became to her treatment, he could always find ways to render her a sobbing, screaming mess.

“Heyyyyyy Delphy,” said a voice behind her.

“Master’s study is off limits to guests when he isn’t present, Mistress Petrov,” Astaria said softly, forcing her tone to remain deferential. It didn’t matter that even Karakostas himself despised the woman; as a slave, she was required to be subservient and cooperative with everyone to the best of her ability. “I must ask you to leave.”

“Yeah, but we both know you can’t make me,” said Tanya, flashing her an easy smile. The young dark haired woman was dressed casually, wearing the coffee stained white lab coat she’d been fond of lately over ripped jeans and a t-shirt cut low enough to let some of her bra peek through. She might very well have been the first person to ever wear sneakers in Karakostas’s presence. “And I know that you’ll be cool and not tell ol’ Kitkat that I was here.”

“I have an obligation to inform Master about your presence here.” The way Tanya talked to her was, as usual, wretchedly humiliating in its own way. Astaria was used to being talked down to as a slave by now, but Tanya addressed her like they were equals, friends even. In the beginning, the dragon had let herself hope that it meant the woman had some respect for her, might even be some kind of ally, but Tanya’s actions had quickly disabused her of that notion.

The truth was, it just amused the girl to pretend that Astaria wasn’t a slave while still using her as one. She might start up a long conversation about fashion advice, decide halfway through that she wanted the dragon woman to bury her head between her thighs, and then resume the conversation as though Astaria wasn’t busy licking her to orgasm after orgasm. Or string Astaria up by her ankles so she could test out a new riding crop on the dragon’s backside, and spend the whole time making small talk like they were just passing a pleasant afternoon together. It was like what she was doing, the way she hurt Astaria for fun and used her as a walking sex toy, was such a minor inconsequential thing that it wasn’t worth mentioning. At least her father didn’t pretend that she didn’t hate him for what he did to her.

“Uh huh.” Tanya snagged one of the piles of papers Astaria had finished sorting and sat herself down in Karakostas’s own chair to read them, putting her legs up on the desk as she skimmed the documents. “You could totally tattle on me. But you won’t.” Her white wings flapped idly while she leaned back and read, creating small gusts that were undoing much of the green haired girl’s work. The sight of them always made Astaria’s heart ache. Tanya had told them all about how her father had surgically removed Camiel’s wings, the angel that Astaria had unknowingly befriended in the Paradisium Game. She’d shared the story as though it was something light and amusing, giggling as she described how Camiel had broken down sobbing when she first saw her former wings on Tanya’s back.

The sight of them was also a vexing reminder of her own, which hung uselessly behind her. In the beginning, she had been terrified that her father might rip them off of her to prevent escape, but he didn’t need to go that far to ground her. All it took was breaking a few small but vital bones near the base of her wings, leaving her unable to flap them properly for a few weeks, at which point it would be time for him to break them again. The worst part was knowing that he hadn’t left her wings mostly intact as any act of mercy; he had simply wanted to keep her looking her best.

Astaria didn’t take the bait Tanya was clearly offering, and after a minute the girl looked up from the papers. “Don’t you wanna know whyyyyyy you won’t talk?” she teased.

“No, Mistress Petrov.”

“Aww.” Tanya gave her a mock pout and casually tossed the papers she’d been reading to the floor, adding them back to the mess. “Sometimes you’re no fun at all, Delphy. You’ve really gotta lighten up, not get so focused on work work work all the time. I’m gonna tell you anyway, kay?”

“…Yes, Mistress Petrov.”

“You’re not going to talk because after I get out of this chair, I’m gonna fuck you bloody.” There was no change in Tanya’s cheerful tone and demeanor as she promised violence. “Your pain tolerance is higher than it used to be, but I know a few tricks that I promise are gonna have you screaming before I even shove the strap-on in. And oh, you squeal so nice once you get started, don’t you? Mmm, yeah, I’m gonna love grabbing two fistfuls of my sexy green dragon girl’s hair and taking you for a long ride…you’re such a good girl when you want to be, aren’t you… mmm… sorry, where was I?” She winked. “A-n-y-way, I’m gonna play with you until you promise to keep quiet, then go a little longer just for funsies, and then relax and let you do some thorough, enthusiastic tongue boxing with my pussy until I’ve had a few very nice orgasms. And I’ll still have plenty of time to leave before anyone comes by to check on you!”

Tanya wasn’t making a threat, or trying to intimidate her. There was nothing like that at all in the girl’s smiling face. She was just telling the dragon woman how the next few hours were going to play out. “Maybe…” Astaria started, trying to think of a way out of this.

“Maybe we can make a deal?” Tanya said. “And deny me a fun afternoon? Meanie. No, Delphy, I already decided how today is going to go, and you don’t get a vote, sorry. Anyway, I wouldn’t really worry so much about what I’m about to do you. What you should be worrying about is what Kitkat is gonna to do to you tonight, when you have no excuse for why you made such little progress in cleaning his study. You’re gonna be one sore little dragon in the morning, that’s for sure.” She giggled. “But all that’s not until I get out of this chair, remember? So let’s chat a bit first. What’s new? How are you doing?”

“Damn. You,” Astaria hissed, unable to bottle her hatred any longer.

Tanya raised an eyebrow, amused at the outburst. “Now I’m pretty sure that’s no way to treat a guest, Delphy.”

“Go tell my father then,” Astaria spat. “I am certain he would love to hear all about this conversation. Or do you intend to punish me for it yourself? Why should I care when you have already confessed that you intend to torture me today?” She had no expectation of changing the future that Tanya had predicted, but she wasn’t going to meet it cowering like a whipped dog either. “If you’re going to hurt me, I might as well earn it first.”

The white winged girl clapped her hands, looking delighted. “That’s the spirit! See, that’s why I like you so much, Delphy. You’re good people.”

The flippancy of Tanya’s words, the humiliation of being praised by someone who intended to rape and torture her, made Astaria’s angry response rise up before she could think the better of it. “And you are vile scum that murdered her own sister.”

For the first time, she seemed to have actually affected Tanya. The girl’s cheerful expression vanished, replaced by cold fury. “Get over here,” she said flatly.

Astaria’s anger had already been subsumed by fear, and she wished she could take the words back. That had been careless of her, and very, very stupid. Tanya could do much more than just make her miserable for the afternoon. If the girl set her mind to it, it would take little effort for her to have Astaria killed or marked as meat. The dragon woman didn’t fear death, not even the slow, gruesome ends that awaited most meat. She feared failure. She’d sworn an oath to put an end to the Paradisium, and now her inability to hold her tongue may have just cost her everything. She bowed her head, anxious to erase her mistake. “I-“

“Get. Over. Here.” Tanya’s words were harsh and impatient. “Now.”

Astaria quickly obeyed, crawling to the girl on her hands and knees. She hadn’t cleaned up all the glass shards yet, and by the time she reached the desk her palms were bleeding from multiple cuts. She didn’t risk speaking again, instead waiting meekly with her eyes downcast.

“Closer.” Tanya had gathered more fallen papers, and was carefully rolling them up while Astaria closed the last of the distance between them. “Head up.” The green haired woman nervously raised her head to meet Tanya’s gaze directly. Her eyes were hard and merciless as she looked down on the slave.

Then she bopped Astaria on the nose with the rolled up paper. “Bad puppy,” she scolded. And then her stern expression crumbled and she began laughing riotously. “Ohh, the look on your face! That was priceless, Delphy! You are just the cutest little thing sometimes, you know that?”

Astaria remained fixed in her position, still wary of Tanya’s intentions. It wouldn’t be the first time the white winged girl had decided to play a prank on her, but this wasn’t as simple as that. Though Tanya was nearly doubled over with laughter, giving the impression of someone trying and failing to control their mirth, there was a subtle stiffness to it. Her reaction was feigned, no more genuine than the dark scowl that it had replaced. Astaria had no idea what was truly going on in the girl’s head right now, and that made her more dangerous than ever.

Oracles had come to the world in all different shapes and sizes, but every story she had ever heard about them spoke about their madness too. It hadn’t taken Astaria long to see that Tanya had inherited that as well. The girl was utterly, violently insane.

“Really,” Tanya said, acting as though she was slowly recovering from her laughing fit. “I am shocked at such an accusation! Positively shocked! I only handed sweet gullible Nadia the proverbial bullets. It’s not my fault she let me talk her into putting the gun to her head and pulling the trigger. There is such a thing as too stupid to live, after all.”

“Yes, Mistress Petrov,” said Astaria calmly, not letting herself be baited again.

The dark haired girl clucked her tongue. “Aww, back to business already? You sure I can’t rile you up a little more? You’re much more fun when you’re not playing the perfectly behaved fucktoy. I mean, just imagine!” She put her palms on the desk. “If not for me, you would have won the Paradisium Game two years ago, and this would be your desk now. All of this would be yours. And all the people out there who so casually mistreat you, when they even notice your existence, would be calling you the Lady Astaria and attending to your every will.”

Tanya leaned back again. “You would’ve done a good job too, Delphy. A really really good job. The world would be a way better place for millions of nonhumans with you calling the shots around here.” She gave the dragon woman a look of mock sadness. “But you wouldn’t have had any use for the Petrovs. Wouldn’t have given me a shiny research facility like your father did. So…” Tanya shrugged lightly. “I just couldn’t let that happen, right? I’m sure you understand.”

Hot regret welled up in Astaria, and her vision blurred with tears. Not a day went by where she didn’t recall that day, where she didn’t wonder how different things could have been if she hadn’t failed. But to have it confirmed so casually just how much she’d lost, and for such a small, self-serving reason… “What else are you responsible for?” she asked bitterly. “How much misery and death have you brought just for your own selfish gain?”

Tanya’s lips split into a smile. “You haven’t realized it yet? I’m responsible for all of it!” Her eyes shone bright with madness. “Did you really think your father is the one in charge around here? Or that mine controls Paragon? You’re all so easy to manipulate, every last one of you. Everything occurs just as I will it. Not you, not Kitkat, not Ilya, not anyone in the entire world but me!”

“You don’t deserve that power,” Astaria whispered. “It wasn’t meant for someone like you.”

“Yup!” Tanya agreed with a grin. “But I’ve got it anyway.” She yawned and stretched before rising from her seat. “And right now, I think I’d like to get started on making you scream.”

“I promise not to tell my father or anyone else that you were trespassing in here,” Astaria said immediately. The winged girl quirked an eyebrow at her. “You said you tortured me until I gave in, yes? Now that’s no longer true. Your future won’t happen.” It was a small and pathetic victory, but a victory nonetheless. She had defied Tanya’s prediction. It had cost her some pride, but that was a cheap thing nowadays, and she had no reason to doubt Tanya’s claim that she would’ve given in and offered her oath eventually.

Tanya sighed good-naturedly. “Turn around, Delphy.” When Astaria didn’t move, she twirled her finger in the air. “Turn around. Show me that cunt your Daddy was pounding earlier.” Astaria reluctantly obeyed, shuffling around to present her genitalia to the girl. “What did you do wrong just now?” the unseen girl asked.

The green haired woman was at a loss. She’d spoken without the proper respect, but Tanya hadn’t cared about that before. Was she upset that Astaria had tried to change her future? “I… don’t know,” she answered truthfully.

When she felt something press against her sore slit, her first thought was that it was one of Tanya’s strap-ons, but the feel was all wrong, too warm and soft. Her next thought was that she was being fisted, but the shape was wrong too. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was an actual, living cock. “Isn’t my new toy just the greatest?” Tanya murmured happily into her ear. “They finished the enchantments on it just this morning. I had to call in a few favors to get it made, but it was all worth it. Feels just like the real thing, and I don’t just mean for you.” She gave a little sigh of pleasure. “I always knew how much men enjoy fucking us, but I never knew just how good we felt until now. Grip my shaft, Delphy. Make that sexy dragon cunt massage my new cock.”

Astaria had no choice but to obey, exercising her muscles to please the girl. Tanya’s fake cock wasn’t as hard or scaly as Karakostas’s, but it was still thick enough to be painful, particularly after the savage reaming her pussy had received just a short while ago. Tanya wasn’t shy or gentle about using it either. She’d grabbed hold of Astaria’s hair in both hands, and was yanking back on it in time with her sharp thrusts, her hips slapping against Astaria’s ass with loud meaty smacks. The dragon woman’s back arched as the girl rode her hard for several long minutes. Finally she spoke up. “What did I do wrong?”

“Hmm?” Tanya sounded distracted. “Oh, sorry Delphy. You feel too good and a half, made me lose my train of thought. One… second…” Astaria felt something that felt disturbingly like real cum begin to spurt into her, and Tanya groaned in pleasure behind her. “Ahh… that’s better. Had to take the edge off.” As the ejaculation petered out, her movements never slowed, the fake dick feeling as hard as ever as it continued thrusting in and out of Astaria’s quim. “Now where was I… what you did wrong… see, I got this nice new toy this morning, and I couldn’t wait to try it out, but there was one teeny little problem: it was going to take long enough to break your spirit and convince you to be quiet that I wouldn’t have time to actually fuck you more than two or three times. Lots of hard work for little reward, right? But now that that’s all settled, I have hours to enjoy this twat.”

Astaria’s cheeks grew red with shame as she realized the full implication of what Tanya was saying. She felt like an utter fool. To a dragon, there was no sin greater than breaking your word, and the touch of fae within them made their oaths binding, but other races felt no such compunctions or obligations. Tanya’s manipulation was plainly obvious in hindsight; Astaria had gotten herself so worked up about Tanya’s boasting of her stolen power that she’d let the girl lead her by the nose.

Tanya nibbled on Astaria’s ear playfully. “I told you before, you can be such a good girl sometimes, Delphy. But you’re way too trusting. Why would I ever share an important prediction with you if there was still a chance you could change it?” She bit down on the dragon’s ear again, this time sharply enough to make Astaria flinch. “Consider this an object lesson from your gal pal. You’re going to need to be a lot more savvy than that if you’re going to take over for Kitkat someday.” She moaned as she came for a second time.

Her statement came as such a shock to the green haired woman that she barely noticed the girl’s orgasm. Take over for her father? Karakostas intended to keep her as nothing more than a brood mare for the rest of her life, producing heirs that he could better mold into his own image. If Tanya was suggesting she knew how to change that future… “Is that another prediction?” she demanded, “or just another taunt?”

“That’s entirely up to you and me,” Tanya purred. “I’ve already gotten what I need from the Paradisium, so it’s no biggie to me which dragon is in charge around here. And you’re a hell of a lot cuter than your dad. If you do whatever I say, and give me whatever I want, I don’t mind getting rid of Kitkat for you.”

“And all it would cost me is my soul,” Astaria said grimly.

“Oh, you can be so melodramatic when you’re grumpy!” Tanya teased, and licked the side of her neck. “I’m sure your soul is as wonderful as the rest of you, Delphy, and a heck of a lot shinier than mine by now, but I’ve got no use for it. I just want us to be friends. The kind of good friends who do each other favors.” Her fake cock slipped out of Astaria’s pussy, and rubbed against her reddened asshole. “Friends with benefits too, of course,” she said as she began to sink into the dragon’s bowels.

Astaria flinched at the sensation of her backside being violated, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as when her father did it. Tanya’s strapon was smaller, and softer, and while she went at it eagerly, it was still much gentler than Karakostas’s style, less like being used as a fleshlight and more like actual sex. If her partner wasn’t a woman she detested, Astaria might have even been able to find a small bit of pleasure in the experience. “How do I know you’re not lying again?” the dragon asked.

Tanya giggled. “You don’t! But it’s adorable to hear you say that like you have any choice in the matter. You have such nice warm guts, by the way. Has anyone ever told you that?”

The girl was toying with her again. Astaria could see that clearly enough. It was no coincidence that she was making this offer right after her deception. Tanya was trying to convince her that no matter what Astaria said or did, it had already been anticipated and accounted for. The frustrating thing was that she wasn’t incorrect. Astaria couldn’t afford to pass an opportunity like this by, even knowing that it was poisoned. Besides, she reflected cynically, no matter what sort of betrayal the girl no doubt had in mind, at this point there wasn’t much room for Astaria’s life to get any worse than it already was. “What would you have me do?”

“I like more enthusiasm from my pets, for one thing,” Tanya said. “It makes me feel all sad and unappreciated when you just kneel there and take it. Show me how well you can fuck this ass on my cock.” Astaria gritted her teeth and obeyed, matching Tanya’s movements with her own. “Yeah, that’s it, Delphy. You feel amazing right now. You really are one of my favorite people in the world, do you know that? And not just because of your warm holes. Kitkat should be ashamed of himself, not valuing a strong, beautiful, brilliant girl like you. Making you his toilet instead of his loving daughter was the biggest mistake of his life.” Being complimented by Tanya Petrov didn’t make Astaria feel anything but dirty. “Anyway, aside from being a good pet, let’s start with keeping an eye on your father. I know he’s been trying to hide things from me lately.”

“If he discovers that I’m spying on him, he’ll kill me,” Astaria told her.

“And quite brutally too,” Tanya agreed without seeming at all concerned by the idea. “I’ve seen futures where he keeps you alive for days, until you’re begging him to finish marking you as meat and hand you over for the slaughter. But don’t worry, Delphy, as long as you’re mine, I won’t let anything like that happen to you. Unlike your father, I can appreciate just how valuable you are, and I’m not gonna let him take such a pretty prize away from me.” Her cock swelled up and began to fire its latest load down the dragon’s clenching asshole. “So do we have a deal?”

The question rankled the dragon. Tanya already knew that the woman couldn’t refuse. “Do I get anything other than vague promises that you admit could easily be lies?”

“Aww, look who’s all frumpy,” the white winged girl teased. “Maybe this will cheer you up…” She whispered her next words into Astaria’s ear. “Kitkat still has no idea that you’ve been secretly saving up your dragonfire.”

The dragon froze. For the last two years, she’d been slowly building up dragonfire in her body a little at a time, trying to gather enough that she might be able to transform despite her collar. It was an extremely painful and tedious process, and even after taking every opportunity, she would need at least another decade before she had enough to risk using it. Feeling that hidden warmth in her chest and knowing that maybe, just maybe she could be free of this horrific life someday, was one of the few things that kept her going. “How… how do you know about that…?”

“How do you think?” Tanya replied with a grin. “What’s more important is that if I start seeing futures where you betray me, I’ll be happy to teach your dad all about it. But if you don’t… mmm, I’m not into lizards, but you do look so majestic soaring through the skies, don’t you?” Her prick came out of Astaria’s ass with a pop, leaving a trickle of cum running out. “I think that’s enough girl talk for now; your mouth has work to do.”

Then she brightened and snapped her fingers. “Oh, I know what will help you relax. On your back.”

The dragon complied almost without thinking, obedience deeply ingrained in her by now. Tanya crawled on top of her, her strap-on smacking Astaria in the face. It looked surprisingly normal to her eyes, but it felt as authentic and disgusting as the real thing to her lips and tongue when she swallowed it up. It was an unpleasant task, but more than familiar thanks to her father, and she went at it without hesitation or much consideration at all. And then she gasped hard and nearly choked when she felt a sensation on her crotch that she hadn’t felt for years: a warm and eager tongue.

Tanya laughed. “Come on Delphy, I know I’m good, but I’m not that good, and you’ve got a job to do.” Then she resumed attacking Astaria’s slit with her mouth, making the green haired woman moan helplessly around the fake shaft. “Mmm, do good enough and maybe I’ll even give you a hand cleaning up in here after.”

Astaria didn’t want what Tanya was doing to feel good. It shouldn’t feel good, not when it was someone that she loathed so much. But her body wasn’t listening to her heart. Sometimes it amused Karakostas to have her aroused, usually when he wanted to inflict some specific manner of abuse on her clitoris or nipples, but he had made it clear that she was never to finish when she was with him, and she had never once chafed against that rule. She supposed she could have masturbated when she was alone, but after spending so much of her time seeing to her father’s sexual needs, she thought she’d lost all appetite for her own. “Why?!” she managed to gasp out.

“Because you’re my pet now, Delphy,” Tanya answered, amused, “and pets get treats.” Her tongue wriggled inside of Astaria as though it had years of experience with the dragon, effortlessly finding and stimulating every sensitive spot inside of her, even ones she’d never known she had. The dark haired girl’s face was already soaked by the time she shifted to run her tongue over and around the woman’s clit.

Astaria wanted to categorically reject the designation Tanya had given her, and make it clear to the girl that while she might have been forced into collaboration, she did not and would never belong to her. But she was too paralyzed by unfamiliar pleasure to form the words, and her confusion only grew and grew until she felt herself reach climax, Tanya happily lapping up the flowing juices and getting to work on coaxing a second orgasm out of her.

She was nearly on her third when Tanya herself came, sending more fake cum spurting into Astaria’s mouth. The dragon hoped that would signal the end, but Tanya just hummed tunelessly as she continued aimlessly swinging her hips back and forth, enjoying the warm wetness of the dragon’s mouth while her tongue danced inside of her pussy. The green haired woman looked up at her as she sucked on the girl’s fake prick, resigned to the idea that this obscene coupling was going to last for hours yet, and hating the fact that a part of her was pleased at the idea. Tanya was insane, unpredictable, and possibly her sole hope for salvation.

She wondered if Nadia had thought the same way.

9 thoughts on “Lone Fox 3 – Ch 2 – Devil’s Bargain

  1. Astaria literally just thinks about her dad making a serious mistake of doing what Tanya says;
    And then does it herself.
    Like father, like daughter, I guess?

    Or does Tanya have a Siren/Hypnotic power too?

    Either way, I can understand Tanya’s madness a bit.
    I mean, if everyone reacted to your commands/influence like puppets, it’d be hard to see them as anything but.
    She’s basically a child popping the heads off her dolls.
    Still a twat though.

    I’m curious how she’s going to screw with Hanabi now;
    But my money is on Hanabi accidentally screwing her village over and getting Tanya a steady source of marbles.

    Lore question:
    Dragons are bound by their word;
    So do any dragons in that world ever avoid giving direct answers to questions?
    For example:
    “We’ll see what happens.” Instead of yes/no.

    It kinda seems like a glaring weakness, especially with their predisposition for prideful arrogance.

    I remember that Celeste basically bound herself in words and oaths like a mummy,
    So maybe it’s just a Fae thing to tie themselves down, or leave gaping holes in their defenses?

    (Here’s hoping for more Celeste.
    Second best girl after Yuki.)

    Fun question:
    Who’s the oldest currently living Kitsune in the series?

    Hanabi’s 100-ish, and basically acts like a bored teenager.
    Seo-Yun is 300-ish and is kind of a impressionable young woman.
    Yuki’s 700+ and is basically a pissed off middle aged woman.

    Is there anyone who would be the old grandmother type that’s shaking her head at all the other young idiots in these misadventures?


    1. [blockquote]Astaria literally just thinks about her dad making a serious mistake of doing what Tanya says;
      And then does it herself.
      Like father, like daughter, I guess?

      Or does Tanya have a Siren/Hypnotic power too?[/blockquote]

      No, just good at using desperation and backing people into a corner.

      [blockquote]Either way, I can understand Tanya’s madness a bit.
      I mean, if everyone reacted to your commands/influence like puppets, it’d be hard to see them as anything but.
      She’s basically a child popping the heads off her dolls.
      Still a twat though.[/blockquote]

      The story is going to, in large part, deal with why Tanya is the way she is. I just think its important to note that we know she and Nadia got their powers at the same time… that they are twins… and that Nadia, and therefore Tanya, was 10 when they suddenly got their powers.

      [blockquote]Dragons are bound by their word;
      So do any dragons in that world ever avoid giving direct answers to questions?
      For example:
      “We’ll see what happens.” Instead of yes/no.

      It kinda seems like a glaring weakness, especially with their predisposition for prideful arrogance.[/blockquote]

      Absolutely. They can be downright sidhe-like in their language

      [blockquote]I remember that Celeste basically bound herself in words and oaths like a mummy,
      So maybe it’s just a Fae thing to tie themselves down, or leave gaping holes in their defenses?

      (Here’s hoping for more Celeste.
      Second best girl after Yuki.)[/blockquote]

      Oh yes, I promise… lots more Celeste in this one 🙂

      [blockquote]Fun question:
      Who’s the oldest currently living Kitsune in the series?

      Hanabi’s 100-ish, and basically acts like a bored teenager.
      Seo-Yun is 300-ish and is kind of a impressionable young woman.
      Yuki’s 700+ and is basically a pissed off middle aged woman.

      Is there anyone who would be the old grandmother type that’s shaking her head at all the other young idiots in these misadventures?[/blockquote]

      Of those you have met or heard the names of…

      If you include Nogitsune, Syllana is the oldest by a lot.

      If you don’t and are only looking at kitsune, Megumi, Hanei’s shrine priestess, is the oldest.

      Thanks for reading, and hope you continue to enjoy 🙂 Next chapter is tomorrow.


      1. About the artwork;
        It shows Tanya with hip-wings, and Astaria with shoulder-wings.
        Are flying humanoid species just vastly different like that in this universe, or is it an artistic choice?

        I can’t remember any description of Camiel’s wings besides that they were on her back, and easy to remove.

        On another note;
        Where were Nadia’s wings grafted on?

        And what’s the release schedule like for these stories?
        Sunday and Friday?


        1. For these ones, Friday and Sunday yeah, at 8 EST.

          Artistic choice, mostly. It looked odd in the pose if I put them higher, so I mounted them low. Nadia’s were at the shoulder blade.


      2. I can see why becoming an oracle at ten years old might have broken Tanya. If she could see that the _only_ way – or perhaps the safest way – she survived her father was to become his perverse pet and betray Nadia . . . How far a distance is it between taking a particular set of actions to reach the desired future, and _becoming_ the sort of person who automatically took that sort of action? She might have moulded herself into the Tanya we now know and dislike, but that could be because she saw what happened to her in the future where she didn’t make those choices. And how well equipped is a child to choose between horrible death and corruption?

        Equally, if you can see possible horrible futures for yourself, and some of those futures are reliant on the choices of other people, there’s a strong argument for becoming obsessed by controlling those people. Well, either that . . . or having a philosophy which will be able to accept what might happen to you. And again, I don’t think Tanya ever had the chance to develop that.


          1. She might be an understandable villain;
            But I’m still hoping she goes feet first into a wood chipper.

            Or at hoping she at least gets hit by something heavy during a monologue, and the attacker says “Didn’t see that coming, did you?”

            Either one would be satisfying.


            1. Possibly the worst thing that could happen to her would be … well, knowing what was going to happen. If all ends are “bad ends” and there’s no way out, and she’s just counting down time and trying desperately to put off each “bad end” as it arrived, and still knowing there’s no way out of the maze . . .


  2. Going to stop here for the night. There are, thus far, three segments with Tanya and Astaria, so I’ll get to my feelings in more detail in the next two of them. The last one will be a bit long, but let’s be honest, by now you kind of expect that from me, don’t you? 😉

    All I can really say on this one is generally stuff you’ve heard before. Karakostas is a bastard, though we knew that all the way back in the last book. I am chronically frustrated by the effect that including Tanya has on all other characters. I realize you and Darinost really wanted to have the precognitive villain, but she does make everyone else look somewhat incompetent, in the case of the villains, or helpless, in the case of the heroes, since they are all acting exactly as she knows they will and she can get them all to do what she wants. Sorry; this is all stuff you’ve heard before.

    I promise there’ll be some at least somewhat more in-depth discussion about sympathetic villains and their portrayals next time, and what’s really bothering me about the way Astaria is at the end of that last scene later on. Guess this particular scene is rough to do in an entertaining way without a plot recap. Maybe I shouldn’t be talking on the live reading reaction thread.


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